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September 30, 2020.  Issue #5,184.  (Need a contract pilot?)

RV-8 Checkride ...chrispratt

They say life gets in the way of things we want to really do. So it was a bit of a surprise that it had been four years since my younger brother Mike had flown my RV-8. Time to get him back in the saddle. Since he had last flown the plane, I had added two Garmin G5, GTX 345 ADS-B IN/OUT and an Aera 660 so a little orientation session was in order. No problem. We took off from 52F on Friday September 25, 2020 and headed for Decatur, Texas (KLUD) for some landings and air work. He did great as I knew he would. I wasn't the least bit nervous sitting in the back seat with little control over what was about to happen . Actually, Mike had built and flown an RV-8 a few years back and had to sell it. I know he misses it. So he was glad to get back in the air in mine. It was fun and provided some needed bonding during the pandemic. I had a great time and didn't even get to fly my own airplane. RVs are the best!  -->

Bro. Mike


Behind the ear hearing aids with Telecoil ...Tracer_10 PIREP

I went to Costco and purchased their Behind the Ear Hearing Aids; with TeleCoils... I had the technician program an option for using only the Telecoil and microphone turned off. I flew my RV6 yesterday and the clarity is PERFECT. Using Lightspeed Zulu.2 headset.
This program is activated by pressing any volume button down for a few seconds. After flying i just press the button down and it activates the hearing aids for normal operation. Costco price $1,499.00 for two hearing aids. Can't beat that price anywhere else; Period...


With a Little Help From Your Friends ...a really good article in Kitplanes


Project Update: RV-3B ...David Paule

"Although the canopy still isn't on yet, it was time to get an idea of what sort of geometry was available for the canopy frame cross-stiffeners (the ones front and back that go side to side). These are going to be foam core, fiberglass and carbon. Here's me with a 1.5" cushion under me and a 1" cushion plus a 2" foam spacer for the seat back. With my age and the pandemic, I let few visitors in to the house but with the garage door open and makes all around, they can come into the garage. One took this photo."  -->


The RV Club ...Skies Magazine (page 39)


Rudder Trailing edge wedge gap ...AOPS

Hello again !

Working on the rudder trailing edge. First let me apologize if someone has asked about the RV-7 trailing edge before. Im not having that much success with the search function. Got the aluminum angle for the bonding process and while going thru the instructions, it calls for matchdrilling the angle using the skin as a guide. WTH?!?!? They had me rivet the skins to the skeleton before.
Question 1:

How can I go about that without making oblong holes or bending the skins too much?

Question 2:

Is a gap acceptable between the trailing edge wedge and the skins? I have a very small gap, and before I decide to take more material off the wedge I would like an extra pair of eyes take a look. (Pics attached)


Draker Project Milestone:  ON GEAR


It's Mothership Calendar Submission Time

"IT'S 2021 VAN'S CALENDAR PHOTO SUBMISSION TIME! Do you have an amazing photo of an RV that you'd like us to consider including in our 2021 Van's Aircraft calendar? Send it, along with the below information, to media@vansaircraft.com by October 1st! We're looking for eye-popping, cool images to help spread the RV message.


Needs to be a high-resolution image, so it can be printed clearly, and please don't over-process, resize or crop tight - we can handle some of that, and keeping things flexible in that regard means there's a better chance we can use it.

Please include the name of the photographer (and permission for Van's to use the image if you didn't take it yourself), the name of the owner/builder of the airplane, and some information about the shot, airplane, owner/builder, location, when it was taken, etc.

And, sorry we even have to say this, but: Please don't submit composite/fake/heavily-doctored images. Cleaning things up a bit is great, but no faked images, please.

We get lots of submissions every year, so please send yours! And if you know of someone who has an amazing photo, encourage them to do so as well! When submitting you're telling us we can use the photo for calendar, social media, web site, or other purposes for showing off RV's.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing your submissions!!"



September 29, 2020.  Issue #5,183.  (Need a contract pilot?)

Motivational Ground Pic ...haydnc in Australia


Wing Attach Bolt Torque Values ...Amazon-1

Wing Attach Bolt Torque Values
I put my wings on the RV-14A project today. I searched the VAF forums and didn't find a satisfactory answer to my question (below).

The plans call out the larger bolts as NAS1309-58 close tolerance bolts. They use an AN365-918A elastic stop nut. I determined that this means that it is an AN9 bolt.
In the chart in section 5.20 it calls for 66.6 - 83.3 ft-lbs of torque. It does not specify why this is a range, it also does not specify if this includes the drag torque or not. I do not have an easy way to determine drag torque (I don't own a dial torque wrench).

Similarly, the smaller four bolts are NAS1306-58 bolts. They use an AN365-624A elastic stop nut. I determined that this means they are AN6 bolts. The chart in section 5.20 calls for 13.3-15.8 ft-lbs of torque. Again, why is this a range and does it include drag torque?

I am interested in what other 14 builders have done and also anyone's opinion on the topic.

Having the wings properly attached is a high priority for me. I want to get his right.


Found in the Field:  RV-4 All Pop Rivets ...titanhank

I did a prebuy inspection on a -4 today that was built entirely with pop rivets. I could not believe my eyes. At least they look cherry rivets, I think. Shortest prebuy in history. The airplane is in corpus christie tx and has 750 hr tt according to the log books. I am pretty sure this airframe needs to go the crusher.

I am always amazed at some of the things people think are airworthy.

(...he reached out to Van's.  Reply below)


Spar Progress ...Frank

One Main spar ready to rivet, rear spars almost ready to disassemble for etch, alodine and prime


RV-7 Status ...motodave

Now for the canopy
I've avoided the canopy as long as I can, the fuselage is built up as far as I can so it's time to dive in.... Spent quite a few hours on the the initial tweaking of the canopy frame, getting close but probably need a few more hours of bending to get it to fit the canopy bow. This feels a lot more art than engineering as you don't know what happens to your fit until the canopy is on.


If you can't get through to Gallagher


Q/A: Adjustable rudder pedals

Hi guys.
Question to builders of an 8.
I have an 8 with the sliding Fwd rudder pedals and the vertical bracket that holds the rod on which the pedals adjust along has one lose AN bolt that I can't tighten to the floor. Seeing as there is no access to under that part of the cockpit floor how are the nuts secured during a build? I don't see any rivets securing a nut plate as the floor is heavily painted.

A: There are two nutplates under the floor. This is the 8A model, but it is the same for the 8. If it is stripped, that will be difficult to get to. You might have to cut and access hole in the floor in front of the bracket. (You would need to remove the rudder pedal assembly.)


F-623 fitment issue

Hey all.

Per print, these are supposed to be flush with the edge of the associated skin. All well and good, except they aren't exactly the same angle. If I have the front edge aligned, the aft side is off by about 1/8" The deviation is the same on both sides.

What did you guys do here? Align the front side, aft side? split the difference?

Enquiring minds want to know


Canopy Success ...PilotjohnS

I finished up gluing the canopy to the frame and it came out well, I am very happy with the Sikaflex method and thinks it is the only way to go.

The canopy and canopy rails have been installed, along with the rear anchor blocks, and Supertracks.

I used the anchor block drill guide from RVPlasticParts.com and the angles were spot on. I had to shim one side in the tool to get the hole in the correct left and right location; this was mainly due to the fact that I had to move the anchor blocks outboard slightly to make sure there was the proper edge distance for the screw hole in the longeron.

I did a preliminary trim of the windscreen and marked the forward edge of the windscreen on the top forward fuselage skin. This will allow be to mask off and paint the portion of the skin inside the windscreen dark grey before final riveting.

I plan to finish the windscreen final trimming and canopy's fiberglass work once I am done with the instruments, electrical and engine forward installation. I want to build up my fiberglass skills on the tail feathers and cowling before tackling the canopy. (pun intended)

I am now starting on the final forward fuselage stuff working from the floor up, and firewall forward. I hope to be done Tuesday. ;-)



September 28, 2020.  Issue #5,182.  (Need a contract pilot?)

New RV-7A owner saying hello! ...JIrwin

Hi everyone, Earlier this week I purchased a new-to-me 7A and I'm psyched to become part of the Vans family. I bought the plane in central Florida, and took a couple of days to fly her to my home airport in Maine. She flies like a dream and is better than I ever imagined.

I've spent the past six months reading hundreds of threads in this forum, and I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who post on here. You answered all of my questions before I ever had to ask them! I hope to meet some of you who are based up here in New England, or even just visiting. I'm based at Bar Harbor/Hancock County (KBHB).


Flour Bombing in the RV ....Richard VanGrunsven


RVs are not ideal planes for participating in flower bomb dropping contests. One of its limitations is that its low wing prohibits looking down at the target when within range. It has been my observation that pilots of high wing plane often have not mastered this either. When looking down over the side of the fuselage, it is difficult to determine "straight" down. Too often the pilot will be flying offset to the opposite side from where he is looking. Anyway, when "bombing" with a low wing plane, just forget about looking down and fly a straight line over the target. Since you can't see the target, you need an offset reference release point. The secret is to let a number of other contestants fly before you take off. Watch closely to see where their release point is prior to the target. Note this point relative to some identifiable point off to the side of the flight path. Thus, some reference point for making your bomb release as you are flying the direct line over the target. After releasing the bomb, if you are able to yaw the plane and look back over your shoulder you often can see the bomb splash on the ground. Maybe you can have a friend on the ground radio up a report on where the bomb struck. Then try to make an adjustment for the next drop.

I have had surprisingly good results using this method of planning. Most pilots who do not apply a logical, measured (scientific?) approach do not do well regardless of the type plane they are flying. Using the above method requires flying at a speed similar to the other "Guinee Pig" contestants. Just be careful not to fly too slow and tempt loss of control. Don't get carried away having too much fun. Remain logical and safe.

I had not recently given any thought to using RVs as bombers. However, since Jvon811 wrote of his experience on VansAirForce.net, I decided to chime in. It would be easy to drill a couple of small holes in the RVs belly skin for routing the chords holding the bombs. The holes could easily be plugged with snap plugs like those used on the RV-12 belly.

It just depends on your interest in being able to participate in flying events usually reserved for the "low and slow". As referenced above, flour bombing often attracts pilots lacking the cunning of underdog RV pilots. You might be able to surprise them, as I had done many years ago. Have fun!

Dick VanGrunsven

FLOWER BOMBING [ed. From the RVator many years ago.  v/r,dr]

The Zen and the Art of Pumpkin Bombing" reminded me of an experience somewhere back in the late 1960s when I was still flying the RV-1. I had devised a simple means of tying flour bags under the fuselage with small nylon cord running through small holes in the non-structural belly skin. Even though the low wing made it difficult to see the target, I figured out a way of timing the release which was usually more accurate than the guys hanging over the side of their open-door cubs.

There was a popular annual EAA fly-in at Creswell, OR. at that time, sponsored by the Eugene, OR. EAA chapter 31. Anyway, flour bombing was on the venue as it was for many such fly-in of that period. However, some creative person added a new twist to this event. By the way, this was an airshow as well, with a good size audience. Anyway, the target was a plywood and cardboard doghouse, specifically "Snoopy's" doghouse. This was about the time that this "Peanuts" comic strip character became a WW-I pilot fighting the Red Baron. A guy in a Snoopy costume would stand by his doghouse and wave his fist at those trying to bomb it. "Curse you, Red Baron." Silly maybe, but a better show than just dropping flour bombs at a limed circle by the runway's edge, usually not visible to the audience anyway.

They had also devised an airshow skit where the Red Baron, someone flying a red Smith Miniplane, would make several passes at the target dropping bombs at the infuriated Snoopy. Then, along with the last pass, a small dynamite charge in the doghouse would obliterate it. A problem arose with the Miniplane, and since there were not a lot of alternate choices, I was tapped to do the bombing with my RV-1. Though it wasn't usual for flour bombing events, we agreed that I'd do dive bombing for better spectator appeal. I'd never done dive bombing and had to release the bombs by untying the cord and manually releasing it. That didn't leave a lot of extra hands for the throttle and stick, but I managed somehow.

I made four passes dropping a "bomb" each time. I had no way of knowing how accurate the drops were, as looking down and back proved meaningless as I was not able to see the white splash of a burst flour bag. Usually when flower bombing, I could see the splash and make an adjustment on the next pass. I figured that I had really "missed by a mile". I made the final "dry" pass off to the side (the viewers could not judge distance that well) just in case the demolition guy's timing was off. His timing was so good that I felt the blast and could see doghouse debris flying up as I glanced back over my shoulder.

It was a real crowd pleaser, as they were not expecting the explosion. After landing, I learned that two of my four "bombs" had gone right through the door opening of the doghouse. No wonder I couldn't see the burst mark on the ground! To Snoopy's dismay, he had to hurry inside to see that the flour bags had not upset the explosive's wiring. Not bad for a first attempt at dive bombing. And to think, the USAF had deemed me unfit to be a pilot!

Dick VanGrunsven


First Flight RV-8 ...Blyingbeard

Hi Everybody,

Well I did it! I flew N23MB on its first flight on Monday the 21st. The smoke finally cleared over central Oregon and I departed KEUG for the first time in my newly built RV-8. She flew great and has amazing power!


Actual Cause of Starter Issue ...RV6_flyer

I never followed up with what caused the actual problem back in 2013.  The starter solenoid on the firewall was bad. It was replaced 11-13-2013 and the problem has not returned in the last 600 hours.


My Custom Wingtip Lighting ...Joewebb


First Rivets / Dimples Are They OK? ...BryanG

My father and I are getting ready to start an RV-10. These are some practice rivets. Wondering if anyone can see any issues or if they generally look good from the pictures. We have the gauge and everything checks out, specifically wondering if the dimples look ok.


Project Update ...griffg

Here is an update for my aircraft. I am in the process of completing the engine cowls plus I have to finish the fibre glassing on the empennage fairings. The sliding canopy needs adjusting to make sure it slides smoothly and for the rear skirts to sit against the skin properly. The windshield needs to be fibre glassed but I have been waiting for the weather to warm up before tackling that task. All the electrical wiring is complete except for the wingtip lights and the EGT sensor connections (i.e. the exhaust pipes are not installed).  --> (many pics)


Wheel Pants Problem ...Kbolvin

Anyone have an RV14A nose wheel fairing problem where the two upper attach screws (in the aft fairing half) are pulled through the fairing? Seems like there is some kind of extra force acting on those screws from the metal attach bracket on the nose wheel. I've reinforced the area inside the fairing with an extra two layers of fiberglass and it happened a second time. Now I'm reluctant to fix it a third time until I determine the cause. None of the other fairings or even other attach points on the nose fairing are exhibiting this behavior.


RV Light Module - A World First ...VAF Advertiser

RV Light Module - A World First - well I could not find any other products like this. Backtrack a bit. We here in SA went to Level 5 lock down late in March. I could not see myself doing nothing during that period and have decided to to start with an idea that I have been rolling around for the last two years or so.  -->


Aircraft Extras PIREP

"We just received a new batch of the "E-Z Out" Center Console for the RV-6, 7, 9, and 14. The center console not only adds more storage space, but you also may use it for leverage to get in and out of the aircraft. It is solidly constructed so that you can put your full weight on it as long as you secure it properly upon installation.  Don't forget about our standard products: Center Consoles, No Weld Handles, Relay Boards, Flap Positioners, Low Fuel Warning, Smallest Annunciator and our Tire Valve Extensions.  More details at www.aircraftextras.com."



September 25, 2020.  Issue #5,181.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a contract pilot?)

Building an RV in an Apartment ...flion's take

"It depends on the apartment construction, mostly. I built the tail and wings of my RV-6A in the living room of a 2-bedroom apartment in Ann Arbor. The main structure of the building was concrete (some government-built housing, as I understood it). The compressor was the loudest bit and standing in the hallway outside it was just a low hum. I checked with my neighbors and they had not noticed anything. "Really, an airplane? Can I see?". I was careful not to rivet at night.

As for cleanup, how long will you be there? Many apartments are repainted and carpeted as a matter of course for a long-term rental. But I had no problem cleaning up; I put plastic sheeting down and donned scrubs which stayed in the work area. A few aluminum chips escaped to the kitchenette area, which was easy to clean, but nothing made it to the bedrooms.

Sorry, the pictures I have from back then are pre-digital scans sized for the network speeds of the day. That's my SO riveting the vertical stab while I buck. When doing the wings, the jig was moved to the side of the living room so it didn't block the outside view. Oddly, the IR TV remote worked better bouncing off the skinned wings than when pointed directly at the TV <g>."


I got knocked down once...Mark Bolton (Australia)

Time stamp 2014 ... I built an RV - 4 that was ready to take to the air field. 40 hours work left maximum. Then I saw a lick of flame venturing down my front drive . The wildfire flame got bigger. It got interesting from a thermodynamic perspective.

It got intense when the wild fire crowned and I hid under rocks and such ... any way that was 2014 and .... Even better I didn't die in the fire.

The RV - 4 went airbourne but without me in it...

The airframe .... (all those rivets) just took the fire and vaporized... I expected to see a pool of Aluminum where my RV - 4 once was. But there was nothing. Not even ash.

It took us fire fighters 5 weeks to defeat that fire ... I didn't have a house any more but I wasn't dead... down but not out.

FYI I am Australian...

Perhaps If I could build a RV - 3 ? I never like the "ever so clever" airplanes .. with the this and the that.

I would just appreciate an honest design (RV - 3 /4) with an engine that makes sense ...

When I had a Tiger Moth I used to love to follow the sunset wedge into the evening astronomy ... then fly it back down to her nights rest ... sometimes a lazy half tumble spin is fun. When a Tiger Moth stops flying it is like trimming the sails on a Sea Scout training sail vessel. I is all about the elements.

Tiger Moths are wonderful but are too much the Herman Melville discussion.

Do you think I should build an RV - 3 ? .... Oh Really?? well so do I .. at least I would have something worth flying.


Many New First Flights Reported on the Mothership


Whelen Aerospace Photo Contest Results...wat2020

Whelen Aerospace Technologies would like to congratulate the following winners for our 1st annual VansAirforce Photo Contest that was held during the month of August 2020. We look forward to doing this again in the future as this was a huge success and thank you all for your photo submissions.

Vans Airforce Whelen Aerospace Technologies 1st Annual Photo Contest Winners.  more pics / -->


Day VFR panel...griffg

I thought I would show you my panel which is fully wired up and installed but I haven't applied power to it yet or programmed the components. Plus I still need to get some decals for some of the switches.

The system comprises 2 by AF-5500, GMA240, 2 by GTR200, SV-GPS-2020, SV-261 transponder with ADS-B out, SV-ADSB-472 ADS-B in which are all being powered through a Vertical Power Sport plus a TCW 6 Amp backup battery for the EFIS'. Plus there is an Artex ELT 345, CO Guardian, GT50 clock/G-Meter on the panel plus a Dynon D3 and my Ipad mounted in ram mounts.


What is the canopy flange? ...agent4573

First step of trimming the canopy is to remove the molding flange. As someone that's never worked with Plexi before I have no clue what that means. The pic attached shows the side of the canopy. There a clear section about and inch wide, then 3 molded in lines, then more clear section that makes up the actual canopy. Do I cut below the molded lines, down the center of them, or above them?


From Dynon



September 24, 2020.  Issue #5,180. (Need a contract pilot?)

Star Wars Canyon in an RV-7 ...StickNRudder

Star Wars Canyon (aka Rainbow Canyon) is in the Panamint MOA near Death Valley. It is used for (extreme) low-level training by the military.

We can't let them have all the fun!

One other thing, I was coordinating with the control authority (Joshua Approach) the whole time. I did not want any surprises.


Another RV-8 ...welcome Mikeyb

I have been working on it for 18 months now. The canopy skirt is sucking my will to live.


Duckworks HID Install Pic ...Bevan

Duckworks HID in the leading edges (both wings). Strobe bulbs and colored LED bulbs (and colored plexi mirror backing) in the wing tips. Lightweight, inexpensive and works for me. If I had to do it now, I would switch out the HID for LED landing lights.


The student pilot, learning to land, and wheel pants ...NinerBikes

Doing pattern work now in my lessons in my RV-12 with an instructor.

Yesterday I had what I'll call a "firm" landing on the main landing gear. Not a bad jolt, or falling out of the sky, stalling 3 feet up or more, but certainly could have been smoother. 5 Good ones, 4 of those at an airport I've never been to... KCMA.

How much can a set of main wheel pants take for a more than firm landing before I incur damage? Or should I just remove the 2 main wheel pants and put them back on later? Really don't want to scratch them up of break them with some dumb rookie pilot move.

What do others suggest?


Mothership Employee Milestone


FS: 1999 RV-6A Project ...[ed. A nicely done classified.  v/r,dr]

TTAF 127.7
TTSMOH 0 Lycoming 180HP 0-360-A4N

Aircraft received its airworthiness certified Dec 1999. Aircraft experienced a nose over accident in 2007. Damage included Canopy, roll bar, top of vertical and rudder, spinner, and nose gear. No other damage, Aymer Demuth wood prop was not damaged. Have pictures and documents to support.

Roll bar was replaced, Tip up canopy replaced, RV7 vertical and RV8 rudder built, RV6 horizontal built (original was tweaked while lifting aircraft to help pilot out) New 1 1/8" nose gear including nose wheel fork to compile with SB 07-11-09, Nose wheel bearings mod by AntiSplat. All receipts and documents to support.

Factory Engine log book show engine had 960 TTSFOH when installed in aircraft 1999.


Rivet Squeezing RV-4 Wing Spars ...280FX

I am building a F-1 Rocket and just finished riveting my R-4 wing spars using a pneumatic squeezer. Those 3/16" diameter rivets requires a tandem-piston (6000psi) to do the job. I got my pneumatic squeezer from Joe Krzyzewski of Atlanta Air Tool, Taft, Tenn. Joe custom manufacturers various squeezers/yokes and is very knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and friendly.

Joe is good friend with Bob Avery of Avery Tools, who has a custom yoke specifically designed for squeezing the 3/16" rivets on RV-4 main spar. Bob was kind enough to loan me his yoke. I also made a jig out of scrap 4X4" wood to hold the squeezer, which is easy to move around my work bench and clamp in place. This made the task very easy and fun to do, I am very happy with the results.

So, I want to give much thanks and kudos to Joe and Bob for being so helpful.


Rod End Bearing Tool ...N804RV's take

It was 4 years ago, yesterday, that I made my rod-end bearing tool. I copied it from another builder's website (Randy Lervold I think).


First Jet Anything...

A non-RV milestone for sure, but our family's RV-6 played a major role in checking many of the qualification boxes for the part time program I've been involved with since mid-February (sometimes referred to in these pages as my 'extra paper route'). CAE's Supporting Crew Member (SCM) program exists for folks who are willing to give up some of their spare time in exchange for time in the sim and 'award points' that can be turned into ratings and more. Costs vary per type and size aircraft, but a SIC rating in a light jet can run over $20K. A PIC rating more. If you're willing to give up some weekends and evenings you can EARN a little money while getting trained in a 20 million dollar simulator.

I was placed in the Embraer Phenom 300 pipeline. My numbers below if anyone is interested in what it took to get to 40 sessions (the first award):

  • 318 hours in classroom and simulator (combined)
  • 86 days since first SCM assignment with client
  • 66 1-hr roundtrip drives to CAE complex
  • 10 dollars per hour (made $3,180 doing this, which covered my gas and food), and...

...in my file this past Wednesday:

  • (1) Recommendation for Part 61 SIC type-rating endorsement: EMB-505 (Embraer Phenom 300).

Next up, I'll be trying to figure out how to get three landings in the actual aircraft without selling a kidney so I can get the actual SIC card.  I've been told by some of the IPs that CAE's Embraer rep visits on occasion and takes some of the SCMs with enough points out for their FAR 61.55 required hops, but it's a COVID-new world. Following up on leads on ways to get Phenom hops - willing to buy the lunch of any RV builders that also own a Phenom ;^).  Willing to travel ;^).

(19) more sessions as of today and they pay for my week-long ATP-CTP course/test.  (59) more sessions for the ATP/PIC check ride.

Getting hands-on, non-website skills without impacting the college budget a penny.  It's good to diversify the talent stack.

Wednesday sure was a good day.

[Stops at Mi Cosina on the drive home, sits in the corner waiting on takeout for us - raises his beer a couple of inches to no one in particular with a tired smile.]



September 23, 2020.  Issue #5,179. (Need a contract pilot?)

First Annual "Pilot Rodeo" at KRNP ...Jvon811

This past weekend was the first annual "Pilot Rodeo" at KRNP in Owosso, Michigan. We have some local guys who have a Just Aircraft SuperSTOL, a couple Stinson's, a few Cessna 170's 180's that call themselves the Great Michigan Bush Co. but I weaseled my way into the collective with a 350' landing once*.

This weekend was the Pilot Rodeo at KRNP which included the spot landing contest, bomb drop (bean bags), and STOL demo from some of the better suited and capable aircraft. I didn't technically win the spot landing (lots of controversy on the rules and scoring.... There was a point system, wasn't based on straight closest to the spot) but I did come in with the best overall spot landing with 6'4" from the chalk line. I think all the bush plane guys were a bit upset about an "RV toy" beating out their big bush tires.. Here is a pic of my first attempt (getting it dialed in) at 25' from the chalk line. Dragging it in with power to a tailwheel low wheel landing and roll it up on the mains to make it stick.

The bomb drop was actually something I could do with the RV. My canopy has air vents right in the bubble and with some paracord tied to the bags, all that was needed was to let go of the string at the right time. With very little downward visability though, I was not even close to the targets...  -->


RV-8 Status Report ...dreed

Not overly exciting, but progress.  Making progress slowly, hope that the paint will be on sometime next week. Wings and tail feathers are already done.


Testing the New Smoke System ...Brian RV-4

I just got done installing my smoke system (from Smoke System Helper) and had a chance to test it out yesterday. I'm very happy with the results and in one word, it's great FUN!!!

For you serious aerobatic guys, don't judge me too hard. I was more concerned about how my smoke looked than doing technically perfect figures.


Servo buzzing sound after shutdown ...DylanRush

I have a Dynon two axis autopilot coupled to my Skyview Touch. Yesterday I went out flying with my CFI to learn the "expert" autopilot mode. Previously I had just used "simple" mode which can track an HSI, hold altitude, level or 180. In expert mode, you configure roll and pitch independently, can capture a glide slope, and arm different phases, e.g. keep this altitude until you intercept the glide slope, then VNAV descent.

All in all it was really cool to play with it and will be valuable for flying approaches. Anyway, after we had been flying with the autopilot for about an hour, after a shut down and turned the master off, I heard a very noticeable buzzing coming from behind my rear baggage wall for about 5-10 seconds. I believe it was an autopilot servo doing something. I'm wondering if this is normal, do the servos release some energy in some way when they are done? Or is there something wrong?

The plane flew fine but I haven't gotten a chance to test the autopilot again yet.


Dynon Live Event on 24th

How it works:
Join us in one of the following ways:
(Preferred) At 3p Pacific / 6p Eastern on the day of the event: Join the Zoom meeting directly using this link. Using this method, you can actually talk to us via voice and/or video in real-time.


Airspeed Calibration ...John Tierney's RV Weekend

Airspeed calibration testing over the Tennessee R. valley off the Cumberland Plateau. Smaller rectangle, slower speed, bigger rectangle, higher speeds. Hard to stay in smooth stable air in my area at higher speeds.



September 22, 2020.  Issue #5,178. (Need a contract pilot?)

Could Be Fake ...not sure

"The next Top Gun movie looks awesome!"


Elk ...Randall Henderson

As I'm still grounded by a broken collarbone I spent part of the weekend just hanging out at the airport. At one point I noticed a few planes going around for no apparent reason, and I looked out and saw this -- no wonder!

This is at Seaside, OR Municipal (56S) where, due to a number of circumstances, we can't fence off our airport. So the abundant wildlife is simply a fact of life here, including this herd that wanders onto the airport occasionally. Fortunately they mostly stick to the grass areas along the sides, and they're not much spooked by airplanes so they don't tend to bolt out in front, but it's important to be vigilant flying in here (as with many many rural airports). During the daytime they're hard to miss; at night, I always make one or two low passes to clear the runway and environs.

Yes, it's scary from a safety standpoint. But still, pretty cool.


First Flight Reported ...mothership


Scotty_G's New Ride


I decided not to sell my RV-8! ...colojo

I previously posted here that my RV-8 was for sale. No more! I couldn't bear the thought of losing it, so I took it off the market and moved it from Petaluma (O69) to Fullerton (KFUL), where I was lucky enough to find a hangar to share with an RV-8A owner!

Here is a picture of our RVs in their new home:


Evaporator Ponds ...Vlad

Nice ride over evaporators ponds. Very close to the flats. My good buddy from KY showed up the other day and we went to the flats. He loved it.


My Second RV-8 Completed ...Frank Dombroski

Hi All, a couple of pictures of my recently completed RV-8. Full Garmin complement, New IO-360 M1B, Composite Hartzell prop, single piece Grove Gear.... most of the great mods. Straight and true = fast and fun.



Wildfire Status ...mothership


Under the Wire Fly-In ...Flash's RV Weekend



September 21, 2020.  Issue #5,177.
  It had been (18) days since my last RV flight, so when the calendar finally lined up a day off (part time sim uptick) I jumped at it.  What a nice Sunday morning - 61*F on the drive out and calm.  It felt good to see actual ground out the canopy instead of simulated earth ;^).  A relaxing .7 around the lake looking at boats and wakes.  Love that chair in the sky.
  Hope you had a nice weekend.
(Need a contract pilot?)

Milestone: Fitting the Wings ...Rob Reece RV-8

(enlarge).  David Lee photo.


My RV Weekend ...various

Last weekends trip to Flagstaff and back had me landing at the home airport with about 18 gallons of fuel. Today I really had nowhere to go, so I decided to fly down to Brown Field (KSDM) to get some gas, and fly over a friends house.

I took off and headed south along the coast and through the VFR corridor over San Diego Int'l, and downtown San Diego. Today was the first fairly clear day that I've flown on in the last several weeks (fires/smoke). It was nice to see it pretty clear again. -->


Canopy switch ...RV-7

Another take here on a canopy switch that will indicate status to the Dynon EMS and display in Skyview.

I was looking for a streamlined install that hid the wires ,was stable (no chance of catching on a sleeve or whatever) and used a proven high cycle switch.

The switch is a Kidder 106F, commonly used on truck doors and the like to switch the courtesy light. It is drilled through the F705 stack on the passenger side. The material there is thick, so the switch only extends through enough to be held by the nut, no adjustment throw.

The white UHMW block is there to take up the space between the latch lever and the switch. A thin slot is cut across the face of the block to act as a spring, keeping gentle pressure on the switch when closed. Once the block is fitted (mill a slot in the forward side of the block) with the latch closed, a #6 clearance hole drilled through the block/latch allows a small bolt/nut to hold it in place.

The only drawback of having a latch indicator is that it only tells you that the latch is closed. You would not get a canopy warning if the canopy were say, fully up as you took off... guess you get what you deserve.

Hope this helps someone is their search for solutions. Cheers


Wing Leading Edge replacement

I am involved in a repair of an RV7 which I did not build.....I have not built an RV either.  The LE has been badly damaged and needs replacing. The damage is all up to but not including the fuel tank. As I understand the build of the a/c the LE is the first thing that is riveted to the spar. I am in effect reverse-engineering this repair as I don't want to dismantle the whole wing and start again.  Does anyone have any experience of this repair please?  I am thinking that I need to build a new LE, and some-how access the inside of the wing to use a Cherry Max rivet to fit the nose ribs to the spar, and Cherry rivets to attach the wing skin to the spar........any suggestions and recommendations very welcome please. 

Perhaps on the bottom LE skin an inspection hatch located midway between the tip and the fuel tank may allow access?


Garmin Pilot v10.2.3 is Out

"Garmin Pilot Version 10.2.3, for Apple mobile devices, adds additional capability to the radial menu, better distinction for missed approach procedures on the map and the ability to load and activate instrument approach procedures worldwide." (video of new features)


Rudder Spar to counter balance rib rivet size ...AOPS

I've been looking all over the drawings for the correct rivet size that connect R-902 (rudder spar) to R-912 (counterbalance rib). So far I've been unable to locate the correct rivets for this spot. I'm thinking an AN470AD4-3 will do for this but I would like to hear from the other builders on what they did. Is this another one of the RV-7 gotchas?


Sub Panel Cutting ...rapid_ascent input

I completed cutting my sub-panel. I opened up my original cutout to allow about 2" on one side of the radio stack for the harness to be able to wrap around the side of the stack. I decide to tie the framing into the lower support angle. It all seems very sturdy now.

I'll decide about any additional supports or brackets once I install the sub-panel into the fuselage. It's difficult to determine the exact alignment in this pre-assembly state. I'm not sure yet if I'll tie the radio stack into the sub-panel or not. I have all of the units tied together with a piece of 0.062" on each side. I'm not sure if the is enough support or not yet.

I still need to position the F-746 FWD engine control bracket. It needs a little trimming and then I can locate it laterally.



September 18, 2020.  Issue #5,176.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a contract pilot?)

Milestone: To the Hangar ...Larry Larson RV-7A

This week is milestone week.  Mixed feelings loading up Lucy's wings and hauling them to the hangar, but I need the space and there's nothing else to do to them till final assembly. They are safe and sound in the cradle.  -->


RV-4 Status Report ...Frank

Spars are ready to disassemble for debur, etch, alodine and prime. Then I'll get the 2lb hammer going


Check Your Nipples ....[ed. Brake MX that sounds seedy but isn't.  dr]

(RV8Squaz)  The nipple on the bottom of the right brake caliper was loose enough to allow the brake fluid to seep out during flight. No puddles were found before or after flight, but there was evidence on the wheel pant of the oily residue streaming back. Caution, results may vary when surprised by the lack of a brake during landing. The nipple had been rubbing slightly on the inside of the wheel pant which may have caused it to loosen. I don't know. It had been a long time since I last bled the brakes.

I'd like to take this opportunity once again to thank both David and Nick for their immediate response. David showed up at the airport in less than an hour with his fantastic brake bleeder rig. We were fixed in no time! THANK YOU DAVID!  -->


Mothership Employee Spotlight: Lindsey Mast

(via Greg at the mothership)
Lindsey Mast started work at Van's packing empennage kits. That was 20 years ago, tomorrow. He worked in our crating department for his first 16 years here, and now rules our receiving department. On top of that, today's his 15th wedding anniversary so he's going to leave a bit early this afternoon. Happy anniversaries, Lindsey!


Homemade tools ...N546RV

Am I allowed to count some of the creative ways I taped random objects to bucking bars? I've got a few good examples of that.

At one point I wanted a sort of miniature footed bucking bar; this was for the bulkhead-skin rivets alongside the v-stab attach bars. I ended up duct-taping my tungsten bucking bar to a gasket scraper. Worked really well.


G3X Academy Update ...g3xpert

We have uploaded more training videos to the Garmin Aviation Training YouTube page. You might find some of these videos helpful, like the GTN VNAV Presentation or the G3X Touch Autopilot Use presentation. While some training videos will not be exclusively G3X/GTN, some of the content and basic uses will carry over. We will keep the continued IFR/GTN with G3X demand in mind to continue training focus in this area.


Homemade tools ...Allen

This is my homemade bucking bar used on the RV7 longeron where the canopy is.(F721B aft canopy deck) I can change the skinny bar on the heavy bar for left or right longeron or I can use the straight bar to get into tight places. Click on the pictures after you use the link to get the full view of the bar.


Check timing before first engine start? ...jcarney

Q: Hello, I had an A&P tell me it might be a good idea to check the timing before starting the engine for the first time in a couple of days. This is a new engine from Lycoming that was run on a test stand for an hour. Is this necessary? Seems pointless to me. FYI it has standard slick mags. Thanks!

A:  Yes. We have seen engines come with the timing set wrong.

A:  If you have a buzz-box, it takes 1 miute to check it, so why not. If you don't have a buzz-box, get one. It is hard to maintain your own engine without one.

A:  Timing was wrong on my engine as well. It's too easy not to do.

A:  Yep, I had one mag correct and the other one WAY off on mine. Check 'em.

A:  I checked mine on a factory-new O-360. I think the mags were installed so they looked pleasing to the eye. The way they were installed clearly had nothing to do with engine timing! Their timing was "pin the tail on the donkey" accurate!


Best way to clean parts?

Im just getting starting on the RV-14 vertical stab and there is a red residue on the spar doubler. What is the best way to remove this?
Thanks, Mike


Classic Aero Install Pic Request ....posted

Here is a picture of my passenger side panel. Let me know if you need anything further. I can go out and snap a photo of whatever you need.



September 17, 2020.  Issue #5,175.
  Happy Birthday to our family's RV-6 'Flash', who turns 18 today.  They grow up so fast!  The Mothership is open, but check THIS LINK periodically for any new information if the fires warrant any changes.
(Need a contract pilot?)

Yesterday in Most Southern Germany ...KayS First Flight

"Took a bit longer than expected, started 11 years ago in Huntsville-AL. moved back to Germany but then there was a 7-year project-interruption caused by things that can happen in life."  --> many more pics


A/P Servo in RV-4 Stick Well ...how FinnFlyer did his

Can easily be in the RV-4 stick well so won't interfere with passenger foot wells.  And the "bracket" attached to the stick weldment is very easy to make.


This is how I did mine. I have rear seat footwells. This photo is from gikonhome.blogspot.com. , a super build site from a British RV 4 builder.


Dent in My Wing ...DylanRush

About a month ago a not so great driver was racing down perimeter road at my airport, crashed into a fence, and sent pieces of the fence flying into my tie down. He rolled his car, survived and last I heard was on the run from police. The damage to my plane could have been a lot worse. My wheel fairings were destroyed, and there were thumb sized dents in my left wing and left flaps.

Insurance is covering everything so I am getting some free wheel pants and touch up paint out of this.

Basically I wanted to share photos of the damage and hear what you all think about the structural integrity. I've had three different A&P's tell me it's safe to fly, but I wanted to hear from the peanut gallery too. Also curious if any of you would be dissuaded from performing aerobatics with it in the future.

Current plan is to fill the dent with bondo and paint over. It's a 1997 6A. I've flown it about four or five times with no issues so far.


AOG Help in Less Than an Hour ...RV8Squaz

...how cool is that!



September 16, 2020.  Issue #5,174.
  Publish times might vary over the next several days - extra paper routes.
(Need a contract pilot?)

Mothership Open, But...

...check THIS LINK periodically for any new information.


Old School Panel ...Capt

My job was driving planes using TV screens, my own ride I wanted to continue by traditional route.


Sub Panel Cutout Discussion ...Ray Tonks

I'm looking for some pics that show how people have cut their sub-panel and reinforced it. I was looking for a pic that I thought was posted by Rudi Greyling that showed a nice example of how to do it but for the life of me I can't find it. Or I could just be remembering the poster wrong. At any rate if anyone has pics of how they cut their sub-panel and then framed it for reinforcement that would be very helpful.

I have a GNS430w and a GRT200. I think clearance in the sub-panel will be required for both.


Mine with the cutout and aft supports

Here is the link to my Google Photos during my ADS-B Out install.


Houston lunch this Saturday? ...Philip

I'm doing this Jeopardy-style again, phrasing this as a question. Anyone interested in a lunch at Hooks this Saturday? For the moment, weather looks good for flying in.


RV-6 Rebuild Project Update ...jamlip

Installed a larger baffle in front of cylinder 1. Put the (very rough, unfinished) wheel pants on. Flew to Chino.  400F on climbout, 380 in cruise. #3 is no longer my hottest (now it's #2, weirdly).  Also, at 24.5 MAP and 2450 RPM I get... 174 knots TAS which is 200.26mph


RV-4 Autopilot Mounting Options ...Jvon811 input

I believe the two most popular places for the Roll Servo are in the wing and under the floor, to the right of the front seat. Some don't like the under floor option because of interference with the backseaters footwells (if you have those installed). I was able to make the geometry work and still have the footwells, just takes a bit of fiddling. Pitch servo is pretty standard. I basically copied some pics I had saw on VAF and other places of pitch servo mount designs and made my own. Dynon AP install manual had a good diagram/plan. Rigidity is the key. These are GRT servo's but I believe the Garmin's are the same form factor or close to it.

disclaimer: The roll servo pic is not the final install... the geometry is better now and has been working for 150 hours.  -->

There is another option for the roll servo that was used in years past in the RV-6 before custom bracketry was offered from the autopilot vendors. The roll servo can be mounted at the wingtip and connected to the bellcrank with a pushrod. Here are some details from a RV-6A installation in the previous century.

Not my idea but this is the approach I'm going to use on a Rocket airframe. Re-posted with permission. Utilizes RV-6 roll bracket. Saves some money as well.


Mouse Milk? ...DanH

Within the Continental/Lycoming community, Mouse Milk is often prescribed as a standard maintenance item for exhaust system joints. In the Rotax world, an anti-seize compound appears to be more popular.

What exactly is Mouse Milk? How does it prevent seizure of the joint?

I'll stir the pot...I don't see where it does much of anything. The ball joints on my AWI 4-into-1 eventually lock no matter how often the get they Mouse Milk treatment.



September 15, 2020.  Issue #5,173.  (Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout using me?)

West Coast Fires, Smoke and the Factory

THIS LINK for information on how the fires are impacting the mothership - the latest info is there.


Motivation 101 ...Randall Henderson RV-6

...somewhere in Canada


Texas Gulf Coast Flight ...rvanstory RV-10

Took my newly minted RV-10 to Gulf coast for the 12th hour of Phase 1. LOVE this plane!!! Here's a video of Sunday's flight.


Leadville and Westin Pass ...mchargmg

Last week the fires in Colorado kept us on from going anywhere, really miserable visibility. This week we got some snow, and that cleared the air out. This morning dawned clear and quiet so we headed west up to Leadville.  --> more pics


HS-00005 doesn't fit ...Steve N. RV-8

I having trouble with the from spar assembly. The HS-00005 rib doesn't fit with the HS-00003 doubler clecoed in place. It seems to be about 1/16" too long. It will just barely go in with the doubler removed. Did I miss something?


New 7A owner looking for training ...JackStull

Not sure if this is the right place for this post, still trying to learn the forum...  New to the RV world and new to the experimental world in general...and happy to be here!  Looked for a 7 or 7A for a while, finally bought one a few days ago.  I'm looking for training...general RV7 knowledge, spins, light acro.  Background is piston singles and twins, normal stuff, all part 91.  Based in SW Ohio, KVES.  Recommendations?



September 14, 2020.  Issue #5,172. 
    THIS LINK for information on how the fires are impacting the mothership.  May or may not be open - the link will give you the latest info.
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout using me?)

First Flight ...Al Karpinski RV-8

Flawless first flight. Did 5 hours of training in make and model outside Chicago prior and a 4 hour first flight briefing with an EAA flight counselor prior to flight.

Once on the ground, I was informed to call the KSYR tower. Where the supervisor and controls congratulated me on N498RV's first flight.

It was a good day.


N798RV got some air under it's wings ...Walter Tondu

After a six year build the RV-8A was ready with a fresh pink slip from Mel Asberry. The pilot was made ready after several hours with Mike Seager in the factory RV-9A which has a Dynon panel. First flight was yesterday. The takeoff roll seemed very short as the IO-390 and 74 HRT prop decidedly pulled the plane into a calm cool sky over KGKY for a 33 minute racetrack flight at 2500 ft, full power and 2500 rpm. The flight was fun, uneventful and the landing was pretty fair. The only notable items are low oil temps at 180 max and all CHT remained under 320. De-cowled and found nothing amiss and no leaks.

I was initially slightly concerned that I would be flying an RV-8A for the first time, with centerline seating, left hand throttle, right hand stick and a new Garmin panel. All of my flying has been from the left seat to date. Those concerns were unfounded, exactly as Mike stated they would be.

Thanks to my Dad for helping on the build, local RVers Ken and Randy, Mel and Mike, Richard VanGrunsven and especially my wife, for her patience and love, and the big guy for keeping me safe. Big RV smile for the second time.


911 Tribute by KFFC Falcon RV Squadron

15-Ship Falcon RV Squadron flyover this evening led by Doug Hallberg over a high school football game.

During a short period of silence following the National Anthem, the XB-70 "Valkyrie" formation passed overhead with a dual "Missing Man" tribute to the victims of the New York twin towers attack.


Dad had a stroke. How can I get him in the plane?  ...JackinMichigan

My father and I spent 5 years buiding our RV-10, and while I was flying off the mandatory 40 hours he suffered a major stroke. He lost almost complete use of the left side of his body, but thru time and a lot of physical therapy he's been able to regain about 25% of the use of his left leg, but his left arm is still a useless chunk of meat dangling from his left shoulder. He's able to walk with the use of a cane, but his very unstable and cannot climb stairs without strong hand rails.

We both want to get him in the plane, but neither of us can think of a good way. He's not a small man (6'-1" and 240lbs). I ordered a nursing-home style sling used for getting people in and out of bathtubs and tried hooking it to an engine crane, but the crane had not nearly the necessary reach and the aircraft cabin ceiling was too low. He can barely get in his own car, so nothing that needs him to climb into or balance onto anything will work.

We're out of ideas. Does anybody have any workable solutions here? It's absolutely tragic and unfair that he can't get into the plane he spent years building and financing.


24 Years Together ...Dave Binkley RV-6


Neglect not thy rudder...Kurt Haller

Neglect not thy rudder on take-off for lo the Laws of Physics shall smite thee full sore.

A week ago, Sunday, I let my RV-9A make an unintended left exit from runway 25R at Livermore. On takeoff. I'm as dumb as a bagful of hammers.

Most VAF pilots will probably learn little from my story. But confession is good for the soul, and humble pilots may still, I pray, become better pilots. If they work for it...continue (3 parts)



Bonneville Salt Flats ...Vlad

"Bonneville Salt Flats is a backcountry strip 10 nm northeast of Wendover KENV........The white color of salt flats makes it harder to identify. Make a pass or two. There is no windsock and no parking area. Just miles and miles of the runway. Take your weather report from Wendover."


My RV Weekend ...SPX

Flew to Flagstaff.  Two friends of mine from Washington were in Flagstaff for work from Thursday through today, so I used the excuse of them being "close" as a reason to fly over and have lunch with them. It was also a nice getaway from the smoke filled sky that we've been seeing here in Southern California for what feels like days (and it's much worse in Northern California).  -->


My RV Weekend ...MacCool

What did I do with my RV this weekend?

Well...up until this weekend I didn't have an RV. As of yesterday, I'm the new owner of a beautiful, well-equipped, meticulously built, meticulously maintained RV-9A, and met some truly wonderful people in the process. Later this morning, my CFI/RV-wrangler and I are going to saddle up and fly her from St. Louis to her new home in 'up-north' Minnesota. So, it's not over yet but it's shaping up to be a great RV weekend for me. First of many.


Vlad's DIY Dimple Tool ...modified tools thread.


I'm coming back and I'd like to buy an RV9 ...BrianHOU

Hey all -

So I'm looking for RV9 to buy - I'm a former CFI/ATP, I flew oil and gas guys around during the early fracking days...4000 TT but zero experimental and zero Vans.

For the last year of so a friend and former student kept calling me to help him to rivet his RV-14 and I've been drawn back in!!!

When i mentioned to him I was interested in the RV9, he said that you guys would know who to call, where to look...

I've been talking to a guy in Canada, but the logistics of that deal seem fairly complex, and a US buyer is his last choice. So lower 48 seems like a good choice for Covid time.

So if you guys have suggestions, I feel like I'm coming back to a familiar place, but so much has changed in the last 15 years, I'm almost starting from scratch.

My wife convinced me to leave aviation as a career years ago, so she's not FULLY on board with the "hobby" aspect of it - YET. So I'm thinking I need to look in the range of 75K or less if she's gonna buy in. Steam gauges are fine, 320 preferably, fixed pitch prop is fine.

Baby steps...so I've already been lurking in the forum, reading lots of posts and trying to soak it in...I'm sort of excited to be back...but I know I've let all those skills atrophy. I want to go slow, enjoy the process and fly for fun again.

So if anyone knows of an RV9 that may become available or needs a home - I'd appreciate it...I'm in Texas - but I want to get started so it doesn't really matter where the plane is - (except Canada won't let US citizens in right now, so that's a bit complicated) I'll go the seller and make it work. So thanks in advance - this is a great resource.


Seatbelts Installed!:  Can I Leave the Windows Open? ;^)


Contamination? on Fuel Tank Ribs ...TASEsq

My fuel tank ribs (2024-T3 ALCLAD) seem to have some kind of contamination on the surface - it doesn't come off with acetone. These have been sitting on a shelf in a dry room (50-60% humidity). The leading edge ribs were sitting right next to these and didn't have any contamination.

Has anyone else seen this before?

I think I'm going to have to use Alumiprep and a scotchbrite pad and clean these before I begin assembly - but not so hard to remove all the Alclad.


Clamps Get No Love ...tycommell

I've found that clamps are a huge aid to the build process, especially when solo ( read: all the time ). I'm surprised they are not talked about more - maybe they are just so ubiquitous / obvious.

I copied this idea from a woodworking bench I saw - turn the entire front of your standard EAA bench into a clamp with some wide 2x's and a couple of 1" diameter long threaded rods (12" ?). LOCTITE 2 nuts externally, and mount a second set under the bench so that the "clamp" screws in / out. A socket/adapter on a drill makes adjustment quick and easy.

Workpieces are held at a comfortable level, without having to bend over.



September 11, 2020.  Issue #5,171. 
  Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the fires in the western USA.  Check THIS LINK to see how the fires are impacting the mothership.  Latest info will be there.  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout using me?)

Never Forget...


On the Ground Pic: RV4CGRLF ...Glen Fenwick

August sunset in Ontario.


Another RV8 Gets Its Airworthiness Pink Slip ...Cecil

Vic Syrcause flew down from Atlanta to our little airport community near Eglin AFB (18FD) and after his careful inspection of RV8 N95CH presented me with the much sought after Pink Slip (8130-7)!!

Thanks Vic for the professional service you provide the RV community!

And to answer the Question on every ones mind -- Yes - All My Nuts were Tight!

Next Goal --> Finish Transition Tng and this Get Baby Airborne!!


Last Weekend's Work Session ...recapen

The match drilling has already been completed prior to this.


Many Status Pics ...jcarne

Okay, I came home from the hangar tonight and told my wife "I have a new love in my life" named Dynon Skyview. I spent a good hour setting it up and holy smokes it is sweet!!! I was worried that it was going to be difficult to setup but man it is pretty intuitive to use, don't stress too much about how complicated the manual looks. Everything seems to be working nicely so far and I couldn't be happier with going with Dynon. Anyways, a pic says it all...


Mod'd Tool Entry ...BillL

Offset Rivet Holder
I tried wrapping the set with tape but it always moved arrrrgh. A small piece of baffle works nicely, the set is tight and will not wander in use. It improved my offset rivets tremendously, but my removal skills deteriorated.


Mod'd Tool Entry ...Randall Henderson


The 'Finished' Pic ...GTRV10

Panel Porn ...GTRV10

My completed Panel - Garmin


Status Report ...Foghorn

More progress. Baffles next.


A Virtual Tour of  ...YvesCH's RV-8


Panel Porn ...Jake14

...a bit retro he says ;^)


First Steps in a Long Plan ...myv65

I tend to be a little verbose at times, so my thanks in advance to all who get through the following and offer advice.

I'm new to the forum after lurking for a few months. I'm +/- 10 years from retirement, and while I can't predict what will happen tomorrow, I'm smart enough to know few things worth doing get done without a plan. I figure I should have at least ten good years of flying after I retire, and my wife and I are liable to pair up with another couple for a lot of stuff like a winter residence down south, travel, etc. All are on board with the idea of getting our own plane and travelling as a group.

One obvious answer today is the RV-10, and depending on what happens in the next five years I may go that route. In the meantime, I need to get a PPL and build time / experience. I've got the means to buy a plane, but also am an engineer who has built or fixed stuff most of my life. I look at new projects as an excuse to buy new tools and learn new skills.

My inclination is to purchase a -12iS kit and complete the build while I get either a sport license or PPL, with a goal of having my plane ready to go about the time I finish training. Only real question is whether I upgrade from sport to PPL in my own plane, and for the slight difference in costs I'm thinking straight to the PPL. We've got school within an hour that has a -12 in their training fleet.

An alternative is to purchase an old used plane, and that was my original thought. That's looking less and less likely, primarily because used planes strike me as comparatively expensive right now, and they're clearly a *lot* more expensive to operate and maintain than a home-built. I've looked at Beech Sundowner/Sierra and Cessna 172/182. All offer the ability to carry at least one more person than a -12, and the Sierra and 182 would go a bit faster. All should be a little more stable in rough air. All under $100K would have inferior avionics and relatively thirsty, older engines. I figure if I really want to take a third (or fourth) person for a ride, I can rent.

So, what are the questions? For those that have been-there-and-done-that, if you could start over today would you go the traditional flight school route, learning in a Cessna or Piper and paying $8K+ to get your PPL? Would you jump in and drop the better part of $100K to build something like the -12iS? Given today's used market, would *anyone* buy a 40+ y/o spam can instead of a -12iS (for a new pilot)? Does anyone think a 52 y/o Engineer is nuts for buying a plane before having a single flight lesson? Would it be foolish (as in dangerous for lack of sufficient experience) to consider a -9A? How many hours in a slower plane before one should even think about something like that? Oh, and one more. Is anyone willing to share what insurance costs are for a -12, along with your age and experience level? I've got a couple of emails off inquiring, but more info is always good.

From a purely rational perspective, I suppose I should get the PPL and then decide if I want to build a plane, but even with the -12 that probably means a year or more from PPL to flyable plane of my own. It would pain me greatly to cough up rental rates to fly in the meantime.

As an aside, I've got three kids with two in college and one finishing high school There is interest among them to pursue PPLs, so having our own plane for that also has $$$ benefits over traditional training. If even one of them follows through with it, I can see plane building being a semi-full time job as I near and enter retirement.

My thanks for comments / advice, even if you tell me I'm a fool for buying/building before flying. . .


Vic's New 'Are Your Nuts Tight?' Book

(from Vic) Anyone who owns an RV should have this book. It is an invaluable resource in helping you to identify all of the areas that may need attention during the life of your aircraft. Those of you who are non-builder owners should give it to your mechanic. It also helps the new Repairman Certificate holder gain confidence in knowing where to look with regards to wear items. The Book is illustrated with hundreds of real findings.


Pre-Buy eBook / Inspection Guide eBook



September 10, 2020.  Issue #5,170. (Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout using me?)

Van's is Closed for Most of Wednesday and Possibly Some of Thursday

"Due to the wildfire situation here in Oregon and the current poor air quality and evacuations in our area, we have closed for the remainder of the day.

Van's is not in the path of the fires, but many of our employees and their families are. We need to place our employees, their families, and the health and safety of everyone involved first. Closing is the right thing to do for a variety of important reasons.

Updates to our operational status will be available at: https://www.vansaircraft.com/status/."

Related: GOES-West Pacific NW Current Image


Bringing the Love (trek from SeaTac to Orcas and back again) ...Capt Sandy

We've all missed out on so many things this year. One of big things I missed out on was my annual mother-daughter retreat with my youngest, which usually happens in late March or early April, around her birthday. Needless to say, no retreat this year. It looked like we weren't going to get to spend time with her at all this summer....

"I really want to come see you on the boat this summer," she said, "and go crab fishing with Roy."
She could risk booking a flight on Alaska from Phoenix to Seattle, but then how could we get her the rest of the way here? The good thing about the San Juans is, it's remote. The bad thing about traveling to the San Juans is, it's remote.
Coincidence, our friend Sharkbait had Labor Day weekend free to come up for a visit. And he was willing to make a stop at SeaTac to fetch Sierra. And Sierra could get days off work at that time.
Roy can add the technical detail of flying in to that airspace- and Roy did the return trip from KORS back to SEATAC.
What I really want to say here, is how the RV grin is not just the performance of the plane - it is the warmth, kindness, and generosity of all the people we've met and become friends with since Roy brought 174RT into our lives. And in this case in particular, Thank You Sharkbait, for helping with the gift of spending time with our daughter. And.... so much Gratitude for my Darling Hubby for making it all possible by building this plane.


Rest in Peace Mr. Tom Swartzlander ...Jeff Parker post

Just in case anyone here remembers him.

Thomas G. Swartzlander, Jr flew west yesterday morning, 8 Sept 2020, after a 15 month battle with cancer. Tom always had a smile and kind word to say to everyone. I met him 5 years ago when he was building in the hangar across from me. Tom was my introduction to Van's Aircraft. He was a UPS 767 captain, member of the Commemorative Airforce (L19 Birddog) and an all around great guy. He is survived by his wife, Barbara, of 30 years. Tom and Barb had no children.

I've been trying to finish his kit so that he could fly in it. There is just too much kit and not enough time. He did request that I fly Barb in the plane once its complete. Which I will do.

RIP Tom - You were a great friend!


Garmin G3X Touch Software 8.72 Now Available 9/9/2020 ...g3xpert


We released G3X Touch Version 8.72 to the software download area today. Please note from the list at the bottom that many system LRU's have new software. After updating the software in the PFD1 with the SD card, the display will reset, and at that time it is best to hold down on the Menu button while it starts up in Configuration mode. Go to the System Information page on the PFD1 and watch all devices completing the software update before taking the PFD1 out of configuration mode and verifying proper operation for the updated system.

There are a number of new features included in this update, as well some behind the scenes improvements to improve system function and reliability.  -->


My RV Weekend ...jselvatici

Using my 75nm Radius Phase 1.  Did my 1st cross-country with -9A to places within 75nm. (KMLB - KLAL - KCHN - KMLB).  Nice to know airports you never been before (like KCHN), and better than this is to know their 100LL price


Does this look right?: elevator trim cable position ...mcencula

Calling folks who are knowledgeable... (three questions)
Today, I setup the trim cable to achieve 25 degrees of up trim tab travel and 35 degrees of down travel. Here's the position of the cable in the anchor nut weldment. Does this look right? Seems a bit close to the end to me, but I can't really conceive of a way that it could come unscrewed.  -->


-3B Update ...David Paule

Canopy Fairing Has Its Hinge.

Life has caught up with me again. Here and there, I worked a few moments at a time. Sometimes I was delayed for parts, but most of the time it just happened.

Well, enough whining. Here's what's been done.

I disassembled and then reassembled the latch mechanism, after lightening it up a bit. Flight hardware this time, etc.

Shifting back to the fairing, I applied micro to the top inside of the fairing, the places that would be at least awkward to get to, and perhaps impossible, once the canopy is on. Here's a pic of the aft most two sections with the micro on. I might have been a skosh lavish with the stuff.


In-flight Portrait ...GalinHdz


Tools you modified/made

...a place to talk about them.


Panel Pic ...Jhamilton

Dynon panel with Skyview Touch, Com Radio, Intercom, AP Panel, and Knob Control Panel.  GT-50, MGL N16 Nav Radio, Compass, RAC Trim Indicator, Garmin GNX 375, JPI EDM 350, and one blank hole for future Garmin G5.



September 9, 2020.  Issue #5,169. (Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout using me?)

In-flight Self Portrait ...Walt Hastings

Loving this 7A I bought last Jan. Almost 50 hours on her now! The RV grin is back....


WA85's RV Weekend

Flew my RV-8 to First Flight
Saturday - Did a day trip from 3M5 to KFFA to see the Wright Brothers memorial. It is quite windy there! Crossed the Smoky Mountains, stopped in Knoxville TN98 for BBQ ribs with my brother.

Sunday - Did a flight review with a friend in his RV-12, always amazed at how nicely the 12 flies.

Monday - Another day trip, 3M5 to KJKA in the RV-9A to have lunch at Lulu's, land at Dauphin Island and fly over the USS Alabama.


Welcome fandreis ....first post

    9A in Teresopolis/Rio de Janeiro/Brazil


Fires Around the Mothership

...top pic sent to me by Greg Hughes.  I sent him back the current sat grab (2nd pic) in visible spectrum (GOES-W in Geocolor).

"We've had a bunch of customers ask us today about the wildfires nearby. The smoke overhead is pretty thick, and everything here has taken on a dusky orange glow as the smoke is blown overhead by the strong winds. There are no fires anywhere near our factory, but several communities to our south and east have been evacuated or put on alert. Some of our employees live in those areas, and we of course have ensured they're taking care of themselves and their families first. So, it is possible that we could have some staffing shortages as evacuations are ordered in certain areas. We appreciate your understanding ahead of time, and we'll do everything we can to keep up with customer requests!"




Vic's New 'Are Your Nuts Tight?' Book

(from Vic) Anyone who owns an RV should have this book. It is an invaluable resource in helping you to identify all of the areas that may need attention during the life of your aircraft. Those of you who are non-builder owners should give it to your mechanic. It also helps the new Repairman Certificate holder gain confidence in knowing where to look with regards to wear items. The Book is illustrated with hundreds of real findings.


Pre-Buy eBook / Inspection Guide eBook


Kids in the Shop ...aturner

"...I built my RV-10 with babies in the house - twins. It worked out better than you might guess. I could work in the shop and yet be available to help out. Both kids and airplanes require lots of time at home. Side benefit is that they have both grown into total gearheads and at 12 spend even more time in the shop than I do. In fact, we might build a -12iS together. Now if I can just figure out how to get them to clean things up and put the tools away........"


PH Aviation Flap Actuator in an RV-9 ...Pat Hatch

So we've been thinking about trying the new RV-10/-14 flap actuator in an RV-9 because the -9 wing and flaps are much the same as the -10/-14 and we thought it would match the flaps aerodynamic load better. This is our larger, more robust actuator that we had originally designed for the RV-10.

My friend Tom Savrda is building an RV-9A and wanted to try the larger actuator out. So we took a look at the -9 configuration and the larger actuator actually fits pretty well. The biggest change was moving the mounting bracket about 1 1/2 inches further back than the stock location to allow for the additional length of the new actuator. You can see from the pictures below the original stock location and the new location. The brackets could have been made with 0.063" angle but all we had lying around was the 1/8", but it worked well. We were quite pleased with the fit. The stroke length is the same as the Van's flap motors so nothing changes there. The actuators have built in limit switches which stop the motor at both extremes of the stroke. Also, they have an internal position sensor which can be fed directly into your PFD for flap position indication.

So we are now recommending the RV-10/-14 actuator for RV-9s for those interested in upgrading your flap motor.


SB 16-03-28 Inbd Aileron Hinge Bracket reinforcement interference with skin rivets ...J_Long

My RV-7 slow-build wing kit came with the Van's SB 16-03-28 Inbd Aileron Hinge Bracket reinforcement kit. I installed it with the aileron bracket and am now closing up the wing as I install the final skin, the lwr-outbd skin. There are two rivets to attach the lwr-outbd skin to the rear spar that can not be driven because of the close proximity with the SB 16-03-28 Doubler.

I'm wondering if others have had this same problem and what they have done?


Mom: My RV Weekend ....tcard

I hadn't been up to see mom for a couple months, so it was time to remedy that situation. She has some favorite pizzas that she can't get at her local grocery store, so a quick trip up to HEB in the morning and it was off with a load of frozen foods in the magic carpet.


My RV Weekend ...Redbud40

Tested new smoke system (left side formation) installed by the genius Randy Richmond at 52F. Worked perfectly. Thanks. Randy


RV-10 Outboard Bottom Skin Rivets

Looking for a technique to set these rivets without putting a smiley around them. The space between the rivet and the flap bracket is so small, wondering how you get a mushroom set on them. Thanks


Sept/Oct FAA Safety Briefing




September 8, 2020.  Issue #5,168. (Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout using me?)

My RV Weekend: Lake Odell ...Bernardo's RV-12 pics

Had a great time this weekend at Lake Odell, Oregon, including flying from Portland to Crescent Lake and back.

When I left, the sky was overcast at 4000 feet, which did not allow for a direct flight; I had to fly the wrong way for a while, then up the Columbia River gorge to the sunny side of the state, past Mt Hood, then finally down to the lakes. Two and a half very scenic hours.


Air/Oil Separator

There are things we can learn from our Sonex Brethren...... like a cost effective air/oil separator:  -->


Pitch Angle Data ...Alex Peterson

With the data from the G3X, I created the following plots.

This is one with the aircraft in the hangar. I simply pushed the tail down to within about 1/2" of the floor and returned it (no tail tie-down eye in place):

This data is during several seconds of the landing phase:

Discussion: I made special note of forward visibility just at the point of touchdown. I'm 72" tall, 34" inseam, Bose headset maybe 1" from the canopy. Just before touchdown, I lost the horizon (head not tipped up), and my eyes immediately went perhaps 20 degrees left for the next couple seconds. The pitch angle was almost 9 degrees. Note that this is about 5 degrees away from tail striking, assuming no landing gear deflection. Note also that the stall warning was not going off.

I believe a firm, full stall landing in the 6A could put the tail within striking distance of the ground.


My RV Weekend: Grounded ....Randall Henderson

I've been grounded since falling on my bicycle 3 weeks ago and shattering my collar bone & subsequent surgery last week. I've had my wife drive me to the airport a few times so I can at least sit here with my RV watching planes come and go.

Can't wait to get back in the air but that's several more weeks in the future. In the meantime, vansairforce.net has basically saved me as I can at least get some kind of RV fix this way.


Pulled Vac Pump Forever. Good to go? ...Dave H.

Q: I permanently removed the vacuum pump from my Lyc O-320 since I'm going all-electric. I may decide to install a standby alternator there eventually, but for now, a question for the experts:

Is there anything else in the vacuum pump port that needs to come out before I cover the hole? Like a gear or such?

A: Vacuum pump drive pad.
Just a cover plate and a gasket where the vac pump used to live. The 1.5" tall drive adapter housing needs to stay.


My RV Weekend ...pazmanyflyer

Prepping bottom wing skins
Replaced crappy corrugated wire conduit (that I installed thinking it was ok then) with Rainbird irrigation conduit. MUCH better. Also brought out and dusted off the DRDT-2 to dimple the last few skins left. Should have these done tomorrow and ready for rivets!


My RV Weekend...crabandy

We used the RV to make quick work out of a trip to Table Rock Lake, down on Thursday after a late afternoon kindergarten assessment and me back to work on Saturday afternoon. 4 hour drive versus my average 52 minute flight down and a 56 flight minute flight back. That's what it would've been without some slight detours.
I've gotten the use out of my car seat attachments in the baggage area, didn't know if I ever would. Pie and lil' dude call "backseat" like shotgun these days, I don't get it but whatever. Unlike the previous PNP pilots, my cargo passengers demand to load themselves.  -->many pics


Is this flap to skin gap normal?

Posting this in general as it applies to more than a -7A.

If you look at the pics below you will notice a fairly good sized gap between the top wing skin and the flap. I would estimate the gap at about 1/8" when the flaps are retracted. The gap gets larger as the flaps are extended. Is anyone else out there flying with a gap like this? I understand Van's makes a loaner tool to fix this but I really don't want to go down this path if it doesn't gain me anything since my flaps are attached.

Just wanted to see if this is normal or not. Thanks for your input!



September 7, 2020.  Issue #5,167.
  Happy Labor Day.  I hope you got the day off.  The mothership is closed for the day, and I was initially thinking of doing the same, but it turns out I had too much news in the folder not to put something out.  What can you say about the world's greatest hobby?  It never sleeps ;^).  Enjoy! 
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout using me?)

My RV Weekend ...74-07

Great day for grandpa watching my son and grandkids!


1st Flight!

September 1st was the first flight for N9974P. A few adjustments to be made but a good flight. I have a ton of people to thank for making this possible:

The Good Lord for the opportunity.
My Wife, Kim, for her encouragement and support for 13.5 years.
My late Father, Jake, who helped drive thousands of rivets and loved every minute of it.
My two daughters, Brittin & Emma, who grew up with a plane in the garage and helped when needed.
Van's Aircraft for a great kit.
Justin Griffin for hundreds of hours working on firewall forward, avionics, and a fantastic paint job.
Andy Lynn for all the help with paint prep (sanding fiberglass).
Jerry Stadmiller and Lisa Turner for their encouragement, inspections, and lending bolts, nuts, oil, battery, paint booth, etc.
Jimmy Davenport for lending me his Champ to build TW time.
Jack Hunt for some great RV-7 instruction.
And of course VAF and all its members which always has the answers!
John Johnson
Murphy, NC


Air Worthiness Cert: PASSED ...charosenz

To those who have been patiently following, I received my Air Worthiness Certificate today. I am very happy about that.

The inspector, Charlie Cotton from near Puyallup Washington came down and spent several hours looking over the paperwork and the plane. He was very thorough and asked a lot of questions and made several suggestions. He found two issues that needed addressed but they were easily fixed on the spot.  ---> (and video)


Catching Up.... ...Chattin35 two weekends back

Been enjoying the heck out of my -7 this summer. Here's a couple pics from last week/weekend.  Desert camping.


First RV-12 Ride ...jcl777 looks back

It was six years ago today that I got my first demo ride in an RV12. This was at the 2014 Midwest LSA Expo in Mt. Vernon, IL. It was Mitch Lock who took me up. I was a student pilot at the time.

Several highlights have stuck with me about that ride. The glass display was perfectly clear in bright sunlight. The handling was superb without being twitchy. In a steep 360 turn Mitch told me to let go of the stick and the plane continued to fly the turn perfectly. He said "It'll keep going like this till we run out of fuel." On landing, I thought we were floating a long time and asked "When are those wheels gonna touch down?" He laughed and said "We were on the ground way back there! It's not me, it's the plane."

I rode in five other planes at that show - Evektor Sportstar, Tecnam P2008, Savannah, Sirius, Aerotrek. I remember being in line for the RV ride and watching the previous rider get out and walk towards me with a huge grin. Yeah, that grin. He said "Ride in this plane and forget everything else!"

I got my license, finally, a year later. Then I was a partner in two different Skylanes for three years before buying a newly built RV12-iS a year ago. Now I get that same grin regularly.


Backcountry Strip Pics ...Vlad

Mineral Canyon a backcountry strip in Utah. Identifier UT75. Easy to get in and out by Piper Cubs and similar but challenging for RV aircrafts.


Pilots n Paws Mission ....Dan Langhout

Participated in moving a Husky from Houston, TX to New Jersey. I flew the second leg from Monroe, LA to Huntsville, AL. Interesting getting a 58 lb Husky to get back in the baggage area on an RV-7


Milestone: Back from Paint ...cderk


My RV Weekend ...wjb

Put on my pants.. SF fog kept me grounded the last few weeks, so it was time to finish up the last significant part of the build .. the infinite sanding and fitting of the wheel pants.  Got then aligned, fitted, filled, sanded, primed, and installed and did a speed test

75% power, 5500 ft
OAT 27 C
CHTs 347-358
FF 13.8
IAS 148 kt
TAS 169 kt

IAS increase: +9 kts
CHT decrease: -20 F

Fantastic! 25 hours into Phase 1 and the plane continues to stoke the grin.


My -7A G3X Touches ...bhester

This was after upgrading from non-Touch to Touch
I've since changed some of the items along the top data fields, but have gotten a picture of the current setup. I do have my non-Touch screens for sale in the classified. Would be real good way to get a G3X system started.


Fuel Testing...jcarne

Just a little more fuel testing being done with some friends. By bringing the tail all the way down it put the fuse at 15.3 degrees. Good enough for me especially since the fuel flow didn't change from before.


Milestone: Painting Done ...jeffw

Finished de-masking this morning - all done, substantially complete. Will do touch-up and all the small fix-its during or after flight testing.

I expect to be ready for the final inspection before the end of 2020 (I thought I would be ready by end of 2019 a year ago). I'm more hopeful now.


-14 Status ...Jetmart

Canopy Frame completed Starting on plexiglass.


Status: RV-7A ...jcarne

I'm slowly trying to remember to take pics. I'm really trying to get this puppy done as quick as I can. I'm definitely wanting the build to be done so I can start enjoying flying this thing. Only flying once a week just isn't cutting it.

I have done many odds and ends and am making progress on getting things crossed off my list in order to do a weight and balance and first engine start. At times you cross a couple things off your list only to find three more. It is getting shorter though.

Just got done doing some fuel testing. I just did a wide open flow test and may decide to do one with pressure in the days to come just to make sure it is good at pressure as well. I also need to do a tail low test, although I am sincerely not worried about it after reading others reports and seeing my wide open results.

Long story short the backup pump will do about 63 GPH which is well over the 125% max engine requirement. Actually, it's about three times as much. I verified this with four different runs from both tanks and used a weight method as well as a volume method for it. All numbers were very close to eachother. Very happy with the results.

Here is the test in progress. I put that clear piece of plastic tube on there so that I could see if/when air was getting into the line.  -->


Panel Porn ...Brdog42

This is what is going in our -6. AFS 4500, AERA660, GTX327 & A/P.  Adding G5 to finish autopilot.



September 4, 2020.  Issue #5,166.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout using me?)

Status Report ...MechPilot

RV 8 914CV getting ready to get some primer on the wind screen glass.


Understanding the grin...

...a very generous member of this forum was kind enough to give me a brief but thorough introduction to RV flying today.

my landing didn't even suck.

I get it now.


Rear Tip-Up Canopy Installation Request

Q: I'm preparing to work on the rear canopy portion of my RV-7a Tip-up. (Same Fuselage as the RV-9a). Also, I'm using Sikaflex. I was wondering if anyone had a jig or device that helps hold the rear portion of the canopy tight against the fuselage skin while the sikaflex cures. If so, I was wondering if you would be willing to ship to me (I pay for shipping) and then I promise to pass along to another builder after I finish using it.



Another RV-12 in the Registry! ...Richard Parker

My slow-build RV-12 (s/n 120509) passed it's Airworthiness Inspection this morning with flying colors, and I could not be more proud of it.

I want to personally thank Mr. Arnold Holmes (my DAR) for such a pleasurable experience during the A/W Inspection. He is an incredibly knowledgeable man, and he actually made the inspection enjoyable. I've dreamed about this day for so many years, and now it's a memory....such a strange feeling.

I also want to thank Mr. John Young for the transition training he gave me in his RV-12. John is a professional, he has a great sense of humor, he knows the airplane intimately, and the time we spent together was invaluable. I am really glad I made the trip up to see him.

First flight will be sometime next week when the weather is just right, but I have already flown it in my head a few hundred times.  -->


Welcome Jessica...looking for engineering/brainstorming help
[ed. Top story yesterday - reposting on front page for the weekend.  v/r,dr]

"An RV for an armless pilot?

Hello all,

I decided to drop into the forum here to ask for ideas. Some of you may have heard my story before. I'm the first armless pilot.

I currently fly an Ercoupe. It doesn't have rudder pedals or flaps, so it works perfectly for me. But the position I sit in is difficult to maintain for cross country flights.

My question now is whether or not an RV or another home built experimental could be built and modified for custom controls for someone like me?

A friend here in Tucson suggested I add a pull bar on one rudder pedal (which I've found has been done on an RV before) and relocate the yoke forward on the floor. There would probably need to be an electronic throttle mixed in somewhere, too. Do you have any ideas on if and how this could be done? Do you have some other thoughts about where and how to configure the controls?

I appreciate your input.

It would be awesome to take an airplane across the country to visit kids with limb loss as part of my nonprofit. The Ercoupe make that unlikely but custom controls in an RV might. Thanks!"

FMI: Jessica's Rightfooted Foundation


Status Report ...Draker

2020-08-29: Riveted aft top skin and bonded rear window.  2020-09-02: First avionics power-on.


Exhaust exit contacting belly - best way to fix?

I have found a problem on my -4 that I believe is caused by the Van's crossover exhaust hitting the bottom of the fuselage. I was clued into it from a vibration under my left foot at certain RPMs and when leaning aggressively inflight, basically anytime the engine might be vibrating enough that the exhaust would move and contact the belly. I noticed the slip joint on this exhaust does not have any play in it as the right side does. My plan is to simply apply some mouse milk to the area around the slip joint but I'm not sure if that will be enough to free it up? Has anyone had success in freeing these slip joints up once they are binding?


Unmotivated ...[ed. Builder needing motivation!  Chime in!  v/r,dr]

i'm just venting to myself here.. im sure everyone loses the itch to build every now and then.. maybe over the winter when its really cold.. or the dog days of summer. NJ has been unforgiving lately..

I'm 97% done with my build. I literally have about.. the last 5-7 pages of the Canopy section to do (+ wing AOA, bolting the wings on, wintip light attachment).. and I haven't even wanted to visit the hangar since early July... just haven't wanted to do much of anything with it.. sometimes I find other things to do just so I don't have to work with anymore ... fiberglass.

someone here better talk some sense into me... i feel like that contractor you once had to renovate your kitchen... does 90% of the job and then you have to blow up his phone and beg him to come and finish the job.


Quirky Thing Seen From the Air ....Vlad

Seen on the way to Bonneville Salt Flats


A Dozen Whelen Microburst Kits For Sale AT COST

[ed. Wilco Aircraft Supply is a new advertising here - they are a Whelen dealer.  Here is the email I got from Mike Hattrup, their VP/GM.  v/r,dr]  WilcoAircraftParts.com



September 3, 2020.  Issue #5,165. (Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout using me?)

Gear Leg Shimmy ...Hitt7A

A little background, I have 120 hours now and love the plane and what it does. I had Anti Splat Aero do all 3 tires bearing and balance mod, I'm lazy and don't want to pack wheel bearings again. the mod works as advertised and the plane was butter smooth, couldn't be happier. My problem started at around 110 hours and over 120 landings, my right main was starting the shimmy and vibration issue I see others have had. Upon inspection I noticed my tire on that side the tread was worn off the outside edge, I rotated the tire on the rim thinking it had too much drag from the tread being gone causing the main gear to oscillate fore and aft and causing the vibration. This helped but did not fix the issue, so like others before I fabricated an Oak wood gear leg stiffener and that fixed the problem. I was not happy with the fix as it also caused the leg to be a little stiffer in the up and down motion also, so I started playing around and came up with a solution that works for both problems. using left over fiberglass and carbon fiber I had, I laid up 10 layers of 3" wide glass cloth with a single layer of carbon on each side. After cure I cut it in half leaving me two pieces 22" long x 1.5" wide and close to 3/16" thick. I then attached the pieces to the back side of the gear leg with 7 stainless steel Adel clamps, this allows the gear leg to still travel up and down with very little restriction and also stop all fore and aft shimmy. It all fits nicely under my gear leg fairings after I cut off the rubber strip on the top and bottom of the clamps, hopefully my photos attach and make this a little better to understand.


Additional Tow Bar / Gust Lock Photos ...Jasonm

Here are a few updated and less dark pictures. I've included the CPVC pipe that gets inserted into the end of the tow bar and engages the bolts on the rudder pedals. Also shown is the black strap I added with a few D rings and S hooks.

The bar stows on a simple mount on the baggage bulkhead and is kept off the aluminum by a few stand offs. No rattling.


Bromptons in the RV ...GigAir

We have been routinely flying this year, with a pair of Brompton Type M, folding bikes. They are not electric, but 6 speed, light weight and extremely well designed. We bought the titanium frame options and with the travel bag, they each weigh 27 pounds. Both fit nicely in the baggage of our RV-14a with plenty of room for personal bags. Joe Bob gives em 5 stars


Panel Draft, Round 3 ...rmartingt

My last attempt at this was the better part of a year ago. Since then I've revised my plans a bit--ditched the throttle quadrant, and more to the point, decided I'm probably going with GRT instead of Dynon (there are a few extra features I like, and the availability of a 978 ADS-B Out system is a plus in my book).

I've gotten to two concepts lately--one with a GRT Mini built in, and one without (I could get a D3 and plop it up top for IFR).

These are still drafts. Nothing is yet set in stone.

I intend for the aircraft to eventually be IFR equipped and to get my rating in it.  -->


Avionics Installation for Experimental Aircraft Course - October 7-9, 2020 ...g3xpert

Greetings VAF!

Once again the Aircraft Electronics Association will be hosting an Avionics Installation for Experimental Aircraft Course on October 7-9, 2020. The class will take place at the AEA headquarters in Lee's Summit, MO (Kansas City suburb). For complete details and registration information, please visit the AEA Course Website.

This has been a popular training opportunity that includes hands-on wiring and avionics installation fundamentals, heavily focused on the Garmin G3X Touch system. Many VAF members have attended this course in the past! It is a 3-day course at a registration cost of $499. There are a limited number of spots available and space fills quick!

*COVID guidelines and social distancing measures will be in place for the class/facility.*

Let us know if you have any questions!

Best Regards,



West Yellowstone ...alcladrv

Last week, I flew my RV-7A into West Yellowstone and camped for 4 days. Initially, I was the only camper, but another group showed up the following day. Most anywhere within the pine trees makes for an acceptable campsite as there are none that are specifically designated. The amenities are few, but adequate, a vault toilet and pavilion. No showers, electricity or night time lights were available. The nearby water spigot was turned off for the season as morning temperature lows were in the mid-30s. The daily highs reached into the mid-70s. The camping area was a short and easy walk from the airplane parking.  -->


RV-7A Status Report ...jcvarne

Man I have really been slacking on taking pics lately.

The wings are permanently on and bolted up. The wing root fairings are finished, the elevator control train is finished. The rudder rigging is finished. Flaps are rigged. I'm currently working on rigging the ailerons. I pretty much have them rigged and just need to install a few nuts and torque em up and they will be done.

The only picture I managed to get this week was after I installed the fire extinguisher. I really quite like this location. It is out of the way but very accessible! I used four nutplates and mounted it to the top of the fuel pump cover. Speaking of fuel, I put fuel in my tanks and they are holding strong. Also tested the fuel pump and it seems to do it's job nicely. I still need to run actual flow calculations though and figure out unusable as well.


Post-rain RVating

Phil's rain gauge was completely full, so he had to empty it at the airport.  Over six inches he thinks fell on our airport Wednesday.  I spent thirty minutes pushing water out of my hangar, later finding a drainage hose on the side had come undone, allowing water to seep in.  I think I fixed it.  Short RV flight above the area to look at the swollen creeks followed - the air smoother than I can remember it being in a long time.  A good soaking and mid 70's for much of the morning.  Nice.

(full size)

So calm even I could make it look smooth...



September 2, 2020.  Issue #5,164.
  Angry skies in N.TX Tuesday.  The worst of it missed our field, and we monitored the radar apps more than usual.  Got off the ground for .3 before it hit.  A little bumpy but it counts.  Much needed rain and verrrrrry appreciated lower temps.
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout using me?)


RV-10 Status Report ...flion

Because a few people had asked, here is the latest on my fuselage (see attached photo). This shows the right mid skin drilled off and I have since removed the left skin as well. Also the floor skins from baggage to the front seat are off and, after this photo was taken, the left skin removed. So I guess you could say this is an anti-progress photo. I still have to remove the bottom skin aft of the main spar. Under the RV, you can see the lift that failed. It has since been partially disassembled and I'm waiting for a forklift to be available to disassemble the rest.

The good news is that the structure was Ok, except for the skin doublers. You can see the right one in place in the photo; what won't be apparent is the wrinkle just behind the F1004K (the yoke doubler over the spar). The bottom skin can be mostly straightened by putting supports under the tail section, lifting the tail about 3/8", which probably means the tail was sagging that much after the lift failure and barely shows a digital level along the longerons. The skin will have to be replaced anyway, due to sharp wrinkling just behind the forward skin on both sides. Fortunately, I won't have to disassemble the entire forward fuselage (I bought parts with that possibility in mind).

The plan, once the lift is gone, is to support the tail cone at the proper height, remove the mid bottom skin and do a final inspection of all the structure. Then, replace the skin doublers followed by the bottom skins and then the side skins. Once that is done, the supports will be removed from the tail cone and the structure assessed once again. Assuming no problems, the steps will be reinstalled and the floors will go back in, putting me back where I was before this all happened three years ago. Why so long? Because I was called back to teaching full time after the death of a faculty member and because I had just started the panel change in my RV-6A. Life happens but if we persevere, things eventually get done.

The lift is going to someone who wants to put the effort into upgrading it from the original jackscrew design to the company's chain hoist retrofit. I'm not going to trust a lift again, though I will say that the company has been very helpful with information and ideas.


Jason's Tow Bar That Doubles as a Gust Lock

I've adapted my tow bar that I carry anyway to also function as my gust lock. Two 1/2" pieces of CPVC pipe (not shown) engage the rudder pedal bolts and a strap secures the stick in place. Here are a few pictures. They might be a little dark.  More pics


PINE BLUFF Formation Clinic 2020

Here is the only good news we could find about canceling Petit Jean The good news is that now we can throw all that positive energy at the PINE BLUFF RV FORMATION Clinic which ...YES .... we have scheduled and committed for October 8 -11, 2020. ;--) Ladies and gentlemen and you too Ripper .... our plan is not just to have a clinic.... we intend to raise the bar and set the gold standard on how much fun you can have while flying 15 feet apart :--)

We have plead our case and have official approval from the Pine Bluff Airport commission to put on our Fall FFI Formation Clinic with all current masking and separation protocols. We feel confident that we can do it safely and effectively. We have funneled all that over the top Petit Jean energy into solutions for safety first, distancing, masking, lodging and transportation logistics. There will be no tight small groups, no crowding in vehicles, no closed room sessions, lots of it will be outdoors and weather permitting, this will be ... bar none .... the BEST formation clinic in the country in 2020.  -->


Here is my wiring diagram for GPS 175 to SkyView ...Brian


He is a copy of my wiring diagram for SkyView to GPS 175, with both the SkyView and GPS 175 settings. If you decide to go with the GNX375, I can update this to the GNX375 in a short time. Let me know.

The GPS 175 and GNX 375 is the same height as the GX55, so it should be a really easy swap out. The GNX 375 is deeper(longer). As for the transponder, just add the Dynon 261 transponder. You will be less than the $8000 for the GNX375, and you could open up a little panel space.


Electric Trim Assembly - Misalignment? ...kjowen

I promise I really try to follow the directions....
1 3/8" from OUTBOARD EDGE OF "cover plate" to INBOARD EDGE (i.e. inside flange lip) of Z bracket? Why doesn't the servo arm line up center of the cut out?.... Is it the different model number of the servo that is now shipped in the kit has different measurements than what is presented in the DWG?.... What am I missing?


Milestone:  First Electrons ...Rob Reece RV-8

At the Van Cave yesterday.  Rob airdropped these to me. 



September 1, 2020.  Issue #5,163.
  Please excuse the 2.5 hour delay in getting the Tuesday edition out - working side job.
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout using me?)

Electric Puzzle Root Cause Found/Solved ...Daida RV-8

"..Root Cause: the builder!

The builder (me, that is!) did not pay good enough attention when initially wiring up the electrical System. He put a master relay where a starter relay was supposed to be when he wired up his electrical system.

The main difference between those to relays is, that a master relays engages when the connection to ground/airframe is closed by a switch (Master switch). A starter relays engages when the coil of the solenoid gets positive System voltage (12V in my case) thru the starter switch.

In addition to that, the spring, helping the contactor to disengage is much stronger in a starter relays than it is in a master relays. One can tell the difference by shaking the relays back and forth. If you hear the contacts closing, it is most definetly a master relays. If you hear nothing (unless shaking really, really hard) it should be a starter relays in your hands."  -->


Micro Air Compressor ...Vlad

I carried a bicycle pump for years. Recently a visiting friend introduced me to a lightweight micro air compressor. Charges from a USB port and could inflate a car tire on a single charge easily. Takes 5-6 minutes to fill main tube to 40 psi on 1/4 charge.


Falcon Flight Formation Clinic 2021

YES - 2021! Looking and moving Forward!
Just want to put it out that Falcon Flight will be holding its annual Formation Training Clinic in Temple, TX (KTPL). The dates we are looking at are April 9-11, 2021 with a back up date of April 23-25. There will be more information in the next few weeks. We all know 6 months seems like too far away but IT WILL get here before we know it and wanted to make potential and current formation pilots aware that we will be hosting one! So start planning now.

More info to follow SOON!

Blue Skies,
Bobby "Luke" Lucroy


Scott Hersha's RV-4 Rudder Lock ....many pics


Brian Decker RV-14 Elevator and Trim Tab Done ....some thoughts

"...I finished the elevator and trim tab and can report that dimpling the hinge material & rear spar worked out great. The MS20001 hinge is tighter and there is no side-to-side slop or rattle in the trim tab.

I do have a couple of findings that are worth mentioning:

1. MS20001 is a little thicker than MS20257 and will twist and bend when dimpled; more than the '257. However, it will fall into place when cleco'd and riveted
2. The distance from center of the hinge pin to aft edge of -P2 is not the same as -P3; if you use -P3 you will need to adjust the pilot hole location, else the trim tab will NOT line up with the elevator trailing edge.
3. I further dressed the dimpled holes in the hinge material with a single hole deburring tool - this allowed the dimples in the elevator to "nest" a little better. There's .056" worth of material, so shaving off .001" isn't a factor.

On to the next project!"


Updated Panel Status Report ...DylanRush

So I've been researching this for a little while now and I think I'm ready to do it myself, although I have an avionics shop on standby to help if I need it. I have a GPS-175 installation kit and an SV-ARINC-429 (ARINC-429 adaptor for SkyView). I'm handy with hobbyist electronics but I've never done anything with avionics before.

Here is my panel:

The GX55 which I plan on replacing is at the top. To get to the sides of the mounting tray, I can remove the SkyView, the airspeed indicator, and I believe also the GRT (although I haven't tried removing the GRT yet, didn't have torx bits handy.)

With the SkyView removed:  --> (many more pics)


SB-00005 released: Inspect and replace original RV-12 exhaust pipes

...update from Mothership Greg

We were able to prepare 100 of the kits to be available on the day we released the service bulletin. There are currently 67 in stock that are not already allocated to orders. We will make more as required per our forecasting.

Also, the process of making these exhaust pipes and assembling the kits with the hardware, while time consuming, is something that is done almost entirely in-house. In the case of the nose gear legs, it is a much more complex and time-consuming process involving multiple vendors and manufacturing steps. So, not really a comparable manufacturing situation. And, of course, you're always welcome to call us and inquire.


What is this honeycomb transition area? ...Dave Gribble

This is a picture from inside my pepto pink cowl, with a bright LED light outside. It is looking through the bottom of the cowl, where the air scoop merges into flat cowl bottom.

On the left of the photo is the honeycomb in the flat cowl bottom. The right of the photo is (what is left of) the solid fiberglass air scoop. The dark area between them is the subject of this post.

I'm fitting a removable, larger scoop. I'd like to use #8 nutplates. Ideally, I would put them through the dark band. It appears to be quite thick/strong, but I do not know what exactly it is. Is there some sort of flox, etc? inside?

Will this dark area support the rivets for the nutplates?


It's Mothership Calendar Submission Time

"IT'S 2021 VAN'S CALENDAR PHOTO SUBMISSION TIME! Do you have an amazing photo of an RV that you'd like us to consider including in our 2021 Van's Aircraft calendar? Send it, along with the below information, to media@vansaircraft.com by October 1st! We're looking for eye-popping, cool images to help spread the RV message.


Needs to be a high-resolution image, so it can be printed clearly, and please don't over-process, resize or crop tight - we can handle some of that, and keeping things flexible in that regard means there's a better chance we can use it.

Please include the name of the photographer (and permission for Van's to use the image if you didn't take it yourself), the name of the owner/builder of the airplane, and some information about the shot, airplane, owner/builder, location, when it was taken, etc.

And, sorry we even have to say this, but: Please don't submit composite/fake/heavily-doctored images. Cleaning things up a bit is great, but no faked images, please.

We get lots of submissions every year, so please send yours! And if you know of someone who has an amazing photo, encourage them to do so as well! When submitting you're telling us we can use the photo for calendar, social media, web site, or other purposes for showing off RV's.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing your submissions!!"


August 31, 2020.  Issue #5,162. 
  The heat index here in N.TX was 115*F Saturday (the same time Death Valley's was 108), so there really wasn't a lot of RVating to be had.  Sunday we woke up to cooler temps, wet ground and showers in the area for a bit.  A very welcome change!  The rest of the weekend was rounded out with work, dealing with some fraudulent credit card purchases (got the new card squared away) and a part time sim session Sunday afternoon/evening, which is the reason for the early Monday edition push.
  Gonna shoot for a half hour off the surface sometime this week to re-calibrate the cranial chi, and I hope you got to hang out with your RV and/or RV project some.
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout using me?)

Glacier...Just Wow! ...petehowell

The Trip Out......

My buddy at work laughed when I told him we were trying to get to Glacier again in the little plane..... he called it my "White Whale" The last 4 years we have tried and failed to get there. Wx, fires, work, and family events all conspired against us. We did not even plan to try this year until last week I told Andi - I think we should go. Low key affair, camp with the plane, casual tour of the park, get some pics, and come on back home.  -->


First Flight: RV-14A N3318S ...Ron Slosberg

After 20+ months of building, RV-14A, N3318S took flight for the first time today. I can't put into words how gratifying it was to leave the earth in a machine that I built. Special thanks to Jared Solomon for making the first flight with me and for all the help along the way. Thanks also to Wesley Greer and Craig Garella for coming out today. The airplane flew amazingly well. No major squawks. Thanks to all the good folks at Van's Aircraft who designed a wonderfully capable airplane in a well engineered kit. Can't wait until the next flight!


Wallpaper Calendar for September

Sterling Langrell's RV-4 at Shearer, ID.  He described it as a 'mediocre phone picture' in the email.  Pretty awesome 'mediocre'.....;^)


Tom Valenzia Says Goodbye....feel free to chime in with your best wishes

My Farewell to VAF.

We sold our RV-12 today. My girlfriend/spouse/copilot whom has been by my side during my 56 year aviation career, and I have collectively decided to pursue other pastimes while the good Lord has given us the health and mobility to do so.

My heartfelt SALUTE goes out to dr for this wonderful forum that has intrinsically bound us all together. My kudos to all the fine moderators and contributors for the sharing of their expertise making building possible for so many.

Blue Skies to All,


[ed. Tom's former RV-12.
A paint job close to my heart.  dr]


My RV Weekend ...many

I planned to fly somewhere for lunch today, but woke up pretty undecided about where to go. Some potential airports.. Oceano, Santa Monica, Camarillo, Big Bear, and Torrance. Probably some others that I am forgetting.

A bit on a whim, Torrance was decided to be the winner, figuring I'd try out a BBQ restaurant about a ten minute walk from the airport.

Start of a 2,320 mile journey
This morning was simply a perfect day for flying. Temperature was a cool 60, visibility infinity, not a cloud in the sky. I took off from my new home base of Wadena, MN (KADC), and set a course for due north. After about 45 miles, my waypoint became visible. The lake in this picture is Lake Itasca, the headwaters for the Mississippi River. Slightly to the right of the center, at the far (north) end of the lake, the Mississippi starts its long journey to the Gulf of Mexico.

UT75.  Explored my backyard a bit. Landed at Mineral Canyon UT75 and hiked a mile. Hot! Good nobody watched my landing some blokes from downunder would have a heart attack (hi Adrian)

....and many more entries.....


-6 Rebuild Status Report ...jamlip

Started the dreaded wheel pants. Rough fit in daylight.  Back at night with a laser level and an engine crane. Lifted the acft from the engine mount so that the wheels were -just- off the floor. Raised the tailwheel so the canopy slider was level.  -->


Just arrived at the moon. ...Bob Barrow

I've just clocked up 1520 hours of flying in my logbook. At an estimated average speed of 150 knots I reckon that's about 228,000 nautical miles. That distance is roughly equivalent to one orbit of the earth (21,639 NM) plus the distance between the earth and the moon (207,000 NM).

So given a preliminary single orbit of the earth before firing the booster I figure I've just theoretically arrived at the moon in my RV7A. It's taken me 1520 hours flying at 150 knots to get here (running lean of peak to conserve fuel). The view is totally spectacular but there's a problem. I'm 73 in October and I doubt that I have enough flying hours left in me to get back home.

But my predicament is of my own making....the moon shot was always ambitious. With 228,000 nautical miles up my sleeve I could have stayed at home and orbited the earth over 10 times.

I'm certainly glad I didn't opt for a circumnavigation of the sun...228,000 nautical miles wouldn't have even taken me 10% of my way around. It's a long long way around the sun.


RVs Dominate Alberta Rally ...Flying Canuck

We just completed the first annual Harvard Airberta rally, featuring about 35 pilot entries flying to 24 different airports in Alberta over the last 4 days. At the wrap up ceremony that was hosted in the hangar that I park in (I was a participant, not an organizer), there were identified 5 pilots who managed to hit all 24 airports. I was one of them and 3 of the remaining 4 had also used an RV for their flights. The other RV participant in the rally missed out on the whole set by a single airport.  -->


RV-6 Rebuild Project Update ...jamlip

Updated my EFIS and got my EchoUAT talking to the GPS. Whilst I was staring at the screen, some genius fired a Honda Civic through the airport fence.  -->


SFSA Full Interior RV10 Kit Makeover ...VAF advertiser

Before and After Photos.


Welcome McFarlane Aviation!

...new VansAirForce.net advertiser (ad in forums and front page)

"McFarlane Aviation Products is the leading FAA-PMA manufacturer of aircraft parts. With over 30 years of experience in supporting General Aviation and Experimental Aircraft Builders, McFarlane provides you the high quality parts and service that you deserve. MT Composite Propellers and Control Cables readily available to upgrade your Vans!"



August 28, 2020.  Issue #5,161.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

X. The World ...Scott Chastain's latest installment

In the shadows of the eastern ridge over Johnson Creek that morning, a father and son were packing their gear into the belly of an unusual airplane, one of the arrivals from the previous evening. It was a one-of-a-kind, plans-built aircraft, created specifically for backcountry flying and for hauling heavy loads. The owner and builder, Robert, was heading home to Nebraska with his son after spending a few days in the wilderness.


Moving to warmer climate ...Carl Froehlich

Claudio Tonnini flew his RV-14A from New Jersey to his new home at Naples Florida. We were met with the standard Florida afternoon thunderstorms, but he'll get used to them.

Yep, this is Purple Passion III. Purple Passion I was and RV-4, II was an RV-8.


RV-12 Squeaky Canopy

Q:  "...my canopy makes some squeaky noise during opening and closing. Any idea where and what to lubricate to avoid that?"

A:  The most (likely) source of squeak is one end or the other of the gas struts.  Put a small amount of spray lube on all 4 points and it will probably stop.


7A Status Report ...jcarne

I have been working on getting my wings on for good and finalized. Progress is going good but I'm back to teaching now so it's a little slower than usual. I have a planned final inspection at the end of September, I think I can make it in time but won't hesitate to push it back if needed.

After taking the wings back off and installing way too many nutplates it was time to put them on permanently. Got all the wires and other accessories ready for the mating first.


Strange EGT and power loss on Cylinder 1, IO-320

Coming back from Savanah GA today just leveling at 9500' I experienced a power loss and rough running on the IO-320 in my RV9A. Looking quickly at the engine monitor I could see the EGT on #1 headed to zero. All other EGTs good. After doing some troubleshooting I discovered that richening the mixture substantially cause the engine power to come back and #1 EGT coming back up but it kept going when reaching the other EGTs it kept going and went above 1500, 300 degrees above the other three. Full rich brought the EGT back to about 1450 and engine running OK, but other EGTs much lower by about 300 degrees. I started heading for a nearby airport and dropping altitude. About 3500' #! EGT started coming down suddenly and engine running very well. EGTs now all equal. All good, CHT and EGT exactly where they should be. I releaned the engine and all remained good. I decided to climb and keep an airport in gliding range and continued the trip home about 45 minutes. Engine continued to run properly. My conclusion is that a something was blocking either the injector or flow divider to #1 and then either passed or dissolved

What do you think?

PS, Edit, forgot to mention I had leaned to about 20 degrees LOP at 9500, which is normal for me and never an issue prevously. Rolling back the mixture to well ROP did NOT bring the #1 EGT back up from zero nor did the engine roughness change until the mixture was richened almost back to full rich at 9500.


Vetterman Exhaust XIO-360-M1B install. ...pazmanyflyer

Note: I have changed the flat bar between the hangers to an angle for better support. The flat bar, as you can, see already has flex in it and this is just the initial install. I didn't care for that as I've seen others have failures in this bar.


SB-00005 released: Inspect and replace original RV-12 exhaust pipes ...mothership

Today we published a new RV-12 service bulletin, SB-00005. This document applies only to the original/legacy RV-12 with the Rotax 912 ULS engine. It does not apply to the RV-12iS aircraft.

SB-00005 supersedes and replaces a prior service bulletin, SB 19-03-22. Regardless of whether one has previously made the changes described in SB 19-03-22, you will need to perform the SB-00005 inpsection and take any necessary actions. If you've made the SB 19-03-22 change in the past, you should also read the note below regarding an available price reduction on the SB-00005 kit for people who have purchased a replacement SB-00017-1.

This service bulletin requires inspection of the #2 cylinder exhaust pipe to determine if the installed pipe is affected by this bulletin. If it is an affected part, the bulletin then requires inspection of the EX-00017 or EX-00017-1 exhaust pipe. If cracks are found, the owner/maintainer must replace both the EX-00017/00017-1 and the EX-00015 pipes, as described in the document. 


Service Letter SL-00014 published - for RV-7/8/9 tailwheel airplanes ...mothership

This service letter, SL-00014, has been published to the Van's Aircraft web site service info section. It covers the optional installation of a stiffener to the rear tailcone area of the RV-7/8/9 taildragger aircraft with the purpose of preventing potential deformation of the tailcone skin at the rear of the airplane. It does not apply to tricycle gear (A-model) aircraft.

Details are included in the service letter document.



August 27, 2020.  Issue #5,160.  (Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

VIII. Where the Children Were ...Scot Chastain's latest installment

On a brisk Friday morning that August, we bade farewell to Big Creek. After striking camp, we packed up the RV-8 and strolled back up to the lodge one last time before departing. Jane, our benevolent waitress, supplemented Sammy's rations with a couple extra pounds of lamb and rice in case our backcountry experience became extended for whatever reason, and with a thermos of home-brewed coffee, we saddled up. The bubble canopy became dew-draped in a white veil of moisture.



IX. Desertion ....another Scott Chastain installment

Riding back toward the airstrip that afternoon, I was distracted by several sights that curiously caught my eye when I passed. The first was in Johnson Creek itself. Below a makeshift tent facility, probably set up by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, a rotary screw trap groaned under the churning water as the turbine slowly spun on the glittering surface.


Installing Fuel Tanks ...KCBerner input

I did mine solo a couple of months ago. Laid wing flat across two tables like an H. was then able to maneuver the wing back and forth slightly to expose all of the needed screw holes from below. Was easier than I expected.

Picture here shows before I put the tank on but I think you get the idea.

I built a movable cradle for the wings which made it fairly easy to set the fuel tank on the frame and then gradually raise it with wooden shims until it fit in place. I was able to do this without assistance.


Dynon GPS Antenna ...airguy input

"...My original shelf (see attached) had to be remade and moved forward about an inch to eliminate some of that aft shadowing effect I was getting on the 430W antenna, but not the Dynon or MGL antenna. Once you situate the shelf low enough to (barely) clear the cowl, the aft edge of the firewall is much more in view of the antenna.

By the way I've heard just as many horror stories about these antennae not liking to operate in close proximity to each other - but that has not caused any problems at all in the last 700 hours of operation. Yes I know they are powered/amplified/chipped antennae and can emit intermediate frequencies that mess with each other - I'm just saying that in my installation I've seen none of that."


Air Flow Visualization Liquids and Interpretation ...scsmith input (multiple replies)

There are a variety of techniques and materials, and a whole treatise (or two) could be written about it.

If you have a white or light-colored surface, just plain used motor oil is best. It has extremely fine particulates and flows smoothly. Adding tempera paint to clean oil will let you change color, so for example if you have a dark surface, use white tempera paint. But it is very hard to mix and filter this paint-oil mix well enough to not have it be somewhat gritty. For gross flow visualization, that may be just fine, depending on your purposes. But the grit will trip a laminar boundary layer early, so it is not useful for visualizing laminar separation, laminar bubbles, or transition.

There are several application techniques too. For streamline visualization, just paint it on over the whole surface. One way to produce really dramatic visualizations of separated flow is to put a stripe of paint-oil along the forward portion of a surface, or a row of dots, and then fly. The paint-oil will flow back, but can not get inside the separation zones, and so will leave those areas completely uncoated. With highly 3-D separation (such as a vortex sheet formation) you may see the oil run around the separation point and fill in behind it, perhaps showing surface vorticity, or creating a number of interesting patterns.

If your goal is to just be sure a surface is aligned to the flow (zero angle of attack) then coat both sides and then check that the attachment line is right on the leading edge. From the leading edge back, it is unlikely that the 'upper' and 'lower' surface will look much different for something like a strut fairing or wheel pant, even if it is at some angle of attack, because there is little if any flow separation, but you will see the attachment line move off the leading edge.

Now the biggest challenge for flight test. You put the stuff on on the ground, and then taxi, take-off, climb, cruise, descend, and land. What part of that flight gets imprinted in the oil flow patterns? It depends. If you put enough on to keep it wet during the whole flight, then it will be biased toward the end of the flight in terms of what has the most influence. Flow character from early in the flight will get 'erased' by additional flow later in the flight.
For some things, you may not care. Certainly landing gear strut alignment to the flow is somewhat sensitive to angle of attack (speed).
Another challenge is gravitational effects on the oil before, during, and after the flight.
A couple of choices: If you put a thin paint-oil mix on, and cruise until it actually dries, then the patterns of flow will be more or less preserved at that flight condition and not corrupted by the landing phase of flight. If you can mount a camera that can see the area of interest, you may be able to record the flow behavior at the desired flight condition, or maybe even more than one condition.

Interpreting results is challenging and interesting, and especially for highly 3-D flows, you can not assume that the flow on the surface is the same as the flow a short distance up off the surface. Examples are spanwise flow on swept wings, especially on the underside in areas of fairly slow streamwise flow component, and areas like the belly just behind the cooling flow exit, where you can very likely see vorticity/recirculation on the surface, but a short distance up off the surface the flow could be perfectly-well organized.

Getting the oil viscosity what you want can also be tricky, and depends on what you want to visualize. If you want to make a pigmented coating that will 'dry' at some point in the flight, then thinner oils are better. If you want to keep everything wet and flowing, heavier oils are better. You will likely find that in areas of high surface shear stress, like the forward portion of an airfoil, the coating may be wiped fairly clean. That is a useful result in itself, it tells you the flow is attached and high velocity near the surface. All that oil has to go somewhere and it will thicken in areas of lower shear stress or lower velocity. Interpreting sudden changes in residual oil can be tricky - it could be transition, it could be a laminar bubble, it could be separation. It takes experience with these to recognize tell-tail signs of each.

I will follow with a few stories, and answer what questions I can.

Oh and full disclaimer - I take no resposibility for whether oil or paint stains or discolors your airplane. I can not promise that a good coat of wax will prevent it, although it seems like it would help, but it may prevent the oil from wetting to the surface, and give different/spurious results.


Aft fuselage installation (10-18) panels not flush ...-14

While pre-assembling to drill the tail spring weldment, I notice that there's no curvature on the aft lower edge of the side skin (F-01473) to match the curvature in the aft bottom skin (F-01479 and the bulkheads.

I can't find anything that addresses this issue. I was wondering if that form should have been done during panel manufacture and somehow omitted or if any action is required to roll those edges to achieve flushness. The gap seems too large to be pulled in with clecos and rivets.


RV-14A Status Report ...Jeff Warren

Finally feels like I'm going downhill.  Or - light at end of tunnel doesn't appear to be moving away as fast, now one step forward no steps back.

Last two months has been doing all the prep to get to the Prekote step.

Started yesterday with Prekote on the fuse/horiz and vert stab+fairing, rudder, cowling halves, and wings followed by the epoxy primer coat. Then today two coats of white urethane base coat on those parts.



August 26, 2020.  Issue #5,159.  (Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

David/Dawn Lee's dog 'Piper'.  The Lees are building a -10.
Made it a 'hat sighting' of course ;^).


Milestone: Finally a Plane!!...pilot28906

After 13.5 years of slow building N9974P officially became a plane on Sunday after Vic completed the inspection and issued the certificate. Now it's on to first flight and Phase I. Thanks VAF for all the great information over the years!
John Johnson
Murphy, NC


Day Trip to Minneapolis ...Av8safe

Yesterday, I took a day trip with one of my sisters from my Indiana home field to Flying Cloud Airport (KFCM) to go visit a dear Aunt for a couple of hours. A beautiful sunrise welcomed me as I drove to the airport and we had an enjoyable flight of about 2:45 on the ride up. It was a kick pulling into Thunderbird Aviation and getting a front row spot at an airport I had done some of my early training at nearly 40 years ago.

The trip home was 2:25 with the help of a little push, including some deviations around some isolated thunderstorms. Flying past Gary Airport we were treated to a brilliant rainbow as we began our initial descent. All that in a day and home in time for dinner...what a great time machine! 18+ hours of driving vs under 6 in the -7...gotta love it!


Timing the Mags ...DanH input

Using the timing marks on the rear side of the flywheel with the case split as a reference is always reliable.

The front governor crankcase has a large rectangular boss just aft of the topmost front perimeter bolt. It's a great place to bolt on a timing pointer. Drill a hole in the boss, and make up a pointer from two pieces of 0.125 aluminum plate. The tip of the pointer gets sanded to a right angle wedge on one side. Very accurate.


RV-4 as a 200hr pilot? ....many opinions

As the title says, I'd like to get the collective wisdom of those who have gone before me here on an RV-4 as the next step up from where I'm at. It's what I've wanted since long before I even started flight training, it fits the mission, but is it a reasonable choice for someone with my experience level?

I'm a 200hr private pilot. I fly solely for fun and occasional travel. I got my license in a 172, then bought a 150 as something to just have fun with and get more experience in a plane I knew I could jump in with wet ink on my PPL and handle. For 2 years that's been a blast, but (1) I've always viewed the 150 as a stepping stone and (2) I'm ready for something more fun.

I've got a fresh tailwheel endorsement after 5 hrs in a Husky. When I called up AOPA's brokers to inquire about insurance requirements for an RV4 they quoted me 15 hrs dual, which seems reasonable to me and I'd assume doable with one of the transition guys in a 6 or 8 over a weekend or two.

I was talking to a mechanic/pilot who generally seems to know his stuff about wanting an RV4 soon, and he was adamant that an RV is too much airplane for a 200 hr pilot, so after giving it a little thought I figured it might be wise to ask the same question of those who really know these airplanes. Assuming I take the transition training seriously (which I will), am I missing something that would make this a bad idea for someone in my situation?

My alternative plan is probably just selling the 150 and buying a simple taildragger like a Champ to play with for another 100 hrs or so, but then I have the same type of anemic performance with only the added fun of a tailwheel...it'll still be a great time, but not quite the same fulfillment of a dream.


Dave & Kellee's RV 8

We bought this airplane out of a salvage auction after it was destroyed in a hail storm and we have been fixing it up in between my aircraft maintenance work. It has an Aero Sport O-360 with CS BAF prop. Shown is a core O-360 to build around. New aft fuselage skin and new canopy/skirts. Used the original canopy frame. I am installing a complete Dynon system (HXD, servos, Mode
S Xpdr/ADS-B in and out. Going with the Garmin 400W that came with the plane, new Garmin 345 audio panel, New Garmin GNC 255B and an older SL30. Using the original Dynon D10A as a back up EFIS. the panel is cut and installed. All the wiring in the aft fuselage is completed. All new flight control surfaces are done using the original under structure. All wing skins are removed and the new skins are fitted. HW aux tanks on order and should be here soon. Going to keep the original paint scheme. Going to install a fuel injection kit, right now thinking about the Aero Performance kit.


RV-8 Wheel Jack ...wilddog

Here is mine from sq aluminum tube. Weighs 4.7oz and takes up very little room if you don't carry the car jack in the plane. Strong and does not harm the fairing bracket.


AOA rivet, OAT, Pitot location ...FinnFlyer

Using Van's standard 1/4" bent tube for pitot.

The Dynon OAT probe is fat: 5/16", round and 1" long.

I want to add a simple rivet in the leading edge skin for AOA input. I assume the rivet hole should see the oncoming wind straight in at 30 degrees. Does the RV-4 wing really stall at around 30 degrees?

Does this location look about right? (about 18" forward of LE bottom skin edge, longerons level)

In order to minimize drag I'd like to put the AOA rivet, OAT probe and pitot in a line.

Should the OAT probe be located before or after the pitot tube? Would the oncoming air be heated by collision with the pitot tube?

Thinking about 3D printing a streamline for the OAT probe, in which case the OAT probe probably is best located after the pitot, if not significantly heated by encounter with pitot tube.



August 25, 2020.  Issue #5,158.  (Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

VII. The Rust of Wealth ...Scott Chastain's latest installment

We slept deeply until the wee hours of morning, when a sudden, deep, canyon-enclosed peal of thunder cracked directly overhead and literally ripped through the soul, shredding slumber for both of us and causing just enough dread to fend off any chance of sleeping again until the storm passed. A steady rain soon followed. Fortunately, the cell did not produce any hail. There was a brilliant light show strobing through the fabric of the tent, and plenty of echoing slices and reverberations accompanied the playful music of droplets as they pelted the top of the tent. A fierce wind suddenly swept through the valley and lifted the surrounding pines into an ocean-like chorus of crashing waves. Not far away, the explosion of cracking wood and splitting tree trunks was heard. Our little nylon dome squeezed in upon itself, contorted and flapped and writhed, but ultimately held up under the gale. Within about an hour, it was over. Darkness and calm and sleep once again became one.

In the light of day, we went out to the tiedown area to inspect the RV-8. Pearls of rainwater glittered happily on the cowling as Sammy greeted the new day with a quick gallop on the edge of the airstrip.  -->


Here we go - starting my empennage ...Steve in UT

After inventorying my kit in September 2019 and sitting on it for nearly a year, I am ready to start the build process.

I do have a few questions I'm hoping the group can advise me on:

- I will be prepping interior surfaces with maroon scotchbrite pads and PreKote, and priming with AZKO. I am ordering materials this week, likely from Aircraft Spruce. I have a Planetools kit but is there anything else I will definitely need that I should throw in to this order? Specific bucking bars maybe? Specific additional dimple dies or drill bits? Anything else?

- What upgrades/modifications do I need to consider as I build my empenage?

- Any Salt Lake City area RV builders out there?


Wiring for Rudder Strobe (RV-10) ...jnicko93 reply of help

It is in the RV-10 Wiring instructions, OP37-16


A Group of RV Folks You'd Be Proud to Know

(Matt Ziemann email to me this weekend.  dr)
Just wanted to share yet another story about how great our community is, and a specific shout out to the Peachtree City Falcon Squadron. On 12 August Steve "Cowboy" Hughes passed away. Cowboy was a legend in the Strike Eagle community - one of the jedi graybeards when I was just a lieutenant. Not only was he a 4-time DFC recipient (Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq), he successfully survived a heart and kidney transplant - living 4 years beyond the 2-week to 2-month death sentence he was originally given.

Due to the short notice between his death and funeral, there appeared to be no opportunity for an Air Force flyover at his funeral, but Falcon Squadron stepped up and offered a 12-ship flyover and missing man for a guy none of them knew. Unfortunately weather exercised its vote and the flight had to weather cancel, but his family, friends, and fellow fighter pilots were blown away by Falcon Squadrons support.


G3X RS-232 to PFD1 and MFD Diagraph ...Thomas Short's reply of help

I will have to re-verify based on what Steve said; I was pretty sure I get weather on the copilot screen (PFD2). It may be that I connected it via Bluetooth in the past and have forgotten that I did so.


Electric puzzle, no game - real troubleshoot ...Daida

Hi Folks,
this is gonna be a longer one, but help is much appreciated.

I equipped my plane with a complete Dynon SV (Display, COM, XPDR, GPS, ADHRS, EMS, INTERCOM and a D6 as Backup). B&C light weight starter and Plane Power Alternator (AL12-EI60/V internal Voltage Regulator) and Concord Battery RG-25XC.

I am deep in Phase 1, adjusting the EFIS (IAS, HDG,.....).
On the last flight i had the CAUTION ALERT of HIGH AMPS of the Alternator.
Readout was +54 Amps positiv charge.

One thing i learned so far is that the Audio alert is only coming through when the INTERCOM is switched on. When i fly solo, i usually switch the INTERCOM OFF because the COM is working anyways. In the future i will switch the INTERCOM ON at all times!  -->


First time Builder Introduction ...WJaviation

Hello everyone,

First time poster but long time reader. Ive been following the forums for about 6 months and finally committed to the RV12is build. My Emp kit arrived recently and is sitting in my shop be waiting to cracked open (hopefully by next weekend!). Ill likely be posting here in the future and id like to get my name out there ahead of time.

AD Navy Pilot, currently stationed in Pensacola, Fl. I flew the P8 Poseidon for 3 years and about 1000hrs out of NAS Jax. On to my shore tour here in the Panhandle for the next 3 years.

Iv wanted to build and fly my own plane for a long time and chose the RV12 mainly for the simplicity in design, affordability of operations, ease of building (or so i think!) and the ability to remove the wings and trailer. Ive got a sizable workshop on my property where i can build the plane and hangar once completed. planning on building or commissioning to build a custom trailer for the bird once completed and driving to the airfield (82J) for flights.

Anyways i thank all the posters that regularly answer questions around the forum. Most of my questions have been answered in the past by other builders and Ive gotten better at utilizing the forum search function.

Im planning on joining the local chapter here in Pcola once Covid dies down and using the knowledge and experience from the other RV builders.

RV12 building is a team sport!


Countersink Diameter for Dimples...followup post

Thanks Scott for your constant input on this forum and especially this thread. It helped me gain the confidence I needed in the early stages. -->



August 24, 2020.  Issue #5,157.  (Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

Van's (or Vans) Support Requests - Not always what you'd expect ...mothership Greg

We occasionally get some quite "interesting" emails and calls for product and tech support here at Van's Aircraft. Some of those would probably make you angry if you read them (unfortunately people can be downright nasty sometimes), while others are exactly the opposite.

Here's one from that latter category.

Liv - of Jamestown, New York - sent us a package with a hand-written note enclosed, which read:  -->


Newest RV Grin ...Mike Robinson RV-6A

Got her sister beat by 3 months. Today's record. 2 yrs 358 days. Was smiles the whole time.


VI. Christmas ...Scott Chastain's latest installment

Over time, there comes a certain connection with the elemental forces of Creation when a man and his dog dig into it, and the severance that must always come through departure---whether by death or by distance---is always felt, like the cutting of tiny threads in the confines of the human heart where, collectively, such pain becomes a pulling and a bleeding downward toward the gut until sadness seeps warmly and thickly back up to the brain.

Departing Moose Creek was a mixed blessing. Within us there restlessly squirmed the urge to press on toward new destinations; but antithetically, leaving a place of relative solitude was difficult and somewhat painful. And so turning to the port side in preparation for departure that morning, there came a pang of hurt that could only be countered by an RV-8 launch through the canyons of Idaho on a clear, calm, and sunlit day.  -->


The Tater is Starting School Today...year two begins.

...dropped him off at SMU Friday.  And yes that's my skateboard from 1980-81 in the background.  His main transport on campus (new wheels/bearings/trucks).  His O-chem teacher will either be the professor who lives in the corner of his dorm building (I took his son up in the RV - wants to be a pilot), or his professor that runs the lab he works part time in.  Very grateful he'll have a great teacher/mentor for such a hard class.  That ottoman in the middle of the pic?  Our dog is really missing that - they bonded over the summer.

I would say the standard 'I'm going to miss this kid being around the house', but in all probability he'll be back home in a few weeks due to [INSERT GLOBAL CALAMITY VARIABLE HERE].  I give it two weeks.  Susie's the optimist and thinks a month.  We shall see...


(21) Whelen Microburst Kits For Sale AT COST

[ed. Wilco Aircraft Supply is about to start advertising here - they are a Whelen dealer.  Until I get the ad, here is the OMG email I got from Mike Hattrup, their VP/GM.  v/r,dr]  WilcoAircraftParts.com


Petit Jean 2020 Scrubbed ...Bill S

Friends, this is not the usual Early Bird PJ Update. It's finally time to make the call on the 2020 RV Gathering. Our first impulse is to say we can handle it and come on....but the problem is ... we really can't! Jerry Homsley and others in our PJ planning crew have come to the conclusion that there is no way we can realistically address the separation and masking required and still make this a safe and fun event. Many have called and written to say they were committed to come and others said they wanted to badly but would have to wait and see. Unfortunately, we can't postpone the decision because our planning window is closing fast.  -->


What Did You Do With Your RV This Weekend?


The Ferry Flight That Should Never Have Been ...Lufthans

Last winter I got a phone call from an acquaintance in Germany who told me that he was going to sell his RV3. I had seen pictures of the aircraft and knew that in the ten years since he had completed the aircraft, he had really only done a handful of hours. The year before, I had sold my share in the RV4 that a friend and I had together and despite still owning two great aircraft, I was missing the RV. Badly. And since really 99% of my flying is solo and within 1.5 hours from home base, I figured an RV-3 would fit my needs even better than the -4 had done. So the thought was intriguing.

A phone call to a common friend however taught me that he had heard that the aircraft really was in a so-so condition. The price was reasonable though, so my father in law and I got in my car and drove the 5 hours to southern Germany to check the aircraft out anyway.

Turns out my friend had been polite when describing the condition of the aircraft. The bare alclad plane hadn't been polished in years, bird excrement was all over it. All fibreglass work was a mess. The tailwheel was crooked, affixed canted over sideways by at least 20 degrees. The 'expert' that had wired up the panel really made a spiders web out of things. The elevator skin was cracked and a botched repair had been attempted that had only made things worse. The spinner didn't fit at all, the interior was a mess and the smell of mice was overwhelming. In short, the plane was a mess.  -->


Loosing Baffle Screws on #4 Cylinder ...dbaflyer

Did an oil change today and noticed one screw about 50% out and a second one missing (I found the lock washer but the screw is no where to be found).

This is the second screw that has completely fallen out in this same location. No other screws on any of the other cylinders have done the same.

Any cure for this? Maybe some blue loctite?


For Sale:  RV-9A Empennage Built at Synergy Air and Standard Build Wing Kit

[ed. I received an email over the weekend from Kristen Saunders.  She is trying to sell her late father's RV-9A emp kit (built) and wing kit (still in crate).  Below is her email and some pictures.  v/r,]

For Sale: Vans RV-9A Completed Empennage built with Synergy Air and Standard Build Wing Kit
My father loved working on this but he passed away before he could complete the plane. The empennage was built with the assistance of Synergy Air and was signed off by Wally Anderson. Empennage includes rudder, vertical, horizontal and both elevators. See pictures attached. The standard build wing kit is still in its original shipping crates. The empennage kit was delivered in 2009 and the wing kit in 2010. Diagrams, instructions and tools included. This is a great opportunity to get a head-start on an RV-9A at a steep discount. We are asking $7500 for the package. We are not interested in separating out the kits. Buyer pays shipping or pick-up. Serious offers only. Located near Centerville, Iowa. Contact me at kirstensaunders@uchicago.edu.

Pics HERE.


Black Dust Landing Gear Leg? ...Denis Sailer RV-9

Is this normal to have a little black powder/dust on the landing gear? This is on the nose gear of a 9A with 50 hours of flight time.


6A Rebuild Project Update ...jamlip

OK, up at 4.30am yesterday morning to take advantage of the cool (92F) air. Engines just sound better in the dark.

Box climb to 6000 over the airport. All Ts & Ps in the green. Hottest cylinder hit 423F, which is something I can work on sorting out.

Here are some screen shots of the EFIS...


One last thing to do after Phase 1 is done...Dan Baker RV-14

I just finished Phase 1 flyoff and started cleaning up the hangar, changing from a workshop back to a real hangar again. I had Stein build my panel, and when my panel arrived it was packed in a custom wooden crate. The lid of the crate was laser engraved with my actual panel. I made a quick to Walmart to buy a woodburning kit and then write (burn is more accurate) dates when I started construction and did the first flight. Then varnish the entire lid and hang it in my hangar. It makes an eye catching conversation piece in the hangar, and brings back lots of good memories of the time spent building my RV-14. Just another touch of class you get when Stein builds your panel...


Finally Made it to Johnson Creek ...Rick RV-4

Finally made it to Johnson Creek. It was a fairly quick trip - overnight from Sequim WA. Beautiful place!


My RV Weekend ...Vlad 9A

Working weekends and taking RV for an evening flight pretty much daily. On Sunday morning while checking a rural system saw an RV overhead at 10-11K. Never thought Reed would deliver the blank panel from Salt Lake City. Thanks man I owe you big time!


Burnt Intake Valve ...Mike Macon / Larry

Pics from O/P. Definitely looks like burnt intake valves. I speculated they started from a small angle error when the guide was reamed or possibly setup error when the valve face or seat face was ground. The slight leakage at the contact area would allow the flame to propagate just a bit past the seat into the intake chamber. Over time, that clearance would grow, from flame activity, to the point of allowing greater and greater heat retention in the valve at that area and the burning seen.



August 21, 2020.  Issue #5,156. 
   Start your day the RV way!  Is that expression a thing?  If not it probably should be.  Our home field was hopping with RV action Thursday morning before it got too hot.  Chris, Sid, Kay, Roger, Ross, James, Randy and more were starting their day working out their RVs for a few minutes in the smooth morning air.  I was there to work out on the treadmill, etc, but looked up when they each came over.  You can't not look up when an RV flies overhead.  We're trained pretty good and we recognize the 'RV sound'.  "This is the RV aircraft, the preferred aircraft of your community, and it makes a very distinctive sound when flown overhead, so remember it" (w/a nod to Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge).
  The Tater goes back to SMU Friday and starts classes Monday.  Sophomore year.  We have a gut feeling he'll be back home in a couple of weeks to do it remotely.  We'll see.  Roll with the punches and all...
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

Another Flying RV-10

Yesterday was a big day for N783V! She got her Special Airworthiness Certificate!

The D.A.R. was great! If you're anywhere near Central Texas (San Antonio area) I highly recommend Boyd Kempf for FAA inspection. He's retired from FAA and knows his stuff. Plus, he had a very "helpful" spirit and attitude. He found some squawks, but we were able to correct before he left.

Today is 1st flight! It's 5:44 am, headed to airport for approx 7:30 am flight for the cooler a.m. temps.

Thank you Les Bourne! My EAA tech counselor, mentor and friend for ALL the knowledge and help to make this happen!!


V. Lookout ...Scott Chastain's latest installment

Our final day at Moose Creek began just as it had the day before. It would end quite differently, however. Early that morning, Sammy was again on the lookout for critters that had a habit of prancing through the forest directly behind us. The early chill of dawn tugged at the warmth of the body and at the smoke of our small campfire.


Commitment is made!!

Hello Vans Folks,

I just confirmed payment on the empennage for an RV10. Tools are ordered.
Work benches are made. Garage is organized and cleaned out.

Family seems to be on board.

Flying has been a life-long dream with past lessons and solo flights but never finished getting the PPL. This is all lined out with a CFI and I've been spending time in the hangar of the local EAA chapter head.

There's no reason not to start on this journey.

Here goes!



-7A Rebirthing Project Update ...kentlik

So I have a bit of work done. I have been trying to get a handle on the wiring and John Bright set me up! Without John and B. Knuckles my plane would not get off the ground. It became clear that my rudementary electrical skills were woefully inadequate.  But I am learning SO much, it is awesome!


High school RV-12 Build Program Looking for Mentors

I'm a high school aerospace engineering teacher and private pilot located on the north side of Houston. We are starting an RV-12 iS build program this fall in partnership with Tango Flight. If any of you all are local and would like to mentor our high school students we would love to have you. We are having a mentor training 8/29, where we will be building the vertical stabilizer. If you are interested and would like more info, PM, or email at gdowdy@newcaneyisd.org, or reply to this thread. Thanks!


Key Lock ...Wendell's 6A

The image below shows a key lock that swings a flat lever up through the lower JDAir mounting bracket (slotted for this purpose) and then up through a manufactured gap in the actual lever above it. I took the Magneto switch lock to a local locksmith and told him to match that tumbler to the tumbler in a lockset you can buy there or most anywhere. I think the lock cost $6 and he charged $5 to match the tumbler pins. Thats how you lock it. You can adapt the flat metal locking bar to fit exactly to your installation required length.



August 20, 2020.  Issue #5,155. 
  Excuse the late push on this - earned a part time sim green stamp Wed afternoon.  Got home late. 
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

YvesCH's Finished RV-8 ...pics

I am only waiting for the approval of my documents and then the final inspection.


AW Cert in Hand ...Tom RV-7

Got a local DAR to sign off my airworthiness inspection. Seems like forever that Ive been working on it.....now on to the phase one testing!!
Thanks to all on this website and those who have helped me along the way!


Just Back From Another Midnight Cool-ish-air Hangar Thrash ...jamlip

Just back from another midnight cool-ish-air hangar thrash.

I dropped the oil. It's pretty discoloured and there is a slight glittery appearance, like you'd see at a 25 hours change. This oil has done about and hour, if you include all the ground runs and taxiing.

I removed and cut open the filter. No sign of anything untoward. This was the largest chunk I could find.

I've packaged up an oil sample to send to Blackstone. I'm not sure what they'll tell me apart from '"it's burnt to heck", but at least it starts a trend for future monitoring. If there is a future for this motor.

Threw a boroscope in the cylinders. The walls look glazed, although they're the blue-top Nitrided ones, so they do tend to. I noticed this when I first inspected the cylinders about a year ago. The edges of pistons three and four looked a tad rough, like they could have detonation damage, but again, could be just freaking out.

I'll aim to do a leakdown test tomorrow. That should answer those questions.\

At some point I'd like to do a write-up on how this all came to happen. It was a series of things aligning, like the swiss cheese effect that usually precludes accidents.

Anyway, more to come. Stay tuned if you like reading about people doing stupid ****...


Pitch Angle vs GS on a Selected Flight ...Alex Peterson

Here's a chart of pitch angle vs ground speed on some arbitrarily selected flight. You can see that the nose comes up between about 20 and 30 knots (I have no idea where cg was this flight). Most noteworthy is that it is only about 2-3 degrees of pitch increase. I don't have the exact dimensions of gear wheelbase, but IIRC it is around 3" up on the nose wheel.

It is also apparent where I relaxed back pressure slightly, to get the nose back down to about 6 degrees from 8, just after breaking ground. This was so that I could accelerate at 10-20' of altitude up to 80 knots. Once hitting about 100 knots one can see I rapidly increased pitch to a good RV climb out.

A very good practice is to come in for a normal landing, but rather than touching down, try to maintain a foot of altitude for as long a time down the runway as runway length allows. This will take more power change than you might expect, as you will be in a high drag situation, even when in ground effect.

Another very good thing to practice is touch and goes without letting the nose wheel touch. This takes some dry runs in the hangar, going over exact steps, as things will happen very fast. Land with full flaps, flaps up to half, trim back to takeoff, power as necessary to keep nose wheel up, increase power to full as trim reaches takeoff position.


Manual Pump Setup ...PaulvS

Draining tanks: as per above suggestions, using a jiggler siphon hose. They are about $10-$15 and should have a non static hose.

I use a rotary drum pump for filling, it is mounted on a wheeled cart and draws from a metal jerry can. Everything can be grounded via a cable and clamp to the plane exhaust. I fill the metal jerry can using 5 gal jugs. The brand of rotary drum pump is Alemlube 501A, about $200AUD, it is suitable for gasoline; some drum pumps are good for diesel and oil only. I use it for high wing mogas and it is easier and safer than climbing up a ladder with a heavy container!


Sanity check re; RV7 spar cap nut plates ...Desert Rat

Working on the main bulkheads for my RV7 and all that's left is the nut plates that go on the upper flange of the fwd bulkhead.

The print calls out K1000-8 nutplates in 18 places, which matches the total number of holes pre-drilled in both bulkheads. No problem in the aft one, but on the fwd bulkhead the holes are barely too small for a #8 screw to go through. Like maybe they were reamed to somewhere around .155 at the factory or something.

Can anybody verify that I'm looking at the print right? The fwd bulkhead definitely gets nutplates for a #8 machine screw, right?

If I'm thinking right on this, I can just just ream these out to a #19 and call it good, but worried that I might have missed something here...


Oil Cooler Location RV-4 ...Bill E.

I built all my baffles without the VANs kit because of my engine choice (O320H2AD) and put my oil cooler on the left baffle. I did use .063" material for the mounting section and added a diagonal stiffener to both sides. Works very well and zero cracks after 400 plus hours. Baffle building is its own little project, and when done correctly, results will be lasting with few problems.



August 19, 2020.  Issue #5,154.    (Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

IV.  The Hilton ...Scott Chastain's latest RV-8 installment

At daybreak, Sammy's bloodhound bark alerted me to the approach of human footsteps. The Sunday morning flightline worker arrived for work at 6:30 AM. We immediately exited the tent and began striking the makeshift campsite. A bearded man in his thirties walked out and told us he was getting a pot of coffee going inside and invited us in. We thanked him, and within about 30 minutes, we were packed up and ready to depart Hamilton.  -->


N2736S First Flight ...Thomas White

RV-8 started 6 years ago completed 1st flight today out of DR's home airport 52F this morning. First flight was completed by Randy Richmond. Flew great per Randy, no major problems. Many thanks to all the support and help from Randy, Walt and to many others to mention. Couldn't have done it without the information from this site. Sorry, no pics yet.


Mono Lake (O24) from NorCal ...rcsilvmac's RV weekend

Flew "Starlord" from O61 (Cameron Park, CA) to O24 (Lee Vining) to escape the heat of the valley and enjoy the incredible views of the granite mountains around Yosemite Valley and Tioga Pass. It was breathtaking as we flew the pass over Hwy 120 at 9000' below the hilltops and then it opened up in the expansive valley of Mono Lake. We did a short hike (~3/4 mi) into town for lunch, diverted for a little hike around a local creek, then flew back home. Great flight, beautiful views and a short diversion around Half Dome.


The people you meet, owning a RV-12 ...NinerBikes

Hotter than blazes today in the tin shed hangar, 102F, but a couple of parts came in that I wanted to install, so the top cowling was off.

A gray haired guy comes by in his car, and asks me if that's an RV-12 that I am working on, and what was it like, building it. Explained I'd just bought it a few months back, the builder lived back East, this was his 3rd RV.

"Brad" seemed pretty excited. Seems he had to go home and pick up his first kit from Van's, tail feathers, on his new to him RV-12IS.

So we have another new RV-12 builder at KWHP... that will make five RV-12's at the airport I'm at, when they finish it. Brad is building it with his two sons. He already owns 2 other small planes.

I told him I'd like to help him build some of it. He welcomed it.

Exciting times!


Too Much Dimple Force?  ...rockitdoc


McMaster Door Seal Fun ...MEIstien RV-10

"I just finished most of my door seals. ..... Yes that was me in the 95 degree 90% humidity air of Florida wearing a face respirator, gloves, glasses and hearing protection."


Milestone: Wings Have Arrived ...Daniel McCaffery RV-8

Nothing special, just a couple of big boxes came on a big truck. After a tracking anomaly and a delivery delay I was really worried. But other than some minor shipping rash, there appears to be no major damage to either crate.


Elevator trim tab problem ...UNCRV

Has anyone encountered a twist on their trim tabs such that the outboard edge is at least 1/4 in off when the inboard edge is flat? I tried searching but could not find an answer easily. Like everyone says these have been extremely frustrating to deal with.



August 18, 2020.  Issue #5,153.    (Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

1st Flight on 8/14/2020 ...jselvatici 9A

Can't hide that RV grin....;^)  --->


III. Exodus ...Scott Chastain

In the pilot's lounge at Joseph, the wall-mounted air conditioning unit moaned and groaned all night, dripping a steady leak of condensation behind the couch and forming an ever-widening puddle on the carpeted floor. It had been doing so for some time. We could smell it. The tinge of rot and decomposition hung over us throughout the night, and sleep did not come easily. At sunrise, we packed up and eagerly departed into the haze of August.  --->


KWHP to L52 ...Rvator97

Fun but "hot" flight to Oceano, Ca with my daughter. 20 years ago she helped me build my 6A , which we flew many hours together. Sold 6A in 2004.... no flying for 16 years! Got the bug again last year and purchased my 7A this past Jan. This was her first flight since 2002! Had a blast!


Trying out the new Whirlwind! ...Ironflight

Jim Rust was kind enough to send a new Whirlwind 300 series three-blade prop for us to try out on the RV-8 for awhile, and we took it on its maiden flight this morning. Saving 24 pounds on the nose of an RV-8 is a big deal - I used to fly around with a case of oil in the rear baggage compartment to lighten the nose, and taking the big Hartzell off the front does essentially the same thing.

This morning's flight was basically envelope testing, and the proper did great - nothing poked out, and we flew from stall to redline and did some light acro as well. Engine acceleration is better with the lighter prop, and the quicker response is noticeable. It was already rather warm at 0830 to do good performance measurements, but a very quick and dirty check on speed makes me think we can get the same speed as we did with the BA Hartzell, and climb is improved. More scientific numbers to come.

I wrote up a little more on the installation on the Kitplanes web site:


Prop Swirls ...mothership Greg

When the conditions are right here in Oregon, we see this sort of effect pretty frequently.


Elevator Counterbalance skin issue ...Antknee

I am on step 9-6 and noticed Vans has us put the elevator skin on top of the counterbalance (CB) skin. Why would we have the elevator skin sticking up into the oncoming air stream? I called Vans tech support and they could not figure out why it is like this and confirmed their demonstrator is built this way. They could not state if there is an issue reversing this to be more aerodynamic either.

Has anyone reversed this? I don't see why it would be an issue but also am aware of not knowing if it would cause an issue down the road. I am suggesting putting the CB skin over the elevator skin to make the skins overlap in a more streamlined fashion, just like the fuselage is on 32-4 Figure 3.

Any advice on this would be appreciated.


My RV Weekend ...Jim Bedsole

After spending the morning on the lake with the boat, went up late afternoon in the plane to just keep the engine lubed and play in and around the clouds a bit before landing back at our home strip.


Status Report ...jcarne

After some quality time making sure the wing incidence was just right it was time to drill the rear spar bolt holes. (I forgot to take pics of setting the incidence) Just make sure you follow the drawing (page 38 if I remember right). Many people put the level on the butt joint line which isn't entirely correct. Van's does however say that the angle itself isn't as important as making sure both wings are the same. I found their document on their website found here quite helpful in mounting the wings.

While drilling we started with an 1/8" bit and worked our way through 3/16, 1/4, and finally the 0.311 reamer. The reamer gets you a nice and snug fit on them AN5 bolts. Also, before you drill double check everything again!

Here is the left wing. You can pretty easily tell if you have edge distance met on all your parts. For example, the aft spar was slightly lower than the "hand" on the fuselage so the vertical distance is good, you can also see the line on the aft spar running up and down, it is visibly to the right of the drill hole center. I highly recomend you mark all of the parts ahead of time to make sure you have edge distance met. Then if you do, all you have to do is put the center of the hole in the little window with the cross in it as you can see in the pics above.


Status Report ...PilotjohnS

Got the canopy glued to the frame today. Used the sikaflex method as outlined by VAF's Wirejock in an earlier post.

Like everything else the fear was worse than the event. Yes it was a mess, I think I got some of the black stuff in my hair because I have a grey spot that disappeared after I was done gluing.

I used tbe 3m fine line painters tape. This worked out well. I tried to add a layer of electrical tape on top like Wirejock recommended, but this wouldn't stick. After prime I pulled off the 3m tape and then Re-taped with electrical tape to make it easier to make a fillet. This didnt work. It would have been better to just pull the 3m tape after prime and leave the primer's edge untapped.

I set the frame upright, added a bead of sikaflex to the frame's Spine, front and rear bows with the spacers, then dropped the canopy on top. After it was position and clamped, I added the side plywood to shape the sides and then added a bead between the side bows and canopy. I did not use the side canopy supports.

The canopy is clamped to the table so it wouldnt fall off The bench if bumped. Now I get to wait 48 hours in bliss thinking I did an excellent job. I am sure reality will set in after a few days when I unclamp and get a good look at the bonds.


Mothership First Flight Page Updated ....many additions


Nonstop 785 Miles Back Home Monday ...RV8iator

4 hours 36 minutes and 36 gallons.  Every time we travel in these I thank my lucky star. What great aircraft they are!



August 17, 2020.  Issue #5,152.
  What a wonderful selection of content for the Monday edition.  I'm continually humbled and amazed by the quality of what is posted by our community.  The motivation this must provide to those building (or still thinking about building) is almost palpable.
  Enjoy today's read and hope you had a great RV weekend.
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

25 hrs, 5 days, Honoring a Vet in an RV9 ...ty1295

Monday August 10th started with a text stating "Weather is moving in, we may leave earlier than planned"

As quickly as possible the wife and I finished gathering our belongings and off to the airport to meet up with the usual suspects. Only this time instead of a local practice formation flight, this would be a cross country up north in order to honor a WW2 Vet.

Departing around noon, we flew 3 ship north having to stay low due to clouds. It was myself in my RV9a, Dave Schmitz "Kicks" in his RV8, and Kurt in his RV8. Both guys I have spent a lot of time flying with locally and have become great friends. -->


Well, It Flies ....jamlip RV-6 rebuild


II. Striking Distance ...Scott Chastain

On the last day of July, we blasted out of Merced for a direct route to Weiser, Idaho (S87). Fuel was only $3.95 per gallon, and the top-off would allow us to move easily through the backcountry over the next week-and-a-half without having to worry about fuel starvation. The 445 n.m. flight out of California took us right over the Alpine County Airport where, about a week earlier, the two of us hunkered down in a tent during a hailing thunderstorm. But today, out of the great San Joaquin Valley, over the Sierra Nevada, across the blazing desolation of the Nevada desert through Oregon and into Idaho, the weather was clear and calm and atrociously hot near the surface, but beautiful nonetheless. Sammy enjoyed the entire flight, including our landing and fuel stop 2.5 hours after launching.  --->


RV-14 1st Flight - 180kts TAS ...DanKeys

Finally got N58TV Airworthiness Inspection and did 1st flight on 11 Aug 2020. We (I am using the Additional Pilot Program with Bill Gill from Lee's Summit, MO, just east of Kansas City. Bill has a LODA and over 2,000 hours doing transition training in his RV-7) were running the IO-390 hard for the first several hours during engine break-in. At 25" & 2500 RPM we were showing between 177-180 Knots TAS (see pix). We had a couple of minor squawks after 1st flight. Re re-did the magnetometer calibration (seems to work better if there is no re-bar under plane and AHARS is calibrated correctly) and the canopy closed contact switch displayed correctly on the ground but airborne at 175+ knots needed slight adjusting. After 7 days/week for two years and two weeks it doesn't even seem real to have it finished and flying.


Moving the Plane to the Hangar ...jcarne

"...has really put me into overdrive! I have been working like crazy on it.

First I mounted the tail feathers. Okay, actually I did this twice. For those of you that haven't done this, make sure you trim the bottom part of the HS rear spar for clearance to the elevator horns. If you forget to trim this you will not have the range of motion you are supposed to. Needless to say I had the entire empennage on before I figured out I forgot to trim that...

Now she is all good to go and everything has the range of motion required. In fact mine fall right smack in the middle of the min/max rotation angles."


Yes, I was Pulling some Gs.  Why do you ask? ...ChiefPilot

I've seen this occasionally before but this was the first time it happened while a camera was pointed at it. The conditions have to be just right, but it's pretty neat when it happens.


Why Hoerner tips work so well ...scsmith

"...Here is a brief treatise on wingtip design, and why the Hoerner tip works surprisingly well on rectangular wings, and what that has to do with the great picture of the tip vortex that ChiefPilot captured..." [ed. Pic above.]


My RV Weekend

(Walter Tondu)  Pink Slip Issued!!!!!  Thank You Mel Asberry for a great job of finding the items I overlooked. Plane is ready now I just need to get the pilot ready.


RV-10 Cockpit Muse?  ...Smokey chimes in.

"...What I did with my RV6'X" this weekend? It involved family support and efficient RV-utility out to West TX and back, again!

When I landed at my destination, one of my favorite certified GA Airplanes I flew in my youth (before my Uncle Sam hired me) was parked next door. The Cessna 310R model. A superb machine capable of literally carrying my RV's EW 1000NM at 180 KTAS, no worries. It does burn a bit of 100LL in the process, but hey somebody's gotta do it! Yeah, I know the 310R is not an RV, or even distantly related. However comma, my good friend and RV10 designer "KK" was looking at this very airplane (and others) for RV10 cockpit design and roominess...."  [ed. Ken, chime in on this?  Interested.  v/r,dr]


Happy New RV-4 Owner ...Glen Fenwick

I just took ownership of this RV4 and I couldn't be happier!


Pneumatic Dimpling Technique ...gotyoke

Attached are pics of two dimples I made with the pneumatic squeezer for the Van's Lightbox kit.

It is my largely uninformed opinion that the dimple in pic #1 is better than the dimple in pic #2. I think the dimple in pic #2 is under dimpled. However, pic #3 shows the deformed aluminum resulting from pic #1.

So, which way should I go with this to make the best dimples with he least deformation?


Resolved ...Rich K. RV-14A

Thanks so much for all the input.
I think it got lucky because the sealant was about a week old so wasn't 100% cured yet. Using a plastic blade as suggested above I was able to remove most of the sealant and cleanly drill out the rivet. Then just cleaned up afterwards and it's ready for the rib!


Okeechobee Breakfast Club ...Pat Hatch

We had a great RV turnout for breakfast this morning at Okeechobee, FL. I counted at least 10 RVs including a very nice -14A.



August 14, 2020.  Issue #5,151.
  This beautiful dog in an RV-8 as the splash image for the weekend?  Easiest decision I'll ever make <g>.  In my head I hear the dog saying, "Whatzzzzzzzuuuuuuppppppp!"
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

Running to the Hills ...Scott Chastain RV-8

It was time to go. In a world where trial and tribulation had become as commonplace as clouds, the sky above wore a grin of opportunity to quit the flatlands for a better place---at least for a time---and by so doing, we might prepare for a future time when such opportunity would be mercilessly squeezed off as by the walls of a canyon to the point of catastrophe, necessitating more of an escape than an excursion which, by definition, implied the expectation of a return home. With plans to fly back, it was like practicing for deployment as we did decades ago in the Air Force; except for guns, chem-gear, and sufficient supplies to dig in for a long winter, we had food and water for over a week, a tent with bedding, a few changes of clothes, toiletries, and each other. Her name was Sammy, a German Shorthaired Pointer.  --->


Blue Canyon ...Andy Simpkinson

Flew to KBLU for the meteor shower.


3,000 Miles This Past Weekend ....jliltd

This weekend we had our Oshkosh replacement flight. We flew 3,000 mile round trip. Left Saturday, returned Tuesday morning. Two RV-8's and an RV-3B first half of trip. Two RV-8's for return flight. This was a delivery flight to a new owner of the RV-3. 1500+ miles the first day to Glacier Park International Airport in Kalispel, MT where the new owner awaited the 3. Two nights there then 1.5 days back stopping in Monument Valley overnight. Then back home. 13 states flown in.  --->


Milestone: THE BIG MOVE ...jcarne

"...While waiting for friends to arrive I felt like I was going on a first date my nerves were so high. Hard to not think of what could go wrong moving down the road. haha

My buddy arrived with trailer number 1 so we could move the wings. Got em loaded up and drove the roughly 2 miles to the airport. We may of had a line of cars behind us due to our slow speed but hey, they made it safe and sound...."


RV-6A Fuse Hung From Ceiling ...RViter

Hanging the RV-6A fuselage (QB) from the ceiling in the corner of the 9 ft garage was a great choice. It gave me room to organize the garage, and I also used the time to clean & polish the fuselage. (It was a QB purchased in 1997 and stored in a hangar for 8 yrs without any work.) I also put eye-bolts in the entire ceiling and stored the HS, VS, Rudder, Flaps, and Ailerons, using bungee cords.



August 13, 2020.  Issue #5,150.  (Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

Rainy Mesa Airstrip Work Weekend ...JD Finley (RV-4)

A WONDERFUL way to spend 8min and 51sec of your day. dr


RV-7 Build Update ....agent4573

Installed the engine mount and test fit both the landing gear legs. The instructions say installing these "can't be easier", except they don't actually fit all the way in, so there's going to be some light sanding and polishing so i can actually get the round peg to fit in the round hole.  --->


Clinching Dimpled Fuel Tank Rivets ...Tucker

To everyone who has said building the fuel tanks are their least favorite activity, you were right.

I'm having trouble with rivets clinching over their dimple as I wet-set them in the fuel tanks. Just this evening every other or so was dumping over as I squeezed them. For what it's worth, I utilized both Cleaveland's fuel tank and substructure dies. Unriveted dimples appear about as symmetrical as can be seen with the naked eye. I also haven't seem to have had this problem this frequently through the build, but it's popping up now.

Anyone battled clinched rivets in the fuel tanks? I'd like to not drill them out, but I don't see a way around it now. Any tips for getting these to squeeze properly? Does the sealant causing things to slide around as they set cause these rivets to frequently set poorly?

A quick sanity check: 1. Yes they are the proper length. I checked. 2. No, I can't just stop using the substructure dies. The entire tank is already dimpled and faysealed.

I'm thinking maybe a handheld squeezer might be the answer to really go slow while setting these? As for the rivets to be shot, well, I'm hoping someone will say, "a clinched rivet every so often isn't so bad, so move on." Any takers?

Any ideas, help, words of encouragement, etc., are greatly appreciated...


The dreaded baffle/Oil Cooler Crack ...gfb


Milestone: Fuselage Kit on Order ...Jeff RV-14A

Finally looks a bit like an airplane.

After years of starting and stopping, I am getting momentum back into the project.

Fuselage kit is on order for a late September/Early October delivery.

I am trying to figure out if I need/should do Chapter 11 and 12 where you assemble the tail surfaces now or wait until near final assembly. Does anyone have any advice? I need the space, so if I mounted everything it would be temporary. Is that the intent of Chapter 11? Some of the steps seem like permanent steps.


Swapped out the non touch for the touch ...bhester

Well Garmin suckered me in with that New Horizon Rebate offer. Stein took more of my money and I'm almost broke. Here is a few pictures of the install.  My non-touch screens are now for sale.


Removing a Step ...Jason

Has anybody ever removed a step (tail dragger, completed / flying airplane)?

In the process of redoing my avionics and wiring, I discovered some interesting installation techniques. Had to remove the baggage floor temporarily to pull some wiring. Not sure, maybe this is the way it is supposed to be installed. The left rudder cable is laying across the step structure. It just doesn't look right to me. With the baggage floor secured with blind rivets, this is an area that is difficult, if not impossible to inspect and keep an eye on. 18 year old and 900 hours, cable doesn't show any signs of wear. Maybe I am being overly concerned. I thought about re-installing the floor with nutplates, but that presents a cascading bit of rework with significant portions of the floor having to be removed and reinstalled. That being said, there are aesthetic reasons I want to remove as well.

I am thinking of removing the step and replacing the aluminum as if it didn't have a step. Has anybody ever attempted this? Are there original installation techniques that make this a one way street? Have any advice? Is it even possible?



August 12, 2020.  Issue #5,149.  (Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

ScottKosh 2020 ...ShookieRV7A

Welcome aboard for the the first, and hopefully ONLY, ScottKosh cross-country tour of our great nation. My family was having a reunion up near Port Huron, MI during the week of OSH - so I decided to take the scenic route. I left 10 days early and decided to get to KPHN via NV, WY, SD, MN, WI, OH, NC, NY, PA, OH again, WI, the UP of MI, OH once more, and finally Port Huron.

Day 1 - I flew up to A34 to meet up with Mike Starkey (VAF Mike S) and pick up a radio tray I bought from him. We chatted for a bit and shared some building stories. I then flew next door to Sliver Springs for fuel.


Blowing the dust off an old kit.

I'm resurrecting a 2007 -8 kit. 8-1651. Originally purchased by Kent Scherm in Ontario Canada. Kent, you still out there? I purchased it from him in 2014. I blew up the original HS trying to do the SB Mod, so I'm rejoining the kit with a fresh HS kit. Good to practice again. I'm a bit caught between the original Rev 1 plans from 2007, an HS kit purchased in 2014 and the modern world. I have the firestick with all the newest plans on the way.

Any other developments I need to get caught up on to bring this baby to life? Once the HS is completed (again) I'm moving on to wings at about the QB stage, though I need to finish the tanks with the rear baffle. After that is the Fuse kit Kent also got to about the QB stage.

Nice to be back.


ChrigelsRV8's Panel

Still building...I need to label some switches and knobs later on.


RV-6 Rebuild Progress Report ...jamlip

I have one nut to tighten on a bulkhead grommet and the aircraft is ready to fly. I just keep putting it off, and I'm not sure why. Kind of lost my mojo.

I miss my RV-4 a lot. There's a lot to be said for having a functioning aircraft that you know inside-out and that is ready to fly at any moment's notice.

Not here to talk about the house addition build, but its framed and the roof is shingled. Awaiting signoff so I can plumb and wire and glaze.

Does anyone have any info about installing the Vans leg fairings and pressure recovery wheel pants? I fitted the brackets when I CLA'd the brakes and wheel bearings. Have all the parts, just looking for some direction so I don't screw it up.


Milestone: FlyLEDs Finished ...wirejock


Trip from Nevada to Lake George NY ...Kupde

Just made a trip in my RV-10 from Carson City, NV to Lake George NY for my daughter's wedding. Great example of using the RV machine. Wanted to pass along a couple of great airports that were perfect for overnight stays. First, KSNY in Sidney,NE. Hanger space, oxygen, courtesy car and $30 discount at the Comfort Inn. George is the guy running the airport and goes out of his way to make your visit a great one. Second, KPPO in La Porte, In. Great service with hanger space and a place to stay for the night free of charge with shower, kitchen, tv, etc. also courtesy car. Diane is the airport manager and again goes out of her way to make sure you have everything you need. If you have a chance to stop through these airports please do as we need to keep these type of GA friendly places alive. Wedding was a great time and we managed to avoid the commercial airplane risk with COVID with the Rv machine!


VAF Advertiser Spotlighting Their Product

(Avionics Systems)  Another one of our ready to install RV-14 instrument panels, this one with the best of everything from Garmin: dual G3X Touch, GTN-750xi, GTR-200 com, GMA-245R audio panel, GTX-45R transponder with ADS-B, autopilot, G5, and TCW standby battery system. This airplane recently started flying and this owner is looking forward to a lot of flying behind his state of the art Garmin avionics.


Smokey Ray's RV-4 Forward Storage ....from back in the day

When I built my Four back in the late 80's. innovation still started with "I." Before the Eight was even a thought, the RV4 needed a forward baggage container.
I came up with mine on a long leg staring between my legs at the battery box. I relocated the battery to the firewall which helped my CG and hinged the forward edge of the box. Voila, lots of room for a tool box, canopy cover, small chocks, whatever...

Additionally I fitted the top of the cover with small fittings that when closed allowed for a bungee cord and attached my small backpack there on top.


SFSA New RV-10 Interior Video ...VAF advertiser

Our full interior kit will add elegance and value to your RV. In this special discounted bundle you get our full line of interior products for the RV-10 plus items we don't sell separately. All our interior leather products come in array of leather colors and thread options.


Leading Edge of Canopy Pics ...Janekom

Here is a sequence of pictures that might help you. It is of a canopy I had to replace after a bird strike. I really hope it will help you.


Donations Updated, and Thank You

Duggel's gotta eat and provide for that family, so....

2020 is coming up on 2/3rds done.  Tuesday I updated the totals on the donation page with the latest stats.  Nutshell: (909) people have donated this year for a little more than $20K after taxes.  God Bless these beautiful souls that help support this tiny digital island in the hurricane-infested ocean of uncertainty that 2020 has become.  I'll remind folks again towards the end of the year, but thank you to the folks who sent theirs in already.  It helps with cash flow.  There aren't many honor system business models left in this world, and I'm glad to be one of them.  I prefer this vibe over the alternatives.  And apologies for the commercial - I don't like them either.

Sorry for the interruption.

Donate Once a Year w/a Credit Card.  It takes 60 seconds.



August 11, 2020.  Issue #5,148. (Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

My RV Weekend ...YellerDaisy

Backcountry airstrip work weekend at 8,100' MSL. I'm always impressed how much work can be accomplished by a small group of people!


Short Field Landing RV-12

The private strip where I'm based is 9/27 - 2100 x 75 turf. About fifteen years ago the neighbor to the east planted pine trees right on the threshold of 27. Nice guy. Now the trees have grown to about twenty feet and cause significant obstruction. +1 for the neighbor. I will often land from the opposite direction, which is a wide-open farm field, even with moderate tail-wind, to avoid the trees. Landing with a tailwind adds to relative speed at touchdown and longer ground roll. The technique works but it's not desirable. Most often the prevailing wind is from the west so downwind landings have become the norm.

So, this year I have changed my mindset and developed a short-field landing technique that works quite well. I have been practicing stabilized approach speed of 63mph (55 KIAS) with full flaps and hands-off stab trim. The 12 does this extremely well. What I do now is start a full forward slip as I come over the pine trees and hold the slip well into the landing flare. I hold full rudder and balance opposite aileron to track centerline. The slip scrubs off speed and the increase vertical decent allows a shorter touchdown and rollout. Directional heading in the slip is about 15 degrees off-centerline. The 12 flies in ground effect really well because the low wing traps and compresses the air against the ground. As the landing flare starts to become nose-high I release rudder and neutralize aileron. The aircraft heading smoothly returns to centerline just before the main wheels touch the ground.

I will try to make a video from inside the cabin and maybe a drone video from outside to show what this technique looks like.


Status Update ...David Paule -3B

Aft Canopy Latch, Check

Katie, you're absolutely right about the thinking that's going into this. At this point I'm beginning to look forward to other parts of the construction. Kentlik, thanks for the comment.

Things are slowing down right now in the shop, due to outside matters. I'll make progress as I can. This shouldn't last too long. I did find time to make some progress at the aft end where the actual connection is. Here it is unlatched:  --->


How to repair this flap?

Flaps down after engine shutdown...didn't notice this until I was packing things up. It's only on pilot side. Don't think I hit the flap / put weight on it, but wouldn't swear to it. Either way, the flap skins aren't where they are supposed to be!

I didn't build the plane, so not sure about how things go together / come apart.

Is there a quick fix, does the flap have to come off, how does the flap come off??


.5 Before a Busy Week

Monday early I got off the surface for a half hour and worked on steep turns while holding altitude followed by a couple of rolls and a wingover.  In the groundtrack you can see where the groundspeed oscillated during the two 360s (winds were in the 20's at 2,500').  Back to the airport and a resuming of the assault on Mt. Email (don't give up on me - it's tall).  The rest of the week is clobbered with, in addition to the normal VAF flow, earning (6) simulator S&H Green Stamps*, accounting and getting the Tater ready for year two of SMU.  No RV for many days (sad face).  It felt good to fly a bit before the busy week commenced.

*if you get that reference I face your direction and nod with respect.  I'm turning 'my first 40 sim stamps' into a Phenom 300 SIC type rating and I'll be halfway there this coming Friday.  The RV-6 got me my instrument and commercial and the G3X made transitioning to the G-1000/3000 a snap.

While we're on the subject, our family shopped for groceries on Wednesdays at Piggly Wiggly in Waco because on that day you got double green stamps.  Most of my childhood friends still know what day of the week we ate pinto beans and cornbread for dinner on.  Every Wednesday for 19 years I think - easy dinner to fix on grocery day. <g>

Thinking of these sim sessions as collecting Green Stamps makes me smile.


My RV Weekend ...fl-mike

Some formation training, all 8's this day.


Fitting Elevator on HS for 1st time....RV-8

Almost finished with empennage kit.
I am at the point of fitting the right Elevator on the HS.
Attaching the assembly with bolts the counter weight ends up almost 1" inside the HS skin.
Directions call for trimming skin HS-801PP and fiberglass tip HS-615 as req'd to provide a 1/8 min gap with Elevator counterbalance arm...

But... 1" ish? ....Really?


My RV Weekend ...RicoB

Flew for breakfast on sat from socal to east of Visalia. Woodlake airport. Great breakfast spot



Ok... RobertD , Danny King ....... from one side she is FULL RUDOLPH ! Straight on it is close to 2/3 x 1/3 . Thanks for the input. I love it !!! Now, to get N325KS / Keith Sremaniak to snap some photos spinning in flight.


Philip Asks The Houston RVators



August 10, 2020.  Issue #5,147.
No RVating this weekend, but our home field was hopping Saturday morning when I drove out to spend an hour on the treadmill and such.  Sunday was work all day and crazy hot - hope nicer in your neck o'the woods. (Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

Forest fire watchin....  Vlad RV-9A
(from the 'My RV Weekend' thread)


Oshkosh Replacement Trip ...Mike Hillger

Since Airventure got cancelled, Nancy and I decided to take a trip to Yellowstone and then on to Illinois for the "Not-Osh" get together. We were able to fly over Devils Tower and Mount Rushmore also! We left on July 17 and got back home on July 26. It was a pretty big step flying over mountains for a West Texas boy who is used to looking down and seeing somewhere to land all the time! I strung together a video of pics and video we took of the trip and link is below. I know its long but I made it for my personal use more than anything. Its worth a look if you ever plan on flying to Yellowstone..... We have been flying our RV7 over 5 years now and have made countless friends and seen beautiful places that wouldn't have been possible without it! I will be forever grateful to the people on this message board for helping us get it in the air!


What'd You Do This Weekend in your RV?

(SPX) After doing some work with bruceh on Thursday (documented here) I wanted to fly today on a sort of .. extended test flight.

Preparation for today's flight actually started last night with moving some chart data onto the aircrafts USB drives for the AFS panel, and the SD card for the GNC 355 GPS. Last nights goal was to get the upcoming data cycle files transferred over to the USB drives and the SD card so it's ready for data cycle 2009.  --->


RV-10 Wing Root Filter Addition

Aircraft Specialty Flightlines is excited to announce a Wing Root Filter addition option to our cabin fuel packages.


Help Me Wire My TO/GA Switch!


Rudder bottom under tension


New smoke system controller announced

The holy grail of smoke system controllers has just been made available.
This controller will let you use a existing button on your stick grip to turn your smoke on and off. We call it a "Smart Button" because it works in several ways in order to please everybody.
1. You can use your button to click it on then later click it off.
2. You can simply hold your button down then release it later.
3. You can click it on, then later hold your button down, then release it later.
Use it any way you prefer. It has a indicator light to let you know when your smoke is ON.
The electronic module is about 1/3 the size of a cell phone and the wiring for it is simple enough for a cave man.
$95. at www.smoke-system-helper.com


(15) Sioux Drills at Closeout Price ...Brown Tool (VAF advertiser)


RV-10 N828BL is Underway


Passenger Brakes , floor mounted help


Leading edge of tip-up canopy


Update on Stick Clearance

Thought I'd share my recent experience on this topic as it seems there was no "one size fits all" solution. I tried ALL the suggestions listed, but in the end it took all of them to get it right. If I had to do it over again, I would have started with bending the sticks, which is where it ended up anyway.

Here's my setup (see pic before sticks installed), Aerosport 10" EFIS panel. This panel has a section to right that "tilts" the radio stack toward the pilot. Also have Tosten CS-8 grips. These grips are different than the military style or Ray Allen grips in that they "tilt" more forward than other grips. This will add to the clearance issues if you choose this style grip. If I were doing it again, I'd still choose this style grip, because I like the looks and feel of it. It was worth the effort.  --->


Broken muffler tang


Garmin Pilot Binders

Turns out the binder feature is a time saver in my outside-of-VAF part time sim side gig.  Created a binder for each class and threw those diagrams, departures, stars and approaches called for by the syllabus.  Didn't use the feature that much in the past with the RV, but now use it all the time.  Crazy convenient instead of digging through the handouts and flipping pages.  When you go missed and they vector you back for an approach on the reciprocal it's one swipe and "I have that chart for you here sir for when you'd like to brief it."   Lowers the client's workload and makes me look smarter than I really am.

One wish list request if Garmin is reading this - a chart full screen icon down in the corner when a chart is displayed please.  Older(ish) eyes like using all the real estate the iPad will give, and in the simulated bumps bigger works better.


Inside one of the binders...
arranged in the order that
works best for me.


HS spar doubler problem ...RV-8


Firewall Alignment ...RV-8



August 7, 2020.  Issue #5,146.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

Dad's first flight RV-7 @ Tyler TX...Kyle Gee post

After trading a partially built kit for his Globe Swift, my Dad, Robert Gee, got his airworthiness certificate last Monday from Mel after working on it off and on for at least 5 years. I moved to California a couple of years ago for work, so I hopped in my RV-7 and flew from Bay Area to Tyler TX in 2-4 hour legs. My brother came up from Houston and we flew chase as my Dad piloted the RV for the first time. Flew perfect. Had to work some baffling due to some warm cylinders and some panel bugs still to work out. He definitely had the RV grin....we all did.


Thank you to Aerotronics

Would like to acknowledge the great service I have received from Jason Smith at Aerotronics. They built my panel years ago and I recently had some issues with my ADS-B (pointed out to me by a friendly call from the FAA). When I called them they said to ship them my transponder, did a no charge software update and sent in back..... and the problem was worse than before. When I reached out for help getting things working I felt like I was their number one customer and that when I called they dropped whatever they were doing to chat with me. They were very helpful and helped me work through the issue and get it fixed. While I did spend a fair amount of money with them years ago, it certainly wasn't a "warranty issue" and I feel they really went above the call of duty. Thanks guys
RV-8a Flying


DIY Cold Air Powered by Rigid Battery Pack ...the movie.

Build by RV-10 builder David Lee.  A short movie and bigger pics start HERE.


Sky Designs RV-6/7 Wheel Pant Design ...budy O mine Ken.

A More Minimalist Approach
The timing of this thread coincides nicely with development of an integrated gear leg & lower intersection fairing for the RV-6 and RV-7.

The design approach I chose is a fun counterpoint to the approach WAT chose for their Cirrus fairings. You can see that the intersection fillet is much smaller resulting in less wetted area and less frontal area.

Another factor in sizing of the intersection fillet was my desire to not have so many "extra" screws just for attachment of the intersection fairing to the wheel fairing. Only one of the five screws attaching the intersection fairing is not already part of either holding the front and rear wheel fairing halves together or a bracket attach location.


Car Paint Pics ...various




August 6, 2020.  Issue #5,145.
  Please excuse the 2030Z 8/5 push of the 8/6 edition - working the extra paper route (sim) for supplemental $$$.  
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

Trip to Michigan UP ...Greenley

Today started a much needed vacation to the upper peninsula of Michigan, the UP.


Help with Pilots n Paws Mission ...Dan Langhout post

Just thought I would put this out here to see if there was any interest. I have thrown my hat in the ring to help transport a 48 lb, 2 year old, female hound mix that needs to get to the Richmond, VA area. I have signed up to pick her up near Alexandria, LA and transport her to the Huntsville, AL area (KMDQ, KFYM, etc). She still needs a ride or two from there to the Richmond area. No takers so far after a week on the PnP ride board. Here is a link to the PnP posting.  They have apparently been trying to move this dog for several months.


Fast?  ...JFCRV12

So, we're having incredible weather today in southwest Ohio (75 degrees, blue skies, calm winds). And figured I'd try seeing how my 12 does vs POH. Mind you, mine does not yet have Wheel Pants on. Turns out I'm beating (according to Dynon) the POH #s. But, admittedly, I'm not at gross. This was full fuel + me (190lbs) and some miscellaneous stuff (towbar, quart of oil, etc.). Net, lets say I was at 1075lbs or so. 755 (empty) +200 (me with stuff) +120 (fuel)

POH says @ 7500 ft I should see the following KTAS:


Q: Prefabricated Fuel Tank ...RV-12

Whilst I await my Emp & Wing kits to ship I am getting ready to order the Fuse kit, but can't decide whether to also order the pre-made fuel tank or just build it myself.

For those that have gone before - if you done it over would you build it again yourself, or go with the $600 pre-built option? And how much time would this save?

Reading a few threads I know it looks like one of the messier jobs on the build but my main concern is having to chase around finding & fixing leaks, but again i'm not sure how much of a problem this is in reality?

A: (Scott) The prefab RV-12 tanks are built (and then leak tested) with pride right here at the Van's Aircraft facility in Aurora Oregon. They guys that do the work have built hundreds of tanks.
They are used in all production SLSA RV-12's and are offered to RV-12 home builders as an option.

The alternative of course is to build it yourself. Many hundreds of builders have done so successfully by carefully following the KAI instructions.


Air Box to Cowling Connection ....various methods

Q: I'm looking for ideas on how to connect the front of the air box on a vertical induction IO- 360 to the air scoop on the cowling. This is the air scoop below the propeller, directly in front of the Vans air box - not the snorkel setup.



T-Bolt Hanging ...Bart.

About a year after ordering, my Thunderbolt rolled into the hangar on Friday. Great excitement followed by a whole Saturday of my wife and I muscling that beast into the 4 engine mounts. Hi temps and hi humidity - lots of cursing - but got it hung! For some reason I just don't remember the IO-540 being so difficult but that was ten years ago


Pierre Smith's RV-10 is For Sale

My -10 is one of the really high points of my life and has given us more pleasure than we ever expected. Medical problems have arisen....sooooo..it must go.
200 MPH cruise
4 people not touching each other
4 place heat
Garmin 430W
SL 30
Vizion autopilot
ADSB out
Fresh annual
Paint is OK but not the greatest
Never bent or dinged...one owner past 10 years (Only the second owner)
200K or thereabouts.
478 494 3757 Mon, Wed, Fri, Sunday (after church)


Van's Light Box Completed ...cderk


Welcome Whelen Aerospace Technologies

They are saying 'hello' with a contest, giving away (3) sets of Orion Series LED wingtip lights to the winners.  Submit your favorite picture of your RV to enter the contest (details below).  More info HERE.



August 5, 2020.  Issue #5,144.  (Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

Sterling Langrell's RV-4 at Shearer, ID (2U5).

(scaled / full size)


Idaho to NY trip in RV-7 ...Tom RV-8

I had the pleasure of delivering this RV-7 from the builder to the new owner. A few circles over Yellowstone, and a few over Mt Rushmore. Longest leg was 3:46, landed with 15 gallons reserve. A delight to fly.  (many pages of photos)


Welcome Whelen Aerospace Technologies

They are saying 'hello' with a contest, giving away (3) sets of Orion Series LED wingtip lights to the winners.  Submit your favorite picture of your RV to enter the contest (details below).  More info HERE.


Thanks to Dave Farmer, a great guy! ...Ken C.

There are lots of great folks associated with RV airplanes, and Dave Farmer is among them. Short Explanation: My wife and and I have an unpainted RV-12 built by the wonderful young folks of Aviation Nation. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way some of the decals got lost. Some of those, Van's no longer keeps in stock with no plans to carry again. On VAF, I put out a feeler to find those decals. Enter Dave. He had some of the ones I was looking for. He sent them and refused any payment. Many Thanks Dave. I hope I can return the favor. One more little thing about Dave. He's retired MD State Highway Police. For me, that's a double "Thanks"!


Recently Installed RV-10 Interior ...Nick Bachert



August 4, 2020.  Issue #5,143.
  Got to fly Monday up to KGLE and back for gas - first RV time in two weeks.  Light winds from the north (for a change) had the morning temps in the 70's.  Drug it down a friend's runway north of Denton and rocked the wings.  Got a text later...he saw it.  Felt great to be off the surface RV'n and a grin'n.
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

Laura Beinecke Solo (in an RV-12) ...R.E. Butcher post

"Laura is an outstanding student at Central HS (WI), a member of the school's aviation club, and she is currently working on the build of the school's 3rd aircraft; a Van's Aircraft RV-12iS sponsored by Eagle's Nest Projects."


My RV Weekend ...many

"As for me, I flew twice, Fallbrook (CA) to Santa Paula (CA) and back to Fallbrook. L18 - KSZP - L18

We grabbed lunch in Santa Paula today (airport restaurant is open, with patio seating available), and enjoyed watching the banner towing airplanes, and the tailwheel aircraft practicing their pattern work. As we departed, a red RV was entering the pattern for landing.

Really nice day to fly today, despite a bit of smoke in the air from the fire to the east. Perfectly smooth air, and while it was a bit hot on the ground, it was a comfortable 60* F at 10,500' / 11,500' flying to and from.

Hope that everyone was able to do something enjoyable with their RV this weekend!"

"I flew my 9 on my first Petsnpaws mission. Flew 1A3 to D73 where I picked up a lab mix puppy. Then fly him to KHKY And then back to 1A3 the next day.  10,000 MSL over the NC mountains on the return flight. Three RNAV GPS approaches. Great flying."

"Getting ready for condition inspection and finding issues with airplane..."

"With a pending hurricane looming in Florida, (a big nothing as usual), I took the opportunity of no-fly to replace my yellowing flap tape. I installed the new stuff under the wing this time. I can't say enough good things about this Goo Gone stuff. The adhesive was hard as a rock stuck to the paint. I sprayed this stuff on, waited 30 minutes, and it scraped off with my fingernails. Totally non toxic and easy on the hands. Plane is so much cleaner looking."


Webinar Aug 4 ...mothership Greg presenting


Debrief: 9A Trip to San Juan Islands ...tcard


9A Status Update ...PilotjohnS

Today was a warm day, perfect for canopy work.

This weekend was all about cutting the canopy down to size. The on-line experts suggested to use the Dremel Max Saw. This worked out very well. However, they recommended the SM500 plastic blade, I found this to be a really coarse cut. I chose to use the SM510 metal blade. This blade is just like the cut off wheel Van's supplies in the kit, but for the Max Saw. With this blade, if the cuts are made carefully, there is very little clean up sanding. I took everything down to 240 grit after the cut, before moving the canopy.

The cutting wasn't as bad as others have made it out to be.It is only a (very expensive) piece of plastic. It isn't like it is a Ferrari or anything. Like everything else on this build, I was stressing over it and it turned out to be not worthy. With all the others writing of their experience, that background helped a lot. (Thank you)

I taped the canopy to the frame for a fit check using wire as a Sika spacer. Seems I have a few more trim cuts to make, so I figure another whole day in the sun and then it will be ready to bond.

I am thinking of not using the trim piece that sits on the outside, down the middle spine. It seems with the Sika bonding method, there is no need for this strip. But
I think I will need to bond on a thrust washer for the handle thou.


DIY Hangar Speakers ...Pete Howell 9A


Garmin's New Horizons Rebate ...extended through Aug 14th

From June 1, 2020, through August 14, 2020, save on the purchase of select flight displays and additional avionics upgrades.

For aircraft of all types and sizes, Garmin retrofit flight display solutions bring the "best and brightest" to flight. By streamlining control and more efficiently presenting important flight data, pilots can bring next-generation technology to virtually any cockpit. Save up to $2,000 with the purchase of one of our touchscreen flight displays listed below:



August 3, 2020.  Issue #5,142.
  What a nice weekend here in N.Texas.  Saturday I was sim'n a side job but I did get out to the airport on Sunday and worked out for a bit.  Hoping to get in the air some Mon or Tue as the RV needs gas.  Hope you had a nice RV weekend and make sure you look at Walt's Yellowstone trip report below - that is some serious RV motivation right there!!!
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

Trip Report: DFW to Yellowstone ...Walt 7A

Just got back from a GREAT 6 day trip to Yellowstone and thought I'd share a few pictures. Approx 1000 miles/6 hrs flying each way and 600 miles of driving thru the Yellowstone and Grand Titan National Parks, also spent a day in Jackson Hole. What a great trip, wife is already planning the next adventure! (many pics)


Boat Trip Update: Disembark Day ...tcard 9A

The sun rose on our final morning. It was departure day. The shore trips were completed and up came the anchor. Once again, the magenta line kept us clear of shore, and with almost no wind we motored home.


Point the Nose Toward Home ...tcard 9A

Being exhausted is a tremendous sleep aid. My head hit the pillow a little after 10pm, and I'm not sure I moved until the alarm went off at 6. We are crossing desert and high terrain, a combination for rough air, so we try to get out of Dodge early. I was moving before Scott, so I ran for coffee and muffins to deliver to the other half and returned just as Scott was becoming consicous. And we weren't behind schedule...YET. So far as our hosts knew, it was still 5-something in the morning.


My Father's RV-4 from 1996 ...NotaPilot

My father had an RV-4 with a pretty nice paint job. He also wrote two books on the RV-4 in the 1990's. One was an operators manual, the other was a maintenance manual. They aren't doing us any good sitting in a box. I scanned them both in and so if someone wants a copy I can give you a PDF to use and share.


Tricky Electrical Issue - Need advice

Fellow RVers,
I have a RV-7A with Titan IOX-360, Plane Power alternator (with internal volt reg), VPX (Vert Power sport) and dual Dynon Skyview Classic. For some time now I've been experiencing fluctuating and high ammeter readings on the Skyview EMS (jump from normal to 90+ Amps) anytime I fly. At first I was quick to land but after replacing the alternator, checking all wiring for loose connections, and replacing the battery (PC 680) I am still having the same issue. This only occurs once the engine is warmed up (happened much less in winter when temps were cooler) so I suspect maybe the voltage reg or one of the shunts is overheating and causing the faulty readings. There has been zero signs of damage due to high amperage on any wires, battery, etc and I even had the old alternator bench tested and both it and the volt reg checked out fine (so now I have a spare...). I am considering making a hole in the front left intake air ramp and running a hose to put air directly onto the voltage regulator to cool it...I have seen others do this but I'm still shooting in the dark and was hoping this sage and experienced group might offer thoughts, experiences to help. TIA! and pictures attached.


JDAir Latch Install Pics ...Swiss14A

Made new angles and tested on scratch (which was good, especially because I made a lock as well). With new angles you can testfit the whole assembly including latch and angles and then matchdrill the upper angle from the skin. I figured this is easier than using the stock angles and match everything else...


Panel Pic ...jclemens

Just finished this panel up.  New -7A owner.


August Wallpaper Calendar Came Online Saturday ...Ed Hicks photo

First RV-14 in the U.K.


Sale ...AeroLEDs (VAF advertiser)

Extended to Aug 10.


RV-10 Grip Bushing Reconfigured 7*

Tosten mfg has reconfigured the RV 10 mounting bushing.  The new bushing works with both the stock and Aerosport panels. The 7 degree offset brings the grip aft to clear the panel and provide a more ergonomic feel. We also cut and mount the grips to your existing shafts similar to what we do for the RV-14.   Contact Kevin @ Tostenmfg.com for more info.


RV-10 6 Pound Overhead Console ...SFSA (VAF advertiser)



July 31, 2020.  Issue #5,141.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

Boat Day (9A trip) ...tcard trip installment


Electrical system issue during Comm Transmission

Not that it matters for this question, but I have an RV-8A that I bought a little more than a year ago, constructed by a reputable builder and with avionics installed professionally.

About two weeks ago, keying the radio for transmission with the switch on the grip caused the AP to disengage and reboot. Further, I noticed that the manifold pressure increase 10# during transmission, dropping back down to the correct pressure when I released the mic key.

There is no static in the radio at any time, including during transmission.

I was on a trip and determined to get back to home base and did so, but an additional symptom occurred - now when I key the mic the ammeter goes to -20.

I do not know the make of the grip, but it has switches for the mic, AP disengage and trim (although no problems when I trim the aircraft). The logical place to start the search seems to me to be in the grip - looking for a frayed wire. My bet is that I have something going to ground when I trip the mic hence the ammeter reading.

Anyone have any similar experience or advice?


Angled bush for Tosten stick grips ...Andy Miller RV-10

Just another data point...

I made a replacement bush for the Tosten grips, where the bore (to accept the shaft of the Tosten grip) is angled about 8 degrees back. This increases the clearance between the instrument panel and the grip by about 3/4" - 7/8".

This is not critical for us as we have the standard Vans instrument panel, but it improves the ergonomics of the grip as it moves it to a more natural vertical orientation, rather than its standard angled forward fit.


Repitching Prop Continues: Video ...NinerBikes RV-12 video

This was taken after re pitching the prop on N72DJ for the 2nd time, from 71.4 to 72.0, for less cruise speed bite and more climb. Getting 5100 rpm on the runway and 5000 to 5020 rpm at 75 kts on takeoff. Still doesn't have a great climb rate.

Will re pitch again to get closer to 5150 to 5175 at 75 kts for a better fpm climb rate. Will probably try 72.8 degrees this time.


Webinar Aug 4 ...mothership Greg presenting



July 30, 2020.  Issue #5,140. (Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

At 28 yrs old....she deserved a little nip tuck ...BH1166

Love my 1992 6A....It is not new, so I thought a little facelift ( paint and vinyl striping) might be fun. Repainted the entire tail ( vertical, horizontal stab , rudder and elevator) new N numbers on rudder, painted leg fairings, wheel pants, cowl and spinner. This week I put on the striping I purchased from Aerographics. I like the new clean look. Now what to do on the spinner ? Gotta have some red there for visual balance . <g>


Sucia Islands ...tcard

Monday morning arrived, and it was time to fuel up on a full breakfast. Thanks Sandy! Then, off to the marina for a shower. You buy tokens and get 7-minutes of water per token. Scott and I both hatched a plan for an abbreviated shower, but it turned out seven minutes was plenty of time if you treated it like a clearance from tower that include the words 'No Delay.'


Critique my G3X VFR Load Analysis ...Draker

Recently working on a load analysis for my build's future electrical system, for the purpose of correctly sizing my alternator. This is a pretty simple single alternator, single main battery, small backup battery system. But it has a pretty much fully loaded Garmin G3X setup. Was hoping I could get away with a 40A alternator, but unless I estimated something wrong here, that doesn't look achievable. I cannot squeeze myself under 40A (minus 10% safety margin) in either takeoff or approach configurations.

Can anyone see a flaw in my calculations or reasoning here? If not, it looks like I'd be better off with a 60A alternator than a 40A and will need to pay the weight penalty.


High Oil Temp ...jtate747

My oil temperature has been increasing over the last few months. In an effort to troubleshoot, I have operated in harsh conditions to check temp accuracy, oil cooler in/out temps when high, etc. Harsh meaning afternoon flights (103*F, full power)
Details: RV-6A, O-360, constant speed prop
I have checked the following:
- Baffles - all appear to seal very well
- Oil Temp accuracy- checked sump at 240*F, after shutting down at 241*F
- Vernatherm (boiled in H2O..... opened at 184-188*F
- upgraded from 7 row cooler to 9 row cooler
- changed ducting from 3" to 4"

It takes about 15-20 minutes to reach 245*F with OAT of 103*F.

My thoughts are
(A) vernatherm expands ok, but not seating right- restricting flow
(B) timing haven't checked that, but a friend mentioned that today
(C) outflow duct. Right now the oil cooler is open on bottom side. Another friend said to duct the flow out of engine compartment into stream for "suction"

Any help would be appreciated.


Recent Mothership News



July 29, 2020.  Issue #5,139.
  I am working extra side jobs for the familia many times this week (sim 8pm to midnight Tue night).  Normal edition push times might move around some.  Gotta feed the fam - I know you understand.  Finally got some rain here in DFW Tue.  Much needed!!!
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

Travel Day 2 ...tacard


Garmin Site Status ...g3xpert

Thank you all for your patience. Due to an incredibly hard-working IT team, systems are coming back online as indicated by Garmin's official statement. While not 100% operational yet, services will be fully restored soon. Apologies for any disruptions this has caused,



2002 6A For Sale $62K ...listing for a friend.  Based @ 52F.


Flew up to KOSH ...Mike Norton

Even though Airventure was canceled we flew up to visit some friends on Friday and back on Sunday.  Flew up over Lake Michigan along the Chicago coast for the first time. It was amazing as was seeing the grounds at EAA empty.


David Paule -3B Status Report

The forward-most guide flange was made in two passes plus trimming. I wrapped a foam block in packing tape and taped it to the fairing. Then I made a fillet of flox and laid up six layers of BID.


RV Empty Disney Tour ...AV8ER pics

How about completely empty Disney and Universal Parks? These are from April 19th of this year.



July 28, 2020.  Issue #5,138.
  A short programming note.  I am working a side job for supplemental familia coinage Tue-Sat this week.  Varied start times.  Normal edition push times might move around some.
(Need a contract pilot?  How 'bout me?)

RWY FOD check.  R.Reece at 52F on Saturday.


My RV Weekend...crabandy

Lil' Dude and I REALLY enjoyed spending some time with the Children of the corn. Interesting strip and really good practice!


Seat Belt Harness Hole 5/16" pilot hole 5/8" width Countersink Bits ...TryChick

Getting ready to countersink the holes for the front seat shoulder harness screws. Took me forever to find a suitable bit. Got excited, then discovered you have to have a $45 minimum order. Another site sells it for $76. Anyone have a bit they can loan my husband and I? Another option is to see if 5 or more folks want to get together to do a bulk order and then just mail the bits to those who want in. The bits would cost each of us $9.58 including the company shipping cost. I don't even care how much it would cost to send out those 4 other bits...


My RV Weekend ...BillL RV-7

I am getting comfortable back in the cockpit after the months in the paint shop. First set some waypoints and practiced the finer points of VNAV descents with multiple WPT's, linking into an LP approach with same, a fun low pass then a quick ASI calibration triangle and a sweeeeet landing.

I have worked on my landings as of late so I don't embarrass my new paint. <g>


Do you know this pin?  ....Bob Collins -12iS

Anybody know this pin?

It's the pin from one of the wires in a Rotax 912iS connector. The one in which is twist and remove the white pins in page 46is-10 Step 1. The one in which it's anticipated that the pins you're removing my break.

Yep, and when it did, the recoil of my needle nose pliers took out pin #10.

I recognize the connector -- the same ones Vertical Power used in the VP-50 and fortunately I still had those fabulous manuals Marc Ausman provided way back then. So I eventually figured out the proper way to remove the pin on the broken wire.

But now I need to find these pins.

Anyone recognize it, have a part number/description and know a supplier?


New First Flight Announcements...mothership


My RV Weekend ...pjc RV-6

Collected a little flight test data ...
... anyone for some time to climb numbers? Hard to have too much data.


My RV Weekend ...DanH RV-8

Camped with the Children of the Corn. Strip looks like a banana, but the good part is mostly straight


Closing Wheel Pant Gap to the Tire ...DanH input

950 hours now. There is no glass bottom in the rear portion of the wheel pants; it was cut away after the mold process. The urethane rubber/glass fabric can ride over moderate rough places without damaging the pants. Clearance at the lowest point is only 3/4" inch, so I do apply a patch every few years over a worn spot which tends to form just aft of the tire. I've never had a flat, but there should be enough clearance along the sidewall to not break the pant.


Quirky Thing Seen.  Whatsit?  ...Vlad


Engine Quit on T/O ...DanH input

IF my guess is correct, you're going to find trash in the divider and the nozzle restrictors, notably the cyls reported as cold, #'s 3/4. I'd go straight to those restrictors first. You can see through them if you hold them up to the light, or just use a 10x magnifier. The nozzle passage is larger than the restrictor bore, so no real need to remove the nozzles from the cylinder head unless you want to do a bottle check. Just unscrew the little nut on the end of the stainless line, bend the line very slightly to the side, and remove the restrictor from the top of the nozzle.


My RV Weekend ...rcsilvmac

Fly LEDs and Com issue
This week/weekend I installed a FlyLED Six Pack into my RV-6A. I will do a complete write up once I can dedicate some time to it. The difference is incredible!

I have also been fighting a com issue. We determined the antennae had come loose so took it apart and put it back together again. Seemed to work much better, but then was told I was now intermittent during the flight back from lunch. Debug will continue...

I learned how to do aileron rolls recently, so have been having fun practicing those!



July 27, 2020.  Issue #5,137. (Need a part time contract pilot?)

Post a Pic of your Airport RV Group...Flash starts it off.


Goodbye RV-3B, Hello RV-8 ...jliltd

On the ramp yesterday. I am scheduled to fly it up and deliver it to the new owner in a week. I wouldn't have ever believed I would sell my dream airplane, an RV-3B with all my wanted upgrades. But I have a dream girl that insists on sharing my love of flight and wants to go on every adventure together. And I have a super RV-8. So no remorse here........(yet)


-3B Status Report ...jcarney

More firewall forward stuff completed today.  Many pics...


Ted Chang finishes and flies RV-10 Number 2000! ...mothership


Sailing the San Juan Islands - Transport via the RV Magic Carpet ...tcard

The time finally came for our summer adventure. Our planned trip to the Bahamas with our friends Roy and Sandy was canceled due to Covid. After Oshkosh also hit the skids for the year, we started talking about a sailboat trip with them in the San Juan Islands. It had been on the radar since our trip down the island chains to Grenada, but it was destined to become a reality in 2020.  --->


Anodized instrument panel ...Bsquared

Partly due to COVID related finances I downsized the panel on my 14A project to minimalist VFR. I was stressing about how to complete the panel but I am super happy with the solution I came up with. I had a local machine shop water jet cut it (he didn't charge me) and then I had it anodized Type 2 Gray (the anodize shop did not charge me either). I did pay an engraving company $100 to lasermark the labels. You can see the results below.


Fuel tank/ Proseal curing ...Jskyking RV-14

I finished closing up my tanks today, now waiting on Proseal to cure so I can leak check
A few questions.


My RV-4 in Its New Colors ...Bruno


My RV Weekend ...various


Emergency Landing This Morning ...airguy

This happened to me this morning about 7am just after sunup, I'm still processing the details in my head, but here's the short version.

I was headed out to go see some friends up north, wheels up at first crack of dawn 6am this morning, and cruising along fat dumb and happy at 9500 on VFR flight following when I noticed that my AFR (air-fuel-ratio) was quite a bit leaner than I normally run it. I tweaked my mixture a bit to get it back where it should be, but my mixture control was significantly richer than it should have been for that condition. That made me take a good long look at the engine, specifically the fuel pressure - which normally runs 40-42 psi (SDS injected engine), and it was down around 29. I watched it for a few more minutes, 28. 27, 25. Definitely slowly dropping and my low fuel pressure alarm goes off. The engine starts to stumble, the AFR indicates 18 (way too lean), so I go full rich, AFR only comes up to mid-16's and my fuel pressure continues to drop. Of course I changed tanks, changed fuel pumps, changed injector boards, all the things you are supposed to do - and it didn't do anything.  --->


First Flight: Peter in Hannover, Germany ...Daida

Two weeks ago, on the 11th July 2020, my almost 11 year project became a real aircraft!  --->


RV-8 Wrap Job


Help with Wiring Flap Sensor to Dynon EMS ...RhatRV

I have a Ray Allen flap position sensor and I need to help on how connect the 3 wires on the sensor to the Dynon EMS. The picture below shows the wiring diagram of the Ray Allen position sensor and the the Dynon EMS wiring to a generic flap sensor.

My question is the EMS diagram only shows 2 connections, one from the sensor wire (Green) and Ground wire. On the Ray Allen it doesn't show the ground wire or power wire. From the picture below, can you tell me which wire goes to where, and does it mean one of the 3-wires on the Ray Allen sensor is not connected?


Aileron Control Rod is Bindingg ...Jim


Pitot/Static Air Questions ...Ken Stockman



July 24, 2020.  Issue #5,136.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
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Instead of OSH ...Chattin35 entry

A little cruising up the Oregon coast..


Announcement: RV-10 parts will be transitioning to final-sized matched holes ...mothership

Over the next several months, we will be transitioning RV-10 kits parts to final-sized matched holes (they are currently a slightly-undersized matched-hole design). We're excited to make this enhancement available to builders and shave some build time off their projects as a result. Details are at the link below. There's no price increase associate with this change.


jcarney -3B Status Update ...and more

As promised the windscreen trim is bonded on with Sika. I have a little edge cleanup to do inside the canopy but the canopy at this point is done!


Eagle's Nest Projects News - Central High School ...R.E. Butcher

Travis Senft - Central High School's 8th Private Pilot!

With guidance and support from an outstanding team of mentors, Student Pilot Travis Senft earned his Certificate of Private Pilot. The plan was for Travis to take his check ride on his 17th birthday but weather, Covid-19, and other factors beyond control delayed the flight for 7-days. Close enough, Travis!

Travis demonstrated his proficiency and professional piloting skills in a Van's RV-12 aircraft, the aircraft he helped build and the second Eagle's Nest Projects RV-12 (Falcon-2) completed at Central high school; they're currently working on their 3rd. Travis marks the 8th Central high school student to receive a Private Pilot License in an aircraft they built... pretty impressive!

Travis will be starting his junior year at Central High School in Salem Wisconsin. Travis has been on the academic honor roll since 6th grade. He is a varsity trap shooter on the high school team that has won numerous state and national tiles. Travis earned his Boy Scout Eagle Scout rank at the age of fifteen with over 40 merit badges and holds rank of Brotherhood in the Order of the Arrow. He soloed on the 4th of July 2019, his 16th birthday; and yes, before he could drive himself to the airport. After graduating high school, his plans are to become a professional corporate pilot and will be available for hire in about 5 years. Travis is a great example of 'hard work matters'. His plans are to use the rest of the summer working at the local FBO and playing with his two dogs. --->


Vibration after lift off ...Mike Howard RV-12

I have developed a strange engine vibration that occurs approximately 3 to 5 seconds after I lift off while at full throttle. The vibration started just after I replaced my nose gear leg and fork. I do not believe that it is related to an out of balance nose wheel because it does not happen until more that 5 seconds after the nose wheel lifts off.
Here is the strange part the vibration goes away completely if I pull the throttle back to about 50% for a second or two and then push it back in for full throttle. The vibration does not occur for the remainder of the flight for any throttle position.
I have checked the lower engine mounts where the new gear leg clamps to the firewall. I thought that the nuts might have bottomed on the bolt so I added a washer under the nut. The problem seems a little less but it is still there.
Any ideas?


New IO-0390-EXP119 Option for RV-14/14A ...mothership

We've just announced a new supported engine option for the RV-14/14A, utilizing the Lycoming Engines IO-390-EXP119 (a variant of the IO-390C). Check the news post at the link to get all the details, but the short version is more power, lower weight and improved performance! We will post additional information about this in the near future, so stay tuned. Engines may be ordered now, and the finish and firewall-forward kits will be available to order beginning September 1st.  --->


PMag and backup generator fit ...Carl Froehlich RV-10


Yesterday I installed the production verson of the six cylinder pMag on the RV-10. Install was simple and it functions as advertised.

As many are now adding a B&C backup alternator on their RV-10 I wanted to show how both fit. This is the 20 amp B&C 410-H alternator. I suspect that the larger 30 amp B&C 462 unit may not fit as well, both for the pMag and other interference. For a backup alternator it is way overkill anyway.




RV-8 Paint Jobs ...various getting uploaded in this thread.




Happiness Is....

....having your wife tell you she wants to volunteer to drive the zero turn at our home field for a bit.

Dawn Lee (David Lee photo).  RV-10 builders in N.TX.


Tue-Sat Virtual Events ...g3xpert


Getting Warmer on the Bad 'B' Ignition on Rotax ...mwardle7

I switched the red wires from the generator in the ignition harness from the "A" to "B" plugs and vice-versa. These wires power the ignition modules. The problem moved to lane "A." It's either a wiring issue to the generator, a bad ground in the generator, or a bad stator. Hoping it's not a bad stator $$$. Still more diagnosis to do. I'm going to check the resistance of both red wires going into the harness plug to ground, wiggle the wires, and see if the resistance changes. That test may reveal a broken red wire in the insulation. If that checks out, I'll check the stator grounds, which are here (Photo provided by Brett L. at Leading Edge Airfoils):

Given how tight it is inside the cowling, I've ordered an inspection camera so I can see the stator grounds.

As a side note, I disconnected the pins for from the cockpit ignition switches, inserted two 18 ga wires stripped on both ends where each pin was removed. Then I ran the two wires into the cockpit. I started the engine and separately touched each wire on a ground in the cockpit. It was a makeshift ignition switch system that bypassed the cockpit switch system. It didn't make a difference in the behavior of the ignition, but I ruled out a bad switch or a bad ground on the ignition wires that the KAI has you ground on the bare cable clamp on the aft ignition module bolt. Note to self - get rid of the clamp and use a solder sleeve to ground the ignition wire shielding at some point in the future. The design on the clamp ground seems odd to me.




AN816 Nipple - Which One? ...fl9500

I want to link two fuel lines with a JPI 201B Fuel-Flow Transducer. The Transducer has the connection "1/4 Female NPT (H) AN816-8-8" (0.54 inch) and the Fuel line has a flared tube with 0.56 inch outer dimension.

Which AN816 do I need to connect Line and transducer ?



July 23, 2020.  Issue #5,135.
  Please excuse the early Thursday push - working a side job Wed evening for supplemental familia coinage. 
(Need a part time contract pilot?)

The Story Behind the RV-6 Hanging in the Virginia Museum of Transportation.


New IO-0390-EXP119 Option for RV-14/14A ...mothership

We've just announced a new supported engine option for the RV-14/14A, utilizing the Lycoming Engines IO-390-EXP119 (a variant of the IO-390C). Check the news post at the link to get all the details, but the short version is more power, lower weight and improved performance! We will post additional information about this in the near future, so stay tuned. Engines may be ordered now, and the finish and firewall-forward kits will be available to order beginning September 1st.  --->


Exhaust Spring Update ...Taco RV-12

OK folks, here is more and what I did. The spring was rubbing on the exhaust tube as well as hitting the radiator shield. It was destined to fail. In addition, the exhaust ball joint was leaking, note carbon jet from the joint and on the spring, radiator shield, and welded hooks. So....

I bent out the hooks a bit. Replaced the spring and plan to wrap the radiator hose in insulating foil. Check out the clearance now. Adequate? Also re-lubed the joint with more Heavy Duty Anti-Seize. Will watch for leaking on next flight.


Don't be a Doofus like me ...NinerBikes

Had a great flight lesson in my RV-12 last Friday. Flying around a central point, full on power stalls, full off power stalls. 30 deg turns, 45 degree turns, slow speed 50 kt's keep it level almost completely power off flight without stalling.

Every thing went great. Very good, steady straight final approach, good elevation and speed management.

Made the runway, half flaps to full flaps, and chopped the throttle. Made the numbers maybe 4 or 5 feet over them. Instructor tells me again, urgently, to chop the throttle. I give the throttle a good tug, again.

This is where it got interesting.... NOT! We hit a wind burble, instructor had the controls and the plane flared up, stall horn speaks up, I am still hand on the throttle, we are about 10 feet above the ground, and the engine stopped running. Stone cold stopped. Numbers are way behind us.

Not a good situation! My instructor demanded I get a AP to fix the throttle problem. I get that signed off by an AP, it was at 1600 to 1650 rpm, Idle, warm.

Friend Bob shows me in the owners manual where Van's specifically states DO NOT PULL hard on the throttle, you can flex the arms on the throttle arm against the throttle stop and stall the engine.

I'm getting the replacement throttle springs from Van's ASAP.

My instructor called late Monday night while I was trying to schedule some more instruction hour flight lessons this week. "Different variables" had come up, and he suggested I find another flight instructor. When asked, he wouldn't go into the specifics.

He quit on me. Due to me being a student, and operator error.

Have to find a new flight instructor. His landing was perfect, even with dead stick, like a pro.

Folks, get those **** CARB springs on those Bing CARBS R&R'd, and don't scare yourself or your flight instructor with the creeping throttle problem.

Don't be a Doofus like me, and have the motor stall on you with your flight instructor... it doesn't build confidence, in the student, or the plane.


Kevin Lippert's Ceramic Coated Pipes

I had my exhaust ceramic coated by a local company, don't know the brand but they claim 2000 degree coating. Here's why I did it, reduce engine compartment heat, resist chipping and rust. The pipes are coated inside as well, and literally can touch the pipes minutes after shutdown.


Sagging engine

My 8 is showing some motor sag ( alternator pulley is touching lower cowl) after 16 yrs of hanging and 750 hrs. It's the standard dynafocal Mount with o360a1a engine. I am aware of shortening the alternator belt, but I understand that the lower bolts are a little longer than the upper bolts so that a washer can be added. Is this standard practice and how hard is the procedure? Would it be better to replace all mounts? They still appear to be in good shape from a visual perspective. If a washer is all that is needed, what part number is it?
Tracy Willingham


DIY Hangar Ramp

...17 years ago in the 'Home Wing' newsletter.  Been awhile since I'd seen that and had forgotten.  Very creative!




Trimming canopy ...Jeff Wright RV-12

Hey all, I'm starting on the canopy and just curious how much did you have to trim it to get a good fit? The plans state you can elongate the canopy latch hole a tad, was that necessary? I think i may need to.

Did you need to trim the forward outboard corners? I don't have a good sense what a good trim at this location would like like.




Tue-Sat Virtual Events ...g3xpert


Fuel Line Routing Update ...Tom Marshall

Thanks all for the replies and pictures. I am trying to make this work, but it's not coming easily.

Jeremy: My engine mount is a bit different. Mine has a triangular brace to the outside as well as underneath the Dynofocal cup that the fuel line has to go around, robbing it of a bit of length. After reading your post, I removed the #4 exhaust pipe, re-attached the line, and mounted the Adel clamps. In my application, the fire sleeve is fully compressed and the line itself is rubbing against the engine mount as it goes around the corner. If I relieve the tension on the hose by pulling it back in the Adel clamp so that it does not touch the engine mount, it then is stretched across the sump at the front of the engine and it is a stretch to connect it to the fuel injector

Tom: You can pass the tube under the Dynofocal cup, but there is also a piece of metal welded there so the line has to pass around that as well. Length is again a problem.

My conclusion is that this fuel line, for whatever reason, is a bit
short for my needs. My goal would be to have it routed so that does not rub against anything, and it is not under any undue tension. My inclination would be to return it for some credit and order a custom-length line.

I've attached some pictures.




End of an Era...


10% OFF


www.sfsportaviation.com VOSH Special (Virtual OSH)



July 22, 2020.  Issue #5,134.   (Always looking for contract pilot side work)

Milestone, Engine hung !!  ...riseric

Long time with no updates.  I thought I could just share this as I believe it a milestone.  Engine hung today.  It was a challenge as I was alone with only my trusted engine hoist.  Tail down with no extra weight in the rear.

I had to temporarily remove the oil filter so the back could fit through the engine mount.
Then a combination of up/down & left/right moves and I could insert the top bolts, then the bottom ones which were a bit more hassle. I used a lone bolt on one side without the aft Lord mount to help align the bottom engine holes.

Once the 4 bolts bottomed-out, I relieved the hydraulic pressure from the hoist to check for balance and nothing moved, no tip over...
Between 2 & 3 small washers were needed for the castle nuts, then I torqued and installed the cotter-pins.




Initial Contact:  Aldo Perotto ...RV-7 #74830

Just wanted to do a quick "fly-by" and introduce myself. My name is Aldo Perotto and I've been working on a RV-7 tail kit since February 2020 (before the Coronaverse began!). So far I have almost finished the Vertical Stabilizer (i would like a real builder to I nspect it before I close it up) and I'm currently working on "take 2" on the Horizontal Stabilizer Front Spar ( yes, I screwed up the first one). Looking forward to any advice or pointers from the community.


What I'm Doing Instead of OSH ...RV6_flyer

Completed the Condition Inspection on my RV-6 and was hoping to take it to a Wedding in Sacramento since AirVenture was CANCELLED. Found ELT not working so it was shipped to manufacturer for repair. FAA allows me to make log entry and placard airplane "ELT not installed" and fly for 90-days. (good till 03 October 2020) Mags almost do for 500-hour inspection. Did that and I messed up timing. Test runup had CHT hit 350 F on the ground. More adjustment and now ready to test fly. Only had 2450 RPM on takeoff roll, aborted takeoff, and returned to hangar.

Adjusted timing, ground run felt better, and another test flight. Test flight had 400 CHT on downwind so pulled power and landed. Mag went in and out of airplane several times with the hope of getting it right. Ended up pulling the gear off the mag and placing it in the T-100 tool. Found that I was setting the LASAR "Speed Sensor / TDC Sensor" to the wrong side of the OFF-ON-OFF indication. Set LASAR Sensor Mag up according to the Champion LASAR Overhaul Manual and reinstalled. I have a good feeling that this will fix the issue. Ground runup was perfect. Was able to do full power (2,700 RPM) runup on the ground and have tire skid marks on ramp in front of my hangar to prove that a 160 HP RV-6 with CS prop does not weigh enough to go full power without being tied down. IF nothing else goes wrong, I can take the RV to KJAQ and attend the wedding. I believe "Time to Spare, Go by Air." I can make it but there is no margin for anything else to go wrong or any Wx delays.

Hello Southwest, I need transportation to SMF. Flew to Sacramento and back on Southwest and was able to be at my first COVID-19 wedding. Had to wear a mask in the terminals and on the airplane. All middle seats are blocked off on Southwest to promote Social Distancing. BWI terminal had LOTS of people. Hard to believe that COVID-19 slowed travel there. CLT and SMF were both light on people. CLT felt empty.

After getting home and some sleep, the airplane test flew great. CHTs got HOT but I expected them to with the power I was using and the OAT. Landed and filled up with $3.44 / Gallon 100LL. Another full power climb with hot engine to get two CHTs to 400, pulled prop back to 2,300 RPM with oversquare MAP. LASAR off so running on fixed timing mags. Watched CHTs all drop to or below 350 with 27 C OAT. Use to seeing 390 CHTs with high power, hot start engine, and higher air temps so was happy with what I was seeing.  --->




Interesting Things Seen in the Hangar ...SeanB

I always enjoy getting to visit someone else's hangar on occasion. Seeing their projects/planes is always great, but along the way, you may see something you didn't expect. An artifact, a jig, wall art, etc.

My friend and hangar mate, John Armstrong (9A), has been very busy perfecting his fiberglass items over the past several months. I admire his tenacity and pursuit of a top notch product.

Sometimes after such mundane tasks, we end up shooting the breeze around a table while enjoying a beer or equivalent. During one such conversation, I looked up and saw John's "recipe" for good epoxy. This looks like a throw back bottle and takes care of the job. Wonder if he's using Turbo, Zesty, or Classic epoxy?

What funny/interesting things have you seen in hangars?


Flyleds free shipping- Oshkosh '20 memorial special! ...VAF Advertiser

G'day all

This time last year lots of us were at our favorite little campground in Wisconsin, alas it's not to be this year.
Given that I don't have to lug 100 pounds of kits and lights across the ocean, I figured I'd do a deal on shipping instead.

Small orders under $150 will ship for only $9, everything else goes free!

Since the postal system ground to a halt I'm using DHL couriers and they have been consistently delivering in under ten days, more often than not around 6 days.


Coiled tubing to straight? My tip.... motodave

How do you make a coiled 12' tube as shipped from Van's straight? Others have probably solved before my post but in case you needed a method, this worked for me and was pretty fast. I tried bending by hand but less that great results...


Tue-Sat Virtual Events ...g3xpert





July 21, 2020.  Issue #5,133.   (Always looking for contract pilot side work)

Formation Awesome Picture ...Jeff Scott 9A

Today we did a mini formation intro and practice. Lots of good times and pictures, but this one does stand out as on my "really cool" list on our flight back to home base.

I am still learning, and in the #2 slot. It was a bit bumpy also, but this picture just turned out well.


Attend Online: 25th Anniversary of the RV-8


Ready for Its Closeup ...Fred McMahon

Painted, but not quite "finished". Flying unpainted was hard on the eyes on sunny days. SL30 radio won't change freq and I have to send it in for repair ($$). It will be a few more days before I can get some in-flight pics. It was a long 6 weeks without being able to fly!


Milestone ...Walter Tondu 8A

Started the engine for the first time. No leaks, all went well. Very smooth running IO-390-X.


Recent Trip ...JeffA RV-8 pics

19.4 on the HOBBS. 154 Gallons. 2763 NM flown. 6 new airports. Decent pictures. Great memories.


Taking Advantage of the Wx ...olyolson

Taking advantage of the rather mild (85 degrees) heat in Missouri in mid July. Trying to keep the blue side up with Mike, Gary & Jim. We don't have a lot of RVs here but we have a core group of 6 so we can usually get some formations together.


Around Pikes Peak ...mchargmg

Sabrina and I took a flight down to C08. The Sangre de Cristos are on the left as you come over the ridge to Silver West.  --->


Fuel Air Vent/Siphon (12) Update ...seagull

The air vent line had become disconnected from the "T" and the "T" was turned down. There was evidence fuel had been on the inside skin coming from the "T" . I believe that has been my gas smell when the canopy is slightly open, I'll know for sure after a few flights.

I added 6" of line and raised the loop well above the "T" intersection and zip tied it in place. I tested by overfilling the tank into the neck, the overflow drained out the bottom and stopped when the level was 2" below the cap.


Fuel line routing in an RV-7A ...Tom Marshall

I am a first-time builder, and this is my first post.

Engine: Lycoming IO-360 M1B
Fuel injector: Avstar
Engine mount: Legacy nose gear
Exhaust: Vetterman crossover

I am trying to understand how to safely route the fuel lines of my RV-7A project. I am using a VA-136 fuel line which was supplied in the firewall forward kit from Van's. It is 23 inches long with a 90 deg connector on one end, and a straight connector on the other. The OP-22 drawing that Van's provides depicts a taildragger engine mount and it states that the 7A should be similar. But, I cannot seem to route the VA-136 line without stretching it around and contacting the engine mount or having it come so close to the exhaust pipes that I don't think a heat shield would even fit.

Has anyone successfully installed this fuel line in a configuration similar to mine? I am thinking that I should return the Van's supplied hoses and order something longer.

I've tried two different routes, reversing the orientation of the fuel line for each, and neither seems satisfactory. I've attached some pictures. You should rotate the first image 90 CW for it to make sense...sorry.


Tue-Sat Virtual Events ...g3xpert


Breakfast Run to Paso Robles ...RicoB 9A


Six cylinder pMag - flying ...Carl Froehlich


I installed the final production version of the six cylinder pMag on my old RV-10. I had installed a beta version, it is now replaced with this standard version that is being shipped out to customers.

Installation was very simple. On install you set the timing to whatever you want. For me I decided on MIN timing at 25 degrees BTDC (same as the mag), MAX timing at 34 degrees BTDC. I still have the standard Slick mag on the left side for now.

The plane flew home to Florida yesterday. Preliminary performance indicated measurable gains in efficiency. I'll have better data as we build time but for now some examples:
- 12K', LOP, 169kts TAS, 2380 RPM, 19.8" MP, 9.6 GPH. CHTs in the 350-360 range.
- 10K' LOP, 169kts TAS, 10.1 GPH
- 12K' ROP, 177kts TAS, 12.7 GPH

For this trip the plane was flown solo, with perhaps 150 pounds of cargo.



July 20, 2020.  Issue #5,132.
Hope you had a nice weekend and got to spend some quality time with your RV and/or RV project.  (Always looking for contract pilot side work)

Spent the night on a dry lake, stargazing!

...from the 'What Are You Doing Instead of OSH' thread.

(Paul)  Comet NEOWISE is spectacular when viewed with really dark skies, out in the middle of Nevada on a dry lake. Nope - no pictures of the comet, just enjoyed it with the naked eye and binoculars. Here's a picture of sunrise before we flew home....


All in a Day's Work ...bhester

My buddy Darren Kerns from French Lick, IN came down this morning so we could finish up the last few things on his condition inspection. He's got one of them pretty paint jobs :-  --->


Updated Scat Setup ...jcarne 7A

Thanks everyone for the great response to this question, it helped me big! Pics below.

I have decided to give the method in the pics below a try with some heat shields and Dan's fiberfrax trick (I even have some leftover from the firewall). It seems that I have pretty good clearance to the number 3 exhaust pipe and about 1/2"-3/4" to number 1. If this method doesn't work I really think it will be because of the proximity to number 1. In which case I will order a muff with a different clocking that will make it a more direct shot to the inlet. Thanks again for all your help.

Carl, I'm also going to try some of your air trickery to get that heat transfer up, thanks for the suggestions.


Phase 1 report - first 50 hours...cacflyer

Greetings to all! I thought some might be interested in a first 50 hours report for my RV8. A brief history... build started in Feb 2011, first flight Sep 29, 2019 with plans for arriving at OSH unpainted with Phase 1 done. Then COVID...

My transition training with Jan Bussell went well, and the first flight ended with perhaps the best landing to date, a nice three pointer with no left over energy. I'm a low time tail wheel pilot so take off and landings have been somewhat adventurous during phase 1 and since.

Phase 1 issues encountered:

(1) loose jam nut on throttle cable at fuel servo after 10 hours - surprised by this one because I am a student of Vic's forums.
(2) oil leak at the right magneto gasket, detected by oil in bottom of cowl after flight, replaced gasket.
(3) fuel leak at the AN fitting aft side of the boost pump, detected by erratic fuel pressure readings, tighten fitting.
(4) erratic manifold pressure readings - solved by placing a rivet inside the an fitting on the #3 cylinder with a 1/16" hole to moderate the pulses.
(5) hartzell blended airfoil prop seeping grease - detected on windscreen. Turns out there's an issue if the prop sits up for a while (mine did) the aero shell 6 breaks down. Serviced the prop, took 5 squirts of the gun, and over the last 10 hours or so, seems to be slowing down (per advice of Hartzell). If it does not stop completely, I'll send it back to Hartzell for overhaul under warranty.
(6) This is an overhauled IO360 180 hp Lycoming. Now sorting out a higher than desired CHT on #2. I've reworked the baffle material the ring gear, but hard to tell any improvement since I'm now in the middle of GA summer.

That's all folks! The plane flies with no heavy wing since the beginning, very happy with the flight characteristics. If the stars align, she goes to paint on Sep 1, I've been working with Jonathan at Plane Schemer on the design, and really looking forward to the finished product, so to speak.

I'm still a bit stunned with having a plane that flies... sometimes I just stare at it after a flight in a bit of disbelief!


Abbreviated Engine Checklist ...Jim Stricker RV-12


Fuel hose torque requirements ...Bob Collins -12

Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I just happened to be reviewing 5.14 tonight with the 75-125 inch pound reference for 3/8" tubing (-6) when I noticed something.

That doesn't match 43.15

... which shows something along the lines of 120 for -6 AN818 nut.

So obviously Van is referencing something that is apparently in the Standard Handbook (why can't I find my copy), but what am I missing as to why it doesn't match 43.15?

Is it because 43.15 is geared toward the airline maintenance folks and the alloy is 5052 (because god forbid the government should recognize we use 3003)?

I'll hang up and listen.


DIY Valve Compression Tool ...BillL


Stick Changes / Elevator Stop ...Bill.Peyton RV-10

Here is how much I shortened the bottom. No changes to the pushrods, just had to play with adjustments. I also added a limit stop to the elevator.


Status ...David Paule -3B

Before I went to bed that night I glued the inner flange on, I pulled that green electrical tape off on the inside. It's purpose was to keep the black sticky 2216 glue off of the canopy. The glue had flowed over the tape, not unexpectedly, and there were some glue tentacles that remained as I pulled that tape off. I tried to keep it off the canopy but was unsuccessful. It was still in a state where its adhesion was greater than its cohesion; I couldn't pull it off the canopy where it had touched. I went to bed knowing that I'd have a real problem.

When I got the canopy back upside down the next morning and had a look inside, I thought that maybe I could grind the epoxy off. Yeah, that would work, sort of, leaving a lot of polishing ahead. But the glue hadn't completely cured. I could sand or file it, no problem, but an Xacto chisel blade was able to remove it. In most case there was no residual mark. I was so lucky. Problem solved.

On the flanges, though, it wasn't so easy. The canopy itself had been unprepared where I removed the excess glue from it. The canopy flange was fiberglass and had a roughened surface. The 2216 didn't come off there. For those, I'll have to grind them off.

3M's 2216 epoxy really does a good job of sticking to things.

In case you're wondering how the flanges and the canopy all go together, here's a sketch that I made. The flanges are rounded at their apexes but that's a bit hard to do with my drawing package. You'll have to imagine that for yourself.


Progress ...motodave

Making progress, empennage mounted and everything moving freely! Next up, finishing kit that arrives in a couple of weeks... I'll be looking at Larry's posting on how he did it!


RV-7 In The News



July 17, 2020.  Issue #5,131.
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
  (Always looking for contract pilot side work)

RV-8 Fastback Status ...Foghorn (many pics)

Finished the canopy back in March but didn't take any pics. Here it is back on to measure the rollbar.  --->


Sky Designs RV-8 Gear on RV About to Fly ...Flyingbeard

Ken's Gear turned out great on my build. It should be flying soon.  DAR inspectional the end of the month.


For the true gurus...what is this o-ring.

I've attached a Vans Aircraft photo of inlet and outlet fitting they sell for the Lycoming mechanical fuel pump. These fittings screw into the fuel pump with a straight thread that incorporates an o-ring. I believe the same o-ring is used on each fitting.

I want to replace my o-rings. Does anybody here know authoritatively (not guessing) what spec these o-rings are.

I suspect they are either an MS29513-112 or they could be an MS29512-06. Or these could be interchangeable.

Vans doesn't seem to list these o-rings as spares. Feedback would be appreciated.


Jul 19 - Aug 1 Sale ...AeroLEDs


Exhaust Spring Clearance and Radiator Hose ...Tacco

I was really uncomfortable with the clearance of this exhaust spring and the lower radiator hose. So I put on a heat shield consisting of a cork and aluminum sheet. About 3/32 thick. This is how it looked at my 100 hour inspection. The spring is definitely contacting the shield and look at the heat discoloration on the aluminum. Thinking about replacing spring with the tip ground down a bit to increase clearance. What do you think? BTW turning it around so the curved radius is facing the radiator hose is worse, i.e. closer.

Second question, what is your experience with stainless steel springs?



July 16, 2020.  Issue #5,130.   (Always looking for contract pilot side work)

7A Status Report ...jcarne

Windscreen trim is starting to take shape.

After trimming it was time to slather on some micro. You can also see I opted for a somewhat less common trim around the corners. The roll bar blocks your view a little bit right there with the gusset so I trimmed this to cover it. I also cut the trim strip just a bit larger than the Sika bead to hide it entirely.  --->


Lake Lewisville...

Wednesday we awoke to BKN016, virga and 81F for a change.  It had been nine days since the last RV flight (very high temps around here keeping us indoors), so we're not going to pass this opportunity up.  Nothing fancy planned, just saying hello to some friends that live on airparks and taking a lap around the lake in mostly shade.  It felt pretty nice to get off the surface and not flirt with heat exhaustion.  That was for later on the treadmill ;^).

RV itch scratched and mental gyros recalibrated for a few days.  Back to Mt. Email a little refreshed...don't give up on me!  It's a big pile.


Garmin Pilot adds configurable tab bar, Live Track Log and route data downloads

Our latest update to Garmin Pilot -- version 10.2 for Apple devices -- introduces several new features designed to streamline operations and navigation within the mobile app. A new configurable tab bar, route data and chart downloads on the Trip Planning page, and a new live flight track log, are all seamlessly integrated to provide pilots with important flight information and convenient access to advanced tools.  ---> (video)


Coupla New First Flights Reported on Mothership



July 15, 2020.  Issue #5,129.
  Could there ever be an easier choice for the top story <grin>?  Congrats to the couple, many happy returns and thank you for sharing with the virtual RV gang.
  One small change in the forums; I turned on PDF attachments.  You should now be able to attach a PDF file just like an image.  Worked for me - try it out.   Might be useful for POHs and stuff...   More coming.   
(Always looking for contract pilot side work)

My RV Weekend ...Sam_B

Ok, so it doesn't involve flying or working on an RV....  But scroll to the bottom, there's a picture of my partially finished -8. And it's a couple weeks old (life's been hectic lately, but it was an 'RV weekend', just not this past weekend).

You may ask how I knew she was a keeper... shortly after we met and she learned what an RV-8 was, I was told: "well I don't want to sit in back, you have to build ANOTHER plane". I let her pick it out at Oshkosh.... and here we are.  --->

RV in the background <g>.


My RV Weekend ...crabandy

The RV turned a 30 minute drive into 10 minutes of getting the oil up to temp thanks to the 90+ weather. Lil' dude was all in for today's mission of helping Cindy out, unfortunately her husband flew west 7 months ago dropping his airplane off at the shop for an ADSB upgrade. When I go it'll be too soon but if I could coordinate it at the end of a flight like Gary did that would be great.

Lil' Dude and I fueling the RV up with cheap 100LL.  --->


Engine miss-fire LOP diagnosis ...Wunderon

New IO-360M1B, 13 hours. Starting to investigate LOP operations. As I lean past peak (8000', around 60% power) I get continuous 'miss-fires' or 'burbling', which continue as I lean further until the engine starts to quit. Enriching back to ROP clears any symptoms.

I'm assuming injector nozzle or perhaps spark plugs. All other engine operations seem normal as far as I can tell. Mag check at altitude seemed ok, generally increased EGT but smooth running.

Avstar servo, spider, and injectors. Slick Impulse and PMAG. Checked timing, cleaned and gapped plugs before first start.

Can we tell which one or more cylinders might be causing the issue from this info?

You can see that number 2 stays pretty rich, hardly peaking, while the misfiring appears in the RPM. #2 CHT also runs higher, which I suppose makes sense. I did check the #1 and #2 probes for accuracy.

The gami spread is around 0.5 I think.


Seen at Walt's


Welcome Aboard: Initial Contact ...allenthoe

New RV 14 Build Redlands, CA
Hi everyone-
First time builder here in southern California. I got my emp kit for the RV-14A last week. Inventory went well but one of the bags was B/O and so I am unable to begin. Literally the piece I am missing out of BAG 3037 is the first piece called for in section 6. (The piece missing is the front spar doubler VS-01401).
I called Van's and they told me that the cable in the bag was actually the piece on B/O and that it should be ready around July 30. They mentioned that I might consider doing another section of the plane in the meantime. What do you think about that? I've read through the plans and it looks like I could start on the rudder and then when the B/O bag gets here in a month I could go back and complete the VS?
PS. I had intended to do a training course but as the COVID-19 virus has shut down all of these EAA classes I am unable to get that experience. I completed the lightbox project and the practice kit they send with the empanage, is there anything else I could maybe do while I wait for the parts that are back ordered?



Tims88's Numatx Foot Setup

I just used a sheet of plywood to make a little platform to keep everything together.



July 14, 2020.  Issue #5,128.
  Working the punch list of items post-move to Linux over the weekend.  Lots of emails to prioritize and go through.  Hang tough, and thanks for the kind words on the improvements.  More to come (forum software to the most current version is next).  Is the new attachments feature going to be popular?  You tell me. <g>
  I'm scheduled for extra paper route side job sim work a lot of next week and I need to prepare for that during any free moments.  These last 30 days with its 1) move from an ISP to 'the cloud' and 2) from Windows to Linux made for a more stressful month than usual.  I want to let this current, improved setup run for a few weeks to get a handle on the increased data usage and associated costs.  That the heat index was *again* 115F Monday here in DFW isn't helping things <g>.
  One item of note - today I doubled the stored number of PMs you can save.  Was 50....now 100.
(Always looking for contract pilot side work)

My RV Weekend ...pgrowell

"Did some acro on Saturday."


Phase 1 at 10.5 hours ...wjb

N430WB wanted to leave the nest and stretch the wings .. after some local flights above the home field, it was time to fly south for a while .. out of gliding distance to a home field runway. Did some 60 deg steep turns, all manner of stalls (clean, half and full flaps, straight and turning, power on), worked on the envelope speed runs to 160 and 170 kts IAS in a power on dive (with some maneuvering on the way down). Most of the time was spent doing engine break-in. CHT1 was always the black sheep, running about 35F higher than all the rest (which limited the high power break in runs). After some VAF research, I decided to remove the dam in front of Cyl1 .. the next flight, all CHTs were within 10 deg of each other .. perfect!

In the end, I was seeing ~355 F CHT (plus and minus a bit across the four) at 75% power at ~6500 MSL .. sweet! (Houston, we have break-in)

Landings have been at 75kts, half flaps, which floats the landing about half of our 5000' runway. No problem at this point, but I'll keep working to bring the fence speed down. Still, the plane lands great! Lots of positive control authority in our windy and gusty costal climate.

Big thanks go to Brian, my AC 90-116 qualified pilot who helpd through the rough parts (and gave a insider's tour of the coastal landmarks during the droning parts)

Keep pounding those rivets .. the final result is a joy!


Tank Fitting Leak ...Straban

I did not build my RV 8. Doing the condition inspection and noticed this. So my question is, how is this fitting sealed? Would there be proseal on the tank side? Am I looking at removing the tank? BTW, there is also a very small weep at an accessible rivet I thought I could clean up and seal without removing the tank.


CMW E-Lift -- My take on lifting for emergency tire repair ...VAF advertiser

Those of us that travel much have all thought about what we need to fix a flat away from home. Of course we all carry the requisite tools, but lifting the airplane is a tricky part. This is my lift solution for those emergency cases. It isn't appropriate for normal everyday maintenance, and I still use a wing jack in the hangar. There are a lot of ways to skin this cat. I think I've seen most of them, but this is what gives me some piece of mind when far from home at that desolate fuel stop that had the cheapest fuel, but looks like you just landed on the face of the moon without a soul in sight.

It consists of a lift shaft, a steel bracket bolted to U-403 via some new CNC solid aluminum spacers, and a steel foot with a thrust bearing in the bottom. The bracket is plugged, top and bottom, to keep terrestrial gunk out while hopefully never in use.


My RV Weekend ...rcsilvmac

This weekend flew a friend north from Sacramento to McMinnville / Bend Oregon and over Crater Lake. Visited the Spruce Goose at the Evergreen Aviation Museum. They had a great collection with a wide variety of very nice planes as well as a space museum across the street. They did have an RV-6! Definitely recommend a visit. If you don't want to rent a car there are a couple hotels within a few miles and the museum is across the street from the airport.

Was fortunate to have nice calm winds on the way up and over from MMV to BDN, allowing us to fly close "The Sisters" and get some great views. Bend, Oregon is a great destination with a beautiful river flowing through and a cute downtown area. My first time there, but not my last. On the way back south we took a slight diversion and did some steep turns over Crater Lake. Gorgeous!


Canopy, Part 1B ...PilotjohnS

So, today was a good day. I managed to wrestle the canopy frame into submission and I think it fits well. In total, I think a good 8 hours with a 1/2" and 3/4" conduit bender should be a reasonable time to allocate for this task.

I started with the front hoop, and then did the rear hoop today. The rear hoop requires much less force; I over bent and had to unbend several times. My only advice is to realize the levelness of the top horizontal portion is caused by the side bends. The front hoop and the side rails form a rigid structure that the rear hoop bends around. The original fit of the rear hoop was really close, I just had to do a minor tweak. I did the tweak and the shape of the rear hoop became a disaster. I freaked out for about a minute and did the opposite of what I thought it needed and it all came back in line. I used reverse psychology and the metal tubes fell for it. Gosh I am good.

In summary, I started with the side rails (no adjustment needed), did the front hoop, and then the rear hoop. I think this order worked out well.

I used wedges under the side tubes and that was good. This allowed me to put on, and take off, the canopy frame all day as I adjusted the bends.

I am saying it is done. I will check the dimensions and fit tomorrow just to be sure it hasn't decided to spite me and regress to its prior mental state.

Here is a picture showing the wedges I used. I could not imagine doing this with the tracks in place.  --->


Prettiest Day of the Year ...Piper_J3

I didn't want to start a new thread, so I'll stick this here...

For about as long as I can remember I have had a compulsion to judge the weather and in particular to try to pick the prettiest day of the year.

So, this morning I fired up the 12 and headed south for a three-airport round-robin. Did all the compass points. Sparse clouds with bases right at 2500 MSL and easy to climb on top. Visibility literally unlimited. I could see the Canadian shoreline (70nm) from Northern Ohio at pattern altitude.

I think today is the prettiest day of the year so far. In the spring it's easy to pick a good day; no rain - good day. As the season turns to summer, it's a subtle difference that allows the current day to outshine all previous days. Today is that day...


New Fuel Selector installed...Saville

This weekend I installed the new fuel selector, and the flex lines that run from it to the aux pump and fuel tanks.

Fuel selector install using a lexan cover plate to check the installation:  --->



July 13, 2020.  Issue #5,127.
"You're fully modernized on the back-end."  That's what Bill (bkervaski) texted me during the VAF cut over to Linux from Windows Sunday morning.  The junior high student in me smiled at the joke potential.  Thanks to Bill, email notification should be working now, pages should pull up noticeably faster, we're https instead of http (huh?), things seem stable (a few links need to be fixed) and there is more exciting stuff to come.  Image hosting (attachments) testing underway.  Try it.
  'bkervaski' is the full on VAF tech Sensei.  [ed. Doug faces Alabama and bows a la Dwight Schrute with much thanks.]  You might need to adjust your bookmarks if you hard typed in http://www.vansairforce.net - you can just change it to just www.vansairforce.net
  Saturday we had a heat index here in DFW of 115*, so the RVating, whatever there was, was early and kept short.  About the same Sunday.  Yuck.
  Lastly, I have it on good authority that Sunday is the 20 year anniversary of both Jay Pratt's original RV-6 and Danny King's RV-8 'Beautiful Doll'.  Now that's a milestone!!!!  Jay and Danny are as good as they come, and I grateful to know them both.
  (Always looking for contract pilot side work)

Saturday DFW...


After an 18 Year Build ...laserman

...This Week.....FAA Inspection!!!


My RV Weekend ...catmandu gets us started

Gotta start it, 'cuz I did something! Finally dressed up my polished aluminum with a warbird scheme. All vinyl. Definitely a learning curve, which is why I started with the invasion stripes on the bottom of the wing, and then the small stuff on the tail.  --->


Van's Airplanes: Is there anything they can't do?  ...Dgamble

Just about a year ago, I was sitting at the departure end of runway 22 at Bolton Field (KTZR) in my RV-12 preparing to launch on yet another $25 hamburger run ($100 hamburgers are for Lycomings and Continentals) when I got to thinking. I have over 1,000 hours in my logbook, 355 of which are in the 12, I have an IFR rating that hasn't been current in over 15 years, and a growing sense that I might be becoming dangerously complacent.

I started to think that I ought to find another form of flying that would instill more professionalism and purpose in my flying. I had also recently made a new Facebook friend who just happened to be the Major in charge of a local Civil Air Patrol squadron. We will call him Maj. Joe. I had never paid much attention to CAP - my perception of it was that it was basically Boy Scouts that guided me to a parking spot at the Dayton Air Show, and were nowhere to be found after the show when 100,000 cars all tried to leave the parking lot together.

I ended up giving Joe a ride in my 12 and during that ride he disabused me of that perception. While there are obviously a whole lot of CAP cadets, it turns out that there are also what are known as Senior Squadrons. Those squadrons are all adults and airplanes. It also turned out that there was just such a squadron based right up the road at Don Scott (KOSU) airport, and he was the Squadron Commander. He painted a very intriguing picture of that part of CAP and invited me to sit in on a meeting or two. Just about a year ago, I joined.

A year later and I have yet to fly a CAP airplane. Covid and other factors have kept me out of the airplane (a gorgeous Cessna 182T, G-1000 equipped), but I have undergone a lot of training. There are three positions in a CAP mission: Flight Commander/Pilot, Observer, and Scanner. The pilot is not necessarily the Flight Commander, but usually is. The Observer is the right-seater and responsible for operating the radios and search equipment. The Observer does not have to be a pilot, but it helps. The Scanner is in the backseat and is the only crewmember tasked exclusively with looking out the window trying to find the target, whatever it might be.

Maj. Joe flies with me in the 12 quite often now. I have him trained up enough that I will let him fly from the left seat on one of the legs on our flights. We made such a trip yesterday. We were flying down to Jackson Co (I43) to pick up a Koger sunshade that I bought used from Phil Boyer. I flew left seat on the outbound leg, so Maj Joe was in the left seat as we climbed out on our return flight. As Observer, I dialed 121.5 into the Comm radio and set it to Monitor - a habit Maj Joe had instilled in me.

We were immediately hit with the squeal of an ELT. It was a very strong signal, and as the area around Jackson is very rural, my first thought was that the source must be located on I43. Without a Becker system (basically an ADF that points at ELTs) we didn't have a solid indication of where the beacon could be.

Having just finished Observer training a couple of weeks ago, I knew about a technique called "wing null." It's very intuitive - you roll the plane into a fairly steeply banked turn and listen for the ELT signal to be blocked from the comm antenna by the wing or fuselage. The comm antenna on the 12 is down on the bottom of the fuselage, so the moment the ELT signal was blocked I was able to look up through the canopy in the direction of the signal. Sure enough, there was I43. Having narrowed down the source sufficiently to assume the beacon was at least in the neighborhood, we called Flight Service and reported it.

This morning our squadron (OH-085) was tasked with confirming the location of the ELT. They did so, contacted the airport manager, and within half an hour the beacon was found and silenced.

The cool thing is not just that I will be awarded the privilege of wearing a "Find" ribbon on my uniform, the airplane that found the beacon is also qualified for the ribbon. I might have the unique distinction of owning the only RV-12 that can wear that ribbon (in the form of a decal, of course).

When I say "Mission Accomplished," I'm not talking about the find. I am referring to using my airplane and license for something much more rewarding than an airport hamburger.


My RV-10 Weekend ...ethand

First Family Flight

Took the family up for the first time in the -10. Each of my wife and two kids had flow a few times with me but not as a family to stretch the legs a little on the -10.

In-laws live in Prescott, AZ so off we went Saturday Am, departing KSEE about 8:00am arriving about 1.9 hours (6.5 hours drive). SPent the night and flew back this morning.

Great first family trip.


Question on Location of ADAHRS in Relation to Static Port ...PhatRV

I am relocating my ADAHRS to a place that is easier to maintain. However, the location of the ADAHRS is lower than the location of the static port. The embedded picture below shows the relative location of the ADAHRS and the static port. The static line is tee-off from a location near the top longeron to mitigate any moisture condensation and runs forward to the front panel. The static line is tee again downward toward the ADAHRS, and its location is slightly lower than static port in level flight. When the airplane is sitting tail down, both are located at about the same level.

Question: Is this location acceptable in term of mitigating moisture condensation with the distance between the static port and the ADAHRS is about 36inches? Are there other problems with this setup? Thanks.



July 10, 2020.  Issue #5,126.
  The move of VAF data from its Windows-based server environment to a Linux-based one will occur soon - if not this weekend then almost certainly sometime next week.  Final testing underway now...  This will fix an email notification issue, will allow turning on image hosting options that didn't exist before (Yes!!!), will bring background software up to a newer, more stable versions and other big words from the tech bullshit generator.
  What does this mean to the average reader?  Probably nothing, it's possible you might not even notice it happened.  I'm saying all this that on the chance you can't get into the forums or front page for a few hours, that's probably the reason.  It takes time to move 1.1 million posts, change DNS entries, and have that propagate around the globe.  Thanks again to VAF user 'bkervaski' for his help with all this.  That guy knows his bits and bytes!  Built a dang nice RV too...
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Always looking for contract pilot side work)

RV-8 landing attitude ...lucaperazzolli

An evening team formation training flight gave the opportunity to a photographer to take this shot. It's a picture itself that took my attention thinking to high level of concentration needed in this particular moment. A couple of words about my tail that probably seems too far from the ground, against the perfect "two and a half points" attitude as Vans says. I'm leading a landing of two planes and giving my friend more room needs more ground roll speed. I love how you can manage the RV as you need, it is balanced, quick, solid and a grin maker as a rule.
ps: in the background you can see the HomeBase of our Mountain Search and Rescue team, great guys are there !


High Oil Temp when Coming in to Land (Long) ...Darren Kerns

I have been experiencing an high oil temperature indication when coming into the pattern to land. I have AFS 3400s screens with engine monitoring sensors.

My oil temperature sensor was replaced at 310 hours and now may have to be again at 344 hours. During climbout and cruise it seems to be indicating fine. It is running a little warmer but it has been extremely hot here.

I called Rob and he told me to check of my wiring to and from the engine. So tonight my wife pulled both cowls and checked the engine ground to airframe wire. It had some oil on it but I cleaned it up and refastened. No crimps were lose. I checked all wiring to & from the alternator it seemed fine. Nothing lose. I then climbed underneath the panel and check breakers, crimps, and wiring and found nothing lose.

Rob suggested I turn off the alternator field and see what it did. My oil temperature was indicating 266 degrees and when I turned it off, it dropped to 187 within seconds. It seems I have some type of electrical interference.

I am getting so frustrated because I do not know what else to look at.

Can anyone help me to look at something else I have not thought of? I am going to order a new oil temperature sensor from AFS. However, this may not fix the problem.

Sidenote: When I replaced it back at 310 hours it was doing the same thing. I installed a new oil temperature sensor and it fixed the problem.

The other day when I was flying my 7 my oil temperature jumped to 366 degrees & then dropped to 204 within 2 seconds. This was without me turning my alternator field off. This is impossible for oil temp to change that much in 2 seconds.

Please, if anyone can give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it.


Social Distancing Airshow ...tcard's July 4th weekend

The airshow season has been pretty quiet this year. Falcon Flight performed in Laredo in February before the madness started, but the rest of the spring shows were canceled.

Normally each year around July 4th, we are part of an airshow over the Cedar Creek Reservoir located southeast of Dallas. Until just a few weeks ago the show's status was in question, but the organizers decided to move forward. The vast majority of spectators are in boats - so socially distancing among groups was possible. They normally have a large crowd on the shoreline by the club house, but that was scaled way back this year. it was a hazy afternoon with the Saharan dust, but the afternoon show went well.

My first ever 'social distancing airshow'.


A Good Reply on Nomex and Cotten ...krwalsh

[ed. A reply in a 'First Flight Clothing' thread.  v/r,dr]

Nomex & Cotton
I've been on fire once before in my life (not in an airplane) and it is not something I'd wish on my worst enemy. So for my first flight, I went with the following:

Nomex Flight suit. Search eBay for a new old stock one and save some money.

Long sleeve cotton shirt underneath. You can buy fire resistant (FR) shirts from quite a few places too. I ended up getting an Oakley FR Carbon-X shirt for some of my flights, but only because I was flying faster than I could do laundry for my long sleeve cotton shirts, and I was flight testing in the middle of summer and would soak my shirts in sweat.

Lightweight, but calf-height wool socks.

Nomex high-top shoes. You can get them from the race shops online (Pegasus Auto Racing is one of my favorites). I have Piloti brand, but Simpson sells similar ones.

Leather gloves. Thin TIG welding gloves are great low-cost alternatives.

I wore a helmet (MSA Gallet), but no parachute. That's an entirely different discussion on those choices.

That's it. After my flight testing was done my flight suit and shoes have pretty much been sitting in a bag at the hangar. Everything else you can use in normal circumstances.


(2) New First Flights Reported on the Mothership


Mag Check Issues after Installing New Cylinders ...Dan Langhout RV-7

So I am about out of ideas. I have an Aero Sport Power IO-375 (Precision Airmotive Silverhawk FI / Lightspeed electronic ignition top and Slick impulse mag bottom) with almost 600 hours since new. Oil consumption rate has never been great (~ 7 hr/qt at best) and in the last year or so it had increased to 3-4 hrs/qt. I decided that at this annual, I would replace the ECI Nickel-Carbide cylinders with genuine new Lycoming Nitrided cylinders. Did the cylinder swap and now have about 11 hours on them - all following the recommended break in protocol (75% power etc, etc.)

Problem is, ever since the cylinder swap, The magneto really doesn't pass a mag check at full rich mixture. EGTs all climb, but can be erratic. This is a change from the previous 600 hours. Leaning the mixture improves it significantly. In flight mag checks look good. The engine runs fine on either ignition (at least as well as any engine runs on one ignition). Of course the mixture is leaned normally during the in flight check.

Given that the mag check on the Lightspeed was still fine, I made the assumption it was some sort of mag ignition system issue. Short version is after swapping plugs, a new ignition harness, and even swapping out the mag, the issue is still there. Lower plugs basically come out black and somewhat wet looking.

Beginning to think the problem may be with the Silverhawk injection running too rich under typical run-up/mag check conditions - but that would certainly be a big co-incidence in that it just happened to develop the problem at the same time as the cylinder swap.

In looking for what items were "touched" during the cylinder swap, all spark plugs and leads were obviously moved, and the individual injectors and injector lines were removed and re-installed. If trash got into the injectors while they were out, I would expect lean issues - not rich issues. The magneto itself and the rest of the injection system were not touched (other than removing the "snorkel" where it bolts to the front of the fuel servo).

My next steps will be to do some of the recommended trouble shooting procedures for RSA type injection systems (injector volume flow test, etc.) but failing that - I am at a loss.

Any ideas?


Baffle inlet seal question ...jcarne RV-7A

As you can see in the pic below I have a little gap between the air filter and the inlet baffle seal. How would you guys address this? Is it even necessary or will the air pressure seal it up? I though about putting some proseal or something on the filter rubber but I'm worried it won't stick to it. Thanks for your thoughts!


It's Always Something Gilda... ...Jim Stricker RV-12

Just some random thoughts while sheltering-in-place...

Remember Gilda Radner from Saturday Night Live? She used to say "it's always something". I kind of adopted that philosophy with the RV-12 that I bought flying from original builder. I have owned 633CM now for almost 5 years and 500 flight hours and "it's always been something Gilda".

So, why am I writing this? Not complaining one bit. All the labor and time spent has been a wonderful learning experience and the plane is safer today than ever before. I have learned the airplane intimately. I think I'm finally done with SB's, addressed everything on my squawk sheet, done tweaking and polishing, and even the hanger is cleaned out. Having said all that, I'm probably setting myself up for a major maintenance event.

It feels good to just drive out to the hanger and go fly. The 12 is such a nice design for both owner maintenance and its wonderful flying characteristics. Control harmony and light stick forces, wide cabin with ergonomic seating, excellent visibility, modern avionics, 5 GPH Mogas, 130 MPH cruise, 1000 FPM climb, and 550 lbs. useful load. Couple all of that with the 12 being eligible for Repairman (light sport) with an Inspection Rating (LSRI) and it just doesn't get any better.

I've been flying for 50 years. My father taught me to fly when I was in high school. Dad and I owned a Cub for 23 years. I traded the Cub for the 12 and never looked back. My father passed on July 9, 2006 and never got to see or fly my 12. He would have been amazed. I have his Air Force Wings proudly displayed on the instrument panel. I flew one hour this morning and passed over Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery and dipped the wings...

So, now we have COVID and everyone is flying solo.

It's always something Gilda...



July 9, 2020.  Issue #5,125. (Always looking for contract pilot side work)

RV-7A #74583 N12VD ...Draker

Thought it would be fun to start one of these threads and take a trip down memory lane. I'll post a few major milestones from my RV-7A build and see if I can keep it up to date!

2016-11-12: Obligatory first rivets:

......[ed. and a few pictures; here is the most recent. v/r,dr]

2020-07-07 [today!]: Tipper canopy bonded:  --->


Garmin's Announces Virtual AirVenture Oshkosh Experience


Rebuild Update ...jamlip RV-6

Latest update on this treacle-paced project...

Made a manual trim bracket. I never liked the flimsy centre console setup in the RV-6, so I re-routed the cable and figured I'd mount it sideways, so the knob rolls forwards and back, like a mini version of the trim wheel in a spam can.

It has taken me the best part of a year to commit to this design. Here is the bracket, and here is how the cable is now mounted. The bracket is mounted using two of the wing spar bolts.


Unbalanced elevator heavy on the ground ...Lufthans


Picking up my new-to-me RV-3B in Germany turned out to be quite an adventurous two-hour flight. The prop had so much imbalance in it that anything over 2100 rpm felt unsafe, after 5 minutes of flight the throttle came loose from its cable due to the piece of wire that was supposed to imitate a cotter pin parting ways, leaving the pin free to fall out, and to top that off the MGL engine monitor turned to reading very improbable (yet very unnerving) values for oil temp, oil pressure and EGT.

Returning to field of origin not really being an option due to narrow runway and a stiff crosswind making my upcoming dead-stick first ever landing in an RV3 less appealing than heading home and landing on our generous 3000' x 3000' grass airfield, I continued the flight. Juggling the throttle cable by reaching over the quadrant, pulling on the 3/4" of exposed cable with my middle and ring finger against the spring in the carb that wanted to pull to a highly vibrating full-throttle the whole time, in happy anticipation of the inevitable landing.

In short: my observations regarding control feel have been overshadowed somewhat by events. And after safely (dead stick) landing at my home airfield, the first thing I have done is take the plane apart for a FULL rebuild (despite the thing only having logged 34 hours total time since new).

What I recall though is that the elevator really felt heavy on the ground. It felt nothing like the lightness of an RV4 (which of course has a balanced elevator), and also a lot heavier than my Jodel or Fly Baby (which haven't). More akin to the feel of the T6 that I fly on occasions. Like you really need to put some muscle in keeping the stick pulled while taxiing.

This alone makes me consider balancing the elevator.

Or has my memory been blurred and are RV3 stick forces on the ground really not that high? Everything was moving freely, nothing binding. Just felt like somehow I had to lift a lot of elevator.
Hans Teijgeler
Hilversum, The Netherlands


Pics of Ken Balch's RV-14A That Is For Sale


Altitude Puzzler: Discrepancy between altimeter and Mode C readout

I recently was in IMC in light turbulence. I experienced a brief excursion to 6160'. ATC informed me that my transponder indicated flight level 063 and generated an automated pilot deviation. I'm puzzled why there would be such a discrepancy and looking for ideas how to prevent reoccurrence.

I'm flying a recently completed RV-7A with a Dynon HDX EFIS, IFD540 GPS, and Dynon transponder, ADS-B in/out, ADAHRS and pitot-static system.

As I understand the system operation, the ADAHRS receives a pressure on the static port input and reports it to the EFIS. The EFIS adjusts based on the barometer setting and displays my altitude MSL. It also records the pressure altitude (relative to 29.92) in the EMS log. It sends this pressure altitude over a serial link to the transponder, which broadcasts to ATC, who in turn corrects based on barometric pressure to generate a 3-digit flight level on the controller's display.

In my case, I had been given a barometer reading of 29.73 11 minutes prior to the deviation. My engine logs show a maximum pressure altitude of 6351' at the time of the deviation. This corresponds to 6351 + 1000*(29.73-29.92) = 6161' MSL, in accordance with my recollection of what was displayed on the EFIS.

I expect the same 6351' pressure altitude should have been broadcast by the mode C transponder and ATC should have corrected it to read Flight level 062. However, Center sent me a picture showing me at 063.

Given the digital communication paths, I don't see how there could be a calibration error that would cause the pressure altitude recorded by my EMS to be different than that received by ATC. And the only way the altitude displayed on my EFIS would be different than that displayed by ATC would be if we were referencing different barometer settings. The pitot-static system tested within spec in January, and even if it had an error, I would think it would affect the EFIS and transponder identically. To the best of my understanding, my altitude seen by ATC comes from my static system and transponder, not a geometrical altitude from my IFR GPS and ADS-B. My ADSB also recently passed its PAPR check.

I'm pretty confident that I read back and entered the correct barometer setting shortly before the deviation. But I'm puzzled what else could cause this discrepancy and whether the problem might reoccur in the future. Maybe I misunderstand how my altitude is determined for reporting to ATC? Any other ideas? (I don't know the answer to this puzzler...)

Thank you,




July 8, 2020.  Issue #5,124. (Always looking for contract pilot side work)

Milestone: Windscreen Glued On ...Jereme Carne RV-7A


Failed mechanical fuel pump field fix

Just experienced a failed mechanical fuel fuel pump discovered at a fuel stop at a relatively remote field.

The pump still made good pressure but the leak rate was way too much to fly it.

Turns out that the KB fittings that most of us use to route the in/out fuel lines into the pump have the same 9/16-18 threads on both ends. Remove this fitting from the pump and it can be used to connect the in/out lines together, "jumpering out" a leaking mechanical pump.

You can then make it to civilization using the boost pump to fly, assuming you have a reliable electric boost pump.

Hope this helps someone in a jam.

(more info from a later reply)

...one of the fittings on my pump had a flare on one end and a flare with the o ring boss on the other end - nice!

Bobby, yes, the folks at this very small municipal field always come out to pump and they noticed it. I would probably have caught it as it takes a minute or so for the fuel in the system to back flow through the leak. It also is enough to leave a significant puddle.

I had always thought that a pump diaphragm failure would cause a small relatively insignificant leak. In this case the leak was estimated to be a gallon in four minutes at 1400 rpm during a subsequent ground run up. Needless to say, that was un-sat for further flight even though the pump was still making 25 psi!!

This happened at the end of a 2.5 hr cross country. Not sure when it started or how fast it leaked in flight, but I estimate 1.5 gallons were lost in flight using totalizer data. Engine never missed a beat.
Gary Reed
RV-6 IO-360


My RV Weekend ...Planecrazy232

On 7/3 I took on the task of replacing my old sagging engine isolators with new Lord mounts. Scored a new set on the auction site for 300 bucks! I would rather have a root canal than to do this again! My bolts are the old style that use castle nuts and cotter pins. If I was to do it again I would definitely get the new bolts with the steel locking nuts. Went for a flight afterwards and it was smoooth!!  --->


Tank to wing leading edge gap ...TG777 RV-14

Plans say" The edges of the T-00001 Fuel Tank Skin must have a zero to 1/64 [0.4 mm] gap between the adjacent wing skin edges. A larger gap may be desireable if the aircraft is to be painted, while zero gap may be desireable if the aircraft is to be left in natural aluminum." Right now I have zero gap with a very tight fit and it looks great. What potential problems are there with leaving this a zero gap vs filing edges to make a gap for a painted wing. My concerns would be a lack of expansion space and its effect on cracking paint.

This is mostly about easing removal of the tank if ever necessary.
Some paint shops put paint and clear coat on so thick that it can be difficult to remove the tank without damaging the paint.
With a gap, the paint can be more easily scored/cut if tank removal becomes necessary.


Got it! ...JFCRV12

My RV-12 is home Tomorrow, I'll be getting checked out in it (insurance requirement).

Such a cool machine. One new squawk on the transport to Ohio from Sacramento that I need to sort is the right strobe light isn't working..but the nav light does. I suspect it's a loose connection at wing root.

Then, I need to start the wheel pants and get em on to get her 'prettier'



July 7, 2020.  Issue #5,123. (Always looking for contract pilot side work)

4th (and 5th) of July RV Formations ...ChrisF16

A bunch of us in the San Antonio and Austin area did some flyovers for events in the Hill Country around Comfort, TX this Independence Day weekend. I temporarily traded my RV-4 for the SNJ but was joined by several other RV owners and a Nanchang CJ-6 in flyovers on Saturday and Sunday.

Every aircraft was flown by USAF veterans.  ---> & video


4th of July Formation Tributes by the KFFC RV Squadron ...rswalden

Lots of patriotic formation flyovers this weekend by our Falcon RV Squadron.

But this has to be the winning photo...Don Roberts is the "missing man" in this flight, "heading west" in honor of all who have given their lives in service of others.
This photo was taken at our Peachtree City Hall... under a giant "Heart of Thanks" that the flight previously created.

At the same time, two other of our RV flights were performing identical tributes over the historic courthouse flags in Newnan and Fayetteville.


19 aircraft flyover ...intothinair video

On Saturday July 4th, the Norcal Beechboys and the Memorial Squadron performed a combined flyover of 19 aircraft over Buchanan Field (KCCR). Aircraft participating included a group of 12 Bonanzas, a Beechcraft Mentor, a T6, a Marchetti SF-20, a Pitts, and one each of a Van's RV6a, RV7, and RV8.


My RV Weekend







July/August FAA Safety Briefing Now Online ...40 page PDF

Table of Contents


From the mothership...first flight



July 6, 2020.  Issue #5,122. (Always looking for contract pilot side work)

One More July 4th Celebration....the Sound of Freedom ...39sec video

Randy Richmond (RV-8) video of the B-29 'FIFI' flying over our home field 52F on her way back to Meacham airport (KFTW) Sunday 4:30pm.  FIFI participated in the flights over the Mall in D.C. on Saturday.  I could just barely see it off in the distance just above the trees from my house, and another friend said it went just north of his house.  Monk got the best view, though - show pass over the field due to it being almost exactly on the straight line from the fuel stop to home base.  Dang.

The Van's RV tie in?  The guy in the left seat of FIFI flies an RV-8 ;^)

Happy Birthday America, turn that volume up and have a nice week.

PS:  FIFI got back at the right time.  An hour later the pop-ups started and a bunch of folks started doing laps.


Sec 46 Step 2 Getting Hosed ...RV-12iS

So step, or maybe it's 3, calls for removing the preformed radiator hose. Move the spring clamp. Tug. Tug some more. Nothing. Couldn't get any sign of its interest in being disunited from her friend,, the engine.

There is, of course, very little room to work. Has anyone encountered this and how much do I want to manhandle the poor thing?


Surface Tension/ Riblets / Laminar Flow  ....just read every reply and learn as I did.

(It started with this post)
Surface Tension - Aero Drag
Back in the day, I raced RC boats. We used Imron paint over carbon/kevlar laminates to finish the boat. The first time I took my bright glossy boat to the lake, it would not get up on plane. This was a proven design that would go 100 mph. I was stumped and started looking at engine and drive train. Then someone came up to me and said "Your boat will never get up on plane until you scuffed the bottom of the boat". I said "I just spent days prepping and painting this thing to get it perfect." He replied "Well, it will make a nice looking bouy until you scuff the bottom of the boat.
Eventually, I gave in. The boat immediately took off on plane. I went home and did some research. He was absolutely correct, the shiny paint finish on the bottom of the boat was allowing the water to just grap the boat with surface tension.
My point to all this is, does this apply to air over a surface?
Eventually, I scuffed the top of the boat as well to reduce aero drag and picked up 8 more MPH.
Interest to hear if anyone has experimented with this? The closest thing might be a painted plain vs an unpainted plane. As most do not paint until the 40 hours are flown.


Panel Done ...flybywire

RV-7 full IFR panel installed by Matt Little, Camarillo CA.  Dynon Skyview, G-750, G-5, Dynon AP


Advice on conical bend rivets? ...mattasmith12

Happy 4th all,

Hoping for some advice. How did you tackle the transition where the conical bend from the forward side skin matches with the aft side skin. These two skins don't transition smoothly and there is a wedge-shaped gap between them.

The build manual is lacking in detail. I've scoured builder threads and haven't really seen how to handle this. I know just driving rivets will cause pretty large dimples. I could fabricate wedge-shaped shims to take up the space... Any tips?


Torquing engine bolt in tiny space ...RV-12iS

What is the tools-combination-of-choice for torquing down (or even threading it beyond finger tight) for the top left Allen bolt where the cylinder gives you all of about an inch or two of access on the Rotax 912iS?

I was thinking of cutting down an Allen wrench to next to nothing, then using a crows foot in a rachet but perhaps there are more elegant, less tool-destructive solutions.


Firewall Fwd Continues ...jcarne

Got the PCU5000 on Friday from the VAF group buy, thanks VAF members who ordered! I was worried this was going to be difficult to install with the engine already on, it was probably the easiest thing so far! Plenty of room to work back there. I could even get a torque wrench on all the nuts! You can do almost all of the assembly with it swung out of place, then just put it on the mount with the gasket and torque it down.  --->



July 3-5, 2020.  Issue #5,121.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Always looking for contract pilot side work)

In Congress, July 4, 1776.
The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.--Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.
He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.
He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only.
He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.
He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people.
He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected; whereby the Legislative powers, incapable of Annihilation, have returned to the People at large for their exercise; the State remaining in the mean time exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and convulsions within.
He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.
He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary powers.
He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.
He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.
He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures.
He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power.
He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:
For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:
For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:
For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world:
For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:
For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:
For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences
For abolishing the free System of English Laws in a neighbouring Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies:
For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments:
For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.
He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.
He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.
He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation.
He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands.
He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.
Nor have We been wanting in attentions to our Brittish brethren. We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and settlement here. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which, would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.
We, therefore, the Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.



Milestone: Move to Hangar Day ...rvanstory

Today was a major milestone for the RV-10! It moved to a hangar for wing and tail feather attachment!


The Scars of War ...Scott Chastain RV-8 Trip Write-up

In the bookmarks of flight planning, there was once mapped out something that looked like an upside down plow blade. It was a coursework of bearings and destinations plotted and preserved electronically for several months, but weather and timing and the call of Providence delayed its execution.  --->


RV-3 Status ...Hans Teijgeler


RV-7A Status ...jcarne

Almost done with the baffles now. Installing the seals was pretty easy except for the inlet area, it is tricky for sure.

Here is the grand picture of the seals. I peaked inside with the cowl on and daaaaang the seals conform quite nicely to the top cowl. I don't see puckers anywhere.  --->


Slightly Over Countersinking ...Jarrett

Today I was countersinking the front spar doubler for the horizontal stabilizer and one of the holes was slightly over countersunk (on the right):

It's a pretty thick part so I'm not too worried, but I haven't countersunk before, so I want to get some other opinions. Should I worry about it or build-on? Thanks!


If You Would Like to Own a Smoke System Business

...Marvin is retiring.


Tested out my Flyleds combo lights today ...N546RV

It's been a while since I assembled these units and gave them a nighttime test, but today my wigwag controller arrived, which of course necessitated another test. This time I decided to set both lights on a table out on the ramp, pointed down the runway. Then I went to the far end (~3/4 mile away) to "evaluate."

Yeah, pretty sure people will be able to see me. The video doesn't do it justice.

Also, on my return trip on the golf cart a neighbor flagged me down, and we chatted a bit. At one point he commented that I wouldn't be able to log night currency with these on the plane...

And one final note...a few months ago, I was tying myself in knots trying to figure out how to include the fourth tax-light projector in the wigwag circuit, and folks told me that the three landing projectors would be just fine. They were definitely right.


Two New Kitplanes Articles on the RV-8 to Read


Mothership Closed Today


RV Build - Take Two ...Tim Foster

After selling my last project I had immediate sellers remorse. Basically before it was out of the driveway.
So about a year later I begin again. This time with quite a bit of head start thanks to a great builder in Colorado.

My RV-14A project has begun - or at least the waiting stage. It's at the QB stage in wings and fuse and the emp is done. Now I'm waiting for shipping- hopefully sometime in April.

I am passing the time organizing the shop and building a bench and wing stand. This time opting for the shorter wing stand that doesn't take up as much shop space.

My wife will remind me not to sell this time as I have promised her some good cross country flights at some point.


VAFr Looking for Job ...posted to the job board



July 2, 2020.  Issue #5,120. (Always looking for contract pilot side work)

Birthday wishes to the Ice Cream Social Guru. ...AX-O

My wife (Sha) is very quiet for the most part. But she is the one that prepares everything for the annual RV ice cream social. She also funds it. The event has been very successful and has allowed for our RV community to flourish with new friendships and continue the on going ones.

She is also one of the people that helps during the RV formation clinics. Check-ins are her deal. Paper work better be right or you ain't flying.

So if you have a moment and can wish her happy birthday or share an experience of how the events are meaningful, it would be appreciated.


Sticking To It ...Bob Collins article in KitPlanes

So I wrote something, to see if I was any good at it.

It's the story of a gentleman in Sarasota, who's been at it for 19 years and two marriages, both to the same woman.


Another 'Getthereitis' cautionary tail, ground version ...flion

This has been an exhilarating month. Since being released from a heavy teaching load thanks to the CoV-2 strain, I've finally been able to get to the panel change on my RV-6A and have accomplished more in the past month than in the previous two years. In fact, I have finished the work, done the G3X calibrations, and completed a condition inspection so the aircraft is ready to fly. But I'm not, and I'll explain the symptoms that convince me that I need to cool off a bit before taking to the air.

Two days ago, I finished connecting all the FWF sensors. The CHTs and EGTs had previously been connected and tested, as has been all other peripherals to the G3X system. Everything had been flawless so I was not expecting problems but a test showed that the oil temp sensor was not reading. I checked the connections - all good. It was the same sensor that had been there before and looked identical to the one shipped with the G3X, but I was tired so I figured I'd come back the next morning and try the new sensor. Fortunately, overnight my brain reengaged, so before swapping the sensors out, I checked the configuration and tried changing from the default to a K-type sensor and magically it worked. Ok, not too serious, but it's the beginning of the curve.

The rest of that day, I put the tank/wing root fairings back on, since there were no signs of leaks other than a dripping sump (replaced O-ring, problem fixed), buttoned everything up, and pulled it out to try an engine start. About when it should have started I got two backfires in succession and then the prop wouldn't turn. With not enough battery, I put it on the charger overnight. My guess (wrong) was that I had flooded it and didn't have enough battery to try a hot start procedure. Trying again in the morning again gave me backfires and eventually the prop would not turn, until I attached a boost battery - but you could see it straining at times. Now, finally, the brain wakes up - it acts like the lightspeed ignitions are out of phase. I had tested those before, but I would pull the top plugs to test again.

The procedure is to rotate the prop rapidly by hand back and forth across TDC. The plug wires are removed from the coils (and the top plugs are out), so there is no danger of starting but you will see a spark jump the coil outputs each time the prop moves past TDC in the right direction. Which coil sparks for #1 TDC also tells you which coil to connect #1 and #2 cylinders to. Repeat 180 degrees off to spark the other coil for a 4-cylinder engine. But, as I prepared to test the phase, the brain finally fully wakes up and reminds me that the marks on the front of the flywheel are different than those on the back. Yep, I had connected them out of phase but it was an easy fix to swap the coil connections at the lightspeed boxes.

After that, the engine started normally and I did a run-up and tested the engine and prop controls. Then I re-buttoned up the cowling, restarted, and taxied out to the compass rose to do the magnetometer calibrations. The magnetic interference check was no problem, so I restarted to do the compass swing, but there was too much airframe movement with the engine running so I shut down and called a friend to help run the calibration while I used my towbar to pull the plane around the circle. No problems and afterward I went to start the engine to taxi back but no joy. Even the hot start procedure did nothing.

Rather than run the battery down again, I pulled the plane back to the hangar with the towbar (fortunately not far) and put it back on the charger. When asked if I was going to fly it, I declined, preferring to wait until tomorrow when (I hoped) the engine would be in cool start condition again. It was not until I was on the way home when I realized what the trouble had been. With my mind on all the other things involved in completing the condition inspection, instrument calibrations, etc., I had forgotten to push the fuel purge control back in (AFP injection). My mind was clearly not 'flight ready' and I was not using my checklists or thinking my procedures through on something 'as simple as taxiing back to the hangar.'

So, beware tiredness, excitement, or other conditions that can lead to mistakes, even while building, or maintaining, as opposed to flying. We've all heard stories of people who left off a cap or forgot to safety a fastener or some such but we tend to think 'not me!' I did not realize how far away from flight ready I was until I reflected on the events above. But now I'm aware and I'm pulling out my POH to review procedures. More importantly, I will have the checklists in hand before I operate the aircraft again, rather than cavalierly assuming I know them well enough for ground operations. If you've had a bad building or flying day, maybe you should rethink your headspace, too.
Patrick Kelley - Flagstaff, AZ
RV-6A N156PK - Flying too much to paint


Mobile Plans Relocating Device (Cheap Lectern to hold plans) ...Packetpusher

While working on the RV-14 HS and rudder, I quickly realized that I spent roughly 10% of my time deciphering what the plans were telling me to do and 15% of my time finding a good place to lay out the plans so they were convenient but not in the way. I figured there had to be a better way. I couldn't find anything free, but I did find this inexpensive wheeled lectern on The Amazon. TLDR; this might be the greatest addition ever to my shop. I don't know how I could live without it. I'm so in love with this thing that I had to share how wonderful and life-affirming it is.

There are lots of styles available for around $60-$80 brand new. You might even be able to find one used if you have a local church going out of business. It holds the plans at the perfect height to read while standing or even sitting on my shop stool (get your own stool) and the angle makes it easier to read than on a flat table. There's even a small lower shelf to hold my cup of rivets before I spill them. I can wheel it around to always be nearby no matter what area of the shop I'm working in. As a bonus I'm always ready to deliver a sermon to anyone foolish enough to enter the shop asking about airplane building.

Assembly was really straightforward and my contract labor was able to get everything put together in about an hour (see below). I'm thinking about future upgrades to include LED reading light, ground effect lights, Blue Sharpie holder, holder for inferior pens, insulated beer caddie and airbrushed flames so it rolls faster.  --->



July 1, 2020.  Issue #5,119.
  Today's top two items are wonderful posts that really capture some of the emotions of having a Van's RV in your life.  These need a spotlight on them, and they are certainly getting it today.  That 'know your personality' line really struck a chord!  So grateful to get to enjoy the fine writing from so many gifted RV folks.  What a great hobby.  How lucky we are!
(Always looking for contract pilot side work)

Building Advice ...alwaysoutdoor

I am hopeful that this may help someone who is about to start the building process

I am on my 3rd Rv-7. The rv-7 is extremely easy to build if you enjoy building: I found out early on that I enjoyed building just as much as flying. Don't think of it as an airplane until you have the paperwork signed in your hands- think of it as lots of little fun tasks that you get to be lucky enough to be a part of. As a young adult I had all the time in the world after work, between classes, on weekends, before parties, in the middle of the night, etc. so I got a little carried away with putting too much time in on the project. I finished the tail in just a few weeks but probably was only sleeping 3-4 hours a night and my 4.0 gpa turned into a 3.6 almost instantaneously.

The big mistake I had with my first plane is that I didn't budget anything. I was being a perfectionist and wanted top notch everything so I quickly realized I had to sell it before I had to drop out of college. (I really was at the point where it was "finish the last 2 years of college or buy the extremely expensive avionics I was drooling about" ): still don't know if I made the right choice ;-).

The second rv-7 I built was a few years after college. Still no kids and no wife. I did it the opposite way completely when it came to money- I tried to get everything I wanted in a plane but wanted to build it where I could actually afford it. I bought everything I could second hand (which ended up to be just about everything) and budgeted everything like a crazy person. I ended up finishing it with a 0 time smoh engine and beautiful Harley Davidson copper/orange and black paint and glass panel for just under 45K... this plane would have cost about 90K-95K going with brand new kit and components (searching classified ads and PMing people on this site really makes that much of a difference)... saved me 45K over the 2 year build process.

I made myself only work on it 1 weekend day a week so I still had a life with dating and hanging with friends after work.. I put in 18-20 hours in that 1 day though and think I pissed off the local wildlife by riveting early in the morning and past 2am as well. Never lost a chicken to the owls, coyotes, raccoons, or bobcats on those nights!

Now I have 2 young kids (1yo and 4yo) and sold that plane last summer after flying it for about 6 years and bought into a partnership in a 182. After buying part of the 182 last year and flying it I said to my wife "I am just gonna search around for the next few years and see if there is a abandoned rv-7 kit somewhere so maybe our kids and I can build something together someday". She was supportive until I immediately found an rv-7a kit online and said I had to do a 25 hour drive to go pick it up before someone else buys it. I convinced her it was something we needed for the family and I promised I wouldn't neglect everything in our lives to build this one. I got a completely un opened 2006 rv-7a kit including the finish kit for $12,500 from a very nice old timer who wasn't flying anymore and was about to sell his hanger (will be investing in buying or trading nose gear parts for the 3rd wheel to be in the right spot!).

Now building this one we are taking our sweet *** time on it and get about 30 minutes to an hour a week, at most, building! (most likely will be a 9-12year build). Most days when we have build time I get my 4 year old boy out in the shop and before I even turn the lights on we are headed off to bother the chickens, play in the mud pit in the garden, or throw rocks into the river instead :-). My life sure has changed! The only thing constant is everyone always knows I'll have a rv-7 project going!

Tips for people
- these planes are fun to build but can get addictive.
- make sure you know your personality before you start
- if you want to give up, sell your kit super cheap to someone on this site
- every time you cook - make extra so you can eat the leftovers while building
- if you want to save money get good on the World Wide Web
- sleep is sometimes more important than 4 hours of deburring
- Know what kind of plane you want and can afford before you start
- don't sell your rv-7 too early if you have kids (you probably won't need a 4 seater until both kids are at least 4 years old)
- take breaks to go to the bathroom, eat food, study for a test, or sleep at least once a day.
- when you promise something to yourself, or your wife, make sure you stick to it by setting a timer so you aren't late or buying her a present from Wyoming so when you arrive home after 50 hours of driving in 3 days and can't watch the kids till after a nap she will thank you instead of being pissed.


Still amazed by this airplane! ...DougCronkhite

Quick little story about my 8..

I hadn't flown it in 7 months, between being deployed to Afghanistan, and needing to get the ADS-B stuff done when I got home.. Anyway.. EchoUAT + SkyFX EXT installed, Engine Boroscoped (no rust anywhere.. very happy), and I changed out the tailwheel springs/chains for a direct link. Time to fly!

I take off.. get a LITTLE BIT of PIO from the tailwheel initially.. much less movement required.. and we're off.. I climbed up to 3500' to start the ADS-B verification stuff.. After about 20 minutes ATC tells me they're not getting altitude info from me.. I surmise it's the threshold setting, and decide to land.. KMYF clears me into the pattern immediately but I've got 2000' to lose to get to pattern altitude. Ease the nose down to about 600-700' / minute descent with a little power on to keep the cylinders warm. I'm sitting there fat dumb and happy until I realize I'm screaming into the pattern at 195mph.. LOL. Forgot how slippery this machine is!

Anyway.. I level out at 1400' and make a steep turn into the downwind to scrub the speed, and it feels like home again. Hit all the speeds with ease on the approach into a perfect wheelie a couple hundred feet past the numbers. Held the tail off until it wanted to come down and then pinned it.. straight as a string, no issues even with a crosswind. Slide the canopy open on the taxiway and feel the cool breeze and I've got the RV grin again like the 1st time I flew it!

What a wonderful thing we get to do here, this flying obsession!!!
RV-8 N188LC


The PapaGolf Chronicles book is now live on Amazon ...written by VAF user David Gamble


Status Report ...jcarney RV-7A

Well birddogs posts got me motivated to install the filtered airbox before continuing on my baffle journeys and I'm glad I went that route. The FAB affected quite a bit of things on my front left baffles.

After getting the flange fit it was time to cut the 3/8" gap below the ramp.  ---> More Pics


Prop Lever...AJPope

There have been several discussions prop levers moving forward when the throttle friction is loosened. Some have had luck with the longer Hartzell control arm. I have an MT governor and received no reply when contacting them. Everyone's good buddy, Squaz, suggested a spring on the prop lever going back to the bulkhead. The angle bracket attached nicely to an existing bolt with a nutplate behind it. Works like a champ! (Turns out I didn't need to remove the top panel on the throttle quadrant.)  --->


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