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Thu Jul 31, 2014  1156Z

From the RV Social ...Bugsy post

Forum Today:
What's New At Van's Aircraft
Day/Date Thursday July 31
Time 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM
Location Forum Pavilion 09 - Honda

Day 2 pics ...factory FB page

Home safe from OSH 2014 ...the thread begins

OSH 2014 trip report ...Paul K pics and words

Just returned after a quick three day visit and stay in HBC. Had a great time and finally met some of you at the social.

Following are a few trip photos:

Below Dealer Cost while they last...



Wed Jul 30, 2014  1151Z

RV formation at OSH ...Bill Schlatterer pic.


Almost at Dawson Creek, BC ...Vlad's Alaska story continues.


Forum today at OSH:

So You think you want to build an RV...
Day/Date Wednesday July 30
Time 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
Location Forum Pavilion 09 - Honda


Week 45 Status Report ...Pittsartist


I lost my wingman ...rest in peace Snoopy Doo (Sid post)

Sorry for the "Old Yeller" moment, but I lost my dear Labrador Retriever last week. Snoopy Doo succumbed to aggressive cancer very swiftly last week. We knew he was fighting something, didn't figure out until the very end that it was end-game cancer. He was 10...too young.  more


The Van Cave! ...Smokeyray PIREP/Visit

[ed. Rob makes it sound more exciting than it probably was, but I was glad to help my bud out in a bind <g>.  dr]



Traveled KBOS-KLAX per work requirements, 0600L departure EST. Bird-strike on T/O. return KBOS. Bird remains cleaned up, aircraft inspected and declared airworthy, departed KBOS for KMKE without further incident. Continued to KLAX after 30 minute turn around. Arrive KLAX, PIC mission complete. Offline travel to KDFW.  continue


Tosten's New Military Style Grips ...SeanB

I couldn't make it to OSH this year. Too many things happening around home. I had several products on my radar I wanted to see in person at this year's show. One of particular interest being Tosten's new Military Style Grip.  more


From the factory FB page...

Just in time for EAA’s Airventure Oshkosh, Van’s Aircraft and Dynon Avionics are excited to announce the DUAL-SCREEN DYNON SKYVIEW TOUCH option for the Certified RV-12, available September 1. The dual-screen option affords co-pilots the ability to fly with full instruments, and provides instruments for flight instruction. Features include a larger view of mapping, the ability to share information across screens, and redundancy in the rare event that one of the screens fail. To learn more, visit the two Van’s Aircraft locations at Oshkosh.

Price: $4545


From Bill at www.upnorthaviation.com

RV7a slider  N2725R.  Built in 2008 by Erich Weaver of Santa Barbara.  Current panel revision by David Nye and Erich Weaver.  Powered by an Aero Sport Power IO-360B1B with a Whirlwind 200 RV propeller.  Based in Santa Ynez, California (KIZA)



Tue Jul 29, 2014  1154Z

RV Social PIREPs

"Lisa and I had a good time and enjoyed meeting a number of fellow RV builders and pilots. Many thanks to the sponsors and to the fine folks we met. What a great way to wnd up our first full and exhausting day of our first Oshkosh trip"

"Back at the campsite, the party was great. Got to place a lot of real faces with names"

Day 1 ...from the factory FB page.  Pics and text.

Van's 2014 Oshkosh Banquet
Tuesday July 29
EAA Nature Center Pavilion
No Host Bar: 6:00PM
Dinner: 7:00PM

Status: Carb Airbox & Heat Cable Done. And more. ...Akarmy

More on that forklift mod ...Glen

Mystery airport ...Vlad

Tornado at Oshkosh ...reported over lake.

Status ...Strike69 (many pics)

Nasty smeared rivet - any tips for drilling this thing out?

Tommy and gang

Concrete, the Video



Mon Jul 28, 2014  1152Z

Chris Pratt photo.  "Wouldn't seem like Oshkosh without at
least one of these during the week. Sunday about 3:00 p.m."

Mom Visit #4

Saturday I flew down to Houston and back - trip #4.  This brings the mileage total to over 2,000 statute miles on these trips to see Mom.  The best use of avgas money in my 6's 12-yr flying history.  I used the ruler feature of Google Earth to see how far 2,000 statute miles is (pic at right).  Somewhere up in northern Canada <g>.  I was impressed with myself, until I thought about the factory guys flying from Oregon to Sun 'n Fun each year.  And back.

Three really nice RV guys in the FBO when I was about to head back for home.  You meet the nicest folks in an RV, paraphrasing the old Honda Passport ad.

Hope you had a good weekend.  OSH PIREPs and links as I get 'em. 

. . and Now the Payoff - First Flight N528DP ...Dan Langhout

Arrived safe at Osh 2014 ...the '14 thread begins.

Hangar Door Maintenance - humor video

Departing Sitka for Yakutat ...Vlad picks up the story where he left off...

Van's '14 OSH Show Special Pricing

My Buddy Adam Burch's RV-12 Cutaway Pic

-12 folks are gonna want this for the office wall...me thinks.  dr

Selfie and wing GoPro mount for wing handle ...Dvalcik

From the factory....



Fri  Jul 25, 2014  1143Z
 Wishing you a happy, safe and RV filled weekend. 

You Can Now Order the RV-14/14A Fuselage Kit

related: Factory FB post

Can you find my missing 9 volts?

My Whelen strobe pack quit working last week, so I checked voltage at the pack; 12.5v (battery voltage). Sent the pack to Whelen and it bench tested OK.

Further testing last night finally revealed that I had 12.5v at the switch output, and ~3.5v at the pack (unloaded, not connected to a borrowed pack). A bypass wire from the buss to the pack was used; strobes worked fine, all good. ...

Transition Training Syllabus Update ...v1.8 full documentation

"...One of the purposes of this project was to provide a baseline program to instructors interested in obtaining a LODA. It is not, however, intended as a simple cut-and-paste for that purpose..."

Status Report ...David Paule

With the left tank now all drilled (but not deburred, I'm saving that until both tanks are ready), I'm working on the right tank. As of last night the top surface is drilled and clecoed to the ribs and the bottom surface is marked but not drilled.  ...

More on the New Advanced Flight Quick Panel System ...vaf thread from RHickman

Dynon Avionics Announces 8.33 kHz Com Radio, Video Input, and Version 11 Software for SkyView at AirVenture Oshkosh 2014

Travel Update ...Tommy and gang.

SERVICE BULLETIN 14-07-23 ...RV-12 Throttle Return Spring

Before further flight.



Thu Jul 24, 2014  1127Z

I'm Back

What'd I miss??? I'm sitting at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait waiting for my flight back to the US after a 6-month deployment to Afghanistan. After a few weeks of leave I'll be taking some additional time off to make a run at getting my 10 finished -- I was close before I stopped work back in December.

Anyway, looking forward to rejoining my extended family!
Todd Stovall (RV builder)

Call the Tower ...Tom Martin

On the weekend, as I cleared runway 26 I heard the dreaded, "when you are able please phone the tower" In my mind I replayed my pattern, speeds, taxi, etc but could not for the life of me figure out what I had done wrong.

I was on an IFR flight plan, dense haze, one to two mile vis, and was cleared to a visual for runway 26.

When I eventually cleared customs and got to a phone the controller asked me if I was aware that I had landed on runway 31 and not 26?! No I was not, and at that point I was more then a little embarrassed, flustered etc. He was really good about it as there was little traffic, no conflicts etc and he even acknowledged that every one makes a mistake once in a while; but to me this was a big one. I have been flying for 30 years and this is a first for me.

Unfortunately the flying for 30 years is part, or likely, most of the problem. My mind does not work as quick as it once did but I still fly like it does. I have Foreflight, with runway extensions visible, two other gps maps, etc etc and I wonder if all that stuff is making me complacent.

Clearly I was disorientated and I can come up with lots of excuses, or reasons why it happened but what I am hoping for from this group are some hints, tricks, etc that you use to confirm your position relative to the runways when you approach an unfamiliar airport.

"Twitchy" ailerons on my RV-7 ...dougweil

My RV-7 has now been flying for just over two years. The Hobbs meter has clicked past 300 essentially trouble free hours. My wife and I have flown it from Maine to California and it has proven to be everything we wanted in a fast and efficient cross-country machine.

But.. since its first flight it has had “twitchy” ailerons. So what does that mean? Well I truly think it could rival an Extra 300 in roll rate. It handled too nice. The lateral control seemed really fast… way fast. It was uncomfortable to fly in turbulence and if I hand flew it under IMC, I was “this close” to declaring an emergency. My old RV-4 never flew like this. It was smooth and responsive but not overly so. I’ve got almost 2000 hours in RVs; made 12 initial test flights in all models and never did I find one that handled quite like my -7. Frankly I flew it on autopilot 95% of the time so I wouldn’t have to hand fly this hyper-active RV with a bad case of ADHD.  ...

More info on the 7" G3X ...g3xpert post

From the factory FB page...

fmi: http://www.vansaircraft.com/public/z-AirVenture-14.htm

AFS Press Release ...quick panel systems

Damaged Wheelpants




Wed Jul 23, 2014  1204Z

Took my 'not so little' son for his first RV-8 ride ...Paul Tuttle

Pleasant Experiences ...DanH

Seems like I've been all over the east coast recently for business and pleasure. I had no idea exactly what to expect in the case of two recent destinations, and both turned out to be quite pleasant. Consider this to be a recommendation.

The outlying GA airports have not been convenient in getting to a particular truck auction I attend in Orlando, so I decided to give Orlando International (MCO) a try. It's just 5 miles from the sale.

Still trekking to the West ...Vlad

Garmin® Team X Introduces New G3X™ Touch 7-Inch Touchscreen Display Option And Connext™ Cockpit Connectivity for Experimental Aircraft

OLATHE, Kan. /July 23, 2014/Business Wire — Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation, announced today a new 7-inch G3X Touch display option for experimental amateur-built and light sport aircraft. The new high-resolution infrared touchscreen display compliments the existing 10.6-inch

The RV Community Mourns the Passing of Scott Balmos' Mom

Where Is Everybody? (OSH)

Baffles: Status Report ...akarmy

New MGL iEFIS Discovery Lite

"We usually have something new each year to celebrate Oshkosh. This time is no difference.  The new iEFIS Discovery "Lite" will be gracing MGL's booth at Oshkosh next week."

RV team formation Chile!!!



Tue Jul 22, 2014  1202Z

Mom Visit #3

Some morning fog popped up for a bit making for a nice sunrise photo.

This RV-6 is a godsend.  Trip #3 in the RV down to visit with Mom as she battles her medical issues turned a 10hr roundtrip car nightmare into a 3hr, 99% on autopilot, chair in the sky to eat my morning oatmeal in.  1hr 22min down and 1hr 25min back in the air and 1.5hrs in two cars in two cities - slipping into the new weekly routine.  Once again the folks at Henriksen Jet Center at KTME batted 1000, handing me the keys to the Cadillac crew car with the great a/c.  Appreciated in 'it's not a dry heat' Houston.

Coupled up on the RNAV 18 LPV approach (VFR conditions).
Turned off the A/P over the numbers. What a magic carpet.
click to enlarge)

We visited for a few hours, went over the Nationwide race stats on my iPad there in her room, talked some about music and worked the rehab plan a bit.  The flowers that Sydney, Gary, Clayton, Randy and Tony sent earlier were on the dresser front and center.  Mom got a little emotional talking about you guys.  She really appreciated the gesture (as do I).

The greatest hobby on earth pays unanticipated dividends yet again.  I am grateful for the airplane that takes me to see Mom so painlessly, but just as grateful for the network of friends that showed up along the way.  I am Blessed. 

A selfie only a mother could love.  Reading glasses over prescription sunglasses and an Aerox oxygen
rig stuck up my nose.  Took the photo for Mom, but I look so goofy I felt compelled to share.


First flight for N229Zulu ...Jesse Bentley RV-8 (Jeff Point test pilot)


HB-YRV Gets Airborne


Garmin® GTN™ Adds Capability with Connext™ Cockpit Connectivity, WireAware™ and More

OLATHE, Kan. /July 22, 2014/Business Wire — Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation, announced today additional enhancements and new features for the GTN touchscreen avionics. New capabilities include Connext cockpit connectivity, which supports wireless flight plan transfer between the


OSH14 RV-10 Builders Cookout: Sunday 7/27


Welcome www.AircraftPropeller.com

And a group buy begins ...(more on this)



Mon Jul 21, 2014  0257Z

Alaska- First Encounter...Vlad

I started planning a trip to Alaska two years ago. First time the life was in the way, second time - a job transition. NOW or NEVER I said to myself. Took a vacation plus some unpaid time, loaded my plane with all kinds of gear a pilot could imagine (except a thing I really needed) and launched.  continue


Titan R409 & EFii Fuel and Ignition Tests, Success

Busy week at Titan Engines. Bart, Sue, and I are rounding third with Oshkosh preparations. I have so much to share but Ill focus this thread on status of R409 testing and experience with EFii system on R409. Over the past few weeks we have been focusing our efforts on fine tuning peak performance on R409 with AX50 cylinders. The new chamber is much more efficient than traditional cylinders so we wanted to get the most out them. One problem we where running into was lack of fuel at the top end. We tried our own ECi fuel system as well as brand B fuel injection. With these we were able to reach 229hp at 2800rpm and about 434lbs of torque at 2400, impressive but not quite what we expected. I had recently sold a X370 engine to a guy that wanted the new EFii system. So we agreed to install it for him with the assistance of Robert Paisley from Protech and run it on the dyno to break in engine. To our surprise the system was easy to install and even easier to fine tune the customers engine. After this experience I decided to order up a Dual EFii system for my RV8 and test it on the R409. Good decision, the power came up to 234hp and the torque jumped to 454lbs at 2400 rpm... Bart has been for the past two days and I can't wait to put this back on the RV8 this weekend, note the time of this thread.  ...


Fortuitous Failure… Paul Dye

I hate it when things break on the airplanes, but we all REALLY hate it when things break on a trip! Today was a good reminder that if you are planning on your big annual trek to Oshkosh, it might be a good idea to do a little local flying and some systems and airplane checks to make sure everything is ready to go.

I am headed out on a flying trip tomorrow to visit some companies and fly some airplanes – the trip will end up with Airventure so I’ll be on the road for two weeks. The Valkyrie is the plane of choice for this trip for a number of reasons, and since I had a bunch of things to get done today to get ready to be gone, Louise volunteered to run it over to Carson City to fill it up with fuel so I can leave for points east before sunrise tomorrow. When the phone rang about twenty minutes after she left, I figured we had trouble.  continue


Status: Windscreen Band ...Blain


July Experimenter


Tina's Latest.... www.TinasPilotShop.com



Fri Jul 18, 2014  1148Z
  Have a nice RV weekend.

RV-4 and Hurricane Ridge ...Steve Rush video

If there can be said to be some small benefit to all the excessively warm weather we have had in the Northwest lately, it is that the resulting air mass is very smooth and calm.

I went out to Pt. Angeles and Hurricane ridge and got some decent video. I was even stalked by a naked (unpainted) 747-8. It was flying in the same area only a couple thousand feet above me. It was kind of cool until I realized that it was going to pass right over me and that put me in a position I definitely did not want to be in.

RV White Pages Updated

Note: A couple of people didn't include a phone number and one didn't include what he was building.  If you submitted your information and don't see it in the list, please resubmit and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Mission Accomplished ...Vlad

It took two weeks and almost 97 hours on the Hobbs. Airplane and pilot were pushed to their limits. Airplane performed flawlessly without a single hiccup I couldn't say the same about the driver

Special thanks to:

Rockwood9 you brought me good luck brother. You pushed me out of the nest a day earlier and it was the right choice. And I finished the major portion of the trip where I started - at Lansing, MI...

Humptybump, Glen thank you for the valuable intel on the go. Thank you for your virtual Trip Headquarters, advice and suggestions. It wouldn't be that smooth without your help.

Thank you Bryan Douglass of Missoula, JackM and Jim of Prosser WA. I owe you big time.

Thank you Bruce and Crystal Stamper for turning me around and entertaining for two days. Who knows where I would end if I pressed back to Yakutat in that bad even for Alaskans weather.

Greg and Julia Arehart - picturesque place and nice guest house in British Columbia. My hat is off to you. You brought oil for my plane from CONUS I am very glad I have such friends.

August and Bonnie Lehmann if you are reading this I'll never forget your flying ranch at Dawson Creek, BC. Please accept my gratitude.

The Sterlings, Glen and Connie of Hulett, WY. I know it was a trap and Glen mastered it very well. Enjoyed time by the Devils Tower with both of you. Will be back in two years.

It may take a while to digest what happened during those couple weeks but I promise you all a slide show with subtitles. It will be vetted of course but not much. Stay tuned

Summer Trip Update ...Tommy and gang

The RV Hotel List Updated

Garmin Mode S Transponder Software Upgrades at Oshkosh

Those of you visiting the G3X tent at Oshkosh know that it is common to see people carrying their portable GPS units into the tent for free software upgrades.

We decided to take this a step further this year and offer free software upgrades for Garmin Mode S transponders used in Experimental aircraft.

Just bring your GTX23ES, GTX330, or GTX330ES transponder in to us at the G3X tent at Oshkosh (just North of Hangar D) and we will install the freshly certified V7.04 software into your transponder while you wait. It only takes about 2 minutes to accomplish this update.

Sorry, but we are not equipped to perform sign-offs for certified aircraft, so please only these transponders installed in experimental aircraft.

We will take drop-ins, but we would appreciate getting an idea of how many plan to bring their transponders to us so we can plan for the correct number of programming stations.

Just send us an email at G3Xpert@garmin.com and provide your N number (if you have one), type of aircraft, and roughly which day you might stop by and we will add you to the count.

Even if you don't have a transponder to upgrade, be sure to drop by the G3X tent to say hello and/or attend a seminar. We have a new larger tent this year that even includes two air conditioned seminar rooms.

Hope to see you at Oshkosh!

Seen in the forums....

Donations List for 2014 Updated

THANK YOU for helping keep this small family business online. 



Thu Jul 17, 2014  1150Z

Army Apache RV-4 Flight

Beautiful morning to fly in south Louisiana today. While holding for approaching traffic it went something like this: Jennings flight of 2 Army Apaches approaching from 5 miles west at 1000' for Lafayette. Army flight... flight of 2 RV-4's have you in sight will depart on 8 for Lafayette and maintain south of you. RV flight...care to join us? We're headed for Lafayette too. Sure!! As we're on the roll you look up and two Apache's are directly above at 1000'. What an awesome site while rotating and assending into a flight of 4. We flew together for what seemed like an hour...but only 20 minutes. Good fun...once in a lifetime.

On a Vladabout...

...tracking the rock star!

Charity Hat Sighting ...Trevor Conroy

My 7 month old son that has been the delightful cause of delays for our -7 project. Can’t wait to take him flying in it someday!

Not So Baffling...Paul Dye

Baffle seals age slowly, and the effects of temperature and wear change CHT’s a little bit over a long time. Season after season passes, we go from winter to summer over and over again, and the overall rise in temperatures goes un-noticed until one day you realize that you’re compensating with increased climb speeds on every flight. Suddenly, you realize that the seals have been doing their duty for close to a decade and it is time for a re-do! Such was the case with the Valkyrie, my 1800+ hour RV-8….so last weekend I decided it was time for new seals. As most builders remember, cutting and trimming baffle seals takes time and a lot of effort – not something we remember fondly. But I’ve got good news – replacing existing seals can be quick and easy! Here are a couple of notes from my project – which really only took about five hours.

Garmin Pilot Press Release



Wed Jul 16, 2014  1147Z

ZU-JVR is Flying! ...Janekom in South Africa

After about a year and a half I have another RV in the air. This time ZU-JVR, an RV10. Mostly standard with two Dynon Skyview panels. Oxygen, Central locking, My own plenum and my own intersection fairings. It also has Aero Sport Panels. Ihave also designed a new Trim speed controller board.  more


OSH 2014 - RV-8/8A Meeting ...Kevin Horton

Oshkosh is fast approaching, so it's once again time to sort out when the RV-8/8A builders and flyers will meet. Given that there are many people who are there for the first few days, then leave, and another group who come for the last weekend, I propose two meetings - one early in the week, and one on the final weekend.

Looking at the list of known events, and attempting to avoid other events likely to be of interest to RVers, I propose the following times. I'm open to other suggestions if anyone has a better idea:

•Monday, 10:15, Theatre in the Woods, at the end closest to the flight line, and
•Saturday, 10:15, Theatre in the Woods, at the end closest to the flight line.

I should make the Monday event, but will likely have left before the Saturday one. I’m looking forward to meeting old friends, and making a few new ones.


Update ...Tommy and gang


AP Disconnect question .Dgamble

This is the AP disconnect that came with a partially completed kit. It is a D-180 to Skyview conversion. We're not sure why there are silver pins on the black and white F78 and F79 wires; it looks like we can just lop them off and attach Molex pins - any reason why we shouldn't?


Hat Sighting....Mike/Paula's beach house on Crooked Island.  Jay Pratt sent me this pic.  "You can see the lighthouse in the background."


DIY Seat Covers Update ...Dave




Tue Jul 15, 2014  1232Z

Mom Trip #2

I found out Sunday morning that Mom fell and fractured her left femur at the base of the ball.  Surgery would be the '3-screw method' illustrated in pic at right.  The Wx looked good for a quick down and back trip from Dallas to Houston, and the family RV-6 once again shined in the role we never intended it to be used for.

For a second time, Henriksen Jet Center (web) treated me like a king, storing the RV in the shade, handing me a cold water and the keys to the crew car with the coldest a/c.  One of the line guys asked me how Mom was doing.  He remembered me from the week before.

I walked out the door at my house at 0534 and into her hospital room at 0833.  That included a stop for car gas and a drive through breakfast (eaten en route).

They wheeled her into 'pre-surgery' around 1000, so I only got to spend about 2.5hrs with her, but it was put to good use reading her NASCAR articles from my iPad on the race Sunday.  It's what she wanted, and that's what her baby boy did.

The afternoon forecast called for storms at both ends, so getting home sooner rather than later was my goal.  Mom understood and felt the same.  She's five minutes from my sister's house (and two kids), so she has a lot of family around - I'll go back down Friday or Saturday when it's VFR.

At 8,500' it was 65*F, so I elected to swing around the western edge of DFW's class B so I could stay high on the return flight (right).  Wearing a flight suit and gloves calls for cool air.  Ended up spending only around ten minutes 'in the oven'.  98*F on the ground when I landed.

What I'm particularly glad to have access to during these flights:
- An autopilot and saved flight plans.  And big EFIS screens.  Click, click, click and eat breakfast.
- "The Banana".  The selected altitude intercept arc (QUITE useful for planning an arrival under a shelf of class B - bump the rate 100' up and down and watch the arc simultaneously move up and down on the EFIS)  more
- Aerox oxygen system.  I wasn't exhausted after the round trip, just a little tired.
- Onboard Wx
- The friendly and compassionate people at Henriksen Jet Center at KTME.

I was home by 1330 and the forecast storms bubbled up a couple hours later (right).  Mom was back in her room around 1500 (surgery didn't end up starting until about 1345).

I'm so glad I decided to build this RV.  If you're on the fence, and you think you have listed all the reasons to own a fast plane, make sure you include my current situation.  These flights are far more important to me than any trip to Idaho or OSH could ever be....but you already knew that.


Congrats to Cooper!

Last weekend was Arlington Washington Fly-in, our NW warm-up to Osh.
Mark Cooper AKA CharieWaffles won Grand Champion Kit Built with his RV-10
I didn't make it this year, had to look up the results. There are a few other RV's taking home plaques...Congratulations!
Link  Hey Mark! How about some pictures? Or are you waiting for the big show?

I flew my RV-6 all the way around the USA ...Arlen

It was FUN, exciting, a way to really get away.

DATES: June 28 - July 10, 2014
PLANE: RV-6, N4AS, Lycoming 0-360, Hartzell C/S prop, GRT EFIS / autopilot / SV / HITS / with ADS-B in, etc.
PILOT: me....2200 total hours, Commercial/Instrument, ASEL, ASES.
FLIGHT: to the four corners of the continental USA from my home field on the east coast of central Florida; flight time 47.5 hours; 22 flight legs.
FUEL: 416.48 gallons, $2400.40 (average $5.76/gal, and average 8.77 gph overall)
DISTANCE: ~ 7,240 nm.
WEATHER: 6.0 hours in IMC, 41.5 in VMC; 19 of the 22 flight legs involved a headwind! Three instrument approaches, one instrument take-off.

My daughter joined me from corner # 2 (Seattle) down to San Francisco.

I feel very blessed....what a great time!

Here are the 13 days condensed to 5 minutes....with some Santana:

First Passenger & The RV Grin! ...David C.

Status ...Mark P.

Whelen releases NEW LED Landing light and test data

40% more power than previous versions.

Flying the GRT HXr IFR

There a LOT of folks now flying the GRT HXr.   I will be doing a presentation on Flying the HXr IFR at the Homebuilders Hangar on Wednesday July 30th at 2:30 p.m until 3:45 p.m.

There is no right or wrong here, just one view point.

I fly over 300 hours a year on the GRT equipment, most of it cross country to shows so I get to play around with it a LOT.

If you are using any of the GRT EFIS systems I think you will find this useful. Come listen and we can share ideas and innovations to make the HXr more user friendly for us all. Hopefully we can all learn something.

Hope to see you there



Mon Jul 14, 2014  0136Z
  Monday's edition pushed out early.  Mom fell Sunday morning and fractured her hip - in the hospital down the street from my sister's house in Katy, TX probably going to get pins.  I'm flying the world's most amazing airplane down to Houston to visit her a.m. Monday.  Prayers appreciated, and thanks to the mods that mind the store while I hang out with Mom. 

First Flight ...Michael Wynn

N803DK - #92013 - Done! ...Derek

My First Passenger ...Robert Cutter

Trip to the Fender Guitar Factory-Corona, CA ...Kelly Johnson

Netherlands- Texel Fly-Inn Cinema ...Gagarin737

RVs (and hat sighting) on DFW TV

Looked up from the chair Saturday afternoon and saw RVs!  Young Eagles event.  Here's a link to the story/video..  The whole family got a giggle out of seeing the cap on TV.  Thanks guys! 



Fri Jul 11, 2014  1145Z
  Wishing you a safe, happy and RV-filled weekend. 

Van's at Arlington ...from their FB page.


Difficulty Bleeding Brakes Up

Q: I'm rebleeding my brakes from the bottom up. On the left side, for some reason, no matter how much pressure is applied, it just "barely pushs the fluid up to the reservoir. It ultimately made it to the top, but then the brakes were still spongy (despite no visible bubbles). Anyone else run into this where the brakes won't bleed up? The right side worked pretty well, but the left really wouldn't. The valve was definitely fully open.

As of now, I don't see any notable bubbles, yet both sides feel spongy yet I cant seems to bleed one side

A: Reach down in the floor of the cockpit and pull back on the break pedals by hand so they are fully retracted. The slightest depression on these pedals will stop flow

A: My first pump was a small modified yard sprayer. The problem was that the end of the air pump was in thre brake fluid and when I would pressurize the tank it would pump air into the fluid.

The fix was to get a bigger (taller) tank that moved the end of the pump up, out of the fluid

A: You might consider doing a little research about adding springs to the master cylinders and maybe long pivot bolts-----all been discussed here many times

A: Yep, probably have partially covered the return hole in the master cylinder. If pulling back does not fix it then you should check, otherwise the line would fill from reservoir

A: Yep, if the cylinder isn't fully open you will find it hard to push. I used a turkey baster syringe and clear plastic tubing. since everything is clear you can see any air bubbles before they get into the brake system. No spillage at all


Bird Strike Visualizations ...mill2978


Beware of the Hun in the Sun ...David-aviator status


Status ...BoilermakerRV


Tosten Mfg's New Grip Will be at OSH


Sunriver Morning ...Spindrift vid


Status ..AAflyer



Thu Jul 10, 2014  1134Z
  OT:  Might anyone know if Piper/Navy NE-1 BuNo 26346 ever spent any time in Texas during its service life?  This aircraft (#225).  My J3C-65 needs a wing painted this winter, and adding a couple numbers and circles/stars turns it into a tribute to a warbird that shared my air.  #225 has the lightning stripe, like mine.  It's proving pretty hard to find out the history of NE-1 aircraft during WWII, much less numbers that can be verified with a picture.
  Back to RVs, a nice person accidentally sent me a $3000 donation yesterday instead of $30.00 via PayPal.  Emails exchanged, refunds issued, and a giggle regarding what I'm guessing was a missing period.  There for a minute though my heart just about stopped!  Bet his almost did, too. ;^) 


Sweet Vida ...Pete Howell

Busted out of work early today to help the boxer group bring in Vida, a great little pup with nasty broken leg.  Nice day to fly down to Waukegan to pick her up. Great help from ATC along the way.


First flight and a question ...bajapilot

Had the first flight of N218VC yesterday followed by a 1 hour flight today. What a great little airplane. Coming from flying rag & tube taildraggers for the last 10 years it took a little getting used to the light controls.

A few minor problems have been ironed out with idle speed, prop pitch and stall warning adjustments.  ...


Sebring Breakfast during Summer ...GLPalinkas

We had about 12 RV's in attendance at Wednesdays RV breakfast as most of the crowd is up North.  ...


A few recent fun flights ...tc1234c

It is a tradition for Spruce Creek Gaggle Flights to do a fly over at Geneva Florida July 4th parade. This year we had 21 airplanes in 5 flights and did five passes over the town to start their celebration. I mounted a GoPro camera under my right wing tiedown point and recorded the flight.  ...


Philippine QB artwork

I have these drawings on all faces of the wood spar stubs on my QB 8 fuselage.  Wondered if anybody else also received theirs similarly decorated?.


Trip to McCall ...Tommy and gang.

On Monday morning, we flew over to McCall to restock our food shelves. We spent the day exploring the town and flew back to JC about 6 pm.  ...


Woo Hoo! ...60av8tor



Wed Jul 9, 2014  1126Z
I was lucky enough yesterday to hang out with Andrew and Lucas from TruTrak for an hour or so at lunch.  BBQ at the Hard Eight in Roanoke.  Very easy guys to hang out with. 

Tim Terry's RV-7 Just out of Paint Shop ...sent by Jay Pratt

Removing rust and damaging an ego...Bob Collins 7A

I got a special issuance from the FAA last week (it only took five days after my exam down at the Mayo Clinic) and I'm back in the air.

I've never been the most confident pilot in the world; I owe that, I think, to the fact I blew my checkride many years ago and it often feels like I've spent all the years since proving that was a fluke. Maybe it was; maybe it wasn't. It is what it is.  continue

Northern Excursion 2014 ...bsacks05

It almost seems routine at this point. My 18 y/o son and I set off June 30 for our (almost) annual summer flying trip. We have been doing this for 6 or seven years now.

9-ship practice flight...schristo

Our World Traveler

Vlad just reported in from Ketchikan and has one more "not so little" hop before the late setting sun. He's officially in Alaska!

POTUS TFR Texas....today / tomorrow (check yourself to be sure)

Add'l Pilot Program for Phase I Flight Test ...Gary Baker

The FAA has just opened the comment period for allowing a qualified second pilot in the cockpit during Phase I test flights. After more than a year of hard work, the final draft of the Additional Pilot Program, informally known as “2nd Pilot,” is available for public comment. The program will be administered via an AC, with the working title AC 90-APP “Additional Pilot Program for Phase I Flight Test.” You can find it on this page: http://www.faa.gov/aircraft/draft_docs/afs_ac/ (direct link to the document: http://www.faa.gov/aircraft/draft_do...Coord_Copy.pdf).

There is some background info in the beginning of the AC as to why the second pilot (Qualified Pilot) must meet certain flight experience requirements to be in the aircraft during the first eight hours of flight time. Yes, this proposed AC will allow the Qualified Pilot to be onboard the aircraft for the first flight. After the first eight hours and specific flight tests have been completed, the strict requirements are lessened and the second pilot can be another private pilot (Observer Pilot).

As one of many people involved in helping to create this program, I can assure you that there was very intensive discussion so that there was value added to each flight, not just another body.

The comment period is open until July 29, and I am sure that the FAA will be holding some forums through too the week at Oshkosh

From M.Giron (RV guy / FAA guy)
Well folks, I take my first week of vacation in years, and they publish the draft of the AC I worked on while I'm away. Typical government operation, right? Read only a few comments from the folks here on VAF about the document. I'll try to provide responses to those who take the time to post to the best of my ability.

I'll be presenting this program at OSH this year on Monday from 11:30-12:45 in Forum 10. Charlie Precourt will be up there with me. If you haven't met Charlie or heard what he has to say, hearing him alone is worth attending.

This will be a great opportunity for anyone looking to begin or is in the midst of Phase I, and also for those who want to be that 'additional' pilot.

The format of ACs is not very flexible, and so it's not always as simple to write it to read like a book or manual as one would wish. However, if you use the worksheets in the back (Appendix1) for structure and reference the body of the AC to help answer any of the questions you have it becomes a bit easier to understand.  continue

Titan Engines R Series Testing Update

Status Update ...Tom Powers



Tue Jul 8, 2014  1140Z

'Saber Flight' in the St. Louis area.
Courtesy Jeff Scaly.

Trip #1 to See Mom in Houston

The fuel tank drip is fixed (thanks again Randy), so I flew the RV-6 down to Houston (Katy) on Sunday to visit with Mom.  She had her first radiation treatment last Thursday, and another yesterday.  We visited for 4.5hrs while my sister went out for groceries and ran errands.  1hr 19min down and 1hr 22min back up.  52F -> FUZ -> STURN -> KTME.  Autopilot ON about 500' after takeoff and OFF on a three mile final.  62*F at 8,500'.

MANY thanks to the friendly folks at Henriksen Jet Center at Houston Executive for a) letting me park in the shade for over five hours and b) letting me keep one of the five courtesy cars for the same.  $4.99 from the truck in the shade.  I'm coming back for more, hopefully every week for the next year or so (fingers crossed and praying).

I've never been so grateful to have this amazing airplane.  Not once during construction did I think it would be used for this, but now I know these are the trips I'll be most thankful for having taken.  Thank you Van.  Mom thanks you, also. 

Henriksen Jet Center's Massive Shade at KTME.

Garmin VIRB pic on the way back (8,500')

(those TFRs weren't there during the trip - popped up today).

Visual fuel check paid off ...Bryan Douglass

An interesting thing happened this morning that validated my original training - imagine that. I ordered some fuel while preflighting and a new line guy came to fuel me up. I had about 18 gallons on board. I told him to fill them to within an inch or two from the top. He did his thing and left. Should have taken on about 42 gallons. I normally glance at the fuel gauge on the truck but did not this time.  continue

One Step Closer .KHeidorn

POTUS TFRs ...7/9 and 7/10

Sunset Flight ...Ettore Bellini (Verona, Italy)

What to do with the leftovers? ...BigD

From www.AircraftExtras.com



Mon Jul 7, 2014  1139Z
Why I built an RV, reason 1

Tip- Bubble-wrapped fuselage

Well...she's back in the air

It's Alive!

VH-OBY First Flight Success ...three vids

Update on this fine 4th ...Brantel

Welcome Graco Supply...new VAF supporter.

Their ad appears in the forums and the front page.

fmi: http://www.gracosupply.com/


June Update II ...riseric

Question About Flight Following in LA Basin

I may be flying down to the LA area from Northern California on Monday. I've only flown down there 2 or 3 times in a GA airplane.

I recall on one occasion, after taking off from Fullerton, I contacted ATC and asked for flight following to KRHV, my home airport over 3 hours away (via Aeronca). I remember the controller telling me that he couldn't give me FF for that entire route and asked if there was another destination I wanted. I was puzzled so we played a bit of a guessing game. He asked if there was a point north of the LA basin that I'd like to go to. I guessed the Gorman VOR which was along my intended route of flight. Bingo! He cleared me to Gorman and once I got there, I was dropped.  continue

Hartzell tests on Titan Engines

RVers’ Grand Turk Treasure Hunt

"....Initiates of the RV bottle brigade now is the time to go forth, intrepid in the face of the unknown, ready to follow the path of the pioneers and complete the cipher which will lead ye to that which has been hidden. (Pay close attention to the wording in this document; yer quest is hidden, not buried. No tools will be required nor trespassing on private property allowed.) By becoming a member of the RV bottle brigade and participating in this quest, yer automatically sworn to secrecy regarding all information concerning that which is hidden..."

So Many Clecos ...N546RV

The worst part of RV ownership ...washing/waxing the belly

July 4th at Johnson Creek ...Tommy and gang



Fri Jul 4, 2014  1226Z

Annotated Text


Engine Fire ...Sheldon

Last Friday, after a nice hour flight around my home field (St. John's KSJN), the day became a real bummer. Long story short. After refueling, it was a typical HOT START situation. Being impatient and in a hurry to put my plane back in the hanger, I kept cranking & over primed with the throttle. Engine flooded, backfired and caught on fire! 

Lucky Gary was there that day & with an extinguisher, he put out the fire in time before I might have lost my entire plane.

Leasons learned:
1. Being Impatient NEVER WORKS...!!
2. Wait for engine to cool down before trying a re-start...
3. If flooded, See #2


Canopy not locked for takeoff

It was hot and I was being baked in the cockpit. I cracked the canopy (slider) open about 1 inch to help the hot air get out while taxiing to the end of the runway. On the takeoff roll at about 50 mph I looked up and saw I had not completely closed or locked the canopy so I aborted the takeoff. Just wondering what the consequences would have been it I had been in the air. I know someone must have done this and what was your experience?


Climbing Through 10,000 ...Paul Dye

Thanks to Rosie for alerting me to the funny number up in my post counter window - 9,999....I stopped paying attention to it some time ago. But it would be a shame not to recognize the amazing benefits I have received in my life from participating in Doug's little social experiment here on VAF. I joined the forum when Doug created the site back in 2005(ish), and have enjoyed both the social and the technical aspects of the community ever since. I owe a lot of my success in my "second career" in aviation journalism to the presence of this site as a place to practice.

VAF has always tried to be a bit of civility in an internet world where people forget that they are speaking in public, and often say the darnedest things.....you wonder sometimes if the entire population of the 'net was raised by wolves. The goal has always been to create a place where people could come and ask questions without being slammed as ignorant beginners - and overall, folks do pretty well. When we chase someone away because they are made to feel foolish, it is the community that has failed - not the questioner.

Anyway - to the point. I have been a little quiet this week because we lost my father a few days ago. He was 89 years old, lived a full life, was a member of the Greatest Generation (USS Aaron Ward, DM34, almost sunk at Okinawa...). He wanted to be a Naval Aviator in the war, but couldn't pass the color test - and he encouraged me in my own aviation career, one he couldn't have. Dad taught me (among many other things) that you need to learn to communicate with - and understand - other people if you are going to be successful ... at anything! He was a mathematics educator all of his adult life - and generations of Minnesota students benefitted from his work in problem solving curriculums used throughout the state. He even left us a math problem to be placed in his funeral bulletin. That's dedication!

In addition to making sure I learned my math, he always emphasized the importance of reading and the importance of reading a lot in developing good writing skills - and I am tempted to believe that he was right....

Dad flew with me a number of times in my life, but by the time my RV came along, he was no longer limber enough to climb over a cockpit rail - so didn't get the chance to fly in the airplanes I built. But he was with us in spirit.

Dad - this 10,000th post is for you!



Registration in 7 days ...Larry New

I highly recommend using the EAA's Registration and Certification kit. I know I wouldn't have gotten everything right without it. I followed it exactly and just saw my registration listed on the FAA Registry 7 business days after I mailed it! I did make one call to EAA to ask about the amount of the check. It's $5 if you've already reserved an n-number. The cost with shipping for EAA members was about $17 and it includes a data plate and more.


Garmin GTR 200 V2.60 Software ...g3xpert

Hello GTR 200 Users,

As everyone knows, the front mounted micro SD card on the GTR 200 allows users to install free software upgrades each time we make them available.

Today we released GTR 200 V2.60 to our website which unleashes more of the power of the GTR 200 digital signal processor and adds some great new audio capabilities if you use your GTR 200 as your stereo intercom.

V2.60 adds a Music Bass Boost feature with Off, Medium, and High settings and Music Equalizer Presets with Off, Pop, Classical, and Rock settings. We know you will be very pleased with the results.  continue




Why RV12's have wing-tip handholds

Tuesday, following G-RMPS’s annual condition inspection and air test the previous week, the weather throughout Scotland looked exceptional. Time to get back in the saddle. At the airport I reckoned a flight to the top left corner of Scotland, then west over the sea to the top of the Hebrides islands, then southward along the island chain, following by eastbound leg over the sea, and a cross-country back to base (Perth) would do the trick.

Five hours at a leisurely 100 knots. I planned to land on Sollas Beach, in North Uist around the half-way mark, to chuck another 20 litres (5 gallons) of fuel in to get us home.  continue


My first real RV trip ...crabandy


Stall Practice Gone Wrong?

Nearing the end of my Phase 1 testing of my RV-9A, I recently began flight tests at increased weight and varying CG locations within the envelope. The plane was loaded with full fuel, one 50-lb sandbag in a duffel strapped down in the passenger seat, and one 50-lb sandbag in a duffel strapped in the baggage compartment. The weight and CG were calculated to be well under max gross and nowhere near aft limits.

I climbed to 5k (4k AGL), and determined the aircraft to have positive stability in all axes as normal. I then performed two power off stalls (one clean, one full flaps), both of which went exactly like all previous power off stalls: mild buffet followed quickly by a slight nose drop, release back pressure and the plane resumes flying. I set up to do one more clean power off stall in order to capture a data point for my Skyview AOA indicator.

This time, however, as airspeed decreased and I increased back pressure on the stick, and with eyes fixed firmly on the centered ball, instead of the usual buffet I was instantly and abruptly rotated nose down, wings level, to what I found out later from recorded EFIS data was a 64-degree nose-down pitch. My cell phone, which was sitting on the seat next to me along with the sandbag, hit the canopy. It seemed like forever before the airplane had built enough speed to recover, but thankfully it did so without any ill effects. Analyzing the data, it turns out that I lost about 600 feet altitude in recovering from this stall. The whole event lasted about 7 seconds.  continue


Some Russian showed up in Lansing!

This crazy Russian dude plopped into Lansing an hour ago looking for food and a place to stay. When he got out of the plane, he had a fur hat and a life jacket on. Im not sure what that means, but he sure had a bunch of stuff in his baggage area.


MEK - a cautionary tale!

I recently spent the day at the aircraft restoration facility run by a friend of mine, cleaning parts and then spraying them with primer. At the end of the session, Matt kindly presented me with the now half full can of MEK. Parts all carefully loaded into the car, can of MEK, top secure, in the trunk, and I set off for the 200 mile drive home.

After about 45 minutes I began to feel pretty sleepy and over the next 15 minutes or so found it more and more difficult to stay awake. After a couple of near misses - basically falling asleep and waking up as the car changed lanes - remember that British motorways have a 70mph speed limit so they are not places to doze off - I just had to stop for some coffee.  continue


Interesting ''First Flight',

A friend today did his first flight on his RV-9 and shortly after take-off ( 300 feet) the engine started running very rough to the point that he tought about landing it in a nearby field ..

He is an experience airline pilot so he didn't panic, kept on flying the aircraft and troubleshoot as best as he could at the moment.  continue


Please Welcome www.leadingedge-airfoils.com/

Their ad appears on the front page.  129 page catalog of pretty much everything.




Thu Jul 3, 2014  1210Z
I'm Back, Baby! ...Bob Collins

And to conclude this endless thread, I got this email from Dr. Schall today:

I hope this finds you doing well. I have reviewed and approved your Special Issuance for your Medical Certificate. You should receive it in the next 5-10 days. If you need to fly sooner, I can email you a Fax-Wire letter that you can fly on for 60 days until your Certificate shows up. Let me know if you need one. All the best.

Kindest Regards,

Dave Schall
David G. Schall, MD MPH FACPM FACS
FAA Great Lakes Regional Flight Surgeon
Aerospace Neurotologist.

Joined two big parts today

New RV-10 Low Profile Handle Design

Tommy and Gang ...Idaho

Names on my canopy skirt

Playing around w/my new GoPro mount ...Michael

Two old Friends meet

Pimped Out Hangars

Justin Twilbeck's RV-10 project

Tank Leak Repair Status Pic ...N617AR

Tiltable cradle constructed.  Pic sent from A&P mechanic/friend Randy Richmond.

Happy Birthday Toast to Dean Fellows! ....89 years young.

From friends at Johnson Creek.

Van's Aircraft will be closed...

...Friday July 4th (Independence Day).  Phone, Fax, e-mail and Web Orders placed after 12PM noon (Pacific Time) on Thursday, July 3rd will be processed on Monday July 7th

Upcoming EAA Webinars Schedule



Wed Jul 2, 2014  1222Z
  No edition today.  Transported Mom down to Houston yesterday and never got close to a computer.
  We’re in the complex process of trying to get a slot at MD Anderson in Katy, TX for Mom’s radiation treatment. My sister is working on this full time down there now, but I had the thought that there might be an RV builder doctor/oncologist/nurse/etc down in the Houston area that might be able to help her get through this maze a little quicker. If that is you, I’d love to give you my sister’s contact info.
  Thank you.


Tue Jul 1, 2014  0220Z
  Thank you again for the many kind words regarding my mom's health issues in emails, PMs and forum replies.  It means more than you know.

Wallpaper Calendar for July ...Ed Hicks photo

Tunnel vision ...MikeS

For some time now I have experienced the dreaded "shopping cart shimmy" upon landing.

This has been quite intermittent, maybe once in every 10 or so landings.

Most of us have heard or read about the problem, and I would guess that a few of the nosedragger folks may have experienced it.

When this first happened to me, I checked the nose wheel breakout and found it to be a bit light so I snugged up the nut one flat. Seemed to take care of the problem. ...


Bucking Bar protection- any one else do this?

Maybe this is a common thing to do, but I got the bright idea to use strips of cardboard cut from cereal boxes to protect the flap and aileron spars from damage during bucking of rivets. Maybe I am just a hack riveter. As shown in the pictures. I taped in the cardboard for the edge line up with the side I was riveting. No damage to spar, but the cardboard was a bit damaged. After getting done with one side, I re-taped it to the other side. The second side is more important, since I won't be able to see it after I am done. well at least no easily.


Be careful when drilling top wing skin inboard nutplate holes

I am waiting for word from Vans Support, but I think finally I made the mistake that is going to require some expensive re-ordering... Red arrow on the attached picture is the hole I drilled #19 by accident.

Veteran builders already know this, but building when you are tired and it is late at night is just begging for disaster.

Witness the mistake I made Friday night.  ...

Sterling over at Vans even went further and suggested that I just install the nutplate with a single rivet instead since as you mentioned the only purpose here is to hold this in place while the screw goes in and there are MANY other nutplates drilled correctly holding on the fairing. Phewww.... Back to paying more attention. Hopefully it helps someone avoid the same mistake


Delta Pop com antenna PIREP

I had previously posted about the problems I was having with a foil antenna mounted to the windshield of my -6. I added noise supression filters to the mags as the problem presented itself after having the mags overhauled. I finally decided that something had to be up with the foil antenna and indeed after close inspection I discovered that the foil had developed a crack which severed the antenna 1/3 of the way up. After searching the forums, I contacted Don Pansier by e-mail and asked him to call me. He called back within half an hour and we spent the next 30 min discussing my problem and I ended up ordering his bent whip antenna. He suggested mounting it ahead of the spar in the corner so that I get to it and could use the antenna with my handheld if needed. I had the antenna in two days and after installation I am thrilled with the results. I can highly recommend Delta Pop's antennas and they will be my first choice of antennas in the future.


RV-4 Builder Dave Ross to Receive EAA Tony Bingelis Award


Need help and thoughts, cylinder issues

My partner posted about a EGT issue we were having where the number 3 EGT jumped up substantially over the other cylinders. Everyone seemed to think it was a clogged injector. We have been looking at the problem and need a bit more advice. It now appears sadly the issue may be a cracked cylinder or cylinders.

To fill in a little more history on the aircraft the very first indication that there might be a issue was slightly elevated EGTs on 2 and 3 at takeoff power.  ...


Oshkosh- new procedure in Homebuilt Camping


Now that we've ticked over into July, it's time to start thinking about Oshkosh in earnest. Actually, to be accurate, we never really stop thinking about it, but the pace quickens as it gets closer.

Over the years, your faithful parking volunteers have heard some variation of the following questions roughly ninety jillion times:  ...


A satisfying moment



Mon Jun 30, 2014  0234Z
  My mom's diagnosis, if you haven't already heard, was bad.  Lung cancer that has spread to the brain (pushing on the brain caused the motor skills loss and falling).  Radiation and chemo start Wednesday at MD Anderson in Houston.  Prognosis a year, maybe a year and a half.  Tuesday I drive from Dallas to Waco to get Mom, then take her halfway to Houston, where my sister will meet me and take over.  Wednesday's edition might be thin, just FYI.  Mom's going to relocate to Katy, TX (Houston) to be near my sister and continue to get treatment, and I'll fly down there regularly once I get the fuel tank leaks fixed (a much higher priority now).  The RV will get down there in 1hr 20min at 150kts, as opposed to my sister driving 3.5 hours up from Houston.  When I convinced myself to built this plane back in 1996, I never envisioned it being used this way.  I think I'll end up being most grateful for having it for this very purpose.  I am blessed to have this airplane.
  I have to keep busy or I'll go crazy, so please keep my Mom in your prayers, and understand that I need to keep doing this front page regularly for my own sanity.  Thank you so much for the kind words via email and forums.
  Finally, I'm sorry to start your morning with such sad news. 

RV-3 Wing Desk
...and yes, I would love to have one of these to produce VAF on.

Hat Sighting ...Turbo, of course.

Bob Collins Update

snip......So, to keep the narrative updated, there's hope.....snip

David Nellis Panel

First Annual KC Flight Formation Clinic

Will Fly for Food ...Smitty vid.

WD-1230 Nose Fork Cracks

From Factory FB Page...

Tommy and Gang in Joseph ...many pics


Thu Jun 26, 2014  1046Z
Elko BC Day trip ...TroyBranch

This past weekend we skipped out of town for the day as a cold front hit with rain and 30plus knot winds out of the north. The forcast looked great at our destination of Elko BC and we crossed our fingers the forecast was right for our return that afternoon. The plane was packed with food and blankets and off we went.


Summer 2014 trip ...tommylewis

Tom & Bonnie left Texas last Thursday and flew our RV10 to Cheyenne to visit our son for the weekend. On Friday we took a nice 4 mile hike down north of Ft Collins.


WOT Climb to 10,000' ...David Domeier

This morning the plan was -

Check CHT in an extended climb.
Check OT same situation.
Measure time to climb.
Carefully approach 200 KTAS on the way down.

With the OAT 78 - max CHT in the climb was 377 using EIS 4000 to measure it.
This engine cools well because it is NOT an IO360 angle valve 200+HP unit. It is a simple standard compression IO360 180 HP.

OT hit 175. I may have to cover the cooler a bit.

Time to climb was 8:23. Not too shabby and also not so good, but decent for this engine/Catto prop combination and no wheel pants. For sure any CS prop will beat it.

I used the GRT Sport EFIS TAS indicator to ease up to 200 knots on decent. The maneuver is always a bit tension filled but the airplane was solid the whole way and the speed advance was very gradual. I did not try any turns or abrupt stick action at that speed, just wanted to see if it was stable. It is. Note: Like most guys doing this stuff, I am no trained test pilot.

Van comments in his Landing the RV article some time back, what makes a difference is practice, practice, practice. He is absolutely right. With just 4.9 hours in the RV-8, i need lots more practice. I can get it on but I don't like the landings even if they don't bounce. I am flairing too high and need to go out and drive it closer to the grass or asphalt.


Zack Air was at the 2nd Annual Mid Atlantic Gathering of RV's ...

...at the Carroll County Airport in Westminster, Maryland. A great turnout of nice people and RV aircraft! Many thanks to Jack Savage and EAA chapter 1384 for putting on this annual event. Special thanks to our host...Craig Moen!


AF-5000 EFIS Screen Shots ...from AFS


From Tina



Wed Jun 25, 2014  1147Z
  Family milestone: Audrey made Honor Roll with Distinction for the Spring of '14 at SMU (link).  That means top 10%.  Go Ace! 

San Juan Islands & Victoria

...OUTSTANDING trip write-up by Bryan Douglass (RV-10)


'Touch' Upgrade Almost Complete ...Brantel

Got my new GDU465 G3X Touch screen and CNC'd adapter plate and the plug for the PFD2 side from Stein on Friday.

The CNC'd parts look and worked perfectly to convert the original 3 screen setup. All I had to do was take a dremel and cut the small piece out of the middle that was between the two portrait screens. The plug for the PFD2 fit like a glove and it was made with 2 pieces so that it comes out flush with the face of the panel.

All that is left to do is for me to paint the adapter/plug and tie in the bare wire cable for the 796.  continue


More Ed Hicks Pics from the Expo

[ed. Ed, can I please have something from this session for the July wallpaper calendar?  Your choice which.  dr]


August Cover ...our friend Dayton Murdock


RVs at Johnson Creek


Microburst Event Video: US Air Force Academy Airfield 4/23/2014

Of note are the fair-weather looking skies in more than half the field of view, skies some pilots might interpret as not being a threat for flight.  Understandably, there is some strong language...and listen for "Departure end wind 120 at 31 gust 55". 

Advisory Circular 00-24C (Thunderstorms) 13pages

"...Gust fronts often move far ahead (up to
15 miles) of associated precipitation..."


Medical Waivers - Lesson Learned ...Terry

Things I've Learned Along the Way:
1. The FAA will provide you with a guidance letter detailing requirements - Give them EXACTLY what they want.
2. Provide your personal physician with the FAA guidance letter - highlighting key points may be helpful.
3. If your personal physician insists on doing it his way in terms of paperwork or format, see rule #1
4. If discussion with your personal physician doesn't result in EXACTLY what you need, GET A NEW PHYSICIAN.
5. One of the key elements required is likely a LETTER to the AME from your personal physician summarizing all tests and attesting to your fitness. Clinical notes and stand-alone lab reports won't likely cut it.
6. Put together a "packet" for the AME with all FAA requested documentation. A cover with a table of contents won't hurt.
7. Make sure YOU have copies of everything.
8. For heart issues that require a Bruce Stress Test, make certain you go a minimum of 9 minutes. The tech administering the test may ask you if you want to stop once you've reached target rate - if it's less than 9 minutes, the FAA may not accept the results.

My first waiver (for stent placement) resulted in waiting about 4 months beyond the required down time. This was all the result of a non-cooperative cardiologist. Unfortunately, the FAA started the clock when I first submitted my application - this resulted in the medical being good for only about 8 months.

Solution this year was a new Cardiologist (early June). Examination, all testing completed and summary letter in hand as of this Monday. AME visit yesterday. New medical/waiver good for another 12 months. Trip to family camp on the shore of Lake Superior this weekend- a perfect ending.



Tue Jun 24, 2014  1204Z
  I was messing around with MS Excel and Archive.org yesterday afternoon, and came to the conclusion that I've published in excess of 3,500 M-F daily editions of this site since April of 2000.  I don't know if that means I'm dedicated to this American small business, in it for the long haul, or if I need to get my head examined.  Let's go with dedicated, and thanks again to those people and advertisers who keep it in the virtual air.
  And Ed, on the pic below that you took at the Expo, just outstanding! 

From the Expo

Andy Karmy Status

Once I was on a roll, I had my friend Curt (RV-4 guy) come over Sunday evening and we closed out the front top skin. 3 hours later we were done! Not the most fun riveting on the project, but hey it had to be done. Access is quite limited in most locations along the longarons.

What Is This On My Governor?

I have a McCauley DC 290 governor that has some sort of adjustment on top of it as seen below with the jam nut. I can not find a manual for it on-line and when I contacted McCauley and asked about a manual, there response was to take it to one of the authorized service centers if there were any problems with it. Anyone have any idea what this adjustment is for? The engine is an IO-540 V4A5 that came out of a late model Maule.

Turnkey RV-10 For Sale (Medford, OR)

RV-10 for Sale SN N104BK. Located Medford Oregon $200,000, Total time on airframe and engine >75 Hours last flown June 5, 2014. IO540 with cold air induction, tuned exhaust, Show plane engine cowl and glass panel. Last Annual Jan/2014. Avionics include Dual Grand Rapids Horizon HX Monitors, Dual AHRS, Dual Magnetometers, GarminSL30, Garmin GNC 300XL, TruTrak Autopilot, Garmin 327 transponder, Grand Rapids EIS 4000/6000. Willing to deliver. Robert (Bob) Kaufmann, (541) 973-7083, email bob.kaufmann 'at' gmail 'dot' com

Unhappy Result on First Engine Start

I’ll get right to the sad punch line: I had a kickback and broke six teeth on the flywheel ring gear on my engine last weekend during the first start attempt.
Here are the details.  ...



Mon Jun 23, 2014    
My two 7's together for the first time, and phase 1 complete! And first pax-flight

Block island here we come

N614EF Flying to South St. Paul


The value of a preflight


Gust lock bent

An evening 2 ship formation flight- RV-7 and RV-4, wifey as lead

Rudder horn wear bushing

You know your passenger has a bit of nerves when he sneaks a prayer behind your back!

Another RV-8 Born today

Boroscope images


I'm primed! and the Cessna rule


RV-4 and the Other Side of the Mountain(s)



Fri Jun 20, 2014  1148Z   
 Last week RV builder Tim Terry stopped by the Van Cave.  He recently dropped his RV off at Grady's for paint.  Turns out Tim owns and runs TNT Electric, Inc up in Gainesville.  How about that!  I need a 220v single phase plug right about here.  Two 90* bends, an offset and two junction boxes would do it.  Can you give me a quote?
  Yesterday two folks from TNT came by and knocked it out of the park in not very long at all.  Tim, thank you.  You meet the nicest people in this hobby.  Some can even knock out items on your punch list.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 


The Thrifty Mind of an Aircraft Builder...it's sometimes hard to turn off.

Occasionally the Dennis Miller show makes me laugh - he interviews a lot of comics, and that sure is more appealing to me than the news.  It comes on 570 AM from noon to 3pm here.  I'd catch five or ten minutes in the car every now and then, but the 30 minutes per hour of news and commercials were a kick in the man vegetables.  The DVR in the living room has changed my commercials tolerance level to zero point zero.  I could use a DVR for my radio, only free.  And the less computer this and that the better.

OK, the DMiller podcast on the smartphone, maybe.  Nope, they want $50/yr for that, and we know that's not gonna happen.  I haven't paid for a haircut in twenty years.  Think like a thrifty airplane builder.

Above is my 32yr old Sony 'Dream Machine', model ICF-C30W.  Purchased at Service Merchandise in Waco's Richland Fashion Mall in 1982.  I woke up to this in high school, and every morning in college.  It sat on the work bench for five years playing classic rock during the construction of the RV-6.  The BOSS sticker came with a guitar effects pedal.  In front of it is the digital recorder I bought fifteen years ago as a cube worm.  It's recording the show old school.  A little fiddling around with the recorder revealed you can make it come on/off at a future time/date, and you can set the fast forward button to jump in 1, 2 or 5 minutes leaps with each tap of the button.  You can set the radio to come on, also.  Very DVR-like.  I set them both to spark up at 11:59am, and it worked like a champ.  I later listened to the parts I was interested in during the 24 minute drive home from the airport (the car has an 'Aux In' line).  Cost?  Maybe five cents in electricity.  Commercials?  Zero, but you'd occasionally hear an airplane go by, which was kinda kick @ss.

The Dream Machine lives on, even though it's described as 'retro' and 'vintage' and 'a collector piece' in ebay listings (proof).  The RV-6 and this clock radio are old friends.  It's nice to know they still hang out.


Engine Turning Discussion/Examples


Rear seat Headrest ...Aerosport

Aerosport Products is now offering Rear seat Headrest for the stock Vans rear seats. These headrest are adjustable and removable in a matter of seconds.  These can be retrofit to most completed stock van seats.  We will also be offering complete rear seat foam sets.


Creative offload ...fuse kit


RV-12 Expo PIREPs

"32 of us finished the Rainbow Aviation ELSA Repairman Inspection course yesterday. The 1 day Rotax course by is today. The Expo officially starts tomorrow. However, there is a new RV-12 SLSA sitting right out side of the conference room right now"

"Today was the 1 day Rotax course building on the Rotax info we got in the 2 day Repairman/Inspector course we took on Tues. and Wed. Great info! Makes me want to take the 15 day course that Rainbow offers."

"I was in the Skyview class this afternoon. Learned all the basic functions and some of the more advanced features, excellent practice. I now feel like I'll be able to operate the Skyview enough to learn all the features when I do install it. My wife and I have been enjoying our visit here at Sunriver and are looking forward to attending all the classes/discussions to come."



Thu Jun 19, 2014  1148Z   
Welcome Back ...andrewtac

I was a member a few years back, poked around a bit with intentions of starting an RV8. I came back a few months ago poking around a bit again, made a couple posts. Found a wing and tail kit in the classifieds, it sold; found another wing and tail kit with tools and jumped on it. After working out the details I picked it up Sunday. The tail work is complete (minus the glass) and spar construction on the wing was begun. I've got no experience building planes, but have a buddy who worked at a build shop (and did about 95% of an RV-9). I've got some shop setup to do and a bit of research (practice kit and maybe some classes) before I get started. Thanks Nate for the patience with the purchase.


Updated Formation Guidelines v2.6 ...Stu

A sample page...


Off the Bench at Up North Aviation

RV-8 panel rework for a 2003 RV-8. Adding GNS430W a TruTrak Vizion and a Stratus/iPad Mini for IFR cross country.  Bruce G. a retired Hawker 800 and Falcon guy from Alabama

fmi: www.upnorthaviation.com


Status ...Michael Boggs RV-8

18 JUNE 2014
Schedule has been hectic but I'm making time. About 25 hours into the tail kit the vertical stab has just a few rivets left to go on the skin. Just plugging along one rivet at a time.




Hat Sighting ...RVDan

Angel Fire, NM Vietnam veterans memorial.


Tank Leak Update

(8) fuel repair kits arrived yesterday.  Left tank off, right tank down to one screw that is being stubborn, is stripped, and might require dynamite.  That last sentence describes aircraft maintenance in one sentence <g>. 



Wed Jun 18, 2014  1128Z   
What does this picture represent?...Brad Benson


IMC in the Rocket ...Tom Martin

On Saturday I had a chance to to get a bit of actual IMC time in conditions that I am comfortable with. The IFR ticket has been a bit frustrating at times as my personal minimums are quite a bit higher then the legal minimums and this limits my actual IMC time. I file IFR on quite a few nice VFR days just to keep in the system. Over the last two years I have flown almost 100 hours of IFR but only a handful of actual IMC hours. This is a typical IMC flight, for me, clear skies below, a solid layer, and clear skies above. I thought that I would post a video of this "typical" flight. A lot of the IFR world revolves around the conversation with flight control and this video gets the highlights of the radio talk of a 20 minute flight condensed in under 3 minutes.

I am NOT a pro, I am a nervous IFR guy but I am really enjoying the challenge of the experience. I learn something new each and every flight. If you are going to do this try not to wait until your mid fifties like I did; it just has to be easier with a younger sharper mind!


Status ...Mevans 6/6A

From Oregon to Florida for only 291.00 by Old Dominion, very pleased with their service. How do they scrunch up that fuselage into that little box? anyway, off to the workshop for inventory.


Happy Grandkids


Hat Sighting ...D Allan Stern

Here I am in Russia at Catharine the Great’s palace.


Need Help With This ...Clarkie

OK. The RV-6 has been running like a champ. Last week my partner and I performed the GAMI Lean Test to see if any of our injectors needed to be re-sized. John Paul from GAMI called back after he analyzed our data and said, "Don't touch a thing. You are exactly where you want to be." Great news or at least it was until yesterday.  continue



Tue Jun 17, 2014  1131Z   Happy Birthday Audrey!!!!!

N37DD has Flown ! ...David Domeier

Decided today was the day to do it.  With Frank Baldwin and Gale Derosers acting as flight advisers, I took off at about 9 am.  Climbed to 3000' over the airpark, checked flight controls (very sensitive but stable) did a clean stall (51knots) and full flaps (47 knots). Conferred with Frank on an approach speed and settled on 60 knots over the fence.  continue

Day with the Snowbirds...prkaye

Boomerang and two RVs ...mrblob

Entire Swiss RV-10 fleet in one picture ...Michael Wellenzohn

Another Redline Video ...jthocker

Why you get an instrument ticket ...Jon

Video- "Force Field" ...AX-O

AFS RV-10 will be at the Sunriver RV12 Expo this week

Page Gets a Ride!!!! ...Weasel

Don't over-tighten drain plugs ...DanH

Another Father's dad gift-) ...MS19087

Be-a-Pilot Day Smithsonian ...Joel Medeiros

Unusual Attitudes: It Wasn't My Time...By Martha Lunken



Mon Jun 16, 2014  1154Z
  I changed the thermostat in the wife's car Friday, the front brake pads in the daughter's car Saturday, and can now hopefully get back to the REAL punch list....item #1 being the leaking RV-6 fuel tanks.  I have the left tank off and the right tank half off.  Progress, but the cars keep needing attention. ;^)
  On a personal note, Susie and Tate were in California some of last week visiting and catching up with some of her old friends (two AA AAdvantage tickets we had saved up for using credit card purchases over the past few years).  While they were there the spouse of one of Susie's close friends died unexpectedly, so Susie needed to cut the trip short by five days.  AA really shined, putting her and Tate on a flight back home yesterday for $2.50, not the $900 we were fully expecting on such short notice.  I wanted to thank American Airlines for that - it is very much appreciated.
  Hope you had a nice weekend.

Russ Daves RV-10


Open House/Hangar Warming Pics ...Paul

Fun Down South ...petehowell

One year after the accident ...Chuck Hagerty

How NOT to mount a GoPro camera (on a -9) ...scard

...To our amazement, this configuration increased the clean stall speed (no flaps) by 12 knots!...

Fathers Day Video Flight FL To CT ...turbo

Almost Done ...KHeidorn RV-14 Wing Tips

Dynon Autopilot and Knob Moduels ...mothership site

House-Warming gift! ...Paul

Watercolor for our friend ...gottawork

Hat Sighting ...Geico266

RV-9 Horizontal Stablizer Assembly (time lapse video)

KFFA Pic ...Clarkie

GoPro on the wingtip, down the river and beach on Father's Day ...Arlen

Status ...Gregg Brightwell RV-4



Fri Jun 13, 2014  1157Z
I’ve seen the enemy…and it is us.

Yesterday, while at the hangar working on my leaky RV fuel tanks, and starting the changing out of the water pump on the wife’s car, a good round of thunderstorms rolled through. At right is a screen grab of the weather at the time from my smartphone (click to enlarge). I’m the blue dot. The ruler tool in Google Earth later showed the distance from the blue dot to the ‘D’ in ‘Denton’ to be right at eleven miles statute, making the yellow/red portion of the activity at least ten miles wide.

Lightning every five seconds. Lightning to the east of the centerline two miles or so away. Lightning to the north. Lightning to the west. Cloud to cloud lightning spanning hundreds of degrees of sky. LOUD thunderclaps. Raining good. The storm is not nearby….it’s in the room with us sitting at the table.

The kind of weather that kills people in small planes.

And incredibly, right there in the middle of it, there were (3) small airplanes in the pattern. Two of them doing, shat-you-not, touch ‘n gos. A couple of Cessna 172s….and (sigh) an RV-7. Taking off to the south, possibly seconds from a 50mph outflow wind shear event.

Jaw on floor.  Is it any wonder that the average person on the street, and a chunk of the news media, thinks the typical GA pilot is a risk-taking adrenaline junkie?

As you might suspect, not long after it was VFR and pleasant – I took the Cub up for fifteen minutes after lunch. I’m grateful I didn’t have to pass by a crash site surrounded by news helicopters.

If you think I’m being too much of a worry wart, let me take you back to the LOE fly-in on 10/11/2008 when two RV builders in a Maule took off near a cell, were slammed into the ground and killed.  Link to probable cause.  You could see the black smoke from the ramp, a mile off the end of the runway.  I was there, and it was perfect VFR a few minutes later.  The PIC was 46yrs old and had 1,755 hours TT.

I wondered later if the people in the pattern at my field yesterday gave any thought to just how close to death they really were.  I sure hope they're reading this.

Fly safe.  Please.


The paint job- NOW my plane is done! ...Bob Collins


52,000 people at 5,430 feet ...bobmarkert

Use the Colorado Rocky Mountains as the backdrop on Memorial Day,…. pick a city with an elevation of 5,430’ ….. add 52,000 runners and you have the annual Bolder Boulder 10K race in Boulder Colorado. The Rocky Mountain Renegades Formation Flight Team was asked to help in the closing ceremony. 10 Renegades and two guest pilots (Thanks Ryno and Soup) brought the crowd to their feet. It was exceedingly bumpy that day, as can be seen in the smoke trails, but everyone did a great job. Below are three links, the first is a video made by team lead Jim Gray, the second is the official Bolder Boulder recap video and the third is the Renegade website. ….Enjoy


Selfie ...Shawn Li

My RV-7 is approaching 10 hrs in phase I now, I got my first in flight selfy, a family one will be nice, I will get that later.


Sporty's giving away another RV-12 ...Flying Mag article

fmi: http://www.sportys.com/sweepstakes



Thu Jun 12, 2014  1203Z
Time to start the engine ....awmuhs RV-10

Joe Zuffoletto's RV-8

New G3X Panel Up and Running ...Walt

Selfies ...DHRYCAUK

My wife and sons first flight in the -8, it's so rewarding to share your passion with your family!

Parking brake location

Alternate Air Door Interference


Drilled 1/2" holes in end of HS for endoscope. Worked fairly well. Can touch up plugs next paint time.

Scheduled Maintenance 6/14 11pm CT - 6/15 6am CT

...regularly scheduled maintenance window will be used to install critical patches to servers on the network, in order to keep the data safe and improve the reliability of the hosting services. Readers will experience intermittent service accessibility during this window.



Wed Jun 11, 2014  1112Z


Doug Crumrine hat sighting....
[Sometimes the splash image is REALLY easy to decide on <g>.]


Flyin' with Pete McCoy…RV perma-grin in place! ...Doug Kott

This past Saturday, Pete McCoy graciously treated me to a flight in his beautiful RV-9A based out of Chino. There was a bit of delay as he was flying down from Big Bear, which was socked in until about noon. No worries; I had my second breakfast at Flo's, a very pleasant way to kill some time, and afterward watched a P-40 do some low, thundering passes and steep turns. Gotta love Chino!   continue


The Quest for Paint - Part 3 ...Randy P


OSH'14 Van's Banquet Tickets On Sale


10 pounds in a five pound sack ...Bill R.


Tank Leak Repair: Update #1 


Panel design ...NTex looking for iput

Something looks weird here

Yep, it looks weird because there are no clecos! the wings are about to come out of the wing stand. I cant believe it. Am I really building an airplane? What a good feeling. My wife helped me with riveting on all the wing skins. she did great.   continue



Tue Jun 10, 2014  1150Z
The Quest for Paint: Part 2 ...Randy Pflanzer

From the mothership FB page...

Best way to pull RV-9A onto sliding deck truck

Glen's 50th ...Bob's pics

Panel Status ...I-MKLK (Italy)

Purge valve return spring ...AX-O

Randy Shares About His Recent Off Airport Landing ...Subie powered

Greetings all. I am the owner/pilot of the C-GYOO. I feel inclined to get the proper information out there for the benefit of others. The engine went into a very rich air/fuel ratio situation, after a normal takeoff and climb out. The mixture ended up as being beyond adjustment, causing a substantial reduction in power. The engine was running at impact. With the rapid reduction of power and altitude, and staring at the end of the runway beyond an 8' fence, which I knew I wouldn't clear, I elected to stall it into the swamp as low and slow as possible, from probably between 50-100' as far as I can recall. This was for personal survival and to minimize damage to my aircraft by trying not to invert on impact. IIRC, I impacted at about 60-70 mph at around 60 degrees +/- and from what I was told, bounced about 15' or so after impact. This I don't recall as I was probably still head down from the G's. The results are apparent. No inversion, cuts, broken bones or serious injury. The RV9A has turned out to be a very safe design. The cabin floor buckled enough to cover the fuel shut-off, but remained relatively intact. The tip-up canopy did not even crack, but had to be "horsed" a bit to get it open. I walked by myself for about 400-500 feet carrying my briefcase (that contained all of my aircraft related documents), through this swamp of heavy brush trimmings, short stumps and varying depths of water. All in all, a most successful outcome. This is not the full account, but rather enough to clarify the information out there. Fly safe. Randy Russell.

[ed. Randy, thank you for sharing this.  I think I speak for everyone reading this how grateful we are that you're OK.  dr]

Wing tip alignment

Pics- 12 in. vs 13 in. spinner on RV-4 ...AX-O

Fixing Tank Leaks - N617AR




Mon Jun 9, 2014  1112Z
Van Receives Godfrey L. Cabot Award

Lucy's First Flight

Would you fix this

Mowing day

Birds nest--cowl plugs not enough

D-Day Memorial Flight at Spruce Creek

New Paint Job - N417E

Hat Sighting ...at a wedding!!!!

AX-O Status

Pics: 50th BD party at 53VG

related: Glen's pics

Flaps stopped working. Time to degrease





Fri Jun 6, 2014  1149Z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

D-Day + 70 Years

If you could, please take some time this weekend to reflect on this.
fmi: http://www.abmc.gov/sites/default/files/publications/Normandy%20508_RT%20020614.pdf


Outer Banks North Carolina ...Wayne Gillispie

We flew to FFA- First Flight early Sat AM(5/31/14), a day later than planned due to IFR wx Friday. A nice smooth 2.5 hr flight at 9,500'. Be careful when it is windy. We hit an area on a 1/2 mi final for rwy 2 with a lot of sink. Winds were 12G18 nearly down the runway.  ...


VS Page 6-2 is Complete! ...hucks

I think I can officially claim to be an RV-10 builder now. Learning interesting new things at every step, not happy with my deburring skills yet and nervous about the first priming batch. Still, lots of fun so far, and 'm glad the girls are excited when I ask for help.


What an honor! ...Dave Gamble

While I have to confess to not being super thrilled with the title the editors came up with, I can't think of anything short of a Lindy that means as much to me as having the honor of having my story published in Sport Aviation. I have a lot to be thankful for in my life, but having had the support of my family and fellow builders for this project is very close to the top of the list.  ...


RV-12 Canopy Latch Safety Switch


My New IOX-370 ...Mark Dickens

Proud to present my new engine, a Titan IOX-370 with 8.3:1 piston, AFP injector and dual P-Mags.  It made 191 hp on the dyno and will work well with my Catto 3-blade prop. Can't wait to get it and get started on FWF!


My step cracked ...RVG8tor



Thu Jun 5, 2014  1145Z
One of the Best First Flight Reports Ever Written For This Site...Gary Baker

My apologies in advance for the length of this post. I have served as an EAA Flight Advisor since the beginning of the program in the mid-90’s and wanted to remind everyone that the program is still available to builders as you get close to your own first flight. Hopefully I have included something that can be used on someone else's first flight.

I received my aircraft sign-off for my RV-6 Thursday, May 29. A friend of mine drove in from out of state to see the inspection and help me get ready for the first flight. I thought that, with Scott's help and that of a few other friends, it would not be too big a task to finish off the last few items in preparation of the first flight. Well, no one has ever accused me of being on time!

Scott and I worked all day Friday on stuff, putting panels in and double-checking things, going thru my preflight punch list. Earlier, I had forgotten to tighten up a bolt before pop-riveting a seat floor pan in place, so Scott took on that job of drilling out about forty rivets, tightening up one bolt, and then reriveting the floor pan in again. Needless to say, that was not a ten-minute job!

Another friend, Paul, flew in that evening to let me get current in his RV-6 and we flew part of the profile I would fly during the first flight, as well as flying a few engine-out landings, with and without flaps. Over the years I have flown many of the RV models, so I am familiar with the flight characteristics of the -6. I have also been an EAA Flight Advisor for the past twenty years. Well, now I was going to put all of that advising into effect and actually see how it works.


Ron Duren, Jr. RV-7 Out of GLO Custom Paint Shop

Ron picked it up yesterday.  Got to eat lunch with him - very nice guy and a drop dead gorgeous RV!    dr


Greatest wife ever ...SkyFlorida

I'm on a business trip to Brazil and yet my build continues due to my tremendous wife. She claimed the rudder as her own project. I wanted to honor her by putting a pinup of her on the completed tail, but she isn't down with that.

Whatever. Am I a lucky guy or what?


Playing hooky ...mchargmg

The weather has been windy here in colorful Colorado the last few nights, so we decided to get up early, play hooky, and go fly.  ...




Wed Jun 4, 2014  1155Z
After 18 yrs, an Airworthiness Cert ...Gary Baker RV-6

Last Thursday evening, May 29, Matt Tomsheck, of the CLE FAA MIDO office, came to my hangar and conducted a public inspection of my RV-6. He was open to hosting a quasi-EAA Chapter meeting and let other builders see how he conducts an aircraft inspection. We had about twenty people attend the inspection and everyone got something out of the evening. ...


Perfect Rivet ...Tom Martin

"I clipped one of my pictures and blew it up to show what happens when a rivet is installed."


Status ...Doug Kott 9A

Some more progress. Very exciting to hang the finished rudder on the vertical stab! The trailing edge turned out nice and straight, and I didn't have to drill out a single rivet. I had a lot of apprehension about this step, but I re-read instructions about 14 times and followed them to the letter, and it worked perfectly.

Rolling the leading edges wasn't too difficult, but it was a bear to bring the rolled surfaces together to cleco & rivet. Took a lot of grip strength and yards of Gorilla tape.


Getting a -12 Through a Door ...Bob Hassel reply

Build what you can in the space. I have not yet installed the emp (even the first time) and I'll be starting the finish kit soon. What I can't or don't want to do at in the garage will all come together later or at the airport.  ...

wing in kitchen

tailcone hanging from ceiling

fuse in garage


How to get ton of fun ...Vlad continued


Oops (and congrats)...Mark Olson

First flight of my F1 EVO Rocket occurred on Saturday. 

This is a cable clamp and I have 3 of them, one each on the engine side of the throttle, mixture, and prop control cables. When I looked at it yesterday for some reason the thought went through my mind that the locking tab had swung out of place. Looking closer it was obvious that it was still as it should be, locking the cable in place. However the next thought was: IT COULD COME UNDONE, WHY ISN"T IT SAFETY WIRED??

I installed these, did my own final inspection on the airplane, the guvmint inspector (MDRA) inspected the airplane, the local mechanic on the field inspected the airplane, and I inspected FWF again myself after the first flight, and none of this picked up on the fact that these control cable clamps were not safety wired!

I was really surprised. There is even a handy little hole just above the tab for the safety wire. Just goes to show you can't have too many inspections.


Flash Goes for a Jog

My RV-6 flew more yesterday than it has flown in two months....and I only flew one of the four legs.  Half the time I wasn't in the plane.  First trip over to T31.  What a NICE runway - sooooo much better than our field's hammered turd of a strip.  A very striking contrast.

Later Ross used it to run a part down to Granbury, same town where the British actor who played Chewy in the original Star Wars movies now lives (I think).  Ross' plane is down for the S.B. repair and annual.  He asked if I wanted to go, but it was hot and bumpy, I'd already flown a bit and, he has a -6 and knows the feel, and has flown it before.

I'm guessing the plane was a little confused, but it got over it.



Tue Jun 3, 2014  1152Z
How to get ton of fun out of nothing ...Vlad

How to get ton of fun out of nothing? Easy. You are on VAF goofing off work you watch. You see a thread like this pops. You catch it you mark your calendar you wait. (could take two months or more). It's not cancelled you are good to go.


Phoenix to Seattle via the Grand Canyon ...704CH


Milestone: Rolled! ...Chris Johnson

What a good day. Have a family friend who is in high school, very into engineering, and I introduced him to flying a few years back. He has also been steadily helping with my build, and today we rolled the fuselage. I have since moved it from the sawhorse to a stand about 12" high, that supports it underneath the spar carry-through, and is nicely padded, in addition to a tail support. This seems to be as much support as most others have done; is there any need to add a third support, say underneath the F705 bulkhead? I worry about unnecessary stress on the structure when crawling around in the fuselage, but I'm probably way underestimating the strength of this thing. Thanks!


SB Done ...fred gassit

I finished the SB a few days ago, I had no real problems but I had easy access to the forward spar as it was out of the stabilizer.

For the RV-8 be aware that the new rivet hole that is drilled nearest the relief notches can leave you with very little edge distance in the spar itself. I've edited the image below to show what I'm talking about.

I spoke to Vans about mine, they weren't particularly concerned but nor were they giving any absolute assurances. I figure if it cracks it will relieve straight into that rivet hole but I'd recommend that you don't go crazy relieving those notches. Mine were exactly as per the drawing and I still wound up with this.


RV-8 Chris S. Johnson ...it begins


Badlands Fly-In

(per Larry V.)  The badlands flyin is scheduled the first weekend after Labor Day  which is Sept. 5-6-7.  We have not firmed up the activities yet, but  the aerial tour of the Black Hills will be part of the event.  When we get all of the details worked out, we will get them posted.   Larry Vetterman


High School RV-12 builders Austin Malcomb and Jacob Lofgreen fly Eagle's Nest One into AOPA Indy Fly-In.

Two articles...

Mon Jun 2, 2014  2130Z SPECIAL

VansAircraft.com Maintenace
Hardware Maintenance for vansaircraft.com is planned for Tuesday morning June 3, 2014, between 00:00 hours and 4:00am MDT (UTC/GMT-6).



Mon Jun 2, 2014  1145Z


N102KT flies! ...David Halmos

Voltige video RV-8 ...Luke in Italy

The joy of building an Experimental Aircraft ...Sid

Hotel room RV Construction...Dedication! ...Gregg

Cross Country Observations ...Randy Pflanzer

For those who have been following along, you know I am half way through my 4,400 nm journey and adventure to get my -12 painted. I spent four days in the airplane traveling from Indiana down through New Mexico to California and then up to Oregon, where it is now in primer as I write this. I have a couple observations regarding the cross country performance of the -12 that might be of interest to other owners. I invite others to share their experience as well.  ...

Adventures in Moving to the Airport ...Dan Langhout

VIRB Elite Wing Mount First Flight ...N411TW

Memorial Day Race Results In ...Bruce

Race#.......... Name Aircraft Class Elapsed Time Speed MPH Speed KTS
Race 91 Bruce Hammer Glasair I TD FX Blue 0:34:17 264.32 229.69
Race 24 Jim Wilson RV-8 RV Gold 0:40:52 221.74 192.69
Race 27 Jeff Barnes RV-6 RV Blue 0:41:15 219.68 190.89
Race 411 Ken Krebaum RV-8 RV Blue 0:42:02 215.58 187.34
Race 193 Bobby Bennett Beech Bonanza FAC1RG 0:42:38 212.55 184.70
Race 118 JT Racing RV-6 RV Blue 0:43:12 209.76 182.28
Race 77 Mike Thompson RV-6 RV Blue 0:44:35 203.25 176.62
Race 456 Ann Elise Bennett Cessna 182 FAC3FX 0:53:45 168.59 146.50
Race 191 Dan Tips Bonanza FAC1RG 0:54:31 166.22 144.44
Race 11 Mike Hardin Piper Apache Twin 3 0:54:51 165.21 143.56
Race 37 Rorie/Bloomquist Cessna 180 FAC3FX 0:55:54 162.11 140.87
Race 55 Team Ely AA-5A FAC5FX 0:57:11 158.47 137.70

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