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June 30, 2020.  Issue #5,118. (Always looking for contract pilot side work)

First Flight N144SD ...bobhope2505 RV-14A


3D Model of RV-6 in Solidworks ...DeeCee_57 post


2,300 Hour Report ...petehowell -9A

Not much has changed at 2300 hours. She is still running great.

  • Filter and screen had some carbon chunks, nothing more.
  • Compression #'s were 77-76-77-78 with a warm engine. Valves looked pretty good!
  • As mentioned previously - We are going to continue to run and watch her carefully.
  • Titan O-320/Carb/EI/Mostly Mogas/Lots of LOP

    Valve Porn - the cheapo camera was not super sharp this time, but did the trick   --->


Love my big screens ...Greenley

Saturday evening I flew from SW MI to SW TN to pick up a sister-in-law and niece to help prepare for a family wedding. It was an IFR flight and I was so thankful for the big beautiful screens. I have never made so many diversions for weather during a flight. While I do count on ATC to help with current weather conditions, even with the delays ADSB helps to much with having a picture of what is happening. With the combination I was able to stay well clear of trouble spots. The direct flight home however did have a detour almost to St Louis, added 200 nm to the trip of normally 450 nm. Would not have been able to do this with my 172. Here a few pics I snapped during the flight.  --->


Finishing Kit, Canopy Part 1A ...PilotjohnS 9A

So I have been working on the fitting the canopy frame, the first step on the canopy tasks. I had taken a month off to do yard work and whatever else I could find to avoid the canopy stuff. Finally I decided it needed to get done while the weather was warm.

The canopy frame was fairly close to perfect from the factory. I had to tweak 6 spots in the front hoop. I have a little more to go in the back hoop. But the back hoop requires less force and is already really close.

I took the advice of others and will cut the canopy front tubes, and will put the canopy track on after the frame is bent. I found it was much easier to do this without the tracks being on; I just used a wood space under the front tubes to raise the canopy frame up to about the right spot.

Here is how I bent the front hoop use a 3/4" conduit bender from the precision tool isle at Lowe's:  --->


Clunking Canopy when Closing ...design4p video


I have a clunking sound when the canopy is being closed. There is no connection with the rear of the canopy and the only connection at the point of clunk is the 2 hinges.

Please view a YouTube movie of the clunk.

It would appear that the hinge connected to the bulkhead jerks at the point of clunk.

Any suggests of a remedy would be most welcome.


Compression tests-hot vs cold? ...Aviaman

I had what seems a counter intuitive result. I got compression readings that were slightly higher measured cold, than when measured hot. It wasn't a big difference, something like 72,73,73,73 hot vs. 76,77,77,77 cold. It seems when hot, the clearances and fit would be tighter, causing compressions to be higher. Any ideas?



June 29, 2020.  Issue #5,117.
  The SAL kept a lot of RVators on the ground over the weekend around N. Texas, including me.  Lotsa haze Saturday - crazy wind Sunday.  It's been one week since VAF's data moved to the cloud - hoping you are both seeing and enjoying faster response times and a more stable environment.  Thank VAF user 'bkervaski' for this - his brain made it happen so smooth.  More improvements coming...this week.
  I really liked today's 'OT'.  If you're not a fan of 70's classic rock, you may need to click on the 'explain' link.
  Hope the Wx was better in your neck of the woods this weekend, and have a really nice Monday.
(Always looking for contract pilot side work)

Milestone ...msmst25 (and son)

RV-10 HS Complete.


Status Report ...jcarne -7A

Okay, finally have time to make an update! I have been going strong in the garage lately! Okay, I did take two days off because I was out of town but still...

I spent a day or so working on tidying things up and connecting things firewall forward. I also found a minor mistake but more on that in a minute. In this next pic I am pretty positive I am going to relocate that MAP sensor as it is currently slightly below the port. Probably wouldn't be an issue but I want the hose to always drain back into the intake.  --->



Panel Options ...David Paule -3B


I know that it is sometimes said that "anybody" can build an RV, but really .. can I? ...Lemos

Hi all. First time poster, long time reader. Finally mustered up the courage to register and post.

So I have had a dream of building an airplane for a long time. 20+ years. But I must admit, I have nearly no mechanical skills. I can do an oil change on my car or motorcycle. I can change the air filter on them too. But that is simple stuff.

Can I really build an airplane? Nobody online can give me an answer to that of course, but is there a baseline mechanical ability that one must have to assemble an RV14 kit? Can I learn as I go? Are other builders willing to come to my workshop to help?

Folks on here make this look easy, and talk like assembling the RV14 kit is nothing but matching parts and riveting them together. It can't be that easy.

I do not want to start a project that I will not finish. I can commit to 5 hours per day 5 days per week. I have the time to do this. I marginally have the money to do it. But, is it normal for me to sit here and wonder if I can do it, skill wise? Is it normal for me to fear assembling the airplane wrong and having it be junk and need to be scrapped?

I guess what I am concerned about is my own ability. If I believe I can do it, can I? Certainly I cannot be alone.

Oh, and if anyone has an RV-14 or RV-14A they want to sell to someone unsure of their own abilities, shoot me a message. In full or San Diego Area partnership.


Many New First Flights

...added to the mothership first flights page.


Panel Layout Input ...RV7ForMe


RV-8 Misfit Canopy ...goatflieg

When initially fitting my canopy to the frame and fuselage, it looked like I would have problems fitting the canopy to the aft end of the canopy frame. Terry Lutz and Carl Franz were helping me with the fitting; I pointed out the large gaps between the aft canopy and the frame on both sides. They advised me to get the fit correct at the front and on the hoops, get the Big Cut done and see where I was at. I also called Van's Builder Support prior to the Big Cut to discuss both the Big Cut and the large gaps. I don't remember who I spoke with, but he was an experienced RV-8 builder. His suggestion was that after the Big Cut was done, I should start clamping the canopy to the frame at the front and work toward the back, clamping as I went, and see how it well it would pull together. Today I began the process, making sure the bottom edge of the canopy would fit around the vertical tubes of the canopy frame skirt. After setting three clamps on each side, it wasn't looking good at all.  --->


Some data for efficient cross country ...Carl Froehlich

Some flight data for you guys that like such stuff.

Just ~1 hour to go for the 40 hour test period. Yesterday was the high altitude data run (up to 17.5K'). As part of this run I wanted some raw data to develop cross country cruise setting. At first blush it looks like ~14.5K' is where, for the same speed, efficiency starts to fall off.

For these typical high speed cruise settings I got 27.3MPG at 14.5K', then slowly dropping off to 26.5MPG at 17.5K'.

I'm sure I could enhance the MPG numbers at slower speeds, but shoot fire, we fly RVs!

14.5K' screen shot attached.


Status Report ...David Paule -3B

The inner flange has been removed, marked and trimmed is ready for prep for the bond.

In the meantime, I thought that you might be interested in the maintenance manual that I've been preparing. When I come across something that seems like it's worth remembering for future maintenance, I've been jotting it down, along with photos. At first it was all in one manual but the organization got unwieldy, so I separated it into chapters. At the time, I was using the Mac software Pages. More recently I changed to the free open-source Office-like package, Libre Office, which I like a lot. Hence the ".odt" suffix.  --->gt;


RV-3B G-HILI's Panel

Here's a photo of the panel on Andy's RV-3B. I'm posting it with his permission.


Flying in Brazil ...Potato video

Flying my RV 7, he was born in the USA and came to live in brazil.



June 26, 2020.  Issue #5,116.
  Had the pleasure of hanging out with visiting-the-area pilots Simon and Cameron Thursday out at the airport for a few minutes.  Both interested in RVs (one wants to buy, one to build).  Planes and projects looked over, RV-6/7A/8/8A seats sat in and -4 eyeballed.  Really nice guys - the RV hook seems to have been set pretty good I think.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend, and thanks to Simon and Cameron for the visit. 
(Always looking for contract pilot side work)


A Good Piece of Text To Read

Last action before advancing the throttle should be a control check.  During the 1950's there was a gentleman who took his lady friend on a flight in a tandem aircraft. As they took off his controls were jammed and they stalled and crashed with an ensuing fire. Both occupants survived a short while before succumbing that day. The cause of the accident is the lady had worn high heels for the date. While getting into the aircraft unbeknownst to either person the very bottom of her high heel came off leaving the little nail protruding from her heel. As she sat down, the nail penetrated the flooring and pinned the control cable in one spot. That resulted in the loss of control on takeoff unfortunately. Crazy things did and can happen. I suggest the last thing you do before slipping the surly bonds is a complete control check just prior to advancing the throttle. Be safe out there!

[ed. The last 'C' in my GIFTSTPCCBBC mnemonic stands for 'Controls Free/Correct'.  Couldn't agree more with the last couple of sentences in the above. dr]


Panel Layout Review / Comments ...oren_rokach pic/vid



Dimple Dies ...Jarrett

Hello all! Just finished my vertical stabilizer last week and I am now moving forward with both the rudder and horizontal stabilizer. Today I was looking over my vertical stabilizer and I noticed that there was a very small gap between the manufactured heads and the dimpled portion of the skin denoted by the slight shadow under the heads.

My first thought was that the manufactured head was not perfectly flush with the skin (maybe a riveting mistake), so I put the flat end of a ruler over top of the rivets and saw that the rivets were indeed flush. I then took a look at my practice project and realized that these rivets did not have this same shadow under the rivets. This is when I realized that on the practice project I used Brown dimple dies and on my V-Stab I used Cleaveland dies. I then went ahead and did a controlled test. I took a piece of scrap and dimpled two #40 holes using both dies.

Notice how with the die on the left there is the slight gap, and on the right there is none, which is what I had suspected. I have had a great experience with both companies, so I'm not trying to start any wars Is this gap normal for those that have used the Cleaveland Dies? Once the plane is painted these gaps won't be visible so it's not the end of the world, but as I am ready to dimple the rudder skins I want to know if I should change back to the other dies, or be worried at all? Thanks!


A Really Good Time Lapse RV-8 Wing Build Video ...RV6_flyer

[ed. And some great advice about motion sensors on cameras by bkervaski in a previous reply.  v/r,dr]
"if you do use a motion trigger, don't forget to take out the bits where you come down in the middle of the night butt-*** naked to turn off the compressor, the FSDO wasn't amused"


Rib Flange Faceting ...RV701775

I am struggling with how to shape-deburr the nose of the rib flanges. Even if I remove only a little bit to shape the nose section, the rib radius becomes very thin. How do others accomplish this? Any photos?


Sam Buchanan's Manual to Electric Flap Conversion ...RV-6

"Here are the notes from my manual to electric conversion on the RV-6. As far as difficulty goes, it is a straight-forward conversion for an RV builder. A non-builder, however, probably will not have the riveting tools and skills needed for the conversion."



June 25, 2020.  Issue #5,115.
  Matt Hood (-6) pic Wednesday at 52F.  Always something....;^).
(Always looking for contract pilot side work)


Sometimes, you just have to sit back and enjoy the hilarity...N546RV

So for several work sessions, over the past couple weeks, I've been agonizing over my pitot tube position. Inboard of the bellcrank? Just outboard? Further outboard? Out at the wingtip?

I spent literal hours clamping the mast here and there, envisioning line routing, thinking of what I'd need to fabricate to secure things, considering what it'd be like to have to remove the pitot down the road for maintenance, etc etc etc. I even went so far as to test how the hard lines heated up to get an idea of how much I might be able to trim them.

After all of this, I finally settled. It was going to go one bay out from the bellcrank, against the outboard rib. So tonight was the night to make the cut and commit. Despite my agonizing, I was comfortable with my choice and didn't second-guess myself at all. It didn't even feel that odd making a hole in the skin.

Maybe it should have felt odd, because I put the hole in the wrong *** place, one bay outboard from my intended location.

I'm not even upset about it, just thoroughly amused at the irony of it all. This location is perfectly workable, I'll just need to lengthen the wiring harness between the tube and heat controller a bit.

Maybe that's the funniest part, how completely at peace I am with it not being in my carefully-chosen location. Almost amusingly anticlimactic.

Just gotta build on...


My RV Weekend ...odens_14

Took the two year old for his first "$100 hamburger" at wings cafe @ BRD. It was his first solo flight with dad; he had to catch some ZZZs on the way home with his full belly. not a bad way to spend father's day afternoon!


End of an era ...rongawer

I've done so many VOR approaches into Palo Alto over the years, I took a moment to reflect on the change when I got the notice from the FAA aerochart folks saying the approach would be cancelled effective 8/13/2020.

It's always been my "quick turn in" compared to the longer route needed for the RNAV. Not really impactful in the big scheme of things, but sad to see it go. Kind of reminds me of when I removed the ADF unit from my Baron and no longer did NDB approaches.

Change may be good, but it's still change. Kind of like my old coffee cup, the VOR was a faithful servant. RIP.


Fire Extinguisher Deployment Test Video ...goatflieg

Since the location of the fire extinguisher in an RV-8 can be tricky, I thought I'd share my experience in deciding how and where to install mine, and determining how well it will work. Enjoy... and read the disclaimers in the description.


Flight for lunch in Big Bear (L35) ...SPX

This afternoon, I flew over to Big Bear (L35) and grabbed lunch. In case anyone is looking for a place to go eat lunch in the SoCal area, Big Bear is a good option.

The restaurant at the airport, Barnstorm, is open, and is practicing social distancing of guests, and the staff are wearing masks, gloves, etc. They have a limited menu, but it isn't too limited.

I've been in Big Bear twice in the last two weeks. It's beautiful up there right now.


My RV Weekend



Updated: June 23rd, 2020

While certain businesses have been reopening for our local access, Vans currently remains closed for any walk-ins, tours and demos. You may place an order either on the phone or online and ask for a will-call pick-up, in which case our staff will make arrangements for no-contact pick-up.

We hope, of course, to be able to reopen again soon for customers to come into the building. We appreciate your understanding and patience in the meanwhile.

Much of our Oregon headquarters staff continues to work-from-home in order to ensure we are best protecting our team. We are taking orders, performing phone support, building aircraft parts and shipping kits.

Because most of our business staff are now operating away from the office, some functions may take a little longer than usual.

The following changes and limitations continue to be in place while we work under limited in-house staffing:

  • Will call orders for kits and parts are available only on a limited, pre-arranged basis. Please order and call ahead to arrange. Details are below.
  • We cannot combine multiple orders - they will need to be shipped as ordered, so please place your orders accordingly.
  • We cannot modify orders once they've received (last-minute additions and deletions).
  • Returns will be processed on a time-available basis and may be delayed due to limited staffing.

We are doing our best to keep things running as close to "normal" as possible, and the above operational limitations help us facilitate that.

Thank you for your support and understanding. We appreciate you!



June 24, 2020.  Issue #5,114.
  My kick@ss Father's Day card from our budding scientist daughter Audrey.  She sent it air mail.  Very grateful to have this young lady in my life.  On the refridgerator hopefully for the next 40 years or so... ;^).
(Always looking for contract pilot side work)


My RV Weekend ...Av8safe

Installed my 4 FlyLED singles that I built up to replace my existing halogen bulbs. I now have two landing and two taxi lights that throw out some serious white lumens. Looking forward to flight testing them and gaining night currency for my 7. Easy project and great support from Paul and the FlyLED team from down under!


Final Version of My Electrical System ...mfleming


Checklist Chrysalis

Made some changes in the last 24 hours after getting feedback and suggestions.  Typos, changed the order of a couple of items, formatted section titles in reverse-highlight, relabeled 'HS Trim' to 'Elevator Trim', added 'Taxi' section. 

Progress, and slowly getting there...  Probably change some more...

With the new 'Taxi' section including the line 'Transponder Verify ALT' (the new ADS-B changes require ALT while taxiing), the 'T' in GIFTSTPC2B2C now stands for 'make sure XPNDR is in ALT'.  The whole mnemonic is now:  Gas (verify L or R), Instruments (Baro, HDG bug, Altitude level-off set), Flaps (up), Trim (for T/O), Strobes (OFF), Transponder (ALT), Pump (OFF), Canopy Canopy (both latches secure - RV6 tip up has two) Belt Belt (both belts secure) Controls (free/correct).  12 seconds to say and point.

And in the last 18 years, I've started the engine in the chocks, taken off with the pitot cover on, taken off with one of the two canopy latches unlatched, and left the oil door open (it pops up at rotation).  Using this checklist faithfully would have caught those.  I'd like to avoid doing these things again.


Probable Cause List Updated

708 reports going back ~40 years.  Instructions on how to pull up a report on the page.


Nuckolls Z-12 Basic Question....Reflex

After pouring through a significant number of wiring diagrams on this site and looking though several others, I've decided that staying as close as possible to Bob Nuckolls Z-12 diagram would be best for me. Some of you have a real knack for seeing things in a diagram that I just don't. With this mind, I still have a question.

Below is the Z-12 wiring diagram from The AeroElectric Connection. I have a couple of questions:
Why is there a Hall Effect sensor AND an amp meter on the battery side of the secondary alternator?
If this is necessary, why isn't there both on the primary alternator?

See lower right side of the drawing below denoted by the red arrows.



June 23, 2020.  Issue #5,113. (Always looking for contract pilot side work)

Needed the red rag....
cap gets called up for bug duty.


CHT Fluctuations ...RVG8tor

So my #2 cylinder CHT will set off a shock cooling alarm right from the start through the flight. I was fairly certain it was the probe. It would climb several degrees and come right back to what I figured was normal.

I finally go around to swapping the #2 for #4 probes and went for a flight. Much to my surprise the problem did not follow the probe, issue the same on cylinder #2.

I recently had morning sickness on this cylinder and did the ream procedure, exhaust valve was definitely stuck. I had to use a brass drift to get the thing out. After the reaming, smooth as butter. I don't think these two things are related, but maybe.

My only thought is that some sort of electronic interference is causing the fluctuation. Maybe from the plug wire. It the only thing I can think of that would cause this. Today I had a couple of fluctuations with more movement that before. At a steady CHT of 377 I had a swing up to 399 which set off the high CHT alarm.

So as anyone experienced anything similar? Mags are good (Dual Pmags). Just flew today and did a LOP mag check at 8500' and it was good.

I still need to download the data.

Previously this was an intermittent problem, it would be there one flight then not the next, but lately it is there all the time.

Thanks for any help.


Update on world's slowest RV-8 build ...N804RV

N804RV (Builder #80566) has finally achieved full porcupine status.  I'm a little disheartened that now I have to take it all apart and start deburring and dimpling.


RV Happiness Is...

....knowing your son is driving a forklift at Lowes, flying over him just on the chance he sees you, and having a picture of your pass on your phone waiting for you when you shut down.  A productive .3 working on technique and refining a checklist.

Tate Reeves photo

One of the reasons for the flight Monday morning was to see how well a revised checklist I've been reworking performed in practice.  I took the look/feel from the sim part time stuff I've been exposed to and made one for the RV.  It's a work in progress (below), but when I get the kinks worked out I'll run it up to Office Depot and get it laminated and store it where the glareshield and the canopy meet.  On the back will be emergency checklists, light gun signals, etc.

I'm doing this in Pages (Mac) and I'd be happy to put the file online when I finish with it if anyone would like to use it as a starting point for theirs.

And before you ask, GIFTSTPC2B2C stands for:  Gas (verify L or R), Instruments (Baro, HDG bug, Altitude level-off set), Flaps (up), Trim (for T/O), Strobes (OFF), Transponder (STD), Pump (OFF), Canopy Canopy (both latches secure - RV6 tip up has two) Belt Belt (both belts secure) Controls (free/correct).  Been using this for 18 years and it covers most of the 'killer items' nicely.  'GIFT' 'STP' gets you mostly there...

How many of you pump the brakes on downwind to see if a pedal goes to the floor?  It's happened...



June 22, 2020.  Issue #5,110. (Always looking for contract pilot side work)

Kids ...Rob Traynham

Today my son Ruston, (ex-A-10 pilot) took a childhood friend Scott, (ex- P-3 pilot) for his first RV ride. They hadn't seen each other in over 30 years! To make it even more interesting, Scott's son Sam also went for his first RV ride. Sam just passed his CFI checkride last week.

It's easy to see that the RV smiles were evident! What a great place for a reunion of childhood friends, ex-military pilots, airline pilots and next generation pilots............a RV-8!


From lurker to builder? ...sloengineer

Well after much pontification and persuasion of the silent partners (aka wives), it seems my dad and I are finally preparing for an RV-14A build!! The shop site is being prepped and should be done, covid permitting, in the next couple months. As I plan, please let me ask a question to the collective.

If you could only pick one item to quick build, would you pick wings or fuselage? I figure the empennage will last us until we have to make that decision, but I'd rather be prepared.


VAF Moved Over The Weekend

The VAF data moved 700.5 statute miles over the weekend from St. Louis to the buildings pictured below, around 8 miles north of the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Virginia.  Or at least most of it did, as cloud EBS volumes are explained to me.  Still wrapping my head around cloud computing, but I'll get there I promise.

This move would not have gone as smoothly as it did without the help of RV-14A builder 'bkervaski'.  One sharp guy.  Very glad Bill and RVs found each other - we're all benefiting from that!

So for a bit it's the same VAF in a faster, more stable, new location.  You should notice the faster part now.  Updated/upgraded forums software is in the warm up circle and at the plate next.  Sooner than you might think.

Better, Stronger, Faster (queue Six Million Dollar Man theme music)

Outside: AWS NE Region (Virginia)

Inside said building...


RV-8 throttle travel shrinking ...Pilot8

A new throttle cable from Van's has 2 1/8" travel- over time the travel will decrease by 3/8" on my IO360-M1B RV8. The throttle cable is firesleeved from the fuel servo end to the engine mount. Aluminum fiberglass tape wraps the firesleeve, and exhaust heat shields protect the cable at the crossover spots. The cable travel doesn't get any shorter after 3/8 is lost- at 50 hours, 1/4" of travel is gone. It's been repeatable with two cables. Anybody else seen this issue? 3/8" is a lot of horsepower!


Can someone tell me how Van's does this MAP line? ...jcarney

Q: Hello, I pulled this pic from Van's 360 view of the RV-14 engine.

I want to do my manifold pressure line just like they did. It looks like the line is just hose clamped on the left to the MAP sensor but what did they do on the right where it attaches to the engine? I have an AN816 coming out right there, do they just hose clamp the line to it?

Finally, what type of hose is that? Thanks!

A: AN840-4D
1/4 ID fuel rated hose

Fitting should have a restrictor added to it if you make your own.


Airports Visited

In the new Garmin Pilot update (v10.1.2).  I recorded a 24 second video of me playing around with some of my 2019 data. 
Play Video


Milestone: Phase 1 Complete ...FlyinTiger RV-10

RV-10 envelope expansion.  What a fine example of an RV-10. It's easy to see why people walk up to Eulice while he's fueling up and admire his handiwork.  As he finishes his Phase I and starts looking to travel out and about I wish him all the best!


My RV Weekend ...zmatt



June 19, 2020.  Issue #5,109. 
  The move over to the new hosting platform will most likely occur this coming Sunday morning (Texas time).  What that means is that the site will definitely be offline for a bit, and might not be accessible for a few hours.  If everything goes OK and you didn't check in on the site during the first half of Sunday (Texas time), you may not notice a thing has even changed.  It could be a perfectly seamless update to you.  Also, it could explode and go full excrement, getting switched back to the current location for a bit.

  This first hurdle, and it's a big one, is to get the current data over to a more stable, robust and scaleable location.  Two test runs have worked swell in the last two weeks and testing looks good.  I've been updating the front page in parallel to the new location daily this past week, and that flow seems to be fine.  So if all goes as planned you'll see the same VAF Monday morning.  New host.  Same look and feel.
  After this weekend's move, there are some forum upgrade paths already in the pipeline that might make a few folks shat their pantaloons.  Mobile friendly, user blogs, private and public groups, chat, PM custom folders and .........wait for it.......almost certainly........image hosting.  Clean up on isle four please!   Don't scream too loud, but it'll probably happen.
  The goal of the move this weekend is to get what we already have in a new, safer, more stable place.  Then the feature upgrades get underway.  Think good thoughts, and thanks for understanding during construction.  We're swinging big, so hang on!  Up yours, 2020!  Up yours like a fox!
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
  (Always looking for contract pilot side work)


Status Report ...jcarne

Well believe it or not I have still been working on the bird but when you spend most of your time sanding fiberglass there isn't much to show. Until now... haha

While waiting for epoxy to cure I did a few odds and ends. Like this hinge pin retainer, works great.  many pics --->


Help... Cannot get brake lines to stop adding air to the lines. ...hughfi

Hi there,

I am just about finished my RV12is E-LSA but the brakes master cylinders keep adding air into the lines right from the first compression. Any ideas what I am doing wrong. Anyone know of an instruction guide on how to make the lines just right? I talked to Matco and they pretty much told me they should be fine if they extend fully open to allow fluid in from the top. Well, they are not and they are extending fully.

I am inclined to believe it has to do with the way I constructed the lines. Also, there appears to be different fittings to go over the lines on the top 45 degree fittings compared to the bottom 90 degree fittings.

Seems simple, and I have bled a bunch of brakes before on my RV6 with no problems, but I cannot stop these cylinders adding air to the lines.

Any advice or instruction greatly appreciated.



My RV Weekend

(JD) Saturday was a post-rain morning over the high desert and I captured some nice views while out doing some video camera testing.


9A Front Wheel Bracket Powder Coated ...dwranda

Having too much fun powder coating things. I took my baffles elsewhere since they wouldn't fit in my little oven. Now the wheels will go on. I could wait, but I'm excited to do it and I can work on the wheel pants etc while I figure out how I'm paying for my panel


Did you know about hurricane relocation reimbursement? ...VAF advertiser

Did you know about hurricane relocation reimbursement?
We understand that everyone has a lot more on their plates than usual this year, so we wanted to send out a reminder about the hurricane relocation programs that most insurance companies offer. I recently read an interesting article on Accuweather.com com stating that the forcasters were thinking that 2020 was going to be an above-normal season. With everything else 2020 has brought us, maybe we should have expected this

Each company is different, but many aviation insurance policies will reimburse you to move your aircraft out of the path of a named hurricane or wind storm if possible. These companies would rather pay the reimbursement expenses (usually up to a set limit) rather than pay for a totaled aircraft. If you're wondering if your insurance company partakes in a program like this, it will be listed in your policy. You can also contact your insurance broker for more information.

If you are unable to move your aircraft and need to turn in a claim, here are numbers for the companies we insure Vans Aircraft through:  --->


Edge distance issues at firewall ...Aero_Octaveus

Has anyone else had edge distance issues on the topmost hole of the side skin F-770 where the AD3 rivet attaches to the firewall flange. I haven't drilled mine yet, but it really looks like i'm going to blow the edge distance here and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get more distance.


A shoutout to Flyleds

Just wanted to comment about my recent experience with Paul at Flyleds.

I ordered two sets of his combo landing/taxi lights for my RV7 wings a few months ago. Shipping from down under took about a month and when the box showed up, I tore in to put these together.

I found the assembly to be straightforward, but afterward, when I bench checked them I discovered that one of the 3 LEDs on one of the boards wasn't lighting up.

I emailed Paul and asked about warranty replacement and he replied right away. He said he would send out a replacement unit right away if I was close to flying, but if it wasn't urgent he would appreciate if I could send the faulty one back and he would just replace the one bad LED.

I don't even have the fuselage kit yet, so urgency wasn't an issue. He suggested that I disassemble the unit and just send back the main board in a padded envelope to cut down on shipping costs. He also mentioned that they bench check all of them, so he was a little surprised.

When I took the lenses off, I could barely see a a scratch across the face of the faulty one. Theres a good chance I did this to myself when I was assembling the lenses on top of the board. There is a note in the instructions that says you may have a little of the heat sink glue ooze up through the mounting holes when you glue them on the back and screw everything together, and that you can pick this out as long as your careful to not damage the led. I can't honestly say whether I picked the glue out of this particular LED or scratched it, but it's at least a possibility, and he said they bench check them all before sending them out...

I emailed him back and confessed that I thought this was what happened and that I'd be happy to cover shipping and whatever he thought was fair for a repair. His immediate response was don't worry about it, just cover shipping to get it to him and he would take care of it.

I shipped the board back on 4-3-2020 and thanks to the chaos Covid-19 subsequently caused with air travel, it took a while for him to get it but on 5-19-2020 I got an email from him that basically said "got it yesterday, repaired it today, will ship it out tomorrow."

It showed up at my house a couple of weeks later, repaired, with a new tube of glue to put the heat sinks back on, and some lens inserts to help center the lenses when I snapped them back in place. He didn't want any payment for the repair, or even shipping it back to me.

Long story, but it seems like we will go into all sorts of detail when we're complaining about being taken advantage of. I felt like it was important to throw out the same level of detail for a vendor who really went above and beyond to back up their product and really give customer service thats second to none.

ps- these things are super bright, and have a tiny current draw compared to incandescent. They are also reasonably priced. Same with the Flyled wingtip strobe/nav lights. I'm not flying yet, but have every reason to think that they'll fit my mission perfectly at a reasonable price. I'd happily buy this whole setup again.
Terry Shortt



June 18, 2020.  Issue #5,108.  (Always looking for contract pilot side work)

RV7 N430WB First Flight! ...wjb

After 8.5 years of slow building, 2311 hours in the builders log, RV7 N430WB finally broke the surly bonds today for a successful first flight from KHAF Half Moon Bay, CA. Engine ran well; CHT's a little hot prior to break in but totally manageable. The pitot ASI died on takeoff, but I was able to fly with the GPS GS reading on Garmin. Slightly heavy right wing, but very easy to trim out.

Overall, it was a non-event! I went up with Brian Branscomb under AC 90-116, a hangar neighbor, ATP, CFI, A&P and lifelong home builder with ~10 first flights in his logbook to help keep eyes on things; he said he was a little bored -- a perfect low drama flight.

I even managed a totally respectable 3 point landing; of course it was early morning at the field and there was no one to see it.

Post flight de-cowling showed no leaks or any other issues.

Finally happy to be flying!  --->Many Pictures


Makin' Hay 

Nineteen days since the last RV flight, but N617AR went flying on 6/17...and then I called 'AR' to wish her a happy birthday.

Broken bathtub, broken a/c in Tate's car, error codes in my car, squirrels in attic, ISP move planning/testing and more perfect storm items keeping me on the surface waaaaay too long, but Wednesday I finally went out and RVated!!!!  $2.60 gas over at Bridgeport and washed the plane when back.  The field shown below had just been cut, and looked really nice in the morning light.  Full size iPhone pic here.

.7 logged and mental gyros re-aligned.  Really, really felt good to be in the RV.  Punch list regarding recent avionics changes is on deck now that the tub and cars are back online <g>.


Yes You Can ...submitted by DanH

[ed. In regards to the 'can you touch the prop to the runway' discussion]  "I submit this example, a nice -14 in the hands of a new owner."


Lake Mungo ...newt

Six RVs and 11 people went from Sydney to Lake Mungo National Park, a round trip of about 970 nautical miles, held over a holiday long weekend.

Fantastic flying in the outback. Lots of photos and narratives here. Occasional language warning because we Aussies have different conversational English standards to you guys <g>.  --->


My RV Weekend ...mr.sun

We flew the -7 back from SoCal To the Seattle area on Sunday. Had the opportunity to fly the grandson around a bit while down there. We departed vfr about 9:30 am, fueled in Red Bluff. Filed IFR and headed north. Had some IMC in layers along the way. Nearing home, runway was closed due to somebody's gear up landing. Nobody hurt. Diverted to a friend's AirPark runway and visited from opposite ends of their picnic table. Got word all was clear so flew to our home airport, put her away in the hangar and went out to dinner.

No long commutes to big airports, no long lines, security hassles, cramped metal tubes full of germs or parking hassles.

These are amazing time machines. Especially these days.......


(2) LSAs Tangle on the Ground (video) ...fwd'd to me by Jerry Fischer

RV-12 kinda look alike - OK-PUU (Poland).  Kappa KP-5 aircraft.
"From our retired Royal Air Force friend in UK..............  Do you know where your brakes and throttle are without looking?"



June 17, 2020.  Issue #5,107. 
  Today is our daughter Audrey's 25th birthday.  Happy Birthday Ace!!!  Your Mom and and Dad love you more than you will ever know, and a whole bunch of family and friends, as well as people you've never met, are rooting for you as you slog through getting your PhD in Chemistry.
  The present she specifically asked for?  She wanted our spare Roomba (it was my Mom's).  Cleaning it up now, new brushes and filters, and its then on its way kiddo.  She can rename it what she wants, but we called it 'Luke'.  It was white plastic and would do battle with our original, black plastic one we called 'Darth'.  Epic living room battles...
(Always looking for contract pilot side work)

Al Dyck RV-7 ...Ontario, Canada

Yellow and black are paint. Red, roundels and reg are vinyl.


JD Air RV14 latch ...VAF Advertiser

For all of you RV14 builders with intentions of using the Classic Aero interior, the new JD Air canopy latch is ready for immediate shipping. I have them in both Red anodized and natural aluminum.

Luke has assured RV 14 builders that the new panels are in the works and should be available soon. Specifically, you'll have to check with Luke on availability.

There is no difference mechanically between the existing latch and the new latch. The new latch only addresses additional clearance needed for the Classic Interior.
Darwin N. Barrie
Chandler AZ


Basic Electrical Diagram ...supik

v.34 is now online and open to critique/suggestions


Fuel flow problem

Looking for some help diagnosing a fuel flow problem. I have a MGL Stratomaster Infinity FF-1 fuel computer with a Floscan 201 sender. It has always worked great, but all of the sudden the FF reads 1.1 gal/hr regardless of throttle/RPM. It reads 0 gal/hr with the engine off as it should. I have checked the settings, K-factor and electrical wires and all appears fine. Before I drop $400 on another Floscan that might not be the problem, I am wondering if anyone has any ideas to try. I have read that an air bubble in the sender will cause errors, but the Floscan is supposed to vent those. I did replace the fuel lines recently, but it was working fine after that. Any help would be appreciated.

RV-4 N474P


Search Tip:  Golf Clubs in RVs ...or really any topic.

Go to Google (or any search engine) and type in:
golf clubs site:vansairforce.com 
Click on 'Images' and you'll see a lot of pics/ideas.

Speaking of golf clubs, a note from Mel (DAR):  "Two things to be careful of......1/ The baggage bulkhead is structural and 2/ Watch your aft C/G as fuel is burned off."


An Update on AndyWAUS's "Overwhelmed After A Month of Building"

Thank you everyone again for the incredible outpour of support! Your advice is very much appreciated. I will definitely make that trip to Eugene one day when this lockdown is over. I came in person to Aurora to pick up my empennage, but couldn't get a factory tour or a demo flight because of corona, so I don't actually know how the plane flies. I only ever flew C152 and C172 (and a Yak-52 once).

So I concluded that even if I did mess up the parts with my deep countersinking, I'll just keep going and treat it as a practice project. When I see what a bad result look like, I'll reorder all VS parts and corresponding rivets and start over.

Yesterday I was busy priming for my first time. The result of course looks like ****. I did the advised here 1:2 P60G2:R7K44 ratio instead of Sherwin's recommended 1:1.5. But I had skipped over the advice to apply it lightly. So I have some spots that are very dark from the excess of paint running on the uneven surface collecting in low points and then drying up, while other spots have light tint. Only after I was done priming I went to my computer and read a thread about the SW P60G2 primer, which said spray just enough you can barely tell the difference from unprimed. Another day, another lesson, I guess. Also I learned that an N95 respirator is useless, and inhaling atomized primer is no fun. I tried buying something more advanced, but you can't just buy a respirator these days.

I finally got to riveting today. This is what I thought building a plane would be - riveting pre-manufactured parts - not all the prep that comes before it. I only set 20 or so rivets in countersunk holes with a squeezer, took me a while, but I love seeing how clean they look. I guess rivets in dimpled skin set with a gun and a bucking bar won't look nearly as neat. We'll see.

I get enough enjoyment out of it to keep coming to the garage. I'm not even dreaming about flying it when I'm so early in the build. It's just so many new little things that I try doing for the first time in my life, and the resulting quality less than desired. All your words of support helped tremendously! Even Dan's advice to quit now (I ain't quitting until I'm done ruining the parts that I paid 4 grand for). Good to know I don't need to worry about mods now and will have plenty of time to decide.

Also I was stressing about a bunch of scratch marks on the pieces that I left while pushing the countersink cage, drilling, and fitting parts together. But then I took that maroon pad to prepare parts for priming and soon realized how stupid it was to worry about scratches.


Proof of Riveting ...Freemasm's take on it


Milestone: First Meeting w/my Tech Counselor Today ...msmst25 RV-10

I met my EAA tech counselor, Jim Frisbee, today. That has to be the greatest benefit of EAA membership. It was extremely informative, and now I feel (mostly) comfortable enough to move on with the rudder assembly. I used the double sided tape on the trailing edge wedge and have it all clamped together. Planning to do the double blind rivets tomorrow. I practiced on the trailing edge of the practice kit, and the results with the pneumatic squeezer and the trailing edge set from Cleaveland tool seemed very good. If you wonder why there aren't clekos in every hole, it's because the holes drilled in the angle aluminum didn't line up well enough and I didn't want to force it and risk damage to the rudder skins.



June 16, 2020.  Issue #5,106. 
  If you're looking for RV transition training Alex De Dominicis is scheduling now for July.  More info at
(Always looking for contract pilot side work)

Keeping my seats cool in the summer sun ...seagull

If you live in a hot climate like me or leave your plane in the sun you have experienced putting on seat belts with extremely hot buckles. I found a solution using a spring type windshield sun screen. This type coils up when not being used, it's light weight and fits behind the seat. It covers both seats from the panel to behind the seats. Cost on Amazon was (2) for $15.99.


Milestone: ...lr172

Made our first full family trip in the 10 this weekend. Took my wife and two younger sons to Beaver Island MI this weekend. Due to Covid, pretty much had the island to ourselves.


New RV-7A Has Wings ...pgroell (France)

Flew 20mn to Romuald's hangar to install the wings on his RV-7A.  And voila, a new french RV almost ready for the first flight


N605RV (RV4)

Thanks to the great advice of this forum by brakes are working. Next, I'm continually replacing the weather strip canopy seal on my RV4. The peel-off backing adhesive just doesn't last. Is it a matter of poor prep on my part or is there a better type of seal? Any recommendations?
RV4 in Boulder.
Thanks again!


Pre Pre Build Update ...jamlip


Initial Contact ...AndyWAUS

Feeling overwhelmed after a month of building

Hello fellow builders. I'm a new builder, just registered, and this is my first post here.

I was very excited to buy an empennage kit for RV-10 and all the tools. I watched hours of youtube videos and read the Van's builder's manual twice.

Quite frankly, I expected more of an IKEA experience with finished parts and exact assembly instructions. What I found was more of an art project where it's up to me to decide when edges are deburred smooth enough or holes countersunk deep enough. I just can't seem to get the hang of it - using countersinking as an example - the manual says countersink 7 microstop clicks deeper than flush for the piece to accept dimpled skin. But then it says the dimpled piece should sit flat on top of the countersunk piece. If I do 7 clicks and test with a dimpled piece, it doesn't sit anywhere near flat. If I countersink deeper it does sit flat, but how deep can I go before compromising the structural integrity? I have a vertical stabilizer rear spar sitting on the workbench with a bunch of holes all countersunk to different depth, and I'm not sure what to do.

That was just an example. Another thing I just found a few days ago is the idea of "mods". I want to build the best airplane for myself that I would love flying. Now I'm thinking if I don't make proper decisions early in the building process I would regret not having something (like a rudder servo trim).

Did you feel this way when you were just starting?


Proseal fillet question ...Jskyking

This is my first pro seal job and I'm trying to visualize the "generous fillet of sealant approx 3/8" radius at the interior corner of the rib".......

1. Are they saying the Proseal radius should be 3/8" tall?


The radius should extend 3/8" from the flange. In other words to a build up vertically or laterally.

2. What are they calling the "interior corner". I would think that would be the corners where the rear baffle mates up to each rib.
I suppose one could interpret the paragraph as to do each corner of only the most inboard rib and the most outboard rib.

It's a head scratcher, I appreciate an interpretation.


New RV-14A build in Durango, CO ...rogermiller12345

Started 4/1/20 and on the Aft Fuselage with partial completion on vert stab, rudder, horizontal stab and elevators. Looking for any other RV builders in the area or state of Colorado.


Status Report ...David Paule RV-3B

2nd Try, Inner Flange
Since the first inner flange was unsatisfactory, I made another one. Here it is, still in the canopy as laminated. I've removed the peel ply but haven't separated it yet. I hope it's not too thin....


After a long hiatus, back with a question about the aileron inboard bracket ...Scott Emerson RV-14A

On the Aileron inboard bracket safety bulletin, unlike the initial instructions that are replaced by the bulletin, the bulletin instructions did not specifically mention to remove the same "hatch area" as the initial instructions and so I forgot to do that on the right wing when I installed it.

I am in the process of building the left wing and am wondering if it is indeed still supposed to be removed since the bulletin that I have did not mention to do so. When I looked at the installed bracket, the tab on 1013E-L flushly meets the aileron spar face. It essentially acts as a hard stop. The deflection of the aileron seems to be within range of movement in the upward travel.

I am not sure if I should remove the right aileron and remove the tab on the installed bracket and then make the left to match, or leave the tab on both.

Looking at the SB in figure 13, it shows the parts both with the tab not cut off and there are no instructions to do so, but if you look at figure 14, the drawing no longer shows the "tab".

Its been over a year and a half since I last did metal work on this project and trying to get back into the swing of things!


Getting a correct Big Cut trim line ...Draker

Well, the weather in NorCal this weekend isn't going to get very hot, so I'm going to put off the big cut. This gives me another week to agonize over the cut line on my (tipper) canopy. I can't seem to get the top of the canopy less than an inch or so from the roll bar. I've trimmed and trimmed and trimmed (probably trimmed too much) and it still doesn't rest close to the roll bar. Van's says to draw the line "when you have gotten the fit to be somewhat close". Does 1 inch count as somewhat?



June 15, 2020.  Issue #5,105. 
  Lots of good Wx and I'm guessing RVating.  I spent the weekend doing yardwork and fighting a lion-hearted campaign against our tub, replacing came-with-the-house circa 1987 faucet cartridges to finally stop the dripping.  Epic battle.  Much cursing.  Some crying.  A little blood.  I won.
  Hope you had a nice weekend and got to spend some quality time with your RV and/or RV project! 
(Always looking for contract pilot side work)

N418RT Gets a new home in SoCal ...GimpyPilot

Hi Folks...

I didn't build it, but I was very graciously allowed to acquire RV-7A N418RT from her builder, (Richie at KOMN), who completed it in 2016 and flew her for 200 hours. I had the distinct pleasure of taking her home to KVNY last week in 16.5 flight hours. There's not a squawk to be found, and very little I will do to make he my own. (I've just ordered the parts for my hand brakes, and I'll have a GMA-345 in the panel to go with the existing G3x/GTN 650 shortly. Beyond that, she's perfect for me already.)

Thanks so much Richie! You are a wonderful person, and I couldn't have asked for a nicer airplane.


Status Report ...vinzer RV-10

Its being a while since I have not posted here. Sorry. Was busy with everything + COVID thing. I know, no excuses when building RV-10, reports should be posted periodically
So here is my report:

Vertical stab completed 100%
Rudder completed 90% (waiting for inspection before closing)
Horizontal stab completed 90% (waiting for inspection before closing)
Elevators completed 80% (waiting for inspection before closing + planning to rebuild trailing edges)
Tailcone completed 40% (working on it right now, hope to finish it soon)

My wings kit is on its way, few days ago got confirmation from VANs about crating process and completed my payment. So will soon start to work on my wings

So far everything goes smooth, my wife and kids help me alot with this build.
I am updating my youtube channel with new videos about my build as well as my blog page. Both can be found in my signature.

On another note I am just curious if someone is currently selling or planning to sell fuselage and finishing kit. I know sometimes people give up on building or changing their minds. Anyway just curious as I would probably want to buy these kits if some one is selling. I will post in classifieds WTB.

Here are some pictures:  --->


At Last, All Done Except the Polishing ...leok

Here are the photos of the finished paint (the last major step). The concept is a tribute to my father, both images on the fin/rudder are portraits of my father in his handmade Indian art work. The name of the plane is 'Windwalker'.  --->


RV-14 Builder in New England ...initial contact

I'm newly registered to this site. I'm very close to pulling the trigger on an RV-14 kit and was looking to connect with someone in New England that might be building this airplane. Let me know who and where.


9A Status Shots ...Sibirsky


RV-7.  Mesquite, TX.  7am 6/14

N-number/Owner doesn't search up to be a VAF registered user, so I'll respect their privacy.  It's a 2011-registered plane, so I'm guessing either new engine, or other major engine work?  Whatever it is, it seems to have gone well.


Tailwheel shifts to "castering" mode too easily ...Leopold

Q: Hi, all.

I've got an RV8 with (I think) a Bell tailwheel. Lately, when taxiing, and turning right (right rudder), the tailwheel shifts from steerable to castering with only minimal pressure. Going left, it does not have that problem.

I took the tailwheel assembly apart yesterday, cleaned all the parts (including the spring and the dog that it fits into, and the rectangular hole in the bolt that the dog fits into) with solvent, re-greased, and put it back together. Same problem.

Took it apart, cleaned it, and looked at it (should've done that first time). There is some metal wear; the rectangular hole really is not exactly rectangular, and the place where the dog "breaks" from steering to castering also looks slightly worn.

I was thinking of just replacing all those parts...does anyone think there is an easier solution that I am missing?





What did you do with your RV this weekend (6/12 - 6/14) ...various


Surface corrosion on tappet ...N360DF


My engine parts was stored in oily paper to avoid corrosion.
But unfortunately the paper was bleached and properly had a chlorine content. The loss is big and parts need to be bought again.

The tappets is pretty good, but some have some surface pitting.
Very shallow. I am not afraid they breaks down, they will not.
But I have not knowledge how the tappets works ?

Maybe someone may help me?

Do they seal or is the oil film leaking between case and tappet?
Could some pitting reduce pressure some way?
I was told they actually rotate to spread the wear ?
Anyone who know more in detail ?

Look at picture! This is the worst one! The rust easy goes off and
I just slightly used 1200 wet paper. I will check OD with micrometer.
And polish to get smooth surface.

The tappet surface against cam is perfect.

Thanks for all help!


Status Update ...goatflieg RV-8



June 12, 2020.  Issue #5,104.
  Last few days for the PCU5000 group buy.  I think they are up to 26 units - the next price break (per Chris Hutchings) at 31 units gets the price down to $1,300.  More info below.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!!!
(Looking for a part time contract pilot? How 'bout me?)

Things happen for a good reason ...Sobnorslu

Last week , on take off , right around 60 knots I felt a slight vibration , I did an RTO and as soon as I exited the runway , the plane felt like it was taxiing on mud , it was after 6 pm , made a few phone calls , no answer , my mechanic said he left and was close to his house , the field is uncontrolled , there was a 172 doing touch and goes , he radioed a phone number which I called right way , within 10 minutes two guys showed up , ED's aircraft refinishing and his buddy Jay , they tried to inflate it but the tube was bad , they went back to their hangar and got me a spare nose wheel , I taxied it back and as soon as I parked , I saw this massive patch of Fog rolling in ( unforcasted ) I kid you not , within 15 minutes the field was IFR , 200 ft ceiling , mist and 1/4 mile visibility , im glad I didn't fly that day , I am instrument rated but the airplane is not ! I was planning on doing a night flight with a landing/taxiback at JFK . Things happen for a good reason , I stayed at the airport until 20:30 , kept listening to the ATIS as the weather was worsening .  --->


For The Historical Record

I realized that I never really finished this thread.

So after both tanks passing the initial leak test I removed the cork gaskets and installed the plates with just pro seal.

After letting the tanks cure for at least two weeks, I retested using the same procedure. Both tanks passed the leak tests.

Procedure used for testing tanks:
Closed or sealed up all tank openings
Installed a 0 to 15 inches of water pressure gauge on the tank drain fitting.
Set up a temp probe next to the tank.
Pressured up tank to 9 inches of water.
Recorded the pressure and temperature every 30 minutes to an hour for over 12 hours.
Used leak test fluid periodically to look for leaks. (SNOOP or equivalent)
Let sit overnight, continued recording temp and pressure for another 12 hrs.
Ended test

The pressure / temp recording allowed me to track the pressure movements (and they will move) during the 24 hr test. The method for making sense of the pressure fluctuations is:

Pressure fall and temp falls = normal contraction of air volume.
Pressure rises and temp rises = normal expansion of air volume.
Pressure falls and temp stays the same or rises = possible leak
Pressure stays the same and temps rise = possible leak
Pressure increases and the temp falls = laws of physics ceased working
Michael Fleming
Joseph, OR


Zuldarin's 507 on Glareshield ....beat me to it!

Hi everybody, at the risk of hijacking DR's thread I thought I would give a status update on my attempts at designing a similar glare-shield mount. Using Solidworks I designed something akin to what DR posted but with a couple of changes to fit my own needs. I then sent that design to Geoff at Aerosport to print on his industrial 3D printer. The result came back looking really nice as you can see in the pictures below. I know Geoff has some great idea's for modifications for future models but this is where we are for now.

One aspect specific to the RV-10 is that I used the Aerosport 310 carbon fiber panel which means my AP controller had to be adjusted to fit. Additionally, I didn't want the connector to be attached without the back-shell. I moved the mount higher up on the glare-shield so that the full connector could be used.


Study Notes 2020 ...using new(ish) tech

I'm compiling study notes once again (this time for the ATP written), and continuing on with a process that worked for me while prepping for the instrument, commercial and multi ratings.  The end goal (other than passing) is to have a several hundred page document in PDF format on my phone in my pocket so I can study during life wait times (treadmill, waiting for takeout, etc). 

Beats reading the news and I'm doing something productive...

1. I purchased a 1-year rental of popular study software that runs on my iPad and open the app.  Many to choose from.
2. I plugged the iPad into my Mac, started QuickTime Player (comes with the Mac)
3. Started a new 'recording' with the iPad as the camera input source.  This gives me a copy of what is on my iPad displayed in a window on my Mac.
4. I opened Pages on the Mac.
5. I use Command-Control-Shift-4 to copy to the clipboard a question/explanation off the iPad and paste (Command-V) it into Pages.
6. Use the same keystrokes to grab copies of the relevant figures for that question.
7. Add a 'shape' to the figures (the little fountain pen icon in the upper right corner) if needed.  Make it red, put a little arrow on the end if you feel like it.
8. Put in a page break and move on the next question.
9. Do five of these a day and before you know it you'll have some crazy good study notes - you actually learn the material.
10. When I'm done I'll have a several hundred page PDF with all of the questions answered, explained, and with annotated figures.

On my phone....in my pocket.  No fumbling through books.

A sample page from today's study session:


And yes, I create PDF lists to study.  I turned a baseball-sized pile of flash cards into a 2 1/2 page PDF doc of Phenom 300 Limitations for the part time sim side job.   Lives in my phone now.  A grab....

The roughly 3x5 card below (my Mona Lisa) shows (8) flight profiles for the Phenom, and it reads (to me) like a METAR.  For the yoke in the sim.  I'll translate the first column (Precision Approach):  Holding 170 knots, Approach checklist, 15nm or outbound Flaps 1 bug 150, Glideslope Alive Gear down, Flaps 2, Bug 130, Glideslope 1 dot Landing flaps, Vref, Outer marker/Established Glideslope set go around altitude, before landing checklist (below that the Missed Approach).

And yeah I'll probably end up typing some card like this for the RV...  I'm weird, I know.  Emergency scenarios and such...



I need to replace this sheave that lifts my hangar door via a hydraulic ram. There are 4 cables that go around the sheave, and the door is a one-piece, metal frame with corrugated steel (read heavy). I can use 6061T6 for the replacement. Opinions on the strength of that alloy? The sheave is 4" diameter with a 1" steel pin and bronze bushings. The broken pin seized in the bushings and was spinning until it (probably after a few years) wore down to 1/4" diameter then failed.  --->


Fuel tank baffle line of leaky rivets -- Advice?

After feeling really good about building one fuel tank that had no leaks upon pressure testing, I confidently undertook to seal and rivet the second one. as a new fuel tank expert, I knew exactly what to do, and it all went swimmingly well.

Until the pressure test.

Fortunately, everything is very well sealed, except for about 15 rivets on the top inboard edge of the baffle (the suds below are just from running down the tank skin). I am at a loss to understand what happened here, but I assume that it was an inadequate bead of sealant on this edge. I don't get why, though, because sealant squeezed out the rear side of this joint when it was assembled. There is a nice bead along the back side, but clearly, air is leaking in the front (internal) side and reaching the rivets.

I can see a few options for repairing, but would like some advice, if you'd be so kind...

1. Drill out these rivets, and reinstall with sealant on the heads (I didn't apply sealant to these rivets originally, assuming the bead inside the tank would be adequate). This would be super easy, but have the greatest likelihood of not working, or failing later in the life of the tank.

2. Drill out these rivets, pry the skin back and clean the faying surfaces of any sealant remaining, squirt some sealant into the gap, cleco it, shoot a few rivets for structural integrity and then try a new low pressure test to see if it worked, then drive the rest of the rivets. This seems like it would work, but there's a chance shooting new sealant wouldn't cover the whole gap. Also, a chance that I could just end up damaging the sealant bead inboard and outboard of the repair. The cleaning part would be really difficult.

3. Drill out the rivets on the entire top of the baffle and try to apply a new bead after cleaning.

4. Pull the level sensor and try to apply sealant from the inside through that hole.

5. Cut a hole in the baffle, reseal from inside, and apply a repair plate.

What would you do? What has the best chance of working?



June 11, 2020.  Issue #5,103.
  TFR around N.TX today.  Heads up.
(Looking for a part time contract pilot? How 'bout me?)

First UK RV-14 flies ...EdH post

After plenty of delay thanks to pandemic lockdown restriction, the first RV-14 in the UK finally made its first flight early evening on 9 June.

Built by Bill Sweetnam in just under 20 months and 1,500 hours of work, the first flight was made by Light Aircraft Association designated pilot (and RV-8 builder) Steve Ayres.  --->


Weighed my RV-7 Today ...John Johnson

I had my RV-7 weighed today and it came in at:

501 left main
489 right main
65 TW
1055 Total

This is with paint, IO-360-M1B, Catto 3-Blade +20 lb crush plate, Fly LED lights, Duckworks halogen landing lights, GRT Sport EX, GRT EIS, Garmin 200 com, Garmin Transponder, FL Interiors Seats, and no interior.

I am pleased with the weights.


CREW RV8 Wingman New Livery ...lucaperazzolli

It was time for my friend Franz to change the livery of his 8 into a matched one.

With the unique help and work of the Basso Brother (Giuliano & Giovanni) designers for job, great airplanes addicted and CREWRV8 fans we like to share with VAF family the final result :  --->


Help ID parts..... RV-10

I got my RV-10 QB wings/fuselage and empennage kit this week. Inventory done, all good, except there was one little bundle of parts that I can't reconcile against the inventory (I may just be missing them but it's 19 pages of single spaced fun).

Any help in ID'ing these parts (just tell me where they go in the airplane, I'll figure it out from there) would be appreciated. The little aluminum strip I'm not worried about - I'm sure I'll figure that one out when I get to that page in the plans


FlyLeds Wig Wag Module

Hello All

Today I installed my Flyleds Wig Wags module that I bought last summer in Oshkosh ( Yep I know I'm slow ) and when I tested them they worked on all 8 flashing modes but that is it...They don't go back to steady lights even though I turned them off for more than a seconds as called for then back ON...

They are always flashing

Anyone here ever had this happening with their Flyleds Wig Wag module or know something I may have missed??



A: (Paul at Flyleds)
Hi Bruno

The Single Switch mode is optional.
To enable this mode of operation, press and hold the PATTERN button and then apply power.
Release the PATTERN button. The lights will flash briefly and then come on continuously.
This procedure only needs to be performed once at installation.

From there:
- Turn your panel switch ON, and both lights come on in Landing Light mode as normal.
- To activate WigWag mode, turn the switch OFF then back ON again within one second.
- To go back to Landing Lights, turn the switch OFF then back ON again after one second.

To return the module to WigWag Only mode, repeat the procedure given above. The lights will briefly flash left/right, and then begin to flash the stored wigwag pattern.


Flutter of AST in Flight ...David Rohrlick RV-12iS

I have been documenting my test flights extensively using a 360 camera mounted on the tail tie down. I have noticed that the the AST tends to flutter in flight. This it not notable whatsoever in the stick in flight. I have the older style AST trim with no bend in the rod. There is a very small amount of play when you hold the stabilator stationary on the ground and then flex the AST. I have looked at three other RV-12's and they seam to have to same amount of static play. I made a 1 min video so you can all see what I'm talking about. Anyone have any insight on this?  --->



June 10, 2020.  Issue #5,102. (Looking for a part time contract pilot? How 'bout me?)

Tate (June 2011) taking some pics of an RV-10 fresh
out of GLO.  Learning the trade ;^).


RV-14 Tail kit ordered ...fgwilliams

Been thinking about it for years. Lots of back story and an RV crazy kid.
Ordered the kit this afternoon. Barb from Vans called to get card info quickly. From sending kit order email to paid confirmation email was 20 minutes.
Time to get busy!
Learning to fly while building too. ;^)


First Flight... the pilot. Where did you solo. ...gasman

My training and solo was out of this strip in 1979. By then it had been paved but only out to a width of 25 feet... and even at that the edges were eroded back to 20 feet by the time I started training there. There was a farm fence on one end and a road with power lines at the other. The runway was 1800' long and the turnoff was 3/4 down the runway. We were trained to make that turnoff, it led straight to the gas station type fuel pump.

You think all of this is normal.... until at around 10 hours we head out of our training area and go here.  This field is 7000' long by 150' wide. For me then, it was hard to land on. Go figure. The instructors at that airport would not let their students land in Petaluma.

My little strip was "normal" to us students and all that were based there. And that included a guy with a P-51. This guy always made the first turnoff. Remember the road at the end of the runway.... Driving in for a lesson one day, I looked down the runway just in time to see the P-51 lift off!! With the sun hitting the face of the prop, it looked (the disc) as wide as the runway.

Learn to fly from a small strip and you will never regret it.


Private Airstrip Zoning ...crabandy

It's really no surprise I'm looking to the VAF community for help with this, throughout my build and beyond the people ad advice have really made things happen for me.

I rushed my "special use zoning permit" to the county just before they shut their doors due to the Covid several months ago. Depending on weather/farmer/contractor I would like to break ground next fall through next summer.

We purchased our property to build a house, airstrip and hangar on. Now we just need to make it happen. I've planned out the runway with a dirt contractor who used to be on the county planning commission and was also approved by the airport coffee drinkers association. I'm attempting to do this right for the long term, I want this runway to be there for a LONG time and need the paperwork to be in order.

It's now happening fast, the letters to the neighbors already went out and the commission meeting is next week. We've already delivered my wife's famous homemade cinnamon rolls and visited with all those affected by the zoning change except 2 which are out of town. I think this portion on the zoning application is a "go."

I'm not a lawyer but the initial planning commission findings are very favorable:  --->


Garmin G3X Touch Software 8.70 Now Available 6/8/2020 ...g3xpert


We released G3X Touch Version 8.70 to the software download area today. Please note from the list at the bottom that many system LRU's have new software. After updating the software in the PFD1 with the SD card, the display will reset, and at that time it is best to hold down on the Menu button while it starts up in Configuration mode. Go to the System Information page on the PFD1 and watch all devices completing the software update before taking the PFD1 out of configuration mode and verifying proper operation for the updated system.  --->


What's Causing This Weird Vibration?

Since my OP last April,  I've additional info. Ideas, anyone?

The weirdness: a vibration suddenly kicks in at an IAS between 90 and 110 mph during the [i]first [i] of the day's take-offs. Nothing subsequent.

The Whirl Wind 74RV spinner has broken - thrown out a chunk - twice within 700 hours, and the third is showing damage. The spinner bulkhead is chafed on on only one side, and after a few hours the screws can again be snugged down because enough material has eroded away from spinner and bulkhead.

What on earth would cause an engine to break spinners!

I've heard of vernatherm, governor, pressure spring, sticky valve guide notions that seem to address the obvious link between oil and under cowl temperatures with the vibration; some sort of resonance interior to the engine that excites the prop/spinner combo. But, my goodness, all seem like a stretch. My gut still says engine vibration isolators are not doing their job (They are the Lord mounts with the secondary internal cone limiting start-up motion.)

A 200RV prop Whirl Wind loaned to me hasn't altered the vibration phenomenon. Curiously, Whirl Wind has stepped away from stroker 360s (and anything else with greater than 9.6:1). From their website: "(I)0-370/375 NOT SUPPORTED"

So much would seem to implicate the airframe, but I've dismissed that mainly over the temperature issue - first takeoff only, and sometimes not at all if temps are already elevated - and magnitude is linked to power.

Any further ideas, brain trust?

John Siebold
Boise, ID


ADS-B NO RADAR ...gharding

Can anyone tell me what the message "ADS-B NO RADAR means? I am seeing this on my Dynon Skyview HDX, in the lower right hand corner of the map.


RV Bits Plenum Fit ...SeanB

Hi. I'm getting close to the paper clip trick with trimming my RV7 baffles, so getting close. I plan to install my RV Bits carbon plenum, so I put it on the plane for a look. Love the carbon! But...the fit fore and aft is not good. Probably half an inch off. Also, there is the piece that steps out by the oil cooler brace. Not even close to fitting. Finally, where the vertical baffles bend at cylinders one and two, the carbon plenum does not match with its contour. Anyone have experience installing one of these plenums on a 7 or 9? Pics? Thank you very much!

I had the same issues to start......
I wrestled with this for a good amount of time. I even had multiple e-mails with Jan in South Africa. What "did the trick" for me was to remove "both" the forward and aft baffle braces, then it started to seat in much better. Any small gaps will be filled with the weather stripping you choose to make the seal. And also when you actual screw it in tight. The next, and much bigger issue will be the cowl inlet to plenum seal. I designed a strip much like what Vans normally uses in the area but, that comes up much higher and wraps up and around in between the cowl and the ramps. You install them "after" the lower cowl is attached. I also used the oversized oil cooler. I'll get a few pix posted here later. All worked great in the end! Engine temps are good and no issues so far........

Are you using the "stock" Vans cowling?

Tim, thanks for your reply. I also elected not to install those two brackets. Seems the plenum will provide more than enough support. I'll need to investigate futher, but I believe the plenum flanges may be at a slightly different angle compared to the face of the baffles. This could be causing the plenum to "push" away. I also don't know if I am supposed to cut off the little extension for cylinder number four area of the oil cooler brace. Yes, using Van's pink cowling.

I too am installing a remote cooler, just behind #3. It's the Showplanes setup with large cooler and shutter. Using an IO-375 with squirters, so need the help.

The outboard baffles get a vertical bend on #1 and #2 to taper the form for the intake area. The plenum doesn't match well here either.

Appreciate seeing your pics and ideas. Thanks!



June 9, 2020.  Issue #5,101. (Looking for a part time contract pilot? How 'bout me?)

Tanks Pressure Tested! ...KCBerner

This is such a milestone that I'm going to revive posting on this thread for the first time since the guy pictured here was born! Both tanks completed and pressure tested. I've been dreading how this test could have gone since I started the build.  --->


Cornucopia Getaway ...petehowell -9A

About mid-week, Andi and I decided we were going to get out of town and head up north to camp, so I searched for destinations. Bowstring is nice, but we were just over there for lunch. Browsing the RAF site, I saw there was a little strip up on Lake Superior that looked like fun - Cornucopia. 2000 ft, bikes in the shed, camping allowed, our kinda place, so I sent an email to the airport manager, and we connected on the phone. Gave me the brief - stay in the middle - and avoid the last 100 feet of the SW end - it drops off. He said camping was allowed, but that the ticks were really thick at the airport right now - maybe find a room in town. He had some suggestions - they all know each other in "Corny".  --->


Finally took my RV-8 up today! ...colojo

After a two-month hiatus caused by Covid-19 concerns, unsettled and windy weather, and the need to get my condition inspection done, the stars finally aligned today and I got to fly!

I only took one picture, but it's a beauty, of Point Reyes National Seashore about 30 miles NW of San Francisco.  --->


New Project ...Lufthans


I am picking up this new to me -3 next weekend.

She's flying, but it's really a 50-foot aircraft. So after playing around with it for a couple of days, I plan to take her apart and bring her to my workshop (which unfortunately is not on an airport)

The plan:
* Polish all the corrosion out
* Fix crooked tailwheel
* Make new righthand elevator (some gorilla has tried to use molten lead or something on a dent, only to make things worse. And more flutter-prone)
* Smoothen all fiberglass wing/tailplane tips
* Try to get some dents out of the turtledeck (very carefully)
* Do a complete rewiring job
* Do a new panel
* Do a new canopy skirt
* Do a new windscreen frame
* Make the engine cowling presentable
* Pull all of the aluminum tape off the fiberglass and paint it
* Put 8.5:1 pistons in engine
* Do an EFI conversion on the engine
* Catto prop
* New spinner
* New lightweight starter
* Ditch the generator in favour of an alternator

On the plus side: she's light! 750 lbs with an O-320. And it's a -3B with new(ish) quick-built wing.

Can't wait to get started!!!


Inflight Photo ...Piper_J3's RV-12

This morning's flight. Crystal clear blue sky. Visibility just about unlimited...


Houston area monthly lunch (June 2020) (WE'RE BAAACK)

That's right, it's time to get this going again. I'm putting the notice out a bit early for this one since it's different from the norm. As alluded to previously, this month I'm going to host at my hangar at Sport Flyers (27XS). Assembly time will be the usual 11:30, a week from this Saturday (June 20th).

I'll have a pile of ribs and assorted sides, plus coolers full of drinks. I'll try and rustle up some tables and chairs, but seating may be at a premium. I'd suggest you try and bring your own chairs if possible.

Here's the one request I have for everyone: Please let me know if you're planning on attending, and if you intend to fly in. The former is so I can plan for food stockpiling, the latter is so I can figure out how many neighbors I need to talk to to secure aircraft parking. I can fit four, maybe five RV-size aircraft on my lot, more than that and we'll have to get creative.

Just reply here, send a private message/email through the forums, or text me at four2three 4three2 nine4three7.

Street address is 4614 Windsock Ln, Brookshire. For fly-ins, it'll be the seventh hangar from the north, on the west side of the field.

NOTE FOR FLY-INS: Please don't park on the grass without someone on the ground guiding you. There are culverts on either side of my ramp that you do not want to put a wheel into. I'll have them flagged, but I'd still prefer to provide guidance. Better safe than sorry.


Wing Root Mounted Filter Setup for RV-14/14A ...Aircraft Specialty (VAF advertiser)

After the recent release of the RV14 SDS duplex cabin and wing root fuel line kit, we received a lot of feedback from builders who were interested in a wing root filter setup for the standard cabin fuel line setup.

We are now announcing the release of a Wing Root Mounted filter setup for the RV14/14A cabin.

This setup removes the filter in the center tunnel and adds a high quality serviceable filter in each of the wing roots with a shutoff valve for servicing during the conditional inspections. This kit is available as a complete kit which includes all the Cabin Components as well as the Wing Root components. Or it is available as an add on kit for those who are utilizing our Rv14 Cabin Fuel Kit, or for those who already completed their own cabin fuel lines.  --->



June 8, 2020.  Issue #5,100.
  A 6-ship (5 tandem RVs and a Globe Swift) flew over my house Friday 6:45pm - some friends doing a High School graduation thing over a stadium. They were waiting for the TOT time and did a lap over my neighborhood.  We don't live on an airpark, or near one, so this was a real treat to see from the back yard.  Thanks guys!  20 sec video here.
  Hope you had a nice RV weekend.
(Looking for a part time contract pilot? How 'bout me?)


FIRST FLIGHT ...Lizard Lips

RV-14A, N468JG, matured into a real lady today by making her first flight ever into the earth's atmosphere. She flew "hands-off" from the very beginning and the Lycoming IO-390 purred like a kitten. She is now a "Real Airplane" ready to join the ranks of the thousands of RV's that have preceeded her.

The flight took place at Gladewater Municipal Airport, 07F, this morning at approximately 9:30 AM CDT after two-years, two weeks in construction.

I'm not one to toot my own horn, but ...TOOT-TOOT anyway!

Longview, Texas


2020 Falcon Flight Formation Clinic was a SUCCESS! ...Sid

The 2020 Falcon Flight Formation Clinic took place May 29-31 at KTPL Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional in Temple, Texas. It was an unparalleled success. After having slipped the event from April due to the nationwide lockdown, and worries over possible bad weather, we were treated to the best possible late-spring weather; an outstanding airport staff and EXPANSIVE large hangar, ramp, and briefing facilities; and nearly three dozen pilots and RVs raring to formate.

Ron "Shorts" Walker and Bobby "Luke" Lucroy led the event, surrounded by Falcon Flight premiering our new all-blue uniforms. I think it's best to lay out the event through numbers:

34 RVs and pilots, some from as far away as Wisconsin, west Colorado, and even Tucson. And Arkansas.

6 check rides
- 3 Wingmen check rides
- 3 Flight Lead check rides
Luke and Shorts earned their Large Formation Certifications
1 Red Scary earned his 2-ship solo
1 2-Ship wingman earned his 4-ship solo
4 new Red Scaries (welcome aboard!)
MANY outstanding safety pilots (thanks, y'all!)  --->


Status Report ...RV7ForMe

Seems like no progress but I continued to Countersink all the holes. They are done now. I had some issues with knife edging and the cage wandering on me with the first 2 #8 screws. I then opted to fabricate a piece of scrap metal and hold it underneath so it would keep the pilot on the countersink from wondering off. First used aluminum like on this picture... then changed to steel. Worked great.  --->


Today's engine puzzler #2

I was inspired by David Harris's recent puzzler -- and who doesn't love Click and Clack? Here's my engine puzzler. Probably an easy one but I'm posting because it stumped me for a while, and perhaps some other engine-challenged folks like me can get some benefit. At the risk of getting beat up like David did, I'm not going to post the answer right away. But it will be later today or tomorrow, or as soon as someone gets it. If you're frustrated by that you can subscribe to this thread and you'll get the follow-ups in your inbox.

So here's the setup: at around 1400 hours the engine began having a hard starting issue. Mostly it would start right up but maybe 1 out of 10 times it would just crank and crank. I could get it started with some starter fluid (I know, not safe, but it did the trick).

This is an RV-6 with Lycoming O-360 A1A, cabureted, P-mag right side with aircraft ignition harness, traditional magneto left side, iridium lifetime plugs all around. I had the magneto serviced, adjusted the carb, checked the fuel screens & verified no water in the fuel, cleaned & gapped the plugs. Checked all ignition wires with no problems found. No change.

Then I listened to an EAA webinar by Vic Syracuse. Bingo!

The clues are there, if you know the answer write it on a set of James Aircraft RV-6 high speed fiberglass pressure recovery wheel pants and send it to me PO box [etc.] OR post it here :-)
Randall Henderson
RV-6 / O-360 / CS, 1500+ hrs, 1st flight Sept. 1999


My next EAA webinar - July 14th ...my buddy Paul Dye

"One thing that the EAA has discovered during the past couple of months of COVID-19 is that their webinar series has been a hit! Vic has "sold out" a couple of them, and I did one where we maxed out the 1,000 participant limit as well. I was asked by HQ (yeah, they're getting desperate...) to do one on a "space topic", so we've scheduled a talk about what it was like to be inside Mission Control during missions of the shuttle era - and coincidentally (wink, wink), it is on the day that my book is being released.

This is just a public service announcement for those who want to register in case it fills up.... "

Shuttle, Houston -- a Look Inside Space Shuttle Mission Control
Tues, Jul 14, 2020 7 - 8:30 p.m. CDT

Presenter: Paul Dye

Former NASA lead flight director and EAA member Paul Dye provides a compelling look inside 30 years of space shuttle missions, relaying stories of missions and their grueling training in vivid detail. Paul examines the split-second decisions that mission control and astronauts were forced to make in a field where mistakes are unthinkable, and errors can lead to the loss of a national resource, and more importantly the astronaut crew. This presentation is based on Dye's new book, Shuttle, Houston, set for release on July 14 of this year.

Registration link


RV-8A Weld Crack at #4 Exhaust Flange ...Joe

This is for an '8A, not an '8 or any of the other RVs.

Caught this on an oil change: my Vetterman exhaust developed a crack in the weld at the exhaust flange for the #4 cylinder. Naturally this is the "busiest" of the four cylinders' exhausts. :-(  --->


RV-12 Safety Directive SD-00017 published: Check fuel return line flow ...mothership

We have published Safety Directive SD-00017, which applies only to the original/legacy RV-12 (it does not apply to the RV-12iS).

This Safety Directive requires inspection before further flight of the fuel flow return line to ensure fuel is actually flowing through the return. This is a simple and quick check and can be accomplished by the owner/operator in about 5 minutes. No tools or parts are required and there is nothing you need to order to conduct the inspection.

In the event the return line is found to be blocked, the document contains the mandatory additional steps to rectify the issue.

Context: A blocked return line fitting was discovered on one RV-12 in the field. Due to the potential risk and impact of a fuel flow issue, we have issued this as a before-further-flight notice. Performing the check of this critical system is a quick and simple process.


Status Report ...David Paule -3B

Canopy Inner FLange
Back to the regularly unscheduled progress report.

Also, back to the canopy. In areas, the bottom edge of the canopy was too much of a sharp edge to laminate fiberglass around, so I took a two-fold approach to that. I formed a flox bead there and then after it cured, rounded it. There were places that now protruded too much to assemble the fairing on, so I reshaped those with a more gentle radius, blending it into the outer flange. Yes, I went back and smoothed those edges.

In retrospect, flox was the wrong stuff to use here. It would have been better if I'd used micro, since this was nothing more than a bit of non-structural shaping.

With that out of the way, I taped over the area and prepared the surface to lay up the inner flange. I'm using Aircraft Spruce's crowfoot cloth, p/n 120-38 for this, because it forms better. Since this cloth is only .004 thick, I'm using six plies. And because it's warmer now and I'm still in my busy season, I decided to do it in overlapping sections. Here's the first. The diagonal white stripes are the ends the short overlapping pieces of peel ply.


Status Report ...pasmanyflyer -7

More fun stuff added!
Took advantage of the sub 100 degree temps in Phoenix this weekend. Yesterday fellow builder/pilot Tom Velvick helped me reinstall and time my magnetos. Thanks again Tom! FWF (firewall forward) smoke system oil lines fabricated and temporarily installed today! That completes mock up of all the FWF systems! I won't torque anything until the very end when I am certain that nothing needs to come off or on. Pictures start from front right side (cylinder #1) around the back to the front left side (cylinder #2).  --->



June 5, 2020.  Issue #5,099.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Looking for a part time contract pilot? How 'bout me?)

Usual suspects 52F the other day.  dr



I was talking with Mel Asberry of DAR fame Wednesday evening, and he told me he recently counted up all the folders in his office (he has one for every DAR inspection he has ever done).  The count?  975.

Let that sink in a bit and ponder what it represents to the aviation (especially RV) world.  The thought did occur that if he does one each week for the rest of the year he'll break 1,000.  That would be something nice to be able to report in a troubling year.

Mel (and Ann) are RV royalty, I consider both friends, and I still remember the things he found on my RV-6 back in 2002 during her look-over.

Call Mel.  He's in the Texas section of the DAR page.



Q: Passed my Airworthiness inspection Monday and plan to make the first flight of my RV-14A Saturday. Installed is a factory new Lycoming IO-390. The first few flights will consist of exploring the envelope of the airplane and getting the feel of it's flight characteristics. What power settings would you guys suggest for a new engine during the first few hours? I had thought maybe 2300 rpm/23 "Hg manifold pressure or maybe 2400/24. During this break-in period should the engine be run "hard" or should it be run at low power settings? Your opinions are appreciated.

Longview, Texas
RV-14A Certified Airworthy and ready to go



Panel Porn ...hom409


Gifting Gone Awesome ...bhester

Last week a fellow RV buddy stopped by and brought me this gift, his wife took a picture of me flying over a few weeks ago.


Garmin Pilot v10.1 is Out

... for Apple mobile devices features an enhanced document viewer, night mode for approach plates, navlog printouts and more.


As many times as I've looked at it...KCBerner

I guess it shouldn't surprise me but as many times as I've read this step (now finishing tank #2) somehow this escaped me every time. I love finding these, well played Vans.


Red Cube Placement Locations ...bhester and various

The cube mounted between the fuel lines pretty much just sits there. The mounting plate just stabilizes it.


RE: Non-Advertisers Abusing the Posting Rules.

A special request....

If an aviation-oriented business that doesn't advertise on VAF tries to solicit your business or market/support their products through the Private Message (PM), email, or other features of the VAF Forums, would you please let me know about it?  There have been some reports of abuse of the VAF posting rules lately and I'd like to get on top of that (trying my hardest to run a tight ship during very stressful times).

'Food cart in the parking lot example' described in the rules.  I'd like to keep paying my bills and feed the fam.

Thank you as always and best,




June 4, 2020.  Issue #5,098. (Looking for a part time contract pilot? How 'bout me?)

G-OGZZ Flies! ...Huskyhipdoc

My RV8 Fastback flew and completed test flight schedule with no issues! Beautiful to fly!  --->

My RV8 IFR Panel... first flight went well, flight test schedule complete!
Garmin took me for a coupled ILS, procedure turn, then flew the missed approach today. Great kit!


Albuquerque RVers to the rescue

Thank you to all the RVers who assisted me when my RV was down on Memorial Day at KAEG.
My cross country trip from Florida to South Lake Tahoe was interrupted when my starter failed while attempting to leave KAEG. Then, minutes later, the calvary arrived, when I see a 7 ship overhead break with smoke. After their debrief, it was all hands on deck. David Otero was especially helpful as we pulled my plane to his hanger & proceeded to remove & bench test my starter. Hoping a good clean & lube would allow me to continue, it wasn't to be.
The starter damage was under warranty by SkyTek & they have really stepped forward to get me back in the air. They have agreed to swap out my damaged starter. That's great customer service. I'l make my way back to KAEG in a few weeks to continue my trip.
Gotta love this community!
Danny "RoadRunner" Landry


Speed Run Data ...RV7ForMe

Although Not building related but it reminded me what a capable plane I am building. Went up in the other -7A yesterday and did a 4 leg box speed run at 5000ft at full everything. I am a bit disappointed it didn't match the VANS numbers but maybe I need to do it again at 8000ft. 8500? at what alt are the vans numbers done?

Vans Lyc 180HP M1B
Vans Hartzell 72" C/S.
2 People.
5000ft density alt


RV 9 Inboard flap fairing issues ...DennisRhodes

On an RV9 or 9A there's a fairing on the bottom side adjacent to the fuselage that covers up a small cavity at the end of each side flap. This is close proximity to the linkage that operates the flap mechanism. The fairing for this area is a extended piece of fuselage skin which must move with the extension of that Fowler type flap.

After about 750 hours I began to get some vibration noise from that fairing because its only held tight against the fuselage bottom from the spring back in the metal. I suspect the airflow is causing it to vibrate against the fuselage and or flap bracket and causing the noise. Also seeing some cracks and other indications on this moveable piece of fuselage skin was wondering if others have noticed this.

If so, has anyone just completely removed this section and left the hole exposed. Or has anyone come up with a better idea to utilize the fairing or modify the fairing to get a tighter seal . Interested in your comments or ideas for a fix. --->


My RV Weekend ...pilotkms

Sunday, Butch in his 6A and I flew from Perry GA KPXE to Kirbyville TX T12 to visit with our RV7 buddy we met at last year's Petit-Jean flyin, Frank Foreman.  --->


Installing red cube on carburated engine ...riasbeck

I've been following the various red cube threads for a couple weeks, but can't decide how/where to install my fuel flow sensor on a RV8 with a Lyclone engine.

Basically, it seems that these sensors are very susceptible to heat and vibration. In fact Vic Syracuse, in his most recent EAA webinar called out a couple of installations that had it mounted to the engine mount as a potential source of failure. So I'd planned to put it on the firewall with a heat shield between the gascolator and the engine driven fuel pump with a teflon/SS line from the cube to the engine pump, all uphill.

On the other hand, when I opened the package yesterday, the instructions from EI said that it HAS to go between the "last fuel pump" (i.e. the engine pump) and the carburator, otherwise it may lead to vapor lock and inaccurate readings.

I can live with iffy readings, but vapor lock got my attention.

How has everyone with a non-fuel injected set up done it, and how well did it work?


Erimo's RV Weekend


My RV Weekend ...WingsOnWheels

Took a friend up for their first RV flight on saturday, had a good time and made a stop for breakfast. Did the same with my daughter on sunday.  --->


Status Report ...jcarne RV-7A

Oh boy, started the cowl a couple of days ago. I can already tell this is going to be fun...

After a bit of sanding and trimming this is about the best I can get the halves nested behind the spinner. The flanges of the top don't extend down far enough and I can't bring them together anymore as the spinner area would no longer be round. Looks like I have some flox jobs in store for the future.  --->


A Great Idea For Displaying Plans

I put all the files together in a giant PDF so I could take them with me on my iPad, then mounted a TV with a laptop in the garage so I could use those and make notes on them digitally instead of having to use the paper.

It's so nice to be able to CTRL+F instead of having to flip through pages.


Excellent Video on Kitplanes: Shops and Shop Spaces ...Gash post

I just watched a great video on Kitplanes, "Virtual Roundtable: Shops and Shop Spaces". These guys put together a very informative presentation that answers many common questions about the places where we spend many hours building.


Dynon Virtual Happy Hour ...June 5


RV 7a Wash to NM and return, Covid supply drop. ...Jonathan Alvord

We flew down May 15 from Eastern Washington to Crownpoint NM/Page AZ to drop of reusable masks for seniors and Hand sanitizer to Lechee AZ, and Crownpoint AZ where my wife is from. Then returned through Grand Junction Co, Moab, Utah, Low approach into SLC Class B (cause we could), and returned to Prosser (S40)



June 3, 2020.  Issue #5,097.
  I received some nice emails and texts yesterday and today from friends congratulating Suz and I on 30 years of marriage.  Very much appreciated and all saved.  We are lucky and thankful to have so many friends.
(Looking for a part time contract pilot? How 'bout me?)

Show us your RV-8/8A ...sapeloson entry


My RV Weekend ...crabandy

My daughter and I picked up a puppy in Missouri and delivered it to my Sister in Law in Louisiana. My daughter was excited enough about the flight she was willing to learn about aviation weather and help plan it.  --->


Flywheel timer ...greghale

I've come up with a flywheel timing pointer that allowed me to set the ignition timing from the top of the engine. It clamps to the flywheel. You point one end of the pointer at the timing mark on the flywheel, clamp that position then move the prop until the other end of the pointer points to the crankcase split. I came up with this to help in timing my IO-540 with the new 6 cylinder E-Mag from the top of the engine. It can also be used for timing a standard mag. If the crank case is covered up by a baffle, you can transfer that position to the front side of the baffle for the pointer to point at.  --->


Skin Deburring Question ...RV701775

On skins and other punched parts where there are curves or bends in the punched area there are significant burrs on each side of the curve that I am finding difficult to debur without taking off quite a bit of material from areas around the curve. If I use a flat needle file it leaves a notch that could create a stress concentration, so I have been using a curved needle file but it is necessary to increase the radius to maintain a well curved surface. This creates a slight hump. I wanted to get some feedback and possibly some photos or examples of how other handle these areas.  --->


Spark Plug Tech and Choices ...kaweeka

I added to a prior post about spark plug heat ranges after finding dry fouling on my BR8ES plugs in all cylinders. (Compression is good, 76-78/80) I run an IO 320 B1A with dual LSE Plasma III and AFP injection with 9:1 pistons. I typically fly LOP. Klaus' manual recommends the Denso IK27 which is actually a cooler plug that the NGKs in there now (the 8 heat range corresponds to a 24 in the Denso world). I wrote Klaus but, no surprise, haven't heard back. Using the 27, or even 24 when already noting fouling with the current NGK doesn't add up to me. While looking and reading, I came upon the website for Brisk Racing. There are myriad plug types and one that I am not familiar with called a multi-spark plug.

The description is this: "they produce more than one spark per impulse of the ignition system. More than one simultaneous point of ignition results in better and more spontaneous ignition of the air-fuel mixture. Spark Plug sparks are not shielded by the ground electrode; therefore it provides faster, unrestricted expansion of the flame front. The mixture burns more uniformly and more quickly. The result of better utilization of available combustion energy is more power, better acceleration, lower harmful exhaust emission and reduction in fuel consumption."

It says it is designed for high output ignition systems. Would this be applicable to my set-up? Has anyone used or considered this brand or specific plug before? I do tend to overthink things so I apologize in advance. I am NOT an engineer but want to learn and understand these questions as they arise. It makes me safer and better able to make decisions that are beneficial to my aircraft and flight safety. I appreciate any knowledge from you all.

Thanks and be well everyone,


Looking for manf of mag synchronizer ...pazmanyflyer

Does anyone know who made this unit? No other marking on the box. My Googlfu search skills aren't working tonight. Wanting to find the operating manual for it online to verify if it's still works.


Rudder TE Riveting Technique Question ...Randy Carmichael

First build project--having fun so far--but still in the early learning stages.

Specifically, I'll be starting soon on my rudder trailing edge. Double countersinking is done in the TE wedge, double sided tape is standing by, and everything is dimpled and ready to go as soon as I finish attaching the stiffeners and shear clips to the skins.

I've been studying ahead to the trailing edge instructions and have seen some warnings about the difficulty of achieving truly straight TE's. Also seen some posts about twists occurring in the TE as rivets are final set in the double flush fashion required. Some posts have referred to setting half of the TE rivets in one direction and half in the other to minimize twist.

OK, finally the question: Since the direction of the shop head is "builder's choice" on a rudder, has anyone tried alternating rivet direction with every other rivet in the TE? If every other rivet had the shop head on the same side, alternating with manufactured heads would that not tend to offset twisting tendency? Would it look lousy as a finished product?

Maybe I'm overthinking it--wouldn't be the first time--but just curious.


RV-10 Build First Day: Inventory Time Lapse ...Matt McCoy


Hans' RV3 - O-320 with a twist

Hi guys,

After a hiatus of about a year, the withdrawal symptoms from selling my share in the RV-4 became too much. And so I have bought myself a -3. The plane is in need of a fair dose of TLC, which I plan to give it.

Coming from a number of Subaru powered aircraft projects that are still racking up trouble-free hours and outperforming all expectations, the knee-jerk reaction was to lose the O-320 and put one of my Subaru conversions on. But I really think I'll pass this time and go with Lycoming. With a twist.

My plans thus far - and comments VERY welcome. These Lycomings are new to me ;-)

1: The plane comes with a mid-time O-320 C3B. I believe it to be somewhat of an oddball, only used on a twin (can't remember which one) in the mid-1950's. Old style parallel mounting points. 7.0:1 compression. Hollow shaft. Carburetted. I don't fancy buying a new engine and then try to get this one off my hands. So the plan is to keep this engine as the starting point.

2: As much as I'd love to go all-out, paying 13K for a C/S prop is not in the books for this plane.

3: I want to run mogas in it. 100LL costs upward of $12 per gallon here, even in this economy. Mogas is still $7-ish per gallon, but gets things within the realm of affordability. Mogas here is 98 RON, which is about 93 in US measurements.

So, the plan for the engine:
Take the cylinders off, do a valve job, check the valve guides.

Change the pistons for 8.5:1 items. I was thinking of the ASC75089F from Combustion Technologies. (what's the word on their products?). I believe 8.5 is about as far as I can go with Mogas, right?

Do I need thick piston pins for these?

Then - Can I fit new rings, or should I then also hone the cylinders?

Injection and ignition will come from two Link ECUs:
Each tank will have its own high pressure fuel pump (preferably IN the tank to eliminate all vapour lock issues) and fuel return line. Each side will have its own fuel rails and fuel injectors. And its own ECU.
Each ECU will also run its own set of ignition coils and (automotive) plugs.

Since you don't want both ECUs injecting fuel at the same time, two externally connected switches (to eliminate any single point of failure) will kill the power to the injector drivers of one ECU at a time.

There will be no more fuel selector valve. The ECU that is at play for injection determines from which tank fuel is used.

Each ECU has its own battery en bus. Batteries are fed from the alternator through a FET coupler.

So basically the only thing that is not redundant is the alternator. I can live with this. If it fails, I'll have two batteries to run things until I land.

If anything else fails, it will be on one site. I then also lose the availability of the fuel in that fuel tank. My flying is not between Iceland and Greenland, so I can live with that.

So, to continue:
Now that the carburettor is no longer needed, and carb icing no longer is an issue, I might as well get those intake runners out of the sump and get some cold air into the engine, rather than lukewarm. So I'll weld up a new oil sump and new intake manifold, with one big throttle body, and some ram air.

And yes, I know. There are vendors out there who deliver excellent products for what I am thinking of here. A few of them are even RV pilots. It's just that after half a dozen engines (including a 600 hp Ferrari V12 in a car project), I feel up to the challenge of developing my own mouse trap.

So... What do you guys think?

Oh, and what power output can I expect? I figure coming from 150 hp, the 8.5:1 will give me 160. The fuel injection and more accurate and stronger ignition 5, the cold air induction another 5 and maybe a handful for better flowing of the intake? So between 170 and 175? Or would that be overly optimistic? It would be somewhat important when ordering a prop from Catto...
Hans Teijgeler
Hilversum, The Netherlands



June 2, 2020.  Issue #5,096. (Looking for a part time contract pilot? How 'bout me?)

I'm Back From My Camping Trip ...roofus4

I just want to thank everyone who helped me learn how to camp out of the RV. I had a wonderful 2 week long trip. All the equipment I bought as recommended by you guys worked out great. Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL3 tent someone suggested, was perfect!

I started in Escalante, Utah (1L7) as suggested by a gentleman on this site. From Houston I made one fuel stop in Double Eagle (KAEG), before Escalante. What a nice setup. Along with a nice campsite, they have a shower and covered pavilion with gas grill, and running water. Great 1st stop to get my camping feet wet. I had the whole camp to myself, and more importantly, the courtesy car all to myself! I spent 4 nights there and did a hike a day for 4 days. It was beautiful. Might I add that May is a great month for Utah. No bugs, yet comfortable during the day, nice and cool at night.

Then, wanting to get a little more hardcore, I flew out to IBEX Hardpan to spend a night on the dry lake. It was a very unique experience. It was fun to land on such a wide open space. It was nice and smooth, however, the chalky dust gets on EVERYTHING! My shoes, my pants, my tent, my tires, my wheel pants, etc, etc, etc...

Ok, Now here's the rest of the story.  --->


PnP Flight ...mchargmg

We flew our first Pilots N Paws (PnP) flight this weekend. We went from KFLY down to Sundance airport (KHSD) on the outskirts of Oklahoma City to pick up some kitties. The momma and kittens had been living in an oil field, which is scheduled to get sprayed with poison to get rid of weeds. So a local rescue operation managed to catch the momma and two of the kittens.

We flew down to Sundance (quite a nice airport by the way!), ate a quick lunch, picked up the cats, and flew back. We were going to deliver them directly to the rescue operation in Denver at KBJC. However, the weather did not cooperate, so we landed back at KFLY, and drove the kitties halfway up to Denver, meeting one of the volunteers halfway.  --->


Smoke System Fiddling ...RV6_flyer

I removed and sold my smoke system but will comment on my experience.

Most smoke system sellers will tell you to put the injection pretty close to the exhaust port on the engine or where two or more runs from the exhaust valve comes together.

I originally installed one injection nozzle after the intersection of the #2 and #4 exhaust pipes coming together.

One injection nozzle on a 4 cylinder engine with only two cylinder exhaust created puffs. Not a big deal 75 or 100' behind the airplane but one could tell at less than 50'.

I added a 2nd injector BUT because I had a heat muff on that side, I added the inject port AFT of the heat muff or less than a foot from the end of the exhaust pipe. No difference in smoke.

When I replaced cylinders at 2,200 hours, I also installed a new exhaust system. I put both smoke injectors less than one foot from the end of the exhaust pipes. No difference in smoke output than there was before the change. Both injector ports were a few inches forward of the firewall in the top of the two exhaust pipes.

In other words, the difference in exhaust gas temperature for smoke oil vaporization is not much difference between the engine exhaust port and the end of the normal Vetterman crossover exhaust system.

Now it would be nice to instrument an exhaust system every one inch or so to get real data to actually find out how much exhaust heat is lost from the exhaust port to the exhaust pipe end. Would even be great to just use a 2nd EGT probe in the same run near the end of the exhaust pipe.

Typically the EPA recommends vaporization as the way to dispose of the smoke oil we use. Injecting it into the exhaust does the vaporization. The temperature that the oil requires to vaporize is lower than the exhaust gas temperature. Complete combustion of the air / fuel change leaves little oxygen to start a fire in the exhaust from the oil injected.


Pic from Temple ...Nick


Roundtrip to Florida (again)...airguy

Didn't get any decent pics this time around, but it was time to go pick up the 172 from Jesse Saints place after the new panel install. My uncle and I departed Friday afternoon and overnighted in New Orleans, landing at an almost completely deserted KMSY. Signature did us a solid good deed there, handling everything as requested and giving us a courtesy car overnight because "ain't nobody else here and we won't need it" - and indeed he was right, the whole airport was deserted.

Ate way too much good food at Kenner Seafood Market just around the corner, and flew out in the morning for X35. Got the 172 and did several local area test flights, watched the SpaceX launch (unfortunately on the iPad rather than close enough to see it in person) and then launched back for KMSY again for the evening - for more good seafood and Signature continued their outstanding service for us again. Fought thunderstorms the whole way and snuck into KMSY right between two major cells, and then fought thunderstorms all the way back home Sunday morning. Headed out for Lago Vista KRYW for cheap fuel but the pumps were down, so we hopped to Georgetown KGTU and topped off there, and then headed for San Angelo KSJT to drop off the 172 with our local shop for annual, then home.


New Lycoming XO-320-D2G available for immediate delivery ...mothership


My RV Weekend ...ArVeeNiner

Flying For Breakfast-Covid 19 Style.  I went on a short flight to CVH to give some business to the restaurant on the field. Although in that county you can dine at the restaurant, I decided to social distance and eat out at the plane. It was nice to get away for a bit.


Status Report ...jcarne

Another good day today. Got the forward top skin fully riveted! So cool to be done riveting the last skin. There were some tricky rivets indeed and a big shout out to my dad for running the bucking bar all day.

Here are a couple of pics of the action in progress. 


Panel Comes to Life ..dreed

Still plenty to do, but panels first official power up in the plane.

The LED's are dual red/white and in this pic the dimmer is turned all the way up and way below sight line). Did white only only in the baggage compartment (may switch to dual


My RV Weekend ...cderk RV-10

Landings at KEWR, KLGA and a flight over Central Park:  --->


Spinner Doubler Cracks ...LordofWar ongoing maintenance

My CS spinner backplate doubler ring is cracked. Noticed just as we were about to install. Interesting thing is, the prop had a ring and reseal done when it wasn't brought to my attention.



Miss Susie and I got married (30) years ago today, and I'm thankful and grateful and more Blessed than I will ever be able to even comprehend.  I thank God every day for my wife, our children, our extended family and friends, and the businesses and people who root for our family's interpretation of a civil, non-political, hatred-free small business where RV fans can champion planet Earth's greatest hobby.  To (30) more years!!!!

A retro shot which might bring a grin:  Spring Break 1986 and we were younger than our son Tate is now.  In my defense, Duran Duran was the fashion and mullets were cool.  You're welcome <g>.

Hair where it should be.....none where it shouldn't.



June 1, 2020.  Issue #5,095.
  Beautiful weather in Texas this past weekend made for a lot of RV activity.  On Saturday I started monitoring some of the traffic down near Temple at the formation clinic (below).  I understand there were over 40 participants and I'm looking forward to hearing about how it went.
  Special thanks to Mr. Ed Hicks for a beautiful June calendar wallpaper image and congratulations to SpaceX and NASA on the successful launch of Dragon/Endeavour.  Wow!
  Hope you had a nice weekend and got to spend some quality time with your RV.
(Looking for a part time contract pilot? How 'bout me?)

James Walsh photo


Happy Anniversary ...chrispratt

May 30, 2020 marks 15 years since my first flight in RV-8 N898DK. I can't believe it's been that long. Fifteen years ago, the 30th of May was Memorial Day and so it has been an easy anniversary to remember.  --->


Airworthy! ...wjb

There's a time for all good things to come to an end.

Time to stop the building; time to start the flying!

I received my airworthiness certificate yesterday, a great way to kick off the weekend. Our local DAR, Richard Ortenheim (Skyview Aviation, KTCY), had to drive over since the field was low IFR that morning. We pre-prepped all the paperwork via email prior to the inspection. The inspection went well; no significant issues were found -- and all jam nuts were tight!  --->


June Calendar Wallpaper ...courtesy Ed Hicks


Latest Electrical Schematic ...mfleming

"...This version is close to finished.  I replaced the avionics relay with an appropriately rated switch (5A draw).  The rest was cleaning up the drawing and adding all the fuses.  All comments welcome..."


Status Update ...RV7ForMe

"...and here is the first thing that got build out of scrap pieced of wood. This is my version of the rib straightener that I found in the forums. It is supposed to make this work much more "enjoyable". Looks like 11* is pretty darn close. I may try 12* to see if that's better or too much. With the saw I can actually just set it to the desired degree and 2 seconds later ...How cool is that ? DONE!"


My RV Weekened ...DeeCee 57


RV-7A Wind Whisperer N147RV ...newtech

Posting this for the owner that I am helping with the build. THis is a quick build RV-7A that was purchased at the 60% done 90% to finish stage. Just posting about a major milestone. Powered up the panel today so we could program the GAD27. Pobably will be making progress posts.



May 29, 2020.  Issue #5,094.
  My Jeep threw an engine light four days back so I took it to the dealer (my OBDII scan tool showed P0304 code).  Related to cylinder #4 (ignition coil, spark plug, cylinder, etc).  Turns out to have a slightly sticky valve and the cylinder head needs replacing.  Just under the 60,000 mile power train warranty - it has 59,277 miles on it.  Part on order.  Strikes Napoleon Dynamite pose and says "Yesssssssss". ;^)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Looking for a part time contract pilot? How 'bout me?)

A Tour of Ian Glenn's RV-3B ...EdH post/pics

"Always wanted a -3B, thought about building one... ended up buying one.

Built in the UK by Ian Glenn and first flown in 2004, it was his second RV build and a masterpiece of metalwork. It's been perfectly cared-for by its last long-term owner for the last 12 years.

Powered by a 115hp O-235, it weighs 740lbs empty. To quote my friend who flew it home, "This a hoot!""


Today's Engine Puzzler ...DavidHarris

I had an engine puzzler that kept me occupied for two months. I'll post the story and clues (and red herrings) today, and then follow up with my solution and reflections in a few days.

In March I received the airworthiness certificate for N47HM, an RV7-A with a Superior XP-IO360 engine, dual PMAGs, and a Precision Airflow fuel servo.

About 8 hours into Phase 1 testing, my engine quit during stall testing (at the top of a stall at 48 KIAS, with partial flaps). Much to my surprise, it would not restart in the air despite playing with the boost pump, mixture settings, throttle, and starter, and pitching the plane down to increase the windmilling. I shut everything off and made a forced landing on the sandy bed of the dry Mojave River. Fortunately I landed into a good headwind, the sand was firmer than usual because of recent rains, and I held the stick full back, so the nosewheel didn't touch until I had come to an almost complete stop. The aircraft was undamaged. On the ground, I observed the right PMAG switch was off. I likely bumped it while entering a transponder setting during turbulence, although it is not impossible that I failed to turn it back on after turning it off during my runup test.

I had been on flight following and had reported the engine out to ATC. On the ground, I called the Victorville tower, and they sent the fire department out to meet me. I jogged about 3/4 mile to the nearest named road, met the fire department and sheriff, and then talked with the FAA. All was well, and they referred me to Jack Vanderman at Southwest Aircraft Recovery.

My family came up to meet me. The area was dubious, with burnt-out houses and ranches resembling junkyards. I found a sandy service road on the riverbank that reached within 150' of the airplane, and spent the night there in my truck to guard against looters. In the morning, I met Mr. Depue at Depue Airpark, a private dirt strip near Barstow, and got his permission to tow the plane over there. Jack Vanderman arrived with his flatbed trailer and aircraft crane, and we spent about 6 hours winching the airplane out of the riverbed, up the embankment, and onto the flatbed, then winching the trailer along the sandy road until it was firm enough to drive. He carefully drove 10 miles on Old Highway 66 to Depue, and the police car that passed us in the other direction kindly didn't bother our odd caravan. Jack's elderly father and my 14-year-old son both helped with the recovery and it was quite an adventure for four generations of aviators.

In hindsight, I would have done stall tests at 7000 AGL over Dagget airport rather than 3000 AGL over the desert. I would have looked for a dirt road rather than a riverbed. I would have aggressively tracked down engine issues on the ground before flying. I was thankful to have taken glider training last summer and to have memorized the emergency checklists and thought about them deeply. I was grateful for the help from the FAA, the Victorville Fire Department, Mr. Depue, and Jack Vanderman.

Two days later I went back to Depue, removed the cowling, did a lengthy inspection, found nothing unusual, put it back together, did a runup, and then departed the short dirt strip and flew back to my home base at Cable Airport. Flight was normal.

I had observed some issues during Phase 1 testing before the incident, and didn't troubleshoot them on the ground as much as I would have wished because I feared long ground runs while breaking in the new engine.

* The engine would sometimes quit during the rollout after landing when I was at low RPM. I attributed this (not quite correctly) to the idle being too low. Adjusting the fuel servo idle to 900 RPM prevented the problem, but caused a long landing, so I had set it back lower for further testing.

* The engine was also sometimes very difficult to start, even though I felt I was following the Superior and Precision instructions. Sometimes I would have to prime and crank up to 6 times, following the cool down instructions for the Skytek starter.

After recovering the airplane, I contacted Superior. Bill Ross, VP of Product Support, took decisive steps to help, at no cost to me, and gave instructions for testing before further flight. I wiggled the wires while monitoring the LEDs on the PMAGs to verify connectivity. The grounds both go separately and directly to the aircraft central ground stud on the firewall. The power lines go through test switches on the panel to a short shared wire going to the main power bus. The kill lines go through the key switch to ground. The PMAG LEDs turn on when the power line is at 12 volts and the kill and ground lines are properly grounded, showing connectivity. Aggressively wiggling either end of the wires on either PMAG wouldn't turn the LEDs off. I then removed the PMAGs and sent them back for bench testing. I removed the fuel servo, spider, and injectors and sent them back to Precision Airflow for bench testing. Everything came back looking normal. I reviewed the excellent Dynon engine logs and observed 0 RPM from both PMAGs after the engine failure, even though the prop was windmilling, which is an indication that the PMAGs were not powered up during the descent, despite have internal alternators that should provide backup power. I spoke with Brad at EMAG and Alan at Precision and both were very knowledgable and patient and helpful, but none of us could find a theory that explained all the facts. I was impressed by how all the vendors stood behind their products and took the time to walk me through everything even though I'm not a mechanic.

I reassembled the engine, changed the oil, replaced all the spark plugs, and started the engine again. Starting remained difficult at times. Superior confirmed from the engine logs that the engine break-in was satisfactory and that it was ok to do longer ground tests. I tuned the idle throttle and mixture settings using a screw and thumbwheel on the mixture servo, in consultation with Alan at Precision. I had a difficult time getting the idle right; if I turned it much below 800 RPM, the engine would quit at idle, while the manual called for 700-750 RPM idle. After a bunch of testing one hot afternoon, I finally found a setting at about 840 RPM where the engine would never quit on the ground at idle. Out of an abundance of caution, I waited until the cool morning to fly the aircraft. My son stood by as an observer with a fire extinguisher, and I started the engine again, but found the engine quitting when the throttle was pulled back to idle. I spoke with Alan again and he was puzzled and said there was no known temperature sensitivity for the idle RPM. My son adjusted the idle higher. Then I found the engine wouldn't start at all despited repeated priming and cranking.

Then my son told me he saw something. His statement was the clue that resolved the whole mystery. He and I made a small fix, and the aircraft has been starting, idling, and flying well for two weeks since then.

Happy puzzling,



Panel Finsihed ...KatanaPilot RV-10

Just got this photo from SteinAir. Looking forward to installing the panel very soon.


Fuel Tank Rivets Seeping Fuel ...Jim Kranich

Q:  I've been flying my RV-7A for a year now and have just noticed about 10 rivets in the fuel tank are seeping fuel, causing a bubble in the paint around the rivet head. Most of the problem rivets are on the top side of the tank and a few on the bottom. Has anyone experienced this and if so, what's the best fix?

A: (DanH) Can't speak for consensus, but the statistics are clear. Paint blisters over tank rivets has nothing to do with MEK application. Nor is it strictly a QB tank problem.

Jim, roughly speaking, when were your QB tanks assembled?

BTW, it is not difficult or risky to install access ports in the rear bulkhead.


Dynon Virtual Booth Visit ...5/29



May 28, 2020.  Issue #5,093. (Looking for a part time contract pilot? How 'bout me?)

4-ship Fuel Run / Practice

Wednesday morning in nearly 00000KT conditions on the way out.  VIRGA in area and wind shear on the way back.  Lead changes, PO and rejoins, yada yada.  You know the drill.  Good times.  Seven of the last nine days I've been 'simulated client #1' in the sim at the part time extra gig.  The RV morning was a nice change! ;^)  dr

David Lee pic (my passenger - RV-10 builder).




Half Raven Install ...KHeidorn

I installed the half Raven inverted oil system a couple of weeks ago. I had been avoiding aerobatics until I installed this. The system works really well. No more oil coming out the breather and going down the belly.

The install was not too difficult, just had to figure out were to mount the can and route the oil return line. I put the can on the left side of the engine mount and I ran the return line along the left side of the engine, across the front, to the drain in the right front corner of the sump.  --->


Quirky Thing Seen ...Vlad the Amazing (RV-9A)

Locomotive Springs, Utah.



Mystery Airstrip ...Vlad again

Can anybody guess what port is that? It's not designed for aircrafts of any kind.


Haste makes Waste - Oil Filter Edition ...JKevin (RV-6

Looking for some advice...

I was changing my oil filter last night and got careless cutting the safety wire to the oil filter. I managed to tear the tab on the accessory case that has the hole for the safety wire. So there is no hole for safety wiring the oil filter in place now.

As a best I could do at the time, I ran the safety wire around the boss for the oil temp sender. It's secure, just not the way Lycoming planned it.

So as I see it my options going forward are:
-continue to wire around the base of the boss for the oil temp sender
-JB weld a small piece of tubing where the old safety wire hole was
-remove accessory case and repair via weld+drill, or replace acc case (I REALLY don't want to do this)
-don't use safety wire - has anyone ever REALLY had an oil filter fall off? Never had one fall off my car.
-something else I haven't thought of?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

FWIW O-360 on RV-6


Loss of GPS satellite signal while approaching in IMC ...GalinHdz

Since there was a tropical system overhead us yesterday and the weather really sucked I went to the hangar to do some minor cleaning. While listening to the tower I heard a Saratoga on the RNAV to Rwy 13 get cleared to land. A short while later the Saratoga told the tower the GPS had lost satellite signal (RAIM) and they had to execute the missed approach. They went around in the clouds and returned to Jacksonville approach.

Right then a Citation came on frequency also on the RNAV Rwy 13 approach and was also cleared to land. Right after being cleared the Citation told the tower the GPS had lost satellite signal and they had to execute the missed approach. The tower told him the aircraft before them had gotten the same indication and had also executed the missed approach. I heard them go around in the clouds and they also returned to Jacksonville approach.

A few minutes later the Saratoga came back on frequency but this time "VFR" below the clouds (clouds were now about 1,000ft) and they landed on RWY 13. Once on the ground the Citation came back on tower frequency but he was executing the ILS approach to RWY 31. They landed on RWY 31 with maybe a 5kt tailwind.

This is the 1st time I had heard this actually happen (GPS unuseable for landing in bad Wx) with one of the airplanes having to use the old fashion ILS to land. Now I am REALLY glad I still have ILS capability in my airplane and don't rely exclusively on the GPS "Magenta line".

Moral of the story... unless it is a life and death emergency situation, DON'T DO RNAV APPROACHES WITH A NON CERTIFIED GPS!

Saratoga track

Citation track.


Many First Flights Being Reported on Mothership



May 27, 2020.  Issue #5,092. (Looking for a part time contract pilot? How 'bout me?)

A lap around Crater Lake and the Cascades ...mill2978

We took The Dirty Bird for a flight around Crater Lake(first time seeing the lake for my wife), a picnic lunch next to the plane at Sunriver, then through some Cascade peaks on the way home to KMMV.  --->


My RV Weekend ...Blain

Going to rat out the lunch gang. Nor Cal guys meet up at 2O1 for some long awaited socializing.


Status Update ...David Paule -3B

I needed some small jobs for a bit, things I could work on for just an hour at a time, so I pulled out the elevators and stabilizer and in the middle of other things, for a break, have been working on the tips. This was actually part of the plan all along, to hold off on these until I was working on the composite canopy frame/fairing, because then I could do the first batch of the fiberglass stuff all at the same time.

Today, I bonded the left elevator tip to the elevator. Before getting to this point, though, it need a few things. As delivered, the tip was slightly fat. With the flanges nicely in place, the tip shape protruded .040 or .050 above the elevator surface, all over.

1. Drill and cleco the tip in place so that it fairs with the stabilizer tip.

2. Slit the tip along its centerline with an appropriately-thick cutter.

3. Make 1/2" squares of .040 for shims, each with a hole for the cleco.

4. Test fit them - okay.

5. Fiberglass over the slit, so that instead of two halves I had a tip again.

6. Drill the holes to #30 and dimple the skin and countersink the shims.

7. Glue the shims to the tip, more for handling than anything.

8. Glue and cleco the tips in to the elevator. Since here the glue is a gap filler rather than structure, it pretty much didn't matter what I used. But I used the thickened G-Flex.

9. Rivet the tips in place.

Right now I'm at step 8 for the left tip, shown, and at step 5 for the right tip.

The stabilizer tips, on the other hand, had the opposite problem. They were too skinny. I followed Wirejock's (Larry Larson) method and heated the tips to 150 F for an hour, then pressed them on to the stabilizer ends. They cooled slightly fat. I forced them into the stabilizer and clecoed them in place. Now they fit well.


SD-00001 for RV-12/12iS Reminder ...mothership greg

If I may make a point here: To state it plainly and simply, this is exactly why we published the Service Directive. The photos show a pre-failure condition. It's not possible to say how long the unit might take to fail, nor is it possible to say why your servo is in this condition, but this condition is exactly what was predicted and is the first step in the potential series of failure events that caused us to decide to take action. In the safety and risk management world, we call your investigation and discovery a success - It's the SD process working as a preventative measure.

In case people don't take these notifications seriously, this is a great example of why it's important to stay up to date on your service notifications (for any airplane type, not just ours). I'm posting Bob's photos inline here just to make them easier for folks to see. They are good visual examples.


My RV Weekend...Scott Hersha

Cincy River Rats did an 8 ship Memorial Day formation flight over Glendale, OH (Cincinnati suburb). We've been doing this for several years. This year was a little different. There was no Glendale parade. Just the Memorial Service, reading of names, 21 gun salute, and Taps. We made 3 passes over town, then went out and waited for the call in for the Missing Man at the end of Taps. Residents of Glendale were told to stay home, but to go out in their yards and look up. Timing worked out and the air was uncharacteristically smooth. One of our members was shooting video with a GoPro, but I haven't seen it. It was a beautiful day.

The day before - Sunday - my grandkids came out to the hangar for some family fun. We cooked on the grill, drove around on our golf cart, Yahama scooter, bicycles, AND went for a ride in the RV4. It was my 6 year old grandson's very first airplane ride. He wanted me to fly upside-down (I didn't). He said it was the most fun he had ever had - well, except for the Ninja Lego build he had just completed with his Dad (my son). The hangar is one of their favorite places to be. Mine too.


Moved from Bay Area to Austin...ssokol

Not exactly the kind RV fun the OP had in mind, but it works. I started out at Reid Hillview where I've been based for the past two years. Flew down the Central Valley to Palm Springs. Quick stop for gas just below sea level then on to Deming, New Mexico. From there a straight shot past El Paso to Breakaway in Cedar Park.

All told about 9.5 hours in the air. Not the longest XC I've done, but the most I've done in one day. (Not sure I still had the RV grin when I arrived.) Afternoon over the desert was bumpy, but the weather was clear all the way through.  --->



May 26, 2020.  Issue #5,091.
(Looking for a part time contract pilot? How 'bout me?)

Latest RV Grin / Proud Daddy


What did you do with your RV Memorial Day Weekend (5/22/2020 - 5/25/2020) ...SPX

Certainly some of us did something with our RV this weekend!! Let's hear about it...

Friday, my wife & I flew up to Aircraft Spruce in Corona to go get some RV wheel chocks. We went up at 4,500' and it was pretty bumpy. Coming back home, I flew at 5,500' and it was much smoother. Quite windy both in Fallbrook and Corona.

Saturday, I flew down to Gillespie Field (KSEE) to help another VAF'er with some required dual instruction that he needed. From there, I headed up to Oceanside (KOKB) to get some "cheap" fuel ($3.80/gallon), then back to the hangar in Fallbrook.

Today was motorcycle riding day, so no flying.

We have a few more trips planned over the next few days too.. Should put another 7 hours or so on the RV between tomorrow and Wednesday

I made a mess....

Saturday was a FLY the FAMILY event for Butch Harrell in his 6A at Milledgeville GA (KMLJ). His daughter and 5 grandchildren were passing thru on their relocation move north to the DC area. 5 kids under 12 - I flew over for crowd control.  Late afternoon the skies were smooth and Butch created smiles on Maci-Kate


Am I crazy? Building an RV-10

I decided recently to sell my RV-14A and do another project. The -14A is a fantastic airplane, and I enjoyed the build and flying it (>100 hours). I've decided to build an RV-10 for a number of reasons. Of course some of this is just a need (addiction?) for another airplane project, but there are practical considerations as well.

I've been studying some RV-10 build blogs, many posts on VAF, Facebook RV-10 pages etc. I am leaning toward a "simple" build but I suspect I'll eventually get seduced by some (all?) of the extras and goodies - is there a support group for this?

I got lucky and found a QB kit (wings and fuse) available from a builder who ordered but had a change in situation. Stewart will deliver in a couple of weeks or so. I did QB wings and slow build fuse on the -14A. Not sure how I'll do the wiring and panel. I've been considering doing my own wiring (signed up for the next class at AEA). Panel will definitely be G3X touch/Garmin as in my -14A. I'm too far down that road to change, nor would I want to. I'm wondering if Garmin is going to update the PFD/MFD displays in the next year or two - seems like it may be time to improve the processor performance, but otherwise I'd be fine with existing displays...

I'm looking forward to learning from the RV-10 gurus and general experts once again and maybe even contributing a little to the knowledge base (mistakes and pain tend to foster creativity as we all know!).
Turner Billingsley


3 Ship Flight in the Hudson River Corridor


Status Update ...rmartingt

Got the engine hung and found out I really did need to make new lines; the first ones went right through the engine mount (facepalm). So, I bent new (stainless) lines and made some supporting brackets. No pics at the moment, sorry.

Next up has been firewall Tetris. The following is a rough diagram that's close but not exactly to scale. Nothing is set in stone yet except the brake lines and the fuel/return lines. Comments welcome.


RV-10 makes emergency landing on Monroeville highway


I got a build number today :-) ...Paul

Hi All - First post here after lurking, reading, and learning for some time. I have been whittling down my choices of what plane to build for the last 6 months and kept coming back to the 12 after looking at a bunch of other options.

I hold a PPL and normally fly a rented 172, and had never seen a 12 in person before Monday when I went up for a flight at a club here in NZ that operate one.

After a couple of touch and gos, 1 go around (wow they like to float if you are a tad fast!), a short field take off & landing, a couple of stalls, and some steep turns I was smiling away.
Needless to say I absolutely loved it and placed an order yesterday for empennage & wing kits, so plenty time to get tools and workshop sorted before they arrive.

So thanks for all your posts and first flight videos which influenced my decision to go with a 12, and apologies in advance for the no doubt basic new builder questions that will follow from me over the next couple of years


New Product: Carbon Fiber 6.00-6 Wheel Fairings ...VAF advertiser

Just in time for summertime back country flying - wheel fairings for 6.00-6 tires made from carbon fiber and room temp cure epoxy.

These have been in development for many months but we're excited to finally let folks know we're ready to go even though we're still finishing-up some last minute details like finding shipping boxes
Ken Krueger - Aircraft Designer



Memorial Day, 2020.  Issue #5,090. 
  The Mothership is closed today for Memorial Day. "Our offices wil be closed Monday for the US national holiday. We will return to work at the usual time on Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend!"  The VAF News is also observing Memorial Day and will start back up with the Tuesday edition.  v/r,
(Always looking for commercial pilot side work...DFW area)


"We should guard their graves with sacred vigilance. All that the consecrated wealth and taste of the nation can add to their adornment and security, is but a fitting tribute to the memory of her slain defenders. Let pleasant paths invite the coming and going of reverent visitors and fond mourners. Let no vandalism of avarice or neglect, no ravages of time testify to the present or the coming generations, that we have forgotten as a people the cost of a free and undivided Republic. If other eyes grow dull, and other hands slack, and other hearts cold in the solemn trust, ours shall keep it well as long as the light and warmth of life remains to us."

---General John Logan, General Order No. 11, May 5, 1868




May 22, 2020.  Issue #5,089.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Always looking for commercial pilot side work...DFW area)

Fly over for the Hospitals in Maine ...Dvalcik -12

I work for a Hospital system and took a personal day with two my RV buddies to recognize the work and dedication they give day-in and day-out. We flew over 8 hospitals thanking the healthcare workers during the trying times.

Round trip was a little over 200 nm around Maine. It has been amazing the responses after we finished the tribute. Many tears, clears, and joyful thanks from the staff at the hospitals

Weather turned out great considering we planned the mission a week ago with the Hospital. The amazing thing was how nice planning was with ForeFlight for the published times for each target. Small adjustment but we were over all of the targets +- a min.

I contacted ATC the week before to plan the trip through their air space. They were great to give assistance ahead of time and during the flight.

Thanks to Jim and Jonathan for their time, fuel and commitment.


The E-buss alt feed: a different idea ...N546RV

So I've been thinking about the Nuckolls E-bus setup, specifically the handling of having an alternate feed off an always-hot battery bus in case of a failure affecting the main bus. Bob's setup takes the same basic form everywhere I've seen it: the main bus feeds the E-bus through a diode, and the alternate feed is provided through a switch and/or relay (depending on expected E-bus loads).

The reasoning behind the diode between the main and E-bus is to prevent the E-bus from feeding the main bus and possibly popping a fuse/breaker. Bob's assertion seems to be based on an alternative scenario where two switches would be provided, and it would be incumbent on the pilot to ensure the main->E-bus feed switch was opened before closing the E-bus alt-feed switch, to prevent the aforementioned backfeeding.

However, it seems this issue can be fairly easily solved with careful switch choices, such that it's not possible to have both feed paths closed simultaneously. For example, if a five-pin relay is used for feed switching, the main bus could feed through the normally-closed contact, and the batt bus through the normally-open one. The choice of how to feed the bus is still controlled by a single switch throw, the only difference being that that switch position definitively disconnects one feed while connecting another one.

Example diagram:  --->


Engine Rough/Rich? ...Sam Hart

I've been chasing a problem for two or three years now, so I thought I would go ahead and throw this out for ideas:

I fly an older RV-6A 0-320 E3D L-46125-27A with a Marvel-Scheber Model MA-4SP Carb Part 10-5009-1 (nozzle drilled to 0.106 in 2002). I purchased the plane in 2010 and had no real problems, but at some point I have noticed that the engine seems to be running rich because once I take off and throttle back it gets a little rough. Leaning smooths it right out. This occurs even at low altitude.

The only change I have made that is 'suspect' is that I have installed the new style CAB from VANS. The problem 'may' have started back around that time, but I am not sure. My A&P went through the carb and found nothing wrong. I am thinking about putting the old air box back on as a troubleshooting step (a fair amount of work).

Anyone else out there with my setup seen anything similar?


Q: Connection diagram for Vans analog fuel gauge

I have 1998 vintage vans analog fuel gauges on my RV-9A and need to do some troubleshooting. Does anyone have a description of the wire connections to it?

A: (mothership)


Metals Trending Interpretation.....bkervaski

Looking for advice!

Just had my latest oil report from Blackstone, my metals are trending like the image below.

Note that this last sample was actually from the filter, simply got distracted by hangar visitors and missed my chance to grab some from draining.

170 hours on the engine, not sure why that's not on there. Also, there could have been more oil usage since last check, it says 1.5 but it's probably more like 2-3, but certainly lower than previously.

They commented: "No one thing is terribly out of line, but this is certainly a departure from the way things were going, so it's worth watching. Any high temps? Oil use is down a bit, so maybe metals are just less diluted."

No high oil temps, things seem to be running quite normally.

Being fairly new at what numbers are normal and what to be concerned with I figured I'd get some advice from you good folks



May 21, 2020.  Issue #5,088. (Always looking for commercial pilot side work...DFW area)

N717AZ Flies

After a too long of period my new RV7 took flight this morning for a short shakedown flight. The 7 is equipped with a Lycoming/Barrett 220hp IO390 and Whirlwind RV74 prop.

Avionics include AFS dual 5500T's, Garmin 750, remote Garmin 330ES, TruTrak Gemini 880, CO Gaurdian, Garmin SL40. AeroLED's, VPX-Pro, Approach systems wiring hub.

Shortly after takeoff, I lost the oil pressure and manifold pressure indications. I was sure the problem was in the connectors for each. I rejoined the pattern and landed. Sure enough the connectors had come loose. They were fixed and a full inspection done. More flying in the morning. The 18kt direct crosswind now is keeping me flying.

I cannot thank my friend Ron Moring enough for his help and prodding to get the plane done. Also, Rob Hickman, Tim Haas and Stein Bruch for their continued help and patience while getting everything set up.

More later!!
Darwin N. Barrie
Chandler AZ


Conundrum: Too much technology ...ROSSIM

Over the past few years, I have updated my purchased -6A from this:

to this:

and it has become a wonderful, fun, fully capable airplane. There is not too much this airplane cannot do ------ unfortunately, the technology has forced my partner (a really wonderful guy who loved his T-28, his T-6, and, our -10 and the -8A!) to not fly the airplane unless I am with him! ("too many buttons").

So, I have three (?) choices -- sell the airplane and get something more "steam gagy", trade the plane for a basic 8/8A that someone wants to move to a side-by-side, or---modify my panel by removing the (wonderful) screen and put in some more basic stuff -- and, yes, I know -- The AFS 5600T will display steam gages, but that requires some button pushing (two), and I also know that if I could get him to train in the current plane for a few hours, his fear of the technology would be tempered.

But, as much as I love the airplane, the way it is --- I will do something to help my partner get back to flying. So, right now I am looking at removing the screen and using that space to put in some semblance of steam gages surrounding maybe a G5, MiniX, or a even a D3. No buttons would have to be pushed and I would still have a capable airplane for VFR/IFR.

Anyway, something for me to think about other than virus stuff!

Stay safe, out there!



Weight and balance limits adjusted for RV-6/6A/7A/9A ...mothership

We've published a handful of updates related to weight limits on the RV-6/6A/7A/9A aircraft.

Change to Max Recommended Gross Weight for RV-6 (taildragger only)

The first published change is to RV-6/6A Manual Section 14 (Weight & Balance). The change raises the recommended max gross weight for the RV-6 to 1650 pounds (this is a 50-pound increase and is now the same max gross weight as the RV-6A). Previously the RV-6 recommended max gross weight had been published at 1600 pounds. The RV-6/6A aerobatic limit (1375 pounds) does not change.

Why were these numbers different in the first place? When the RV-6A was created (after the RV-6 was already available), the structure was tested to a higher value to accommodate the slightly-heavier airplane. Structurally the two models are essentially the same from a max gross weight perspective. We are issuing this change to reflect that fact. And yes, we do realize it's been 35 years.

Removal of Nose Wheel Weight Limit on RV-6A/7A/9A with U-00019 Type Nose Gear

In addition, the max nosewheel weight for the RV-6A/7A/9A has been removed for aircraft where the new-style U-00019 nose gear leg (released in 2019) and engine mount are installed. In that case, the weight limits are instead determined using the aircraft's overall weight and balance envelope. The new design was specifically tested prior to release around a worst-case forward CG loading scenario, and it was determined no limit is necessary other than the standard W&B envelope boundaries. We stated this year with the release but did not update Section 14 of the plans for each airplane, so we are formalizing that now.

The relevant documents are linked below:
RV-6/6A Section 14 (Rev 3)
RV-7/7A Section 14 (Rev 2)
RV-9/9A Section 14 (Rev 5)

Related: From the DAR Side.  Gross Weight - Can it be changed?


Rudder Bend, Need More Bend ...Mike G -8

Looking for advice on how to get more bend out of my brake. The rudder is nearly there but I just can't seem to get the final pinch to get it to lay in the proper position on the spar.

With the rudder in the brake and just the weight of the board, the rudder is perfect but as soon as the brake is taken off it springs back to about 2" of gap too much.

I started with 2 2x8" boards as Vans suggests. That didn't seems to give me the results I needed so I switched to 2 2x4"s made out of cedar, hinged on the 4" side so I was only using the small sides to do the squeezing. That didn't seems to help so I tried this final setup witch is a 2x4" along with a 2x8".

Using the brake I can push the rudder all the way down until the stiffeners are touching the opposite skin, so I can't physically bend it any more than that. But it doesn't remain there after the brake is taken away.

I got to thinking could the vinyl backing be causing it to not bend all the way?

I would appreciate any advice.  --->


To Tailwheel or not to Tailwheel ...rockitdoc

Tailwheel easier to build?
More legroom up front?
Visibility in -14?

I'm mostly (95%) going into and out of paved runways, so no real advantage, unless it's easier, leg roomier, visibility isn't impaired, lighter, faster, and uses less fuel.

Corse I've never flown one, so that's another reason to do it!

Any MAJOR downsides to tailwheel besides risk of nose-over on hard braking?




New AFS panel installed, special thanks to VAF'er bruceh ...SPX

Today I flew my RV-9A back home after having it down for the last four weeks while VAF'er bruceh installed a new AFS panel in it.

We (really, Bruce) removed the panel and all contents (Dynon D100 and D120, Garmin GPS 496 and GTX 327, Icom A200, and aileron/elevator trim indicators), pretty much all of the wiring in the airplane, and fixed some build issues along the way.  --->


RV-14A Richard in SE Va ...dbren

Well I took the RV plunge, bought tools, building some tables and doing the practice kit. I also ordered the empennage kit, so I'm committed. So far I'm learning a lot about the tools, rivets, and mistakes. I guess that's what the practice kit is for. I think I'll practice some more before tackling the actual kit. I will say the time flys.



Panel Shot ...Brian Perry

Here is a pic of my panel. I received it from Steinair about 3 weeks ago and immediately got to work. Steinair was great to work with and answered all of my dumb questions throughout the process. Highly recommended!

Details are:

Dual G3x touch displays
Garmin GTN 750xi
Backup Garmin G5
GMC-507 Autopilot
GTR-20 Remote radio
GTX-45R Remote ADSB in/out transponder
GMA-245 Remote audio panel
IBBS Backup battery
GD-40 CO detector
GI-260 AOA


Milestone ...mike newall

Went to 18,000' today.......

Just saying ;^)


Finishing Kit, Part 1 of 100 ...PilotjohnS

So it is time to start the finishing kit. First up is the canopy. It seems nothing has caused more trepidation from those who have gone before.

So I dive in.

The roll bar is attached first using special spacers. These have to be drilled to match the holes in the canopy rails. I drilled a pilot hole first, then flipped the spacers over and drilled the final hole from the "backside". I did this to avoid the drill bit wondering due to the "split level" top side.  --->



May 20, 2020.  Issue #5,087.
  G1000 to G3000 differences went swell Tue at CAE, so I'm qual'd.  Great instruction!  I'm in the sim Wednesday as a mock client for an IP in training.  I'm expected to screw up, which I can do all day long, baby!
(Always looking for commercial pilot side work...DFW area)

Monday's Fuel Hop ...dr

Over to KXBP for gas in 00000kt conditions.  Woke up to (3) RV-8s in the local air, if you trust the interweb, so it was out to fly before it got bumpy.  On the way back I went over a school (SE of Bridgeport) where it looks like some of the students have decorated their teacher's parking spaces.  Sure made me smile.

Pics begin here....


Wind Shear Video ...VAC

We were flying some AOA software tests last week and had a camera installed to record the standby airspeed indicator along with the normal forward view. My home base is a tree canyon close to the Gulf Coast 5 miles east of Eglin AFB in the Florida Panhandle. Winds were light on the surface (80' MSL), variable around 090 degrees or so at takeoff, but I encountered over 30kts at pattern altitude. As I climbed through about 3500' MSL, winds dropped off to light and variable. This abrupt shift in velocity in such a small altitude band meant the chance for wind shear would be high during RTB, and sure enough, it was: https://youtu.be/0RiB6_8bx3c

The important thing to note is how rapidly the bottom dropped out in the transition and flare. Stable is a relative term under these conditions in a light plane. I was flying a slight fast approach (high rate beeps of the tone) and transitioning to ONSPEED during transition to landing. The AOA tone provided good SA throughout, but it was sporty. If 15 kts of rapid shift is "severe" wind shear, this event was close. If shear results in a rapid loss of airspeed, it's called "performance decreasing" and if it causes a rapid increase in airspeed, it's called "performance increasing." The recent Van's EAA webinaire addressed this and I'd recommend it to anyone that hasn't watched it. If you'd like more info on our AOA work, visit our site at http://www.flyonspeed.org

Fly safe,


Vlad and Rob's RV Weekend

Rob visited from Texas and we flew in my backyard a bit. Hiked the mountains then headed to Monument Valley for lunch.


N99PZ enters a new life. ...Seismo

It is with a sad heart that I inform the world that N99PZ has been sold. 20 years of flying adventures and fun surround that airplane. For 25 years she was a part of my life as the build started in Feb of 1995.

N99PZ went to an enthusiastic buyer with many plans for her. When we did the "Buyers Test Flight" the grin was there. She wants to be flown and the new buyer has put 5 hours on her in two days. N99PZ likes this. Flying is what she was built for and I was not flying her enough.

The new owner and his 17 year old son are both pilots. They plan on taking N99PZ on many memorable adventures as I and my wife did. A new chapter has opened for N99PZ.

I am so Happy for her

Safe flights, N99PZ


N408ZW is painted and flying again ...mlinett

We painted it with PPG Concept and it worked great. There was a lot of sanding and preparation. The Invasion Stripes are 10" each. You can view the videos and photos at this website.


Status Report ...jcarne

Onward we go!

First up, manifold pressure sensor, decided to put it right there for easy access and close proximity to the number 3 cylinder.  --->



May 19, 2020.  Issue #5,086.
  Got an email from my ISP Monday that they are getting out of the hosting business and I have until 9/10/2020 to get my data somewhere else.  Yay!  More crap to deal with <rolls eyes>.   It's been in its current spot for 15 years (since before the forums). The hunt for a new host begins....  I found an article on CNET which lists the 'best for 2020'.  Eyes glaze over...
  Any RVators work in the web hosting game?  VAF runs plain jane HTML as a front page and PHP / MySQL / Windows Server for the forums (VBulletin).  I'll need help with the migration.  It'll end up being a better setup with more stable tech, but 2020 is really sucking so far.
(Always looking for commercial pilot side work...DFW area)


Ready for First Flight ...Karsten Lorenz

Now, after 9 years of building, my -6 is nearby finished. Only some tests are neccessary.


Van's Announces Approval of Lycoming IO-390A for RV-7 and RV-8 ...mothership

Van's Aircraft announced today that we have reviewed, approved and are now selling Lycoming IO-390A (210HP) engines for RV-7/7A and RV-8/8A aircraft. Support for installation is limited since we do not have a FWF kit specific to this engine. Many community members have used this engine on their 7's and 8's already.  --->


-3B Update ...David Paule

Well, for better or worse, this plane has a canopy. After a few lost work sessions deciding if I could form the inner flange before gluing the outer one, and deciding the day I was ready to try, that I couldn't - I glued the outer flange to the canopy.

I'd planned to glue it to the fairing at the same time but realized that was unnecessary. So at this moment it's taped and clecoed to the fairing. For that matter, there are a few clecoes through both the flange and fairing right into the turtledeck skin. I had no other way to hold things in position.

Here's the canopy glued with the black electrical tape still on. I removed the black tape shortly after this photo.  --->


Need a Gulfstream Pilot?

My friend James is looking for a job (he flies an RV-4 at our field).  Type Ratings: GV, GIV, G200, CE-500, EMB-145 (SIC) Full resume.


Formation Video ...SidVid

Nothing but 3-ship FFI formation on a beautiful day, with (rather) epic background music for your enjoyment. Hope you like.


Visited Blackbeard's island hideaway-Ocracoke Island ...AAflyer

An amazing day on Saturday in the East brought many planes out and about. The Mrs. & I headed out in our RV-8 to Ocracoke Island, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina for another fly-out picnic. Saturday was the island's first official "open" day, and folks were streaming out to the beach by ferry and plane. The airport, W95, located in the National Park, is in great shape, with room for a couple dozen on the ramp with tie-down ropes. It was filled to over capacity this day, with several planes pushed onto the grass. Most businesses were still closed and re-building from last year's flooding hurricane. The golf cart rentals ARE open, and some eating establishments have take-out during limited hours. At least one hotel was open, but since we didn't spend the night I did not ask about their services. CALL AHEAD for everything, as this info changes by the minute. DO NOT RELY ON WEBSITE INFO! The little Ops building is back in operation with WIFI. No phone that I could see. My Verizon iPhone worked well. Two Port-a-Jons at the airport gate. No running water.
We got picked up by one of the friendly owners of Wheelie Fun golf carts..spent a little time touring the town of Ocracoke, but very little was open...they are all working hard to get things in shape, though. If you're not carrying a lot, you could get away without the cart...town is only a 15 minute walk from the field. We ended up having our picnic at Springer's Point on the beach in the speckled shade of knocked down and dead cyprus trees. After lunch, we returned the cart and got driven back to the airport, (no carts are allowed to be driven outside the town limits) where we swapped our lunchbox for beach towels, and joined the "crowd" that was streaming to the surf, only a few hundred yards from the ramp. It's a 'drive-on' beach, so there were several trucks, fishermen and families enjoying the water.

I would suggest a close study of the sectional, so you do not bump into one of the MANY Restricted Areas used by Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station...Osprey training!!! Use Cherry Point Approach Control if able.


Yosemite ...rcsilvmac

Flew a nice trip from Sacramento area to Yosemite National Park. Half Dome and El Capitan looked splendid from the air. Landed at Pine Mountain Lake (E45) and Mariposa (MPI) for practice. Both were a little tricky as they were buried in the hills and had some gusty winds.


RV 4-ship into Sydney International ...newt

The Australian state of New South Wales rolled-back their stay-at-home order for COVID-19 on Friday, so it's the first time we've been able to get out and fly airplanes in two months.

With the airlines all but shut down, there are suddenly a lot of idle arrival and departure slots at Sydney International. What better way to celebrate the relinquishment of the lockdown than by using one of them?

Eddie Seve spent several weeks doing the legwork to organize it, coordinating with ATC, Sydney Airport Corporation's media unit, and the slot admin people at Airport Coordination Australia. Glad I didn't have his job.

The result was a departure from Wedderburn in the South of Sydney, receipt of a clearance from Sydney Centre to climb to 3000 in Sydney's class C, then handoffs through Sydney Approach, Director, and Tower for a visual approach to runway 16R at YSSY.  --->



May 18, 2020.  Issue #5,085.
  I have some sim side work lined up for this week (yessss!) so the push times on the daily editions could vary a bit from standard.  G1000 to G3000 differences class on Tue and acting as a 'mock client' for an IP trainee Wed-Fri (varied times).  Spent Sunday re-learning the (17) memory item checklists (my cheat sheet) and going through flash cards.
  Hope you had a nice weekend.
(Always looking for commercial pilot side work...DFW area)

Hearts of Hope Over Augusta

May 16th.... This was supposed to have been the weekend of the Atlanta Airshow at KFFC that our RV team had been practicing for. Here are a few photos of what the boys did instead


Lobster truck flyin

Weather in the East was awesome today. Butch in his 6A and I headed Northeast to Lake Norman NC, 14A . For their Lobster FlyIn.


Safety Directive SD-00001 for RV-12/12iS - Elevator Trim Servo ...mothership

Van's Aircraft has published RV-12/12iS Safety Directive SD-00001. It includes a simple inspection and modification of trim tab motor units included in RV-12/12iS kits shipped prior to the publication date (May 14, 2020).

Safety Directives are considered mandatory in nature. This safety directive does not immediately ground existing airplanes, but does require a simple inspection before further flight and action to be taken at next annual condition inspection or by a specified time in service. Details are in the document.

Synopsis of what owners need to do:
Examine the stabilator trim motor installed in your aircraft and determine which model is installed.
Examine the metal shaft on the trim motor to determine if it is bent.
If bent, order the replacement trim motor and bushing parts described in the document.
If not bent, determine which of two trim motor models is installed.
For the older (no longer shipping) model, replace with the new model if time in service is 1000+ hours. You may, of course, replace the unit before that time with the new parts as well. Note that the Ray Allen Company, which manufactures the units, has set up a low-cost exchange program for affected units of the older model. Details are included in the Safety Directive document.
For the newer (current) model, order a small and inexpensive bushing kit which MUST be installed before 1000 hours time in service. NOTE that Van's STRONGLY encourages installation now or at their next annual condition inspection since it is a simple, inexpensive and safety-related change.


Panel Update ...Draker

Well, this panel design has become reality. Thank you all for the feedback and guidance. The panel turned out exactly the way I wanted it!

Here's the result:


RV-4 and RV-6 visit and formation takeoff video ...rv8ch

Had a nice visit today from a couple of Swiss RV builders/owners/pilots, Dan and Marcel.

I'm getting mine ready for the pre-final inspection, so I was very happy to have some experienced eyes on my RV-8.

They departed with a really cool formation takeoff.

I hope one day it will be a 3-ship with mine in there somewhere!


Build Update ...jcarne RV-7A

It sure has been awhile! The wife's business was one that was shut down for over a month so there was no buying airplane parts for a little while. Now that she is back to work and I got my typical spring time itch back in gear it is time to finish this puppy! (Seriously though, I don't know why my motivation to work is so low in February...)  --->


My Hoerner Batwings

A video on how I modified my Hoerner style wing tips to Hoerner Batwings with storage..enjoy


Today's Top Tip: Sealing Cowl Heat Barrier ...goatflieg

I'm sure others have tried this, but I wanted to share my positive experience.
Yesterday I spent seven hours cutting and applying the aluminized heat barrier recommended for the interior of the bottom cowl, which I bought from Aircraft Spruce. It is recommended that the seams and edges be sealed with high temp RTV, but before I did I conducted some tests using aluminum tape. The results were promising, so I went ahead and sealed all the seams and edges with the aluminum tape. I used a plastic roller (bought for fiberglass layups, but never used for that purpose) to firmly press the barrier material onto the epoxy layer applied to the raw interior the day before. When I used the roller to also apply the aluminum tape, it worked perfectly to bond the tape and blend it into the panels. I'm hoping the glue on the aluminum tape will hold up to the heat exposure; it is designed for HVAC applications so it should. In any case, the results are far better than expected. It's been awhile since I had a genuine "Yee Hah" moment in the shop... but this was one of them.


My RV Weekend

(SPX)  Out with the old....in with the new.


In flight test of my autopilot installation, worked great


Preventing Rod End Thread Corrosion?

Heres what I pulled out of my rudder yesterday while doing another repair... --->


The ever changing fuel flow ...bjdecker

Some background -- My RV-7 has a YIO-360-A1B6 with Dual Plasma III ignitions, Garmin G3X Touch system, with the EI FT-60 "Red Cube" fuel flow transducer located in the fuel line between the engine driven pump and the fuel servo inlet, almost the same location as per RV-14 plans (page 49-05).

Over the past 115+ hours, I have never been able to get a stable or accurate fuel burned total from flight to flight. I'm always adjusting the K factor (mostly up) by a few % after each fill up.

For example, I started with 68000 as the magic #, flew for a couple of hours with various power settings, filled up the tanks - Pump at airport said I burned 15 gallons, G3X said I burned 13.5, adjust the magic number. Wash-Rinse-Repeat, Pump says I burned 21 gallons, G3X said I burned 22.6, and so on/so forth.

Here's a picture of my installation. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


RV-8 Wings Build Time Lapse ...RV6_flyer



May 15, 2020.  Issue #5,084.
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
(Always looking for commercial pilot side work...DFW area)

Covid-19 Sanity Trip to the Pacific and Back ...james_bakeman

I was itching to get up and go after weathering another long and cruel Michigan winter. My brother-in-law and I headed out on a therapeutic trip west from Michigan to the Pacific and back.

We crossed the mid section; Stayed nights in Rawlins, Wyoming, McCall, Idaho, Reno, Nevada, and North Platt, Nebraska. The weather was great the entire way until we hit slow moving IFR in Iowa on our return, necessitating a deviation north through Michigan upper peninsula and across the Mackinac straits to return home to Lowell, Michigan (no interest in flying across the Big Lake!).

This is my first post regarding this great plane: power, speed, and comfort over the great plains, the foothills, the desert and mountains and the coast: just a fantastic experience the whole way!  I am really looking forward to more adventures this summer! - Cheers!  --->


My RV Weekend**** ...TomVal

*I'm retired....every day is a weekend. <g>

I headed to the airport this morning with the best of intentions...to drop the cowl and complete some fiberglass work on the air inlet ducts. Well...that didn't quite happen today.

When I checked in with Charleston Approach for flight following with just my callsign, they immediately gave me a squawk code and never asked me to confirm my altitude nor where I was going...pretty laid back I guess! So I flew counterclockwise around class Charlie and did the beach tour. Landed 1.2 hrs later.

Parked and de-bugged the -12, had lunch with some friends, pulled the cowl, then went home. Fiberglass another day!


FINALLY DONE........ WELL 99.99% ANYWAY......



New Kid on the Block

Greetings All.

Just thought I'd introduce myself to this bunch since I expect I'll be spending a lot of time here and asking more than my share of (stupid?) no, lets say basic questions.

After lurking around, asking a few questions, and almost ordering an RV-7 kit I finally bit the bullet and placed an order for my RV-14 empennage kit. It ships today! I'm stoked.

Some of you folks have already answered some of my inquiries and I've even had a couple offers to let me come look over RV-14's here in Florida. Thank you. If anyone in the Melbourne area has a -14 I'd love to hear from you too.

By way of that introduction, I'm a lifetime Bonanza pilot who keeps his P35 here at KMLB. Lord willing I don't expect that to change--certainly not as a result of taking on this project.

I stay instrument current since I just put all new glass in the Bo and I love the challenge of weather flying. I also enjoy working on my toys just about as much as using them, which is why I got my A&P a couple years ago. Just for amateur/recreational use.

My goal here, as mentioned in another post, is to have a challenging long-term project and to hopefully get to the point of flying it to build tailwheel proficiency and explore the edges of the flight envelope a little more. Much as I love the Bo, it's not very well-suited for either of those missions.

So, thanks again for the help and advice so far, and please be patient with me as the questions start to roll.

If you're a 14'er in the Brevard County area, or if you're planning a visit I'd love to hear from you.
Randy Carmichael
Rookie Builder


Please critique my electrical diagram ...Keith Ward

I'd like to get some feedback on a wiring diagram that I'm trying to finalize.

Full disclosure: this is for my Panther LSA build and not for an RV, but I do think it would be applicable to anyone that is at this stage in their RV build. If it helps, I have built two RV7s, partnered in an 8, and helped friends with two RV-10 builds. I also try to add value when I can here on VAF. And, for what it's worth my engine for this build came off an RV-4 that I bought from a fellow VAF member, so my Panther is sorta-kinda RVish. If the moderators still think this is an out of bounds post, then please take it down.

So here is where I am so far. I have taken the Aeroelectric Z-11 diagram and changed it to include a B&C alternator w/ B&C external voltage regulator. I've also changed to dual PMags and a push button start switch.

The questions that I have are:

Do you see any mistakes or issues?

Would you take any of the components that I currently have on the endurance bus off and move them to the main bus? Rationale would help for learning purposes.

How do I figure out the best wire and fuse size for the wire that goes from the battery bus to the ebus switch (that wire will be less than 12" inches in my application)? Aeroelectric shows a 7amp fuse with a 16AWG wire, but my equipment list for the ebus is different, so the amp draw will be different vs the original Z-11 drawing.

Here is the link to my diagram:

Thanks for the help!



Arctic Flight ...A journey to Northern Canada's Barren Lands.


Vertical Stabilizer Forward Spar ...Jarrett

Just started working on my 14A empennage and I seem to of already made a mistake... I was match drilling the reinforcement plate to the forward spar and I got to the hole that was supposed to be match drilled to 1/4 inch. Through my reading I've read that for bigger holes it is best to use a unibit to avoid the metal catching and hole distortion. I ended up going too far resulting in the reinforcement plate being chamfered, and the hole on the spar being distorted. Starting to question my choice on using the unibit... Is there anyway to fix/adapt or should I order new parts?



May 14, 2020.  Issue #5,083.
  The Tater had a phone interview with Lowes 1.5 miles from our house Wednesday 0900 for a summer job (the chem lab is off limits for the summer).  At 0924 he texted me he got the job.  Orientation starts today.
CAE texted me a few minutes later looking for an EMB-505 'simulated client' for some IP trainees to beat up on a couple of times next week.  Some side jobs finally - the needle moves!  Wednesday was a good day, even without RV flying <g>.
(Always looking for commercial pilot side work...DFW area)

RV-6A Status ...PaulvS

Started on fuse skins.  It was quite a battle to get the aft side skins fitted onto the fuselage. Initially, the curved over section of the long side skins was not rolled enough to properly fit over the belly skin. So I clamped the edge of the skin between some boards and gradually curled it over to get it to fit better before starting to drill it on.

Once the sides were drilled, the next challenge was to eliminate ripples in the belly edge of the skin due to some bulging bulkhead and alignment problems. Thanks to VAF and some helpful folk I found a solution, this took about a week to work out.  --->


G3X Academy - GTNxi VNAV and Experimental Autopilot ...g3xpert

Thursday, May 14, 2020 3:00 PM CDT.

"Hello VAF,

As part of our occasional G3X Academy series we would like to present a much-requested topic from the crowd. In this webinar we will cover the basics and operation of the GTN/GTNxi VNAV (Vertical Navigation) feature when paired with G3X Touch flight displays and Garmin experimental autopilot.

You can register for the event at the link HERE.

G3X Academy - GTNxi VNAV and Experimental Autopilot

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Best Regards,



Q: Recessed instrument Panel ...JohnD.TF4

Greetings all!

I had an idea for a recessed or "tiered" instrument panel if you will for an RV-8. The idea came from military jets which have their PFD information (usually in the form of a HUD) and a primary FMS (knob, button, switch) panel spaced off of the main panel closer to the pilot's reach and in the center of your field of view.

I am also considering a recess or cutout for my knees. While it's not a huge inconvenience, my long legs do get caught up on the panel getting in and out.

Does anyone know of any RVs out there with modified instrument panels with extra cutouts, angles, tiers, etc.? I'd be interested in this kind of mod done to any model RV. Pics would be great.

P.S I didn't know what thread to put this under, but it seems like all of the panel nuts like to congregate here so here goes.

Thanks and happy flying!

A: (AAflyer)  Save our knees!  PM me for pix of my -8 panel mods.  I'm 6'-5"...cut the few inches bottom off.

(rest of the pics)


Borrowed Horse (Part II) ...Jaypratt

RV Central News!

My 2007 RV8 'Borrowed Horse' has been gone for a year now. After 750 hours of pure fun flying, I still miss having that plane. So...

I am building again. I found a Fuselage and Empennage Kit close enough to take a look at. The construction / workmanship are perfect as can be. I bought it. It's here now and I'm on it.  It will need a wing kit and it came with a Show Planes Fast Back Kit that I will not use. It's Uncrated and un touched....

So excited to have another RV! This will be my 5th personal RV build.
Reserved N6YH will be on the new 'Borrowed Horse'
N6 Yah Hoo!!!


New GRT flight data analysis tools (Garmin and Dynon too, sorta) ...RV-14E

You can find my free public domain Microsoft Excel-based software here and view much of the information in this post with higher resolution images and embedded videos.

Greetings all.

Last September, I offered a new free tool for GRT users to analyze and view their flight data CSV files. I've since updated it. A lot. And for Garmin and Dynon users, yes, it can look at your CSV files too. But GRT users, with our nearly complete access to EFIS data, get a much cooler picture of our flights. Read on about my updated software.

My original program would take the CSV file recorded from flight, calculate some statistics, graphed various parameters and plot your flight in Google Earth. Example of graphs shown below.  --->


VOR antenna and my GTN650 ...tcoverst

Having trouble getting my VOR/ILS antenna showing signal on my GTN650.
The setup is flat antenna in the copilot side wingtip. BNC cable directly from the antenna (ring terminal connectors) to the back of the gtn650 (bnc connector).
It could be
1. The Antenna itself
2. The BNC cable run or connections
3. A menu item in the gtn650
I have checked the connections on the antenna and they are tight and solid. The cable was continuity tested when installed.
There is no signal when I try to tune a VOR or catch an ILS. Its not intermittent signal, its just no signal at all. The GTN 650 works perfectly for RNAVs and other gps navigation.

Open to any input someone may have for where and how to troubleshoot any aspect of this system. Particularly, I am wondering if there is a gtn650 menu item that needs to be selected or something simple like that - maybe the g3xpert can weigh in?
Thanks for any assistance or ideas you have. Its in the hands of the braintrust now - no problem stands a chance there!



Steinair Panel Switch Cheat Sheet ...Raymo

This won't cover all the bases but should help with panel planning for many. Compiled during a recent RV-7A panel build. The color column is for the rubber switch cover, also sold by Steinair.



May 13, 2020.  Issue #5,082. (Always looking for commercial pilot side work...DFW area)

My new to me RV6A, say hello to Tweety Bird ...Jr. Hampton

After starting a 7A approx 7 years ago and throwing in the towel early, I finally was able to pull the trigger on a flier. 2004 6A. 0320. First time aircraft owner. Now I just need to get transition training. 15hrs of it . Excited/nervous/ in disbelief I own and airplane now. Anyways condition inspection due in July. So while I wait on transitioning, Im going to rip into her with an A&P and hopefully some help from local FYV guys and get to know every nut and bolt ans system. Wish me luck


RV-7 vs. RV-14 Decision ...Florida Boy

So here's the new builder just about to pull the trigger on a -7 empennage kit. Looked at several, sat in a few, and even at my 6'3" 250lb size had convinced myself I could fit. Cozy, but doable.

Last minute doubts set in. The larger cockpit size and MTOW of the -14 just keeps nagging the back of my mind.

Sure, I'll have to dig up another mason jar in the back yard for the budget increase, but I've begun to wonder if the comfort and overall usefulness for a guy my size won't be worth the extra AMU's.

Looking for the brain trust here to help me out:
Anybody got time and/or experience with both the 7 and the 14?
Any completed 14's in the central Florida area that would be willing to let me take a peek at their plane?

Thanks in advance for any advice you'd care to offer.


Final Test Flight a real winner!! ...rolick22

Here is the last test flight YouTube video that I have produced, my hope is that these videos where informative to anyone building a RV-12iS or RV-12 Classic.

Happy flying VAN'S AIRFORCE!!


Lubricate Heim bearings? ...Aluminum

My search-fu doesn't seem to be up to this task today:

Is one supposed to lubricate Heim bearings? If so, how?

They ship with a film of light oil, which may be just a preservative. Is the bearing action designed as steel-on-brass dry, or is this oil meant to be replenished as it creeps out? Tribologists opine please.


Status ...YvesCH

I am currently paintinig but its just sooo much work.. after weeks of sanding days of wrapping.. spraying.. wrapping.. spraying.. sanding.. But it will look great and I am happy like crazy!  more pics


My RV Weekend ...crabandy

My brother has been furloughed indefinitely, instead of waiting around he decided to get back into trucking. He'd found the right truck for $6000, only problem was he needed a ride to go pick it up several states away. And he needed to do it on Monday. A little planning proved it could be done, leave for the 634 nm round trip at 7am and I could be back just in time for work at 2:30pm.

Staring at the sun and making good time at 15,500, we picked up the IFR on the descent to pop through a 500' layer and landed 5 minutes early. 


Safety Wire Screw Clamps...Caummisar

While looking at a builder's website, I notice he/she had safety wired SS screw clamp screws. Is that standard practice? If yes, then why didn't I know?



May 12, 2020.  Issue #5,081. (Always looking for commercial pilot side work...DFW area)

Service Letter and Options for RV-12iS and RV-12 released ...mothership

Last week we published four Service Letters for the RV-12iS, two of which also apply to the RV-12.


My RV Weekend

(Jonathan Alvord)
We went on a Covid getaway trip to Idaho! Next week is AZ, NM, UT to bring Supplies to Crownpoint NM, a small Navajo Chapter that has been hit hard financially due to Covid. We are taking 250 reusable Masks with HEPA filters, and 12-24 Qts of Hand Sanitizer. Will be flying from Washington, Idaho, Page AZ, Crownpoint NM, Gallup NM, Sedona AZ, Grand Canyon, Hurricane Utah and then returning to Washington. Should have a good video when it is all said and done.

Got my collection of three projects, lots of head scratching, RV engineering and Eighteen years young aeronautical machine I call "The X" out of its hiding place (my garage) for an evening jaunt to escape the confines of my garage, home chores, CV19 shelter in place etc. I also though Mama would appreciate a Moms day ride and a temporary respite from the humdrum.

After a nice taxi out and warm up we departed, climbing to an ear-splitting height of 500' AGL (1500 MSL) and peered out the canopy at the green landscape, lakes full of fisherman's and skiers crafts whizzing about, all at a leisurely 2000RPM (4.8gph) 125KTS. We returned to our humble abode, admired our new plants from a birds eye view and barely touched the blades of grass at our home drome, another successful patrol in the books...

Took a lap arounbd Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helen.  Went for an AM sight seeing tour of Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helen's, then a low approach at PDX on the way back to KMMV.


Initial Contact ...bill.hutchinson

Hi there, VAF people.

I was encouraged by a couple of RV owners to read and join here with questions.

I'm in the very early stages of identifying what I want in an RV - the biggest decision has been just getting to the point of wanting one!

I'm a part-time CFI and full-time cog in a large software machine in the northern VA area near DC, and I'm very interested in owning an RV. Right now, I'm leaning toward an RV6 or RV7, but would go with the right -A model if it presented itself.

Yes, I am looking for a flying RV - do not have the space to build one.

I'm just reading and shopping for the time being but I do have a nagging question:

How do you fine folks go about finding a mech with RV knowledge for a proper pre-buy experience? Do you post here, or in your regional forum? Is it word-of-mouth?

Just curious.

Wanted to say hello. I have much reading to do. Please be gentle as I ask dumb questions.


RV-4 Panel ...Nick

Panel #2 since purchase. There is a blank on the left for a Garmin AP Head and I need to label the Annunciation lights. But it is coming along. This one will be in until a G3x is in the budget


PA-28-180 to RV12 - Am I crazy? ...JFCRV12

Hello all,

A while back, I posted I was considering building an RV. While that's still the plan, it isn't happening anytime soon. I simply do not have the time. But I do have time to fly. As such, I bought a Piper Cherokee 180 in Oct. While I love the plane and it's very nice, I'm seriously considering a 'side grade?' to an RV-12.

Here's my thinking: My long x-country is from KHAO to KUOX (Ole Miss). That's 442 SM and likely would make 3 times per year during school year to visit daughter. I've done in my Cherokee and it's simple trip and very comfortable. I've yet to have someone sit in my backseat..net, I guess I don't need it. As I still plan to eventually build, I thought an E-LSA would be a good way to learn into the experimental world. Here are some brief pros/cons. Am I thinking about this right? Understanding the forum I'm on, I expect bias in the answers

Vans RV-12 - Pre-owned, it's a wash in terms of acquisition cost vs my PA28.

Much lower operating costs (mogas, fuel efficiency, own CIs after 2 day course)
Incredible visibility in RV-12 vs. PA28
Essentially a brand new engine vs. 15 year old overhaul
modern avionics and autopilot
Strong community and documentation (vs. other experimentals)

Touch slower than PA28
2 seats vs. 4 and significantly less useful load (PA28 is like an SUV)
Light weight means much more bouncing in turblence
TIGHT nonstop range to KUOX (est. about 17gallons assuming no wind)
Higer insurance cost vs. PA28-180?

Probably my biggest concern is the tight range vs. the PA28 and maybe the extra bouncy ride vs. the Cherokee. Any thoughts from the group? Anyone made the move from a Cherokee 180 to an RV-12 for non-LSA related reasons? How'd it go?



Initial Contact ...Felipemg

I just solo'd on my RV4 (N7071J) and I'm new to tail-draggers, 1,400 hr private IFR used to fly a Piper Malibu where my approach and landing speeds were much higher.

I'm amazed of how slow you have to get in order to actually touch on all 3 wheels and I'm slowly getting used to these new parameters.

I've seen on this forum that there are 2 lines of thought on this issue, some argue to land on the mains then to slow down to lower the tail while the other argue to land on 3 even on x-wind conditions.

So far I've landed in nothing but calm conditions and 3 wheel landings, close to stall speed, have been relatively easy to learn but if feels a little exposed in the case of gusty x-wind conditions.

Can anyone share their experience on this subject to further my learning

Thank y'all for your help





May 11, 2020.  Issue #5,080. 
  Susie's Mom turns 95 today.  Happy Birthday Mrs. Becker!  I love both you and your daughter very much!  
(Always looking for commercial pilot side work...DFW area)

AX-O Visits Camping Friends (for a second) ...Justin Inman video

(note: no audio)


XC Trip to Replace my OSH Trip ...jhk770

This year my 15 year old son and I were planning a "Father/son" trip to Oshkosh in my RV7A. Now that AirVenture has been cancelled, we are still thinking of some kind of flying adventure. We live in New Jersey and we were thinking of a coast to coast trip or something like that, lasting 7-10 days. That being said, anybody that has done a trip like this and wants to share their flight plan and cool destinations or has ideas on where to go would be much appreciated.


My RV Weekend ...various

Changed oil then went flying. Landed on Ibex hard pan

Made the flight from Orlando to the Dry Tortugas National Park before eating a picnic at X06 Arcadia on the way home. Don't forget to call FSS to close your DVFR flight plan as they will have the world looking for you, at least thats what my friends tell me will happen. cough cough.

My wife's evening jaunt.  SC lake view and Aiken, Newberry touch and goes before she took a turn back across the lake to the grass strip in Gilbert.  Thank you to Jeanette for keeping our RV-7 flying while I'm at work.


Engine momentarily dies ...Earl Findlay

For the last 25 hours, since I finished the condition inspection, about five times now, when cruising or descending, the engine stalls out for just a split second and then comes back alive. By the time one can react, it's back and purring.

I changed the spark plugs at the last condition inspection and did a compression check (78, 78, 79, 80). Oil analysis was good.

Pmag and Lightspeed ignition.

Should I change out my plugs again? Or any suggestions where to start? Prior to the RV flying it's been 25 years since I flew. I have about 50 hours on it now. Maybe this is not abnormal and I have forgot about it? Absolutely no other trouble indications.


Almost There! ...jselvatici

90% Done and 90% to go...


RV-7A Performance Upgrade ...jhiggins

My RV-7A just got a BIG performance update, and so I thought I would pass along some of my experience with that. I've owned 3 RVs in the last 14 years, but I've never built anything. I don't really consider myself a builder, but more of a tinkerer. A year ago or so I decided I wanted a kick-*** RV that I can keep for a long time. I really prefer side by side, so that eliminated owning a Rocket. I wasn't really seeing anything for sale for quite a while that fit my needs, so I decided to buy something knowing I was going to do an engine/prop switch. I found a really nicely built RV-7A with an o-320 and metal fixed prop. I decided on the Thunderbolt IO-390 with a Hartzell Composite constant speed prop. Looks really nice under the cowl with the red engine paint and chrome rocker covers, and chrome battery box. My original plan was to hire out this work, but that wasn't really working out very well. I had some spare time and decided to just do the work myself. It ended up being approx. 250 hrs work in all. I replaced EVERYTHING firewall forward, including a new cowl (horizontal induction), and even the engine mount.
A few of the options I chose are: Earth-x battery, to save 10 lbs off the firewall. One regular mag and one Surefly. Vetterman exhaust, Avstar fuel injection, Plane Power alternator. The Avstar was chosen mainly to have a straightforward install of the snorkel. And it was, just bolted up nicely with no modification. I used the RV-10 oil cooler and firewall mount (with 4" scat tube), and I ended up using the RV-14 baffle kit. The baffle kit was really nicely put together, however I had to trim about an inch of height off the top of the metal baffles to fit the RV-7A cowl.
The plane ended up going from 1078 empty to 1116 empty for a 38 lb gain. Weight and balance is good as I didn't end up coming even close to the max nose weight recommended by Vans (in all weight conditions) and I also can load it up with a fat co -pilot and 100 lbs baggage and not exceed the rear CG. I plan on putting my smoke tank back in the back in the future anyway (20 lbs) and this will help a little with the nose weight.
I have flown off the 5 hrs phase 1 and everything is great! All temps are cool, especially the cylinder temps. Performance is outstanding. Acceleration on the runway feels more like a sports car than an airplane. True airspeed seen so far is 179 kts, 75% power. I hope maybe to gain a knot or two as the engine gets more broken in and I wax her up real good . The best I can calculate I am getting at least the advertised climb of Vans 200 h.p. website numbers.
Thanks to some buddies that helped: Brad Striplin, Mike Quinn, and Tom Rood. I don't think I would have attempted without some knowledgeable help around.
If someone wants to help me I can send a pic to you that you can post as I have no online picture hosting ability.


200kt GS ...KJBSouth

Thursday 5/7 on the second leg of a relocation from Michigan to Florida, RV7 N50KB joined the club; 215 kts ground speed!  There was a 72 kt tailwind component while cruising on 59% power at 14,500 ft msl.


Seriously Considering Buying a Built RV-12 ...Piper J3 reply

I guess I need to jump in here. It just depends on what you want to do in life... I'm 67 years old, been flying for almost 50 years, and I'd like to fly a lot more before I have to put down the spoon.

So, you buy a $60,000 used airplane that someone else built. About the cost of a real nice car. Fly, enjoy, and when the time comes, sell for residual value. Try selling a 15 year old car. Banks are paying <2% interest and the stock market just lost 30%.

In the meantime, E-LSA is an incredible value. FAA allows self-cert health, you do your own maintenance, take 16-hour course and do your own Annual Cond Inspection. The only "hired guns" you need are CFI for BFR and avionics shop to certify transponder.

Once all SBs are complete, the 12 is extremely easy to maintain. Treat the engine like Rotax explains and use Mobil 4T synthetic oil with 93E10 Mogas. Rotax certified technicians at KOSH last year said you need a very good set of mics to measure any engine wear at 2000TT. No Top Overhaul halfway through TBO. Water-cooled heads and heavy cast cylinders stay "round" unlike air-cooled (i.e., quench) cylinders. Almost no oil consumption between 100 hour oil changes with Mobil 4T. Buy Tier-1 auto fuel at Costco for cheap. Liability insurance costs me $400/yr. No hull insurance - I accept that risk.

Did I say enjoy flying? So, you either sit on the ground and look skyward wishing you were flying, or, you actually do the deed. So far, I've been living the dream. Best flights have been with my triplet granddaughters. Grandpa - can we go fly in your airplane?


Status Update (RV7) ...RV7ForMe

Following up on post from last year. I finished the Flap / Wig Wag Controller.

It is much nicer now. It took forever but I feel like it is ready to test in the real thing. So far it has been my daily passenger in the car. Pretty good way to check GPS speeds and such. YES, YES, I know I wish my car had wings too.

Since I wasn't sure what switch I like best I designed it in a way that it can connect to both a rotary switch or a Momentary UP/DWN switch. Works great.

I also have integrated panel position lights. That will give me an visible position of the Flap position selected. That is especially useful for the Mom Sw.

I wish my airplane was flying so I could try this out today... Guess I'll have to find a curious fellow RV flyer.

What does it do?
-Reads GPS grounds Speed.
-Over set speed the landing lights will WIG WAG
-Under set speed the landing lights will go steady ON
-Over max flap speed the deploying flaps will not work, but the will come up if you choose so
-Under max flap speed deploying flaps will work normally
-If GPS signal is faulty, unstable or not available the systems deactivates and Landing lights go steady on and flap deployment is available at all speeds
-It will read the flap position and give it out in a format that the G3X system will read, eliminating the need for another pos sensor.
(I assume it works on Dynon as well but I have only had a G3X to test)

-System uses 0,09A at 13.5V = 1.2W
-System weighs 0.25lbs / 113g
-2x DSBUB 25 Pin (I used 2 pins per wire for the high Power items)
-There is a hookup for an external GPS antenna in case I want to mount this under the floor board next to the flap motor. So that should not be an issue.
-I will need a box but my "el cheapo" china 3d printer doesn't print any nice quality stuff. It's really just good for prototyping. ideas?



May 8, 2020.  Issue #5,079. 
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Always looking for commercial pilot side work...DFW area)

Days like these are why we do it ;^).


PTT causing problems ...Scott Hersha

Before I call someone at GRT, maybe someone here can help, in fact I'm pretty sure of it. On my RV4 with two GRT screens and a Garmin GTR200B com radio, I often get spurious warnings, like "EGT too High, or Fuel Pressure too High". These are visual warnings on my EFIS with no oral warning given, and no exceedences noted on my engine indication system. Funny thing is, this only happens when I key my mic to transmit on VHF COM. My PTT switch is on my Ray Allen stick grip. One wire to the PTT on the stick goes to the -200B, and the other one goes to the ground buss, located on the firewall, where all my grounds are located, except for a couple out in the wingtips for lights. Also, the CHT and EGT time graphs show a dive to zero when I key the mic. Fuel pressure indication sometimes goes crazy too when I key the mic. There is no noise in my headset associated with this. Sounds like some kind of grounding issue to me, but what should I look for? I'm thinking initially of grounding my PTT to an airframe bolt near the point of origin.


RV-12 Roll Right ...Jim Stricker input

I bought my 12 from original owner with 48TT. The airplane had a small trim tab fastened to the left flaperon with double-sided tape. It worked but the trim tab looked obnoxious and tape isn't exactly structural. I removed the trim tab and the plane flew with a very heavy right wing.

I checked and adjusted the straightness of the upper wing skin that trails behind the spar and also squeezed the trailing edge of the flaperons. Neither solution fixed the problem.

What I did find extremely effective was changing the height of the flaperon pivots. Its been several years now, so I can't remember exact adjustments, but basically what you want to do is raise flaperon pivot on one wing and lower pivot on the other wing. Perhaps start with 1/2 turn up on right wing and 1/2 turn down on left wing and test fly. Again, I can't remember which flaperon I raised and lowered. No big thing - just note the change and test fly. First test flight will tell you if you're adjusting in correct direction. If wing is heavier in flight then do opposite correction.

I believe I ended up changing pivot heights by one turn of the rod ends. One wing one-turn up and the other wing one-turn down. Plane now flies hands-off and ball is centered in cruise flight. Deploying flaps anywhere in the white arc is still hands-off level flight.


Significant EGT, CHT Difference Between C1/C2 and C3/C4 ...ssokol

In the process of testing out my engine monitor (the one I'm building) I ran a detailed log of a flight which captured some interesting facts. Turns out that there's a significant difference in both EGT and CHT between the two forward cylinder and the two aft. Engine is an IO-320 160 HP.

Max EGT Values: 1042.52, 1106.60, 1408.28, 1403.06

Max CHT Values: 322.70, 358.52, 386.42, 379.22

I fully expected the cylinder head variance due to basic airflow, but I'm quite surprised to see that the max exhaust gas temps vary that much.

Note that those are the maximum temp values over the course of a 45 minute flight, sampling at 10 Hz. The averages show much the same:

Avg EGT Values: 870.57, 946.65, 1174.19, 1187.25

Avg CHT Values: 288.47, 317.31, 335.30, 337.83

Does that seem normal, or is there something odd going on here?


Canopy Release Discussion

(PandaCub)  I .... ended up putting the canopy release handle to the right of the center stack and used a cable instead of the supplied pull rod attachment

(kbalch)  That was one of the reasons I chose to remote-mount the audio panel, Comm2, and transponder.


A smooth visit to the FSDO...SPX

Today I visited the San Diego FSDO for reissuance of my operating limitations. Specifically, I needed this change to revise the Phase 1 area. Concurrent with this change, new operating limitations were issued (I had the previous format), along with a new special airworthiness certificate. The visit went perfectly smooth.

For those buying an RV from out of the area, this is a good reminder.. in case you ever need to enter Phase 1 again, you will want to get with your local FAA rep when you buy the airplane, to get new operating limitations that cover an area near you for Phase 1. If you bought the airplane 2000 miles away, and decide to change the engine or prop later on, the previous Phase 1 area won't do you much good.

For those curious, the San Diego FSDO (or, my inspector, anyhow) likes to issue the following Phase 1 area:

Southern Boundary: The Mexican border from 116 degrees 0 minutes west longitude to the intersection with the 200 radial of the Julian VOR. Special care shall be taken to avoid Mexican airspace.

Eastern Boundary: Along 116 degrees 0 minutes longitude west.
Northern Boundary: Along 33 degrees 30 minutes latitude north.
Western Boundary: A line connecting the following radial points from the Julian VOR:

200 degrees at 49.5 statute miles to a point
190 degrees at 24 statute miles to a point
230 degrees at 24 statute miles to a point
265 degrees at 26 statute miles to a point
270 degrees at 42 statute miles to a point
290 degrees at 45.5 statute miles.

Excluding flight over any densely populated area.


Engine Oil Cooler Exit Pics ...various

I am curious to see some photos of what folks have done with the exit of oil coolers mounted behind the rear cylinder on an installation with plenums vs baffling. I have been reading about diffusers, ducting via scat, "do nothing", etc am looking for best practices.


Kavlico Pressure Sensor Inspection

(SB from Mothership, Garmin, Dynon, Advanced Flight Systems




May 7, 2020.  Issue #5,078.  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

Practicing Rolling [Half] Circles ...1flyingyogi

My first few attempts at rolling circles in the RV. I've done a few in the Laser as well, and it's definitely more work and harder doing it in the RV.

For the non-aerobatic crowd, rolling circles are continuous rolls done around a circle on the horizontal plane. It's challenging coordination and orientation-wise, but it's fun!  ...


*****OPERATION CHARLIE 19 at Inyokern Airport (IYK). $1.19/gal gas*****

Inyokern airport (IYK) inyokernairport.com is proud to announce it will be selling 100LL aviation fuel for $1.19 per gallon from May 7, 2020 until May 11, 2020 or until 4019 gallons are sold.

These sales will only take place from 7:19am until 6:19pm daily after that time fuel reverts back to the normal price of $4.40 the limit on purchasing fuel at this price is 119 gallons per person/aircraft. Twins and Warbirds please call in advance (760)377-5844 if you think you will need more than 119 gallons.

No filling up of gas cans will be allowed or putting gas in automobiles.

The airport office will remain closed during this time and social distancing and government and state rules would be greatly appreciated.

Restrooms will be available. Please bring your own TP (just kidding).

Water will be available and there are plenty of local restaurants that will deliver to airport.

Inyokern airport would like to thank its tenants and all general aviation users during this crisis by encouraging them to get in their aircraft and fly!


First flight of the first RV10 in China ...Shawn Li

Glad to report the successful first flight of the first RV10 built in China. I was one of the two crews for the first flight. The Chinese regulation allows more than one test crews that are necessary for the test flights. The first flight was a bit short due to high CHT temperature, reaching 430F so we landed in about 20 min. After about 5 hours further flight in three days, all squawks are fixed. The RV10 flies really nice now. Here are some pictures from the test flights. There is a RV14 almost complete. Hope to see more RVs, and experimental aircraft in general, in China.


Airplane Mistakes and Lessons ...tjo entry

It's amazing how much cognitive ability you lose when stressed. Back when I had maybe 150 hrs, I was asked to fly my Cessna 150 over to PDX for a Horizon Air sponsored Boy and Girl Scout aviation day. No problem, I said, but inside was really stressed about landing at PDX. Flight over went great, day went great, but winds picking up in the afternoon to gusting to 19kt crosswind had me nervous. Did my preflight, weather check, etc, distracted by the stress of navigating around the airport amongst the big boys, and dealing with the wind. Managed to communicate well enough to get all the way to the hold short line and was instructed to "position and hold". At that time, I had no idea what that meant, so I asked. The reply was to "disregard and hold position", rather gruffly. At this time the radio chatter was coming hard and fast (at least to a relative newbie used to uncontrolled airports). It is now about 4:30 in the afternoon and the airport was getting busy with incoming traffic. OK, I'll just wait. After the departing plane was gone, and another landed, and traffic was stacking up behind me, I was cleared for takeoff! Cool, finally out of here... except as soon as I started my takeoff run, the oil check door started flapping in the breeze pretty violently! ****, I got on the radio and told them I had an issue and exited the runway at the first exit. Handed off to ground for coordination. Now, I'm a gnat on a huge piece of asphalt with big boys all around and no idea where I am or where to go... Got out of the plane (copilot holding the brakes), got the door closed up, got back in line worried about getting blown into next week by someone's exhaust blast, finally make it back to the hold short line. This time, the clearance was "cleared for takeoff, no delay". OK, you don't have to tell me twice; it was pretty much full throttle from the line and off as soon as I could get the thing in the air. At about 200' AGL on runway 10L I was instructed to "turn left to 010"... in other words, "get lost dude!"

Stressful, but I've never left the door open again!


Panel Porn ...fresh off SteinAir's bench

Here's our G3X panel that was just shipped the end of last week from SteinAir. Needless to say SteinAir was absolutely fantastic to work with (again) and their workmanship is outstanding. Here are a few details about the panel and electrical system:  ...


Kavlico Pressure Sensor Inspection

(SB from Mothership, Garmin, Dynon, Advanced Flight Systems, etc.....)



Descending Curves, a Hat Sighting, Gas and a Stearman 

Flew over to Bridgeport for gas Wednesday ($3.40).  Light wind from the N so a tight constant-curve (hopefully) descending turn to a ten foot square centered on the numbers.  Drawn to that curve and the last 20 seconds or so of a landing.  All nine brain cells humming away and focused as I can make it.  Really, really enjoy that feeling.  No wind makes it that much more enjoyable.  Never perfect - always trying to improve.  I think I would have liked landing on a carrier.  In the daytime...

'42 Stearman at the pump so a pic and some gas.  Passed said Stearman on the way back to 52F, overhead for RWY 35 and another stab at a nice curve with minimal landing distance.  The ground track shows room for improvement, but I did make the Charlie turnoff.  Scratches the right itch...for a day or so.



May 6, 2020.  Issue #5,077.  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

Touch & Go - LaGuardia, JFK, Teterboro, Newark Liberty, and Hudson River Corridor 05/02/2020

(Tim's RV-10 Blog)
With Sun N Fun cancelled and Oshkosh not happening this year I figured it was time to make use of the Covid 19 pandemic and capitalize on some airspace that would typically not be available for pattern work. Without a destination to land and stay at, what better place to go than New York!

For those unfamiliar (as I was previously) with the airspace in and around NYC there is a 20 minute ALC-79: New York City Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) course the FAA requires that you take prior to entering the area. The course is well put together and was created after a 2009 mid-air between a Eurocopter and a PA32R-300. The course is very informative and a worth while use of your time. The FAA also supplies a kneeboard printout to help identify the mandatory reporting points for those interested in flying the New York Class B Airspace Hudson River Exclusion Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA). This corridor is where you will be flying if you want to circle the Statue of Liberty.   continue


Malformed nose skin dimple update ...Jskyking

Repaired- carefully flattened dimple w/ DDRT2, drilled with #30 with a slight circular rotation of the drill bit to clean the slight crack, re-dimpled with #30 die, dropped in a #30 rivet...... drilled another #40 hole and dimpled equidistant to next rivet and put a #40 in the hole. I would have put another #40 equidistant on the other side of the repaired hole, but it fell on on a flute. Vans said I would be alright to not put any additional rivets in beside the affected mis- dimpled hole, but one or two rivets was very acceptable..... building on.


RV-3B Ground Shot ...rv3pilot


From the 'Dumbest...' Thread

A good while ago when they were still doing "position and hold" at class D towered airports, a friend of mine, Larry, was given such an instruction so he taxied onto a runway. Another airplane missed the turn off on his landing roll which meant he had to taxi all the way to the end of the runway and he wasn't being quick about it, so my friend sat there on the centerline in his Bonanza.

A student pilot in a C172 was on final. Remember Larry is holding on the runway. Paraphrasing the conversation here.

Tower: "Cessna XXX go around"
Cessna: "Cessna XXX going around"

Some time passes.

Tower: "Cessna XXX, GO AROUND"
Cessna: "Cessna XXX is going around"

A little more time.

Tower: "Cessna XXX, GO AROUND NOW, make right traffic"
Cessna: "Cessna XXX, I'm going around the right"

As Larry told the story, he was getting understandably nervous. He said he looks out and just about ground level the Cessna passes him on the right, re-aligns with the runway, and lands.


May/June 2020 FAA Safety Briefing


Flap Notch Size and PIREP (RV-4)....smokyray

I built and started flying my Four back when we had to shoo Dinosaurs off the taxiways to go fly. The RV4 plans (if you built yours)have a great description and drawing of the front seat back flap notch block the handle seats into when you lift it.
If the notches are small per the plans, I found that final approach speed faster than 60 Knots would "pop" it out of the second notch, hence retracting the flaps. Being an F16 Pilot, I'm good with it as it does essentially the same thing with hydraulic pressure.
I started experimenting with slower approach speeds which took practice with my Sterba "big bite" wood prop. I found that slowing to 65Knots (70mph) on downwind and trim almost full aft the RV4 would get into a "groove" where you control aimpoint with pitch and sink rate with power. At 60 Knots, power on and a fairly nose high approach the airplane would not float and you literally could fly it right to the ground, flaps fully extended.
The best part was my flaps stayed down and I could now quickly retract them for proper STOL quick stop technique. I also made a few small adjustments to my flap handle to keep it where I put it, mainly filing it with a more pronounced notch.
Email me offline if you have any questions...


Fuse Outboard Rib Fluting? F-1018 ...bkmerrill RV-10

26-5 Step 1 calls for fluting the F-1015 ribs, which I did no problems. It does not call for fluting the F-1018 rib (next further aft outboard rib) to match the curve in the bottom skin holes. I am now clecoing on the bottom skin and finding the holes do not align. I can get the clecos in going one at a time, but the rib begins to pucker/flute itself. Anyone else have this issue? Should I just flute the rib flange? Only concern with doing so is shrinking the overall length causing a different issue. Before doing so wanted to check with the trusty VAF.  ...


Hat Sighting in its Element ...

(Monday) In the sky, in an RV!

Bumpier and hotter (91*F) than in the ski boat below, but off the surface for .3 in an RV ......so we're all happy.  Working the punch out list and thinking about the next thing (prol ADS-B IN).



May 5, 2020.  Issue #5,076.  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

Another RV grin ...Matt Ziemann RV-4

After almost 4 years I finally got to take my daughter up. We'd been taking it slow---me not pushing it. She likes to taxi with me and loves talking through her headset, but anytime I'd ask if she wanted to go up she demurred and said she'd do it when she turned 4 or 5. On Friday, after riding with me to get gas, she asked if we could "go up above the trees". It was one of those absolutely perfect days--late day sun, beautiful skies, calm air, and just happened to take off after two of her other favorite planes on the field: a yellow Piper Cub and a red Fokker biplane. It was right in that golden hour before sunset when the shadows are long and everything looks so sharp. On takeoff she said "this is fun!" Of course her first flight had to be on the grass runway, and on landing: "I loved that!"  Afterwards we got ice cream...and she asked to go again the next day. Another RV grin...


First Flight of another kind. ...ty1295

Today was the 2nd biggest day of my fairly new RV-9A. Approx 6 years ago I met my now wife. At almost the same time I purchased my RV-9A partially completed kit. As the airplane build progressed, so did our relationship. Back in Sept my airplane became airworthy, and somehow back in December I became Husband worthy.

After the first 40 hours, my now wife went from scared to fly, to asking to take a trip to Biloxi back in February, and then a few weeks ago waking up in the morning and telling me "I am going to get my pilot license"

Well today was her first official lesson. Thank you to my good friend and fellow RV Builder Dave.  ...


Big Things Happening ...pazmanyflyer

To me there are 5 BIG moments for building my RV7.

1. The BIG decision (which RV?)
2. The BIG cut (if you you are building and don't know about this you will.)
3. The BIG move to the airport.
4. The BIG day of AW cert.
5. The BIG day of first flight.

I completed #3 Sat morning!  ...


-3B Status Report ...David Paule

Rough-Trimmed the Canopy Fairing
After more than a little tweaking and alignment, I was more or less finally content with the position of the canopy, and re-clecoed the flange in place. Then I got out some Sharpies and started marking the fairing up. After erasing the marks (lacquer thinner, with the canopy off, of course) and redoing it I decided that it was time for cutting it out.

A die grinder and cutting disk sure use a lot of air, at least my Harbor Freight one does. With both the air compressor and the die grinder working, the noise level was significant. The day was nice and a neighbor abandoned her patio, so I reluctantly closed the garage door and did it without that open. Cutting disks, especially 4" ones, don't cut inside radii very well, at least with my current knowledge, so this is only a rough cut. Here's the fairing and flange. The flange is trimmed.  ...


Dumbest Mistakes in an Airplane ...thompsonbr87 entry

I know a guy who, not long after getting his private certificate, decided to take a girl for a $100 hamburger. After about an hour flight, they landed, and walked a half a mile or so to the restaurant just off the field. That particular spot is somewhat remote with no other option for miles and no crew car. The pilot didn't realize his mistake until they were met at the door by a sign saying "Closed for the week".

Those two never went for another hamburger, $100 or otherwise.


-7 Status Report ...motodave

One year exactly since fuselage kit arrived and ready to roll!


Fun at the Hangar ...SeanB

I'll spare you the details of installing the Filtered Air Box on my RV7 this weekend. The best part was being joined by my wife, Tracey. She is so willing to learn and help, and projects such a postive attitude. Really cheers up the place while I may be trudging through a challenge. She also has a great sense of humor. Looked across the hangar and this is what I saw! I am blessed!!!


My RV Weekend

I flew to North Georgia to a private strip called Mountain Airpark. I met two three friends there. Here is a picture of our airplanes parked beside the runway.

As for me, I only worked on the airplane Saturday. After 228 hours, spread out over 118 work entries from 2/4/19 to 5/1/20, my baffles are finally complete. Not totally thrilled with the outcome - the front bottom inlet seals were troublesome and make fitting the bottom cowl a pain - but they are essentially complete.

Out fooling around Sunday evening. Dropped some flap and eased up in slow flight on some buddies in an S-7. Kirk whipped out his fancy new iPhone, and sent this later.

It's done with a photo-to-sketch app:

KORD Landing
Like AV8ER, this weekend I decided to capitalize on the reduced airline traffic to land my RV-7 at what is normally one of the busiest airports in the world!


5/5/84 ...non-RV. 

Met Susie Q thirty six years ago on this day back in 1984.  I had .5 in my student pilot logbook, Duran Duran hair, and didn't know what an RV was.  Nickel beer night at Graffiti's in Waco.  I asked her to dance.  She nicely said no.  I asked her roommate.  She nicely said no.  I asked Susie again.  Yes.

Married 30 years this June if I've done the math right.

Life lesson: Keep trying and never give up.  A good mindset for any year, especially this one.

PS:  I'm a 1-person small business fighting the good fight every day, delivering a good product for good people.  And I am grateful.  Up yours CV-19!  And the horse you rode in on!



May 4, 2020.  Issue #5,075. 
I guess you heard by now OSH'20 is scrubbed.  DanH summed it up pretty well in a reply: "Last night I told the Fairy about the party being canceled. She bitched and cried and farted, then sulked off to get drunk."  Perfect. ;^)
  I started the 'What'd you do with your RV this weekend' thread a little late on Sunday, but Flying Canuck hit it out of the park almost immediately.  Beautiful pics (below). 
  I spent the weekend battling squirrels in the attic.  We've been hearing sounds for a few days, and a flashlight confirmed blurry brown movement.  Cage trap set with peanut butter sprinkled with cashews....
  Ended up catching (6).  Mom and five teenagers.  Relocated to a few dozen acres of woods around the lake miles away.  Two of them were caught at the same time, and they came out of the cage in nearly perfect formation.  #2 was a little sucked but he pulled it together at the top of the arch.  You gotta admire the focus.

(Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

My RV Weekend ...Claude Pitre gets the ball rolling

Rocks and Lakes
I'll kick things off. Took advantage of a beautiful morning yesterday and took a trip up the middle for the Canadian Rockies.

First point of entry was via Lake Minnewanka which leads to Banff, Alberta.  more


The Amazing Shrinking Air Filters ...Carl Froehlich data point

For you RV-10 guys wanting a bigger filter, one option is to replace the standard filter with a taller one, the K&N E-1000. It is taller but same outside diameter.

You take the standard filter box and invert the top. Note the aluminum plate on the bottom of the box with the brackets. This was done to help prevent the filter from going conical.

This was for an RV-10 with a James Cowl and it worked very well. I assume it will work for a stock cowl but don't know.


Ravens Coverage ...Blain post


Facchinetti RV-12 ...Kitplanes article

I took our Van's RV-12 HB-YPI on her maiden flight on November 13th, 2019, in Yverdon, Switzerland after 7 years of on-and-off building in our 2-car garage.


RV 10 Walk- Around Video

Given the state of affairs we are living in, we wanted to spread some fun and exciting news. We would like to share the AOPA Live: Pilot Lounge: RV 10 Walk- Around video.

This video is an in depth look at your 2020 Sweepstakes plane completely remodeled.
Your host: Dave Hirschman and Jiri.

We like to thank to AOPA, Dave, Jiri and VansAirforce.net for their support and trust.

South Florida Sport Aviation was proud to be hand-picked for this project and to be affiliated these extraordinaire companies and vendors.

Everyone at South Florida Sport Aviation wish you all the best.

Stay Health and Safe.

Thank you for your time,

Kim Huapaya
South Florida Sport Aviation


Fresh Off The Bench at Avionics Systems, LLC.

(David Buckwalter)  Here is a picture of the RV-14 panel we recently built and installed.  - Avionics Systems, LLC., an FAA Certified Repair Station has been in business since 1993.  - We're experts in experimental aircraft, it's all we do.  - A large portion of our business is RVs, and we are highly experienced with all models.  - We offer complete custom instrument panels that ship anywhere in the world, and we do retrofits in our hangar.


Center Console, RV NEWS and Must Have's ...Rich Meske

We are NOW accepting orders for both models of our E-Z out Center Console for RV-6, 7, 9, and 14. The center console not only adds more storage space, the console is also solidly constructed so that is can aid the pilot and passenger getting in and out of the aircraft. You can put your full weight on it. We now have new inventory and are able to ship. More details - www.aircraftextras.com.  Also No Weld Handles, Relay Boards, and Tire Valve Extensions for new or old aircraft projects!



May 1, 2020.  Issue #5,074. 
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

May Wallpaper Calendar ...Telluride courtesy Vlad (9A)


Smoke Fun Video RV-4 ...Justin

The smoke system is new to me... Turns out I burn through it faster than I thought. I run out at the end.

The grass strip is Dad's place where I grew up and learned to fly. Still my favorite runway in the world.

And the underwing camera threaded into the tie down hole. The blue painters tape was just to prevent paint scratching. I've already had a few wise crack friends ask if it was structural...

I hope you enjoy!


Please Critique My Electrical Plan ...mfleming

A PDF of my electrical plan can be found here.

This is my first pass at the basic electrical architecture for my -7.
The mission is Day VFR, IFR, very little IMC, maybe pass through a marine layer.

This electrical schematic is a variation of one being developed on the Aeroelectric list.

This is a single battery, dual alternator system with a clearance delivery feature.

My version uses a B&C BC410-H 20A back up alternator with their back up regulator. The back up alternator also comes in on the battery side of the master contractor.


A Nice Day to Fly in the NE ...agirard7a

I love flying the coast of RI and Mass this time of year. The water is so clear with an amazing color. This is the SE point of Cape Cod. No seals yet thus no big fish (yet)


Steve S's Custom Stick Grips

I had this idea to make my own stick grips. This is what I came up with. Wife says they look retro...  PPT in the back.


Removing Moisture from the Engine: An Idea ...dpansier

I'm envisioning your doing the following.  Are you using a 120 volt blower?  I have used Duck Bill valves in the past and they may work well in this application as check valves.