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Fri May 30, 2014  1145Z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 


Sunset Cruise...Pete Howell

What can you do with 2.8 gallons on a syrupy smooth night? Follow some rivers...more


Challenge yourself at next annual ...Rick Aronow

Sharing a hanger with Walt has made a HUGE difference in quality of maintenance I perform in my airplane. He has always preached that the only way to inspect stuff (i.e. anything that is a threaded fastener) is to Put a Wrench On It. So normally, I put on wrench on "everything".

This year, I decided to look for fasteners that may not have been included in "everything" in prior years. So starting with the empennage and working forward, I put a wrench on EVERY nut & bolt. I was surprised at the number of fasteners that I was able to snug up just a bit. Sometimes it was just 1 flat or maybe a 1/4 turn - in a few cases, it was quite a bit more.

Challenge yourself on your next inspection / annual to find some fasteners that you haven't put a wrench on in a while (or ever). I'd say if you can't find a few that need to be snugged up, you're not looking hard enough!

A couple of examples that I found in my 7A
(1) There are 4 bolts in each of the steel gussets located at the very forward most lower corners in the foot well (right at the firewall). They all needed at least 1 or more full turns to get tight.
(2) Three of four bolts on the wheel pant bracket on the Right Main wheel needed to be tightened.
(3) I was able to turn one "castellation" on 3 of the 6 engine mount bolts.

There were many others I could list but I think you get my point.


April wallpaper calendar.  Scott Elhardt


Status Report ...paul330

Got the aircraft back from the paint shop about a week ago and have it about 2/3rds re-built. Picked up the graphics yesterday and my paint guys fitted one of the side flashes today - 20 feet long!

Paint is Matterhorn White.  My aircraft is now officially "Groovy". <g>.


Paint update ...Bob Collins


Upholstery Version 1.2 ...BigD



Thu May 29, 2014  1145Z
N168LW flies ...Shawn Li

Happy Birthday Jim Thill! ...Vlad

Been Having Some Fun Flying With My GoPros

Status ...Derek

My RV-4 project is now officially an aircraft, it took to the air for the first time approx. 2 weeeks ago, and currently its got a whole 3 hours total flight time! So far the phase 1 flight testing has gone extermely well, no real show stoppers to speak of.

Fitting canopy frame to the plexi-bubble

Most STUPID mistake of all- closed canopy with no one inside! And problem solved!


Garmin Panel Upgrade 2.0



Wed May 28, 2014  1153Z

Selfie - a view from the tail cam ...selhardt


N116KR flew! ...pilotdds

RV-10 116KR flew this weekend.  It is the straightest flying of the 4 airplanes I have test flown.  Thanks to my Wife Laura for her incredible patience and sacrifice while I completed this slow build kit.  Thanks to Joe for all the help and advice and the crew at Top Gun.  Stein and Christer built the panel and have been very helpful as I work out a few bugs in the G-900. Pics to follow when the panel is fully calibrated.


Bragging on my Son

(email sent to Susie) "Good morning Ms. Reeves. Wanted to let you know that Tate will be receiving the boy 7th grade "Art" award for the end of the year!!! It was a no brainer for me - he's an amazing kid and artist." -- R. Males (his teacher)

Tate took home 'Art Student of the Year 7th Grade' yesterday, and we couldn't be more proud of him.  He also is pretty good on a powered hangar floor scrubber and is respectable in the RV.  We're very proud of our wonderful son, who we love very much!

At right is a recent picture he drew...one of his baby pictures. 


RV-14 Fuselage Photos ...from the mothership

"We should have an update on RV-14 Fuselage Kit availability shortly...stand-by! "


The Quest for Paint - Part 1 ...Randy Pflanzer RV-12


Another home-made smoke system ...Craig Taylor


Down 107 lbs and ran my first 5K race this weekend...Brantel


Truck on Runway Yesterday....52F

Why it's a good idea to 'look long' when you're on final - you never know when some newbie delivery driver is going to think your runway is a road.  Drove down a side taxiway, turned on the active, drove north a few hundred feet and turned off at Charlie.  The pic is of him on the runway.

So much for 'Aircraft Only Beyond This Point' painted on the ground in bright yellow.

click to enlarge




RV-4 Top Skins Finished ...Gregg Brightwell


First time aerobatic competitors

Congratulations to Patric Coggin, flying his RV-4 in Primary for the first time at the recent Lamar, CO aerobatic contest. If the weather permits, I should be participating at the IAC contest in Rome, GA this weekend. For those that have competed before, would like to hear how you and your RV were welcomed. If you don't want to post on vansaf, e-mail or PM me. For me it started as something on my bucket list, and now I'm hooked as long as I still have my bucket.


VAF Forums > Regional Forums > Midwest ....Partnership Wanted (Olathe)

I'm looking for a partnership in a RV6/7 (nose or tail dragger) doesn't particularly matter. I live in Olathe and would love to find someone looking for a responsible pilot and partner to share an airplane with. I am a former Air Force pilot with a commercial, single and multi engine rating as well as my instrument rating. Let me know if you or someone you know is looking for a partner. Thanks!
Taylor Verett
Former USAF Pilot
Long Time Lurker
Dreaming of RV-6/7


VAF Forums > Regional Forums > Midwest ...Detroit Area?

I am looking for a partnership in a 6A, 7A, 8A, or 9A in the Detroit area. KPTK, KVLL, KDET.


Shoe Goo to the rescue


Hat Sighting ...turbo rubs it in <g>



Tue May 27, 2014  1156Z
Laura and Mike's Southwest Odyssey 2014 ...Mike S

Memorial Day Weekend Flights ...tc1234c

Dem Dunes ...Pete Howell

Phase I Signed Off ...aturner

74285 7A project ...Guilherme Plassmann (Brazil)

Never too Old ...welcome Karl Bambas

Last Saturday, 5/17 was the day I decided I was not too old to start building an E-AB aircraft. I started on my aviation career in 1954. Now at age eighty own a Temco-Globe Swift, and have commercial SEL, SES, MEL, and Glider certificates collected in 3,000+ hours during the intervening years. I have allowed my CFII rating to lapse. It was a hurdle to overcome the idea that I might be too old to start building a full scale airplane.  ...

Video of my RV Vinyl Wrap ...pmccoy

Milestone ...Gerry Julian

This morning I stood in front of my hangar and watched my RV start up, taxi away and take off without me. This is a first since I bought it in 2011 and was not easy for me! In the left seat was my son, who is a military instructor pilot in the Harvard II (T6) and has 100 hours in the T38. In the right seat, checking him out, was my friend Brett (Laser) Glaeser, who has 100 RV hours, 4 years in the Snowbirds, 6 years as a jet instructor on the BAE Hawk, 7 years as a Hornet pilot, and now flies right seat in a 737. In other words, they are both immensely superior to me in terms of pilot skills and experience, but it was still ridiculously hard to watch that plane take off and disappear without me!  ...

1,500 hr of fun ...tc1234c

I-MKLK Panel Status ...Italy

Painted! ...rgmwa

"Daubers" & Starlets Today ...TomVal

RV-10 John Block ...it begins

BIG Step Backward ...longranger

Grand Canyon overflight ...Steve Melton

Baffle mounting screw broken

Baby RV-7's




Memorial Day, 2014 
No edition today out of respect for those who gave everything. 

"We should guard their graves with sacred vigilance. All that the consecrated wealth and taste of the nation can add to their adornment and security, is but a fitting tribute to the memory of her slain defenders. Let pleasant paths invite the coming and going of reverent visitors and fond mourners. Let no vandalism of avarice or neglect, no ravages of time testify to the present or the coming generations, that we have forgotten as a people the cost of a free and undivided Republic. If other eyes grow dull, and other hands slack, and other hearts cold in the solemn trust, ours shall keep it well as long as the light and warmth of life remains to us."

---General John Logan, General Order No. 11, May 5, 1868

The "Memorial" in Memorial Day has been ignored by too many of us who are beneficiaries of those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom and liberty. Often we do not observe the day as it should be, a day where we actively remember those Americans including our ancestors, family members, loved ones neighbors and friends who have paid the price for the blessings of liberty. You can change this by doing the following:
  • By visiting cemeteries and placing flags or flowers on the graves of our fallen heroes.
  • By flying the U.S. Flag at half-staff until noon. Memorial Day is a day of "National Mourning."
  • By attending religious services of your choice.
  • By visiting memorials.
  • By participating in a "National Moment of Remembrance" at 3:00 PM local time, to pause and think upon the meaning of the day and for taps to be played where possible.
  • By renewing a pledge to aid the widows, and orphans of our fallen dead, and to aid the disabled veterans.




Fri May 23. 1153z 
    Hoping to get off the surface in the RV for a bit this weekend, weather and oil changes permitting.  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Sedona Fire Update ...azrv6 PIREP


Sporty's Picks RV-12 Winner

(from mothership FB page)  In what is surely the best argument ever for buying paper charts, Ballard’s online purchase won the top prize in this year’s Sporty’s Pilot Shop sweepstakes, a Van's RV-12!

Sporty’s President Michael Wolf delivered the good news to Ballard by phone May 17 at the company’s tenth annual fly-in at its headquarters at Clermont County Airport in Batavia, Ohio.

“It turns out the winning order was for a printed A/FD,” Wolf said. “The winner’s son is a pilot and has a subscription to printed charts.”

The receipt for the transaction was selected at random by an accounting firm as the winner. The Ballards will travel to Sporty’s to take delivery of their new airplane. And Sporty’s has already taken delivery of another RV-12 for its 2015 giveaway. (This one is a lovely shade of "Sporty's Blue")



RV-3B Status Shots ...Dwiedwald


Tony T's RV12 Rudder Gust Lock


From the mothership...



Wed May 21. 1140z 

The plane sees daylight for the first time.

So much sanding on the cabin top I had to move the plane out of the shop and do some cleaning. Dust was piled everywhere!  She's kind of going through this ugly duckling phase right now, but I'm still proud!  Won't be long now and I can order the last kit from Van's...Firewall Forward!
Justin Twilbeck
RV-10 N521TW


N798HJ First Flight This Morning!!! ...John Trollinger RV-10

Snuck out to the airport and took her around the pattern 3 times. I am in the DC SFRA so my options on the first flight were limited as I did not want to do a low pass over a mountain range on my first flight.

No one was there to witness it, but kind of wanted it that way incase things did not go well. So I really have no proof of the flight other than my RV grin :-)

39.75 hours left to go!

Flew really well. RPM readings seemed off (was showing 2850 at one point) when I set power for 2600 RPM I was only doing 110 kts which seemed slow for the 10 on an IO 540. Trim tabs also move backwards from normal, easy fix in the G3X menus though.


Calgary & West Coast USA ...Ignition trip write-up

snip...Thanks to Troy Branch for the flight around Calgary, Paul & Louise Dye for the wealth of information and showing me around your home, and Ken Scott for the tour of the Vans Factory...snip


Joe Gepner Sets the Shop Bar High!


Fresh out of paint ...Charlie Waffles RV-10


Tom Powers Status Update ...stab SB

I decided to do the Horizontal Stabilizer Service Bulletin. I was going to just do the inspection but unfortunately had to pull the tail off anyways so I figured it would be a good idea to just get it done now. I just about have the engine baffles done with the snorkel and air cleaner installed. Also mounted the Oil Cooler and hoses.  ...


Just out of the shop at Up North Aviation

This center panel is for an RV 8A that is being built by Dick J. This is Dicks 7th RV project. He also built a ​Glasair back in 1987.

fmi: upnorthaviation.com



Tue May 20. 1159z 

RV8 "Moody Rosie", B-KOO, Hong Kong ...Hank Cheng

Here's my project. Just a brief background/history: It is an educational and non-profit project where high school student get to hands on building an RV8 with pilot and engineer mentors. Upon completion, this will be the first experimental aircraft registered under Hong Kong (B-KOO reserved).

So far we had more than 200 students went through the program. We are at the final stage where the aircraft is getting too big for the classroom, we moved to the maintenance hanger at the international airport where it will reside until completion.

Any suggestions and comments are welcomed, thanks for looking!


First Flight for "WindRider" ...Rick Carr

On April 26 Kit No. 73504 became "WindRider", the airplane. Three years of building came to a wonderful conclusion. ...


Successful Hanging Party ...Steve Ashby

I know that it only takes two people and about an hour to hang an engine. However, the significance of that event far outstretches the task performed. I have enjoyed every step of the journey constructing my 8A, better known as "Sweet Baby" (named after my wonderful wife, Elaine). There are certain milestones that should be recognized and celebrated. Giving Sweet Baby (the airplane, not the wife) her engine (coincidentally, I also named the engine: Constance, which is, of course, aspirational) is one of them.  continue


Flying with Mary ...Brent Owens

My youngest daughter has really taken to flying. Here she is at the controls of my RV-8.  She obviously enjoyed it.


High CHT's resolved and what worked ...Paul Gray

History. I've been flying the RV 7A for two years. On climb out the number two CHT would always hit 400 before I reached 1000 feet! I had learned to live with it doing a kind of step climb thing.... level off/thottle back/ cool/then climb some more or enter a shallow cruise climb. I had tried the usual suggestions tight baffles etc. without success. Here's what worked and worked GREAT with several pics.  continue


N798HJ is now an airplane ...jtrollin RV-10

FSDO checker her out this morning and gave her the pink slip!! Not to get her all back together and take that first flight.  Thanks for all the support over the past 5 years.



Mon May 19. 1154z 
The White 'crete of Dover ... AFB ...humptybump

...multi-part trip write-up.  Vlad also.


FLYING Magazine Flies the RV-12 with G3X Touch

...male model in the right seat: Joe Blank. ;-)


First flight HD video ...Vinod and Sunit


Netherlands: Texel Fly-Inn Cinema


Panel progress ...comfortcat


Fresh Paint ...Papa


Homebuilts are now exempt from Kansas property tax....

Sec. 5. K.S.A. 79-220 is hereby amended to read as follows: 79-220. The following described property, to the extent herein specified, is hereby exempt from all property or ad valorem taxes levied under the laws of the state of Kansas: Any antique aircraft and amateur-built aircraft used exclusively for recreational or display purposes or any combination thereof. The term ‘‘amateur-built aircraft’’ means an aircraft, manned or unmanned, the major portion of which has been fabricated and assembled by a person or persons who undertook the construction project solely for their own education or recreation. The provisions of this section shall apply to all taxable years commencing after December 31, 2013.

Strike69 Mid-May Progress Report



Fri May 16. 1145z 
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 

Kay on climb-out in his RV-8A

Passing the torch ...Bob Collins

My son, Patrick -- several of you may remember him from the Oshkosh RV BBQ in '05 (I think) -- graduates a nurse this weekend.

He called me today to announce for his graduation gift, he'd like a Learn to Fly Ground School Course.

Somehow I'll figure out, I guess, how he can build hours in my airplane. But I gotta be honest despite the illogical thought process. The idea of him flying scares the heck out of me.

It's dangerous up there, I hear.


Wing progress ...Manny Oro RV-14


Checkered Rudder Continued ...Burke Wick

I admit I took the easy way out. All the Checkers are 3" Vinyl on polished Aluminum. I had extras made so if one gets scuffed up simply peal it off and apply a new one. Used them on rudder, flaps and fuselage...


EAA Chapter Meeting ...at the mothership.

On Thursday, May 8, Van´s hosted an EAA meeting in our shop.  Members of several chapters showed up to eat the pizza, swill the cola and take a look around Van´s.  continue


Garmin Press Release




Thu May 15. 1201z 
  I'd like to brag on my daughter again if you'll permit me.  The results are in for her freshman year at SMU.......3.896 GPA. More proof she got her mother's brain. 


Flight Test Meeting 2014 ...Luke in Italy


Mike Stewart Shout Out ...Clarkie

Wanted to share with you guys what I think is the best customer service I've received thus far owning an RV.

I ordered a Whelen LED wingtip/tail package from Mike about a month ago. Scheduling issues prevented install until today. I had some clearance issues in the wing tip lens so I called Mike for some guidance. Explaining my situation to him over the phone, he said he never had a complaint about clearance. Before I could finish explaining my issue, Mike asked where I was located (I'm in NC) and said he'd fly over to my airport to suggest a fix. Within two hours Mike was in my hangar providing the needed solution. This to me is way "above and beyond."

Go to Mike for all your lighting needs. The customer service is second to none and these things are super bright!


My cowl has never looked so good ...Turbo


GRT is now hiring!

GRT is now hiring for the following Full-Time position: Electronics Assembly & Support Technician

Duties will include:
Assembly and software installation of engine monitor and EFIS units
Phone and email tech support
Occasional packing/shipping

Minimum Qualifications:
Experience working on electronics and a willingness to learn.
Excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Good communication skills and a willingness to help customers with installation and troubleshooting questions over phone and email.

Experience building, maintaining, and using aviation-grade electronics.
Pilot/experimental aircraft builder with experience installing and using Grand Rapids Technologies EIS and EFIS units is highly desired.

Starting salary commensurate with experience and qualifications. Health insurance and retirement available. Two weeks vacation/year.

Grand Rapids Technologies of Grand Rapids, Michigan has been a leader in experimental avionics for over two decades. We're known for high-quality innovative products and excellent tech support. We are a small company and enjoy an informal office environment, but we take great pride in what we do. If this sounds like your type of place, we want to hear from you! Please email your resume to benk@grtavionics.com


More Checkerboard Rudders


G3X Exchange Update ...Stein

...here is a good set of "rough" number for you.

A single screen G3X Touch system with all the goodies (including probes/sensors, servos, antennas, etc.. ends up being right around $9.5K.

A dual screen 370/375 package with all the same goodies (probes/sensors, servos, etc..) ends up being about $300-$400 more.

Using some of these "NOS" type screens that we've been working with folks on likely would save you somewhere between $400-$800 on a system depending on various details. The prices on the GDU370/375's have ranged from a low of around $1200 up to about $1800 depending on age, condition, whether they are new in the box, warranty, etc..


Super 8 Ground Shots  ...BlackhawkSP



Wed May 14. 1150z 
RV-8 C-FHRY First Flight ...Dave Hrycauk

I'm happy to report I had my first flight on my newly purchased RV-8, 1 hour and counting as C-FHRY . Very happy with the airplane, handles like a little fighter .

This is my redemption for selling my RV-8 project 10yrs ago (empennage/wings completed/fuse nib)

I'm definitely glad I had 9hrs with Mike Seagar in his -7 as this definitely prepared me for my first solo. Landings were as expected and I performed a nice tail low wheel landing, the 45lbs of ballast in the rear baggage definitely helped as my CG was 80.7. The stick forces were nice and no lack of elevator trim.

One thing I found was after letting the tail come down slowly and once I pinned the tail down she got a little squirrelly... I'm pretty sure I was over controlling as the tail link on the tail wheel makes control pretty sensitive.

Thx for all the great info on this forum, I've been quietly absorbing as much info as I could searching just about every subject!!


Tracking Susquehanna River  ...The Vladster


Terrell, TX (KTRL)
Race # Name Aircraft Class
Race 24 Bob James Lancair 320 RG Red
Race 91 Bruce Hammer Glasair I TD FX Blue
Race 27 Jim Wilson RV-8 RV Gold
Race 390 Jerry Hajek RV-8 RV Gold
Race 26 Mike Thompson RV-6 RV Blue
Race 118 Ken Krebaum RV-8 RV Blue
Race 411 Jeff Barnes RV-6 RV Blue
Race 193 Bob Bennett S35 Bonanza FAC1RG
Race 55 Team Ely Grumman AA5A FAC5FX

Modifying the Sam James plenum ...Håkan Langebro

Checkerboard Rudders



Tue May 13. 1152z 

Paul Van Sickle in RV-7, Bud Harter yellow RV-8, Mike Kelly red RV-8.
Saturday morning breakfast fly out Spruce Creek. Photo by Gary Rosier,
photo Plane RV-7A Gene Ledda
(more pics)


I needed that! ...AX-O


Tip- protect paint during maintenance using SOCKS

Every time I work on my RV-8, I need to get the rear seat belts out of the way. It's really convenient to just flip them out of the way. But, I don't want them to bang against the paint.

I don't know why I never thought of it before but old athletic socks make a great solution!


Mud Daubers & $18000

About 5 days ago, there were a lot of threads on Mud Daubers. I read them all. Yesterday, a fellow RV 8ter and I were talking about these critters while at the airport. He related the story of an RV er going out to start his engine, and it cost him $18000. Seems the little varmints had crawled up the entire length of his exhaust pipe all the way into the cylinder, and then built their nest. The nest of course is sand, dirt, thus the reason for all the damage.

One of the guys, 5 days ago, talked about "pipe cleaners" Turns out Walmart has it in all different colors. I thought bright orange was great. So I know my airplane is going to look funny, but I've now got two nerf balls stuffed up my exhaust pipes, bright orange pipe cleaner threaded thru them with the two ends sticking in the fuel tank vents, and also bright orange pipe cleaner in the two static ports. (The pitot tube and ram air intake were already covered----found a bird and his nest in the ram air a few years back)

Y'all can laugh, but it makes me feel better <g>.


Boogered Hole


Press Release: Garmin GTN 725 and ATR 42/72



Mon May 12. 1206z 
A Short Test of the Garmin VIRB Elite Camera

They are letting me play with one (and the D2) watch.  Got it Friday, tested Saturday morning without looking at the manual.  Windy.  Note reading glasses over prescription Coke bottle Wayfarers (need to get those changed out to Coke bottle bifocals).  Music in background was free royalty-free song from danosongs.com.  The plan is to let the guys on the field play with the camera, and I'll smash-cut the highlights into a short movie.

Quick Likes:  HUGE record button you can use with gloves.  Stupid simple.  Start/stop recording with smartphone app or D2 watch.  VIRB Edit software is, like the camera, stupid simple to operate.  Viewfinder lets you position the camera just right.  Camera has a GPS built in, so you can overlay customized info on your clip (look for the 'gauges' on my plane's panel).  Prop filter cuts down on prop looking 'weird'.  I gotta get the 'head mount' and build something to mount it out on the wing tip.

One dislike:  No transition options for clips - currently only smash cut.  No title or credit options in VIRB Edit software (but I'm fairly sure that is on the horizon).  They might be there, but I didn't find it (didn't read the manual).  Once that is figured out/in place, I'll have no need for iMovie.

One sentence summary:  My GoPro just got relegated to the son's skateboard.

View test clip
(make sure to select 1080pHD and full screen)

fmi: http://garmin.com/virbelite


N24EV flew today KFFZ ...Myron Nelson

RV-4 and the Olympic Range ...Steve Rush

A special visit---Two well-known RV-3Bs meet ...Louise Hose

Panel Status ...Alan Muhs RV-10

Ground Shot ...kjlpdx

May Experimenter

May/June Issue Online




Fri May 9. 1146z 
 Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

First flight RV-7A 377KG ...Paul 'Bugsy' Gardetto

Well after 6 years, 3 military PCS moves and 2 deployments, 377KG took to the skies with Vic Syracuse (DAR/multiple builder) at the helm. Vic did an outstanding inspection that found stuff I never would have thought, like the loose alternator wire at the fuse on the panel. Once I fixed the too do list and buttoned it up Vic took to the skys, sure glad that I had Vic do the first flight, not so proud that I have to be first, Vic provided a wealth of info on how my plane flys. In addition to Vic, special thanks to Kent Stitt (RV7A), Loyyd Montegue (RV8), Guy Prevost (RV8A), Sid 'Scroll' Mayeux (RV7A) for their help and advice. And of course my wife Kathy who understood my dream.

Best of all, I get to change my Vans AF signature block to "FLYING".


N96LV First Flight May 7, 2014 ...polishpilot

96LV took to the sky on May 7 and was the culmination of 3 years work. All systems appeared to be working with the exception of my SL30 transmit function failing in flight. I had my transition training in a 9A early in the day and flew my plane in the late afternoon. Great feeling and my nervous Sweetheart to greet me on my return. Now to look into that radio problem.


Oshkosh RV Social 2014

...the highlight of the week (but you already knew that)


Panel ...N411TW

Wanted to get this posted before I do another upgrade




Status ...Philippe Cordier (France)

I flew my RV9A for the first time last friday may 02 in Vannes airport LFRV.  40 minutes of flight.  No big issue, just the EFIS and EMS to configure correctly.  And a small leak at the gascolator fitting, quickly fixed.  Greats flights are coming


GRT is now hiring!




From AveryTools.com


Skin Crack Found on Rudder ...CharlieWaffles RV-10


Question for the VAF brain trust….(not RV)

In 1942, Marine Glider Group 71 (MLG-71) and Marine Glider Squadron 711 (VML-711) were relocated to Marine Corps Air Station Eagle Mountain Lake (source), currently owned by Kenneth Copeland Ministries.  The mission was to determine if amphibious gliders were a good tactical idea for an island hopping campaign (they turned out not to be).

"MLG-71 & VML-711 arrived in late 1942 with the base's first complement of aircraft:  (1) J2F Duck, (4) Pratt-Read LNE gliders, (5) Piper NEs, (2) Spartan NPs, (1) Timm N2T Tutor, and (2) Curtiss SNCs. The station was commissioned in late 1942."  -- source

The Question: Might anyone know, or know how to find out, the bureau numbers and large side numbers of the five NE-1 aircraft stationed at MCAS Eagle Mountain Lake in 1942-1943?  A photograph or logbook entry would be even better (for positioning).  The block of bureau numbers for the Navy NE-1s was 26196 thru 26425 - thanks to Scorch for that bit of info (pg 23).

I ask because there is a stock J3C-65 sitting in my hangar, hardware-identical to the (229) NE-1s delivered to the Navy, and it's going to need to get repainted one of these days.  I thought it might be nice to (plan 'A') pay tribute to something that worked five minutes from where I do most of my flying.


- A pic of (11) NE-1s and a Stearman that the Navy used (photo not taken in TX).
- A pic of the Navy XLRQ-1 Glider



Thu May 8. 1145z 

First flight N516RC ...Robert Cutter

N516RC, #72779, RV 7, TW, Slider, flew for the first time at about 8pm on Saturday, May 3, 2014. After 7-3/4 years of building by my wife (aka Moonpie) and me (aka RVRC), Moonpie II took air beneath her wings over KCUB. As dark was rapidly approaching, I only flew for 0.2 hr. The Y0-360-A1A and blended airfoil Hartzell prop had it leap into the air almost before I was ready. WOW what a thrill! The landing was fine, straight forward, no problems.

There are so many people to thank for assistance in building this plane. First would have to be my wife. She has bucked 99% of the rivets and did 99.9% of the fiberglass work. This has definitely been a joint project. Ken (Lurch) Harrill (RV6) was my tech councilor and backed up by James (Chatterbox) Clark (RV6, 6A, 8). James also flew chase on my first flight. Ken was Mission Controller. Other RV people involved were Tom and Don Roberts, Mike Hoover, Scott McElroy, Eduardo Irizarry, Mac Burton, Steve Richardson, Clark Schadle, Melinda Harrill, Bill and Carol Deane, Rick Morris and DAR Vic Syracuse. Many thanks to every one of you. Also thanks to some non-RVers, Jack, Ron and many others from EAA Chapter 242.

Thanks to everyone at Advanced Flight System for a wonderful product and support, Stein and crew at SteinAir. Are you happy Stein? I’m broke! Cleaveland Aircraft Tool, Avery Tools, Vertical Power, Aircraft Spruce, Classic Aero Designs for a great interior and of course Van’s Aircraft for a great airplane! I know there is no way I could have built this without VAF and all the people that have had input on the forums. You have put information here that I have searched and re-searched in finding solutions to our questions. Because of that, I have only had to contact the factory a couple of times. Thanks, Doug, for the site!


First Flight ...aturner RV-10

I can report that another RV-10 has joined the ranks of flying birds. N784JC took flight from Clarion, Pennsylvania, on May 6 and performed even better than expected. It flew straight, hands off, and the only squawk was a small seep of oil from the engine.  continue (video)


Abby's First Flight ...Mike W.

I finally got my enthusiastic six year old granddaughter up for a flight. We have taxied around before, but mom and dad wanted to be there for the first real flight. She loves talking on the headsets. It was a bit bumpy (spring/summer afternoon is not my favorite time for flying in FL, first flights especially), but she had a great time on our short flight.  continue


KFFA ...Vlad


Takeoff Roll Got My Attention

I had a, hummm, interesting situation yesterday. I flew to a local airport, landed, was out of the plane for about 15 minutes doing my thing. I get back in and fire up, taxi out to the runway, all is good. Do a quick runup, roll out on the runway and start the takeoff roll. My plane has always wanted to roll left when I put in full power on the takeoff roll, so I have gotten into the habit of compensating with right aileron, a lot at first and slowly decreasing defection as speed builds up. This is where things get a little hairy. I go to put in right aileron, and the stick won't move. Mind you the power is still in and I'm in the early stages of the takeoff roll. I pull the power out and as I roll down the runway start playing with the stick, elevator travel is fine, it just won't move left or right. I taxi off the runway and keep playing with it the entire way. The stick will move about 1/2 to 1 inch left and right, that's it. I shut down the plane and the problem immediately goes away, the stick moves freely. I have a dual axis dynon autopilot with the servo out in the wing. I have checked the entire control system and I can't see anything that would have caused this situation. When I engage the autopilot test function on the ground, the stick is still able to move 1/2 to 1 inch. Is it possible that the servo caused this? I have had to replace a shear screw on this servo in the past and had no idea that it had sheared until I went to use it one day. I don't think this has anything to do with the situation at hand, but ya never know.

One things for sure, this will freak ya out!



More Grass ...crabandy

Another one to add, MO9 Kingsley Missouri. My wife finally had a Wednesday off, I was giddy when she suggested we fly somewhere for lunch! It's a crop dusting strip with a "Hangar Kafe." Loved the place, great food, great people and unbelievable prices.


Down Draft / Wind Shear on Final ...Gary Sobek

I consider myself an experienced pilot with more than 3,000 flight hours and over 1,600 Cross Country hours. I am a commercial rated pilot, built my RV, and have flown it over 16-year. I have over 2,700 RV hours.

Background: Airplane is RV-6, 160 HP, Constant Speed prop, VSO = 41 KTS, VX = 65 KTS, VY = 80 KTS
Normal pattern speed is 65 KTS, decent rate down final = 700 FPM

After a 2.6 hour cross country flight; I experienced an event that was a first for me after 32-years of flying.

ASOS reports Wind 200 @ 14 KTS with gusts to 23 KTS when 10 NM out.
Crossed over the airport and entered left pattern for landing on Runway 21. Update on the ASOS on the radio reports winds 19 with gusts to 29 KTS.


From Mark at AircraftStickers.com (VAF Advertiser)


Dynon Heated AOA / Pitot Service Bulletin ...dynonsupport

Dynon Avionics has released a technical service bulletin that pertains to our Heated AOA/Pitot Probe. If you own this product, please read the service bulletin it in its entirety. In addition to the technical details, there are some important topics covered in the Frequently Asked Questions section after the bulletin that will answer many of the questions you may have.

Note that we are not issuing a product recall at this time. Heated AOA/Pitot Probes that are currently installed in aircraft may continue to be used, subject to the Operating Recommendations section in the service bulletin.

Thanks to those of you that have reported your experienced (Jon Thocker, Stephen Christopher, I know I'm missing a few others from here) - your reports have been valuable in helping us hone in on the root cause here.

Michael Schofield
Marketing Manager
Dynon Avionics



Wed May 7. 1151z 

William Boyd and his Hopalong ...Vlad

Hello World ...Lucy Unrein

(from Dad Brian - RV-10) Thanks everyone. We're back home now and survived our second night on the job albeit with little sleep again

Lucy Ariel Unrein was born 7 lbs 3 oz on May 4th. She was a natural breech delivery and mom did great with no epidural! I survived with no crushed hand or black eye so I met my goal too

We're still hoping to make Oshkosh 2014 so we can show off our best build project to date <g>.


Cylinder #3 scoring, normal wear or something else- Dental cam pics

Running a compression check on an XIO-320 D1A (200 hours since rebuild) with .010 overbore steel cylinders shows that #3 compression is down to 68/80 cold and 70/80 hot (last year it read 74/80 cold.)

During compression check air can be heard in the case by opening the oil filler, I assume is blowing by the rings on #3.

Armed with a newly acquired eBay dental camera marks can be seen at the 12 o'clock portion of this cylinder (within the nice hone/hatch marks.)


G3X - "Exchange" Update ...Stein

Hi all,

The pricing is finally done, the packages are ready. Here's the deal:

LRU package with OAT, ADAHRS, Magnetometer and Config Module: $1875
Add EIS (Engine Monitor) for $599.

We also have a decent amount of GDU370's new in the box (NOS - as in new old stock never installed but perhaps shipped to a customer) from customers that we will be selling for them, no GDU375's at this time.


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No.1 CHT and EGT lagging and low ...Derek

Ive recently run and flown my engine (and aircraft) for the first time, the engine was pickled for 2 years.It's a zero timed 0-360 A4M converted to AFP's FI. What was noticable immediately was No.1's CHT and EGT was the last of all the 4 cylinders to rise, way behind the other three and significantly lower in temperature. In the first picture Ive attached you can see that on initial start-up No.1's CHT is 70 degrees lower than all the rest, and you can see that this trend continues in the next photo taken approximately 13 minutes later.  more


Status Update ...David King RV-10

Finished up the top skin today & decided to put some additional pieces on just because I could. I felt like a 6 year old on christmas morning.



Tue May 6. 1200z 
First Flight ...Sig600 RV-8

The backstory ...rvmills

Dave Ander's Method of Aligning Landing Gear Fairings ...rv7boy

You know, looking over the list of things Dave Anders did to his RV-4 to get it up to 260 mph, I probably spoke out of turn. Because the fairing alignment item is but one little item on a whole list of things he did to maximize speed.

I looked for a site that had photos or a diagram, but as I recall what I read, he mixed some coloring crayon, (color doesn't matter) with a thinner that was safe on his paint, just enough to make the consistency enough to run (think of honey's viscosity). He then placed three dots of gooey crayon on the leading edge of each fairing. Then he'd go fly, real fast, and land. By looking at how the gooey crayon ran back to the trailing edge, he could get an idea of how to adjust his fairings.

The goal was to get each gooey crayon dot to split into two streams which each trailed back and met at the trailing edge. It's not a perfect method, but a compromise design method, (we used to talk about the "empirical method" on SSME's). And since he was obviously concerned with top speed, he did this at top speed. Cruising speed may give you a different configuration.

I think he had to make three or flights to get both sides adjusted. And I think he may have tried a similar method on his wheel fairings, but I'm not sure.

All in all, it probably doesn't make too much difference for us average pilots, but since I brought it up, I felt I owed you an explanation as I remember it. I still think it's an "elegant" method of aligning the fairings. <g>.

The 'Green Machine' heads to it's new home! ...mothership FB page

Conni and Maury Lehmann from Friendswood, TX (near Houston), are the proud new owners of the the first Green RV-12 S-LSA produced by Van's Aircraft. They stopped by last week to shake hands with the new aircraft, receive transition training, and visit some of the local scenic spots in the area. Last Thursday they finally took to the skies, heading home to the Houston area. Incidentally, Connie is a university professor and Maury works on the Orion Space Vehicle Program in the Houston area.  more

Grass ...crabandy

NOW I finally opened Runway 13/31 several weeks ago after re-seeding last fall. The rains last week have kept me off until now, it's dry and the grass is definitely growing! I now have grass stains all over the wheelpants

From Our Friend James Clark...

GRRRRRR. can I fix this or new skin?



Mon May 5. 1200z 
  Thirty years ago today I asked my (now) wife Susie to dance at a little dance club located at 31.521975, -97.179258 (there is a 'Linens and Things' on the spot now).  She said no.  I asked her friend.  No.  Asked Susie one more time.  Yes.  Can I get a high five!
  This June we'll have been married 24 years.  


Major problem with my project schedule ...airguy

Shrimp Boil Pics



Fly High, Fly Fast ...Bill R.

Goodyear Blimp and two RV-8s

Brantel Update ...100 pounds and counting

Hat Sighting ...yes, that's a kilt.

First Trip / Tough Mudder ...crabandy

Easy, quick and cheap baggage tie down anchors

From Mitch Lock....(works for Van's, but this is personal)

RV12 EAA Young Eagle Flight - 2 min video

6 vs 7 rivets, Roll Bar Attach Plate

A2A Shots ...mrblob

My New VansAirForce.net Cap and Ronald McDonald House

The $10 charity (huh?) I chose for this piece of gear was the Ronald McDonald house box there at the register at my local McDonald's.  The cap is 'khaki' with 'ivory' logo.  $4 more for the N-number on the back.

For Tom Rousch:

Tom Roush
RV 9A, Purchased, flying
Aeronca 11BC, restored, flying
Hot air balloons, 2, flying
2014 dues paid

The Post I'd like (you) to make to the Richmond Area Vans group.

Richmond area pilots....Hot Air Balloon Event in the Richmond Area.

"I'll be participating in the Mid-Atlantic Balloon Festival near Richmond next week (4/8,9,10,11/2014). If you are interested in learning more about these really cool flying machines, please come out and join us. The website is <midatlanticballoonfestival.com>. There will be 20+ balloons participating, and if you'd like to get 'up close and personal' sign up to crew for one of us. Frankly, the event needs more aviation savvy crew people. If you are interested, email <MABFballoon@gmail.com>, or respond to me via the VAF site. Weekend event passes will be provided to crew. Join us! Balloon grins are almost as big as RV Grins."



Fri May 2. 1212z 
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Lunch at 3T0 w/Friends.

I thought it had been maybe a year and a half since my last visit to 3T0.  Turns out the logbook said it's been 3.16 yrs (1,156 days).  OMG.  51.8nm....I actually logged cross country time in the old logbook.  I'm outta control <g>.  I'd forgotten how beautiful this strip is. 

click to enlarge


Trip Report for P-82 visit ...MarkW

Yes I said P-82 for those of you that don't know, they made a few Twin Mustangs called P-82's. There are none flying at the moment but there are a couple being restored for flight. We had a group from KSFB Sanford FL. fly up to Douglas, GA. KDQH to see one of these projects.  continue


THE BABY HAS ARRIVED!!!!! ...Guilhermepilot (Brazil)

After 4 months and 6100 miles my 7A is here all boxes!!!!!!


Status Update ...Jeff Rich RV-10

Sunday (4/27) officially brought the elevator assembly to a close. Monday was the start of the tail cone.

The wing kit (slow build) was delivered St. Patrick's day, so it's ready to go as soon as we finish the tail cone.

Here are a couple of pics from today.


Randy Pflanzer RV-12 Status

The test flight phase is essentially complete. I just have a couple rate-of-climb tests to complete since I've been limited by ceilings the last few times.

All I've changed is to add a wedge to the rudder and fix a cowl rub on the #2 cylinder exhaust spring. All the performance numbers are slightly better than the book and the stall numbers are right on.

Not sure I have the prop tweaked exactly right just yet. I can't quite get it to 5500 RPM but its real close. Next step is to get the prop balanced and then fly it 2000 nm to get it painted.


Mr. 10K ....Mike Starkey passes the 10,000 post milestone

Pretty much the official welcome wagon here, and a very nice guy.  dr


From the Factory FB page

Ken Scott flies the Epic.



Thu May 1. 1140z 
A few N. Texas RV folks are flying up to Cedar Mills for lunch today (3T0).  B.C. Squadron rules in effect: 1100 begin walking from the planes (if you're three minutes late you're walking solo).  Walking directions/time.


Here's what I need y'all to autograph on Saturday (Port Aransas, TX)

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Divergent Oscillation - Educate me

I had a real test-pilot moment yesterday.

After putting my wheel pants on, I took the plane up to see what those extra knots would be like. I noticed a bit of buffeting after takeoff, during climbout but it wasn't bad. I couldn't really tell if it was buffeting or light turbulence, and it went away after a bit. It repeated itself on subsequent takeoffs.

Once I got up to 5k or so, I leveled off with the throttle opened up and my RPMs around 2300. Trimmed up for level flight and let go of the stick to see if it would fly hands off.

That's when it got interesting. Slight rocking motion, building up slowly from almost nothing to what could have been a real lunch-tosser. Before it got too crazy, I grabbed the stick and it settled down. This behavior is 100% repeatable.

The RV7 is supposedly a neutrally stable aircraft, and this (before the wheel pants and gear leg fairings) proved out in earlier flights. There are any number of things it could be, but the obvious culprit is misaligned gear leg fairnings.

What about the ailerons being out of rig? If they're both pointed slightly downward, would that counteract what little roll stability the RV7 has?


What Do I Use - FAB question?


Bridges of Suffolk County ...Vlad


A spliced former - is this common in an RV-4?