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April 26, 2021.  Issue #5,327.
  Hope you had a nice RV weekend.  No RVating for me (14 hrs in the sim and brain is Jello), but Flash has full tanks and maybe later this week I'll get off the surface for a bit if the Wx allows.
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My RV Weekend ...many chiming in


First Flight: RV-14 ...DakotaHawk

It finally happened! After two years of building, and another six months of painting, my RV-14 finally flew this week!

Four years ago, my wife was wandering around the Vans display at Oshkosh and snuck over to the -14 demo plane. When she found me a few moments later, she told me "You have permission to build the RV-14." I was perfectly happy with my RV-7 up until this very moment! I found a -14 empennage kit for sale on the Ohskosh bulletin board and began my build.


Aerobatic Formation Sequence ...Luke

The snow starts to disappear from our mountains, it's time to celebrate with a video.

Here it is, a sequence with arph music. Enjoy


IO360 that's a leaker

Hey all, recently acquired an 8A. Been slowly cleaning it up and fixing things. Biggest issue was an oil leak that would coat to midship after 30 mins of flying.

I've totally degreased it and done a few things.

Oil pressure sensor was leaking, replaced
Tightened return tubes
Check compression all mid 70s
Checked TQ on through bolts

It's still leaking.

Cylinder base o rings bad?

Engine has 374 hrs SMOH


Smoke! ...Scotty G


Wiring: Never Do This ...Michael Burbidge

When I built my RV9 it was my first experience working on airplanes. At the time I had no idea what kinds of things made maintenance easy vs. hard.

One thing I had no clue about is how hard it would be to work behind and under the panel. It is nearly impossible to get two hands behind the sub panel, so choose very carefully where you put stuff and how you secure wires.

In the process of installing a new comm radio I came up with the following never agains.


Beautiful Vancouver Island ...dalemaher

Return trip from Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island towards Kamloops, BC. Cameras didn't last the whole trip, but this is the segment dealing with Victoria Terminal, crossing US territory, Vancouver Center for flight following, all in my 2002 RV6A.

Beautiful cloudless day in BC!


Typing Together Loose Ends ...ideas


Fitting the Tail: Status Report ...cgeyman


Interesting Baggage Mod on Tip Up 7A


Simple and Effective ...seen by Ed Hicks

"...best manual trim I've ever used."


Photo bombed Mark’s selfie

We flew about 1.5 hours (round trip) of formation flying for breakfast. Mark’s selfie from his camera mounted on his glareshield.

Short 2.5 min video on the way to Breakfast at Millville NJ.



April 23, 2021.  Issue #5,326.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
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RV-12iS Section 42MiS-U updated new snap bushings ...mothership

We've published an updated RV-12iS Section 42MiS-U to reflect a change to the snap bushings used in the center section. These bushings are used for a wire pass-through and the new parts are shorter, in order to eliminate interference between the previously specified parts.

The bushing specified is now "B375-250" - was "SB375-3"


Eagle's Nest Projects - Central High School (WI) - Trifecta of Perfecta

Three Central High School Students Receive Private Pilot License
-On the Same Day!

Covid-19 and reduced in-school learning time may have slowed progress on the school's 3rd Eagle's Nest Projects RV-12 build, but the 'pandemic' in no way diminished the enthusiasm and passion the build-students and staff hold for aviation. The upset schedule actually provided a unique opportunity for three of the build-students; more time to study for their check ride 'oral' exam and to hone their flying skills for their actual FAA check ride.

After months of planning and hard work for what they hoped would be a Trifecta of Perfecta day, the date finally arrived and they were all ready. The rest is history - all passed with flying colors and it was all they dreamed it would be - a true Trifecta of Perfecta day. This unique accomplishment brings the total number of Central high school students to receive a Private Pilot license to 10; 5-boys and 5-girls. Accomplishments of this magnitude are a team effort and are made possible by dedicated parents, volunteers, and mentors who take time from their life to educate and guide our youth. Kudos to all... JOB WELL DONE!

Students / Magnus Schoreder - Laura Beinecke - Tyler Moats
Instructor(CFI) / Dan Lund

Narrative of the Day's Activity
- Jim Senft, Program Director
Friday, April 16th, was a cold crisp calm morning as the sun rose over the small airport of Burlington Wisconsin. The airport was not quiet. Three Central High School seniors Laura Beinecke, Tyler Moats, and Magnus Schroeder were already at the airport nervously preparing for their oral and flight exam. All three have been trying hard with Master Flight instructor Dan Lund for this day for many months. Their flying skill will be put to the test. Who is first: Laura stepped up to the plate. Oral check pass with flying colors. She then taxied Eagles Nest plane 915EN to runway 29 for takeoff. She then disappeared into the blue skies leaving Tyler and Magnus behind to build up even more anxiety. About an hour later a faint call came over the handheld radio. Burlington Traffic Experiment 915EN 10 miles to the West inbound for landing Two Niner. Then a 5-mile call, then downwind, base, lastly finial. Tyler and Magnus waited and watched as they will be next. After performing soft and short-field landings... Done at last. Passed. One down two to go. Tyler was next with the same routine. Has Tyler finished his performance in the plane and taxied back to the hanger the smile on his face told the story. Passed. Two down. Can we make it three for three? At this time the winds started to pick up. The test will be slightly more challenging for Magnus. An hour later, 915EN was spotted on downwind for 29. Same route. Soft and short-field landings being judged by a growing crowd of local pilots and hangar owners learned about our attempt to complete three check rides in a single day. That RV grin on Magnus's face also telegraphed his performance before the engine was powered down. We had done it. Three for Three. Laura, Tyler, and Magnus have become 8th, 9th, and 10th pilots respectfully to achieve this goal through the Central High School STEM Aviation Program aka: Eagles Nest Programs. Amazingly the Wisconsin Eagles Nest Program has produced 5 female and 5 male pilots. Please join me in congratulating Laura, Tyler, and Magnus on being the newest Eagles Nest Private Pilots.


I have the infamous heavy wing

Q: sigh....seems my left wing is pretty heavy. I haven't checked rig, aileron hinges, etc but I don't know if I should do much more than a taped on tab for know. I don't have gear leg fairings or wheel pants yet so shouldn't I get those on first?
I do have the wheel pant mounts on and that may even be part of the problem.
Any advice or ideas?

A: If it's a model with a bent not riveted trailing edge, a common cause is an aileron that isn't exactly flat but instead puffed out. You really want those to be flat -- if they're not then it can not only cause a heavy wing but higher stick forces overall. Lay a straightedge several places on each aileron and iteratively squeeze the trailing edge where it's puffed out. Concave? No prob. Just bonk the bend with a rubber mallet (don't overdo this though!

A: I had the same but Vans have a troubleshooting guide to work thru ,this should be the course taken ,and I did end up squeezing my trailing edge


Building Harness on the Bench ...N546RV update

I don't hate my life yet, but so far everything's still on the table. I did a tape layout sorta like in leok's thread, and for the past couple days I've been stringing wires. To be honest, I'm really enjoying this work; it's satisfying in general, and all the grunt work I put into detailed schematics, layouts, and such means that this part is almost dirt simple.

I'm hoping to have all the wires laid in by this weekend, at which point I'll get to figure out how to bundle everything so I can try to coax it into the fuselage. If there's a point where this will become a lot less fun, that'll probably be it...

But for now...still fun!


Engine Saver Dehydrator ...Bcone1381 PIREP

I have an "Engine Saver" dehydrator. I put it in a clear plastic storage tub like you have in your basement to store winter clothing. I put a battery operated digital thermometer/Dewpoint indicator that indicates percent humidity on the bottom of the tub. I drilled two holes and have the tubing exiting the tube through rubber grommets to seal the holes. Mine stays in my heated shop and does not experience temperature change over the winter. The humidity seems to like 16% and never below. If its above 25% I reseal the lid using packaging tape.

Do what they say above regarding oil and Dehydrator plugs. The next time you put a mug in your freezer for an hour, pull it out and fill it up with cold beer and its nice and frosty think about your engine in the winter. Its mass stores the cold temperature. When the air warms up, its cold just like your mug...inside and out.

So temperature change is not good, and humidity is not good. Keep it dry. My method gives you data....your not guessing.


Pressure Testing Lines ...MElstien closing the loop

I thought I would close this loop and share my results.

After many days of leak-down testing of my fuel lines, I have concluded that some pressure drop in the lines over a prolonged period of time appears to be acceptable.

I wanted to pressure test them prior to adding other items in the fuselage that would make accessing the lines more difficult.
I tested from the wing root to the firewall and then the return line from the firewall back to the wing root. I am using FlyEFII and this system requires a return line. No pressure testing was done on the tanks. The pressure testing went as high at 55 PSI. The prefabricated lines were tested at the manufactures to 2,000 PSI. The Andair duplex 3/8 fuel valve can be tested up to 80 PSI according to Adair.

I pressure tested the complete system, one side at a time. A fast leak down is obvious and should be addressed. If the pressure drops from the test pressure to something closer to zero over 15 minutes or even 2 hours, this may be a problem as well.

I was able to get my lines to a test pressure of 35 PSI in the evening and in the AM, 8-12 hours later, only losing 2-4 PSI. When left it for days (5) it went from 35 PSI down to 20 PSI. For this slow of a leak on such a small amount of volume, I could not find any leaks using bubble and even Snopes leak fluid. Maybe the pressure dial was leaking. I could not find any leaks after many tests. I invited other builders to look and find a leak and they could not.

Cautiously optimistic, I moved on to actual fuel tests. I purchased 2-5 gallon cans and bought 5 gallons of 100LL. I fabricated 2 aluminum lines for the wing root fittings. each line would go to one of the cans. The firewall fitting were looped (supply looped to return) with no pressure regulator in the loop.

I repeatedly transferred the 5 gallons from one can to another (swapping after each transfer). No leaks were detected. Under 12 volts, I was able to transfer all 5 gallons in 6 minutes using 1.9 amps of power on the FLYEFII Pumps, one pump at a time. (50 GPH) I did this on both sides; left and right.

No leaks.

I then performed the same test with both pumps running at the same time. Transfer time went down and current more than doubled for about 5 amps.
Still no leaks

Happy with those results, I installed the FLYEFII pressure regulator on the firewall and connected the supply and return lines to it. I transferred fuel and set the pressure to 35 PSI. Results were positive. Many test runs provided consistent results.
No leaks, 5 gallons transferred in 8 minutes 30 seconds .59 GPM = 35.29 GPH At 12 volts the current draw was 4.97 with one pump running.

I did try running both pumps at the same time with the pressure regulator installed (simulating take-off/landing) and both pumps stalled. I looked at the power supply and the voltage was way down. I believe the power supply could not supply the demand.

This morning I hooked up a larger power supply (12 Volt car battery) and ran both pumps simultaneously. The transfer time was 4:45 seconds or 1.05 GPM or 63 GPH. No Leaks

Time to test the brake lines.



April 22, 2021.  Issue #5,325.
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Shampoo Run ...Vlad with the conditioned hair

Ran out of shampoo on Sunday. The closest Walmart by the airport is Blackfoot Idaho. Weather good, tanks full, let's roll...

Take off from Dutch John UT 33U. Nice view of Flaming Gorge.  -->


My wife passed her Written!

My wife just passed her written PPL test. She has almost 28 hours in our RV9A now. Due to insurance industry going crazy with rates, she is going to finish off in a training aircraft as it became cheaper to rent a 172 than pay the insurance for the time she needs.

Very proud of her, 6 years ago when I bought my partially done kit she had the look of "Like **** will I fly in that thing!", after phase 1 and a couple flights she woke me up early in the morning with "I am going to get my license"

In that time she has flown many times, formation as a passenger, formation loops (passenger), rolls, cross country and loves it. Our airport "family" has been awesome and helping her along also.
Jeff Scott
RV9A First Flight 9/30/19


G3X Touch Software Update 8.81 (4/21/2021)


We released G3X Touch Version 8.81 to the Software Download Area today. Please note from the list shown below that many system LRU's have new software. After updating the software in the PFD1 with the SD card, the display will reset, and at that time it is best to press and hold the Menu button while it starts up in Configuration mode. Go to the System Information page on the PFD1 and watch all devices completing the software update before taking the PFD1 out of configuration mode and verifying proper operation for the updated system.

There are a few frequently requested updates included in this revision, such as the transfer of fuel flow data to GTN (Xi) Navigators. Our primary mission is to increase the margin of safety for owners and operators of EAB aircraft, and we are very happy to also include a number of updates that improve system reliability and redundancy in this release. Several of these updates will be migrated to a GDU 3XX software update, which will be released shortly after this update.  continue


Mostly just an introduction

Hello Everyone,

I'm just another guy coming in here with big dreams to fly. Last year I got to ride along on a flight into Smiley Creek Airport in Idaho and it sparked my interest in a huge way. I didn't really realize that general aviation was "a thing". How cool to be able to fly yourself where ever you want whenever you want. So, I'm now in the infancy of getting into the hobby. I don't even have my PPL yet, but before I make too much of a financial plunge I wanted to put together my plan. While researching that I found out that my budget locks me into certified planes that are older than I am (31), but when I saw that you could build your own plane that made me more excited. I'm an engineer and an avid DIY/builder. So much so that here I am debating ordering my tail kit before I have even started my PPL.

So my plan: Hope the wife doesn't divorce me haha. I'll join a local club and get/start my PPL at some point this year. Order an RV-14A tail kit some time during/after Oshkosh (I won't make it there sadly). I think that will be a good time in case there is a discount or the RV-15 is revealed and fits my mission better. Join the local EAA chapter next month. Start working on getting my garage shop up to par.

I don't want to write a whole book about myself here, so that's me. There's a lot more I'm looking forward to learning and experiencing. Did any of you start building around the same time as you started flying? Hit me with any advice, questions, or recommendations.


Boise, ID


That Curve That Brings a Smile

Gas run over to KXBP Wednesday morning to top off the tanks for the next night time-building flight.  North flow, entry from the right and a descending 270 for 36.  $3.75/gal.  For the amount of radio track I was hearing I was expecting a bee hive, but the entry coincided with a hole in the flow and things worked out swimmingly.  Really enjoy these arrivals when they happen - just seems like the energy state is perfectly centered and there's no wasted motion.  Even taxied up to an empty pump (rare).

Ready for the next night logging hop.


RV-8 Canopy Puzzle

Hi Folks,

Last week during a local flight I experienced an event that I am trying to resolve.

Specifically, I was in an aggressive slip (1.5K feet per minute descent) for a couple of minutes when suddenly I felt a draft of air in the cockpit. There was no sudden sound or any noticeable change in handling of the airplane. Just started to feel a constant stream of air blowing just around the top of my head on the left side. Interestingly the draft was blowing from the aft to the front of the canopy.

The canopy has been pretty well sealed all these years and the draft was a surprise. Consequently, I decided to land at once. After shutting down the engine I decided to spend a good amount of time with canopy closed to see if I could see any obvious change in the canopy/canopy latch etc. I couldn't notice anything.

I have checked for the security of the entire canopy, cracks, any openings in the skirts etc. but no joy. I have had others take a good look as well but there is no obvious answer to what I experienced.

I have had a couple of flights since that day and everything is normal - no draft of air.

Any thoughts / ideas? Especially where and what to look for next?

I'd like to understand why this happened (I slip the aircraft very frequently, so this was a unique event).



April 21, 2021.  Issue #5,324.
  Some more items today from the 'My RV Weekend' thread that I should have spotlighted a little brighter yesterday - they're front and center now.  Phase I done, kids in a tent next to an RV-10 and an additional PnP mission. 
  This is the good stuff.
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Milestone: Phase I COMPLETE ...jcarne 7A


When good Carburetors go bad.

Those of us with E-LSA RV-12's sometimes do our maintenance "on condition". I would like to share with you some of the symptoms that we experienced that lead us to believe it was time get our carburetors overhauled.

The following is a lessons learned email that I sent to my co-owners.

Hopefully there may be something in here that may be a benefit to you.

Dear friends,

Jeff and I flew our aircraft yesterday post carburetor rebuild. Lockwood Aviation did the overhaul for just under $600 for both carburetors. I have to tell you that the difference is night and day.

Prior to the overhaul we were noticing some symptoms. For the last year we had some vibration between 2800 and 3800 RPM. Most noticeable when descending and slowing down. Starting was becoming an issue as well.

When I first started flying our aircraft starting cold with full choke was good. Soon after start the choke would no longer be needed. I feel the choke is not the right name for the control. The air is not choked off or restricted in any way. Rather the fuel air mixture is enriched for starting cold. I would call it a fuel enrichment control.

In the last year or so I noticed that the choke started to have a sweet spot. In other words pulling the choke control full out the engine would bang around and fire up really rough. I started using half choke for starting. Then latter yet I would using one quarter choke. Full choke was actually flooding the engine.

Another symptom was that the first mag check would be 320 RPM drop, but the second mag check would be OK at 100 to 120 mag drop. The bad drop was mostly on system A. I think the plugs were getting carboned up during taxi and needed to be burned off before we got a good mag check. By the way the RV-12 POH refers to this check as a "Mag" check. So I don't feel bad about calling it a mag check. I know it is a ignition system check.

Then as things got really bad the engine was hesitating while advancing above 2500 RPM through 3800 rpm and being quite rough. This was when we decided to get the carbs overhauled.

When I talked with Joe at Lockwood Aviation, he said it was the idle jet getting gummed up. Also we had some heavy floats. Keith and I had weighed the floats prior to shipping them out, but we did that with my wife's kitchen scales. The scales were not really calibrated. So we got to get better scales before next time. But, even if they were not overweight we would still have to change them out for new ones anyway. You see they were Bing manufactured floats and we needed the newer Rotax manufactured floats. You can check this by the Rotax floats havening an "R" stamped on the floats. The Bing Carburetors have a "B".

So all that combined, we were actually flooding the engine. Prior to sending out the carbs we pulled the spark plugs and found that all 4 plugs on the front two cylinders were very black. The four plugs on the two aft cylinders were clean. Joe at Lockwood explained that since the carburetors are located on the back end of the engine the shape and distance of the intake manifold actually causes a different fuel air ratio to the front two cylinders. I suppose that when the idle jet gets gummed up and the floats get heavy the mixture becomes richer for all cylinders but very rich for the front two cylinders.
All of these symptoms have disappeared. The engine is running great. I have less than 150 hours flying the Rotax 912. It has a different feel from the Continental and Lycoming engines that I have flown in the past. Those engines have a smother feel at Idle RPM. The Rotax feels like it bangs around a little more than the other engines. I think this is due to the smaller higher compression cylinders. Not bad, just different.

I hope you found something of use here.


From SnF ...AV8ER


Add Another PnP Mission for the Weekend ...tcard

Three small puppies needed a ride to a foster in Austin from George West, TX. They will be headed to New Jersey via a regularly scheduled ground transport in a few week. Mom stayed behind for heart worm treatment and will be following later. Apparently the treatment runs $200 in south central Texas and over $1000 in New Jersey.

I was finally able to connect with a friend on this flight. She chose to try out the CQ1, with the knowledge she could go back to a Lightspeed on the way home if she didn't like it. The Lightspeed stayed in the case on the way back.

There were two twin turbo-props on the ramp today at teeny-tiny Live Oak County Airport. (background of 2nd to last pic) Hmm, I wonder just how many PnP passengers they could carry. Next time I need to figure out how to put a flyer under the wipers.


Pan Bolt Grade Question

I just received my Superior IO-360 with cold air induction sump (new). I noticed there are two pan bolts that have no markings whatsoever so it appears they are grade 2 while all the rest are grade 3. I would like to know if this is acceptable/normal or should I replace them with grade 3?


Circle of Life ...flytoday

Sold my -6A to a good owner and home on 4/18, and watched her fly off from Texas to the Northeast US. Took 4 trips for AirVenture, owned for 9 years & 9 months, and flown for 970 hours of enjoyable flying.


Rare ...Chattin35 (RV-7)

Absolute blue bird day in the PWN. Photos I took don't do it justice but here's one...



April 20, 2021.  Issue #5,323.
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Building harnesses on the bench vs in the plane

OK, so it's getting to be wiring harness time. I have my schematics and routing diagrams done, just a few more details to hammer out. I've read leok's excellent thread about nine hundred times, and I've always envisioned building beautiful harnesses on my workbench as seen in this photo of his:  -->


Trying to find a Vans part

I'm trying to find a part shown in the RV-14 plans that I want to use on my cabin heat cable attachment on my RV-6A. Picture attached shows part number VA-181-1, but that is not found on Vans site. Anyone know where I can find this part?


6'7" 240lbs, wanting to build an RV-7

So yeah, being tall and a pilot don't usually work out the best. I currently fly a Cessna 172 and fit just fine in it. I'm 6'7", 235-240 lbs. My dad finished an RV-7 in 2014 and it was built for his 6'1" frame. I flew on a couple long trips with him (5 hours) and I was not very comfortable as my knees would bump the dash and the bar on my headset would touch the canopy (slide canopy). I was PIC on only a couple trips as I just got my license a few years ago. Even though I wasn't the most comfortable, I managed, as I'm used to being a bit cramped in everything I fly/drive. There was room for the seat to go back further, and I could have lowered the seat by removing the extra cousin. Since he just recently sold the plane, I can't really compare to see how much more room I could make to accommodate someone of my size. I know there's some things you can do during the build like moving the rudder pedals.

Anyway, I'm still trying to decide on what I want to build. A Rans S-21 or a Vans RV-7A. They both have 12-14 month wait on kits, but I want to get my spot in line. I have no problem fitting in a Rans S-21 as I've already sat in one, but I would rather have me a faster more fun RV-7A. My question is, does a tip up canopy RV-7 have more head room? Is there a way to make the canopy slightly taller during construction? I plan to also switch to a low profile headset. I don't mind a tight fit as long as I'm comfortable enough for 3 hour stints. I've read a few ideas on making RV's fit taller people and would like any new input you all might have.


Updated Firewall Forward Schematic ...PilotjohnS


Fiberglass Confession ...Draker

Confession time: After taking a few months of learning and practice, I really love working with fiberglass! It's the opposite of metal.. The material itself is forgiving and doesn't have to be treated with kid gloves. Mistakes don't cost anything. The more you work on it, the better it looks (as opposed to metal). Working with the material makes me feel like a sculptor instead of a mere technician. This may be heresy here, but I think my next airplane build may be Glasair

Here's my first creation. Might look ugly to you pros but the project was fun, I learned a lot, and I believe it is airworthy. Instead of riveting those hanging metal doodads to the horizontal air snorkel, I molded a flange for it that mates right up to the angled left air ramp behind the cowl opening. It was laid up in-place on the airplane, so it fits both the air filter and the ramp exactly and is airtight without proseal. It also has a small flange in front rather than leaving that area of the filter unsupported as the plans propose. This still has a little more sanding and smoothing to go, then a light coat of primer.


Fluting Issue (12/12iS)

Can anyone tell me what kind of fluting tool you used for step 2? The one I got is way too big for that tight spot.



Section OP-62 calls for supporting the tail pipes off the motor mount instead of the sump. Mounting to the sump allows the exhaust to move with the engine. Is there any longer term concerns mounting the exhaust to the fixed motor mount? Have other RV models mounted off the mount?

The OP-62 option is too new to have any long term experience with exhaust issues.



April 19, 2021.  Issue #5,322.
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My RV Weekend ...many


Milestone: Wife Solo'd! ...SVTPete83 (9 owner)

Pretty neat day last week when I got to see my wife solo. I was surprised at the range of emotions I had when she was up there. Her aviation goal is to get her ticket and get to fly our RV9. This was the first big step! Sorry the video isn't directly RV related!!


Status ...Kedy.va

Working with the panel


RV-14 Garmin GSA 28 Over Center

I had an interesting experience this afternoon when I was doing some ground testing of a standard install G3X AP system. After I got home I did some "VAF'ing" to see what others experience has been and ran across this thread. Post #33 was exactly the scenario I was testing.

To be as brief as possible what I was doing was verifying that the torque on the GSA 28 was low enough I could over power. Previously I had done the directional control tests ensuring the wiring was correct, but had never done the "over power test." To my surprise, when I tested the right aileron up movement force (trying to over power with left stick), I heard a THUNK. At that point I had no left aileron (jammed controls) but could move center to right freely. I knew the only thing it could be was some sort of linkage issue so I pulled the inspection panel and found the first picture below. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how it went over center as I had check control stops and verified with the servo arm travel positions.



I'm thinking of adding a polished aluminum spinner to the plane. The only thing bothering me is the hole for the pitot: how will I be sure to get it absolutely centered? Anyone?


Status Report ... D_Wwisgerber

I painted the fuselage and hooked up the GRT Horizon.



April 16, 2021.  Issue #5,321.
  Early push of the Fri/Sat/Sun edition again.  Sorry.  Extra side sim (#134) fell in the perfect spot to force a decision on early or late.  I went early.  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  Hoping to fly Saturday.
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Build Update ...PilotjohnS 9A

Just a quick update.  Finish initial cutting of panel; going old school with drill, jigsaw and file. It came out well I think.  Next Up is to test fit everything, mount center rack supports, then prime, paint, mark and re assemble switches before final wiring. I figure I will be done on a Tuesday.


Throttle Quadrant/Mixture Issue

Hey all,

Bottom line up front: My mixture control has full range of motion at the engine, but the lever in the cockpit stops 1" short of forward when running full rich.

Long version: I've noticed a kind of odd setup on my RV-8's throttle quadrant. The mixture lever doesn't go fully to the forward stop. It seems like it runs out of cable an inch or so from what would otherwise be full rich. I say "otherwise" because after checking the engine side of the cable, the mixture control arm moves through its full range of motion and hits both of its stops. The engine appears to be properly calibrated and runs perfectly. It's like I get to full rich but the lever doesn't show it. Idle/cutoff works fine too. Is this a problem then? My thought was that either it was just a sloppy build (I bought it, didn't build it) or it was intentional to get it out of the way of the prop lever, offset it a bit. Alternatively I'm concerned I might be missing something that is potentially dangerous at worst or is costing me some performance at best.


Broke My Bracket, now have to Fab, other considerations...

Sigh. First the standard disclaimer:

Anything dumb you see from me in this thread is the result of ignorance and I am learning. All advice and guidance is humbly appreciated.

Sometimes I wish I didn't learn things the hard way. Looks like I'm going to learn some fabrication skills one way or another...

Referring to the two attached photos...

As you can see here, the builder didn't use the plans-specified U-00713C Nose Wheel Fairing Bracket on this RV-6A, instead fabbing two brackets for holding the nose wheel fairing. Using the plans-specified bracket now would likely (but I'm not sure) result in mis-aligned holes in the current nose wheel fairing. I suppose I could do a new fairing...but...

In the second picture, you can see the forward bracket in my hand is cracked. Both sides are cracked in a similar fashion, and while I don't know for sure I'm pretty sure I did this when I lowered the fork onto a wood block once I removed the nose wheel to send off to AntiSplat.

Anyway...they'd probably be okay, but I try to do this stuff right, which means I need to fabricate new brackets.

This looks like a simple job for someone who knows what they are doing. Alas, I do not, but I recognize that this might be simple enough for a newbie to muddle through and learn a few things.

So. I'm going to go back to the "basic riveting tools thread" and figure out what I need for this. My question to you fine folks:

What kind of aluminum stock do I need to order for this, and do you have any specific advice on how to go about making new ones, using these as templates, knowing that I've never made something like this before? I'm optimistic that I can do it, just need a nudge in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.



7QB Status Report ...agent4573

So after months of waiting for parts, things started happening very quickly. I've been on hold since December waiting for a cowl from Sam James that was supposed to arrive in November. The moderators will not let me go into any details about this. What I will attempt to say, is that the new owner of Sam James cowling (Mona) has been a pleasure to work with and is extremely accommodating and customer focussed. The old owners I'm not allowed to talk about. Skipping ahead.....

Last week the panel showed up from Aerotronics. With only very minor trimming of the lower panel brackets, a hole for the radio and GNX375, and minor trimming of the center vertical to clear the AP control head, the panel bolted in. Now the only thing left is to wire the rest of the plane. Minor detail.

Next is the box with the cowl in it. The quality of it looks really good. Not sure how much final work will be to fit it, but I'm looking forward to getting it on the plane. I also got their plenum and FAB for the full setup. The alignment tool is in the mail from Blake at Flyboy accessories. I ended up buying the tool, so if you need one in the bay area later this year, shoot me a PM. I was planning on getting with the local EAA chapter and letting them borrow it long term once I was finished with it.

And finally, we have a delivery from Whirlwind Aviation. Here is a brand new 300-72 prop. Saber delivered the 2.5" CS extension a few weeks ago and I think everything is finally here to get a majority of the FWF finished.

In my downtime I started training for my IFR ticket. My checkride is scheduled for May 1st, and after that I'll be diving back into this build hard.


Craig Roser Trim Tab Experimentation

From half ball right to half ball left to ball centered
I didn't build my plane but I have made my first custom plane part! It started with a simple AutoCAD drawing that I printed true scale and taped to sheet aluminum. Easy enough to cut out the part with shears and file the perimeter smooth. Mounted behind the stern light with the stern light screws. First flight perfect guess from a half ball right to a half ball left since I wanted to extrapolate to center. First trim got me to a half ball left. Final trim got me to almost perfect. Just a smidge off center.


Finally got in to the Game of Building an RV14A

Dear friends,
I ordered the full RV14A Standard kit yesterday along with the Thunderbolt EXP 119 engine. Need a bit more work and time to decide on the suitable configuration of a G3X IFR Avionics.
For a long time, I was thinking about building a plane myself (probably a bit better than a Cirrus in some aspects) and going around the globe at the least once to satisfy my life's desire and ambition before hanging up my flying pilot's hat.
Being a Professional engineer with hands on experience (mechanically inclined) in different fields in different countries over 40 years, I am thinking of building a nice RV14A and fly to get in to Earth Rounders data base.
To achieve that, I will need all the support I can get from many of you since it is not an easy task to complete. Any suggestion is welcome. Do not hesitate even if it is not a positive one.
Hope to bug many of you once in a while during this long drawn endeavour of mine from concept to completion being only a Private Pilot in Canada since 2012 with limited experience of 360 hrs in total (Cessna and Cirrus) in North America and the Caribbean.
I am feeling extremely happy to join this group since I see a lot of valuable info being shared freely with out any hesitation to help out. I had the same feeling being an EAA member too.
Thanks for having me with you all.
Please let me know how and when to pay the dues since I am fairly new to this Forum
Sreekumar V Nair


Mothership Sun'N'Fun Show Special



April 15, 2021.  Issue #5,320.
  Please excuse the early push.  Sim'n Wed evening.
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Storing the RV in the Ceiling ...the movie

"was quite windy today... the whole rig can extend more, and doesn't normally dance that much."<g>


RV-8 at KGMU ...Adam says hey

Hello everyone. Long time listener, first time caller.

I've always wanted to build an RV-8 and am finally doing it. Last night I hit the first big milestone. I finished the horizontal stabilizer. Slow and steady, but I got through it with no major issues (knock on wood). So I guess this post is a bit of an introduction and a bit of a celebration of a milestone. The wing kit has a 7 month lead time, so it's already on order.

Look forward to being part of the Vans community


What's the old saying?

Discretion is the better part of Valor, or better safe than sorry.  We had a trip planned from Saint Simons down to Stuart, Fl. planned to visit some old friends, in both senses of the word, last Sunday. Checked the weather and found it looking kind of glum.

Normally I'll go take a look and USUALLY, I can detour a ways around and find a safe and smooth way around. This one just looked different and was building and feeding in from the west so we said, what the heck, it's only a 5 hour drive. All the way fown I95 under low clouds and heavy rain we were snug and smooth and happy.

That afternoon KSUA, Stuart had 55 knot gusts, we sat through about an hour of severe weather at the Jupiter inlet and seems a small tornado touched down just a quarter mile north that knock about a dozen power poles down, uprooted trees and demolished awnings at a couple stations. We were sure glad we didn't have to worry about the plane being on the ramp at Stuart.

Moral of the story of this one is what we DIDN'T do with our RV this weekend was the smart thing. Had a great visit, no worries, And the drive wasn't all that bad.
Jerry "Widget" Morris
RV 8, N8JL


Prime or paint underneath carpets?

Q: Got a question for the group. For those of you that installed the optional Flightline Interior, did you prime or paint the floors and sidewalls underneath? My plan right now is to prime and paint the entire cockpit area including the areas covered by the carpets, thinking that will provide better wear and corrosion resistance in these high-wear areas. But I'm beginning to wonder if that's really worth the weight/time/cost, and whether spraying primer only (no paint) or maybe even leaving the Alclad skins bare would be good enough for structure covered by carpets. I'll still prime and paint all parts not covered by the carpets, of course.

Same question goes for the fuel tank - are there reasons why it should be primed or painted when it will be mostly covered by the baggage area carpet?

Would appreciate hearing any thoughts or experiences from other builders!

A: (N8DAV8R) I'm still in process on my fuse but I'm also painting essentially everything in the interior as I go. I'm also installing all of the options available for interior trim. A few things lead me down this path, all just personal preferences for how I wanted my airplane to be when completed. The majority of my interior is being painted with Jetflex WR, but I have done all of the 'floor surfaces' from firewall to rear bulkhead in a dark grey textured mutli-color rattle can.

The rest of my build is not primed. The lower center section of the fuse is primed because I used that as a warm up for getting my prep, prime, and paint process planned out and well rehearsed before I get to the interior parts. I stay in the 'make your own decision' when it comes to priming or not and I don't think it's necessary in the areas you are asking about. The only suggestion I would make is that it's just a few pieces and they may present you with an opportunity to practice with whatever paint you will use elsewhere on actual airplane parts. Test spray some scrap, then setup your process on and go through it on the floor pieces. They are a good place to do your first painting, if they aren't perfect you aren't going to see them but in general they will match or coordinate with the rest of your interior.


Another Rough Engine Thread

Hello All,

My RV-12 (912-ULS) has a little over 100 hours on it now, and I am loving it. However, there is a fairly decent vibration from 1800 rpm up to 2600 rpm. I have been to the Rotax inspection class, along with the LSRI class. Definitely not claiming to be an expert by any stretch, but I do have a good understanding of the systems.

The roughness in that range made me immediately think of carb synch, sinking floats, clogged idle circuit, or debris in the enrichening circuit.

So, here is what I have tried so far (with a test run up to 5,000 rpm after reaching operating temperature between pretty much every one of these steps).....

- Changed the screen on the gascolator.

- Carb synch (with gauges) down to the point of perfection. After reading another post, I fabricated "assist" extension springs to aid the Van's torsion (latest version) springs in keeping the throttle cables tight. What a difference it made on making a carb synch actually enjoyable. They are spot on at idle and 3,500 rpm.

- Weighed the floats, and both pair (less than a year old) are under 7 grams.

- Removed and cleaned the needles, needle jets, and main jets.

- Removed, cleaned, and inspected the float valve. Checked the arms for correct dimension and ensured they are not binding. Tested with the fuel pump on and both working perfectly.

- Removed, cleaned, and thoroughly inspected (with a 10X magnifying glass) the idle jets. They are absolutely pristine...including the small tube running down the middle of them.

- Removed and cleaned the idle mixture screw.

- Cleaned the carburetors with carb cleaner, strands of wire, and compressed air. All passages including the air passage from the front leading to the idle jet, the passage leading from the idle mixture screw to the hole at the base of the butterfly, and the two small transition passages which exit near the same location. I can spray carb cleaner into the idle jet port (with everything removed) while holding my thumb over the idle mixture port, and a nice unobstructed spray will come out of the three small holes under the butterfly, and the brass fitting at the front (the air intake for the idle circuit)....on both carburetors

- Removed and cleaned the enrichening carburetor, including holding the two plates open slightly against the spring to ensure nothing was lodged in between them.

- Replaced the rubbers and gaskets on both carburetors, and re-assembled them.

- Reinstalled the carburetors and did another carb synch.

- Cleaned and re-oiled the air filters.

- Engaged enrichening circuit about 1/8" while at 2000 rpm and things got incredibly smooth.

- Phoned a friend (Dean Vogal) went though everything I have done, and he said to experiment (a very small amount) with the idle mixture screws. I did.....between 1.25 turns out from the seated position up to 1.75 turns out. I could see the effects on EGT at 2000 rpm, but the roughness is still there.

- Moved on to ignition. Replaced the spark plugs (gapped to .025") and reinstalled with the $100 an ounce paste from Rotax per the manual.

- Checked the ohms on the coils, spark plug caps, trigger coils, and all tests listed in the Heavy manual.

- Did a differential compression test, per the book, and all four cylinders held 78 to 79 psi.

- Removed all the spark plugs to read them, and saw very typical results... #1 and #2 have more soot (and I understand why), while #3 and #4 are more tan.

HOWEVER....the top plug on #4 honestly does not look like it is firing. It is ridiculously clean. The bottom plug on #4 has a tan insulator with soot around the base, but the top plug is still silver.

- Rechecked the coil feeding the bottom plug of cylinders #3 and #4 and the cumulative ohms from spark plug cap to spark plug cap was 15.9k, which is right on the money.

The engine is smooth above 3000 rpm and smooth for a very quick check (gear box, I know) down at 1700 rpm. However, t is still rough from 1800 up to 2600.

I am confident people are going to say its from the float bowls overfilling due to the vibration, but I can run it at 5,000 rpm, reduce the throttle assertively (not aggressively), and it will be vibrating on its way down through those rpm. I would not think the float bowls would fill to the point of flooding in that short amount of time.

Someone else will say, "have you done a dynamic balance on the prop?". The answer is no, I have not. It is on the list, but the vibration is bad enough at those rpm that I don"t believe the equipment would function correctly. I have a three blade Sensenich with ridiculously light blades, and I do not believe this is causing ALL of the vibration. I am definitely planning on doing it once this is resolved.

Gentlemen, I am asking for suggestions.

I am going to get some fresh 91 octane from WaWa tomorrow so we can rule that out too (unless it fixes it!).

Please tell me your thoughts about the clean plug as well. Ignition checks are pretty much standard +/- 150 rpm on either side and the roughness increases similarly regardless of which circuit is off.

Also, I know the clean plug must be firing (unless it is dieseling) because the #4 cylinder has the EGT probe. The bottom plug is on circuit B, and when circuit A is turned off, the EGT rises. I would assume a 3-1/2 cylinder engine (meaning one plug not firing) going to a 3 cylinder engine (turning off the other plug in that cylinder) would cause more than a little rumble.

Thank you in advance.


I didn't build it, but I did design the new paint and pay for it! ...Scotty G



April 14, 2021.  Issue #5,319.
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Grand Canyon - Norcal to GCN ...rcsilvmac

Took my RV-6A from Sacramento area to Grand Canyon National Park. Nine+ hours of flying over 2 days. Camped overnight in state land right out of town. We were able to do rim tours of both North and South rim as well as fly over various corridors across the canyon. Rode our personal electric contraptions from plane to campsite to town and around the park for a bit. My first time seeing this incredible natural beauty. Here are some photos to enjoy if you are interested.


Falcon Flight Formation Clinic Video

Had a good time with everyone and as always learned a lot. Thank you for all the hard behind the scenes work everyone did. Here is a video I put together of Sundays flight.




Howdy Y'all,

I had been really thinking on this for some time, while I was working on my private. I have been lurking on here for several months now, and I have come to the conclusion that I think an RV, specifically an RV-14A, would be right for me. I passed my checkride a few weeks back, and now I think that this is something i want to do and move forward with. I have seen the lead times for kits from Vans, and put in a tail kit order last week to try to start the clock, but I was hoping that i could get some advice from the experienced builders on how to best start. I think i have reasonable woodworking and light machining experience (i have already made some initial workbenches for this project), but i can't say i have any "aircraft building" experience, outside of theory and R/C, and have never so-much-as held a rivet gun. The Vans website says that is enough to get started. Is that what y'all think, too? I assume those toolbox/sign/etc. starter kits are a good idea?
There are several sites out there who advertise "RV" tool kits. Are they a good idea, or is it better to try to piecemeal out only the tools you need? Is there a brand/source/site most people use?
Did most of you have prior experience? How difficult is it to dive right in? How much of a learning curve did you experience? How often have you relied on other builders in the area?
I want to do this right, and acknowledge that i really don't have much experience with this and am rather new to GA as a whole, and want to learn as much as i can. Thanks in advance, everyone, I appreatiate any insights y'all have.

TLDR: Howdy! New kid on the block here, any tips for just getting started?
Long time aviation enthusiast, New Pilot
RV-14A Tail Kit ordered


Milestone: Waiting on the DAR...Jhamilton


Brake fluid lead and loose assembly

Went out to fly tonight and a few drops of brake fluid were sitting underneath my right wheel pant. Removed wheel pant and could not see any leaks in the fittings. The brake pads have plenty of ware left, but the forward portion of the brake assembly is loose, especially at the bottom. I am attaching a link to a video, hope it's accessible.

Still puzzled as to where the brake fluid is coming from.


Section21 solid rivets - see drawing...

hello fellows.
having a challenge with these rivets, in the tight space (90deg with the floor)
my hand squeezer cannot reach (ATS - the big black one)
tried the pneumatic but because of the length, could not get the squeezing power ...
now with a rivet gun ... it's quite complicated (first time for me)
any ideas?


Skin buckled against 908-L bracket

After attaching the right skin (empennage) and riveting, I noticed the skin was against the 908-L bracket. It is buckled under pressure. Would the correct fix be taking a dremel or like grinder to trim the buckled part so it relieves the pressure? I want to avoid all possibilities of a fatigue crack later on. See attached pictures. Should I ask the mothership?

73 hours in a flawless build and I find this...


-3B Status Report ...David Paule

One of the things in the cockpit on the left side that affects other things is the trim handle. I need to know where it goes. Since the trim cable is made, the handle is at the forward end and the trim tab is at the aft end. But to get to the aft end, there’s this little problem - how to carry the cable around the horizontal stabilizer?

I asked VAF readers to let me know how they did it. Since many RV-3s seem to have electric trim, the information is a bit sparse. I got three replies and drew them on a section of Drawing 26 from the plans.



April 12, 2021.  Issue #5,317.
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Aluminum Windscreen Fairing ...mburch

I decided to take a stab at making an aluminum windscreen fairing instead of using fiberglass. It's still a work in progress, but I'm very pleased with the results so far.


SC to KY and Back ...FlyinTigher

Traveling by RV is a fantastic way to get around the country. For any destination this side of the Mississippi from SC I can easily beat total time to fly in a commercial airliner.

My daughter offered to accompany me on a family visit to Danville, KY. We loaded up her duffel bag and my back pack into the baggage compartment. With my "go bag" it was pretty much maxed out. Weighing the bags before we left the house prevented having to disappoint my daughter by having to leave something behind.


Interview with Van's Rian and Greg! ...Kitplanes

Marc Cook did a fairly in-depth interview with Rian and greg from Van's, talking about the industry and the work surrounding the issues with corrosion in the quick build kits - worth the time to watch!


Stack 'em Up (...RVs) ...DeeCee 57 (Zurich)

A teacher of mine told me once, too many years ago, that the country I live in has the shape of a cowpat. Centered on the old continent, but not really part of Europe politically speaking. Overcrowed and overbuilt. Luckily the Alps are within 10' RV flying time and still offer a refreshing, interesting, and challenging playground. Mountainous area flying rule #1, never loose respect...

We are lucky to still have quite a few nice GA fields, either grass or concrete, and I'm located on one of the busiest of them, Birrfeld LSZF, some 20km W of the biggest city in the country, Zurich.
Owning an aircraft is one thing over here, finding hangar space could be very difficult up to a couple of years ago. In view of the declining number of active pilots, some recession, and the youngest generation spending most of their time either in front of their cell phone or computer screen... pardon me, I digress

So, we started hanging 'em RVs, and others. Latest hangars on the field were built with an elevated roof to permit the installation of hangers. Having one's RV hanging offers several benefits such as no hangar rash, theft protection, and, depending if on a platform or not, an easy way to perform landing gear or other under belly maintenance. Servicing the tailwheel or replacing the brakes almost becomes a pleasure when able to alter the working height at will
The downside is having to keep that belly clean and shiny, lest being open to any critical remarks of your peers

The hoists provided at LSZF are either of the belt or chain driven type. One has then two options as to how to tie his beauty off the hanger, either "free hanging", or by using a platform. Each has its pros and cons. One big plus is that all the hoist assies have the ability to slide on their rail and travel far enough out of the hangar to permit lowering one's ship without having to move another one. Open the doors, push on the remote's buttons, achieve the softest landing you'll ever make, untie, stow the hoist, close the doors, go enjoy yourself.

Below some shots to illustrate the above. Looks cramped, but all works pretty good, and we are all very happy with our hangers


TOGA Button Locations ...many


It's The Little Things ...skelrad

I admit it, it's dumb what gets me excited these days. I don't have a completed airplane part and haven't even placed the first order! But step one has been to start working on the "shop" so the rest can become a reality. I'm getting close to being ready for the tail kit, and just that knowledge makes me giddy.

- Built EAA benches - two 3x4 for work space (and the right height to also serve as an outfeed table for the table saw) and 1 2x4 with the leftover material for benchtop tools. Attached casters that can lift off the ground easily.

- Didn't need a bigger compressor, but absolutely stole an 80 gallon 2 stage beast off of craigslist, so my old compressor took a hike. Plumbed it with enough copper line to cool the air and get the water vapor to drop out before it hits the filters and hoses. Working great!

- Have a drill press and grinder already. Looking for a craigslist deal on a small bandsaw and belt/disc sander. No reason to go new on those things since I want small vs longterm quality. Just not enough real estate to put tools in that I'll likely use for other purposes after the plane is built.

So no, nothing to really be excited about, yet I am. My wife is pretty sure I'm slightly unstable.


Let's Discuss Budget Building

I'd love to build a decked out RV-10, alas, well, the bank nor my wife will entertain that.

Move to an RV-12, easiest entry would clearly be build it to plans, awesome plane and arguably wise choice especially for a new builder. But again, sadly money talks. These glass cockpits are amazing indeed. Even more amazing is they cost more than the airframe. I'm not ready to strike out to build a fabric wing NORAD Cub, but simple vacuum gauges we learned on have served us well for years. Let's consider that.

So, here is where I'd like to hear creative options to get a flying aircraft. Call it cheap, thrifty, budget, whatever. Is the RV-12 the way to go, or move to a RV-9, or, or?

I've seen the video of an alternative Firewall Forward option claiming to half the price. Clearly would introduce some less smooth roads for the newcomer, but if the road has a map, well, we can follow maps.

So, any ideas? How cheaply has an RV been built? Can we do it again?


200KT GS Club ...ChrisF16


The Build Begins ...CJK

FINALLY got started on the actual build yesterday afternoon!

Although completing a few fun (but time-consuming) projects to get the workshop prepared was enjoyable, the whole point is to build an airplane, so it felt GREAT to actually start mutilating aluminum yesterday!


Rotax 912iS fuseboxes fuses ...rcarsey

I was recently troubleshooting an alternator-out/intermittent issue. In the process of tracing things, I examined the Rotax fusebox mounted on the firewall. During building, I never bothered to open it or even look inside.

Below is a photo of what I found. The engine has 3 hours on it. The two fuses pictured, (I believe, though haven't consulted Rotax manuals yet) protect Regulator A and Regulator B output. It's not clear to me what would have happened if both fuses fell out simultaneously.

I have pushed them back in (with minimal force I may add), and added generous beads of hot glue to make sure they don't come out. I would advise all owners to take a look through the protective frosted plastic next time they have the top cowl off.


Garmin Pilot v10.4 Released



April 9, 2021.  Issue #5,316.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
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Isabela, my daughter ...Flavio Camerlier (Rio de Janeiro)

Not her first flight, but the RV grin is always there !


KAI Section 35 update ...mothership (RV-10)

For builders who received a paper or electronic copy of RV-10 Section 35 between February and April 2021, it's quite possible the section was incomplete and missing certain pages. So, we have published the complete Section 35 on our website in the RV-10 Service Information section. It makes a lot more sense when all the pages are included


GRT Dual AHARS failure ...Charlie Bravo Papa

I'm getting dual AHARS failure flags in flight. My ADI will tumble and if the autopilot is connected it will chase it straight into the ground if I let it. GRT thinks it's a software issue but I think it's hardware. I definitely can't fly it in IMC conditions. Considering everything I'm considering pulling it out and replacing it with an AFS and either a new GTN 750 or the avidyne equivalent. my 430W won't pick up the ILS glideslope until below the DH making it almost as worthless as the EFIS. I've also had radio issues with the 430 and the sl30, and lost all transmit capability during one flight from Alabama to Arkansas with family in the plane. It's a low time RV-10 that was built with cheap systems and likely cheaper wiring and hardware. Luckily I'll have equity in it if I replace everything with higher quality. Looking for suggestions..


Time to Make the Plenum ...AX-O

I used left over bi and uni directional carbon fiber from the Formula 1 race plane. In some places I have 3 layers and in some places 4. I purposely put arcs and sharp bends in the plenum design to add rigidity to the part. After the plenum was laid, I inserted nails in the previously drilled locations so I could match drill the parts together after the plenum was cured. I used 2 space heaters and got the temp inside the cowl to 140 deg for at least 8 hrs.  -->continue


Oil Leak ...BJohnson

Looks like I'm on the same hunt. Found oil on the bottom of my alternator when replacing the belt. No obvious leaks, but oil is dripping from the alternator just like the starter motor picture from the Kitplanes article. At least the front crankshaft seal is good. I wonder why the belt was slipping


Gearing Up To Log Some Night...

Our RV-6's 19th condition inspection is complete so I took it up Thursday morning for a post-MX checkout flight over to KXBP and back (gas run).  On the way I practiced putting it in a hold at SKYLA (KXBP VOR 18), making sure the tech and buttonology still worked.  I'm planning on spending hours in this hold in the near future at night within gliding distance of KXBP for ATP night logging requirements.  Have I mentioned I don't like flying at night single engine?  Well I don't.

On the way back FIFI was climbing out of Meacham, passing 1000' or so below me right to left.  An RV-8 pilot/friend (Bill G.) in the area is one of the pilots checked out in the B-29, so I half expected to see a wing rock calling me into parade.  Didn't have the camera handy until it was pretty far away, but circled around and got off a shot.  How often can a person say they had a B-29 off the right wing? <g>.  The area was absolutely clobbered with RVs on Thursday.  WX 10/10.

Later in the day while I was fighting with computers, Monkey sent me some more pics of the AFCS glare shield mount housing he is fabbing up.  This guy is an A&P genius and on a fabbin roll.

I'm working on the GMC507 cable now here at the house.  Looking forward to this hardware. 

And then the icing on top.....6pm waiting at the restaurant getting takeout (Susie was teaching a yoga class over Zoom) I get a text from my RV-6 buddy Matt H.  Turns out he was the co-pilot in the B-29 today, and the flight I saw was his checkride flight.  How awesome is that!!!!  Bill G. and Matt  H. are literally using their RVs to travel around the country so they can help keep warbird history alive.  Check out the site www.cafb29b24.org/.   These folks run on donations and the pilots of a few of them have RVs.  Small world.  Great people.

RV-6 owner Matt H. post-checkride today.
(wearing VansAirForce.net charity cap for the win)

Ten full size pics, in no particular order, starting HERE.  A pretty great RV day.  What a wonderful hobby....and community.



April 8, 2021.  Issue #5,315.
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Avelina's "First" RV Grin!

And her name means "Little Bird"


Mods & Improvements for Completed Airplane? ...Dad's RV-10

Gentleman, I'm looking to get a little direction and guidance. My father built an early RV-10. It took him quite a while to complete but he received the airworthiness signoff in 2013. For a multitude of reasons, he never flew the airplane and decided to deconstruct much of the instrument panel for various modifications.

Unfortunately, my father recently passed away having never completed the panel improvements. I have inherited the airplane and will be removing the wings and empennage in order to ship the aircraft to a shop for completion. I will have the shop install a completely new Garmin panel and also have any and all applicable Service Bulletins addressed.

The plane has not yet been painted and will undergo quite a bit of disassembly for the process of shipping and panel reinstallation.

What I'd like to know is what modifications and improvements should be considered for an aircraft at this stage of completion? For example, I've read about the PlaneAround door center cam kit and I intend to have this installed. All of these improvements or modifications will be performed by the shop.

I'm also intrigued by the SDS EM-5 and am considering having this installed as well, although I have not committed to anything at this point.

While the plane will probably undergo nearly a complete rewire, I know my father installed a Vertical Power VPX and as of now, I intend to keep that as part of the new electrical and avionics installation.

I'm sorry my dad never got to fly his airplane and I'd really like to make this the airplane he dreamed it could be.

Thanks for any and all feedback.


GMC-507 AFCS Panel Mounting Back & Forth Continues

Monkey fabbed this. 

Still throwing the idea of a 3D printed mount about, but in the mean time Randy started talking about an idea he had that would allow screws to come up from beneath the glare shield.  Have a lower support piece butt up against the round steel rod underneath the glare shield for support and see how sturdy it is when the canopy is closed.  I'll get pics when done of it taken apart if anyone wants to copy it.



'White Powder' Update ...Jake14 RV-14A

I took the carpet out to clean it and just sprayed water on it in my driveway. An amazing amount of soapy water was the result. I guess there's some sort of treatment or chemical applied to the material for some reason. this was apparently the 'white powder' I saw


Prop Press Release ...VAF advertiser

fmi: www.mcfarlaneaviation.com


Panel Update ...dwranda

Well I got the panel aligned and all of the fasteners adjusted so it fits pretty well. Now to mount all of the goodies on the sub panel and run the wires. I have the Advanced quick panel so all my harnesses are complete. Second pic is with the canopy closed but looks kind of messy with all the protective paper on the canopy.



April 7, 2021.  Issue #5,314.
  24 gusting 36 Tuesday midday in N.TX, and still gusting 33 as I go to press with this 2322Z Tue.  No RVating. :^(  The SunBeams are in and working, and the annual is done.  One switch for ON and another for wag.  Looking forward to trying these out.  Waiting on the winds to settle down.  I need 18 hours of night for the ATP (the next item on the ToDo list).  Moving the needle a nanometer each day...
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Intake Diffuser Update ...AX-O

I spent a long time trying to get the intake diffusers to line up right with the inlet rings. I laid a couple of layers of carbon fiber on the baffles to have a good contour of the surfaces. That would allow me to "glue" the already made diffusers in place at the right angles. The peel ply facilitated the process once pulled. I used standard West Systems epoxy with slow hardener. I have had good result with this on the last few plenums. 
--> more


How much oil on wheel felts???

I serviced my wheel bearings for my first time (150 hrs) on my 7 and had lubricated the felts with Mobil SHC-100 as instructed. We know that grease is simply oil mixed with soap and the surface of the contact was blackened. [corrected 4.6.21 by rocketbob - some are thickened with clay] Some have noted to lube the felt with oil.

After cleaning the felts in mineral spirits via an HF ultrasonic device. I applied some 15-W50 Aeroshell to one and Castrol Syntec 10-W40 to the other. Some have noted the availability of the lip seals an they look attractive, but since the inner seal contact sleeves were spinning I decided not to add friction to that ring and make it slip more.

Not desiring to have the oil sling out inside the wheel pant and brake disc etc and gather all that dust and crud,I pondered much oil it should hold?  --> continue


Obnoxious exhaust valve

Over the last six years I have watched #3 cylinder digress from 78/80 to 67/80 on the leak down test of my 0-320-D1A. Approximate hours of this range is 500 hrs TT in 2015 to 800 hrs TT in 2021. I always listen very closely at oil fill spout, air breather intake and exhaust as each cylinder is under pressure. #3 has been obnoxiously loud out the exhaust for the last 300-400hrs.
I'm thinking the trend is obvious and it is time to attempt lapping the exhaust valve before it gets worse. Just wondering what the brain trust would do.


Simple Rudder Trim



Does this check against your RV-8:


60 deg xwind 10G20 - well that was 'sporty'

Tested myself on a x-wind take off and landing today.

I hadn't really practiced/experienced much in the way of xwinds in my hours with the RV12. I've been in strong enough winds, but have been lucky enough to have it mostly down the runway at my destination.

Anyway, I thought I'd give it a try considering when I first got the ASOS it was 250 5G10. Not too bad. Just 40 degrees off runway.

Well, let me tell ya. By the time I came around to land, things changed fast. 230 10G20. I managed to stay on runway center just fine thanks to the 12's huge rudder. But it seemed like each time I was about to touch, a gust would pop me back up. The AOA beeper got a workout! Good news is I was actually able to touch down gently.

The 12 really is a capable plane. Wish it had maybe a bit more speed/range (classic 12 here), but I can help but just love the little thing!


Are my bearings supposed to sling grease?

Hello everyone, my right main wheel throws a fair amount of grease and I'm wondering is this normal? My left throws some but not nearly as much.

I will try and get to the hangar later to get a much better picture but you can see in this one the black area. It's not so much grease that it makes it onto the tire but there is definitely a fair amount on the rim all the way around the perimeter.

Thanks in advance!



April 6, 2021.  Issue #5,313.
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Highest to Lowest: the blog ...joe_rainbolt

A few weeks ago I posted some pictures in the 'weekend' thread from a recent trip flying by Mt. Whitney and landing at Furnace Creek, the highest and lowest points in the continental United States.

I've now finished the write-up on this trip for my blog that answers the question: What to do when your plane is stuck in the sand and has a flat tire on a gravel runway in the Mojave desert dozens of miles from any city?

Warning: The following photo may be too graphic for impressionable pilots:


IO-360 Engine Mount Nuts - How to tighten? ...Josh Kovac -7

I'm ready to hang the engine, but before proceeding, I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to tighten and torque the nut on the upper left side. What special or modified tool is used?

Socket, wrench, crowsfoot...none of them are close to fitting in this tight spot.

Thanks in advance


Safety wire exhaust springs?

Hey I'm reading the Rotax install manual and they specify safety wiring the exhaust springs. I don't recall seeing that in the plans


New Landing Lights In

....pic courtesy Monk.



April 5, 2021.  Issue #5,312.
  Hope you had a great Easter weekend and got to spend time with family and friends.  On the milestone front, fourteen years ago yesterday I took the biggest career risk of my life...jumping in the deep end head first and making this website my family's primary source of income.  And yes, I'm still trying to figure out how to do it well better.  I thank the big guy upstairs every day for giving me the courage to go down this road less traveled.  I'll keep on trying my hardest to bring you a good product.  I don't miss living in the movie 'Office Space' really that much (previous job) - it might have crushed my soul by now. ;^)
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Bill Goeken's RV-8 Fastback  

In the N.TX skies recently.  The livery is that of the unit his son flies with.  Dylan Phelps pic.

full size


How I got my plane authorized for IFR in Canada ...Flying Canuck

I received my updated Special Certificate of Airworthiness and Operating Conditions today authorizing IFR flight. I thought I'd give a run through the process as it worked for me. Ultimately Transport Canada turned my request over in a little more than 3 business days.  -->continue


My RV Weekend ...lotsa folks


Oil return line interference IO390 EXP - SOLUTION

The "stock" oil return line delivered with my Thunderbolt interferes with the intake snorkel. Two options. Modify snorkel or bend a new oil return line. Prior to bending the line I called Steve at Aircraft Specialty. As it turns out he recently provided a similar line for another customer. Steve sent me one to try. It fit like a glove and no more interference. Really a nice routing that also fits nicely with the baffles installed. I'm not sure how much those lines vary from the manufacturer but I'd suspect that those installing the EXP engine may run into a similar interference situation. If so, give Steve a call!

By the way some may note my B&C Starter. I'll do a write up on that upgrade soon. This premium starter does work on the IO-390 EXP but requires some minor snorkel surgery. More to come.


Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021 ...Jim Stricker

I soloed April 4,1971 when I was in high school. My father flew a B-17H in WWII and he taught me to fly - this was after he and I rebuilt a 1946 Aeronca Chief. I flew 80 hours in the Aeronca and had to sell it to pay for college. After I got married, my father and I partnered in a nice J-3 Cub which I kept for 23 years, 1100 hours, and a lot of memories. Five years ago, I traded the Cub for a flying RV-12 and never looked back.

So today, Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021 is the 50th anniversary of my first solo. My father passed in 2008 - I have his USAAF Pilot Wings that my mother pinned on him, displayed on the RV-12 instrument panel. To celebrate, today I flew my RV-12 round trip to West Virginia - 250nm. My wife held up Easter dinner until I arrived home.

Beautiful day. I miss you Dad...


RV-3B Status Report ...David Paule

Here's the next revision of the switch panel This one works fine - it's what I'll do for the real one. Left to right.  -->more


Converse County WY KDGW ...Vlad

Converse County airport in Wyoming has a decent gravel strip. Comes very handy in a strong cross wind on main runway. Don't believe listed avgas price it's one dollar more for the gallon


Paint Cracking in a few places ...bill.hutchinson

I've noticed a few places on my RV where the paint is cracking a bit. This spot is right by the oil door in the cowl, but there are a couple other places as well.

What's the best way to remedy this? She's an older bird and she's got some mileage on her, but I'd like to try and keep her looking tip-top.


How do my exhaust valves look?

I'd like input from those with experience.

Lycoming IO-540 D4A5 in my RV-10. 315 tach hours since new.
Compressions fine all >70/80 cold. Runs fine no issues. I run LOP when on XC flights but otherwise ROP. CHTs generally well less than 400, though they will approach 400 on takeoff on a hot day.

I'm interested to see what people think of the borescope pics from annual this year (taken today). They are presented in order, cyl 1 to 6:

The only one that looks odd to me is #1, but I am not sure what to make of it.

Thanks in advance for any input.



April 2, 2021.  Issue #5,311.
  Wishing you a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
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Danny King.  Johnson Creek, ID.


Hilltop Lakes Pancake Breakfast this Weekend ...central Texas

T-38 Club.  PANCAKE BREAKFAST.  AVIATION OPEN HOUSE & FUNDRAISER.  HILLTOP LAKES.  SATURDAY, APRIL 3, 2021.  8:00am - 11:00am.  $5 donation per plate.  3 Pancakes, 2 link Sausages, 1 Drink.  (Choice of Orange Juice, Bottled Water).  Unlimited Coffee with breakfast donation

Apt ID is 0TE4


Mounting airworthiness certificate - A nice solution found ....jcarney

As many of you know the new airworthiness certificates and ops limits come on full sheets of paper that are thick indeed. This has of course made it more difficult to mount elegantly.

I happened to be perusing Walmart and found something that was almost custom made for the job! Not to mention it will be the cheapest RV mod there is! haha

If you look at the pics you can see what you will need to mount the certificate and how I chose to do it. Hardest part was deciding what to line it up with. This holder is fairly thick but not too thick; it is perfect. It is just thin enough that a good pair of scissors will cut right through it. Just put the papers in and trim to fit. I then slapped some Velcro adhesive strips on the back and mounted it to the fuse.

Anyways, this question has been asked many times in the past year on VAF so I figured I would post how I chose to do it. Keep in mind the papers can only be folded once. (or so my DAR says)

Hope this helps!


Newly Listed First Flight on the Mothership


Interior Paint PIREP ...Brian J.

The builder of the RV8 I'm flying (standard build) painted the interior panels mostly before riveting or screwing. I like the look of unpainted fasteners. He used Summit Racing SUM-UP347Q dark gray Hot Rod Flat paints. I would call it a lighter/medium gray. It's a 2-part 2k urethane product that is extremely durable and easy to spray/use. I'm been upgrading some parts on the plane during the new engine install and experimenting with applying it along with some dry transfer labels. I'm using a flat clear over the dry transfers. I can't speak yet to the durability of the clear (also a 2k 2-part urethane ), but I like the look of the gray flat interior (a bit spartan/military looking) and has held up very well with a few hundred hours of use. I like it and will use it on the plane I'm building.

Here is the left panel that covers the fuel selector. I did get permission from Vans to use the logo. Kelsey Hickman was kind enough to send me a high res image.


ACK E-04 activation

So my ACK E-04 went off for no apparent reason. I heard the beeping start while I was buttoning up the plane after a flight. There had been no jarring of the aircraft or the ELT unit.

I discovered that the button on the remote panel wouldn't reset the ELT. The red light on the remote panel wasn't flashing either.

So after switching off the main unit, I replaced the battery in the remote panel. After re-arming the ELT (and hearing the "beep" from that resulting self-test), the remote still wouldn't run a self test. No beep, no flashing light.

Turns out it wasn't the remote panel battery -- the problem was that my remote panel was dead/malfunctioning. I replaced it at the shockingly low cost of $38.40 (I feared the worst and couldn't believe it was that cheap) and now everything works perfectly.

So a theory: maybe some inadvertent activations, including mine, are the result of failing/malfunctioning remote panels?
N929JA, 2007 RV-9A


Snorkel VA-132-2 vs Filter mounts

Seeking assistance from fellow builders on fitting the inboard and outboard filter mounts vs the snorkel.

Instructions say to cut the VA-132-1A in half to make 2 parts.
6 1/8 inch each, then trim a 1/4 inch on one flange.
Thus, this results in a 5 7/8 inch long flange while the snorkel is 5 1/4 inch on that side.
Am I missing something?
Should I trim another 5/8 to match the snorkel's dimension??
I ask as I don't want to mess up these 2 parts, (as I messed up the lower left air ramp, following the baffles instructions before reading these instructions where it says to NOT trim that part before installing the snorkel...)
Also, the top view of the 3 filter mounts doesn't make sense to me.
The mounts don't seem to have that relative position one another once fitted to the snorkel...



April 1, 2021.  Issue #5,310.
  Please excuse the early push of the Thursday edition - working extra paper route.
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Bought my first RV! ...markserbu

It's an RV-8A, beautifully built back in 2002 by an aerospace engineer. Sold in 2017 to a mechanical engineer, and now in the hands of another mechanical engineer. Kind of ironic! I love the faux weapons panel...since I'm a gun designer and own a firearm manufacturing company it's kind of amazing that this plane "found me". I'm not new to RVs, having been non-equity partner on an RV-6A for around 4 years on my buddy's plane. This one is a bit faster and I find I can easily cruise at 165-170 KTAS. The panel is good but there are a couple of changes I'd like to make. Overall very happy with this purchase! BTW, I "sanitized" the tail number until the registration transfers over to me.


Short vs Long ...smokeyray -4 PIREP

I agree wholeheartedly with repair vs replace. There are plenty of talented welders in Central FL, I used to live there.
Years ago I R&R'd my Conical mount RV4 short gear for a Dynafocal short gear in lieu of installing a Hot Rod 0-320. I chose to remain short gear as I wanted min down time, easy swap hole for hole, same legs and fairings, brake lines etc. A guy on this site swapped me even including legs as he wanted everything matched. I broke protocol and powder coated the new legs and mount bright red and reinstalled with the new engine.

Easy peasey..

I've flown numerous RV4's with long/short/bent and otherwise landing gear. Yes, Long Gear Fours land a bit better in 3 point, get off a tad quicker due to the increased AOA and look better, otherwise it's moot. My home strip in FL back then was 1500' of rough, soft turf with trees. No worries.
Arguably the short gear has better forward visibility, lighter weight (by a smidge) less drag and lower cost to keep or repair rather than replace.

It all boils down to the $$$.



April Wallpaper Calendar ...Ed Hicks pic


In the Mail ...agent4573

This is in the mail, delivers in 2 days. Looking forward to getting this part of the build complete.


Garmin Pilot adds Graphical Weather Briefings and NAVAID NOTAMs

OLATHE, Kan./March 31, 2021 - Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd., is pleased to announce the addition of new features to the Garmin Pilot app on iPad or iPhone mobile devices. These new enhancements to Garmin Pilot include the ability for users in the U.S. and Canada to generate a graphical weather briefing from Leidos Flight Service, plus graphical NAVAID NOTAMs to depict when a NAVAID has limitations or is out of service. Other recent enhancements include new NOTAM filtering options and a VFR trip briefing for subscribers in Europe. 
--> more



March 31, 2021.  Issue #5,309.
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RV Grin......Cece's First Lesson

(terrykohler)  This is from 2017. Son-in-Law and family had just transferred in from Germany to Rhode Island to spend a year at the Naval War College. Cece wanted a lesson, not a ride, and I was fortunate to have an extra Young Eagles log book in my pack.

Found out that she was thinking ahead as the next week at school some of her classmates suggested she was too young to fly and she was able to show them a signed log - smart girl.


Confirmed: It's a crack ...JFCRV12

Forgot to snap a new picture today, but I showed the old leg to my A&P/IA today and we're pretty darn sure it's a crack just by looking at it. We did not use penetrating dye to double confirm. Basically, up close it really looks like it's pulling away from the bottom plate.

Linked here is a quick video from yesterday. The lower 'ring/crack' is simply a paint line after inspection. But the top part right against the bottom plate is where the crack is.

Luckily, my replacement gear leg doesn't seem to be out of whack as mentioned in an earlier thread. My bottom plate laid flat no problem. And my matched drilled holes look even. I've attached a pic before deburring. It's not a great pic but you get the gist. Attaching the gear leg was a non event really. I haven't taxi'd on it yet to confirm all is good b/c I need (ordered) an extra Adel clamp for the radiator hose as it no longer attaches via one clamp directly to the gear leg. Two are used.

Regarding reporting, does Van's really need/want a report? I mean I'd guess they're already aware given the SB.

"...Spotted it and fixed it for nothing more then a day's work and a couple hundred dollars. Can't do that in a certified plane!"


Broken short leg RV4 engine mount help! ....Fort White, FL

I was looking for advice from someone who had a "short" leg mount and has installed the "long" leg mount and gear. Van told me it could be 6 months or longer to get the new mount and gear. Does the new mount match up with old bolt holes? Thanks for any help!


Annual #19

Underway at Monk's.  AeroLED landing lights going in, wiring supplies and tools ordered from SteinAir, the old landing lights out, and building up a cable in the office for a GMC507 AFCS control unit.  Progress!

The upper left pic below is looking behind where the left landing light was - that's the upper and lower holes for the AFS AOA Pro.  I love that thing - gigantic and right in my FOV on base as I turn final.  Upper right is the pin out diagram for the GMC 507.  Bottom right is the old landing light out.

full size


Remote Ground Block to Firewall Connection ...rockitdoc

I am putting my ground block on the aft side of the subpanel. Question is:

How large a wire to use between the ground block and the 1/4-28 bolt that the battery ground is connected to on the firewall? 8 gauge would seem large enough, but is there a way to determine based on the loads or is there a better way?



March 30, 2021.  Issue #5,308.
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My RV Weekend ...VAFrs chiming in.


Trying on New Pants ...Dave -7

I'm happy with test fit result, picture doesn't show it but some sanding and another coat of primer to come:


AT-205 on engine mounts ...Steve

So, I was spraying my daughter's car suspension system with AT-205 and I thought about my engine mount turning a dusty white so I sprayed them too. I don't know if that will get me to 3000 hrs on these mounts but we will see.


The RV Grin ...Andy's daughter


Aileron leading edge bulge ...Niko


In both of my ailerons the forward skin (leading edge skin) is bulging out on the bottom side between the counterbalance pipe and spar.



March 29, 2021.  Issue #5,307.
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RV Grin Pics Added Over the Weekend

The newest VAF Forums sub-forum gets off to a good start since being started last Friday.  It's a place to post pictures of family, friends and acquaintances getting their first ride in an RV.  So create a thread for each person if you like and help put some smiles online!  Help keep the ball rolling, motivating those still building (or thinking about it).


Buckboard Marina WY ...Vlad

Buckboard Marina is located 25 miles south of Green River WY. Ran by a family they recently opened Redneck Grill restaurant. The place is easily accessible by car and airplane.

Owner Tony Valdez is an aviation enthusiast and a backcountry strip adjacent to his facility is in his plans. But for now visiting aircrafts can use nearly 5000 feet of paved road without obstructions on both ends. Coordination by the phone required since Tony don't have the base aviation radio yet. The season for boaters still not here and road is empty. As soon as ice melts the place will get some traffic and local volunteers will help to sequence trucks and airplanes. They will also assist with taxi and departures. It's my 5th visit to Tony.


Foam Continues ...AX-O

After sanding down the foam it was time to make it a smooth as possible. I used fast dry wall putty and sanded it down once it was dry. once that was done, I used one of my favorite trick of using clay to determine how much space is available between parts. In this case between the plenum and the cowling.


15 hours into Phase 1 flight testing ...jcarne -7A

The building/fixing hasn't stopped just yet (and probably won't haha).

I had a fuel smell in the cockpit on one of my flights right after switching to my left tank after a top off. I said "I bet I know what that is coming from" and sure enough when I switched to my right tank it went away. Definitely something with the vent.

I tightened the fitting and no dice, it still did it. Time to crawl under the panel and cut off the flare and redo it. Once again it still leaked a few drips on a full tank after sloshing about a bit. I thought well mind as well take out the mirror and have a look at the bottom of the fitting. Low and behold there was a flippin hole in the fitting!!!

I have absolutely no idea how that hole got there but it sure looks like somebody drilled a hole in it! Here is a picture. I do vaguely remember seeing a fitting with a hole in my bag of parts when I was building and made a note to not use that fitting. Apparently I didn't listen haha.


G5 - NAV and GPS?

Here is my panel before some cleanup and labelling. I'm also attaching an avionics interconnectivity block diagram that I made at the the request of the TC inspector.


Canopy fiberglass rear skirt

Having a go at making a rear skirt out of fibreglass. Just need to add more protection, cut out some glass using my template and do the layups.


Close Quarters Riveting

What's the best tool you recommend for dimpling/riveting tight areas close to spars? I had a pin hole puncture in my trim tab and was advised by Vans to drill to #40, dimple and set a #3 flush rivet. After I drilled the hole and deburred, I realized that I'm too close to the spar web to be able to dimple/rivet. I'm looking to expand my tools anyways. What do you recommend? Unfortunately, it's also somewhat beneath the trim tab horns, so only about 1/4" clearance on top and about 7/8" clearance on the bottom.


Promised pictures ...Daid in Germany

Here are the pictures of my static port.

During the built you get sometimes drawn away. The simple and cheap seems not good enough for your "piece of excellence"......and you buy the expensive stuff, just to figure out later that the 0,0256 c/$ pop rivet would have been the better choice after all.

It's probably one of the things homebuilding an aircraft teaches you......

Anyways, I build different shaped covers put of delron that I will put over the static port with double sided tape. They have a hole in it which 8 will match with the hole in the static port, just that the whole thing is now protruding through the boundary layer of the fuselage.

I will test fly the different shapes and report back here.  If nothing works, I drill a hole through the static port and pull a pop rivet from inside out, remove the mandrel and see what I get.

It is experimental aviation after all!


-7 Status....motodave

Fun with wheel pants and intersection fairings... god there's more work there than at first blush. First coat of epoxy primer:



March 26, 2021.  Issue #5,306.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
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New VAF Forums Sub-forum:  THE RV GRIN

A place to post pictures of family, friends and acquaintances getting their first ride in an RV.  I'm leading it off with a picture of our son Tate getting his first ride in the family RV-6 on March 1, 2009.  My hope is to create a weekly collage of sorts of smiles on faces caused by the world's greatest hobby.

Create a thread for the people you care about and help spread RV Grins!



Foam Update: AX-O

This was one of the scariest thing I have done to my plane. I had nightmares of foam stuck to my engine.

I decided to tape a heavy trash bag to the engine baffles and make a few dams around the engine to keep the foam contained. The foam needed to expand around items (lock in place). I used 2 part pour foam. Learned a trick from a long EZ guy around the airport. Poured the measured content in a zip lock bag. Mixed it, then cut the tip of one of the corners and poured it. Also if you let the foam start to set just a bit before you pour it, the foam becomes easier to control and runs less (sticks to other foam or surfaces).

After sanding through different layers of foam that were made from different pouring times, it became apparent that you want to try to keep the different pouring to a minimum. sanding between the layers became inconsistent.
 --> many pics


KFRH BBQ Brisket/Pulled Pork Fly-In 3/27/21 12:00-3:00 PM

Our airport manager at the KFRH airport will be having a BBQ Brisket/Pulled Pork Fly-in Saturday, March 27, from 12:00-3:00 or until he runs out.

Brisket Sandwich plus 1 side & a bottle of water-- $10

Pulled Pork Sandwich plus 1 side & a bottle of water--$8

Sandwich only, brisket $8/pork $7

He will only have water & there is tax. He can accept cash or card.

Sides include: Baked beans or Cole Slaw

Hope to see many there.


Darren & Traci Kerns
RV7 N599DT


Ron Schreck Used Nickel Plated Finishing Washers

This may be an option for your cowling. I used these the secure my fuel tanks which were painted separately from the wings as I didn't want to be dealing with painted screws when removing the tanks. (Yes, tank removal is not uncommon!) They are called flush or finishing washers and can be purchased for all the screw sizes we typically use.


Brake Failure/Before Landing Checklist ...Bryan Douglass RV-10

When I completed transition training with Mike Seager over 10 years ago he taught a simple before-landing checklist that included testing brakes to make sure they will function on landing. For over 1500 hours and who knows how many landings, I've done it religiously, out of habit thanks to Mike. Tuesday night, coming in to land at my home airport after a week in Arizona, my right pedal was flat. No pressure. Since I knew it before landing it wasn't a factor...except that after landing I had to make a right turn off the runway. Fortunately the airport wasn't busy but it took me a few seconds to figure out that I would need to request three left turns to get off the runway to the right! Then it took me two tries to figure out how to arrest the left turn by applying full right rudder, releasing the left brake, and applying some power to keep from blowing past my exit. I recommend trying it some time in case you need it. It looked funny I'm sure, but it got me through two more right turns and back to the hangar.

Bottom line, thanks to Mike Seager's training, I was prepared for no brake on landing. It looks like a leak at the caliper but it could happen any number of different ways. So check those brakes before landing!!

PS. It was very kind of my plane to wait until my home airport to fail a brake.


Main gear cotter pin hole ...wirejock

She has legs and shoes!  What a huge PIA. If you haven't reached this point, make note.  Install all the hardware before mounting the gear. Reason is there is a hole required in each leg for a cotter pin through the wheel nut. The gear is hard as rock. Drill the holes on the bench or press. Laying on the cold floor trying to drill two holes in each leg is horrible. I had to use a cargo strap to tie myself to the leg in order to get the necessary pressure on the drill.  I used a transfer punch to get a perfectly centered mark. Use a new bit for every pilot hole.


YMMV "Your Mileage May Vary" ...seagull RV-12

This is what I have done and my results.

I extended the bowl vent tubes and inserted them 1" into the rear of their respective K & N air cleaners. The improvement was a smoother running engine and a GPH reduction in excess of .5GPH.
After doing the mod I flew locally and immediately could see the lower GPH on the Dynon. The power feels better but it could be subjective. I flew two flights of equal time and altitude. With fuel refill at the end to confirm the GPH was indeed lower.

The testing;
I installed 2 tubes connected to pressure sensors, the tubes came back inside the cockpit to my gauges. One tube was parallel to the stock vent tube under the carb bail alongside the existing tube. The second tube was put inside the K & N air cleaner. Both tubes were installed on the left side carburetor. I flew from 1500' to 6000' and at all air speeds and attitudes. During the flight the pressure reading was mostly equal on both sensors, but when it did vary the pressure at the vent tube (under the bail) was always higher in comparison to the one inside the air cleaner. My suspicion is the air swirling inside the cowl varies in pressure depending on the angle and speed that it enters the cowl.

The simple explanation;
When the air pressure above the fuel in the bowl (the vent tube) is higher than the air pressure below at the carburetor intake, it pushes down causing more fuel to go through the jets causing a richer mixture.
When the pressures are equal the carburetor meters the fuel as designed.

The carburetor vent tube is supposed to be in a location that has the same air pressure as the air entering the carburetor. A Rotax with the stock airbox has connections for the vent tubes. When the vent tubes are connected to the airbox it is in the same air that is entering the carburetor throat.

I now have 30 hours on this mod and am convinced it has made a positive improvement. With this mod I am averaging 3.8 GPH on flights averaging 110 -115 kts TAS. I fly very close to GW, typically take off from 1500' climb to 6-7000'. My ground time averages 5 minutes, (engine is pre-warmed). I pulled the plugs after 15 hours and they were light tan, looking better than they have in the past. My EGT's are in the low 1300's.



March 25, 2021.  Issue #5,305.
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N967BT makes it to 2000 hours! ...tommylewis 7A

On March 21, 2007, Mel inspected N967BT and deemed her air worthy. Today, 14 years and 3 days later she turned over 2000 hours while descending back into her home field of Pecan Plantation. It has been a great ride and Bonnie and I have seen a lot of country during those flights. Got a new Lycoming on order but she is running so good not sure when we will make the change.


Let the Games Begin! ...new guy chimes in

Hey folks,

I've been lurking here for a few months and pulled the trigger on the first RV-10 kit today. I've gained a lot by reading your ideas and comments already. Standby for lots of questions!

Looking forward to being part of the club!
David P
RV-10 Empennage & QB Fus/Wings ordered 3/24/21!


Upper Cowling Damage ...jrock836 -12

My upper cowling has cracks and paint damage, mostly around the Phillips head screws. While I work on my Annual next month, I'm thinking about sending my upper cowling to the paint shop for repair and repaint. Has anyone found a better washer/screw combo to use that will protect the paint and distribute the load better than the little plastic washers under the phillips screw head? Is there maybe some type of washer that has a collar that would fit into a counter sunk hole? There has to be something better than the existing setup. Although the existing screws do a good job of holding the cowling in place, it doesn't really seem to be a well thought out solution.

(Piper J3) I use countersunk washers everywhere...


Q: Does this QB RV10 wing inflite look okay?

Any input appreciated, do other rv10 wings look like this.

A: Yes, it's normal. It's called oil canning. Myriad factors affect it, temperature, pressure, etc. Accommodating it is built into the design.

A: Agree it's normal. I've seen many production airplanes look the same. IIRC it's the effect of lift on the top skins that you're seeing. My RV-14A wings (also QB) looked the same in flight.

A: It's very common. Heres a screen shot of a video I took in a Citation a while back.  The lift generated is sucking the skin up and causing the same pillowing.


Dip Stick too short? ...MS19087 -14A

See pictures below. Working on my baffles and just installed new 5" scat tube on back of baffle which goes to oil cooler. A few issues I noted.
1) scat hose interferes with oil dip stick tube.
2) dip stick appears to be too short. The top actually sits below the scat tube. I imagine checking and adding oil could leave a mess on the scat tube. It is just an awkward position.

Anyone else seen this? On my -9A dip stick was higher putting it closer to oil door. Thanks


Can Bus Length Concerns ...mfleming -7

RV-7, all Garmin avionics. Building my own avionics harness with the support of SteinAir.

This is an observation/question.

In all my reading in VAF about the Garmin Can bus maximum length, I see statements that one can't possibly exceed the maximum length (20M or 66ft) in a RV-7.

This interested me since when doing the basic wiring in my -7 I noticed the amount of wire from point A to point B was always much greater than expected. This of course is due to the serpentine routing.

So when I made a mock avionics harness and laid it out on a table I decided to measure the exact length.

61' and I don't have as many goodies as some.

So I'm here to tell future budding avionics installers like me....it's easy to exceed the Can Bus maximum distance of 66'.

Now for the question:
Is the distance really that important?

I can't imagine how the Garmin Can Bus system is installed in an RV-10 or larger aircraft than out RVs without busting this parameter.


Mothership First Flight Added



March 24, 2021.  Issue #5,304.
  What has two thumbs and got his first ride in an RV Tuesday?  First RV ride and first non-yoke airplane.  Brennan T. works at CAE as a Phenom instructor and was the I.P. in six of my type rating sim hops.  Storms Monday night blew out the haze, and apart from some bumps below 4,000 it was hundred mile viz and nice.  Brennan has 2K hours in light aircraft flying cancelled checks at night back in the day, but all in a Bonanza.  Glad to finally get him in the RV....been talking about doing this for some time.
   Need a Contract SIC?  Use Me!


My RV Weekend ...ntspdy -8

Sunday was my first weekend with my new RV-8. After four months of working with the owner and mechanic to get an annual done and good weather to go pick it up everything finally worked out yesterday and I'm now the new owner of an RV-8. Had an unbelievable flight home to the Northern VA area from Michigan and the plane flew like a dream.


WX Interference ...dalemaher 6A vid

After a busy week of moving, my first flight in 2 weeks did not go as planned.  This was supposed to be a scenic flight from Kamloops BC, to Merritt, to Okanagan Lake, north to Salmon Arm back to Kamloops in my Vans RV6A.

Weather and clouds that were not forecasted forced not one, but two changes to the plan. I eventually ended up in Salmon Arm, but not the way I had intended.


Two Speed Trim Controller ...Jim Stricker -12

"...I had intermittent trim problems with my early SN RV-12 a few years back and isolated the problem to the PWM circuit Scott mention in above post.

I ended up doing major surgery on the circuit board and removed the trim switch. I replaced with Ray Allen rocker switch and two-speed controller selectable with small toggle switch. Works a charm. Slow speed trim is ideal for cruise and fast speed trim is perfect when plane is slowed in the pattern.

The job is not for the faint of heart. Lots of cutting and no going back if you change your mind..."


Primary Power System Installed ...rockitdoc 14A

Fabricated the mount for the PPS yesterday and mounted it all up this morning.

Tight, but fits. Required two angles riveted together instead of a U-channel. I am sure there are more elegant solutions, but I'm new to fabrication, so happy with this result, so far.


Rudder Trailing Edge PIREP ...salty -10

I just did my rudder trailing edge this morning. I think it came out pretty good. I used tape and the Cleaveland / Avery trailing edge squeezer set and set the rivets in an alternating pattern.

It's tough to get pics of it, but this is after squeezing and doing no tweaking. There's a few wiggles, but it's pretty darn straight for the most part.


Electric trim servo tight fit ...chintangent 9A

I just finished installing the servo motor to the 616PP cover plate using the 602B left and right brackets. It appears that the servo is contacting and pushing down on the shop head of the aft 2 rivets that hold the left and right brackets to the PP cover plate. Is this normal, or should there be a gap there? The screw and nut holding the servo down didn't come with any washers or spacers.


No mess oil change trick....rvanstory -10

Thought I'd share a "trick" taught to me by a hangar neighbor. It's so simple, and so very effective. It's possible that every pilot knows this trick but me... But just in case others haven't seen it, thought I'd share it here.

Oil changes can be messy. Hangar neighbor gave me a 30" piece of 2" PVC cut in half and told me to use on my next oil change. Today I did. Not a SINGLE DROP to clean up! It was almost too easy. Slide the PVC 1/2 pipe under the filter connection point and out the side to drip into a pail. Loosen the filter, let it drip out. When done dripping, remove filter and clean off residual. Easy peasy.



March 23, 2021.  Issue #5,303.
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Rotating jig for fitting the spinner + Cummins spinner tips ...mburch

Here's a little writeup of the method I devised for accurately fitting the spinner to the prop, with which I was able to achieve a degree of runout so small that I can barely measure it. Basically I built a simple Lazy Susan / rotisserie jig which made it much easier to use a dial indicator for really accurate alignment of the spinner bulkheads and the spinner itself. I also include some tips for fitting the Cummins aluminum spinner, which may be helpful to someone (my method uses lasers, which obviously makes it more awesome).  --> many pics


Carbon Duct/Diffuser Unit Out of Plug (Update) ...AX-O RV-4

Not perfect out of the plug but super light and strong. Parts looked way nicer once cleaned and trimmed to fit. Pretty pictures later, for now raw parts will have to do.  --> many pics


F-01474 Top Side Skins. Edge break? ...WayneJ RV-14

Page 10-29 step 1 has us break the edges of the of the F-01475 Top Skin where it overlaps the F-01474 Top Side Skins. That makes sense and I did it. But unless I missed something the lower edges of the Top Side Skins do not get a break where they overlap the F-01473 Side Skins. Seems to me it should be done here too. What's everyone else doing here?


More from the Weekend ...many


Quick Build Kits Updated Information ...mothership

We've posted an update concerning our QB kit primer investigation and the resulting actions we are taking. That update can be found here. The posted information is rather long and detailed, as we wanted to be sure to communicate as fully as we are able.

A quick update on what we reported here the last time: We discovered that Quick Build kits assembled by our contractor between Spring of last year and January of this year may have insufficient primer applied, so we are communicating with customers whose kits were already delivered, as well as customers whose kits remain in our warehouse. When we started investigating this situation, we paused the shipping of QB kits from our warehouse so we could determine what necessary next steps to take..  continue


Smoking Hinge ...rvanstory -10

I have one side of my cowl hinge that has a trail of "smoke" after every flight. It only happens on the one side. Plane has 70 hours on it. It this a problem I will have to contend with at some point? Or is it simply a tighter hinge that is "wearing-in" and the smoking will stop at some point? Any advice from someone that has experienced the same would be appreciated.


MX-Induced Failure ...Lyle RV8

Recently a maintenance error caused a serious inflight emergency in my RV-8.

While descending to land at Santa Barbara, about 15 miles west at ~3,500 ft, I encountered severe turbulence, likely a mountain rotor given the wind conditions. After enduring the turbulence for a minute or two I was coming to the conclusion that landing at Santa Barbara was not going work. Just then the plane was tossed even more violently and my head was slammed against the top of the canopy. I went to (re)tighten the seatbelts and found the left lap belt had failed, it was no longer attached to the airframe.

Even being dazed by hitting my head I realized this was a serious emergency. Without a functioning seatbelt the continuing severe turbulence was tossing me around inside the cockpit and I was concerned that hitting my head again, which seemed likely, could result in a concussion or unconsciousness. I initiated a full power climb to get out of the rotor. It probably took less than a minute to reach smoother air but it felt like an eternity. I was very lucky to exit the turbulence without a serious head injury.

After landing at Santa Ynez the problem was obvious. As can be seen from the attached picture, the bolt that secures the left lap belt is in place but the seatbelt bracket/strap are missing. I had installed the bolt with the seatbelt bracket offset and the bolt did not go through the mounting hole in the bracket. It must have been that way since the last annual inspection 11 months ago (during annual I remove the front seat and seatbelts to facilitate the control linkage inspections). Apparently, the left lap belt bracket had been held in place by compression from the seatbelt mounts and the bracket lodging against the seat back. Surprisingly it had held quite well that way for many flight hours but let go in the severe turbulence.

While I'm embarrassed to admit an error on a seemingly simple system, I felt it worth sharing. A reminder that even simple systems, like seatbelts, require your full attention.


First Oopsie! ...Jslow2


Mexican Mountain Still Not Conquered ...Vlad 9A

Mexican Mountain, a backcountry airstrip, is less than an hour from my base. With longer days it's very possible to visit it after work. Winds calm let's go...

Desolation Canyon an absolutely stunning views. You can go low or you can go high the Green River and the banks are acceptable emergency landing spots.  --> many pics


Status Update ...David Paule 3B

The steps are made but so far are unprimed. Since the spar bulkhead's flange is truncated compared to what drawing 24 shows, I added a J stiffener to that area of the step. And since the joint to the seat pan also felt less than stiff enough, I put one there, too.  --> many pics



March 22, 2021.  Issue #5,302.
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My RV Weekend ...many chiming in.


Info- Shy edge distance on main longeron at F-714 Aft Deck

Let me start by saying that this story has a happy ending, but I searched the interweb for a couple of hours and while I found tons of info on blowing e.d. on the F-711D angle on the back side, when it comes to the longerons in that area I got nada So, I'm posting here with the idea that his might be helpful to somebody in the future if they run into the same thing.

Right after the flip, the plans have you level the fuselage both directions, check/adjust for twist, and then drill the aft deck to the longerons and aft bulkhead structures.  -->


Cable Time...

You know how tools tend to disappear after a couple of decades when you don't take of picture of the person holding it as you let them borrow it?  What, I'm the only one?  <g>    I've had some items waiting to go in the plane for nearly a year, but life/work/part time work kept me from nibbling the ToDo list.  All my fault.

A resupply order to Stein last week for tools, connectors and more and I'm ready to start making cables for LED landing lights, a replacement remote radio (GTR-20 replacing existing radio that is INOP for past six years), an ADS-B IN device (GDL 52R) and an AFCS controller (GMC 507).

Me, "Hey Stein I need stuff.
Stein, "Do you have this?
Me, "No.
Stein, "Click click." (repeat many times.....give him my CC number....watch UPS emails).  Grabbed a folding plastic table and put it next to my work desk.

I *think* the soldering iron is in the hangar and it turns out the multi-meter gave up the ghost after 35 years.  Now where'd I put that schematic and the magnifying glass?

Full size


Pattern Work at KAPC

A few short approaches, a landing behind the power curve, some forward slips, a few climbs at 2000 feet per minute, and overall a good time!!


GPS Ant Mount

I wanted to put the GPS puck centered on top the fuse behind the canopy. Almost could. Problem is the rib running down the center. Not wanting to cut a 3/8" hole in the rib, I offset the puck just enough to the right so the hole cut for the GPS harness did not damage the rib. Turns out the shift to the right is 12/32" and only noticeable if you know where to look.

Now, on to making a doubler for the transponder antenna and mounting that piece.

I wish Van's would include these doublers (ADS-B and transponder) in the kit like they do for the radio antennae. Would have been a lot easier to dimple and rivet before everything was assembled. Oh well. Not that bad, all things considered.


Milestone: 40.0 Hours

""Lipstick" Gets her freedom on a nice Spring day..."


Protecting leg fairings

At the bottom of the main gear, the leg fairings are very tight, and can eat into the gear. What do you do to protect the gear from the fiberglass fairings. I have used electrical tape successfully. But I have to redo it every year at condition inspection time.


An Old Thread on Using an English Wheel ...1997 RVator


Panel Porn: Greg RV-7

"...here's my panel on a long IFR flight, up high in VMC last summer. Comfortable Covid way to travel."



March 19, 2021.  Issue #5,301.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
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Flip That Canoe, Baby! ...Terry Shortt RV-7

"Who's got two thumbs and an upright fuselage? This guy!"


Counterbalanced Rudder and other updates...Nick RV-4

Long story short: About 3 weeks ago an acquaintances of mine better half decided that rear view mirrors were overraited and backed into my -4.

The good news is only the rudder was effected. The bad news is, I had a squished rudder.

I've done a LOT to this airframe. I didn't think that the rudder was one item that was in question. Now it was.

Pulled the rudder and started disassembly. My initial hope was I could just reskin it. That quickly faded.

The forward 'spar' was slightly tweaked. the 'L' stiffeners (3 of them) where destroyed. The bottom fiberglass cap and associated mounts were not to my standard.

Short version. I decided I was to build an entire new rudder.

So If I'm to build from the ground up, why not modernize it?

My -360 -4 will without effort go past 180ktas. I'm OK with that. I'd be more OK with that if ALL the control surfaces where balanced.


So that's what I did. 2 weeks of time, some .020, .025, and a little .032 later and here we are. Oh, and a custom riveted trailing edge. It should be expected at this point....

I promise that new paint is in the NEAR future. ;^)


Tip for Priming the Inside of Pushrods and Torque Tubes ...Tony_T


Annoying oil leak

I have a small oil leak from the standard Lycoming IO540 D4A5 in my RV-10. I have about 425 hours on the engine and it probably started about 100 hours ago. I add 1 quart of oil about every 15 hours so not a safety concern but the leak is annoying and gets on all the stuff under the engine. I tightened the oil drain back hoses but it still continues. No evidence from rocker covers. Any thoughts on those with similar issues and were able to find the location? Difficult to find source since the air movement just moves the oil around and on all the stuff on the bottom of the engine. All thought appreciated



Inlet Update ...AX-O

Lets vacuum these things up. Used left over carbon fiber from my Formula 1 race plane.  --> more pics


New Oil Door ...avrojockey

"...I decided to redo the door because I didn't like the fit of the original.

Used the original door as a mold (I guess the pros all them "tools") with some wax paper
Three layers of glass
Micro exterior to smooth
Thought 3 layers was the original thickness but need to add 2 more to interior after I trimed the door to fit
Sanded micro smooth...much nicer fit now
Awaiting Bill's soric"


Steve Smiths Oil Change Routine

My accessory case is my catch pan. The very first step I do for an oil change is that I take a drift punch and put a hole in the top of the oil filter. Then I set up to drain the oil sump, take my oil sample, undo the safety wire on the filter, and go get a soda. I come back a half hour later and the sump is empty, and so is the filter. all the oil in the filter has drained out. I unscrew the filter and put a rag under it, and honest, I spill maybe one drop of oil out of the filter.

I guess this is predicated on having the 90-degree filter mount. If the filter is horizontal, I guess the best you can do is drain half.


Motor Mount Repair Update ...Jim Stricker RV-12

Weld repair is complete. Chromoly 4130 split over-sleave is TIG welded into tubing cluster.

Third photo shows weld fixture to hold 189mm vertical centerline distance for engine mounting pads.

On closer inspection... on the left side of the mount (broken side) I see heavy internal thread markings in both the top and bottom engine mounting pads. See photos below. I think this engine mount was made incorrectly from the get-go. My guess is the 189mm vertical centerline distance was compromised during initial fabrication, and when assembled to the engine, it caused tension and stress in the lower tube.

Engine mounting pads on the right side of mount look pristine. Now that mounting pad centerline dimension is corrected with this repair, everything should be hunky-dory.


March 18, 2021.  Issue #5,300.
  You blink and a year goes by...  On Mar 17, 2020 I started Phenom 300 initial to get SIC qual'd in the sim.  Yesterday, exactly a year later, I worked my 123rd seat support client sim session - 347 sim hours in 365 days.  Over the last year I went through a 2nd initial to get the full blown PIC type rating in the jet, did the G-1000 to G-3000 differences course, attended the ATP-CTP class, took and passed the ATP written and am part-time racking up more sessions for another jet rating down the road (the G-550).  Some pro pilots who fly RVs on the side helped out when I had a fork in the side career decision tree and needed guidance.  Appreciate you guys more than ever.
  Things that have carried over into the RV-6 are many.  Flows, CRM mindset, compartmentalized/systematic thinking in an emergency, SIDs, STARs, approaches by the hundreds and on and on.  How I approach flying our RV has changed over the last year, and it's all for the better.  I still feel like a complete poser and fraud even slinging sim gear, but I'm looking forward to more 'pro mindset' items carrying over into my RV world.  Thankful is the word I'm using.
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New Inlet Diffuser Plugs ...AX-O

Made new inlet diffusers plugs out of foam. Carved them to fit the baffles and cowl. Once done, I used quick-dry wall putty to fill out and smooth the surface. Also covered the mold with a few coats of epoxy resin. Used a torch to get the air bubbles off the molds and smooth everything. This worked out very well. 
--> Many More Pics


Engine Installation Question

Folks, I'm looking at buying this RV-4. Nice looking engine compartment, but anyone have any idea what the fitting/hose attached to the top of the plenum is for?

Also, I've never seen cooling fins on an oil filter before. Makes me wonder if there's been an issue with high oil temps.

And looking at that oil filter arrangement, how would you ever get that off without dumping oil down everywhere?

Your thoughts appreciated!


Transition from 6A to 9A

Received my transition training in a 6A and getting ready to move to a 9A. Was told that outside of landing a bit slower (10kts or so) the approach is the same. Basically, 90 mph on downwind with 10* of flaps, 80 mph on base with another 10*, final down to 70 mph additional flaps optional, finally power to idle when over the fence. Fly the runway nose high at 5 feet to bleed speed and let her settle on the mains. Stick back and the nose will fall when ready.

I did find the 6A did not like to get too slow too quickly as she would drop during the level off over the runway. I would carry just a nudge of power to slow the descent right before touchdown.

For those that transitioned does that sound about right?


Cracks in Rudder Skin

2014 RV7- 537 hours, cracks in .016 skin of rudder at stiffener to spar.

Looking for possible avenues to repair these cracks.
1. Clear packing tape & stop drill-observation (gleaned from searching forum)
2. Click bond patch (gleaned from searching forum)
3. Patch over skin after stop drilling, IAW AC43-13-1B using Cherry N Rivets.
4. Rebuild Rudder using new skins stiffeners, ribs, wedge, spar; reuse FB parts, counterbalance, hardware.

It won't bother me to put a patch on skin, not a perfect airplane, but doesn't have any trim tabs and only weighs 1020# all up.

Maybe do #3 and then #4 later.

Have i missed anything?


Dynon ADSB-IN Installation for RV12

As you guys are starting to see, I'm doing a lot of things to get my new to me RV12 working and equipped the way I want..

I'm ready to order the DYNON SKYVIEW ADS-B 472 IN box from Aircraft Spruce. I can order it with the standard 4 ft. harnss, or for a little more they will can provide a custom harness of different length..

Can you guys tell me if the 4ft harness should be long enough for my RV12? Sure, I suppose it depends on where I mount the box. Well the honest truth is I don't know where most people mount them. This is all so new to me.. So where have most of you guys mounted them, and how long of a harness do I need? I'm planning to buy one of the short rod antennas, rather than the more expensive blade antennas. The rod antenna should be fine for ADSB RX, correct?


Introduction and question about fuselage deformation

Hi all, as a very long time lurker I have realized it is time to tap into the brain trust and officially join this community. For a little background, I have been a working pilot for 43 years and counting and have been an aircraft owner for nearly that whole time. I owned an RV-6a for a short while, then was a partner in a terrific RV-4 that we put 1200 hrs. on in a ten year span. Now I own an RV-7 and I have to say that it is just about the perfect airplane for me. It boils down to being an airplane with great utility that is fun to go fly, rather than having to have a reason to go fly.

Now my question; Referencing SL-00014 concerning deformation in the aft fuselage, the service bulletin is meant to address prevention. What has anybody done if it is already deformed? My aft fuselage has a visible bow on both sides between the aft bulkheads, and my concern is that the skin will start cracking at the bulkhead rivets. I will for sure contact Van's support about this but I wanted to ask here as well, and get my feet wet with the forum in the process.

This is my first but I am sure it won't be my last post. I think we are all very fortunate to have such a powerful resource to connect us to this knowledge and experience pool. Thank you Doug.

Hiram Douglas

[ed. Welcome Hiram, very nice to have you join us!  v/r,dr]


Heater Muff / Exhaust PIREP

Add me to the list. I found this damage to the aft shroud during my 50 hour oil change. The force was enough to snap one of the steel rods! Planning to order Robbins end caps tomorrow.


New RV-10 Guy Chimes In ...Frederick, MD

I'm part of the COVID-19 building boom due to increased Working From Home and also the elimination of a lot of travel time. Hopefully things get back to normal ASAP, but in the mean time I'll be building fast!

Looks like I ran out of clecos so I'll be down for a few days before I can get to the top skins I don't think I can space them out any more than this and risk causing an error.



March 17, 2021.  Issue #5,299.
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It's Baffling ...AX-O -4

More baffle experimenting. I wanted to help the air intake diffuser to calmly expand the flow. I made damns at the base of the cylinder heads to help with the geometry. In the pics below I was already starting to figure out how the diffuser was going to attach. I laid one layer of fiberglass to keep the carbon fiber diffuser from touching the aluminum.


Build Update ...kentlik 7A

Just started on the emp. fairing seems pretty decent really. A bit of sanding here a little floxy there and see what happens.


My RV Weekend ...Jim Stricker RV-12

Removed engine mount on my early SN RV-12 to repair crack in lower tube at left side engine attach point. Engine mount WD1220 out-of-stock at Van's with estimated ship date of mid-May. I will chamfer joint, pre-heat ~800F, TIG weld crack, and weld Chromoly 4130 split over-sleave blended into weld cluster at engine attach point.

Ten hours to remove mount and I'm guessing two weeks to reinstall and pretty everything up. 633TT...


Newly Started 9A (and build thread) ...Jslow2


Milestone: Paint ...Scotty G


Mothership First Flight Reports ...added



March 16, 2021.  Issue #5,299.
  Please excuse the early push - extra paper route Mon evening...
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N781DM First flight video ...RV10Man

Here's the YT link to my first flight, March 1, 2021.


2400 Hour Report ...petehowell 9A

Mom is 2 weeks post vax and I have not seen her for a year, so it was time to go have lunch in South Bend!! Got six hours of seat time and 3 hours with mom. We kept our distance, but had a great meal on the deck. The O-320 purred like a kitten, down and back. Oil consumption is still in the 1.5 qt/50 hours range and Oil pressure still looks great. I'm looking for signs she is getting tired.

Those 6 hours put me right at 2400, so I dropped the oil, checked the filter and scoped the valves. No chunks in the screen, and the typical carbon in the filter. Compression test will happen tomorrow - will add data from that to this post.

Here is your valve porn:  -->


Houston area monthly(?) lunch (March 2021)

OK...it's been a few months, but we made it through the deep freeze and TX is opening back up...I think it's high time we got this going again. Who's up for burgers at Hooks this Saturday? (3/20)

I'll be at the restaurant at 11:30.


The RV Weekend ...various


Analysis Paralysis Update ...salty

Ok guys. Maybe we just got enough practice and it all clicked, I dunno....

Today we completed the Vertical Stabilizer without a single blemish to the skin. I didn't think it was possible. LOL

We had to drill out an re-set a few rivets that were a bit proud (on the rear spar, not the skin) but that went brilliantly. I'm still a bit stunned that it came out so well.

It looks like **** due to our lousy alodine job, but we learned some "what not to do"'s there. Should be better going forward.

We have the rudder nearly ready to assemble and a good start on the Horizontal Stabilizer as well. We were stuck waiting on some tools / supplies to do corrosion protection before we could rivet, so we skipped ahead while we were waiting. Now we have a lot of prepping and painting to do and then riveting stuff together.

Thank you all for the support!


Size Matters

I recently sold my beloved RV6A "Stubbs" with the goal in mind of picking up a -6 (tailwheel) with an O360 and a constant speed prop. That will take some time it appears, so in the mean time I'm considering other options. Are there any 6'2" RV4 drivers out there? I have a long lower torso and would like some feedback on the comfort on a cross country trip.
More information: when I bought my RV6A it did not have the "Almost a 10" modification. After approximately 45 minutes of flight time, my knee and hip joints wold start to burn from being at the wrong angle.
After I performed the seat modification moving the last piano hinge row on the bottom back 11'4" and the upper sear rail back according to the modification specs (appoximately 2"), I was able to ride in the plane for hours with no ill effects.
So if any tall pilots have experience with the RV4, your input would appreciated.
Ron Lem


Chill'n In The Desert ...Chattin35 PIREP

Weather's awesome... we play on la playa.  From this morning. Gotta love this place.


TX to Orlando Route Request...Mike Robinson

(flytody reply) Flown this VFR route many times....

Eastbound flight following - Mobile Approach, Pensacola Appr, Eglin Appr, Cairns Appr, Tallahassee Appr, then Jax Appr or Jax Center. From Mobile to Tallahassee the radar coverage is pretty good, down to 3000', maybe lower. Never refused flight following, and frequencies weren't busy. Busiest traffic around CEW and MAI VORs.

In Feb 2021, both directions, the Palatka MOAs and Restricted Areas were cold on weekdays so I was allowed to pass through. Had to ask Center or Approach while Flight Following for the status of those areas.

Cheap self serve at Picayune MS, and Quincy and Palatka, FL. Also landed at Marianna, no self serve but great N-S runway and still reasonable 100LL truck fuel price. Palatka can be busy with area flight school students. Definitely recommend ADSB-IN w FFlight or something to watch for flight school students in Central FL. It's BUSY!

I fly a small right offset VFR from the airway centerline, SJI to MAI, using the Trio Pro Pilot or Garmin 175 features for a little extra clearance with possible centerline air traffic. Airways are 4 miles wide, and approach control has never questioned the offset.

My 2 cents...




March 15, 2021.  Issue #5,298.
  OT: Are there any RVators in the DFW area that tear out old and install new home sprinkler systems?  Our 35 year old setup has given up the ghost, and honestly the whole smash needed to be replaced a decade ago.  I'm guessing they've come a long way, baby.  Thought I'd ask here first before pursuing other avenues.  An RV-9A owner put on our new roof after the last hail storm, so never hurts to ask <g>.
  No RVating this weekend, but did take a buddy up for a bit Friday to demonstrate some autopilot tech.  He's loving up an older -6 and installing new tech.
  Hope you had a nice weekend.
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Thank you Bill Hempel  ...Simon

"Huge thanks to Bill for graciously taking my friend and I flying in his beautiful RV-7 at the weekend at E95 Benson.  Bill's aircraft is an inspiration and it was great to meet such a welcoming, knowledgeable and passionate group of pilots.  Thank you once again for the welcome.

Simon and Toshi"

[ed. My buddy Simon Eardley asked the group here recently in the Temp area for an RV ride to hopefully set the building hook, and Bill Hempel stepped up.  Simon emailed me the text above over the weekend, and sent three pics starting HERE (full size).  Simon is a good guy - met him at CAE on the part time side gig while he was in town for recurrent on the Global 6000 (works out of Tokyo).  Lots of folks come through there daydreaming about RVs, I've found.  The usual lunch topic.  More than I would have thought (a good thing!).

Long story short.....hook is now set thanks to Bill ;^).  v/r,dr]

Bill and Simon


First Flight: N78TG RV-9 ...Terry Gardner

N78TG became a real airplane Thursday 3/11/2021. Flew beautifully the only real issue was too rich mixture and need to juggle some Dynon alarm parameters.


Wah Wah Valley Hardpan ...Vlad the Adventurer's pics

The dry pan of Wah Wah valley is 140 nm south of Salt Lake City. Elevation is approximately 4300 feet.


Milestone: ON THE GEAR ...AdamB's RV-10 #41687 build thread

Been a little over a year since I've updated this thread.  Major milestone today. It's standing on its own 3 legs.  Over the last year, I've gotten the cabin top, overhead console, doors, all windows, started my air conditioning install, placed major firewall parts, and some base electrical wiring completed.

Lots of odds and ends to still get done before my engine arrives in May.


New Guy Checks in ...Greg Kochersperger RV-10 (Dallas, TX)

I just wanted to make my first post post and introduce myself. Been lurking for while and finally took the plunge on my RV-10 build at the first of the year. Empennage kit arrived at the beginning of March and I'm digging right in.


Time to start wrapping the cylinders ...AX-O

Mark the shape of your piece on the plastic, put RTV on one plastic sheet, put the fiberglass on top, put another sheet of plastic on top, squeegee it evenly, cut it as required, pull one side of the plastic and stick it on the engine. Leave the other side of plastic on until the RTV dries. That leaves a nice finish on the outside.  more pics


56cm Folding Bike in 7/9 ...Richard Connell PIREP

No problem. This is a 56cm. Like this if you want to leave the fork in. Otherwise pull the fork and it'll fit entirely in the baggage area. Have done it both ways many times.



March 12, 2021.  Issue #5,297.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
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First Flight! ...jcarne 7A

Well I suppose a build log wouldn't be complete until the bird flies and I suppose it wouldn't technically be an aircraft until she flies.

3/9/2021 marks the day that N187E became a true airplane.

After getting back from transition training I had some last minute things to do to the aircraft to get her ready for flight. I had a slight brake leak on the right side so I changed out the o-ring and bled the brakes again, put the cowl on (which takes longer than a guy might think), cleaned the canopy, adjusted the seat belt and cushions, and fueled her a little less than half full. The plan was to taxi to runway 16 and not dilly dally before adding power for the roughly 30 minute flight. In total the time was a little longer but hey, you will understand why when it's your own!

After the runup I lined up on the runway and was mentally prepared for what to expect thanks to the transition training which was still fresh on my mind. I gave it a slow smooth application of power to full throttle and before I knew it we were zipping down the runway and it was time to rotate. She flew off on her own and the pitch axis was almost perfectly in trim. She has a heavy right side right now but honestly I didn't notice it until I was at altitude.  --->

[ed. From one of the most awesome 'My RV Build Project' threads on the site.  Words, videos, pictures....  Outstanding Jereme!!!!!  v/r,dr]


Thankful for #4's camera ...Jj

Last night I was leading our usual neighborhood pilots and while they were in close trail I could not see them....a good sign in close trail.  Luckily #4 got the perfection they flew on film! Well done!


Coax routing ...egp8111

How did you guys route you coax cable to your TPX and comm antenna? I have both mine going down the center trunk. The comm antenna is just behind the gear and the txp is back about the rear pax seat area. I'm getting static on the radio which I suspect is partly from the cables being close together.
How close is too close?
I've never like electricity since I stuck a bobby pin in the wall socket as a child.

RV-4 #1904


Kadence's first flight. RV grin ensues ...SVTPete83 video

I got to take one of my best friends kid on their first flight this week. RV grin is real apparent right on lift off!


Cowl Hinge Alternatives

Here is the only picture I have on me at the moment, and you cant really get an understanding of the eyelet bevel. Imagine making an igloo with square blocks vs. angled blocks with beveled sides to eliminate the gap and form a circle...that's the simplest way to explain it.

(Richard Connell)
I'm doing this right now on the 10.  I've used MS20001 on the horizontal cowl sides and the Vans 1/8 hinge everywhere else.  I plan on beveling the curved firewall hinges today per the plans and as described above.  On my 7 I beveled the cowl side of the hinge only but the -8 has a tighter radius. Maybe do a little on each side.  Fwiw here is the -10 plans description.



March 11, 2021.  Issue #5,296.
  Crazy windy in N.TX all day Wednesday.  No flying.  Hope better in your location.
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Flight Over Grand Canyon - Video ...Kivin Lippert RV-14A

This is a short video of a recent flight over the Grand Canyon. I flew the Zuni route North to South at 10500'.


Looking for a shop to replace wheel bearing races

I have a spare set of wheels that I got used from a long-ez.  I have purchased the replacement parts from Vans and would like to have the new bearing cups pressed in professionally.

Would like a local shop (DelMarVa peninsula) but willing to mail them off to a recommended shop.

Thoughts please,


Condition Inspection Checklist ...Scott Hersha's

This is the one I've used on several RV aircraft, modified for the particular airplane at the time. I'm just completing my second CI on my RV4 and will make a couple minor changes to the checklist for next time.


RV-3 Plans 'Clarifications' ...David Paule PIREP

The front area of the seat pan has integral steps. On my plane I misinterpreted that detail and cut the seat pan so that the steps are separate pieces. (EDIT - the steps are supposed to be separate, see other postings below, so I accidentally got it right!) This is the area on Dwg 24 that shows this.

The drawing indicates that the spar bulkhead flange goes from side to side. It doesn't, at least on the RV-3B. Here's that area on my plane. The photo was taken prior to adding the steps.

On both pictures, forward is to the left and top is the right side of the plane.

Incidentally, the rudder cable runs directly over the forward outboard screw on the steps. Bit of a pain there.

Just something to be aware of so that you don't need separate parts for the steps.


Avionics Installation for Experimental Aircraft Course - April 26-28, 2021 ...g3xpert

Greetings VAF!

Once again the Aircraft Electronics Association will be hosting an Avionics Installation for Experimental Aircraft Course on April 26-28, 2021. The class will take place at the AEA headquarters in Lee's Summit, MO (Kansas City suburb). For complete details and registration information, please visit the AEA Course Website.

This has been a popular training opportunity that includes hands-on wiring and avionics installation fundamentals, heavily focused on the Garmin G3X Touch system. Many VAF members have attended this course in the past! It is a 3-day course at a registration cost of $499. There are a limited number of spots available and space fills quick!

*COVID guidelines and social distancing measures will be in place for the class/facility.*

Let us know if you have any questions!

Best Regards,



RV Weekend Entry ...Warbo

Flew the RV-8 down to Adaminaby for the Snowy River Aviators monthly fly in barbecue. Always seems to be quite a variety of aircraft that turn up.


Found It (Avionics Bus Dropping Offline) ...ssokol

TL;DR - bad ground causes much weirdness

This past weekend I pulled the panel - a relatively painless process in this airplane, and also a good way to limit help isolate the potential causes of the issue. I was fairly sure that the issue was somewhere in the panel wiring, and that turned out to be a good guess. My friend Luis, an EE and RV-7A builder, came over and we started looking for a high resistance connection somewhere.

It only took a couple of minutes to track down the problem. Several ground links, including the switched ground that activates the avionics master relay, were connected to a bolt. The bolt was not making solid contact with the aluminum of the panel. A few seconds with some sandpaper and the resistance dropped to zero.

I reassembled the panel, fired up the engine, and switched on the avionics. Everything worked as expected. The voltage stepped up from 12.8 to 14.4 with the alternator field engaged. I let it run for 15 minutes and everything looked good.

I'm still not quite sure why the bad ground caused the alternator to ramp up the voltage. I'm going to guess that the bad ground somehow impacted the voltage its internal regulator was reading on the field input? (There is no separate "sense" input on this one.)

In any case, I _think_ I have it worked out. I have to fix one more issue (slight leak in the pitot line) and I'll be ready to flight test it.


Wiring Harness Begun ...rockitdoc RV-14

Since my wing kit is delayed I decided to begin the wiring. I bought the Common Harness WH-00125 from Steinair for $1149. It came yesterday and I began the process of figuring out where it went and how to get it there today. It's a very high quality harness, all labeled and terminated. However, there are two places on each harness (L and R) where connectors have to be removed to fit through the bulkheads. The first is the is where the harness meets the aft fuse harnesses because the Molex on the end of the harness won't go through the bulkhead aft of the flap motor. If you haven't finished putting in your elevator tubes, it would fit through, but I already had the tubes in and torqued and I judged disconnecting the Molex easier than removing the tubes. The other location to be removed is the end of the control stick harness. Not a biggie in my case, because I hate the micro Molex connectors that come with the harness at this location and would have replaced them with 0.062 Molex anyway.

Anyway, some photos of how well this harness is assembled follows. Stein does such a good job of locating every junction exactly where it needs to be as you can see from the photos.

Tomorrow, I'll put in all the split grommets and bore a hole where the LEMO connector will go, then connect up the Common Harness to the aft harnesses and start figuring out how to mount all the avionics behind the panel.



March 10, 2021.  Issue #5,295.
  Apologies for the early push of the Wednesday edition - working an extra paper route Tuesday late afternoon/evening.  Cloudy and gusting 31KTS in N.TX Tue.
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Ice Runway Fly-In ...Blake's RV-12 weekend

Flew to an ice runway on Mille Lacs Lake Minnesota for a fly-in brunch, IcePort 2021, with give aways from Mac's Twin Bay Resort and Tanis. Beautiful sunny, light wind, 43 degree day--warm by Minnesota standards for this time of year.


C-GMGO is Re-Registered N888CR ...Craig Roser

. . . . and now we move toward a US AWC.  I am thrilled to be moving toward having an RV8 in my hangar. The best comment I have heard about these planes, it's the closest a civilian can get to flying a jet fighter.

Gustavo Corujo photo


Engine Mount - Cracked Tube at Lower Left Engine Bolt ...Jim Stricker RV-12

I'm just starting Annual Condition Inspection at 633TT and began by looking at engine mount standoff for cracks per SB-00023. Standoff looks good; however, further inspection of the main engine mount found a cracked tube at the lower left engine bolt. Two tubes are welded in a cluster at this location and upper tube is severed in half - lower tube looks fine. I suspect the failure is induced stress from welding. Perhaps the normalizing process wasn't sufficient to equalize strain in the two tubes that form this joint.

So, even though the standoff passes inspection I will replace it as long as I have everything apart. I'm also going to do 5-year rubber hoses with High Performance Silicone Heater Hose, install new rubber engine mount isolators, and remove the fiberglass cooling shroud.

Good thing the US Congress is passing the COVID relief bill, it looks like my stimulus check should just about cover the cost of parts.

The photos below are my airplane and one in Australia with a crack recently discovered. The Australian RV-12 has crack in lower right main tube near the oil tank. Both failures have been reported to Van's...


Installation time - VFR vs IFR avionics package

Hi there

I'm trying to calculate the installation times for various avionics packages on the RV-12iS and, yes, I realize that everyone is different. I'm just trying to ballpark how many more hours are involved in the Garmin IFR package (full bore) vs the Garmin or Dynon VFR package (also including all the bells and whistles).

I just need people to post which package they installed and consult their builder log program and report the total hours. I'll do all the math.

And thank you
Bob Collins
St. Paul, MN.


David Z's Wall Chart

Finally had time to pretty-up my chart and make it suitable for public display.

To cover bolt torque, I pinned a copy of the page from the AC43.13. Not at wiring yet, but I plan to do the same when I get to electrical. I suppose a couple pages from the Van's Builder's Manual would cover much of the necessities too. Make a copy of the pages, cut it out and pin it up.

I can't recall where the rivet strength data came from, so use with a grain of salt.



March 9, 2021.  Issue #5,294.
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New First Flights Reported on Mothership


Need help with RV-10 empennage page 10-8 step 1

Hi all,

I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out the relative position of a few parts. The parts in question are:

- F-1073-R and F-1073-L Side Skins
- F-1078 Forward Bottom Skin
- F-1079 Aft Bottom Skin
- F-1011 Bulkhead
- F-1047E-L and F-1047E-R Stiffeners

The plans first had me match-drill the stiffeners and have them clecoed to the side skins. Next, page 10-8, step 1 instructs to cleco the F-1011 Bulkhead and F-1079 Aft Bottom Skin to the F-1078 Forward Bottom Skin and the F-1073-R Right Side Skin. What I am unclear about is the position of the F-1047E-R stiffener in these parts. The plans seem to imply that the stiffener stays where it is, right next to the F-1073-R side skin. Then Figure 1 on the page depicts the F-1079 Aft Bottom Skin clecoed to the inner side of the the F-1078 Forward Bottom Skin and the F-1073-R Side Skin. Finally, the F-1011 Bulkhead is clecoed to the inner side of the F-1079 Aft Bottom Skin. So the sandwich would be (outer-to-inner): F-1073-R, F-1047E-R, F-1079, F-1011.  -->

(Randy Vanstory) If I remember correctly, the description you mention above is how it is intended. This was confusing to me too while building. I also remember, nothing would "fit right" until I got the right order. Here's the only pic I could find of my build of this piece. It's from the outside, but F-1073 skin, fits directly to F-1079 piece. Look real closely to figure 3 on same page. It shows the order your describing.


Rv-4, RV-7, RV-8 flight ...Tucson area ride sought.

[ed. This is a friend of mine.  If you're in Tucson and are willing to give him a 4/7/8 flight I'd really appreciate it.  I can vouch for him - he's a good guy.  v/r,dr]

Dear VAF,

I am looking at buying an RV-4 at present but considering an RV-7 and 8 long term.

I was very kindly flown by Doug last summer in his gorgeous 6 at 52F and wondered if there were any pilots in the Tucson area from the 11th to the 19th of March that would be kind enough to show me their aircraft?

Of course a short flight to experience them would be absolutely fantastic and I would gladly buy lunch and contribute toward fuel.

Ideally a tailwheel RV-7 would suit my needs best I think ( enjoying flying adventures with my son and teaching him to fly one day ) but the RV-8 is an exciting prospect and to enjoy a flight to see it from his perspective would be great.

Would be very happy to meet with any RV pilots even if we can fly just to talk about flying and RV ownership.

Will have car and happy to travel outside Tucson area.

Very kind regards,


25 Hours of Night Logged in 2.6 Hours ...

Per 61.159 (b), if you're building night hours toward the 100 needed for the ATP, you can log 25 night hours doing stop and gos.  So, on 2/24 and 3/7 of this year I racked up 25 on two flights over the course of 2.6 hours.

The story in pictures HERE, with a word here and there. 


RV10 Door came off shortly after take-off ...Jan Hanekom

The scenario is that a new RV10 owner has lost the pilot side door shortly after take-off. His fault and he accepted it, as he simply forgot to latch it properly. As far as I can find out, it was only the Vans spring loaded lock that was holding it.

I know of and has been involved in two other doors that came off locally and in both cases the doors could be repaired easily an re-installed. In both cases the plexi was not even scratched.


This RV10 was built in the USA and imported to South Africa in 2017 and it has done about 200 hours locally. As an AP (Approved Person) I was asked by the new owner to help with his broken door.

Looking at the door I could immediately see that there was NO ATTEMPT AT ALL to sand/scuff or roughen up (whatever you want to call it) mating surfaces and flanges. The material used to bond also does not look like cotton flox to me.

We now know that it will be a completely new LH door which will be expensive and a lot of hours. Taking into account that we will have to go and remove the wings etc. and trailer to my place to do the repair. I am also worrying about the RH door which will be the same if it has been done by the same builder.

The reason for this message is to bring it under the attention of ALL RV10 builders. Please guys stick to the building instructions which is very clear of what to use and how to build these doors. I believe they are critical parts and no shortcuts should be taken.

Below are some pictures. The first picture is of the piece that has remained on the cabin top. Comments are welcome and I really hope it will be seen by current builders.


The Weekend ...many



March 8, 2021.  Issue #5,293.
  Saturday's WX was RV perfect in N.TX.  Moondog/I went out to the hangar and sniffed/cleaned things, and never got around to flying.  11,700 steps said the watch (sweeping, mopping and floor scrubber).  Dog napping supervising.  Sunday in progress as I type this and the WX is just as nice.  Big capital H one state over and all is swell in the sky.  What a difference a few weeks makes!
  The planned side job sim scrubbed at the last minute Sunday, so I might try to log a night landing or twelve.  Developing...
  Hope you had a wonderful weekend and got to spend time with your RV.
    Need a Contract SIC?  Use Me!

Enjoying the post-cleaning view w/my buddy.


Formation Over the Swiss Alps

2 hours flight only, but it took me two weeks to edit:


Subpanel Layout Opinions Sought

So, before I try to figure out where all the wires go, I would really appreciate your opinions regarding where I have put all the various boxes. The locations are based somewhat on where connections go and somewhat on where they would fit and somewhat on considerations of revisions/maintenance access later.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please overlook the crude models, but they are 1:1 within 1/4" or so.


Adventure to Crescent City

I made this video last year before I had the 360 cams and before I had completed my panel. It shows what GA and a Vans aircraft can do for you in one day. I am very fortunate that my wife loves to fly with me. It makes the whole experience better! Napa to Crescent City and back!


Helpful Wall Charts ...TASEsq


Windscreen Install ...griffg 7A

3 pics and descriptions...


Update ...kentlik

Mounting Vert.  Well...this was about what I expected. Had to use the 90* drill head to get the holes started through the existing holes. I have done this before on other projects and have a few special tools to get it done correctly ie. drill bushes etc.
this one wasn't too bad as I could just get the tool square in both axis with the clamps on.


Galin's IFR Rig

I have a dual classic Skyview with the ARINC-429 module, Garmin 430W, FltPlanGo on an ANDROID tablet, a TRIO Auto Pilot and a VAL INS-429 receiver. I only pay for the G430W subscription since it is my legal IFR navigation unit.

FWIW; I flight plan at home on my FltPlanGo tablet. At the airplane I enter my flight plan in to the G430W and it automatically transfers the data to the SkyView, the TRIO Auto Pilot, and the VAL INS-429 receiver. Any changes to my flight plan are done on the G430W which transfers the change to all the connected units.

I fly a lot of actual IFR and in 8yrs this set up has worked great for me. YMMV



March 5, 2021.  Issue #5,292.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
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Milestone ...Bsquared

No more "project" posts for me..... finished phase 1 AND have all of the wheel pants/fairings on. TAS this morning was 177kts at 2500 squared 6500 ft. Motivation for those still building.


Workshop wall charts ...Matt gets it rolling

At our previous house I had several handy paper charts tacked up in the workshop, with all kinds of useful building references: torque tables, edge distances, hardware diagrams, etc. Most of these were cut out of paper tool catalogs, which aren't really a thing anymore.

Now in my new workshop I'd like to post some of the same material. I could of course assemble the relevant info and make my own wall charts, but I thought I'd check first if anybody knows of anything like this already in existence. I'd pay a few bucks for a decent chart of handy RV-building data.

(grjtucson) Common drill sizes + drill chart.


RV-14 Fuse Finished ...rockitdoc

3-2-2021. Fuselage is completed sans paint.

QB Wings are delayed due to Covid issues at subcontractor assembly plant and Van's redoing of primer, etc. No date available for packing. Ugh.

So, since Finishing Kit not scheduled to arrive until mid May, and engine and FWF not scheduled until July, I have time on my hands.


More DIY Oil Cooler Ducts

(Input from scsmith) My concern for the shutters is that when 'wide open' they still present a fairly significant obstruction to the flow into the cooler. For the parallel-valve 360 engines this seems to be fine - they are really easy to cool the oil. For angle valve engines, (or any engine with piston oil squirters) there is a lot of heat load in the oil, and when it is warm out, you are going to want full cooling.

So, I favor a butterfly valve/throttle valve type control, right at the flange where the 4" tubing attaches to the back of the cooling baffle. I made my own, but I think you can buy them in a section of 4" aluminum tubing that you can insert in the middle of the 4" tubing run, or you could cut one side close to the valve bushings and have a flange welded onto it to attach to the cooling baffle. Take a look at the one that Don Broussard posted in post #5.

Where you make the transition from the 4" round tubing to the face of the oil cooler, you are slowing the flow down and you want the flow evenly distributed over the face of the cooler. If that transition is too abrupt, or has sharp corners, you basically get a 4" diameter jet of flow impinging on the face of the cooler, and then recirculating around in there. Now....it is not really that big a deal, since the flow velocity is fairly slow in the 4" tube, so the pressure loss is not very big even with an abrupt transition. But you would like to do the best you can. If you are going to make a custom fiberglass adapter, shape it well. As I said, Brian Decker's, pictured in post #4 is very good. Note that it takes some length to make a good transition, and that often dictates angling off in some direction. That is OK. The idea is to get the flow velocity low as it approaches the cooler. And if the velocity is low, it doesn't matter much what direction it is going. It will get slurped into the cooler by the large pressure differential.

The one redeeming aspect of the firewall cooler mount/adapter for the RV-10 is that it takes in air perpendicular to the cooler face, and forces it to distribute evenly over the face of the cooler by virtue of the triangular shape which reduces area as the flow progresses along the face of the cooler. As long as the incoming velocity is low, this is not too bad. But not as good as a smooth diffuser-type transition.

I have just one quick and poor quality pressure measurement on my old arrangement which had 3.5" scat tubing rather than 4", and the adapter for the cooler was very similar to what Van sells for the RV-10 firewall mount, so pretty abrupt. With the 3.5" scat tube, the velocity coming into the adapter/mount is fairly fast. In that one measurement, the upper cowl plenum pressure was about 10" of water, the lower cowl pressure (and the oil cooler outlet pressure) was about 1.4" of water, and the pressure at the oil cooler inlet was about 5.5" of water. In other words, I had lost half of the available pressure to drive flow thru the cooler in the 3.5" duct and abrupt transition to the cooler. I don't have measurements on my new system yet which has a 4" smooth tube duct and a transition that looks very much like the one Brian Decker made.


Reported on the Mothership


Thank you - Pat Hatch ...Jim Harris

As many of you know Pat Hatch has a small business called PH Aviation Services. One of the products he sells is the UTRB module (a trim control module). This is a really good product for controlling both pilot and copilot inputs so that they don't accidentally cancel each other out and allows multiple inputs like dual switch comm, frequency swaps, flaps, transponder Ident, PTT and CP/PTT on etc. to smoothly be controlled remotely by two stick grips.

When I purchased my UTRB module four years ago Pat went the extra mile helping me get it correctly installed and wired using both email and phone calls. Recently I've been installing a TruTrac auto trim module a friend gave me that he couldn't use.

During the installation process my aileron trim on both sticks quit working. My first inclination was this is a single point failure and the likely cause was a possible short in the UTRB module. The problem was I hadn't been working in that area!

But I did run four additional wires to the elevator trim servo for the auto trim module. I call Pat Hatch and he graciously listened to my problem description and suggested several diagnostic approaches to identify the issue. He suggested I specifically checkout output pin #3 to confirm 12v output to the aileron trim relays. Well, he was right on target! I had broken the d-sub pin where the wire and pin meet. I guess the four wires I installed had somehow brushed up against that connector and disturb a weak pin connection.

I truly appreciate Pat's help and time. His knowledge and ability to diagnose problems is truly superb. He supports his customers graciously and completely - no matter how dumb they are!

Thank you Pat Hatch! It's small businesses like his in the RV community that make owning and flying an RV such a great experience.


JD Air Parts - Anodized Tail Wheel ...chrispratt

Received my lightweight "red" anodized tailwheel from JD Air Parts. Matches my RV-8 paint scheme nicely. Installed today and took it for a test flight. Yes, the RV does appear to go faster.  -->



March 4, 2021.  Issue #5,291.
  HDG and ALT mode Wed morning, steering L/R with the knob from one possible landing site to another on the way back...enjoying the view on a gas run over the Bridgeport.  Tanks are near full and I'm ready for the next night logging flight.  Interesting how hard some of these private strips can be to spot.  One of these (Howard TA02) has a cell/microwave tower 157 feet east of the runway.  Don't want to get it wrong there!
  Evening side job Wed evening required an early push of the Thu edition.  Apologies.
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Open in GoogleMaps


Baggage Rail Stiffeners / Canopy Work ...David Paule -3B update

"...They were glued in place and then riveted. The work platform is askew because the fuselage was on its side; I rotated the photo so it appears right side up."

"...After a little more prep work, Dallice came by to help me glue the canopy on. It took us just about an hour. "


Chasing a ground loop

I have been plagued with strobe noise ever since my -8 was wired by one of the "pro's". I have Aeroled multi voltage nav/strobes. I recently rewired my strobes hoping to eliminate the pulsing I hear with the strobes on. I ran separate ground wires for each strobe and grounded them all at the same point, the main ground bus. I grounded the shields independently on the light frame, and at a single point on the main ground bus. This was per Aeroleds suggestions.
I still get the pulsing noise in my headset. Very frustrating after all the work to rewire them.

Some other clues I've picked up along the way. The noise is not present when running only on the battery, and while on the ground. Ill have to try this airborne by shutting off the alternator, but I don't think this will make a difference. The noise only comes through the intercom. The pulsing does seem to change frequency slightly based on engine RPM. I also get a slight hum when my smoke pump is turned on.

Can anyone offer suggestions on where to look next? Does this sound like an intercom problem? It appears at first glance that the intercom is grounded correctly. Your help is appreciated!


Dennis Enns' Up Limit Switch with Diode for Reversing

Works great. Momentary contact on stick for down so I count 1-1000 etc then look outside & check mark on flap to confirm degrees down. Up is maintained contact on stick & limit switch to stop it. Recenter switch when I remember.


How to read engineering drawings

When reading the left side of figures 3 & 4, is there an assumption that the part is sitting flat with the angled portion of the part extending toward you? I can't see any cues on the drawing that makes that certain, but I'm no engineer, I don't know if this is always an assumption or something.

You could also be looking at the part from the flat side with the angle extending away from you, which in this case, would matter since the part isn't symmetrical.

I'm just curious if I'm missing something, whether it is on the drawing, or a convention I'm not aware of.


Static leak question

After leak testing my static system, I find a loss of 400 ft in one minute. Ok, I've been searching for the leak. I just read a good article by Vic Syracuse, and I thought I was on board right up till the end where he described an aircraft autopilot causing a climb when the heater vent was opened. What Vic described makes good sense, but in my case, when I open my fresh air vents with the autopilot on alt hold, it creates a dive instead of a climb. This sounds backwards.
Could this indicate a leak somewhere else in the system? Driving me crazy!


Larry Larson's DIY Oil Cooler Shroud Thread

Neat epoxy....  Two coats.


What is the Whirl Wind 330 series? ...advertiser educating

Scott, I'm glad you like the propeller so much. To clear up what the 330 series is I'll quickly explain what we had been producing for many years and how we arrived at the 300 series.  1995 is when we started making composite constant speed propellers. Up until recently these propellers (including the HRT and 200RV series) used the thread-less McCauley based hub.  To save structural weight for less aggressive engines, we started from scratch and designed a smaller, lighter 300 series hub.  -->


So I bought a kit....edhunter

Newbie here, wanted to say hello. I've been dreaming of building an airplane for some time, and just made a deal on a -6 kit. I'll go pick it up in a few weeks. Fuselage, wings done, has both -6 and -7 tail pieces. Nothing else yet. I'll probably configure as a 6a as I'm taking lessons. Mission will be primarily for cross country travel. My question is how to build lightness and proper CG to carry me at 200 lbs, wife at 130, and max baggage.  -->


Reported on the Mothership



March 3, 2021.  Issue #5,290.
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High and Low ...joe_rainbolt around a week ago

"...Highest to lowest points in the lower 48 states, only 69nm apart!"

Furnace Creek (-210')


Milestone: Flight! ...RV10Man

"N781DM took to the skies today. It was a great first/test flight. Now the real fun begins."


March/April is Online


Lost my Van's Bill of Sale

Clarification > likely not lost, maybe misplaced but I've scoured through so much stuff for the past week and no joy.

I remember being very careful to keep the BOS in a safe place where I would not lose it; I "recollect" keeping it in its original envelope, three ring punched the envelope, and put it in a three ring binder.

Can't find it, my bad - I accept, this is a huge, dumb, stupid thing to do.

Right now I am pulling together all of the FAA registration documents and completing the required forms.

Has anyone gone through losing their BOS? And, what was your remedy for this that is proper for FAA registration of a kit-built E-AB airplane.


Vertical Power pricing announcement that will be effective April 1, 2021 ...Chad Jensen

Hi all,

I wanted to be sure and get this info out as quickly as I could. The prices on VP products are going up just a little on April 1st, and our dealer network will reflect the new prices on that day. If you are wanting to order any VP product at the current prices, please do so with the dealer of your choice by the end of March. It has been almost 5 years since we've had to do this, but I think going forward it will be reviewed yearly.

Please note that the mounting tray has been discontinued.

Here is the info that I sent to the dealer network today-

Thank you for your support of Vertical Power products, especially during these challenging times. It has been a pleasure to serve you in the past and we look forward to doing business with you in the future. Astronics has worked hard to keep our product pricing stable for the Vertical Power product family and has not implemented any price increases for close to 5 years. During this period, we not only continued to invest in new product development, but also product enhancements to improve the quality, reliability, and performance of our Vertical Power systems. As you are aware, we also transitioned manufacturing from Astronics Ballard Technology to our Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems facility in order to consolidate our Electronic Circuit Breaker products. Over this time period, material and manufacturing costs have increased and we now find it necessary to implement a price change. Going forward, we will continue to review and update pricing on a more regular cycle. The new pricing is shown below and is effective April 1, 2021.

PPS $1,695.00
VP-X PRO $2,395.00
VP-X PRO WH $695.00
VP-X PRO CONN $265.00
VP-X SPORT $1,695.00
VP-X SPORT WH $625.00

Please feel free to email or call me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you, as always, for your support of the product line over the past 14 years, and we look forward to providing the best option in solid state ECBU systems on the market for a long time to come!


Air Filter Damage ...Denis Enns

I had a dirty injector, cleaned it and did another GAMI Lean test using Savvy's procedure. The lean test came out good with .4 GPH spread. However at the end of the 3rd run I also did an in-flight mag check. I was aggressively leaned at this point and heard what I thought was a cylinder missing on both the Left & Right mags (a little worse on the Right).

On my walk around today I saw this on my intake filter.

It looks more like a backfire than a cylinder miss. Is it possible to get a backfire in a situation like this?

I'll be ordering a new filter K&N 33-2060.


Rivet question...

Van's includes some MK-319-BS rivets in the RV8 empennage kit. These require a #33 hole. I wanted a few extra, so ordered CCC-32 rivets from ACS which, according to their website, are equivalent to the MK-319-BS rivets. Not so fast, Grasshopper! I received the ACS rivets today and they are clearly different. They fit into a #40 hole.

So the question is... What am I missing here?



March 2, 2021.  Issue #5,289.
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Some Formation Acro ...David Otero RV-7 this weekend.


Wife's First RV Flight ...Cole Melby RV-6A

Took my wife up in it for the first time last weekend and she had the RV grin the whole flight!


On the Mothership


Parts help needed ...airguy

I cannot find it on the few engine drawings I have, but on my IO 360B1B parallel valve engine, the valve rocker shaft has a pair of plastic plugs on each end to protect it from contact with the valve rocker cover - see attached pic. I broke one them today and need a replacement.

Can someone assist me with a replacement or a part number and source to order some?


Purpose of tricycle gear cowl hole + metal closeout? ...Draker

Trying to better understand the purpose of this piece, from the tri-gear kit:

Vans has you cut an enormous hole in the cowl for the nose gear, then for some reason close most of it off with a metal plate. Any clue as to the purpose of this? Obviously you need a small hole for the nose gear, and to make it a little large to allow for removal of the lower cowl, but the gear doesn't go that far forward. Why would Vans call out a hole "Approx 15.5 inches" long, particularly when you just cover most of it up with a metal plate?


Fuel Pressure Fitting ...DanH

I recently viewed some photos taken after a fuel starvation incident, and thought it might be good to pass along a tip for the new guys.

The builders' goal was to access the engine driven fuel pump outlet for a fuel pressure sender. He stacked a 90 degree pump outlet, an automotive aftermarket tee fitting (with female and male ends), and a 90 degree tube end on the hose to the servo.

There are at least two issues here. One, it's a string of fittings with a line leading off at a right angle to the primary thread axis. An offshoot line arranged that way can easily become a lever, providing torque to unscrew one of the connections.

Worse, it appears the servo hose was allowed to contact the engine mount tube, downstream of the tube end, which in addition to the above placed another potential turning moment on the stacked connections.

The combination was all but guaranteed to unscrew one of the fittings eventually, and in fact did so. The subsequent loss of fuel pressure resulted in a forced landing, and yes, it could have caught fire in flight.  -->


Wheels on Workbench....CHECK

Put some little wheels on my work benches!!! Man, why didn't I do this when I first started building! Ahhhh the little things.........!

Quick update on the project..........

Got the elevator almost complete and I have scheduled an EAA Tech Counselor inspection with Walt Aronow (EXP Aviation Services @ 52F) for next Friday. Hopefully, it will go well and I will have the tail complete very soon. Very happy about having an experienced 2nd pair of eyes take a look at the work we've done so far. QB Wings are coming in April!


Scott Hersha's RV-4 Canopy Latch

I don't do run ups in this configuration.


Test Flights 6 and 7 ...karrelsj RV-10



March 1, 2021.  Issue #5,288.
  BR, -TSRA, uncomfortably humid and VCTS in N.TX all weekend.  Went VFR an hour before sundown on Sunday - no RVing :^(.   On the up side the LED landing lights arrived Sat (1 /2).  Hard to believe something weighing 6.2oz can push out 90,000 candela on 35W.  This modern LED tech is eye opening.  Looking forward to seeing better in night flares.  Ordering some wiring supplies from SteinAir next.  Cleaning up some wiring runs and building a cable or two in the upstairs office in the evenings instead of watching the idiot box.  Lastly, if you haven't seen Stein's wiring videos yet, you might enjoy them.  Very helpful.
  Hope you had a nice weekend and the WX was more flyable in your area.
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The Weekend ...many


Main Landing Gear Alignment ...Denis Enns' method

Aligned gear with plumb bobs down to 6" channels (these were hinged and were my heavy duty trailing edge brake). It's been a while but I must have squared the "brake" to the fuselage centreline, probably triangulated to the tail as well.

Final aligned the wheels with 6ft 2x2 tubes bolted to the wheel rims. The wheels were on mating plates with grease between them. Did this with the tail up in wheel landing configuration. Added shims on the axle to get alignment just right. I'm happy with the handling in the end.

I've got a lot more pictures if you need something specific but these tell my overall method.


Back-riveting Plate ...Scott Hersha PIREP

Having a flush mounted back-riveting plate has been an invaluable tool over the years - for RV building, and other things. I've made three of these. One stayed with a hangar that I sold. On the two that I still own (one in my hangar, one in my home shop), I enlisted the help a a blacksmith friend to cut a piece of 1/2" thick steel. On the first one, he drilled four holes and countersunk them for flush screws. On the one in my home shop, it is just bonded it to the bench top surface cutout with epoxy. Both are flush with the top wood surface. The bench itself is made from two layers of 3/4" plywood and is very stable. Nothing beats a good stable work bench. The first one pictured is 22 years old. It should last my lifetime.


Hugh Cook Opens a 'Virtual Hangar' Thread ...on his RV-8

N908QC (my son's name is Quenten) took to the air on July 29, 2020, a Covid baby. I decided to build an RV-8 in April, 1997, at Sun-n-Fun. I took delivery of the empennage kit in March of 2008. Patience. It spent most of its life in a garage in Foothill Ranch, Orange County, CA. I moved it to the Corona, CA airport in March of 2020. Of the twelve years in the garage, I took three years off from building it, but knew all along I was going to finish it. The beauty of metal is that it will wait for you. I also tackled the engine myself, buying a barn-find O-360 core, and overhauling it with the support of all the usual suspects, principally Ken and the boys at Ly-Con. I dyno'd the finished engine, and saw a whopping 227 hp at 2700 rpm. It's sporty! Craig Catto spec'd and built the three bladed carbon prop, and Robbie Grove made some beautiful landing gear legs. It's very light (992# with the EarthX battery), and very stock (even has a manual trim!) Dave Prizio was my tech counselor and DAR, and Bruce Bohannon conducted my transition training. The first flight was a bit of a blur, and the tach quit on me, but I made the perfunctory three laps around the pattern, mostly trying to slow down. Wow! A few squawks here and there, but I managed to fly off the forty hour Phase I by August 23, and brought her home to Front Range (Colorado Air and Space Port KCFO) where she will reside. A six hour cross country seemed the perfect capstone for the adventure of a lifetime, so far. Many thanks to all my family and friends who supported me along the way, especially my wife Julie, my late wife Kate, John Bovee, and the great Flying community at Corona, CA (including the gang at Aircraft Spruce who got to know me really well!)


Status Update ...David Paule -3B

Many pics...


Panel Status ...RV7_Heaven

Here is a picture of my instrument panel all powered up. Rob and the rest of the guys at Advanced Flight Systems did an awesome job.


Bowden Cable Firewall Pass Thru ...Larry Larson post

I can't take credit for this. Dan Langhout posted it back in 2011 but I can't find it. Thank goodness I saved a pdf copy.

These are the fittings I found worked best.
Aluminum will certainly work. Lighter and cheaper but steel fittings are recommended FWF and the wholenidea is a fireproof penetration. You may consider some 3M 2000 inside the fitting before locking it down. The cable in the photo is actually passing through backwards. You'll figure it out.

AN924-4 Steel AN Fitting
3/16" or 1/4" Brass Ferrule
Stainless washers
I bought stainless washers and used a step drill to increase the hole diameter. 7/16" for AN4 fittings.

Measure your cable first.
The smaller push-pull Bowden cable...
Drill the fitting with a #13 drill then a #12 reamer. Use the 3/16" ferrule.


Painted ...John Tierney

Here's a photo of N777JT fresh out of the paint shop at Boss Aircraft Refinishers in Salisbury, NC. I was trying for a 1970's muscle car look, in a color close to "Hemi Orange".


Landing Alton Bay Last Weekend ...dylanxpeters


March Calendar Wallpaper ...Ed Hicks photo