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April 30, 2020.  Issue #5,073. 
First honest to goodness fuel run in waaaay too long in my RV Wednesday morning before the winds got too gusty.  And me being chicken prudent, I planned a flight going over nine private strips so I'd always have a landing strip on the nose.  There were a LOT of items taken off and put back on the plane during annual, and I like options. ;^)  Shockingly good resolution in the full size screen grab below.
  Experimented with the Carson Number setting that RV-6 driver Matt was talking to me about (links below), and hand flew (green line below) to $3.40 gas.  Working the list of things to address and enjoying life in the sky again.  Feels nice to fly.

(Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

Full size

- Fuel Efficiency of Small Aircraft
- Cheap Speed: Finding the Carson Number
- Slow Burn: Quick Calculations for Fuel Conservation


My custom wood sides for throttle quadrant ...dwranda

Had to share my personal touch to the throttle quadrant I will be installing. It is Bolivian Rosewood which is quite heavy. I drilled out the backs to save some weight and am pretty happy with the result. Should look pretty sweet with my brown sheepskin seats and leather side walls. I even made a wood handle for the throttle lever to match.


Garmin Introduces the Aera 760 Portable Aviation GPS ...g3xpert

Garmin is pleased to introduce the aera 760, a premium aviation portable that is purpose-built for the pilot and the cockpit. The aera 760 boasts a 7-inch bright, sunlight readable touchscreen display complete with comprehensive chart options in a compact and dedicated portable GPS. Additional features of the aera 760 include the option to load instrument approach procedures, arrivals and departures, approach chart overlay on the map, Garmin Connext wireless connectivity, as well as the option to integrate it with select Garmin avionics.  more


Malformed nose skin dimple ...Jskyking

Was moving to fast this afternoon and the skin flexed as I set the dimple. Stupid mistake, setting dimples from the bottom didn't help, but the scratches should buff out caused by the die.
Anyhow, the hole is malformed and the dimple didn't fully form in the top left corner. When I dropped a rivet in the dimple, it's flush With the skin but there's a tiny space that the rivet head doesn't cover.
An Oops rivet would probably take care of the elongated hole but the rivet head wouldn't take up the small space on the skin.
I need to figure out a way to clean up the hole and reform the dimple.
To add insult to injury- it's a top skin.

I've talked to a friend who suggested the oops, but that was before I dropped a rivet in the dimple. Hopefully, there's a solution without having to replace the nose skin.  more


Air on Ground fail

I've read through several of the posts on this subject but didn't see anything that fixed the issue. Lots of great suggestions but thought I would reach out again to those that have gotten past this.

Everything on the ADS-B Performance report is fine except "Air on Ground", 3.76%

Trig TT-22 with Trig head mounted on panel (S/W updated)
GRT Safe Fly GPS
GRT Sport SX (does not control the transponder)

There aren't many option to change on the Trig that deal with GPS stall speed and too low of a stall speed other than the SQUAT switch question.

There are 4 choices

I have it set on NOT CONNECTED as I don't have a squat switch or airspeed switch.

If I switch it to AUTO ON GPS DATA is there a fixed speed the FAA uses to determine when to interpret ground operation vs airborne?

I have tried some of the tips and tricks such as hold a steady 3 degree glide slope and come to a complete stop on the runway. Then taxi slowly back to the hangar.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.



First Flights Reported on the Mothership


Leaving the oil filler cap "Open" to vent moisture ? (For a bit)

So I can't find any thoughts on an open oil filler cap to let engine moisture escape from a hot engine ??

So after a nice one hour plus flight today , after a fresh oil change, on a 300 hour well maintained engine (oil temp running at 185F). I pulled the aircraft is back in hanger .. I pulled the dip stick and again saw the milky white oily mixture on the filler cap / filler neck (clearly water in the oil) and watch the vapors pour out..

I'm sure it was a mixture of mostly water and maybe some hydrocarbons.. I then watched as the water continued to condense on a good sized and cold (35F) chunk of aluminum I held over the open oil filler neck. I mean a 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon over a 10-15 minute period. (yes engine breather tube clear)

With the oil filler cap left on.. There is no way that 1/2 teaspoon of water is ever going to get out of the engine .. A 2' long 3/8ID crankcase vent tube.. that's open ONLY BELOW the engine.. sure is not going to let the moisture escape..

It really made it clear why these aircraft engines rust for the inside out.. A sealed up engine has no chance for a reasonable life unless its flown A LOT.

So can it be as simple as leaving the oil filler cap off for a few hours... to a day.. Letting the moisture "Vent out of the TOP of the engine... ? Enhancing the moisture dissipation by leaving the engine heater on for a few hours ( Cylinder & oil pan heaters) Yes.. There is no way you would want to leave an engine heater on with a "Sealed-Up" engine.. The moisture just able to circulate inside the crank case. Rust.. Rust ..Rust...

So there is a nice $49 monitor module (amazon) that will record temp/humidly every minute for up to 20 days and then be downloadable to a smart phone or Excel .. With a slight mod.. and remote wiring of the sensor, so I can have the sensor in the crankcase after a flight.. I'm going to get some real data on this idea ..

Anyone else looked into the simple moisture venting concept?

Experiment #1

Nice flight.. Let cool over night ..

Next day.. Measure internal engine humidity for several days

Experiment #2

Nice flight.. Leave oil cap off.. With engine heat for 6 Hours.. Heat off.. Cap off..

Next day(1) .. Replace oil cap.

Next day(2) ..Measure internal engine humidity for several days

Give me a 2 weeks and I will have some real data




April 29, 2020.  Issue #5,072.  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

First Flight: N87PR ...bhester post for Doug Rohrer

Today I flew over to Bowling Green, KY to do the first flight of N87PR. My buddy Doug Rohrer built this RV9A and wanted me to do the first flight for him, because it's been a while since he has flown. I went over a few weeks ago and did the inspection before the DAR inspection. The DAR signed it off Friday and the weather wasn't very good over the weekend but today was perfect. Only thing that didn't work was the airspeed, that wasn't a problem for me, but would have been for Doug and that's why he wanted me to do it, I landed it perfectly by feel. Congratulation Doug, she fly's fine.  more / pics


Milestone: 1st Engine Run! ...Juliano Selvatici

On Saturday was the day to do the 1st Engine Run. Lots of good vibes about the plane.  Everything went well. I was just a little nervous, but is part of the process, right?


Unexplained extremely high #4 CHT event ...scottmillhouse

First stock RV-7A with new Lycoming IO-360, Hartzell CS prop, 60 hours time since new. For first few hours I had high CHT across the board. Eventually traced to one of the new mags timing drifting over first few hours. Stopped at about 10 hours and has not drifted at least at last check about 10 hours ago.

Yesterday a typical flight only difference at landing with power pulled the engine appeared to be miss firing. Slight noise but could feel the exhaust misfiring pulses under my feet. Upon taxi from Savvy analysis of Dynon data showed 1000-1400rpm with #4 climbed over 2 minutes from 325-480. No evidence of any blockage. Initially assumed a malfunctioning CHT. Upon startup and taxi temperature was about 400 for #4, run up normal, back taxi about 20 knots did not cool but stayed about 400. Did another runup and #4 immediately climbed in 15 seconds to over 500 before I shut down. Audible misfire noise at shutdown and high temperature smell. For all events EGT stayed in line with other cylinders with no other parameters out of line. Shutdown runway for a few minutes to cool. Challenging IO hot start but then taxi to FBO temperatures stayed in safe zone. Let cool a half hour with another challenging hot start but they otherwise normal to circle and climb high just in case before heading home. Being late I just hangared it.

I plan to pull cowl and check timing, compression, remove and clean all fuel filters and flush fuel injection. Any ideas from the brain bank on what happened and what to look for?


Lycoming engines - limited time opportunity for quick delivery ...mothership Greg

This almost never happens, and wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to be aware...

Lycoming has opened up limited capacity to build some fast-delivery experimental engines for delivery in the June/July timeframe. This opportunity is for standard experimental engines only - Thunderbolt engines are not available on this special schedule. Please reach out to Chris at Lycoming - his contact info available at the link - to see if the engine you need can be scheduled. Note that the specific engine you need and parts availability etc. will determine whether you can grab one of their fast-delivery slots. Once you have arranged things with Chris, you can place your engine or engine+prop order with Van's and get things moving. Availability of slots is limited, so don't delay.


Status Report ...David Paule -3B

Canopy Flange Formed
The canopy got re-taped for the second flange attempt and after buying more materials, I succeeded in laying up the canopy flange. This time I used 3" fiberglass tape and 4" peel ply tape. It turned out that the epoxy remains was just enough to do this task and I didn't need to open the second can of the Rhino (or Jeffco) epoxy after all. Yet.

Here's the flange with the external peel ply pulled off. There's a bottom layer of peel ply that'll come off when I remove the flange from the fairing and canopy.

Some work is remaining, such as trimming the edges and probably some other things that I don't know about yet.


Quality Time Off The Surface.  Yay!

The RV-6 is back in the air!  A few laps around the pattern Tuesday to watch the temps - all good.  A couple of items to figure out, but it's good to be in the air at RV speed again.  Really missed it.  On with the tweaking and fiddling...

ADS-B OUT worked right out of the box (below).  Yesssssssss!!!! (strikes Napolian Dynamite pose).


My RV-7A gets BIG performance upgrade ...jhiggins

My RV-7A just got a BIG performance update, and so I thought I would pass along some of my experience with that. I've owned 3 RVs in the last 14 years, but I've never built anything. I don't really consider myself a builder, but more of a tinkerer. A year ago or so I decided I wanted a kick-*** RV that I can keep for a long time. I really prefer side by side, so that eliminated owning a Rocket. I wasn't really seeing anything for sale for quite a while that fit my needs, so I decided to buy something knowing I was going to do an engine/prop switch. I found a really nicely built RV-7A with an o-320 and metal fixed prop. I decided on the Thunderbolt IO-390 with a Hartzell Composite constant speed prop. Looks really nice under the cowl with the red engine paint and chrome rocker covers, and chrome battery box. My original plan was to hire out this work, but that wasn't really working out very well. I had some spare time and decided to just do the work myself. It ended up being approx. 250 hrs work in all. I replaced EVERYTHING firewall forward, including a new cowl (horizontal induction), and even the engine mount.

A few of the options I chose are: Earth-x battery, to save 10 lbs off the firewall. One regular mag and one Surefly. Vetterman exhaust, Avstar fuel injection, Plane Power alternator. The Avstar was chosen mainly to have a straightforward install of the snorkel. And it was, just bolted up nicely with no modification. I used the RV-10 oil cooler and firewall mount (with 4" scat tube), and I ended up using the RV-14 baffle kit. The baffle kit was really nicely put together, however I had to trim about an inch of height off the top of the metal baffles to fit the RV-7A cowl.

The plane ended up going from 1078 empty to 1116 empty for a 38 lb gain. Weight and balance is good as I didn't end up coming even close to the max nose weight recommended by Vans (in all weight conditions) and I also can load it up with a fat co -pilot and 100 lbs baggage and not exceed the rear CG. I plan on putting my smoke tank back in the back in the future anyway (20 lbs) and this will help a little with the nose weight.

I have flown off the 5 hrs phase 1 and everything is great! All temps are cool, especially the cylinder temps. Performance is outstanding. Acceleration on the runway feels more like a sports car than an airplane. True airspeed seen so far is 179 kts, 75% power. I hope maybe to gain a knot or two as the engine gets more broken in and I wax her up real good . The best I can calculate I am getting at least the advertised climb of Vans 200 h.p. website numbers.

Thanks to some buddies that helped: Brad Striplin, Mike Quinn, and Tom Rood. I don't think I would have attempted without some knowledgeable help around.


Elevators not even ...Tbarsic RV-10

I purchased a finished empennage and I am still checking to make sure things were completed correctly.

One questions, I have the elevators bolted together through the elevator horn hole where the push rod is bolted to. I checked and noticed the elevators are not perfectly even. Is this common, should it be corrected, is there a limit?

The horizontal stab is bolted to a bench.  more



April 28, 2020.  Issue #5,071.  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

PnP Mission - Flight to Freedom ...Danny Landry RV-7

Getting antsy with the stay at home order, I decided to fly another Pilots n Paws mission.


Trip Report ...Rich Macrafic 7A

Just getting around to compiling statistics of Cindy's and my flight to the Daytona 500 race in Florida in February in our homebuilt. What an awesome experience and an awesome plane!!

- Distance - 2258, or 2598 statute (road) miles
- Hours (round trip) - 16.9 flying, 18.2 engine running
- Fuel - 135.7 gallons
- Actual Instrument Time - 13 hours
- Approaches - 5 (2 ILS and 3 RNAV GPS), and one STAR
(first ever STAR for us; caught us by surprise!)
- Oil used -1qt.
- Avg speed - 133 nm/hr (153 mph). Note: All of the trip with
the engine dialed back to lean-of-peak (fuel savings more
important than speed).
- Top speed - 226 nm/hr (yes, we are a member of the 200
knot club, with the help of 40+ knots of tailwind!). That is
equivalent to 260 mph car speed (statute).
- Average fuel consumption - 16.6 nm/gal total (start &
warmup, taxi, runup, flying) = 19.1 mpg.

Kudos to the folks at the following FBOs for making this a very special and gratifying trip:
- Airgate Aviation in New Smyrna Beach
- Aircraft Specialists Jet Center at Gwinnett County Airport at
Lawrenceville, GA
- Hoosier Aviation in Terre Haute, IN

Also Kudos to the following people for their significant contributions to the success of this trip:
- Our A&P, for his significant help in finishing this homebuilt aircraft (especially the engine work) and his continued conditional inspections on an annual basis. His work gave us the confidence in the aircraft to attempt such a trip.
- My wife, sometimes pilot, sometimes navigator, always a 2nd source of expertise (trust, but verify), for her crew resource management. She caught a couple of things when I was flying (We really don't need to count them, do we?). We spent a LOT of time together in a VERY SMALL space! I could not do that with just anybody!


Vlad's RV Weekend

Somewhere in Outlaw Country 7,000'+.  Got road current <grin>.


Flew New to me RV-9 home 2600 miles! ...Ed Lee

Left Yakima Friday morning with my new to me RV-9A. I had 20 minutes in it before leaving. Great airplane. WX over the Rockies not good enough to fly direct so I went down the west side of the Cascades through Salt Lake, then finally Moriarty, NM just east of Albuquerque. Crashed for the night and off across the high desert and stopped finally at SC76, home grass field in Lancaster, SC. Had at times 236 mph over the ground south of Memphis getting the push from the low to the north. I flew most of the trip at 12,500 ft, but had to go to 13,500 to get over some build ups flying over the top of the Altanta Class B. I have never had such a great xcountry airplane as this, IO-320, 160 hp, Still climbs at 500 fpm at 13000'. Amazing. I averaged just under 8 gph at 190mph true airspeed at 12,500. I have helped build at RV-7, helped build a Sonex-Onex and did build a Sonex-Sonex/Covair which has flown to OSH from here three times. It is tight and very altitude limited but it is fun.

The RV-9A is simply astounding, I hate I didn't build it, but I am 76 now and question building vs flying for what years I have left.


Phase One Panel Love Almost Complete

Updated G3X screens in Flash from Gen 1's to G3X Touch, updated the audio panel to a GMA245 (BT to phone yay!) and the GTX330 transponder has been sent in and upgraded to a GTX330ES (ADS-B OUT).  Years in the making! ;^)  AeroLED strobes installed after a couple years sitting on the shelf (all my fault).  Ran the engine Monday and got a look at the oil pressure/temps, does the radio work, does the audio panel work, etc.  Need to address a couple of config error CAS messages that came up, but getting close to flight.  Really taking my time with this, as a LOT of wires were removed/moved/re-installed.  Looking forward to peeling off that plastic from the screens and returning to RV skies. 

Click to enlarge to 3,840 x 2,588

Fresh annual.  Prop governor checked on the bench at prop shop.  P-mags removed, bearings inspected, re-installed and timed.  New tires.  New bearings in tailwheel.  Lots of other love.  Almost ready for summer.

Phase Two/Beyond:  ADS-B IN, an autopilot control panel and swapping out the 2nd radio for a remote unit that talks to the touch screens - 2nd radio will become the primary radio down the road.  Baby steps...

On the Lookout For:  The nerd in me wants the right landing light to blink 'D' in Morse code (-..) then the left to blink 'R' (.-.).  Come on technology - you gave us a high end toilet with 38 buttons.  This should be easy <g>.


My RV Weekend ...Brian Pham RV-4

Don't you just hate it when you're flying along, minding your own business and out of nowhere, an upside-down mountain falls out of the clouds behind you?? <grin>


Sky Designs Airfoil Leg Kits Available....VAF advertiser

For those of you interested in a set of Aluminum Airfoil Gear Legs for your RV-8, Sky Designs now has kits in-stock - that means (nearly) instant gratification.

Stay Calm and Build On.


Flexible ADSB/Transponder antenna ...Anthony 6A

My ADSB and Transponder both use the little TED antenna below. For some reason I like breaking these things when I'm under the plane. I'm up to two now. Is there a flexible version of this thing??


200KT GS Club ...Danny Landry RV-7



April 27, 2020.  Issue #5,070.  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

N8PH first flight ...Carl Froehlich

A year behind schedule (2019 had many challenges) but N8PH jumped off the runway on April 7th. She flew strong and straight. Wheel pants to go on after a few more hours to make sure I'm happy with the gear. Paint to happen in the fall as I have a lot of flying to catch up on this summer.

A month of rigging and extra eyes paid off. She flies hands off, wings level and ball in the center.

The only two issues are the horrible weather conditions keeping me on the ground, and my amazingly rusty landing ability.

Keep building and fly your own rocket ship. It is well worth the effort.


Has anyone else experienced this? ...Jim Harris RV-7A

Finishing up my annual condition inspection and the A&P and I were checking connections and nuts on FWF. Everything was tight and secure except when we got to the fuel injector throttle body. Only one of the four nuts securing it to the engine was tight. Two were so loose you could spin them with your fingers and one was totally gone. The engine still ran smoothly.

Replaced all star lock washers, replaced the missing nut and tightened all to torque. We then added four nylon end nuts on top of the existing nuts and secured them - there was just enough room on the studs.

My A&P said this was the first time he's ever seen nuts loosened like this - especially if no one's worked on the item. He distinctly remembers checking the throttle body last year and every thing appeared secure then.

Our question: My engine is the Superior XP IO-360 B1AA2, has anyone else found they've had to tighten these nuts due to them becoming loose? This could have really ruined my day later this year if not discovered!


Jon's RV-8 Made it Into a Winger Video <g>

1min 30sec in......


15.9 Flight Hours - Now a Few Questions ...azflyer21 -14A

I'm flying in the Phoenix area and have about 16 hours on my 14A, here's a few questions:

What should my Oil Temps be reading? (Aeroshell Mineral 100)
-Normally 212-215 OAT 60-68
-Today 238 OAT 75

Full Flap Landings require what seems to be a large amount of nose-up trim, is this normal?

I am planning first oil change at 25 hours, is this about right?


DIY Center Consoles

(Paul_5r4) Thanks to CV-19, I haven't worked since the 24th of March. I could get use to this! Trying to use my time wisely so I recently completed the 8th annual condition inspection on the RV. It was due this month anyway. Once I finished, I thought I would pick up on the original posters nice looking center console. I did change mine up a bit. I have an arm rest in the forward area between the seats which I love. Little spot below for pencils and paper. I wanted to use the more aft space between the seats and the space moving up. I have the manual aileron trim just aft of the armrest so can't cover/interfere with that area. I still have to put some kind of stain/varnish/paint covering. It's secured through the bottom with a single screw through to a nutplate on the bottom side of the tunnel cover. I also have to come up with a simple latch at the top. Test flew with in tonight. Can't even tell it's there. Here's the finished project. I like it. (I meant to weigh it before I left the airport. I'll be surprised if it weighs over a pound).  ...

(Flying_Canuck)  Just finished my center console. 1/4 birch plywood from aviation aisle at Home Depot. Includes arm for iPad mount and custom cutouts for
Handheld radio
Notepad and pen
Fuel dipstick
Fuel test cup
Screwdriver (fuel cap opener)
Also has a large (3-1/4" W x 8" L x 5" D) opening for whatever else I might need.

Here's a couple of pictures. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Downside of using plywood is a few cosmetic chips, but most of those won't be visible once this is installed.


No, I was not shot down! ...bhester

Friday after work, it was just too nice not to go flying. I was just out flying around when I noticed on my screen that my buddy David Adams was up also not far from me and near his house. I flew toward him and we spotted each other, we were pretty much over his house so we decided to do a fly by and his wife was in the yard. She ran into the house and got her camera because she knew we would most likely be coming back around. Even though this was not planned and she didn't have anytime to setup her camera, she got a few good pictures. David sent me a quick shot of a picture of me from her computer screen. It looked pretty good and I asked him if he could send me the actual picture so I could use it as my desktop picture. He said no problem and when he sent it, of course this is what he sent me, funny guy!  ...


Not happy with these rivets... ...Eztroller

Page 25-04, step 4 says to rivet the bearing bracket assembly to the rib using AN4264-8 rivets. I used a rivet squeezer to complete this task, and as you can see, it did not turn out well. Some of the rivets swelled between the rib and bearing assembly so the material is not lying flush/smooth. Also, the shop ends of the rivets appeared to have deformed the rib enough that it is visible with the naked eye.

I am ordering new parts, but wanted to see if there was something I am missing here. I am contemplating back riveting next time and possibly using a shorter rivet, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Side note, I stopped by the factory yesterday and was able to get the parts I ordered in a very short amount of time. They are following all of the CDC guidelines and left my items outside in a bag with my name on it. Great people this community has working for us.



Water in my elevator ...DylanRush

Hi friends,

I just bought an RV-6a last weekend. I will keep it outside, as the hangar costs are so high in my area (Seattle) that I could just buy a new plane every ten years rather than store it inside. Not to mention hangar wait lists are 2-4 years long.

This week I noticed after some rain, water is collecting in the elevator. The side with the trim tab seems to drain but the side without the tab does not.

I'm wondering if I can drill a drain hole, and if so where.

Also what kind of resin or epoxy can I use to fill out some minor cracks in my fiberglass? And is it realistic for someone with an electronics and engineering background to be able to install some new avionics even though I haven't done much work on cars or planes before?


My RV Weekend ...airguy starts it this time

Qualified for the "Iron-butt" award on Friday.

I had a bit of a cross-country that needed to happen, my uncles 172 needed to be transported down to Jesse Saint's place for a new Dynon panel install. Friday was the day for good VFR all the way (or mostly good, as it turned out) so we saddled up and pushed. He took off about 6:45 am from our west Texas private strip and headed east, and I took off about 8 am and caught up with him at his second fuel stop in Hammond Louisiana. I had a great tailwind at 17,000 on the way there. Notice fuel quantity and range to empty in this shot. Gotta love it.  ...


Q:  Flight Reviews and CV-19 ...Gary

With all the "social distancing" being recommended, what are RV pilots doing that need(ed) to get a "Flight Review" in April, May, and June of 2020?

When one moves to a new state after a flight review, what are you doing to find an RV friendly CFI for your fight review at the new location?


RV-7A Rebirthing Update ...kentlik

...fuel selector cover.


RV7ForMe Status Update

On a more positive note after I finished agonizing about the rudder I moved on to the ailerons.  Yeah! they are really easy to build and came out super straight with not twist! Very happy with that.



April 24, 2020.  Issue #5,069. 
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

Formation Practice ...5min 49sec video.  dr

Sid organized a 6-ship practice at 52F.  I'm still reassembling the -6, so stood on the side with the iPhone and a tripod.  No talking, just RVs in slo-mo taking off and landing and a couple of passes.  40* crosswind from the left burbling over the hangars had 'um working it.  Editing on iMovie on the phone - quick and dirty.  Enjoy.


RV-6 Rebuild Update ...jamlip

Well the RV-4 sold today to the first viewer. I don't feel particularly happy about it - I love that aircraft. It was my gateway to aviation in the US and I have lots of happy memories attached to it. It was also mega to fly.

The buyer brought along Lars Pedersen, of this parish, for the pre-buy. Lars also looked around my 6, having seen in in the past when it was in pieces and had a cobweb for an electrical system. He seemed to like how it was coming along. I enjoyed seeing Lars' well-travelled RV-7, which is a lovely build and has some nice kit on it.

Anyway, now I need to turbo-on with the 6. No point owning an aircraft that doesn't function as a flying device.

The cowling is looking better. Like, stripped of paint, but at least the gaps are half decent now, and the front doesn't look like someone attacked it with a shotgun. I'm finding it easier to get the cowl on and off the aircraft, too - you just have to learn each aircraft's little 'dance routine' as David Howe put it whilst talking on the phone a few days ago. David has been a great counsellor for many parts of this job.  ...


Spark Plugs ...Scott Hersha

I need a spark plug with a shorter height from the cylinder to the top of the plug where the harness attaches. My RV4 doesn't have a whole lot of room (O-360-A1A). I just replaced all the baffle seals, as well as installing a new ignition harness, and there is very little clearance from the top of the harness where it attaches to the plug, and the cowling in the cheeked cowl. I've heard that Tempest plugs are a little shorter, but have been unable to get any external dimension details from either Champion or Tempest. I am currently running Champion REM40E's. They were new less than a year ago by the previous owner, and in checking the internal resistance, it ranges from 1300 to 2700 ohms. I've heard that Tempest UREM37BY's are not as tall. I'm not all that concerned about the slightly cooler plug (higher CHT) of the -37BY's. I'm not unhappy with the performance of the Champion -40E's, I'm just looking for more headroom. I haven't been able to find a reference for external spark plug dimensions. If anyone knows the external height dimension, from cylinder to spark plug harness connect, please let me know.


If I have to buy new plugs, I'll probably pick Tempest.


Selfie ...Bobby Steinmetz

My 12iS won't be flying for some time, but this is me in my buddy's RV-8 last August.



April 23, 2020.  Issue #5,068.  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

Selfie: Herman (SuperCubDriver) in Germany


Milestone: Commercial Rating (checkride in the RV-6A)

Checkride this January out of KEHR. Stalls, emergency descents, engine out landings, soft field, short field. It was not easy but doable. The RV-6A wasn't the easiest to do the Lazy Eights or the Chandelles to spec. Definitely not a C172 in those areas. I had used the same DPE for my IFR checkride so he was comfortable doing the commercial in an RV. Thank you to Mr. Van for giving us a very capable airplane. The Corona Virus has put me in the holding pattern as far as my next step... The multi-engine commercial add on. With that said, does anyone have recommendations for a flight school for the multi engine add on? Thanks David


Another RV-6 Project ...UKFlyboy

I have recently taken over an RV6 part-completed project. Imported to the UK from the US, its an early kit from 1989, and comes with a fixed pitch 180 HO Lycoming.

Now started on fixing some build issues and moving on ASAP, the current Covid-19 lockdown is giving me time to work on the project.

Here is a picture of the airframe as it was towed to my hanger, you can see I've squeezed it in besides my Aeronca Chief, you can see the tips of the wing and tailplane in the pic, and the fluorescent lights are mounted on old HS frames from the Chief, they were too rusted to use but make great light holders. The wings are built as is the rudder and tailplane but there are issues with the build of of the stabilisers, so some rebuild will be required.


My Coronavirus Escape Day in a RV-7 ...Boyd Birchler

Yesterday morning I climbed into the left seat of Boyd's RV-7 as he waited quietly from the right seat. At that point, I'd already challenged him to a flight to circumnavigate our state, the state of Indiana, and he'd accepted with only one request - that we fly his RV-7. No problem. On the up-side, it's faster than my Decathlon, more fuel efficient, and lands, taxis and rides better on windy days. On the down-side, it has a brand new Garmin G3X full glass panel and the 'gauge-girl' in me is still trying to deny it's time to join the 21st century. But I'm ready to go and let's just say it wasn't going be the same relaxing flight as would have been in my own bird. Before climbing in, we'd already agreed to share PIC time just like we did in 2018 when we flew the perimeter of the U.S.  ...


The RV Grin ...Matt Ziemann pics

"I know from a photographer's perspective this isn't the best photo---too fast shutter freezes the prop vs getting a nice disk, exposure makes the whole plane look dark...but that covers up the fact that this picture captures the essence of the RV grin: a helluva fun tailwheel plane, pitching up off a grass strip on a beautiful day. My brother, rehacking his tailwheel and acro currency after 4 years, had the RV grin. And even though I wasn't flying, I had a pretty big grin, too---especially hearing my 3 year old daughter cheer him on with "Go Uncle Mike! Go Uncle Mike!"

Second picture is better from a photography perspective...but there's just something about the clouds and blue sky in the first one...and the dynamic nature of him pitching up."



April 22, 2020.  Issue #5,067.
  One odd stat during all this CV19 drama is that the VAF forums are busier than I've ever seen them.  When there would normally be 300 or so people in there in the morning around 0800, I'm now seeing upwards of 900 at times.  That hasn't kept a couple of advertisers from needing to bow out for awhile (completely understandable), but in the same breath a huge thank you to those who visit the site and the advertiser sites.  Weird times, and our family is in financial 'lean of peak' mode just like everyone else.  Hang tough and we'll push through it together as best we can.  Faith in humanity.
  You want proof of the power of the RV community and the human spirit in trying times?  Watch the video below and prepare to have your heart warmed.  What an amazing group of people.  Simply amazing.
(Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

We lay our hearts over Atlanta for first responders and essential workers

...Falcon RV Squadron.


My RV Weekend ...crabandy

A quick trip to the lake to take care of some springtime chores. Yes, Pie is missing her front tooth....she was wiggling another lose one as we were loading up. Despite the look on Lil' Dude's face (more his fighting off a nap look) he loves riding in back, he even calls it ahead of time like "shotgun."


Life in the RV Lane

Re-assembly of the RV-6 continues.  Tuesday morning was to be a quick wheel pants on session, but ended up spending time, as is sometimes the case with aviation, finding tools to deal with setbacks.  A screw twisted in half (new screw, clean, lubricated and a nice bit on the hand screwdriver).  Weird.  That doesn't happen very often.

Where's the drill and bit?  Drill out the nutplate and find the squeezer, dies, cleco pliers, rivets and all the other stuff you need to drill out an old nutplane and install a new one.  This plane has been flying for nearly 18 years.  The tools are in drawers (I think).

It actually kinda felt nice to work with other-than-screwdriver honest to goodness airplane tools, if only for a bit.   Continuing tomorrow.


Placed Timing Mark on back of prop. ...gasman

I wanted to find a safe way to check the timing of my electronic ignition without being so close to the prop, and without the need for another person.

I made a bracket that would mount in the left inlet and allow an adjustable pointer to be mounted 3" from the back of the prop. I then set the timing that I wanted using the marks on the flywheel and a 32 oz yogurt container mounted to the nose cone with blue masking tape..... It had my cell phone mounted to it with blue masking tape also. With my Clinometer app, I had accuracy to within a 10th of a degree.

I then transferred the timing mark to the back of the prop and adjusted the pointer to alignment viewed from the pilots seat. I set the timing light in position close to the pointer secured to the top of the motor.

Waited till sunset, jumped in and fired it up..... perfect timing, with and without the vacuum line connected. So how accurate is it..... at that distance from the flywheel, 1/4 inch is one degree of movement.


Second Test Flight Some Bumps In The Road ...rolick22

My second test flight was another success, Yes there were some issues again with the ADAHRS, and my right wing heavy got heavier. But I did got the trim indication dialed in. It's Phase I there are going to be bumps in the road.  ...


Yukon AV8R local flights around Lake Laberge, Yukon ...Andy612

Went for a couple rips up and down Lake Laberge in the RV-4 Friday and Saturday evenings. Lake's still ice covered, but spring's on it's way. Thought about landing on the lake, the snow looked very shallow and ice looked smooth. Maybe next time.  ...


My canoe gets a panel. ...rv6ehguy

Suddenly, I have a lot of time on my hands and I am making great progress on my RV6A project. My panel is finished. After many years of indecision, equipment changes, and improvements, I finally settled on this-Version 11. I used a program called XPanel to design it but that wasn't good enough for me. I wanted to see it and touch it. So I used plexiglass to mock up the panel. I did several changes on the plexi (cheaper than aluminum). I added all the equipment and when I was happy with what I was seeing and touching, I committed it to aluminum. And yes I actually did sit in the canoe to see how everything looked and to make sure I could reach all essentials. Ergonomics 101. The aluminum panel was hand cut. No CAD programs for me mainly because I don't know how to use them. I'm more of a hands on guy. I still have quite a bit of wiring to do. I just needed everything in place to make sure there was no interference issues. A few minor ones showed themselves but nothing I can't remedy. I'm very happy with the results. Now the next step is to gradually turn everything on individually and hope I don't see smoke. A special thanks goes to Danny at SteinAir who painted and laser engraved my panel. Did I mention that I spent months on selecting my colour. I've never looked at so many shades of grey.
John Van Lieshout
RV6A 85%


Seen in the 'Yep That Hurts' Thread


Opinion on my canopy fairing please ...Reilly

Hi guys

My first fiberglass effort and not unhappy with it so far.

I would just like some opinions from the gurus on the area and gaps around the hinge bolt holes. I know its a less attractive part of the 12 but are mine too large or is this how it should be? I did take time to ensure that the bolt hole on the template was directly over the bolt.

Appreciate the feedback



April 21, 2020.  Issue #5,066.  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

AX-O Is Back In The Air....hello 'Dilemma 3.0'

"DR, quick note. A few days to the year, Dilemma flew again. In the spirit of the learning part of EXPERIMENTAL I decided to build my own engine and mount it on the RV. With help from Dayton Murdock and a visit from Paul Dye, the engine came along.

Plane did well. Better than I expected. Temps are running below what they were with the old 340 even during the break in. The 360 is bigger and caused all kinds of problems for installation.

Will start posting here and there of the process of getting Dilemma 3.0 back up."


My RV Weekend ...bhester

My buddy David Adams and I flew our RVs to KBNA - Nashville, TN and did a touch n go, just because they are slow right now and seemed like something neat to do.


Injuries While Building ....DanH's entry

I was working in front of a 6" wire wheel, on a stand mounted bench grinder. One single wire flew up and stuck itself squarely in the end of my nose, sticking straight out like an arrow. I felt the impact, then stood there for a moment, extremely cross-eyed, trying to determine what the blurry thing might be.

Good case for eye protection.

(BoilermakerRV's entry)
Safety Glasses Aren't Perfect.  I was using a combo belt/disc sander on a bench. I think I was cleaning up the end of a piece of angle that I had cut on the band saw. I swear I saw that chip the whole way, in slow motion. Off the sander, bouncing off the table, up UNDER my safety glasses and into my right eye.

Managed to drive myself to urgent care, where they flushed out my eye. Said they could see some scaring on my cornea, but have never had an issues with vision before or since.

Stay safe builders!


Fuel line. dented flare ...fazlo

Hello all,
While removing the right-hand side fuel tank on my RV4, I dented the flare of the fuel line. I cut and redid the flare but it's now just a bit tight and susceptible to chaffing near the grommet. The fuel line goes in one piece from the tank to the Andair fuel valve. Instead of redoing the whole line (which is a complicated 3D exercise!), I am thinking of cutting it behind the fuselage wall, add a replacement tube, flare and use an AN815 union. Is it acceptable or would you advise to redo the whole line?
Thank you very much


My RV Weekend (last weekend) ...Northernliving

Had to do some social distancing in the RV today, so took a rip up to Mt Washington, a stop at Bethel for a top off of 100LL and then out to Portland ME and South down the coast. Felt nice to get out and leave the world behind for a short while.  ...


Is this the right cover for removal of c/s governor? ...dwranda

Removed my governor pad since I am using a fixed pitch prop. Is this the correct cover for my situation? Thought I read somewhere about the cover needing areas on the back for oil to be routed. As you can see the cover I got from Vans is just solid with no recesses on the back.  ...


My RV Weekend.....airguy

Had some good IMC here on Saturday, got 2.1 hours practice in actual and shot 6 approaches, 4 of them down to true minimums.



April 20, 2020.  Issue #5,065.  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

Falcon RV Sq CV19

My boys in the Falcon RV Squadron have taken to the skies to send messages of support to all those brave medical professionals risking their lives in the battle against this virus. We had been practicing for the Atlanta Airshow so morphing into smoking hearts was an easy transition.

We have over 50 flying RVs at KFFC. Of that number, we have around 16 FFI air show qualified formation pilots. Most of our airshow qualified leads are ex-fighter pilots so we have good leadership. We are trying to spread feelings of appreciation and hope, but we are having a great time besides. ...


Newark, LaGuardia, JFK...all in an RV-8!

Newark, LaGuardia, and Kennedy all in one flight...in an RV-8! The unfortunate circumstances of air travel in the country at the moment allowed for a unique opportunity. Is it possible I am the first to land an experimental at any or all of these airports?


Fitting the Cowl - How good is good enough? ...UnPossible

Well, I've waited a few days, and the cowl fairy has not flown in to fit my cowl ... guess it's time to get busy.

I've spent a couple of hours trimming the cowl around the spinner area. It's getting closer, but it's not perfect.

Below are a couple of pics of my progress... It looks like in order to get a good circle behind the spinner, I will need to fill in a bit of the joggle on either side of the spinner.

I'm wondering how good is good enough here to drill the one hole on each side where the cowl halves overlap, and move forward to fitting it on the fuselage?


Shop/Plane Update:  Matt Burch ...RV-7 and more.

(VAF thread)


CORONA avoidance - RV style ...Scott Hersha

The Cincy River Rats have been tuning up our formation skills and blowing off the dust so to speak, getting ready for this coming flying season, which I'm confident will happen. Dave (KICKS) Schmitz organized our group to stage out of Madison, IN, a very GA friendly place with $3.80 gas. Two three ships with Kicks leading 'Kicks' flight, and Bud (Joker) Newhouse leading RAT flight. We joined the two flights for a pass over KIMS for a photo op. We respected proper social distancing and still had a great time. I hope everyone is able to enjoy our freedoms while respecting mandated restrictions, which I hope will, at least gradually, end soon.


Mis-Aligned J- Channel / right wing ...Jskyking

After getting the top wing skins in place and the left wing j-channel fitting perfectly, I moved to the right wing j-channel and discovered the short and the long J-channel is about 1/16 too high. I can see thru the dimple jchannel and out the top of the wing but it is too far out of alignment to fit a cleco.

I talked to Vans twice today, this morning they suggested to lightly bend the j-channel or as a last resort, take a dremel and remove a little of the material in the slot where the j- channel sits on the rib. ...


Great Autosignature in Forums


Aerox Press Release



April 17, 2020.  Issue #5,064.
  Wishing you and yours a safe, happy and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

*unless you need to.


Aerobatic Fuel Tank ...NorthernRV4

Good day fellow RV'ers

This winter I've been building the starboard wing and I'm at the point of putting the finishing touches on the tank. Firstly, this tank is getting a flop tube and the standard Van's resistive fuel senders. I'm looking for some tips & advice specifically on mounting the sender in the second rib bay and the anti-hang up guide strap. Van's plans are pretty simplistic and don't show at all any dimensions for mounting the sender.

1. For the sender, do you mount it in a cover plate similar to the end rib to allow for greater access and ease the inserting of the sender/float arm? Or is a simple hole for the sender sufficient?

2. At what vertical position would the sender be mounted in the rear baffle? I would think roughly the same position as mounting it in the end rib would put it.

3. Do you bend the rod to the same dimensions as if it was mounted in the rib? I'd rather not have the tank all sealed up only to find the fuel gauge is way off. I expect some inaccuracy but I'd like it to be as close as possible.

and lastly, in regards to the strap. Did you just fabricate a guide that looks like the diagram provided in the plans? Any specifics here to consider?

Thanks in advance, keep calm and build on!


3D Printed Mask Strap Update ...daniel_hagan

Steve, thank you SO much for the clips, they arrived today. One of my girls was practically in tears as she literally has contact wounds behind her ears. The staff upstairs found out about them literally 25 seconds later (thanks to same said employee) so I distributed 15-20 up there as well. This means more to us than you'll ever realize ... thanks again!


RV-7 Status Update ...vernh59

Getting started on the center section with the seat ribs. I spent some time trying to figure out the access ribs and the clearance ribs. Finally. I marked and cut the ribs as shown.  ...


How Bad Did I Screw Up? ...Sieldan RV-8

Welp, been rocking along on the empennage. Been going well. Little hiccup with the HS-00003 doubler but got that figured out. Finished both horizontal stab halves to the disassemble, debur, and dimple stage. Realized last nigh while trying to sleep that I didn't mark the skins for orientation! Everything has been match drilled. I'm not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions?

Thanks y'all.


3D Printed Parts and Molds (Update) ...AX-O

Drawing and Finished product. The only difference is that I decided to make the flange the same size as the filter OD.


New Guy Initial Contact ...Pat

New Builder looking for Tools / RV8 Kit
Hello All,

I'd like to introduce myself to the Vans community in Canada.

Last year I built a hangar at CYCC (Cornwall) and currently own a 1/3 share of a Cherokee. I have a Vans toolbox kit that is itching to be completed, and I'd like to get started on an RV8 this winter. Like many, I'm on a budget so I'd like to acquire as many used tools/kit components as I can before purchasing new stuff in the fall. If you or someone you know has something for sale that I might be interested in, please let me know!

Thank you.


Rio 2020 Trip was a Success ...gfb

We made it back safe from Brazil in our RV-9A a couple of weeks ago and I finally finished uploading all the videos to youtube. It was a fantastic trip, highly recommended.

We'll be doing bahamas next year!


Rigid Fuel Lines ...efitzgerald

I am working on my firewall layout and started on the fuel lines. I am using a SDS fuel injection system with their case mounted fuel block. I had originally planned on using flex hose in fire sleeve from the firewall to the fuel block. I saw another members post with a similar install and he had used hard lines from the back of the engine near to the fuel block and it looked like a great idea.

In my picture the lines are aluminum for the purpose of mock-up only. I was going to have TS Flightlines make the stainless lines. The lines would be flared on each end with aluminum AN nuts. There would be a bracket bolted on top of the fuel pump block off plate to secure the end of the rigid line where the flexible hose connects to it with steel AN fittings. I planned 1 to 2 brackets bolted onto the engine to support the lines.

Is it a mistake to do it this way?


The Restorative Power of Flight

I went out to the airport Wednesday morning with the best of RV intentions.  But having passed a few motionless flags on the way, and seeing 00000KT on the phone when I looked, that plan went out the window.  The RV isn't buttoned back up, but the Cub is, and it has been a few weeks since it has been off the surface.

The stock ponds were mirrors and dew covered bright green fields fighting for spring sunlight exploded in the morning light out to the horizon.  Almost fluorescent.  What you don't realize about 52F is that five minutes to the NW in a Cub at 100' AGL over farmland, you could pretty easily convince yourself it was 1946.  No houses, just creeks and farmland.  A little inattention and the ball is out again - stick and rudder skills matter with this one.  The joys of simple, uncomplicated flight with no radio - there's only one knob (baro) and one switch (mag).  You don't really need the baro.  The checklist is short.

After .6 of restorative therapy, I taxied up to the hangar and began planning the morning's original task of putting back on access covers, fairings, cowlings and wheel pants on the amazing RV-6.  An RV is the polar opposite of a Cub.  It so beautifully masters fast and high and acro and technology, and rewards well practiced skill sets.  I miss going fast, and need to get that thing put back together this week, but 00000KT demands Cub if you have access to one, and plodding along at 40mph in ground effect a foot or so above the growing wheat touches the soul in a way that few things can.  If you've never done this you'll just have to trust me.  A Cub-shaped shadow on a field of blurred, wet green in red-shifted morning light can set things right in your head.  Email and accounting software are easier to face with recent memories like these.

Fourteen deer and three turkeys in the memo line.

Same plane in 2017.  dr  pic.

But even the new plan didn't go as expected.  I sat on the couch jotting down a few thoughts for this piece here, with the clicking and ticking of the 65 h.p. engine cooling down in front of me, and my train of thought kept getting distracted by all the RV activity.  It turns out RVators like 00000KT too.  There's Allen in his -14 taking off.  Now Danny in his -8, and Ross in his -6.  And Matt (-6), and John (-8), and Kay (-8A), and Randy (-8) and James (-4) and Rod (-8).  They too saw the windsock, and changed their plans to take advantage of the CAVU with their own RV version of social distancing.  I'd guess they didn't see the turkeys.

What a Blessing it is to get to enjoy these.  High and fast in the amazing RV, and low and slow in a worn, tattered, dusty, dripping J-3 that reminds me of both simpler times and why I'm also attracted to this different type of flying.  These two aircraft, and their wildly different flight envelopes, realign my mental gyros like nothing else.  Blessed and Grateful are the words that keep coming to the front.

I'll get the RV in the air here in a few days, but I'm glad the plan changed on the fly.  Formation practice is calling me and that is all RV.  But lazily exploring a creek for fish and beavers from a hundred feet will be up front here again before too long.  Anyone standing outside around N. TX Wednesday would understand.  Aviators get all goofy-eyed when the METARs are all zeros.

It's our catnip.

We are beautifully flawed.



April 16, 2020.  Issue #5,063.  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

Sunrise Pic ...Steve (last name not listed) RV-8


3D Printed Mask Straps Update ...Steve Melton

I have printed well over a thousand of these straps. Unit #4 came on-line over the weekend. it was a used unit that needed TLC: new stepper motors, new belts, new bed liner, new Y-axis bushings, new software, realignment, calibration, nozzle, etc. She is purring like a kitten. if you have multiple printers it is beneficial to have identical units.


Mothership Discount ...10% off


3D Printed RV Parts and Molds: Update ...AX-O

The project has been moving forward. After talking with a few folks, Tim Feeney wanted to give it a go. He is on VAF (TFeeney) and an RV-10 builder. We decided to go with aluminum as the material. There were many questions that I did not expect which required answers before moving forward. Probably pretty basic questions for folks in the machining business but not for me. Goes back to the learning part of EXPERIMENTAL.  ...


Transition Training Update ...Vac

We've been busy with the AOA project, and version 3.3 of the training resources is still current. Turns out when I published this, I used the wrong "save as" option when I converted it to pdf format, and the hyperlinks in the table of contents didn't work properly.

Here are two options for downloading a corrected pdf that has hyperlinks.

I regret I didn't catch the problem with the hyperlinks sooner. Hopefully that hasn't caused too much consternation. As always, if any one has any difficultly downloading anything from either our website or Google Drive, drop me an email or PM.




Houston Area monthly lunch: an update

Hey folks, since the third weekend is upon us, I want to at least pop in here and say hi. I know I never posted anything last month - with businesses on lockdown, it didn't seem feasible, but I did get a couple inquiries.

Unfortunately, as we're all aware, businesses remain shut down, which precludes meeting anywhere out and about for lunch. There is the option of meeting elsewhere, and I know I'd talked about hosting at my hangar in April, but both Josie and I have been sick in the past few weeks, and I don't think it's wise right now.

Long story short, I'm not going to plan on a monthly lunch for April either. With any luck, next month we'll be on the other side of this thing and we can get together again - and I intend to follow through on hosting when that time comes.

Thanks for continued interest and attendance; we'll get this thing going again soon.



April 15, 2020.  Issue #5,062.  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

My RV Weekend ...Jpm757

Took a quick trip down the Hudson River VFR corridor. Usually loaded with traffic, I didn't see one other aircraft. One circle around the Statue of Liberty.


Reassembly of 'Flash' Continues

Slowly putting things back together after (because of me and a perfect storm of schedule chaos) the longest annual in history.  New upgraded avionics stuff to show off soon (as it goes in) and slowly making progress in a weird world.  Baby steps.  All the screws were in a cup and covered in oil, so I sprayed them with LPS-3 and got out the towels.  Let the sorting begin. 

James was kidding me about just going ahead and using new screws.  He obviously doesn't know my routine.  There is easily another decade in most of these screws.

Save those pennies, baby! ;^)


Post Trip Report ...kaweeka RV-9A

My 3 month sabbatical turned in to a brief 3 week flight from Sacramento, Ca to Guadeloupe then back after Covid 19 showed up. It's amazing how fast everything spiraled down the drain. We spent 4 days in Antigua then flew 52 miles to Guadeloupe to find the entire island shut down. At that point we figured we better get back to the US before everything closes everywhere.

All in all the experience was great. The plane flew flawlessly. About 7,500 miles in all. After I got back, the world changed (in just a few weeks). I'm back seeing patients on a limited basis and volunteering to work the in the ICU. It's been a few years since I had to manage a vent but it's amazing how fast that knowledge comes back.

There are a few things I noticed, however.
1) I need to change the front crankshaft seal. Watched videos and read a lot. Seems pretty straight forward. I ordered 2 seals just in case I muck up one! Saw a tool I can make and spoke to one fellow who uses bicycle tire plastic irons.
2) I was supposed to stop at AFP for some individual tuning with Don but for obvious reasons, could not. When this mess is over I would love to get with someone closer to Northern California who knows the system and would spend some time on this. The plane runs great but I think we can get better and the experience is invaluable.

Please, everyone, heed the social distancing. Be safe. I see this up close and personal. I hate to think anyone got sick who could have avoided it. Happy Easter,


Day One ...David's RV-10

And the adventure begins.....   What a difference an hour and a half can make ;^).


Status Update ...rmartingt

So the engine is more or less built, minus a couple of accessories. Slightly older picture.  I've decided to start fitting the baffles (at least to the engine, I know I can't trim the cowl side yet and they need to be off for cowl fitting) while access is easy, and started on some of the accessory work while I get the shop cleaned up. I'll probably go ahead and paint/assemble them (again while access is easy) and that way I can fit them quickly later. It's also just nice to be working with sheetmetal again for a bit.  ...


Teach me how to CAMP out of the RV. ...roofus4

I am taking the month of May off. I want to do a long trip in the RV, but in this time of Covid19, I'm worried about where to stay and whether any hotels or lodges would even be open. Camping comes to mind.

I've never considered it before now. I would be starting from scratch. I have absolutely nothing in regards to camping. I need ideas for everything! Tents, sleeping equipment, how to eat, how to pack it in the RV, and even suggestions on things like camping etiquette.

Then where to go? I live in TX. I'm thinking Idaho, Washington, or Oregon.

I know I'm asking a lot of questions, but thanks for your suggestions.


My RV Weekend ...goatflieg

Back to baffle work. Who knew that the air seal fabric would take so long to fabricate? I didn't... but I'm learning. Not done yet... but progress is progress.


$100 Burger ...leok

The wife and I flew from Pontiac, MI (KPTK) to Owasso, MI (KRNP) for fuel ($4.18) best price around. There is a very small diner on the field that is open for take out. Two burgers and chips ordered by the wife while I filled up the plane. We ate in the completely empty terminal building as it was too cold outside, washed up, sterilized with sanitizer and flew home.

Pontiac cleared us to land 6 miles out. During normal times there might be as many as 6 planes doing training in the pattern. I have had to remind tower to clear me for landing while turning final.

A weird world we live in now.



April 14, 2020.  Issue #5,061.
  The first construction picture.  My buddy David's RV-10 empcone kit is scheduled to arrive at his house on Tuesday the 14th.  We were texting back and forth a little on Monday, and I typed something to the effect of, "Make sure you take a picture of the kit before you open it - you'll look back on that and smile in a decade or so."  And of course that got me to thinking about my own family's RV-6 and when the tail kit arrived in late December of 1996.  Here is Audrey, who had recently worked out the skill of walking, taking a stroll around the tail kit of N617AR (her initials).  She was probably thinking about chemistry...
  And that got me thinking about the builder log, which was sheets of paper 3-hole punched in a notebook.  It worked swimmingly, never needed updating and was 'backed up' with a camera.  The top of page one is below.  I spent 15 minutes opening the little box holding a camcorder, and it still makes me grin when I think of what was inside - particle board for making the alignment jigs for the HS, VS, rudder and elevators.  The first box I opened of my someday-flying aluminum airplane was full of wood. ;^)
  I hope David takes that picture.  I took mine 8,503 days ago, and it still brings me joy.
(Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)


DFW Airport at Night ...from an RV-4

James Walsh photo a couple weeks back.

full size


RV-6 Rebuild Project (and some RV-4 thrown in there) ...jamlip

A while back, whilst trying to decide what coms to put in this thing, I found a local ad from a guy selling basic 2.25" mount radios for a few hundred dollars a pop. His name was Frank, and he had a stock of 25kHz-spaced stuff which he was getting from Germany after Europe went to 8.33kHz spacing. I figured one of these would suffice until I'd flown the aircraft enough to decide whether I wanted to keep it or otherwise.

Frank sorted me out with a Becker unit, which I wired to a Signtronics intercom which I had laying around. I couldn't get sound to come out, so, suspecting the intercom was duff, I changed the intercom to another Sigtronics box, but the improvement was marginal. I wasted a lot of time trying to get it to work, and didn't really learn much in the process.  ...


I'm Doomed

I just ordered the empennage kit. It's an RV-14A. Go ahead and mock me. Tail draggers are infinitely cooler. I'm not cool.

Spending so much time at home means I'm spending way too much time thinking about building an airplane. I also realized that Van's is going to start charging sales tax on shipments to NC starting in May. I needed to get the order in to save some money and give me something to do at home other than argue with the family. ;-)

Wish me luck.



A Virtual Tour of RV-10 N299PW ...jtoudeouze

N299PW First Flight 7/6/19
Build started 6/8/18 quick build first flight 7/6/19 built only the the help of my wife. All glass IFR Dynon built with the help of Rob Hickman and his crew, Interior is South Florida Sports Aviation with the help of Eliane Lignelli. Painted and installed interior in the last 45 days.


Tailwheel MX Video ...Blake Frazier

For those of us that aren't familiar with tailwheel maintenance or have been putting off maintenance for fear of disassembly, I put together a short video discussing the inner workings of this mechanism.

I've got a longer video in the works dealing with troubleshooting common issues that we see in this mechanism, but it's not ready quite yet.

If you're having issues or need advice with a tailwheel assembly, don't hesitate to get in touch with us... we're here to help!


#71139 Status Update ...vernh59

After assembling and match drilling the fuse tail section, I disassembled for deburring, edge shaping, dimpling, etc. As I was getting the parts ready for assembly, I started looking around the shop and decided I had to do something before I began the next phase. I replaced some old wall board, painted and generally reorganized.  ...



April 13, 2020.  Issue #5,060.  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

Yobo is Home ...olyolson post

Yesterday was truly the best day of the year so far. Yobo is virus free and was cleared by the Doc to leave the hospital. He is home safe and is recuperating. He's starting to get back to his old self already and trading jokes & barbs with KC Flight.

Welcome back buddy!


Put that 3D printer in your airplane shop to good use for medical personnel ...Mothership Greg

A little off topic possibly, but we can put our aviation design tools to good use right now, so I think it's worth the post.

Some of us have 3D printers available to us - or even sitting idle in our shops. If yours is sitting idle right now, consider this a challenge to go grab this simple printable project and make surgical mask straps for your local hospital personnel. These 3D printed ear guards help relieve some of the discomfort that wearing face masks all day can cause.

This idea comes via Hudson Wiliams, a young man in Alabama who's making them in his hometown for people working the hospitals there - including his mom. He's recruited some friends to print them as well. If he joins VAF (and he should, since he just finished building a Van's sign kit and will one day - I'm pretty confident - build an RV), then hopefully he will chime in and maybe add a photo/thought or two.

We can pile onto his idea here, and help spread even more of the good.

You should be able to print several of these at a time on a typical home 3D printer! Drop them off for your local hospital.


Extended go pro mount ...Simon Hitchen

If you're looking for a little quarantine project....

I Wanted a better perspective for inflight photos so I made this mount to extend ahead of the wing by 2 feet. Makes a real difference.

I used 3/4" carbon fibre tubing with 3/4" aluminium square stock (all provided by my hangar mate John). I fabricated the brackets to fit into existing holes/nut plates for the wing tip attach points.

I was worried about vibration but it turned out great.

First photo is of the mount without the camera on the end. Second is a photo with the go pro mounted on top of the wing (old position). The third photo is with the camera mounted on the new carbon fibre extension rod. Much better photo.


My RV Weekend ...various

(SPX)  The weather in San Diego finally cleared today, so I woke up early and took the RV up for a flight.

I really had nowhere to go, so I decided to fly along the coast, down to Coronado, and then reverse course and head back to Fallbrook to do a few landing before putting the airplane back in the hangar.

A short video out the side window as I did the 180* turn..

Interesting flying right now .. SoCal approach had one controller for the entire San Diego area. I know that the facility has limited staffing now due to less traffic, and also to help reduce the chances of a controller getting COVID-19, and getting the entire shift sick. So, they've reduced the shift size so as to have a backup team if one shift gets sick.

This was likely to be my second to last flight before converting the panel from this to this:


Milestone: First Start ...Joe in Longview, TX

Ran my IO-390 today for the first time! Started on the 3rd blade. However it was not without problems.

1. Ran very, very rich. Had to lean the mixture a lot just to get it to idle. Was able to richen the mixture as RPM's increased but had to lean it again once I began reducing the throttle. Does anyone have the procedure for adjusting the injector mixture?

2. Hartzel prop would not cycle. I think I ran the engine long enough to fill the prop cylinders with oil, but I'm not sure. When attempting to cycle the prop, nothing happens. RPM was about 1600 at the time. Any suggestions?

3. No manifold pressure indication. However I believe this is an instrument problem rather than an engine problem. Dynon Skyview HDX system.


Tool Drool ...RV7ForMe


Free OCR that you can Paste from the Clipboard 

For folks compiling study notes and checklists and such...

I know you can do some of this with apps on a phone, but I've never found a solution until now that was as painless.  I found this site over the weekend and bookmarked it with excitement.  I've been compiling study notes (something you might be doing for your Instrument rating, etc.) and was looking for a way to convert text from a picture into text without having to buy OCR software.  This site does that....straight from the clipboard.

On a desktop or laptop MAC you can press COMMAND-CONTROL-SHIFT-4 and highlight a part of a picture with text in it, then go to that site and press COMMAND-V to paste it in the window.  After pasting in the graphic, select 'TEXT' for output in the bottom dropdown box and click on PROCESS WHOLE IMAGE.  A little formatting and you're done...

If you're using a Windows 10 machine you can press WINDOWS LOGO + SHIFT + S to active the 'Snip' tool.

Here is a sample picture below for you to practice on.  It's a picture, so you can't highlight and copy the text.  Use the instructions above and give it a try!


Charity Cap Sighting ...Rob Ray

"Easter CV stay at home VAF hat sighting! "What's in your garage?""


My RV-14A doesn't like idling ...PandaCub

Odd problem with the IO-390 Thunderbolt in my RV-14A: whenever I pull the throttle completely back, the engine seems like it's idling around 650 RPM but the tach goes haywire, reading anywhere from 30 to 1250. Engine has even stalled on me twice when I completely closed the throttle during taxi back to hangar.

Engine runs fine otherwise. One Slick magneto and one Emag. Issue can be seen in this short video:

Any thoughts appreciated.


Status Update ...David Paule 3B

Clipped In.  After some more trimming, 1/2" at a time, I ended up with a total of 1 1/2" trimmed off at the front and back. The overall fit is reasonable. Here's the canopy, free of its cradle and unrestrained, resting on the fairing. ...


Erratic Amp Meter ...sglynn update

As a follow-up for those in the future who may read this. My amp meter starting jumping around going negative and positive. After reading this thread I hoped to find a loose wire.

I did. But the wire was only slightly loose. The nut on the battery solenoid where the lead that turns on (or closes) the solenoid switch had come slightly loose. I could wiggle the ring terminal a little. I took it off, added a little blue sealant and tightened it back on. Everything works.

But it sure wasn't loose much. But I can see that under vibration it could be letting 12V go on and off the battery solenoid and I guess that would cause a problem. The indication was the erratic amp meter.

My personal lesson learned is, don't let weird stuff go unchecked.


Mothership Reports Recent First Flights



April 10, 2020.  Issue #5,059.
Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to all those affected by the CV-19 global junk punch.  I consider myself fortunate that this hobby gives me a place to focus my energy during this trying time, and I trust you feel the same.   I hope you all are finding that time in the shop building your RV is both relaxing and productive.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled EASTER weekend.
  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

RV-7 D-ESOT First Flight ...Harold

Dear RV friends,
I would like to share my successful D-ESOT RV7/72535 first flight happiness in this amazing, entertaining and helpful VAF. I enjoyed working on my RV every minute and, like many of you, the building process was accomplished by up and downs, sense of achievement, and also moments to cry due to paint issues. Thank you Doug for this information platform, as a passive member I read regularly in the forum and got specific information for my project from it. I also got information about new products and the corresponding addresses to spent a lot of money

D-ESOT configuration is: ECI Titan OX-360 A4HIN (-FIS) with Silver Hawk FI, Christen inv.oil, Andair loud fuel pump , Andair gascolators, G3X touch single screen/all you can connect, GNS430W, GTR225A, PS5000X, GTX335.
The first flight was conducted in EDVE (Braunschweig) by Georg from Hamburg, enjoy viewing the video.


18% Experimental & LSA NPE ...RV6_flyer

Many of us have updated our aircraft with ADS-B out. Was reading an article and 18% of the Experimental and LSA have nonperforming emitters.

As Experimentals, the Gov't gives up lots of leeway to do things ourselves. It is great being allowed all this freedom but there is a responsibility that what we do must not only be SAFE but it must work correctly. One does not just make a change (install new equipment) and go about our merry way. We need to TEST and make sure that it works the way it is suppose to.

We as Experimental Aircraft Owner / Operators can use the FREE FAA's Public ADS-B Performance Report Request (PAPR) website to test our ADS-B out.

IF we are going to continue to be able to use non-TSO'ed equipment in the future to meet Gov't mandated requirements to use certain air space, we need to make sure that we meet the performance requirements. Failure to meet the performance requirements (and safety) could bring more restrictions and Gov't control over the hobby we all love so much.


Today's flight - chasing clouds 04/09/2020 ...Kevin Lippert RV-14A


Maintain Those Tailwheels ...rv8ch

NTSB Identification: CEN20CA114

14 CFR Part 91: General Aviation
Accident occurred Wednesday, March 4, 2020
Aircraft: Vans RV8
Injuries: 2 Uninjured.

NTSB investigators used data provided by various entities, including, but not limited to, the Federal Aviation Administration and/or the operator and did not travel in support of this investigation to prepare this aircraft accident report.

The pilot of the tailwheel-equipped airplane reported that he made a normal landing approach to the runway with a direct crosswind of 15 knots and gusts reaching 23 knots. The pilot reported that he was initially able to maintain directional control with normal flight control inputs after the airplane touched down on the main landing gear; however, when the tailwheel touched down the tail began to weathervane and the airplane veered to the right. The pilot was unable to regain directional control with an application of full left rudder and left brake before the airplane departed the right side of the runway and struck a precision approach path indicator lights (PAPI) system. The left wing, left horizontal stabilizer, and left elevator were substantially damaged during the collision with the PAPI system. A postaccident examination and functional test of the steerable tailwheel revealed that the spring-actuated key slide would stick in the retracted position within the tailwheel fork, which allowed the tailwheel to caster instead being steerable within the normal limits intended for takeoff and landing. Additional examination revealed that the slot in the tailwheel fork that held the spring-actuated key slide was slightly deformed, and that the key had several raised edges that caused the key to bind when fully retracted in the slot. It is likely that the tailwheel was able to caster during landing, which resulted in the pilot's inability to maintain directional control after the tailwheel had touched down during landing roll.


Tool Box Drool ...rogawer

All cleaned up and ready for the next kit...


Covid induced relocation

Last Monday (03/30/2020) I relocated the Dream Weaver from Florida to Bishop Airport in Flint, Michigan. Then, I took our mini motorhome out of the hangar and drove back to Florida. Eight hours including two fuel stops going up; three days sanitizing gas pump handles driving South.

Michigan and northern Indiana were totally socked in. The photo is from 9,500 ft. Ceilings were 4000; scattered 1300 ft. Outside air temp flitted between 27 and 32F. When ATC cleared me lower for the approach I dove at 2,000+ fpm to pass through the layer as quickly as reasonable. Even so the plane picked up some light rime ice on the leading edges and windscreen. Fortunately it quickly melted below the deck. The approach and landing were uneventful.

The relocation was done because the plane is ten months into its last twelve month condition inspection; all of my tools and hangar are in Michigan, while Dolly and I expect we will be stuck in Florida till late July.
Karl Bambas RV-7


Fiberglass around counterweight ...Glen P

I'm new at this fiberglass business. I closed up the HS and VS tips with foam, flox and micro balloons. I applied some flox and then some micro balloons to the counterweight to see how well it would adhere. I adhered well. Now I'm wondering whether I could add some more micro to give it more of a finished look (after riveting on the tip). Any problems with this plan?


Larry Vetterman's Dynon D6 For Sale ($800)

(posting this for my friend Larry - dr)
"For sale. Dynon D6 with remote compass. Removed for panel upgrade and has worked perfectly since installing about 300 hours. Only $800. Larry Vetterman email vetxaust 'at' gwtc 'dot' net."



April 9, 2020.  Issue #5,058.  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

Canopy & Windshield Done ...Larry Larson

Finally. Canopy, skirt, windshield and trim all done. Pretty pleased with the results.
Big shout out goes to Dan Horton for the awesome threads on fiberglass and cutting & buffing. Also to my mentor, Dave for teaching me fiberglass.
I tried to document the processes to my blog for others.


Initial Contact ...Barry Wallace

I am new to the site and forums and enjoying the heck out of all the good information.

I am looking to buy a RV-6A with a iO-360 and FP prop and noticed it's Empty Weight is 1,168.40 pounds and of course, Gross Weight at the factory listed 1650 pounds. This leaves only 481 pounds Useful Load. At 38 gallons fuel capacity that leaves about 253 pounds for the wife and me. With these numbers I would need to get a new wife or drop fuel.

What is a typical Empty Weight for an RV-6A?

Is the stated Empty Weight of 1168.4 a concern?


Down Under report & retro ...clarkefarm

Apart from lock downs & social distancing it has been the wettest start to a year in over a century in our area of Victoria (near Melbourne). Interesting change after the fires in December.

I have been persevering with an NSI based set up in an RV-9A but using a modern and high end Motec M130 for engine management and a much more up-to-date Subaru EJ25.

Short video of a Sunday (your time) circuit.


Yobo Update

"For those that know him, Kent "Yobo" Yohe is awake, out of the ICU, and nearly out of the hospital. He's working through reportedly 1000 text messages! Thanks for all the prayers!



RV-10 First Flight ...Charlie Derk cockpit video


Engine data ...Felix1973 RV-12


thank you so far for all your thoughts about the root cause for this engine malfunction. We have not been able to resolve the problem, yet.

So far, this is what we have done:
* we cleaned the carburetor and did find heavy floats and changed them.
* we analyzed the engine data and determined that the right carburetor must be faulty and replaced it with a new one.

The issue persists. Any thoughts?


Charity Flights ...plehrke

Has anyone heard of any charity flights that GA is doing, or organizations are requesting, relative to moving supplies around in their state for COVID-19?


Moving the Needle a Bit ...

The annual is almost done and the new G3X touch screens are powered up and mostly configured.  With all the CV-19 and the CAE sim training, and the son home 'remotely colleging', and the hunt for TP, the RV has kinda been on the back burner as of late.  I miss flying it, and am grateful the needle is moving toward the 'back to flying status' end of the gauge. 

New tires and tailwheel bearings, updated firmware in the 430W (so it will talk to the updated 330 (now a 330ES) for ADS-B OUT), but other than that no major annual finds from the Monk man and James.

I downloaded and updated charts Wednesday.  Boy are these screens faster than the first gen screens I had.  Going to be nice.  Need to learn some new stuff.

click to enlarge



April 8, 2020.  Issue #5,057.  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

Homework Motivation ...crabandy

Lil' Dude was having a tough day at home pre-school this morning, I bribed him with a trip to go flying if he finished his last worksheet. I needed to use the table-saw stashed at the hangar anyway and it's been a couple weeks since I stirred the oil so it sounded like a good idea.

1500ish OVC made it a good opportunity to log a couple of approaches, we filed picked up our clearance and launched. Not half bad for being out of the cockpit for a couple weeks, I've got my 120 nailed and just slightly off the horizontal/vertical. The flight director was still stuck on Alt, I was hand flying and never swapped it to Apch.  continue


FI Fuel Metering Line Disconnected: Engine Failure on Short Final to a Military Base



U.S. Air Force Plant 42 (KPMD) in Palmdale, California. A small DoD facility in the Mojave Desert that was the home to such famed projects as the Space Shuttle Orbiter, the F-117A, and right now, my Vans RV-8. I was in no mood to appreciate the rich aviation history of the location as I pondered how I found myself on the wide expanse of Plant 42's ramp in my little homebuilt.
The flight had originated at Inyokern Airport (IYK) in California, just North of Edwards Air Force Base, and West of Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake where I was stationed as an Operational Evaluation (OpEval) F/A-18 pilot. I grew up in General Aviation, having taken my first flying lesson at age 11, but had stepped away when I joined the military, and the RV-8 was my return to the joys of GA flying. I purchased the airplane from the builder a few years previous and had flown it to Oshkosh twice, accumulating about 300 hours in the aircraft. I was beginning to feel fairly confident in the machine, as well as the owner-assisted maintenance program that I was learning under the tutelage of a local A&P mechanic.

Leading up to the flight there had been some fairly extensive maintenance. I recently had the aircraft re-wired with a full Garmin glass cockpit setup and engine monitor, and had all the hoses firewall forward replaced with Teflon-steel braid hoses for longer service life. I'd flown the airplane for 50 hours since the work had been completed, so I changed the oil, and took advantage of the downtime to rework the engine baffle seals for better cooling. The higher fidelity of the Garmin engine monitor had revealed some inadequacies in my cooling setup in the high desert heat with CHT's reaching 400F+ during takeoff, so I took on the project of improving the airflow under the cowl. I also rebuilt the tailwheel assembly. After a quick leak check, a successful post-maintenance check flight put the airplane back in service.
The next day I came out to fly, and found that the battery was dead. The battery was new, only 6 months old, but I checked and cleaned all the connections, ordered a new battery and installed it on the afternoon of the incident flight.  continue


7A Rebirthing Update ...kentlik



There have been many changes over the past 2 years, but one thing remains steadfastly in focus...our commitment to our customers and fellow builders. Tom and I often receive the question... "What is the difference between TS Flightlines and Aircraft Specialty?"

We wanted to address this as well as provide a comprehensive update of what we have been working on, the status of our companies, and what our plans are moving forward. The link HERE is a PDF detailing a lot of this information.

We greatly appreciate ALL of you and the rest of the experimental aircraft community and truly look forward to a very exciting future.

We are JUST GETTING STARTED. The energy that you all provide us with is incredible and we look forward to working with all of you as you transform your metal pieces into an incredibly awesome machine.

With sincere gratitude and thanks,

Steven Tschurwald
Aircraft Specialty

Tom Swearengen
TS Flightlines


EI Power System Review ...WingsOnWheels

Q: I am currently running one Mag and one EDIS-Based Electronic Ignition. In the future I am going to replace the mag with a second EI, but I first need to ensure that the electrons keeps flowing in the event of an emergency. ...continue

A: (DanH) Do this instead, isolated feeds and grounds. One diode, not three, and replace the useless breaker with a fusible link for aux battery charge. Well, "useless" may not be fair, as you could pull it to preflight check the aux battery output.  The EDIS feeds really only need 5 amp protection, as the EDIS system only needs a bit over an amp. 

Been flying this for a while now. Strip off the voltage monitor, push to test aux battery voltage, and ignition map select wiring, and it's pretty much what you see above. Both batteries are behind the baggage compartment in the RV-8, so there is no battery bus or main bus in the ignition system.


All I Need In One Place ...ronshchreck



April 7, 2020.  Issue #5,056.  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

RV-7 Advanced Panel Video ...Rob Hickman (Advanced Flight Systems)

Since we all did not get a chance to go to Sun-n-Fun this year we decided to post a new video showing how a RV-7 VFR panel can be upgraded to IFR. Stay safe during these difficult times and we look forward to seeing you at the next airshow.


RV-12 Throttle Safety Wire

Q: (mowenski)  Just want to get an opinion on the safety wire shown in the Rotax Installation manual on the throttle cable sleeve. Van's section 50 Engine Controls does not indicate this step. Good idea?

A: (Tony_T)  That's an interesting question. The Rotax IM does show the cable safety wired however it is a different type of cable. With that type of cable the cable sheath can pull out of the adjusting screw.

Van's installation has you discard the Rotax adjusting screw hardware and they furnish a cable with threaded end on the sheath. So it is a different installation then that of the Rotax manual. However, as shown in this photo the choke cables are the type that should be safety wired to prevent the sheath from pulling out. I know this because I had the adjustment screw on my starboard carb choke cable loosen and allow the choke cable sheath to pull out resulting in the choke being halfway activated, rough running and plug fouling.

There is still the question of whether the throttle cable in the Van's installation should should be safety wired somehow.


Yobo update

KC Flight had more happy news this morning. Yobo asked the nurse for his release papers to sign cause he wants to go home. I think he is finally out of the woods and anyone that wants to shave off a scraggly Yobobeard will have that opportunity soon. All his labs results and oxygen levels are good so it won't be long now.

Thanks to all the RV community for your thoughts and prayers, they are working. 2020 is getting better already!!


My RV Weekend ...Pmoran

Out for some air work and site seeing:


Discounts - Save 10-15% on EVERYTHING until April 15th ...Brown Tool

First and foremost, I hope all are safe and well. This is a challenging and stressful time for all of us and Brown Tool and most of our customers are taking an economic hit due to COVID-19. We are working staggered shifts so that we are keeping the number of folks in our building to an absolute minimum and we are of course practicing strict social distancing and sanitizing and washing our hands and everything else in the building. We have also closed our warehouse to any walk-in business.

I have promised all of my employees that they will not miss a paycheck and that they will receive their full pay and benefits for the duration of this pandemic. I refuse to lay-off or furlough anyone. To this end, we wanted to come up with a way to generate business and at the same time help our customers, many of whom we know are tightening their budgets. Here is what we have come up with:

Now through April 15th, we are offering the following discounts for orders placed on our website:
Order $150 or more - Save 10%
Order $300 or more - Save 12%
Order $500 or more - Save 15%

Use the coupon code AIRPOWER when checking out and the discount will be applied to your qualifying order.
The really good news is that there are NO EXCLUSIONS - you can use these discounts on ANY ITEM ON OUR WEBSITE - including our already discounted KITS and items that are already on sale! This means that you can "stack" the discount on top of a sale price or kit price and realize never seen before savings! If you are planning on buying one of our RV Tool Kits, this is the time to do so - the kit is already highly discounted off our normal list price and with this special discount you can save an additional 15% off of the kit price!

The small print: Orders must be placed online at our website at www.browntool.com - Prior orders are not eligible, discounts apply to new orders only, please. - You must enter the coupon code AIRPOWER when checking out to receive the discount. - No dealers please.

On behalf of everyone at Brown Tool, we wish you and yours health and wellness. Together, we will all make it through this unprecedented time and emerge on the other side wiser and more resilient than ever.

We appreciate your support and it is our intent to be here to support you!


$2 Tools ...Ideas that give Bang for the Buck! ...PaulvS

Found this handy rivet holder in the aviation aisle of the $2 variety store.  The low height and rubber base keeps it stable and easy to reach.


My RV Weekend ...goatflieg

Got all the horizontal cowl fasteners completed, including the nose nut plates and screws. It's not really a milestone... still have the firewall fasteners to do and a LOT of fitting and finishing work on top and bottom cowls... but it sure feels (and looks) like a milestone. Nice to make significant progress again before returning to the fiberglass finishing grind; more millstone than milestone.


The Tool Chest Droolfest Thread Ramps Up



April 6, 2020.  Issue #5,055.
  The great news on Yobo (below) couldn't make for a better top story.  Very, very grateful to get this news.  Updated the RV White Pages and RV Hotel doc over the weekend.
(Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

Yobo Update

(olyolson) Pleased to report to the RV community that Yobo talked to his wife last night for the first time since coming off the ventilator. That is a really good sign and we are hopeful that his recovery will progress quickly from here.

Overjoyed with this morning news, better than the first cup of coffee to wake you up!


Confessions of a Shop Flirt ...goatflieg

Early yesterday morning I had riveted the horizontal rows of Skybolt fasteners to the upper edge of the bottom cowl, using Pro Seal as a stabilizing adhesive between the aluminum and fiberglass. Later in the day, I went out to the shop and of course it still reeked of the Pro Seal. Yesterday was a beautiful spring day in Michigan; it wasn't too cold, the sun was shining and the air was calm. So I thought it would be nice to open the shop's garage door and air the room out. When I did, the afternoon sun streamed in, lighting up the interior and changing the perspective of the shop in a wonderful way. That garage door faces our street; many of our neighbors will walk by with their kids or dogs on such a beautiful afternoon. I wondered whether they would notice that my briefly exposed shop contained an airplane. I stepped outside and looked back in, to see what they could see.  ...


RV Pilots Honor Fallen Navy Veteran ...mturnerb

I'm sure the pilots in this formation are known on the forum. When I spotted this story it made me proud of my country and my community. Even though I'm a former Air Force guy, around these parts we love our Navy community.


Dumbest Mistake in an Airplane ...Bruce

Attempting to start a discussion and ward off boredom: tell us something dumb "a guy you know" did in an airplane. Not to judge, just to discuss. I'll start: I know a guy who in a rush to get in the air rushed through his preflight and neglected to remove his cowl plugs. The cord connecting the two plugs runs past the propeller (as it should) so as soon as the engine fired up it tore the plugs out and chewed them up and threw foam all over the ramp area. No real damage done, a fair amount of embarrassment though.


Tail Art ...zmatt


Falcon Flight Formation Clinic Update 4/4/2020 ...Check6

As we all know we are living in unprecedented times. With the extension of social distancing and limitations of Bell County where the Temple airport is located we have decided to move the clinic to the last weekend of May. The new formation clinic dates will be Friday May 29 - Sunday May 31, 2020. There will be NO back up weekend as we will not have access to facilities and it will have become too hot by June here in central Texas. ALL hotel reservations have been cancelled EXCEPT those staying at the Holiday Inn. Those at the Holiday Inn or any other hotel you made reservations with will need to be cancelled by YOU! Again, ALL reservations at the Residence Inn our primary hotel have been cancelled by Scroll. That said we know a lot of people have been directly impacted by CV-19 both physically and financially. So please take some time to reflect on your situation and whether or not signing up for this clinic is truly viable for you.  ...


KFFC Formation Team Practice

(rswalden)  We took the opportunity to fly before the Georgia Corvid-19 lockdown began. 14 RV's in all. Perfect evening to fly...
An aviation/photography enthusiast who happened to drive by took some nice photos (used with permission)  more


Status Report ...ZazooRV-9A

Work has continued on the 9A. We completed the fitment of the upper and lower rear fairings and removed the empennage until paintwork will start (we'll be painting the plane in my shop, but the tail, wings and fuse will have to be painted separately).
Then began the installation of some cables. Throttle, Mixture, Carb Heat, and Cabin Heat put into place initially. We've updated to the revised 9A nose gear and engine mount, no problems so far with routings etc, although if you were extra smart, you might do the firewall penetrations and some other things before mounting the engine. But it's not fatal. If you built these every day, you'd be a lot smarter. The second plane would be perfect.
Then on to wiring,,,, I don't hate wiring but I've found it to be the least documented aspect of the assembly, very slow progress, lots of head scratching.  ...


My RV Weekend

(Fearless) Moral support for another RV-er.  Flew down to Bowling Green Kentucky to lend support to Doug Rohrer for his ready to be inspected RV-9A. Bobby Hester flew in as well to check over Doug's plane prior to scheduling a DAR inspection. Doug was gracious to take me flying in his prior 9A while I was building mine and while my daughter was attending Western Kentucky University.

(Av8safe)  Chi-town fly by
Got an early start to the weekend on Thursday, given conditions were too perfect not to fly. Took a lunchtime vertical distancing break and headed North along the lakefront. Chicago approach was quiet as a mouse and there may have been two arrivals to ORD fly overhead the whole time. Getting close to doing my first oil change...looks like I will be going solo on that given the current constraints. Have enjoyed around 25 hours in this ride since picking her up in mid-February...still grinning. Thank you RM!

(SPX) A contractor friend of mine had around 500 N95 masks to spare, and a nurse friend works in a unit that could use them.. so off to the mountains I flew, about 85 miles east of me, to get the masks.

Great flight to and from (with a little cloud dodging), and on the way home, I was curious to see how the iPhone did propped up on the top of the panel, recording the landing. Not great, but not awful.

(Zuldarin)  Just a little social distancing over the puget sound.

(GaryK)  The clouds finally broke in Western Michigan. Beautiful evening for a flight in the 10.

(Paul 52)  The sky was clear and nearly cloudless here along the Gulf Coast. I didn't think I would get a a picture that was too good but I was wrong. I love a beautiful sunset.

(AAflyer) MiG Patrol. Stirred up the oil, looked up to see down, practiced a couple wheel landings, and RTB with a crisp overhead pattern for a 0.7!

(catmandu) We've been distancing at our Maryland house (where the RV still is), trying to do things to get it listed for sale. Our daughter Judy lost her job as a server, and her flight instructor has a compromised wife, so he's not interacting with people for a couple months. So Judy came to Maryland to once again get into the RV with Dad to continue on her PPL path. She asked for a flight without a dedicated plan just to wash away the Cherokee flows and feels.

My father's retirement community has (thoughtfully) gone into lock down: anyone who goes out the front gate must stay behind the door of their apartment for two weeks to protect the others. He is less than enamored with the 'room service' from the community eatery. So, we made up some of M'lady's best meals and froze them in individual meal containers.

Two birds with one stone, Judy and I flew east to west through the DC SFRA, grabbed the courtesy car from KJYO, and dropped the meals off at the front gate for Dad today!  ...


Progress ...BobbyLucas RV-12

Spending quite a bit of time in the shop with the current situation.
Was great to be able to open the garage door while working on it the other day. Looking forward to more days like that!
Hoping to be able to sit it in soon


So...I'm ready to jump in. But where to start? ...new guy checks in.

Is there a guide somewhere on what you need to get started building an RV-10? I've seen the tool kits from Cleveland and PlaneTools, but I'm not sure which kit is "better" and what I should upgrade/customize in the kits and what I should purchase in addition to the kits. Being that my location is on quarantine right now, and looks like it may continue to be through the end of May, I'll have to order most additional tools (Finer grit sandpaper, etc...) online, so I'm hoping to find a solid starter list of things I'm definitely going to need so I can get ahead. I'm ready to start placing orders on Monday!


Off and Running ...MIKE_JG -8

"...first picture to share, rudder under construction"


Confusion/questions on Fiberfrax installation...Reflex

Thought I'd start a new thread instead of hijacking an old one....

After reading several threads/posts on adding a safety margin to the firewall, I've decided that this is one of the very few modifications I'd like to make on my RV-14. However, I'm still a bit confused. I'm planning on using Fiberfrax and Dan H's method on the firewall. Dan has been kind enough to give very detailed drawings of his method. However, I'm slow enough that I'm not quite understanding when or how to mount things to the firewall.

If we put the Fiberfrax and covering on first, it appears that items on the firewall would have a very "soft" mount. If we put items on the firewall before the Fiberfrax is installed, then we could/will have hot spots in the event of a fire. In a perfect world, I'd like to install install the Fiberfrax first and then mount everything to the firewall, I'm just afraid that they won't stay put. I've cheated and put Dan's pictures and a couple other examples below.

In what order do I install the items on the firewall, before or after Fiberfrax?  continue



April 3, 2020.  Issue #5,054.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

First Flight - RV14A ...Allan Stern (Steve T. post)

We are posting this on behalf of Allan Stern. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

"I made my first flight this morning. Plane flew just like an RV. A few minor little problems like an aileron might slightly be out of adjustment giving a slightly heavy left wing, or pull to left. Temps were green oil temp 195 for a new engine. Very docile and no surprises.

Kit #140507 QB
19 months total time from first kit till DAR inspection
15 month actual build time minus QB wait time of 3 months and 1 month vacation"


Going in a circle ...PaulvS RV-6A

I went around in a circle today, April 1st carried over!

I've been checking over the fuselage frame and noticed the smallest F-612 bulkhead at the tail end was installed with the flanges facing forward. But there is a one-line statement in the construction manual that says to orient flanges backward for the -6A (versus the -6 which has two parts riveted together, one facing forward, one facing back).

I decided to make another bulkhead, similar to the 6, so as to have flanges facing backward as well as forward.

Made the part, went to drill the parts together, checked the rivet spacing on the plans and noticed a revision to have the flange face forward on the -6A!

So a morning's work for nothing (other than some ongoing education).


Addition made to all RV tail/empennage kits ...Mothership Greg

We recently made a small addition to every RV tail/empennage kit we ship. We're now including our OP-51 "Sheet Metal Basics" kit, a small and practical learning exercise that folks can use to practice/develop their skills before jumping into building the actual tail kit. It certainly doesn't replace our more advanced practice kits like the toolbox, lightbox sign or practice airfoil. In other words, this one ain't meant to be purdy -- It's practical! Think of it as an extra opportunity to try things before you jump in, if desired. It's especially good to use for practice in *fixing* mistakes -- something we all need to feel confident in. Worried about drilling out and replacing rivets for the first time? Use this little kit to practice and don't worry about messing it up while you're learning. We've used the "Sheet Metal Basics" kit with STEM educational programs for many years to help kids learn the basic skills, too.

Included is an instruction sheet, aluminum sheet pieces and angle, plus the necessary hardware -- the same sort of hardware that is commonly used in building our aircraft kits.

Don't need it? Cool! Use it to teach a kid from your neighborhood how to use the tools and build skills. And be sure to post or send us a photo of you teaching them! Spread the opportunity and help construct the next generation of builders!

You don't have to order a tail kit to get it, by the way. I mean, we certainly would like it if you did. But, if you already have your tail kit it's also available to order online at our web store for the princely sum of $10 plus shipping. You can search for "BAG SHEET METAL BASIC" to find it.

And since history tells us that someone will comment or ask: No, we didn't increase the tail kit prices because of this.


Fitting everything behind an RV-8 panel ...Cannon

I have a G3X Touch panel that I've finally mounted in the fuselage.

When Stein built the panel (which is beautiful), the harness lengths (12-18") imply mounting most of the boxes immediately behind the panel, I suppose either attached to the next bulkhead or on mounts I'd fabricate between the bulkhead and crossbrace. The GTX45R and GTR20 are the biggest boxes by far and the two I most worry about. The others don't concern me too much.

I need to mount a GTX45R, GTR20, GAD 29, GEA 24, grounding FOT and the avionics relay. None of them have harnesses long enough to mount very far away.

I could build an extension harness for either the GTX45 or GTR20, but both would require sourcing several connectors and pinning ~18 wires/shields.

What have others done?


Flash's Annual Continues

...with the help of A&P Randy Richmond and RV-4 owner James Walsh.

I've been in Phenom 300 SCM school for the past two weeks, and these two rock stars are helping me move the RV needle while I'm out of the loop.  It wouldn't have moved at all without them!   New tires, FINALLY getting the AeroLED strobes installed (on the shelf for years), ADS-B out and more down the road as the world settles down and time permists.  Prop gov overhauled.  It'll be in the air sooner rather than later, and I'm thankful for my RV friends.  dr



April 2, 2020.  Issue #5,053.  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

We can still have nice things....   Pete Howell RV-9A

Corona curve smashing is not much fun for anyone, but I can socially isolate and still find some beauty out there.

Sunsets over the Mississippi still get me every time. Tonight was a keeper.

Just upriver of Hastings things looked pretty sweet.......


First Flight N112DR RV-12iS ...David Rohrlick

First Flight on March 14th. Slightly heavy right wing, Trim indication needs a re-cal, ADAHRS showing in a right bank when straight and level.



Three Fingers ...schristo

I took my friend John Liberto up for a flight around Three Fingers mountain recently and he surprised me with this spectacular painting!  He even added Missy and Prop dog.  John is a digital artist in the gaming industry and is crazy talented.


RV-14:  Vent bluck off FF-0084 and Vetterman Exhaust

Q: With the vetterman exhaust, is the vent block off plate on the right side necessary? With one heat muff, I see that it probably should be, but does the vetterman come with 2 heat muffs, each feeding it's own side?

A:  Yes, two heat muffs. I added a second flange on the back left baffle with a second scat tube so each heat vent has its own source.  This shows the flange...


Pilot From P-51 Engine Out Video Flies Sweepstakes RV-10 ...video

British warbird pilot Mark Levy flies an RV-10 for the very first time and gives his honest assessment of the AOPA 2020 Sweepstakes grand prize.


RV-8 Status Report ...Foghorn

Still moving the ball down the field. I'm ready to have the Fastback canopy finished!!!  Ready for epoxy skim then primer. It's cold and rainy today but tomorrow looks good.


RV-8 Build Status Report ...goatflieg



April 1, 2020.  Issue #5,052.
  A bit of personal milestone news to report during these strange days.....as of yesterday I am right seat qual'd in the Embraer Phenom 300 (EMB-505) simulator at CAE as part of their Supporting Crew Member program.  It's been an interesting and challenging two weeks of ground school and sim hops.  'Fire hose' comes to mind, as they say.  Great instructors!
  Hoping to part time it a day or so a week there in the future.  If you're a Phenom pilot getting your initial or recurrent satisfied, I just might be the one grabbing the QRH while you recite memory items for E1(2) FIRE, CABIN ALTITUDE HI and V1 cuts ;^).  Shoot me an email if you're coming to DFW for training and maybe we can talk RVs during breaks!
(Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

April Calendar Wallpaper

...John Walsh photo


RV-10 vs SR-22 Video ...Mothership Greg

It's been a couple of days since it was published, so maybe you've already seen it - but AOPA did a bit of a fun fly-off drag race between their sweepstakes RV-10 and an SR-22 and posted a video. More details of the comparison will be in the AOPA Pilot magazine per Dave Hirschman from AOPA. Many people are asking the same sorts of questions posted earlier in this thread, of course.  continue


Dvalcik's RV Weekend

I work for a Hospital system and we have been going for 3 weeks non stop, but I did get a chance to get out and clear my head with a formation flight with a few buddies on Sat. We did practicing good Social Distancing on the ground and in the air.


RV-3B Status Update - David Paule

Larry, that's a good idea, and sort of what I'm planning, except on the inside, at least at the cockpit. I'd intended that this be the exterior and with some work I think it can be.

The fairing came off the fuselage easily enough, since I'd used plastic sheet and duct tape for a mold release. The first layer of the lay-up was peel ply, and that's firmly glued on. It's a major pain to remove and comes off in strips and pieces. The outside was easier and now it's all off, but it took parts of three work sessions to do it.

The fairing isn't perfect at all, not even nearly so, but I think it'll work. After I removed the mold and rough-trimmed the edges so that I wouldn't get slashed by the fiberglass, I put it on the fuselage. Good place to store it for now. The far side, forward of the roll bar, looks discontinuous because it's a trimmed edge that'll eventually be cut away so that I can sit in it.  RV-3B Status Update


Garmin Panel Decisions Help...mfleming

I'm very near making a decision and ordering my panel. I'm going all Garmin. Stein said if my budget was tight, I should wire for the equipment that I don't have money for now but might later. In my case this might be the second G3X and the certified WAAS navigator (probably the GPS175).

The above photo has the GDU460 G3X, GTX-45 Transponder, GPS-175, GTR-225 comm, GMC-507 autopilot controller and second GDU460 G3X. I'm hoping for a second remote comm.

I'm aiming for light IFR functionality.

There are a few things I'm unsure about that I have no way of resolving on my own before purchasing.  continue



March 31, 2020.  Issue #5,051.  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

Mystery Airport with Trip Report (Hint: 3T9) ...larrynew

Here's where we went this weekend. A day trip with some extreme social distancing and hiking. Anyone know where?


My RV Weekend ...SPX

With the stay at home orders expanding, I suspect that fewer of us did much with our RV this weekend. But, certainly some flew theirs, and others progressed on their build. So... what did you do?

Friday I flew my RV to get a few things from Aircraft Spruce, and then to meet up with another VAF member to talk about a panel upgrade. Then back into the hangar it went..

Today, I rode over to the airport and gave the RV a dry wash. Looks so much better.


Bolt Head Rubbing on Wire Bundle Hold-Down Plate ...Piper J3's RV-12

My friend's RV-12 built by Synergy as an E-LSA has a rod-end bolt head rubbing on the wire bundle hold-down plate beneath it. We put Teflon tape on top of the plate and it didn't solve the problem. The wire hold-down plate is raised up because of so many wires - main wire harness, ADS-B antenna Coax, Comm Coax, AOA tubing, etc.

Anybody else seen this? Suggestions?


Milestone:  First Engine Start and Is your Andair pump noisy? ...wjb

Does your Andair fuel pump make a racket?

I was happily surprised by how quiet the pump was when I was doing fuel flow tests last weekend with no back pressure ... purred along with a nice low hum.

However, once things are tight and pressure comes up, it makes a nasty racket. Almost like screeching sound ... it's very obvious in my first engine start video; pump is turned on on at 0:14.


DanH Helping amaris with some fiberglass suggestions

Remove any high spots on the underside of the pre-made upper fairing, just as Bill said. When well fitted, close any remaining edge gaps to zero with a liquid shim. Roughen the underside of the flanges with 80 grit. Tape the metal surfaces with a neat strip of packing tape. Mix epoxy with cabosil to the consistency of toothpaste. Apply a bead along the underside of the fairing flanges, screw it to the airframe, and allow it to cure. After cure, sand the edges to their final contour, a nice half-round.

Look close at the edge where the fairing meets the horizontal stabilizer. See the narrow band of cured shim material?

A similar dot of liquid shim can be used to make a solid base under each screw location, so tightening the screw doesn't deform the surface.

Your new scratch-built lower fairing is a nice part...my compliments. Bill E's proseal glue-on suggestion is a good one. Mine is attached with three screws per side, tapped into the longeron. Whatever works.

I know most upper fairings are attached with a whole lot of screws through the VS and HS skins, but it's not really necessary. Build a "hook" at the leading edge, and it locks into place using just two screws in shear, one on each side. At the rear, I use just two screws per side.

I like the screwless look. Be aware that no long fairing will fit perfectly at all temperatures; epoxy glass has a CTE about 2/3 that of aluminum.  continue


Anyone have to trim flap curl that tucks in to wing?? ...charozenz

(keep in mind I have a slow build from the 90's...(This build is like good bourbon, it get better with age....)

I have had real good success with setting the wing sweep, and incidence, etc with my RV6A. My drop lines from the forward part off the wing all it a laser light down the line. Less than 1/8" of error in sweep.

I set the wing incidence. I had 0.00 degrees difference between wings. But I had 0.40 degrees off of the longeron line. I am happy with this. It was more important to me to have excellent edge distance and get the wings in sync and flush with the belly to live with a 0.4 degree offset with the longerons. That was my judgement call.

The only issue that I struggle with is that the forward curl of my flaps hit the rear spar support preventing as much retraction as Id like. I trimmed that 5 inch section of inboard of the curl is in front of section of the inboard rear spar support that sticks out aft more than the rest of the rear spar support. But I am reluctant to trim the whole curl tip to gain this last 3.8th flap retraction. Hope that makes sense. If you have built a -6 or -6A I suspect it does.

Yes, I would still have enough of the forward curl to get at least 42 degrees of down flap even if I trimmed off about 3/8th of the forward part of the curl. I would probably feel compelled to then rivet on a new 90 degree lip on the forward edge of the cut curl.

Has anyone else had to do this? Did you rivet on a 90 at the end 0r bend a new 90, or leave it straight?

Would you just leave it as is, and live with the 3/8 below the fuse at the aft point of the flap?

P.s. a pic of the laser to check sweep.



March 30, 2020.  Issue #5,050.  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

Milestone: Trailer Time!!! ...laserman

After 18 winters.. She is ready to go to the EAA hanger at KFZY (OK maybe one more quick polishing")


The RV Heroes Among Us ...Bob Collins

I'm fishing out old articles I've written that are no longer available on the Internet. This one, from March 2007, is as pertinent to me today as it was then. I haven't had stick time in an RV since I ferried N614EF off to its new owner in late 2016. There are heroes who walk -- and fly -- among us. Here's the story of one of them. Who are/were yours?

(Mar. 31, 2007) -- After I graduated from college, not being able to get a job in radio news (it was a lot tougher back then thanks to Woodward and Bernstein), I went to work for my Dad in the insurance industry. I'm sure it was one of the happiest days of his life because a few weeks ago, my son got a fulltime job where I work, and it was sure one of mine!

I would have enjoyed the insurance business a lot more except for one thing: I really don't like asking people for something -- especially money. It's just not something I have ever been able to do. My career in the sales business was a short one and in the subsequent age of venture capitalists and movers and shakers, no doubt I also missed any chance to become a wealthy man -- well, that and the fact I had no marketable idea. During my radio career, I've also never asked for a raise. That's 32 years and might explain why I've moved so often. 


Flap Repair Help ...mfleming

Back on March 14th I put up a post about dropping my wing in the shop

The aileron has been fixed and I kicked the can down the road on the lower wing skins and end rib.

Talking to Van's tech support, they said re-skinning the flap is doable but take a crack at fixing it first as I have nothing to loose.

I thought I would canvas the best minds in the RV game to see how you would approach this repair.  continue


Get a dehumidifier for your cockpit! ...Pilot135pd

Get yourself a cheap dehumidifier for your cockpit, where you have those expensive radios, to keep them dry, to keep those seats smelling fresh, and to keep the leather in top shape.

It's unbelievable the amount of moisture in there, and I live in East Texas which isn't thought of being that humid, but all you need is a day raining outside and look at all the water my $23 dehumidifier removed !!!!  continue


RV Build - Take Two ...tfoster100

After selling my last project I had immediate sellers remorse. Basically before it was out of the driveway.
So about a year later I begin again. This time with quite a bit of head start thanks to a great builder in Colorado.

My RV-14A project has begun - or at least the waiting stage. It's at the QB stage in wings and fuse and the emp is done. Now I'm waiting for shipping- hopefully sometime in April.

I am passing the time organizing the shop and building a bench and wing stand. This time opting for the shorter wing stand that doesn't take up as much shop space.

My wife will remind me not to sell this time as I have promised her some good cross country flights at some point.


Oregon pilot (Van's employee) wins Richard L. Collins Writing Prize


Show Us Your Tool Chest ...bruceh

Show us your tool chest! The more stickers the better. I'll start.


Garmin Webinars

With the cancellation of several marquee aviation events, Garmin is bringing an educational line-up of webinars to its customers. Ranging from an overview of its latest products, such as the GI 275 and GTN Xi series, to cost-effective autopilot upgrades, these free webinars offer pilots and customers a broad overview of the latest Garmin has to offer, while also providing a general operational overview of its vast product line.

Garmin aviation webinars are scheduled in Central European Summer Time (CEST) or Central Time (CT) to accommodate customers' schedules around the world. Select webinars are presented in German. Depending on their time zone, customers can sign-up for a variety of webinars via either links below:


Aviation Webinar Descriptions
The Latest Products from Garmin: GI 175, GTN Xi and more
Check out the latest avionics available from Garmin, including the powerful GI 275 electronic flight instrument and the faster, brighter GTN 650Xi/GTN 750Xi touchscreen navigators.

Autopilot Retrofits
The GFC 500 and GFC 600 retrofit autopilots offer reduced maintenance, as well as safety-enhancing capabilities such as Garmin Electronic Stability Protection (ESP), underspeed/overspeed protection and coupled approaches. This webinar will focus on the features and benefits of both autopilots.

Cost-effective Avionics Upgrades
Learn about upgrading an aircraft panel with cost-effective avionics such as the GPS 175, GNC 355 and GNX 375 navigators, G3X Touch and the GFC 500 autopilot.

Garmin Services Overview
Learn how cost-effective Garmin services, including Pre-Departure Clearances, eAPIS, and international trip support, can simplify international flying.

Garmin Avionics for Experimental Aircraft
Check out experimental avionics options from Garmin, including the G3X Touch flight display and the G5 electronic flight instrument, GMA 245 audio panels and more.


Time Lapse Video of RV-8 QB Delivery...A36Lee


Tail Wiring ...Pilotjohns

So I am trying real hard to get the turtle deck on the tail. But first I decided I would install the wiring to the tail and the ELT mount; basically as much as I could before covering up the tail section. I really dread the thought of having to crawl in the tail to do systems installation.

So the pitch autopilot servo is in and wired, and the Canbus to the tail mounted GMU11 magnetometer is installed. I also installed a DTM connector in the tail for the electric elevator trim.
Lastly I installed the ELT mount kit from Vans. Of course there was a slight mod so that the mounting hole pattern would fit both of the most popular ELTs.

All that's left is the ELT wiring, and the doubler for the ELT antenna, then I think I can install the tail's top skin, or turtle deck.


Best Shop Fan Paint Job Ever ...a 22 second video.

...A&P Extraordinaire Randy 'Monkey' Richmond at 52F (card)



March 27, 2020.  Issue #5,049.
  Wishing you and yours a safe and happy weekend.
  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Laserman's 'Pretty Complete' G3X System Layout ...laserman post

Here is a pretty complete G3X system Layout.. (wired and operational)   Could be a basic start for any RV..   I only had room for one GDU...  
But its easy to wire in a second... For what it's worth.  Full wiring details as well.. (Hate to waste the effort on just one RV)   continue


First fiberglass attempt - lower empennage fairings ...amaris

Since I just took the Sportair Workshop for RV fiberglass, I thought I'd practice some before I get to the canopy so I made some lower fairings. This is my first attempt at making anyting on my own. (my wife is starting to get plenty of ideas though!)

I need to trim it to have a nicer line in the lower left corner, but it fits really well otherwise. No idea how I attach it though. There's only room for 1 platenut on the left and so it would need a few on the underside of the HS to hold it. Any other ideas?

Love to hear thoughts from some of the fiberglass experienced.


When is Good Enough Good Enough?

...revisiting a wonderfully written piece of text by Mr. Bob Collins.

(Dec. 24, 2006) -- One of the things I enjoy about building my RV is how the project has made me particular about approaching various tasks in search of perfection. One of the things about building my RV that has frustrated me no end is how rarely I find it.

A few weeks ago I was wandering along the flight line at the Minnesota Wing of Van's Air Force meeting, looking at some truly fine examples of workmanship. My friend Warren Starkebaum was with me.

I was telling Warren about my experience building the "new" rudder on my 7 last winter (the one with the AEX wedge trailing edge rather than the single-piece bent skin trailing edge). "I worked very carefully to get it perfectly straight and it came out OK. "It didn't come out perfect, but it came out OK," I said. But I wasn't finished telling the story.

"And then I went to Oshkosh last summer and looked at all of these beautiful RVs," I continued. "And I looked at all of the trailing edges on the rudders and they were dead-on straight. Man, did I feel like the world's worst builder after that."

As we looked over Paul Hove's beautiful (and almost ready to fly) RV-7A, I was waiting for Warren to lecture me on stuff I already knew or should've known. But Warren's not the type of guy to rub it in.

"You gotta stop looking at other people's planes so closely," he said.  continue


Garmin GPS175/GNC355/GNX375 Software Available For Download ...g3xpert

We are happy to announce that we are making software updates for the 2" series of certified IFR navigators (GPS 175, GNC 355, and GNX 375) available in our EAB Software Download Area. The software can be downloaded directly from our website to an 8 GB SD card and loaded into any unit installed in a non-certified aircraft.

Anyone wanting to update the software for these units will want to first download Service Bulletin 2048 and review the software update process. After reviewing the service bulletin, download the software loader image, and create a software loader card for the update. There is only one software download, which includes the files required to update all 3 units listed above. The current download link will update the Main System Software to 3.10.

Please feel free to send any questions or concerns our way at G3Xpert@Garmin.com.


Firewall Vent Assembly ...Mudfly RV-14A

I recently completed the assembly and installation of the two vent assemblies in section 28 of the fuselage kit for my 14A project. However, while looking through the revision updates on the Vans website, it appears the vent assembly gets modified in section 48. The attached picture is from page 48-04. It shows two blind rivets that need to be drilled out, and the installation of a cover plate (FF-00084) that is sealed with RTV.

I thought this may be a mod for the tail dragger only, but it is tough to tell not having that set of plans yet.

It seems it would be much easier to make that modification now, since everything is easily accessible, than to wait until later when the engine is mounted.
For those that have completed this section, can you help me with the "big picture"?


Level D Simulators and Smartwatches

Thursday's D2 PX heart graph below.  I'm halfway through sim week in the Phenom 300 (Supporting Crew Member program).  So looking at the graph below, give a guess as to when I was on the OVC008 KJFK VOR 4L circling to 31R approach for the first time?  Really gets your attention!!!   With any luck I'll be 'sim right seat qualified' on Sunday, ready to read your checklist and flip to the correct QRH page when something explodes or goes wonky.  If you're getting your initial or recurrent at CAE that is <g>.

I've learned more in the last 10 days than I have in the last 10 years.  The top of my head is actually hot and has those squiggly heat lines rising up... ;^)



March 26, 2020.  Issue #5,048.   (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Back to the Future ...PaulvS -6A Slow Build

I'm back on the tools and building again now, after a 20 year break, and picking up where I left off on the part-build fuselage. Before moving house for the third time, I took pictures of the fuselage skeleton to help with putting it back together again at the new workshop. The old workshop was 14 feet by 20 feet and I found it a bit awkward to build efficiently in a small-ish place.  continue


An RVator is Moving on to Bigger Things! ...catmandu post

An RViator is moving on to bigger things!
My friend Christine is the daughter of my friend Ed (N40ES). I have been blessed to be able to provide them with my CFI services, first in their family Cardinal, and eventually in their family RV-10, which perhaps I may have influenced them into buying.

Along the way, I gave Christine her first RV ride in my -6A, with some obligatory upside-down time. I believe she liked that.

But Christine was a bit of a slacker. She was ONLY a Private Pilot and a Volcanologist, travelling the world to see molten lava while taking my texts as I drove through the Sierras, with questions only an Earth Scientist could answer.

She decided there might be more to do in life, and found herself looking to become a commissioned officer for NOAA. Granted, driving a boat and not driving the science was not exactly what she wanted, but there was another plan: three years as a deck officer and she could apply to be NOAA Aviator! So, she worked through the process, and was accepted for 17 weeks of Officer Training, done concurrently with the US Coast Guard OCS in New London, CT.

Tonight was billet selection night in New London, where the Officer Candidates learned their first assignments. Ever the slacker, she apparently convinced NOAA that three years was too long to wait, she was selected to go straight to Pilot Training!

I'll let her proud Dad tell you of her future slacker plans.


What blind rivet did you use here? ...Ender -14A

There is a really tough to access rivet. Many folks online have said they either had a really nasty buck, or they blind riveted it.

I'm curious what blind rivet you used if you went that route. The grip is pretty long, so I think I can only use a cherry (can't use a Mk-319). I want to confirm if the NAS1097 cherry is the right one to use (considering its a 3/32 hold that is dimpled for a 426-3).



Multi Purpose Storage Box ...Bicyclops

I built a carbon fiber box to hide my fuel pump/filter, cover a PC680 battery, provide some tool storage and glove box, and mount my O2 bottle. When I've got the bottle installed, I put my cannulae in there. If I don't need the bottle for a flight, I save 12 pounds and leave it behind. When baggage is heavily loaded, the bottle helps to keep the CG in limits.


Regarding Web Store Upgrades in the Works ...Greg@Mothership

Wish list functionality is already programmed and will be part of the new store. Quite a bit of work left to do so don't expect this to happen real soon (especially with this COVID situation). But it'll happen!

You'll also be able to log in to your own account, save payment and address info, and a more. I'll save the "more" details for later. ;^)


Mysterious Oil Pressure...AlexPeterson

Today I planned a local flight. The engine was preheated, with its temperatures at about 70-80F before startup. The startup was nominal, oil pressure normal. The taxi to the departure runway is maybe 250 feet. I did the runup, and on bringing the power back down to idle I noticed the oil pressure was low. Ran the rpm back up, pressure 80+. Below is the data. Note the oil temp and oil pressure are both graphed against the left hand vertical axis. One can see the relative divergence of the pressure vs the rpm as the oil warmed up. I've never seen anything like this in 18+ years of flying it. The previous flight was 10 days ago.

Even though the oil only got to 120F, the idle pressure was way lower than normal. In fact, it was lower than I've seen it even when oil temps are above 200. Obviously, I didn't fly and instead taxied back to the hangar to scratch my head. Seems it could be a leaky relief valve, but I'm not sure. I'm going to go out again tomorrow and let it warm up longer, as well as to verify the sender accuracy. (Confession...I've long been an advocate of putting mechanical oil pressure gauges in as backups. I have one. The way the pressure was tracking so well up and down with RPM it never occurred to me that the indication might be false. So, I never looked at my mechanical gauge, which is sort of out of the way in the upper left corner of the panel. I will look at it tomorrow. )




March 25, 2020.  Issue #5,047.
  Pushed out Wednesday's edition early.  Hang tough, Earth.  Stay positive, watch videos of cats and dogs getting along and dream of flying RVs.
  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

RV-8 Tailwheel Steering Geometry

I recently found quite a bit of wear in my Aviation Products tailwheel attach block with 1500 hours on it. This is allowing the fork a fair amount of fore and aft motion that I'd like to stop.

I called Karen and ordered the parts. My airplane currently has a 20 degree attach block installed (see photo attached) but this puts the top of the steering shaft forward of the fork...which I gather is less than ideal. I don't get any tailwheel shimmy, but I can feel the wheel spinning around the instant I set the tail down until I get some weight on it.

API also offers a 10 degree unit, which would put the steering closer to the correct geometry, but I understand will make steering stiffer...I'm concerned about added wear to the steering system if that is the case.

What angle API blocks are you guys running with your chain setups?
Evan Levesque
RV-8 N88MJ


Revisiting the Center Storage Area ...RV10Pilot

Not mine, but I was thinking of creating something like it for my 10. It is from the RV7/7A forum.


Rent your Portable Camper to Rob 'Smokey' Ray for a bit?

I'm reaching out to the RV community to rent for an extended period, buy or potentially trade for an under utilized or unused 'RV' camper!
Not picky, Class C motorhome, Airstream, what have you? Contact me via email:
Smokyray 'at 'rocketmail.com


Fuse Dollies ...some examples

(Richard Connell)




South Florida Sport Aviation is Open ...VAF advertiser

Hi All,

Just a quick note from all of us at South Florida Sport Aviation.

In this changing time, we are here for you. South Florida Sport Aviation is open for business. We have moved some of our staff home. We are here taking orders, shipping and posting online.

Joseph Campbell said 'Follow your bliss.' For most of us, it's building & flying aircrafts.

Let's be proactive. Let's build. Let's fly.

We wish you all the best. Stay Safe.

Thank you,



Problem with the elevator trim travel ...Mark Browning RV-14

Hi everyone

Just wondered if anyone could offer a solution as to why the elevator push rod doesn't seem long enough ?

I hooked up the servo to the elevator trim tab. With the trim set in the neural position and the servo on mid travel the push rod is too short ?

i have to run run the servo motor almost fully out so the clevis pin fits


RE: MCA's Aircraft Wiring Guide ...VAF advertiser

(Marc Ausman)
"The book is sold both electronically and in paperback.

The paper version is printed and distributed worldwide by a third party, and books are digitally printed when ordered. The book is also distributed through dealers like SteinAir, EAA, Vans, Aircraft Spruce and others.

The electronic version is sold through Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle. This covers almost all of the electronic readers and devices.

As you can imagine, each of these entities is independent of the other. I would love nothing more than to offer a package where you can view it electronically and get a paper copy too. However, I have yet to figure out a way to get the different distribution platforms to work together on this. And balance this with the time needed for family and work. I'm open to ideas!"
Marc Ausman
RV-7 980 hours, IO-390, VP-X (sold)
RV-8 (flying a friend's)
Thinking about low and slow backcountry build.



March 24, 2020.  Issue #5,046.   (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Confined in your country? Solution: fly around it...DeeCee 57

Admittedly, the country in question is Switzerland, this little speck in the middle of Europe... neighbored by Germany, France, Italy and Austria. What's it shape like? Well, I remember too long time ago at school, the question was asked and the answer obvious: a cow patty! Unfortunately and in opposition to that patty, Switzerland's contours are really jagged since the mountains played the arbitrator.  continue


PC680-powered RV-6 dragger/tug ...JordanGrant

Hello RVers. For years, I've wanted to build an electric RV-6 tug to drag our airplane up the gentle slope into the hangar. I've thought that maybe a retired Odyssey PC680 battery could have enough juice to do the job for an airplane the size of an RV-6, but I wasn't sure. Well, I'm happy to report that it can be done! See below for my version of the battery powered RV tug.  continue



Buddy James Walsh's newly updated RV-4 is pretty full of Garmin gear these days after a panel change, and his brother John took these pictures yesterday.  From James, "Was testing out Connext integration with everything.  It's amazing how this thing communicates and shares info across so many devices."

Note G5, G3X Touch, GNX375, Garmin Pilot on iPhone and Garmin D2 Delta PX watch.  James flies a Gulfstream in his day job.


My RV Weekend ...various

With the COVID-19 restrictions setting in, I am thinking that maybe there was more building in the garage being done than flying, but there's a lot of the country still unrestricted, so .. let's hear it!

And, an argument could be made that flying your RV alone or in formation with others is the best form of social distancing, couldn't it?? Hard to transmit anything to others when you're alone and aloft.

I digress .. I worked yesterday, San Diego to Tucson in the work plane. I then drove home (445 miles, but it was surprisingly painless, and a pretty quick six hours). This morning, I wanted to go topoff the RV in case it sits for a bit with tighter restrictions. So, flew to a neighboring airport to get it topped off, and then put it back in the hangar.

We primered and dimpled the horizontal and vertical stabs. Got the horizontal front and rear spars riveted together. There's plenty of time for the build right now....I think the girlfriend updated the website so please check it out. Could always use some input.

My RV-8 flew again!
In mid January, I started condition inspection. First thing I did was pull the magneto and send it off to Champion-Slick for the SB1-15A treatment. They told me turn-around was 1--5 weeks just depending on how many come in during any period.

In the mean time, I replaced the O-rings in my brakes with Viton, and replaced the Mil-5606 with the Mil 83282 fluid.
I replaced both my throttle and mixture cables with custom McFarlane cables.
And, of course, I did the rest of the condition inspection.

Last week, my magneto finally made it home from South Carolina, and Saturday, 3/21, my airplane flew again for the first time in over two months.
Beautiful spring day to fly.

Heck yes! I flew a recon mission on Saturday followed by a 7 hour hike on Sunday. I brought those monster antlers from 8,000 feet on foot. That was a challenge. Anyone has an idea on the best mountain hiking boots?

Today my good Russian buddy Ivan made a first flight of his RV9 dragon tail. Congrats man!

Flew "around the block" from Torrance Beach to Huntington Beach and back. Overheard someone telling ATC "glad to find some normalcy up here". Amen brother.

(John Tierney)
Repositioned my RV-7A from a tie down on the ramp at Madisonville, TN (MNV) to a hangar at Crossville, TN (CSV). It is a 1.75 hr drive from home but the plane is under roof now. It's really hard to do any maintenance on a ramp. At only 54 hrs on the hobbs, I'm still tweaking stuff.
John Tierney
Vonore, TN
RV-7A - N777JT Flying

Flew over some random airport....

I did a short flight yesterday.

This was the first flight since installing the pitch servo. Had an interesting moment as I found out while accelerating after leveling of, that the servo installation reversed the trim command... Pretty proud of how quickly I recognised the problem and started trimming in the opposite way
RV-14 kit #140138
Flight testing


My New Panel ...Latintan1


Gumption Found ...David Paule -3B Update

I laminated the canopy fairing today, all by myself. Took all afternoon and went fairly well considering everything. I must have gone through half a dozen pairs of gloves.

Right now the epoxy is curing. I'll leave the laminate in place for at least a couple days, don't want it to warp after I remove it.

After I was done, I noticed that the cup with residual epoxy, about 3/4" of it, was getting warm. I checked with my IR thermometer and it was 118 F. A moment later it was 127, so I carefully took it outside and left it on the patio, away from anything. Shortly afterwards, it measured 337, but the next measurement was less. Evidently I missed the peak. At least it didn't ignite; I'd wondered if it would. The fairing itself was roughly at shop temperature and now, an hour later, does seem to be curing.

And here's what it looks like. The peel ply is still on, and the various defect artifacts seem to be related strictly to the peel ply.


Cylinder 1 EGT and CHT rise and fluctuate ...Dayz

I believe we have an issue with our #1. Today at runup our CHT and EGT went up high, faster than the other 3, engine ran not perfectly ( there was a miss if you listened properly).

Everything seemed to stabilize after but stayed higher the whole flight than usual.

Sensors were acting as if they were going bad, giving all sorts of random data. But in this case, the miss, and the fact that CHT and EGT were giving random numbers at runup is puzzling me. I pulled the data and will post it if I can figure out how.

I was thinking of pre ignition? But why, I was full rich at idle. Maybe pieces of hot carbon stuck on a valve that would preignite?

Let me know. We need to find this issue.



March 23, 2020.  Issue #5,045.
In our currently upside down world, here is some uplifting news to hopefully make you smile as much as we did.  Audrey Reeves is engaged. :^)
  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)


Ground Shot ...Paul 5r4

Here's a picture of my RV 7A. I first flew it April 1st 2012. It's been to Petit Jean several times, Atlanta, Birmingham, Sun and Fun repeat offender. New Orleans, Graceland... I love flying this plane. I hope to retire at the end of this year removing the "Have to get back to work" restriction from my license. If I end up stuck someplace because of weather and called in... my bosses would say "Pretty sure Delta is still flying!" :-)
It's a solid day/night VFR x-country auto pilot equipped machine.
Building and flying your own airplane... simply one of the high lights of my life.


Last time round Matterhorn....DeeCee 57

Took the -6.9 for one last spin around this majestic peak. Very emotional flight when one's field is closing due to a virus... already missing mountain jumping in the magnificent Alps


Status Report ...David Paule -3B

Cutting Fabric

Lately it seems as if all I've been doing was cutting fiberglass fabric for the canopy fairing. I'm using the same lay-up that I used on the avionics shelf, 1 uni, 3 bid, 1 uni, with peel ply this time on both sides. At the front and the back, the unit runs laterally, but on the sides, it follows the contour of the fairing, very roughly parallel to the canopy edge. Let's make that very, very roughly. 


Just Want to Say Thanks

This is my first post and I just want to express my appreciation for everyone that contributes their experience and expertise to this site.

I'm a long-time lurker and would not have had the confidence to make the leap into aircraft building were it not for the existence of an online community. I can't count the times I have used the advice found in these forums to get over a hump - and I'm just on the empennage. At the moment I'm feeling especially grateful for the trim tab threads. Last night I completed the end tab bends using the flat bar technique and had good results.

Thanks again, and please stay safe.
Scott Anderson
RV-9A Quickbuild


Lots of Extra Time Lately ...schristo

...for shenanigans!


3D Printed Parts and Molds: Update ...aX-O

Been working on some other projects but wanted to continue with this one yesterday.

I was trying to figure out how the air filter would seal on the cone flange. The filter has a small ridge. Figured I would mix some micro and make a perfect seal.  ...


Airplane Art ...RV7A_Flyer

I recently took a class in neon art, and made this design which I just hung in my hangar. Being an engineer and not an artist, I'm pretty proud of it! It doesn't show up well in photos, but the propeller is a krypton-filled tube with a "beading" transformer that makes it look like it's moving (and yes, it's "rotating" the correct way! )



March 20, 2020.  Issue #5,044.
Shout out to the mods who are helping me carry the load a little as I push through Phenom 300 Initial (the plane uses a Garmin G-1000 and I'm crushing the avionics labs....the G3X in the RV-6 pays dividends again).  I'm less reachable for next few, as you know.  To the readers/posters who are raising their civility game during this trying time, making my VAF world (and the mods) less hectic, thank you too!!!  We're gonna get through it OK.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Milestone: Passed my Commercial Checkride ...thompsonbr87

Caught enough of a break in the weather yesterday evening to squeeze in a checkride with Catherine Cavagnaro. She runs Ace Aerobatic School out of Sewanee, TN (KUOS) and was just named the GA Award's 2020 National CFI of the Year. I've heard other folks have had difficulty finding a DPE who would give checkrides in experimentals. If you're in that situation, I would recommend reaching out to her.

Super excited about it despite the current global economic landscape. I graduated from college at the end of the 2000's at the height of the "Great Recession", so I guess timing has never been my strong suit.

That said, if anyone has a line on any low-time, wet-ink opportunities near Middle Tennessee while I contemplate my next move, I would certainly be grateful!


RV-12iS Service Bulletin 20-03-16 - Check terminal wire colors on AV-60000 module

Van's has published a service bulletin for all RV-12iS aircraft/kits, along with an updated KAI Section 42MiS/U (Common Electrical).

Page 42, Figure 1 from that section has been updated to identify proper screw terminals on the AV-60000 Power Module. In the original version of this document, the Yellow and Blue terminal descriptions were illustrating the wrong terminals. The wires going to the Yellow and Blue terminals will need to be examined and, where required, swapped to match the updated plans page.

Note that each of these terminals are connected to 30-amp fuses. But, in order to ensure the fuse labels on the panel indicate the correct function, it is important to ensure the wires are connected as described in the updated plans section. This can become very important in the event of certain aircraft emergencies where the pilot needs to pull the correct fuse to mitigate a risk. Because the original KAI drawings were in error, builders/owners should anticipate the likely need to swap the wires on the two affected terminals.  ...


Peachtree RV'ers

Just wanted to make a gigantic tip of the VAF hat to the gang in Peachtree City/Brooks area for some reprieve from the viral sequester at my niece's place in Brooks area for the past 2 weeks. Every VFR day you folks are out formating and buzzing around the farm I'm camped on...I LOVE IT!!! Thanks too for the withdrawal symptoms...jonzin for my -7!!! Can't wait to pull her out of deep freeze in MT in a few weeks. Fly safe all!!!


Milestone: Panel is Built ...rvanstory

Just got this pic from Aerotronics today of my completed panel ready to be shipped! Can't wait to see it in the plane.

Can't say enough good about Andre Todd and others at Aerotronics. They have been so good to work with so far (and see no reason for that to change). Very responsive and helpful as we designed, changed and finalized everything.


OUTSTANDING - Up North Aviation ...74-07

I am constantly amazed at the customer oriented suppliers/vendors that help us with our RV projects. Vans, Vetterman, WhirlWind, Dynon, TS Flightlines, and many others have been great to work with when we needed something for one of the three RVs we've owned. Recently, we decided our recently acquired, steam gage, RV-8 needed to be brought into the electrical age. Not a high dollar, IFR panel but rather just a great VFR panel with some electronics replacing the steam gages. After reading about Bill at Up North Aviation, I gave him a call. Bill agreed to help us design and eventually cut our panel. I had no idea of the level of service and attention to detail he was going to provide. He and I sent many, many, ideas, drawings, and measurements back and forth. After each discussion, within an hour, I would receive a new, updated drawing. Twice he sent me full-scale drawings that I mounted on foam board and took to the airplane to be certain everything was like I wanted it. This panel was a little more challenging because I am panel mounting a Garmin 796 without the AirGizmo dock. The cutout had to be perfect. He took the time to scan my unit and then perfect the cutout on scrap.

Yesterday, Bill cut my new panel and immediately sent me photos. It is perfect beyond any expectation. Along with those photos, which I would love to include but I am VAF photo challenged, Bill sent a very reasonable invoice.

So, in short, if you are planning a panel upgrade that will require a new panel, Bill at Up North Aviation has my absolute strongest recommendation. You will be amazed at the level of service and the quality of the finished product.


Feedback for "Aircraft Wiring Guide" Book ...Marc Ausman

I'm looking for feedback from those that have read the Aircraft Wiring Guide (see link in the signature below) and wanted to get any input about:
- new topics to include
- updates to existing topics
- fixes
- useful comments in general to improve the book

Please comment below or send me a PM.
Marc Ausman
RV-7 980 hours, IO-390, VP-X (sold)
RV-8 (flying a friend's)
Thinking about low and slow backcountry build.
VAF Advertiser - Aircraft Wiring Guide
Book to help with experimental aircraft wiring.



March 19, 2020.  Issue #5,043. (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

More Denali Photos ...mbauer

Andy, those are some fantastic photos!!

More photos from my Saturday Flight. My RV-6 does not have a working heater, going to fix that on the next condition inspection this month.

For this flight Army surplus canvas mukluks with felt liners and warm winter gear was the ticket, Oh, and the heated seat covers I made a couple of winters ago. With the sun providing warmth it was quite comfortable despite the outside temp of -10c. Didn't wear gloves until on the ground.

One of the photos I'm going to post has some ice crystals forming on the canopy....Total of 479 photos taken.


RV-6 Rebuild Update and More ...jamlip

Some fiberglass stuff and a few other odds and sods arrive from Spruce. Once the cowling is done, the aircraft will be ready for a Condition Inspection.

I have sort of been ignoring the last detail up till now - I need to start thinking about selling my beloved RV-4. I have so many amazing memories attached to it and I don't feel ready to let it go, but I can't have (shouldn't have, don't need) two RVs.

I'm not going to advertise it properly just yet because I have a few little things to fix up on it. But if you're in the market for a decent 180hp RV-4 and have found this, perhaps this could be the aircraft for you...

General overview: Built 1987, 1050 hours TTAF (has incomplete logs from before my ownership), GRT Sport EX glass, Catto three blade prop, KLX 135A GPS Com. California aircraft since built, with neat Bakersfield / Harmon history. Flies as an RV-4 should - beautifully. Willing to deliver anywhere in CONUS at cost. $49k.

Writing this makes me want to cry...


NYC Hudson River Corridor - Covid-19 ...RV10Pilot

Great weather and clear skies and no one is out flying. It was a perfect day to take a flight through the hudson river corridor with my son. There was so little traffic we had to check the radio to make sure we were on the correct frequency. One helicopter flew over us and we heard 2 others make position reports. Other than that the entire hudson river was our. It doesn't get better than this. ...


Initial Contact ...Matt Bolick

Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself. I'm just about to jump off of this RV cliff. I ordered a squeezer and the toolbox kit so no going back now! I'm a private pilot flying an old C182 in Winston Salem with 2 kids and a lifelong dream of building my own airplane. I've managed to get the kids addicted to LEGOS which I see as the stepping stone to getting their help building an airplane with me. I recently started cleaning up the garage and tool shopping which is probably the builder version of a pregnant woman cleaning house and buying onesies.

I'm leaning towards an RV-14 since I already have access to a competent family hauler and I love the combination of cross-country comfort and light aerobatics. I'd love to find anyone in the reasonably close area that is either in the process of building a -14 or has a finished one I could buy dinner to take a look at.

I'd also love suggestions, opinions, advice, warnings and other ramblings. Talk me out of this!


Lane A and B generator failure on 2nd flight ...jcboon RV-12

I did my first flight on February 6th. Before that I accumulated 1 hour on the engine in testing, working the brakes and swinging the compass.
After a few weeks of poor weather I planned a second flight three weeks ago. Immediately after starting the engine, both lane lights started blinking. And afterwards Skyviews error read-out showed "generator failure".

I bought a dongle and borrowed a simulator. Today, running the engine with the simulator the error was confirmed. Rotax is looking into it, and I am waiting for their input. But I thought in the mean time I might ask if anybody on the forum has any experience with this. Any suggestions in finding the origin of the error are much appreciated. 


*******RESCHEDULED********* ...AX-O

passing this info on behalf of Tank, Slick and I.

With the numerous virus restrictions imposed and the safety of our friends in mind, we will be rescheduling the WCFC 2020 to a future date. Date is TBD at this point to allow for the "New Normal". Once restrictions are lifted and our health is at much less of a risk, we will reschedule.

Please remember to cancel your hotel reservations.


Need help with alternator theory ...paulsteger

I have a 6a that I bought used 3 yrs ago and recently found out if I turn off the master switch with the engine running, the main bus still has power and all electrical stuff stays on. Not sure how long it's been like this because my usual shutdown sequence of electrical, mixture, master, mags doesn't detect this. Here is what I know. It appears to be wired like Van's sample wiring diagram, except it has no separate voltage regulator, so regulator must be integral to the alternator as car alternators have been for many years. Looking at the schematic it looks like when you shut off the master, the master relay opens up which causes the + side of the battery to disconnect from the master bus. Meanwhile the alt side of the spit master switch disconnects the alternator field from the bus. Without 12 volts to supply the alternator field, the alternator output should drop out, so it also no longer supplies the bus, so bus should go to 0 volts. Mine doesn't. My master relay does drop out as it should. I can hear it clunk at a low idle. The alt side of my master switch does open up and drop +12 to the alt field. If I start the engine with the field wire disconnected, then the master does shut off the bus, but the battery is discharging with the engine running. So it appears to me that once the field is excited as in a normal start situation, the alt keeps supplying output as long as the engine is running, even if the field input loses its 12 volt input.the alt does charge the battery and supply the electrical needs as it should.
I removed the alternator to have it tested by a car parts jobber. It has no identifying data plate. What company made it? Car place couldn't test it because he didn't have a field connector to fit it. It has 3 male spade lugs in a U shape inside a round cavity. Is it from Vans? Lycoming? A paper barcode sticker on it gave no google hits either. I'm grounded till I get this fixed



March 18, 2020.  Issue #5,042.
  Reminder:  The Thu edition might be a couple hours late.  Don't panic ;^).
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

My RV Weekend ...Andy612

north west of the Northwest
I've been a long-time lurker, but this is my first attempt at posting a story. A rare (for March) huge ridge of high pressure over the Yukon and South-east Alaska gave me the opportunity to do some local site seeing this weekend. And beautiful it was. Super clear skies and almost no wind or turbulence. The air was smooth as glass. Very quiet radios, hardly any traffic. 


New Vinyl Striping on RV-9 ...PH-SCP

After flying this RV-9 for around 10 years I am getting a little bored with the colours. The aircraft is basically all white and the current stripes and tailnumbers are applied in vinyl.


Escaping the Apocalypse in our RV-7A (Trip Postponed, Hunkering down) ...Capt Sandy

Hello VAF'ers, (A departure from my usual fun-having posts)
Roy and I were out trekking in our RV-7A the last few weeks. We left Arizona and visited Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Weather and visiting folks had us in Tennessee for much of a week. Last Thursday, March 12th, I started having a lot of anxiety for obvious reasons. We decided that we would both take a break from watching the news for a day, and Friday the 13th seemed a bad day to make big decisions, so we decided not to decide if we would continue our trek or head home (home for now being our Airstream in southern Arizona, about 2 hours south of Phoenix). By the end of day Friday, we decided to decide anyway, and heading home seemed prudent. Our intended trek was to go to N. Carolina, Georgia, Florida and the Bahamas. Being on this side of the fence seemed like a good idea, and being in our own space even better. We had a very small weather window to launch, as weather was closing in from Texas to Tennessee.  ...


My RV Weekend ...mbauer

14Mar20 Local 400 Mile Flight to Mt Denali
Flew to Denali again for some photos. The peak was covered in clouds, however the lower mountains were absolutely stunning. 


Cracks in skin around rivets on rudder ...blackbeard10

During condition inspection I found these two cracks in the rudder skin on the right side. None visible on the left side and the rest of the tail showed no cracks either in the skins or structural members. My plan so far is to use MEK or acetone to remove all primer and paint around these two crack to better visualize the extent of the cracks. If they are limited to around .75 inch or 1 and are only over the ribs, I will drill stop holes and widen the crack lines with dental burr, apply fairing compound and repaint. 400 hours on my rv 4. Comments appreciated.



March 17, 2020.  Issue #5,041.
  Reminder:  The Wed edition might be a couple hours late.  Don't panic ;^).
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

N112DR First Flight ...rolick22 RV-12

The first flight of N112DR on March 14, 2020.

The aircraft was slightly right wing heavy and the AHRS was not keeping a level attitude, also I need to adjust the AST trim indication. Anyone know if the stall horn is supposed to stay on for 5 second after recovering from a stall?  ...


My RV Weekend ...catmandu

I was in Maryland this week. My friend there has a new to him -10. First oil change done at 50 hours gave an oil analysis that was, different. Blackstone mentioned all their historical data for this particular model of engine was based on 30 hours average oil time, so the thought was let's target 30 hours for the next couple of oil changes to have a better chance at comparing something. The plane is headed to Vic's shop week after next for a condition inspection, and needed some oil time to get very near the magic 30 hour mark while in Georgia. I asked if I could rack up some time doing a good deed, and was told "Of course!"

Jumped on Pilots 'N Paws and found a trip that fit the bill: Kitties in NC needed to go to New England. Did some quick coordination via text and launched out Saturday morning. Picked up some lucky cats and headed north. One was a bit noisy so I brought him out of the crate to get a view. Not sure if it helped or not.  ...


RV7/9 Subpanel Layout- Garmin

Hi all,
i am looking at my subpanel layout for my RV9 and want to know what everyone thinks.

My equipment not on the panel is all Garmin:
G3X displays (GDU 430)
GNX 375 GPS/ xpnder
GNC 255 Com1 / nav
GMA 245 Audio panel
GMC 507 Autopilot controller
G5 backup attitude

Behind the panel:
GMA245R (GTR20) Remote Radio
GEA24 Engine interface
GAD 29 ARNIC interface
GAD 27 Airframe Interface (flaps, etc)

Here is my layout.
Please provide comments on the layout, especially the pieces on the subpanel.


Baggage Floor Dimpling ...BobbyLucas RV-12

This will probably seem obvious sooner than later, but the dimpling in step 4 is meant to be flush on the top side as shown, correct?


RE: Denting your Wing in the Shop ...Mothership Greg

Well, I have to admit that I've done as bad or even worse. In fact, I recently did. Two wings damaged at the same time, with both wingtip-end leading edge skins and outermost ribs bent when the cradle they were stored in broke and came apart, dropping them onto the concrete floor. Ugh. At any rate... No one is immune, and know that you have some moral support from those of us who suffer similarly. You're not alone in the wing-dent-repair club!


Cracks in upper cowling

Hi, I have a problem with the upper cowling of my wonderful RV4. It had cracks on the right side, directly behind the spinner/prop. Last winter I grinded everything out, placed many, many new glass-fibre mats on/in it, used a lot of filler, painted everything. it looked really nice- but after 2 hours the cracks are there again. Any recommendations for the next repair? Thanks!


My RV Weekend...Vlad

Saturday was one of those rare days. I wish we had a deice truck.


My RV Weekend ...tfriendshuh

Gitche Gumme



March 16, 2020.  Issue #5,040.
Friday I attended orientation at CAE for their Phenom 100/300 Supporting Crew Member (SCM) program.  Lanyard and ID issued.  Ground school starts Tuesday, so for the next two weeks and change VAF editions might be pushed out later than their usual time, and my brain may seem a little mushy (more than usual).
  I don't know this to be fact, but a friend suggested that with enough notice clients can request a specific right-seater for their sim rides.  If that is true, and you do request me for your DFW Phenom initial and/or recurrent sim sessions, we can most definitely talk RVs during breaks and lunch ;^).
  I suspect this new part time gig will impact how I approach operating our family's RV-6.  My hunch is it will be eye-opening, and could provide ideas for promoting a more safety-oriented mindset on VAF.  Win win!
  Hope you had a nice weekend and got to do something with your RV.
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

My RV Weekend ...petehowell

Moxie and Kate!
I got an early start on the weekend Thursday afternoon. Moxie and I did a river scouting mission. She is to the point she thinks she is Puppy-in-Command...  ...


SnF Info from the Airshow Director ...Greg Gibson

New VAF friends - I've been telling everyone I can what a great forum this is. Very forthright and candid, with great input and dialog. I really like being here and am just thrilled with the great ideas I've read in such a short time. Please keep the PMs and emails coming. I've already shared them with my team and we are getting some traction.

I'm pleased and terrified to confirm what was recently posted on our new dates. It's a big deal to move an event like this, but we are going to go for it. I'd like to ask you all to consider coming and bring your friends. This virus has sent the world into madness, and has put our little Fly-In in jeopardy. We've built a war chest since 2012 that was designed to help us get through an economic downturn, bad weather, or sequestration. But we've never planned to not have the event at all, or try to relocate it. All of our programs are at risk, and even the Fly-In itself. The DOD stand down is another hurdle, so now to boot we will have no military assets. So guess what? I'm betting there is a ton of room for homebuilts! I am redrawing the field and redesigning the airshow as I write this. Hopefully everyone we had in the show will be able to come and we can fulfill our commitments. With no military we have about 30 minutes a day back from the airshows. FAA, ATC, and all components have confirmed they can support the new dates, and I am resubmitting the waivers and rewriting the NOTAM.

By the way, I have gotten word that we will have a Pilot NOTAM from the FAA that will allow non-ADS-B Out aircraft to come to SnF unhindered. I will post it here on Monday or Tuesday when I get it. They really want to help us.

We're on, but it will be interesting to see what turnout we get. I'll be a little busy for a while, so please don't think I have just tuned out on you if I don't post for a while. If the virus has started to settle down and you feel it is safe to do so, I hope you can all join us May 5-10. We need you!

Thanks for the warm welcome!


We got some rain Fri/Sat/Sun in N.Texas...on the ramp 52F


Bad Day in The Shop-Damaged Wing ...mfleming

Today was supposed to be a good day in the shop but it was horrible. After initial fitting of my wings and completing a slew of chores, I was ready to remove the wings.

Well target fixation shot me down in flames...  continue


Avoid or accept a bird strike?

So yesterday I'm trucking along on final approach in the RV-9A, 350 ft AGL, 80 knots (fast because I'm cleared for a long landing), when this stupid turkey vulture decides not to abide by the right of way rules. Having practiced vigorous low speed maneuvers in advance, I achieved a 55* bank and 13* nose down, recovering at about 200 ft AGL. Digital data after the fact showed that I had plenty of margin in airspeed, AOA, and g load for a more vigorous recovery to avoid hitting the ground, had that been required. In any case, that bird avoidance commanded my full attention.  ...


Initial Contact ...Raymond and Laura

We ordered our RV-7 empennage kit on 03/05/2020. Super excited to get this project rolling. Already have the complete Cleaveland Aircraft tool set plus a lot of extra tooling ready to go.


Does Your Airplane Have a Fire Extinguisher?...s10sakota

Hey all, I don't post much here since I've sold my RV-7, but I'd like to get the word out about the importance of having a fire extinguisher in your airplane.

If you don't think it's important, or didn't yet 'get around to installing one', check out my new video...


Milestone ...walter

I built my RV-7A in approximately 2 years. This 8A build is a little long in the tooth in comparison. I ordered my ill-fated XP-400 in March 2015. The engine was returned to Superior and the case was sent to Barrett for a 390 conversion. 5 years since the original XP-400 was ordered Rhonda at Barrett delivered this beauty. Thank you Rhonda and team!


Mr. X

...somewhere over the Pacific Ocean

full size



March 13, 2020.  Issue #5,039.
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Hangar cleaning 52F 3/12. (full size)
(6) RVs in the shot...but one is hard to see.


My RV Weekend ...Paul Bonorden

Flew 521NM non stop from VCT (Victoria, TX) to ELP (El Paso, TX) to see my son and his family. He is a Chinook pilot in the Army. This was my first long trip in the RV-6A. The trip took 3.5 hours and burned 25.6 gallons. I still had 12.4 gallons of fuel left in the tank when I arrived. This aircraft has got some legs. Very thrilled with its performance and looking forward to longer flights.

El Paso approach had me following a commercial jet for a #2 slot for landing and asked me to slow down to 150 knots. Never had that happen to me when I used to fly my Cessna.


RV-8 Status Report ...MDeCraene13

I have parts that look like a wing now.  I did run into some challenges with my wing fixture, mainly where the skins overhang the outboard most rib. I was able to work around them though.


Mothership Response to COVID-19

...no factory tours. 
...no demo flights.


Rotax 912iS - Abrupt Drop in Oil Pressure ...R.E. 'Ernie' Butcher

Abrupt Drop in Oil Pressure - RV-12iS w/Rotax 912iS Sport engine
Occurred during run-up phase on 1st flight attempt.

The chart above (SavvyAnalysis) reveals an abrupt and significant drop in oil pressure at about the 6min mark. The agreed opinion of the knowledge-base at Lockwood and Leading Edge was that the problem is likely caused by trash entering the oil pressure regulator. Their explanation; unlike the the oil pump on the 912ULS which feeds the integral pressure regulator 'filtered' oil, the new design pump on the 912iS Sport feeds the integral pressure regulator 'unfiltered' oil.

Resolve: Removed oil regulator; found 3-small specks of what appeared to be manufacturing filings and no scoring on piston. Cleaned parts, reassembled, problem solved.

Aside: Based on personal experience, I strongly suggest that you verify the spark plug gaps on your factory new engine. And if you haven't already, download and become familiar with the Rotax MML and MMH manuals available free at Rotax-Owner.com.

The information presented herein is for reference only and is based on our experience.

Have a great day!


Updated Panel Draft ...David Carter RV-7A

Thanks to everyone who provided suggestions. I read them all, and have incorporated many into this draft.  I have decided to go ahead & have the engine control bracket cut to accommodate a prop control for a later project to convert from fixed-pitch to constant-speed.

Please let me know if you have any additional feedback on this draft. I feel like this one is very close to complete. It's going to be very scary declaring this "final" & committing this to production. Electrons are easy to change, atoms much less so.


Carl Froehlich's Rig for Checking Static Leaks

Here is a simple rig to check for static leaks. Harbor Freight parts and some assembly. I just used this on the new RV-8 project to verify the system tight - and sure enough found a fitting not well seated. A few minutes later it was fixed and saved me the pain of paying to get a failed pitot/static check.

Credit goes to Tom Doran (N716RV)

For pitot I use a $4 manometer to verify airspeed accuracy and pitot line tight. This setup is amazingly accurate. Use google to find the PDF file for the airspeed grid.



March 12, 2020.  Issue #5,038.  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

"Goin' Down the Bayou" ...crabandy trip write-up extraordinaire

Last November I pitched an idea to my wife, "How about a destination half marathon trip to see your sister in Louisiana?" After a 5 second pause she said "I don't Hate the idea......"

The ladies decided to do the 5K while the brother-in-law and I were going to try the half. We started training plans and went to work sharing accountability posts/texts several times weekly. I had done a half about 10 years ago with a time of 2:00:34, I had my sights set on under 2:00:00 and wasn't going to shave till I shaved those extra seconds below 2 hours. We just needed to find a city in Louisiana that had a half marathon on the weekend I was off.  Much More and Many Pics


High School Students Building An Airplane | TangoFlight (video)


My RV Weekend

Flew 521NM non stop from VCT (Victoria, TX) to ELP (El Paso, TX) to see my son and his family. He is a Chinook pilot in the Army. This was my first long trip in the RV-6A. The trip took 3.5 hours and burned 25.6 gallons. I still had 12.4 gallons of fuel left in the tank when I arrived. This aircraft has got some legs. Very thrilled with its performance and looking forward to longer flights.

El Paso approach had me following a commercial jet for a #2 slot for landing and asked me to slow down to 150 knots. Never had that happen to me when I used to fly my Cessna.
Paul Bonorden
RV-6A Airworthiness Inspection 8/10/19


Mr. X ...Yucatan Peninsula Cancun

(full size)


My RV Weekend ...Roy Thoma

KDWH T31 KORK KBDQ KXNX KTHA KDKX.  We flew just under a thousand NM for the "weekend".  We left Houston KDWH Thursday (3/5) mid day and flew to Aero Country (T31). Overnight stop to pick up gear and short visit with Taco and Cannon.

Friday another short hop to North Little Rock to have dinner with Slats. Bill, Sandy and I went to Doe's and shared a 3lb steak. YUM. 


Flash's 18th Annual Inspection Begins ...instabag pic

AeroLED Pulsar wing strobes that have been on my shelf for too long are going on this time around (18yr old Whelens going to a farm team somewhere).


Garmin Pilot + FltPlan.com

I have been using Garmin Pilot for nearly a year and despite having an account with FltPlan.com, I have not been able to sync up my accounts so I can file flight plans thru FltPlan.com.

I was wondering if there is a trick or something that I am missing in the process. I have sent multiple e-mails to FltPlan.com to give them authorization for filing.

Any help would be greatly appreciate it.


200kt GS Club  ...Kurt W. 9A

Finally joined the club yesterday at 5000' in my 9A with a nice tailwind


Q: What is this part?

Looks like an electrical connector to me, but the description makes no sense. ES-00313 "Round Tongue Stud #8 Screw Size"
A search of the electronic plans turned up nothing. :/

A: Molex connector. ...used on the autopilot servos, at least on the Pre-iS ULS. The iS could have other uses for it, I suppose.



March 11, 2020.  Issue #5,037.  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Rod VonGrote RV-8 52F


RV8 Static Port Location? ...laserman

Can anyone supply a link to their photo or description of installation of their static port location on a RV8 ? I have an older set of plans (Circa 2002) that does not seem to have details on the (dual) ports location.. I could bother Vans... But it looks like a location rear of the wings - Mid fuselage seems reasonable .. I have read the posts on offsetting the Tee fitting .. Photo Below.. Many thanks.. AL


Amp reading ...Allan

I am not reading any amps on my GX3 engine screen. I do have voltage. Could someone provide me with how you wired up your shunt? I think it is wired up correctly but I want to see how others wired it in.

I put the shunt in between the alternator wire and the wire going into the avionics buss. With two wires screwed onto the top of the shunt.


This is the wiring diagram for interfacing a shunt to the GEA 24:

There are fuses installed in line with the sense wires.

It sounds like the purpose of this shunt is to measure alternator output? What configuration setting are you using for the shunt input?


Landing Gear Camber Angle...Piper J3 RV-12

I'm in the middle of my Annual Condition Inspection and replaced tires and brakes. With airplane raised up, it is a real eye-opener to see how much camber angle is built into the landing gear. I measure 11 degrees camber...


IFR RV-4 Thoughts ...GHARBEN and Smokyray

Just started flying N12HR. An RV 4 with 800 hours.
Do most people 3 point od wheel land in crosswinds. Also is it legal to file IFR in a properly equipped RV 4?

Hey GH,
I started flying my early model short gear Four when we had to shoo dinosaurs off the runway before taking off!
My dos centavos has always been to wheels land on pavement, especially in a cross wind (better rudder authority, visibility) and three point on grass, soft turf or dirt. Better prop clearance, less chance of flip over, even distribution of weight etc..
As far a filing IFR, remember what's written on the canopy bow "Experimental" RVs can never be certified IFR since they were never certified in the first place. You can comply with the FIH requirements for operating in IMC which are:
A. Way to determine attitude
B. Way to determine altitude (within IFR tolerances)
C. Way to determine the final approach course of a non precision approach
D. Pitot static system and mode C certification by a qualified shop with associated logbook entry.

You have chosen wisely...

PS: If you bump into Jentezen Franklin, tell him hi for me!


Mr. X

...somewhere in the flight levels somewhere over the USA 3/10.


Brake Flange - Hole Pattern

I am looking for the dimensions of the standard hole pattern for the Cleveland brake flange on an RV-4. I was not able to find it on the Vans drawings, nor in a Cleveland documentation. Does anybody know the exact dimensions or where to find it?


Ice Cream Social PIREP ...Mothership Greg

What a great weekend! I was incredibly lucky to see some people I have not been able to spend time with in a long time, which was awesome. Plus, I got to meet a whole bunch of new faces and talk about RVs, formation flying, maintenance, service bulletins (go figure hah!), what sorts of things people wish we'd do at Van's in the future, and lots of other great stuff. Heck I even handed hats to RV folks at Santa Paula airport on Friday and then saw them again over at Inyokern for the party! What a great crowd.

The airplanes and people were terrific, and the party was awesome. Seriously, Alisha put in a huge amount of work - and she and Lori really pulled it off not just one day, but two!

And of course: Happy birthday, Axel. Your bday tradition has really turned into a great RV get together!



March 10, 2020.  Issue #5,036. 
  James Walsh's RV-4 is back in the air at 52F after a panel upgrade.  In addition to the obvious avionics improvements, the Flyleds combo leading edge landing/taxi lights on final were the brightest I think I've ever seen at our field.  Down the road I may be looking at those.  James told me that there are (8) blink patterns you can choose from.  I wondered if you could program them to blink your initials (didn't know).  One light does the first name...the other the last - you know, let your friends know it's you and all <g>.  -.. .-.
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

from the vaf instabag page


Braided line inspections/failure ...Bill E.

We all trust those SS braided lines and other flex hoses on our aircraft will seldom fail, and and give them all the standard inspections relevant to the yearly health check or when we have access. I, as an RV builder, A&P, and IA, got the wake-up scare this weekend that sheds some different light on the "normal" inspection. Here is the scenario.. I went to Fla to pick up and fly a recently purchased RV-4 home for a friend who is not yet checked out to fly it. The aircraft was recently condition inspected, regularly flown and didn't seemingly pose any threat to a 3 hour flight back to NC. After the more than normal walk-around pre-flight, I mounted up to depart, with the new owner and a friend standing to the side observing. Boost pump on, 3-4 blades and I get signal from them we have something coming out the cowling. Turns out it was fuel..alot of it, right on the exhaust. De-cowl and find the SS flex line from the carb to the fuel pressure indicator is nearly porous, and weeping out all over. It certainly is undetectable without pressure. This could have been a fireball ! I will add too my inspection criteria, all fuel lines will be checked with pressure applied, and periodic pre-flights will get the same with me not in the cockpit. It would never be seen by someone just going out to fly with no bystander...lessons learned every day. We did get it fixed, and the rest of the adventure home was uneventful...check/replace those flex lines!!
Bill E.

(T. Swearengen feedback)
Generally speaking, because in experimentals anything goes ---within reason-- 'rubber' lined assemblies use reusable, field attachable screw on hose ends, verses the crimped collar style more commonly in use for teflon assemblies. YES ---there are teflon assemblies that use reusables--Aeroquip Super Gem series fittings--and a few others out there--Earls Performance, Russell, Goodridge, etc, but most of what you'll see is crimped versions.
The resuable type fittings generally are blue and red anodized aluminum for stainless braid rubber type, and gold or blue collars with black steel and blue aluminum nuts for cotton covered H8794 (Aeroquip 303) type hose. Aftermarket 'race car' hose and fittings can be most any color you want. So suspect 'rubber' when you see them.

The types of reusables that are assembled on the rubber hoses are NOT used on teflon. Various reasons why, but generally the threaded stem and collars are of a different ID and OD to be compatible with teflon. Part of that ID difference is in the hose itself. Take the same ID hose in teflon, Rubber (like 701) and 303, and the difference in construction is obvious. Thicker liner wall to enable a good working pressure, tightly woven stainless braid, and or a nylon and steel braid reinforcement with a cotton cover overbraid. All of that contributes to the working pressure of the hose. Teflon doesn't expand like a rubber hose, so the wall can be a lot thinner, and with the stainless braid the overall OD can be smaller. Similar or greater working pressures for the same sized rubber hoses.

Word of caution. Because we all are dealing in experimentals, what you see isn't necessarily what you get. We've seen some rubber lined hoses with crimped hose ends done by the local hydraulic shop. At the same time, we've seen teflon assemblies that were not using a conductive liner for fuel systems. It all about knowing what is acceptable and what is not. As a general rule, all teflon hoses should be conductive especially those where fuel is used. Brakes may be an exception because you aren't moving brake fluid for consumption like fuel. Oils don't pick up a static electrical charge, but its still great practice to use a conductive hose. MOST industrial hose shops don't stock the conductive hose.

If there is any question, you can call us and we'll help you identify the assemblies.


Some Pics from the Ice Cream Social ...Plummit


Second Fiberglass Practice ...David Paule -3B

The fiberglass layup of the avionics shelf reminded me the hard way of several things I'd forgotten. As a result, it is barely useable and I haven't decided whether to make another or fix this one.

Some of the details are -

1. Leave enough extra peel ply that doesn't get epoxied so that you have a handle by which to pull it off.

2. Ditto with the perf ply, if you're vacuum bagging it.  ...


My RV Weekend ...pazmanyflyer

Started the dirty job of sealing the air gaps at the inter-baffles. Looking to finish the FWF in the next few weeks.


Some New First Flights

...reported on the mothership.



March 9, 2020.  Issue #5,035.  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Almost Complete ...cderk RV-10

4 years and 3 months to the date of when I first started, I was able to start my engine (vid). As it stands, my Airworthiness Inspection is scheduled for 3/21 (coincidentally my birthday). I think it would be pretty cool to have the "birthday" of my new baby on the same day as mine.

Its been quite a ride getting this thing built, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There have been so many folks on here who have provided guidance throughout the build - the RV community is truly amazing! 


Best Mnemonic Sentence I'll Ever Create

"I braked, stopped, shutoff, manually dumped and evacuated batteries."

Sophomoric but easily remembered...;^)

Spent most of the weekend studying Phenom limitations and the (17) Memory Item checklists that I'm required to know cold at the upcoming part time sim gig.  I believe I finally came up with a study method that works for the way my brain best retains information:

1) a spreadsheet that color codes duplicate steps (note mnemonics bottom of spreadsheet in a few of the columns / number of steps at top)

2) iPad screen grabs of the panel with the flow drawn on top with my Apple Pencil.

It's starting to make better sense now, and I would be wise to do something similar to this for the RV-6 down the road.


Tyler's Formal Introduction ...Newcastle, OK

I've skimmed the forum here for right at ten years and figured it was time to introduce myself as the factory now has some access to my checking account. Building one of these airplanes has been a goal of mine after learning how they performed compared to the typical single engine airplane. I'll be building -14A number 754 in true "homebuilt" fashion in my garage at home. Beyond the building, I look forward to the new friendships that will go alongside this new venture.


Sweet Flight to Sedona ...Capt Sandy

Not too many gals have the pleasure of being flown to romantic Sedona for Valentines Day. How awesome that my Darling Hubby is also my own personal Pilot! An ulterior motive here - one of our Top Five favorite places to eat in the Entire Country is Elote Cafe in Sedona. Not to be missed. If you go, get there about 4:30 pm, stand in line, get your name on the list and say you'll be back in an hour. Go next door and have a beer or a Margarita there - then come back and they'll put you at the top of the list for a table. If you get there after 4:30, you may wait up to two hours for a table. The video says the rest!
Fair Winds!
Video of our trip:


WDYDWYRVTW ...SPX starts the convo

Since I am often the starter of these threads, allow me to start this one on Friday rather than Saturday or Sunday...

Because of some pending rain, I opted to fly today. I hope to go to the Ice Cream Social in KIYK tomorrow, but it sounds like the ceilings may be too low. We'll see.

Sooo... I decided to go to Corona, CA (KAJO) for lunch today. It was a mediocre lunch, but a good excuse to fly anyhow. From there, I decided to go get some gas at Flabob (KRIR). Pretty quiet there, other than a Navion and a Pitts flying around. (BTW -- Does anyone know if the restaurant at Flabob is any good?) Fueled up, and headed back home.

Total was only about 1.2 hours of flying, but it was great to get the RV out. Hoping to get it out again tomorrow for KIYK, but seems unlikely based on the current forecast...

I hope that everyone has a great weekend of flying and building. Looking forward to hearing some updates!


My RV Weekend ...Vlad 9A

Brought oil temperature to 180F before wx hit my mountain.


Hearing Aid PIREP ...Jim Stricker

I just bought new hearing aids from Costco - Philips HearLink 9010 Behind-the-Ear. I have been wearing hearing aids for 25 years. I have profound hearing loss and these aids are superb. The hearing aids are Bluetooth and have a Telecoil which is normally used with a land-line telephone handset.

I had the audiologist give me a special program selectable from my iPhone that we titled "airplane". This program enables the Telecoil and also shuts off the microphone in both hearing aids. Shutting off the microphone prevents feedback when the aviation headset is placed over the ears. Zero feedback of any kind. The Telecoils in the hearing aids sense the electromagnetic field from the speakers in the headset earcups and reproduce the sounds thru the hearing aid receivers in your ears. The sound is very high quality and word recognition is very good.

In addition to the Telecoil for normal comm and intercom communication, I will also use the Bluetooth capability to connect the LightSpeed Zulu3 to my mini iPad running ForeFlight in order to hear alerts such as Traffic and Terrain warnings.

I have an extended cross-country planned for tomorrow to try these features in the airplane. My situational awareness should be greatly improved. Should be a big day...

(later flight data)
Today I flew a 4 hour x-country with my new hearing aids and Zulu3 headset using Telecoil program per above post. My observations follow:

- Zero feedback of any kind
- ANR works fabulous
- Comm/Intercom volumes are both very good
- Word recognition and clarity are both excellent
- ATC is easy to understand
- Headset ear cup sealing not critical because no chance for feedback with hearing aid microphone turned off
- My situational awareness is greatly improved.


Custom Snorkel Intake Progress....goatflieg



March 6, 2020.  Issue #5,034.
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Daryl Sahnow at Mothership Retiring

"Greetings all,

I have been an employee of Van's for over
36 years and have been representing Van's at many airshows for the past 20 years plus.  Now is the time to move on, sad time for me.  It has been my pleasure to be able to serve and help all of you in your dreams of building your own airplane.

I have met a countless number of people in the process, and am in total awe of all of you.  I will admit I am not good at names, but do remember all your faces which means you left a lasting impression - mostly Good ;^)!  During the process, I have made many , many friends in many countries and will remember all of you---you all know who you are--- for also giving me the time to get to know you.  It has created lots of lasting memories again, Thank You.

This moving on creates more time for me to enjoy both (pic above), more fishing, trap shooting, travel ----I will be OK! ;^)

My last day working for Van's will be 4-15-2020------If any of you wish to keep in contact (Daryl.Sahnow 'at' gmail 'dot' com) you are always welcome at my house, if you like a puppy!

Cheers, Blue Skies and Tail winds

Enjoying Spotted Cow at Kelly's after a long
day at OSH.  9:40pm.  7/27/2009.  dr pic


Mnemonics Generator...to aid with memorizing checklists

While trying to figure out a better way for memorizing memory items on the Phenom 300 (my upcoming sim extra paper route) I found mnemonicgenerator.com.  You can put in letters (separated by spaces) and it will generate sentences.  With a scratch piece of paper, and hitting 'Generate' multiple times to show more sets of words, you can create a pretty easy to remember sentence with little effort.  Two examples I worked up below, and there are obviously RV applications...

"Old Dorky Geeks Consumed Objectionable Donuts Effortlessly."

Smoke Evacuation

"Saintly Angels Ignored Bruises And Guarded Toddlers Aggressively."

Emergency Descent


SloMo#7 ...N325AL RV-14

...just slow and sound....and a little doppler effect.



Pancakes: Waco, TX ...Phil

Date: 3/7/20
Time: 8AM - 10AM
Place: EAA Chapter 59's Hangar - McGregor Executive Airport (KPWG)

Kick off March with us at EAA Chapter 59's Pancake Fly-In Breakfast. The food will begin coming off the griddle at 8AM and we will continue to serve through 10AM.

There is aircraft parking available at our hangar and anyone who brings in an airplane will receive a ticket for a free breakfast.

If you are not familiar with the location of Chapter 59's hangar, you can easily locate it when you fly over the field. The hangar is located on the SE side of the airport, it has EAA 59 painted on top, and it will be surrounded by numerous drive-in vehicles.

For those who are looking to add more aviation to their day, we are going to be holding our monthly safety meeting at 10AM based on EAA's IMC/VMC Club programming.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Nashville Tornado Damage ...PHOTO01

My brother and a friend took the RV-6 up yesterday evening after the winds subsided and took these photos. Both of us went to school at Tennessee Tech, and for those familiar with the region he stated that the storm track stopped just prior to campus. As the images below show the damage is widespread, and it is truly a miracle that more people were not killed or seriously injured. Unfortunately late last night I received word that I lost a friend whom I graduated TTU with, his wife, and their son when their home was hit by the storm early Tuesday morning.

For any aviators in the middle Tennessee area I would caution you to please monitor the airspace closely for the next couple of days. Just this afternoon the FAA has posted a TFR for the area just west of Cookeville, and with the upcoming POTUS visit on Friday the airspace will only get busier.

Yesterday the guys stayed high (~5k AGL) for their flight, squawked the appropriate codes, and checked in with ATC as necessary in order to remain safe and predictable, but these specific airspace closures are not a knee-jerk response. Instead, they are a direct result of several specific incidents of pilots flying very unsafely and creating a hazard to aircraft actively engaged in relief efforts..


Curiosity's 1.8-Billion-Pixel Panorama of Mars

[Not RV but too cool not to spotlight.  If you have the monitor real estate and you view it full size, it's breathtaking.  dr]

"NASA's Curiosity rover captured its highest-resolution panorama yet of the Martian surface between Nov. 24 and Dec. 1, 2019. A version without the rover contains nearly 1.8 billion pixels; a version with the rover contains nearly 650 million pixels. Both versions are composed of more than 1,000 images that were carefully assembled over the following months.

The rover's Mast Camera, or Mastcam, used its telephoto lens to produce the panorama and relied on its medium-angle lens to produce a lower-resolution panorama that includes the rover's deck and robotic arm.

Malin Space Science Systems in San Diego built and operates Mastcam. A division of Caltech, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory manages the Mars Science Laboratory mission for the agency's Science Mission Directorate in Washington and built the Curiosity rover."


717 MB (29,164 x 8,592 pixel) TIFF

2.25 GB (88,797 x 22,958 pixel) TIFF



March 5, 2020.  Issue #5,033. (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Pic from Mr. X

Mt. Shasta...

full size


Heard on Freq in N. Texas Coupla Days Back

"RV-6 had just landed at KGLE and cleared runway. I call "RV-8 short-final 36, full stop, Gainesville."

Flight school dude says, "N*** departing runway 36, Gainesville."

End up going around, and ask the guy, "Did you not see traffic on short final?"

He replies, "Yeah I saw it, but I thought I had enough time."

About 5 seconds of silence goes by, and I hear a voice come on freq and say:
"You thought wrong, bro."


Mo's Fly-in Pics ...Lycosaurus post

Gorgeous weather (clear skies in the morning), about -7C, however there was a stiff cold wind. We were on our way out when we met Terry arriving in his RV6A.

An avid photographer (Jean-Pierre Bonin) took many photos, but better than mine.


Happiness Is....

...your daughter sending you a pic of the family business 'card' being used for what it was designed for.  She went to 'guitar night' with some of her co-workers a few days back.


Brake Sticks When Hot ...Joe Wilber RV-10

About to do some maintenance on my RV10 and have an issue I'd like to address.

Last year I over-heated my right brake and an O-ring failed. Ever since replacing the O-rings my right brake sticks pretty badly when hot. When cool I can apply the brake and release and no problem. After a flight, pushing back into the hangar is very difficult. I remember taking note when I replaced the O-rings last year that the center piston seemed pretty tight. I'm guessing something got deformed a little during my over-heat event and now when things get hot and expand the piston doesn't want to go back in. Once it all cools down everything is great again.

Anybody have some advice? Preferably something that doesn't involve replacing the whole brake assembly. These are matco brakes, by the way.


Steinair ...Bill Woods

Be careful when ordering from Stein, they will definitely create more work to an already busy aircraft building schedule, but end result after 3 coats of polyurethane is a piece of ultimate Man Cave art!!!



Fiberglass Repair/Love Advice ...Bruce Hill

I would fill the holes completely, then lay up some glass on the bottom cowl to make a new tab. It isn't hard or itchy! Let me know if you want help and I can bring my fiberglassing stuff and get it started.

I have some photos of my cowling and how I built up some tabs for the outer sides of the cowl overlap, and my hinge pin covers, which are flush mounted. The overlap on the outer sides helps with keeping the engine cool. It keeps the pressure differential high between the baffled/unbaffled sides of the engine.


New Guy: Initial Contact ...waswas39

Hello everyone,

I am currently based in DFW on reserve and often find myself with some extra free time and nothing to do while I'm here. Would love to find someone working on a project and donate some free (unskilled) labor to assist them. I would love to learn more about the building process as I eventually would like to start one of my own. Cheers.


12th Annual Ice Cream Social ...AX-O

Less than a week out.  Register if going and learn the arrival.


RV-4 Panel Replacement Timeline ...Scott Hersha

I just replaced the panel on my RV4. I bought a new blank from Vans ($55), and cut it out with my jig saw (20 minutes), using my old panel as a template. It fit perfectly. Then I marked my new equipment and cut those holes out with my jig saw - maybe 2 hours with the saw and a vixen file. These holes would also have to be made if you made individual panels as you suggest. I mounted nutplates for attaching the EFIS screens and radio rack, and I was done - aside from painting it. All in all, it doesn't take that long, and is easy to do.



March 4, 2020.  Issue #5,032. (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Mark Dickens RV Weekend

On Sunday I flew a Pilots N Paws mission down to Shreveport Downtown airport and back to home base. Picked up 8 puppies and one larger young dog named Ruby. The puppies rode back in the soft sided crate. All delivered safe and sound to a local rescue.

Side comment is that the winds were strong and I hit 215 kts ground speed on the way home!


Night Ops  ...KJBSouth

The alarm went off at 3:00 AM. Dolly heard it an woke me.

The plan was to regain nighttime currency, three takeoff and landings to a full stop at night. We wanted to fly to St. Petersburg (KSPG) the next day to see the Kratt brothers show at the Mahaffee theater, a short walk from the airport. The return would be at night.

Everything went just as it should. The tires and tanks were full; all the nuts were on their bolts. I taxied from the hangar pad and clicked the mike to turn on the taxi and runway lights...clicked the mike to turn on the taxi and runway lights...clicked the mike to turn on the taxi and runway lights....clicked the mike to turn on the taxi and runway lights. No lights. I tried both tower and ground frequencies. I tried three, five and seven clicks. No lights. Frustration and a nice photo.

Stupid me. I didn't try Unicom . Fixed that and became current in the evening while the tower was still open. <g>.


My RV Weekend ...crabandy RV-7

I've somehow managed to maintain Instrument currency (very seldom proficiency) without the hood for a number of years, pretty humbling to be back under the visor for some approach work! I need to do this more often.


Mothership Job Opportunities


Mar/Apr Issue Online (PDF)


Dissection of a failed AK-450 ...laserman

Because interested minds like to know...

So with a non operational AK-450 ELT .. and a cold winter day..

Not saying this was the only reason for unit failures...

But its hard to make a good solder joint to spring steel with RA/RMA flux

No need to "Flame" me on all the other manufacturing issues the AK-450 might have had..

Just never could find any failure analysis of the AK-450 online..

Lastly: The AK-450 main board solder joins all look fine..

But its a good guess.. Who ever did this soldering.. Did lots of other units...



March 3, 2020.  Issue #5,031. (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)



Real Men Don't Paint  ...Piper_J3

I'm starting my Annual Condition Inspection and needed to access the transponder wiring for ADS-B. While I had the Avionics Bay Cover removed, I decided to strip the paint and apply 3m 2080 Gloss White Vinyl. Easy job - just take your time. Looks like white gelcoat on a high-end fiberglass boat.
I use Stainless Steel conical washers so flathead screws won't twist the vinyl on tightening...


My RV Weekend ...Planecrazy232

Flew two more Young Eagles with our group at EAA 66. First flights for both!


Panel Thoughts ...turbo

i would ditch the vacuum stuff and recoup some $$.  i love my G5 upgrade. very bright, less expensive for experimental aircraft.  see all your options in flight if possible and understand things change but you are just vfr.  being vfr you don't need an expensive unit to drive the AP, it will fly to a degree in heading.  good luck.


RV-7 #74017 Update ...rmartingt

Engine build!
Last week I started building my engine under the supervision of an A&P friend from work. Got to the oil pump buildup and realized I didn't have the oil pump drive shaft--it's not shown in the IPC! Or more specifically, it's not called out for an O-360-A1A, which is what my engine started life as. (note to future builders: Figure 10, Item 4... should list 61174 as the part number per service instruction 1164B). So while that's coming in today, I've been checking ring gaps and prepping cylinders for installation.


Old Panel New Panel ...FlyingBanker

Flew my plane home from the avionics shop on Friday afternoon with my brand new G3X Touch-based IFR panel. Spent most of the day Saturday on the ground, hooked to aux power, learning the new system from top to bottom. The winds on Saturday were quite sporty so didn't take her up. Took her flying on Sunday for a good bit to apply what I learned on Saturday and check out any bugs/quirks/squawks that need addressed.


RV-8 Windshield Fairing ...Champ

My windscreen fairing is pop riveted to the fuselage. Its been a while but I think I also sikaflexed it. The pop rivets are countersunk and filled so they don't show at the surface. If I ever have to remove it I'd have to locate and drill out the pop rivets and pry it from the sikaflex.

Here are some pictures of the finished product.



March 2, 2020.  Issue #5,030.  0001Z.
  Spent the weekend doing web-based training on the Phenom 300 and studying limitations and memory items.  Visited the RV for a bit Saturday morning just to say hi.  Setting goals for the next week.  First mowing of the season Sunday.  75*F.  Allergies.
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

First Flight ...kbalch

My RV-14A project, having received its airworthiness certificate from Vic last Saturday, became an airplane yesterday.

The first flight went very well. The plane handled as expected: it was nimble, agile, and well-controlled. All temps and pressures remained in the green.

It was a typical busy day at KISM, with lots of training and warbird activity taking place during my flight. The tower controllers were great - kidding me on the frequency about having done something right since it flew (this, about 300 feet up on climbout), checking on my progress as I circled the field about 400 feet above pattern altitude (below the overlying Class B shelf), and congratulating me on rollout after landing. Well-done, guys, and much appreciated!

Despite it being quite a bumpy day, the -14A was relatively stable. Much more so than my -8 would have been. Not sure if that's down to the different wing, but it was a noticeable (and positive!) difference. I even managed a good landing, so that was a nice bonus.

Thanks to my wife, Jean, and my group of -14(A) friends and fellow builders: Alex, Mark, Shane, Dan, and Glenn. You guys have all been fantastic throughout the process and I appreciate your being here for me on multiple occasions. I'm looking forward to reciprocating - in the RV!!


First Flight ...ecurington RV-10

N104EW received its airworthiness certificate on Jan 31 2020 and flew first flight Feb 17 2020. Slow build kit approximately 3000 hours build. All work completed mostly by myself including wiring and paint. Wife and sons did help with impossible do it yourself tasks.

First flight was mostly non event. I did get 5 mile radius over the airport for the first 5 hours on my operating limitations.


Wallpaper Calendar For March

John Walsh photo of Alan Lancello's RV-14 at 52F.

Photo by: John Walsh
ishootyourproperty.com & johnwalshphoto.com
johnwalshphoto@icloud.com  972-533-5079



Believe it or not VAF has an Instagram account (created 7 years ago but rarely used).  Before you get your social media hopes up this new incarnation is only going to contain pictures of my VAF baseball cap enjoying the RV hobby in various states of dirt and fade and RVation.  No humans.  No beaches at sunset.  No yoga poses in front waterfalls.  Just the VAF cap I'm currently wearing in various states of decay...with RV hardware.  Mostly RV hardware.

Some feedback from a fake review farm I established in international waters:

"It's difficult to enter into this work because of how the iconicity of the gesture makes resonant the accessibility of the work."
-- James Walsh RV-4.

"I find this work menacing yet playful because of the way the mechanical mark-making of the narrative makes apparent the remarkable handling of light."
-- Randy Richmond RV-6/8.

"This sucks chunks.  Unsubscribe!"  
     -- Gary Platner RV-8.

Picture #1 below.....the first VansAirForce.net cap ever made (the 15-yr old prototype).  Retired after the washing machine finally broke off the bill.  Lives on my shelf...staring at me...kinda creepy like.

It was a good start...


My RV Weekend ...SPX

This morning, I decided to take the RV out and grab some breakfast. I ended up flying over to Cable (KCCB) and had a very good breakfast (I'd recommend it, if you haven't been). Cable was a very busy airport this morning. After breakfast, I flew back and put the airplane in the hangar. Rain is coming tonight through Monday, so that's going to do it for my RV weekend..


Glare Shield Mount for GMC 507 Update ...Tony Kirk's design.

Tony sent me some slightly revised pics over the weekend and said he was going to mail me the 3D printed rough draft to me this week.  Very exciting!


My RV Weekend ...Steve

Four of us flew over from KOGD to KENV for lunch at the Salt Flats Cafe on Friday


Status Report: 6A ...Paulvs

RV-6A Very Slow Build, Western Australia
A younger version of me started this slow build RV-6A just after Oshkosh '92. I completed the empennage and wings in my spare time and got started on the fuselage. Then other things in life took priority and the RV project went on hold for 21 years.

We've moved house a few times and the fuselage frame had to come out of the jig for the most recent shift. I'm now getting the workshop organised and ready to start building again.

Back in '92 there were only three RV models to choose from. And Van's was just talking about quick build kits. The plans are hand drawn and the only factory made holes were in the wing spar. The new kits look way easier and it would probably be quicker to assemble a new project than to finish this old one, but I kinda like this orphan relic from the 90's!


RV-6 Rebuild PIREP ...jamlip

Next thing on the list - this one makes me feel really itchy...

I heard, somewhere down the line, that this aircraft was built for the first owner by a Vans serial offender. As such, the overally build quality is really nice.

Allegedly, the owner (clearly not a serial offender) then finished the project himself (including wiring, which is how I ended up buying the aircraft as as rewire project).

There are lots of detail bits that let the aircraft down, and these screw points at the front of the cowl are one of the worst.  ...


Looking for Panel Feedback ...David Carter


My RV Weekend ...Vlad

Elk spotting. Attention shed hunters it's almost time.


My RV Weekend ...TShort

Went for a "leap day" flight on 2/29, to exercise the -10 and top off with cheap gas before work.

Flew over the airport where I first soloed and took off for my checkride just 2 weeks short of 25 years ago:


Milestone: Canopy Cut ...Foghorn