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Thu Apr 30, 2015.  1142Z

RV-6 under a Texas sky.  Randy Richmond photo.

Flying in the Netherlands - Bulb Fields ...Joeri

If you ever visit that small strange country in Europe called "The Netherlands" try to do it in this period. The bulb fields are at there best around the 15th of April.   Holland is small, you need about 1hr30m at 120kts to fly from north to south. 17 million people and 24RV's.  ...

First Flight: RV-12 N912AE ...Alex Erdelyi

Gemini AP......DONE! ...Lucas at Trutrak

It took longer than we planned, but we wanted it to be as good as it possibly can. And I can tell you right now, this autopilot is the best one we've ever made. I appreciate everyone being patient while we wrapped up the long development on this. If you'll give me a few more days to work on some manuals, we'll get the first ones out the door by the end of the week!

The all new Vertical Power Primary Power System (PPS)

The Vertical Power Primary Power System was officially launched at Sun N Fun last week, and for those of you that weren't able to be at the show to see it in person, here are a couple of pics and some details.  ...

Inspected! ...Dan Weyant RV-9A

It's official!

Had my DAR inspection today, and everything went great.

A couple suggestions for a few things, but just minor things.

Weather looks good for the next few days, so I just need to get her buttoned up, and check everything over one more time.

Day 21: St. Lucia to St. Kitts ...Rosie

Trip Pictures ...scard

Well, I think I finally got all of the pictures off of the various devices. Three separate cameras kinda' generated a mess, but for now, here they are. On to the next adventure. 

Kitplanes Monthly Photo Contest - Time to Vote!

Failed experiment with my alternate air solution ...bruceh

I'm going through my first condition inspection at 106.3 hours. So far only a few tiny things to fix until I noticed that my alternate air sliding door that I fabricated seemed loose. Still in place and functioned fine. The design keeps anything from accidentally getting sucked into the engine, and that seems to have worked. Upon closer inspection it is easy to see why it is loose.  ...



Wed Apr 29, 2015.  1145

Day 20: St. Lucia ...Rosie

[ed. 32,000+ views on this thread to date.  Rosie, you're the best RV 'completion motivator' on the planet!!!  dr]

Calgary to Florida Keys Trip Write-Up ...Troy Branch RV-10

On April 10th we loaded the family in the RV10 and began our adventure vacation. The plan was a trip to the Florida Keys. This would be the farthest we had ever gone from home by about 350 NM. Customs was booked for a 9:00 arrival in Cutbank. We were on our way in smooth air and I was really happy to have a break from work. 130 NM to Cutbank. Flight time 0.9hrs. Customs cleared, the tanks full we were on our way in short order to Rapid City. 475 nm. Flight Time 3.1hrs.  ...

related: Trip Videos

Loss of Power on Takeoff, believe Vapor Lock ...Jon RV-6

Upon departing the Vidalia, GA Onion Festival on Sunday, while on my mogas tank, I began to lose power on climbout. The airboss informed me I was trailing black smoke, and at around 250ft I suffered full loss of power. There was enough runway to get back down safely.

On the ground, my fuel pressure was pegged, 11psi or so, the highest I've ever seen, very unusual. Activating the boost pump made no change to the reading, not even a blip. Also very unusual. After pointing the plane into the wind for a few moments, I switched to avgas and tried to start. She started after a couple of sputters, and the fuel pressure instantly jumped down to normal readings, where it stayed the rest of the day.  continue

Why do my rivets SUCK? ...Mark

New FAA 90-89B issued for test flying

Direct URL: HERE (124 page PDF)

Canopy departure video

[ed. John put this video online after the push yesterday, so I'm putting it up here again (with a still from the video.  dr]

RV-4 Canopy Departure Back in the 90's ...Ben Westfall

Back in the late 90's I had a similar incident in an RV-4. Mine was due to bumping the canopy latch handle with my forearm in the process of driving the stick into my right leg for maximum control deflection while "shaking the bugs off". I remember thinking "I better make sure the latch is still secure". In less than a blink of an eye and almost 90 deg into the roll the canopy left the plane. At nearly 200mph w/o the benefit of a windscreen your eyes cannot focus due to the wind deforming your eyeballs. I remember waggling the rudder thinking "thank god the tail is still around" then I crouched down to get out of the wind and used the AI to level the wings and arrest the decent.  continue

Dynon SkyView 12.2 Software and Remote Magnetometer now Available

From the factory....

Fuel drip form Silver Hawk servo

I operate an RV7A fitted with a 190 Lycoming Thunderbolt and a Silver Hawk EX 5VA1 Fuel Servo.  ...

Falcon RV Squadron Fly-In ...May 2nd

Just a reminder that the Falcon RV Squadron is having its annual fly-in this Saturday May 2 at KFFC south of Atlanta. Weather looks great!! Nobody has better food and Aircraft Spruce is on the field and having their open house on the same day.

Brass flakes in filter

Ive been picking up a small amount of brass fines/flakes in the oil filter on my 300 hr SMOH 0-360 A1A for a while now. Its enough to see, but not any measurable quantity. Oil analysis has copper and aluminum a bit high at 13 and 14 respectively. I had AvLab analyze the filter element to learn exactly what I've got; for $135 I was hoping for part numbers but instead they report the majority of the debris is Brass AMS #4610, with a trace of AMS #4280 aluminum.  ...



Tue Apr 28, 2015.  1139Z

FIRST SPLAT!! (and you know what THAT means...)

...Sid 'scrollF4' Mayeux first flight.

Now why on Earth would my RV-7A project, one that never traveled faster than what Tony Partain's truck could carry it, have a bug splat on its wing leading edge?  continue

Day 19: Bequia to St. Lucia ...Rosie

Hi All, It’s Day 19 of the last week of our vacation…and we are just having a WONDERFUL time!!!!!! Today was a travel day from Bequia to St. Lucia, however, if you recall, I had buried the camera in the luggage area and no pics of the 8 minute flight from Canouan to Bequia….so Sharkbait/Crystal and Tuppergal/I ‘backtracked’ from Bequia the few minutes south to Canouan to get some pics then kept flying south to near Union Island so we could circle Mopion Island (for JimmyB)!!!!  continue

Significant loss of power-!-!- Timing? Cam?

I'm having an issue with my recent engine swap from an o-320 with a fixed pitch to an o-360 with a constant speed. Initially the increase in performance was what I'd expected (better rate of climb ...1600+ , better top speed ...almost 180 kts at 5000'), but recently I've noticed a substantial decrease in performance .... Only seeing 800-1000 ft/min and top speed of 144 knots true).  continue

Canopy Comes Off in Flight...John Kimmel

The girliest RV on the planet

"I had to show this one off. It belongs to my friend Judie Betz of Love's Landing Airpark here in Florida."

Status Report ...Av8torTom

Big milestone for me today, I positioned the instrument panel for the first time.

Fuel Flow Riddle Answered ...SMO

What to do with the leftover paint




Mon Apr 27, 2015.  1135Z

One Year Anniversary ...Randy Pflanzer

I just realized that the one-year anniversary of the christening of my RV-12 just past. First flight was April 17, 2014. I thought it would be interesting to provide an recap of the first year. It sure was a busy one.  more


Day 16: Canouan ...Rosie


Day 17: Canouan to Bequia ...Rosie


Day 18: Bequia ...Rosie

"...we spent a lazy morning relaxing in the French House at Sugar Reef and then took a taxi to town to walk around and enjoy a late lunch. The beaches here are completely covered in washed-up-seaweed that smells pretty bad. Thank goodness we are high-on-the-hill so don't have to put up with that! I forgot my camera but Roger Hansen took some pics that he will be sending me from our walk in town. Will get those up this week.

Monday (27 April), we check out of Sugar Reef at ~1100, and I plan to depart here south at 1200 so I can get some pics of Canouan (the camera was buried when we left) and continue south a short ways to Mopion Island.

From there, will land at St. Vincent for fuel then continue into St. Lucia for two nights. Roger and Andrew (and the girls) will fly direct St. Vincent then to St. Lucia. I have a dive scheduled for Roger & me on Tuesday.

Keep poundin' them rivets because it's ALL worth it!  Rosie & Tuppergal"

RV-12 Saw Horses ...Brent Connelly

I finally took the time a few weeks ago to fabricate two sturdy wooden saw horses. Made them a few inches shorter but then added about 4 inches of layered card board and capped with carpet. No idea if they meet the 500lb load capacity test but with carpenters glue and lots of screws, they sure appear strong. (thanks Tony for the schematic above) Using new 2"X4"s but otherwise scrap lumber, whole project was only $20.

One has to be careful about the placement of the aft sawhorse if the fuel tank vent is installed - would be a PITA if the drain tube was inadvertently shoved back into the fuselage


Home Safe ...scard

Just made it home safe. The travels back to the US delivered our first real major sucky mechanical issues, induced by once in a lifetime rain in Exuma. We've been traveling and 'operating' non-stop since my last post with no time to update. Eat, sleep, travel, deal with whatever comes along. I'll try to get Tanya to help catch up the story this week.

These trips are NOT a "vacation". They are a huge ADVENTURE. You can plan a vacation all you want, but ADVENTURE just happens!!!! You can't plan it or make it up. Go, Do, Fly, Live. I'm ready for the next adventure (after some sleep, airplane adjustments, and cash replenishment).

More to come this week as we look at pictures and document some of the things we've learned.

Box Arrived ...Don Patrick


New 382-WildCat at SnF

As Sun N’ Fun winds down for 2015, we want to thank all the visitors to our booth this year. We appreciate the interest and excitement over our new 382-WildCat that was on display (Booth # NE-003). While our display engine was purchased, we continue to schedule a number of additional 382-WildCat builds.  more

Status Report Pics ...rightrudder


SnF Awards...Rick

I can't say enough about the magnitude of these awards.

Congratulations Bill Shook RV8 !!
Well deserved!!

Also congrats to the rest of the award winners!

Finally, congrats to those of you that showed your airplanes but didn't win.......no shame in not winning at Sun n Fun or Oshkosh.

The Finished Product ...Bill H

It occurred to me that for completeness I should link a pic of the final result! Very happy with it now after 2 years. I have solid blue wheel pants not shown in the pic.



Well, I've had the bug for a while. I've been to the factory. (Lived an hour north of it actually.) But every time I visit, the RV-9s are out doing something else, so I've not flown one yet. And now, I've bought the little airfoil assembly training kit to see if I can figure it all out..  more

Fuel Flow Riddle...Mark O.

See the graph below. This was taken from the log of a short flight yesterday. Total flight was a half hour, the log starts at about the 15 minute mark. Elevation was 3,000 ASL (~1,250 AGL) the entire time. Aircraft is an F1 Rocket, IO-540, constant speed prop.

Question: What caused the initial fuel flow deviation?  more



Fri Apr 24, 2015.  1145Z

VAF Hat Sighting: My Front Yard

My late Dad's 1993 Montgomery Ward 42" TMO-3200003 lawn tractor, seen here beginning its second life.  Commercial grade 14HP B&S OHV I/C with cast-iron sleeve, for the gearheads.  Yesterday Randy Richmond (RV-6) and I used his truck (thanks again Randy) to haul it home from the airport at lunch.  Coupla inner tubes, a fuel valve, oil change, new battery, re-leveling the deck and sharpened blades.  Very little plastic on this thing and no rust - it should last another 25 years painlessly.

Susie took this picture when I wasn't looking from the living room window, then forwarded it to our daughter at SMU and some others.  I walked in and said in a Hank Hill voice, "That was some fun, I tell you what!"   My first riding mower.  And yes, I know the mailbox is crooked. ;^)

Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend, I tell you what. 

Day 14: Dominca ...Rosie

Day 14 began like they all began for me...wake up, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and go diving....are you getting tired of dive pics yet?!?


Day 15: Dominica to Canouan ...Rosie


Your Best 'In The Air' Pic ...Bastien submits

Here is one of my favorite photo of the RV8. It was taken a few weeks ago by Jean Marie Urlacher, a nice aviation photograph. He is doing an awesome job and is a very nice guy. I really enjoyed how the things were organized for this photo session.  In the background is a friend's RV4, one of the few built directly from the plans, so without ordering any parts from Van's.


Status Report: RV-4 ...acam37

Here are a few pics of our almost complete interior. We still have a few things to finish, such as arm rest pads, stick boots, foot wells, and a rear stick cover. But it is functional for flight as it is. This stuff will probably get done after it flies. We are concentrating on the exterior now in order to be able to bolt the wings permanently. All fabrication is done except the dreaded fiber-glassing.  continue


Nothing better!!!! ...Guilhermepilot




Thu Apr 23, 2015.  1145Z

Bruce Patton's RV-10

Here it is, fresh off its post paint test fight. Paints are all metallic, Switchblade Silver, Fontana Red Pearl, Black Diamond and Electric Gold. PPG base/clear system. The interior is Zolatone, a mixture of two of their colors. Heated front seats.  continue


Last Full Day on Dominica ...scard

Good morning from our last full day on Dominica! Today was a sleep in day for me. Tanya is out running 'errands' at the grocery store to prepare for in flight lunch service tomorrow while I type this in bed.  more / camera dump

Update Later in the Day ...scard

The last night on Dominica is in the books. After 11pm getting back to the room from a 3hr dinner. Island time you know. Packing, flight plans, double checking strategy for getting out with all wingmen intact, getting fuel at Anguilla, and over night in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic tomorrow. Taxi leaving 8:15am for a long day ahead.

I'm leaving behind our "jump start" battery for Rosie as his Denso (da' electronics not so operational) is dead again.

Good night from Dominica as I listen to the waves crashing on the rocks only 30' below our balcony door for one more night. Tomorrow starts the multi-day "RV race" for home.

N302RM is Airworthy! ...Mike Hillger


Hat Sighting ...ThomasJay

This is my hat sighting post. In keeping with your front page posting back on October 15th, 2013, they finally shut down the fusion reactor and I was able to get my hat sighting picture. I can neither confirm nor deny that a hat was sighted inside the DIII-D Tokomak magnetic fusion reactor. Thanks for VAF and the entertainment value it brings. Kind Regards, TG.

fmi: https://fusion.gat.com/global/DIII-D
fmi: Cap info

Just Released...


Back Home from Florida Keys ...Troy Branch RV-10

Another great trip. We arrived back home around 16:00 local today. We had to wait for two days to get out of Florida because of the weather. We then had to beat the weather coming into Calgary area tomorrow. We flew across the US diagonally in two days from Crystal River Florida. First day was a stop in Memphis for fuel then Omaha for the night. Second day was to Billings via mount Rushmore then cleared customs in Lethbridge. So three stops to cover about 2000nm. All while bucking a 20 to 30kt head wind. Longest leg was 4.2 hrs. The kids and mom are great flyers. Total hours flown was 31.5 . To Key West and back.

It was a wonderful trip and we all really enjoyed ourselves. From swimming with the manatees, hanging out on the beaches of clearwater, seeing Hope and Winter, biking Keywest, snorkelling, and Jetskiing around the Key west just to name a few.

Baby on Board! ...KALEWIS

What better way to tell everyone that we are expecting ! Baby Shoes on wing of our -12 ! The new co-pilot is due in November.... Will keep everyone posted on first flight!




Wed Apr 22, 2015.  1139Z

Post storms pano - click to enlarge.  dr

Beer run to Burlington, VT (KBTV) ...bullojm1

My good friend Dave and I have a certain weakness for delicious Vermont Beer. To further complicate things, we have a good friend, Chris, who lives in Burlington and is a bigger beer nut than both Dave and I combined. A combination of perfect weather and an airplane that could make a 9 hour drive into a 2.25 hour flight sealed the deal.  continue


Day 13: Dominica ...Rosie

Today (Tuesday 21 April) was the first of two full days on the island, and my morning was spent diving; check it out!


Remembering Eustace Bowhay ...Ken Scott


From my hometown


Mother Ship SnF Engine Special (save $1000 by bundling your Engine & Propeller Order)

...free shipping.  free pickling.


Dynon/AFS Wi-Fi Adapter SnF Giveaway


New 100 HP Superior Diesel!


Looking for the cheapest flight out & back to arrive home with the largest amount of least expensive avgas

...a little spreadsheet project I'm playing around with.  With the fuel prices in red, the best choice is Gainesville (KGLE), right?  It gives me the 3rd highest amount of fuel remaining when I get back, and I spend the least to fill up.  What did I screw up?  Is there some ratio that would be a better indicator?  Math hurts. 

Here's the formulas for the first column if you want
to check my math.

related: Thread




Mon Apr 20, 2015.  1127Z

TDY RV-6 HS work desk at theVanCave.  dr

From the mother ship FB page re: SnF

"We will be located in exhibit space NE-12 and NE-13 and will have the RV-10, RV-14A, and several RV-12's on display throughout the show. Be sure to attend the forum "What's new at Van's Aircraft" presented by Gus Funnell Thursday April 23 at 1:00PM in Room 1."

Formation Wedding! ...fixnflyguy

Day 9 ...Rosie

Day 10 ...Rosie

Day 11 ...Rosie

Antigua PIREP ...tcard

Last day on Antigua. By the way, the 'u' is silent. We asked the locals, who were happy to give us the proper pronunciation.

Wi-fi was challenging, accommodations and food were so-so, scenery was great, but the best part is the RV circle of friends. Sometimes figuratively, and sometimes literally as we wind down the evening.

As we sit with the crickets chirping, light seabreaze blowing, waves crashing, and bugs biting Rosie while he waits on the challenging wi-fi to update the thread many of you are waiting on, the stories are still flowing and hatching the plan for the trip to Dominica.

Heading off on her another adventure. One week down, and one to go.

Mojave Experimental Fly In 2015...bruceh

4X-ORV Status ...Mike Raviv in Israel

Wings removed for easier acces to canopy fiberglassing work, parallel proccessing of cowling work, instruments installation, wiring and finishing the soon-to-be-painted surfaces.

Welcome Little Moose Prints

(From Korey) 
"Hey VAF,
I have been a fond reader of VAF for a number of years now and as a young aviator I enjoy the sense of community that this forum provides. My wife and I have started a small business named Little Moose Prints. We are a custom screen printing shop and although we are a new business I have been trained in the industry for quite some time. We would love the opportunity to provide custom apparel for your next fly-in, EAA event, or air race. If you have a business here on VAF I would love to provide you with apparel as well, they really serve as an excellent marketing tool. If you have been using an online service or simply are looking at other options give me a look."

[ed. I ordered (12) shirts for me to use as my 'summer work uniform'.  They sent these pictures during 'the construction'.  Their ad lives in the 'Previous Day's News' section.  ]

Status Report ...hydroguy2 in Montana

Spent 1 week on site and made some serious progress on Aurora's new hangar and home site.



Fri Apr 17, 2015.  1148Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

The Great North Road ...Larry Pardue RV-6

I like taking pictures from the RV. This is one of the least visually striking ones I would ever share publicly. Obviously desolate dry country and there is a linear feature from top to bottom. What might that be? Power line, road, fence? It does seem unusual that the feature goes pretty much straight no matter what it is crossing. There is no deviating for gullies and hills.  continue


Last Day in Punta Cana PIREP ...Cards

So, the last day in Punta Cana is in the books. As the night wore to a close after dinner, our fearless leader chose to spend the rest of his evening with his online friends as opposed to hanging out telling stories by the surf with the others. Rosie, we picked up the slack for you buddy and closed down the party with the Dodson's in the dark on the beech with a drink until 10:30pm. Present for the last "late" evening were Taco, Belle, Nordo, Diane, Moody Blue (after his ill timed afternoon nap), Opie, e-Stitch, Scoot, Cookie (instigator / pre-brief).  more

Day 8: Punta Cana ...Rosie and gang


Welcome Skybolt.com

(from April Braun - Sales Manager)
"Skybolt makes purchasing the proper fastener components simple when you choose a CLoc™ solution for your Vans RV cowling design. All Skybolt VLoc™ Fastener Kits include our newest U.S. Patented SK-RVFS1 mounting flanges, all CLoc™ Diamondhead™ stainless ¼ turn fastener sets, instructions, templates and more. All configurations are available – Call Skybolt at 800.223.1963 or online at www.skybolt.com."

James Jula Panel Status


Circuit Breaker Failure

I discovered something last night that I hadn't seen before and thought I would share it here in hopes it will open our eyes to other possibilities as we are troubleshooting faults in our airplanes.

The aircraft owner reported his COMM 2 had failed. It was a King radio that emitted a very nasty odour of burnt electronic components. With this being the case, before installing a new radio I opted to perform a basic power & ground check on the radio's connector. All was well there the first time I measured it, getting nearly 24V as expected.  more

Our Friend Brian Chesteen's GSF SMA Fundraising Page ...RV-7 builder

[ed. Way to go, Brian!!!!   788 miles over 15 races!!!  dr]


DIY RV-8 Landing Gear Bolt Wrench


Last Day ...Tommy Lewis

"Today is our last day in paradise, going for a morning walk, the one last snorkel off the beach. Having a great time."




Thu Apr 16, 2015.  1138Z

Day 7: Punta Cana ...Rosie and friends

Card's PIREP: Caribbean ...Cards

Half way through the first full day. We've almost worked out a comm protocol. This bar / that pool. Started the morning calling room numbers to coordinate breakfast with the majority of the crew. We finished that after a couple of hours of telling stories and eating. Then off to a waterpark a short walk on the same resort. That was crazy fun with water slides. Rosie, Dave and I had never done the water slide thing. We only expected to be there for 30-40min, but were there for a couple of hours.

Back to Lunch with six of us then to the pool with swim up bar where the rest of the afternoon was spent with Scoot, Cookie, Taco, Bell, Shiner, Diddy, Rosie, Tuppergal, Nordo... Rosie taught us some kinder garden songs in the pool. Dave got some new pimp-daddy flip flops that he is supposed to wear to dinner in an hour.

Tomorrow, some will be going scuba diving and further exploring for our last full day here at Punta Cana before we launch to the next adventure on Friday.

The water is warm, the breeze is cool, and the company spectacular.

Friends at "Die AERO 2015" Germany ...Bruce Eicher

This is my friend (and father of my exchange student son Matthis) Klaus Peter. Klaus is one wing short (not bolted on that is) of flying his own RV-7A. He will get that gorgeous bird flying very soon. I know his sons are excited to take flight with their father.

Here he has helped Van's set up and show the great product to Europe. Leaning over is Daryl and of course Dick is next to Klaus.

ADSB Traffic Alert ...don't depend on it 100%.

Went on a short trip last week with a friend in his Bonanza to show off his Garmin 750 and ADSB receiver, comparing features to the Dynon Skyview in my RV. Leveled off at 3000, watched him put autopilot on, then looked directly ahead and saw an oncoming airplane. I said "Traffic, straight ahead" and pointed. He said "Don't see 'em" then maybe two seconds later "I don't" and I grabbed the wheel, turned hard and pulled. As I turned the wheel, I heard from the Garmin, "Traffic Alert, Same Altitude." Within a five or six seconds a Cessna Caravan passed just behind us, maybe a quarter mile, same altitude.

This was a worst case scenario, two fairly fast airplanes approaching head on, closing at 300 knots or so. I did some reading later and found that Dynon will give a Traffic Advisory warning if a 1/4 mile conflict is projected to occur in the next 30 seconds. Dynon also states there may be a lag of 2-12 seconds due to radar (did they say lag) and other technical issues. I suspect the Caravan did not have ADSB out and we were getting his position from TIS. Uh, let me think.... say 20 seconds plus a 1/4 mile would have put the advisory about two miles apart. Don't know how that compares to the Garmin but that is not much time and certainly not the warning we received.

For several weeks I have been oohing and aahing about seeing all that traffic on my display. Yes, it really is neat technology. With all that it will do, there are limitations. I've been flying 38 years and seen a few airplanes close up. Made a couple of turns to add some distance. This is the only time I have seen another plane when pointed directly at each other. There is little time to react.

From Tom & Bonnie Lewis

"Beautiful day in the Bahamas.

Tip- adjustable back riveting bucking partner

Living in the mountains, often there is no bucking partner around. Sweetie had to go out of town and Lucy needed her bottom aft fuselage skin riveted. The brain cells went to work so meet Homer Jr. Basically he is a hydraulic jack on a furniture dolly holding a back rivet bucking bar. The video should explain better.  continue

From the Mother Ship FB Page



Wed Apr 15, 2015.  1142Z

Hobbs Meter - 4,000 hours!!!!!!!!! ...Rosie

"Hi all,
Today was a big day for me in a couple of ways, but this was a HIGHLIGHT that occurred about an hour out from landing at Punta Cana (MDPC) in the Dominican Republic..."


First flight 74285 ...Guilhermepilot (Brazil)


First flight ...Mike Henning RV-4

RV-4, SN#2750 (N654ML) took flight on Apr 12, 2015. It flew great and the engine/prop ran great as well. It was off in a flash and I climbed out at 115kts, at 2500 fpm. Oil temp was a little low, so I will restrict some air there, and oil pressure needs to be increased a little. Stalls were clean with a nice warning and recovered right away. After 30 minutes I made a perfect landing (super ez to land it) on video.

I have about 5 years of building spread out over 25 years..... ouch, but well worth it.I have cowl off and going through the engine checking everything again, as well as control linkages and hope to fly again today.


Day 6- Homestead (FL) to the Dominican Republic...Rosie

[ed. Rosie, I'm continually floored at how well you promote these trips!  My uneducated guess is you have single-handedly convinced hundreds of people to jump into the RV hobby! dr]


Need an RV-A model near DFW for Transition Training ...Sid

For the DFW area Crowd, particularly near 52F Northwest Regional:

I request use of an RV-7A (preferred), or 6A, 9A, or 8A for dual training to satisfy the insurance folks at NationAir. They need me to accomplish 2 hours of dual instruction in an A-model RV. I have an RV-experienced CFI lined up (Gary Platner), and I just need the aircraft.

Can anyone help?

Card's Caribbean Trip 2015

The grand adventure is yet again afoot. Stuff happens out here in the world that you just couldn't make up if you tried and creates some great memories. We're spending just as much time recounting past adventures to the newbies as actively creating new *very* impressionable ones at every turn.  continue



Tue Apr 14, 2015.  1146Z

Update ...Tommy Lewis (RV-10)

"...Took my watch off. On island time! No problems!"

Mothership FB Post ...Summer of Opportunities

"...This is a re-run of a posting many months ago.  However, it has an update, and photos that we feel you will find interesting.   Dick VanGrunsven."

Day 5- Clearwater to Venice ...Rosie

Fresh Off the Bench at www.SteinAir.com

click to enlarge

Trying to think ahead

I have a question about an upcoming step. I'm thinking about how these holes will be countersunk or dimpled. In this first pic, do these holes get dimpled or countersunk? And how about the holes on the bottom of the spar flanges?  more

Pull up a chair at "the Bucking Bar"! ...humptybump

53VG now has a pilot friendly soda bar!

Serving various sodas on tap as well as authentic malts. Non-PICs can also enjoy a beer or home made carbonated cider!

For Sale: 2008 RV-7A

[ed. A WONDERFUL example of how to present a For Sale listing in the VAF classifieds.  dr]

Status ...Larry Larson



Mon Apr 13, 2015.  1149Z

First Flight - N781TD ...Trevor Conroy RV-7

Today our RV-7 made its first FLIGHT in the comfortable and experienced hands of Joe Blank who graciously agreed to be our test pilot.  continue


Calgary to Florida Keys ...Troy Branch RV-10

We got into Clearwater yesterday evening. We had lunch with Brandi and Brian in Atlanta and really did not know if we would get around the line. Tops were at 45000ft. We headed for the gap near Jacksonville and found a way through. Stopped in Gainsville for a pee stop and fuel to get out of there just before a cell went through. Nice sunset ride into KPIE.

2100 NM in two days. These kids are great flyers!

Great day on the beach today. Down to the keys on Thursday.

Day 2 ...Rosie

Day 3 ...Rosie

Day 4 ...Rosie

AFS RV-7 Slider IFR Quick Panel ...Rob Hickman

Bahamas 2015 ...Tommy Lewis RV-10

Tom and Bonnie flew to the Bahamas on Sat morning. We left TX on Wed because of weather concerns, and we are retired so we can, and flew to Pompano a Beach to spend a couple days.

So we flew into Marsh Harbor and have a house rented on Elbow Cay in Hopetown for a week. Sutters and Moores are with us. Here is the view off our deck.

Almost Done ...WenEng

Kitplanes "Best Of...." Photo Contest - Sunsets!

Hope to be back to building before the end of summer ...Gil Brice move



Fri Apr 10, 2015.  1116Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!

9,000 Confirmed!

...from the factory FB page (more pics).

Congratulate via:
Van's FB page and/or this VAF thread.

Checking in w/Rosie

Day 1 (parts 1, 2 and 3)

It's been a long day and was up at 0400 PDT and now getting online at 2100 PDT; It's been a long but GREAT DAY of flying! Tuppergal got to sleep in as my co-worker Herb Turner and I were up early then airborne by about 0510 (still dark). I had packed the plane the night before so here's our my luggage for the 3-week trip...

related: Lunch today with Rosie at Stephenville, TX (BBQ) ...KSEP

related: Rosie's Spot Tracker

RV-7A N260KM "Kelli Girl" is now an AIRPLANE!

...more on Sid's recent DAR inspection.


Oops. Can I fix a mis-aligned HS mounting hole?

I've been procrastinating on asking this question, because I'm afraid of the answer.  I discovered that 3 out of four attachment holes that I hand-drilled for my horiz. stab. are PERFECT! One, however, is less than perfect; i.e. not perpendicular.   I have 2 ideas to solve this problem and am asking for some feedback please.
1) drill a larger hole that will encompass the crooked/mis-aligned holes in the attachment bracket and HS spar.
2) leave the hole as is, and fabricate some bevelled washers to act as shims so that the load is not concentrated on the edge of the bolt head and opposite nut when torqued.

Aero Sport Power Introduces the New 200+HP, 382 'Wildcat'


Extreme Overreaction ...great comedy from Pete Howell

...if you've seen the 'Real Men of Genius' Bud Light commercials, you're gonna love this.


First Engine Start ...Dan Weyant 9A

Just a quick update.

Did first engine start yesterday. The engine ran great (Aerosport Power XIO-320) after we pre-oiled it started on about three blades.

I've got a couple minor issues, idle needs some adjustment, etc.

Also, no fuel pressure, and no tach reading but overall I'm quite pleased with the first run.

Here am I again!!!!! First engine start ...Guilherme video


Probable Cause Issued WPR14FA218

"...A bead of RTV silicone was found in the fuel line, and it is likely that it blocked the inlet of the transducer and starved the engine of fuel...."

related: RV Probable Cause List

Donations List Updated

Thank you to those individuals and advertisers who support this small business with their hard earned money.  

Your grateful hosts,
The Reeves family.



Thu Apr 9, 2015.  1137Z

Big move to hangar !!!!!!!!!!! ...Guilhermepilot


First Flight TOM.DK RV-8 ...Thomas Damm (Denmark)

After 9 years, 3 months I got my MISTRESS II in the air from EKBI for :32. GREAT! A little heavy on the left wing, otherwise nothing serious!


Garage diorama ...jwilbjur

For school, 3 of my kids had to build a diorama of some room in our house. One of my boys did our garage complete with our part-way build RV-10. He used actual Van's supplied scrap aluminum.

They all did a good job. My wife wrote about it on her blog for those interested: blog post link.

I thought the VAF crowd would appreciate the garage. I certainly do.


Looking for White/Green RV-8 that visits Moriarty

"My kneeboard is in your plane".


How/Why/What About Defining 'Phases of Flight'


F-1016H Bracket

I plan to install 470 rivets at the F-1016H bracket location. It doesn't say anything about countersinking or dimpling anything, but then the callout is for a flush #3 rivet.
Is there a reason there needs to be flush rivets here?


Spinner rubs on cowl

Looking for something obvious that I'm probably overlooking. I did my first trial fitting of the prop hub last night and it's rubbing up against the cowls. There's also about a 1/4" vertical mis-alignment. I hung my engine first, then fit the cowl after letting it "settle" for about a month. I searched through the forum last night and saw that there's a little bit of room to trim the aft end of the backing plate, but since I have two misalignments I suspect that I've done something wrong.


Garmin Mode S Transponder Software Upgrades at Sun-N-Fun 2015

We started providing free software upgrades for Garmin Mode S transponders used in Experimental aircraft at Oshkosh 2014, and it was such a bit hit that we decided to offer this again at Sun-N-Fun 2015.

Just brig your GTX23ES, GTX330, or GTX330ES transponder in to us at the Garmin booth at SNF (Northeast Corner of North Hangar building) and we will install V7.04 software into your transponder while you wait. It only takes about 2 minutes to accomplish this update.

Sorry, but we are not equipped to perform sign-offs for certified aircraft, so please only bring us transponders that are installed in experimental aircraft.

Even if you don't have a transponder to upgrade, be sure to drop by our booth to say hello and/or attend a seminar.

Hope to see you at Sun-N-Fun!


April Issue Online

...and you're gonna like page 4



Wed Apr 8, 2015.  1200Z

Sid Mayeux 7A Is Officially An Airplane!!!...yesterday in Roanoke, TX.

Sid 'scrollF4' Mayeux and Mel Asberry.


Composite Bagage Door Project?...input from Kevin Walsh.

Don't give up so easily. I've nearly finished building a whole plane from composites, and you're throwing in the towel on a door?! The project you're describing can be done in two work sessions, maybe 4 hours total work. It would be much less if you were doing this on a regular basis and had all of the materials at hand.

You just need some thickness to the part when it is done. 2 layers of carbon, especially if it is flat and doesn't have curvature in a couple directions, will be pretty floppy. You can add thickness in the form of hex core or foam core.

Do just as you said, making a new door from plastic, tape, whatever you like. Cover it with packing tape as a mold release, and spend some time getting it right so the tape is smooth and doesn't overlap. Do a layup of fiberglass over this area, and do yourself a favor and put some soda straws into the back of it in an X pattern. Cover the straws with a layer of glass too. Let this cure and then pop it off. Sand, micro fill, and sand the face of that mold.

Mold release the face with either more packing tape, or preferably spray PVA. Layup a sandwich of 2 layers of carbon, one layer of Lantor Soric that is cut ~1/2 - 1" smaller in each direction so that you have a carbon-carbon bond on the edge, then a final layer of carbon. Peel ply the back with Dacron, and let it set up. If you're after a nicer part, vacuum bag it, or Lo-Vac it. When it is cured, pop it out, sand the face, and prime and paint as usual.

You could also use the soda straw X instead of the Soric, but it is tougher to get the carbon over the straws to lay nicely. The Soric will make you have a finished door that is ~0.150" thick, and very stiff. DanH is correct, anywhere you have a metal fastener you should add a patch of fiberglass to electrically separate the carbon and the metal.

Watch out for those carbon slivers. They hurt!


VAF Courtesy Car List Grows

...added Wisconsin and Nebraska cars.


Dynon Press Release

New Lower D2 Pocket Panel Pricing
First, we're announcing new lower pricing on our popular D2 Pocket Panel Portable EFIS. Now even more pilots will be able to add a modern, affordable backup safety device to supplement their often unreliable legacy certified instrumentation. The new list price is only $1095 and takes effect Wed, April 8. Customers may see even find lower street pricing from Dynon dealers and at the upcoming shows.

New Remote Magnetometer for SkyView and SkyView 12.2 Software
We're also excited to announce a new optional Remote Magnetometer for SkyView. The Remote Magnetometer adds additional installation flexibility for customers building SkyView into their aircraft by letting them locate the magnetic sensors remotely from the rest of the ADAHRS.

Meanwhile, the transponder update in SkyView 12.2 software demonstrates Dynon’s leadership and commitment to helping its customers properly equip for FAA 2020 ADS-B Out rule compliance.

The remote magnetometer and SkyView 12.2 are expected to release at the end of April.

fmi: thenewskyview.com


Heated Garage Workshop for RV building - Ice Damming?

So I'm having a new house built, and I've incorporated into the plans some customization to support making my garage into an RV building workshop.

Contractor calls me today asking about this, we get to talking, and he says something to the effect of:

"Well if you're going to heat your garage, you're going to have to watch for ice damming in the garage roof and the soffits just outside the door ..."

Basically, the warm air will escape from around the garage door, which is of course not sealed like normal doors usually are, and rise, and possibly (likely) freeze and cause ice damming on the soffits or whatever happens to be in its way ... (in cold Canadian winter, of course).

For those of you from cold climates and and with garage workshops ... is this something you run into? How do you solve it (easily/cheaply)?


G3X Touch v3.60 Line of Chevrons Pointing to Best Glide Airport ...G3X


Newly Issued NTSB Safety Alerts




Tue Apr 7, 2015.  1138Z

My RV-8 is officially an airplane ...Christer at SteinAir

After 5 1/2 years of construction, my RV-8 is now officially airworthy. Many thanks to everyone that has endured my questions and offered support, especially my co-workers at SteinAir.


Status Report ...Brian 'hydroguy2'


Scoreboard Update...getting close to 9,000!


537 RV Probable Causes

1/1/1990 - 3/31/2015. 
Broken down by 'Phase of Flight'.  The FAA docs showed 11 categories, so I threw them into a pie chart out of curiosity.  The number next to category name is the number of accidents in that phase out of 537, followed by the percentage. Obviously, if the probable cause hasn't been published yet, it's not in here.  Down the road I'll refresh the data.

What I took away from this is even 'Standing' around an airplane can be dangerous.

click to enlarge

Related: Probable Cause List


Trio Ez Auto Pilot Servo Installation

Need some help... do you think that this setup will work.... I am having second thoughts re the end point..


"Best Of...." Photo Contest...Kitplanes Magazine

...voting for aircraft wiring photos this round.


Speaking of Paul

Most days I think I have it pretty good.  No status meetings, shorts, tennis shoes and a ball cap on most days over 50*F.  An RV-6 to putt around in on nice mornings every so often. 

Then Paul sends me this a day ago or so.  OK, you win this round.  ;^) 




Mon Apr 6, 2015.  1146Z

RVs taking over Canada! ...RickWoodall


Airworthiness Inspection and First Engine Start ...TCONROY

I am so happy and proud to report that after 5 1/2 years of building, we had our Airworthiness Inspection by Gary Brown last week. Gary is a local DAR in the Portland area. He carefully looked over each of the aircraft's systems and gave many little tips and tricks to operating the -7 since he also built one. After a couple hours of looking the airplane over, going through all of the paperwork and explaining our Operating Limitations, Gary presented my father and I with a crisp piece of pink paper with my name and our N number on it. The RV Grin began...    continue


The BIG cut!!!! ...David Boeshaar 9A

Well, we did it! On a beautiful warm SoCal day, I conquered my fear, and made the big cut.

I watched the VAF forums for advice, waited for a warm day, built a custom table, measured fifty times and finally did the work.  continue


Ramona, CA RV Fly-in this weekend - 4-11 ...Jim Potter 9A

Come join us at the Ramona Airport for the 2nd Annual RV Fly-In this weekend. We will have fantastic Bar-B-Q and lots of great folks from the RV community.

Currently we have over 50 planes registered - See website link and register if you are coming. Ramona is also in the center of SoCal wine country so stay the weekend and enjoy the local wineries..

Missing Man for Mr. Bob McKay ...West Coast Ravens


Russian Airspace Infiltrated ...Andy Olech RV-7


From Tina's Pilot Shop




Fri Apr 3, 2015.  1103Z


Rob Ray photo


Rosie & Tuppergal’s Caribbean Trip 2015

"...This year, we are flying to the Dominican Republic, Antigua and Dominica with some wonderful friends. The main group will return home from Dominica but we'll keep going to make it three weeks to visit some other islands...maybe even stay a fourth week if we are having TOO MUCH FUN."  ...


Lunch with Rosie - Hard 8 BBQ in Stephenville Friday on April 10th @ 11am

...consider yourself invited! 


Formation with TBM Avenger ...Ted Chang video

This evening we had a chance to fly a three ship with a TBM Avenger leading two RVs. The TBM pilot, McStevie is also a RV6 owner. Craig C flew #2 in a RV6 and I flew #3 in my RV9A. 160hp RVs are slightly under powered but managed to stay in most of the time. GoPro camera mounted at the left wing tiedown location.


We jumped on board too ...woodmanrog starts a -14

Well, it looks like Todd and Myra and I are all in the same boat. We fell in love with the 14 at SnF when it was introduced and were just waiting for a completed plane to come up for sale. That hasn't happened yet, as we all know, so we too bought a partially built kit (#64) to finish out for our 4th RV to own. We found a kit that had the wings, empennage and tailcone already constructed and decided we wanted to go ahead and finish her out to our specs. We will purchase the fuselage kit at SnF this year. We figure that all of the rest of the components should be ready to build within a year or so. In the meantime, we will continue to fly N100NT until we are ready to bring the new baby home. We are going to be assisted in the construction by Nathan and Chris of Two Bums Aviation in Sebastion, FL. They have helped put together over 20 RV's and are going to be invaluable to us. Anyone interested in a really well made RV6A, get in touch with me in about a year.LOL Check out the plane in Van's 2011 calendar. We are the December playmate.


DIY Plane Building Gives Unique View of Aviation

Article featuring Dave and Kathy Cadugan.


8 Years Tomorrow



Thu Apr 2, 2015.  1137Z

April Fools Day ...from the mother ship

"Van’s Aircraft places the final touches on the RV-12T before 'Sun N Fun'. Pricing and order forms not yet available although the new model is expected to be much more expensive due to added structure in the forward fuselage area made from unobtainium."


Engine stumble ...crabandy

O-360 with dual EFII ignition with autowires/plugs, rebuilt 2009, first engine start Sept 2014 and 96 hours without any rough running etc last year. 10 hours since condition inspection, during the condition inspection I sent the Carb to Marvel Schebler and they enriched it slightly and replaced the bowl. First 6 hours after the condition everything ran as it should. I did get fuel at the airport before the issue, but my tanks sumped clean in the pre-flight and I had them double check their truck this morning.  ...


Where am I?...Pete Howell


Ready to go to the airport ...Guilhermepilot

I decided to complete all at home and then go to the airport put wings and test everything, it is time! 11 months so far going to airport next week.  ...


Status Update ...Central HS STEM Aviation Club


New home for N241ES ...mchargmg

I just got N241ES home last Friday. She is a beautiful example of the 6a. We are going to finish the canopy skirt and the steps in the same gray as the spinner. Sabrina and I are very excited and looking forward to some wonderful RV trips.


Upcoming EAA Webinars



Wed Apr 1, 2015.  1142Z

First flight of N882RV ...Kato's 8


Introduction ...Todd Copeland of Pittsburgh

I wanted to introduce myself here to the group. My name is Todd Copeland, I just bought wing kit #5 from the original buyer and I am looking very much forward to building my RV-14. My dad and I build together, we have completed and are flying a Glastar which now has more than 400 hours on it and we are nearly finished with a Glasair III. I should be doing the first flight in the next two months or so. We decided we wanted to build one more airplane before we stop building and I wanted to go to an RV for all the obvious reasons, especially the straight forward buildable nature of the Vans kits. I am excited about the RV-14 and its capabilities as well as the room inside. While it won't have the all out performance the Glasair does, it will be a great sport airplane when it's done.

Day trip ...crabandy photos


From the factory FB page...


April Wallpaper Calendar Online ...Ed Hicks photo


Probable Cause Clearinghouse...

A project I'm working on to (hopefully) better spotlight the importance of a safety mindset.  The list currently has (537) RV probable cause (PC) entries you can discuss in the forums all you want.  Use them as a jump off point to initiate discussion.  We start with the best facts we can get, and work out from there.  Hopefully we learn.  The list goes back 9,221 days to 1/1/1990.

For now there is a 'Probable Cause List' menu item on the front page upper left.  The in-the-near-future plan is to create an additional 'Accident Review' section in the forums where Probable Cause documents can be spotlighted and more easily discussed/dissected.

Stay tuned...and fly safe.  Please. 



Tue Mar 31, 2015.  1125Z

My Boy's First Airplane Ride! ...crabandy

I wasn't supposed to find out but the wife spilt the beans and we are adding a boy to the family! I have to say I'm pretty excited not to be the only guy in the house!


Fly by before the Flagler Beach Airshow ...tc1234c vid


WW2 Museum on the Prairie - Cool! ...RKellogg trip write-up


Move and Wing Day ...Bayou Bert


Nice One Day Project for the Hangar...Randy Pflanzer


Panel Status ...Chris Johnson


The Jig is Up! ...CSJohnson


Organizing Rivet Sets...RKellogg


Leak Repair Plan ...RVG8tor


AOPA Transition Training Resource ...Mike Vaccaro

"...It has an EAB module worth a few minutes of time--especially for folks that are purchasing already flying EAB types."

G3X Great Circle ...Pahan Ranasingha


Tracking Your Investment

Tate's grades have really been improving, and I thought I would take a moment to brag a bit on him.  He's in 8th grade.  Go Tater!!! 



Mon Mar 30, 2015.  1152Z

Phase 1 complete! ...Veetail88

"Swarm" of Seagulls @ 9500 ...Toobuilder

New one for me... Typical trip across the open desert to Phoenix, a route I've taken many times. Severe clear weather, Fat dumb and happy cruising along on autopilot and I glance down at the iPad to see what kind of traffic is out there that I can't see with the eyeballs. Just a glance, mind you - not minutes of heads down. When I look up, I see what appears at first to be a cloud of black smoke off in the distance. It quickly turns into a massive swarm of bees... Nope, it's birds coming right at me, co altitude, 12:00, and at 190 knots this distance is closing rapidly. I rolled into 90 degrees of bank and pulled hard, narrowly missing the whole mess. It turned out to be several hundred seagulls flying in a tightly packed, 100 foot diameter ball. The elapsed time between seeing the faint "smoke" to pulling g's was about 2 seconds.  ...

Update ...acam37

The engine for our -4 fastback is assembled and ready to mount. The baffles will need a little TLC before they go back on. We went with the 8.5:1 pistons and the larger wrist pins to boost the power to 160hp. So now we will have a completely restored 91' RV-4 with a zero time field overhauled engine. Everything inside is new except for the crank and rods.

Bob McKay ...Mike S post

Sadly, I am reporting the passing of Bob McKay today at his home in Cameron AirPark.

Bob was at home, and was in Hospice care.

Bob was still flying his RV 6 when I first moved here, but had sold the plane a few years back.

He was a POW in WW2. http://www.cameronparkrotary.org/10142010.pdf


GoPro fairing - min drag ...Steve Melton

RV-10 Beginnings ...1001001

So a few weeks back I took the plunge and bought a partially completed RV-10 empennage kit from a fine member of VAF (thanks, UnPossible!)

This all was a bit ahead of my schedule (I didn't expect to be starting for at least 8 more months), but the deal too good to pass up, IMHO. So now, I have a partial kit, some tools (also courtesy of VAF Classifieds) on the way, and a big project (workshop construction) looking me in the face.

I'll be maintaining a build log at the following address, if anyone wants to stop by and check it out: http://www.brunbergs.net/?cat=14

Just thought I'd share a nice pic ...Capfo

Update ...pekuba1610

After 1 Year the empennage of my RV-3 is finished. Being a first builder it took probably a little bit longer (1200 hr).  I was curious wether the fairings can be attached without seeing the pop rivets.  With a little bit of grinding they are nearly invisible. I used the Stewart Systems EKO Poly Primer , ZC green, for the HS ,VS and the rudder. For the Elevators I used the EKO Poxy Primer. Both primers can be reduced with distilled water. It´s nice to work without solvents. You simply clean the spray-gun with warm water.

After some rearrangements in the shop I will start the SB wings in April.

First Flight N412HC RV-7 ...carrollcw

Hey all, I just wanted to let you know that another RV-7 has taken to the air! Thanks to all of you for your help and guidance along the way. It flew beautifully with no major issues.

Check this video out HERE

Down to the short list ...KRviator



Fri Mar 27, 2015.  1151Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 

Wing Fit Check ...Justin Ttwilbeck RV-10

I finally got to see the plane with its wings on!....for a day. With help from Brian and Brandi we trimmed the flaps and wing root fairings as needed in less then a day! Brian was a great help and I'm not sure I could have gotten the job done before sundown without him.


She's Back! ...KRviator

After a few days away, Aurora Australis returns home with her new tiger stripe livery.  It looks better than I thought it would, especially in the sun! <g>


Manifold Pressure Mystery ...Tango Mike

Manifold Pressure Mystery:

The airplane: RV-4 with VM-1000 and dual Electroair ignitions (left gold Gen 1 unit with the MP sensor mounted on the EIS beside the coil packs, and right purple Gen 2 unit with a rev 1 MP sensor mounted separately).


1) VM-1000 MP reads barometric pressure when the engine isn’t running.
2) After start, the MP advances to mid to high 20s with about 900 rpm.
3) Left advance reads 17 degrees
4) Right advance reads 28 degrees
5) Neither advance reading changes when the manifold advance is turned off.
6) During runup, the VM-1000 MP and the advance on each side remain the same as when the rpm is below 1000.


1) It appears to me that the VM-1000 and both Electroair EISs are operating normally.
2) It’s important to note that the Gen 1 units have a different RPM advance curve than the Gen 2 units. I don’t have my notes with me at the house this evening, but I think the Gen 1 units are programmed to 18 degrees once RPM is above 800, and the Gen 2 units are programmed to 25 degrees. (I also think the Gen 1 units added a degree or two of advance for every 100 RPM above 1000, but that’s not germane to this problem.)
3) With MP advance turned on and working on both sides, the advance readings at low taxi manifold pressures should be high. They’re not, and they remain at the fixed advance settings based on RPM, close to the programmed, fixed advance of 18 degrees on the left and 25 on the right.
4) Turning off the manifold pressure advance causes no change in advance readings.
5) If the VM-1000 were reading normally, I’d troubleshoot the manifold pressure ignition advance system.
6) If the manifold pressure ignition advance system were working properly, I’d investigate the VM-1000. (It’s important to note that last year I followed forum member Reggie’s procedures for cleaning the MPT and solved a problem with erroneous MP readings. That and the fact that the MP reads atmospheric pressure in static conditions appears to eliminate the VM-1000 as a suspect in this mystery.)
7) I’ve removed the hose from the fitting on the engine and gently applied pressure and vacuum, both of which resulted in about .2” increase and decrease, respectively.

What’s next?

Investigate the possibility that no MP is being supplied through the fitting on the #3 cylinder to the VM-1000 MPT and the two MP sensors?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.



Welcome Kitplanes Magazine...and their monthly photo contest.



Cheers! ...Vlad



Thu Mar 26, 2015.  1146Z

The Adventures of RV-12 N25DV

Mark B was kind enough to fly the RV12 to Maine on good day.  Mark had a great day to fly, it was cool, low winds, and great visibility. A few pics of Mark arriving to KBST before tucking her in for the night in the Hanger.  ...


Garmin AOA Pitot Retrofit ...how Pat Hatch did it.


Garmin Panel Upgrade 2.5 ...Brian Chesteen


'Show us your day job' Thread Continues...

RV-7 Builder.

Building RV-8

Tailwind Aviation Services Special

...A 2014 labor bill of $8,000USD is now $4,800!



Wed Mar 25, 2015.  1142Z

From the factory....

...orders now being taken for RV-14 QB Kits.  Full QB kits as well as 'Wings only' or 'Fuselage only'.


RV-14 Finish Kit Status Update ...from the factory FB page

Why, yes, we have been working on the RV-14....  Why do you ask?  (And ask...  And ask...) 

Just to prove it, here´s some photos taken within the last week.  ...


Update on Clay's Starter Relay ...ClayR 9A

Update - I installed the new starter relay - same problem.. So, now I have a new battery and new starter relay and new starter solenoid. Today, I sent my starter back to SkyTec. (It is the 149-12LSX model that they don't make any more, so I'm guessing I'm going to end up with something else)

Here's another piece of information that I discovered while changing the starter solenoid... I had the diode installed BETWEEN the S and I terminal and had a wire from the I terminal going straight to ground.

I've been flying for 11 years now and that didn't seem to be a problem, but as I look at the wiring diagrams, it obviously isn't correct. I really don't know how this didn't trip a fuse because it should be a short from the start switch. There must be some resistance out to that I terminal.

I changed the diode to go from S to ground and I is disconnected. Same symptom though.. still doesn't start.

EDIT: I also found this post here which leads me to believe that maybe the inside connection to the I terminal shorted out long ago so maybe it was still more or less working the same way since there was a path to ground through the diode from the S terminal. Interesting that someone else had their starter relay wired the same way as I did.


Silicone recommendation

I'm at the stage of preparing the elevator pitch trim harness. The instructions have you apply silicone to one end of the harness. I have no experience with this type of work and I'm wondering what type of silicone to use......which makes me wonder if there is more than one type of silicone. What have you other 14 builders been using here. Thanks.


I could surely use some help - trying to figure out this engine problem

I have a Lycoming with about 50 hours on it that is behaving very badly.
It is cyclical roughness, happening every few minutes. It begins with roughness, followed by lower RPM's, higher EGT's (all) and a feeling as if it is self leaning! Fuel flow goes down by 2-4 GPH too (11+ down to 7 or 8 and EGT's rising to Peak). A few seconds (20-30) and it cures itself. Then in a few moments, it all begins again.

Isolating the mag does not improve or make it run worse or better. Same for the one Lightspeed II/Hall effect I am running. Feels like the engine is about to give up, then it takes a breath and goes on normally for a few minutes. It will run hard and even overspin the CATO prop (it's underpitched right now), then runs very poorly... like I need to find a place to land. Goes from 2750 down to 2450, and then, slowly, back up again. Scary!

Because if "feels" like a fuel issue, I traced everything in the (new) AFP 150 for loose fittings or fouled filters.... no joy. Cleaned everything and tightened fuel fittings and no change in the way it runs. Takes a few minutes on the way to altitude before it starts in, then never corrects. Same issues regardless of altitude or RPM. Could the mag be working intermittently? Hall Effect? If so, you would think isolating them would make it quit altogether, but it doesn't change anything except the EGT's go way up, and then I get nervous and switch back to both.

Any thoughts you may have are much appreciated.


In the 'Never Give Up' Category ...Ben Westfall RV-10 project

I'm SN: 40579 started in April 2006 and am hoping to wrap it up in under 10 years.

Seems life takes up more time than building for me sometimes. 2 kids, 2 house remodels, laid off in 2009 then started a business working for myself with some partners. I work from home and you know how the saying goes I get to choose which 12 hours a day I work .

I've been wiring the panel now for 6 months. I think I'm finally ready to pull some wires Somewhat kidding but it seems the planning takes so long when you redo everything 3 times or more and waffle on every decision / deviation.



Tue Mar 24, 2015.  1152Z

No comment necessary....it's perfect.
Rick Krueger photo.


Pre-First Engine Start Update ...AX-O

Tested all my thermocouples and my pressure sensors this weekend.

I am glad I did that. Turns out my fuel pressure gauge was showing the wrong pressure, 40 psi static. I spent the majority of Sunday trying to figure out what the deal was.

Turns out the pressure sensor I am using did not have a specific diagram. It just said red = 12volts. Well the new document on the website now states that it is not 12Volts    I will mess around with it next weekend to see if swapping the power source fixes the problem.

I feel better now that I have compared the sensors to known quantities and they had the correct reading (except fuel pressure).


7A Status Update ...Guilhermepilot

I managed to fit a 10 row in place...


'Sharkbait' Update ...Rosie post

Sharkbait has landed at the Equator, about 6.5 flight hours from Grenada

Friday: Homestead (FL) to the British Virgin Islands (fueled in the Turks and BVI)
Saturday: BVI to Grenada (fueled)
Sunday: Sightseeing in Grenada
Monday: Grenada to Guyana (fuel) then into Macapá (Brazil):

RVs can take you anywhere you want to be Rosie


9A Status Report ...KRviator

"...Driving behind the towie, I got to enjoy the looks of other motorists. Truly classic, with one Postie nearly doing a backflip trying to make sure his eyes weren't playing tricks."


Mother Ship Totals


Status Report ...rightrudder 9A

Before cinching down the top forward skin, I had to drill holes in the diagonal brace for the roll hoop, so I decided to mount the roll hoop as well. It was a little too wide to get the 7/32" clearance on both sides, so I MacGuyver'd a press out of my workbench, a scissors jack and some spare lumber. I tried bending it first with my full body weight (200 lb.) and while it deflected noticeably, its springback dimension hadn't changed by a mm.

Got the little clamp widgets done. They're made of a very burly alloy...it took twice the pressure and twice the time on the bandsaw to make the angle cuts, but the strength is needed here.

Wore out two Unibits making the attach plates for the lower cowl, but it's final mounted with all the Skybolt fasteners set a half-turn deeper than flush. May have to adjust after paint, and settling from vibration. I really didn't need the floater receptacles, but I didn't have enough of the standard ones. Clearances of exhaust, alternator, etc. are all good. Though it's no substitute for removing the lower cowling, I was very pleased with how much of the induction system, fuel fittings and linkages you can inspect with only the upper cowling removed.

I was going to start riveting the top skin, but I thought it better to mull things over for another day to make sure I haven't missed anything. But to make the inevitable "panel dive" a little more comfortable, I ordered carpeting a couple of days ago. No accidental back surgery via floor stiffeners for me!  more pics



Mon Mar 23, 2015.  1145Z

Hat Sighting:  RV-0.5


Status ...Dale B

Well, I'm not anywhere near as far along as Guilherme, but last night a friend from EAA 80 came over and helped me get the bottom skin riveted on the aft section, cleaco on the center section and the forward skins... Lots more work to do but it's looking more like "airplane parts" now!


Christopher's RV-4



Bob Axsom Memorial Air Race April 11th


Vans Toolboxes and HS students ...bsacks05


Status ...Taildrgr

Received my airworthiness certificate from Mel yesterday.

Paint scheme is used with permission from Randy Pflanzer (f1rocket)


Do I have the wrong nutplates?


Near-miss (or hit) with RV in the Denver area

Yesterday I flew my son and two of his college classmates from Denver Centennial to Greeley in my Mooney. On the return flight home I had quite a scare when an RV suddenly appeared in my windscreen, seemingly out of nowhere. We both had to take evasive action to avoid a collision; I'm guessing we were less than 500 feet apart, going opposite directions.

I was under VFR flight following with Denver Approach at the time, as is my custom. I notified the controller and he said he had no targets in my vicinity. My Mooney is equipped with Honeywell TCAS that paints bogeys on the G1000 moving map, and the RV didn't show up there, either. The way my TCAS works, if your transponder is on and you're close enough to me, it will see you.  ...


Having fun! This is How We Roll - the RV-6 ...Arlen vid


Finally flew backward ...the Vladster


How to repair stiffeners showing through skin-


Doogie asks is there...

....an iPhone email app that will allow me to TAKE a picture while replying to an email (without having to go to the camera app)?  The native email client allows you to insert an existing picture into a reply, but it won't let you take a picture from within the reply (that I can find documented).  Looking for something similar to what you can already do from within the native text app (screen grab below)

Why do I ask?

Especially when I'm away from the house and the sender doesn't use a smartphone.  I send a lot of handwritten 'note pics' using the native text app, but the native iPhone email app doesn't allow this.  Speech to text dictation isn't 100% accurate.  Often for me handwriting is faster.

Something sent like this, I suppose, is like a GPS in a Cub....a mix of old and new.  And I dig old fountain pens for some strange reason - I have a cup with four or five here on my desk that I rotate using.  I'd love to own a used, huge MB 146 or 149 pen someday, but that's about priority 10,000.  I'd rather spend the $$$ on avgas!  ;^)

Thanks if you can help w/the email app. 



Fri Mar 20, 2015.  1149Z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.


RV-8 Fun ...Brent Owens


Highest Time RV-10 Project?

This is kind of a tongue-in-cheek corollary thread to Lucas' highest time RV-10 thread.

I'm at 8 years 7 months on my project -- builder number 40631. I placed my tailcone order back in Sep of 2006. Lot's of reasons why it's taken this long and I'll admit at this point I'm sick and tired of building, but the prize is near (finally)!

So any RV-10 builders out there in VAF land got me beat? <g>


New VAF caps on the prowl in California ...Nick Camacho

"...My donation went to Wounded Warrior project, Paul's and my wife's donations both went to St. Jude."

related: About the caps


Sharkbait flying to South America (again) ...Rosie post

For those of you who need to 'goof-off-for-a-short-time-at-work-on-Friday', my very good friend Andrew "Sharkbait" Brandt is flying back to South America via the 'Caribbean Islands' route. His trip starts early Friday morning (20 March).  ...


April 2015 Alabama Dixie Formation Fly-In

For those in vicinity of the Southeast US you may be tracking the FFI Formation Clinic in North Carolina in June. If you are unable to attend or want to polish your skills in advance of the June clinic you can attend the Dixie Formation Fly-In in Montgomery, AL the weekend of 10-12 April.  ...


Panel Upgrade ...Walt's



Thu Mar 19, 2015.  1146Z

RV-3A - PH-URZ Being Put To Bed ...Jumbo in Muenster, Germany


Free Pancakes ...this weekend.  Near Georgia.

If anyone in the Southeast is looking for somewhere to fly this weekend:

Our EAA chapter is having a free pancake breakfast Saturday 3/21/2015 for the first 100 pilots to fly in. There is a discount on fuel as well.

We will have at least one RV-10, a Zenith 750 STOL, an Italian design called a Storm, and a Kitfox . We are expecting some Gyro guys and a Pietenpol type if weather permits.

We are at KDBN near central Georgia.

Hope some of you can make it.

related: the VAF calendar


www.TeenFlight.blogspot.com Update:  Airworthy!!!!


Q: Highest Time RV-10?

(Lucas at Trutrak)  "...Trutrak's RV-10 has just crested 1700 hours. Anyone else close?."


Got my RV-6A home ...rolivi in Fort Worth.


First Engine Start: don'ts ...AX-O

As I prepare for my first engine start, I have been reading the archives via the search function. I have not come across a post that specifically addresses the precautions you should take. There is info throughout post but not a central location. Maybe I did not use the search function correctly.

I would like to know how to prepare myself and how to address the first engine start on the test plan.

Some of the mitigations I was planning on using are:

-break engine in on dyno
-fill oil cooler and oil pressure line with oil.
-purge fuel lines/oil lines.
-A qualified person manning a fire extinguisher.
-Tying my tailwheel to my truck.
-Having a camera pointing at my engine display for post data analysis.
-Closed canopy.
-Not a lot of fuel in the fuel tanks.
-Cowling off.
-engine plenum on for cooling.

-Don’t run engine for a prolong time.
-Don’t go above XXX temp on CHT
-Don’t go above XXX RPM

What else should I be thinking about? Thanks for any guidance of help you can provide.


Status ...N546RV

I remember when I cracked open the wing kit and thought to myself "Man, that's a lot of parts." That seems pretty funny in retrospect.

But hey, I got all my fuselage parts organized and put away tonight!




Wed Mar 18, 2015.  1149Z
  I had the pleasure of giving the husband of one of my wife's friends his first ride in a 'small airplane' yesterday - Mr. Kenny Foster pictured below post-flight.  About two minutes after taking off I gave him the aircraft, and after sixty seconds or so of adjusting to it, he did just fine at holding heading and altitude.  We flew for 48 minutes, including waypoints at his house, work, and as it turned out later, over the exact spot at Lake Lewisville where some feral hogs were recorded swimming (link).
  A good morning flight before the forecast rains came.  81*F yesterday. 


Download the 2015-2016 Accessories Catalog!

...113 pages.  2.7MB PDF document.


Garmin Media Advisory: GTN eLearning Essential Course


Status Report ...rightrudder 9A



Tue Mar 17, 2015.  1147Z

My last 120 build hours on Youtube ...diamond

My goal is to make a time lapse video of my entire RV 9 build. Here's a link to the past 120 hours. Any comments on aspects of the build or video production greatly appreciated.

[ed. Pic every 60 seconds.  Great stuff!  dr]


RV-4 Panel Status ...CATPart

I figured I would post a new pic of my panel featuring my nexus 7 mounting location. I'm using a ram mount. I did not want to drill any holes so I made a C shaped clamp from wood that fits close around the side frame. The clamp is actually attached with double sticky tape on 3 sides. The Ram ball is then mounted to the clamp. The Nexus is just double sticky taped to the other ram ball. It worked really well.


First gopro wing mount ...Steve Melton 9A

Nothing special but I added some soothing music to wipe out the thrashing machine noise.


New Tug gets lame old guy back in sky… ...RKellogg

Recent warm weather in northern Illinois has opened up our grass strip. Having been snowed in for six weeks, I have been feeling the urge to get some distance from my shadow. Unfortunately, the apron and taxiways will be soft and soggy for a couple of weeks. And lately my lower back has been complaining about pushing the RV back into the hanger. There have been times that the plane stayed in the hanger because I didn’t want to wrestle with pushing it back in after flying. Enter my new second-best-friend, Ronda the Honda. A custom tow bar allows Ronda to push / pull / steer Wild Blue from hanger to runway, and back, avoiding prop nicks from powering through soft gravel-mush, and eliminating trips to the chiropractor’s office.  ...


RV-8A visits the Space Shuttle Landing Facility ...Ted Chang vid

This afternoon I took two of my neighbors to the Space Shuttle Landing Facility for a low approach (2nd airplane was on the wing and not shown). The weather was perfect and the tail cam video came out very nice. I only flew enroute and the RV8A owner, Dane S. did the take off, low approach and landing. So, I can not claim credit of the good job.

We were initially cleared to 500'. After passing a semi on the runway, we were cleared to 100'.  ...


Show us your day job! ...Yazaman entry



Mon Mar 16, 2015.  1143Z
  Congratulations to our daughter's SMU Mustangs winning the American Athletic Conference - accomplished with flare by beating last year's national champion (article).  Going to the NCAA tourney for the first time in two decades.  I do enjoy the March Madness!  

Installed a New Mag Today! ...Pete Howell


Ice Cream Social Pics and Video ...Robin Marks


Ice Cream Social Pics ...Mark Albery


Fun music montage - N611RV - Acro and X-countries


Panel Upgrade Status Report ...Vic Syracuse


New Tools – the Hard Way ...Paul Dye


RV-10 HS Complete! ...Eric Rushing


Looking Back @ Winter 2015 Looking Forward to Spring 2015



Fri Mar 13, 2015.  1157Z
  I flew yesterday for the first time since 2/18, and man did it feel good!  After a few minutes the rust started to fall away, and Flash and I ended up having a nice 30 minute walk around the local area.  Felt great to get off the surface - been too long.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 

Cockpit Status Report: 99% Done ...Mr. Joe Rainbolt


Scheduled Maintenance 3/14 10pm CT - 3/15 6am CT

(from my ISP)  Our regularly scheduled maintenance window will be used to install critical patches to servers on the network, in order to keep your data safe and improve the reliability of your hosted environment. Customers will experience intermittent service accessibility during this window.


Hello Canada!......VAF Courtesy Car List expands to Quebec.

(added Scobey, Montana also)  The VAFCCL is free to list in and view, and you can view it on any device running any operating system.


Garmin Avionics Seminar March 25th ...Spruce Creek

(click to enlarge)

fmi: scpoa.com/airport and


Cracked Fuel Line Flare ...crabandy

During preflight this morning I caught a faint fuel smell when I opened the canopy, I re-adjusted the seat backs and thought I could still smell a bit of gas. There is a bit of a gap around the fuel selector cover and with a flashlight I thought I could see a bit of moisture. After I removed all the covers and started pumping fuel through the lines I found fuel seeping out the outlet connection of the fuel valve going forward to the fuel filter and fact pump. After removing the fuel line there was no visible crack, after a little bit of prodding I found it.


From the mothership FB page...



Thu Mar 12, 2015.  1158Z

N68TP RV-8 First Flight ...Tom Powers

Took off yesterday for first flight. The flight was 30 minutes long, climbed up over Paine Field. I kept the power up due to the new engine breaking in. Doesn't have the kick on take off like the rocket but I do like the lower fuel burn. I downloaded the data log from the Skyveiw and all the numbers looked good. This is a pretty handy tool.   I got the 30 min flight video clipped down to about 8 min. Not very exciting but maybe that's a good thing.  ...


Dad's Tools ...continued

Dad's TMO-3200003 was built in '93 or '94, and was purchased at the now bankrupt Montgomery Ward in Waco, TX.  I'm continuing the intake of some of my late parent's possessions, and at age 49 this will be my first riding mower.  Gave it a good pressure wash yesterday - today sometime I'm off to Tractor Supply for some replacement fuel tubing, oil and an in-line fuel filter (after putting tires on the daughter's car).  Some scratches on the mower's hood will most likely polish out.  The lights still work.  It needs a new seat, but I'll cross that bridge down the road.  Our yard might be a tad small for a 42" deck, but my Dad hand-etched his driver's license number on the frame under the seat, so by God I'm gonna mow with it for as long as I can.  I'll do the tight stuff with my push mower.

My transformation into Hank Hill is coming along nicely (documentary).

Our family's RV-6 has been flying since 2002, and like this mower, I feel compelled to take care of it indefinitely.  I need to see how long I can keep it running.  Something about high quality, older equipment still being useful really finds its way into my thinking these days.  The thread Mike S started a couple weeks back on 'Dad's Tools' should make you smile if you haven't seen it already.

I'm looking forward to mowing season, believe it or not.  Good flying weather too... 

(click to enlarge)


Panel Status ...crabandy

You don't know how bad I've wanted to make a post in this thread over the past couple months, Here It Is!! (Kinda low light for decent pics, too much fun flying to put it up before dark!)

2 screen G3X (370's) with the GSU25 AHARS, Mid-continent SAM, GMC305 autopilot, GTR200, GTN400W and a GTX23ES. I still have some more tweaking to do, but everything seems to be functioning correctly. I vectored myself for an LPV approach, autopilot went from heading to capturing the lateral course while the vertical leveled off from a 500 fpm descent to 3000 where it then captured the glide slope down......pretty freaking sweet!


Cowl Pucker

My upper cowl half is attached to the firewall using piano hinge and two removable wire pins. There is a 3 1/2" section of the cowl that is not secured to the firewall to make space to insert the piano hinge pins. In flight, that 3 1/2" space gets puckered up pretty high—maybe by 3/4" or a little more.

Is this normal?  ...


From Garmin Today....

•Garmin Vantage consists of a collection of existing ADS-B solutions designed to exceed the needs of aircraft owners and operators around the world
•The GDL 84 and GDL 88 ADS-B datalink provide timely and simple solutions for general aviation aircraft in the U.S., which also give pilots the option to display the benefits of traffic and weather on a mobile device or installed display in the cockpit
•Helicopter operators are provided a rule compliant ADS-B Out solution with the GDL 84H or GDL 88H, which feature state-of-the-art traffic alerting capabilities
•As part of the Garmin Vantage line-up, the GTX 3000 and GDL 88 combine to meet ADS-B requirements for a variety of business and transport category aircraft ◦This Vantage solution is currently certified for the Gulfstream 150 and G200 business jets
•Aircraft owners already equipped with the GTX 330 or GTX 33 in their panel can optionally pursue an Extended Squitter (ES) upgrade for a simple, straightforward ADS-B Out upgrade path
•Garmin continues to work on Vantage solutions for Integrated Flight Decks, which will be made available to aircraft manufacturers well ahead of the ADS-B deadline
•G3X and G3X Touch systems may take advantage of a Garmin Vantage solution with the remote-mounted GTX 23 ES transponder, when paired with an approved WAAS position source
•Patented AutoSquawk wireless interrogation technology is exclusive to Garmin Vantage ADS-B solutions and conveniently synchronizes the squawk code between the transponder and ADS-B Out solution, eliminating the need to install a dedicated control panel
•Customers can easily discover which Garmin Vantage solution best suits their needs by visiting our newly redesigned website, which features an installation planner ◦The installation planner concludes by supplying a $200 discount certificate good toward the purchase of select Garmin Vantage ADS-B solutions
•Additionally, Garmin plans to conduct a series of online ADS-B webinars for customers beginning on March 18, 2015 at 7:00 PM CDT



Wed Mar 11, 2015.  1200Z

Two firsts for me today!!!  ...Chris Smith

Most importantly, I flew my first Pilots n Paws flight. I flew from Palatka, FL, to Columbia, SC, to collect a six year old Boxer that needed to get from the rescue there that had pulled him from a kill shelter, to the rescue in Jacksonville that was going to find him a forever home.

604 sm, 4 hours flight, and one very satisfying day!

Second, today was the first time I ever used Flight Following. I was a bit nervous about the communications as I don't speak to controlling bodies much. And the multiple freq changes caught me off guard a bit. But it worked great, the controllers were FANTASTIC (I think they could tell I was a bit nervous ), and I felt a lot better looking at the unique code on the xponder and the freq on the comm and knowing that there was someone there immediately if I needed help.

So, kudos to Pilots n Paws for creating an opportunity for me to contribute, and kudos to those of you that are involved in ATC for the help you give all pilots.


Update on Mr. and Mrs. Mike Jimenez ...Paul Dye post

"We had lunch with Mike, the builder and pilot, today and chatted with his wife afterwards - both in good spirits, and Mike did a great job of flying to keep them alive. He was in a spot over the mountains with very few options except to get to the flat desert near the airfield, and when he knew he couldn't make the runway, he flew the airplane as far into the forced landing as he could. Lots of sagebrush and soft sand contributed to the flip - it was probably unavoidabe given a nosedragger and the location.

The cockpit is full of dirt, but the rollbar saved them. The fire department got them out by lifting one wing far enough to get them out the broken canopy. Like most A-model flips I have seen pictures of, the cabin was very intact and did a great job of protecting the occupants."


RV-4 Status Report ...Gregg Brightwell


Proof Your Daughter Loves You

...she knits you a VAF hat on day one of her spring break <g>. 


Garmin® Brings Safety Enhancing Electronic Stability and Protection To G3X™ And G3X Touch Systems That Utilize Garmin Autopilot



Tue Mar 10, 2015.  1155Z

First Flight of N367EB

On Saturday 7 March 2015, N367EB, my slow build RV-8 s/n 83085 took to the air for the first time. It was nearly five years to the day since I started building it in the living room and garage. It has an Aerosport IO-320D2A with a AFP FM-100 fuel injection system, a Catto 2 blade prop and a complete Dynon Skyview system (10" Skyview, 2 axis A-P, transponder, ICS and Radio). I primed my interior with a rattle can and used Sika Flex for the canopy. The aircraft is set up for Day / Night VFR. Unpainted, it weighed in at 1028 lbs. First flight went well with a few minor issues; slightly heavy LH wing, minor oil leak. Stall was at 48 KIAS and max was at 163 KIAS without wheel pants at 6500 feet. Overall the aircraft is exactly what I intended it to be, light, efficient, cost effective and excellent performance. Overall build cost was just over $45K. I am currently based out of M38 (Hazel Green, AL). I intend to leave it "natural metal finish", with fiberglass pieces painted and put US insignia on it from Fly Boy Accessory's. I have found the VAF forum to be an excellent source of technical information while building my project. Any time I had a problem or question (Freakin Canopy!!!!), I always found enough data or examples of how others have solved various issues to be able to solve my own problems. The Search feature is invaluable. Thank You all who have contributed to this excellent forum, it is a treasure to the RV builders around the world.
Eric Bale

Stranded:  Help AOG Louisville KY - Main tire and or tube needed.

I am AOG at Bowman Field (Louisville Exec Aviation) with a flat main tire in my RV-6A. I need a backup plan in case a tire and or tube is not available on the field when they get in at 8:00 this morning. If you have a tire or tube that would fit that I could buy from you in case one is not available locally, would you please text me at 205-903-2244? I need to leave this afternoon for Wichita KS.

Apparently more than one plane had a flat here yesterday, apparently due to metal left on the runway by the snow brushing machines.

Many thanks!

Vlad Strikes Again! ...rimshot


A weekend of RV first for me ...flysc

Saturday I flew N2EP (RV-6A) for the first time with the new AFS touch screen system, simply awesome. Sunday was a special day as I took my 16 year old son on his first ever RV flight. We made the 188 mile hop from KLRO to KCEU to surprise my daughter at Clemson and take her to lunch. RV smiles were a plenty as my son enjoyed the flight and my daughter was elated to see us. As a dad how could I not be smiling getting to spend quality time with my 16 year old son and sharing one of my passions with him and topping that off by seeing my 20 year old daughter who still likes her daddy time. LIFE IS GOOD!  ...


Need help chasing electric gremlins

I could use some input from anyone regarding a nagging issue that may have escalated to a big issue this past weekend. I've got a purchased-flying RV-6A, 557 TT on plane and new engine. Built in 2005, sold to second owner 2008, I picked it up in 2012 and I've put close to 200 of those total hours on it. The second-owner upgraded to a Tru-Trak but outside of that no electrical changes made. My only change has been to put in new stick grips with a new PTT switch which I did about 180 hours ago. The last IFR certification of the systems was done last year, conditional inspection is current as of Oct 2014.  ...

Cabin Update ...hydroguy2


Cockpit Video- KPAE to Sun River ...Chad RV-7

Bekah and I flew down to Sunriver from Paine Field Saturday in a convoy of RVs (and one Trinidad). A truly bonus day in the Pacific North West and we got some great cockpit video during the 2 hour flight. It is crazy how lucky we really are to be able to build and fly these machines. Maximize and change settings to HD.



Mon Mar 9, 2015.  1156Z
orning!  No flying this weekend in DFW...wet and low OVC.  But, Tate and I did some brake work on a car, so at least we got our hands dirty.  Hope you had a good weekend also. 

Rob Ray photo.

Eating Oreos with an RV

Alton Bay's Newest RV Visitor

Sydney Harbour ...newt

Drinking under the big wing ...tc1234c

Carb Ice ...Jerry Isler

I never gave much credence to carb icing on my Lycoming O-320 knowing that the carb is mounted on the bottom of the oil pan. I always figured there would be enough heat from the oil to keep everything nice and warm. I have to admit I very seldom pull the carb heat control (maybe a dozen times in 560 hours) so today was no different. I also did not put much stock in the little heat muff from Vans thinking it was marginal at best.

On my Continental C-85 in the Cessna 140A, I have actually seen the outside of the carb completely encased in blue ice on a humid 70 deg day. There was not a hint of icing inside the carb though since the engine ran fine. However I always use carb heat on that engine.

So the weather today was 1200' with 10 miles visibility and the OAT was 43 deg. These conditions gave me my first real life, certified run in with carb ice! I had been easing forward on the throttle to maintain cruise RPM until I figured out RPMs were dropping without a reduction in throttle position. Another dead giveaway was the engine was starting to run rough. I pulled on the carb heat and instantly the RPMs started to rise by almost 200 revs and the roughness disappeared. The little heat muff actually works. I am in the "it can happen" camp now.

RV-10 Maintenance alert! ...Ivan

Easy Mount for GPS Antenna on Firewall ...Pat Hatch

RV-3B Status Report ...KatieB

Status ...60av8tor

Bet you can't guess ...where I got these?


(Avery Tools)  We've made a special purchase of 50 brand new U.S. Made pneumatic rivet squeezers. We have "C" squeezers in both single cylinder and tandem cylinder models.  We have alligator squeezers in both single cylinder and tandem cylinder models.
All Squeezer Yokes are also on sale.  These are all brand new U.S. Made tools with a regular 1 year warranty.  We even have a few new "blemished" tools that have some cosmetic blemishes on the body castings - save even more if you don't mind having a tool with a few surface / cosmetic imperfections on the outside. All internal parts are the same quality as the other sale priced tools.  Prices are good till the supply runs out -- no rain-checks - when they're gone they're gone at these prices!!  Visit www.averytools.com and click on "Pneumatic Squeezer Sale" for more information.

From the factory...

From the factory FB page...



Fri Mar 6, 2015.  1250Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 



From the mothership FB page...


Wedding Proposal with RV helping ...RV as the photo ship

(Alex D) "My Friend Roberto Buonocore was helping a friend of his propose to his girlfriend. Roberto flying the RV was following the tow banner aircraft.   This took place in Mar del Plata, Argentina"


7th annual ice cream social, Inyokern CA (IYK)

...one week out (March 14)


Crabandy's Offset FAB Plate

I also had to make a new offset FAB plate, I went with the .063 2024-T3. I made some large area washers to help support the plate better, I had to shape them a tad to fit. You can see the ring of my "shrinking" airfilter, there wasn't room for a washer on the one bolt.


VAF Courtesy Car List Updated and Current




Thu Mar 5, 2015.  1248Z

Lac La Biche Ice Runway ...Troy Branch RV-10 trip report


Building (IFR) Experience ...John

I left Baton Rouge on 3/20 for a trip to Richmond, VA and Brunswick, GA to visit various friends and relatives. Lots of heavy weather around Richmond and much too cold for IFR in a 6A, but I was blessed with clear and cold until I got ready to head home last Sunday. Obviously, the whole south was IFR and There was no way I would try it in those conditions, so, I waited until yesterday (3/3) to depart.  continue


Introduction to School build ...Michael Groah


It's coming alive ...bhester

I'm getting close to having it done! It's still just a temporary plastic panel. If the weather would clear up I could get it finished.  I need to make sure the compass is going to work in that location.


Status Report ...crabandy


March Experimenter


Another snow day

Pic below outside my office window 0630 this morning.  Haven't flown the RV since 2/18.  I'm missing it...




Wed Mar 4, 2015.  1256Z

Troy Coker's RV


First Flight: Eagles Nest #12


Progress Report ...Sam Bovington


NationAir Merges with Arthur J. Gallagher and Co.

Dear Valued Client,

At NationAir, we’re driven by three goals: provide expert service from people who truly care about you; serve as your advocate to find the best insurance coverage for your aircraft; and pursue innovation to ensure that service and coverage is unrivaled.

With that in mind, we’re excited to announce that NationAir has merged with Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

While we’ll have the strength of one of the world’s largest insurance brokerage and risk management firms behind us, we’ll still be the same, friendly team you’ve always worked with. I’ll still be leading this office as sales manager of NationAir’s light aircraft branch.

When you call our office during business hours, you’ll still enjoy a real person at the other end of the line, not a machine. We’ll still work from our St. Louis office with the industry’s best sales and service team, devoted exclusively to light aircraft. Your policy will remain the same, and our devotion to giving you the best possible service, while getting to know you and your aircraft, will stay the same, too.

We’ve always prided ourselves on our outstanding relationships with underwriters. By aligning ourselves with Arthur J. Gallagher, we’ve strengthened those ties even further. For you, that means an even greater level of advocacy and influence in the aviation insurance marketplace. We’ll be bringing the weight of one of the world’s largest brokerages to insurance companies when we go to bat for you.

Arthur J. Gallagher’s core values, with its dedication to ethics and service, match our own. In fact, they have been named one of the world’s most ethical companies by an independent auditor for the last three years. That’s our kind of partner.

We’re very excited about this new chapter in NationAir’s growth and are glad to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact your NationAir sales executive or me at 877-475-5860. We appreciate your business and your loyalty, and look forward to providing you with the same commitment to service and passion for general aviation.

Warm regards,

Jenny Estes
Sales Manager


Cracked dimples in J-stringer ...gfb

Was riveting the stringer behind the top skins on my left wing when I noticed that some of the rivets had small cracks in the dimples. I suspect I have a bit of tension in the stringer because of slightly high rivet holes.

Replace the stringer? Would involve drilling out 33 rivets on the top skin...
I count 7 dimples with cracks total. I'm thinking oops rivets?


Update: Radial on an RV-8 ...Brian Kelly



Tue Mar 3, 2015.  1247Z

Where were you today? ...BruceEicher

Here in the low elevations of the North West we have to travel some to find snow and ice. I have been enjoying all the great winter pictures from many of you. So rather than do house work I talked Katie into taking a flight. A client told us we should drive and hike Mt. Saint Helens. Well if we had the time (and no airplane) we might just do that. Here is a pic of the blown away north side of our volcano.  ...


NORDO - What would you have done?

Yesterday, I had an F18 come into KIWA from CA. He had filed, and was flying the ARLIN STAR. I vectored him off the arrival and was going to give him direct IWA in a few minutes (as is normal practice for jets arriving at IWA). I had issued the pilot a descent and he was descending to 11,000. A couple of minutes later I noticed the pilot turned about 45 degrees back to the left and rejoined the ARLIN STAR. I called him numerous times and called on 243 guard freq with no results. He was now NORDO. I informed PHX approach and the pilot later established comm with PHX. My supervisor asked me if I thought the pilot should call on the telephone back to us. I thought the pilot did exactly what was expected (even though it was confusing before I realized he was NORDO) and all was well.

What would you have done? Believe me, not everyone does as good a job as this pilot when faced with similar situations.  ...

Lake Michigan Ice Report ...Paul K.

Finally, the sun is out and the temps are above 20! Good enough for the first flight in a month and a look at the ice in Lake Michigan.  ...


9A elevator skin crack ...NM Doug

Our 9A has about 400 hours on the airframe. It's usually hangared, but it had been outside with some snow while waiting for a 500 hour mag inspection/overhaul. I don't know if I just had missed this before under a smudge of dirt, or if the temperature changes caused it to advance.  ...


Factory Numbers...


Mark B's Facebook page

My good friends Mark and Al took 25DV out for a flight, since I'm in Maine and waiting for some good weather to get her up her. The 12 has been nice and warm in AL's hanger in PA since I let for Maine. Mark is going to fly her up and visit for a while. This was a photo from Mark's Facebook page. There were multiple text messages and comment through the day regarding N25DV flying. 



Mon Mar 2, 2015.  1253Z

Quick hop to Canada for lunch ...Vlad

It was a nice ride. OAT was all right. People in TX seen worse. Preheat in several sessions. Ignite the burner, remove a cover and warm yourself in the car. During the warming make two calls to border patrol on both sides of the fence. Clear to go ...


FINAL CT PASSED! I BEAT THE CANCER! 5 years out and it's official!

...our friend Jim Pappas!

To all of my VAF family, and various fellow flyers lurking here, who have been on this journey with me I just couldn't wait to post it here.

How do I thank folks like Doug and his family, the Avery's, Mike Lauritsen, Rosie and Tuppergal and JimmyB and his bride, and all my RV travel gang, and so so many more that I can't possibly list you all.

You kept me going in the dark times and the good, and I can never repay that in full.

I now have a new life, a fresh start with a wonderful lady, who literally is my life, and has given up so much to care for me, and to love me, and to follow me down here to Paradise here in Kiawah Island, SC area.

Out of paint shop - too pretty to fly ...russcoburn


RV-9A Status ...Victor in Maple Valley, WA

Started talking about my build over the RV-9 area, but figured it would be better to give updates on the build over here.

Just completed our first sub assembly, the vertical stab. We've already prepped all of the internal parts for the HS and the rudder, so diving into assembling them soon. Should have them completed within the next week or so.

It's nice to have a actual stopping point for one evening... LOL


Calendar Wallpaper Updated Over The Weekend...Ed Hicks photo.


Fresh Out of Stein's Shop

"Very nice RV8 using Garmin G3X EFIS. Also of note is that this panel is using Robert Paisley’s EFII and Buss Manager system as well as Vertical Power. Makes for a very nice and clean install into a standard non-modified RV8 panel."


So this is TX....     Rob Ray


Wing Jack warning!!!

This week we started our first annual on our RV10. We had inspected the wheels and brakes and decided to replace the tires and brake pads and service wheel bearings all in one shot after initial inspection. During the build we had the RV10 up on the stands numerous times with these wing jacks with no problems.....Well today we had a problem.  ...


New RV-7A owner ...John von Linsowe in Metamora, Michigan

Today I became the new 'caretaker' of RV-7A N715AB. This fine example was skillfully built by Gary Kremers and his talent and craftsmanship show through in every detail. I am looking forward to hours and miles of enjoyment with the help of this forum in operating and maintaining the 7A.


Dad's Tools

...a really sweet thread.   You'll be glad you poked around in this for awhile.


RV-4 Status ...Gregg Brightwell


Ice/Snow Again on North Texas

We got another round Friday (Google Traffic grab below from Friday - note all the accident symbols).  500 accidents in Dallas alone on Friday (they have 1 snow plow I think).  I don't know how you folks up north do this for such a large chunk of the year.  You're stronger willed than me!

I started to drive out to the airport Friday morning before it started, but turned around about halfway.  Good head work.

Unusual for DFW (below).  Susie and I stopped at the middle school football field on the way to the grocery store to 1) get a picture and 2) explore the ABS capabilities of the car in the empty parking lot.  That's her about to throw a snowball at me.  You'll have to trust me that there is a football practice field behind her.  School let out at noon.  Wild packs of kids running in/out of the house - wolfing down food and disappearing as wet blurs.  Some I'd never seen before, and it was wonderful to watch.  The dryer ran all day.


March/April Issue Online ...free



Fri Feb 27, 2015.  1306Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 


Dad's Tools

My Dad was a machinist at the Owen-Illinois glass plant in Waco, TX nearly his entire working life.  When he passed away 15 years ago some of his tools became mine.  A few weeks ago I took some time to re-organize some of the drawers in a small wooden toolbox, and thought you might enjoy a picture.  Tate (14yrs old) was with me, and I got to explain how and why you use taps, dies, reamers, micrometers, lathe cutting tools and more.  I got the same speech around his age.

And it begins anew...  Here Tate is tearing down a 1980 Honda Passport scooter using some of my Dad's tools.  He wants it to be red, and that sounds like a great plan.  Many sources for the service manual (links) allow him/me to tear it all down, measure what is and is not within service limits, replace the worn stuff, and put it all back.  Over 60 million built...plenty of cheap parts out there.

What I like about this last picture is the mix of old and new, of history and potential.  The non-disposable mindset.  A new kid working on an old scooter swing arm and motor with his grandfather's tools (who he never got to meet).  Next to that a new replacement rudder skin (mine has a couple of small cracks after 12 years of flying - older style thinner skin).  And don't forget the can of WD-40!

I told Tate when it's done I'll hand him the keys on two conditions: 1) he never sells it and 2) he never sells the tools. 


RV-3B Status Report ...Andy Hill


We are excited to welcome a new advertiser to VansAirForce.net : Aero Sport Power!

Aero Sport has been building experimental engines for Van’s airframes for over a decade. They have a great reputation for building quality engines and after-market service. Their master builders have built thousands of engines for Van’s owners. They remain dedicated to the Van’s airframe platform, and look at growing your power plant options. Stay tuned for a pending announcement (before 2015’s Sun N’ Fun). They welcome you to drop by their booths at Sun N’ Fun, and Oshkosh to hear about their exciting new engine, and say, Hi.

Aero Sport Power has been part of the Progressive Air Group of Companies since its incept in 1997. We are pleased to welcome Aero Sport Power to our forum and look forward to the insight gained from building 1000’s of flying engines.

fmi: http://www.aerosportpower.com/


KELN Pancake Breakfast Saturday


Press Release from Garmin


AeroLED Selfie ...Sid (ScrollF4)


IFR - Clearance copy practice


RV White Pages Updated and Current

Courtesy the lovely and talented Susie Reeves.


VAF Courtesy Car List Updated and Current


Honor System Donations List Updated 2/25.

Thanks for helping keep VAF moving through the online air.  Note:  Readers outside the USA *should* be now able to donate with a credit card - if I didn't screw anything up! 




Thu Feb 26, 2015.  1258Z

RV-10 Status Report ...Jon (60av8tor) gets his a fuse!


Aspiring RV-14A builder, looking to connect with Portland area builders

Hi all,

I'm planning on building an RV-14A. I've taken a test flight in the RV-14A at the Van's factory and I purchased the sheet metal kit and toolbox kit while I was there. I'm building the standard EAA workbench but I've yet to bite the bullet on the sheet metal tools.

I'm looking to connect with other builders in the Portland area. Specifically, I'm hoping someone might be generous enough to invite me to their shop and spend a weekend morning building one of the practice kits. That way I can make an informed decision on rivet guns, pneumatic squeezers, etc., and check out a shop setup.

I'm based out of Twin Oaks (got my PPL there about four years ago). If anyone is looking to partner on a fresh build or already in progress RV-14A, I'd be interested in that as well. I've attended several EAA 105 breakfasts and a handful of meetings over the past couple years but haven't connected with too many folks yet.

Build space is my main hurdle. I don't have a garage, but a nearby neighbor/friend offered me his. (I don't know how long he would remain my friend after using a rivet gun, though). There is an industrial district nearby my home that I'm sure I could find some shop space in. Or if I found a partner with suitable build space, maybe we could use that.

I spoke with Bob at Twin Oaks and he will let you use a hangar to build so long as its done in a year (he doesn't want projects lingering in the hangars for 5-6 years). I would like to build the wings and possibly parts of the empennage close to home (even in my living room if needed), then move to Twin Oaks to do the fuselage, assembly, finishing, etc.

On the RV-14A, the empennage kit comes with the tail cone. Can you build the horizontal stabilizer and rudder separate from the tail cone, and store the tail cone to build later? (I'm asking due to the above space options).

Can you do most of the wings with a pneumatic squeezer instead of a loud rivet gun? (Again, just considering due to space options).



Reduced power Take Offs.

Airliners do it....why not us?  [ed. I'm usually airborne before the power lever gets all the way in anyway.  dr]


Avionics Installation Course

(from Jessica @ Garmin)  "I just wanted to send along some information your readers/visitors of VAF might find of interest. Jointly, the AEA and Garmin are offering a new avionics installation course for experimental aircraft. It will be held at the AEA headquarters in KC (Lees Summit, MO more specifically) April 29-May 1, 2015. Below is the URL to sign up, which also includes pricing."



A pretty cool use of the classifieds ...



Wed Feb 25, 2015.  1042Z
First Flight With New Firewall Forward Package ...Randy in Sedona

Well I took her up today for three flights totaling a little under 2 hrs flight time. To recap, this is a first flight with this new IO-375 engine but the airframe has about 400 hrs of Subaru time on it, RV7A. So firewall forward is all new in addition to a major rewiring job, new panel etc. Running dual Pmags and EICommander. For initial flights I modified one of the extra timing curves for a max advance of 26 degrees, pretty much making them into good magnetos.. In flight I was seeing 28 degrees advance for some reason but this did not seem to cause any problems at all.

On first attempt to start I flooded it bad and learned that the old PC680 is not up to the task of turning the engine over with the spark plugs in.  I put in my back up battery and it seems to be in better shape, at least I got it started. I will have to get a fresh battery coming. Both of the batteries I had laying around have seen lots of duty on the Sube installs.

I did an offset departure as planned, climbing right up into the down wind to make it much easier to get back to the runway if needed, wasn't needed.

The only squaks were an Inop. Angle of attack indicator that was cured once I found that the soldered connection at the switch had broken off from a little too much abuse and re positioning. (I love my AOA and don't like being without it) it is the Advance Avionics Sport model. I am happy to hear Betty saying" angle angle push push" as I take off and land.

The other one was a too low idle speed. Gave the throttle stop a half turn in between flights, problem solved.

I am very happy with how well everything is working. I instrumented to measure differential pressure between the top of the engine and behind the engine. I use aquarium stones on the ends of cheap tubing and a 0" -15" water column Magnehelic pressure gauge. High side centered at the engine lift thingy, the low side behind the engine in what I assume is a fairly dead air zone.

At around 160 knots, 4,500', OAT around 50F I always see more then 10" differential. If I open my EZ cool cowl flaps it goes up above 13". Very happy with those results. I put extra effort into sealing up the leaks. I would love to hear what others have measured!

It has been my experience that radiators, intercoolers, and oil coolers work well at around 6 or 7 inches differential, so seeing over 10" and low CHTs during break in has me smiling.

CHTs are not an issue at all. Cyl 1 293, 2 301, 3 316, 4 310, all in F.
They pretty much kept that spread and did not very much as long as I kept the mixture full rich. The air dams are still at full height. Maybe I need to add some aluminum tape also to even things out. Glad I did not cut them down ahead of time like I was tempted to do.

The engine was sucking up over 16 GPH at 25 square. Just following the break in instructions that came with the engine, which basically amounts to fly it like you stole it! As I accelerate out on the runway and go to full rich I can hear the engine note go down a notch and I suspect I will see even better performance once I can start leaning it a bit. I am taking off from 4500'. The instructions from Aerosport and other reading says to leave it full rich as long as the engine is running clean. It is not missing or anything but I know I am way rich of best power mixture.

My oil cooler, the legendary 8432R, is really working great. It is on the firewall with a modified RV10 mount and 4" scat feeding it, also have cable operated 4" valve. I could close the valve and watch the oil temps climb up to 220F or so, then just crack the valve open and pretty much put the oil temp anywhere I want it. I kept it close to 200F so far.

On the last flight of the day I began to notice some vibration that I suspected was the pilots side muffler making contact with the cowl. Clint at Vetterman already made a change to my Trombone system, but I obviously need a little more clearance. For now, I ground away the honeycomb where the contact marks were and laid some reinforcement glass layers there, giving it a bit more clearance. Hopefully that will allow more flying and getting the engine broken in, but I may have to send the header back to Clint for another modification. Have to check to see if the engine is settling in the mounts any but it appears that the spinner is nicely fitting to the cowl like I set it up.

Overall I am a happy camper and certainly look forward to more flights tomorrow, maybe even get past my 5 hour phase 1 period after a truly major alteration..

Thanks again for all the ideas of things to look for on first flights. I probably should have checked my idle speed more carefully on the ground before first flight but it did not create any problems.

Does this look right? ......Ryan Wuerz -14

While working on step 2 on page 09-08 I question how the tip rib assembly fits together the with bottom skin, front/rear spar assembly. More specifically how the E-904 flange, counter balance skin and E-00902-1 spar sandwich. The only way that I can get the parts to fit together easily is with the E-904 flange between the spar flange and the counter balance skin (which leaves a small gap). Am I over-thinking this one or is this how its supposed to go together? ...


Welcome John from Pueblo West

Hi RV friends,

Quick introduction here. My name is John and after many tube and fabric plane's, I have decided to try something new. I am in the final stretch of selling my incredible acro sport II, which was a very tough decision, but I did it. I have always had a love for the rv's and look forward to a new adventure.

On my radar is an rv4. I look forward to all the great information and people here. Until next time keep all your landings intentional!!! John

First Flights :What Went Wrong Thread Continues ...Tony Phillips


Sleet has its advantages...blueflyer

The sleet that has hit our area has closed everything down. We just cant handle the white stuff down here. But, it did give me some time to work on my flaps. Here are a couple of pics. When I finish these, Im gonna be on a break while I save up for that fuselage.


RV-6A fuel line solution needed ...Jerald in Battle Ground, WA

I'm in the process of getting back to my RV-6A project after 10 years or so of having it mothballed. There are a few items on the plane that I look at now and would like to improve how I originally installed them. For example, the fuel line connection from the firewall to the filter was originally configured as an aluminum tube. ...


Primer report- Stewart Systems EkoPoxy ...N546RV

Background: I'm currently in the final stages of major wing work; basically all I have left are the ailerons and flaps. Up to this point, I've been using rattle can primer; I started with Dupli-Color on the empennage and later switched to Napa 7220 with the wings.

With the fuselage kit on order, I got to thinking about some long-term decisions, most notably what I wanted to do for the interior of the plane. I also figured that at some point I should get comfortable using a spray gun, since it seems like a skill that may be needed once I get around to doing fiberglass work. Finally, I'd been intermittently reading about the products offered by Stewart Systems, and I was intrigued by the not-so-toxic stuff.  ...




Tue Feb 24, 2015.  1255Z
Tail POV ...Brent Owens vid.


Q: What went wrong with your 1st flight?

A:  B-Nuts on the fuel lines.

A:  ...radio squelch

A:  Verify the plug on top of the gascolator is tightened

A:  I only set oil pressure to alarm on a first flight

A:  Check your idle speed

This wraps up the feeling nicely...


Very stiff brakes - First time bleeding

I just bled my Matco brake system from the bottom up with the commonly used HF oiler and some tubing. Worked very well and was easy to do. Pumped until fluid was coming out of the reservoir and then repeated on the other side.

I thought I had a problem because it seemed my brake pedals were not moving much at all. I called Matco and talked to tech support. He thought maybe my reservoir wasn't vented so I removed the inverted check valve I had installed. Same issue...very stiff brake pedals. I also double checked to make sure the calipers were not compressed...they were not. I could spin the tire. Lastly, I verified the shafts were completely extended on each master cylinder.

Following Matco's suggestion I found someone to sit in the plane and depress the brake pedals. Sure enough the calipers compressed as they should. The crazy thing is, the toe of the brake pedals don't move more than 1/4" for the brakes to fully apply...is this right??? Seems like a couple inches of travel would be nominal. Anyone else had this issue on a brand new set of master cylinders and calipers? Maybe things loosen up over time or after following the brake "brake-in" procedure?

The art and science of chasing oil leaks ...Bob Collins


RV Team Chile ...new videos


Panel Status ...Don Patrick


RV-4 to Tatoosh ...ArlingtonRV vid


Crabandy Status Report



Mon Feb 23, 2015.  1256Z
Panel Shot ...FlyinTiger


More Remote Mounted Avionics ...bobmarkert


Progress ...rv8gibbo


Recent Probable Causes Published


Rivets & Hardware Storage Ideas


Fiberglass Repair


Nosewheel Yaw In Flight ...vid




Fri Feb 20, 2015.  1256Z
  Three new advertisers coming onboard today to help keep air under the VAF virtual wing.  Please consider giving them your business (announcements below).  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!


Locating Remote Avionics ...Pat Hatch

On the RV-8 that I'm helping build we had to find a place for the GTX23ES remote transponder and the ACK 406 ELT.  ...


Pizza oven CHT temps

Had to hold at Tucson RWY 11L for too long the other day. Lots of F16's learning to land at high AoA...

Just as I was cleared to go, I scanned the engine temps and CHT's had spiked at 430. I rolled a bit down the runway, then aborted and headed for the taxi way. Stayed with the nose into the wind and it cooled quickly.

Lessons learned: On a stiff crosswind day, do not hold perpendicular to airflow.

Watch the gauges, not the scenic fighter jets. Always have a plan for where an aborted takeoff can be made, considering runway length. (Tucson not an issue) Be ready to learn a quick lesson on any flight, any day.


Flyboy Press Release

Flyboy Accessories is now in full production of a license-built Doug Bell tailwheel fork. This design is a drop-in, retrofit replacement for the stock Van’s tailwheel fork. The Bell fork maximizes obstacle clearance and improves ground handling.

Interested in upgrading your Van's tailwheel fork? The Screaming Eagle fork is available now. The Bell fork is in production, but has a short waiting list. Sign up here (http://www.flyboyaccessories.com/product-p/1120.htm). We expect the waiting time for Bell forks to be very brief, just a few weeks until the next big batch is ready.

We also have a number of other new tailwheel designs, as well as our original Screaming Eagle tailwheel fork, which is functionally identical to the Bell fork but with slightly differing construction.

For smaller aircraft, such as the Sonex, and/or speed freak, weight-reduction junkies, we have our Screaming Eaglet fork, a smaller and lighter version of our Screaming Eagle fork that is designed to pair with a four-inch tailwheel tire such as the four-inch lightweight tailwheel Tire from DJM Manufacturing.

If a pneumatic tire is your thing, you can retrofit your Van's, Bell, or Screaming Eagle fork with a Matco 6" pneumatic hub, or go with our brand new, slightly larger Condor fork, which will accommodate up to a 7.5" diameter pneumatic tire. The larger 7.5" tire gives a great ride and isn't as prone to flats (leakage) as the small 6" pneumatic tire. The 7.5" tire is also available through Matco at this time.

We are currently Beta-testing the 7.5" pneumatic tire Condor fork to make sure it is ready for the big time. If you are interested in testing for us, contact us at our website and let us know.
The Screaming Eaglet (not shown) forks are currently made to order.

For more on these tailwheel items and our other great Van's RV products, visit our website at www.flyboyaccessories.com


Vince and Blake Frazier
Flyboy Accessories


GPS Antenna Failure  ...KTOA

Earlier this week I flew into Hailey, ID (KSUN) late one night. It's essentially tucked into a valley with high mountainous terrain on three sides surrounding it.

While on the visual approach 10 miles out, all three of my GPSs lost their signal. This includes the 530W, 430W, and the 696 which is mounted on the panel with velcro. Surprised...yes. Fortunately we were VFR and landed without issues.  ...


Welcome www.BrightworkPolish.com

Front page advertiser!


Welcome Aircraft Wiring Guide

Previous Day's News advertiser.


Welcome Wilsonville Diamond

Previous Day's News advertiser.




Thu Feb 19, 2015.  1224Z
Yesterday I took the RV-6 up for a short flight.  Twenty four deer spotted.   Came in on initial and broke to downwind after .3hr.  While there, a traffic target appeared on the EFIS right on top of me.  This has happed before when I do a quick 180* turn, and I expected it go away in a second or two.  It didn’t, so I extended my downwind.

Northeast of the field about a mile I dipped the wing to pick up my shadow, verifying I was the only one there, so I turned base.  The traffic re-appeared on the screen right in front of me.  ‘00’ on the traffic altitude difference really gets your attention.  I see nothing outside, and the hair on my neck starts to rise.  I can see my shadow as a single shape, but the EFIS screens are seriously pissed off and yelling at me.

A quick glance at my 10 o’clock showed blue sky, so I firewall it that direction without climbing or descending until I was 500’ or so away from my go-around decision point.  Re-establish on downwind.  Nothing on the runway….nothing in the pattern but me.  I come around and land.  EFIS never stopped showing traffic.

Best I can figure is someone was working on their transponder on the north end of the field, or a plane had it on.

I hadn’t gone around in a while anyway.  Good practice.  Safety first.


RV Aerobatics Magazine Article ...Patric Coggin (the author)


Aft three or four holes for the rivets that attach the E-912 tip should be dimpled

...WVM -9

In the section about the right elevator: "Dimple skins and stiffeners. The aft three or four holes for the rivets that attach the E-912 tip should be dimpled now as well. Once the elevator is joined at the trailing edge, these holes will be nearly impossible to dimple the skins because the elevator is so narrow at that location."

Do they mean the holes on the most outer row (that will attach the fiberglass tip) in between the E-902 spar in the direction of the counterweight or the other direction where the E-903 rib gets very narrow?

And I don't find anything about it in the section on the left elevator. I suppose this need to be done there as well?


From the Factory...

Interesting countersink

Worked on countersinking all the required spots on all the HS and VS spots earlier this week. After a lot of studying and practicing the process, I was able to get the micro stop set up to be the right depth and went to work.

All of the countersinks came out great... Except one. I can't tell you what I did, nor can I tell from looking at it as the impression of the cage didn't move. But, it appears that I got the countersink to walk somehow, leaving a perfectly oval hole in an HS-902 spar.

The location of the errant hole is right in the middle of the spar, in what will be the lower edge.



Wed Feb 18, 2015.  1224Z

RV-10 Status Report ...Tim Huneycutt

"UPS finally found the train car which had my fuselage on it! This is me pushing it in the garage with the wings temporarily parked outside in the nice weather. Just finished installing the left aileron tonight. Man this is fun!"


Dynon Avionics and ForeFlight bring wireless mobile device connectivity to SkyView

"Recently, mobile flight planning and in-cockpit tablet connectivity have been two of the most-requested SkyView features. Today, we’re excited to announce that SkyView can now connect to ForeFlight Mobile via Wi-Fi. This connectivity makes flight planning and preparation easier and more efficient for those of you who fly with ForeFlight, and also allows your ForeFlight device to benefit from SkyView’s GPS position and attitude indication."


Finally Complete ...MarkChristopher

"Picked up the RV this past weekend from Jonathan McCormick (Plane Schemer) in Gadsden Alabama. I could not be happier from the work that Jonathan did and his attention to detail is unlike anything I've ever experienced. Thanks also to Mo and the team at International Jets for turning Jonathan's plans into reality!"


Panel Pic/Text ...TCONROY

"Last week I took delivery of our Advanced Flight Systems AF-5600T EFIS displays and installed them in the panel. I cannot believe how crisp and clear the terrain and mapping is on these displays! The touch screen features work great, making it really easy to setup the EFIS, Engine, and Mapping screens the way I want. Configuring all the inputs and outputs was also pretty straightforward and took no time at all."


Press Release: www.AircraftExtras.com

"We just received another batch of our Low Oil Level Sensors. This has been a popular choice for RVs and other aircraft. It will fit right in most O-360 engines and lots of others too. We also have a shorter model we can offer now for shallower oil pans. If you want a custom sensor designed for your aircraft, let us know. See our Low Oil Level Sensor and more at www.aircraftextras.com."



Tue Feb 17, 2015.  1258Z

N10GT First Flight ...Aaron Sims RV-10


First Flight ...jay.perlman

Finally arrived. After 15 years of building the RV6A N3FP with an IO3060M1B and plenty of toys in the panel, the big day arrived. Everything worked and the event rated a big smile. As usual, many friends, suppliers and advisors helped including much advice from the forum. Couldn't have done without all of you.

First flight ...Bob Collins(AA) RV-7A

Today was a great day. My first flight after 3 years of build my RV-7A. Uneventful flight flew as advertised. Did one clean stall and aircraft stalled at 50kts indicated at 4500ft which is well below van's advertised clean stall sped. I suspect my IAS is 7kts too slow. I have Dynon sky view and was wondering if there is a airspeed calibration procedure.

Winter Ferry Flights...Gotta Love 'Em ...RKellogg


N66GB Returns Home ...dacronwall

After 6 months of work, a new engine mount/gear legs, cowl modification, transponder, prop overhaul, various electrical and instrument problems/fixes, and completely re-done wheel pants....N66GB is flying regularly and 2 weeks ago I flew down to Bakersfield to the Rocket Shop Café and had lunch with the builder, Gary. She was built in a hangar right there on the field in 1984/85 and it was really fun bringing her back and seeing all the RV history chronicled in the photos hanging in the café. It was a pleasure to meet John Harmon, he remembers the plane well.

Next up is a possible prop upgrade and when the funds become available I will get the paint patched up. But she is looking good, and flying fast!

Mooselookmeguntic.  Season 4. ...Vlad and friends


Hospital visit got caught on Fox Sport News ...tc1234c

One of our flight members was hospitalized. We wanted to cheer him and his family up by paying them a visit at the hospital. Our flight lead contacted ATC and got a clearance to do a fly-by. The hospital is close to the Daytona International Speedway. The news crew covering the Sprint Unlimited Practice saw us and broadcast it on live TV. You don't see 13 different airplanes in a formation everyday, especial not on a Friday, the 13th (the 13 airplanes were just that many showed up and not planned). The rest of the video is what we do every Friday evening before sunset.

News broadcast begins at 1:40. Click the picture to start the video.

From the Factory FB Page...


First Engine Run, All Good.  ...Pittsartist


Piece of cotter pin found in oilscreen?


Winds Aloft Modeling Tool ...Joe Blank found this

[ed. Link added to VAF Wx page.  dr]


Donation list updated and current

Thank you from Susie, Audrey, Tate and myself! 



Mon Feb 16, 2015.  1300Z
Hi!  I'm t
aking Presidents' Day 'off' to hopefully catch up on some paperwork and accounting - and answer some emails.  The factory is also closed today.  See you tomorrow, and hope you got to sleep in.


Fri Feb 13, 2015.  1306Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Tasmania Australia South Coast ...Finley Atherton trip write up.

I live near the East coast of Australia and have flown the 9A to the North coast the West coast and now the South coast of Australia.

A friend and I decided to walk the 9 day, somewhat challenging (for two 60 year olds) Tasmania South Coast Track. Naturally our transport there would be the 9A.  continue


From the factory...


Missed dimples ...and solutions.


Scheduled Site Maintenance 2/14 10pm CT - 2/15 6am CT

Our regularly scheduled maintenance window will be used to install critical patches to servers on the network, in order to keep the data safe and improve the reliability or your hosting services. Readers will experience intermittent service accessibility during this window.


February Issue Onlline


VAF Courtesy Car Addition

Sonoma Jet Center in Sonoma, CA (2 courtesy cars)



Thu Feb 12, 2015.  1306Z

First Flight w/my Youngest Daughter ...jpharrell -7A picture


From the Factory FB Site


Mr. Stack Gets to Enjoy Flying an Old Friend

Bob Stack flies an RV-4 on my field.  His dad (in the front cockpit below) flew P-47s in WWII, and is currently enjoying life at age 92.  The last time he was in a Stearman was a short 72 years ago.  Gary Platner (RV-8 co-owner and Stearman owner) gave him a ride yesterday at our field - that's Gary standing on the wing.  Clayton (RV-8) is helping pull the prop through before trying to start it.  We all enjoyed seeing Mr. Stack's smiles today, as well as from the the back of his son's RV-4 weekly.  BTW, his son painted his -4 to look like his dad's WWII P-47.

(click to enlarge)


RV628PV Squawk..... Never had that before! ...Rosie

Coming home from Lake Havasu on Sunday, I called Los Angeles Center for flight following home to Rosamond Skypark. I ALWAYS use flight following when flying long distances.

I'm squawking 1200 as I call.
"LA Center, RV628PV, VFR Request".
"RV628PV, squawk 7701, ident and say request".

So I start turning knobs (as I've done for 36 years) and start with the first knob...I spin it to 7...I grab the second knob and start spinning it...to 3, 4...then I SEE 7400, pause...I then grab the last knob, spin it to 1, then go back to the second knob and spin it to 7.....that could have caused some momentary excitement at LA Center!!!!!

NEVER CAN I RECALL having been given a 77XX code, let alone 7701

Sitting on the ramp in the plane, I posed this question to Victoria (knowing the answer already) and she didn't even blink; She started on the last knob (since that knob is closer to her), and using her left hand, she put in 1077 from right to left...good girl!

Has anyone else ever been given a 77XX code?    Rosie.




FS- $50 discount code for VAF - Switchbox Remote Control

"Use code on checkout: vaf

Last month we gave $50 discount coupons to all that entered our free giveaway. A lot of the pilots asked to keep it going and we are happy to extend the discount for the VAF forum"



Wed Feb 11, 2015.  1102Z

Recalibrating mental gyro yesterday in 'Flash'.  VIRB grab.


Bahamas 2015 ...Don Schwartz 9A

We took our second trip down to Treasure Cay Bahamas, had a absolute wonderful time. We did add the 12 inch N numbers this year due to being questioned last year. We enjoy the slow pace in the islands around Treasure Cay.

On the way home we stopped in Americus Georgia, went to the civil war museum and the Andersonville POW museum, absolutely fascinating.

Another trip over too soon back to the winter wonderland.


Reading VAF Makes a Condition Inspection More "Fun" ...Bob Mills

[ed. Bob, I'm floored with the quality of this post of yours.  Thank you!!!!  dr]

Two RV Pilots in the hangar, one muses to the other, "15 minutes or less can save you up to 15% at Geico"

"Everybody knows that".

"Oh yeah, well did you know that reading VAF can make your condition inspection take longer, cost more money, include lots of mission creep...and be a LOT more fun and educational?"

So let's see if I can tell the story in 10 "pictures" or less...

It started out like most condition inspections do...pull panels, take the airplane apart to the degree necessary to fully inspect. Get your kids out to help a bit, and learn about stuff like changing the oil, inspecting mechanical stuff, and torquing plugs, injectors, etc.  continue


VAF Courtesy Car List Additions

Ardmore, OK
Wellington, KS
Friendship, WI
St. Ignace, MI



Tue Feb 10, 2015.  1258Z

David Lamb ...15,000' over Saskatchewan

...with a good tailwind.


What to do with used fleece ...Bob polishes


Crabandy update shots


Carbon Fiber Overlay on Panel Glareshield ...John Mc


Advanced-Avidyne IFR Bundle Special


GLO 200th RV Paint Job



Mon Feb 9, 2015.  1230Z

"Hey fixed wing what airplane are you?" ...Vlad pictures

[ed. Vlad, the orientation of the pic you took here is just perfect!
A guy from Russia comes to the USA.  Builds a plane.  And, while
using it, takes a picture of Lady Liberty facing the bay entrance
where multitudes entered the country.  You made my day, Sir!  dr]


First flight after surgery ...Ed Wishchmeyer

Flew the Cessna today for the first time since multi-level spinal fusion surgery nearly four months ago. No noticeable degradation of skills, but significant loss of G tolerance in one 2 G pull-up. I'm still not strong enough to fly solo (endurance wise), and I've got lots of PT ahead, but I'm no longer completely earthbound. As we were parking the plane, visiting F-22s and F-16s were landing.

Not planning to get back into the RV-8 till I'm comfortable in the Cessna.

PS. Five level spinal fusion surgery makes the short list of most invasive surgeries with longest recovery times.


Notable Bridges ...ColoRv


Richard van Grunsven article in February 2015 EAA Sport Aviation

direct link: http://sportaviation.epubxp.com/i/448916


FREE Online Schematic tool


7th annual ice cream social, Inyokern CA (IYK)


The G3X Touch upgrade for Mikey


Winter blues. Might as well start on the annual ...Paul Tuttle


Status: Egine built/mounted ...Robert M


HS Flange Crack ...ShortSnorter -14



Fri Feb 6, 2015.  1257Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

First Flight Tom Albano RV-8 ...Vlad post


Status Report ...Mark P.

I just thought I would post an update. I'm at an interesting spot on the project for me. The reason is because when I would look at other's builder's logs and see the same pics that I just posted, I would think to myself, "Wow! I can't imagine being at that point on my RV!" It seemed like an insurmountable task to get to this point. And I'm really not THAT far along, it's just that I can now see the fuselage taking shape.

As everyone else has already realized, the fuselage really is the most fun part to build. My next 'goal' is to get the fuse on the gear. That's where the real fun starts as I can start adding systems!

Anyway, here's a most recent pic. A lot of you probably barely remember the day your RV looked like this. Others, you're probably thinking how awesome it would be to be at this point! HAHA  <g>


Advanced Avidyne IFR Quick Panel ...AFS's Rob Hickman

We are introducing a new RV-7/9 and RV-10 Advanced Quick Panel with the Avidyne IFD-540 GPS Navigator. The panel includes: Two AF-5600T EFIS, D6 Backup EFIS, Dual ADAHRS, GPS, AF-Com Radio, PS Engineering Remote Audio Panel, Autopilot Control module, 406 ELT with GPS input, 2 Axis Auto Trim, Mode S ADSB Transponder, ADS-B Weather & Traffic, Backup battery, Flap Positioning and lighting controller.  more


I need a Valium ...bobmarkert canopy skirt

"Cut it off" I heard him say.....   "Let’s just cut it off and build our own"  ...


Garmin G3X Touch v3.00 Software Available ...user defined gauges

"We are very pleased to announce new G3X Touch software v3.00 is now available. As usual, the software can be downloaded for free from our website here.   A complete list of changes is included on our website and at the bottom of this posting. But here are some additional details for the key new features of this release."  continue


Well balanced injectors ...C-FAH Q

"Pic of what well balanced set of injectors will do for you. was not up very high, but 146 true on 6gph is sweet. All cylinders peaked within .1gph"


The simple life ...Chad

It's been a while since I had flown the EAA RV-6A. I've been spending most of my flying time and money in the Cub (which is a simple life story of it's own) in the last year or so, but I recently pulled out the RV-6A, and I was reminded, again, just how good these airplanes really are.  ...


TruTrak Planned Power Outage

"Trutrak will be closed starting at 10am on Friday, February 6 for electrical service upgrade. We expect to have our power back on sometime over the weekend so business hours will resume normally at 8am on Monday, February 9. Thank you very much for your patience!"
Lucas Massengale
General Manager
Trutrak Flight Systems, Inc.



Thu Feb 5, 2015.  1305Z

His/Hers RV License Plates ...Rob K



Today's the Day!

Today is the first step of my dream build (an -8) journey. Ordering my emp kit today along with the plans on disk and both practice kits. Now the excitement is really growing to get started with my build. I still have a lot to do in the shop to prep, hopefully it will get done before delivery so I can get to it.
I want to say thanks to everyone here for keeping my dream alive. It's been 5 yrs. since I began thinking I wanted to build an RV-8. Now the time has come. My wife and kids are just as excited, I believe. Could not ask for a better family for support for my dream. Thank you Family!!

God Bless,
Scott Allison
Broken Arrow, OK
PPL, Instrument Rating
RV-8 Preview Plans Received 12-10-2014


RV-9A #92229

Been a busy week with work, but have finally jumped into our build. Having the extra hands of a couple kids definitely helps move it along.

Started Saturday and up to match drilling HS skins. Hope to have the parts primed this weekend and assembled by the next.

Special thanks to Zuldarin for taking time out of finishing up his project to answer all my questions!


Redline's Night Antics


Helicopter Takeoff / Cirrus ground impact

- NTSB Prelim.
- Video.
- Advisory Circular on Aircraft Wake Turbulence

[ed. When the probable cause report is issued I'll post it here and in the forums in its entirety - until then it's speculation (#7 here).  The video did get me to revisit the AC link above and training doc below.  If the final report sites wake turbulence as the primary cause, this video will be the best PSA you could ever use to educate people about it.  ]


FAA training doc on wake turb.


Feb Sport Aviation Online ...some RV stuff pg 102.




Wed Feb 4, 2015.  1257Z

Status Report ...crabandy

Hours of wiring, about 35 connections closer to being done......everything I've ever heard about working underneath the panel is true!


When life gets in the Way ...JoeB

I started my RV-10 build in 2011 with some ......misguided ideas of the actual amount of work building an airplane is. The first few months I found myself working almost 5-6 hours a day with many nights ending past midnight. I tore through the -10 Tail kit in no time thought I was going to knock out this airplane in 2-3 years flat......kinda fully looking back at it.

In the mean time my day job is flying for the Good ol USAF. Unfortunately where they usually want me to fly generally is about an 18 hours away or more from where my project sits idle in my garage. I have been gone 640-ish days since I started my project, on various deployments and work related trips. What I have found as the hardest things to is getting started again when I get home. Trying to get caught up on the normal grind, helping the wife with the projects and all the other things that normal people do every day that pilled up inevitably takes priority. As soon as I am caught up on normal "life"I start working on the RV and before I know it I am again overseas.

I completed the tail kit in about 7 months start to finish, and I have been working on the wings now for about 2 years............  I am still enjoying the build but can be overwhelming thinking how much is left and how little progress I have made lately.

I have seriously contemplated the quick build Fuse, but eh 7K seems like a lot of money to pay someone to do what I am sure I can accomplish, albeit a little faster.

Anyways I am sure there are plenty of you out there who have similar Life gets in the way experiences.

The bottom line is I am addicted to building, and flying and I just don't have the time for either right now. Have some serious "RV envy" of everyone posting those amazing trip pictures. Maybe the APP store has a good flight simulator I can use at my desk...

Well that is enough of a rant for the day, hope yall didn't waste too much time reading it.

No real point to this post just a Rant to fellow minded people who understand the trials of this enormous project.


Panel Status Report ...Larry New

I think I'm done with the panel except for a pesky PWM switch that keeps breaking. All hand cut, painted,   labeled and wired myself. Moving the fuselage to the hanger this week to meet the rest of the parts for final assembly.  <g>


Case of the missing washer ...Dale B. -12

I just started working on the Rotax motor installation. Page 46-03 Step 5, "Remove the retaining nut from the bottom of the rubber insulator several inches aft and below the mounting bolt location."

Well, not watching what I was doing, I started unscrewing the nut with an open end wrench. When it came loose the nut fell and I didn't see it fall. I found the nut wedged down in a crevasse of the motor casing. I can't find a washer. I can't say for sure that there was even a washer there. I searched everywhere .... except behind the fly wheel. Lord help me if it is hiding there. Does anyone know if I am looking for something that was not even there?


I think I need a new EGT probe



Tue Feb 3, 2015.  1242Z

The passing of Bob Archer ...Stein

I received the very sad news that Bob Archer has passed away this past weekend...I think we all owe him a "thanks" for what he contributed to Sport Aviation over the many decades.

Below is a short biography that I understand Bob wrote when he was feeling better.  It's in 2 posts due to length.  My condolences to the family, it's been a pleasure dealing with Bob over the decades.  He was quite a character and a veritable wealth of knowledge.

Best Regards,

Bob has been a member of EAA Chapter 96 since 1990 and an EAA member since 1968. In that time he has served on the chapter’s BOD and has been a resource to anyone looking for information regarding aircraft antennas.

But let’s get back to a start point. Born in Milwaukee in 1931, Bob lived there until, at the age of 13, his parents moved to California. He graduated from Redondo Beach Union High school in 1949. The “Draft” was a pretty sure thing back then, so these were rough times for young guys. The Korean War started in 1950 and Bob tried to join the Air Force. But the Air Force had quotas at the time so he had to wait. In the mean time he got drafted, took the physical and was told to wait. The rule was that after a 90-day period if he was not called he could do as he pleased or wait to be recalled. He was not called in the 90-day period after the physical and then immediately enlisted in the Air Force.

In the Air Force, Bob was sent to technician school where he studied ground-based search radars; then was trained on new type radar and sent immediately to Korea. Bob got there, but the radar systems did not. Instead, he was assigned to an auto-tracking ground based radar north of the 38th parallel. Here he tracked our inbound bombers and, on dark nights and in bad weather, vectored them to their targets and told them when to drop their bombs. Reassigned to the U.S. (in the winter of 54-55), he was sent to Nevada where, with the auto-tracking radar, they tracked incoming fighter-bombers that were practicing toss bombing [“loft” bombing] on the live A-bomb tests. He witnessed about a dozen tests. 


Everglades City Seafood Festival ...Carlrai

Took my niece Sam with me and met Mark there.

My opinion and worth what you're paying for it:  If you fly down there, don't do it during the Seafood Festival. Previous posts explained that and the proprietor of Triad unintentionally talked us out of it when he told us about the crowds.

DO go down there any other time and try the REAL grouper at Triad Seafood and bring home a pound or two of Stone Crab claws. Makes for a great day!


VLictures ...Vlad pictures


9 Month Status Report ...Guilhermepilot


Engine Mount hole misalignment question

I started to install my engine mount today. The top two holes lined up well on the QB fuselage. The two bottom corners are a little off but I can pull on them and things should work out OK. The two center bottom holes however, do not line up well at all. One of these holes hole in the fuse is between 1/3 to 1/2 outside the diameter of the bolt pass through on the engine mount.  ...


Turn around a point ...Vlad pictures




Mon Feb 2, 2015.  1252Z

RVs on the TV Whenever I Want It.

Random thoughts and ramblings.  I read the reviews of the currently available streaming TV options, and decided to finally buy a $99 Roku 3 last Thursday.  Here's a picture below of me using it to play YouTube videos of RVs on the living room TV.  You can search for them using the phone or tablet, then tap the 'show on TV' button. Yes, the blanket is purple and yes it has Disney princesses on it.  It's my daughter's.  Her friend made it for her years ago.  You got a problem with that?

Besides watching YouTube clips on the TV, which is shockingly addictive, the ability to watch thousands of movies/shows/documentaries for free is jaw-dropping.  An added bonus is we now get NASA TV and ESPN3.  We've been watching movies and shows on NetFlix for years using our phones ($8/mo) and can now watch it on the big TV.  Sweet.

Of course, I spent huge chunks of Saturday (while it was raining here) watching music pieces dissected in minutia, like the drum part of 'YYZ' off Rush's Moving Pictures album with the drum levels pushed way up in the mix.  Jump to the 10min mark if you want the live performance part.  Then how to play 100 guitar riffs in 12 minutes.  Oh, and here's 100 bass riffs.  This is sooooo much more entertaining on the big TV.

I can envision not too far off in the future cutting the cord on cable entirely and going with free over-the-air local stuff and streaming internet TV.

Lastly, it floors me how much historical aerospace content there is on YouTube.  For example, this 30 minute long documentary on the X-15 here.  I watched it Sunday morning on the TV with the headphone jack plugged into the Roku remote (I wake up a couple hours before the rest of the family).  So much more satisfying than another soul crushing, I.Q. lowering episode of East Coast Ice Pawn Swamp Outlaw Boo Boo Choppers.

Then on to about two hours of clips on NASA's lifting body program  (search results).  I'm loving this YouTube on the TV thing.

Tangent.  As Super Bowl halftime shows go ...I don't see anyone topping Prince's 2007 rendition of Purple Rain, in the rain, with Florida A&M's marching band (video).  "Can I play this guitar!!!!!!"   In my humble opinion, THAT performance is how you entertain ~100 million people simultaneously.  One person on a stage, playing live...mistakes and all.  So good that you can throw the mic down to the stage and let the crowd sing instead (2min 58sec mark).  Showmanship.

Then the weekend was over....just like that.  Did I even get out of the chair?!?!

Congrats to the Patriots.  Basketball playoff finish with a hockey fight thrown in.  Great game.   OK, on to the RV stuff now....


N424JD RV-7 First Flight ...Jeremy


Long weekend trip to Tasmania, lots of photos ...Eddie Seve (Sydney, Australia)


First Airborne Pics w/Pants'n Fairings ..ao.frog


Winter Soldiers

Status Pics ...AX-O


Status Report ...Carl in Sweden


Selfie ...John Kimmel


Welcome www.ThePedalRV.com

...ad in the Previous Day's News section.