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INSTANTLY live the second you click 'Submit'!   - EDIT your information after you post it!

How to submit a listing:

- You need to be registered (free).
- Make sure you are logged in. Go to the VAF Forums and click on the
Classified section. Click on 'New Thread'.   NEW: There is a check box when creating the listing that you can select if you want to lock down the thread after it is submitted.
- Make the Title (Subject) line appropriate for what you are listing (something like the examples below):

- Insert up to (7) images per post (how to). If you need to post more than (7) images, that's perfectly OK - simply post a 'reply' to your original listing with (5) more, and so on...and so on. There is a 5-image per post limit, so you can post as many replies with (7) images in each as you need. There are a thousands of places on the web to host your images for free (here's how to do it using some of the popular onesk).

Listing multiple items at same time.

Instead of creating 10 separate posts for 10 items at one sitting, please create one post with those 10 items in it.  You can go back and edit that one post as items sell, including the subject line.
   The reason I'm asking folks to do this is that most folks enter the forums by way of the 'New Posts' and 'Today's Posts' links, and seeing 25 posts in a row that start with FS and WTB kind of busies up the screen.  An example of what I'm talking about would be:
        FS:  Prop, HVLP sprayer, Squeezer, Headset, COM antennae

Hey, Why Did My Listing Get Deleted?

If a classified gets removed/edited it's usually one of the following scenarios:
1. The original (first) post is more than 30 days old and got auto-purged. This probably occures to 75% of the deletions.
2. It sold and the initial poster put 'SOLD' in a reply, then a moderator saw it and removed the thread. I'd say this is 24% of the deletions (and the rest of the list makes up the final 1%)
3. It was an ebay listing.
4. It pointed to another classified site (Barnstormers, etc)
5. It was a 'Trade my Cessna 152 or washing machine for a RV tail kit' type post, or something in that vein.

Editing Your Ad(s) After you Submit Them:

If you are logged into the forums you can find your post and look for the 'Edit' button. It's pretty self-explanatory after that.

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