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RV APRS Tracking Data Displayed   

Currently Flying (two choices):

  • Go HERE, then click on the word 'speed' twice to sort the results from fastest to slowest.  The airplanes will now be at/near the top - click on those (you can check the N-numbers listed below to see if it's somebody you know).
  • Click on the green LON/LAT coordinates HERE.

Historical Tracks
If you would like your RV's APRS tracker listed below, let me know.  The folks here either posted their tracking link in the VAF Forums or emailed me privately about it.  I won't list it here unless you get in touch with me using one of these two methods.

Helpful APRS info for those just getting started:
- Getting Started with APRS
- APRS Tracking section of the VAF Forums
- Technician Study Guide (pretty dang comprehensive)
- Test Prep (PDF doc of just questions and answers)
- Practice Test Online
- Where to take the Amateur Radio License Exam

My Amateur Radio Test Taking Experience (Technician Class).... Doug Reeves
Guess who has an amateur radio license, Technician class, as of 3:30 PM Sunday, September 25th?  Yup!
  If you're of the opinion that this is a hard test requiring weeks to prepare for, please let me help alleviate those fears by telling you my experience.  Click on and print out the Technician Study Guide - 14 pages).  Find a location and date for taking the test.  Study the Technician Study Guide for two hours the morning of the test, g
lance at this chart a couple of times, then take the Practice Test.  You'll pass it.  Arrive an hour early at the testing location and study for one more hour in your car before going in.  Drink a Dr. Pepper.  Pay the $15* to take the test and score a 91.  Go to Jason's Deli afterwards and get a salad because you feel guilty about that Dr. Pepper.

(10/10/2016 update) 
I now have a MT-AIO tracker.  The tracks can be viewed at the following two links:  In the Air / Historical.