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864 275 3798 Jeffrey Warren 42"
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Special Request from a VAF Readerer

[ed. In striving to keep the signal-to-noise ratio in the forums as RV-specific as possible, I am happy to post a non-RV personal request like the one above up here on the front page when emailed to me.  v/r, ]

The Van Fan??

I priced one of those large fans for the hangar that I use. $11,000 was the quote. Not a typo....$11K. At least that included installation <rimshot>.

So I got to thinking. The factory offers a tool box to practice on when you're learning how to rivet. Maybe if a simple enough solution could be decided on, might there also be a fan for your workspace/hangar?r?

Before you wave me off as crazy, hear me out for bit. Remember the old belt driven fans? That. Design a hub with pulley where you could attach blades of whatever length you need. Make the blade easy to make - maybe a 1/2" piece of electrical conduit as a 'spar' with pop rivets along the top/bottom and at the trailing edge. A regulated motor on the wall could control 1, 2, 3 or 4 fans. Add more fans down the road where you need them by added another pulley and some more belt..

Belt driven and can tie into more than one location. Over renters.


200hp 2010 RV-8A For Sale on my Field (52F)

...posting for a local guy (w/no VAF account).

Contact Randy Richmond for more info.  (817) Four Zero 1 - 8 Zero 9 Six.

I've flown this plane and it is fast - faster than my RV-6 I'm more than a little pissed to say.  ;^)

•Mfg Date Issued: 3-19-2010
•Lyc IO-360 A1B6. 200hp. Angle valve.
•Hartzell Blended Airfoil C/S prop
•Dual P-mags (less than year old)
•Freshly re-sealed prop governor
•Nice/neat firewall forward
•9 pass/tube oil cooler (recently installed)
•Reinforced baffling around #4 cylinder made from thicker metal than stock (supports weight of oil cooler)
•Recently replaced fuel hoses
•Fresh annual (Feb 2018)
•New nose tire and tube
•Main tires in excellent condition
•New brake pads
•Baggage door fits very nicely (unusual for 8)
•Unique way cowl pins come in from the back - insert into slots (no exposed hinge pins)
•Canopy has a 5” crack toward aft end - not that uncommon on 8s. Stop drilled.
•Paint is a 7.5 out of 10

•Few scratches and nicks showing a little bit of its age
•No fuel tank leaks
•Adjustable brake/rudder pedals
•Infinity grip with flaps and trim, fuel pump
•2 fuel gauges next to fuel selector
•Fire extinguisher
•Oxygen system
•Rear view mirrors
•Vertical compass card
•EIS engine monitor
•EFIS (GRT) recently updated
•GMA340 audio panel
•GNS430 GPS/Comm (sent to Garmin - now a 430W)
•Icom A200 Radio
•KT76A Bendix Transponder
•Wired-through circuit breakers (pull off)
•Tru Track A/P
•A/P will track 430 or EFIS
•Dayton Murdock throttle mixture prop control
•Rear rudder pedals
•Vetterman exhaust

•Unique canopy seal (bicycle tube with pump)
•No damage history.
•Electric pitch trim
•Electric aileron trim
•Rear throttle/mix quadrant
•Polished metal spinner
•Duckworks landing lights both sides
•Whelen strobes
•Koger shade
•5 point harnesses
•Fairings where rudder cables exit fuselage
•All new EGT probes
•2 new CHT probes