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Special Request from a VAF Readerer

[ed. In striving to keep the signal-to-noise ratio in the forums as RV-specific as possible, I am happy to post a non-RV personal request like the one above up here on the front page when emailed to me.  v/r, ]

The Van Fan??

I priced one of those large fans for the hangar that I use. $11,000 was the quote. Not a typo....$11K. At least that included installation <rimshot>.

So I got to thinking. The factory offers a tool box to practice on when you're learning how to rivet. Maybe if a simple enough solution could be decided on, might there also be a fan for your workspace/hangar?r?

Before you wave me off as crazy, hear me out for bit. Remember the old belt driven fans? That. Design a hub with pulley where you could attach blades of whatever length you need. Make the blade easy to make - maybe a 1/2" piece of electrical conduit as a 'spar' with pop rivets along the top/bottom and at the trailing edge. A regulated motor on the wall could control 1, 2, 3 or 4 fans. Add more fans down the road where you need them by added another pulley and some more belt..

Belt driven and can tie into more than one location. Over renters.