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Home >  VAF Forum Posting Rules and its forums are my full time job - how I put food on the table for my family and pay the light bill.  Understandably, I'm very protective of the quality of my target audience's reading experience.  And of my advertisers.

You can't please everyone, and this site isn't trying to.  Like it or not, there is always going to be a segment of the RV community (actually of every online community) that just wants to watch the world burn.  Recognizing this, my target audience is the 80% center of the bell curve - those willing to follow some extremely simple posting rules.  If that ain't your bag, baby, then you need to extend your downwind indefinitely.  And, I wish you well.

The posting rules summarized in three sentences:

Don't promote your company's products and/or services here unless you are an advertiser on the site.

Keep it civil and RV-related.

No discussion of politics.

This three line summery is broken out into greater detail below.

IMPORTANT:  You will not be notified if your post gets deleted.  Nut up.  99.9% of the posts that get deleted violated something in the 3-line summary above and have no place here in the archives (examples: crash video of an F-18, some government official does something, selling your washing machine). 

I've read in some other spots online over the years that 'over-moderation runs rampant' on this site.  The reality is this just isn't so.  While I do delete threads daily (classified listings over 30 days old and Test/Temp threads older than two weeks), most of this so called 'over-moderation' is myself and other moderators fixing broken links, fixing pictures that don't display properly, moving threads to more appropriate areas and correcting typos in titles.  Maybe once every two weeks I delete a thread that blatantly violates the rules (3 out of 4 times it's a duplicate post).   Hint:  If your thread starts with 'This will probably get deleted, but....', yes, it probably will.  What you're in fact saying by typing that is, "I understand I should not post this, but I'm going to do it anyway because rules don't apply to me."   Rolling eyes...

Now, on to the rules in greater detail...

Posting Rules in Greater Detail

1.  No COMMERCIAL promotion, including URLs in forum signatures, unless you are an advertiser.
It's stealing, plain and simple.  Imagine showing up to the restaurant you've sunk your family's life savings into, only to find a guy has parked a food truck in the middle of your parking lot.  Yeah, I get it...the economy is tough, but stealing is stealing.

If you are NOT an advertiser on VAF, DO NOT display your business name, URL, phone number, mechanic credentials, etc. in your signature or posts, or promote them through the VAF Forums or Private Message system.  Non-advertisers may list a URL in the 'Home Page' field in their forum member profile pointing to their business, but only there.

Making your username your business name, and having your email listed with the domain (ex: is a no no as a non-advertiser.

If you wish to purchase advertising space, I can be contacted here.  It's surprisingly affordable, and targeted. 

Abuse of this rule will get your account banned.

2. Civility
This is intentionally vague, and gives the moderators a LOT of discretion.  If any one of them is rubbed the wrong way with a post, it's toast.  If you can't be civil at all times, don't participate.  We don't tolerate uncivil behavior here.

Read this article on how social media makes people more rude (Reuters)



3. No Politics
Posts that contain the words Liberals, Democrats, Republicans, Bush, Obama, Pelosi, Limbaugh, etc.  If your post even remotely smells of politics, it's toast.  I would suggest that if you want to talk GA politics, as an example, take it over to  It's what they do.

  • Discussion about how EAA or AOPA, or any other aviation organization is run, or how their board of directors should be elected isn't for here.  Take it to their respective sites - you can talk directly to their members at the following:

4.Language and tone
...that would be inappropriate in the polite company of strangers and their young children shouldn't be used.

5. Keep the topic RV-related somehow.
Anything not RV is fair game for deletion.   You will not be notified it has been deleted, as we have nearly 20,000 folks in the forums, and the moderators are volunteers with lives.

You have a new baby, you let us know!  Fighting a medical condition and need support?  Post away.  Wanna make fun of my scooter in the 'misc' area....I'll let it slide, Clyde.  Put these type posts in the 'Test/Misc' area so they can be auto-deleted after a few weeks (so they don't clog up the archives).

6. Create your post in the appropriate area.
Put classified listings in 'Classifieds', etc.  Most folks come into the forums using either the Today's Posts or New Posts links, which pulls from all areas. 

Put time sensitive posts like 'Local RV builder on the ch 5 news tonight in XXXXXX' in the 'Test/Misc' area, as we can easily delete it later (so it doesn't clutter up the archives).

7. Threads SPECULATING about the causes of a crash/incident are not allowed here.  Once the governing agency’s PROBABLE CAUSE or FINAL REPORT has been listed online, then we can discuss it until we are blue in the face, hopefully learning something that will make flying safer for us.


List of recently deleted threads:
List updated in this text file occasionally

Posts that will be deleted 100% of the time:

  • Posts complaining about why a post was deleted.  This is called 'mod-baiting'.

  • Duplicate posts

  • Non-RV posts.

  • Links to video clips showing illegal and unsafe flying (like buzzing a house or rolls over a congested area).  My thoughts on safety

  • "For Sale: 1965 Cessna C-172....selling to buy RV tail kit."  (the one exception: an airpark home or lot)

  • "Funny video clip of guys blowing up anvils." ....although I gotta admit that WAS a pretty funny clip.

  • Posts promoting individual-sponsored group buys. (here's why)

  • eBay, Trade'a'Plane, Barnstormes, etc.  links in the classifieds.


By way of contrast, take a look at some forums online that have pages and pages of rules (iPod forum rules / Miata forum rules)

By submitting content to the VAF Forums, you are granting Delta Romeo, LLC. a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right (including any moral rights) and license to use, license, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, derive revenue or other remuneration from, communicate to the public, perform and display the content (in whole or in part) worldwide and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed.  (This paragraph was copied/paraphrased and adapted for use here from the legal section of the 'Just Chat' online community.  My thanks to them for letting me use it.)

Thanks again for keeping it fun and friendly,

Doug Reeves
VAF Forums Owner/Founder  

From Summer 2013:
The Annual Free Speech Email...dr
  I got an email over the weekend from Los Angeles regarding how, in the sender's opinion, VAF stifles first amendment free speech - assuming it had to do with recent FAA/EAA/AirVenture management threads that were closed.  "If I want these type of restrictions I will move to Russia.  It is your site but freedom of speech is not your choice," were his exact words.  He requested I delete his posts and refund his donation from last December.  [ed. Those threads and all the replies were archived and emailed to the original poster in MS Word format so that they could start a free blog with all the original material.  The OP chose not, to my knowledge, to do this.  dr]
  We seem to touch on this cyclically - I guess it's time again.
  This website is an American private business, and free speech laws do not apply to private businesses here.  But, for the sake of argument let's say I would allow talk about government agency this and association that.  We can't forget this would have to extend to EVERY country.  RVs are globally enjoyed, it's not just a U.S. thing.  Lots of RV folks who contribute here live in countries outside the America.  Tens of thousands, actually.  Data point: countries in shades of blue below visited the VAF forums in the past 30 days, so says GoogleAnalytics.  Click to enlarge.  Lots of different governments and GA associations in that blue.
  Depending on the source, there are between 189 and 196 independent countries on planet Earth, all with governments and small planes (and issues between the pair).  The U.N. recognizes 192 governments.  The U.S. State Department 194.  That's an awful lot of non-RV pro-this and anti-that to cloud up the 'New Posts' results, wouldn't you think?  You couldn't possibly be so shallow as to assume only the U.S. citizens would be allowed to complain on VAF about their government and GA issues, would you?
 Go Google 'aircraft associations'.  You'll get over 11 million hits.  'Aircraft Advocacy' returns over 3 million hits.  Plenty of places for people to discuss how their government and GA associations interact with their country's small plane owners.
  I hope now you can understand why here at VAF we're just gonna stick with talking about building and flying and enjoying Van's RVs.  Not governments, or aircraft associations, or government agencies and their alphabet soups.
  If you simply can't live with that, you don't have to.  Nobody is forcing you to either sign up or stick around.
  The posting rules are short, and quite similar to tens of thousands of other forums online.  Go Google "free speech and online communities" if you don't believe me.  Nothing out of the ordinary in the VAF posting rules.  Further research will reveal that online communities that allow any topic under the sun, with no rules, quickly self-implode.  Godwin's Law and all that...
  Feel so passionately about your government, its GA agencies and/or associations that you just have to type about it somewhere?  I'd suggest going to or any other number of free hosting solutions and set yourself up a free spot on the web.  All the free speech a person could want is only a couple minutes away, if you agree to their terms of service (which means you can't talk about ANYTHING you want).  All the big GA association sites have online forums themselves, and interacting with local government on behalf of pilots is in their respective mission statements.
  I appreciate and read all private feedback emailed to me, but these free speech emails always make me roll my eyes to tell you the honest truth.  It's not just your country we're talking about here.  An RV-8 took flight in Thailand for the first time last week.  Thailand!  I recall reading they've had some political tension in the past, but that doesn't mean it should be hammered out here on VAF.
  Take the government talk somewhere else, please.  I'm good with keeping VAF discussion focused on one specific activity.....the hobby of building, flying and enjoying Van's RVs.  Something that is figuratively, and literally, uplifting.
  Sometimes though, people can't deal with that, and that's fine.
  As for the SoCal individual, I deleted his posts (as requested), his forum account (as requested) and PayPal'd him his 2012 donation back (as requested).  He complained later how I sent the refund (via PayPal check).  I wish him well.
  I happen to believe this site offers a good product, one worthy of its reader's yearly donations.  I strive daily to continue earning your trust, friendship and financial support.  I truly believe we have something special here, so much so I bet my family's financial future on it.
  Yours in Van's RV construction and flight,
  (and family)

  The simple and short VAF forum posting rules.

PS: Want to email me your feedback?  I'll read it, then move it over to a folder called 'Feedback' so it can be reflected on periodically.


Your VAF Forum moderators:  

If any of the following folks come across a post that doesn't follow the rules above, they can delete (or edit) it.  They very rarely do.

RV-12 RV-10 RV-
RV-4 RV-3
Buchanan, Sam x
Burgess, Ross x
Concannon, Milt x
Daves, Russ x x x x
Dye, Paul x x x
Ferraro, Joe x
Gray, Rick x x x  x xx
Hull, Don x
Lervold, Randy x x
Mayeux, Sid x
McMartin, Clayton x
Oliver, Brad x
Pardue, Larry x
Pratt, Chris x
Reeves, Doug x x
Romeiser, Clay x
Rosales, Paul x
Schmidt, Scott x x
Starkey, Mike x
Stewart, Mike x x
Sutter, Martin x x
Syracuse, Vic x  x x
Thocker, Jon  x  x  xx
Vincent, Craig  x
Zilik, Gary x

Many of these folks are repeat builders.  An 'x' means they have owned,
built (or are building) a particular model.  An 'xx' indicates they have owned/built two!


You might someday get the following text from a moderator in an email, or private message, or even have your post or reply replaced with what's below.  Any large forum board has to eventually deal with this - it's not personal and is just a reality of large communities:



I have been asked by the owner of the VAF site (Doug Reeves) to help enforce the forum posting rules (  I deleted your recent VAF post about _________________ for the following reason(s):

__ Civility / Tone

__ Not RV-related

__ Commercial promotion by non-advertiser

__ Mod/Policy bashing

__ Politics / Government

__ Illegal video clip

__ eBay / Barnstormers / etc.  (classified-specific rules at:

If you feel the need, please direct comments regarding this to the owner of the site (Doug Reeves).  His contact info can be found at:

Thank you.


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