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March 21, 2019.  Issue #4,785  

Spokane Sunrise ...Mr. X

(click to enlarge)


Flying Away from Tennessee ...Capt Sandy

When Roy and I started dating almost 15 years ago, I never expected that our flights to the coast for dinner or down the valley for lunch or hiking would turn into journeys across country. I never expected that I’d want to fly anywhere other than the Pacific Northwest. And I certainly never expected that we’d fly as far away as Tennessee - or that I would fall in love with the Smoky Mountains. I’m so happy for the Plane He Built.


Status Report ...acam37 RV-4

"...I’m proud to say that the plane is ready to fly and has passed it’s airworthiness inspection. The next chapter is to get the first flight done and complete phase 1. ... We are really happy with the final results."


Unexpected altitude change in RVs and the 737Max8 ...ClayR

Last evening, while enjoying glass-smooth air at about 4000' just after sunset, my RV9a unexpectedly pitched down hard. I had just reached over to pull a little cabin heat when it happened.

My first thought was I just hit a massive downdraft - something was pushing my nose down hard. I could pull back to counter it, but had to pull on the stick hard and it wasn't letting up. I pulled throttle back and it eased up a little. My second thought was "how could cabin heat cause this" when I didn't have an autopilot that might be affected by the changing pressure in the cabin.

Then, I tried pitch trim up (electric trim, with a switch on my panel just above the throttle) and it just as quickly corrected itself.... problem solved!

But, it certainly got my heart racing, and also thinking about how the pilots in the recent 737 Max8s that crashed must have felt as something 'external' was pushing their nose to the ground.

I certainly didn't think my right hand finger was pushing the trim button at the same time my left hand was pulling the cabin heat knob, but my right hand was resting on the throttle where it normally does, and I suppose it could have happened as I slightly leaned forward to pull that knob. I don't suspect a faulty Ray Allen switch, but I suppose that could have happened too.

I also took out my original ray-allen trim indicator on my panel when I installed my GRT efis, moving the trim indicator to the EFIS. However, the trim indicator isn't shown when I'm in PFD mode with a split screen with moving map, so I didn't know the trim had moved.

I checked the forums this morning and found several other threads describing similar incidents where people had bumped the trim buttons on their stick, or had malfunctioning switches. They described very similar symptoms as I saw...

The best suggestion I saw was to install a "Safety-Trim" which limits any press of the trim button to 3 seconds before you have to release and press it again. I'd like to hear from anyone who has installed one of these because it seems that the limit should be 1 or 2 seconds instead of three. I think it could happen again similarly with a 3 second press of the button unless I slow the trim motor down a lot. (which might actually be a good think to make it more sensitive to fine adjustments)

I also thought that perhaps installing a big red "TRIM" light on my panel would alert me whenever the trim motor is activated. That might get annoying though during regular use though and I'm not sure how to wire it.

My third thought is to see if I can program the EFIS to display an error when the trim reaches a certain point away from center. That would have helped me identify that the trim was out of normal range. Has anyone done this on a GRT EFIS?

At the VERY LEAST, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE with electric trim to practice dealing with unexpected trim by establishing cruise speed at a decent altitude,press the trim button up or down for 4 or more seconds to see what it feels like! See how much back or forward pressure you need on the stick to counter it! I wish I would have done this when people talked about these issues before so I would have been prepared for it when it happened.

In any case, I'm sharing this to hopefully avoid others from experiencing the same thing, and to discuss the best possible options to keep it from happening again... or at least quickly identify the issue when it does.

Please, don't discuss manual vs. electric trim here... I have electric, and I'm not changing it now, although I might put manual in my next build.

Discussions in previous threads: ...


Stepping covers for floor ...TJCF16

I made these floor covers out of plywood so as not to deform the floor every time my fat but steps in during maintenance.  It sure saves smashing hinge pins, just an idea!


Leaky Brake Fittings ...fbrewer

OK, so we have leaky fittings on the right side brakes.  We've tried tightening the plastic fittings without stripping the threads -- no dice. Still leaks.

I think I want to replace the semi clear tubing and replace with the black hose and new fittings. Where is the best place to buy these replacement parts?

Any other suggestions to my leaky brake fitting problems?





March 20, 2019.  Issue #4,784  

from the photo archives.  dr.


Don Orrick's Visor for his RV-10

My solution that I just completed during my condition inspection was to buy the RAM $68.00 visor from Aircraft Spruce and the SHORT Ram ball clamp connector. It is only 2.5'' -3 '' long. I then ground one end of the ball connector to the curvature of the round center bar using my removable co-pilot control stick that is the same sized material as a template. I then painted it and glued small pieces of rubber to the inside of the ground end to prevent scratching up the post and allow the clamp to grip the post tight.

By using the short ball mount modified to fit the post, the visor fits between the post and the edge of the door frame just right. the visor can be adjusted up and down the post depending on how high or low the sun is during flight. You can also swing it around to cover the co-pilot side of the windshield if needed. It can be easily removed by just loosening the ball clamp and set it in the back seat.

I also installed a ball mount above the pilot's door with a nutsert to mount the ball stud and utilize the same visor on the door by ordering another short ball clamp WITHOUT modifying it to fit on the ball mount and the visor ball. It works great and can cover the entire side window area for those early morning flights when the sun is pouring in the side window.
1 visor
2 ball clamps
1 ball stud for door
under $100
Test flew it and works great!


Thank you Wayback Machine!

I was curious about some performance numbers recorded on the CAFE site back in the day on the RV-6A they tested - wanted to see how they compare with V speeds entered into my G3X.  Discovered the site is no longer online.  Thank you web.archive.org!  Found a copy online (link) and I'm good to go.


Old Geezer Update (his title) ...David-aviator life update


I've been member of this forum for a while and have enjoyed the comradeship over the years. There are lots of good people here sharing a passion for flying and RV airplanes.

I am still flying. And perhaps to the delight of some old instructors with whom I've had exchanges here, have finally gotten close to 3 pointing the RV-7.

The tail dragger experience came late in life to me, age 75, so it was some challenge in the beginning, glad I did not wreck the RV-8.

The 7 belongs to a friend who asked me to fly it once in a while after he had open heart surgery. The RV-8 I built at age 74 was sold to a friend about a year ago. Had this compulsion to down size, stop spending money, not knowing what was coming next after wife passed away. Flying the 7 has been a blessing, I still enjoy it.

But at this stage of life, question keeps popping up, when should one quit? Common sense says no one flies forever. And end up a statistic due to pilot ego because the envelope was inadvertently exceeded, like I can do this forever, makes no sense. Is somewhat of a dilemma making decision on this subject.

Beyond that, I've decided to get married again. I hate living alone, have reconnected with high school friend in Minnesota where I come from, will be moving back there this summer to be with her. She is widow and feels same about living alone. We go back long way to riding horses, milking cows on Minnesota farm 65 years ago as teenagers. It was not difficult getting reacquainted.

Anyway, just want to say Hi to forum, this place is great for what we are passionate about - Flying airplanes and in particular the RV's.



7A Rebirthing Update ...kentlik

Fuel valve plumbing coming together. Not terrible but does make me a bit heavy headed leaning over for so long. Oh well.


If you push the right buttons in the right sequence...

...the RV will fly the approach and hold really smooth-like.  Practicing button work flow Tue morning for a bit before quality time with the computer.  I remember this approach seeming so complicated a few years ago.  It turns out this practice stuff really works.

Grab from the iPad running GP later - click to enlarge if bored.


Crashing in the wilderness... some thoughts ...Paul_5r4

Sorry about the length of the post!

Hey fellow VAFers,

Because I feel this is an important post, I’ve been working on it for a few days.

A bit of history regarding this post. Recently I’ve watched several videos where regular people unexpectedly find themselves in situations that ended up potentially life threatening. After watching several of these videos, I’ve noticed there were some common denominators. One is in each case they’ve unintentionally found themselves in these situations and finally reached a point in their struggles way to early on that they have zero options left. As pilots we should be prepared, having at least thought about the what’s and hows after a successful forced landing. As pilots, we always need to have plan B and never have the thought of “there is nothing left I can do.”

Naturally as pilots we most often think of the aviation side of flying. I looked at my checklist and online at some others. That’s were the checklist ran out. They all do a fantastic job of getting everything configured to give us the best chance of survival in the event of that hopefully never to happen off airport landing…. Hmmmm, off airport landing. Almost makes it sound like something that’s routine. In the real world and in the heart of hearts of most pilots, I think we still call it a crash. I don’t know… maybe that’s politically incorrect now days. :-) Take note though that is where the checklist ends. I hadn’t given much thought regarding survival in the event of hours or days until help arrives. I did have a little survival kit but didn’t know how to use half the stuff in there. All of this left me thinking despite having the little kit, I didn’t have a survival plan, not even a little one.


OT: Paul & Louise's Jet is Painted

How cool is that?!?!  more pics


Help!  Oil Pressure Loss when Cold and Hot ...rv969wf

Alan Judy's Van's RV-6 with a Lycoming IO-360A1B6 fuel injected engine, CS Hartzell Prob. Approximately 750SMOH. Almost everything inside this engine was NEW except the case and cylinders, cylinders were taken .010" over with New pistons etc. All machine work was done correctly and Yellow tagged, engine was blueprinted very precisely. All clearances within factory specs at overhaul and I did the assembly so I know this engine inside and out. SMOH this engine has always had around 45psi oil pressure +- 2-3 lbs at 190F degree oil temperature at idle 750rpm. In cruise it has always had around 75 lbs +- a 2-3 lbs at 2,450 RPM with oil at 190F degree. I have always been able to maintain my oil temperature plus or minus 5-8F degrees between winter and summer via a controllable oil door, the NEW Vernatherm at overhaul has never caused a problem. Engine has had Exxon Mobil Elite 20w-50 it's entire life after rings were seated. Oil and filter has always been changed around 25-30 hours. Oil samples have always been good and oil filter has always been very clean when cut apart and inspected. Engine is preheated in cooler months so I haven't had any cold starts, I live in the Oklahoma area in the USA. I average 90-120 hours per year and fly mostly cross country with a few short trip, at times I'll close the oil air inlet to the oil cooler get the oil up too 200-210F to boil off any moisture in the crankcase for a few minutes then lower to 190F range. Compression always around 76-79 over 80 at annual.

This is what happened on my last flight, on run up, my oil pressure was normal at the time. I took a 45 minute flight and shortly into the flight I noticed my oil pressure was only 52 lbs at 2,450 RPM, 190F oil, it has always been around 75 lbs +- a couple lbs SMOH at 190F oil temp. After landing my low oil pressure light came on, my low oil pressure sending unit is a separate unit than my oil pressure sending unit and it is set at 25lbs for the light to come on, I then looked at my oil pressure gauge and it was only showing 23 lbs at idle 750RPM, 190F oil. The first thing I did the next day was take the oil filter off and cut it apart to inspect, Tempest #AA48108-2, the filter media was VERY clean with no debris. I build automobile racing engines for a living and few airplane engines so I know what to look for. Oil level in the crankcase was showing 6 1/2 quarts at this time. I have always flown after an oil change with 7 qts total and when it gets down to 6 qts I add one quart, oil burn has always been about 1 qt in 9-12 hours with my steel Lycoming cylinders SMOH. My next step, I installed a New oil filter, 1 more qt of oil added to bring the oil level close to 7 quarts total and I installed a Perma Cal Calibration test gauge directly to the right front oil gallery that is the same oil galley that feeds the main bearings that is at the right front towards the prop to compare oil pressure to the MicroVision VM-1000 cockpit oil pressure. I test ran the engine and documented the start up with oil at 48f degree cold and warming the oil up to 100F. The Perma Cal test guage read 2 -3 lbs higher than the VM-1000 cockpit gauge throughout the test from idle to 2000RPM at various oil temps, test gauge and panel oil pressure corresponded in equal amounts, slight variation but all good. Being this I eliminated the oil sending unit being a problem or possibly the oil fitting at the crankcase for the sending unit that has the .040" restricted hole from being plugged up. For those that don't know, the .040" oil restrictor is there in case the oil line breaks to slow down the loss of oil. While warming up the engine and oil, I had the same oil pressures within 2-3 lbs variation, so the oil filter was not the problem or the oil sending units. My next step was to remove the oil pressure relief, spring, ball and washers. I inspected the seat that the ball seats against in the crankcase oil galley at the #3 cylinder crankcase location, it looked good but I took the time to apply some dye, lapping compound with an old pressure relief ball and lapped the seat, it had a perfect contact pattern and was seating nicely, no issues there. The pressure relief ball had no nicks or signs of wear, I measured it with a micrometer and it was perfect. I checked the bypass spring with a NEW spring, free length was good and it had the same pressure as a new one, I went ahead and installed the new spring and noted how many shims were behind the spring and put the same ones back in. Did another ground test run, started the engine up and there were NO changes of oil pressure at different oil temps or RPMs. I'm not sure what is happening to cause the sudden loss of around 20-25 lbs oil pressure when its cold or at operating temp throughout idle to cruise RPM 2,450. If I had metal in the oil filter I'd be tearing the engine down but I don't see anything in the filter. My next step is to run the engine, warm the engine oil up, drain and take an oil sample and send in for a report. I suspected my fuel pump diaphragm might be going bad and allowing fuel into the crankcase and deluting the oil, but the vent line from the fuel pump has showed no signs of dripping or leaking, maybe the oil sample will help with this. CHT's have always been in the 300-360f range depending on outside temps. Oil temps have always been normal, no changes in fuel pressure, EGTs all good and peak the same. Timing has always been set at 20 degrees because I'm runging 10:5.1 pistons, bore scope of cylinders show no issues, no detonation issues on piston tops or ring lands. 100LL Avgas all the time, 150F -200F rich of peak in climb, cruise 75-100F rich of peak at 65-70% power. Sometimes lean of peak at low power settings. This engine has always been strong and has never had any issues and it makes a lot power. Its still strong, makes no abnormal noises and runs like nothing is wrong other than the 20-23 lbs of oil pressure that I lost across the board. Possible bearing problem? but no metal in the oil filter, possibly oil pump issues but why such a sudden loss of pressure, possibly a crack in oil gallery which if there was, oil pressure should be good cold but much worse when hot as the aluminum expands and should open up a crack in the oil gallery and making it worse at higher oil temps, but I don't think that is the case, the Woodward prop governor works fine, prop cycles normal, oil galley plug missing?, if one was missing it should have zero oil pressure. I don't see any issues with the Vernatherm as my oil heats up quickly as normal and at cruise my oil temps are normal. I have even used a thermal imaging camera to detect how the fluid/heat is flowing through the oil lines, filter and oil cooler and find no issues. Something that I have not done yet is too shim the oil pressure relief with 5 washer/ shims which should raise the oil pressure 25 lbs across the board from cold oil to hot oil for GROUND RUN TESTING ONLY to see if the oil pump will maintain as a test only. If the added shims don't show any signs of raising the oil pressure, possibly oil pump issues or something else has gone wrong inside the engine that is causing the leak of internal oil pressure. I questioned the piston oiler nozzles but they open at around 40 lbs and should not cause low oil pressure at cruise RPM. It's not a heat related issue of any sorts as I don't have any. I'm at a loss and need some professional advise before I do a teardown at 750SMOH. FYI, I used to be on this VAF forum daily on a regular basis MANY years ago and payed my dues during that time but do to life changing things I have not been on here and after posting this I need to send Doug some $$$$. Any GOOD Technical Advice would help. Thanks, Alan

(reply from Martin Sutter)
Same thing happened to my engine with otherwise healthy parameters. After being unable to find the cause I called Aerosport and talked to one of their engine assembler. He advised me to remove the oil pressure regulator and meticulously clean the steel ball inside and the seat it resides in. When I took it apart I was not hopeful as the ball was only lightly tarnished but nowhere near cruddy. I went ahead anyway and cleaned it to a mirror finish with a soft cloth and some fine polishing compound. Low and behold, problem solved and pressure back to normal.

(from mahlon_r)
I would check the suction screen. probably ok but you should check.
To me it sounds like there is another relief valve operating in the back ground..ie a hole somewhere. A internal missing 1/8 pipe plug would exhibit similar symptoms to what you have seen. If you do get to doing a teardown maybe start with the accessory housing first to check all those rear plugs. Don't think its a bearing with no metal. never saw a crack in a case have so much of an effect on the pressure.
Do you think the prop gov could have an internal leak, that is allowing it to suck up more engine oil pressure than normal but still be able to function OK? Maybe worth trying a different governor? Or getting that one checked?
Any aerobatic equipment installed? if so disconnect and re plumb and see.
Assuming you have a late style pressure relief valve tower and not a short one with a case that doesn't have the centering cage for the ball. But if you have a short tower without the cage in the case it would possibly cause symptoms like you are seeing. easy fix to install a proper tall tower and get that ball centered and functioning properly all the time.
Good Luck,



March 19, 2019.  Issue #4,783

Five Balls and Clear

Monday I woke to 00000kts and CAVU, and the whole morning's carefully crafted plans immediately went out the window.  I needed go juice so I launched for Bridgeport and its $3.49 gas.  OMG it was smooth.  After the obligatory potty break, and while walking back to the plane, the urge to get a picture of all this blue percolated up.  (My brain talking) "Do you even realize how awesome this is?!?!  It's Monday morning and you're standing on a ramp in bright sunshine with an amazing airplane topped off and ready to go wherever you point it.  Soak this in and make sure you don't forget how lucky you are!!!!  Dumbass."

5,120 pixel pano

Above one pano if you have a two monitor setup, and below a regular style pic thrown in for good measure.  I only logged .6, but it reset the mental gyros completely and gave the opportunity to call up approach and get sequenced for the 16L ILS at KAFW on the way back for buttonology stretching.  Crazy crazy smooth.  Even I could pull it off.

Then off to the home office for catch up.  It was worth it. 

More traditional-sized pic


Superbloom flights ...bruceh RV-9A

My daughter was on Spring break this week and wanted to get out to the desert to see the flowers. Saturday we flew into Agua Caliente (L54) and hit the hot springs for a soak and a bit of hiking to/from the airstrip. After weeks of cold, wet weather, the skies cleared and we actually warmed up a bit this weekend.

Sunday we flew up to visit family in Orange County and on the way up we could see that the hills east of Lake Elsinore were just covered in orange flowers. We detoured on the way back and flew over the hills, which were just amazing.  ...


Add another RV-4 to the registry ...acam37

N684ML is now official, thanks Mel for making this a pleasurable experience.  2019 RV-4 fastback


Electrical Schematic Thoughts ...Paul 5r4

I've received Carl's schematic for dual batteries and he's reinforced to me via emails the importance of being able to get that power to the critical places with no to minimal pilot action. I absolutely agree with the previous post about making your system too complex. That in itself adds a degree of increased risk.

Here's my thinking. I'll have two batteries and one alt. If I have an alt failure, I would be notified of that by the Dynon EMS. If I confirm/agree with the EMS of an alt failure, all I have to do is flip the two switchs to get power from BOTH batteries directly to the avionics and turn off the master switch. Power from the batteries will be direct to the avionics with the only connections being 1. At the battery 2. The relay (power in and power out) 3. The avionics buss connection.

With the Dynon's back up battery and the built in G5 battery along with the two full size batteries up front, I feel this would give me best I can figure an absolute minimum of like 90 minutes to get back to VFR or below the clouds.

Discussion: Carl's stresses the importance of getting the power to the necessary equipment. I agree. That includes battery grounds. Each of my batteries will be grounded side by side to the airframe/engine block.
A thought on the relays that will be the only thing inline between the batt power and avionics buss. The connection for power in and power out of each relay from each battery to the buss. There is of course the wires running into the cockpit for the switch and switch to ground that could fail too.... as well as the switch itself. Here again, There is ANOTHER switch going through the other relay to provide power from the other battery directly to the buss. OK..... What are the odds of first an alt failure followed by a second failure of a relay/switch/wiring connection at the same time and if that WERE to happen, there is the second battery with the exact same setup to get power from that OTHER battery to the buss? Admittedly I'm just learning all this stuff and am speaking from probably the most inexperienced point of view on VAF.

Reviewing my own schematic, I see there's a single point of failure at the 25 amp pull breaker. If that did happened it would only make sense to turn off both "direct to" relay switches again and go back to the battery only side of master to get power to the avionics buss. I wonder if it would make sense to leave the batt side of master on from the beginning of the alt failure and turn on the two "direct" source switches. Of course this last would add the importance of sheding all unnecessary loads from the main. The advantage is now there are THREE ways power is getting from the batteries to the avionics buss.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


AOG Final Update ...Guy Prevost RV-10

Doh! I didn't check in last night! Everything worked out well. The Cards hooked me up with supplies and labor. By the end of it, I just had to watch!


What keeps you from flying aerobatics? Really? ...poll

Sometimes I feel like I am beating my head against a brick wall. I have enjoyed flying competitive aerobatics in my RV since 2006 and have done my utmost to encourage others to do the same. Last weekend an aerobatic training session was held at Siler City Airport (KSCR) and numerous RV pilots contacted me, anxious to come out and participate or watch. We welcomed sunny skies and moderate temperatures on Saturday morning and I was the only RV pilot that showed! Where are you guys? In an effort to answer that question I have posted the accompanying poll. Those of you who are flying aerobatically capable RVs (RV-3,4,6,7,8,14) please give me honest answers to the poll and I will try to address your questions and concerns in this thread. Thank you for participating.


Refurbished RV-4 ...Chris Copeland

Purchased a flying aircraft built in 2000. Low time, High quality build and well equipped with tall gear, O360, CS prop, etc. Exterior was John Deere green and interior was cheddar yellow. I spent the first 6 months of ownership doing a complete strip and repaint taking care of any needed maintenance along the way as aircraft was disassembled. Flying the aircraft now and having a blast with it! Previously owned a C-140 and a Citabria 7eca. Both great aircraft, but the RV is definitely another level of fun!


Aborted RV-8A Wing Install

Sorry if this has already been covered extensively on the site. Please point me to old posts if it has.

I attempted to install wings today and ran into a snag when the landing gear weldments kept bolts from penetrating spar. Aircraft is on gear with engine installed. My team, which includes multiple RV builders (all taildraggers), concluded that the weldment shifted due to the extra load. My plan is to lift the fuselage off the mains and loosen the inboard weldment bolts to get the wing bolts better aligned.

Appreciate any comments confirming that approach or something more ingenious.
Greg Walker
Aledo, TX


Mothership News



March 18, 2019.  Issue #4,782
  Good morning!  Fast weekend.  Spent Saturday working a side job to help supplement the scratching out a living thing, but managed to get a short .2hr RV hop Sunday after Mass.  A lot of locals did the same Sunday, as there was a big high pressure capital 'H' over Texas and Oklahoma all weekend.  Some basketball on TV and lots of VAF work and the weekend was outta here.
  So there I am Saturday KRVS in Tulsa, OK at the aforementioned scratching, and what do I see taxi by?  RV of course.  At KRVS (pic).  Kinda fitting. ;^)  Crazy busy there Saturday morning.   I think every plane in the area was flying.
  Hope you had a good weekend.


Registered and Certified! ...Boomer506

FAA guys gave me a thumbs up! I'm doing engine runs and working out final settings on communication busses and things, but I'm very close to first flight. Weather is getting better and engine is running strong. Also finalized a policy with AVEMCO so you know I'm getting serious.


Milestone:  RV-12 ...JBPILOT

1,300 HOURS!!!!!   Been a terrible winter. First flight in 2 full months. Almost forgot to take pic.


Falcon Flight Formation Clinic KGYI April 5-7, 2019

Update March 14, 2019

Falcon Flight Formation Clinic is now 3 weeks out. WE still have some slots available so if you want to update your formation currency or take on a new precision skill you can find all the information by signing up at the link below.


Mothership News


Carbon Fiber Rudder ...ATangle

I've been working on making a carbon fiber rudder (RV-8 drop-in replacement) for a little while now and finally have a little bit of progress to share. I just fabricated the skins this past week while I was home from school for spring break. This project is primarily for my own education with designing/fabricating composite parts, and I'm quite happy with how the skins came out. The look is a bit different than the stock RV-8 rudder, with some influences from the GB1 Gamebird.


Status Report ...GoN4Broke

After a 4 year build and nearly 3 years of flying it around “naked”, Juliet-Kilo finally has colors. The scheme is an homage to my wife Kathy and her fanatical love for all things Seattle Seahawks! Wife Happy. . . Me Happy


RV-7 Elevator Trim Tab Work ...atalla

hey all,

I put this video together on the Left Elevator Trim Tab, i have found this to be one of the more challenging tasks so far in my build.

any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance


RVs around DFW Sunday with Viper

Mentioned above.  A glance at the FlightRadar24 app while sleeping through basketball games Sunday...  

"There were bogeys like fireflies all over the sky."

"So you were there?" 

"I was there."




March 15, 2019.  Issue #4,781
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!

More Ice Cream Social Pics ...AX-O friend


A.O.G. Update ...Guy Prevost RV-10

Steve McLeod, a local A&P showed up with tools today. He was knowledgeable and willing to work with me, not just grumble about experimentals. I mostly needed access to tools, but he was far more useful than that and a good value too. I guess he maintains a few RVs around these parts.

We test ran with normal ignition checks etc. No issues. When I removed the upper cowling this time, I noticed the (relatively new and not well set) aft baffle seal was turned backwards. One of the things I had really noticed when the problem appeared yesterday was significant cowling vibration and extra pillowing between camlocks. The Mrs and I looked hard for a cowl problem because that’s what it felt like.

Intake gaskets were all good, but the intake tube from the sump on #3 was loose. They were all just re-swaged at engine rebuild 120 hours ago. Ugh. It wasn’t loose enough to go anywhere; we repositioned so that its sitting well, cleaned and applied RTV. A temporary fix for sure.

I just finished flying .75. No roughness and all CHTs and EGTs normal. #3 CHT did not run up high like it had the last couple of takeoffs. Completely nominal. Climb to 6500 was normal. Flew high and low MP at different RPMs. No issues. Leaned to a about 35degrees LOP and did an ignition check. A slight change in tone and then smooth. All 6 EGTs slowly increased, but no roughness.

In my RV8 I found several issues the first few times operating out of lowland airports. I live at 6k’ and mostly fly places that are as high or higher. My canopy skirt would buzz against the fuse at high IAS, something nerver achieved at home. On another trip, a wing root fairing let go. All of these items were associated with descents into near sea level airports. I think that the rear baffle seal either got flipped at cowling installation or that the increased pressure from high IAS (and pressure) descents into these high lowland airports flipped it.

Since I found solutions to both anomalies I was experiencing and can’t reproduce them after those repairs, I’m headed 30 minutes South. There are lots of friendlys at GTU, but the best runway for today’s conditions is closed. EDC has a car waiting for me, and is closer to family so that’s the plan for now. I’ll report in later today.


Mothership News


RV-6A Status Report ...Colin P.

I haven't posted here in quite a while. I'm finally at the airport working on final assembly. If you look closely, you may notice I started this thread (2010). Yeah, it has been a slow build.


Suggestions to finish this off?

RV-8, Right Elevator.  I am fitting everything prior to final assembly of the component.  I still need a little more sanding on the E-612 fiberglass tip as it sits proud of the weight.  Just wondering what others have done in this area to finish off the forward edge?  Maybe a flox mixture to smooth over the lead counter weight?


Rolling Tool Box Project ...RV7ForMe

Hello.... quick update. Nothing really moved forward on my own airplane. In fact it actually went backwards as i gave some build parts to my buddy for his rebuild to save some time to get his RV back in the air. I got new parts for it and the promise I will finally get some right seat time in an actual RV7! Never flown one

In the meantime. I saved up a bit of money and wrote Vans a check for the Fuselage kit! Big decision time here. It will be an RV7-A I went back and forth a lot on this decision and reviewed my mission and while I think the tail dragon is waaay sexyer the nose dragger is just a bit more practical. YMMV of course, but the decision is done.

Also, to give credit where credit is due. Somebody on this forum posted a very nice rolling tool box that insprired me to get one myself. Until now my own project never requried it but since my tools have been at the rebuild project it is actually really convenient to have a tool box that rolls around the airplane once parts get big. Also I just think it is very cool......


A little off topic but fun to follow

...our RV-3/8 buddy Iron's jet project is getting paint.  Many time lapse vids at www.kitplanes.com.

Look familiar?  Off my wing a few years back. <g>



March 14, 2019.  Issue #4,780

Damn Storms

You know you got a lot of rain quick when you find a crawdad trying to cross the runway during a FOD check.  Relocated to the creek...

We had a squall line and some TSRA come through the area around 0500 local Wednesday.  After the line passed, the air was still and clear.  I drove out to get on the treadmill for an hour and lift weights, but the sky was so blue I opted for Plan B - a short flight.  I'll exercise after dinner...

The Luscomb upside down is over at a friend's private strip east of Propwash (I texted him after I landed in case he didn't know about the damage to the north end of his property).  Found out later there were several planes moved around at both Denton and Grand Prairie.  Lots of bent metal around, but I haven't heard of any fatalities thank goodness. 

the rest of the pics




RV-10 Build Status Report ...LCampbell

On to some bigger pieces now, as work is well underway with the horizontal stab. I’m getting most of the tail feathers up to the point of closing them up and pausing, prior to a visit from my tech counselor to double check that I’m doing things in a manner that won’t put life or limb at risk.

One thing I started to notice was that the dust from deburring with the 6 inch grinder and scotch-brite wheels, wasn’t staying in the immediate vicinity of the grinder like I thought it was, I was finding it 10-15 feet away and it was starting to get on everything. So, a trip to Home Depot, and for less than $40, I’ve got a great solution of a fan, filter, and bit of tape, to help keep the dust in check, and it seems to be doing a great job.

One other tweak, on the HS cradles, I didn’t like how they wanted to crease the metal (they didn’t, but looked like they wanted to), so I grabbed some 1/32 in plywood from the hobby pile, and made some quick 2 inch wide ‘feet’, and simply attached them with some tape, to widen the pressure/contact area, and liked the result.


Houston area monthly lunch (March 2019)

Lunch time again! I suppose we're due to get some B-52 burgers up at Hooks again.  Let's do the usual time, 11:30, at the Aviator's Grill, this Saturday (3-16). See y'all there!


Panel Upgrade: Old vs New ...flyr747


Snorkel Status ...scottmillhouse

After all the tales of whoa, surprisingly mine fit with lots of trials and small cuts at baffle side. No butchering and glass work. Appears it is designed to fit a real Lycoming and not a clone. Getting the filter in was challenging due to tight space. I had to take a lot off of the cowl and made a filter cover cap that tied in the snorkel side, side baffle and cover. RV-7A, Vans standard Lycoming IO-360 180 hp.


Phase 1 Complete: Panel Upgrade ...BVD

I've pretty much completed phase 1 of my panel upgrade. I wanted to upgrade the panel with modern tech, a better autopilot, and reduce some of the weight and complexity without cutting a new panel.

I've already started thinking about phase 2 which will include a new panel I'll build on the bench. However, I'm gone 8 months of the year for work, so it'll probably be a while before it's completed and installed.



March 13, 2019.  Issue #4,779

2019 Ice Cream Social Writeup ...AX-O

We had a great turn out despite the WX being somewhat bad North and South of us. We really lucked out. For 2 weeks ahead of the Social, the WX has been weird. Wet particles falling from the sky, winds on Fri got up to 50ish kts. Made arrival for my buds somewhat difficult. We got rid off a ridiculous amount of sugar. 8 gallons of ice cream and supporting toppings were gone. If you have pictures of your trip or the social, please post them as my wife and I don't have much time to take picture.

Yeap, we stuffed 9 additional RVs (well one rocket too) in this small space over night. No need to tie down outside in those winds.  ...


Active Duty Air Force RV Builder Needs a Solid ...Raven31

Hey guys, I’m active duty Air Force and started building an -8 back in October. The tail is done via builder assist and I was planning on continuing to build with synergy but the work schedule has changed and I won’t be able to take leave as frequently as I thought. Also, I’ll be moving summer of 2020 and don’t know where yet.

My QB kits just arrived in the US and I don’t really want to move the project multiple times and I was curious if there is anyone in the SC area that would have any interest in being a mentor/builder assist? The thing I liked best about builder assist was the guidance and “do this next” so I wasn’t staring at the plans trying to figure what to do next.

I don’t know how much I could get done over the next year working a few hours at night and however long I could on most weekends


Milestone: First Power Up ...Driving '67 RV-14A

First up, A special thanks to my friend/mentor Art for his help, guidance and encouragement for this challenging part of the build.

We finished up the wiring of the Avionics harness and electrical system in the past week. Yesterday powered up the panel for the first time. Everything came on line, talked to each other and NO smoke ..... Woohoo!!

Time to call Steinair to finalize the panel details and get it cut and painted.

Now back to the Salt mines to pay for this affliction!

Cheers Jim


Status Report ...David Paule RV-3B

I bolted the engine mount on again and rigged the right gear leg and pilot-drilled it to 1/8”. This photo shows the drill guide I used - I made it. Later, Rick drilled and reamed it out to .311, and the close-tolerance straight pin is a tight fit. ...

Bonus:  Roomba shop cleanup!


Electrical Gremlins ...dbegeman

I have an issue that has been bugging me since I bought my airplane a year ago. Unfortunately I didn't realize it was an issue until after the pre-purchase inspection was done and the paperwork signed.

What happens is, when ever I push the PTT button (on either stick) my manifold pressure gauge starts decreasing and the ammeter deflects 180 degrees from zero amps. It does it on either radio (ICOM 200 and a Bendix/king nav/comm) and with the engine running or just on battery power. The ICOM makes the ammeter deflect one way and the Bendix/King the other way but both deflect 180 degrees from zero amps. In addition I have a switch labeled AMP that on the right selection says ALT and the left selection is unlabeled and I have no idea what function it serves. I included pics (and hopefully I can lable them). Any help would be appreciated!!





Q: Electrical Schematic Capture Software.  Getting to the point in the build where I need to get my electrical schematics into shape (from the back of the envelope scribblings) and looking at something better than Visio 2003. I ran across KICAD - it is a open source schematic capture and PCB design tool and while it has some interesting features is pretty straightforward to use and has a comprehensive library of components suplimented with the Digikey library of parts. It runs on Mac,Windows PC and Linux, and the price is right. Worth taking a look if you dont have a current copy of Autocad or the Solidworks schematic capture tools.

A: For a long time, I had access to an industrial-grade schematic capture package (Altium), but not when I started my RV7 electrical system. I decided to go with Visio since I didn't want to go through the tedious task of making all the symbols for all the component (connectors, pin numbers, etc) or did I want to spend any $$$.

However, now that I'm at the other end of the job, I would do it over with a basic schematic capture package. Though the schematics aren't as "pretty", one of the most useful things you can get from the capture package is a netlist of connections. This is super useful when you're running wires through the ship and routing them to the correct boxes. I had to basically do a manual version of this to make the install efficient. The schematic capture packages do it for free, and maintain it for free.

Find your favorite free version (kicad is good) and spend the time up front; it will pay off in the long run



March 12, 2019.  Issue #4,778

2 First flights this month for people ...turbo 6A

Adriana is Kim's 7 years old grand daughter.  Had her first 15 minute flight that was a blast.  Got her boosted up with foam blocks which helps too.

Michael is a friend of Al Girard who is from Sweden and in line to become a professional pilot.  Asking all the right questions and loving the RV flying qualities.

[ed. Smiling kids getting their first RV rides?  You KNOW that's gonna be the top story <grin>.  v/r,dr]


Shimmy ripped off nose gear fairing

...Michael Wellenzohn RV-10

Hi all,

I wanted to share a surprising shimmy experience and would like to know if anyone had ever had a similar experience with the —10.

I was landing with probably 10—15kt crosswind from the left and experienced, after the nosewheel came down, a short shimmy (hard surface RWY). I taxied back to parking where I was surprised to see that about half of the rear nosewheel fairing was ripped off.   I am flying my -10 since 2013 and nothing like this ever has happened. On my last annual I checked and varifyed the breakout force, and I’ll check again next time I’m in the hangar.  My hypotheses is that the crosswind might have forced the nosewheel out of center and started the shimmy after touchdown.


The first ice cream social pic...

...from this past weekend.  More to come.  AX-O said he would get me some pics down the road when workload allowed.  He did send me one from the start of the day, and it was so good I thought I'd share it now.

(click to enlarge)


How JohnInReno Did It ...clamping vent for RTV set-up

Some of the common "Quick Clamps" are reversible so they push apart. I used a 2x2 and clamp to hold both sides against the fuselage.


Status Report ...jcarne 7A

Well the weather has finally turned into a Wyoming springtime (30s) which means it's time to go full steam again in the garage! I'm looking forward to a productive work year, perhaps so good that I'll be flying at the end of it!

The firewall insulation has been on my mind lately so I decided to just tackle it and get it done. First I went through and drilled a hole mess of holes in the firewall for various things. I ordered in a piece 0.020" titanium from TMS Titanium, this was quite honestly cheaper than the titanium foil some people use and I simply don't like the look of the wrinkly stainless. I'm not done yet but I am glad I went this route, it seems very sturdy and when it gets riveted/bolted down I don't think there is going to be very much wrinkling.

First I cut the sheet on a foot shear. Cutting the sheet is for letting the fibrax below a path for off gassing in the event of an engine fire. Next simply trim them to fit on the firewall. against the fuselage.


Aircraft Extras Press Release

RV-14 NEWS and Must have's
We are NOW accepting orders for our new "RV Center Console". This was developed with the help of three different RV-14 builders. It possesses the same quality as our RV-6, 7, and 9 Console. Thanks to their help, we are able to share a new product with you! We now have new inventory and are able to ship. Please visit our E-Z Out Center Console page to place your order.

Don't forget to purchase our “Must have's”, . . . “No Weld Handles”, “Relay Boards”, and “Tire Valve Extensions” for new or old aircraft projects!

For more details on these two items and more GREAT PRODUCTS, please visit www.aircraftextras.com.

Best regards,


Charity Cap Sighting

Baylor Girls vs Kansas State Big XII semifinal game this past Sunday in OKC.

about the cap



March 11, 2019.  Issue #4,777

Tate:  Getting it done back in the day.

Today I have some wonderful family news.  At 7pm Friday night, as instructed, we logged on with our special ID number and got the word our son Tate was accepted into SMU (see the letter).  He was, as you might suspect, at his after-school job cooking burgers.  Of course we texted him (and his sister, and his aunt, and his...).  He has an intern gig already lined up we think for the summer in the same lab his sis spent a few years in.  He's looking at Chemistry.  I see a trend...

This kid absolutely crushed it the past couple of years - all A's.  And I know he worked hard at it. 

I was cleaning the carpet Saturday, and while waiting for the foam to dry so I could vacuum he explained to me, Hello chemistry!, how the electrical properties of the soap molecules help bind them to the oil and dirt.  I acted like I understood.  I think he'll be fine...

And he can weld.  And land a Cub.

Tate, your Mom and I (and the rest of our family and friends) are so very proud of what you've done with your life so far, and how you carry yourself.  Character counts, and you've got it in abundance.

VAF friends, thank you for indulging a proud Dad while he brags on his kid for a bit.  Many of you have known him as long as I have, and are punching a fist in the air just like me.

Look out world! 


Last Day of '19 Ice Season ...Vlad the Amazing

Today was the last day of ice runway at Alton Bay. It was a good season. Looking forward to 2020 good job airport crew! Thank YOU!
many pictures


Landing light install....frustrated ...Reflex

After surfing through various web sites, searching the Van's store, and running a few searches on VAF, I decided I need to get a bit of advice. I'm having trouble figuring out how to install the landing lights on my -14.

Based on my searches and common sense, it would appear that the landing lights would need to be installed to W-00017 before riveting it in place. Unfortunately, I didn't figure that out until I had the left bracket installed.

At issue: How does the landing light install/connect to W-00017?

Since wing wiring is going to take place very soon, it would make sense to do the installation of the light (or at least the prep) now. The plans in section 17 do not address this. It would seem to me that Van's would have given at least some indication of what is needed at this time.

Questions:•Is this indeed the right time to install the landing light(s)?
•What size light will/should or is best to fit in the wing?
•What is needed to connect this light to the air frame?
•Is there any way to do this AFTER W-00017 is installed?

I'm a bit frustrated by having to take valuable build time on a Saturday morning to post on something as simple as section 17. (By the way, gotta love the verbiage on 17-09; step 1 last sentence.)

Sorry for the rant. The kit and plans have been excellent to this point and the fit and finish are beyond excellent. The verbiage in the written instructions just leaves a bit to be desired in a number of places.

Many thanks to any of you who could take a look at the questions above and give me your thoughts.


VAFcast #2 Online ...the podcast.

Rob 'Mashy' Reece RV-8

Pics mentioned in the podcast


Flying my new RV6a home ...Chuck KC

After a year of searching for a plane, originally looking Mooneys'. I have decided to go with a Vans RV6a. You just can't beat the technology and price of an experimental.
Since I did not build, I am looking forward to getting to know all about this airplane and working on it with guidance. I am a really big advocate of owner assisted and want to learn as much as I can. Super excited for the adventures to come! This is my solo flight after receiving transition training from a CFI.


Came in a donation letter

...beautiful RV based in Sweden.  Thank you for sending those pictures, Mr. Bramberg!


Donations List Updated Over the Weekend

...THANK YOU!!!! for helping our family keep this small business going! 


Annual French VANS Fly-in

Hi everyone,

We have just released the official announcement for our annual French VANS fly-in in Pont sur Yonne (not far from Paris) :


Anyone if France on June 14-15-16 is welcome to join us for this great week-end.
It's nothing to compare with Oshkosh but it's a great friendly week-end where we discuss our common passion while enjoying good cuisine and wine in the French way...

Simply dowload, fill and return the registration form from the website to let us know if you whish to join us

It would be great to have anyone from the USA or anywhere else visit us, I can assure you that you will feel very welcome and will learn some french and enjoy good food


Mothership News

Notice to California Residents – Sales Tax Collection
If you live in California, we need to make you aware of a change that’s been required by the state related to the collection of sales tax.

The State of California will require Van’s Aircraft to collect sales tax for orders delivered to people or businesses in California beginning April, 2019. The sales tax rate varies by locality and will be calculated for each order.

Note that our online store and kit order forms do not automatically add the state sales tax to your sales total — although we will be working on a store enhancement to enable that capability later this year. Our team will add the applicable tax and notify you of the amount when processing your sales invoice.

If you have a tax exemption certificate you wish to provide Van’s Aircraft, please email a copy to info@vansaircraft.com and we will ensure your account in configured as tax-exempt.



March 8, 2019.  Issue #4,776

VAFcast #2 Online ...Rob 'Mashy' Reece RV-8

Pics mentioned in the podcast

The VAFcast this time around spotlights 52F's own Rob 'Mashy' Reece, RV-8 builder, former coworker and friend of about 25 years. Rob is the airport manager of 52F and is building his RV-8 about twenty feet from where I store my RV-6.

This time around we have some new equipment that makes recording a little easier, and as time goes on we'll figure out how to use it better.

Intro music 'Guitars and Cadillacs' in honor of Rob's love of all things Texas and old school C&W.  I know it's out of tune and the timing is off, but I'm not recording a second take ;^).

Rob's golf clubs in wing mod...

33 minutes or so, and hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for helping keep this site online with your donations. They get turned into things like this <g>.

Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  Enjoy VAFcast #2, straight from two guys who have no idea what they're doing...


RV-Lancair Brotherhood Day New Entry

After weeks of bad weather, we finally had a flyable day so we all met at Spartanburg for lunch. Owen, Mark, and Steve brought their RVs, and Alex from Hendersonville brought the beautiful CallAir 90 (Like a Piper Cub) that he restored. Owen brought along a 12 y.o. future pilot. We ate lunch at Jason's again.


Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the RV-4 at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh!


related: Thread


Pinholes while painting the interior my RV

I'm sorry if I don't know the terms in painting, but according to my research what's happening to me is called pinholes. I have these little dots of contamination, like those little balls of lint that you get in your clothes.

I've cleaned the fuselage thoroughly, vacuumed it, compressed air, then water and alcohol until it was spot on clean.

I built a homemade paint booth with an inlet and an outlet all amounting to positive pressure to avoid drawing dust into it, I wet the floor to avoid dust or fallen paint from rising back up into the cabin but no luck.

RV painters, How have you approached this? Any advice?


Night flying in experimentals

Q: How do people go about getting permission to fly at night? I have the required lights installed, but the FAA inspector that inspected my plane pointed out that FAR 91.319 states:

"(d) Each person operating an aircraft that has an experimental certificate shall -

(1) Advise each person carried of the experimental nature of the aircraft;

(2) Operate under VFR, day only, unless otherwise specifically authorized by the Administrator..."

There is nothing in my operating limitations that specifically prohibits night flying, but it does state I have to comply with FAR 91.319.

I guess I have the same question about flying experimental airplanes IFR, however I don't intend to do that. The inspector, while helpful, was very obviously not willing to negotiate limitations in the regs so I didn't press him about it.

A: (Vic) You didn't mention when you received your operating limitations. The last few Orders allow night and IFR if properly equipped after completion of Phase I.

Here is the exact wording form Order 8130.2J. BTW, you can always ask for new Operating Limitations from the FSDO. But, also bear in mind that the DAR and/or FSDO inspector does have the authority to tighten the limitations, but never relax them.

22. Night flight operations are authorized if the instruments specified in § 91.205(c) are installed, operational, and maintained per the applicable requirements of part 91. (48)

23. Instrument flight operations are authorized if the instruments specified in § 91.205(d) are installed, operational, compliant with the performance requirements of, and maintained per the applicable regulations. All maintenance or inspection of this equipment must be recorded in the aircraft maintenance records and include the following items: Date, work performed, and name and certificate number of the person returning the aircraft to service. (49)


Wing Tip Spliting

Having a heavy wing issue. I corrected some of it by rerigging the right aileron which was off by a good 1/8-1/2 inch. I flew today and while it's much improved it's still heavy on the left side.

Looking at my wing tips, they're not aligned with the ailerons, which are aligned with the flaps, which are aligned with the bottom of the fuselage. There's no control surface twists either, all the rivets line up. Here are a few pictures.

To me it makes sense to correct the right one first. Go fly and if I then have a heavy right wing then correct the left one.

I'm not 100% sure on the technique used to do all this. I'm guessing you just dremel across and 'split' the trailing edge. Then pull it up where it's level with the aileron. Then drill some reference holes to cleco later. Sand the inside flox back together and cleco to dry.

Does that sound about right? If I cut too much off when splitting can I fill with milled fiberglass vs flox or maybe use some fabric?




March 7, 2019.  Issue #4,775

RV-8 and the Hoquiam Bird Walk ...Steve Rush

Saturday 3/2/19 was a rare clear day here the PNW. The snow and ice was on the run and we could finally see the ground again.  Hoquiam is a nice little spot way out on the coast. It used to be a more common destination when the restaurant was open, but it closed several years ago. It is still a nice place to go for a walk.


Nose Wheel Breakout Force

Q: Have any of you had to re-adjust the nose wheel breakout force after flying for a while?

A: Yes, mine went loosened up to 16lbs before I was finished with phase 1. Tightened back up to spec and I'll check it again before leaving for SNF.

A: Some loosening after gaining time in use is totally normal.  I usually recommend that people check it (regardless of RV model) after 30-40 hrs and then again at 100.  After 100 it usually doesn't change much.


Milestone: It Moves!

Our RV-8/3 buddy Paul Dye taxied his newest project for the first time recently.  Video at the link.  This thing went together in about twenty minutes <g>.


Old Thread, New Shimmy ...Joe Wilber

Resurrecting an old thread here.

I've been flying for about 1.5 years and have *never had a nose wheel shimmy problem. This morning I landed in some moderate cross-wind conditions and the landing was a little sloppy, coming down onto the nose-wheel quickly after the main gear. And there was a shimmy during roll out. The shimmy remained until I turned off the runway.

Several months ago I noticed the same thing. As I recall, that time was something like 10 gusting to 20 all crosswind and I had the same issue. I quickly put the nose wheel down after landing an the nose shimmied during roll out until turn off.

I fly about once a week and apart from these two incidents my nose wheel does not shimmy.

Anyone have any idea what might be going on here?


RV-8 Status Report ...Ed Hicks

We've been finishing a few post-paint tasks off in the workshop - hoping to take this to the airfield in the next few weeks.


Take Your Airplane to Work Day ...Jvon811

Here's a couple. First is when I'm waiting for freight at work when Mom and Dad just happen to be in the area. Second is my airplane with some Heavy Iron while volunteering at the Yankee Air Museum.


What is this? (thread)

Seen from the air Wednesday in OK.

enlarge pic



March 6, 2019.  Issue #4,774

Charity cap sighting.  Friend rubbing it in.
Click on pic to see the rest...  dr


Shawn's RV-7 (Desert Garage Works) ...Gilbert, AZ

I finally got started on actual plane construction (barely) and thought it is a good time to start a progress thread.

Working now to sand down those nasty file marks left from "breaking" the edges.

The LONG version, from the start . . .

I got first taste of an RV about 2 years ago when my cousin took me for a brief ride in his RV-7. From then on I was hooked and knew I need to get one "some day." I read about the kits on the mother-ship website and knew that building one was an experience I wanted.

This past June (2018) I sold my house and moved into one with an awesome garage setup. It has a two car garage and a separate one car garage. At that point I had planned on making the small one-car garage a "shop" for working on r/c planes and other small projects.

Soon after we moved in, my wife decided she much preferred to pull her car straight into the small garage, as opposed to having to make a hard left in the driveway to get into the bigger garage. It was then that the larger two-car garage became mine. ...


Build Status Report ...goatflieg

I've posted a new Blogspot entry. It's another long one chock full of lots of little firewall-forwardy details. Yum Yum. Click on the Blogspot link in my signature below. Here's the teaser photo:


SUN 'n FUN Homebuilt Parking Change! & NOTAM

I am involved in planning for this year's SUN 'n FUN event, and wanted to relay important changes to the parking plan, changes that will allow us to linger, inspect and otherwise enjoy other folks craftsmanship.

Our former Homebuilt parking area was just north of the central (core) area of SnF, and this parking sat right under the lateral path of our showcase flybys--which are flown at 500'. Because of FAA regulations concerning flight over populated areas, the FSDO allowed us to park aircraft there but the occupants were not allowed to linger in that area after parking.

Naturally, we want to see each other's aircraft--comparing innovations and enjoying other people's build quality are some of the joys of what we do. We received a lot of well-deserved complaints in the past three years over the requirement to vacate that parking area during the flyby period, which normally takes place between 10 am and the beginning of the airshow, normally 1 or 1:30 pm. That's a lot of time required to be outside the area you wanted to be in. You made valid points, and we listened.

Our new Homebuilt parking area is evolving--and this year's efforts are part of a multi-year push to expand and enhance your SnF experience. This year's primary Homebuilt parking will be located on the south side of taxiway E, just to the east of Vintage. Overflow Homebuilt aircraft will be taken to the north side of E, just across from the main parking area.

The good news? This area is NOT inside the overflight clear zone, and you WILL be able to remain, linger, drool, covet, envy, inspect, polish, buy, photograph, and otherwise enjoy all of the other Homebuilts in the area full time, regardless of flybys or even the air show. This area is just for parking (no camping), and your windshield sign should read HB to get there.

If you wish to camp beside your aircraft, the normal Homebuilt Camping area has not changed locations. Use the HBC sign to be directed to that point.

We are rolling the area prior to the show to ensure smoothness. We will also compress parking spot distances to ensure we get as many aircraft into that area, but of course we will do so with the safety and security of your aircraft in mind. We don't move aircraft after they have been parked and positioned with the owner present.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns. Our job is to provide you a great experience at SUN 'n FUN, and I promise we will do our best.

Oh--and here's the NOTAM. There will be minor revisions, so be sure to look for those before you take off.

Fly safely-
Sam Huffstetler, aka "Flipper"
Chairman, Air Ops


Mothership News


Garmin ® expands aviation database coverage and capabilities in Australia

Garmin International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), today announced it has received approval of a CASR 175.C Data Service Provider (DSP) certificate from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), enabling expanded aviation database coverage in Australia. In addition to the integration of Airservices Australia data into the suite of Garmin databases, Garmin Pilot™ within Australia has also expanded to offer additional data and supports connectivity between Apple mobile devices and compatible avionics in the cockpit, including wireless flight plan transfer. Pilots can now take advantage of these new databases in Australia within Garmin Pilot, as well as in a new, cost-effective PilotPak database bundle on the flyGarmin® website.


Garmin Pilot v9.6 is Out ...FYI



March 5, 2019.  Issue #4,773

Iceport 2019 ...Shark

It was a beautiful Saturday here in Minnesota so my daughter and I took a very fun run up to Lake Milli Lacs for the Iceport 2019 fly in. Only saw one other RV, maybe next year there will be more.  more pics


Fantastic News!!! ...RV8Squaz

I am happy to announce with great pride and joy, that our very own Ron Schreck has been selected to be the Contest Director (CD) for the 2019 US National Aerobatic Championships!! This is a huge deal. It is a tremendous honor and responsibility. Ron will be responsible for organizing and safely and efficiently running the week long event which will involve the coordination of about a hundred competitors, dozens of volunteers, and all of the similar logistics you would find at a small air show to include food, hangars, vehicles, etc. Adding to the complexity of the event is that we will be operating out of a new venue, Salina, KS. And I know my buddy is up to the task (although he feels a little overwhelmed at the moment ) Here is the official announcement from the IAC:

Submitted by Executive Director on Fri, 2019-03-01 21:56

At a Special Teleconference Meeting of the IAC Board of directors held today, Ron Schreck IAC #433751 was chosen, by unanimous affirmation by the Board of Directors, as the Contest Director for the 2019 U.S. Nationals to be held in Salina, Kansas, 21-27 September 2019.

Ron is a member of the IAC Board of Directors and serves as the South Central Regional Director, a position he has held since he was elected in 2016. Ron lives in Gold Hill Airpark, North Carolina. He is an Intermediate competitor in his RV-8 Miss Izzy and a National Judge. Ron was also a member of the aerobatic formation team of AeroDynamix where he was the flight lead. A graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, service in the United States Air Force as a fighter pilot for over 20 years, and a career as a USAir Captain, Ron has an excellent background as an organizer.

Ron reported today that he already has begun work on the foundation of the Nationals by arranging to meet with airport officials and the Visit Salina!, the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce, in Salina on March, 25, 2019. He will be joined by IAC Chapter 119 founding member A.J. Hefel of Wichita, Kansas, who will be his on-site liaison in the coming months.

Ron has the full support and encouragement of the IAC Board of Directors and we are looking forward to a successful in event in September."

So there you go, an RV guy as the CD of the US Nationals Aerobatic Championship! RVs are respected and welcomed at IAC events all over the country. RV participation is desired at all levels in the IAC. If there was ever a time to join the IAC and participate in the many fun events, the time is now! Why don't you join in on the fun?! I hope to see you at a future contest or chapter practice day sometime!


N803DR Performance Numbers ...j-red

Just another data point for comparison with other 8 owners and builders.

After a few hours learning how to fly (and particularly how to LAND!) this thing, I've got the confidence needed to install the wheel pants and gear leg fairings without subjecting them to assured destruction!

Lots of work has gone into these, and they're still not perfect, but I think they turned out pretty good. 


Hit a milestone on Sunday ...Bill R.

My 10 year-old asked to go flying on Sunday. Now that he can see over the panel (with the help of a stack of cushions), he is more and more asking to go.

He did his usual great job of flying us over his school, over a new highway extension, looking at the Bradford Pears that are in bloom, etc. All while doing a great job of holding altitude.

When I filled out my logbook after the flight, I realized I now have 1001.2 hours of tailwheel time. I feel like counting tailwheel time in an RV is cheating since they are so easy to fly!

That's OK because someday, someone with a P-40 might need someone with a thousand hours of tailwheel time to fly it for them.


Build or Buy ...Danny King PIREP

It's a very personal decision. I started the Doll September 1997. The quick build option was months away, so the only option available to me was a slow build. Buying? Not a chance. As best as I could calculate, the Doll was the 20th RV-8 to fly. No one was selling RV-8's in September 1997! Why not an RV-4? I love the 4, but she is a little too small for me. My 5' 8" wife was cramped in the back seat, and cargo space was too sparse for the two of us. So....I ordered the RV-8 tail and wing kit. Two years and seven month later the Doll was fully painted and ready for her first flight. I did not consider the building experience work. It was pure joy! So why does it take builders ten years to assemble a quick build? I really don't know! I was flying a Boeing 727 fifteen out of thirty days every month during the 2 year 7 month build. I was in hotels away from my shop two or three nights on each of those trips. When I was home I put in the hours, but it really wasn't work. It was fun and joy and pride of workmanship. It was a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.

Watching the admiring crowds around the Doll at Oshkosh 2000 was incredible. Van himself left his tent and inspected Beautiful Doll parked out in the west field now known as EAB camping. What a Rush!

I never added up all the receipts but I figure I first flew the Doll for around $55K with steam gauges and a rebuilt used engine. Since then, engine and avionics updates have put the investment around $85-$90K. She's not for sale, but if she were, you could not get her from me for anywhere near that number!

Someone posted.... you have to include the "cost" of the work in the amount invested. Someone else said to substitute the word "Joy" for "cost". I can tell you it was all Joy! It's been over 21 years since I drilled that first hole, and the joy continues along with a big RV grin every time I fly her!

Note: Having flown three different RV-4's and 26 different RV-8's I think the 4 edges out the 8 in pure flying characteristics. So Smokey Ray.... you're right on there! The RV-4 is a wonderful flying machine, and the easiest taildragger I've every landed.


You Never Know ...Iron

...where you’ll find EAB (or RV) guys....years ago, I was showing the Snowbirds around the old Mission Control Center, and when I was explaining flight director call signs, and that mine was “Iron”, one of them pointed at me and says “Hey, you’re Iron Flight! We know you - I’ve got an RV, he’s building one, and he’s got one (pointing at other Snowbirds)”

Turns out they were a bunch of good old bush and RV pilots at heart....


Guy Looking for a RV-6/7/8 to Buy

...buddy of Rob 'Smokey' Ray.  (Rob) "My JAARS missionary pilot buddy Glenn is looking for an RV.  $60K range.  6,7,8 preferably.  Pic of him 'at his office' as a missionary pilot."  [ed. If anyone has an RV to sell in the range, give Smokey Ray a shout at smokyray 'at' rocketmail 'dot' com.  v/r,dr]


Fast and Slow ...Carlos151 RV-8

As most of you know, joining the 200kt club in our machines is a regular occurrence. I was just out playing last week and with these crazy winds we've been having in the TN valley, I recorded my fastest and slowest ground speeds in level flight yet, with not a whole lot of effort.


RV-14 Panel PIREP ...jeffw@sc47

Finally, everything attached and mounted on panel and behind panel, VP-X Pro with configuration transferred, Master Switch ON. Hold breath and step back . . .

No smoke or sparks.  VerticalPower VP-X; ACK ELT, Garmin - G5, GDU465, GMC507, GTN650, GTR200, GMA245, GDU470, GTX45R_emote.

Now on to a few small buckets of airframe finishings up, gear leg fairings, wheel pants, etc, etc...



March 4, 2019.  Issue #4,772

From the archives - Jaybird and Freeman.  dr


Heavy Iron - RV brotherhood day

Since there was an RV-Lancair brotherhood thread, I didn't think this would be out of place.

Just got finished with my every 9 month dial-a-disaster experience in the B737 simulator. I've been on this plane so long I usually know the other pilot and the instructor.

However, today both the copilot and the instructor were new acquaintances and for the first time ever for me - we all had RV's. So the requisite emergency procedures and limitations oral was interspersed with discussions of cool places to fly your RV. Johnson Creek, ID is now on my planned trip list.

Former military pilots used to make up a majority of hires at my airline - and they frequently avoid (or have never done) GA flying. We have a lot more civilian only pilots now, so my experience today may become more common.
Krea Ellis


Falcon Flight Formation Clinic April 5-7th 2019

For anyone interested in RV formation flying Falcon Flight will be hosting a Formation Clinic April 5-7, 2019 at KGYI North Texas Regional airport. If interested please contact via the link below.


Petit Jean Spring ... A Hill Country Soriee...Fredericksburg, TX

March 22-24


Mag Failure - Check Slick SB 1-15A ...TimO

I figured this is a good one to post here, because many of us ordered engines and built RV14's with engine from the same era.

I had a complete mag failure on my one and only mag in the RV-14. It was first caught on the ground, during run-up, and it wasn't vague at all as to there being a problem. Once I tore into it, what I found was pretty unexpected, yet based on the parts Slick was using at the time, I believe many of you will fun into the issue if you have affected mags, and it is absolutely a good one to take care of. I hadn't caught this Service Bulletin until now, so now that I'm aware I want to make sure you know about it too.  ...




Aircraft On Ground (AOG Stuck).  Now Fixed ...MConner

On landing the pitch trim would only run nose down from either stick, not up at all. After landing and fiddling with it I see that the tab on the copilots side is full up and the pilot side is just a little nose up above neutral. 

Ok I appreciate all the support. I can hear the relay clicking in both directions. I did run the trim full forward without meaning to a little at the time while troubleshooting it.

Thank you for being part of this forum and helping me understand how the system worked.


Help: Cracks in Landing Gear Mounts ...mbauer

Today started my annual condition inspection for the RV. Found some cracks in the landing gear mounts. My mechanic is learning about RV's.

Not sure if these are something that can cause issues down the road.

Here is the only photo that is in focus, other side is almost identical to this photo:


That time of year: improving cabin heat ...Dugaru

I've had some modest success improving the cabin warmth of my RV-9A, and I owe it all to the various posts here. So I thought I would list what I've done, in the hope that some other freezing RVer might find this info useful in the future.


RE: RV-12 'Rudder Slip'

(Scott M. reply)
The RV-12 uses plastic bushings as guides for the rudder cables (all of the RV models do actually but because the skins are predominantly thinner on the RV-12 it can resonate the noise they sometimes make, to a higher degree).

It is fairly common to hear a rubbing / screeching sound on the ground when moving the rudder pedals. You may have just noticed a change in yours because of different temperature, slight wear in the bushings (this is normal... they typically last for thousands of hours), etc.

It should still be investigated to confirm the source since we can not hear what you are hearing, so there could still be something else causing it. What for sure is not the cause, is loose (they are loose by design until you put your feet on the pedals)or stretched cables.


3-years In (pics) ...74-07


Superior Buyback




The company is contacting each XP-382 and XP-400 series experimental engine owner to arrange to immediately buy-back their engine.

Coppell, TX (March 01, 2019) — Scott Hayes, VP, Sales and Marketing for Superior Air Parts, Inc., announced today that the company is implementing an immediate and mandatory buy-back of all the Superior Air Parts XP-382 and XP-400 series experimental aircraft engines in the field.

“This is not something we want to do, but the safety of our customers is our utmost priority. Because of that we are contacting every Superior XP-382 and XP-400 engine owner to arrange to buy-back their engine,” Hayes stated. “We know it is a considerable inconvenience but again, safety of flight is paramount in everything we do.”

“We have already contacted a number of our owners and while it’s no surprise that they are not happy with the situation, they understand that we are doing this because it is the right thing to do,” he said. “In fact, the typical response has been them thanking us for keeping their safety as our top priority."

Bill Ross, A&P I/A and Superior Air Parts’ VP Product Support explained that the company’s decision to take all of the XP-382 and XP-400 engines out of the market comes after a lengthy evaluation and testing process.

“When we first learned of the breadth of the detonation problem, we contacted XP-400 engine owners and paid to have them ship their engines to our facility for evaluation,” Ross said. “We disassembled, inspected and tested the key components in each engine.”

“The good news was the majority of the engines were absolutely clean, with no signs of stress wear or damage,” he said. “The bad news is of the few we found with issues, neither our engineering team or our metallurgy specialists were able to define a consistent root cause of the issues.”

Ross added that even after the company took all the available steps to adjust the engine’s ignition timing to reduce internal stress, the results were still unsatisfactory. So to eliminate the possibility of any future occurrences, the company is grounding all XP-382 and XP-400 engines immediately.

While the detonation problems are currently confined to the XP-400 engines, Hayes said that because the XP-382 shares so many of the same internal components, that the decision was made to include that model in the program as well.

“I want to be 100-percent clear that the grounding and buy-back mandate does not include any XP-320 or XP-360 engines,” he said.

“Throughout Superior Air Parts’ 50-plus year history, we have stood behind the quality and safety of our products,” Hayes said. “While the financial burden of this buy-back is significant, it is not as stressful as thinking that we have failed, in any way, to do what we could to protect the safety of our customers and their passengers.”

For more information, please contact:
Scott Hayes, VP Sales and Marketing: 972.215.6992
Bill Ross, VP Product Support: 214.395.9183



March 1, 2019.  Issue #4,771
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!

March Wallpaper Calendar

Kurt W. N425KW fresh out of GLO Custom at 52F.


Auto Paint ...Rob Traynham RV-7

I recently took a day to clean and wax our RV-7 (originally built by Brian Carroll) which was painted with automotive paint. I remembered reading threads about the advantages and disadvantages of this type of paint system. A recurring question was, “ Yeah, but how well is it going to hold up?” So, to answer that question, I thought I’d offer the following photographs, one made almost nine years ago just after painting and then, another set made yesterday. Brian and his friend Corky Robert’s did this in Corky’s paint shop. I have experienced and operated aircraft ranging from a two-time Oshkosh winning Champ to a brand new Gulfstream 550 and this is, by far, the best paint, both in gloss retention and durability, that I’ve ever seen.

Rob Traynham
RV-7 N125RT (was N155BK - Aurora)



James Aircraft Acquired

Gaithersburg, MD, February 28, 2019 – James Aircraft, known for producing high-quality cowls, plenums, wheel pants, induction systems, and spinners for experimental aircraft, is under new ownership. Sam James founded the company over twenty years ago and is now retiring after a long and colorful career. The company is relocating to Montgomery County Airpark (KGAI) in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and will continue to operate as James Aircraft.

The new owners have extensive experience in fabricating composite structures and in building experimental aircraft. They intend to preserve James Aircraft’s tradition of delivering quality products and providing great customer service. The integrity and attention to detail that Sam and his son, Will, are known for will remain core values.

Production of new components is temporarily halted until the new facility is established. Production will resume in mid-March.

The new James Aircraft will improve existing production methods and develop additional products and materials. The James Aircraft website will be redesigned to make it easier to find important information.

The new owners of James Aircraft are RV builders and pilots, and your comments and feedback are welcome.

For more information about James Aircraft and its products, please visit us at http://www.jamesaircraft.com. For orders or additional information please call +1-301-615-1511 or send an email to email info@jamesaircraft.com.

[ed. Their ad lives in the Previous Day's News section.  v/r,dr]


Rudder Gust Lock ....DIY options

"I made one based on Greg's drawings"


Recent Mothership First Flight Reports

Scott Anderson


Robert Godsy (w/video of first flight)



February 28, 2019.  Issue #4,770

Pic from the archives (2007).  Scorch takeoff.  dr pic.


RV-10 Project Switzerland

Good day,

Just a few words to announce our RV-10 project, started in August 2018. We just love every moment of it so far!

Our blog is also online, it is not a technical one but rather a place where we will document and share this great adventure with 3 to 5 articles per year.
Many have done, or are doing, a detailed build blog and I take this opportunity to really thank them for their work which is a tremendous help to new builders. For the RV-10 : Brian Chesteen (Brantel), Jason Ellis (video blog), Adam Bezancon (adamsrv10), Mark Ciaglia (marksfamilyrv10), Charlie (N688CD), Mike (rvten.com), Richard Williams (mouser) and many others.

Thanks a lot also to Doug Reeves for running this forum and to the contributors! [ed. You're very welcome Sir! v/r,dr]

Yannick Bovier


From E-MAG


Dear E-MAG Fans:

We want to give our VAF friends a quick heads-up that revised E-MAG pricing will be in place by the middle of March, 2019. We’ve been able to hold prices stable since the fall of 2013 - over five years. Unfortunately, the cost of manufacturing has not been as considerate. All Series 114 four cylinder products will be affected. Prices for Series 200T, our new six cylinder model, will remain unchanged for now. If you are considering a purchase in the near future, you might want to call before the increase hits (817 444 5310). We can defer delivery/payment for up to 60 days, if that helps your budget planning.

We’d also like to express our appreciation to everyone in the Experimental community, and the VAF crowd in particular, for your continued encouragement and support.

Kindest Regards,
The E-MAG Team


Bunch of 90* Bends ...kentlik 7A status report

Start of fuel mockup on the bench. Kitchen remodel bench.  I looked at the standard Vans valve and it had 90° bends.

Now I worked for a time in fluids and controls at an engineering firm dealing with prototypes and we avoided 90° bends like the plague in pneumatic systems. Low pressure systems, 50-250psi. I am going to have to do some semi-scientific empirical testing on this to satisfy myself this is GTG as I don't have four different types of engineers to get free information from hahaha!
Good news is I can read!


Thanks to Rick Brennan! ...David Paule RV-3B

Since then, progress has been made: the tapered pin is within 1/8”, which is about the axial equivalent, roughly, to the .004" diameter needed of being ready for assembly. The final eighth inch, though, needed another #3 reamer.

Once we got back together again, we followed this process. I’m starting at the beginning of the recovery here rather than the final 1/8”.

1. Secure the assembly on the mill.

2. Drill through the joint with the smallest drill that's close to the final size for the small end of the tapered pin.

3. Step drill the hole so that the drills don't exceed the taper wall sides, but going as far as possible short of that.

4. For the final reaming with a tapered reamer, put the reamer in a Tee handle.

5. Make a mandrel such that you can use a milling machine for pressure, pushing down on the reamer.

6. Press down on the reamer with the mill while a second person rotates the reamer by hand. For here on out, the mill is turned off. Use plenty of cutting oil. There is plenty of axial force on the reamer, and plenty of necessary torque on the Tee handle. Use work gloves. Only turn it in the cutting direction, even when pulling it out for a look.

7. Check often. But it goes slowly enough that if you do that, you won't exceed the tolerance. When checking, don't neglect to deburr the exit of the tapered hole. That burr hinders the assessment of the progress you're making.

And the bottom line is that this side is done, finally, after a LONG time of being unworkable. Thank you, Rick!



At my home field....

.....2019 assessments were mailed 2/27.  Check those mailboxes fellow property owners, and hope you're enjoying your new runway, drainage, signs and more! <g>.



February 27, 2019.  Issue #4,769

Whirlwind factory tour ...Steve Melton

I met Jim Rust at Whirlwind Propeller (KSEE) for a factory tour and he showed me his latest product in development, a new three blade constant speed, and said I could post a few pictures. Note how thin the blade is, that's good for performance. It seems they have invested in technology with a 5 axis mill that produces the hub in one setup for precision parts. My Whirlwind 200RV prop has performed flawlessly for 750 hrs and looks good. ...


Prices of 8's...506DC chimes in with his RV-4 build experience

"Building an airplane is not for the faint of heart. I raised four kids and owned a CPA firm so it took me ten years to build my RV-4 and I wanted to quit several times during the process. In those days we did not have the internet so I traveled about 100 miles to get help, take pictures and ask questions. Because of my work and family, the most of the work was done during the last 5 months of the year.

Should you buy or build. Today Vans kits are eons more user friendly and building resources are unlimited. First you have to look at your financial resources. When I built my kit, I spent about 3K per year. With a used motor, I finished the kit for about 30K. I wished that I had purchased a new motor but motors were expensive and since then, I installed a new motor and CS prop. Today it’s going to cost you somewhere around 100K to build an RV-8 if you have someone paint it for you and you purchase a new motor and a CS prop. You will have to get it registered, inspected and pay sales tax if you live in a sales tax state so that’s another 8-10K and that’s a lot of bread. There is some ways to avoid sales taxes but that can be a dicey situation. Buying a used airplane may be the best way to go depending on if you can get a good one with all the things you want. Unfortunately, avionics are expensive and sellers for good reason are not willing to take a discount in sales price for having a nice panel so the sales price is adjusted accordingly. If you can find a good used RV-8 for 60K that is finished and painted, buy it now!

Would I personally buy or build it today? In no way do I regret that I built an airplane. My wife tells me that I can fix anything. I am not sure if that is true but after building an airplane, I look at every project differently. I am the IA for my RV and I work on the certified planes that I have owned and just about no maintenance operation I will not attempt with the proper tools and maintenance guide. I have kept all my aircraft tools and I use them for repairing aircraft both experimental and certified. I have used my tools to repair and build stuff around the house also. Using my skills for all of my projects both aircraft and domestic has saved me thousands of dollars. Numerous times I do things today that I would not even attempt before I built an airplane. I always owned at least one airplane and when I had just finished my RV-4; I was also flying a 1969 V35A Bonanza. I flew to Stockton, CA for a business meeting and during the flight one of the magnetos broke apart and dumped the impulse coupling parts through the accessory case and into the oil pan. On run-up, my mag did not check so I taxied to a maintenance facility. The owner quoted me about 5k to remove, disassemble and replace the motor and that was a lot of money in 1998. You could have painted a Bonanza for less than 5K in 1998. He offered to let me use his facility if I had an A&P. After I told him that I just completed a homebuilt, he let me do the work myself. I showed up with my tools in a trailer and yanked that engine out, took off the accessory case, removed the oil pan, cleaned, inspected, reassembled and took the opportunity to replace a low compression cylinder in the process. He inspected the airplane and signed off the paperwork and charged me $500 for assistance with craning the removal and installation and use of his facility. I did everything else. I would never have attempted or given the opportunity to do this project without a guy named Richard VanGrunsven. A friend of mine owned a Baron. He had an elevator trim tab replaced during an annual inspection. They charged him 10K to replace the hinge. I did not have the heart to tell him that I could have done it for 25 bucks. When you build a RV-8, you’re not only getting an airplane, you are getting a degree in aircraft construction of some level depending on the completeness of the kit.

I am currently looking at STOL aircraft like a Kitfox. Everybody needs three airplanes, right. My RV cruises at 180 knots so I have the cross-country thing nailed. I also have a Cessna 170B. I use it for giving taildragger endorsements and my wife won’t let me sell it because it has four seats and we can take friends for $100 hamburgers. She told me, “If you sell the Cessna, you better have one in the hangar to replace it” You have got to love that type of woman! Should I purchase an STOL or build? I have never covered an airplane with fabric, how difficult could that be?……Hmmmm."


West Coast Formation Clinic

Less than a week out.  Get those apps in.


11th Annual Ice Cream Social at Inyokern, CA on March 9th

Less than 2 weeks out.  A picture of ice cream to motivate you to attend.


RV10-Top Cowling Cracks-Nose-Help

have cracks on the upper half of the engine cowling of a RV10.
They start from the in front of the three screws and the first screw hole then go up around half of the curve of the nose on both sides.

I took it off this weekend and put two lawyers of fiberglass on the back side, even around the curved portion. Flew it 4 hours not sure its stopped cracking further?? I ve started taking pictures after each flight.

Ive owned it for the last two years and flown it almost 200 hours. Its a 2010 that was flown 200 in its first 6 years. Notice small cracking a year ago but only seemed like surface cracks. The prop has been dynamically balance and my last Savvy report says no miss firing.

Any Suggest would be great!

Jim Folck


Mr. X - Winter Park, CO


AviationNation student builder receives President's Scholarship

Yesterday Thomas Schuler (JCHS Student Project Manager and new Private Pilot) received word that he is one of 20 students state-wide to receive a Presidential Scholarship from Indiana State University. It is of course in Aviation. Thomas had his sights set on becoming a doctor, but after building an RV-12, changed his mind. Thomas has been a joy to work with, and is an excellent pilot.

We ask God's blessing on his decision, his time at Indiana State, and his future. We also want to thank those who make these programs possible, through their volunteer efforts, or their support.

Bob Kelly, Scipio, Indiana
Tech Counselor
Founder, Eagle's Nest Projects
President, AviationNation, Inc
RV-9A N908BL, Flying



.5 Tuesday driving the RV around the patch VFR in Heading Mode, capturing the approach to both KDTO (ILS 18) and KAFW (RNAV 16L).  Just outside LVLEE at KAFW tower had me sidestep over to 16R, so A/P off.  This for a C-130 on a three mile final for 16L - at missed they had me turn out west, then north, then slide around the back side of the C-130 after it passed by.  At first I was bummed that I didn't get to monitor the A/P all the way down to mins, but getting to look down on that C-130 all dirtied up on short final was something folks don't do everyday.

Boring screengrabs, both can be enlarged by clicking on them.


How often do you remove your prop to clean sludge in the hollow cranck-

Q:  Last time I removed my prop for nose seal replacement i was shocked by the amount of sludge I found. What is the recommended interval for cleaning the crank? thanks

A: (Steve Smith) I seem to recall a recommendation of 500 hrs somewhere in Lycoming literatature, but I can't remember where. I could be imagining it.

I didn't know anything about the sludge at 300 hrs when my prop came off to re-seal it. OMG, I thought. So I read up on it, and I think that is where I came across it.

One of the thoughts I had was, YUK! If there is sludge here, what about elsewhere? I think the unique thing about the crank is the high centrifugal load that probably slings the sludge out rather than keeping it in suspension.

My other thought was, "this is engine oil. The only exposure to lead would be from blow-by during combustion. How is there so much?"

Back in the days of leaded fuel for cars, I used to find similar grey sludge deposited in various parts of the engine. Getting rid of this will be a nice side-benefit when they eliminate lead from our avgas.



February 26, 2019.  Issue #4,768
  A pic from the past (no paint).  I had forgotten the little smiley face I drew on the canopy release knob to remind me to 'have a nice day'.  I need to draw that on again (old one wore off).  Wait, that knob is red now.  Did I do that or did somebody else?  Who can even remember at this point?

  Hadn't seen a pic of our RV's panel #1 in a decade or so - probably in Phase 1 (no A/H or D/G, just covers).  I forget what that red light was for - probably boost pump ON.  I think I still have that Chapstick with velcro around it somewhere in a drawer.
  Man, where does the time go?


Mixture seems to adjust itself in flight

Hi all,

I have been experiencing some mixture issues in flight and I could use some help thinking about the problem. I believe the issue has been present for the last ~100 flight hours, but yesterday developed from curiosity to concern.

After leveling off at 2000' (for a short local brunch run), I leaned my IO-375. My typical procedure is to pull power to 62%, then lean for 60%, which gives me LOP burn of ~7.8 gph. After a few minutes I heard the RPMs drop and found that my fuel burn had dropped to 7gph and power was low. I enriched the mixture and continued the flight. A few minutes later I looked down and found that my burn was up over 10gph. Again I adjusted and continued the flight.

On the way home I experienced the same issues, but with wider and more frequent swings in consumption and power. I bee-lined for home and pushed mixture to full rich, thinking that the last thing I wanted was for my engine to lean out in flight. Full rich was burning >20gph! For reference, I burn ~15gph on take off. I started to worry that I was going to fowl the plugs, but by this point I had the runway made, so I left mixture at full rich and landed.

What could be going on here?? Maybe the mixture cable is slipping in its housing? Possibly an issue with the fuel injection?


Dan Ainge
RV-7A N375M


Alaska:Kenai to Knik Glacier Flight 2-24-2019 ...mbauer

Yesterday, was incredibly beautiful. Sunny, blue skies and had to look for clouds. Decided to take a little flight before my condition/annual inspection.

Took lots of photos, and wouldn't you know it; camera settings were all messed up. Photos didn't turn out at all. Today was cloudy in spots, decided to fly a shorter route and get some photos anyway.

Warning, this thread will have photos, more photos and lots more photos of what it looks like to fly from Kenai to Knik Glacier. The route I chose was about as safe as it could be. Tried to follow roads, known places where people snow machine, along the Alaska Rail Road system, and finally passes where help might be available. Once you see the mountains I was flying over you'll understand.

I used to fly Huey helicopters for the Alaska Army National Guard in the mid 1980's. Flew these routes several times.

The following photos will show different views of the same locations, going to and returning from. A few photos will be called Location Photos. Took a photo of my Garmin Aera 660 to show what /where at when taking some of them.

2300 RPM and 11,500 ft altitude! At turn around point climbed to 12,500 until starting my descent for Kenai.


Extremely low oil consumption on new engine

So I now have 5 hours on my rebuilt IO-540. This follows an hour on Barretts test cell going through various power settings. So guess that means there's 6 hours on the engine.

For break-in I have been following the Lycoming's Service Instruction. 95% of the 5 hours was spent at 3,500 - 4,500ft with power settings between 65% and 75%.

After initial service I had about 9.5 quarts in it. After an hour of operations I had about 9.25 quarts in it so I put another quart in. After another 2 hours it was about 9.25 again. Seeing that the oil I put in was now relocated on the belly of the aircraft I left it at 9.25. After another few hours it's still at 9.25. So either it's not burning any oil or the amount is so minuscule that I can't notice it on the dip stick.

Per the Service Instruction "For correct piston ring seating, in a top overhauled engine or a newly overhauled engine, operate the aircraft at 65% to 75% cruise power until oil consumption is stable." Can an engine break-in as little as 5 hours or is it typical not to consume oil during the break-in process?
RV-10, N10JW


FAA Safety Team | Safer Skies Through Education

(upcoming webinar)
"Weather Risk Assessment-Weather Briefings 3"
Topic: Gain confidence in know if any of the six hazards have a reasonable risk of affecting your flight.
On Monday, March 11, 2019 at 16:00 Pacific Daylight Time (17:00 MDT, 18:00 CDT, 19:00 EDT, 13:00 HST, 15:00 AKDT, 16:00 Arizona, 23:00 GMT)

In this 90 minute webinar (plus Q&A) Delia will demonstrate her method to clarify and add certainty to often conflicting weather information.

• Learn the top tools to identify each of the six hazards

• The tool most pilots rely on—that is actually the LEAST reliable tool (and what to use instead)

• How to identify “invisible” hazards.

• Recognizing LLWS even when it's not forecast.

This is our level 3 class for more experienced pilots, however, it can also benefit low time pilots.



February 25, 2019.  Issue #4,767
  Fast weekend.  Friday I worked a side job, Saturday a drive down to Waco and back for a funeral (unsafe crazy windy here), and Sunday Mass, yard and VAF duties.  Wx here Sunday was PERFECT, and when I looked on the FlightRadar24 app on my phone during a yard work break, I think I saw every ADS-B OUT-equipped RV at my field in the air rubbing it in.
  Rub it in, but my yard looks goooooooood (yes you start mowing the yard in February in parts of Texas).  I'd been missing the 'ol zero turn. ;^)
  Hope you had a nice RV-filled weekend.

When the Wife wants to fly, you fly! ...crabandy

My Wife doesn't get the same enjoyment out of flying as I do, she's tagged along probably 25 hours of the almost 400 on my RV. I've tried bribing with various destinations but she'd almost always rather stay home. When she asked me yesterday about flying to see her mom for her mom's Bday I was ON IT like white on snow.

Weather forecast was pretty decent the night before but it is February in Kansas, airplane prepped and plugged in the night before. It wasn't forecast in my vicinity but I was not surprised to see the Fog and low visibility while driving home from the mid-shift, seemed it was freezing fog by the looks of the treetops. We postponed departure 30 minutes to let the sun do it's thing.

After breakfast for me and lil' dude and Wal-Mart for the Wife we met at the airport where the updated TAF was proving the Fog was lifting. 10 miles of hazy visibility at takeoff and a tailwind at 1500' AGL. I'd almost regretted putting in the carseat attach points, almost. I've yet to use them hour for hour as long as they took me to build. 


RV-14A Landing Courchevel Video ...Georges Grenet (France)

related: Departure video


Rest in Peace Mr. Ron Jennings ...Steve Eberhart post

"Ronald V. Jennings, age 85, of Evansville, IN, passed away at 2:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 21, 2019, at Linda E. Hospice House.

Ronald was born December 23, 1933, in Evansville, IN to the late Vernon E. and Madeline (Cobb) Jennings. He graduated from Mechanic Arts High School in 1952 and served in the US Air Force during the Korean Conflict. He worked for Industrial Paint Systems before retiring from Jenco Erectors, Inc. in 1996.

He is survived by his wife, Judith “Judy” Jennings; daughter, Debra “Debbie” Endress (Steve) of Newburgh; sons, Ronald E. Jennings (Yoli) of California, James Marcus Jennings (Lydia) of Evansville, Victor Allen Jennings (Pam) of Evansville, and Andrew B. Jennings (Becky) of Florida; sisters, Joyce Jennings and Eloise Jennings, both of Evansville; 12 grandchildren; 7 great-grandchildren; and 2 great, great-grandchildren.

Memorial Contributions may be made to: Linda E. White Hospice House, 611 Harriet St., Evansville, IN 47710."


EFIS to HUD Project Update ...Brantel

Been working on another screen option for the HUD project. This one mostly modeled after the F18 HUD. It’s not complete yet but is taking shape.


New Build Thread ...gcman6

After reviewing the plans and build manual for a couple months, I jumped right into the empennage kit. I spent a few hours inventorying the kit and everything was present and in great condition. I then started on the rear and front spars.

There are a few tricky spots on the front spar but I was able to get everything cut, bent, and drilled correctly using some tips from other builders. I prepped the ribs and cleco’d the substructure and skins together to see how it all fits. I then got the HS-00005 and HS-00006 ribs lined up, drilled, and cleco’d together and proceeded to match drill all holes in the skins.

Next up is to take everything apart, deburr the edges and all holes, dimple, prime, and get ready to start riveting it all together.


Avionics failure during flight ...Jonathan Alvord

Went for fuel filling trip today and lost all avionics including transponder, EIS, GRT displays. Thankfully had steam gauges for backup. That is the short and sweet. Here comes all the details leading up to it. The plane has roughly 460 hours on it and I am the second owner. Two months ago we replaced the alternator when the displays turn off when coming in to land. No real issues otherwise up until today. Run up normal, flew to Oregon for gas and avionics shut down while on final and rebooted. Filled up, run up good, Voltage 12.9 amps 10 I believe all in the green on the EIS and displays. Half way back in VFR all the avionics turned off, no contact with ATC and I was on flight following, called Flight services on cell to ask them to relay to ATC that I had lost comms and would continue VFR direct to my local airport.

Now why did it fail? It appears the PTT on joystick was pulling power from the avionics, that's my theory. I and two others have looked through the plane most of the day. All the solenoids in the engine compartment appear to working. WE have power at the master switch, we no longer have power to Avionics (GRT, Radio stack) and Fuel pump. I have checked all the fuses and can't find a single one that is bad. We were able to jump the power to the avionics and it still works , just not from the switch. When testing the panel for endurance fuses (fuel pump, manifold pressure, avionics, EIS, and inst lights) we could only get 2.7v, All of the Main fuses were working (nave lights, auto pilot, pitot, strobe, trim ignition, trim switch, landing, pwr source 1, interestingly Power source 2 had no fuse in it).

I am unable to find a wiring diagram, although I know it would help we drew out one and I have a picture but can't post here. I did not pull the floor panels off and have had no problems with the fuel pump in previous 250 hours.

Any ideas? There are no mech or avionic specialist at the airport, this is new territory for me as to how to get it repaired. Any Advice would be greatly appreciated. BTW I am near Yakima/Tri Cities Washington.


Steve Formhals RV-3

Mel inspected it on 2/11 and first flight was on 2/15.  Still working out new plane bugs and tweaking.


Update ...jcarney 7A

Decided to assembly the FlyLEDs kit I received last year, I have been saving it for cold weather. This was one of the funnest parts of the build so far! I don't solder as much as I would like so this was a treat.  Here are the blank boards before trimming the main boards to fit the wingtip. An oscillating orbital sander made this trimming so easy it wasn't even fair.


Panel Pics / Interior ...Bavafa


Do I cut the countersink cage to fit? ...kjowen

I am working on -8 empanage / elevator. I am to the point of countersinking the spar in 4x to attach the E-709 rib. Call out requires countersinking as elevator horn fits over spar and must sit flush. The two inside holes - easy. What's up with the outside / upper and lower holes? Do I take a cut off wheel to my micro countersink cage?


Status Report ...kentlik 7A

Got back to the fuel lines, need a return so I spent a lot of time researching the best way to do it. At least I think it is currently.


Mothership News...

The TeenFlight Puyallup crew (40+ kids were there representing their program today!) with their almost competed #4 RV-12 today at the Northwest Aviation Conference and Tradeshow.



February 22, 2019.  Issue #4,766
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!

Usual Suspects Formation Practice 52F

From the Mothership...

Van’s own Sterling Langrell speaks to a group of Civil Air Patrol cadets and leaders during a tour of the Van’s Aircraft factory on Tuesday evening. It was a large crowd of motivated and interested youth! We conduct tours for the public twice daily at the factory on weekdays, at 9:30 am and 1:30 pm. Or, let us know if your group is interested in coming out to learn about building RVs!


You're Not The Only One

(who cracked a part getting in/out with some parts off).

(RE: F-01447)
Ughh, I made this mistake too when getting in and out of the airplane without the cover plates screwed in. It really bothered me but I came up with a fix that leaves it stronger than it ever would have been without adding much weight. The rudder cables are right there so I believe having a brace makes sense for an obviously vulnerable part.

I had a very small crack forming. I stop drilled it using a #61.

I drilled out the nut plate and then fabricated a .025 backer piece. I used a 3/8 drill bit to radius the turns and cut the piece on my bandsaw. I bent the flanges on the backer plate using a handseamer and then clecoed it in place a little bit oversized. The backer piece is tied into the floor, the front of the floor and the bulkhead with lp4-3 rivets. Everything was match drilled and the nutplate holes dimpled. Trimmed the backer plate to size around the match drilled holes and clearing the hole for the rudder cable. Re-riveted the nutplate behind the backer piece and set the pop rivets. Once it was all done I put a dab of jb weld on that I will file later so the crack is not visible after paint. Anyways it really bothers me but will be hidden by the cover plate anyways and at least I don't have to worry about it cracking any further in the future! I built one for the other side and installed it at the same time.


Control Stick Wiring Issue Resolved ...Keith Rhea

I finally figured it out and tested it seems to work ok. Had to add a 12vDC to the input through a 4.7Kohm resistor.


From Kitplanes Newsline

BRS Whole Aircraft Parachute for Van's RV-10.  $26K


Thanks Vic!

Came in the mail yesterday.  I see on the back he's giving Stein a run for his back-of-shirt joke money ;^).


Mothership First Flight Stats



February 21, 2019.  Issue #4,765

Diagonal Away from Home ...Capt Sandy

We were on the taxiway, waiting clearance to take off.  The flaps were up, the canopy closed. The long, asphalt runway stretched off to either side.  I had my sunglasses and iPad.  Bright October sun warmed the cockpit.  I was happy I’d worn a t-shirt. I was wearing the pink Love at First Flight shirt Roy bought for me at EAA Airventure. It felt appropriate for the first flight of our open ended journey.


Safety Pilot Ballast

A local at our field is going for his instrument and needed a pulse in the other seat.  We have a two day window around here of pretty good weather so sure!   Logged 1.4, 1.3 under the hood.  Hand flown.  Three approaches (KGLE RNAV 18, KLUD RNAV 17, KLUD RNAV 35) and some around-the-area to round the hood time up to 1.3.  All in all not a bad way to spend a little time before lunch - I got to enjoy the sky instead of gauges <g>.  I got some ground tracks so I would have some news for the site, but when I got home there was plenty of news to choose from.  Since I already had 'em, six grabs from the morning starting HERE. (opens new window)  Winds ~20kts from 270 at 3000'.

Seemed like everyone and their cousins were in the air around N. TX Wednesday.  In the teardrop turn at HIRGO (KLUD 35) we had a helicopter two miles behind us with the same plan, and another plane on the RNAV 17 - clear skies, all planes on the scope and everyone talking.  Fly while the Wx permits <g>.  Good time.

KLUD RNAV 17, then turn around and RNAV 35.


Does Anybody Else Do This?

I have a skinny, long funnel that allows me to leave the dip stick in the fill tube.  You have to pull the dipstick out a bit, but you don't need a rag.  Lazy I know...  Don't know where I got this funnel.  Maybe someone left it here. 


Lifter Failure ...RV8iator

I have (had) a Titan DIOX370 on my 8. Great engine and ran trouble free for 5 years/ 950ish hours. Started burning oil like crazy but everything else was right where it should be. Good compression, clean pipes and plugs but dirty oil and using a quart about every 3 hours like a switch was flipped. Found a collapsed breather hose, replace and thought I was good to go and lucky that the crank seal stayed in. Talked to engine shop and thought I had glazed cylinders or just broke a ring or any other myriad of things that can go south in a cylinder, so off to JB's for a top inspection and top overhaul as required.
They pulled a cylinder and found this..  ...

you can see how the lifter is just coming apart and the scored crank in the background. This is lifter part number 7287R and it seems these came from a batch in late 2012ish that may have been produced with improper hardening done.

and this. You can see how the cam lobe is chewed up also.

and this. Another view of the top of the lifter. You can see how clean the inside of the engine was.

It has been five years and 950ish hours since new. I have never gone more than 2 weeks between flying, usually much more frequently than that, changed oil and filters religiously every 50 hours at most, sometimes at closer intervals and used CAM GUARD for the past 3 years since I got out of flying shows very, very regularly.

I'm posting this just as a heads up that if you have an engine from this time frame, really watch those filters at oil changes. Mine went from clean to full of very, very fine black dust that was not visible, but a magnet picked it up after the filter was washed and dried. This happened very fast once the metal started circulating around.

This is not meant to be any kind of negative thread, just a heads up and a reminder to really, really check those filters when changing the oil. There were warning signs to me in the oil consumption and I just happened to have the filter laying in the trash from the change preceding this one and after I washed the mesh and ran a magnet over it I found a little of the ferris metal there. I'm sure going forward I will be much more diligent when inspecting used filters. Absolutely nothing visible, but the old magnet found it. If your engine was produced in this time frame, I would keep an eye out.

New Superior engine is already built and almost ready for installation.


Crack in F-01447 baggage floor - what to do? ...iamtheari RV-14

I'm working on the window. That seems to be going okay, but one step involves marking from the inside where the roll bar brace brackets interfere with the aft edge of the plexiglass so you can trim it to fit. I did that step and it all went well, but I was not 100% happy with the centering of the window, so I did the whole thing over again. In my second attempt, I was kneeling on a stack of towels on the baggage floor and felt something give.

The result is a dent in the F-01447-L baggage floor just behind the hole where the rudder cable passes through and a crack from the inside corner up to a point next to (but as far as I can tell, not intersection) the rivet on the innermost of the K1000-08D nutplates. Pictured below with lots of bright light to make it look as bad as possible. The dent is enough that the F-01440 seat ramp has a slight gap in between that nutplate and the next one outboard, but it's not very bad.

I am worried about the crack. All advice is welcome. Replacing the baggage floor, while technically possible, would be a real headache because it would also require removal of the baggage side walls and rebuilding of the seat bottom hinges, plus about 10,000 LP4-3 rivets, 4,000 nutplates, miscellaneous other work like redoing the baggage tie-downs, and painting the interior on that side all over again. But if replacing it is the right thing to do, it's just a few dollars in parts and a few dozen hours of lost time.

Here's my shame, bare for all to see



February 20, 2019.  Issue #4,764
  Episode #1 of the VAFcast ticked over the 500-download mark overnight (pushed out 12 days ago).  Working on getting the next guest to make a hole in his sched - Smokey Ray....looking your direction w/foot tapping.  Have your people call my people (rimshot). 

First Flight ...j-red

I believe there is a law that states RV videos must be accompanied by music from the Top Gun soundtrack, so I've obliged.

First flight was a thrilling experience! After literally jumping off the ground, the plane flew flawlessly. Left wing was a little heavy, but nothing the trim couldn't handle. Flight was 30 minutes, directly above the field at around 3k', and mostly at 75% power to seat the rings. Winds were a little gusty up high, and it was overcast, but all was calm on the ground. I did two stalls before coming down to confirm the airspeed indicator and returned for a pretty smooth landing.

Couple of squawks included the flap circuit blowing at 20* down every time. With the VP-X, it can be reset, would retract fine, then blow again at about half-flaps. Worked fine on the ground. Turns out, one of the plastic covered spade connectors I used to connect it had pulled out slightly and would contact the flap motor at about that position. Reconnected it and taped over both wires then secured them so they wouldn't move like that again.

The landing light circuit also blew. Turns out it just needed to be set at a higher amperage in the VP-x.

Finally, I landed and found a pretty good oil slick dripping from the lower cowling. After plenty of cleaning and ground running, it became apparent that the oil temperature probe gasket had gotten cocked when it was put on. Gasket was replaced and is holding and dry. There is some oil up front that looks like it might be coming from one of the smaller through bolts that doubles for retaining the hall effect sensor for the CPI ignition. I'm going to try some wicking locktite and see if that helps there.

Aside from those minor little things, she runs great! 75% power resulted in about 165kts true without wheelpants, and the climb is unbelievable. Third flight occurred this morning and with an OAT of about 35 degrees the initial climb rate was about 2500fpm! Ran for 30 minutes at power, then practiced landings at KGED. I'll say this: paved runways are definitely harder to land on than grass!

Thanks to the vans community and to this forum for all the help and support along the way. Keep Building
Rebuilt RV-6A N94CR
RV-8 In Progress Flying


Control stick wiring ...krhea

I am upgrading my control stick to tosten Cs-8 and am confused about the digital input output wiring. I am adding the MGL n16-V16 radio and a CS-8 stick grip. I built a small schematic at this link:

I just cannot wrap my head around the ptt going to audio ground at the radio and the other ptt switchs grounding to power ground. Seems like i need to take the cs-8 apart and add another wire for the ptt trigger?


Keith Rhea.


Ground Shots...Bavafa


Flap Control Bracket ...NorthernRV4

Hey guys

So I made an error when I laid out the rivet spacing for my inboard rib flap rib. Instead of 5@1.00" rivets I laid out 4@1.25" spacing. Unfortunately I didn't realize I had made the error until the everything was drilled so now I'm looking for some advice. Due to the blind access, these rivets must be pull type and the plans call out CS4-4 carbon steel type rivets. I could drill 2-3 extra holes at 5/8" spacing to the current ones or would a stronger rivet like a Cherry Max be a sufficient choice here instead of the CS4-4? The loading is such that the bracket pushes on the inside of the rib flange when extending the flaps so the stress on these rivets is only when the flap is retracted up against the fuselage. More likely the worst stress they would see is if someone accidentally stepped on the flap (had to be the port flap too ) their weight would put these rivets in tension, I cringe at the thought of it though for various reasons.


Electrical Issue - low battery  ...Indwarrior

I have been seeing a repeated problem with my electrical system that I am trying to figure out. Some things to know:
- I built the plane and designed the wiring system based on the Z-11 diagram.
- It has worked well for 300 hours
- engine is an O-235
- 40 amp B&C alternator with 300 hours on it
- B&C LR-3 voltage regulator with about 30 hours on it
- EarthEx ETX680 battery 300 hours as well
- Electronics International Volts/Amps meter set up in a LOAD Meter arrangement with matched EI shunt
- very low amp draw electrical system - about 10 amps with everything turned on (VFR panel, led lights, etc)

I have noticed my battery voltage dropping when it has not been flown in a while.

EarthEx says either I have a parasitic drain going on when the master is off or I have a bad battery.

So far I have not had the time to trouble shoot what might be draining the battery. I do have an Always On bus for LED cabin light, USB port and possibly other item that I cant remember right now.

My normal/average total amp draw in flight is around 7 amps.

Yesterday I checked the battery with a portable amp gauge and it was reading 12.9 amps - below the 13.3 that is typical for this battery.

The engine started just fine and I did a short MX flight directly over the airport. For the 10 minutes I was in the air the amp meter was reading about 25 amps, though this was varying up and down by an amp or two.

I have never seen this high amperage (alternator output) before. I have high and low voltage warning lights and a stuck starter light. None of the warning lights lit up during the flight.

So, is the 25 amps I saw simply just normal? Is this a case of the alternator charging a low battery? Again, the max load from my electrical system is around 10 amps, and everything was not turned on during the flight.

I know I need to check the system for parasitic drain but right now I'm just trying to understand that my charging system is doing.


"Unusual Attitude" ...Brad Benson

One of my favorite pictures of N164BL to date. Need to check six more.



Battery box too narrow ...dbaflyer

Went to install my battery tonight and it would not fit. The left side started to slide in, but the right side would not go. Removed the battery box from FW and measured it. The right side is only 2 and 29/32nds. This is a van's battery box that was already put together. Just needed to rivet on the angle on either side. I see my only alternative to cut the right front corner, widen it to the right size and install a piece of angle on the outside of the box to hold it in place. Anyone else have this issue? Seems odd to me that the part would come undersized.



February 19, 2019.  Issue #4,763

Helping a Friend

52F POA Prez Mitch W. called me at 0945am Monday as I was about to step on the treadmill for an hour after a cuppla hours on the laptop.  "Any chance you can fly me down to Lampasas, TX so I can pick up my plane?"  Sure.  Anything to get out of exercise ;^).  173kts GS down at 4,500'.  170kts GS back 5,500'.  It was 45*F in cruise, and 33*F on the ground.  Preferred the plane <g>.  1.8 logged.  Wx goes to turds Tue here, so get it when you can. ;^)

What an amazing machine, this RV. 


Soft Spot Plenum Lid ...DanH

RV-8 builders know stuffing an angle valve Lycoming into an RV-8 cowl results in very tight engine to cowl clearance above the front cylinder corners, and down the left side. It gets worse with a plenum lid, a classic case of stuffing six pounds of stuff in five pound sack.

My plenum lid has routinely bumped the inside of the upper cowl. If I look close, I can see some fine spiderweb cracks in the cowling clear coat, so if allowed to continue surely it will develop an ugly spot. In recent times it has not been bumping so much, but that was because the mount isolators were sagging. With new isolators, it was time to fix the bumping. ...


Mr. X Photo Dump

Been awhile.  Had several que'd up.  Many new pics as large as your monitor is starting HERE.  Enjoy!

Mr. X Pic Folder


RV-3B Status Report ...David Paule

The RV-3B has a depression in the seat pan to accommodate a large pilot, which I’m not. Typically, the builder adds foam to fill the shape. I’ve heard that some of the seat cushions get pretty heavy.

So I’m making a wee change in the seat structure. This picture shows both the existing ribs and one of the added webs. The fuselage is on it’s side here, in case you’re wondering why the photo is odd.  ...


Update on the RV-4 40yr Anniversary ...Greg@Mothership

Sounds like we have pretty good interest - I will send out some more info as soon as we have it. Anyone interested, feel free to keep commenting here and we can form a list.

Anyone willing to help coordinate, please let me know!


Update on Lord Motor Mount Thingy ...DanH

"...The answer seems to be ....both.

With the VIP acro mounts, the airframe shake below 2400 felt like an out of balance prop. Vic had done a dynamic balance not long ago, before I discovered dripping silicone, and realized how far gone my Lord mounts really were. With new VIP acro mounts installed, we were both curious about how failed Lord mounts might affect the dynamic balance process. If one or more gel bags and center spacers were against the inner steel ring, would it skew the dynamic balance results?

Answer...apparently yes. I flew over to Fresh Fried Chicken where Vic and I repeated the balance done just a few months ago. Getting down to 0.01 required the removal of a #10 screw, washer, and compact nut installed when we balanced with bad mounts. IPS immediately dropped below 0.4 (or maybe it was 0.03). A washer or two in the right place dropped it to 0.01. The lesson, now learned, is obvious; check your mounts before balance.

However, when flying home, there was no significant difference in cockpit feel. Pulling the prop to down to around 2300 would still make my sunglasses dance. Ok, fine. If it ain't balance, it must be resonance.

As previously noted, the VIP acro mounts are simply two thin isolators and a slightly different internal bushing length. I called VIP, and they were willing to sell me the thick isolators and the correct bushings, since I already had plenty of thin isolators. The resulting thick-thin set is exactly what you would get from Vans or Aircraft Spruce. Blocked out the day Saturday and got 'em in there.

Drum roll please; a short test flight yesterday confirmed the return of good vibes. It's been a long time since I had new Lord mounts, so a direct comparison is hard to judge. There is no objectionable behavior with the VIP mounts; I can pull RPM down with fairly high MP and the previous large amplitude shake is gone. I did notice one difference between the VIP and Lord mounts. With the Lords, I recall pulling 3G would cause a noticeable change in engine sound and feel. There does not seem to be any change with the VIP mounts. I assume G would push the Lord gel bags into contact with the rings. I do not know how long ago I noticed the sound change with G; could be after they had sagged a little.

I'll fly the new isolators a while and eyeball them for sag. Given this is a return to the "one size fits all" isolator set, I'm interested to see if the large engine actually does shorten isolator life. Seems logical that a 320 would not load the isolators as much as a 390. ..."  ...


RV-7A Status Report ...jcarney

Slow going the past couple of weeks but still making progress. Finished up the pushtubes just in time for a bunch of family visits to see the new little one. I also started working on the FlyLEDs kit, pics coming soon.


Bald Mountain Camp 2019 Fly In Pics ...kevinsrv7.com


Garmin® celebrates a GPS milestone in aviation

OLATHE, Kan.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Garmin International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), today commemorates the 25th anniversary of the GPS 155 TSO – the aviation industry’s first FAA TSO-C129 approach approved IFR GPS receiver. The GPS 155 TSO set the standard for product development within avionics, laid the groundwork for future innovations in GPS navigation, and raised the bar for technological GPS advancements in the aviation industry.  ...

"...For the first time, pilots could fly in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) throughout the departure, enroute, and approach phases of flight using GPS as their primary navigation source..."


Alternator pulley suddenly rubbing against bottom cowl


This morning during the preflight I discovered a little crack in the bottom cowl of my RV8. Furher inspection revealed that the alternator pulley touched the inside of the cowl and rubbed through it.

I have been flying for app. 70 hours since a prop overhaul and haven't noticed this issue before.

But last week I had the cowls off, did a oil change and put them back on, so I assume that putting the cowl back on was the moment from wich the pulley started to touch. I didn't touch or change anything else.

I'll repair the little crack with a bit of glass and a drip of touch-up paint on the outside.

But does anyone know what I might have done wrong when replacing to cowl or what else might I have to look at? If it happened immediately after replacing the alternator or work on the prop or then that might be the cause. But I didn't touch those.




RV-14 VFR day/night panel, feedback please



February 18, 2019.  Issue #4,762

Rob Ray in his RV-4 'Bandit' 12/17/03, the
100th anniversary of the Wright Bros. first flight. 
dr photo from back of Danny King's 'Beautiful Doll'.

OSH Event: 40 Years of the RV-4 at AirVenture! ...Greg @ mothership

Heading to OSH this year in your RV-4? On the fence? Need some fresh motivation to finish that 18-year-old project? Well - maybe this will push you over to the "I'm going" side!

The RV-4 is officially 40 years old in 2019, and we've be in discussions recently with EAA because they'd like to work with us -- and all of you -- to see if we can have a special RV-4 parking area and do some other stuff to celebrate the RV-4! We'll update here as we nail down details, but in order to get started we need to line up some helpers!

We're in talk to try to arrange RV-4 participation in a "homebuilt review" style fly-by, and some other possibilities. EAA has said they'll help arrange a meeting place for a get-together if we like.

Ultimately, we are looking to the RV-4 community to see what you'd like to do! These things can't happen without community involvement to help drive it, to be sure. So -- If you're interested in participating or helping coordinate some part of this, let me know!

From the mothership, our working plan right now is that Van will present a forum covering the history of the RV-4, where it came from and the role it played in propelling Van's Aircraft in its early days.

Should be a lot of fun!


Bald Mountain Camp 2019 Fly In ...Vlad

They had THREE runways this year. Two plowed ice and one packed snow. There was a Burning Man like circle in the middle. Cool view from the above. ...


Iowegian Lunch ...petehowell 9A

Kate called, she had a birthday present for the old man. Maybe it would be a good day to warm up the oil on the old RV......Maybe lunch could be involved.....

What the heck, twist my arm. Do it for the Kid! High ceilings and cold, but not "stupid cold" said we can do this......

Bernie and I were wheels up at 10:30. He escorted me to the border, then headed home. The blue skies and sun were very inviting. I was fascinated by the drift patterns on on the farm fields from the prevailing winds as we flew south. 


Airworthiness 2/15/19 ...j-red

Happy Valentines Day to Me!
Don Scarfone from up in Bear, DE drove down to perform the airworthiness inspection. The plane has been ready to go for about 3 weeks now, save for some last minute items that have been hanging onto the bottom of the "to do" list for what seems like forever. All were minor things, like painting the glareshield flat black, sticking on necessary placards, making sure the jamb nuts on the elevator hinges were tight , etc. Fortunately we've had a string of warm days recently, and so a sunny 75 degree day a couple of weeks ago presented the perfect opportunity to get these knocked off the list.

The inspection went just about like the one he performed on my Zenith four years ago. Didn't check every nut and bolt, but seemed to know what he was looking for and went right to those areas.

Most importantly, he stood still and smiled for the obligatory "handshake" picture


EFIS to HUD Project Update ...Brantel

So a few of us geeks have been quietly working on a project that takes input from an EFIS (currently serial streams) and processes that data within a Raspberry Pi and generates an image that can be used on a HUD or other display that supports HDMI or CVBS (Composite) video inputs. (Think back seat display for tandem aircraft)

The project is being built with the ability to add different input modules and to make it relatively easy to add customized displays to the available options.

Currently the serial input modules that have been developed include:

Legacy Dynon

Capabilities for each of these input modules vary due to the fact that the different manufacturer's serial streams also vary greatly in the variables being streamed.

As would be expected, I have been working on the G3X input module and have developed the following custom display based on the data that is provided in the G3X serial stream. Several additional variables have been created by developing algorithms that use provided data to calculate those that are not present in the data stream.

Here is a static image of the custom screen as it exist today: 


Some pretty awesome news over the weekend ...proud Dad

Our daughter Audrey, whose undergrad education a lot of you helped make happen with VAF yearly donations, took and passed her 'quals' this past Friday at grad school.  To hear her say, it's the biggest hurdle towards getting her PhD.  She sent me the (60) slides she was presenting to the 4-person committee.  I didn't understand the title, but I did recognize her name and the date. ;^)

They liked her research, where she's going with it, and told her to keep on keep'n on.  That's her in the blue shirt.

fmi: Audrey's citations / bio


Homemade jack pad


Inspired by the cool jackpads from Winter, I made my own out of 1" X 1 1/4" 6061 T6. I did the whole deed with out much more than a drill press, carbide burr, and a miter saw. The mounting holes are 15/16" OC and I used AN4-21A bolts. I had to make one spacer at about 17/64". The AN4-31A bolt only has about a half inch of threads so I reamed the hole halfway and tapped the rest. That way the shank of the bolt is in shear. I made a sleeve out of 3/8" OD 4130 reamed 1/4" ID to take advantage of more bending resistance and so I could torque the bolt into place for jacking. The pad weighs less than 2 oz. and fits under the wheel pant with the jack bolt removed. I bought an aluminum Porsche jack on Ebay which weighs less than 3 lb. I'm gonna throw that in a bag for the baggage compartment on cross countries. With a spare tube and a CO2 inflator, I'm ready for tire trouble.

Ed Holyoke


Odd Brake Failure ...Tim-NJ

After some routine maintenance which did not include anything at all with the brakes (I did an oil change), I uneventfully taxied out to the runway for a short test flight. Winds were something around 12G18 and coming from a direction that favored the far end of the runway when coming from my hangar. The taxing was uneventful. I line up and go full throttle when I do notice some unusual squirreliness staying on the centerline that I dismissed as xwind.

I flew for a half hour and landed only to find out my right brake was completely out. Lucky for me the runway was 3500ft and a the last third is uphill, 2nd stroke of luck the FBO was a left turn I got a tow back to my hangar and found this! I'm wondering if I picked up some FOD on the taxiway or runway?



Test Data!!!- Anatomy of a fuel pump, part 3- ...Hartstoc

Now that we are getting comfortable flying “electron-dependent” aircraft and have powerful, lightweight lithium batteries at our disposal, I’ve been thinking it is time to find a way to SAFELY eliminate one of the last vestiges of the magneto era- the engine driven mechanical fuel pump. There are a lot of really good reasons for doing this that I won’t go into here, but the challenge in making it possible is to find a reliable electric fuel pump properly matched to the task. This thread documents my successful search supported by real data, and I’ve generated accurate performance charts under real-world conditions for three pumps.

Thousands of airplanes already sport electric boost pumps that seem to work well, but on close examination few of them make any sense at all in this context.Two problems with most pumps currently in use is that they generate flow and consume power FAR IN EXCESS of our needs, and many feature continuous short-loop recirculation of the vast majority of their output back to the pump inlet. This is no big deal for backup pumps used intermittently, but wholly ill-suited to continuous operation in a twin-pump setup with no engine driven pump. Some are also quite heavy, bad news with two installed. For continuous operation, return lines to the tank in use become mandatory, and the pump must operate efficiently to minimize electrical demand in normal operation and maximize range on battery power should the alternator fail.

A plethora of choices exist in the 500-1,000 HP range for auto racing applications, but precious few really make sense in the context of typical RV’s. Also, I’ve discovered that published performance data for pumps is often not detailed, accurate, and reliable enough to allow intelligent selection, and these do not take into account system-wide resistance that must be subtracted from the performance of the unrestricted pump.

I decided to build this test rig, shown here collecting data for one of the Walbro pumps. It incorporates pre- and post-pump filters and enough lift, bends, turns, and manifold reversals to roughly mimic the aft-of-firewall dynamic flow restrictions of a typical RV installation. Here, the return line is closed off, and “engine” output, dialed-in at 30PSI resistance, is being shunted to the flow-measuring vessel.  ...


Latest Build Video ...Sean A.


Updates to RV-12/RV-12iS publications and plans - Feb 14 2019 (mothership)

RV-12 folks,

As happens from time to time, we published a few documentation updates for RV-12 and RV-12iS builders/owners today.

You can find the updated documents in the Support > Service Information and Revisions section of the Van's website. All of the changes published today fall in the "Revisions and Changes" publication category. You can also sign up to receive periodic notifications of changes we publish via the signup box on the home page of the Van's Aircraft website.

The following documents were updated for both the "legacy" RV-12 and the RV-12iS.
•Pilot's Operating Handbook
•Flight Training Supplement
•Production Acceptance Procedures
•Maintenance Manual

In addition, the following documents/plans pages have been updated specifically for the RV-12iS:
•Section 28iS/U and Section 35iS/U - reflects changes to parts and procedures related to new, improved gun-drilled gear legs
•Section 51AiS/U - Placards and Certification Documents
•Section 03iS/U - reflects an addition to the builder's supplies list
•Section 01iS/U - minor changes plus DWG 1 and DWG 2 (the three-view and cut-away view drawings) have been published

The following section has been published and is specific to the "legacy" RV-12:
•Section 35 - reflects changes to parts and procedures related to new, improved gun-drilled gear legs

Note: The RV-12 gun-drilled gear legs are a revised part, which integrates brake plumbing and removed the need to run a tube on the outside of the gear leg. This is now the standard shipping part for all RV-12/12iS aircraft. In the event one needs to replace a set of original main gear in the future, different attachment hardware will be used and Van's will have a kit available for doing so. Other than the integral brake line, there is no difference between the original and new parts.



February 15, 2019.  Issue #4,761
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

RV-12 Crosswinds Update...Ron Gawer

I wanted to share my experience early this morning as I’ve gotten more and more XW experience in my RV12.

Today I was able to explore what I think are the upper boundaries of XW’s in my 12. I had 160@41 KT, which presented about 35KT HW and 20.5KT XW in the pouring rain this morning. Aside from being crabbed about 15º to the right and just over 30KT ground speed, it was pretty much a non-event. I find that the rudder has plenty of authority to crab down to the runway and then kick the nose around into alignment and set the upwind gear onto the runway. I then let the left gear down to the runway, set the nose down and then pretty much came to a stop after that without any brakes. I had to power up to get to the turnoff and then had to use power and brakes to finagle my way to the tie-down.

My fellow commuter was laughing and joked that it seemed like an “austin powers” getaway scene taking so long to get to the runway.

All in all, I’d say that’s about on verge of a limit for the airplane. I think it could handle a couple more knots XW for the landing, but taxiing sucked.

Afterward, I noted that the rain did an excellent job shining up the aluminum.

Separately, there was windshear at 2000’ indicated at 55KT; coming down through that was, shall we say, “bumpy”. 90KIAS worked well, and the stick and rudders got a great work out too. The TAF for tomorrow is a little better with less rain, should be another fun ride.


Show Us Your Day Job ...James in Redwood City

[ed. You're gonna want to click on this <g>.  v/r,dr]


First Flight(s) done! ...AviatorJ RV-10

Successfully completed Flights #1 & #2 in N10JW today! I defined success as flying the plane and nothing leaking or falling off!

I did two shortish flights. This first was about 25 mins in the air doing about a 5 mile box around the airport. The second was a quick 15 minute flight around the pattern once. I did these as 'shake down flights' with my only concern being checking for leaks and validating the wings weren't going to fall off.

Really the only issue of concern was my oil temp. On the first flight as soon as it pushed over 220 I decided to land and it was 243 when I landed. After a hour of engine cool down the 2nd flight it rose to 220 fairly quick so that's why I only did one lap around the pattern. I talked to Barretts and they gave me some places to start troubleshooting. Hope to do another flight next week!


Video of our Winter Flight to Key West via Lakeland from MS  ...Paul & Beth Duff RV-9A


Formation Clinic Apr 5-7

Falcon Flight Formation Team will be hosting a formation training clinic April 5th -7th 2019. The clinic will be held at KGYI (North Texas Regional/Perrin Field) in Dennison, Texas. To register follow the link and you will be asked to join the group. There you will find all the info to register for the clinic,


This clinic is for RV newcomers as well as experienced formation pilots that want to brush up on their skills.

Also for those that can not attend this clinic or any of the clinics around the country here is the website so you can maintain and train to the FFI standards.


We hope to see many of you at the Formation Clinic!

Falcon Flight Formation Team


Flight Levels Club ...BruceEicher

It was so cold my fingers and brain missed the altimeter adjustment by .01. Hope this and the dirty screen is forgiven.
Flying home from Arizona last weekend.
I should have also turned into the wind, slowed to approach speed and flew backwards, but I was too cold so I pushed on and around the weather. You can see my deviation from the flight plan to avoid further weather.


Van's web orders placed Feb 13th - Please check for confirmation email

(Greg at the Mothership)
VAF community,

We've had a couple of limited "growing pain" moments with our web store since we launched the new site. The good thing is we will be replacing the online store later this year with a new, much more modern platform. The tough part is there are some orders placed on Wednesday (Feb 13) that may not have been completed due to an error that was not obvious to the person placing the order.

If you placed a Van’s Aircraft web store order on Wednesday, February 13th 2019 between 4:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Pacific time, we ask that you please check your email to determine whether or not you received a confirmation of your order. If you placed an order between those times but did not receive a confirmation email, please either call our office and speak with the Order Team, or you can simply resubmit your order online. Confirmation emails can sometimes take 15 minutes or longer to arrive.

What happened: Due to a system processing issue, some orders submitted during that time frame could not be completed. An error message was displayed to the person placing the order, but that error message was not explicit in stating the error, and some customers may not have recognized that there was an error with their order.

The issue has since been rectified and testing performed, and web orders being placed now are being processed as expected. If you placed an order outside the hours listed above, or if you received a confirmation email for your order, there is no need for you to take action.

Thank you, and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.


Seen over DFW Thursday 0600

62kt winds from 230 at 3000'.  Pretty unusual.  Could have joined the 230kt GS club if I was crazy enough to fly to Sherman for gas <grin>.





February 14, 2019.  Issue #4,760

Seen at Monk's

Neat custom center console on RV-6.  Added to the 'Show us your RV-6 panel' thread.  See 'um...


Houston area monthly lunch (February 2019) ...Philip

It's that time again! Let's hit up Weiser for some BBQ this time around. 11:30 this Saturday, 2-16, at Carl's BBQ in Cypress.  I probably won't be able to make it this time though. Next time...


Skyview Checklist Maker ...Dgamble RV-12

I wasn't satisfied with Dynon's method for creating custom checklists so I started working on an alternative. It's pretty far along and I have created a nice RV-12 checklist with it, but I'm not sure what to do with it now, if anything. Here are some screen shots to give you an idea as to where I was headed with it

It has not been tested beyond my own PC, but I do have a self-installer that should work on any Windows machine. I really have no idea what to do with it at this point. Sell it, give it away, just forget about it - it seems a waste to only use it for my own checklist, but I'm reluctant to get pulled back into professional IT, by which I mean that I'm not sure I want to be forever on the hook for maintenance and enhancements.

As such, I would like to have a handful of people try it out, see how it works, and give me an idea as to how much more development it will need before being useful for a broader audience. Before doing that, though, I thought it might be a good idea to get some feedback on what I have done already.

Thoughts?  continue


RV-10 Status Report ...Tim Foster RV-10

"...I got the RV-10 kit tool package and looks like a bit of everything.

Also working with Brandon on the tail kit a couple hours at a time. Now I know why everyone talks about how much fun deburring is. The tail kit is coming together, fun to see it take shape and then take it apart again.

Cutting off that triangle piece of sheet metal on the front right part of tail cone was a bit disconcerting. Read that section about 5 times before cutting it off. lol.

Here are a few pictures [ed. and videos in later replies. v/r,dr]... "


Mothership HOBBS Meter



February 13, 2019.  Issue #4,759
  Any Central/North Texas RV folks out there dentists?  Mine retired and I need one.  I can fly to you if it's not too far from DFW.  Might make for a nice travel story <probably not>.  Anywho, contact info here if you have that doctor diploma hanging on your office wall with teeth on it, and you're courtesy car distance from the airport.  I'll buy lunch.
  As I sit here at my desk in the home office typing this, an RV just flew over my house.  A local rubbing it in ;^).  Flew a ground track away from the window so I'd be sure to look outside.
  RV life is good. 

Kurt Wooten's RV-9A With Fresh Paint Job ...pics

Kurt (and friend Larry) picked up Kurt's 9A Tuesday at GLO Custom.  Gorgeous paint job and blue skies made for some nice photos before BBQ.  Hope you enjoy.  Great looking plane.  Very nice guys!  (Kurt is 'krw5927' in the forums). dr


Pouring Elevator Counterbalance Lead ...Bill E.

What I did..

On my -4, I made a simple wood mold that mimicked the rib shape and depth. I took my completed elevator, minus the weight and set up on balance point, then filled baggie with lead shot and taped to rib tip, adjusting amount until slightly nose heavy (compensate for paint). I then melted and poured into wood mold. After cooling, drilled and counter-bored for mounting bolt through rib. Test fit with bolt/nut while in balance jig to obtain slight nose heavy condition. I then primed the lead weight (rib already primed, and installed the weight with Proseal to completely water seal the weight in the rib. The finished product looks almost molded in, and was painted during final paint. In the event it would still balance nose heavy, it is possible to drill a hole to remove weigh, then touch up paint. I do not like the idea of a bonded or glued weight, because if it comes loose, your elevator will likely jam, and obviously, you risk flutter with loss of balance, hence, mine are bolted and sealed in place. The whole process from mold making to installed took an afternoon at best.


Panel Porn ...klewin


G3X Touch Software V7.00 Available 2/12/19 ...g3xpert

Garmin is pleased to announce G3X Touch Software Version 7.00 is now available for download. You can download the free software from the Garmin website.

Changes made from version 6.30 to 7.00:
•Add ability to temporarily toggle map orientation by touching north arrow symbol
•Add ability to share internal GPS navigation data with G5
•Add support for GSA 28 servos used for pitch trim and roll trim
•Add support for sky pointer roll indicator display on PFD
•Add support for Kavlico P4055-5020 pressure sensors
•Add support for GAD 27 absolute flap position mode
•Add option to sequence flight plan legs based on distance from next waypoint
•Add fault indication when GAD 27 is not receiving required power
•Add configuration page for general system options
•Add configuration page for PFD options
•Add configuration option to prevent changes to AFCS configuration and AOA calibration when not in config mode
•Add configuration option to display pairs of fuel quantity gauges separately
•Add configuration option to disable PFD pitch adjustment
•Add configuration option to disable flight director attention tones
•Add support for RS-232 interface to GMA 342/345
•Add ability to save and restore configuration data using SD card
•Add AHRS diagnostic page
•Improve G5 interface
•Improve Connext flight plan interface
•Improve weight and balance envelope editing
•Improve runway label display on map
•Improve airport runway information display
•Improve traffic target ground track numeric display
•Improve UMA 1EU50A pressure sensor conversion
•Improve flight plan forced leg activation
•Improve flight plan source selection at powerup
•Improve display of radar coverage data
•Improve minimums bug on round altimeter gauge
•Improve user waypoint page
•Improve proximity waypoint page
•Improve position edit page
•Improve gear warning logic for turbine aircraft
•Improve radial engine cylinder temperature display
•Improve operation of ESP controls on MFD
•Change checklist page to preserve progress when page is closed
•Change audio alert when automatically engaging autopilot due to ESP activity
•Change flight director attention tone sound to be distinct from disengage tone
•Change display of AFCS trim and airspeed annunciations
•General improvements to system operation
•Includes update to audio data version 2.50
•Includes update to G5 software version 6.00
•Includes update to G5 boot block software version 2.20
•Includes update to GAD27 software version 2.30
•Includes update to GAD27 boot block software version 2.30
•Includes update to GAD29 software version 3.10
•Includes update to GAD29 boot block software version 3.10
•Includes update to GDL5X software version 2.12
•Includes update to GEA24 software version 3.50
•Includes update to GEA24 boot block software version 2.20
•Includes update to GI260 software version 2.80
•Includes update to GI260 boot block software version 2.20
•Includes update to GMA245 software version 2.50
•Includes update to GMA245 boot block software version 2.30
•Includes update to GMC507 software version 2.80
•Includes update to GMC507 boot block software version 2.30
•Includes update to GPS20A software version 2.30
•Includes update to GPS20A boot block software version 2.10
•Includes update to GSA28 software version 4.30
•Includes update to GSA28 boot block software version 2.20
•Includes update to GSU25/B software version 3.80
•Includes update to GSU25/B boot block software version 2.20
•Includes update to GTR20/200 software version 3.30
•Includes update to GTR20/200 boot block software version 2.30
•Includes GDL39 software version 4.81
•Includes GMA245 audio software version 2.20
•Includes GMA245 Bluetooth software version 2.00
•Includes GMU11 software version 2.00
•Includes GMU11 boot block software version 2.00
•Includes GSU73 software version 3.70
•Includes GSU73 IGRF database version 1.03 (Base Year 2015)



February 12, 2019.  Issue #4,758

Alton Bay 2019 ...the Vladinator

I went up north a while ago. On my way to Rangeley ME I decided to land on famous ice. It was windy and not many planes made it that day.  continue


Some Screen Grabs and a Short Video ...GP app

RE: Icing Levels and more in Flight Profile view

Yesterday a few people asked in a thread about the Flight Profile view in the Garmin Pilot EFB app and its display of icing levels (and winds and clouds).  I grabbed a few screens off my iPad, annotated them, and recorded a short video of the helpful 'widgets' that I use planning most flights.  You can see the (5) screen grabs and (1) video HERE (the last image in the folder is the video).  I find the flight profile view helpful in planning a cruising altitude (you can drag the altitude line up/down - shows wind speeds/values and direction).

Hope this helps those who were curious. 


Classic Aero RV-14 Side Panel Pictures ...Luke

Hello RV-14 Builders,

I'm sorry this has taken longer than I expected it would. I've lost count of the number of major design changes we've made, and there still may be a few tweaks before it's said and done. That said, these pictures should represent the final design for the most part.

If you have questions about the side panels that others might benefit from, please ask here rather than calling, and I'll try to keep tabs on this thread. I'll also start off by answering a few questions here too:
•We are starting out with "Cabin Area" side panels for now (that is what these pictures show). Full baggage panels will be available. Timing to be determined as we get further along shipping these.

More pics

•We are still working out pricing. All of the information for the cabin area side panels should be on our website sometime next week. We won't be taking any orders until then.

•Other products for the RV-14 will include Glareshield trim, and a much more basic side panel package for those that like the more spartan look. Timing to be determined further down the road.

•The hidden canopy latch mechanism is a custom design to work with our side panels. It is retrofitable. The handle will be anodized aluminum (the mockup is a painted 3D printed part).

•The lighter area near the top is the painted structure. All other areas are covered in our standard upholstery materials so that they match our seats. Colors can be arranged to your preference.

•Headset jacks are in the stock location.

•Based on past experience, we have used 2024 T3 Aluminum for the structure. This reduces weight (we will have final weight numbers when production parts are ready), increases durability, and aids adhesion. The only molded plastic part is the air vent trim.

•With a few very small exceptions, there are no visible fasteners.

•The black trim below the latch is machined aluminum.

Comments and constructive feedback are welcome. These have been a long time coming. They may look fairly simple to the casual observer, but hundreds of hours of design and prototyping went into these. Hope you all like them

Here are more pictures


Bruce Hill Copperstate Photos


200kt GS Club ...bruceh

I finally was able to hit the magic 200+ Knot ground speed on the way to the Copperstate Fly In. This is of course only possible with a really strong 44 Knot direct tailwind, but it is in level flight with "Otto" the pilot at the controls. The green circle on the map is my "glide ring", you can see how skewed it is towards the North East. At one point I saw a 48 knot tailwind. It was actually quite smooth all the way out to Buckeye, AZ. I decided to enrichen the mixture a bit and see what the true speed of the airplane could be at altitude.
My usual 6.5 gph speed is around 147-150 Knots (LOP), so with 9 gph it was going only 8-10 knots faster.


Bird Strike PIREP ...luca

I had to wait some months to write this story due to some ‘insurance misunderstanding’.

It was a relaxed and calm sunny day last year on May 25. I liked to give, to our local kindly “tower girl operator” what we call the RV Grin. So at 3 pm local time we were in the air.

After a 30 minutes flight I was descending over the home field at 190 Kts and without seeing nothing I only heard a GREAT 'bang', really loud (something like shooting with a S&W 686 a .357 Magnum bullet w/o ears protection).

The condition of the windshield immediately gave me the idea of what happened. Fly the airplane, stay calm, reduce speed and power, deep breath was my automatic routine.  continue


Busy Weekend

I decided to make the best of the weather this past weekend and get a few things from my list accomplished inside the hangar that have been lurking over my shoulder. I have to admit to being a bit complacent the past few years and let my instrument currency lapse. Northern California is an easy place to let that happen with abundant sunshine and few reasons to feel the need to fly IMC. I used to fly a Socata Trinidad when living in Ft. Myers and filed IFR nearly every flight, feeling safer under the watchful eye of ATC. Well, I finally got my act together and practiced, re-learned, and took a combo IPC and BFR last week, passing both. As a reward, I purchased a second GTR-20 for my -9A. I always said that I wanted a second comm but just didn't get around to installing it. The threat of flying IFR was enough to get me in the mood to dive back under the panel and do this. So I called my friend and patient teacher Randy Throne to arrange some help. We updated my ELT to an ACK 406 and fixed that co-pilot PTT that didn't work since the panel upgrade (it helps if one actually attaches the ground..... oops). Last, we replaced the left side fuel sender that was going south. Everything went together and worked right out of the box. the ELT is registered, comm broadcasts and the PTT is happy with electrons moving in the right direction. All in all a very busy but successful and fun weekend in the hangar. Thanks Randy, I always enjoy working on the plane and learning the right way to do something.
RV-9A N435KR Vans calendar March 2018
IO 320 B1A, Dual LS Plasma III, AFP injection
G3x touch


Frustrated: Squeezer bending rivets ...Girraf

I'm most of the way through my empennage and I'm still struggling to get my squeezer to to not pull the shop heads as they set. Biasing the tail towards the throat side of the sets seems to help but its not always possible to make that happen because the nose of the yoke inevitably hits the web of whatever is being riveted (see photo). ...



February 11, 2019.  Issue #4,757

Angel Fire with The Daughter ...crabandy


Milestone: Commercial Rating (checkride in the RV-6)

Checkride this past Friday afternoon out of KWEA.  DPE Joe Johnson (card below).  Firm but fair, expects you to know your stuff.  Know your EFB app and your weather.  Detail-oriented oral w/many scenarios.  The flying part was more enjoyable - turns out 2,500+ landings in this thing is a confidence builder.  Stalls, emergency descents, sim'd engine out 180* landing, soft field, short field, spot landing, simulated fouled runway in the flare.  The flying was fun!

Joe Johnson photo

Thank you Mr. Johnson for a professional, well done checkride.  I would certainly recommend you to any RV pilot that would listen.  Thank you Gary Platner, RV-8 owner and CFII rock star.  Thank you Monkey for one seriously dialed in plane.  And last but not least, thanks again to Mr. VanGrunsven for designing such a wonderful flying machine.

Took both IFR and Commercial checkrides in the RV.  What a honor to get to do that!

It felt strange Saturday morning (and Sunday) to not have that Oral Test Prep book in my lap.  I'm getting over it. ;^)

The next day....icing and OVC all around.


Digging Out My RV-6 ...mbauer

Was sick last week, wasn't able to dig out the RV after each snow storm until yesterday.

Nikiski received more snow than Kenai, it is 15.2-miles from my driveway to the tie downs at the Kenai Airport (PAEN).

When I arrived after work yesterday, the RV was isolated by about 10-inches of frozen snow. It rained at 40 degrees F and then cooled down to below freezing before it started to snow.

Only way I could move the snow was by using a metal square tip shovel to break it up and then a plastic snow shovel to move it out of the way. Took three hours to clear the tie-down. Worked up a sweat wearing a t-shirt in 12 deg F coolness.

Anyway here are a few photos...


Passed Inspection! ...AviatorJ RV-10

Still hasn't hit me yet but as of yesterday N10JW is Airworthy! She successfully passed with no major issues. The DAR was fantastic throughout the process, fielding the numerous questions I had as well as help in completing all the fun FAA paperwork!

For the actual inspection he gave me to posture of the plane prior to coming out. Basically access panels removed, empennage fairing no screws, baggage panels removed but the engine cowled up. He spent about 45 mins looking over the plane, we also removed the cowling so he could see the engine. All in all I had 5 or so items he wanted me to double check and made some great suggestions.

We then went back to the heated FBO where he looked at my build log, FAA forms and made all the appropriate entries. He also walked me through the special airworthiness certificate which now also includes operating limitations. After everything was completed and explained we took the obligatory inspection picture and now I'm clear to fly!


Another Panel Layout Thread ...N804RV


1) I'd welcome comments and criticism on this panel layout. This is a rough idea. All switches and circuit breakers have not been accounted for yet. Trying to keep the 430W high enough in the panel to clear the aft LG tower support. And, keep the PFD nearly centered.

2) As far as keeping the PFD close to centered: Can the SkyView 7" Classic display be configured so the the PFD is on the right (60%), and the map on the left (40%)? I always see the PFD on the left side of the screen.


Status Report ...KazooRV-9A

Canopy skirts are in place! No small feat.... Friend Ken was over last week and we put in 36 man hours total to get them in place. I like how the instructions say, that after all the work it took to fit the bubble to the frame and actually achieve a rolling closure with proper fit, that the rear skirts are the hardest part of the canopy build. I disagree, they were tricky,,, but not the hardest part.

AND.... Here's the long awaited first look at the Aerotronics gauge panel sitting in place. I've waited two years to see this little gem in the cockpit. I'm betting the original builder (Marty Johnson - Gone west) can see it now, and is thrilled, he surely spec'd out a nice panel.


Good News ...vic syracuse

A couple of things I want to share:

First, our youngest son, Nick, earned his Private Pilot's license this week. He's been working with me in the business for a while, too. It's really heartwarming and way cool to see your son enthused about aviation as much as I am.

Second, Many of you may have heard by now that we have finally opened up our new facility at Falcon Field (KFFC). Next Saturday February 16 (rain date Feb 23), we are going to have an open house from 11-2, with barbecue. So if you are looking for a place to fly to next Saturday, we would love to see you!

We will be giving out T-shirts with our company logo on the front and a catchy phrase on the back I think you will all get a kick out of.

The new hangar is on the Southeast corner of the airfield, on the left hand side as you land on Runway 31. It's a large empty ramp with only our hangar there now, so you can't miss it.

If you think you might make it, please RSVP to my email. We want to have enough food. We won't hold you to it if you don't make it.



February 8, 2019.  Issue #4,756
  Got in a .2 Thursday for a post-Mx flight in the cold wind.  Bumpy, crosswind, but all the gauges good.  Fresh annual, hoses, fluids and more.  Thanks to Monk for the help.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.


New Plane for me

Hey gang!!
I bought a nice RV-6 this past weekend. Its a tip up with a Lyc O-360 and FP Prop. My previous RV was an 8 that I built. Air on the ground was not an issue with the 8....this tip up thing cooked me on the ground at 74*F!!! it is too heavy to just ride around while holding it open. I know there's gotta be a better way...HAHAHA!!! please tell me the secret...
Also, today was my first time flying it. Very heavy left wing with full (even) fuel. My 8 had a heavy wing and I remember there was a trick for fixing this...as I recall I put two paint stirrers on the trailing edge of the aileron and then used an edge seamer to "crimp" the trailing edge..I just can't remember which aileron to "adjust"!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Joel McMillian


Eagle's Nest Projects - Montgomery HS (TX) - A little fun in the shop

...video of the 'First Landing'. ;^)


Eagle's Nest Projects - McKinney HS (TX) - NBC_DFW Ch5 Education Feature

Video- NBC_DFW Ch5 Features McKinney Aviation Academy Students Learn Aviation Skills at McKinney High School - NBC (Morning intro...)


Mothership News....


JDAir new Canopy Latch

The JD Air Parts tip up canopy latch has been slightly redesigned for a better appearance. Mechanically, it is exactly the same. The reason for the design change is two fold. 1) The previous version was water jet cut and then required machining. 2) My company doing the machining looked at the drawings and felt the latches could be machined quicker with a better appearance.

RV7 builder Sean Blair installed one in his plane. He had the old version and installed the new one for comparison. He said it works exactly the same. He will probably chime in with his thoughts and impressions.

And, in the interest of safety, we are also offering the latches anodized red. I thought this was important as a critical handle for egress. I don't have pictures of the red version but will get them on the site soon.



February 7, 2019.  Issue #4,755

Paint! ...skyking902001

Finally got some paint on the -8. Painted by GLO Aircraft Painting--Roanoke, TX (52F). Mark and the guys did an outstanding job!


New Guy ...gcman6 (Fredericksburg, PA RV-7)

I received my empennage kit yesterday! I am building a taildragger with slider canopy and manual flaps and trim. I still need to finish setting up my shop and finish the kit inventory. But, I made some headway on it last night and hope to finish it tonight after work. I've been dreaming about building an airplane for some time and and am super excited to get started. If anyone else is building a -7 in the southeastern PA area, please reach out. I'd love to connect with any fellow builders in my area.


Aileron Bellcrank Grease ...Mudfly

I'm ready to install the aileron bellcranks in the wings (RV14). Not sure about other models, but the bellcrank design for -14 has a brass bushing that is inserted into the steel housing of the bellcrank. The assembly is placed in position and secured using a AN4-32A. When the bolt is properly torqued, the bolt and brass bushing are to remain stationary with the rotation occurring between the bushing and the steel bellcrank. There is no mention in the plans of lubricating this rotation point, but I was thinking it may be a good idea. My question is what would be the better lubrication. LPS-2 and Lubriplate 630-AA are two products that I'm considering. It seems both may have pros and cons.
The pros for the Lubriplate would seem to be longer lasting. However, the con would be when it is time to replace, the bellcrank assembly would need to be disassembled. Also, will this lubriplate break down during the heat of the summer and drip out the bottom? That's what happens to grease in my grease guns out in the garage during summer. The pro for the LPS-2 would seem that when time to re-lube, it would just require opening the access panel on the bottom wing skin and applying fresh lube using a flexible tube. The con for LPS-2 would seem that it would need to be re-applied at shorter intervals.
I realize I'm overthinking this, but was just curious what others have used, and actual lubrication requirements for this part once in service.


Legally Heating a Hangar ...mfleming

So I purchased a hangar recently

One of the improvements I would like to do is install a fixed vented propane heater.

Because I will be renting the hangar out until I am ready to move my -7 project into the hangar I applied for a commercial lease. Oregon requires a commercial lease if ANY revenue is being made off of the hangar.

Anyway, while researching heaters I came across NFPA 409. This states that heaters must be at least 10' above the wing of the aircraft.

I might get the heater 10' above the wing of my -7 but the rule says 10' above any aircraft that can fit in the hangar (I'm paraphrasing). Not happening

I read all about portable heaters...I'm interested in the fixed variety.

So, Do I have to comply with this NFPA 409?
What is everyone else doing with hangars with lower ceilings and heat??

The top of my door is 12', the door opens to about 10' 8"... No way to meet the rules as far as I can see


Build Site Up! ...randylervold

I just wanted to let the -12 folks know that I finally got my -12iS site up... rv12driver.com


FlyLED Test Video ...Av8torTom

Finished assembling my FlyLED, "The Works". This is the first time I've had one of the wing-tips outside in the dark. Paul at FlyLEDs was a BIG help. Pretty impressed.



February 6, 2019.  Issue #4,754
  Annual almost done.  Engine run (no drips) and stuff going back in/on.  Hope to test fly Wednesday.  Wx might not allow.  Sad face. 

More RV-10 Bahama Pics ...Ivan Kristensen


Exit diffuser on oil cooler to increase flow through oil cooler ...scsmith

I want to do some cowl work to reduce my cooling exit flow area and at the same time reduce overall frontal area.

But before I can do that, I have to do two other things. One is make a seal around the crankshaft/spinner gap. As you close off the cooling exit, raising the pressure in the lower cowl plenum, you want the higher pressure to result in higher exit velocities out of the cooling exit, not just spill out around the spinner. So I have to do that.

The other thing I need to do is increase the flow through the oil cooler. The angle-valve engines put a lot more of the heat load into the oil, and efficient oil cooling is crucial. I've been very happy with my firewall-mounted cooler arrangement with the large 20006A cooler, I have good oil temperatures even during a long climb at Vy on a hot day. But as I close off the cowl exit and increase the pressure in the lower plenum, the oil cooler flow will decrease because of the reduced pressure differential across the oil cooler. So..how to get that flow back? put a diffuser on the cooler exit. The trick is to do this smoothly enough get good pressure recovery without a lot of length that wouldn't fit in the cowl area. Short, wide-angle diffusers can work pretty well. The pressure in the oil cooler flow at the exit of the diffuser will match the local static pressure in the area around it. Ideally, if the diffuser is flowing well, this results in lower pressure at the exit face of the cooler itself. Its like immersing the cooler in the throat of a venturi.

I made a mold out of wood, painted and waxed it, and laid up a fiberglass diffuser. The diffuser geometry has an area ratio of 1.45. This will also be a good trial of the high-temperature hardener system (3136R) I got for the Jeffco 3107 (Rhino) epoxy we use. The diffuser was room temperature cured, then removed from the mold and post-cured, 1/2 hr at 150F, 1/2 hr at 175F, then 2 hr at 200F. Hopefully this will give a high enough glass-transition temperature (T_g) for the epoxy to survive the hot environment in the lower cowl. Here are a couple of pictures of the installation: continue


Exit Diffuser on Oil Cooler ...DanH input

Ahh, the Chinese menu dilemma: fast, cheap, good...pick any two.

FWIW, I have a row of miniature bulkhead fittings installed in my firewall. Buy a length of 10-32 threaded rod. Cut it into 1-1/2" lengths. Chuck it in the lathe and machine a half inch of threads off each end, leaving a half inch of threads in the middle. Center bore with something small. Now drill a 3/16" hole in the firewall and fasten with a plain nut on each side. 1/8" tubing pushes over the threadless ends.

I have something similar installed in the rear baffle wall, four lengths of brass model airplane tubing soldered in a brass plate.

In an attempt to read static pressure only, I usually go with piccolo tubes, but you know more about that stuff than I'll ever learn. continue


RV-10 Status Report ...LCampbell

Work is underway, and I’m having a blast!
Really impressed with how well thought out and designed all of this is. It gives encouragement and confidence in the path that lay ahead.
To the guys in Missouri, I’m looking forward to crossing paths with you all, and getting to see your birds. I’m getting to know the guys at the Jeff City EAA, and it looks like a great group.

To Mike S, neat to connect the dots through our mutual friend, and thanks for the well wishes as well.

I’ve one small question… one of the photos is a really close up shot of the small bend that’s to be put on the trailing edge of the rudder skin. Does that amount looks about right? That seemed to be about how much I did on the small practice kit that was a 1 foot aileron section, and it seemed to turn out ok. But I’d rather not glue the trailing edge together, and have it curl up during riveting.


Garmin Pilot v9.5.3 is out...FYI.


RV-6A PROJECT For Sale $13K

Listing for RV friend Bob Mozina

Partially complete, Out of jig, Gear legs drilled, All tail surfaces completed.Wings completed except for lower wing skins the are drilled and ready too install. Excellent workmanship!! Wing tip strobes , Electric Flaps, Engine mount, All aircraft wire to complete. Complete O320 Engine. Plane located in Florida (FL10 airport) $13,000. Please contact Bob Mozina 980-699-5380. Bobmozina5 'at gmail 'dot' com



Pic of Luke/Franz's Planes in Hangar ...DeeCee 57


Mothership News



February 5, 2019.  Issue #4,753 

From Italy to Texas ...fradante (Francesco)

[ed. Trip report from my RV friend in Italy.  What a great guy!!!!  Great fun talking with him and his friends.  v/r,dr]

While on a trip in Texas I had the opportunity to meet DR in person at the VanCave.  I landed at 52F with my friend’s Cardinal, he’s spending four years as instructor at Sheppard AFB.  After a visit to the VanCave, we went to a tex mex for lunch with some other RV guys.  We had good food and we spent a very good time talking together about plane and flying, at 52F there is a big and friendly RV community!

THE Jay Pratt and Francesco!

At the end of the visit I asked Doug about Jay Pratt and Hicks field, and in a couple of minutes the “VAF connection” arranged for us a stop to meet Jay at his shop. VAF it’s a big help while building and a fast lane in connecting people.  Once again I had the feeling that building and flying it’s all about friends.  continue

[ed. Who is fradante?  He's the guy in the orange RV-8 in the CrewRV8 formation team <g> v/r,dr]


New steering link geometry ...scsmith

Some of you will have seen the thread that I started several years ago after a surprise groundloop occurred in a strong starboard cross wind when the steering link unexpectedly and suddenly released.

That thread stimulated a lot of good discussion on several related topics, one of which is the asymmetry of a "rocket link" steering link in the release points when steering left and right. The asymmetry is caused by the angle at the rudder horn from the rudder hinge axis to the attach point for the steering link being a different angle than the angle at the steering arm from the tail wheel pivot axis to the attach point for the steering link.

After some discussion with Darwin Barrie at JD Airparts, he arranged to make a modified steering arm. I spent a little while doing some trig and analytic geometry to come up with a length and sweep angle of the steering arm that would produce a symmetrical release action to the left and right, and have both directions cause release of the tail wheel lock just at the extreme deflection of the rudder. Darwin sent me the the new steering arm and a longer steering link to test out. Here are some pictures of the installation.

I have not been able to fly this installation yet because of weather, ongoing condition inspection, and some other activities. But I will report back here as soon as I can fly with it. I can tell you that on the ground, if you pull the rudder all the way to the stop, and put pressure on the tail wheel in the direction it would feel if steering, it does NOT release. Same left and right. If you put the rudder all the way to the stop and put pressure on the tail wheel in the direction to make it swivel intentionally, it does release. Same left and right.

You can also see that I substitute a normal rod end with an AN3 bolt and AN970 washer, plus some of the rod end spacer washers that Vans sells, in place of the integral rod end + stud that is supplied. This insures that the rod end stays captive in the very unlikely event that the bearing fails.

So I am pretty optimistic that this will be a nice improvement to the steering link system for those that like it. The steering link system is quicker steering than chains or cables with springs and a little slack, and arguably not as rugged as cables with springs. So there is still room for personal preference here. But for those of us that like the quick, positive steering feel, this new steering arm should give you symmetrical behavior.
Steve Smith
Aeronautical Engineer
RV-8 N825RV


RVs connected people ...Luke in Italy

The very first VFR day after a while in my area created a connection opportunity.  Three builders, good guys - all in the liner pilot business and never met together, arrived in my home base to meet me.

Dan, retired from airline, flew his red/yellow RV-6 from Swiss.  Hermann, Lufthansa pilot, own an RV-7 and an RV-8. He has some serious plans to cross the Pond to Oshkosh with the 8.   Tobias - the booster - flies his brand new RV-7. He's a young pilot for Swiss Airline. Hermann and Tobias arrived from distinct Germany area.

We spent some hours to speak about RVs, they took a look of a pair of nice 8s , so we had a lunch together. Thank you for your visit ! See you soon.

"It’s the airplanes that bring us together. It’s the people who keep us coming back."  continue/more pics

[ed. Luca!  The calendar you sent me arrived in the mail Monday.  Thank you very much!!!!  On our refrigerator right now!!!! v/r,dr


RV14 panel design - give us any advice ...romanov (Israel)

Hello fellow builders,

It is first time I am designing IFR panel full of avionic devices I never used (yet). So please give me your best opinion on the work so far.  Your experience here is the most valuable piece of information that can be.

Thanks a lot:


Status Report ...Tdeman -6

I got a deal on a second hand engine mount, gear legs, and wheels that came off of a colleagues RV-6. As a bonus, it had wheel and leg fairings already installed. I decided to see how the mount lined up with the holes that were in my firewall already. The top two holes were dead on, but the bottom two were both more then half a hole off to the inside… Symmetrically, so there was no way to realign the mount to get it to work… Measured the mount, and it’s right to spec, so somehow, sometime before I got it, the firewall and weldements were miss drilled to 1/4”. Time for some surgery to get things right…continue


February 4, 2019.  Issue #4,752 

Build Update ...jcarne

Well now that the flaps are done I decided to do the aileron and elevator push rods. First I had to take a couple of weeks off for this bundle of joy. Say hello to my new aviator named Avden with his custom RV hat.  ...


Condition inspection RV9A/ compression tests.

Working on my condition inspection in my logbook for engine I have a note with my compression tests from last year that indicate satisfactory with AC 90.116-98. I wanted to read that but I cannot find it I am assuming it is a advisory circular. When checking on the Internet I show no results found. After checking my Lycoming manual I am not finding a set of values for compression test. Help! Ron in Oregon


Almost There

...16th annual inspection in the final stretch.  Engine cleaned, new valve cover gaskets, intake pipe gaskets, oil breather line hose and more.  Man that thing looks clean.  I like.

full size


Bahama trip follow-up

I just returned from my 4 day (3 nights) trip to the Bahamas in a nut shell it was a fantastic in every way. I began the trip fairly early the morning of Jan. 28 and flew to Fort Meyers airport (KFMY) where I picked up my long time friend Art Kampf. From there we flew non stop to New Bight airport (MYCB) on Cat Island in the Bahamas. Flight time was 2.3 hrs. Clearing customs there was easy and took only a frw minutes plus a fee of $60.00  continue


Pan Pan ...Ed W.

“Approach, experimental XYZ, pan, pan.” That got their attention!

I’d used mayday two or three times in the past, but this was the first time using pan. I was flying with a friend, and when he gave me the controls back in the RV-9A after doing a turn, the stick was really heavy. The elevator trim indicator showed way, way nose down – uncommanded. And the elevator trim switch was ineffective. After talking it over with my friend, also a very experienced CFI, we decided this was an appropriate PAN situation and going home right away was the best course.

We were about 8 minutes out, about 120 knots, and what to do? ATC offered closer airports, but home base seemed pretty doable. But it took a LOT of pull on the stick.

The first decision was that I had him fly so I wouldn’t be landing an out of trim airplane with really tired arms. 


RV-10 'Poster' ...charrois

Here is mine, while on static display at an airshow. About 200 hours of flying on it now, and worth every hour of construction time!


Keeping fuel pump cool

Hi everyone.

I've been having ongoing issues with fuel pressure fluctuations at higher altitudes and am trying to get them resolved once and for all. I've done everything I can think of to keep the tunnel cool (insulated firewall and floor of the tunnel, pipe wrap insulation around the scat tubes there, etc.), but that hasn't helped. I'm now in the process of moving my fuel flow transducer out of the tunnel and instead between the engine pump and servo as the "red cube" manufacturers suggest to avoid the possibility of the transducer being a source of vapour lock. I've also changed my fuel pressure sensor in case it was faulty in some way. I'm still working on these changes so haven't done a flight yet to see if the situation improves, but while the plane is down am trying to improve the performance of the fuel system as much as possible.

But something which still strikes me as "poor design" is that when cabin heat isn't required, heat from the exhaust muffs is directed to the area between the firewall and engine, right where the engine fuel pump is. I have the stainless cabin heat selector vents as well, which help to prevent heat from leaking into the cabin when it's not wanted, but does nothing to keep the area aft of the engine cool. 


Newbie question: skin dent

Just starting out on my VS and I made my first (of many I'm sure) goof. Flipped VS-706 upside-down and when I wrapped the skin, the rib created a small but visible dent. I should have known better. I'll probably order a new skin to be safe, but would be helpful to get a second opinion. Am I going overboard or is this going to bother me every time I look at it?


11th annual ice cream social at Inyokern, CA on March 9th

The 11th annual ice cream social will be held at Inyokern, CA airport on March 9th from 1100-1400.

The ice cream social is just an excuse to get together, eat some free ice cream and fly. It started as a way to get folks involved and has grown every year. Last year was a bust due to weather. Hope we can make for it this year.

If you would like to attend, please email me at axel_alvarez "at" hotmail "dot" com Use "Ice cream social" on the subject line of the email for spam filter reasons. If not, it will end up in the "trash/recycling bin" and I won't know you are coming. The head count will be used to figure out how much supplies my wife and I need to buy. All I need is your name and the number of people attending by March 2nd. Please DON'T wait until the last minute. 


Ted Chang New Kit Status ...mothership fb post


Prop Crack Update

Closing this out, here's the statement from the engineers at Sensenich published with Don Rowell's perimission:

"The crack occurred at the 30% ply drop. While the crack did not and likely would not have propagated into the spar, it did go through all layers of the skin laminate. We cut into the laminate at the crack location, but we were unable to find any abnormal type of discontinuity. This is the first like this we have observed on a production propeller blade.

It is our recommendation that we replace both blades free of charge. At this point, we believe this to be a discrete failure due to an irregularity that industry standard quality control practices were unable to diagnose.

We have sectioned the blade, and will certainly continue to diagnose and if needed correct the issue that caused the failure. We do feel strongly that the alternate load paths found in the blades would have prevented this failure from becoming catastrophic."

As I said above, I will monitor the new blades carefully. As someone else said, there's no such thing as a company that hasn't supplied defective product. I expect to have a good experience with the new blades and think that Don and his staff have done all that can be expected.


Neat Freak Porn

Seen at Monk's during my annual.  Oh baby... 



February 1, 2019.  Issue #4,751
  Continuing the annual on the RV-6.  Gaskets, hoses, plugs, etc.  The tailwheel bushing is pretty shot - might be the year to replace that after a decade and change of abuse use.  It might be nice to have positive, firm tailwheel steering again - currently it's sorta a 'suggestion'. ;^).  I gave Darwin a call and he gave me some idears.  Developing...
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.


Upgraded Mothership Website and Brand

...pretty great looking!  Give it a look!


A New Look For Van's Aircraft ...the press release.


Wallpaper Calendar for February

Photo courtesy Ed Hicks
Flow Images Ltd, 3C Lower Lapdown Workshops,
Lapdown Lane, Tormarton, Badminton, GL9 1JE.  Tel: 07973 715211


Why I fly Young Eagles ...D. Gherardini

Gents, After reading the posts from the few who DON'T fly young eagles, I felt compelled to tell my story. This is gonna be long, But, I MUST tell it.
About 7 or 8 years ago or so, A fellow pilot friend of mine from another EAA chapter called me on a friday eve, and asked, "You are coming to our fly-in tomorrow ?" And I said, " You bet, in fact Im gonna try and make two fly-ins tomorrow because there is also a fly-in car-show at Pekin Muni." He said great, would you consider doing us a big favor and helping out with the Young eagle rides? Last year we had over 100 kids show up and we think this year will be even bigger, and one of our members just called me. He went out to his hangar to check on his Cherokee and found a puddle of oil underneath, so he has canceled, and we are worried we wont have enough aircraft to get them all done." ...

Now, I had been a EAA guy for many , many years. And I really never much paid attention to the young eagle stuff..always too busy to give it much thought. Not that I dont go to fly-ins. I attend a fly-in somewhere just about every single weekend of the summer. Hated it when I missed one within range of whatever aircraft I owned at the time. Looking back, I was just selfishly thinking about my own fun, and not any kids. Now this friend who called, he is a really good friend, and as I was thinking about probably not being able to make BOTH events if I got wrestled into this, so I was trying to figure out an excuse to turn him down. Anyway, because of our friendship, I just couldnt. So I agreed. I can tell you, I flew up to their airport early the next morning, kind of bummed out, feeling like it was a chore I was not much interested in.

Well, for whatever reason, not as many kids showed up as they had hoped, and after flying about 40 or so, we were done. I cheered up, as I now was going to be able to make that other fly-in with the car-show now. Before I left, as I had plenty of time now, I walked over to where the pres of that chapter, some other officers and the other pilots were sitting in the shade of a Cessna wing and took the extra lawn chair to jaw with them. They were all discussing what had gone wrong, why the turnout was poor, where they spent their advertising money, and how "unsuccessful" the event was.They were all, "Down in the jaw" I didn't say much as I am not a member of that chapter, and wouldnt have known a successful event from a bust anyway.

While this discussion was going on, we noticed a woman walking towards us from up by the area where to food vendors and other activity was. She had a kid, maybe 8 or 9 by the hand and continued walking our way with this somber, serious look on her face, and kind of a "John Wayne" jaunt to her step. Pretty quick, everybody shut up as she was definitely coming straight toward us. When she stopped in our midst, she said, " Excuse me men, But I would like to speak with the pilot of that Yellow airplane right over there."..and she pointed right at my craft. GULP...I was floored..I didnt recognize the kid as one I had flown, but figgered I was about to get reamed by a mad mother for something, making her kid sick , or scared, or who knows what..and all I could think of was..I knew I never should have done this. So I stood and simply said, "That would be me ma'am." geting prepared to take my licks. I think all my friends were taking a step or two backwards as I stood..you could have heard a pin drop.... Then she began. "MY son rode with you this morning, and I wanted to ask you a favor, I Just didnt see this coming. He just turned 16 last fall and got his drivers license, and he has been in so much trouble. His grades at school have been terrible, he wont mind me or his stepdad. He has been in trouble with the police and he has not come home several nights"...she continued on about the boy, and their problems, for a bit.cant remember all she said, but I do remember she said "he wont even stand up straight anymore"..anyway, she continued, "But something just happened to him, and I really think he is going to straighten up. " When he got out of that plane he came running to me and asked me for my phone, because he needed to call his dad right now! " I gave him my phone and he called his father. I heard him apologize for the trouble he has been in, which he has NEVER done before, and when school starts he will get good grades and he will do what Mom and his stepdad tells him and how sorry he was, because..he just has to learn to fly, and the pilot told him..He had to study hard, get good grades, because Aviation is expensive, but its worth whatever you have to pay. Nothing beats flying." "Well, im sorry sir for the trouble, but I just didnt see it coming, I had to go to the car and get my camera and if you dont mind, I'd like to take a picture of you and him next to that airplane. I dont want him to forget today."

Talk about floored..I was not expecting this. Of course I said "yes 'ma'am, and as we started to walk towards my 912 KitFox, I saw that boy come running down from the main hangar area where he was waiting. AHhhh..now I remember him..he was that kid with the chip on his shoulder..acting too cool, and like he was just gonna do but it wasnt gonna be anything. HE was the kid that, after we got to altitude, and asked him if he wanted to take the stick, and of course he did..and after about one minute..he melted, and became super enthusiastic. He got the hang real quick, as most 16 year old boys would..and as I coached him thru the next two turns, he did really well. I felt good about it then, but I had no idea of his troubles..and now, well, as it turns out Thanks to his mom, two boys lives were changed that day. Mom took her photos, and we parted. I noticed something also, as they walked away, he was standing up straight and held his chin high.
I was immediately overcome with both pride, and then shame. So proud I might have had a chance to change a wayward young mans life positively, and so danged ashamed, I had ignored this program..well..since it started. What a selfish turd i thought of myself in the next moment. When I walked back to the squad under the Cessna wing, The mood there was decidedly different. I went right up to the chapter president, and I told him. " I dont care how unsuccessful you guys thought this event was, and I dont care if you have only one kid come next time..you call me, Ill come and fly , cause nothing pays better than this." They of course were all smiling now, in a much better mood.

I fly young eagles now with several chapters, and never miss one. How often does a fella get a chance to make a difference in a strangers kids life so effectively, and how much is it worth? It does not happen of course every time..and you cant tell what effect you have on them always, but when you can see it..its worth more than gold. Flying young eagles can be a Heck of alot more than giving airplane rides, you are setting an example.
D. Gherardini
Central Illinois
RV9A slider 0-320 carbed


Garmin Aera 660 Software V3.40 Available 1/31/19 ...g3xpert

Aera 660 software version 3.40 is now available. As always, the Aera software update is free and can be easily downloaded on your Aera 660 when connected to wifi. Here are a few highlights from the new V3.40 software:

On the airport runway review tab, the Aera 660 will now show you headwind and crosswind components for the selected runway. The preferred runway will be highlighted green.  continue


First Start After Sitting A Year. . . Ideas?

My Lycoming O-360 has been sitting for a year while the airplane has undergone a complete panel and electrical system upgrade. Soon I’ll be starting the engine, and I have concerns about scuffing the cam lobes while waiting for oil to make its way to the top of the engine. I’ve always been told that this startup wear, particularly on what is probably a very dry cam, is responsible for a tremendous amount of overall engine wear.

In trying to come up with a way to mitigate the problem, my friend wondered out loud why I couldn’t just fill the case to the top with oil (through the breather), submerging the cam. Then drain it all out, pull the engine through by hand to insure no hydro lock issues, refill the case to the normal level and start’r up.

It sounded kind of crazy at first, but after giving it some thought, I can’t see why it wouldn’t work. I figure I must be missing something, and thought I’d run it by you guys. What do you think?

If you think its a good idea, I wonder how many gallons of oil it would take to make it to the top. Also, couldn’t you use cheaper automotive oil, since it’s going to be drained out anyway?

Thanks in advance for your input!



January 31, 2019.  Issue #4,750

300+....The Jacket ...turbo RV-6A

"...getting this jacket was a great surprise. coming in handy this winter in florida. we have also been flying kids in operation 300. this is for kids who have lost a parent during military service. these have been some of the best flights in my rv." :^)


Status Report ...KazooRV-9A

Hard to believe it's been 10 months since my last post. Here's a current photo of the Fuse. I've been working on the Canopy since early December, it's as difficult as many of the threads describe. Mostly trail and error to fit the bubble on the frame and meet the desired fit to the fuselage. I was ready to just go open cockpit, but a friend came over one day and we somehow got things fitted. (The windscreen is just sitting on the front).  continue


Avoiding confusion

Recently I've redone my checklists. The plane was first flown in 2012 and as time has passed I found I had many little checklist tucked away in the nooks and crannies around the cockpit. This past week I spent some time consolidating them into three 5X11 inch laminated cards. All my information is now handily located on the front or back of these 3 cards.

Here's the point of this post. Once when I was ready to head home from the Petit Jean Fly-in in Arkansas, I had my primary GPS unit go belly up. The little bit of checking and messing with it I could do sitting there ready to takeoff didn't yield any good results. I had the back up nexus tablet up and running so no issues there and I blasted off for home. After taking off I began to think of how the loss of the device would affect my flight. My mind went blank!!! Here's what I did about it. While sitting at home drinking coffee with all the time I needed and no stress of flying a plane, I went through each device in the plane and tried to write a summary of each. What information I was getting from each device, (and what information I would lose in event of failure of that particular device), where the device got that information from and in the event of a failure exactly what to do about it.

I'm VFR only so this was pretty simple. The interesting thing was the human factor that come into play. This was no emergency at all but my mind in the middle of it could not organize the information. GPS/autopilot/wifi/bluetooth/dual antenna.... it all began to run together and created confusion in my head. Eventually I found the best things was to ignore it and use the nexus. I did get bummed about the thought of hand flying the 450 miles home.... (what did I ever do before I had an AP)??? I did figure out the autopilot would still work in heading and altitude modes.

By the way, it turns out the only thing wrong with my primary GPS device was some corrosion on one end of the fuse so that's why it wasn't blown and still didn't work when reinstalled.
Paul Gray
Foley, Alabama


RV-10 Shot ...Electrogunner


Panel Progress ...ssokol

Got the newly cut and coated blanks (I ordered an extra one for a table-top demo) on Friday. Here's a shot of one with the switches installed:

I already had the Carling rocker switches with the custom covers, so I decided to just push ahead with them. Probably not as good or as small as the locking switches, but they were paid for and they should do the job. I think they look pretty good.

The cut-out on the far right is for the breaker panel. Decided to stay semi old-school and use standard Klixon breakers. The airplane already has 17 which are in good shape, so rather than trying to go in a new direction I just expanded it a bit. The new breaker panel will mount from behind so if I ever want to remove the panel I can do so without disconnecting all those breakers. Just take out the screws and pull the main panel away.

I should have new mounts for the iPads soon. I designed a new low-profile mount that won't take up too much space and will make it easy to mount the "knobs and buttons" bar at the bottom.

If you're going to be at Copperstate in Buckeye AZ next weekend, look me up. I'll be in the exhibit tent. I plan to have the demo system set up and running.


Don't Make My Mistake ...Bill Boyd

See this fancy drag-reducing closeout of the outboard end rib on my right flap? I did them on the inboard side as well. Before trimming the flap to fit the fuse. Without realizing the inboard end isn't exposed to the slipstream when the flaps are up.

It's all getting ground away to make room for flap fitment to fuselage. :^(


Status Report #10 ...romanov

...many pics.


Mothership Stats:


The End of the Great Program ...Vlad

The program is discontinued. I managed to stamp over a dozen of airports in South Carolina. I will keep the booklet who knows maybe in 10 years it will be running again. :^)


Jan/Feb '19 Safety Briefing Issue is Online ...40pg PDF



January 30, 2019.  Issue #4,749

And so begins the 16th Condition Inspection...

...at Richmond Aircraft Service (Monkey's).  Looking like this might be the year of hose replacements.



Getting my RV Grin ...Brian RV-4

Here's one way to get the RV grin. It was an especially nice day for flying upside down.


Thanks ...first post update

Thanks for the welcome everyone. It’s encouraging to know that there’s so much support available to help with the build. And with very little “small” airplane experience, it has been great to have some folks helping me learn to flare a little lower than 30’ and teach me what a magneto does. Anyone wanting to visit CYQA, just let me know your plans. If I’m not on the other side of the planet working, I’ll happily meet-and-greet any fellow RVers. It’s even a port of entry for any Americans who want to take a quick trip across the border. I’m excited to be part of the RV club.
RV-3A bought
RV-8 building


RV7-A model: Access to torque landing gear mount hardware

Looking ahead in the plans, us -A builder eventually need to install the WD-721 landing gear mounts against the F-704 center section bulkhead with bolts on the top and bottom of the mounts. Once the bottom skin is riveted on, getting good access to those bottom nuts will be challenging:

I will be able to get a long skinny wrench down there, but not any torque wrench I've seen. Before I button these bottom skins up, is there anything I can do to make this task less of a P.I.T.A. later? Is it acceptable to measure/set the torque on the bolt sides instead of the nuts for these?

I decided to install the F-663 control column mounts to the bulkhead before riveting the skin for this reason. But I don't think it would be possible (or wise) to install the gear mounts early too.
Ryan Drake
Livermore, CA


RV-8 - #83674 - N8SA ...update

I am building a RV-8 and have reserved the tail number 8SA. I have been documenting the build so far in time lapse video on YouTube. The Horizontal Stab and Vertical Stab videos are just the time lapse video, however moving forward I intend to try and make the videos a little more interactive and informative for those that wish to follow along in my build. This is the first plane I've build and have so far learned a ton, with plenty more mistakes to go, I'm sure!

Sean A.
RV-8 -- N8SA



January 29, 2019.  Issue #4,748

The importance of Pie Insurance ...Capt. Sandy

Aviation Tales for Cold Winter Days, part two, where Jim continues his story, and the importance of Pie Insurance comes home:

....Past the playground and the fuel pump, a fellow in a brown flight jacket slide open a hangar door and pulled out a navy blue bi-plane. A young couple stood nearby, waiting for the ride of their lives. They’d see the sparkling waters of Puget Sound and the jagged peaks of the Olympics from a vantage very few get to see. Their flight would be thrilling, and I hoped for them, joyous. But it wouldn’t be even half the joy Roy and I, and others of our aviation tribe experience. It wouldn’t have the same joy, because their flight doesn’t carry with it the hours spent in a airplane hangar pounding rivets, or studying weather and courses or learning how to look up that one radio frequency you can’t find to get an IFR pop-up when you’re going to be in the clouds like it or not...


Moxie Gets Her Wings ...petehowell

You might have heard there is an Alberta Clipper headed towards the midwest. You have heard correctly..... Bad today and getting worse. -27degF on Tuesday and Weds nights. We just had -6 this morning, but no wind and lots of sun. Flight time!!!


-3B Status Update ...David_Paule

The strip for the Mil-Spec quarter-turn fasteners for the top of the cowling now has a pattern, not shown. I had a bit of aluminum for that, but it’s one inch too narrow, since I need to allow for the semi-conical shape of the thing. New piece on order.

Next, I figured that this was a good time to make a pattern for the baggage floor. The piece of aluminum supplied with the kit has a curious shape, and the cut-outs for the flap torque tube arms looked large to me. That plus Ironflight’s comment about needing to make a pattern for his, all combined to say make a pattern. Don’t just start cutting.

And a good thing I listened, too. I found some white poster board at the hardware store and dove in. Immediately, it was apparent that there was no way it would fit into the baggage compartment as a single piece of card stock. I cut it in half. It was then difficult to put each piece in by itself, but eventually, I got both sides trimmed. And more card stock taped on, and trimmed again. Kind of fun, working that way, but then elementary school subjects sometimes are.

When I finally got both pieces in together, and taped back together, the difficulty of putting the pattern in or removing it returned. And what about the final skin?

I temporarily installed the flap torque arm assembly and marked, generously, lines around the arms. After removing that frame and the pattern, I then laid out the cut-out from the plans. You know, it’s a better fit than I’d thought. But a tweak here and another there, and I was able to refine the cut-out somewhat. And, remember this, it was now easy to get the pattern in and out. While it might be wishful thinking, maybe the baggage floor will go in readily, too.

Here’s a pic of the pattern in place, but not the flap actuator tube. At the bottom cut-out, you can just see the plans version of the cut-out at the aft end of the hole. Yes, there's plenty of room for working at the pushrod.

I’ll probably do some additional minor trimming before I cut metal.

On the far right, you can see that the halves of the bulkhead top are unconnected. The splice plate is under that bit of blue tape. That'll be part of the aft tailcone skin project, by and by.


Mystery Nutplates and Other Holes ...iamtheari RV-14

I'm nearing the end of the fuselage kit of my RV-14, and I've also been working on the finishing kit. I don't have the wings yet. I'm saving those for last. Along the way, I've run into a couple mysteries and I'm wondering if anyone knows the answers.

Mystery 1: On page 10-12 while building the tailcone, there are two K1000-08D nutplates installed on the top flange of the F-01406B bulkhead. The F-01406F baggage bulkhead corrugation covers this area up in section 42. In between those points, I haven't found where anything gets screwed into these nutplates.

Mystery 2: The left side of the flap motor cover (part F-01445B-L) has two openings along the aft edge. What is their purpose?

The two that are in focus, with their rivets half-painted. (Note that I added two nutplates to the battery angles for a different reason. I'm talking about the two that are actually called for in the plans, on the upper flange of that bulkhead.)  ...


Alternator Question ...KRviator

Following on from Dan's issues - and rather than start a new thread - I thought I'd seek the collective help of the VAF Brains Trust on a nearly identical issue.

For the last 20 or so hours, I have been trying to work out what is causing my alternator to be constantly hunting in output. The alternator is a single PlanePower FS-14B, one of those internally-regulated ones that mounts on the vacuum pad.

From my "Running a tank dry" video, it also shows the problem I'm having, with the voltage and amperage fluctuating between 14.5-14.8V and 8-16 amps.

I flew again today after running a series of resistance checks on the B-lead connections, the master contactor connections and amp shunt fittings, all were secure and no variation to the resistance was shown during the tug tests. I'd previously removed the 3-pin plug and noted a small amount of corrosion on one of the female pins, though nothing I'd class as troubling. Today, I removed the 3-pin plug and also removed the 2 female pins from the housing, and squeezed them down slightly before reinstalling it. Next step is to replace the plug and pins in their entirety.

Of note, when the battery is low, ie for the first 10-20 minutes of flight, there are no problems, it charges normally and indications are rock-steady. When the problem manifests itself, turning the alternator OFF drops the indicated amperage to 0 and battery volts to around 13.5-14.0 as you'd expect. Reselecting the alternator several minutes later shows normal charging until the current drops, then the problem recurs.

From what I've done so far, I figure:•I don't have any loose fittings (the only one left to check is the Alt Field pin onthe VPX-end socket)
•The problem is 'actual', not an 'instrumentation' problem.
•The problem is internal to the PP alternator
•The problem is not vibration-related as it is too regular in its' cycling.
I can't see a problem doing so, but rather than replacing the alternator, is there any reason I can't install a separate external voltage-regulator in addition to the internal one in the PP unit?

So...Does anyone have any ideas?



I found a nice page listing all the Wx abbreviations, descriptions, phenomena, could types, etc.  I added the link to the Wx page next to the word METAR in the upper right corner.



January 28, 2019.  Issue #4,747

Sterling @ Van's.  Camping pic. (enlarge)

RV-8 and the Endless Cloud ...Steve Rush RV-8 (10min vid)

1/14/19 was a really nice day, at least in my corner of the world. Unfortunately, virtually everywhere I wanted to go was under a solid blanket of clouds. Anyway, it looked a lot like this.


Just some weekend fourship fun ...fl-mike

Taken from the backseat of Randy's 8 (#2) last Saturday (19 Jan). For all our frozen RV brothers up north!  Harvey lead (8), Randy #2 (8), me #3 (6A), Lonn #4 (8). Gotta get my 8 done!


APRS Art/Geometry ...Vlad the amazing.

Once upon a time a good friend of mine from far away topped me off around Hanukkah. He asked me to draw something big <g>.  On a weekend I went up, got a squawk and settled myself between 7 and 9 thousand feet. Over four hours and three controllers later I was still up there above the deck, listening to music, contemplating about life and giving PIREP to a rare flyer who ventured to punch through the thin layer. I didn't finish the silhuette the fuel was running low. I promised my buddy to try again next year.

The plan.

The actual.


I'm Back

Hello VAF'ers, Some may remember me from the 08/09 era. I built and flew a -8. Great airplane by the way. In the 9 plus years I have been away, I've helped several friends finish up and paint their RV projects. I have purchased a 7A Tip up kit from a friend that started it around 06, and never finished. I have already converted it to tailwheel and now working on the slider canopy conversion, Just wanted to re-introduce myself and say I was back in the RV business. Really glad to be back.

Bill Woods


RV-Lancair Brotherhood Day ...snopercod

Rutherfordton. The Brotherhood had a last-minute fly-out to Rutherfordton [KFQD] for lunch today. The gusty winds beat the stuffing out of us and we reported moderate turbulence to ATC. The lunch at 57A was good, though, and it was great to see Steve's Suburu-powered RV-8 again. Man, his plane sure sounds awesome in the pattern.


And this is why you do condition inspections...Mark Dickens

My relatively new (< 2 years old and about 120 hours of use) Sensenich ground adjustable prop surprised me this morning when I was inspecting it as a part of the condition inspection:


2017 Vans RV-8, Tullahoma, 30Dec18 ...PHOTO01

Had a great time in December getting some neat photos of a good friend's RV-8 in Tennessee


RV-10 Build Status Report ...tforster100

Well thanks to Brandon in nearby Denton I’ve got a headstart on my build already. Just bought his mostly done empennage kit. We are working on the tailcone and I’m learning a lot. Got a lesson on deburring, drilling, clecoes, and riveting. Even made my first accidental smiley face today, at least it was on a practice piece. Thanks Brandon.


9A Status Report ...dwranda

James Cowl Update.  Here's a few pics of the progress. I still have work to do on it, but it's coming along. It was pretty cool to see it on the plane and to be able to open the oil door and take out the dip stick.



January 25, 2019.  Issue #4,746
  It's time for the commercial rating checkride.  Are there any DPE RV fans out there semi-close to me that needs a customer?  Have RV.  Will travel.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Clay R. RV-9A (flying since '04).  ClayR_9A in the forums...
dr pic from I don't even remember when...at least a decade ago.

Practice in 'The System'

Yesterday I went for gas up in Sherman and thought I'd flex the brain a bit (not saying much).  Filed IFR using FltPlan.com and tested out the import into Garmin Pilot feature for the first time.  Seemed to work fine.  IFR out of a non-towered field into a non-towered field, and back out of a non-towered field equal sign time on the phone.  I bet this was so much more a pain in the arse before cell phones bluetoothing into headsets became a thing.

Got some time in the system, the ILS RWY 16L at KAFW, got steered around some conflicts, cancelled IFR at missed and back over to 52F for lunch.  Then home and work. 


A good morning to practice perishable skills.  Getting vectored around some heavies was kinda fun.  Behind a FedEX Airbus for a bit on the approach.


Testing - Wheel pants or not?

Q: I did all my flight testing of our RV-7A with my wheel pants off; standard practice in Minnesota in the winter. Come spring, wheel pants back on, and retesting WOT, I found significant difference in max RPM and airspeed from my no-wheel pants testing. In reviewing the new FAA Test Flight cards, where they go into such detail as where CG should be, and how much fuel to carry, for each test, a question occurred to me.

Relative to Vx, Vy and best glide testing, would they change, depending on wheel pants or no wheel pants?

If so, I will want to retest, this time with wheel pants on. I may even retest anyway, following the FAA Test Flight instructions, just to confirm my earlier results.

A: (Raymo) The drag imposed by the exposed landing gear is significant and would affect glide speed and distance.  I gained around 20 MPH after installation of mine. Everything got better, including CHTs.


Hi-Res RV-10 Pic Request ...rdrcrmatt

(oren_rakach request)  "Here's one of ours that just came out of paint."


Help for a TALL pilot ...new guy chimes in.

Good afternoon. This is my first post.... I'm very interested in the rv-14, but I have a problem. I'm 6'6'' with a 35'' inseam. Half the people I talk to say no problem, the other half say no way. Would love to be able to "try one on". I'm in central Florida. At the very least, I would like your opinions. Thanks in advance.

I am 6'5 w/ 36" inseam and I built my RV-9 to fit me. I have no issues. Seems like a RV-14 would be even better height wise and mostly width wise.

Micheal, I am 6’3 and 200 lbs with a 99th percentile sitting height. Small aircraft have always been an issue with my head hitting the canopy. I got the opportunity to sit in an RV7/8/10/ and 14. The 7 was too short in either seat (head pressed into the canopy). The 8 was good in the front seat but impossible in the rear seat. The 10 was ok, but with the headset on it was occasionally touching the cieling. In the 14 I had no contact between by head and the canopy except in low G maneuvers, but that was likely due to the loose seatbelt. Not saying you will be the same, but hopefully this helps.

I am 6'4", 32 -34 inseam with an RV9a I built with almost 14 mod, rudder pedals moved forward and have plenty of room. The RV14 will not be an issue.

Mentioning inseam means you are more concern about leg room than head.
I am 6’3”, tall in the torso. I sit on 4” of Medium dense foam that compresses down to 2”, 3” of back foam, Bose headset, geezer accordion sun shade above head. All this leaves me with about 1” between headset and shade.
I wear 31” inseam pants and thinking of bring the pedals 1” closer. Plenty of leg
room available.
I say 6’6’ should be no issue

Hey Tall Guy,,, I’m tall too,
,,,added this bar to recline my seat (-8A) and it’s helped a lot. Also, using a thin high density foam seat cushion with an Air Hawk air cushion on top of that-just right. I’m 6’3” and on the larger side. The -8A fits great.

I’m am building an RV-14 and wondered the same thing. I flew in a local RV-14A and had no issues with leg or head room. I’m 6’-6” 36” inseam and weigh 250#. You should have no trouble at all.

I’m 6’4” 210lbs 36” in seam, I fly a -6 with almost a -14 mod, I fit quite well.


Pic from Mr. X

June Mountain Ski Resort



January 24, 2019.  Issue #4,745
  It's time for the commercial rating checkride.  Are there any DPE RV fans out there semi-close to me that needs a customer?  Have RV.  Will travel. 

Parked on Water...Alton Bay is OPEN.

(Jpm757) Can confirm Alton Bay is open and runway is in great shape!


Milestone ...Bill Boyd

A great psychological barrier has been crossed in this build: not only is she on her gear now, but this happened last night. Very visible progress, probably the most there will ever be at one swoop.

Thanks to my son and my daughter's boyfriend for manhandling the expensive and delicate pieces without a mishap.


Yeah, We Understand ;^) ...llavalle RV-12is

I don't recall being this excited by a phone call : Van's just called to get the authorization to charge the credit card & finish crating. The emp kit should be shipped this week or next week!


Panel Finished ...dbaflyer

Been finished for awhile, but these also have the wind screen and dash complete. Running around 7.5 - 8.0 amps


Sebring Underway ...mothership


Installing GDL-82 In Completed RV-8 ...ArlingtonRV

I just completed the installation of a GDL-82 in my 2001 RV-8 (I'm not the builder). The good news, I just completed the validation flight and have all green and got the Incentive Code to apply for the rebate. The bad news, I started all this on December 22nd.

The long span is all my fault and the result of a few things, 1) even though I thought I panned ahead to have everything on hand, I still needed to order a few things, 2) I planned to do it over the holidays so getting the things I forgot took longer than usual to get, and 3) I had no idea where I wanted to mount everything and spent a lot of time working out logistics.

This is simply intended to show what I did. It works, so it is a viable option, but not necessarily the best or only option.

The first consideration that took a lot of time to resolve was where to put the GPS antenna. I have a Garmin GNC 250XL so there is already a GPS antenna on the turtle deck. I considered putting the new one next to and farther aft of the one that is there, but to maintain the 9" minimum, 12" preferred distance between antennas that idea became untenable.

I then considered replacing the 250XL antenna with the GDL-82 antenna and just living without GPS on the 250 XL (I have an Aera 660 and an iPad running Fore Flight), but I didn't really like that idea. I also considered replacing the 250 XL antenna with the GDL antenna (they use the same hole pattern) and using it to provide GPS data for both units using a splitter. The problem there was more wires to run, another piece to mount and another $300. I ended up using the antenna shelf from the RV-12 (current part number F-01201R-1) on the firewall and mounting it there. When complete, it looked a lot like this: 


Aerosport Products Website Update

Hello all. If you have been trying to open the Aerosport Products website within the last 48 hours and have not been able to, it's because we were in the process of launching our new website!!! The new site is LIVE and we would love for you to check it out.



January 23, 2019.  Issue #4,744
  It's time for the commercial rating checkride.  Are there any DPE RV fans out there semi-close to me that needs a customer?  Have RV.  Will travel. 

748PK is a bodacious RV-9A aero-plane

OK builders, it’s true. Do something on the project every day (in my case, days per thing is the practical unit of measurement) and eventually you really can’t think of anything else that needs to be done before calling in the DAR.

No squawks from the inspection and paperwork in order…748PK is an airplane as of Monday January 21st, 2019. Ordered the emp kit December 26, 2005 and went ultra-slow build all the way, partially dictated by sending two kids thru college in the intervening years.

Had the privilege of introducing myself to Ironflight, who was the speaker at EAA Chapter 663’s annual dinner, on Saturday night. Our chapter VP told Paul to give me his best advice ahead of the upcoming inspection, and he said, “Jam nuts! Vic Syracuse is on an absolute tear….” Happy to report they were all snug and striped when I checked (again) Sunday night!

Kurt Haller
P-town, CA (10 min from KLVK!)
N748PK, RV-9A
Airworthy as of 21 January 2019


Retirement at Cleaveland Tool

For 24 out of our 26 years at Cleaveland Tool, Marshall McDowell has been pumping out tools that change the lives of builders around the world. He is retiring this week and I thought it would be fun to solicit comments from users of his work. Annette and I get to hear it from customers on the phone and at Oshkosh, but please consider passing on a message right to him to show your appreciation of top quality dimple dies, squeezers, edge formers. We hired Marshall in 1994 from a jewel cutter, knowing if he could see facets on a stone he would work well with the details we needed. Since he has trained the half dozen people that currently do the same (including another jeweler). Happy camping Marshall!

(I will pass on comments from here next Tuesday)
Thank you all!


Self Portrait ...Ken W.


Why not more Nord-Lock washers?

I've been wondering for some time why Nord-lock type washers are not used on our birds. They have a neat design that uses tension in the washer to rather than friction in the locking nut to provide the locking action. They are touted to be particularly good in high vibration environments. Interesting video here

I finally came across a set in my Matco brakes; the AN4 bolts that hold the pad opposite the plunger have Nord-like type washers. It's a bolt into a blind hole, so safety wire or Nord-locks are the only way to secure them.

My question to the VAF brain trust: Why aren't these washers used more frequently? On my IO-360, all the bolts use the ancient star washers as "lock washers." It sure seems they get smashed down pretty flat after one use. Is it the price?, love of pre Wright bro's technology, or some other reason(s)?


RV-10 Family Affair ...Rhome, TX

After 17 years of thinking about building an airplane my RV-10 kit is on the way!

Project has come full circle from the RV to Lancair to Glasair to Lancair to RV. Originally wanted the RV as it is based on proven and time honored construction, went to Lancair for the 4 passenger capacity, to Glasair for the cost and speed, back to Lancair for the capacity and finally to the RV for the proven construction and 4 passenger capacity.

When my wife and I first started talking about it she was not only supportive but excited, even after telling her we would need to buy some tools. All she was concerned about was being able to help with the process. She also advised that if we were going to turn the shop into an airplane factory we would have to clean it up and get organized.

While waiting on the kit, we ordered the practice kit, talked with a couple of builders and started practicing. She says it is a lot like sewing; pinning your patterns together and then sewing them up, albeit with a few more steps and precision.

Riveting seems very simple and easy with an experienced builder by your side but the rubber hits the road when you are on your own. Sure glad we are making as many mistakes as possible on the practice pieces! This morning we decided to practice drilling out rivets and after several ovaled huge holes and finally discovered the best way for us and successfully drilled out quite a few rivets.


Mothership Reminder....


TV antenna for VOR

Can anyone tell me why using an old set of rabbit ears (set to 26" or so) wont work for a VOR/LOC/GS antenna (under canopy install)? Ham guys tell me that using the 75-300Ohm balun is fine for 50ohm coax work (and it has the freq range)....



January 22, 2019.  Issue #4,743
  It's time for the commercial rating checkride.  Any DPE RV fans out there semi-close to me that needs a customer? 
  Have RV.  Will travel. 

Kids in an RV ...always a news item.


RV4 Whirligig

I thought you guys might get a kick out of this project. This is a wind-driven whirligig of two RV4s in formation. It is made mostly of wood with some help from my trusty 3D printer.  more

video in use...


Stuck Installing HS-01231C

I am at the step on the Horizontal Stabilator where I finished cleco'ing the skins to the skeleton and before riveting, I am supposed to cleco and then final drill the HS-01231C's. If you look at the attached picture, I have cleco'ed it in one corner and I have pointed out where the other three holes on the long edge aren't lining up. I tried turning it, checked all four and same problem. Has anyone else seen this?


In-flight Self Portrait ...bhester 7A


Status Report ...mbishop (Tampa)

Getting the rear spar ready to be riveted on.



"We are horrible with documentation but here is the web site with pictures.  We just went through a progress inspection yesterday to make sure we are building it correctly and it came out with flying colors! Since we are new at it we just hired someone with vast experience to inspect periodically what we are building.
Build on! Larry"


Interior Update ...Justin RV-10

Okay drove my last rivet today, finished up my interior clean and got everything to take pictures of her. Here are a few new panel pictures. More pictures on the build log.


The New Taxiway Signs

...have been installed at my home field (52F).  Just FYI and thought you'd like to see the airport getting some love.




January 21, 2019.  Issue #4,742

What a perfect day looks like ...1flyingyogi

This was from a few weeks ago on a gorgeous Southern California day after the rains cleared away all the smog/ haze that's typically in the LA basin. We woke up to brilliant blue skies, scattered with fluffy white clouds. I wanted to go flying. My wife wanted to go hiking. I said, why not do both? So we did! But not before I went up first by myself to do one of my favorite things


Cyl #1 50F cold

Need ideas, #1 CHT has always been significantly colder. Facts:
1-New 0320x150HP with perfect compression (180 hr)
2-Swap #1 TC with any other cylinder and the cold reading follows #1TC.
3-Replace #1 TC with new Alcor, still cold when flying.
4-Test all 4 TC in boiling water it reads 212F.
5-Used one TC in boiling water applied to all 4 panel inputs. All read 212F.
6-Installed a little deflector on #1 like #2 has from Vans baffle plans, no joy.
My concern with blocking #1 more radically to get a response is “What if the above is somehow flawed. Don’t want to cook a cylinder.
I noticed a Dave Anders pic with #1 cyl wrapped nearly to the top af the fins. OK, but why isn’t everyones #1 grossly colder ?

Ideas appreciated...Larry
Larry DeCamp


Jcarne RV-7A Status Report

Time to get my rivet on!  I started with the inboard ribs.


Michael Henning Alton Bay Update

Alton Bay has 12” of ice. Runway has been plowed. Need a state inspection. Should be open after Sunday’s storm is cleared out.


Little Copilot (Germany....different chute requirements)

Here is a short video with my copilot - enjoy.


Look who's on the cover of Sport Aerobatics! ...ronshchreck

I'm going to toot Jerry Esquenazi's horn a bit. Getting your plane on the cover of Sport Aerobatics just means you have a beautiful airplane. Winning the Sportsman Regional Champion position in TWO IAC regions means you know how to fly the wings off that beautiful airplane.

Jerry took top honors in the Northeast region in 2018 with an overall average score of 82.92 percent! He also took top honors in the Southeast region with a mind-blowing overall score of 83.83 percent! By the way, second place honors in the Southeast region went to our own Randy King, flying his RV-8.

Jerry will be stepping up to the Intermediate category in 2019 just to give me a hard time. All you Sportsman competitors can take a breather.


dtw_rv6 Rebuilt Snorkel Flange

I just rebuilt the flange on my inlet snorkel after ten years of service. It was never flat when new - I slathered on some silicone and bolted it on.

So I cleaned up the flange and here is the result:

I call this a reverse layup:
Clean flat sheet of glass.
One layer of dry peel ply
Two wetted laters of bid
A thick layer of peanut butter like micro ballons
Wet the face of the old snorkel flange with epoxy , then press it into the goo and wait overnight to clean it all up.

This baby is flat!


Welcome Aboard RV-14 N508KB

I arrived home from flying the big nose-dragger at the day job to find this box full of our future tail-dragger. The contents have been moved to the warmth of our small shop and the inventory begins while the snow falls. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I sure am learning.


Long build 6A (England)

Well today saw another mile stone in the build of my RV6a.
The story started back in 1997 on a flight back to the UK from Florida. As a bit of in flight entertainment I had picked up a copy of Kit Planes for the journey. There were some stunning pictures of a bright yellow RV8 on the cover and in the article. This was the start of the itch and having convinced the better half about a year later I ordered a RV6 empanage kit . The build started but as usual kids work and a year out to build a bigger garage to put it in have all taken toll.
There has never been a dead line as there are already too many and this is a hobby, after years of leg pulling I could put it off no more .With very few jobs left to complete in the garage the RV6a saw the light of day for the journey to the airfield for final assembly and the 90% of jobs to do .
Life has changed recently so fewer dead lines and time to push the RV to the front .I now have a very firm dead line of a bit less than 12 months to complete.
Today saw the start of the smile but the GRIN is still to come .

PS Already had a hangar mate giving me stick for the training wheel at the front


kentlik 7A Rebirthing Update

I am diving into the duplex Andair valve today if I can skirt around my Julianne's to do list a little...haha


David Paule RV-3B Update

Russell sent me a photo showing how he’s attaching the forward top skin to the sides. He’s installed an angle, riveted to the top longeron, for the top skin to attach to. I understand this is how the Rocket does it. He could have done much the same thing by insetting a strip partly in between the skin and the top longeron. As I mentioned, I’m overlapping the sides per the plans, and am not using an attachment strip or angle. Here’s Russell’s method.



January 18, 2019.  Issue #4,741

A Lip Locker With a Side of Oriental Fries

It was short notice and the window was tight.  And it was bumpy for a lot of the flying.  CRUMMMMMY weather rolls into DFW this weekend, so some of the usual suspects decided Thursday last minute to RVate down to Waco 30 minutes south for a Lip Locker and oriental fries at Kitok Restaurant.  It's just about perfect on the dive scale if you get the chance to visit.  My friend of 40 years Danny Gibbs picked us up at the airport so no courtesy car was needed.  Thank you fine folks at Texas Aero for letting us leave our planes on your ramp for free.

Seven full size pics start HERE, but here are some highlights (captions at the link)...

4-ship overhead break with tower's permission.  RWY1

While at the table at Kitok Danny said, "That policeman eating over there is Frank Gentsch."  Danny graduated High School with Officer Gentsch.  I graduated with his younger brother.  Small world.  Officer Gentsch was shot in the line of duty 35 years ago age 20 when he first joined the force (story).  He's still on the force, with a bullet lodged near his kidney.  He's Assistant Chief now.  Dedication.

1.2 logged, some formation, two meals worth of food at one sitting and some laughs.  Got to fly before the 25*F temps arrive.  Good times.

Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.


Panel Status ...CJ in EP

Garmin G3X Day/Night VFR Panel - RV-9A

Exciting progress in the shop last night, got the panel mounted and most of the harnesses secured. Still a lot to complete before I can really turn the system on, but the back up battery at least let me turn the screens on to play for a little while.

A few pictures of the panel, installation of the remote components on the sub panel, and the harnesses:  continue


Rust on Gear Leg ...snoopyflys

Hi All,
Hoping to get some good advice for solving my latest issue. My installed main gear legs have developed "rust freckles". Both have been installed for about 4 years (really slow build) and both have the original powder coating as received from Vans. I suspect with some of the wild temp and humidity swings has caused condensation to settle on the gear thereby making the rust freckles. So, given they are installed, can I sand down the powder coating, clean, prime and paint. Or should I consider removing them and having them stripped and re-powder coated?


RV-7A Rebirthing Status ...kentlik

So I got the brakes lines installed and flared but not sure about the lower one might cut the flare off and shorten it a bit to get it parallel with the above line.

My inner "Monk" is screaming at me. I didn't notice it was not in harmony with the other line until I saw this pic. Will think about that...not that the top line is perpendicular to the bottom skin anyway.


Proud!! ...HansLab RV-12

Never been so proud as I took my firstborn out of the hospital!

Just have a look at this beauty: MGL 10" screens, MGL 8.33 radio, Trig transponder, MGL ECB's. It all works like a charm! In the tunnel you'll see a Matco parking brake. Trim switches in the stick grips. I followed this very forum in many iterations: you can see a headset hanging on one. Furthermore I added a computer fan to the restrictor (build underneath the panel, PAX-side), and microswitches for flaps, open canopy, trim and wing security.

Finally put the upholstery in yesterday - wow. looks more and more like e real touring plane to me, now.


Countersink Mod ...RV10Pilot


RV-14 Panel Status ...rwthompson67


Expercraft Website T.U.

This morning on the Expercraft site - RIP Expercraft.

"In November of 2007 I launched ExperCraft to the public. It started out as a completely free service and evolved into a voluntary pay system for what proved to be a very useful tool for many builders and restorers of aircraft.

My aspirations were to generate revenue by advertising relevant products to builders who need them, while providing a tool to make building and tracking your aircraft project easier and more enjoyable and automatically publishing an easy to share web site.   continue



January 17, 2019.  Issue #4,740

Gas Run Pic a Coupla Days Back

...$3.35 at KSWI.  Pretty amazing the quality you can get these days with a smartphone.  Usual suspects on the wing (they weren't as close as the cropped pic suggests).  Freakishly smooth air...



RE: IAC Known Sequences for '19 ...Brian RV-4

Thanks Ron! It looks like a fun sequence. Can't wait to try it out this weekend! I kinda like the reverse wedge better (more fun), but I understand that it's more difficult without inverted systems - although I don't have any problems with mine. I just want to keep the negative stuff to 3 seconds or less in duration b/c I'm worried about oil starvation for the engine. Fuel-wise, no problem.

I totally agree with Bill on the snaps. I've recently got some dual time in a Pitts S2B and done about half a dozen of them, but cannot seem to do a decent one in my -4. I just can't get it to break cleanly no matter how hard/ briskly I pull on the stick. I'm sure it's technique, and I haven't figure it out yet. Maybe I can get some input from you guys. I know snaps are not in the Sportsman sequence, but I like to learn new stuff and just have fun (besides flying competition sequences).

Well, look at you! One contest in Primary and you are already practicing Intermediate figures. I'm going to keep my eye on you!

Your -4 is a different beast than my -8 so what works for me may be different in subtle ways. Generally speaking, a snap roll works when one wing is stalled just when the yaw motion is introduced. The sweet spot for my -8 is 100-110 knots upon entry. I suspect it might be lower for the -4 and maybe Bill McLean can chime in here. Snaps work best at a high power setting with plenty of prop wash over the tail so it would be best to slow slightly below your ideal entry speed, add full power and initiate the snap as you get to entry speed. Apply rapid aft elevator to pitch up about 10 to 15 degrees. You should feel about 3.5 Gs in this pitch up. (Full aft stick is NOT required.) Add rudder just as you add back stick. Full rudder position should be reached at the same time the Gs peak at 3.5. This is the point where one wing stalls and the other at high alpha induces a rapid roll into the stalled wing. As soon as this happens you should release the back stick pressure as you don't want both wings to stall. It's OK to add just a bit of aileron into the snap as well. To recover, lead the stop point and apply full opposite rudder as you jab the control stick slightly forward of neutral. The point where you lead the stop point will vary with aircraft so that will come with practice.
More than any other maneuver, the snap procedure is very dependent upon aircraft type, trim, speed and pilot inputs. You made do a hundred before you find the right combination. You will know when you find it. There is no doubt when the inside wing stalls and rapid rotation occurs. You will feel it and hear it and the RV grin is evidence that it really happened!


Panel Porn ...N402RH

I just updated to the new Aerosport switches with graphics in my RV-10. Photo taken last night about 50 miles east of Van's during a software test flight.


New (Jan 2019) Garmin GTR 200B COM Radio with Bluetooth ...g3xpert

Garmin is pleased to announce the GTR 200B panel mount COM radio for experimental and light sport aircraft that offers all the powerful features of the GTR 200 including advanced auto-squelch, 3D audio, stereo intercom, stereo music input, alert inputs, standby frequency monitoring, on-screen frequency identification, 10W of power, 25 kHz tuning, and remote tuning integration with G3X Touch, Garmin portables, and other EFIS systems.

Additionally, the new GTR 200B provides a Bluetooth interface with convenient front panel control that supports telephone/tablet connectivity for communications and music for those using the GTR 200B as their 2 place stereo intercom.

The GTR 200B uses the same rack/wiring as the popular GTR 200, and is a slide-in replacement for those wanting to upgrade.  continue

•All-in-1 radio and stereo intercom solution with standby monitoring and stereo input
•Powerful 10 W Comm with a slim 1.35” tall design and large sunlight-readable display
•Displays facility name and type when tuned to user-defined presets or supplied by compatible portables/G3X™
•Advanced audio panel features including 3D Audio and auto-squelch
•Optional Bluetooth® connectivity enables easy access to phone calls and audio entertainment


Mini iPad Thoughts ...RV-3 Mycool

I'm in the process of rebuilding a Rv3 to Rv3a, Im mounting ipad under the Dynon D-180 with a ram mount, also integrating a Dc connection for charging.


3D Model of RV-10 Panel ...supik

Not real work, just planning for near future ;^)


Counterfeit NGK spark plugs ...Bill R.

While doing some research, I ran across this. You can bet I'll be checking my next batch of spark plugs.



January 16, 2019.  Issue #4,739

Please read if converting from Fixed pitch to Constant Speed prop

...AX-O 1/15/19 Update

Well, it has been a long troubleshooting event. Leading down multiple rabbit holes.

Background info: I removed the engine from the plane to access the firewall for the governor cut out and also to send it in to an engine shop (name held on purpose). As the engine was already at the shop I asked the shop to convert it to constant speed. They said no problem.

Bad Assumption: Everything should be working, they are professionals.

Trouble shooting:
After I did the test with the air on the 90 degree fitting (nose of the engine that gets the governor line), I started researching on VAF and other sites. That lead me down the path of the hole or no hole, NPT plug or not.

in order to confirm the problem, I tried to prove that saying of "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results".

in this case, I was not insane. The results would differ and were not predictable. Sometimes I would put 40 psi of air in the plug and the prop would move. Sometimes i would cycle the prop a few times with the engine running and it would work. Then it would not work after a certain number of prop cycles. Sometimes it would work if I "double pump" the prop lever is my RMP was at 2200. Seemed like it always failed to cycle at around 170 deg of oil temp. All that took time to diagnose and collect.

I designed a pressure differential tool that would work just like a cylinder compression tool. I would put 40 psi of air in the 90 deg fitting and read the actual pressure in the system. Sometimes the tool would real 22-24 psi and the blades would move; and some times the 40 psi was going straight out of the crank case vent without any prop movement or pressure.

Talked to a local A&P and he said I should instrument the governor to check the pressure. So I contacted the PCU5000 folks for guidance on how much pressure I should see at what governor rpm. They told me that max pressure of 320 psi plus/minus 20 happens as low as 1700 governor rpms. So 1700 times the governor ration of .866 gave me the engine rpm required. at 1600 ish engine rpm i should have a good check of governor pressure and not blow the gauge to the moon. I ran the engine at 1600 rpm and the pressure gauge read 350 psi. I called that good as the calibration on the gauge was not checked for accuracy prior to using. we just knew it work as they A&P uses it to check pressure in the fuel/oil lines he makes. Pics below of the set up. 


Preferred Parking ...kaweeka

Now THAT's preferred parking. Just where a Vans ought to be!  KTRK (Truckee, ca). I just loved the juxtaposition of the mega money jets and my RV, both equally enjoying the Sierra Nevada beauty.


Houston RV Gang: Attention to Brief! ...Philip

Alright, it's getting to be that time again. Who's up for a burger at Hooks?  Let's meet at the usual time, 11:30 AM, this Saturday (1-19), at the Aviator's Grill.


IFR Rating RV Update ...airguy

Update on this thread...

It took a while but I finally got my ticket wet this morning. We've had lots of IFR weather here since my checkride, but most of it was LOW IFR and had icing conditions, so that was a no-go. I've flown a fair bit IFR in VMC since getting the ticket, but this morning was the first chance to fly solo actual with conditions fitting a minimum-experience fresh IFR ticket.

I took off from my home private strip after getting clearance via FSS on cellphone, entered IMC about 30 seconds after takeoff, was in-and-out of the tops enroute, and didn't see the ground again until 700' AGL on the RNAV 25 at KMDD. Perfect conditions for a first-solo actual flight. Now with the weather soon turning warmer and ice becoming less of a threat I should be able to add more actual to the logbook and fine-tune my personal minimums.

Flying with an instructor or safety pilot under the hood, or even solo in VMC, is completely different than solo actual. I expected a little pucker factor the first time I went IMC and it was there, definitely an attention-getter. Huge fun!!


2100 hour Borescope ...petehowell 9A

It's that time again! Just did the 2100 hr oil change and took a peek at the valves. Oil filter and suction screen had some crumbly carbon bits in them, but no metal I could see. The magnet on the filter had a thin film of micro iron stuff that wiped right off.

Compressions were 77/72/78/77. #2 has shown a bit low before, but typically comes back on the next test.

here are the Exhaust Valves I added some "pop" in Google Photos.....



January 15, 2019.  Issue #4,738
So I went to the TCU/BU WBB game in Fort Worth Saturday ($10 general admin) and got a hat sighting (pic).  Thought I was all set for a splash image sometime this week.  Then around 3pm Monday I got a text from a corporate pilot friend currently in the T&C 'for work'.  Pic below....shown as a contrast to Dvalcik's RV-12 landing on a block of ice yesterday ;^).  I was finishing up the insulation/sheetrock repair in the water-damaged closet (pic) when I got the text.  Was going to tape the drywall next, but Tate had to leave for work after school and I wanted to show him how to do it (not like there aren't outstanding videos online showing how to do it better than I ever could).
  My evil plan to get Tate to do the taping for me might not pan out as I had hoped...

(about the charity cap)


AX-O RV-4 Update

Flew the plane yesterday for .6 hrs. Will write something up tonight if I get the chance. The plane is way different to fly. Will need some time to get used to it.

With the limited flight time; the plane feels less maneuverable, heavy on the landing flare but it climbs like a bat out of you know what.


Mothership News

U.S. Sport Aviation Expo Jan 23-26.  Join Van's Aircraft east coast rep Vic Syracuse at the US Sport Aviation Expo this month in Sebring, Florida. The One Week Wonder RV-12iS will also be at the show for all to see! The show runs January 23-26.


RV-6A partner wanted in Wisconsin

I have a 2000 full IFR RV-6A. Only 220 hours on the engine. Just had annual inspection completed. I keep it in a T-hanger at Green Bay airport (Austin Straubel or KGRB) I hope to have a partner with some mechanical ability because I have none! Thanks
Please call or email Chris at 530-2SIX3-22
FOUR9 or savchris 'at' hotmail.com


RV-14 Panel Plans ...infltc2s RV-14


Update on the Crankshaft leak - I have new seals I don't need now ...Triumph1974

Hello Everyone - quick update.

The other week I had the chance to take the prop of the RV7A, and do a good visual inspection around the outside of the crankshaft seal....it was bone dry (other than the little bit of grease I used when installing the seal that was still on the shaft).

Sanding in the Helix per the Continental SB certainly solved the issue.


If you want to ride along in an RV-9A for 17 minutes

...found this new video online.  Go full screen on your monitor and daydream about RVs while enjoying the snow covered mountains and engine noise.  I like videos like this. ;^)  dr


RV-7A rebirthing update ...kentlik

I got back in the garage for a short time today. It was cold. I managed to stuff myself back in the bad boy to do the brake lines. Didn't finish, wanted to watch the Chargers a bit. Also, short a nut for the output bulkhead fitting. Have -6's but no -4's...bummer.


Mr. X Pic

...GG bridge SFO sunrise.  Click to enlarge.



January 14, 2019.  Issue #4,737

Landing at the House on Ice ...Dvalcik

I have been waiting for the right conditions with the ice thick enough. I have flown into Alton Bay multiple times. We live on Branch Lake just outside of Ellsworth Maine, close to Bar Harbor. Today was almost perfect to land on the lake for a photo op of the RV12 in front of the house. Winds calm, sunny and the Temps were – 15 Celsius on the ground (a warm day for Maine.) The ice had very little of any snow and was almost Zamboni quality.

A few pictures of the plane on the ice with the house in the back ground.  ...


Momentary blackout

I've been flying with my G3x and GTN 625 for almost 2 years and enjoying the many features and benefits provided. I keep everything up to date with respect to software and charts. Something interesting happened yesterday after a few practice approaches. While taxiing in, the G3x went black momentarily then re-booted with all frequencies and screens as they were prior to the event. This happened once before exactly as described. Just goes black and immediately reboots back as it was. I never could find a reason and I am stumped still. I checked all connections carefully to be sure. I would hate to be driving an approach to mins and have this happen again. Anyone have a similar experience? Any suggestions?
RV-9A N435KR


Dec '18 Summary ...j-red

Haven't had a lot of time to update the thread in the past month. The engine run was quite a leap forward past all the other tasks that had to be done since first hanging the wings. Going back through my build log, here are some of the highlights...

Empennage tips took a couple of weeks to do. This is an older kit and they were either never formed very well to begin with, or age and heat had caused them to distort, because they had to be cut, squeezed, filled, and overlayed in a bunch of ways in order to get them to fit right. Lots of work, but they turned out nice in my opinion.


KC Flight Formation Clinic

2019 Kansas City Formation Clinic April 26,27,& 28 at (KLXT) Lee's Summit Airport
More Emphasis on advanced formation flying and Large formation Flight. As always new formation pilots training will be geared for their skill level. New information and education on the Updated FAA 8900.1 rules for formation flight in a CoW.To sign up for the clinic go to the DATABASE section of this group and make an entry on the appropriate table. The Fee for the clinic is $80.00 All meals will be provided starting on Friday evening.

Participating pilots should have excellent stick and rudder skills. This clinic is only for RV aircraft. Sorry, no RV-10’- 12s. All aircraft must be in excellent condition. Beginner's aircraft must have dual controls (throttle, stick and rudder), intercom, and PTT in both positions. No vernier throttles allowed! In addition to the normal paperwork required of all aircraft (registration, airworthiness certificate, weight & balance), pilot certificate and current medical, you will need to bring proof of liability insurance. We have arranged a block of 30 hotel rooms under (KC Flight) at Comfort Inn & Suites in Lee's Summit, MO . 3701 NE Ralph Powell Rd. 64064 phone 816-554-6688 Rooms Drop Off the Block Rate on March 26, 2019 make reservations early cancellation 48hrs notice.

We will provide dinner on Friday evening, and lunch and dinner on Saturday. Further detailed information will be posted to this group as it is available.
Experienced pilots who wish to take a check ride to earn an FFI Wingman or Flight Lead card must secure a recommendation for the check ride prior to the clinic and request a check ride through this forum.


Virtual Hangar Entry ...Fhuber

RV-7A N357FD Frank Huber

I purchased my second hand RV-7A quick build kit on March 4, 2011 in Houston, Texas and trucked it back to my garage shop in Maple Grove, Minnesota, with my best friend John. I got things organized and figured out where to start. I started working more regularly after retiring in September of 2012. By June of 2015 it was time to move it to our hangar at KANE, before we downscaled into a fifty-five and older community. Work continued until July of 2018, when I ran out of things to do and my friends verified it was ready for the inspection.  ...

(Related: Same Person) Here is my panel

I have a Skyview touch with both control panels, a D-6 backup, Garmin 650, backup com 760, PS Engineering com control panel, I-Pad mount on right side with a charger and cooling fan built in and a EI Commander to program and monitor the P-Mags. The panel was cut, painted and markings added by Stein Air. The panel was made a bit taller, to allow all the switches to go under the Skyview


RV-10 Status Report ...cderk

Finally got all windows "glued" in. Now to start on the fiberglass work!


Fun with my RV-6A ...terry.mortimore

Had some fun last summer, a local pilot wanted an RV ride. He filmed the affair.


Trim tab alignment ...Girraf (7)

I'll admit that perhaps I overthought this part of the build, but I really wanted to do this just once. I won't bore you with the details of what I found challenging, but here is my final result. The hinge doesn't leave you any room for fore aft movement of the tab if you want any hope of preserving edge distance on those hinge attach rivets. You basically need to drill directly down the centerline of the hinge flange. Overall, I ended up with exactly 3/32 gap on the outboard edge (min distance per the plans, which I can file open slightly), and well matched inboard edge, and the tab itself sits about 1/32" in from the TE of the elevator. Again, due to the hinge edge distance issue, I don't think I had much control over how this ended up. I'm curious if that's a passable result or if I should have done something different to get a perfectly matched TE. Here are some pics. I can always order some new hinge and try again....

Side note: my Wings arrived this weekend!  ...


Falcon Flight Formation Training Clinic - KGYI - 2019

Falcon Flight will be hosting a Formation Training Clinic on April 5/6/7 2019 at the North Texas Regional Airport – KGYI. The weather-out dates will be April 26/27/28. This is a closer location to those coming from the north/east than the ones we’ve held in the past. We have created a group to handle the logistics. Use the link to request membership in this group, then add a line with your information to the Clinic Signup Table.

We will be using this group for all information distribution. Further details regarding scheduling et al are forthcoming and will be disseminated through that group. We’re looking at a cost of $60 per person to cover van rentals, food, drink and other incidentals.

A limit of 32 participants is in place. Newcomers and advanced are welcome. We will also be going over the changes to 8900.1 that apply to carded pilots when operating within a certificate of waiver (airshows).

All hotel information is found in the FILES section of the group. If you have any intent on participating, make sure to get your room booked early before the group rate expires - you can cancel up to 48hrs prior to arrival at no pentaly.


Wiring Technique Request

A: (Mike S) 


Too many dimples in F-01412A Bulkhead?

The plans page 10-07 step 1 called for dimpling the #30 holes in the web of the bulkhead except as indicated in the figure. There are two holes that I don't think should have been dimpled though. In the picture you can see the two dimples behind the edges of the tie-down bracket that is keeping it from laying flush to the bulkhead. Anyone else run into this? Can I just flatten those dimples out?


Article...I Survived a Mid Air Collision

(Not RV) but a scary, interesting read.



January 11, 2019.  Issue #4,736
Wet and windy here in DFW over the weekend.  Yuck.  There was some downtime Wed/Thu and I apologize for that.  Had the ISP on the phone and we are looking at some things possibly causing it - some changes made that I think will help (DB cleanup routine times, backups, etc).  We're monitoring things and might do some more tweaking over the weekend.  Apologies in advance if you try to get in and can't - we might be working on stuff.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.


20 Years in Our RV-4 ...gmrv4 vid


Tech Counselors

Q: I have arranged with a local expert to come help me 'get started'. Well I got antsy and started with out them. I started with he HS, and have stopped where I have a question, and so now I moved on to the VS. I see some folks have recommended to start here anyway.

Thus far I haven't done anything I do not think is reversible or fixable, but before I get to far ahead of my self, at which point do I need to have tech counselors take a look?

I assume before I start riveting skins on would be a good start, but besides if I have question should I have a tech counselor look before then?

A: Yep. Before closing the skin on the first component.


Panel Pic ...DeeCee 57

Ok, here we go: my minimal VFR day only panel... light, simple, and functional

Since I bought the -6 already built, I didn't design the panel. The holes were already there, and I've just spent about 14 days rewiring the headsets, installing a new 8.33KHz COM, a Garmin G5, a GT-50, and a Garrecht AT-1 TAS.
Not shown on the foto, the iPad mini which is affixed by the ball.

Retired from the airlines I prefer to enjoy the outside scenery instead of perusing an acre of glass with zillions of useless stuff on it. And no A/P either


A Pretty Neat Towbar Post From the Past ...rzbill

Due to the holiday week, I have had more "shop time" than usual.

One of the things I have been thinking about was a replacement of my current control lock. This was an idea stolen from a Diamond DA20 I flew some 10 years ago. My initial implementation was OK except the interface to the rudder pedals was a bit light and it popped off once, giving me a dent in the rudder that very very windy day.

So, a few months ago, I saw and picked up a couple of discarded aluminum crutches by the side of the road. Perfect.....

I did a jury rig proof of concept at the hangar and then an evening in the shop to fabricate it to final form.  ...


Mr. X Pic


Daniel's First RV-6 Flight

...end of '18


Flying into Canada without landing ...Jim RV-9A

Q: Say if a guy plans a flight from Port Huron, MI over Canada to Rochester, NY (Niagara Falls area) what things should he be prepared for? Should I file a VFR flight plan or just ask for flight following? but then what? What radio contacts should I be prepared to make once over Canada. Does CA charge a fee? I suppose if I have to make an emergency landing in CA then it would get dicey unless I just do the planning beforehand for the contingency. Advice, comments?

A: Just file a VFR flight plan and away you go. There won't be any charge from Nav Canada. Same deal for us Canadians flying over the US to another Canadian destination. When I file a VFR flight plan from Ottawa to Halifax, I'm assigned a transponder code and automatically get flight following. Each controller will just hand you off to the next one. I wind up talking to:

- Ottawa Terminal
- Montreal Center
- Boston Center
- Moncton Center
- Halifax Terminal

It is all choreographed for you, just change freqs when told, tell them you are there, and that's it. Dead simple.

However, if you need to land, you better have your passport with you and land at a facility with Customs on site if at all possible. Also, you might have to sit around a couple days as I think you will have to file an eAPIS thing to get back into the US, although I could be wrong there on the timing and whether it is required for Americans returning to the US...

A: I've flown that route many times going to and from Oshkosh. As previously offered, always file a VFR flight plan. I've never had to make an uplanned landing in Canada, but I have heard it can be messy. Sometimes I have used flight following. New York or Michigan will seamlessly hand you off to the appropriate Canadian controllers. Very easy.


Some Updates: Brantel RV-10 Blog


Timelapse Aileron Structure Build (Jan 9)

...[ed. I like these type videos.  Benny Hill music always plays in my head. dr]



January 10, 2019.  Issue #4,735

My RV-7 was in an clothing catalog photo shoot ...Gash

An ad agency's models and photographers spent a few hours today with my RV-7 doing a photo shoot for an OGIO ad campaign. We had fun playing with the airplane and motorcycle. When I asked if they wanted me to "photo bomb" one of the pictures, they said absolutely! And of course, I shared the other seat with one of the pretty ladies.  ...


ATC Says, “Altitude Upon Request.” Say what?

So I’ve been using VFR Flight Following more now than any other time in my many years of flying. I try to use it on any trip outside my local area and it’s really been great. ATC is very accommodating and the more I use it the less chance of my stumbling over my words and sounding like the rookie that I am.

So a couple of weeks ago I was on a flight from the SF Bay Area to the Sierra foothills. During my initial call to ATC they asked what altitude I was requesting. I told them 5,500 feet. They told me to fly at or below 5,000 feet and they added something like “5,500 feet upon request.” I hadn’t heard that terminology before.

So I do understand holding me at 5,000 because there were a couple of jets flying overhead for landing at Oakland. So, I waited several minutes until the jet traffic seemed to subside a bit before calling back and asking if I could to go 5,500 feet. This was approved and off I went.

I figure basically he’s saying “yea man, chill at this altitude for a while even though it’s not where you want to be at. At some point hit me up later if you still want to go higher and I’ll check and see if it’s cool or not.” (The controller is from California too.) I’m pretty sure this is what is going on here. If so, I’m thinking I did the right thing by waiting to ask for higher later. I was perfectly fine flying at 5,000 the entire way but that’s not a proper VFR cruising altitude.

My questions are:

1-What exactly does this phraseology mean?

2-Would it have been ok just to stay at 5,000 feet and not request higher? I think being at the proper VFR altitude is safer of course.


Show me your AFP Boost Pump mounts

Q: I did a few searches but came up short on good pictures. I was planning on using two padded hose clamps but wantes to to how everyone else has done it on a 6.

A: Almost Standard Install in 9A with Andair Selector Switch

Here's how it turned out in mine. I used the Andair fuel selector switch instead of the Van's, and being that I have electric elevator trim I bend the flange forward of the switch (where the manual trim knob would be installed) to a 90º and tucked it into the pump housing.

Good Luck!


Hoping this mistake doesn’t equal a new HS Spar

I was trying to punch out a rivet tonight whilst riveting my HS spar together (page 8-6). I was unable to punch it out so slowly started to drill further into the rivet with a #40 and continued to punch it. Still couldn’t get it so I drilled through the whole shaft. Whilst being careful to keep it aligned at the top the drill bit was pushed to the side out the bottom (see photos, first post so I hope they work).

I’ve flicked an email off to Vans but thought I’d throw it on here whilst I wait for their response. Hoping to save my work. The HS-1002 part isn’t on Vans parts list and while it may not be overly expensive the shipping to the East Coast will be a devil.

Also I’ve been having some issues with rivets being hard to push in by hand due the primer. Is it an issue to use a metal object (read hammer) to gentle tap them in (not pounding but they are too tight to push in with hand). Would this cause any damage to the shaft of the rivet, if it will I guess I’ll have to ream the holes.

Thanks for your thoughts.


Mothership News


Stowing Towbar

Q: Those of you that use a towbar, do you travel with it, and if so, have you done anything specific to secure it in the baggage compartment - some type of clamp set up? Would you mind sharing thoughts?

A: Tool Clips.  I installed four 5/8ths-inch tool clips on the floor of my forward baggage compartment. To make it more secure I also installed a lock pin (foreground) through one of the tow bar's existing holes.


Awesome new headset! CQ1 from Card Machine Works

I’ve had the privilege of flying with a new in-the-ear headset for a few months. It was designed after years of frustration with the offerings from the two established in-ear headset manufacturers. The best part is that the CQ1 is manufactured and marketed within the VAF family; Tanya and Scott Card. I’m not sure what CQ stands for, but in my mind it’s Card Quality. Card Machine Works is now a paid advertiser on the site, headsets are now for sale, and I feel like I can out them. I get extremely energized by watching people identify problems and create solutions. It's even better when we all benefit from the results!

I’ve been flying with the CQ1 for a few months. The noise cancelling microphone makes a huge difference in the quality of communication and the speakers have the quality to match. Right after Christmas I made my first IMC approach into the LA area. it was such a relief to have consistent clear communication capability without having to mess with my headset. The kids in the back seat don’t comply with the sterile cockpit rule, so the headset mike has to do double duty filtering out airplane noise and kids excited about arriving at Disneyland. Communication with SoCal approach and the tower was never a problem.

The CQ1 is visually similar to some other offerings, but one touch or a closer inspection reveal the enormous differences. The differences are even more obvious at first use. The frame is more robust and stays where you put it. The cables are high quality with a Kevlar core. The controls are simply amazing! No more finding the tiny sweet spot in the volume knob that allows both speakers to work simultaneously! The mike is fundamental game changer with its noise cancelling capability. It stays EXACTLY where you put it with no spring back. There’s no auxiliary input, that feature is easily addressed by simple adapters and most intercoms and audio panels have wired and / or Bluetooth inputs anyway.

My fear is that this post reads like an advertisement. It’s not; I am however excited about the product and what its creators have done. I like it well enough that we have bought a second CQ1 for my pilot wife. I own two Bose A-20s because they’re quality, they fit the kids, and they will for years. I own a Lightspeed Zulu II which was an expensive failed experiment. Quality is good, but they interfere with sunglasses and hats, and they clamp my dainty ears; a fault they share with the Bose. I have primarily flown with the Quiet Technologies headset because it’s more comfortable than anything that clamps my head. It was also fickle, temperamental, and of mediocre quality. I have tested all 4 headsets back-to-back and Tanya and Scott’s CQ1 offering is the best, hands down.

I find in-the-ear headsets quieter than ANR in RVs, especially when glasses and hats are in the mix to break the seal with my head. I can hear the cancelling feature in ANR headsets and find it tiring and a bit nauseating. There was a post here recently about that, so I'm not the only one. Ear tips and ear plugs are a very personal thing. They also have to be inserted correctly to work. I roll my own using Howard Leight earplugs because they work well for me. I think Card Machine Works have a few other suggestions. I use the same basic plugs for flying, motorcycling, woodworking, machine work, and even at my day job at times. It’s on my list to make a video describing my process. Now that I’ve stated that publicly, maybe I’ll follow through.

Here's a link to their website. There is much more detailed information there. https://cqheadset.com/    ...


Status Report #10 ...romanov

That report is about:
• Aft Fuselage: it's almost the fuselage, in fact it is the fuselage.

After we have made small wing type structures (...four of them), now we have a chance to try our skills on the actual body of the plane. Here is how it looks like:



January 9, 2019.  Issue #4,734

1/8/19 FOD Check

...my home field (52F).  Rob Reece driving the golf cart / me as pax.  Two sets Mark I eyeballs.


Reno 2019 rookie...hopefully

Wheels are turning and gears are in motion at Bear Dog Racing to make the Reno Air Races 2019 for the very first time in our RV-4. First comes Pylon Racing School in June..."Rookie School". When all goes well there, I'll have my Sport Class racing license in hand on Sunday the 9th, then....qualifying in September. Really excited!! Race prop finally being carved this weekend. Need to get going on the 10:1 pistons and intake mod. Feel free to come to the pits and turn a wrench

See y'all in Reno!!!
SARL Race 51
Johnnie Painter
RV-4 O-360 (N92BP)


Panel Critique

Hi all-

I've been working with Advanced on my quick panel (they are awesome to work with). I am switching from 12V to dual USB chargers. Also, adding 3-4 spare toggles just in case for things I've not considered or will add in the future.

Any other thoughts? Would love the thoughts of those that have built and what they'd do different, add/delete. The collective IQ and history/knowledge of this crew can find something I should change I am sure :-)

Thanks in advance!



Front Access Panels ...bhester

If I was building today I would just mount everything so that it could be accessed on the sub panel, it could be accessed via removing the instrument panel. I just could not do that when I had analog gauges. The big brain box for my AFS engine monitor and my Lightspeed Ignition box are mounted under the LH panel. My altitude encoder use to be under the RH panel, no longer needed, now that I'm using the Garmin G3X. I use clear RTV when installing them and they do not leak. I have been back into them a number of times. I made this mod myself, they are not the ones being sold, but are made like them, only smaller. Feel free to go to my web site and look at my ugly plane ;-)


Advanced Flight EFIS Software Release

Advanced Flight Systems just posted our long-awaited Version 15 software release for the AF-5000 series of EFIS screens, which includes a number of new features:
• Improved graphics.
• Ability to use a Garmin G5 as the backup ADAHRS. The new software even does ADAHRS cross- checking between the Dynon ADAHRS and the G5 ADAHRS.
• New Airspeed filtering algorithm improves the airspeed display in turbulence
• New AHRS filtering algorithm.
• Ability to tune and push frequencies to an Avidyne IFD radio from the EFIS.
• Ability to tune and push frequencies to a Garmin radio (GTR200, GTR255, GTR225) from the EFIS.
• Ability to send ADS-B weather and traffic to the Avidyne IFD Navigator display.
• Improved integration with the PS Engineering PDA-360 Remote Audio panel with Bluetooth phone and music.
• Remote MFD map control from the PFD Joystick. When displaying a map on the PFD, the joystick will control the remote MFD map.
• EFIS Inset Windows (profile view, flight plan, traffic, map, g-meter).
• Display Sectional, IFR Low or IFR High charts in Track Up or North Up
• Added Nexrad WX to Sectional chart.

Link to new Software: Link

AF-5000 Video Pilot Guide YouTube Page:

2018 was an incredible year for Advanced Flight Systems! With the introduction of our Advanced Control Module with Electronic Circuit Breakers, sales grew at an exceptional rate.
We also introduced a new and improved web site at the end of 2018: http://www.advancedflightsystems.com/ Check it out!  more pics


Master contactor failure (maybe?)

Hi friends,

Looking for some advice. I've got an RV-6A with a Lycoming IO-360 and Skytec starter, 750hr TT. I bought it flying about 350 hours ago.

Went flying a week ago, and after a fuel stop, I tried starting back up, head a "clunk", then nothing. Tried again and it worked... gremlins I thought...

Then I went to go flying today, and after turning the master power on: "clunk clunk". Then nothing. My engine display, which is always on if the master power is on, was "off". I toggled the master switch a few more times for troubleshooting and got a wide variety of results. In some cases, I'd get the prop spinning like normal. Other times, I'd turn the starter switch on and absolutely nothing would turn on - not even any "clunks" of the master contactor/solenoid.

I confirmed the battery is healthy (I keep it on a tender and then checked the voltage independently - good). The weather was mild.

I replaced the starter solenoid about 2 years ago after a similar problem. This one is different because sometimes I'm not getting any power at all... but when I get power I can engage the starter.

So, I "think" my master contactor has failed. I only have 1 battery and 1 alternator, but the plane has 2 master contactors in line. When I heard the "clunk"s, they were coming from just one of them. No noise from the other at all.

There is no marking on my contactors, but they look kind of like Aircraft Spruce's LAMAR SOLENOID 12 VOLT CONTINUOUS (X61-0028) - just without the sticker.

Do master contactors fail like this? Thoughts?

Thanks for your help!


Wrong surface landings video

Here's a short and sweet FAA video that's worth the watching:


Garmin announces Q1 2019 aviation webinars

January 8, 2019 - Garmin is pleased to announce aviation webinars through the first-half of 2019. Ranging from Garmin Pilot tips and tricks, cost-effective autopilot upgrades to low-cost avionics solutions, these free webinars offer pilots and customers with a broad overview of the latest Garmin has to offer, while also providing a general operational overview of its vast product line.

Autopilot Retrofits
Low-cost Avionics Solutions
Advanced Avionics Upgrades
ADS-B Solutions for Business Aviation
Garmin Pilot
Garmin avionics for experimental aircraft






January 8, 2019.  Issue #4,733

No Words (too awesome!) ...lucaperazzolli (RV-8 Italy)

At the top of the loop.  During the first january flight we had taken this still photo from a Camera screwed under Franz's plane (along the tip screws line).  It's a strange perspective (for a carburator engine ).  I'd like to share it with you:


Carb Issues ...Stevegrasley

Over the last few months I have been noticing a small amount of dirty fuel/oil dripping out of the nose gear faring onto the nose wheel pant. Nothing really significant and I chalked it up to little leaks, dribbles and dirt on a 5 year old O-360 that I fly behind 300+ hours every year. Nothing else to note in terms of performance anomalies (fuel consumption, power, engine performance in general) except that I seemed to be having to diddle with mixture more and more in the last few months to get nice stable performance at altitude.

Yesterday after a 1 hour flight I pulled up to the hangar and was shutting down. Low and behold the mixture cutoff was fully pulled but it just would not shut down. Would slow way down and then burp and cough and rev up a little more and keep coughing. Seemed like it was definitely not "cutting off". Shut the dual PMAGs off and after a little dieseling it quit.

Pulled the cowl and noticed a lot of fuel sitting in the FAB. (Wow! Where was this fuel coming from? No external leaks anywhere around the carb.) Took off the airfilter thinking the fuel sitting in there was the cause of the continued running as it vaporized. Fired up without the FAB and everything seemed OK. Did a run up and all good. , But, then it started running rough at idle and I had to lean quite a bit for the engine to run smooth. I am at sea level and it was 75 degrees. Odd. Like it was way too rich for some new reason. Tried a shut down and similar story. Shutdown the dual PMAGs and finally got it to quit.

After shut down I noticed a fair amount of fuel dripping off the back of the FAB mounting plate. It was not obvious to me where it was coming from but I think it was internally coming out of the carb...like a float was stuck down and the residual pressure in the engine fuel pump was forcing fuel out...but the mixture was supposedly cutoff? This must have been what has been getting worse over time.

I bought my Lyc O-360 from Van's and it came with an Avstar 10-4164-1 carb. Compared to the carb that I had on my 1972 C172M the Avstar is built like a tank. But something is not right.

I have decided to replace the carb before contemplating any flying. Really get frustrated when I am AOG. I am suspicious of damaged floats and/or mixture valve but I am not sure. Carbs are one thing I have never gotten deep into understanding. Can anybody give me a more definitive answer based on what I have written here? Up until now this carb has 1,260+ trouble free hours on it.


RV-9A Status Report ...9GT

Fabricating a plug for a new snorkel. It will be removable to ease the difficulty of removing/installing the lower cowling with a three blade prop, and it will also house a custom FAB. I don't care much for the Van's FAB bolted to the bottom of the fuel servo. For experimental purposes, I am going to embed a copper tape VOR antenna in it and see how well it works since I already have the materials on hand. No big deal if it doesn't work well. I will just go with my original plan of an Archer style wing tip VOR antenna.


Milestone! ...goatflieg

Another milestone happened today. My thanks to Harry Manvel for his assistance and shared wisdom.


Insurance PIREP ...Leah (VAF advertiser)

DID YOU KNOW older pilots need to take extra precautions when comes to insurance?

Welcome to 2019!!! It’s a new year and we’re all going to be turning another year older. Did you know that some insurance companies will deny starting coverage for you once you reach a certain age no matter what your health condition is? It’s true, before you turn 75 years old, make sure you are with a solid company. A company that won’t reduce coverage, require an annual medical, or require you to fly “dual only” just because you had another birthday. There are several good companies for senior pilots, so if you are 75 years or older, check with your agent to make sure you won’t have any surprises come your next renewal. Age is just a number. You can still fly insured well into your 80’s as long as you plan ahead.

We wish you all a happy new year and safe flying!!!


Panel Demo / Fit Test ...ssokol

Here's a shot of a full system (less the engine monitor) I put together using the blank I cut for the booth at Oshkosh last year.

In the foreground you can see the ADC, GPS puck, and FlightBox. On the far side of the FlightBox is a 4-port USB hub. Not pictured are the power supplies for the iPads.


Milestone! ...MJarreau

 Finished Our First Page!

It's a silly thing, yet huge for us! We have completed Page 8-2 (HS rear spar). A neighbor is an A&P type for the Coast Guard and said our work was just fine. (You can't come close to imagining what that did for our egos!)

What a learning curve... ..never having used our hands before... ..replacing all the parts (at least once)... ..never having painted anything much less performing significant surface prep. This stuff is just amazing.

Thanks to all the contributors here, we learn much from your posts!

RV-10 Emp Kit!


Milestone ...Pilotjohns

Big day today, I rolled the fuselage canoe. It is just a symbolic step about half way through the fuselage construction.  more pics


IFR Hood Time Safety Pilot

Local pilot needed ballast a safety pilot.  Sure, why not? 


Some grabs (click to enlage).  Tracked in Garmin Pilot.



January 7, 2019.  Issue #4,732

Saturday morning before drywall duty I had the pleasure of giving new friend George his first ride in a small plane.  He works in law enforcement.  George and Cynde are 'an item' as the kids say, and we've known Cynde pretty much our whole lives.  Great guy!  Cynde and George drove up, and I think Cynde was planning on hanging out on the couch.  Randy walked up and said he wanted to go fly too.  New plan.  "You have a hat I can wear?"  Yes. ;^)


It was 00000kt and CAVU, so of course we're doing some formation if the passengers don't object.  Gentle turns and nothing too steep for our guests, then it was up to KGLE for gas.  It seemed everyone with an airplane was flying Saturday.  I know a big group went to KSEP for BBQ (I bowed out because I needed to be home repairing the closet by midday).  Anywho, back to the story, gas bought and back in the air.  Randy and Cynde went direct back 52F while George and I flew over to his neck of the woods so he could see his house.  On the way we saw a B-52, guessing out of KGYI or such).  It turned away and we got a nice show of exhaust.  While on the ground GLE I texted lifelong friend Billy T to see if he was home (lives near George).  Yes.  "Go in your backyard in 14 minutes."  OK.  Thankfully he didn't moon me (it's in line with his character).  Maybe his wife and son standing next to him were an influence.  Waves exchanged.


Let George fly for about 15 minutes and then back on the ground 52F, handshakes, laughs and a sense of accomplishment.  Got to treat a law enforcement officer to some aviating fun, got to have some laughs with a family friend, got to share airspace with a B-52 defending my freedoms, and lucked into a greaser landing (told him they were all like that).  Later I got the 'George wants to know how much it costs to learn to fly' text from Cynde <g>.  And so it begins...;^)


The rest of Saturday was drywall and work.  Sunday 0730 Mass, more drywall and more work.  A nice, productive weekend.

Hope you had the same and that you have a nice Monday.  Here's the rest of the RV news from the weekend...



I have 125 hours on my RV7A with an Aero Sport 0-360 ECI engine. The prop is a Sensenich metal prop purchased through Vans. During take off and level flight I have a vibration. When descending it is not near as noticeable. I had the prop dynamically balanced. It seams to be better when lean of peak. Leak down and regular compression testing show good. Ignition is a Light Speed II and one mag. Timing is set correct. Carb was just overhauled. Any ideas or suggestions?
RV7A Completed


One more Sunset.....petehowell

I know I probably post too many sunset pics, but I snapped this on a quick flight tonight and really liked the colors from the HDR setting on the phone. The sun, the ice, and the sky were really kinda special.........


How bad is it? (back riveting oops)

Well, I did it. The thing I said I wouldn't do. I riveted off the edge of my back rivet plate and damaged my rudder skin. SEE PHOTOS HERE.

Will be putting a call into Vans, but hoping someone here can talk me off the cliff. Is this a, "Buy a new skin don't even think about continuing," OR "A little paint filler after completion will take care of that?"

Few positives: 1) It was barely off the plate, so wasn't able to push down to workbench and punch through, 2) I caught it on about the 3rd hit of the rivet gun. I went ahead and dimpled the hole again, and that looks fine along with the stiffener, but wondering about the dent/crease on the outside of the skin. Thoughts?


RV-14A Status Report ...kbalch

Fuselage join accomplished this morning. A complete non-event, as everything clecoed right together as expected. For anyone who’s built an earlier, pre-matched hole, kit, these -14 kits seem like cheating. I built an early -8 and the difference is night and day. I love it!


Finally Pulled the Trigger!

Hi, y'all,

Might as well introduce myself... I (we) finally pulled the trigger today after lurking for perhaps a record setting 12 years! I surprised myself and ordered an RV14 instead of the -8 that I have a sweet set of Grove Airfoil Landing gear for in my garage.

I can already credit people here on the forum for guiding me to keep my better half happy and perhaps more engaged in the project.

While I'm technically an Aerospace Engineer with 20 years of military flying and now an Airline pilot, I'm going to rely heavily on the group here for advice and instruction. It should be a fun ride! I've just got to keep telling myself you eat an elephant one bite at a time...
B. Hoover
N858BC (Reserved)



Oops, we did it again!  It was great to see everybody. We counted 23 heads.


RV-14 Electrical Diagram ...mulde35d

With all the discussion on lighting and electrical noise I thought I would post the primary power and G3X pinout diagram that I created over the course of about 6 weeks of sitting in hotel rooms bored out of my mind. This is still under revision as I actually build it, but while the pictures are only JPEG I would be happy to email the full visio product to anyone who is interested (PM me with your email address). I created this from scratch while referencing an electrical drawing that was produced by a professional company to give me some ideas on how to lay things out in a clear manner. Hence why it may look like a paid for product, but is purely my creation. The wire numbering scheme is also original and has a decoding method to the madness that should help me identify wires quickly in the aircraft should I find problems once in flight.

I am also open to any input from any electrical guru's in the house as most of this was self learning from the baseline installation documents with a couple calls to Garmin for some detailed pinout instructions. Have fun on the eye chart if you so desire.


RV-12 Status Report ...rongawer

I installed a canopy latch with security lock from Aircraft Specialty. Steve was very helpful and I highly recommend this upgrade.


Status Report ...jcarne

Somewhat of a big day today. After finishing the flap fabrication it was time for my last major primer session. Almost everything is primed for the wings (just push tubes left) and almost everything for the fuselage (push tubes and a couple of small parts) I will still have some odds and ends here and there but this is the last big one!


Pilots needed

This Summer August 13-16 there will be a gathering of 45,000 - 50,000 kids grades 5-12 at Oshkosh, these kids are from around the world. I am responsible for the aviation portion of their activities. The last time this event was held we gave around 800 Young Eagle rides in the 2 1/2 days that weather was good. Our goal is 1,000 if we have 4 good days of weather. I am looking for volunteers that would like to help with flights. We also have a ground display area on aviation, home building, and mission aviation. The kids will all have gone an intro to aviation and a preflight before they come for their Young Eagle ride.

If you would like to help for any or all of this time please contact me. I will be their with my RV-10 (now this is RV related )
Bill Greenley


RV-Lancair Brotherhood Day...snopercod

The weather was perfect and we had a great turnout today at GMU - seven people! Besides the regulars (Darwin couldn't make it), Keith from Greenville showed up in his RV-12, and Doug and wife Susan from Gainsville, GA flew in in his RV-12, making three RV-12s! Mark Cigal in his RV-8 brought his Cirrus instructor friend Chuck from Denver. Lunch was good as usual and it was a pleasure to meet the new folks. I hope they'll come join us again the next time we do this. In no particular order:

Owen's Red RV-12 and Keith's Blue RV-12:  more pics


Year 12 Performance Runs ...petehowell RV-9A

Got out and up today to see how the old girl is doing at cruise.

Cloudy, but 02degC and a pretty nice day. She seems to still have it at 12+ years and 2096 hours!

O-320, carb, dual EI, Hartzell, mogas. Otto flying the legs.

Yep - The D-10A has the dreaded black spot - it is stable for now, so I am just leaving it. The D-10A and the EMS-D10 have been great for 12 years and I know Dynon will fix me up when time comes.

The snapshot:


Master contactor failure (maybe?)

Hi friends,

Looking for some advice. I've got an RV-6A with a Lycoming IO-360 and Skytec starter, 750hr TT. I bought it flying about 350 hours ago.

Went flying a week ago, and after a fuel stop, I tried starting back up, head a "clunk", then nothing. Tried again and it worked... gremlins I thought...

Then I went to go flying today, and after turning the master power on: "clunk clunk". Then nothing. My engine display, which is always on if the master power is on, was "off". I toggled the master switch a few more times for troubleshooting and got a wide variety of results. In some cases, I'd get the prop spinning like normal. Other times, I'd turn the starter switch on and absolutely nothing would turn on - not even any "clunks" of the master contactor/solenoid.

I confirmed the battery is healthy (I keep it on a tender and then checked the voltage independently - good). The weather was mild.

I replaced the starter solenoid about 2 years ago after a similar problem. This one is different because sometimes I'm not getting any power at all... but when I get power I can engage the starter.

So, I "think" my master contactor has failed. I only have 1 battery and 1 alternator, but the plane has 2 master contactors in line. When I heard the "clunk"s, they were coming from just one of them. No noise from the other at all.

There is no marking on my contactors, but they look kind of like Aircraft Spruce's LAMAR SOLENOID 12 VOLT CONTINUOUS (X61-0028) - just without the sticker.

Do master contactors fail like this? Thoughts?

Thanks for your help!



January 4, 2019.  Issue #4,731
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!

First Flight RV-12 N12SM ...Tacco

On New Years Day. After 18 months of build time. Flew great! No surprises. Rudder trim needs adjusted. No heavy wing. Finished half of PAP FT-1. Still grinning.


RV-10 #41988 - DFW

And so it begins........

After at least three years lurking on this site and flip flopping between a 10, 9a or 14a, and even looking at some high wing models I made the leap today.

Officially ordered my RV-10 QB wing kit. I’m waiting a few months to order the tail kit as I recover from Rotator cuff surgery. I figure this will be added incentive to do the exercises and recover.

Can’t wait to start the process. While I’m one armed over the next few months I plan to clean and organize my workspace/garage.

Thanks to dr’s website and the countless blogs and threads I have read to get to the starting point. And I’m sure I will be reading even more on this site as I move forward
Tim Foster
RV-10 QB Wings ordered


How I painted my RV-6 Fuse ...Joewebb 12min vid


Exit pressure must match local exterior flow at exit

...Steve Smith thoughts

The fundamental rule of subsonic exit flow is that the internal flow pressure at the exit must match the external flow pressure at the exit.

When you open a cowl flap or have a diverging exit angle, you are creating an area of lower pressure in the external flow, which yes indeed helps extract more flow through the internal flow path, because you are exiting into lower pressure. The penalty for this is the increase in frontal area needed to create the accelerated external flow, and the likelihood that exiting internal flow may be at a lower velocity than the external flow.

When you have an exit in an area where the external geometry is tapering or sloping back towards smaller cross sections as you go downstream, the other flow is slowing down, pressure increasing, and you are exhausting into an area of elevated pressure compared to the free stream. The internal flow at the exit is therefore at a higher pressure, lower velocity than it could have been. In small doses, this region of decelerating flow, with rising pressure, can be good - the pressure recovery on the aft-facing slope provides some thrust. But if the pressure gradient is too adverse (pressure rising too fast) the boundary layer will separate and you will have a separated flow region trapped in the area where the body is getting smaller, causing pressure drag - which is a way of saying that you are not getting the pressure recovery that you would have gotten had the flow stayed attached.  ...


Tuft Testing and Systems ...DanH (same thread)

Larry, first suggestion is to think in terms of building a system. Whatever individual modifications you might make should be considered in a system context. Bandaids only go so far, and real bolt-on speed is rare.

Next, remember the little things. I'm going to take one subject as an example, that 4-pipe exhaust. You're thinking about cutting off the downturns, but in the context of how to reduce cooling drag, the best bet would be to stack it under a workbench somewhere.  ...


Welcome Aboard...Bellhemem (Lafayette, LA)

Vans sold another RV10 Kit

I took the plunge and should have a RV 10 Empennage kit delivered next week. I have a few questions as I do not personally know any RV builders, or have an active EAA.

I have most of what I need (I think). Advise on a couple of questionable parts/tools –

Substructure Dimple Die 3/32? Leaning towards no…

Countersink Jig?

Tail light Adapter Ring?

Threaded Tie Down Block?

Rudder Cable Fairing?

Static Line Kit from Cleveland any better/worse than Vans?

I have ordered extra rivets, the Radio Shack Self-Adhesive clips for the Static Line, and RV10 Bucking Bar.

Anything else other than a Light/Conduit I may need to finish the Emp?


New Panel Design - Critiques Please ...ssokol

I spent part of the holiday break working on a design for a new panel for my RV-6A. I'm getting close to having a first cut of my home-grown avionics suite working and its time to bite the bullet and start "eating my own dog food" as they say. Please take a look and let me know what you think. ...


Status Report ...jcarney

Well after finishing up the ailerons by bolting the brackets on it was time to start the flaps.


19K and 89kt Xwind ...crabandy

Also from 2018, KSDL..KICT 3:40ish enroute time and less than 20 gallons if I recall correctly.


Inspiration from 'Ron's Cart' ...TASEsq

I took great inspiration from Ron’s cart below, but not being able to find a cheap cart that wasn’t too big, I just used some left over kitchen to build mine. The drawers are very handy (they are 10mm ply), for stuff needed often but not every second. The drill bit holder and die holders are the best things ever - never have to search for a bit, and I’ve since removed some I don’t use and added reamers for an3 and 4 bolts. The air tools hang on a bit of PVC pipe with notches cut. I also now have a sandpaper holder on the side, and found 5lt olive oil cans are the best for clecos. Very handy having all the hardware boxes wherever I’m working. Thanks for the inspiration!



January 3, 2019.  Issue #4,730

Mothership Jan 1 pic.


2019 Sats, maybe ahead of Vlad for a day? ...BruceEicher

Finished off (this year so far) 15 airports with landing and Take offs, 5 new airports, one grass strip and 2 night landings. Was trying for the entire Oregon Coast and all airstrips. Had to scrub one grass strip after landing on the better one, it was very soft and the other posted warnings.........

Now Vlad, if I want to keep this up I might just have to install your auxiliary fuel tank so conveniently left in my hangar <g>


Video on RV-12iS Drop In Lines ...Aircraft Specialty

[ed. I enjoyed this video immencely!  If you have a 19 minute hole in your day I recommend it.  Nerds of the World Unite!!!! ;^).  v/r,]

The rv12is provided a great opportunity to fully utilize CNC tube bending technology to provide drop in lines for the 12iS aircraft that the OP of this message utilized in his aircraft.

Here is a video that shows the design process, fabrication, as well as tube final dimension verification.

The 10:22 mark is where the actual tube bending begins. The rest of the video shows how the entire process is done from start to finish.

As always, we couldn't have done this without the help of some great beta testers. The RV/ Experimental community is comprised of some great people, and we really enjoy working with you to refine and improve the build experience.


HS spar scratches RV 9 ...toddramsey

"...finished match drilling my ribs to the spars on my horizontal stabilizer. When I disassembled and removed the blue plastic, I found these shallow scratches. I believe they came from the brake used in bending the spars in the manufacturing process. The blue plastic was also cut along these scratches. I used mineral spirits to clean the scratches to remove the plastic residue and the photos show what remains. These scratches are very shallow but I can feel them with my fingernail."


From Lycoming...


Photos of the 'Wood Tool Cart' ...ronshchreck

...per request.


Potentially catastrophic mistake: Aft canopy deck position along the longerons


Happy new year everyone. Wish I could share in the happiness, but I just found what's possibly a catastrophic mistake I made on the RV, and wanted to share it. Obviously this is going to involve a long discussion with Van's, but I thought I'd start a discussion here to potentially prepare myself for the extremely bad news I have coming.

Long story short, it looks like I built the whole forward and mid fuselage around incorrectly bent and drilled longerons.

I'm at the point in the build where I'm disassembling the forward fuselage to prep the surfaces, dimple, and countersink them for riveting. While countersinking the longerons, something just didn't look right. The top holes I had drilled for the aft canopy deck were way too far aft. So I clecoed the longeron back to the mid-fuselage, and pulled out the F-721B aft canopy deck pieces. Lo and behold, the holes are indeed way too far back:  ...



January 2, 2019.  Issue #4,729
Clean drywall cuts made - drying out continues (bad pano pic). Washroom ops returning to normal. Clothes donation pile growing - clothes that I didn’t know I had tossed in. ‘Professional clothes’ whittled down to about a foot and a half of rack space - feels pretty great to tell you the truth (pic).  Less clutter is nice.
  Hope you had a nice holiday and that your 2019 goes swell.

Getting Back to Building! ...llavalle

So some of the older folks here might remember me. I was building a -9A back in what.. humm 2008-2009. Had a webcam link in my signature which was awesome in 2008.

Went to 'Osh in 2009 and met some of the folks here! At the Van's dinner, our host here, DR, recognized me by saying "hey, you're that French Canadian guy from Québec, right?"

So anyway, after 265hours and 3642 rivets (yup, counted them), life had other plans for me and I paused the building of the -9A. ~2 years later, was offered a very good price on it so I decided to sell it. Emp was complete and inspected by MD-RA (specific to Canada stuff). One wing was mostly complete, the other one I was working on.  continue


Unbelievable! ...Don Patrick


After a week of fighting the flu, I managed to get to the airport and strapped on my RV-8.

I can't say that I wasn't nervous..I sure was, but once the power was poured on, all trepidation left and it was down to business.

What an amazing feeling....Incredible!!!

The only issues I had was a heavy right wing, a D180 that screamed stall at me the entire flight (my programming mistake) and a MP issue that I have to resolve.

There are so many I have to thank. My family, you're the best! Manny Rosario and the boys at Enterprise Air...your ACES!. Rob Baldasaro, thanks for the paint work!. Simon Hitcheon, thanks for my RV checkout and the support!! All the others from this site for the help and guidance, much thanks!

For those of you still building...keep moving forward every day...These are amazing aircraft!!

It wasn't a perfect weather day, but the end result..PRICELESS!!


RV-9 Daddy/Daughter Vlog to Cumberland ...rv9daughter

RV9 daughter is home for the holidays! Which means that I had to ask my old man to take the RV for a spin. We packed some snacks and made the short trek to Cumberland, WI on Sunday. I made this (very poorly filmed and edited) video just for a fun memory, but my family thought you all might like to see it. Enjoy


Flight Data Recorders: Foreflight logger, Arduino, Raspberry Pi


So last week I decided to fly some simple tests to determine how useful the Foreflight Track Logger is in capturing data for Flight Tests.

So I flew a simple plan which consisted of taking off, flying wind speed and direction circles at 5000 feet and then again at 8000 feet, then doing some simple aerobatics to see if the Track Logger could also be used to tell me how I'm doing with the acro.

The results were interesting. I downloaded the CSV file from Foreflight and wrote some Python to capture the data and plot it out in 3D.

The short answer is - the Foreflight Track Logger might be useful for Phase 1 flight test of climb, airspeed calibration,best glide, Vx Vy determination etc.

Doesn't seem to be useful in showing a round loop.

This is the 3D plot of the full flight. The roll, loop and roll is the track at the far right of the plot:  continue


RV-12iS Fuel Line Photos ...subpar_bucker

wanted to send a quick post our showing the installation of the fuel lines I purchased from Aircraft Specialty.  ......    I can say it was quite delightful after humiliating myself fabricating the long fuel lines to simply attach these lines where they belonged in a single attempt


No Excuses ...petehowell

Brrr - someone turned off the heat in the upper midwest today, but Bernie and I had the day off - that means a good day to fly! -1F, bundle up and go!


Flight Levels Club ...airguy

Since we've got the "200 knots" club and it's been around for a while, I thought we should have this one as well. I know quite a few of us have been up there with our RV's, and a couple of us have gone WAY up there.

Anyway, here's my entry, coming back home from Reno 2018, was picking up a trace of ice in the top of a layer at 17,000 so requested FL190 to get clear


2019 New Year Resolutions ...Jaybird gets the ball rolling

2019 New Year Resolutions

Exercise more
Lose weight
Install ADSB
Fly more this year.

Resolutions are made to be broken. Right?
I predict,,,,, This time next year I’ll be asking what you did to comply with this new ADSB rule? I’ll still need to exercise more, and lose weight.

I only flew 113 hours in 2018. I’m wondering why I have 3 airplanes.


From Paul at Kitplanes


Happy New Year - And (Maybe) Hat Sighting ...tcard

Happy New Year to all of our flying friends! The Year 2018 ended with a flight, so it seemed necessary for 2019 to start with a flight. There wasn't any of the requisite noise from our airpark community, so we decided to fix that even though the weather was, well, not great. Clearly our fellow pilots needed a ceiling report. The consensus in our cockpit was low and "variable".



December 31, 2018.  Issue #4,728 (no Jan 1 issue)

Friday morning I scooted out to 52F for a gas run up the Gainesville and back. Smooth flight, $3.50 gas and viz straight out of the brochure.  Great flight - logged .6 - been too long. RV performed flawlessly.  The plan was lunch at Mr. Frosty (built in '54) in Denton with some of the usual suspects.


Chris Pratt (RV-8) and I were texting and firming up plans - shaping up to be a good lunch. When I landed back at 52F I had a voice mail from Susie saying we had 1” of water in the master bedroom closet.  New plan...

Drove home fast, turned off the water to the house and all hands on deck moving clothes and drawers out into other rooms. Started kicking cutting out wet sheetrock. Rob (RV-8) and Randy (RV-8) showed up around lunch time to rub it in help find the leak.  It took us a bit, but the leak was found and plans were made for the fix. It turned out to be caused during the initial install over three decades earlier. The 'plumber' made a partial cut on a pipe, then decided to leave the pipe a little longer and instead made the actual cut further down. This partial cut, maybe because of metal stresses, maybe from molecules from the steel cutting blade being pressed into the copper (dissimilar metals), corroded, weakened, leaked and finally sprung a big honkin' jet sometime during the night last Thursday.  Took ~35 years.  Pics in the link below...

Water off all day. Line repair made. Fans drying things out. Sheetrock plan being formulated.  All about back to normal, and we’re only out about $20 so far in plumbing supplies.  Looks like a clothes bomb went off.  Mr. Frosty next week maybe.

More pics starting here

My dad passed on this day in 1999, and New Years Eve understandably has never been the same.  I'm usually a little down this time of year because of it, but on a drive up to Whataburger Sunday morning I caught myself smiling, because I know he would have really enjoyed complaining about this water leak.  He would have wanted to tear that plumber a new one the size of Texas.

The closet is almost dry as of press time.  Time to clean up the cut lines, start measuring and go to Lowes for supplies.  I'm going to put a removable panel where I can get back there easier next time if I ever need to.

While moving stuff out of the closet, Susie came across a family document that we thought was lost.  When Tate was a small boy he saw a frog that had been run over in the street in front of our house.  He asked Susie if he could write a note to the other frogs.  He put the note below on the ground out near the street.  Finding that note for our family was like finding the Magna Carta.  Our 'Huffman Prairie Moment' of the Great Water Leak of '18.  For the last 15 years or so whenever someone would see a frog, at least one family member could be counted on to blurt out, "Dear Frogs and Toads...".  Finding this made the year.


Happy New Year to our RV friends and thank you for supporting our little family business here - we're trying our hardest.   You help our lives be filled with laughs, motivation, compassion and true, honest friendship.  Increasingly rare things in today's world.

I got to fly a little a few days ago.  I get to earn a living doing something I'm passionate about.  I had some laughs with family and friends during a tough time of the year.  We got to see our daughter over the holidays.

In a weird way I'm a little grateful for the water leak.  There are worse problems to have.  It capped off the year with unplanned variety.  Isn't that the strangest thing to say?

Neighbors will let you use their shower.  Friends have your back.  Life, especially RV life, is pretty good.

Happy New Year from our family to yours and God Bless all of you.


RV Cheerleader


The last awful joke of '18:
Q: What do you call a fake noodle?
A: An impasta.


  This site is how our family eats and we sure would like to keep doing that.  26,352 forum accounts.  Tens of thousands of 'lurkers' (when there are 300 people online, it's usually ~50 registered and ~250 unregistered guests enjoying the site).  As of 12/16/18 there have been  1,867 donators so far (< 3% of the readers my best guess).  It's donation month here, so if you could, please give this a read.  To those who help us stay in business with a yearly donation, thank you!
  Like I said earlier, we like to eat food (not rocks).  This site is how our family makes that happen, with your help.  Please consider a donation if you haven't and are 'a regular'. v/r,dr


Revised RV-8 Sub-Cowl ...tuft testing update

I tufted our RV-8 and flew with the modified sub cowl a few days ago. The point of the sub cowl is to reduce the exit opening to raise CHT and oil temperature, which it has. (Our XP360 was running a bit too cool). The below video indicates the exit flow is not perfect but better than the first attempt.

Here is a video of the first attempt. Note the large lip on the trailing edge of the opening which caused flow separation.
JP White
RV-8 Phase 1 Complete!


Please read if converting from Fixed pitch to Constant Speed prop ...AX-O

In the process of changing from a fixed pitched prop to a constant speed prop, I have ran into one major issue. Hoping to have a thread that folks can view and use to make a decision before heading down this road.

If you are a moderator, please consider making this a sticky. It will save someone thousands of dollars and many weeks of troubleshooting and backtracking.

STOP!!!! before you even think about doing this conversion, some very costly advice i had to learn on my own (even though the info is out on VAF on various threads if you look around).

All engine cases are not crated equal. Make sure you know what type of case you have and how it has been configured. Just because you have a hallow crank does not mean you can convert to constant speed by adding a governor and associated line, gasket, pad, etc.

Some engine cases have a port/hole on the left engine case half. (Example picture, not my engine)  ...


RV-9 Performance PIREP ...Bill R.

My O-360 powered -9 taildragger spinning a fixed pitch Catto prop will cruise right at 175 knots at 8,000 feet density altitude at 75% power.

On Christmas day I spent some time exploring the lower end of the performance spectrum.

Short field:
Within 900' from the end of a runway on a no wind 60°F day, not my touchdown point, I was able to land and take off again. That was land, stop, raise the flaps, adjust the trim and take off in less than 900 feet. Since I floated past the end of the runway, I absolutely believe Van's numbers.

Optimal cruise:
On that same flight I thought I would see what my optimal extended range speed would be.

It turns out that 40% power gives me 135 knots running while burning 4.8 GPH LoP.
This works out to 28 GPH gives me a range of over 1000 NM.

What numbers are the rest of you seeing?


Show Us Your RV-4 ...tlump51 entry


Prop Help Requested ...Dewey Clawson

I recently purchased a 2012 RV10, 390 hrs, TTSMOH, TT airframe. IO540, Blended Airfoil Hartzell CS, MT prop controller.

I flew it home from TX, 7hrs, and Tue flew about an hour. Wed I took a puppy to just S of Albany, NY (2 hrs) and another guy took her on to her furever home in Maine. I took off on the return leg and was level at 8,000 IFR, just on top of the clag, about 63% power, 22inches, 2100rpm, or so and about to lean and the rpm ran away. 2700rom.

Yanked the throttle back, could not change the rpm with the prop lever. Prop had gone to flat pitch. Next thing I looked at was oil press. All OK. Started immediate turn back toward lower ground (was over the Catskills) and better wx and said the magic word....EMERGENCY. Landed at Kingston-Ulster airport, NY.

Found the only mechanic on the field. He was in the middle of 2 week vacation but came in to help me. We talked to Penn Yan and to NE Propeller Service. They gave us some ideas to look at.

1. Linkage was connected and worked OK ran eng and prop was not controllable.
2. Moved the prop by hand and each blade moved OK. rotate blades. OK
3. Stick a paper clip in the zirk fittings on the prop. Only grease in there.. OK
4. Removed the oil filter and inspected it for metal shavings. Looked OK. Front main bearing hasn't spun and blocked the oil passage.
5. Removed prop governor and drove 3 hours to New England Prop Service. They tested the governor and it checks OK.
Drove home 10 hours.
Out of ideas.



New RV Owner Chimes In


Complete RV8 Panel for Sale ...friend of mine.  Cleanest shop I've ever seen

It is time for an upgrade and I would like to sell my current panel as a complete unit. This will include all of the harnesses, probes, etc. that are currently installed. When I remove the panel I will label all of the wiring so it will easier to reinstall in your project. The Tru Trak Vision AP and pitch servo was purchased at OSH 2018 and installed in August. Everything is in good working order and is a great option for someone looking at an inexpensive and complete panel for your project.

This will include everything you see in the center panel as well as the EI Oil Pressure and Temp that is located in the right side panel. I also have a new-in-the-box Garmin 660 and AirGizmo mount that I was going to install where the 496 is currently before I decided do to a more extensive upgrade.

I have taken 50% of the cost of the equipment to come up with an asking price of $7,200 or $7,800 with the Aera 660 and Airgizmo mount.

The panel is located at Propwash Airport (16X) and I can deliver it to you via Cessna 180 if within a reasonable distance. I never need an excuse to fly!!!

Please call or email me directly if you are interested and I will provide a list of the equipment and more pictures.


Milestone: Back At It!


RV-14 Beringer Brake Install Pics as Requested ...Erimo

Here is my installation in few pics.   Connections at the gear leg/wheel didn't seem to me the main issue. Connection at the fuse belly/ gear leg , more.  Hoses have to fit with the leg fairings !!!


Support ...Paul (Flyleds)

We have updated the manual since you received your kit. It now includes the picture you're looking for! We had this as a separate page with our first batch of RV-9 kits but we must have missed this with yours.



December 28-30, 2018. Issue #4,727
  The mothership will be closed Monday (31st) and Tuesday (1st).  There will be a VAF edition here on the 31st, but not on the 1st.  I'll see you Monday!
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!

Wallpaper Calendar for January '19

Solar Halo, birds searching for morning lift and RV-8 on climbout.  dr


Prop De-lamination RV-6 Update / Solved ...Brooks

Alright boys and girls,

Flew the pacesetter without a spinner today (no backplate). Honestly, I think it's almost the same speed with the little "test pilot" wind triangle I did. Regardless, climbs amazingly and ran smooth enough by just leaving my existing dynamic balancing washers where they were.

Not bad.

See the pictures:


GRT configuration ...Jeremy 7A

I'm in the middle of an avionics upgrade and can't seem to find the info I'm looking for to configure my GRT Sport EX/Horizon EX.

I used to have a Garmin 300xl, Sl30 and the internal GPS for the GRT. The nav choices under the softkeys were listed as GPS1, GPS2 and Nav. The 300xl was GPS 1.

I now have an Avidyne IFD440, SL30 and GRT internal GPS. I've checked and the appropriate serial counters are counting, the system seems to be aware of the sl30 but the only annunciated Nav choices are "440-1" and GPS2.

I know there are a number of ways of configuring it and I would like to hear from folks what their preferred setups are for IFR work and how I do it. I'm sure I'm missing something simple here but I would love to at least see "440-1" and "SL30" or "Nav" as a second choice. I really want to know what Nav sources I'm following!

I've got an email and phone call in to GRT but it's the holidays and I thought I would tap the brain trust...
All Best
Jeremy Constant
RV7A "Stella Luna"


Tip RE Removing Fuel Caps


Brake Bleeder Kit ...N319BC

I think I’ve found the Holy Grail in Brake bleeder kits all for less than $10.  While at Lowes I stumbled across this 2 Liter (0.5 gallon) Pressure sprayer for $5.88 in the home and garden section. While there, I went and bought 10 feet of 3/8 OD tubing (1/4” ID) ~ $3.00

Connect the 3/8” tubing (about 2 feet) to the sprayer and the other end to about 2 feet of ¼” “static” line tubing. Wire tie them together to prevent any leaks. Connect the static line ¼” tube to the zerk brake fitting (AKA bleeder valve) and you have bleeder kit that works with virtually NO spillage. Just a couple of drops when removing the tube from the brake (zerk fitting). I filled up the Left Main on my 10 in less than 5 minutes.

I cannot find a listing at the Lowes website but here is the manufactures info.  ...


Trimming External Step Kit ...mflemming

Using the belt sander with a 220 grit belt gave me a lot of control. The tube grinds away very easily.



December 27, 2018. Issue #4,726
  Windy and wet here in N.Texas Wednesday.  Whenever it clears up I'd like to fly up to Gainesville and get some gas.  Thursday is forecast nearly direct xwind at 14kts.  I don't know if I need gas that bad ;^).  I do know I need to get on the treadmill.
  Hope your modified work week isn't so clobbered and you're getting some RV time.

Salvage Project... new kit or rebuild? ...BruceMe

I have a RV4 half-built wing/emp I found for very reasonable nearby. Then I found a salvage also cheap... The wing is obvious, just finish it. The fuselage is teetering on the edge of rebuild/re-kit.

I purchased it cause it probably has enough fitting and bits and bobs to make it worth the ask.

I'd take this down to bulkheads. Straighten them all out then re-skin, maybe $2500 in aluminum. Or for $5,0000 I can buy a fuselage kit from Vans and start from scratch. I'm not sure which to do. Which way would you go and why?


Listen to this Stein Guy...he knows what he’s talking about

Q: (Turner B.) I have wiring harness from stein with all the wires for the EGT/CHT probes (brown wire). My Garmin engine sensor kit has all the probes which are terminated with staggered ring terminals with small screws.

I need to make connections between the brown wires and these probes - what are the acceptable/common methods for doing this? I've been using butt splices sealed with shrink tube for connecting other miscellaneous wires (in some cases of course devices have their own terminal plugs i.e. PMAG).

A: (Stein)
Ring Terminals are fine and used by many (we keep them in stock and obviously sell them too). Some folks also have/and do use spades, butt splices, knife splices and other methods.  It is nice to be able to remove them and swap if need be as previously mentioned, so we prefer "non-permanent" options like the small ring terminals.


And Speaking of Stein....

...have you seen the video library on his site?  You should.


New Builder Assist Entry

...Bill Davis in Florida.  In the B.A.P. page.


Otis Holt Chimes In on the Mechanical Fuel Pump Vapor-lock Issue Thread

The bypass valve aspect of the regulator should serve as a check valve against this. You might consider replacing the regulator with a simpler fixed bypass valve nominally set to 25-30psi. The metering valve should tolerate a range of pressures. Airflow performance systems rely entirely on a high-quality bypass valves and don’t require regulators. The hexagonal brass colored bodies shown in this photo of the dual pump system I’m installing are bypass valves that feed back into the return lines.(I’m eliminating the engine drive pump, thus redundant electric pumps).  ...


Wheel Fairing Question: Waxing screws ...Ken Stockman

I am at the point of putting on the wheel fairings where the plans tell you to used floxed epoxy around the areas where the fairings attach with screws. One is supposed to coat the screws with candle wax so they don't set up in the epoxy.

Question: Do I try to get as thin of a coat of wax on the screws as possible? Not sure what the best approach is. Or is there an alternative to wax?

Also the metal brackets are supposed to be covered with plastic tape. I assume that electrical tape is the best approach here.



Chasing the issue - low fuel pressure on takeoff  ...John C

The low fuel pressure on takeoff appears to be a design issue related to cavitation at the engine driven fuel pump. Controlling the pressure at the engine driven fuel pump appears to be the most direct fix.

The problem is not consistent. At times, the pressure at takeoff does not drop below 4-4.5 psi. At other times, the pressure can drop into the low 2s or even near 1 psi.

Often, I can lower the nose and pull back to 4000 rpm, see a pressure recovery, power up and continue the climb.

The two solutions offered prior were to use a blend of 100LL or just accept the low pressure if there is no engine falter. To me, neither is acceptable. I prefer, and the engine was designed for mo-gas.

Hopefully, the slightly higher rated Facet pump will boost the pressure at the engine driven pump to prevent the pump cavitation, if that is the issue.

The problem may only appear on the RV-12, at least according to two of the Rotax dealers and information from user’s groups or operators of other designs. Thus, it would appear to be a design issue related to the RV-12.


There are several contributors to the lessening of the pressure at the engine driven pump.
Static pressure with the Facet pump: 3 psi
Pressure with engine and Facet pump running: 5.5 psi
Pull the c/b: 5.2 psi
At higher rpms such as runup: 3.5-4.5 psi, sometimes drops to 3 psi, rarely to 2 psi.
At takeoff, the pressure often drops to 1-2 psi.

Van's, Rotax and others suggested instrumentation or installation issues as the source of the indicated or actual low pressure problem.

1. Bad engine driven fuel pump: changed engine driven fuel pump, same problem. Result, both engine driven fuel pumps are ok.

2. Unusual blockages restricting flow: Using the Facet pump only, the static pressure was 3.0 psi. The pressure transducer is on the right forward side of the firewall, near the top. Flow was 33 gph at the engine driven fuel pump; 20 gph at the fuel pressure transducer; and 1.4 gph at the end of the fuel return line (you should also see 1.5 gph flow on the Skyview.). I did not check the flow to each carburetor as they only need 2.5 gph to each. Result, no unusual blockages.

3. Bad fuel pressure sensor: Static pressure about 3 psi and drops to 1-2 psi on takeoff. A new sensor was added and the results were the same. Dynon pressure was compared to a mechanical gauge on the ground, at takeoff and in flight (see later post for mechanical installation). The mechanical gauge was consistently about 0.1-0.2 psi less than the Dynon sensor. Result: Dynon sensor is accurate to demonstrate that the large pressure drop was real.

The system design also contributes to the pressure loss. It appears that the typical overall system loss is about 1.5 to 2.0 psi attributed to increasing fuel flow when and the rpm is increased from idle to 4000-5000 rpm (see above).

4. Contributing to the overall loss:
Long fuel line runs: 140 inches of 3/8 tube. The Facet pump in the middle confuses the issue for me.
Numerous components/fittings: 4 components and 10 fittings
Six 90-degree bends (plus two 45-degree bends)

5. Column pressure due to column height from tank to engine driven pump: (this is included in the overall system loss)
from full tank: 8 inches or 0.2 psi
from empty tank: 21 inches or 0.5 psi

Takeoff dynamics further contribute to the pressure loss.

6. Increasing column height due to pitching up is added to the overall system loss.
10 degrees pitch at 72 inches: 12.5-inch column increase or 0.3 psi

7. longitudinal acceleration adds to the overall system loss:

0.2 Gs longitudinal acceleration calculated from change in ground speed. With a 90-inch horizontal column, the 0.2 G longitudinal acceleration = 18-inch column increase or 0.45 psi pressure loss during acceleraton and/or initial climb.

The total loss is about 2.5-3.0 psi at takeoff. The portion of pressure loss due to the takeoff appears to be about 0.7-0.8 psi and may be the reason that the problem typically appears during the takeoff and initial climb phase of flight. The pressure drop at takeoff lessens the pressure at the engine driven fuel pump. Perhaps that is the primary trigger for cavitation at the engine driven fuel pump.

The higher rated Facet pump may fully offset the takeoff effects.


Charity Cap Sighting ...Dvalcik

Future pilot - driving his “Gampa”.  VAF hat and Flight Jacket

(about the cap)



December 26, 2018. Issue #4,725

Moondog Christmas morning 0800.
Waiting for everyone to wake up...


Milestone: First Engine Run (video) ...j-red RV-8

Last Thursday I gathered my posse of fire-extinguisher wielding airport buddies and cranked her over for the first time.... nothing. Cranked again... nothing. Fuel? Check. Spark? Ahh, no spark. CPI seems to be on, magnets are showing as synching when the prop is turning but still no spark. Ross says to check and see if the coil pack is getting 12 volts. It isn’t. Gotta have something to do with the setup in the vertical power vp-x box, but my laptop is at home and now the two days of hard rain they’ve been predicting has started with a drizzle. Pushed the plane back in the hanger and kept working away at the left wingtip. ...


Chimed in with a Winning Calendar Ticket ...lucaperazzolli in N. Italy

"...I've got a Golden Ticket under my Christmas Tree, thanks Vans !  I need to plan a factory visit."


New Guy Chimes in ...Vancouver, BC (Ken Birss)

Looking for an RV7/7A!

Hello! Looking to get into the Vans world and figured this would be the place to put out some feelers as to what is on the market apart from the standard trade a plane/ barnstormers etc..

Looking for a 7 or 7A. IO-360 preferably with c/s prop, slider or tip up, IFR capable would be great, day/night lighting, dual controls...

If anyone knows of anyone interested in selling, send them my way! I’m up in Canada, so closer the better but would be willing to make a trip if it’s unreal.


Christmas Day Status Report ...jcarne RV7A

I love the holidays, so much more time to airplane!   First on the list, rivet the ADHARS mount that I fabricated.


IAC Known Sequences for 2019 ...ronschreck RV-8

When you are through with the eggnog and ready to get back in the cockpit you might like to try out the IAC KNOWN SEQUENCES for 2019. Final approval by the IAC Executive Committee is expected soon after the holidays but these sequences are the latest proposals by the Known Sequence Committee and I expect they will be approved without changes.

Below is the Sportsman Known. The only change from the original proposal was to change figure 8 from a reverse wedge to a forward wedge.  ...


Canopy Issue After Paint (Ugh) ...bkervaski

Yikes! (the pic makes it look a lot worse than it actually is)

This happened at the paint shop already during reassembly, the painter fixed it perfect. Happened again this morning. Been about 15 flights in between.

The best I can tell the is that I left the canopy up on it's pins, which keeps it at an angle, on Saturday. Came out today to fly, lifted the canopy, and "pop", this happened. I think what has happened is that it was in a position where the front thin aluminum was touching *every so slightly* and it got a little tacky (temperature change?) and held it in place just long enough for the lip to catch the seal. The more it raised, the more it started bending and digging in.

Already talked with the painter, he can fix it again. Evoke is great, took my call on Christmas Eve, love Jonathan and his team.  ...


Posted by the Mothership

Twas the night before Christmas, and out on Van’s ramp,
Not an airplane was stirring, not even a Champ.
The RVs were fastened to tiedowns with care,
In hopes that come morning, they’d all still be there.
The fuel trucks were nestled, all snug in their spots,
With gusts from two-forty at 39 knots.
I slumped at the fuel desk, now finally caught up,
And settled down comfortably, resting my butt.
When the radio lit up with noise and with chatter,
I turned up the volume to see what was the matter.
A voice clearly heard over static and snow,
Called for clearance to land at the airport below.
He barked his transmission so lively and quick,
I'd have sworn that the call sign he used was "St. Nick."
I called to the tower to turn up the lights,
The better to welcome this magical flight.
He called his position, no room for denial,
"RV Nick One, turnin' left onto final."
And what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a VanGrunsven-built sleigh, with eight Lycoming Reindeer!
With vectors to final, down the glideslope he came,
As he passed all fixes, he called them by name:
"Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now Prancer and Vixen!
On Comet! On Cupid!" What pills was he takin'?
While the controllers were sittin' and scratchin' their heads,
They phoned to my office, and I heard it with dread,
The message they left was both urgent and dour:
"When That RV pulls in, have him please call the tower."
He landed like silk, with the sled runners sparking,
Then I heard "Turn left at Alpha," and "Taxi to Van’s parking."
He slowed to a taxi, turned off of three-oh
And stopped on the ramp with a "Ho, ho-ho-ho..."
He stepped out of the sleigh, but before he could talk,
I ran out to meet him with our best set of chocks.
His red helmet and goggles were covered with frost
And his beard was all blackened from Reindeer exhaust.
His breath smelled like peppermint, gone slightly stale,
And he puffed on a pipe, but he didn't inhale.
His cheeks were all rosy and jiggled like jelly,
His boots were as black as a cropduster's belly.
He was chubby and plump, in his suit of bright red,
And he asked me to "fill it, with hundred low-lead."
He came dashing in from the snow-covered pump,
I knew he was anxious for drainin' the sump.
I spoke not a word, but went straight to my work,
And I filled up the sleigh, but I spilled like a jerk.
He came out of the restroom, and sighed in relief,
Then he picked up a phone for a Flight Service brief.
And I thought as he silently scribed in his log,
These reindeer could land in one-eighth-mile fog.
He completed his pre-flight, from the front to the rear,
Then he put on his headset, and I heard him yell, "Clear!"
And laying a finger on his push-to-talk,
He called up the tower for clearance and squawk.
"Take taxiway Alpha, the southbound direction,
Turn right three-two-zero at pilot's discretion."
As he sped down the runway, climbing like a beast,
"What kind of airplane is THAT? And traffic’s inbound from the east."
And I heard him proclaim, as he climbed into the dark night,
"Merry Christmas to all! RV has the traffic in sight!"

(with apologies to the original author and the many that have since modified!).  Van’s Aircraft wishes you and yours the Merriest of Christmases and Happy Holidays! We hope you have some time to build and fly this week, a great way to finish out 2018!



December 24-25, 2018. Issue #4,724

Susie, Audrey, Tate and I would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.  We are so fortunate to have as many online friends here as we do to share this RV building and flying adventure with.  We are truly, truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.  Merry Christmas! 

Note: I'll take Christmas (Tuesday) off, then it's business as usual Wed, Thu and Fri.


Status Report: Many Pics ...AX-O RV-4

Catching up on posts. I have been sick so have not been able to fly yet. The plane is ready. Paper work and pilot to follow.

I called Kathy at EarthX and ordered a 48 inch Quick Connect and Charging cable like this one Click

I also got a Jump Pack like this one Click since we used one at OSH this year to start a plane during the airshow.

The plan was to run the cable from the battery to a place in the cockpit that I could easily plug into if I need to. fairly easy process. Used the avionics knot to clean everything up and velcro at the end of the cable for securing/quick release.

The battery pack is very light, has an LED, USB charging plug and electronic built in protection for reverse polarity, etc. Surprisingly the 48 inch cable weighted about the same as the battery pack. It is a bigger gauge cable than what I had before since you can plug into this one for starting. Hope I never have to use it but is there if I need it.


RV-7A Status Report ...jcarne

After some dimpling and riveting it was time to for the ever stressful bending of the aileron skins. Seemed to go off without a hitch, they came out great. I still have some tweaking to do to make sure a straight edge will sit flat but I will wait until they are done for that. ...


Prop delamination, RV-6 stuck on cross country, HELP!

Felix (custom) wood prop that is meticulously inspected got me from Denver to Doylstown, PA. Upon inspecting the prop today a few days before heading home, I realised there are several points of what appear to be delamination that may have occurred from the humidity and temperature changes after arriving.

I look at the prop carefully, so the changes must have occurred after or during the 8 hours of flying from Denver.

I'm looking for folks with a prop I can buy to get back home.

It's a o-320 making ~165hp on what is currently a 198mph cruise RV-6.

Again, currently stuck at Doylestown Pennsylvania and looking for a safe way to ferry the plane back to Denver.

Thanks all!


Fun with Numbers ...fbrewer

G loading on RV6...

Reading the discussion about g limits on the RV (let's use an RV6 as the baseline).

Condition 1

Let's say the plane is loaded to its aerobatic weight of 1390.

The airplane has a 180 lbs pilot and 16 gallons of fuel (all in the left tank)

Condition 2

Now the plane is loaded again to its aerobatic weight of 1390.

The airplane has a 100 lbs pilot and 29.3 gallons of fuel (all in the left tank).

Even though the airplane is loaded to the same weight, does condition 2 (100 lbs pilot) put less bending moment on the wing spar than condition 1 (1800 lbs pilot)?


200kt GS Club Entry ...SJordan

200kt GS Club Entry ...BillL RV-7


Status Update: Mothership


RV-14 NEWS and Stocking Stuffers  ...Aircraft Extras

We are NOW accepting orders for our new RV-14 E-Z Out Center Console. This was developed with the help of three different RV-14 builders last month. Thanks to their help, we are able to offer this new product! We intend to start shipping sometime in late January. Please visit our E-Z Out Center Console page to place your order.

Don't forget to purchase our great "No Weld Handles", "Relay Boards", and "Tire Valve Extensions" for your Christmas stockings!

For more details on these two items and more GREAT PRODUCTS, please visit www.aircraftextras.com .


Mr. X Pic

...Salt Lake City.

(click to enlarge)



December 21, 2018. Issue #4,723

Today's awful joke:...Dec is also bad joke month. ;^)
Q: Want to hear a joke about a piece of paper?
A: Trust me you don't… it’s tearable.

[ed. Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  Note: There will be a Monday Christmas Eve edition.  I'll take Christmas (Tuesday) off, then it's business as usual Wed, Thu and Fri.  v/r,dr]

Milestone: Elevators Done! ...Brantel RV-10

And here they are. All done with the exception of the fairings. These things were the most time consuming so far. Some real brain teasers and tight spaces to work in. New to me construction techniques and the fact that it has two trim tabs made these much more challenging than the RV-7 elevators. Glad to finally get them done and move on to the anticipated TAIL CONE!  ...


DIY Tactile Flap Switch

...seen at Monk's.  Going into an RV-8.  Scrap aluminum repurposed - two minutes on a belt sander and a hole threaded.  Monk and I joked later that a more impressive version would be a Fowler flap that split into two surfaces, but, you know....that would cost a thousand dollars.  Not the five cents this one did <g>.

(click 'em to enlarge to crazy big size)


Motivational Quote ...Jerry Morris

Again, I have to stand back and realize just how fortunate we are that Dick VanGrunsven designed this wonderful group of airplanes.

I departed Chino California yesterday at 6:40 pacific time, pointed the nose east. One leg to Dona Ana NM., just west of El Paso, next leg to Conroe, Tx. just north of Houston, and one long leg to Saint Simons Island Ga. and I’m home 12 hours later. Literally, coast to coast.  1,890 nautical miles.

So if you get a little frustrated, remember this post. RV’s truly are a little magic carpet that literally open up the whole country to us.

Now, get back to work.
Jerry "Widget" Morris
RV 8, N8JL, 2700+ hours


Proof of Enjoyment and a Mod I Liked

...another RV-8 getting some love at Monk's.  I'm drawn to pictures like these for some reason.  Look at the little clear window in the baggage area behind the pax seat for visibly checking the ELT (removed for battery change).  Plexi sheet and some pop rivets.  Genius.

(click 'em to enlarge to crazy big size)


Classic Aero update on RV-14 Side Panels ...VAF advertiser

Hello RV-14 builders,

Just a quick note for anyone wondering about the status of our RV-14 side panels. We are close to having them ready. I expected to have pictures up on the website by now, but we are still making some final changes.

With the end of year holidays right around the corner, I wanted to let everyone know what was up since we will be closed next week to spend some time with our families. I'm sorry for the delay, but we are close though. This is probably the most work we've put into developing a new product. I hope everyone like them.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!
Luke Doughton
Classic Aero Designs


Mr. X Pic



ADSB save - or near enough for me ...Greg Niehues

ADSB save - or near enough for me

This morning I was flying my 9A into KMDD headed to work, talking to Midland approach. They pointed out traffic at my 1 o'clock opposite direction 5 miles and handed me to advisory frequency. I saw the traffic on ADSB but not visually, he was on a parallel course about 1 mile to my right coming at me, about 900 below as I was descending into KMDD. He was not talking to approach and he was not on KMDD advisory frequency.

I was still descending and getting within 300' of his altitude and had not found him visually yet - when I noticed on the ADSB screen he had taken a 90-degree right hand turn and was heading directly for me, less than a mile, just as the Dynon squawk-box hollered "Traffic!". I gave up the visual search and pulled about 2.5 positive G to quickly add several hundred feet between us. I finally caught sight of him just as he crossed under me, we would have had less than 100 yards separation if I had maintained my original course and descent.

I don't know any way to have avoided this, since the other pilot was not talking on the local frequency nor to approach (he was in Class E airspace, so not required) but having the ability to SEE him electronically certainly gave me the situational awareness to avoid a close encounter and possibly worse. I did not have a tail number on my screen so the other aircraft was not ADSB-equipped.
Greg Niehues


200kt GS Club ...Al

Firewalled leaving CYTB yesterday in my 7 with a climb to 3000' and a 21 kt tailwind. Running ROP on a 180 hp O-360, Marvel 10-3878 with the Mooney mod, Sensenich 85" FP and dual mags. Took a little more than 2700 rpm to get there but she did!



December 20, 2018. Issue #4,722

Today's awful joke:...Dec is also bad joke month. ;^)
Q: Cosmetic surgery used to be such a taboo subject.
A: Now you can talk about Botox and nobody raises an eyebrow

RV-8 pass at 52F.  10/28/16.  f/4.8  1/800th.  dr


Converting a GTX-327 from Parallel to Serial Altitude Encoding


I decided to join the 21st Century and change the altitude encoding inputs to my Garmin GTX-327 transponder from parallel to serial, driven by my Dynon D-6. Sadly, six years ago when I had the harness made up for the GTX-327, I didn't instruct the shop to add the shielded pair(?) for the RS-232 serial encoder input to Pin 19. My first plan was to extract the unused wire going to pin (socket, actually) from Pin 20, and move it over to 19. No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to get the pin extractor in the hole, so I gave up and moved on to Plan B. I begged a socket from the FBO and added a new wire.

The wiring diagrams for both the GTX-327 and Dynon D-6 were unclear, especially regarding the shield grounds. The Garmin just showed a ground symbol for the shield, but didn't specify case ground, power ground, or signal ground. I chose signal ground but, in retrospect, I don't think it made any difference. The Garmin schematic didn't show a "return" or "common" wire for the RS-232, so I guess the ground was it. I still don't know if Gamin intended a shielded pair or a single shielded wire for the RS-232 IN. The Dynon schematic didn't show shielded wire at all, but there actually was a shielded pair coming out of the harness. It contained a "return" line for the RS-232. The wire color in the manual was incorrect, but I figured out which wire was which with my Fluke.

Without going into the boring details, I connected the Encoder Out wire from the Dynon to Pin 19 of the GTX-327, and all the shields and the second RS-232 "return"? wire from the Dynon to Power Ground with ~8" #22 pigtails. I programmed the ALTENC setting on the Dynon to "Format 4" for the GTX-327, and on the transponder, set "RS-232 Input CHNL 1" to "Icarus" per the manual. I was as surprised as anybody when it actually worked. Now I guess I'll need to get another transponder check in order to remain legal.

To work on the GTX-327 connector, it must be removed from the backplate with a long, skinny, screwdriver (two Phillips screws). Then the backshield clamp can be removed and the shroud retracted, exposing the back side of the DB-25 connector. Hint: The backshield clamp can NOT be reinstalled with the connector in place. Ask me how I know.

The two black wires are the "power ground" and "signal ground". You can see they are spliced together so apparently it doesn't make much difference. (Ignore the tygon fuel vent passing through the aluminum without a grommet. I'll put the grommet back tomorrow.)  ...


IFR for RV-4? ...Larry DeCamp

Q: Please tolerate my ignorance. I am equipping an RV4 with G3x and all 2020 compiant hardware. Panel space is limited but I thought it would be wise to layout the Avionics “shelf” and panel so IFR is an easy upgrade for the next owner if desired. Garmin suggests a gtn 625 to compliment the G3x because it is not certified IFR. It feels logical to me that one panel (G3x style) wille eventually be the solution.

Do you have any suggestions to satisfy the IFR function with a G3x panel as a starting point ?

A: (Nived17) Ask away regarding Garmin IFR installs. I'm adding a G5 as a backup in a week (it will be installed where the airvent is in this picture) and then the heated pitot in January

A: (Slice) I've been flying with this setup for the last 18 months or so and very happy with it. I also have a Stratus 2S and iPad mini that I had used before the panel upgrade. So with that I have 3 attitude and 4 nav sources(3 gps, 1 VOR/ILS) with the iPad being totally independent. You could get by with the G3X, a nav/com radio and a Stratus and iPad. It's nice to be able to file /G when needed though not to mention more and more GPS approaches showing up all the time at smaller fields.


Ever wonder how bright FlyLED’s are??? ...j-red 6A/8

Well, you can’t look directly at them, that’s for sure!
Got my delux kit from flyboyaccessories, and put them together over about two evenings after the kids went to bed. At least, I would have if three of the LED’s weren’t missing. The guys from flyboys we’re grewt and got them in the mail right away. A few days later they arrived and I can finally take the box of parts and the soldering tools out of the dining room and put them away (much to my wife’s delight!)

Here goes nothing....


Bulkhead Recess F-601K-1fitment ...Aero_Octaveus

Has anyone had issues with the fitment of the Bulkhead Recess F-601K-1.

When I cleco mine onto the bulkhead, the top most #30 holes each side (and the one lower down #40 holes) do not want to align. The recess width seems to be 1/8" narrow overall. Is it possible that maybe Van's didn't get the bend 100% perfect on this one?

(and then after some sleep....)
So sometimes a person just has to laugh at themselves. A good sleep and a fresh perspective is all that was needed. Can you spot what I did wrong? The key word being firewall "recess", not firewall "protrusion"

Now there are at least two members of that club...


Pic from Mr. X

Wasatch Mountains from FL38

(scaled / full size)



December 19, 2018. Issue #4,721

A Preview of the January '19 Wallpaper Calendar

...taken Tuesday standing beside Kay's RV-8A at 52F.   Kay and I were commenting on the large flock of birds looking for morning lift over the hangars on the east side of the airport...

...and that was when we noticed the nearly perfect 22° solar halo around the Sun.  "I should get a picture of that."  About that time we heard the unmistakable sound of an RV on its takeoff roll.  "I hope he sees those birds!"  He did, skirting a little west of centerline on upwind.

Camera out.  RV-related!  Click click.  Fingers crossed.  Success.  Nature, weather, risk and reward all in the shot.

I can put the calendar text there in the dark shade of Phil's hangar.  Happy little accident as Bob Ross would say. 


Milestone: Gas to Noise Converter Update ...Nihon_Ni in Fredericksburg, VA

It's been a while since I've updated this post. We're pretty far into the electrical work and will bond the canopy in a few days, but today we got an early Christmas present:


Question: strange result with a long pop rivet

I need some advise here:

The pop rivet turned to be absolutely hollow , the ball and the pin who supposed to hold it from inside are completely torn out by the rivet gun (seems like uncontrolable process with this kind of rivets). We aware to the fact that this os defenitely reduces the rivet strenght , but how bad is it? May this be acceptable at this specific place ? Moreover , there in an open hole in that place , how bad is that?

The location it happened is the plastic that leads the cable for the rudder control. Here some pictures.


Trolling for Walleyes ...Dbro172 RV-9A

Could have brought my ice auger


Mothership Scoreboard


Shout Out to Iron...RV-3, RV-6, RV-8 and more

...our buddy Paul is building a jet as some of you know, and because the RV-J doesn't exist yet he keeps his updates on his day job site (www.KitPlanes.com).  What floored me was the email he sent today.  "This thing is the closest to a self-building airplane I’ve ever seen. I’ve been working on it for a touch over a month, the engine is installed, and I am down to avionics and wiring."

A month, folks.  Simply outstanding.  Paul, looking fwd to the first flight report here in about 72 hours <g>.  Seriously, knocking it out of park, man!   Impressive!



December 18, 2018. Issue #4,720

Frozen Sunset ...petehowell RV-9A

Interesting haze layer over the Twin Cities as I snuck out of work to fly for day 3 in a row(miracle in December!) I'll crunch claims data later tonight...

Mississippi running thru STP.............


RV-3B Status Report ...David Paule

With the engine mount still at my machinist friend’s house, I made the bulkheads straight and flat. For the firewall, I used a steel carpenter’s square (later changed to a larger one).


Wing walks - a (better?) idea ...Dick Gossen RV-12

There are two problems with the original wing walks: They're too small for my big feet and, the rivets wear through the black anti-skid material (unevenly and ugly-ly) There's a long thread about this by Bob Noffs in here somewhere, where flush rivets are discussed. Too much work!

So I addressed both issues as thus.
1. Wear-thru. I cut the anti-skid stuff into strips to fill in between the rivet rows. Made nice rounded corners, so they look and work great. It's been that way for three years and 400 or so hours with no visible wear or peeling at the edges. I suspect that's partly because the rivet heads take much of the abuse, while the anti-skid anti-skids!
2. Size. I ordered extra wing walk skins from Vans and trimmed them to butt against the originals, roughly doubling the useable area. Now I dont have to worry about passengers with big shoes...and I can sit my lard-..s comfortably on the walk while I'm working on the panel or just fidlin' with the Garmin, without "oil-canning" the wing skin.

Note in the picture the rivet pattern looks like there are supporting half ribs under the added skins, but there are none, of course, since I made this mod after the wings were complete and flying....and dented badly by an enthusiastic but clumsy passenger.
The unsupported double-skins are super strong and support my 200+ lbs easily.
Note also I trimmed the new skins at the rear so as to avoid drilling into the spar caps!

Just an idea....works for me


RV-9?  What am I thinking? ...Rich (Keller, TX)

Howdy y’all. Hoping to get some sound feedback and advice from the good folks here on VAF about this crazy idea I have about building an airplane. Like many that have come before me, I am embarking on this journey having many personal reservations about my ability to even complete such a project, and am further consumed by anxiety and fear that even if I should finish it, that my final product might tarnish the reputation of the manufacturer, and disgrace all the artists who have painstakingly crafted so many of what I consider to be the most beautiful aircraft ever built.

In speaking with other experts in the field (none of whom have actually built an aircraft on their own) the common advice I receive is that I should just buy a plane that is already built, as it will save me time, money, and possibly my marriage. Though likely to be good advice, it is the process and the challenge of building the plane, and the expectation that I will be so intimately familiar with every thread of its fiber that when it is completed it will be part of me, that really has me so excited to take on such an endeavor.

But my primary motivation for building the plane is to share it with others...

Okay, that’s all a bunch of ****. I really want a plane so I can fly up to Arkansas and Colorado to go fishing. There’s no trout in Texas. I need one that’s fast, sips fuel, and can land off pavement, preferably as close to a fish as possible. And I have to look good doing it. It can’t be big enough to take everyone that wants to go, but big enough to take a kid, or a wife, or a dog, or someone who will buy ALL the beer when we get there. But most importantly, it’s got to have room for a Yeti cooler that I can fill with fish!

After months of careful consideration, and houndreds of hours spent here researching, I have finally decided to build the RV-9. I have exactly 1.9 hours of tailwheel time about 17 years ago, so it seems the only logical choice. After all, why not build a plane that I don’t know how to fly when I don’t know how to build a plane in the first place? Makes sense to me!

My questions are very simple and probably will have no answers of opposing opinions:

1. Should I get my head examined befor ordering the kit?
2. I’m planning on ordering the IO-320 with a Catto 3-blade prop. 2nd choice would be the Sensenich GA prop. I really would prefer to keep it simple and light. Am I limiting myself significantly for flying into high density altitude airports/grass strips by avoiding a CS prop? Of the two I listed, would one have any significant benefit to the other? I cannot afford to leave any fish behind!
3. I don’t really intend on landing anywhere too rough, but love flying on grass strips. I was originally going to build a 9A, but have been horrified by all the stories I’ve been hearing and reading about with respect to coming to rest inverted. Has this problem been rectified? Any viable engineering solutions? I’ve finally come to terms with learning to fly a taildragger however, but any input would be appreciated as I would still consider the 9A.
4. Eventually, I want to teach my kids how to fly my plane. Anyone else have any experience teaching kids in the 9? I can barely get these kids interested in driving a car, so I certainly don’t want to overwhelm them in a taildragger when maybe they could get the spark in a 152.
5. Are there any RV groups in the DFW area? Would be nice to meet some nice folks who have similar interests. I could also use the technical and motivational support and my wife would probably like recommendations for a local mental heath provider!

Let the good times roll.


Home Brew Center Console ...KJBSouth

Being frugal I made one out of wood.  ...


200kt GS Club ...RWoodard

My little RV-3 doesn’t have to work too hard to get to 200kts groundspeed. I’ve seen significantly bigger numbers with bigger winds, but wanted to at least get on the board!

This is on the way home from an impromptu trip from KFNL to KSBS. I was at 13,500 feet just west of Estes Park and slightly north of the summit of Trail Ridge Road.

My TAS was 179kts so there was very little wind.


New Kid on the Block ...Joe Reaves (Longview, TX)

Hello everyone. I am building an RV-14A in my shop behind my house in Longview, Texas. I have completed the empennage and am awaiting delivery of my QB fuselage and wings, hopefully the 2nd week of January. I would like to meet someone in the East Texas area who has experience in RV building and could guide me through some of the sticky areas to keep me from making bad mistakes.
I'm not new to aviation, holding Commercial, Instrument and Multi-Engine ratings and have been flying since I was 16 years old, but I am new to experimental aircraft (specifically RV's) building.

Joe Reaves
Longview, TX

RV14A Empennage complete
Arian Lightning LS-1 - Flying … hangered in Gladewater, TX


Push Pull Cable End Help? ...digidocs

I think I understand how this type of push pull cable end works:

...but I'm not sure I've cracked this one yet. How do you assemble it?

And the real question is, which do you recommend for the end of a parking brake cable?



December 17, 2018. Issue #4,719

TX B.C. Squadron Lunch Fly Out to KSEP BBQ 12/15/18

What I initially thought might be Jay, Carol, Sid and me ended up being quite a bit more.  Seems the 'let's take advantage of this weather window' crowd was thinking in parallel.  RVs showed from Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Houston and Austin in addition to some of the locals from DFW. Had a wonderful time catching up with old friends (and meeting some new ones!). A huge thank you to everyone who made the day so much fun!

The plan (straight line) vs how it panned out
(I got distracted looking at sandbars and wind turbines). ;^)

Unofficial greeters Jay and Carol at the top of the day's pics.
(see my pics)


Beautiful Day for BBQ in Texas ...Chris Pratt RV-8

It was one of those days you hope for because they never seem to happen on the days you have free to fly.

It was CAVU in Texas with cool temps that make the airplane perform its best, no turbulence and a bunch of RVers craving barbeque. So the BC Squadron mounted up and met in Stephenville (KSEP) for some Hard 8. It seems as though the entire population of Stephenville had the same idea -- the line was long, but the chatter was fun and the food well worth the wait.

We had at least 15 RVs show up (12 in the photo below but stragglers soon followed. Perhaps Doug will post a later photo). Parking actually became a challenge.

Yep ...scard 9A

Yep ...chipf 9A


Special Delivery ...petehowell 9A

We were going to mail Mom's presents down to South Bend, but the forecast for Saturday looked great and I could take mom to lunch as well!!! It would be a quick trip due to the short daylight, but very doable......

Fog in the Valleys was worth the trip itself!!! Joliet was hard IFR, so I made the bet it would clear before I got there...... I won.......


RV Hangar Space Available at Hicks (T67).....North Texas

While talking with Jay Pratt over lunch, he mentioned he had space for an RV in his hangar at T67.  $350/mo.  So there you go interwebs - there could be worse places to keep your RV <grin>.  Jay's contact info


It was a good day ...airguy 9A

Took my little guy to go see extended family for an early Christmas gathering, and completely tired him out to the point he slept through the flight home, which just never happens. It was definitely a good day.


Don’t get marooned ...Aviaman

What are the likeliest reasons you will be forced to stay somewhere overnight (not including WX)? IMO the 2 biggest causes are flat tires and dead batteries. Can we carry items that give us self sufficiency, where we can fix things quickly?
My idea is to carry a spare wheel assembly, so that no splitting of the existing wheel is required. That greatly simplifies the fix. A jacking method is still required. Jacking on a windy ramp is problematic, so if you carry jacking items, you may still need to move inside of an FBO hangar for an hour. The jacking equipment might be too bulky to carry, and the assistance of an FBO might be needed.
What about the battery? An external power port allowing jump starting will fix the dead battery problem. On my previous RV-6, I fashioned a welding cable and connected it to the battery in the battery box. It was protected with grommets and terminated with a trailer connector. The cable was a few feet long and kept coiled on the floor with a protective boot to preclude a short. A mating cable was also fashioned to connect to a jump starting battery source. Any other ideas or better way to deal with this, or other, out of town problems ?


Status Report #9 ...romanov RV-14A in Israel


Cold Progress ...Tdeman RV-7

It’s been cold out in the hangar, but I’ve tried to keep the progress moving. I built a visqueen box to try and keep some heat in, and some moisture out, hence the change of backdrop! One benefit is it reflects much more light from the sides.

Finally tackled the seat pans. Things not quite being perfectly straight 90 degrees to each other in this area made it difficult to bend single sheets to fit everything for the lowered seat ribs… So a 3-piece seat pan was built because it was easy to make it register well on all surfaces.


Tracker Screengrabs in GoogleEarth ...Vlad

I was playing with our tracker the day we met Tobin. Good times!


3D Printed Tray ...Don Winters (dtw_rv6)

Q: What do you do when the used GNS420 you bought didn't come with a tray?

A: Print one!  I'll fabricate the metal tube to support the front end and rivet it to this ABS housing. The connectors were over $100 for the pair. All in for plastic and sheet metal - ~$20. Of course, I spent the better part of Saturday modelling the housing in Solidworks.


Status Report ...Jereme Carne RV-7A



December 13, 2018. Issue #4,717

Sandbars at the Red River N. of KGLE 12/12.
Rains and high wind arrive Thursday.  dr


Mr. Robert Anglin ...Rest in Peace

(Bill E.) To all who know or have met Robert Anglin, RV8A and frequent poster on VAF, he passed away yesterday evening while working on his aircraft in his hangar at 8A7. I know Robert was well known in the Houston Texas area, and he had relocated here to NC in retirement a few years ago. He completed his RV8A about 2 years ago, and has been one of those guys that came out to the airport almost every day, rain or shine to fly or work on his RV. He was a man with driven passion for this great hobby and the friendships that go along with it...Robert will be missed by our 8A7 community, and those who knew him. Arrangements have not been disclosed at this time... Praying for his family.

[ed. If and when I hear funeral arrangements I'll pass them along.  To the family and friends of Mr. Anglin please accept Susie and my deepest condolences.  dr]


Update to Nigel's 'T/O Config Effect on T/O Distance' Thread ...Bill RV-7

Dust off this excellent and useful thread

I have to belatedly say thanks to Nigel for this data. I am finally getting some more accurate data for my RV7 POH and want to see what was available.

I have 180 hp with the Hartzell composite - the wide blade one. I tried the lift the tail on a cool day , 34F, and got about 450 ft for lift off. The G3X data was used to calculate the position and speeds. VS defined the lift off point.

450' seems high compared to Vans (275) and my estimated weight was 1480 lbs, so it was not heavy. I could probably make a little more RPM on brakes and certainly use the tail low lift off technique for slightly reduced roll. Maybe higher tire pressure will help too. Cold tires rolling drag coefficient can not be good.

I really appreciate the detail Nigel has provided, it will shorten the test work.

One snag is the accuracy of the WAAS gps data, but way better than the next best and it is really easy.

One last thing, if anyone has governing equations to make a definitive correction of TO roll and climb to different temp, altitude conditions, please post or send an email.


Control column installation and bearing stiffness (RV-14)


Scott - I owe you a beer. Just a light tap on the side loosened it right up! It did take another few hours of playing with shims to get it perfect however I think it is worth it. Just as a side note - I did remove the entire control rod and used a bolt with washers directly on each bearing. With this setup I was able to use my 24" socket extension to tap directly onto the bearing. I did this on both sides and it magically opened up. Hindsight: I wouldn't prime between the bearing brackets, BoeLube before installing the bearing into the bracket, and squeeze slowly on each rivet before the final set.

Building on.........


Update on Wheel Pant Fitting ...Bill Boyd RV-10

Went back to the shop last night and tried on a pant after the reinforcing plies of fiberglass around the preliminary mounting holes had cured 24 hours. Rechecked Plumb Bob and all his buddies. I was astonished to see that only one of the six holes in the pant were anywhere within 3/16" of where they needed to be to line up with the holes in the bracket. I lay there on the floor beside the main wheel and tried to wrap my head around any possible explanation. A shift of the pant to align more of the holes was physically impossible due to the size of the existing cutouts for the tire and leg, as well as the fixation imposed by the bolt in the axle nut extension.

In the end, I re-drilled 5 of the holes using the Christmas lights on a stick trick someone mentioned here for back-lighting. That was a life saver of a trick. I am unable to explain the misaligned holes, being confident of the pains taken to realign everything exactly as it was before, but I would recommend an alternate technique: drilling the holes in the brackets first, then installing and aligning the pants, then back-lighting the holes and marking/drilling the pants based on the light spot as a reference. Aiming for an ink mark through the semitransparent wheel pant into an angled bracket ear introduces some considerable potential for error, at least in my case.

I plan to follow the recommended procedure for final fitment using 6-32 screws and mold release. This will have to wait till after the kids and grandkids come to visit this weekend. Family first!!!

One Other Thing (Bill)
I believe Scott's caution about the screws vs clecos applies only to the common spring-type, which would deform the pant unacceptably.

I realized too late after drilling the #36 holes that, as a SilPruf window installation veteran, I had a good supply of a cleco type that might just avoid this issue - as well as the need to tap all those temporary holes in the brackets. Probably won't be able to use these now that the holes are 4 drill number sizes too large for them - my bad. Might help someone else who has wing-nut clecos in their shop, though.


Brantel Checks In (RV-10)

Still working on it!

I promise that you will see a pic of some finished elevators soon!

With work, holidays, business trips, visiting colleges, sickness and the other priorities, it seems to be taking forever to finish my elevators.

I am building both at once. I am now working on the trim tabs. The rest is done less the fairings. Hopefully you will see another pic of some finished parts soon!

So far the elevators have been the most time consuming and brain teasing part of the build. The way these go together requires some thinking to keep it all going together correctly. Add in the complexity of the riveted trailing edge, foam ribs/pro-seal and trim tabs on both sides makes these much more of a challenge than my RV-7's elevators.

Another thing I have noticed is that Van's has really cut back on the hardware provided with this kit compared to my 7. Seems like they sent enough hardware to build 2 airplanes (rivets, nutplates, pop-rivets) on my 7 but with this 10 I have been very short on a few rivet sizes and have had just enough of the pop rivets. They went from way too much to just enough and in some cases not enough. Somewhere in the middle would have been nice.... Good thing I have spare rivets on hand!

Check out my build blog for the details on my build. Over 8,100 page views so far! Thanks for looking!


Removing really old sheet metal protective film ...Zazoos

So my wings were built in the 90's and the sheet metal was wrapped with some white film. I am struggling with removing some of it. I have tried MEK, Acetone, Brake Clean, Goo Gone, Kerosene, Shopline JT501, and Aircraft Paint Remover. Nothing touches this stuff. I even took a 3m Scotch Brite Pad to remove the white backing to expose the adhesive layer and the solvents still will not remove it.

I can Scotch Brite it all the way but would prefer a chemical method.



RV-7 Tail Repurposed ...Weasel

One-Off Experimental Cub. Fuselage started as Back Country but heavily modified. Wings are on-off metal design by Warren Arter, previous builds included RV-6, RV-8, RV-7a, RV-10, Double Eagle, and Carbon Cub. Fuel in leading edge of wing - 40 gal total, RV-7 tail pieces, All pushrod controls, Carbon Cub cowling, Lycoming 150 HP. I like it if ya cant tell...



December 12, 2018. Issue #4,716
  This site is how our family eats and we would like to keep doing that.  It's donation month here, so if you’re a daily reader, aren’t exempt, haven’t donated yet in 2018 and would like to see this site stay afloat….it’s time to make it hap'n cap'n.  I'm going to post a joke each M-F this month. If you don’t donate, the jokes are going to get more and more cornball - so consider yourself warned ;^).
  I'm not sending out thousands of emails...just this little note here for a few weeks - you get bugged enough in other aspects of your life.  Thank you to those who help keep this site online. (how to donate / am I exempt?)

Today's awful joke:
Q: What do you call a boomerang that won’t come back?
A: A stick 

[ed. Our credit card got hacked last Saturday, so we've been operating off cash since then up to late Tuesday afternoon, when the replacement card showed up.  That and updating all the things that get auto-paid (like these domain names and server rentals) is a process as many of you know.  Insert expletive here...  Ugh.
  I've been needing a gas run up at KGLE but have held off due to no card for the pump.  I know....first world problem.  Still a bit of a pain in the arse.
  I've been wanting to fly up to KGLE because of some WWII POW info I found online Saturday morning.  Just north of the Gainesville airport was Camp Howze, and there is easily seen remains of the camp from a wide base to RWY 17.  Maybe Wednesday Wx permitting...
Map of camp / Googlemap today / More info on the camp. ]

A Letter from a Former POW

Subject: Your Camp Howze story and pix
To Sarah Reveley

"I stumbled onto your pictures and story concerning the German POW camp at Camp Howze. Thanks for bringing back memories.

I was one of those POW’s at the camp from Mar 45 to Spring of 46. There were 3 compounds for the prisoners, all next to each other. Most of us worked on area farms, I had the fortune of working at the Camp Howze laundry plant. In the Spring of 46 we were shipped home, which turned out to be a journey to England where we had to work for another few years as POW’s for the Brits.

In the mid 50’s, I with my family emigrated to the US. I had opportunity to visit Camp Howze (or what was left of it) in the early 70’s during a trip to Dallas. At that time I met with and talked to a farmer who had built his homestead where the camp was located before. He told me that I was the first and only former POW he knew of that ever came back. Thanks again for your story and your pictures." - Wolf Weber, February 15, 2011


Coffee is Served ...Maxrate RV-7

Now that the turkey is all gone and the family is back to their routine I had some time to finish the cup holder cover. It turned out very functional indeed! Next I plan on using some micro fill to get the top and sides smooth and wrap it in the same light weight synthetic leather as the rest of the interior. Then glue in the plastic cup holders from the underside. In all the added weight was only a few ounces and I was able to make use of that dang flap skin that I messed up during the wing build.  ...


Sydney's Airway Victor 1 ...newt

Sunday: Lovely morning. I have a guest from Europe. We've organized a posse, so let's go flying.

Lead: Glenn in VH-VNZ.
#2: Mal in VH-DWC.
#3: Me in VH-SOL.

Our journey starts at Long Reef. Passes Curl Curl, Manly Beach, and North Head.

Then South Head, the cliffs around Bondi Beach, Bronte Beach, and fades to black at Clovelly near Maroubra.

In the background you can see Chatswood, North Sydney, a pair of Manly Ferries making their way across the harbour, The silhouette of downtown Sydney, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Airway Victor 1 is the dotted purple line on the chart below. Easily one of the world's most scenic charted VFR routes.

As usual, every time I do this I have difficulty suppressing astonishment over the fact that something this much fun is legal.


D180 Trim Calibration Issue Solved ...bobg56

Problem solved, it was a wire in the tail cone that was loose at the wire block...it was the excitation wire. Re secured it and tie wrapped the wires securely. The thing that gets me is that I was certain it was the update that did it since it worked fine before, some coincidence, now I'm going to go dance in the street to celebrate, I flew for about 1.5 hours today and everything was ship shape...nice!


Status Report ...Bill Boyd

Say hello to my little friend Bob. Plumb Bob.

Cutting and fitting to reference points in thin air. Don't. let. anything. shift. Drill through fiberglass into landmarks you can barely see - at an angle. This may be the part of the story where I jump off a bridge.

Not sure; those that have gone before say the cowling will also be... "interesting."


Shear clip 09-10 ...HAL Pilot RV-14

Q: Aloha All.  Fig 1 step 1, on 09-10 tells us to dimple the E-1022 Shear clip.

I just can not find where it tells us to dimple the corresponding close out tab holes, and at what point those holes are riveted.

Thanks so much for your help

A: (smash) I dimpled those holes. They get flush riveted so they won't interfere with the trim tab.



December 11, 2018. Issue #4,715

Dad?...........Help? ...petehowell RV-9A

Kate called last night - Finals this week and she misses her Dad, and oh BTW, her towel rack is broken, and the sink won't seal, and lunch would be great!

OK, I'm a sucker, and the weather was finally good in the upper midwest, and you know, I'd get to fly.

Bernie provided wingman duties up till the Iowa border, where he broke off to return to Anoka. The sky was clear and the heartland shimmered with a dusting of snow.  ...


RV-7A Re-Birthing Status Report ...kentlik

Finished the recent stunt project and we are off!  Looks like I left off on the brake lines...But will need to make another flap motor part as well, I do not like this one and I have a new one in the kit I bought.  Finished the recent stunt project and we are off!   Looks like I left off on the brake lines...But will need to make another flap motor part as well, I do not like this one and I have a new one in the kit I bought.


Clogged Injector? ...istrumit

Hello all -

A few minutes from landing on a flight a few weeks ago, I felt a very, very subtle change in engine vibration, so I had a quick look and noticed the CHT on #3 cylinder (IO540) had risen about 15 degrees and was suddenly the hottest cylinder (I was descending at medium power).

I fiddled with mixture and nothing improved (or got worse).

And i watched as the temperature continued to gradually rise by about 5 degrees until I was within range to reduce power and land, at which time it fell back in line with the rest of the cylinders.

At no time did the cylinder actually fail to fire, but it did seem 'unhealthy'.

I pulled the data from my monitor and I found that, just after beginning my descent, #3 started to rise and #4 started to fall, both abnormally (compared to data from other flights).

I inspected the injectors for #3 and #4 and saw nothing obviously wrong. I used cleaner on them anyway.

Test run was good. And I test flew it again today.

Everything seemed normal during test, until I saw that #4 had gotten unusually cool again.

Landed..ran it up....tested the leaning process...all normal.

Took off again...all normal, but I decided to postpone my 1.5 hour trip until I figure this out.

So, currently, I have a normal running engine that seems to have fluctuating temperature previously in 3 and 4, but now, just #4.

I also tightened the intake on all cylinders (to account for induction leaks).

Bottom line...I'm stumped.

The engine runs fine. Starts fine.

But, I want to understand this anomaly.

Ideas ?

Scott Martin
N430WP RV-10 - Purchased


Pic request - Fairings-Etc tail fairing install on RV-7/8 ...Dave Setser

Q: Fellow Fairings-Etc tail fairing customers, would you share pictures of your fairing installation, especially the lower fairings? I'm particularly interested in how you attached the lower fairing to the fuse and whether you installed any fasteners to the underside of the HS.

......Any new info would be much appreciated!




Ask Mel

Q: If loops, rolls, or spins are not documented during phase 1, does that mean they are not authorized in that plane? If so, can they be added later, and how?

A: Any aerobatic maneuvers to be flown must first be tested within phase I. You may place the aircraft back into phase I for a minimum of 5 hours at any time.  This is listed in the operating limitations issued for the aircraft.  Depending on when you op lims were issued, you may have to have them amended. Earlier versions of op lims had the option to be issued to allow or not allow aerobatics. If you op lims state that aerobatics are prohibited, then you must have them amended.


Trailing edge wedge countersinking ...Girraf

Well after a lot of research, I started to countersink my Rudder trailing edge wedge yesterday morning (AEX wedge). I had been struggling with how to reconcile the fact that the hole I drilled through the wedge (and skins) when match drilling was perpendicular to the centerline of the wedge, yet the countersink should be perpendicular to the face of the wedge on each side. If using a pilot cutter in your countersink cage, this will most certaily apply a side load to the little pilot on the countersink cutter. Sure enough, after 10 or so holes, I ended up breaking the pilot off my bit. (#*@&!)

I recalled that on the my practice kit, I countersunk the wedge using a speed deburring tool, which is essentially a countersink cutter with no pilot. Turns out you can create the necessary c'sink with the deburr tool very effectively, if you apply some elbow grease. I then decided to disasseble my c'sink cage and mount the deburring bit in the holder and free hand the process using a drill. If your easy on the trigger and careful (check depth often), you can make great countersinks and my end result was fantastic. I did have to install the wedge into the rudder twice and check for proper nesting of dimples as some needed to go slightly deeper but I was able to finish the job while I wait for a new c'sink cutter to arrive (went with single flute this time).

All this to say, don't be afraid to try something a little different!


Pic from Mr. X

...San Anontio, TX



December 10, 2018. Issue #4,714

Status Update #8 ...romanov in Israel


Two new AviationNation pilots!

Two of our students from the North Vernon project passed their PPL check ride today. Very proud of Thomas and Kyle for their dedication, efforts, and hard work. We will have a few more from that group either this year or early next.

Bob Kelly, Scipio, Indiana
Tech Counselor
Founder, Eagle's Nest Projects
President, AviationNation, Inc
RV-9A N908BL, Flying


1,500th RV-8 Flies….mothership

The 1,500th RV-8 has flown! Congrats to Baron Marshall and family on the first flight of N762BM

Subject: RV-8 N762BM first flight 4 Dec 18
Date sent: Friday, December 07, 2018

Hey folks,

Just wanted to say that after 14 year 6 months and 22 days, as well as, 7 moves....I finally know the RV grin! N762BM (RV-8) "Russian Bare" took to the skies with ease. Her 200hp IO-360-A1A (shoehorned into a James Cowl) powered us through 180kts true @ 5000'. I can't wait to see how she does with the gear and wheel fairings on! All in all a benchmark day with friends and family to cheer us on. I could not have made it through this journey without them....thank you all!! Special thanks to my Bride for all the patience and love shown through some frustrating and fun moments!

Empty weight: 1136
Engine: IO-360-A1A
Prop: Hartzell 72" blended airfoil CS
Special features:
James Cowl and plenum
Dynon Skyview
Seat Heaters...lol

Thanks again to the Van's team,
Baron Marshall


The Skew-T and extreme turbulence ...scottd

If you are not a Skew-T fanatic, you should be. Here's an excellent example of what the Skew-T can do for you. Take a look at this Skew-T analysis from 15Z in southeastern NC.

Notice at about 6,500 ft MSL, the winds are from the southeast at 58 knots and then around 9,300 feet, they are from the southwest at 57 knots. This is an excellent example of directional shear in the wind aloft. The key though is the moist unstable layer that starts just below 8,000 feet that enables the air to mix. All of this coupled together is the reason this pilot reported extreme turbulence at 8,000 feet MSL.  continue


Steve Thorne Vblog Visit to Van's ...'Flightchops'

Part 1 ...24min.  Part 2...18min


Operation Good Cheer ...terrykohler post

Yesterday, nearly 300 aircraft of all types and sizes took to the sky out of Pontiac International Airport to deliver nearly 20,000 Christmas presents to about 7,000 foster children throughout the state of Michigan.

A massive undertaking with hundreds of volunteers wrapping gifts into the early hours, manning numerous loading stations across the tarmac, handling pilot registrations, mission assignments, and pilot instructions.

This year featured a NOTAM 20+ pages long and the designation of the airspace around PTK as DC SFRA (yeah, just like Washington DC). Planes were staged according to capability (instrument, FIKI, non-instrument, can you carry bicycles?) and everyone was assigned a discrete transponder code, even if you chose not to file.

Amazing effort and coordination by so many people working behind the scenes. Flying was the easy part.

Buddy Ted Gauthier flew wing with his RV-6 as we managed to stay VFR at about 1500 AGL going across the state. We were met at Big Rapids airport by another group of kids and volunteers who formed a “bucket brigade” to help offload the planes while hot coffee and food waited for us inside.

Flying back into PTK, our ADSB looked a bit like Oshkosh arrival. Ever have one of those days when you feel blessed to be able to fly? Yup, in so many ways.

Terry, CFI



December 7, 2018. Issue #4,713
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Trip Canceled to New Adventure ...tcard RV-9A

You may remember Crazy Marti from my trip write up for Lajitas and Big Bend. Well, she struck again. Her family was getting together in Kentucky for Thanksgiving and she asked if I might be up for a road (or is that air) trip. I did want to spend Thanksgiving Day with my hubby, so we made plans for a Friday/Saturday trip - weather permitting, of course. Long story short, the weather did not cooperate outside of Texas so I reluctantly canceled.


Where is the sun? ...Paul K RV-7

It's been a really long time without seeing any sun so when a small hole opens in the clouds with blue sky above.... If you don't live in Michigan, you wouldn't understand!  ...


T-hangar for rent at my home field (52F) ...N.TX

$375. Lights, your power expense, no water.  NW corner.  Contact: Bill Goeken. wk.goeken ‘at’ verizon ‘dot’ net and/or (817)ThreeZeroEight-1916.  Tell him Doug sent you…. 


Announcing Lightning Formation Airshows ...AX-O

VAF Family,
I would like to share some exciting news. A group of pilots that have been flying airshows in our RVs around the U.S. and Canada for the past several years have formed a new team. Our name is Lightning Formation Airshows. Some of the teammates frequent the VAF pages and will share the adventure with you.

As we embark on this new journey, we have teamed up with Lightspeed Aviation. This teaming is a great fit as Lightspeed Aviation and our values/goals are very closely aligned. We both place importance on high ethical standards and creating a culture where folks feel valued, vested, and heard. We also feel very passionate about aviation and promoting its growth.

Follow along and be part of our journey. We are looking forward to the 2019 season!  continue


New RV-3B ...andrejv

Just finished an RV3B - VH-VIJ. I now have 16 hours. IO-320, Christenson inverted oil, Smoking Aeroplanes smoke, Harmon turteldeck, ground adjustable Sensenich prop. Lots of fun to fly, but I still love my 10!  vid flyby


This is what five years of forum new registrations looks like

(9,620 registrations in 2,165 days).

Outlook looks promising for the VAF Brain Trust. Chart here shows new VAF Forum registrations totaled for the last five years - plotted cumulatively by day. Starting 1/1/13 and added to the previous day’s total up through 11/30/18. Averaging 135 per month for the past 59 months.

Linear, uniform growth. Maybe an indicator of the health of the RV hobby - maybe not. I tend to think it is. And thanks for joining in the RV conversation!

New Kid on the Block ...DeeCee 57 in Zurich

"...picked up and repositioned my new toy on Dec 1st... early Xmas present this year."


52F News...my home field

"...On Tuesday, commissioners voted to spend $2.9 million of county funds to enable the town of Northlake to shut down the road and re-route it as part of Northlake’s long-term development plan. The project, which is expected to be completed in a year and a half, will make Cleveland Gibbs Rd a town road instead of a county road, officials said."  read article


Is your 'other plane' a bush plane? ...a poll I started for Jaybird

As an addendum to my 'Would you build an RV-Super Cub?' document that I'm gathering signatures for to see if there is interest, my friend Jay Pratt told me today another of our local RV circle has began construction of a Rans S-21 bush plane (Don C). Jay asked what I thought about a poll regarding people who own a 2nd airplane. Sounds like a good idea. Hoping to see if it's 1% or 5%, or more....

Here is the question:

*IF* you are building or fly an RV AND *IF* you own an additional plane, is that additional plane (or one of the additional planes if you own more) what would be considered a 'bush plane'? A J-3 or a Champ would be an example...as would a C170/C180.

If you're flying an RV and building a bush plane that would be a yes. Same in reverse....flying a bush plane and building an RV.

Yes or no?   Vote here

[ed. Update: After a day of voting and around a hundred votes, the percentage of RV owners that also own a bush plane is much higher than I would have guessed.  v/r,dr]



December 6, 2018. Issue #4,712


22 years ago today this site started out as the 'North Texas Wing' of Van's Air Force.  I hope you're pleased with what it morphed into over the past two decades. 


I Forgot My Airplane's BDay ...crabandy

I totally forgot until FB reminded me of my most liked post from 5 years ago today......When my project became and airplane. It's a crappy pic of a pic but my FAA DAR handing over the goods when he couldn't find a reason not to.  Like I said I didn't know about "her" birthday, it just so happened to be my day off. What should a guy do on his day off even if it is a tad bit chilly? The previous snow in front of the hangar has melted and more snow in the forecast for later in the week so might as well take advantage of the 2000' OVC with flurries and warm up the oil! Besides my copilot hasn't flown for 2 weeks and he's been feeling the need for speed.  ...


Is your 'other plane' a bush plane? ...a poll I started for Jaybird

As an addendum to my 'Would you build an RV-Super Cub?' document that I'm gathering signatures for to see if there is interest, my friend Jay Pratt told me today another of our local RV circle has began construction of a Rans S-21 bush plane (Don C). Jay asked what I thought about a poll regarding people who own a 2nd airplane. Sounds like a good idea. Hoping to see if it's 1% or 5%, or more....

Here is the question:

*IF* you are building or fly an RV AND *IF* you own an additional plane, is that additional plane (or one of the additional planes if you own more) what would be considered a 'bush plane'? A J-3 or a Champ would be an example...as would a C170/C180.

If you're flying an RV and building a bush plane that would be a yes. Same in reverse....flying a bush plane and building an RV.

Yes or no?   Vote here


G3X non touch TO/GA

Q: Need help with dual G3X 370/375 and garmin 430W with 305 autopilot installation of TO/GA button. I have a GSU73 with the ability to use Discrete 1,2,3,or 4. What type switch or button is used and will the 430W couple to fly the missed approach? Thanks in advance

A: (g3xpert)  Page 28-4 of the Rev. AG G3X installation manual shows how to wire a TO/GA button to a GSU 73 and GTN.

Note that the GNS 4XXW/5XXW units don't support an external Go Around button like the GTN 6XX/7XX, but you can still wire the TO/GA button into the GSU 73 to trigger TO and GA modes on the G3X.

You will have to manually activate the missed approach on your GNS 430W just like you do now since it doesn't support the remote button. The 430W will still provide guidance and let you couple to the missed approach just like a GTN after you activate the missed approach on the 430W.


Question- maximum trimmer angle move ...romanov

Hi Guys,

I didn't find any info in the specs so will ask you expirienced fellows: is that trimmer move looks good to you?  Does anybody has an info about the angle the trimmer should go?


A Film - "In the moment"

One of my R/C buddies is in his final year of a Media Studies degree (at Manchester). He got an assignment to produce a film titled "in the moment" and asked if I'd help him out.

Mainly my Pitts in the video, but there's a couple of RV's in there - A '7 that belongs to the airfield owner (200hp and a C/S MT = goes like stink !), and a '6 recently arrived as a long term resident. We have 715m on the one runway (21/03) and a few fairly unusual hazards (A river and, a church and a mansion). But it's a great place to fly from and fairly typical of a "farm strip" here in the UK.

Anyway, here's the result, hope you like it


Welcome Josh Pava ...new guy chimes in

I am considering purchasing an RV-6A for a 420 NM trip, each way, about 3x per month. I’d fly it day VFR only.

Can I get some feedback/opinions as to the suitability of the airplane for this type of trip? I’m 5’10”, 180 LBS, AND 32” inseam. How about comfort for the roughly 3 hours aloft that this trip would take? How much storage space for a suitcase will I find in an RV-6A?

Any RV-6A owners in SoCal that might be willing to talk to me, or take me up for a ride in theirs? Also I’d be up for any leads on aircraft that you may know of that would fit what I’m looking for.

Many thanks!



December 5, 2018. Issue #4,711

Seen Tuesday at 52F.

Let's see, Monkey found what turned out to be a burnt valve in a 7A (failed compression check).  Getting some love up at Sal's most likely as I type this.

(full size)

I helped him update an RV-8's Dynon EFIS and EMS units to the latest software version (to recognize newly installed oil and fuel pressure sensors).....

(full size)

John Platner (newly minted Private Pilot extraordinaire) was getting in some more RV time with CFI Dad Gary in the back.  John solo'd the RV yesterday.  Two videos....the sound on the takeoff is ringtone-worthy.  Stuck the wheel landing like a old RV pro.

Great takeoff...

Great landing...

Back home at noon for an afternoon of work.  Productive day....  Wednesday is the last good flying day for a few days here.  I might try to get off the surface for a bit and practice a commercial maneuver or two if I can.


Mothership Teases

"....There very well may be three tickets that we stuffed in calendars that have considerably more value than the rest...    Possibly something along the lines of another tail/emp kit discount ticket..."


And Posted Today

FMI: Order a $5 calendar (s/h included cont. USA). 
All the cool kids are doing it.


RV-8 Rudder Build Critique?

I continue to finish empennage components. I gotta a few concerns about my workmanship. Take a look and let me know if there are any issues. Thank you.

1) Rudder bend - It's not pretty, but would it cause any issues down the road?
2) The R-809 (fiberglass tip) does not seat with as close a tolerance to the R-713 (counter balance skin) and R-801PP (rudder skin) as I have viewed finished aircraft. Should I be concerned with these or keep building?  more pics


Help build an Eagle's Nest RV-12 ...brad_walton

A friend asked me to post this for him. We need volunteers to help with construction:

To The RV Builders in the Houston Area,

My name is Thomas Stein and I am a long-time pilot and flight instructor in the Houston area, and the Construction Foreman with the Alief Independent School District.

Alief ISD would like to partner with Eagle’s Nest Foundation and have some of our students build a Vans RV-12 at one of our high schools. One of the requirements of the Foundation is that we have homebuilders with RV experienced overseeing and mentoring the students as they work on this project. The STEM teacher that is leading the project is named Steward Bailey and he is a certified A & P mechanic, and will be there throughout the construction. The aircraft will be assembled at the Elsik High School, located near the intersection of Dairy-Ashford Drive and the West Park Tollway, in southwest Houston. Eagle’s Nest will supply the materials, and all the tools will be provided, but they would like a minimum of four (4) experienced RV builders to be involved to mentors to the students. With enough volunteers, it may mean a commitment of around 1-2 hours per person, every couple of weeks, throughout the school year.

Alief is predominately a low income school district, and most of the kids would never have the opportunity to experience aviation if not for projects like this. We at Alief think that this is not just an opportunity for some young people to build an airplane, but to also learn meaningful academic subjects, as well as lessons in personal enrichment. If you ever wanted to share your skills and expand the great community that we call “Aviation”, this is your chance. What we need is your time and talent, as well as your hands and your hearts.

Mr. Steward Bailey can be emailed directly at Steward.Bailey 'at' aliefisd.net, or you may contact me on my district cell phone at (281) 808-2293 during school hours, or at tommy.stein 'at' aliefisd.net. If you love to build and want to help lift up some worthy kids in the process, this is your chance. We really need your participation.

Thomas Stein, CFI


Chart question ...rvdave

Hey all, have a question regarding a local ils chart in my area with what looks like an acronym that I or no one I’ve asked has an explanation. It’s CFBTW on this ils approach into tvc. Any takers on an answer?


RV-3 Brake Fluid Hemorrhage ...swjohnsey / oaklandaviator

Q: I am the proud new owner of an RV-3 #190/10190 N93JP. It has a brake fluid hemorrhage. I still have brakes so it must be somewhere between the firewall mounted reservoir and the master cylinder on the right side. It has fuselage mounted 24 gallon fuel tank. Will I have to pull the fuel tank to gain access to the brake line. What do I need to replace it with? The current line is some sort of plastic/nylon.

A: What an interesting coincidence in that my wife's RV-3 just had this exact problem. We would get to the airport and a puddle of brake fluid would be under the center of the plane dripping from the fuel vent. To get behind the firewall required removing the upper skin and windshield (hers is a slider), then remove the fuel tank. Once that's out everything is easy to see and work on. Hers had a loose tee fitting on the back of the reservoir so we just resealed it and tightened it up then bled the system.

To remove the tank, once the skin and windshield are off, you'll need to drain the tank completely, remove the vent line from the front of the tank between it and the firewall, then remove the fuel feed line at the bottom rear of the tank (unless you have an inverted fuel system with a flop tube, which we installed on my wife's plane. In this case the fuel line is located at the front bottom of the tank and will probably require you to lift the tank up and have a helper loosen the line.) Tank should just lift right out. To reinstall, loosen the tank straps slightly to make it easier to get the screws started on the upper skin. You'll have to sit in the seat when it's all back together, reach under the tank, and tighten them back up. They pull the tank up against the skin.

Do any other needed maintenance under there while the tank is out. It's not that hard, but I don't like pulling it unless really necessary. There's great access to everything up front with it out so take the opportunity to look over everything really well. It's a great time to rebuild or replace the brake master cylinders, tidy up wiring, or install any cool avionics. Very easy to get to everything.


Partial Alternator Fauilure at 245 Hours ...Colin RV-10

Thanks to this thread I have determined what is wrong with my transponder, or battery, or VPX Pro...nothing!!! The PP 60 amp alternator that was standard in the RV-10 FWF kit had a partial failure.

For the last 6 months or so the Dynon transponder would trip at random times during nearly every flight. I thought it may have been because of a software update that was done around the same time that would cause the transponder to momentarily draw more current than the 3 amp VPX circuit would allow. I changed it to a 5 amp circuit and the problem persisted. I brought up the VPX page on the AFS EFIS and once saw 37 amps reported on the transponder circuit, ridiculous considering the 20 awg power wires would have become a fusible link at that point but they were fine. With the engine running the voltage was solid at 14.2 and the amps reading looked normal giving me no reason to suspect the alternator.

Then my ETX1200 battery light started constantly flashing. I would charge it on the ground, go flying for a couple hours and by the time I got home the light was flashing again. Obviously a problem with the battery right? Not cool for a very expensive battery that was under 2 years old.

So I pulled the battery and sent it to EarthX last week, installed a PC680 so I wasn't grounded. The next flight the problem with the transponder became constant. I reset it and it would immediately trip. I guess the EarthX battery was providing some masking of the problem.

So then I found this thread. Today I removed the fairly young Plane power alternator and took it to an alternator shop. They tested it and it showed a problem. They took it apart and found one stator wire broken off that also took out a portion of the rectifier. It is currently still at the shop and they are trying to repair it. The stator is a uni-point part and apparently difficult to find in the aftermarket.

There are no problems with the bearings. For a background on my plane the prop was balanced to .03 IPS before first flight 2 years ago and was checked at the same during the 2 subsequent annual inspections (I have a smart avionics PB3 dynamic balancer). The belt was also torqued properly so neither of those were causes of this failure.

If the lifespan of a PP alternator is somewhere around 200 hours I think I need to look for a different product. Maybe an automotive unit would be better since they would be easy to source just about anywhere. The alternator shop showed me a 14757 that is mentioned elsewhere in the forums but it is larger and heavier than the PP. I'm open to other suggestions.



December 4, 2018. Issue #4,710

Gas run to KSWI ($3.55).


Mountain SW Advice ...JD (RV-4)

Living in the subject area, my advice is to fly early when the lighting is best and the air is smoothest. Flying over in the afternoon at 14k will cause you to miss the sights and the beauty. With good, early morning light, the colors come alive!

If not familiar with the effect of density altitude, please brush up. Most of the ground in this area is higher than the typical pilot cruises. Takeoff and landing at 11,000' DA is different. Cruising at 8,000' and skimming the ground is unnerving if not prepared.

Watch the winds aloft at 18k. That will tell you how rough it will be over the mountains. If the winds at that altitude are high (40kts), expect rough.

Depending on what you want to see and do, the whole area is a huge playground. Monument valley is neat but, sadly, it is a tiny little place (when going 150 kts). Be sure to see Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon (you can land at the airport and get a shuttle to the park to walk the canyon trail), Comb Ridge, Goosenecks, Capital Reef, Meteor Crater, Gila Wilderness area, etc.

If I were flying CNM to PGA and the weather/winds aloft are good, I'd fly west towards LRU to get around White Sands to the south. Then head direct to PGA or Monument Valley. This will take you over the continental divide and some great sights. If you want to see the lava flows and chain of craters, head towards GNT. If you want to see Shiprock, LRU direct to 5V5.

Another great option (for sights) is LRU to JTC (Springerville) to SEZ (Sedona) and then to PGA. There are also some really great backcountry strips available if looking to camp or do that kind of sightseeing.

The only real problem is that this is a MASSIVE area making it hard to see it all in one trip!


UK RV-6 Aerobatics Approval ...Towline

We've just had aerobatics approval through for our RV-6 from the UK LAA. As I couldn't find a lot online to help in the process, I've condensed our experience into a short blog article here that others may hopefully find useful.

The process has seemed fairly straight forward despite looking quite arduous to this pair of amateurs.

We're non-inverted and I've been told to avoid vertical rolls as they can empty a lot of oil, also stall turns will use around half a quart.

Any advice on -6 aerobatics would be great.


What Phase I Looks Like ...bkervaski

Here is what Phase I looks like on a Garmin G3X ... just in case anyone was wondering .  Now if I can just figure out how to clear the tracks so I can see the map again


The Windy.com App

Saturday morning I was planning on being part of a formation practice (RWY 17).  While fiddling with various weather apps I stumbled across 'Windy.com'.  Download the app for free for iOS HERE if bored.  The app showed pretty convincingly I'd have a 90* crosswind in a small-tail RV-6 possibly gusting to 30kts at the time of takeoff.  Finger hovering over the scrub button...   And it turned out we did.

I liked how a) it color codes the velocity of wind in the four different wind models at the bottom of the screen and b) how easy it is to find a time in the future with the winds will be where you would like them.

Two screen grabs below.  First showing the Friday 7pm forecast for the next day at 9am.  Not fun. 

Second grab showing pretty nice winds for Tuesday at 3pm.  Might be worth a download (free) if you want to play around with it.


Brake Cylinder Problem

Q: I have a brake cylinder that is leaking fluid inside the cockpit. I removed all four cylinders and replaced the seals. One of the cylinders is still leaking fluid. I think this one was responsible for the main leak that I had initially. Should I just buy a new master cylinder. It is a Cleveland 10-30 master cylinder. Or is there something else that I can do to stop the leak besides the rubber seals that I already replaced?

A: Replacing the seals/o-rings should fix the leak. If not, it is likely corroded and may need to be replaced.

A: When rebuilding the Cleveland 10-30 master cylinders in my 6 I discovered the piston shafts worn where the top seal makes contact, which was the cause of my leaks. After polishing out the surface irregularities on the piston shaft and installing new seals they remain leak-free after two years.


Don Hull Got a Golden Ticket

...others chiming in.



December 3, 2018. Issue #4,709

Magic Carpet Is Airborne! ...Chris RV-12

After several weeks hoping for the weather to improve my MagicCarpet RV-12 S/N 120832 has finally airborne. The maiden flight was flawlessly and very successful. A tiny bit of heavy wing on the left side, which will be adjusted with the upcoming flights. Beside that she flies very nicely, well balanced and yet agile. The outside view is simply superb. Max. speed. was 116kt TAS at 5500rpm at 5000' without the wheelpants.

The plane features a single Dynon 1000 Touch with analog backup instruments for altitude and airspeed. A Power FLARM traffic avoidance system and a dual port 5V USB charger. The interior consists of confor foam leather seats by Flightline Interior with custom stiches, sidewalls and all carpets.

It took me 4 years and a little over 2000h to complete her, followed by 9 month for final assembly, exterior painting, acceptance procedure and airworthyness certification.
Needless to say, that I am very proud to have finally took her up in the sky.
At this point I would like to thank you all here at VAF for your outstanding support. You are truly awesome.

A video clip of the flight can be found HERE


Great Couple of Weekends! ...SeanB

11-18 Today was a big day!!! Tracey (my bride) was awesome, once again, and volunteered to help me get the plane on its gear. I already had the tailwheel on. We got the engine hoist and a giant tow strap to the front of the plane. I weaved it thru the engine mount. Gotta admit, I was a little nervous as we started getting airborne off the fuselage dolly. Things could roll or pitch. Tracey jumped in and helped stabilize the front of the plane from rolling. I tried getting the first gear on, but I still had slight interference from the fuselage. Emergency action with the Dremmel took care of that. I was able to get the gear slipped into the socket, then get the bolt started. "Wahooo", exclaimed Tracey! I raced to the other side and had no interference. The leg went into place and again with the bolt. Another, "Wahoo"!

We took a minute to look at the sight of things and smiled. The back of the plane was still on the dolly, so I went back and easily lifted the aft fuselage. Tracey rolled the dolly, then the plane was on all three wheels for the first time ever! I was so excited and thankful Tracey was there for help and to share in the excitement. Couldn't have done it without her. I was so excited, I rolled the plane outside for many more looks.

Engine is next!  ...


Status ...Nova RV RV-14A

Wheel pants and fairings are attached and now it's all completed. Awesome performing airplane


Some Throttle Love ...AX-O

I sent out my throttle quadrant to Dayton Murdock at DJM Manufacturing so he could use some of my old parts (they were matched drilled to the fuselage for mounting) and add the Prop lever.   ...


2019 Van's Calendar Golden Ticket Winners Chime In

fmi: Get your calendar (and possible golden ticket) here


RV-14A Status ...Tom023

Slow build but getting close.


RV-3B Status ...David Paule

Engine mount/landing gear to the machinist -
Since I just couldn’t cut a tapered hole in the landing gear mount, I took it to my machinist friend. But I’d gotten far enough so that I could use the tapered pin as a positioning tool. He’ll get to it one of these days. For him, it’s a hobby. He’s a physicist and his company is very busy these days.

ADAHRS bracket -
With the engine mount off, I flipped the canoe and looked around for the next thing to work on. Seems as if that might be the ADAHRS mount. I made a sketch showing where one could go on an RV-3B and found that the place I preferred was just under the top of the F-308 bulkhead.  ...


Goatflieg Status Update

My thanks to Terry Kohler, Dave Pohl, Ted Gauthier, Harry Manvel and Curt Martin for their help... again.


How to Set These? ...Girraf 7/7A

Anyone have any suggestions for how to set these? Clearance is extremely tight for my tungsten bar and a 4" no hole yoke. Anyone use pull rivets here? These are the final rivets for my vertical stab and I set it aside a few weeks ago thinking I would have an epiphany at some point but I haven't come up with any grand ideas yet.


Milestone: Engine ….Jonathan in Lewisville, TX



November 30, 2018.   Issue #4,708.
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!

Milestone: Private Pilot!

Our friend John Platner at 52F (RV-8 owner Gary Platner's son) earned his Private Pilot rating Thursday with DPE Bob Owsley.  So now having jumped out of airplanes 3,000+ times with a parachute, he can now also fly them <g>.  Way to go John!!!  dr

John Platner (L) and Bob Owsley (R).  Gary Platner photo.


Dilemma 2.0 ...AX-O

Well this has been ruff. Plane has been down since Jul. I am getting close but at this point, the introduction of Dilemma 2.0.

Since I originally made the firewall without the cut out, i had to overcome some limitations with the metal. That is why you will see a few dots of sealant on the firewall. Although the holes ended up in front of a bracket when folded over and were no impact, i still wanted to make sure they where covered up.

The firewall is sharp. If you look at it wrong, it will come out and bite you. In the below pic I did not even know i got a cut.  ...



Don't wanna do that again. Nope. Double check your math when calculating UTC offsets, especially when crossing time zones. Could've been there an hour or so earlier for 11004KT. Went around the first time when tower gave me 35L. Planted that sucker firmly on 31 second time around. Remarkable handling, and glad to know how capable the plane is, but I would really prefer to avoid a repeat performance.
Barrett T.
Smyrna, TN - KMQY
RV-6A (Bought)


Milestone: Six Years and Counting! ...rph142


Practicing the Commercial Maneuvers in the RV-6

...with iPad/Apple Pencil notations.  Thursday a.m. NW of 52F.  Click pics for greater detail.  Garmin Pilot track.  G3X showed 39kts of wind at 2,500' so those maneuvers that didn't require me to stay over one spot understandably had some drift (like the steep turns right and left done first).  Climbed up to 7,500' out of class B for the 1,080* spiral down at idle.  That was 'fun' with the 40+kt wind up top.  Staying over one spot required a quick turn with many seconds after almost wings level.  More detail in the zoom in.  The jagged track is usually when the plane is near 60* of bank.

Fun to do and to track for later critiquing.  The RV-6 (compared to a C172) makes these maneuvers more challenging, IMHO, but I got my instrument ticket in it so I'm confident.  To those unaware, some of the maneuvers require the wind to be from a specific direction at start.  The wind vector on the G3X makes this a non-event.  Now if there was a wizard in it that would calculate the pivotal altitude for the eights-on-pylon! <wink>.  Heck, it might do it and I just don't know about it...

Nerds of the world unite! <g>.  Four pics beginning HERE.


List of infrequently inspected/overhauled/replaced items? ...RV10Rob

Hi, all... now that my RV-10 is nearing 8 years and 500 hours, I'm wondering whether I'm missing any of the preventative maintenance items that are done infrequently, such as the 500-hour mag inspection and (10-year?) flexible fuel/oil hose replacements. Does anyone have a good list of these items? Similar question asked a few years ago here, but didn't see a comprehensive list. Thanks!

Rob Kochman


December Wallpaper Calendar

...Sunset RV-8 at KSWI.


Status Report #7 ...romanov (Israel)

That report is about:
• How to make your workspace to be ultra-inspiring?
• Riveting: Vertical Stabilizer (The tail of the 1st rivet)
• Riveting: Rudder

That time our report is very heavy in achievements and we
are super happy to put it here. Let's go and see it step by


RV Hanger Space Available (N.TX - T67)

Hanger Space for Rent.  Hicks Airfield T67.  I have room for one,,,, RV3,4,6,7,8, 6a,,7a, or 8a.
Jay Pratt


Welcome www.SkyDesigns.aero

...RV-6 builder Ken Krueger.  Ken contributed to the design of the RV-9, 7, 10, 12 and 14, and has been a friend for nearly 20 years.  Sells RV-8 aluminum airfoil landing gear kit and other stuff.  Ad lives in the Previous Day's News section.


Cessna Style Flap Switch Mod? ...mfleming

I've searched but have not come up with any information on installing a Cessna style flap switch with detents in a Van's aircraft.

I'm currently flying a C-172 with a spring loaded switch like the one for my -7. I absolutely hate it
Could I get used to it? I'm sure I could but since I'm building my own plane I'd like to see if using a Cessna style switch with would be feasible and reasonable.

A flap switch like this:


200mph ...az_gila

Did some checking with the newly re-pitched Sensenich (to 85 inch) at high altitude.

2700 rpm was almost full throttle at 12,500 ft (14,000 ft DA) and got that 200 mph number (174 kts)


RV-Lancair Brotherhood Day ...snopercod

The Brotherhood made an unscheduled early run to GMU this morning before the clouds set it. All three of us arrived at pretty much the same time. My iPad was lit up with targets. I was following Darwin's RV-3 and I passed Owen's RV-12 approaching the airport. GMU tower has radar and reported he was 1 mile off my right wing, but I could see the whites of his eyes So I landed next and Owen right after. Lunch at the Runway Cafe was good as always. Mike was kind enough to snap some photos of our planes.



November 29, 2018.   Issue #4,707.
Flew the RV-6 for a .6hr post-MX checkout flight Wednesday - the first RV time in a month and two days (yuck).  The new brake line install is officially complete.  Thank you TS Flightlines!  Honestly felt about 100' behind the plane for a few seconds there at takeoff and climbout.  Eye opening how fast these skills deteriorate!  Flew over to KXBP for $3.99 fuel and back, practicing the buttons for VNAV climbs and descents, as well as the mindset of arriving at an airport at RV speed!  Felt wonderful to be back in the air.  Boy does that plane need a bath!
  Next project:  some love for the tailwheel group.  The locking pin and spring are worn and, even after cleaning I'm taxiing with brakes and rudder only.  File picture below under "proof of enjoyment" ;^).  Researching options...
  In the mean time I'm working up some flashcards with the commercial maneuvers on them for reference in the bumps while flying.  Direction the winds need to be from, calculating the pivotal altitude, Va entry speeds and exit speeds for each maneuver, etc.   Hieroglyphics-like on a kneeboard.  Time to knock out this rating now that the plane is back online.
  Hope you have a nice Thursday.


Hermann Demos RV-8 Aerobatics While Giving You a Scenic Tour of Germany

...BruceEicher post.  Hermann Schiele "SuperCubDriver" shows off his flying skills, his countryside and his beautiful RV-8. Enjoy!

related: RV Photo/Video URLs in Forums


Reality Check? Value of 1993 RV-6 ...punkin

Hey guys,

I've got an itch to do something different, which probably means I'll regret it later...I LOVE my RV-6! Some of you have followed as I progressed through larger tires, ground adjustable prop, and then engine upgrade in my attempts to turn my -6 into a super cub.

It's been fun, and it's a decent trade off to have a 145mph cruiser that can land on some rough fields, but I'll never have the comfort level of doing the real slow and low in this airplane.

I'm considering selling, and just want a reality check. I know I'll never get what I paid + what I put into it (about the same as I paid again) over the last couple of years.

But, since this is a forum that never lacks strong opinions...if I put it up for sale here or one of the big online sites...what should I expect to ask and receive? I'll probably put the stock tires and wheel pants back on because most people don't buy an RV to go slow...

1993 RV-6 TTAF about 700hrs, TSMOH about 640, but see below work done about 40 hrs ago.
O-320-E2A now with new cam, new oil pump and 4 new high comp pistons and remfg cylinders (about 40 hrs on them) crank sent to Tulsa for inspection and returned with no issues.
Dual PMAGs
New oil cooler with engine work
Whirlwind Ground Adjustable Prop
Appareo ESG Transponder (2020 ADSB compliant)
Garmin GTR200, wired to Aera 660
Air gizmos panel dock for Aera 660, (may remove if I get beat up on $$)
Trio EZ pilot with altitude hold coupled to Aera 660.
Analog Airspeed, Tach, and Oil pressure
MGL E-1 combo engine monitor
MGL Flight combo multifunction gauge

I'm probably missing something, but that's the basics.

And the headline price should read.... $$ ??????


Status Update Pics (many) ...RV7ForMe's RV-7A Rebuild

...updates 3, 4 and 5.

Alright... We continue!

The wings and wing tips needed a bit of sanding and we went ahead and got the old paint removed and primed and painted them again. Since the old paint scheme didn't turn out to be very luck we decided to take the opportunity to something different.  ...


Milestone: Wings attached

...AviatorJ.   Since I moved the plane to the hangar on Saturday my progress hasn't slowed. In fact I think it's motivated me to push on. Today I drove up there for a very long lunch and put the wings on. Then I stared at it so long that I decided to take a picture, instead of being creepy!



November 28, 2018.   Issue #4,706.
Note from mothership re: 2019 calendars:  "...calendars are in stock, being packed in envelopes and boxes and shipped. And, the Golden Tickets have been randomly inserted.”  (order info). 

Around the World in an RV-9A Blog Update ...John

I have updated many sections of the trip blog and added additional photos.

This was a tough trip, with very unfavorable weather around the planet and many obstacles along the way.

I plan to fly "May" to Oshkosh in 2019 and hope to see you there. Fly safe.


Spaceport Update (Fly-In) ...Guy Prevost (RV-10) PIREP

Update 20181127. As stated in the thread linked in the original post, my goal was to enable people to fly into Spaceport America. It was going to cost me at least $5k up front to arrange that and much time. There is now a Fly-In scheduled at the spaceport on April 7, with registration becoming available before hand. FMI: https://lcspacefestival.com/

I'll post updates in the other thread as I learn more.


New RV-14A Builder Chimes In

...Ron Slosberg (Roswell, GA)


Tom Valenzia (RV-8) Family News

On son Jeff was promoted to Brigadier General. The DoD made the announcement public today. Next stop...Afghanistan!

A few months ago I commented how difficult is was to sneak in an RV flight or two with our son. Jeff's last flight with me was in our RV-8 back in 2012. I've owned the -12 for 5 years. On Jeff's last visit, the -12 was down for SB repairs. I am beginning to think maybe the time is right for me to trade in the airplane hobby.


Early Xmas Present

Ravpower.com solar 25,000mAh power bank for my laptop/iPad/iPhone in the field....with flashlight.  $54.  I have no data to report other than a) it arrived yesterday and b) it seems to work.  Three photos showing specs and stuff.  Shown below on the trunk of the car charging the iPad running Garmin Pilot.  Holding down the power button turns on the flashlight.  Tapping the power button changes the flashlight from ON to BLINK, tapping again to SOS, and finally tapping one more time turns it OFF.  Direct link to the one I bought HERE.

Now I can cancel my MiFi puck w/AT&T that runs $45/mo and instead use my iPhone as a WiFi hotspot out in the field for laptop internet access without worry of killing the cell phone battery.  Will save me over $500 a year, and that's a lot of haircuts.  If I still had hair...


Milestone: No Limits ...Claude Pitre RV-9A

I'm probably over my limit of posts for one day, but couldn't avoid this one.

New Special Certificate of Airworthiness with amended operating conditions received today. Official test phase done - passengers, night flight and cross country flights here we come.

Now to plan some hamburger runs.


Eagle's Nest Projects - Spotlight on Jim Senft (Central HS, WI)

...R.E. Butcher post

Spotlight on Jim Senft
Eagle's Nest Project Director - Central High School (WI)

Jim Senf is a mover and shaker in his community and if you ever meet him, you'll instantly begin to share his high level of excitement and enthusiasm for "paying it forward". Jim organized and manages the Central High School (WI) Aviation Club and in partnership with Eagle's Nest Projects, he's been a commanding force in the lives of hundreds of young adults and community leaders. His untiring efforts inspire and empower the youth to become more than they ever dreamed possible and he brings out the best in the community leaders in support of his programs and the youth. The spotlight is on you, Jim... and it's well deserved for all that you do! Thank you! /reb

I (and others) received this note from Jim sometime before Thanksgiving; “I am Thankful for:" I’m sharing it here because it inspired me and because it may provide others food for thought. BTW, did I mention Jim's son is an Eagle Scout? /reb




November 27, 2018.   Issue #4,705

ZU-XOX is an aeroplane! ...Janekom

So after about two years and just over 1300 hours, QB kit #41612 became an aeroplane on 14 November 2018. This happened at The Coves, South Africa. This is my 7th project and might be the last. What a fantastic aircraft. Thank you to Vans for providing us with such an incredible kit. A big thank you to everyone else involved.  more pics


Another one flies ...mike newall

120958 G-CJZW flew today. Phoned Vans to give them the news.

2 years in build along with it's partner 120957 as we had workshop room.

They have been built as an engineering exercise and to keep the workshop full lest the wife fills it with carp and other stuff

Another straight forward event, rpm a little low... left wing a little heavy.... nothing a big issue and will be cleared this week. We managed 2.5 hours today, we need 5 as a fly off in the UK before a flight test and submission for sign off.

There will be a little something on YouTube soon when I have the data.


Crew RV8 ...lucaperazzolli in Italy

Hey, that great photo from my friend Bruce told me that I'm absent for too much here.   Enjoy this photo took from our friend Luca Grazini.


Thirteen months and three weeks and she chubby but beautiful  ...Bavafa

It has been eleven months of pure joy building and two months of anxiety for paint process but she finally got done and after three weeks of transport, final assembly and sign off, today was the first good weather day for the first flight.

I want to take this time to thank first and foremost, my wife for being absolutely wonderful and supportive in this project and never hesitate to come to the garage to give a helping hand. Second, I like to thank VANs team for creating such wonderful kit that is just a joy to build, they have outdone themselves. Lastly, I like to thank Doug and this great community for always providing good support, friendly feedback and ideas.

Today I made two flights, one 30 minute and one nearly two hours. The aim of second flight was to break-in the engine. She flew without any issues, all temps were good and she was fast.

I do realize I still have lots of work and tweaking, calibration and configuration of the avionics. I do have a bit of right wing heavy which not sure how to go about resolving as my rigging seem to be spot on. One flap sits about 0.6 degree higher than the other but I am not sure if that is enough to cause a heavy wing. For those before me and if they had a heavy wing (RV14) would appreciate any feedback as how you resolved it.


How to create a perfect tray for coating the RV parts ...romanov (Israel)

All you need is the box you got from VANs sometimes.  Later you just need piece of fence and 30 screws with big heads. That's all: isn't it perfect ;-).


I'm back..with another -8A..in need of panel upgrades!

...Bill VonDane's back.  (eHangar.org guy.)

It's been about 9 years since I've been here. I built an -8A in 2002 and sold it in 2009, and just got busy with life...you know how it is. But I just picked up another -8A and will be stating a two phase panel upgrade, along with an in-depth condition inspection, next month. I hope to have a builder/flying log up in the next week or so to document the process, but it's not quite ready.

The "Ghost" is a 2006 RV-8A quickbuild with a 200HP IO360 and Hartzell C/S. The panel is VFR and pretty well done with vacuum AI and DG, Navaid autopilot, RMI VSI, VM1000, GTX327, 250XL, SL40, and a 496. It's also got a Propriety Software Systems AOA. Not bad, but if you know me, then you know i'm gonna upgrade it...LOL   ...


Servo Activated Oil Cooler Shutter

...seen at Richmond Aviation on an RV-8


Dave Binkley (RV-6) Chimes in the 'Your 2nd Airplane' Thread

I finished and flew my RV6 in May of 1996. Still flying N241DC 22+ years later.

The other one....



November 26, 2018.   Issue #4,704.
   Hope you had a nice holiday weekend.  Lots of RV news to report over the past four days, so feel free to dig in.  Scattered data points:  Not-RV, the Mars Insight Mission lands on the surface 11/26 at 3pm ET (watch live).  Updated the donations (who has / how to) as of 11/24 1940Z - THANK YOU! to the folks that help keep VAF and our family afloat.  Special shout out to forum user 'Dvalcik' for the gift of the VansAirForce.net charity cap with the custom lobster (right) flying an RV-12 logo on the back (David helps organize the Belfast,ME Fly-In - they apparently eat well at this thing).  It arrived Saturday and is on my head as I type this.  How can you not love this cap <g>?!?!  Thank you Sir!
  No RVating in N.Texas Sunday. Wind grab from 12K’ level shows it was ‘active’ around here.... and the F1 season is in the books.  Sigh.
  Hope you enjoy today's edition and have a nice, crazy-free Monday.

RV flying in Germany, photo and video proof.  ...BruceEicher

Posting for a very dear friend;  RV-7 Tobias Treichel, RV-6 Peter Grievner and Herbert Fluck, RV-7A Klaus-Peter Morhard.


Almost in the air! ...Don Patrick

After 8 years, 8 months, and 8 days, the building stage has come to an end. Calibrated my fuel tanks yesterday and so far, I am impresssed with how accurate the capacitive system is...I filled the tanks and then I started draining the tanks a gallon at a time and the fuel level on the D180 reflected the same.

I have had number of AME’s look at the aircraft so I’m not expecting any real issues with the inspection. Fellow VAFer Simon Hitcheon will give it a go over tomorrow to check for any issues.

Here’s a few pics.


Very Timely Thread! (Mid Seat Rails RV-10)....Bill Boyd

Great idea on the bottom-up approach. I don't see how you'd ever get the washers and nuts started on the bolts in the traditional top-down orientation.
Some of these are beyond the reach of even the slenderest fingertips, and groping with pliers is an exercise in frustration (tried that first). So - double-sticky tape on a tongue depressor is your friend when it comes to getting some of these in.


RV-12iS Plan Revisions / New Documentation:  11/16/18 publish date

Page 38iS/U-02 REV 1: In Figure 2 detail view, added “NAS1149F0332P”.
Thin washer prevents premature bottoming of nut.
Page 38iS/U-05 REV 1: Step 5, “Use shims and clamps to secure the left and right flaperons in a trailing edge down position as
shown in Figure 3. The goal is to have a 1/8 in. [3.2 mm] offset at the trailing edge.” was “Use shims and clamps at the trailing edge
to lock both the left and right flaperons in a slightly downward position as shown in Figure 3.”
Updated Figure 3 to show smaller shims (that don’t interfere with rivet heads) and to show clamp at the trailing edge.
Page 38iS/U-09 REV 1: Added new Step 1, “Match-Drill #30 the two holes in each F-01207C-L-1 & -R-1 Baggage Bulkhead into the
F-1284-L & -R Shear Clips. See Figure 1.”. Renumbered subsequent steps.
Shear clips are supplied without holes in forward flanges.
Page 38iS/U-17 REV 1: In Step 1, “…WD-01207-1 and WD-01208-1…” was “…WD-1207 and WD-1208…”.
Updated Figure 1 to show new stabilator structure (reference SB 18-02-02).
Page 38iS/U-18 REV 1: Added new Step 8, “Fabricate the T-01236 Fuel Overflow Sleeve by cutting a 1 in. [25.4 mm] piece of PT
1/4IDX3/8ODX4” tubing.”. Renumbered subsequent step.
Page 38iS/U-21 REV 1: In Step 2, added “These seat cushions have been designed to suit most pilots. For adequate clearance to
the canopy, very tall pilots may need to remove foam from the seat bottom cushion or source a custom seat cushion.”.


Back from the Upper Valley Aviation paint shop ...BJohnson

After a day of assembly, rolled Juliette out of the paint shop in Chilliwack, BC on a crystal clear November day to bring her back home! After not having her for several months it is time to go fly!  ...


Top Forward Skin ...RV-14E PIREP

As a datum point, I did not have the F-01471 Forward Top Skin riveted when I fit the canopy. Following completion and after the Forward Top Skin eventually was riveted, I have no fitment issues.


Welcome www.eHangar.org

...free online panel designer.  Ad lives in the Previous Day's News section.


Congrats to RV Drivers ...Boomer

"EAA Members Win in First Air Race 1 China Cup China Cup
November 21, 2018 - Steve Senegal, EAA 478025, held off Tim Cone, EAA 374465, in a dramatic finish in the gold final at the Air Race 1 China Cup in Wuhan City, China. Steve, flying his Arnold AR-6 Endeavor, clocked speeds of more than 230 mph during the final.

The Air Race 1 China Cup, which took place November 16-18, was the first air race to be held in China. Air Race 1 CEO Jeff Zaltman said it would be far from the last one.

“Bringing air racing to China has been a major triumph and the public have fallen in love with Air Race 1,” Jeff said. “I would like to thank our Chinese partners that have helped to make this happen and we look forward to working with them again in the future. Air racing in China is here to stay.”

Tim had an early lead in the gold final in his Cassutt What Airplane Honey, which must be a familiar feeling after he won the Air Race 1 World Cup event in Thailand last year. Tim ended with a speed of 230.539 mph, while Steve won out with a speed of 233.637 mph. Philip Goforth placed third in the gold final, and Steve Tumlin took home first-place honors in the silver final."

Steve and Slick (Tim) are also Vans RV 8 drivers.


Status Report: #6 ...romanov (Israel) RV-14A

That report is about:  - How the Horizontal Stabilizer made my day?  - Last painting day before the great finalization.


RV-Lancair Brotherhood Day ...snopercod

So the photographer is a day late and a dollar short, but four of us flew to Spartanburg [SPA] for lunch at Jason's Deli on Wednesday. I forgot my wide angle lens so I was unable to get all our planes in one shot. Then I left the camera in the plane so I couldn't post the photos until today. I flew my Lancair, Owen flew his RV-12, Darwin flew his RV-3, and Mark brought his Subaru-powered RV-#?.  On the return trip at 6,500' , Darwin kept up with me all the way and then approach put him in front of me for landing. I call discrimination!


11/25/18 Update ...j-red RV-8

The night we moved the fuselage, a couple of friends came over and helped fit up the wings with some tapered hardware store bolts. These same guys helped me do the wings on the 6a. Based on that experience, they were prepared for a several-hour-long ordeal. This was nothing like what they expected. Maybe 5 minutes per side, and they were temporarily hung.

Over a couple of days, the tanks were attached and fuel lines fitted.

The next major job was to check for incidence and sweep. Once the fuselage was levelled, 4 plumb bobs took care of the latter, and a piece of angle clamped to a 4' level made checking incidence a piece of cake.


Vlad Strikes Again (Thanksgiving) ...Vlad


Too Deep! Counter sinking the Rudder trailing edge ...hubbardr1 RV-10

After getting the rudder ready for priming I went ahead and moved forward to the elevator. The elevator trailing edge wedges went much smoother and much more uniform. So I decided to take a second look at the rudder wedge and I'm worried. I'm pretty sure I overdrilled the rudder trailing edge wedge counter sinks too deep.

The top wedge in these photos is the rudder wedge. Bottom is from an elevator. The rudder depth from top of rivet head to the top of the skin is about double that of the elevator. :/

You can also see where I pulled the drill press too hard and slightly deformed the wedge edge. I'm worried once riveted, the trailing edge will resemble a missouri road vs something nice flat and and straight.

So what are my options? I've contemplated re-doing the rudder wedge but I've already dimpled the rudder skins. Seems impossible to get the hole alignment right now that its dimpled.

Anyone out there redo the rudder wedge? Successful? Other ideas?


Pics from Mr. X

...Tonopah test range,
Monument Valley Airport,
Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project,
Mt. Hood,
and wingtip vortices from B777 at SFO.  Pics begin here.



November 21, 2018.   Issue #4,703.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled THANKSGIVING Thu/Fri/Sat and Sun.  See you Monday! 


Status Report ...Sam Bovington

Final Assembly: Been awhile since I posted an update. Its at the airport now (AWO) and nearing engine start. Just working off a long list of items to complete. I've also been in the middle of a career transition which has delayed things a bit. But not much longer!


Oshkosh Alternate Airport Reviews ...DanH

Ok, you're inbound to KOSH and dial up the arrival ATIS, only to learn the field is closed, or the approach is turning into a furball. No problem; time to head for an alternate airport and land.

So tell us about your alternate airport visit. Why did you pick it? What facilities are available? Was it a pleasant experience? Did you make new friends? Where did you sleep? Did you go hungry, or eat like a king? Do they have Uber? Groceries? Starbucks? Strips clubs? Churches? What's there?

It's human nature to distance ourselves from the unknown, but if we know, we'll go. Report the good, the bad, and the ugly, and help your fellow pilots pre-determine where they're going, before they ever leave home.


Status Report  ...rmartingt

Got some coworkers over with promises of beer, and we mounted the wings last week.  Today I checked rigging.  Incidence is a hair high (bubble is touching the forward mark) but it's even on both sides, all the way out (no twist).  Edge distances are good.  Triangulation is dead on to 1/32".   Both wings are swept forward 3/8" at the tip.  The flaps touch the bottom skin perfectly.  Close enough for government work!  Now there's a couple days' break for Thanksgiving and for my aft bolt drilling tools to arrive. Going to crack a cold one...
(And yes, that's our old stove back there... perfect for baking parts post-painting...)


Tip-up Lift Strut Test

There has been a lot of talk about adding quick release for the lift struts on a tip-up, should the canopy need to be jettisoned.

I just ordered a new set of lift struts for my canopy, thus I will so have a pair that we can experiment with.

I was thinking of taking a flat foot sheet of plywood approximately the size of the canopy and hinging it at the bottom, attaching the struts 1/3 of the way from the top and securing them on a trailer and see at what speed they pull out.

I suppose I could make the sheet half the width and mount the strut in the vertical center of the sheet so I can run two tests.

Dan, you are much better at this than me, do you or any others have a suggestion for running this test?

My theory is that the struts will pull apart at a fairly low speed.
Bill R


First (real) post! ...new guy chimes in (Wichita, KS)

Hello all,

I've been lurking on the site for a while now but finally felt like it was time to actually make my first real post!

I purchased a once-flying RV-4 about 8 months ago and put it into the shop while I left town for work. I should be coming home next week and it should (hopefully ) finally be finished and ready to fly!


New Guy Chimes In ...petizo1 (Torrance, CA)

Hello, I'm new to the forum and a 100 hour private pilot; I've been looking at buying a used RV12. I went and flew one a few hours this weekend to get some transition training. I really enjoyed the plane and the handling, especially the 3-4 gph at 100+kts! When I talked to the experienced 15K hour instructor he advised against one for anything except local around the patch flights. I'd really like to think it could be used for trips from Socal to Northern CA, AZ and even Utah, New Mexico...he thought with the big mountains everywhere that would be dangerous and such a light plane would not be a good choice except on the most perfect of days. Obviously I'd pick the best weather I could, but to be honest, he made me nervous that I'm being naive about the realities of light sport x-country capabilities. Would love to get some thoughts from those of you that have more experience. Thank you!


Pic from Mr. X. ....Grand Canyon, looking West at 0900 local


Mothership Holiday Hours

[ed. Same with this site. v/r,dr]



November 20, 2018.   Issue #4,702.

Status Update ...Bill Boyd RV-10

Haven't updated progress in awhile in my own thread so here goes.

I was pretty much running out of things to do before drilling the gear legs and messing with seat tracks and such. By that I mean, lacking an avionics suite, there wasn't much more to do during the easy-access stage where the fuse is on a rolling dolly down close to the floor.

Time to spit on my hands, rub them together, hoist the Jolly Roger and slit a few throats.

And sweat a few bullets.

Reminder to self: moments like this are why we carry builder's insurance.

After much pondering I decided there was no need to make a sawhorse just for this job. The EAA workbenches I have on hand should be tall enough at 34" and will certainly hold the weight. Tail resting on one bench, engine mount double-strapped to engine hoist, up she goes! Slowly. Ever so slowly. Check everything twice, three times... The fuse canoe hasn't been off this trolley since I inspected the project in Columbus, Ohio three years ago.

Two parting shots showing the gear legs installed. Whew! Big step! 34" bench height seems to give plenty of ground clearance for wheel installation. I'll know for sure tonight.

[ed. Zoom in of Bill's 'taco cart' overlay mod.  A real work of art!!!!  v/r,dr]


Review: The Hartzell Composite Propellor on my RV-7A

...Otis Holt RV-7A

Not long after I purchased my flying 7A in October of 2017, I took the plunge and ordered a Hartzell Composite propellor and aluminum spinner through Van’s. The decision to buy was downright scary, as several pleas for opinions and experiences here on VAF went unanswered, and searches of prior posts turned up very little info. Were pilots having bad experiences they were not revealing? Was I making an expensive mistake?

The blades have an incredibly large surface area and chord widths from 3.5” at the squared-off tip to over 8” at the widest point. Long after I’d paid, my old friend and propeller guru Jack Norris told me that classical propellor theory would suggest nasty tip vortices, and I wondered if my plain-vanilla 180HP, 8.5 compression Lycoming clone would be able to pull it, or if top speed would be severely limited. I’ll jump ahead and declare a resounding YES to the first and NO to the second. Evidently the lack of info on VAF was mainly due to very few of these being installed on RV’s because of the higher cost.  ...


My under 40k RV-6 ...Pilotjkl (Seminole, TX)

Temporary panel while I figure out what I want...

Old panel...

Current panel...


New Guy Chimes In

New RV-8 Project Purchase

My wife and I just purchased a RV-8 kit that is mostly complete. The builder started back in 2000, so it is an older kit. We have never built a RV before and we sold our Bonanza to fund our project. See we are not new to aviation but brand new to the RV world.

I know there are some SB's I should comply with but any other tips of items to do on an older airframe.

We live in Maine so good heat will be a must. Where do people get the heated seats?

We want to do the G3X panel with the Garmin Autopilot. Will we need to open up the wings or tail to install the servos?

So far we know it needs paint, a panel, a propeller, and an interior. It should be delivered in early December. We are very excited!!


RE: the RV-12iS Avionics Packages ...Scott @ mom

Greg (Hughes) was the person posting the Avionics kit announcement so he would be the best person to confirm, but I believe the prefinished panels will be offered in only one color. The same metallic medium grey that was used on the prototype (N912VA)

The kit will include all 3 panel sections and the switch panel / throttle control portion of the center console, finish in this color with all of the placarding /logos silk screened on (with the exception of the N number), as shown in this photo.



November 19, 2018.   Issue #4,701.
  Got the replacement battery installed in my 4yr old smartphone.  iFixit.com’s $25 battery and install doc worked out swell.  Good for another 4 years hopefully ;^).  The RVating Wx was very different for Smokey and Vlad this past weekend.  Two splash images below, and hope you had a nice Sat/Sun.

"Sleepy Texas airport personified." ---Smokey Ray

"Winter is here."  ----Vlad


First flight of 120910 ...RV-12 UK

Pleased to report the first flight today of G-DOUZ in the careful hands of UK LAA inspector and fellow RV12 builder Jerry Parr. Following Jerry's initial 30 minute solo flight I joined him for a second flight of just over 2 hours and 12 landings. Hopefully another 2.5 hours tomorrow to complete the LAA test schedule.
A 39 month build and the first dual G3X Touch 12 in the U.K.
Harry Lees
G-DOUZ. 120910.
First flight completed.


Milestone ...ArlingtonRV

On a lunch run today, the Tach. ticked over 2,000 hrs.   This may not seem like that big a deal, but the engine in the RV-8 that I just bought last year is a hopped up Lycon modification of an O-360A1A that had fuel injection added as well as ceramic coated, high compression (10:1) pistons.

Many people told the previous owner, that flew it for 15+ years, that this particular engine would never get to TBO, primarily because of the high compression pistons. In fact, it will make more than TBO since I plan to fly it for another 2 years before having the engine overhauled.

It runs extremely well, has good compression on all cylinders and is not making any metal. The only gripe is that oil consumption is slowly creeping up, and has been over the past several years. I am currently at about 1 quart every 4 or so hours. This is what will probably lead to the decision to pull the trigger on an overhaul eventually.


Out of Paint Shop ...bkervaski

more pics


Alternator problem - here we go again ...74-07

Ok, I have a Plane Power 60 amp alternator. It works fine for a while then, it doesn't. We've run out all of the wiring and checked the belt. We looked at the plug and tugged on the wire. All good. We've done this three or four times. Every time, after we check everything over, it works again for a flight or two then, we get a low voltage warning and sure enough, we're running on the battery (12.3 volts and decreasing). As a last resort, I have purchased a new plug, pins and seals. Today, while removing the old plug, I noticed that the white wire (unused) was in the correct location (#1) but the aircraft red wire was in the center pin location (#2) rather than the #3 position as depicted in the Plane Power drawing. The jumper was installed correctly between #2 and #3. Could this possibly make any difference? Can't see how it could since the red wire is connected to the jumper and would be connected to both pin locations in either case.


Panel Layout Choices ...Av8torTom looking for input (poll)

I'm getting ready to start cutting holes in my panel and I'd like input on the three panel arrangements below - thanks:


RV-12iS Avionics Packages Available to Order ...mothership

November 16, 2018 – Van’s Aircraft has announced that it has opened orders for its RV-12iS avionics kits, which include complete state-of-the-art avionics options from both Dynon and Garmin. Builders may order these kits beginning today using the RV-12iS Avionics Kit order forms, which are located at:

Order Form

Van’s anticipates shipping initial orders for these kits starting in December. Note that when building the RV-12iS, the avionics kit is typically installed after the powerplant kit due to building sequence dependencies. Therefore, customers who have already ordered and received their RV-12iS Powerplant kit will have shipping priority if their avionics kit order is placed by December 15th.


New member of the 'Sinker Club' (carb floats) ...pstraub

After about 125 hours on my RV-12, I was beginning to think I would be one of the lucky few without carb float problems....I was wrong! Doing my night currency last week, I noticed the smell of fuel in my cabin for the first time. Also, my idle had been gradually getting rougher. After shutting down for the night, I opened the oil tank door on the top cowl and the fuel smell was very strong. With a flashlight, I could see standing fuel in the drip tray! I removed the top cowl and dropped the float bowl.....sure enough, the floats were mostly submerged. After letting them dry, I weighed the pair and they were 11.4 grams. I then checked the left carb floats, they were not as bad yet, but still over weight at 9.5 grams. I just ordered 2 pair of the latest PN, 861188. Wow, $300!! I guess I have a new and expensive 'consumable', this engine is 1.5 years old with 125 hours. Based on everything I have read, I am not confident that the new floats will last any longer. Maybe it's the ethanol in this California fuel. I just wanted to add my experience as a data point


Flight Test: Tuft Testing and Interesting Propeller Helical Condensation


We took this RV-9A up for some flight testing to gather data determining characteristics of the RV-9 airfoil in a critical angle of attack and during a stall. When we got back to the office, we noticed a cool phenomenon on the video. A cloud-vapor-like trail of condensation was forming off the tips of the prop, which which was pretty interesting and fun to look at!


Seen in the Forums...



November 16, 2018.   Issue #4,700.
The Red Bull Air Races are at the Texas Motor Speedway this weekend near my home field. Heads up for the locals. Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!

To Colorado and Arizona ...joe_rainbolt

My latest flying adventure.  Along the way, we cross the Rockies and Sierras twice, see a baseball game, survive the harmonic energy vortex at Sedona, and view a big hole in the ground.


EarthX battery pirep ...William Slaughter

 I purchased an EarthX ETX900 for my rear battery RV-8 for the substantial weight savings and increased electrical capacity over the Odessey 680 I'd previously selected. Since the ETX900s terminals are on the centerline of the battery, you have to install the cables before installing the hold-down clamp. I of course have an insulating cover for the positive terminal, which I had believed was sufficient. But it was not. While wriggling the holddown and bolts into place, I managed to momentarily short the battery to ground. This resulted in an impressive flash and bang, and a noticeable divot in the hold down bolt. Removing the holddown bracket and bolts, I noticed that the top part of the battery was quite warm to the touch, but that seemed logical after the energy dump which had just taken place. I immediately set to work thoroughly insulating the holddown bolt (the bottom of the bracket was already insulated), and when finished, crawled back in to re-install, but the battery was still just as warm, just short of hot. I removed it from the plane and called EarthX. They diagnosed it as an internal short in the damaged BMS, and suggested I fully discharge it and send it back. They suggested a resistive load such as a light. I brought the battery home, checked the voltage (12.9) and attached a 55 watt driving light. In spite of being wounded, the battery drove that light for quite a few hours. I returned the battery, EarthX repaired (probably just replaced it actually) it at no charge, and sent it back.

My take homes:
Despite being wounded, the battery did not rupture or catch fire, and continued to provide useful voltage for a substantial period of time.
The customer service at EarthX is just outstanding - I made it clear that this incident was entirely my fault.
I have no qualms about putting the battery back in.
Now before someone replies that a regular AGM battery would have been unharmed by this momentary short, that is undoubtedly true, but beside the point. You can make a similar argument against a carbon composite prop because you can't just file out a small ding like you can on an aluminum prop. "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch."
William Slaughter
Houston, TX


Panel Status...AviatorJ RV-10

Tonight was finishing up some of my interior install and decided to put the seats in. Shut the plane doors and took some pictures. I really like everything about what I ended up doing.  Will probably take better pictures once I get the tape off, clean everything up, ect.


New Guy Chimes In ...Pedropilot

Long time reader, first time poster.

I fly combat rescue helos for the USAF in Tucson and have about 600 hours in helicopters with around 150 fixed-wing time in aircraft such as the T-6A, C172 and piper super cubs.

Been wanting to build an RV-8 for a while now and have recently started looking into buying an RV-4 to build more fixed-wing hours in the coming months as a first time buyer.

Been getting quotes through insurance and aircraft loans for a $42K RV-4. USAA is asking for 3 hours of dual in the MM before flying solo. Is there any RV users in the Tucson area that have an RV-4 or equivalent MM I could build those required hours in?

Looking forward to being apart of this community!



Ross's RV-4 Vent Photos ...David Paule

He kindly sent them to me, and I'm posting them with his permission. On a couple, I tweaked the exposure for clarity.


Houston area monthly lunch (November)

Well folks, it's that time of the month again where we get together to talk about all things RV. Let's plan on hopping over to Hooks for some burgers, this Saturday (11-17) at 11:30 AM.

Unfortunately I'll be down in Angleton for a track event, so I won't be making it this month, but hopefully everybody else can get together.
-8 fuselage


Pic from Mr. X

Meteor Crater and UPS 767...


Forums Lurker?  You're Missing Stuff...

If you're a VAF Forums 'lurker', you see all the posts, but NOT who is online.  Meet RVators!  Private message folks.  Make a friend.  Impress your neighbors!  Get RV problems solved!

What the lurker sees at the bottom of the forums:

What the registered user who is logged in sees (there were 653 people in the forums when I grabbed this......572 of the 'lurking'):



November 15, 2018.   Issue #4,699.

Ken Linde pic of Axel (AX-O).


Pink Cowl Seam Fit ...snoopyflys

Hi Fiberglass Gurus;

Now the cooler weather is starting to move back into my area, I started to turn my attention to reading, staring and mulling over the cowl fitting on my RV-7A. In the photos below, I think I have the top and bottom cowl somewhat in the position to clear my Whirlwind GA prop spinner (3/16") and close to finished along the firewall. However, the seam line between the halves gets progressively wider (open) as it proceeds forward to the spinner. Here some pics of where I am now;  ...

And a solution:  (DanH)

A common question in my PM inbox is how to extend the edge of a cowl that has been trimmed a little too short. The subject has been covered very well in the past, but perhaps a dedicated thread will search better.

There are two methods. A small extension (like 1/8", maybe 3/16") can be done with a flox/epoxy mix. A longer extension is done with multiple plies of glass fabric.

Both methods are based on a scarf joint. Block sand the scarf with coarse grit paper. The scarf should be 3x wider than the glass thickness, minimum. The wider it gets (5x, 10x thickness) the stronger the joint becomes.  ...


A hold and approach...jpowell13

Still needed a hold and one more approach by the end of the month. Ceilings were about 1,000' yesterday, but there was an icing forecast near but not exactly in the space I would be flying. The wind was gusting to about 20 knots and there was a turbulence forecast near but not in the space I would be flying. I hung around the airport waiting for better conditions, but decided to write it off and try again another day.

Ceilings were about 1000' and climbing this morning with an icing airmet from the surface. Winds were about 8kts. By late morning the icing airmet was lifted and surface temps were at 41F. There were no precip reflections. Overcast extended from 1400' up to 2900'. A 172 took off and flew an approach while I was prepping the plane with no apparent difficulty.

I filed "local IFR" and flew a hold and an RNAV approach to landing. The temp at 3000' was 32F, and I saw mist in the clouds, but no ice on the aircraft. I may have cut it close with respect to icing, but with the ceiling at 1400' the airport in Marginal VFR conditions and with flat terrain and no tall antennae where I would be filing, I reasoned I could let down below the ceiling in a pinch. It worked out well today. Should I have flown or stayed on the ground? John ...


New stock Titan 340 engines ...VAF advertiser

For anyone looking for an engine for their RV 9, Continental Motors has 2 lightweight, fixed pitch 340 Titan engines in stock. One high compression (9.0:1 180 HP) and the other low compression (8.0:1 174 HP). They have Precision Silverhawk fuel injection and dual P-mag ignition. These are the same dimensions as a Lyc. 320 but make more power. Motor mounts are Dynafocal Type 1. The high compression one has horizontal cold air induction, the low compression one has vertical induction. Propeller bushing I.D. is 3/8". Contact me at Titan Engines if interested.
jball 'at' cmg.aero


Boiling fuel/vapor lock..an engineering question...Mark33

So as we all know, boiling fuel, caused by either heat or decreased vapor pressure at higher altitudes is not a good thing and causes vapor lock. I know that different types of fuel (Avgas VS. Mogas) have different temperatures and vapor pressures at which it boils, but for this discussion let's take that variable out of the equation and pretend that regardless of the type, that it all boils at the same temperature and vapor pressure. So:

1. Does anyone know how much pressure is required to overcome this boiling point and to keep the fuel in its liquid state?

2. As the temperature or altitude increases, does it take additional pressure to keep the fuel in its liquid state? If so, is there a simple formula to calculate that variable?  ...



From Garmin



November 14, 2018.   Issue #4,698.

Paul Schad photo.  Taken Veterans Day.


Want a Job Building RVs?

(from Keith Ellis at Synergy Air South)
Synergy Air South is currently looking for Build Assist Technicians to join our team of highly skilled and friendly people committed to helping new builders achieve the best aircraft possible. We do this by teaching effective building techniques and strategies.

Build Assist Technicians will assist in fabricating, assembling, installing and processing materials, parts, and assemblies for homebuilt aircraft.

An A&P and previous building experience is highly desired.

We are a sister company to Synergy Air of Eugene, OR and located at the Newnan-Coweta County Airport (KCCO) in Newnan, GA, just south of Atlanta.

Please respond to synergyairsouth 'at' gmail.com

Krea Ellis
Synergy Air South
synergyairsouth 'at' gmail.com
Cell 678-520-5059


Probable Cause List Updated ...please digest, discuss and learn.


NACA Duct on RV-4 Cowl   ...acam37

I was going to do the same thing. I saw it on a -4 at a local fly in and thought it looked really good. But after cutting the hole and checking where the hose would enter through the side skin, the throttle/mixture cables were right in the way. So there was no way it would work on the left side with my setup. I glassed the hole up and abandoned the idea.


The Gremlin is Back...

Well, my gremlin is back after three trouble free hours. Here are the symptoms:

1. CHT, EGT and OIL temps spike high. Left EGT spikes more than others at about every 2-3 seconds.
2. Spikes are not synchronized.
3. At low temperature the indications are reasonable. That is before start, they reflect ambient temperature and respond normally (I sprayed Freon on them and observed a drop in temperature below ambient.
4. Disconnecting the CHT leads drives the indication low leading me to believe this is not a connector issue.
5. Oil pressure, fuel pressure, tachometer and fuel flow are stable and unaffected.
6. Today during ground runs I got an voice alert “EMF Low” alert, but main bus voltage was stable at 13,8 VDC.
Any ideas from the brain trust? Tomorrow I’m going to talk to Dynon.I suspect the D180 May have an issue.


Wingtip repair what glass fibre cloth do I need?

Hi all

Unfortunately I damaged the wingtip on my RV8 and I wondered what glass cloth I should order for the repair and what resin and hardener you guys use? West System?

I'd like to add a bit of glass to at the top of the wing and add a strip across the seam inside the wing to add strength.

Where would you get it from? And any tips to do the repair welcome.



My Second IAC Contest

I was asked to do a short write-up of my experience so it might inspire others to get into aerobatics with their RVs. So here it is:

I did my first contest 6 months ago and it was a great learning experience. Since then I have been too busy and have not practiced the Primary Sequence much (in fact not at all except at 2 practice days with the new chapter I joined last month). I have been spending a little time with the Sportsman sequence and just playing around with point rolls, vertical rolls, reverse cubans, humpties, etc. Just having fun.

Flying this contest was a last minute decision and I did not show up in time for practice, so I went into my first round without even seeing the box. On top of that, there were issues with my paperwork and I was not cleared to fly literally until the last minute. That left me very flustered and stressed out and my score showed it - 66%.

I did better the next day with 77% and 75% flights, but I was still disappointed because I felt I could fly better, but just couldn't perform when it mattered. However, due to the low turn-out, I still ended up with a first place finish, despite my mediocre overall score.

I also ended up being given the "Grassroots Achievement Award" for having the highest score in any category with a low HP airplane (defined as less than 180hp). I also was one of two pilots in all categories with no outs and no zeros in all three rounds. So overall it was a great weekend, despite me not performing my best. I learned a lot and met some great people and gained valuable experience.

I plan to compete in Sportsman next year and excited to see the 2019 Known sequence. I know I won't have as good a chance at placing well (compared to if I stayed in Primary), but I'm ok with that.

When at a contest, I'll do my absolute best, but in general I'm not as competitive as some guys. I love aerobatics for the pure joy of expression in 3 dimensions. And I enjoy doing higher level maneuvers, even if it's not done to perfection to win a trophy. So having fun and meeting great pilots and always improving is what's more important to me. But of course bringing home the goodies once in a while isn't bad either.

A big thanks to all you guys who were supportive and motivated me to get into this. It's been great!

Oh, and the other cool thing about this contest was to see the look on everyone's faces when at the end of the banquet, well after dark, I told them I'm flying home. No one else could do that b/c their acro mounts were day VFR-only. I once showed up to a practice day with my wife in the back and unloaded a bunch of luggage onto the ramp. We were going on a trip after the practice day! Gotta love the versatility of an RV!

Hope to see more RVs join the fun!
Brian RV4


From Mothership

Get your entire kit plans, manual, OP Drawings, catalog, and other reference material in the PDF format on a USB Flash Drive from Van’s Aircraft.

Load it up to your laptop, iPad, or your other favorite electronic device for use at work, or in the hanger.


Air Cleaner Box (FAB) K&N Cracking and rubbing

I see a ton of posts on this and various fixes. I took off an old, and cracked FAB that had a metal plate on it with a huge gap between the filter and the housing, and built a new box and added support where the old one had cracked. Within 100 hours, it had completely eaten through the new bottom. My question is: Is there supposed to be ANY contact between the lower cowl and the air cleaner box via the baffle material? On BOTH assemblies, the thick plate that mounts to the performance airflow section of the throttle body has also cracked on the forward left bolt area. I obviously have something WAY wrong. I've only had the plane for a couple hundred hours. 815 hours on airframe. Whats the fix?


Avionics Margins PIREP ...Stein from SteinAir

I don't have much to add other than to say the reputable shops mentioned here I consider colleagues are fine folks (Aerotronics, Approach, Walt, etc..). With the aforementioned folks specifically, we all actually do business back and forth with each other so I know what you can trust from whom. The "cheapest" vendors are not on that list.

Most people don't realize that with Avionics (and many things aviation) and unlike furniture, jewelry, or even cars - there isn't much margin to start with. Anyone hoping to find a 25% discount or difference in price between different dealers is in for a huge awakening. The reality is that most avionics and electronics now start out with a gross margin to the dealers of high single or low double digit percent numbers at best. That is why you see some folks charging you extra to even use a CC, etc.. I've had/have people call me assuming there are huge margins to begin with and insist on a 30% discount. I have to tell them that when they find that let me know, and I'll start buying supplies from them!

There are folks that will sell somewhat cheaper than others, but you'll never find anyone that is 25 or 30% less than someone else, because it's just not there to begin with. That means that on an entire purchase of avionics you're looking at very small differences (percentage wise) and why we try to add value in other areas. The business model where the only value you add is being the low bidder isn't what we're all about.

As an aside, we do a fair bit of regular business re-wiring items / harnesses that folks already purchased once somewhere else...

Just my 2 cents as usual.



November 13, 2018.   Issue #4,697.
  Ordered a $24 replacement battery for my 4.2-yr old iPhone 6 Plus, then drove out to the airport to get a pic of the new brake lines (thanks Monk!). New pads, lines and an overhaul of the master brake cylinders that were needing some attention (Monk had some O rings).  Helped him move some planes around before the cold, cold Wx arrives Tue (27*F forecast for am - cold for us).  By then it was time to get back on the computer. No flying. Some shivering. A taco for lunch. Productive morning. Hope warmer where you are...


11/12/18 Update ...j-red

Big day. Had a local auto towing service come over and help me move the fuselage to the hangar. This was the third time I've used these guys, although it was this particular driver's first time to carry a plane. He was pretty stunned to say the least Took quite a few pictures to show his buddies.

$125 later, she made it to her new home at the airport. Much easier, quicker and probably cheaper than rigging up a trailer myself.

First time I've been able to step back and get some good full-scale pictures of it.  ...


RV IAC Aerobatic Competition Standings - 2018... It's a wrap!

Congratulations to Brian Pfam who scored a first place finish in the final IAC competition of the season. Brian is the sole RV pilot competing in the Primary category this year and expects to move up to the Sportsman level in 2019.

I just returned from the IAC Fall Board meeting where we reviewed the proposed KNOWN sequences for 2019. We returned the three lower category KNOWNs to the Known Sequence Committee for a re-write. We decided that there was no reason to change the PRIMARY sequence as it worked well in 2018. There may be some who think we should change the PRIMARY sequence every year but the Board feels that PRIMARY is just an introduction to competition and pilots should move up to SPORTSMAN after a year in PRIMARY. We sent the SPORTSMAN sequence back to the committee because there were a couple of figures which would have been difficult to fly by those without inverted systems. (FYI: The policy guidance to the Known Sequence Committee states that... "Proposed Primary and power Sportsman Known sequences shall be flyable by aircraft without inverted fuel or oil systems, in the class of 115 hp Citabrias")

We sent the INTERMEDIATE sequence back to the committee with instructions to omit snap rolls from the KNOWN sequence. (Once again, the policy guidance to the committee states that... "Proposed power Intermediate Known sequences shall be flyable by aircraft in the class of the 150 hp Decathlon.") Many Decathlon aircraft have sustained damage to fuel tanks as a result of doing snap rolls. However, there is still the likelihood of encountering snap rolls in INTERMEDIATE unknown sequences!

I think this is all good news for the RV aerobatic group. There are no barriers to RV competition at the SPORTSMAN level and those without inverted systems have an equal chance of emerging victorious. All it takes is practice, practice, practice! The 2019 competition season will be here before you know it. Get ready!


Christmas Early....new TS Flightline brake lines.

The thought occurred to me to apply some skateboard grip tape to the aluminum surface of the brake pedals.  I'm gonna look for some at Home Depot next time I'm in there.


Personal IFR Limits ...Ed Wishchmeyer PIREP

I very much agree with Rob's basic tenets. Other factors to add in:
* Cumulus clouds give a very rough ride in the RV-9A. If the height from cloud base to top is more than 3 or 4 thousand feet, I avoid them;
* Instead of 500 foot overcast below, I prefer 1,000. Over known flat, open land, maybe lower, but even Iowa has swatches for forest that would be really bad if your first glance was at 500 feet;
* As for approach minimums -- you **** well better be able to fly an approach to minimums!! Weather does change en route. The difference is whether you plan a flight where you anticipate flying to minimums;
* For me, inflight fatigue can be an issue, so time of day, overall energy level, etc are factors;
* Since my canopy doesn't seal well, rain is a factor;
* Another way at looking at go/no-go decisions is to count the number of challenges on the flight: turbulence, crosswinds, solid IFR vs on top or in and out, ATC environment, airspace restrictions, what happens if the autopilot dies, etc. Too many total challenges on the flight, or too many challenges at once are reasons to reconsider whether to go or not. (And it's also real challenging to have the autopilot die when you're busy fussing with the automation and have low situational awareness because of the automation...)

Y'all be careful out there!



Wingtip/aileron/flap alignment ...longranger

The I set the aileron position using a taut string with a loop tied in one end clecoed into the forward tooling hole in the leading edge rib, and the other end taped securely to the trailing edge aileron. I adjusted the angle of the aileron until the string ran past the center of the rest of the tooling holes, then clamped it in place.



November 12, 2018.   Issue #4,696.

Veterans Day (Observed)

The White House, November 11, 1919.

A year ago today our enemies laid down their arms in accordance with an armistice which rendered them impotent to renew hostilities, and gave to the world an assured opportunity to reconstruct its shattered order and to work out in peace a new and juster set of international relations. The soldiers and people of the European Allies had fought and endured for more than four years to uphold the barrier of civilization against the aggressions of armed force. We ourselves had been in the conflict something more than a year and a half.

With splendid forgetfulness of mere personal concerns, we remodeled our industries, concentrated our financial resources, increased our agricultural output, and assembled a great army, so that at the last our power was a decisive factor in the victory. We were able to bring the vast resources, material and moral, of a great and free people to the assistance of our associates in Europe who had suffered and sacrificed without limit in the cause for which we fought.

Out of this victory there arose new possibilities of political freedom and economic concert. The war showed us the strength of great nations acting together for high purposes, and the victory of arms foretells the enduring conquests which can be made in peace when nations act justly and in furtherance of the common interests of men.

To us in America the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service, and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of nations.


[ed. In 1954, the word “Armistice” was replaced with “Veterans” as a way to formally include all Veterans of all American wars in the day of remembrance. dr]


Flight to Half Moon Bay ...kaweeka

I'm practicing video skills and thought I would try a tail mounted GoPro during a flight to Half Moon Bay.


Passing of RV6 pioneer

I want to let the RV community know about the passing of an early RV6 builder/pilot in the Colorado, Mas Yosida, N93MY.
Mas passed away quietly today after a lengthy illness and was known as one of the RV pioneers in the Denver area starting in the early 1990’s. Mas has a long history as an aviation enthusiast having owned a Luscome, C152, Mooney, Bonanza, but couldn’t say enough good things about flying his RV6 since 1994.

No plans yet for services but I can post the information here once I receive additional information. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mas’s family.


Wing Attach 5/8 Distance ...Zazoos RV-6

Working on the right wing. Per the plumb bob it is swept forward 1 inch.

The wing rear spar is fully seated and touching the fuselage. The fuselage rear spar forward piece of the fork is touching the wing rib.

I marked my 5/8 distance grid on both pieces. The inside 5/8 distance on the fuselage is measured from where the two forks mate an become a solid spar.
The inside 5/8 on the wing rear spar is measured from the root rib flange.

1. Since the both spars obviously continue in there respective directions can the inside 5/8 distance be somewhat ignored? Otherwise as you can see in my grid layout I really do not have the room to remove any materials (especially on the wing rear spar).
2. If I'm correct that the inside edge distance can be ignored, is there a good ratio as to how much material to remove to get close to a 1 inch movement at the wing tip?


Newbie Here ...Mike Singer

Hi All,
I am new to the build scene and have some questions that might sound dumb... I am very interested in building a plane but it all seems a bit overwhelming. I ordered the toolbox kit to see what skills are required to assemble something small before investing a considerable amount of time and $$. The kit has a few terms I am unfamiliar with. Is there anything in writing or videos that someone can refer to while learning the skills needed to complete a build. Cleco, Deburr, Dimple, are just a few that I spent some time researching but couldn't get clear answers on.


Paint Update ...bkervaski


Would you fly your RV to Russia? ...Vlad 9A

For adventurous types a question here. Would you like to fly your RV to Russia? A couple of my friends are interesting to visit the western neighbor with their RVs. I made a Day VFR trip from Alaska to Russia two years ago it was a challenge but only first time. Now I am planning another trip and would appreciate an escort.

I am making a short poll here. Take a look make a click. Elaborate if you wish


Status #5 ...romanov pics


TS Flightlines Fuel Lines installed ...mfleming

My TS Flightlines fuel line look great

I fit the wing tank fuel lines today and I'm really happy. Tom does a great job of working with you to get the perfect fit.

All the fuel lines connected to the pump and Andair valve are TS Flightlines. The discharge line can be seen snaking underneath the pump to the firewall.


How to polish exhaust ...wfinnell

I would like to polish my exhaust pipes like the ones in the Kitplanes link below. I remember someone saying something about using the back of emery cloth, or something like that... at least I think I do.

My question, do you polish exhaust pipes in the normal way, or is there a special trick.

I know, I know, this is considered a waste of time by many, but I enjoy polishing metal.


Personal IFR Limts ...jpowell13 PIREP

Flew 5 practice approaches in my 6A today in IFR

This thread is really good for sharing IFR experience. Brad said he flies practice approaches in actual IFR in his 6A if it's allowed by his personal minimums.

My personal minimums are higher than his, so, it's taken a long time for the stars to align, but I did it today.

I needed 6 approaches and a hold, and me and the plane were ready. It was low IFR this morning, with a VFR legal alternate within about 100 miles. By 2pm the ceiling had lifted to about 1000'. It was a solid overcast. This seemed like conditions I could safely deal with so I filed "local IFR" at BTR and set out.

When I took off it was about 3pm, and the sky seemed to be clearing. I was actually afraid that I might not be able to log the approaches, but by the time I got "on top" I saw no holes in the overcast. I hand flew 3 ILS's while I was fresh and then let the autopilot and 400W take over.

After the forth approach, I noticed I was breaking out at about 500', and the light was dimming surprisingly fast. I began to get that feeling you've heard about. You know, "I wish I was down there and not up here." So, I informed approach that I'd be landing after the 5th approach.

By the time I got back below that layer, the runway lights were on, and I think I could have legitimately logged a night landing.

I'd have been a lot safer taking off at noon even though the ceiling was a little lower then. Departing late in the day in late fall just doesn't leave enough daylight for going to an alternate if you have to.

That's the point of my newly added minimum requirement. "Have enough daylight to get to the alternate and make an approach and landing."



Status Report 7A ...jcarne

Well I have changed gears a bit but I'm still getting things done. I decided it was time to do some things in the garage pertaining to the flaps and ailerons since winter is approaching and I can work on those in the house. But first...  My first RV grin! I had to drill some holes on the front deck so I thought why not


Gel-filled Mount Update ...DanH

Quick follow up...

The gel-filled inserts probably failed due to overload, a case of excessive deflection of the mounts due to load and age. Sag in shear allows the middle of the gel bag to get pinched against the ID of the inboard steel rings molded into the doughnuts, and when that happens, compression or tension displacement would tend to peel back the ends of the rubber bag.

I suspect the Lord J-9613-40 mounts seen here are just too soft for a 390 with a metal Hartzell on a sport plane, the result being a lot of sag in only 800 hours. Examine application listings which include Vans, and you'll see the same isolator spec'ed for a 320 with a Catto, and a 360 angle valve with a metal BA. The engine difference is as much as 50 lbs, and the prop difference might add 50 more. The prop center of mass is roughly 28 inches forward of a set of mounts spaced 10 vertically inches apart, so there is a force multiplier too.

The fun starts when trying to select an isolator with slightly increased capacity. None of the three aviation isolator manufacturers publish aviation mount catalogs with technical data, notably shear and compression ratings (lbs per inch). They do publish good data catalogs for hundreds and hundreds of industrial isolators, for every imaginable application except aviation mounts. Go figure.

Lord has the data, but the only way to get it is to identify a particular isolator part number, then ask someone in product support. They won't recommend a specific mount, but will shotgun a few suggestions and state the stiffness values when asked. There is no practical way for a customer to simply select an isolator from a list, based on engineering values.  ...


Panel Rendering ...mountainride looking for input

Panel Renderings Update (Later) ...mountainride

Thank you both for the input. I was able to compress the stack and get the g5 with 15mm clearance at the top. I am worried the switches won't have enough support between the 625. E, I can't tell you how helpful your blog has been.


RV-7A Rebuild ...Europe

Hello VAF,

As most of you know, I am currently building my RV-7 (RV7ForMe Build Log) and I have slowly been working on my wings. But I have not posted much of an update since the summer. There is a reason for this.

A buddy of mine has purchased a about to be finished RV-7A. Meaning, the builder wanted to sell before he finished the aircraft. Because of the 51% rule the builder finished the kit with my buddies wishes in terms of avionics and it all was well until first flight. I am not interested in talking about why this was a good or a bad decision. I am just filling you guys in as to why the current owner doesn't have any building experience.

On first flight there was a problem that caused an engine stoppage. A forced landing on a field caused the dreaded flip of the airplane after the nose gear dug in... Yes there was the anti splat mod but the gear just bent at a different location with the same result. The good news is nobody was hurt.

The poor guy wants nothing more than to fix his new plane but couldn't find anyone who had time to do it. So he decided to tackle this himself. The problem is that as all of you fellow builders know. There is steep learning curve for all of us learning the techniques. And this is where I come in. Not sure how this came about but I was asked to assist and most importantly teach him a little bit what I have learned. Yes, I know I don't have all the skills required here either. I am just building wings but I am sure we can figure this out with enough patience and research.

So I have moved my entire treasury of tools to his shop and we have started to learn how to shoot and buck rivets, how to use a squeezer, how to deburr, how to drill, dimple and so on and so forth... Not sure if I just happen to be a good teacher or he just happens to be a natural but he is very talented and is highly motivated!

I will be semi documenting these repairs here as I thought this might be interesting to some of you as well. Let me know...?

This also means that I will stopping building my own wings for a few months because I simply don't have the time to build at 2 places. I see this as an opportunity to learn a few things for my own airplane and I am still in college and don't have the money for the Fuselage/engine etc anyway.

VAF dues paid until 10/2019
RV7 - Empennage 95% done
RV7 - Wings Started...


TeenFlight PIREP ...greghughespdx

"The TeenFlight program is alive and well, and various similar programs now exist all over the world! At the original Portland TeenFlight, we just sold the 5th TeenFlight RV12, while TeenFlight 6 and TeenFlight 7 are both currently under construction."



November 9, 2018.   Issue #4,695.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!

Order Your Van's Aircraft 2019 Calendars.....$5 (includes S/H)

...(25) calendars will be randomly inserted with what the mothership is calling a 'Golden Ticket'.  Think Willy Wonka...

(1) of these golden tickets will be worth $750 OFF a new tail kit.  (1) of the golden tickets will be worth $250 OFF a new tail kit.  The (23) remaining golden tickets can be redeemed for a free Van's Aircraft shirt or cap from the online store.  Dozens of other calendars randomly chosen will contain stickers.

There are 2,500 calendars and they are $5 each (shipping INCLUDED).  Odds better than the lottery.  Order yours now and good luck!



Flight training in ELSA. IS IT ALLOWED?

Q: I am on the verge of buying a RV12 ELSA for the purpose of teaching my daughter to fly. I am a sport pilot instructor.

Yesterday I read that the FAA has, or is about to, release a NPRM to allow flight training in ELSA .

1. Can I give my daughter flight training leading to her Sport Pilot airplane certificate?

2. If so, are there DPE’s who will give the check ride in an ELSA?

A: As long as there is no compensation to you for use of the airplane, there is no problem in doing what you want to do. Specific limitations are spelled out in the operating limitations that are part of the 8130-7 (airworthiness certificate) for E-LSA aircraft.

You could receive compensation as a flight instructor while giving training though.

The NPRM you mentioned is related to compensation for use of the aircraft (charging rental fees), and more specifically, for aircraft types were there are no SLSA examples for flight schools to use. An example would be 2 seat ultralights that were originally converted to ELSA's during the transition period, so that they were legal aircraft under the new rules.


FS: 1995 RV-6 ....$56K

[ed. It's the one in the November wallpaper calendar pic.  Randy Richmond is the contact.  v/r,dr]


Flap Bracket Rivet Technique: .....RV-14E

It's possible with a mushroom set, but it's tough to do. When I caused a dent in that area, I tried using a 12" long backrivet set on the manufactured head to clear the flap bracket, yet caused another dent. I put those rivet sets aside in favor of another approach...

I used a longer flush rivet set when I did my bottom skins. This is a 5.5" flush set with a 5/8" surface obtained used from Yardstore. They don't appear to carry it any more, but it looks like Brown Tool has the 5.5" flush set. Yardstore also 3.5" and 7.5" long flush sets. The latter is probably too short as it may not fully clear the bracket.  ...

[ed. I don't know what I like more....the black circle on the head or the fact that the work is going on in the living room ;^).  v/r,dr]


Moving a plane into a Mode C Veil, cheapest solution for Transponder and ADS-B

Q: I'm buying my first plane and I have found a plane I like, but it is located in an area where it has never needed a transponder. Full disclosure it is experimental, but not an RV. I am just posting here because 90% of the valuable information Google finds me on experimentals (especially avionics) is from this forum.

My question is, if I do the install, what is the cheapest solution for a transponder and ADS-B on a plane that never had either?

A: (Mel) Cheap is not always economical. Do your research.  I went with Trig. I've had Trig in 2 airplanes over quite a few years and very happy with their system.  Complete ADS-B out including TT22 (Mode S transponder), TN72 (ADS-B compliant GPS), and TA70 (GPS antenna). All for about $2400.

A: (Gary S.)  Others have mentioned the Trig and I agree it is a good value.  I am planning on using the Appareo-Stratus as I feel it is the BEST for my RV-6. Everything in ONE box. Easier for me to retrofit into a flying airplane. I will either buy from Stein or RST sometime in the next few months.  I plan to abandon my Grey Code encoder and use the serial port from my Garmin G5 as my altitude source.


Hangar Clean Up- Sigma-Tek DG, Lyc Ring Gear, Vac System, Flop Tube, Throttle Lever ...items for sale

[ed. Pretty neat way to do it... v/r,dr]


Why Garmin Pathways Can Be Off-Center

"...synthetic vision is heading based (aligned with the nose of the aircraft) since it is meant to give you the same picture that you see out the front window of the aircraft.

When you are flying with a crosswind, the nose of the aircraft can be significantly misaligned with the flight path marker which is showing you "where the aircraft is going".

Since the track of the aircraft is aligned with the course line, not the nose of the aircraft, you will frequently see the flight path marker and pathway boxes (if you use them) off the center of the display when the CDI is centered."


Help me figure out a noise ...Brantel

So a few weeks ago I was on a nice smooth solo flight and I started noticing a noise that I am not used to hearing.

The noise sounds sort of like a high pitched whine similar to alternator noise.

First I have ruled out the alternator. I can hear it without the headsets on. I have also turned off the alternator in flight and the noise remains.

On several flights after first noticing it, I noticed that the volume of this noise appeared to change on different flights. Weird....

So on my last flight I accidently discovered that the noise volume is directly related to how much I open the cabin heat flapper thingy.

If it is closed, the noise almost goes completely away.

If I open it, it increases in volume up to 100% volume when the gets to about 50% open.

If I open the door more than 50% it starts to reduce the volume of the noise.

One theory I have is that it is some sort of air flow noise that is causing something to resonate and the different volume is due to the changes in airflow thru my heat system. (standard Van's with a Robbin's Wings heat muff and a standard stainless heat valve that dumps to the lower cowl when closed)

Another theory is that the angle of the heat valve door is reflecting the noise to my ears when at the proper angle making it sound louder at a certain spot.

Any ideas on what the source of the noise could be?

For context: I have a mechanical fuel pump, 2 Pmags, and a PCU5000X prop governor on my accessory case and that is it. The engine is a bone stock narrow deck carbed O-360.



If you're bored, I found a podcast on the history of my hometown (Waco, TX) that talks about WWI Camp MacArthur (trained troops from Michigan and Wisconsin) and Rich Field (trained 400 pilots to be aerial photographers).

No commercials - kinda rare for a podcast.

Related: www.wacohistory.org


Donation PIREP

  Enjoying this site? I hope so. Please excuse this short update regarding 2018 honor system donations. Historically the amount of donations sent in determine whether our family makes or loses money for the year. So far this year (as of 11/3) 1,139 people were nice enough to donate approximately $21K after taxes (out of the 26,122 VAF Forum accounts and ~30,000 unregistered ‘lurkers’ that regularly visit).
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   One of the reasons I’m getting my commercial rating is so I can hopefully fly the occasional side job for a little extra family income. Having things all hang out in a small family business isn’t exactly the smoothest ride, if you were wondering ;^).
   So good morning, enjoy VAF, and while doing so ponder a bit on whether the content you’re looking at here maybe thirty times a month is worth $2.08.  Again, I apologize for the commercial - I’m pretty certain I dislike talking about this more than you dislike reading it. But, I need to speak up a bit now, because the year isn’t looking so great if things stay the way they are. Please give donating some thought...and thank you if you have already.  Thank you very much!
   This small business owner is trying his hardest to bring the RV builders and RV pilots of planet Earth a quality product.  I'd like to keep doing it.
   Thanks for reading this and have a great week,

(and Susie, Audrey and Tate...and Moondog).

FMI: How and why I do the donations the way I do.



November 8, 2018.   Issue #4,694.

Seen at Richmond Aviation.  RV-7A getting some paint love.
Click to enlarge.

Intercylinder baffle grommet (ICB) ...pazmanyflyer

I'm looking to wrap up my hoses for my IO-360-M1B and I have the Lyco ICB and the specified MS35489-20X grommet (from parts catalog) and TS Flightline -4 fuel hose installed. As you can see I have a 1/2" hose in a 3/4" grommet hole. I'm sure this will whistle pretty good as well as rob me of cooling air. Gooping it up with RTV is sloppy and lazy and not what I want to see. Anyone have a part number for the grommet that works with the -4 hose such as the one shown?

Thanks in advance.


How much should I insure my aircraft for? ...VAF Advertiser

This question can be a little tricky. The best way to determine the hull value is to consider what you would pay for an aircraft similar to yours in its current state. There can be serious consequences if the aircraft is not insured at a proper value. Some examples are listed below:

Underinsuring: Let’s say your aircraft is worth $100,000 and you insure it for $60,000. Then you have a prop-strike and some other damage totaling $50,000. This would be a completely repairable situation, however the insurance company would rather total out the aircraft, pay you the $60,000 check, and then sell your aircraft. There is a chance that you could purchase your aircraft back from the insurance company with the intention of repairing it yourself however that wouldn’t leave you with enough claim money to make the necessary repairs. (And most insurance companies do not guarantee the first right of refusal)

Over insuring: Now let’s say your aircraft is worth $100,000 and you insure it for $150,000. Then you have a prop-strike and have significant other damage totaling $90,000. Although you would think your aircraft is totaled and have no desire to fix the pile of scrap, it’s in the insurance companies best interest to write you check for $90,000 to fix it. Because that is more cost effective than paying you the $150,000 check. This particular scenario could also make it much harder to sell the aircraft down the road.

Insurance is meant to put you back financially where you were before the incident happened without bettering yourself. We cannot decide an amount for you so take a look at what some similar models are selling for to give you a good idea of your aircraft’s worth.

Leah Ringeisen, Shanna Linton, & Katie Escalante
Gallagher Aviation


Fail mode? ...tim2542

Can anyone tell me the fail mode seen in this bearing? This is a friends 0-200A Continental, relatively low hours on field overhaul. The pic is the #2 bearing, #3 looks similar but better, #1 looks relatively normal with a little debris damage, nothing serious. The engine was disassembled looking for a low oil pressure issue. Pretty sure this is it, but this damage does not look like lack of oil pressure or debris damage. I’m only guessing but it looks like corrosion or some kind of plating failure. The tin babbit is all gone on this one, and much of the copper. The crank looks decent, probably will clean up with polish only. Information from the previous overhaul is sketchy, not even sure the bearings were replaced.


Some Avionics Shelf Ideas

I fabricated a shelf and some rails.  Sadly, don't have pics of it installed ... basically this is just inside the glove box opening.


Great place to put stuff if you aren't going to have a glove box and don't anticipate accessing whatever you're going put there much, if at all. I put my SkyRadar DX there on a "shelf" made of angle much like bkervaski:


Leaking fuel vent line in tailcone ...John C

I started smelling fuel during power back after takeoff or when I opened the canopy while taxiing on the ground. In flight, opening the heat vent or the side vents quickly cleared the smell. The usual sources, such as carberator bowl gasket or spitting fuel out the carburetor vent line were clean and dry.

Finally checked the fuel tank vent line aft of the bulkhead. Found where the fuel had been collecting. Notice the tightness of the small vent line. It had shrunk a substantial amount as slack in the line was gone.  ...


Press Release: TRIG Avionics


Reference Pics RE: SB 18-09-17 ...Greg @ Mothership

"...These reference images are to hopefully provide some additional location context for those reviewing the 18-09-17 service bulletin. These particular photos are of the Van's factory demo RV-14. Cracks were found on both of our RV-14 demo aircraft (conventional and tricycle models) here at the factory, as was described earlier. No meaningful difference between the two aircraft in terms of cracks/size/location/etc."

FMI: SB 18-09-17


Some More Brake Line Replacement Progress ...16yr old RV-6.



November 7, 2018.   Issue #4,693.

RV-10 vs Piper Comanche 260-B ...Ivan Kristensen

In 1990 I bought a 1968 Comanche 260-B, I flew it 1500 hours before selling it in 2002. Yesterday I saw it for the first time, at the Orillia, ON airport, since I sold it.  The airplane still looks great with the paint job I put on it in the late 1990's. I also overhauled the engine and added several new instruments in the panel.  ...


CHT numbers in the 14 ...Nova RV

For the guys already flying, are any of you having high CHT issues? Yesterday was about 59 degrees OAT and I never saw CHT numbers over 300, mostly mid-high 200s (all cylinders pretty consistently close). I'm not complaining but my tech helpers who both have 7s and high CHT issues thought I must have some reading errors to be that low and I don't recall anyone with a 14 posting about high CHT issues. I was flying close to WOT and full rich as these were the first flights. Can I solicit some real world CHT numbers from you guys please?
Chris Moon


Failed Mount Isolators ...DanH

Engine seemed a bit shaky recently, so today the cowl came off for a look. Problem wasn't hard to find:   ...


New Guy Chimes In ...London

Experimental kit airplane in europe ...

Hi, im new here. nice forum! i wanted to ask a few questions on experimental kits i have. Ive been doing some online research without success.

Im looking to own an airplane and my mission is to tour europe. im looking to do this at 140-150 kts in a 4 seater airplane

Im eu citizen and i have a spanish PPL EASA.

Because of the nature of my job i tend to move within EASA . Ive been living in uk for 2.5yrs and now ive been in Germany for 6 months.
I dont know where i might relocate in the future

ive looked at Arrows and Mooneys buy its hard to find something good that you dont have to rebuild the engine after purchase.

lately ive being looking at the experimental scene, specially the Vans RV10 and Sling 4 TSI
Also because one of my life dreams and goals would be to build an airplane.

Regarding regulations, what are those in Europe?

If i buy a RV10 or sling 4 kit, (or quickbuild possibly) build it, and register it in spain/germany/uk
Can i fly internationally within EASA?
Can i fly night time?
Can i fly IFR?
Can i fly outside EASA?
What are the benefits regarding maintenance? is the owner/pilot able to conduct its own maintenance? (one of the mayor benefits of experimental in EEUU)

What other limitations are there to know?

thanks again.


Miles: Canopy Glued ...dwranda

Finally got the canopy glued on with sikaflex. Definitely not as neat of a job as some guys build sites I follow. Now I can take it into my basement and do more detail work on it so it looks better. Then I will fiberglass the front edge. I will be listing the canopy clamps if anyone wants them. I got them from Av8torTom and will pass them along free to whoever wants to use them next.


Bruce Bohannon Training PIREP

Outstanding training by Bruce Bohannon

I am in the process of buying a really nice RV8 (hopefully if all goes well I will close by the end of the week). I needed some transition training and Bruce was recommended. I have only about 3 hours of tail wheel, Beaver, Otter and a Cub all about an hour each.

Some background on me, not to brag on myself as I feel a bit of it was timing on my part, but to qualify my remarks on Bruce.

I began flight school in the T-34C as a young naval aviator to be, went to the T-45C, then flew Harriers. I had a boat deployment, dirt deployment, racked up the quals and went on to be an instructor at the RAG. From there I went to Naval Test Pilot School; prior to starting TPS I got some training from PIT USAF IPs in the T-38, and some T6 training from the Navy. At TPS I got to fly things from a mig15 to a super hornet, some tail draggers, gliders, helos, warbirds, etc. By far some of the best training I had was at TPS, we got to go touch airplanes and really learn about aero, stuff that wasn't typically taught in a text book or a lecture hall. Went on to test the F-35; trained by some very experienced test pilots. Got trained in the Legacy and Super hornet by the Navy. I left the Marine Corps early, went to American got trained and flew the bus for a bit; then to the guard to fly RC-26, received initial training on that from Flight Safety and more from the guard; now I am a Flight Test Captain at United typed in the Bus, 737, and 756.

So onto Bruce. I asked for transition training in the RV8, but needed a tailwheel endorsement as well. So today we started in his cub. Prior to that he insisted on giving me extensive training on the ground. Through the years of training, I knew to approach with an open mind. When I pulled up I saw on older gentlemen, looked like he might have been someone who had been bailing hay or working on a fence line. His place wasn't anything fancy (but I'd love to have his setup with all planes included). I got a handshake and welcome, then we walked into the hangar and I really can't tell you when precisely the ground school started. We started with some casual conversation about my background, some other things, and it was probably 3 to 5 minutes after "class" had officially started before I realized he was teaching me. All the things I have been taught about how to instruct and getting folks attention, get them interested he did so eloquently to me that I didn't even notice he had done it and had my undivided attention; it didn't even seem like he tried. I kept wanting to open my backpack and get my notebook out to write all the good information down, but I wasn't willing to miss anything he was saying.

So onto what I think was 2.5-3 hours of ground school; I know I showed up at 0900 and it was about 1300 when I left and we flew for an hour. I couldn't tell you how long ground training actually was, it felt like 30 minutes at best; again because I couldn't stop listening I wanted more. Didn't feel short because of content, just his delivery and method of explaining things made sense. I am not the expert in aviation; but I have had a bit of training and experience, he was dead on accurate with his theory and science. He explained things with physics and aerodynamics, but in a way that was easy to understood with no fluff. His instruction on how things worked was as good if not better than some of the ground training I had at Test Pilot School; far superior to any other military or civilian ground school I have had. Had he not told me his level of education, based on his instruction I would have assumed he had been to at least grad school, instructed for most of his life, and been involved with some higher level flight training program.

Onto the flight in the cub. He has a nice setup for the cub. It was a bit of a gusty day. Instruction in the plane was also outstanding. He used great commands, kept my attention, gave correction when needed, and pointed out when things were going well to boost confidence. It wasn't long and things clicked and were going well. I still had a tendency to over correct some and work harder than I needed to, as he told me I would. But he kept me improving until we were done.

Debrief was also outstanding. Covered what I did well, covered where I could improve. He also showed how humble he was again, and took credit for my over controlling and said he should have said some different things in ground school.

Bruce is a very talented and smart man (though he will never admit it), and well worth the trip (luckily he is 45 minutes from me). I would have taken vacation time, paid for the plane ticket and hotel knowing what I know now. I haven't even got in the 8 yet, plan is Wednesday, but I can tell already this is probably going to be one of if not the best place it get RV8 transition training.

I'll update as I get more training....

Mark Andrew Tacquard


Some brake line progress

...all the fiberglass off.  New lines being shown the ropes.


Do I want Steps? (RV-14 Taildragger) ...Mark Elliot (Minneaopolis, MN)

Need to make a decision.......help? Do I need / want steps on a -14 taildragger? I know it's my choice, but for those of you who fly the -14 Taildragger what do you prefer?

if its a 14A doesn't matter your opinion - sorry

A: At very least the steps would be an indicator to onlookers .. maybe avoid somebody stepping on a flap and causing some grief

A: ...But I'm 36 years old and 6'2". Check back in 50 years if I still think I don't need a step.

A: It depends on your age and height. I am 75 and short. I need them. You will get older and your passengers may already be there.
I designed the steps for my -6. They go straight out behind the flaps, therefore they have no welds. Very simple. Give me your email and I'll send pics if interested.

A: I'm building a 9, not a 14, but I did some research on this topic. Here's what I found:
1) Of the folks with tailwheels, most did not have them.
2) The ones that did have them wouldn't have it without.
3) Of the ones that did not have them there were some that wished they did.
4) There where some that went through the pain of installing them post build and thought it was definitely worth it.
5) Bob Axsom made his removeable, and speed testing showed less than 1mph difference with and without.

As a result, I am building with them. HTH,



KC Flight Formation Team Video (Unofficial) ...Xkuzme1

I put together some of my personal videos of the 2018 season. We have much better pics as a team, but I like to do a “year in review”.


Fuel and Oil Hose Life?

Q: Do you guys service your hoses based on a 10 year manufacturer recommendation? It came up at my annual this month. The hoses have no signs of wear or imminent failure but they are 10 years old. Thanks!

A: I replaced all my hoses at 6 years. I think Cessna and Piper service manuals say 5 years.  I replaced my hoses with teflon-lined hoses from TS Flightlines. I think those are not life limited. Plan to leave them until engine overhaul.

A: I did mine at 10 years. TS Flight line made me a full set and re-used by fittings, so the price was not bad.

A: I won't discourage anyone from replacing hoses at reasonable intervals. But just as a datapoint, both times I have replaced/rebuilt the fuel and oil hoses on my RV-6, the stainless braided Aeroquip hose I took off the plane after several years in service was indistinguishable from the new hose stock I used for replacement. Still flexible, if I handed both old and new hose to someone they would not have been able to tell which was several years old.  But I still rebuild the hoses inside of ten years for peace of mind.



November 6, 2018.   Issue #4,692.

First Flight ...Chris Moon RV-14A (Leesburg, VA)

First two flights completed, perfect weather and successful flights with only a couple small issues to clear up. Love this plane!


How to Find a Paint Code?

Q: Looking to paint my bird once the panel is done.  Does anyone know how to get paint codes for Cirrus? I am in love with there silver on the "perception" aircraft. black nose and straight silver body. so Sexy.

A: These are most likely Sherwin Williams Skyscape's colors. You can get a color chart from them for the stock colors they have. Very sex paint. Good chance the Cirrus colors are custom.  You can take a class from Sherwin Williams were they shoot this paint.

A: Found a document via a friend in Cirrus maintenance service center.  Send me a mail


RV-14E's VIRB Mount in RV-14 ...and pics


I mounted dual USB power socket adjacent to my canopy handle. I created a mount for the socket out of some 1/8" aluminum and some angle. It is attached with nylon hardware through the tooling hole on the C-01405-R Aft Canopy Frame.  ...


Questions about RV14A please

Hi All,

I am thinking about building a 14A and wanted some advice on things please. As I will be exporting the kit and building it abroad, I wanted to make sure I get everything I need while I can.

1. What size axle does the RV14A use ? I have some brand new grove brakes, wheels and tyres left over from a Kitfox 7 build. The axles are 1.25" and the brake hardware is Grove 65-211. The tyres are 6's at the back and a 5 at the front. I have no intention of fitting the wheel pants on the 14A as the strips I go into are sometimes very rough. I would like the larger 6 tyres on the back if possible. Would I be able to use these brakes and tyres on the RV14A in place of the stock stuff?

2. I would like to install dual P-mags and use the automotive plugs in the IO390. Is this something that Lycoming can do for me or should I order from e-mag and do the install myself with 2 of the gears. I presume I can then delete the standard Mags and harness from the order to Lycoming. Also, do I need the short or long reach adaptors for the automotive plugs?

3. I was planning on going quick build and I understand that the kit is very easy to understand and put together. I have just built an RV10, so I have all the tools and some idea about what I am doing. How much time will the QB save compared to the SB version? Is it worth the extra money?

3. Are there any recommended upgrades / aftermarket parts that I should change on the RV14A. I was going to get the ready to fit brake lines and FWF hoses from Aircraft Speciality and the uprated flap motor with built in position sensor from Pat. What else should I consider changing from stock?

Thanks in advance for you replies.




RV-8 Status Report ...j-red

11/05/18 Update Cont.
If I never sand a piece of fiberglass in my life, it will be too soon!  We’ve had some warm days recently, so the opportunity was taken to do some priming and painting. This required filling the weave of the cowling with several skin coats of micro followed by sanding, then thinned epoxy, followed by sanding, and then epoxy primer and, you guessed it, more sanding. Really disappointed in the color coat. I’ll probably need to have a professional re-do it in the future, but for now it will have to do.  ...


Using Airplane Stuff to Pull a Truck Up an Incline

...seen at 52F Monday.  Gary Patner (RV-8) manning the handles and son John doing his impersonation of ballast.  BTW, it worked surprisingly well <g>.



November 5, 2018.   Issue #4,691.
  Enjoying this site? I hope so. Please excuse this short update regarding 2018 honor system donations. Historically the amount of donations sent in determine whether our family makes or loses money for the year. So far this year 1,139 people were nice enough to donate approximately $21K after taxes (out of the 26,122 VAF Forum accounts and ~30,000 unregistered ‘lurkers’ that regularly visit).
   We haven’t broken even yet this year, so I’m starting to get a little antsy in the pantsy. We are servicing our debt, but we’d like to save a little for the golden years, so as we stare down the final two months of 2018 I hope you don’t mind if I take a moment today to remind those regular readers who haven’t donated this year to please consider doing it. You can use a credit card and be done in around two minutes.
   One of the reasons I’m getting my commercial rating is so I can hopefully fly the occasional side job for a little extra family income. Having things all hang out in a small family business isn’t exactly the smoothest ride, if you were wondering ;^).
   So good morning, enjoy Monday’s edition, and while doing so ponder a bit on whether the content you’re looking at here maybe thirty times a month is worth $2.08.  Again, I apologize for the commercial - I’m pretty certain I dislike talking about this more than you dislike reading it. But, I need to speak up a bit now, because the year isn’t looking so great if things stay the way they are. Please give donating some thought...and thank you if you have already.  Thank you very much!
   This small business owner is trying his hardest to bring the RV builders and RV pilots of planet Earth a quality product.  I'd like to keep doing it.
   Thanks for reading this and have a great week,

(and Susie, Audrey and Tate...and Moondog).

FMI: How and why I do the donations the way I do.


BC Coastal Mountain Flight ...mbauer RV-6

Flew down to Boise, ID just before Memorial Weekend 2017. Reason was to pick up my RV that was "stranded" there during a flight back to Alaska.

Purchased my RV-6 on-line. Through VAF was able to get a good pre-buy inspection done. Then during the last week of March 2017 I flew down by airline to get it.

After 5-hours for a PIC check ride (insurance qualification) I left Jackson, CA for Phoenix, AZ.

After visiting friends and relatives all over the western states, I headed back to Alaska.  ...

(8) More Videos
- More Video of the mountains
- Back Near Civilization Again (video)
- Border Crossing: Canada to Alaska (video)
- 44 Miles to Petersburg (video)
- Crossing From Alaska Southeast Islands to the Mainland (video)
- More Video of Mt. Crillon (video)
- Fairweather Mountain (video)
- Fairweather mountain to Yakutat (video)


Good Memories ...Vlad 9A

Enjoyed your short video clips very much Mike! What a great memories. Coastal mountains are spectacular this is my 2014 views of Mt Fairweather.


New Guy Chimes In...Rich Pulman

First post...

I've been lurking here for a year or so, but recently bought an RV-3A and decided it was time to join up and support the site.

I want to dedicate my first post to Steve Hurlburt who made the purchase of the RV-3A (my first owned aircraft) a much less stressful experience.

Steve is a member of this site and has built several RVs. He happened to live in the same city where the RV-3A was listed for sale. Although I only know Steve through this site, he agreed to perform a pre-buy inspection on my behalf, including a test flight. He then provided me with in-depth written reports on both. And he did this without any expectation of compensation! I was truly impressed with his incredible support. His feedback allowed me to proceed with the purchase knowing I wouldn't be disappointed.

As I begin my own journey into the Van's world, it's encouraging to know there are such fine people around who are willing to help out when asked.

Thanks Steve. I really appreciate your professionalism and kindness.


RV White Pages Updated and Current


Milestone ...Greg Niehues

IFR checkride!  Might be old hat for some, but it's new stuff to me. I passed my IFR checkride this morning in my glass-panel RV9A with flying colors. Life is good!


Status ...romanov (Isreal)

The Vertical stabilizer is a good place to start: it is designed out of few parts for the sceleton and one bended piece of an aluminium skin. The construction of the web is a pretty straight-forward thing: the rear spar and the front spar are connected via 3 ribs. A couple of reinforcement plates to make their reinforcment thing are in some critical points, and the web is ready for the skin.  ...


RV Hotel Updated and Current ...places to stay for weary RVators


New Guy Chimes In ...Randy Lervold

Hello RV-12 forum,

I've just started into an RV-12iS project and would like to introduce myself and let you know what I'm up to with this build. Of course I'll be seeking assistance from those here who have gone before me, and I promise to pay it forward once I'm done - that's one of the things that make the RV world so special and these forums so great.

I'm not new to the RV world but have been away for awhile. I've built an RV-8 and an RV-3B, then took a break for about 9 years with a stint at CubCrafters. I've now joined Dynon, moved back to the Seattle area where I'm originally from, and no longer have any company aircraft to fly whenever I want. Hmm, need to fix that.

Further, with my new role at Dynon I need to be fully up on the avionics world which of course spans both VFR and IFR ops. While I'm fully up on all of today's EFIS systems I'm not fully educated on much of the IFR functionality as I've never taken the time to get my instrument rating. I've been intending to get it for literally about 20 years but have just been busy with RVs, formation flying, glider rating/flying, and even seaplanes via Cubs. It's time to fix both issues so I've started into my instrument rating training and also made the decision to build an RV-12iS.

My intent with the -12 though is a bit different from most builds I read about here. I specifically want an IFR-capable aircraft both for work and personal use reasons. And, having built two E-AB aircraft, I'm a bit spoiled by the flexibility the builder has in configuring the aircraft. Finally, no doubt I'll be doing some product testing as we at Dynon continue developing cool new products. I will therefore build the -12 as an E-AB and will make some minor mods, though of course nothing whatsoever structural. As I've done before I plan to document the build with a web site, and I'll get into my specific plans there.

So, I'll be spending some time here seeking your advice and counsel. And please bear with me as I get my web site up to speed as my immediate priority is to get my instrument rating done. I am now digging out all my old tools and getting my workspace set up and will be starting into the emp kit, which has already arrived, here shortly.

Feels good to be back!


Links Added to the Wx Page

...some maps couldn't be embedded, so the links were added (up top).



Time for some more odds and ends.

Decided to drill the air vent intakes to the fuse. I will proseal but I wanted a few rivets to hold them as well.


And More Status ...jcarne

Well the work continues. I'm ordering all of the stuff for fireproofing the fire wall, I'm going with .010" titanium because a sheet of it is still cheaper than the 0.005" foil from Titanium Goat that some have used. I also don't like the look of the 0.002" stainless that a lot of people use. I know I know, no one will ever see it; but that's not true, I will see it... I guess this also means I have a somewhat large order to place with Van's for things like cables and battery box.  ...


Elevator Trailing Edge Dent (Oops) ...Strikefinder

Hi folks,

Well, a momentary lack of sense while rearranging the very tight garage workspace led to my leaning my right elevator haphazardly against an unstable structure, which predictably (in hindsight), caused it to tip over and hit the edge of my wing stand pretty hard. After many cuss words, I found the dent below in the trailing edge (which led to more cuss words).  ...



November 2, 2018.   Issue #4,690.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

I Love Mondays! ...chrispratt

What better way to spend a beautiful Monday than some formation flying on the way to get barbecue. I have a friend visiting from Thailand and wanted to introduce him to the RV world and create a “Kodak Moment” (as they used to say when Kodak was still around).

I bribed my friend Danny King (RV-8 Beautiful Doll) to fly formation with the offer of free barbecue from The Hard 8 in Stephenville, Texas. It was a tough negotiation but he finally caved . My wife – the photographer - sat in back of Danny’s -8 while I took our friend with me.  ...


TS Flightlines Replacement Brake Lines Arrive

...via Tom and they look GREAT!  My leaking 16yr old lines are headed for file 13.  I know what I'm working on this weekend <g>.  Beautiful looking hoses Tom!  Thank you!

click to enlarge

click to enlarge


Question about forward end of fuel line F-12127A in Section 27iS page 7

...subpar_bucker (RV-12)

Is anyone else having trouble aligning the tube with the bypass fitting assembly? I realized after cutting and flaring that I did not bend the tubing forward of the bulkhead in order to align it squarely with the bypass fitting

Here's a picture that (hopefully) illustrates the issue. I haven't tried posting a picture prior so apologies if this doesn't work. I can get the nut to reach its mating portion of the bypass fitting but it just doesn't want to thread. I wasn't very aggressive with the amount of force I applied - looking for advice on whether this should go together or if I need to redo this line.


Yet another 9A speed thread ...gfb

OK, so finally finished my wheelpants and dialing in the prop.
RV-9A, Titan IO-340 180hp, WW GA-200L prop

75% 2650rpm 9.2gph 164kts TAS 8500' (189mph)
65% 2540rpm 7.9gph 154kts TAS 8500' (177mph)
56% 2440rpm 6.8gph 149kts TAS 8500' (171mph)
50% 2400rpm 6.0gph 146kts TAS 8500' (168mph)

I was expecting a bit more at the top end; I was at full throttle, peak EGT.
Van's website numbers for 160hp list 186mph at 75%, I figured the extra 20hp would buy me 10mph?  ...


MS21042 nut running torque ...TASEsq

Just thought I would share my findings with others to make sure everyone else uses about the same running torque?

Please let me know if you are the same / significantly different!!

Setup was an AN3 or AN4 bolt held in a drill press vice which was clamped to the table so it couldn’t rotate. I then ran the nut onto the bolt so that about 1 thread was showing out the end (so full contact with but threads by the bolt). The scale was read while the nut was in motion, and the wrench was held at the end on the black knob.

Findings were (measured running torque):
AN3 / MS21042-3: 10 in/lbs  ...


Nov/Dec '18 FAA Safety Briefing Online


An Argument for a Carb Temperature Sensor

Carb air temp can be used to check if your carb heat is working. One of the guys on the field noticed with his 6A that the carb heat gave him about a 50 degree rise on the ground but in the air he had no rise in temp unless he pulled hard on the carb heat knob and held it. He had a ratcheting cable but not locking. I don't have CAT in my 7 yet but I did hook up the carb heat with a locking cable which does give an RPM drop both on the ground and in the air. There is a chart for probable carb ice condition which you could use to set your Dynon range. FWIW


From the Mothership FB page...


Not RV...but WOW!

Footage from the Soyuz launch on 10/11 showing booster hitting core stack (why it aborted).  About 1min 20sec into the clip...



November 1, 2018.   Issue #4,689.

  The CPA asked me sometime back how buying a drone is a business expense.  May I present the November wallpaper calendar as my answer ;^).  This RV-6 is coming up for sale in a week or so.  Local A&P,IA Randy 'Monkey' Richmond is helping a guy on our field get it ready.  I was taking a few pics for him to help out the other day, and when I saw this pic my first thought was November Wallpaper Calendar.  Easy choice.  I like the shadow of the plane and the hangar door that creates a backdrop for the text.  The concrete expansion joints being parallel and perpendicular to the shadow was icing.  Maybe I'm overthinking this.  Support the farts Arts!
  If this pic helps sell it I get a free lunch.  And not just a Whataburger...we're talking Hard Eight BBQ.  So, you know....somebody buy it please. ;^)

(A review of the piece shown above)
"As an advocate of the Big Mac Aesthetic, I feel that the aura of the biomorphic forms brings within the realm of discourse the distinctive formal juxtapositions."
- - Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator



Booth #09.  DeLand, FL.  Nov 1-3.


What's these extra holes for?...Brantel RV-10

I am working on my elevators and got to the point of match drilling the elevator horns to the front spars and root ribs.  I noticed 2 extra holes aft of the web on the elevator horns that do not look like typical tooling holes.  What are these extra holes for?


What is This?

On the Raleigh/Durham, N CAR Jepp chart.  'TDG V' aircraft?


So close! Exciting! ...bkervaski -14 vid

Final stages of paint!


Damaged dimple on a skin, is it fatal?

Hi Guys ,

I need your educated opinion here, we damaged a
dimpled holes a bit, what do you think is it so
bad that requires a new skin?

here is what happened:

We just started to scuff the VS skin (VS-801PP)
as a preparation for priming / coating.

Accidentaly we applied too much force on the inner side where dimpled cone is.

As a result there are a few dimpled holes that are a bit larger now: (about 0.15mm) and they are a bit flatened , you can see the results on pictures attached. Also
have to add here that the front side of the holes is
completely fine.

Please advise if it may cause a problem or may affect the structure strenght.

The big question now is , whether we can continue with that skin or we have to order a new one.

Looking forward for your recommendations

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