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Nov 15, 2019.  Issue #4,957.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Paul Straub Living Room Art ...RV-12


Eagle's Nest Projects - Central HS (WI) - Tyler Moats 1st Solo Flight

After about 19 hours of flying, I (finally) soloed. All around, it was a pretty cool experience. I did a few takeoffs and landings with my instructor and then he hopped out and it was all me. The solo wasn't too bad... it was a little bumpy but nothing to complain about. However, it felt pretty great to know that I had the skills to operate an aircraft and the confidence to actually do it. Now that I'm done with my solo I can't wait to pursue and eventually get my license. -Tyler   more


Tips for fitting the front canopy skin ...Draker

I think I've had this thing off and back on 10 times in the last three days trying to get a better fit and it's not cooperating. Any tips for what to bend, stretch, file or pull to get this thing to line up with the rest of the airplane? There doesn't seem to be much build log wisdom out there on this topic--seems like people get it close and build on.

First up is the fit between the two top skins, shown below clecoed on:  continue


Do all RV's fly about the same?

Q: I have heard it said that if you learn to fly one RV, you can fly any RV. Obviously a tail wheel aircraft will be different from a nose gear type, but is there some truth to this? For example, if you train on a -9A, are you ready to fly a -6A as well?

A: Many


Barrett Precision Engines

...dyno pic from today (VAF advertiser)

Since 1984, the most discriminating pilots have chosen Barrett Precision Engines for their engine needs. Barrett Precision Engines is proud to service the RV community with new experimental four cylinder engines and custom engine builds and repairs.

Barrett Precision Engines, Inc.
2870-B N. Sheridan Rd.
Tulsa, OK 74115

On the dyno today...


Tailwheel training in a Super Decathlon for RV7 suitable?

Hi All,

my tailwheel RV7 (IO375/CS prop) is not so far away from first flight. There are still a lot of things to be prepared, including myself. I am a low time pilot almost entirely with tri-gears (Katana, 172, PA28 etc.). Lately i had the chance to make ten T/O and landings with a flight instructor in a Grob G109. Fortunatly humans and aircraft were not damaged at the end of the day. I did not feel well at all in the G109. So we can assume that i am not qualified enough to do first flight/phase1.

Now there's a chance to get tailwheel training at a flight school nearby in a Super Decathlon. My question to the ones that are more experienced... is the Decathlon suitable enough get qualified to ride the RV7? Is it similar, easierer more difficult to take-off and land?

There are sveral adresses in north america to get flight training especially for RV's, but we don't have that luxury in Europe (i am based in Germany).

Best Regards


New First Flights Added ...mothership site



Nov 14, 2019.  Issue #4,956.   (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

John Goodloe RV-8

Sept. 14, 2019 Open Canopy ...mbauer

Sept 14, 2019 was a very nice day here in Kenai, Alaska. Temp was mid 60's, a great day for washing and waxing the RV6 before winter sets in.

A full day was spent at the tie-down. Finally finishing up around 1830 hours decided to take a short flight as it was still in the 60 deg F range.

Just washed and waxed, so had a great pre-flight completed for the controls/skins.

After moving my vehicle to the parking area, walked back and did a "quick" pre-flight, just in case.

Feeling a little tired, decided it would be a short flight. After attaching myself to the RV using my seatbelt/shoulder harness, grabbed the checklist and read through it.

Did not verify a couple of items, just read through the list......Was tired and wanting to fly, but ready to go home as well. Once again verified this would be a short flight, conditions were as perfect as you can get in Alaska this time of year, so lets get moving!

Called Ground and received taxi instructions. Run up and time to take the active. Tower cleared me for takeoff and away I went.

Smooth air no bumps, what a great day for flying. No clouds the view was excellent. Now where to go?

Flew North towards Nikiski where my home is, then decided to fly over and see if a friend was having a barbecue. Sure enough, a couple of friends were parked in his driveway, decided to get some speed up for a fly by.

A slight descent and soon was doing 200mph. BANG!

At first I thought the RV had exploded! Wind noise was present, just sat there thinking the plane was finished, it was very violent experience.

As the senses came back realized the canopy was open. How did that happen?

The RV was trying to dive rather abruptly. Applied normal back pressure on the elevator to correct. There was no pressure on the elevator, it did not work. That sensation created the urge to pull the stick all the way back "FAST".

While this was happening decided I had better make a call to the Kenai Tower and explain what was happening, loss of elevator effectiveness. Left finger on the push to talk, right hand reducing power.

Tower replied and cleared me to return to any runway.

I remember looking at the airspeed while in the nose tuck, it was extremely close to redline.

Approx. 2/3 of elevator pulled and the RV leveled and then started a climb. Once leveled I reached up with my right hand and grabbed the d-latch for the roll bar and pulled like crazy, it came way down and the elevator came back with a rush.

Now established in a climb, was able to almost close and re-latch the roll bar handle. As the airspeed dropped below 140mph, got the roll bar latch to close.

Now time to get scared. Looking around it was very obvious to see why the canopy opened.

Reading the checklist and not verifying that the side latch was closed, caused a very sobering lesson. Pay Attention to the checklist!

Being tired, fat dumb and happy is not a very good reason for reading a checklist and not checking physically what you are reading.

Good thing I had plenty of altitude for the flyby, main reason why was able to spend precious seconds wondering what had happened, during the nose tuck.

Was caught flat footed, head not in the airplane.

Interesting thing, I could hear each of the several instructors, from years past, who admonished to keep flying the airplane.

Boy did I get my head back into flying quickly, as everything was going downhill!

Rather embarrassed, when arriving at the runway with fire trucks and ambulance waiting for me. Even after calling to let them know the canopy was closed. The ambulance followed me to parking, after a short conversation all was good.

A week later received a call from the FAA located in Juneau. Not much to talk about, the caller said he had investigated a couple of fatal RV canopy open accidents, and was very happy to be able to talk with me.

One thing, was not able to latch the side lock. It just wouldn't close in flight, flew back at 80kts to ensure the roll bar stayed shut. Actually held it closed most of the way back!

Performing a post flight inspection, the struts were bent a little. No, problem as I have new ones ready for installation.

After an evening thinking about what had happened, decided to go back and do a very through post flight. The last I looked the airspeed was near redline, not sure if RV reached it, so decided to check everything with a flashlight and magnifying lens.

Besides the struts, found out that it warped the front edge of the aluminum canopy frame. Popped paint loose on the canopy frame, it was catching on the fuselage lip where the canopy rubber seal is. Using a screwdriver to re-shape the aluminum fixed the issue.

Been up several times since then. Each time before taking the active, verified that the yellow ball is LOCKED!

Best regards,
Mike Bauer


Subpanel repair question ...kaa RV-7

Hi all,

So, last week my vacuum pump failed and I took it as a hint that I should finally start my panel upgrade. The plan is to go from steam gauges to G3X. Now, I haven't built an airplane, and while I'm pretty comfortable with the electronics and wiring, metal work is fairly new to me. So I'd like to ask a few potentially dumb questions if you don't mind.

In looks like in the course of years the subpanel on my RV-7 (slider) endured some surgery:

I now need to patch at least some of these holes to mount G3X components onto. What would be my best course of action? My current plan is to make a patch out of a 0.040 sheet and rivet it with a combination of AD4 where I can squeeze them and cherry rivets where I can't (I'm not set up for riveting with a rivet gun). Would a single row of rivets be sufficient? Given how decimated the subpanel is, it's probably not very structural?

Also, F-712A-L was also cut for some reason without any reinforcement. Should I do something about it? Maybe add a angle stiffener or something?

Thanks for any advice!


Down for Maintenance a Bit:  Maintenance Debate ...Ironflight

So we live at an airpark with 30 homes. By my count, 17 have or have had experimental aircraft, 11 do right now. 18 have had certified - so its about an even mix. Of the current aircraft, 25 are certified (one guy has five Stearmans) and we've got about 15 Experimentals (Louise and I count for five of those...).

Yesterday I had some maintenance performed on my (personal) belly substructure - a non-organic doubler was installed using standard techniques, and recovery is better than expected, with only minor nuisance problems due to my intestinal system being shut down and waiting on a successful re-light (dang anesthetic!).

But now we have a neighborhood debate. We have about eight licensed senior nurses among our population, and four A&P's - no admitted medical doctors, and no IA's. Some nurses might claim that I need to stay on the ground for several weeks, and then get surgeon's clearance before flight. I informed the surgeon that since I rarely pull more than ten pounds (current lifting limit) on any flight control, I should be good to go when I am ready to eat an airport breakfast or burger. The A&P's are questioning if this is a 'Major Mod', since it involved primary structure, but I pointed out that while all human beings in the US are certificated at birth, no one can produce a TCDS for said certificate - therefore, we must all be Experimental (and I'd strongly argue Amateur built...), so Part 43 doesn't apply, and we don't need a 337.

So, I contend that since flight characteristics shouldn't have changed (there might be a temporary restriction on G's of course), no return to Phase 1 is required, a simple logbook entry should suffice, and the normal medical community's generic "wait a week" should be fine. Mel, Joe, Vic.....any arguments from the DAR community?! <g>

In good fun,



Roll-Your-Own 4-place Oxygen System...Paddy

I've built both a 4-place portable system and now a built-in system in my -10, both roll-your-own style. The portable uses a Jumbo D cylinder, 4-place regulator, 4 flow meters and 4 oxysaver cannulas. The system worked fine for cross country trips with 2 adults and 2 kids, but was a bit bulky with all 4 of the lines in use. It's for sale if anyone is interested...



Hello Van's readers,

The holidays are upon us and we are alerting you first that we are having a black Friday sale, effective now, while supplies last, on the EarthX LiFePo4 jump packs. And we are including free the 12V charging adapter for a savings of $42 off.


This is a great gift for yourself or any one else on your list!


RV-7 Build Status Report ...vernh59

Starting to assemble the HS forward spar.


Our RV Weekend ...Mike K

My wife and I took our first trip in our just out of phase one RV14a to Memphis. Flew into General Dewitt Spain M01. Great service at the FBO and hanger space available for only $25 a night. $8 Uber ride to Beale street. Great BBQ and music!



Nov 13, 2019.  Issue #4,955.   (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

The story on how I got to this point ...rolick22

This is the story on how I got to this point on my Kit build RV-12iS ELSA. I will take you back to 2013 when I first had the idea. Come see how I built two fuselages and why.


Weekend flight up the Hudson ...Squid

Okay, so it was two weekends ago, but such a good flight it's worthy of mention. While we still have the privilege the wife and I took the RV-6 up and down the Hudson, past NYC at 1100'. Circled the Statue of Liberty at 900' as well. If you haven't done this, I'd recommend giving it a try. A total blast!


My New NEBO Flashlight ...a short review.  Mostly pics.

I bought this online last week for my extra paper routes (needed big red light for filling out forms while in cruise at night).  You recharge with your USB port, you could probably blind someone at night with it (might be more useful than a knife for protection) and more.  I took some pics and added some captions.


Probable Cause List Updated

(7) new probable cause documents published by the NTSB since the last update here.  Knowledge is power....read and fly safe.

5MB page.  You'll want to be on your WiFi.


NTSB Aviation Accident Final Report - RV-12 Fatal, Fishers, IN, 08/31/2017

This was brought to my attention by Tom Prevost, and it didn't show up in the export of NTSB data when I searched for 'RV' and 'Probable Cause'.

Here's a direct link so you can read it while I figure out why it didn't show in the query.

Probable Cause and Findings
"The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be:

The pilot's failure to latch the canopy before takeoff, and his failure to maintain pitch control following the in-flight opening of the canopy during the initial climb resulting in a subsequent impact with terrain and ground fire."



Nov 12, 2019.  Issue #4,954.
  At 0937 local Monday the cold front arrived at our home field - went from 60*F and 00000kt to 25G37 from 340 in about sixty seconds.  I had taken off thirty minutes earlier looking to hand fly the practice VOR/DME RW17 approach at nearby Decatur.  Airliners overhead were visible above 3,000' while I pre-flighted, but as I took off I could see pretty fast that I wasn't going to get to 3,000' without filing - things were lowering quickly.  You could see angry clouds off to the N in the shape of a big fist, with my name on it, so I turned back.  Got in a quick VOR check off of DFW's TTT over our field and called it a flight after 11 minutes.  It sure got cold fast.
  Wrapping the pipes and dragging out the cold Wx gear.  So long Fall...
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)


(Dan Langhout) ...RV-7
Took my 29th instrument lesson. Nothing like learning in your own airplane!

Condition Inspection time week #2 for me, I drug my oldest out to the hangar to help me with the compression check for the second year in a row. She learns something, I learn something and although she won't admit it she feels more accomplished and a little sassy for the experience. Dad's also glad to have her along. ...

Bahamas.  Had a business conference to attend in Nassau this weekend and all was included but the flight. Not a problem as I prefer to fly myself anyway.  Short two hour flight from Sanford to Nassau. Lots of over water time but not a problem. Straight Thursday from Sanford to Nassau on a perfect day then back on Sunday with a stop in Ft. Pierce for customs. US customs has actually made the process easier and now there is not even a form.


Icing Heads Up ...bmarvel

When we built our -14A I put a short piece of black electrical tape on the outboard leading edge of the left horizontal stabilizer as an ice indicator. Since the surface with the tightest curvature is generally the first to get ice, I reasoned that this would be the likely place. When the black surface started to become white, it was time for Plan B.

As it turns out, we found out there is another location that gets ice first and is much easier to see. In our airplane we stuck with the plans as written and installed the landing lights in the wing cutouts. These in turn are covered with Plexiglas lenses which are mounted on the inner surface of the leading edge wing skins around the perimeter of the cutout.

A few months ago on a trip from Colorado to Oklahoma we had an icing encounter but the first indication was not on the electrical tape. As I turned my head to inspect the tape on the horizontal stabilizer, I noted a dim glow from the left wing landing light area that was clearly visible in daylight. My wife saw the same thing on the right wing.

As it turned out the tiny ridge between the plexi and the wing skin is the smallest radius on the airplane and true to predictions was the first place where ice formed. Each time the landing light pulsed there was a dim glow from that area, giving an early indication of even the smallest amount of ice.

An altitude change solved the problem but I thought this bit of information would be a good thing for the rest of you to toss into your bag of aircraft knowledge for the future.
Bill Marvel
Grand Junction, CO
RV-8A N751MB -1700 hours, sold
RV-14A N465MM


Aera 660 v3.7 is out


Horizontal stab attach - sanity check ...N546RV (RV-8)

OK folks...so I'm at the point of fitting the horizontal stab and getting the attach holes drilled. I did the holes between the rear spar and the vertical attach bars tonight - those are pretty much a piece of cake after checking level and alignment about 400 times. The holes in the forward splice angle, though, I'm spending a whole lot of time reasoning things out before I drill, since it seems like this is an area where people frequently encounter problems.

The main thing I'm running into is that, as far as I can tell, it is 100% impossible to drill these holes and maintain "proper" edge distance (that is, 2x from the center of the hole). This seems to be a fairly well-known issue, and digging through past discussions indicates that a) the mothership knows this and reassured builders frequently and b) since the bolts are loaded axially (vs in shear), edge distance is less critical.

In an effort to be super thorough with positioning these holes - as opposed to simply taking the measurements from the plans as gospel truth - I did a whole lot of drawing on the aft deck with a Sharpie. With a little work in Photoshop for some colored overlays, we can end up with a nice little visual representation of all the pertinent pieces (I've omitted the spacers since they don't seem likely to have edge distance issues):  continue



Nov 11, 2019.  Issue #4,953.
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)


The White House, November 11, 1919.

A year ago today our enemies laid down their arms in accordance with an armistice which rendered them impotent to renew hostilities, and gave to the world an assured opportunity to reconstruct its shattered order and to work out in peace a new and juster set of international relations. The soldiers and people of the European Allies had fought and endured for more than four years to uphold the barrier of civilization against the aggressions of armed force. We ourselves had been in the conflict something more than a year and a half.

With splendid forgetfulness of mere personal concerns, we remodeled our industries, concentrated our financial resources, increased our agricultural output, and assembled a great army, so that at the last our power was a decisive factor in the victory. We were able to bring the vast resources, material and moral, of a great and free people to the assistance of our associates in Europe who had suffered and sacrificed without limit in the cause for which we fought.

Out of this victory there arose new possibilities of political freedom and economic concert. The war showed us the strength of great nations acting together for high purposes, and the victory of arms foretells the enduring conquests which can be made in peace when nations act justly and in furtherance of the common interests of men.

To us in America the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country's service, and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of nations.



RV-8 Memphis ...Jeff RV-8

Just home from the paint shop. Thanks to Mark King and his crew at GLO for her new dress. Walt at EXP then knocked out a new W&B and dialed in the 200RV prop with a dynamic balance. The flight back home was second only to my first flight! Also, a big shout out to Karl Richcreek (RV-8) for blazing the trail on this scheme. I added some personal touches to keep my Navy flying days close to heart. First flight was late Sept 2018 and still lovin' every minute of it!


WDYDWYRVTW* ...11/9-10/2019

Flew a friend over to KADS in the RV-6 Friday afternoon so he could re-position a PC-12NG. Having not been there for many years, I'd forgotten how busy it is on the ground at Addison. Waited at the departure end for 20 minutes to take off.  How in the world do students endure that environment?!?!

There were (7) airplanes in front of me (and maybe ten behind me) on the ramp when they called my N-number for position and hold. I jumped on that like a duck on a june bug <g>.

Saturday and Sunday I spent about twelve hours studying PC-12NG POH manuals - all related to trying to earn some side money for the fam.

*What did you do this weekend with your RV?  Chime in...


Crater Lake Oregon Pics ...vgb


Q: What is the end goal of a build?

A: It's different for everybody.

I am working away, making rather fast progress on my RV-14 kit. Days go by as I build, and I feel on top of the world. Other days, I feel completely incapable.

I am learning so much about myself through this build. One of the things that has really hit home and become apparent is that I am a perfectionist. Except I have never built an airplane before, and I am doing a far from perfect job with my build. I am not capable of doing a perfect build. Is there even such a thing I find myself wondering? I am building an airplane that's going to be safe and certainly won't fall out of the sky, but I don't think that I will ever have a showpiece on my hands.

Some days, I am pretty down on myself, wondering if I am really cut out to be doing my own build. But I want it. I want it more than anything. This build for me is more about learning some life lessons, having some fun (it is hard sometimes), and in the end, having something that I can be proud of to fly around.

As I find myself missing the PERFECT mark, I wonder what's out there? When it comes time to sell what will eventually be my airplane, do people expect perfection? Is an airplane that's 'safe' what people want? Or am I building something that nobody will want, despite it being safe, yet not perfect? Truly, what's the end goal of a build .. an airplane that is perfect, or just an airplane that is safe?

I doubt I am alone in how I feel. I suspect many builders have been right here before. I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts on anything that I've brought up.


She comes to life! ...sapeloson

After 9 1/2 years of frustration, aggravation and unbelievable excitement, she comes to life!


PPL Checkride Passed! ...Stitch462

After a long time, a few false starts and a lot of cash; finally completed my training and passed my Private Pilot Checkride, Sunday Nov 3, 2019. Just wanted to share that with the group.

Next step: Come up with the cash for an RV-

Happy Humpday everyone!


My RV Weekend ...Jonathan Alvord

Thursday my hanger partner and I took N122EF (RV 7a) from Prosser Wa (S40) Ogden Utah (KOGD) via Gooding Idaho (KGNG) to go to the I-FLY Utah. Then Ogden to Alvord Desert, landed for a pee break and then back. RT 949miles. Friday I flew my wife to a business meeting in Spokane WA. Landed Felts Field (KSFF) then flew up to Sandpoint Idaho (KSZT) to trouble shoot some items. While there we pulled the lower plugs, cleaned (and dropped one, which then meant cleaning 4 new plugs and putting it all back together. Flying back to KSFF to pick up my wife and returning home S40. Total milage 1248 hours and approx 8 hrs flight time.


Valve wobble test out of spec.

Just did a Valve Wobble test and all 6 ECI cylinders are out of spec. Max wobble per lycoming Service Bulletin 388C for my valve is .035. Cylinders 2,4 and 6 were between .045 and .050. All other cylinders were near or at .035 limit.

I do not have any issues but decided to do the test due to the hours on the engine. The IO540 engine has 1400 hours from brand new ECI cylinders and has been running well. Oil consumption has been 1 qt per 10 hours and borescope shows good symmetrical pattern on all valves.

So my question for the engine experts is what to do next? Rework or replace the cylinders that are out of limit? I hate to do major surgery on a perfectly good running engine but want to the right thing. The SB, although it indicates upper limits for valve wobble was issued to check for tight clearances and sticky valve issue.

Thank you.

A: I would not call it a good running engine. You are wearing out valve guides like crazy. Why? I am no expert but something should be done. New valve guides seems like a good idea.

A: How comfortable are you that your jig or your technique is not the source of the high readings? Just a little looseness of the jig on the valve stem, or a little too much force when applying the side load can make a big difference. It seems a little odd to me that 3 cylinders would go bad at the same time. (The ones are limit are not bad. They could have left the factory that way).
If it were me I would fly another 20 hours and then re-test them. At the same time I would remove the intake and exhaust and do a visual inspection on the valve stems. If the first test is correct I would fly another 50 hours and see if the wear continues.
The test is meant to find tight valves due to carbon/lead build-up. A stuck valve is the real enemy. You have good oil consumption. Worn valve guides should show an increase in oil consumption.

A: How old is the engine? Old exhaust valves can have corrosion issues.


Pneumatic Squeezer Injury Lesson Learned ...mulde35d

Lesson 1: Take your finger off the trigger of a pneumatic squeezer while adjusting the ram depth.

Lesson 2: If your going to accidentally squeeze your fingertip, try to have flat dies installed rather than dimple dies. Had this been dimple dies I likely would have lost the fingertip.

This is what a flat die squeeze looks like on the middle meaty part of the fingertip. Luckily it was set for AN426AD4-5 rivets and the dies had about 3mm space between them when fully pressed.

Hopefully nobody needs to repeat my error to learn this lesson.


Milestone: Rivits! ...Ryan V.


Elevator Stiffener Oops Question

While match drilling the aft undrilled hole on a center stiffener I elongated it in one direction significantly. I re-drilled it up to #33 for use with a 7/64 (half-size) oops rivet. Two questions:

1) because this is the last hole on the stiffener and not supported by a standard 3/32 rivet is use of an oops rivet suitable or should I drill it up to 1/8 for a -4 rivet even through this will not be aesthetically the best option?

2) If I use a -4 rivet will the shop heads of the two stiffeners touch since this is right at the bend in the trailing edge?


A: Proseal the stiffeners to the skin and never look back...

I did this to all of mine and the structure is rock solid. Good way to get your "feet wet" with the proseal (flamemaster... whatever) before you're mucking around inside of a tank.

A: I would use the oops rivet and call it good.

No need to mess with pro seal just for this. The prep to the surface you would need to do for proseal would be a much more work than just using the oops rivet. If you're worried about the shop heads touching...just over buck both of them a tad. DO NOT use epoxy.

A: Try presqueezing a 3 to fill the hole you made before final set in position. You'll learn this technique later if not now (Murphy is an optimist). If it looks like too little grip, jump to a shortened 4-4. A dab of proseal on a 3 wouldn't hurt. I believe Van's still wants a dab of some stick-um at the ends before closure. That'll help, also.

A: That's how I did all my control surface stiffeners. Not a sealed install. Just a thin layer spread with a popsicle stick. I used a section of particle board, match drilled and just clekoed them to the skin against the board. Left for several days to cure. Stiff as a proverbial board.



Nov 8, 2019.  Issue #4,952.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Ed Hicks photo.


Correct terminology with ATC or Tower

Q: When under ATC control and changing frequency what is the current correct terminology to announce your presence on the new frequency, I have recently read that "with you" is not correct and "up" is also not correct.

A: Helpful links:
- FAASafety radio comms phraseology and techniques
- ATC Phraseology (Wiki)


A Few New First Flights

...recently added to the mothership.


Grass Strip / Homesite Planning ...crabandy

Looking for advice in planning our Grass Strip/Homesite, it's 660'x2640' (40acres longways north) and relatively flat. I'm trying to draw up my proposal to send to the county for the Special Use Permit and want to be as accurate as possible.

I've walked the property with my "Dirt Guy" and his advice was to put the runway next to the west side of the property to work with the natural drainage. There is a tree row along the north half that I don't want to tear out as well as I would much prefer the house/hangar on the West side of the runway.

I was hoping to put the runway on the east side of the property, this would require a several small culverts as there is not enough slope for the larger ones needed. The smaller culverts would also require vigilance as the adjacent field debris would be flowing into the culverts. More expensive to build and work to keep up.

Pics of the property after 8 inches of rain this spring, You can see the drainage looking north.  ...

An initial sketch of a compromise trying to meet our Wants, This configuration makes it runway 02/200. "Dirt Guy" thinks this is a good plan, the south half of the runway would be built up slightly to funnel the water into the finger of trees on the south side. It would also dry out the southeast corner.
--Length--depends on the layout but 2300'+ is doable in all configurations
--Width--60' is a good compromise on cost, use and maintenance
--I'm told I want to use Bermuda grass (Kansas)
--Obstacles--Bury powerlines on north, live with trees on the south. House, Hangar, Trees 100' laterally from runway centerline.
--House--500'+ off the road
--Zoning requires 150' laterally for house from property boundary
--House and hangar on West side of runway, Hangar door facing east to the runway to avoid the prevailing north/south winds and summer evening sun.
--Retain some crop land for income.   continue / chime in


Encoder Question ...Pilotjim77

I've been reading here on the forum about ADS-B, transponders, etc, and I have a question. I am removing steam gauges and installing a first generation GRT Horizon dual efis setup. I have a Garmin GTX 320A transponder. Does the GRT efis function as an encoder? And if so, is there any benefit or reason to keep the standalone altitude encoder?

I will also be installing the uAvionix Echo ADS-B package from GRT once they come in (currently back ordered.)


Prop Bolts Tight in Crush Plates ...Jim Rice

I did not build my RV-4 to know the answer to the following.

I recently began working on my Condition Inspection. I noticed some corrosion on heads of the prop bolts which needed attention. I have the old 4" spool type prop extension with 3/8" prop/ext bolts and 7/16" ext/crankshaft bolts. Also, the installation has two front plates, one on either side of the front spinner bulkhead. The front has the groove into which the bolt head fit. The second is larger in diameter and thickness. (Photos below, though rear plate is hard to see.)

After removing the nuts from the prop bolts, the prop didn't want to budge. I attributed that to continued humid conditions in my hangar at the time. The bolts were very tight and next to impossible to move. I ended up using the old nuts threaded back on the bolts almost flush and then back them off against a a steel plate resting against the heads of the crank bolts. That pushed the entire prop and crush plates out from extension rather than just moving the bolts as I expected. At that point the prop was almost clear of the extension prop bushings. Rather than forcing anything, I called it a day. I went home and ordered a new set of prop bolts from Van's that evening.

I went back a few (dry) days later and was able to slowly work the prop loose and got it off okay. Even then the bolts were still extremely tight in the prop and didn't want to move. I took the prop home and kept it inside the house to help with any humidity issues. After a couple of days, I was able to tap the bolts out of the prop...though they were still tight in the two crush plates/spinner front bulkhead.

Once I had everything off the prop, I worked on getting the plates, which trap the front spinner bulkhead between them, off. I ended up putting penetrating oil on the bolts and was able to pull everything apart. Once apart, I was able to determine the bolts were extremely tight in the front plate, the one with the recess that traps the bolt heads so they don't rotate, and snug elsewhere, but not interference fit tight.

I'm a bit concerned about how difficult it was and that putting new bolts in will possible problems. I don't want to bugger up any threads and certainly don't want to have to hammer the heads.

All that said, should the bolts be that tight tight in the front plate? Should the plate be reamed?

My prop is a Props, Inc wood prop with a 4" thick hub. I've removed and installed several props over the years, both wood and metal, and have never had one this tight.

The plane has approximately 1050 total time engine/prop/airframe. From looking at the logs, I don't see anything indicated the prop/prop extension has ever been separated/removed since 1994. Due to the tightness, I was expecting some corrosion on the bolt barrells but found none, though the cad plating was pretty scuffed up by the time I got them out.

I'm glad I decided to pull the prop off and replace the bolts now.

See attached photos which will hopefully make my long-winded description more clear.



Nov 7, 2019.  Issue #4,951.
  Please excuse the late push for the Thursday edition (9:15pm Wed night).  I worked an extra paper route Tue-Wed and am just now getting home (pic).  Long day w/Wx, ILSs to mins and Ubers <g>.  Home feel good.
  Of note the (3) jobs available at the mothership detailed further down (direct link).  Custer Technical Support Rep in addition to the TIG Welder and Engineering Drafter / Tech Writer.  
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Post First Flight Pic ...Mr. Tom Spencer


Garmin G5 and Aera 660 ...Bcone1381

Q: Greetings Garmin Exprt;

The is probable a dumb question from a novice flat panel guy. (Experience round dial guy)

I am installing a single G5 (no auto-pilot) and an Aera 660 in a non-RV experimental. I had a harness built up to connect the G5 to a Garmin GMU-11 Magnetometer. The harness came with an RS-232 pig tailed off the G5. The GMU-11 communicate to the G5 thru a series of twisted wires called the CAN bus.

So, I am thinking the RS-232 cable is for a future gizmo.

What would be the benefit to connect the G5 to the Aera 660 dock via the RS-232 cable? Does the G5 allow me to select between an HSI and PFD view? Maybe the 660 could drive a Course Deviation Indicator on the HSI view?

Help me understand.

A: (g3xpert) Yes, as David correctly pointed out, an Aera 660/795/796 can provide lateral and vertical (VNAV) guidance to a single or dual G5 installation (with or without autopilot servos) over RS-232.


Calibrating taildragger fuel levels .

Q: In the final throes of this build... any opinions on leveling a taildragger for the fuel gauge calibration?

A: The fuel indications in the EFIS systems we are using now are so darn accurate if calibrated properly, I think it makes no sense to not do it in a level flight attitude.
Doing it in level flight and ground attitude (on systems that have the capability) is personal preference but for a tail dragger I think it is worth while.


Status Report ...vinzer RV-10

And another day when I was able to work on my project.  Now it looks like a read airplane part!


76KTS Tailwind at FL170 ...kcameron years ago


Nov 5, 2019.  Issue #4,949.   (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Milestone: First Engine run...rolick22

Please enjoy my first engine run on my RV-12iS (N112DR), It was a beautifully day at KTZR. Run was perfect with no leaks.


First flight ...chevytoo

Nov 2 2019 was the first flight for RV-9A C-FWRN S/N 91413. Project started June 2006 with a slow built kit. It has an 0-320 with a Hartzell propeller and steam gauges. Flight was at Abbotsford Airport [CYXX]. I had an instructor with me as a safety. I was very glad I had him on board as I was quite nervous throughout the flight.

The aeroplane jumped off the ground and established a positive rate of climb. We orbited CYXX at 3500 ft for .7 hours. Stalled the plane. Some slow flight but mostly maneuvering the plane. The stall warning came on at 75 MPH so that was a real distraction. I did not think to install a separate breaker for it when I wired it. Maybe a mod soon. My approach speed was too fast because of the stall warning but the aeroplane was actually quite easy to control. The touch down was again too fast so there was something shimmying. I found the RV-9A to be very light on the controls and the elevator trim very effective. It flew level hands off with the aileron trim in neutral.

I checked the nose wheel fork friction, it was OK. I read the instructions and adjusted the vane for the stall warning.

I hope to fly solo today but waiting for the outside temp to warm up a bit.


1st Annual Chili Cookoff & Fly-In PIREP ...bkervaski RV-14A

Hey thanks everybody for coming! It was a great turnout and we'll definitely be continuing next year.

We had folks come from 3 states away, thank you.

If you like football anyone that hung around got to enjoy a game or two on the "big screen".

It was great seeing everyone!

Next year we'll have some cooking stations setup for anyone that wants to bring their chili to compete with my "World Famous" recipe


Status Report ...jcarne

My new engine mount finally arrived!!! Time to put this puppy on gear!  When I opened the package the kiddo decided to help unpack. Future builder?


Silent Hektik failure ...Handclutch (Australia)

My Silent Hektik regulator (F4112) failed last week at around 180 hours. Anybody else had a SK failure?

The failure was quite sudden. I flew a two-hour leg with voltage indications normal before landing for fuel. Voltage was then okay on start-up but shortly after takeoff I got the low-voltage warning (I have the low-voltage warning set quite high to act as a generator failure warning for IFR flight). It worked!

It was a very hot day but the temperature strip on the regulator had maxed at 71* C, less than what I had previously seen on the Ducati. However, it is possible that the SK had seen slightly higher temperatures previously before I modified its cooling system.

Now for something interesting - I did a Google translation of the SK website and found that they don't guarantee the regulator unless you use phosphor bronze crimp connectors. Here is what they say:

Wrong connectors on the 912er alternator connection:
The LiMa connector plugs of the 912 engines are of inferior brass. That's a massive problem for three reasons.
- The brass plugs are not designed for the high currents, with up to 20A, and therefore overloaded and prone to overheating.
- The brass plugs have a low spring force and are therefore not vibration-proof and loosen over time.
- The brass plugs have no surface protection and oxidation then produces brownouts and malfunctions.
For safety reasons, therefore, we only recommend Tyco FastOn tinned phosphor bronze connectors . Everything else is botched.

Could this be a reason why there are so many regulator failures?



Status Report ...goatflieg

When I finally got out to the shop to inspect the situation, it turned out to be a simpler fix than I thought it would be. A bit awkward, to be sure, but I was lucky. No wires in the way, and the pilot holes were just sitting there waiting for me. Triple check the plans, remove the floor, enlarge the CORRECT holes, disconnect the cables and reroute, install snap bushings and reconnect cables. I'll sleep better tonight than I did last night. Big thanks to Chris for taking the time to point out my error, and to Chris, Carl and Don for encouraging me to do it right. If I can ever return the favor, don't hesitate to ask.


My RV Weekend ...some entries

Flew from CRQ to AJO and was picked up by Spruce. While there, I purchased an iFly 740B which I plan to try out on my Oregon trip the next two days. If all goes well, I am interested in removing my Garmin 496 and replacing it with the iFly GPS. While doing so, I'd like to add a navcom, so I have two comms, and a VOR receiver (which I'll hook up to my Dynon).

1.2 hours added to the RV. I always have a blast flying it around...
RV-9A, Carlsbad Ca (CRQ)

Went flying in a 7A and then joined the flying club that owns it.

Super pumped to be back into an IFR traveling machine.

First RV experience and man are they fun.

Moved It
Well, I changed airports this weekend...Moved my 7A from KGRE Greenville,Il. to KPJY Pinckneyville-DuQuoin, Il. ...1/2 the distance to my house, much cheaper hangar rent, and much less air traffic. Loving the quiet... Also, even thought I am hangar-anal and well organized, you just never know how much tools/equipment/supplies/chemicals/paperwork/**** you have until you have to box it up, move it, and re-mount everything.

It's not for the faint of heart.
Brian K. Morrow

Full Flap Take Off RV10 ?
Landed on little Island in Chesapeake Bay (KTGI) for late Lunch. All Ferry Boats and Tourists were gone so the 3 places to eat had already closed. Assumed I would need the "HOT START" procedure but after cranking and NO Joy the battery's began to slow crank. OOPS! that didn't work well, so opened up the Oil Door and sat alone "AOG" for 20 mins on the desolate airstrip. Try again: Blades going by slower and slower, then Vroom ! We got it going! Rattled and excited I decided to keep most everything turned everything OFF while charging the batteries. Heading down the Runway and my son calls out: Dad..Flaps..Dad..Flaps ! I was already at 60 knots and keeping the mains on the ground I flipped the Flaps switch and watched them SO SLOWLY retract. at half flap I was running out of runway so I pulled back rotated and launched. I was amazed at how quick the RV10 JUMPED into the air with still half flaps~!! My Son handed me the checklist and said 'Lets NOT do that again! But still a Wonderful weekend with a good reminder to not get rattled, READ the Checklist! I have to wonder what would've happened if we did rotate at full flaps ?? Ed N40ES


200KT GS ...Plummit

Coming back from Big Bear this morning:



Nov 4, 2019.  Issue #4,948.
Please excuse the early push for Monday (Sun 10am) - I'm doing a side thing Sunday afternoon in exchange for extra shekels for the familia.  Beautiful Wx here in N. Texas all weekend.  Hope you got to do some RVating.  I'm planning on a hop or two this coming week to get the juices going.
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Finally cleaned out my garage ...wjb

Hangar time!


(the rest of the story)


Flying with 3-4 year old in RV-4 ...Indy

Any recommendations on how to best seat a preschooler in an RV-4? I just got my RV-4 back after 2 years overseas. My 3 year old daughter loves airplanes and LOVES pretending to fly in the -4. I'm eager to take her for her first small airplane ride but struggling with how to strap her in. I tried her car seat but the headrest obstructs the rear canopy bar. I want her to sit high enough that she can actually see out over the canopy skirt but ensure her safety first and foremost.  ...


Why I love the experimental world ...fbrewer

Yesterday, 8 of us "Boys with Toys" (all RVs) flew to Llano for some Coopers BBQ.

You know it was great!

Flying home we briefed up a 4-ship flight to do some formation work.

Sitting number 2 on the wing of Bobby "Luke" Lucroy, I hear the dreaded: "Bogie", you need to abort. Your left wheel is leaking hydraulic fluid - lots of hydraulic fluid.

Dang, we eventually clear the active, so the other folks can depart, and of course "Luke" sympathetically aborts with us.

We slowly taxi our bird back to the ramp and then took the opportunity to practice turns to see when the tail wheel would unlock and so forth. Actually it was a good mindset practice, should we lose a brake ever in the future.

Here is the kicker: "Luke" has everything needed in his go-bag. We removed the left wheel fairing, and dissasembled the left brake, and found the o-ring in the piston was indeed broken.

Replaced the o-ring (of which "Luke" had several spares), reassembled the caliper and then of course, "Luke" had almost everything needed to bleed the brakes. We were short a little on the hydraulic fluid. Oh, and he had safety wires and a safety wire pliers so we could put it back together properly.

But of course, a local at the airport ("Estes") had some hydraulic fluid which promptly brought over.

From abort to repair to again taking off, we were on the ground less than 2 hours.

This is why I love the experimental world. If I had been in my Bonanza or single ship, we would have been SOL.

Thanks "Luke". Thanks "Estes". Thanks "Experimental World".


David-aviator ...an online friend passes

(Bill Peyton post) We have lost another member and prolific builder. David Domeier passed away yesterday evening suddenly after returning home from the airport. He had just finished an RV-12 project with a good friend and repeat builder. He was active in the St Louis builder community and EAA and a good friend to all of us. Dave had to his credit a Cozy, RV-7, and RV-8. He was a retired TWA captain and US Air Force aviator. Aviation was surely in his blood. David will be missed by all of us ....


Status Report ...kentlik

ADAHRS. Waiting/looking for a rivet partner so I installed the ADAHRS and mounting bracket that Vans now sells

It is pretty darn good. I would caution that the tab stops in my case were 90% correct but I needed to adjust elevation at the right rear tab to maintain level.  This would be facing the tail. This is just my case, your application may not need any adjustment.


RE Carb Fuzz in an NTSB Report ...rvbuilder2002

"...it doesn't sound like the foreign material in the carb screen was a factor in this unfortunate accident.  In fact, my guess would be that it had been there for a long time since there was no indication of the same material in the gascolator screen or pick-up screens in the fuel tanks. Likely because the gascolator screen was probably getting regularly maintained during inspections, like it is supposed to be, but the inlet screen on the carb. was not.  Fairly common, unfortunately.

Good reminder for RV owners. Do you know that the carb. or fuel injection servo you have on your airplane has an inspect-able / cleanable inlet screen?"


Status Report ...goatflieg

[ed. This is what you call a 'teaser shot'. ;^)  dr]


The First 8 Hours ...ty1295

Having spent years on here reading while I built, I am hoping this post helps others or at a minimum inspires others to keep building.

9/24/19 Vic S. came up and did my Airworthiness inspection. As expected and requested he had a few minor suggestions which were all accomplished.

9/30 First flight 1 hr. I studied and used a local RV8 owner, CFII as my 2nd pilot per AC 90-116. For anybody considering a first flight and like me a low time pilot and/or one that has not flown much if any for awhile while you were building I can't stress enough how valuable that was for me, yet allowed me to experience the "FIRST FLIGHT!"

I left the Aeliron trim completely off for the fact as I wanted to know if a wing was heavy without any influence of the trim. I am happy to say with even tanks, and fairly even people weight, it flys hands off first flight.

For the first flight we climbed over the airport, ran the engine hard to help with break in, and just circled, followed by full decowl and inspection. Things will rattle loose, things you never thought would. Be aware.

First 2 flights were all done over the airport
3rd flight was away from the tower but not far, basic check things out and come back.
4th flight was a 50 mile trip to another airport to get the transponder checked/certified. Until this point the transponder circuit breaker was pulled out. Full Dynon avionics, transponder/ads-b check was flawless.

Return flight we set the Angle of Attack, followed by a few touch and go's as we both felt the engine was ready.

As of Today we now have 8.2 Hours done. In that time we probably have 25 landings, stalls, accelerated stalls, slow flight, no flap landing, covered airspeed landings (with safety pilot watching), base to final stall (up high), simulated power out, basically anything my Qualified Pilot/CFII could throw at me to learn.

I have to say, this is one awesome airplane. Very easy to fly, talks to you way before it does something dumb. If you are looking for a good enjoyable, non aerobatic airplane to fly I don't know how you could make it perform any better.



Status Report ...SteeVaun RV-7

Has been a busy few weeks getting my feet wet with the build. I started on the rear and front spars. While drilling relief hole for the front spar, for some reason I had 3/4 in my head instead of 1/4. As a was drilling I knew something was not right. I should have stopped then and double checked.

While waiting for a replacement, I moved onto the vertical stabilizer. Everything is all match drilled and ready to be primed.



Nov 1, 2019.  Issue #4,947.
You know that awesome feeling when your computer calendar tells you your annual is due, and then you look in your logbook and see that you entered the date wrong in the computer and that you really have three months to go?  I know, right?!?!  I thought my plane was down for annual starting today, but it's not.  Garbage IN Garbage OUT.  Big smile.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

VAFcast #7 ...James Walsh RV-4


Initial Contact ...new guy chimes in.

Hey everyone. Finally at 48 I'm getting my private pilots license (only about 26 hours so far) and am looking at Vans RV (9, 10 or 12)as my first plane. Been wanting to get my license for awhile and finally have the time and money to do it. I don't want to make a career out of it. I'm a time and point in my life that I don't have to work and want to enjoy some nice flying, maybe get a job at an airport and hang around what I enjoy. I got the majority of my hours on a Cessna 162 and one time in a 182 so I don't have a wealth of info on what's out there and what I might like, I just know I didn't like the 162, too **** cramped (6' and 205) and no adjustability. Not really jazzed about the 172's either. I have motorcycles and cars that are immaculate and every Cessna I see, it looks like it's had a rough life. I know that's probably not the right way to look at it but that's how I see it. Every Vans AC looks like someone took their time on it and put some pride in it. I don't see a lot of weathered Vans out there.

I know that a lot of the Vans have Rotax engines that spin pretty fast and they sound like they're pretty reliable since everyone is sticking a 912 in 'em. What is the red 'spar pin' button for? I know one model has removable wings (12?) but don't know why it's in the other ones. I see mixture leaning levers in some airplanes and not others so I'm wondering if the majority of the 912 don't need it, is that the allure of them? I like the glass cockpits but am not opposed to steam gauges, just wondering if electronics are just as reliable.

I know I'll learn a lot from just reading forums and I'm basically in my 'sponge' stage, asking questions about everything and trying to learn as much as I can from anyone who'll entertain me or allow me to pester them about tedious 'what's that' questions. There's tons I don't know and I hope to learn a lot with everyones knowledge here.

Thanks for letting me ramble on, I'm glad I'm here.


Pics: Jlinett RV-10 First Flight ..Jlinett


F-1070 / F-1069 / F-1013 skipped rivets ...rdamazio RV-10

Hi all.

In section 29, when riveting the side skins (29-17), it tells me to skip a few rivets, notably some specific rivets that attach to the longeron underneath:

I assume these are riveted later, but I can't find where - what am I missing? When are those rivets set?

(I'm mostly wondering if it's worth/possible to skip ahead, do whatever is needed before setting those, then setting them before the mid-cabin deck is riveted, since that'll be much easier)

Rodrigo Damazio Bovendorp
San Jose, CA


Fuel line supply and return routing ...AdamB RV-10

Hi All,

I'm currently routing my flex fuel lines out to the side skin area and looking at where I should drill a 2nd hole in the side skins.
I have a standard setup where the brake lines are in the middle, supply line forward, and return line in the aft as they go through the systems bracket under the seats.
Tom had advised to go as straight as possible to line up with where they go through the systems brackets, but the gear weldment is partially in the way. The other factor is that I placed my return fuel bung on my tank just forward of the vent and not inline with the supply.

So what I was thinking is one of two things.
1) Drill a hole forward of the hole of the aileron control connection hole sort of vertically inline with the stock fuel line hole and route the supply through it, and the return through the stock hole.
2) Drill a hole aft of the aileron control connection hole and higher than the stock fuel line hole.

I've roughly marked the 2 proposed locations in the picture below:

Also a Picture of my fuel return location on the tank for reference.

Wanted to get others take on what the best option might be or things I might not have considered before I start drilling holes.

RV10 - #41687



Oct 31, 2019.  Issue #4,946.  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Best Halloween costume ever ...prkaye

My daughter Arya decided she wanted to be a Snowbirds pilot for Halloween this hear (her idea). Check out the costume we made! Give her 15 years and she'll be wearing the real thing!


November Wallpaper Calendar for Your Monitor ...Ed Hicks photo

(from Ed) "UK RV's taken at the Light Aircraft Association Rally, held in September."

Related: The RV-10 Sub-forum (in the VAF Forums)


Panel Status Report ...knut 9A (Berlin, Germany)

"...Not finished yet, some labels are missing, some are temporary. It's a lot of fun to play with."


Eagle's Nest Projects - McKinney Aviation Academy (TX) 10/29/2019

The camaraderie at our McKinney campus is nothing short of inspiring. Building an airplane at McKinney is truly a family affair and it's made possible by the untiring efforts of the MAA Booster Club. The booster club plans and sponsors frequent socials, educational events, and fund raisers; all with a focus on "family". The booster club also provides annual scholarships to build students. McKinney Aviation Academy ROCKS!
** Mark your calendar for Sat, Nov.2nd - MAA Annual Fall Expo
__ 11am-3:00pm__ Free Admission__ McKinney Airport (KTKI)
MAA Halloween Party - 2019
Theme: "Crime Scene"



Oct 30, 2019.  Issue #4,945.
  I drove out to Monk's Tuesday around lunch to eat with the usuals.  In his hangar is a new RV-8 to the field, and the armrest on the LH side aft of the throttle quad caught my attention.  I can't remember seeing this before, but I could see how this might be of benefit if you spent a lot of time on the wing in formation.  Two pics below that can be clicked for larger versions...
  Second, my hangar neighbor is selling a NEW IN BOX uAvioni tailBeacon for $100 off what he paid (it won't fit on his planes).  More info and pics.  I can vouch for its newness and the seller.
    (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)




Our Friend Mel Ordered a New Knee

(friends chiming in....  ;^)   )
I hope they put the hinge on the right way!

Good luck with the aftermarket parts Mel!

I suspect you will see a significant improvement in your 40-yard sprint times...

And don't forget, now's the time to add an inch or two if you want to have more stature (or see over the cowling on the Cub)....

Primed or unprimed?

My doctor told me, "I fixed your knees. You can't hurt them by doing more PT."


Put not thy faith in the weather prophets...

...For they shall not come to thy aid when the firmament riseth up to smite thee.

Not specifically RV related, but I thought I'd share. Back in the old days, weather prep for local flights frequently consisted of going outside & looking up. if it was questionable, you might take a peek at the temp/dew point. With that being said, one of the things that was hammered into me 30+ years ago was to always have an out, and be ready to use it, which is why I typically have a plan B airport in mind (not just for weather, but you get the idea). I also typically carry an Ipad with local approach plates in my bag, no matter how great the weather. Even with that said, with all the tools at our disposal now it's easy to put more faith in forecasting that ever before, but it's also easy to get burned by that if the forecast turns out to be inaccurate.

I had 3 training flights scheduled today, with the first one scheduled at 0600. Cold, but clear forecast. We got metars & TAFs for the local area at 0600 and they were showing good VFR conditions. The temp dew point was about 2 degrees apart, but it was predicted to go in the right direction as the sun came up. The TAF for both Wichita Mid-Continent and McConnel AFB predicted "Few at 7500" and visibility +6 until 1500 local, then scattered 1,200' gradually going IFR over the following few hours.

Took off in CAVU conditions and went about 10 miles east for Private pilot maneuvers, and saw that there was some ground fog in the low-lying areas, but no big deal, then I looked back west and saw a few scattered low level clouds starting to come in from the west side of Wichita. A few minutes later I looked again and saw that they were now more widespread and appeared to be heading east, where they would soon be rolling over my home airport.

I cut the lesson short and headed for home, with plan B to land at the closest airport (K3AU) if Beech field closed in before we got there. Plan C would have been to pick up a local IFR and shoot an LPV approach back into Beech or an ILS into Mid-Continent, but I can't say I'm thrilled by the idea of a precision approach potentially down to minimums in a non-FIKI airplane in widespread un-forecast weather with an OAT of 28 degrees, so plan B was going to be my out.

We landed with time to spare, but not much. 1/2 hour after I was back in the chocks, the AWOS at BEC was saying 300 BCN. 1/2 hour after that, Mid-Continent was reporting 300 Overcast, with 0.75 visibility. At 0915 local, Mid Continent issued a New TAF that predicted 400' Ceilings and 2 miles vis. Not much of a prediction since that weather had occurred an hour prior to them issuing it.

I've got around 2,500 hours total time in all sorts of conditions, but I can count on one hand the number of times the weather has closed in on me that fast. Also, I don't recall ever seeing the forecasters, especially the military ones, missing the mark so badly. I'm not complaining or criticizing them. Mostly I'm sharing all this as a reminder that weather forecasting is a prediction, not a guarantee. No matter how good the forecasting gets, sometimes there's still no substitute for just looking out the window and saying "hey what's that cloud doing out there?"
Terry Shortt


New option: Step "bullet" plugs for your RV-12/12iS ...mothership

We've put together a little kit with special "bullet" plugs that you can install in the open ends of the entry/exit step tubes on your RV-12, which will of course make it look completely awesome, potentially reduces pain involved with shin collisions, and probably adds something like 20 knots! Ok, well, at least two of those results is true. The kit includes installation instructions. Good to go for ELSA, SLSA or of course EAB applications.


Wanna Be In Kitplanes?


Push Button Start and Mag Toggle Switches

I know that this topic has been addressed before, but I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to wiring, I start scratching my head near immediately. So the searches I've done (Google and VAF) have offered some diagrams, but nothing I've been able to successfully figure out.

I have a push button start and two toggle switches (NKK S-6AL) and I'd like to wire them in such a way that with both switches up, the right mag (non-impulse coupling) grounds. I'll have two conventional mags.

From what I understand, this should be possible with the switches I have.

But as soon as I look at all of the connections on the back of these switches, my brains turn to water.

Does anybody have a kindergarten-level explanation or drawing that would help?

Thanks all


My 'About to Throw in the Towel' Entry ...cmadams52

I'm feeling you. I just destoyed most of my VS. Parts ordered and moving forward. At least I get to change my primer to something I like more. Plus, thanks to the practice, this thing will be perfect. I'm sure I will mess up something else down the line. Best wishes on your project. You've got this!



Oct 29, 2019.  Issue #4,944.
  Got off the surface Monday in the RV-6 (first time since the 16th), and oh boy did it feel good to get off the surface.  Not a long flight (.2), but enough to call the back spasm episode of '19 done and in the books.  Life is good.
  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)


Slo Mo RV Motivation ...vid

James, Rob and Plaster were out 3-shipping and TnGing, and I got some of their take offs and landings with the iPhone on Slo Mo.  You're gonna want to watch this clip on WiFi as it's around 145MB in size.   SloMo sound takeoff vs rollout is funny.  You can really tell the diff between the FP and C/S props.

Just goofing off...'Out of Africa' it ain't.


RV-10 First Flight ...mlinnett

July and I took just over 3 years to build the RV10 quick build kit. We have a Barrett engine, Hotel Whiskey extended tanks, Anti Splat cowl flaps, airflow air conditioning , Fly LEDS lighting ,and a panel by Rob Hickman's team at advanced. Mel Asberry inspected the plane on 10/25/19 and we got it ready for the first flight on 10/26/19. Our first flight was from 5TX0 to KGLE where we met Justin Wylie in his RV10.

July and I could not have built the plane without the help of our friends and neighbors Marc Wiese, Matt Plaisier, Rick Kazubec, Joe Migis, John Watson, Bob van Duyn, Myron Nelson, Justin Wylie, Gary Zilik, and Tony Kirby.  ...


Life Update: Away Time ...TS Flightlines (our friend Tom)

As some of you know, My wife Suzanne has been battleing MBC Breast cancer since January of 2018. Some of you know what struggles those are, having lived them your selves. A bunch of you are in the medical profession and have gives advise and support for quite a while now.

In April, she had PET scan that showed dramatic healing of the damaged area in the ribs, vertebrae and other affected areas. The change in Onocologists and treatment regiment was working. So we planned and booked a trip for late October. So throughout the summer, we monitored her progress and with the blessings of her DR, started finalizing our plans. I had already booked and paid for the trip, so it was a matter of getting her ready to go.

Well in all best laid plans, some things crop up to try and spoil things. MRI of several weeks ago showed some very small cells that had migrated to the brain. FORTUNATELY, we had seen another Nerosurgeon on another, non related matter, and he suggested a procedure called Gamma Knife. You medical folks know about that. We had that procedure this past Thursday, and they said to go and have fun. Well the have fun part maybe not so much, but certainly going for an attitude adjustment.

So, we'll be gone from Tuesday OCT29 to Monday Nov 11. This is where I say not to worry. Prior planning--actually several years ago-- enabled us to merge into a Joint Venture with Aircraft Specialty, call Aircraft Specialty Flightlines. We started a 3rd production facility in Wisconsin (now in Milwaukee) that enabled me to concentrate on prototypes and other development items. For the past 18 months, most of our orders have been shipped from there, although some custom items we still do here. A seamless transition. Steve Tschurwald has been a fabulous business partner, as well as a friend, and together we set this up for the mutal benefit of ourselves, as well as our clients, YOU.

So even though I wont be in the shop, we can still process any orders that you need. ( Internet and email are wonderful!) I'll have some limited cell service, and with time differences, phone calls might be challenging, but I can certainly respond to emails and voicemails. So, fo you, there wont be any interruptions in shipping services.

Its been a long, challenging and emotional 2 years. So we're going to take 2 weeks and enjoy life, come back and refocus on things. I have to say here that Suzanne and I REALLY appreciate the emails and phone calls from those of you that knew about her issues. You have no idea what it means to have that support. And gee, alot of you are voices on the phone, or email addresses, all connected by the Experimental aircraft community. You think that you are talking to a airplane client, then the conversation changes and he or she is an Onocologist, or a Radiation Dr, or some other specialist that has given alot of advise and unconditional support. You guys know who you are. Believe it or not TOO many to actually name here--probably 20-30. And we thank you for it.

Tom and Suzanne.


My RV Weekend ...Dugaru

"...I met some fellow RVers (at least 5 were on hand) and generally had a great time.

As always, 9JA was open for business for anyone who wanted to sit in it and make airplane noises:"


My RV Weekend ...smokyray

In a word: Durango
Yup, up to CO and back, the flying collection of spare RV projects parts brought together by Divine intervention I call "The RVX" once again delivered. 1500 miles of gorgeous US ofA drifted beneath the wings and my salvaged 0360J2A was flawless.  All of NM passed under the wings in less than 2hrs....


My RV Weekend ...crabandy

I made a quick out and back to KPIA to pick up an RV buddy after an OT shift on Friday.  much more


My RV Weekend ...Carl RV-6A

Flytoday - each day, Sat & Sun
Finished two week trip, by WN, to LAX late Friday, so flew the -6A around SE Houston on Sat and Sun afternoons. Following frontal passage on Friday the visibility was outstanding and the temps cooled nicely. Spotted my Lone Star Squadron friends, 3-ship, returning Sunday from the Reklaw fly-in, and felt the need to follow and fly-by to salute their return home.

Saturday, final to Runway 35 at KLBX


My RV Weekend ...SPX

Flew from Carlsbad, CA down to Brown Field to pick up something. Transited the San Diego VFR corridor, which even with me being used to an airplane going Mach .80, still was a busy few minutes. It was my first time through..

Left Brown Field and decided to head over to Montgomery Field to pick up a new fuel strainer and some lunch. Back through the VFR corridor again, this time on a trip only 19 NM long. The corridor drops you off about 3,000' high on a left downwind for the 28's into MYF. Fortunately with some advanced planning, the RV does just fine doing a fast descent.

After leaving Montgomery Field, it was back to Carlsbad via the coast.

Great way to spend a bit of time. Really love the RV...


Build Update ...2of5 RV-14A

I've been too busy building (and working to pay for it all) to make any updates, either here or on the blog rv14a.ca. Until today.

I finally started populating the blog with all the pictures of my progress so far, as well as some lightweight descriptions of my experiences to date.

So far, I've got the vertical stab complete and ready to rivet up to the point of leaving the rear spar (completed) off for the MD-RA inspection required here in Canada. The rudder, likewise. I will need to call my assigned inspector and ask him how far he wants me to go on the rudder so that he can inspect. In contrast to the -7 rudder I was building before, the -14 has lightening holes in the rudder spar, so he may be able to see everything enough to let me finish the entire thing. We'll see.

I've also got the horizontal stab skeleton ready to rivet together, however I've run into a stopping point. The yoke on my Main Squeeze won't work on this substructure, so I'll have to order a longeron yoke first thing tomorrow from Cleaveland. My aching biceps and shoulders may convince me to order a pneumatic squeezer while I'm at it. I did pick up a tungsten bucking bar this week, and I'm looking forward to trying it out on the VS. I even picked up a roll of hockey tape to wrap it in so I don't mar my sweet AKZO primer.

Two goofs so far, which I've described in the blog: first was trying to separate the rudder bottom rib 904A and B using sheet metal snips. The snips bent the rib flange enough to crack it ever so slightly, so I tossed that part in the scrap bin and ordered a new one. Which the USPS lost, and I had to pop for another one at no cost (thanks Vans!) but I did have to pay for 2 Day FedEx shipping. The original lost shipment did finally show up over six weeks later, which I refused and sent back to Vans.

The other goof was last night, when I discovered that I didn't countersink the HS front spar deep enough in twelve places. After I squeezed all the rivets. I guess I was a little apprehensive about taking too much metal off, but it wound up costing me time in the end. I did manage to drill out all twelve rivets with not a spot of damage. I attribute this to the practice I had disassembling an entire Cessna 140 fuselage earlier this year -- I probably drilled out over five thousand rivets. I did replace the flawed rivets, and was able to prime the new countersinks with some SEM sprayed into a cup and then dabbed on with a cotton swab. I didn't feel like mixing up some AKZO for twelve holes.

Speaking of AKZO. That stuff is great (no primer war please). And I've made a decision that some may deem foolish, but I have been priming both sides of the empennage skins. I did some searching online, and found a couple of threads here that described using AKZO on external surfaces during the build. The consensus by those in the aerospace industry was that priming externally won't really hurt anything, the finish painter will just need to wetsand and prep before shooting another coat of topcoat-compatible primer. So I will have extra time, money and energy into full prime, as well as a small weight penalty, but I'm ok with it. I probably will do my own exterior painting as I go along anyway. I'm leaning toward PPG Ford Mustang Orange Fury.

I already had the bulk of my tools from the -7 build, but I did spring for the RV-14 specific tools available from Cleaveland recently, including the modified dimple dies, the elevator bucking bar, the safety pin rivet squeezer set, and some others. I also got their substructure dimple dies for dimpling the ribs and other parts.

As winter is on the way, we had to move almost everything to the basement, where I'll continue assembly of what I have so far, then begin prepping the elevator and the tailcone. Figure that will take me to spring, when I can prime those items and finish up. Hoping to order the wing kit after the first of the year.

And finally a hint to those of you with municipal recycling programs. Not sure how it works in other places, but here in Ontario, recycling bins seem to be subsidized by the government. Meaning I can go around the corner to my local Home Hardware and pick up small bins for $3 each, large bins $6. These are heavy plastic, and much cheaper than buying Rubbermaid bins to store parts in. So I've obtained about six or seven small bins and a couple of large ones, and parts are segregated by type into these bins, i.e. E- in one set, HS- in another, then the wiring harness, cables, etc. in another, then stored on my wire bakers rack or underneath the EAA 1000 tables I'm using.



Oct 28, 2019.  Issue #4,943.
  A nice weekend in N. Texas.  The back is better each day and Suz and I had lunch with our son down at SMU on Saturday.  Hope you had a nice weekend, and if you got out and about in your RV, let us know in this thread.
  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

My RV Weekend ...Vlad


1st flight N61LD ...LD Blake of Wynne, AR

The big moment came today with a flawless first test flight. No words can describe the event.


Front of Air Ramp Sticks Up...JDA_BTR

Despite my best efforts the air ramp and filter holder on the left side always puckers up away from the snorkel fiberglass. Just enough that when the engine shakes at shutdown (or startup too prob) it rubs on the cowling and frets/wears. And it doesn't look right too.

So I drilled some #52 holes through it all and put in some wire to hold it down. Curious what pitfalls anyone forsees.

I suppose the cowling seal will not lay entirely flat here but it shouldn't make a big difference it's a small wire. When it puckered up it wasn't exactly laying flat anyway and I'm sure air went forward under the sandwich here as a baffle leak. This might actually be better never will know unless I get a 200 MPH fan to blow into it while I inspect it.


We Have Another Vlad!!! ...Vlad Milos (RV-10)

Hello everyone!

I just ordered my tailcone/empennage kit for RV-10 and can't wait to receive it and start my project.
I am sure there will be tons of questions from my side, so for now I read this forum and trying to remember as many things as I can

By the way I am based in Canada (British Columbia).


My RV Weekend (two weekends back) ...Jonathan Alvord

N122EF Weekend Skydiving trip

Our weekend was a bit of breeze! My wife had a few lectures/presentations to give in Southern California/San Fran and I had opted to stay home and told her to fly commercial. Well of course distractions happen and I received a phone call asking to bring some items down. I looked at the weather and called my hanger partner/Skydive DZ owner and he was game.

We met at the hanger in Prosser Wa (S40) at 3am, fueled up, filed flight plan and off we went. 3 hours to Sacramento (KMCC) all mostly VFR at night, and landed as the sun was starting to rise. The CA fires made for a beautiful Sunrise. Refueled and off we go to Riverside (KRAL) which was a very smooth ride until we descended down into the Ontario basin and hit some pretty moderate turbulence. All things aside another uneventful leg. Dropped off the items my wife wanted, grabbed some breakfast sandwiches and then planned the next leg.

Originally we were wanting to fly in to Perris Valley and make a couple skydives there from the big planes, but the weather gods frowned on that and after talking with the DZ decided to head to Mesquite NV (67L) where a friend of ours is a Tandem instructor and surprise him. That took us over Las Vegas at 12.5k and on flight following got to hear all the Commercial planes being held below 10K for the RV 7 flying VFR over the Class Bravo! Wahoo! We landed and were able to jump on the last load of the day for fun jumpers and pulled off a couple three-way points (started as a 6way). Got a room at the local casino and gorged ourself on the Buffett. Retired to the room and was out like a light by 7pm.

Saturday we woke up, grabbed some breakfast, played (and won) the slots and Blackjack for an hour, then headed back to the Dropzone/Airport in Mesquite where I made two jumps, and my passenger was hired for a Tandem jump while I preflighted the plane. We then were off on our way home but instead of flying direct we diverted over Zion and Bryce National Park, as well as a stop in Spanish Fork Utah to try to meet up with Mike Patney (DRACO/SCRAPPY). Unfortunately he was not there but we got to meet Ron (Mikes best friend and behind the scenes guy) who let us in the hanger to take a couple photos of the Wrecked DRACO. Sorry No photo's of SCRAPPY and we did not get to see how far along he was either. DANG IT got to keep watching You Tube for updates. Topped off the tanks again as we were going to have nearly a 30-40mph head wind to Gooding Idaho. We picked up Flight following in Provo, UT and was cleared through the SLC Class B at 8500. We landed with 30-40kt headwind in Gooding (KGNG), as the Storm clouds were passing just north and east. After leaving Gooding the sun was getting pretty low and we opted to climb over the clouds, putting us just below 12.5K, and OAT dropped to -14. In N122EF the heater can pretty much keep it warm enough for T-shirts and shorts to -2, but -14 was pretty chill. We each put on our jackets and I carry a lightweight sleeping bag on most trips that we were able to spread out over our laps and as soon as we could we descended back down to 8.5K arriving back in Prosser around 7pm last night.

pretty good for 1800mile trip in about 36 hours. Burned around 110gal of gas. and had pretty nice circle around the West!


7A Rebirthing PIREP  ...kentlik

Still working on the wing...Need another riveter for the rest.


Rear window cracks ...mwjohn63 RV-12

I just discovered some cracks in the rear window, pilot side, and looking for advice.
I'm not exactly sure of the cause, but I did drip some Loctite on this screw during the re-installation of the top canopy handle. I tried to clean it off as best I could, but in hindsight, I should have removed the screw and completely cleaned it up...now I'm paying the price. I can stop drill the obvious cracks, but not sure what I can do for the frost style cracking.
Options: should I replace the window or are there some good repair options.
Thanks, MJ


Initial contact- considering an RV-10 ...Eric P

If anybody can point me to a couple of RV-10 contacts, I would appreciate the help.

I am working on making a decision on whether to move forward with purchasing an RV-10 quick build kit and would like to speak with a couple of different individuals. I have made a couple of contacts, but wasn't able to get in direct contact with anybody that actually owns an RV-10.

So, to aid me me in my decision, I would like to view an RV-10 under construction and another completed - preferably by the owner. The need to see a completed -10 is to aid in helping my wife understand what we are looking at and that it is at least comparable to the 182 we are currently in partnership with. The under construction project is to help me visualize the scope and difficulty of the project.

I am in central California (Merced) and would be happy to travel a reasonable distance. Timing is not a huge issue yet, however I would like to have made this decision made early next year.

Thanks for your help


The truth about fiberglass

Look, even West Systems warns you not to mess with it:


Falcon Flight Formation Clinic 2020...Bobby "Luke" Lucroy

Falcon Flight Formation Team will be hosting a Formation Clinic April 24-26,2020 with a backup weekend of May 1-3, 2020. This clinic will be held in Temple,TX (KTPL). We know this is a ways away but wanted to get it out as time gets away and there are those that like to get things on the calendar early. There will be more details posted here at VAF as we get closer to the date.


One Year In ...Lefty37

"Can't believe its almost been a year now! My empennage is done, and I'm onto the wings. Currently working on the front and rear spars..."


UHMW Bushings ...mulde35d

So I am trying to trim the UHMW Bushings on Page 32-02 for an RV-14A and figured I would rough cut them with the band saw and final trim them with a belt sander. My belt sander is having one heck of a time trimming off the plastic and it is a pretty coarse grit (80 grit).

Is there a trick to trimming this stuff or is it just that tough?



Oct 25, 2019.  Issue #4,942.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 
  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

My RV Weekend ...DanH

My mother lives in the Harrisburg PA area, and I live in south Alabama. As the years go by, "Mom Runs" have become more frequent, and I am very, very glad to have the RV-8.

This weekend was no different. Left Sunday afternoon, heading north through TN and KY, then along the OH-WV line into PA south of Pittsburgh, all to avoid the mess churning up the Atlantic coast. Got as far as Somerset PA and called it quits. The wind turbines on the ridges to the east were sticking up out of the clouds, a sure sign that ducking under the overcast is not an option. Did an overnight to let the weather pass, then a quick morning run into Harrisburg in plenty of time to get Mom to her first appointment.

Returned home today, 3:57 nonstop into a headwind...the usual route past Camp David, then SW down the Appalachians, clip the NW edge of the Atlanta B, then home. The RV-8 knows that one like an old horse heading for the barn.

KCXY's hangar is one of my favorite buildings. I just love old art deco hangars...and as a 5th grader, I remember standing at the fence watching my dad do T&G's in a then almost new C-152. If you're in the area (and you're a gearhead), stop and check out the hangar door. It's a one-piece panel with massive cable counterweights hanging in their own galleries. 


Fuel Drain O-ring Quick Change Excellent Tip ...Sam Buchanan


RV Series - RV/IAC Aerobatic Competition Standings ...ronschreck

I have been involved in aerobatic competition for ten years now and in all that time my wife, Kathy only came to two or three contests with me. Boring, she said! I was the contest director for the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships this year and the preparation was a full-time job for over seven months leading up to the contest. I have always told Kathy that she would get more enjoyment out of a contest if she became involved as a volunteer. She finally relented and offered to help the contest registrar at Nationals. She loved it! She's hooked!
Two weeks after Nationals is the Mark Fullerton Memorial contest in Rome, Georgia. Kathy begs to go. You don't travel light with Kathy. Deciding what to take can be a problem.  more


Panel Planning Update ...nilberg

Here's my $3.65 (paper) version of the panel installed.  The rest of the week will be used to run through various procedures and making appropriate airplane noises.



Oct 24, 2019.  Issue #4,941.
  I'm still stuck in traffic at what I'm calling 'Backapalooza'.  The lumbar spasms are no more and I'm down to just being sore and a little cranky (a guy can only take so much Star Trek). ;^)   Definitely on the mend - ate lunch with some of the gang yesterday.  I should be back in the air in the very near future.  Life is good, but back pain really stinks. 
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

New Van's LightBox Sign Kit - Now Available!...mothership

Video / ORDER LINK / Thread

"Our latest practice kit is also a great, practical sign for your hangar, Man Cave or "I Love Me" wall. Includes all the pre-punched/pre-formed parts, hardware and lighting components needed to build the sign using your choice of rivet and fastener types to suit your style. The all-aluminum box has the Van's Aircraft logo cut out of one side, and you'll be able to build with solid rivets in flush or round-heads, or with RV-12 style pulled rivets, and finish it in your own favorite look/feel. Sufficient hardware is included to allow you to choose - Just put the rest in your airplane kit bins as spares! Builds with basic aircraft tools, which are not included."


Kid RV Motivation ...airguy

"...nothing better than a smiling kid after a ride. My little boy Collin thinks that's just about the best part of any weekend."


Quick Drain O-ring Replacement Tip ...from this thread

Awesome tip!


Pre-Order your Van's 2020 Calendar ...mothership


3rd out of 6 (Beating out two Extras and a Pitts)...Ron in his RV-8

(Jerry E)
He did some really beautiful flying! We only got two flights in, the Known and the Free programs due to weather cutting the contest short. It's too bad because the Unknown program is a hoot. It'll make you or break you!

Ron came in 3rd overall out of 6 with a 76.16% beating out two Extras and a Pitts. His individual flights were 3rd and 4th for the Known and Free programs respectively. He earned a 3rd place medal for the Known and a 3rd place medal for the overall standing.

Ron will be updating the RV series leader board soon. He was the only RV competing in this contest. Come and join us next time!


Van's Aircraft's Greg Hughes on EAA's The Green Dot podcast

This has become one of my favorite podcasts. The most recent episode features an interview with Greg Hughes, the Director of Media, Marketing, and Community for Van's Aircraft.



Oct 23, 2019.  Issue #4,940.
  You know those days when you're wondering what the top story should be on the site?  Today was not one of those days <g>.  Colin, that pic of your daughter in the plane is awesome!  Outstanding!!!  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

My RV Weekend ...Colin P. RV-6A

I got to take my daughter for her first GA flight and her first flight in the RV. She was also my first passenger. We did a breakfast run about 25min away, but ended up taking the long way since she was having fun. She really enjoyed steep turns and other mild maneuvers.


N741BN - Panel Review ...nilberg

Here's my two panel options:

Option 1: With Compass
As I need a 2 1/2 opening for the EI Commander, I was thinking of also have another 2 1/2 instrument, why not a compass..  continue


Loose Intake Hose Clamps ...Jim

I pulled the cowling yesterday while chasing some wires, and I found that three of the eight clamps on the intake hoses were pretty loose. Each intake hose has two different kinds of clamps; the inner clamps closest to the sump have wing type screws that you can turn with your fingers. The outer clamps have hex/slotted screws. Only the inner clamps with the wing screws have become loose.

I am thinking I should replace the wing screw clamps with hex type clamps. Seems like I could tighten them down quite a bit more. Maybe that's why they are coming loose?   Q: Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

A: (rvbuilder2002)
The problem is that the hoses are always shrinking.... so what ever traditional clamp you installed will keep getting loose because of the hose shrinkage. It is not because the clamps are loosening.
Constant tension spring clamps are the way to go.  If you upgrade to the SDS intake kit you get spring clamps with it.


Final Report Issued ...20 page PDF

"(KRviator) Long landing and no go around resulted in an overrun. OF note, it mentions the buckling behind the cockpit that seems to be typical of rapid deceleration in RV's - at least in Australia..."


My RV Weekend (Sortof) ...Jerry Esquenazi RV-8

Nothing RV for me this weekend, well sort of. I just wanted to follow up on my post from last weekend regarding the Bear Creek Bash, Mark Fullerton Memorial Contest in Rome GA this past weekend.

Bill McLean came up in his RV-4 from southern Alabama to support the contest and hang out with his acro buddies and Ron Schreck came in his beautiful RV-8 from the Charlotte area to compete with me and others in Intermediate.

Like I said last week, I got to fly a gorgeous Extra 330LX that my friend Shaun let me fly. I'm a changed man! I need an Extra. I've been looking for a potential partner in the S. Atlanta metro area, but so far I haven't had much luck. Please let me know if you know of anyone that might be interested.

Ron did a great job, finishing 3rd out of 6. I finished dead last, but not by much! I didn't expect to do well since I haven't competed since April or done any real practice. Plus I had a grand total of four flights in the Extra prior to the contest. The Extra is a different animal and it's going to take some getting used to. It was a great opportunity to compete in the Extra and that's really what it was about for me regarding this contest.

And as always, it is more about seeing and having fun with friends. I'm going to paraphrase, but Mark used to say, "If you're here for the trophy, you're doing it wrong. It's about the people and the relationships you forge." If it hadn't been for the RV and for friends like Ron, I may not have ever gotten involved in this wonderful sport and gotten to fly an airplane like the Extra. Thank you Shaun. Thank you Ron.


A Really Nice Pic of Jeff R's Panel

I have my G5 high and in the middle. I figure that if it is truly operating as a backup, I don't want my eyes searching too far from the center of the windscreen during a high stress situation.



Oct 22, 2019.  Issue #4,939.
  You may have heard about the Dallas tornado Sunday night (story).  Image below facing SW towards Love Field - you can see the tornado path from upper right to bottom center.  EF-3 with 140mph winds....largest tornado in Dallas county in 40 years.  The pics online are heartbreaking and our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected.
  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

click to enlarge


My RV Weekend ...several chime in.

Flew my RV14A 5.7 hours making two laps around Houston for continued engine break in and Phase 1.  I'm completely amazed at how good the G3X is ... everything working perfectly. How did I ever live without traffic and an AP? Awesome avionics for an even more impressive plane.

(Steve Melton)
Put-In-Bay Ohio.  Yes, Ohio has an island. very good weather.  ...

(Geoff McHarg)
Flew to Kansas City
Flew out from Colorado Springs to KC on Friday. I had a great time with my friends on Friday and Saturday. Flew back Sunday. Strong headwinds the entire way combined with mist in the morning made for a long flight back. All in all a great trip. Another friend of mine drove from Denver to the same get-together. 10 hours one way. Much better in the RV, even with the wind!

(Bobby Hester)
KHVC - KDXE Hopkinsville,KY - Dexter, MO.  My buddy David and I flew to Dexter for breakfast.  ...

Big South Fork Airpark
Took a young man that rents from me on his first GA experience. We flew over to Big South Fork Airpark in the hills of TN for a Seafood boil.

Beautiful fly-in community with awesome residents. Just outside the gates of a 5500ft, paved, lit runway with 3 approaches. Super nice. There are RV's on th field. If you have not been, it is worth checking out.

I think I may have lit flame for this young man to learn to fly. He seemed to really enjoy himself. He got quite the experience for a first time out. I let him hand fly most of the way there and we were in IMC the whole way home and had to shoot an approach.

Love my little airplane and what it can do.


RV-12iS Oil Cooler Winterization Kit - now available...mothership

Just in time for winter weather, we have published a Notification Letter for RV-12iS builders/owners outlining a new optional kit that allows you to block off part of the oil cooler for cold weather operation purposes. A new KAI section, 55iS-U, covers the installation of the winterization kit.

Three different-sized oil cooler covers are provided, and we recommend installing the FF-00126A (small) cover first and monitor how it impacts the oil temperature of your aircraft during normal operation. Oil temperature above 230*F (110*C) is acceptable during full-power climb-out. Do not exceed 248*F (120*C). If your oil temperature remains below 180*F (82*C) during normal cruise flight install the next larger oil cooler cover and monitor oil temperature.

Please review the notification post on the Van's web site service info page HERE.


Milestone: John Tower RV-6A First Flight ...mothership


Wiring Update ...jcarney

Wiring continues. I made some good progress this weekend for sure. I still have many many wire ends that need a proper home but this was a big one.  I'm hoping tomorrow I can make a rather large dent in the two Dynon main harnesses.


Petit Jean Pictures ...Bobby Hester


This Weekend ...goatflieg

Got the elevators and trim tab painted. This was harder than expected due to a few spots of odd spiderweb-like sharp-edged ridges that popped up in the primer that went unnoticed until I shot the first color coats. I suspect some contamination either below the wash primer; some consultation with Sherwin-Williams is in order as I definitely don't want that happening again. Got them sanded down, reshot the color and then the clear coat. Now I can break down the booth and get the fuselage, with the very expensive engine and avionics, back over to the heated shop for the winter.



Oct 21, 2019.  Issue #4,938.
  A very nice weekend here in N. Texas - hope the same where you are.  The Alliance Airshow was held locally (perfect Wx).  On Friday some of the usual suspects did our annual pre-airshow lunch on the outside porch at Schlotzsky's across the street from the airport during practice (caught the F-22 demo, Blues and new Bell V-280 in flight).  Not too shabby for the price of a sandwich (pic of Blues from porch).  Saturday I picked up something the wrong way and spent the evening and Sunday dealing with lower lumbar muscle spasms.  Dang body...it's been a few years since the last back hiccup (Turbo sent me a book on this last time and it helped immensely.  Thanks again Turbo!).  We have this massager that looks like E.T.'s head (we've called it 'E.T.' for decades) and it has helped a lot.  Feeling better by the hour.  Aging blows.
  Lots of RV news today to report, so let's get on with it.  Have a great Monday.
  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Milestone: Officially an Airplane! ...Roo747

After 8 years and 8 months


RV Stories: Mike Dooley ...mothership vid.

Mike is from Lee's Summit, Missouri and is president of local EAA chapter there - Chapter 91. He recently completed - and has since flown for the first time - his RV-8! This is his RV story.


Video: RV-8 and the Bremerton Run ...ArlingtonRV

Saturday 10/12/19 was a day that turned out better than forecast. There was supposed to be increasing rain later in the day and otherwise cloudy, but the clouds were at least 8,000' in most places. The radar picture (ForeFlight) showed abundant showers in the area, but it appeared that most of them did not make it to the ground.

Not wanting to go too far afield in case the weather deteriorated faster than forecast (it didn't) we went to Bremerton for lunch. After all, we will only have a few more opportunities to do so as the restaurant is closing at the end of the year. 


JDair Canopy Latch PIREP ...mulde35d

I ended up installing the JDair Canopy Latch in my RV-14A today and figured I would share the experience. Overall I think it is a great upgrade from the stock Van's handle which as others have mentioned seems flimsy. This one is definitely not flimsy. Took about 2.5 hours to modify the side skin rivet line and file out the holes for the handle. Most of that was my slow filing of the two main holes with a hand file so that I got the spacing just right.  more


Did the 40th anniversary of my 40th Birthday flight ...RONSIM

Great day after the nasty weather got out of Florida --- an RNAV 3 and ILS 9 at KBKV, rolls and maneuvers on the way back to KCLW. (Hope Heaven has a hangar for my RV, when I get there!



"I'm On My Way" ...the trilogy!

I finished the last of three videos today and like to share with you.
I also modified the first one some time ago so will post the link also.

So - here are the links of all three videos again.

I watched the videos many many times myself and I always enjoyed the memories very much - and still do!


Carb Enigma ...hcccs

I took my carb apart for a thorough cleaning and check and found a hole in the throttle throat I haven't seen before. I think I read about it in the Marvel Schebler handbook and they call it the BACK-SUCTION TYPE ENRICHMENT SYSTEM. The hole (fig 1) goes through the carb to the bottom (fig 3) and is exposed to atmospheric pressure. It also has a vent to the fuel chamber (fig 2). The hole should create some under-pressure at various throttle settings which should be fed to the fuel chamber. On the other hand the bottom hole is always exposed to atmospheric pressure so it doesn't add up. Does anyone have better knowledge on this?  more


New Panel in my RV-8 ...Westerhuis

A move to the UK triggered the need for a few changes to my panel. The European Union requires am 8.33kHz radio, Mode-S transponder would be great and I also needed a back-up instrument for airspeed, altitude and direction. Garmin conveniently (not) changes dimensions when bringing new equipment on the market and there you have it; the need for a totally new panel. As an advantage, it meant I could make a few other tweaks to customize the panel to my needs. Here is the result. In a way a shame as it's more cluttered as the previous owner and builder kept it tidy and minimalist.


Photos from Mojave Event ...Bruce Hill

It was a beautiful day for flying and the air was nice and smooth and calm, so my wife and I decided to head to Mojave and have breakfast there and look at all of the Rutan aircraft.


I want to build an RV-14A in my basement...

Luckily it is a walkout basement.

The doorway is 70" wide. Can anyone check their plans or built airplane and tell me if the fuse on the gear would fit through a 70" opening? My wife is a pretty tolerant woman, but she might not appreciate it if I have to demo part of the foundation to get my project out.

On a separate and unrelated topic, Van's quoted me about $2000 to ship the QB kit from Oregon to Virginia. I was considering picking it up and driving cross country with it to save costs. Good idea?




On That Note  ...DoctorDan

I am building my RV-14A in my basement, which has a considerably smaller door than yours. It's about 58.5" wide when open, and I was able to fit a QB fuselage in. Albeit not with a lot of space on the side. Basement has a lot of advantages such as being climate controlled and much closer by than the hangar. I make a lot of aluminum dust but am careful to vacuum it up, and wear a mask as needed. The priming takes place in the garage out back (P60G2).



Oct 18, 2019.  Issue #4,937.
  In line with my lifelong quest to keep the process of digestion going, I'm casting out the net a bit to see if there are any part time commercial flying jobs in the DFW area I can use to supplement my VAF gig.  So, if you or someone you know needs/wants a right seater in a King Air 200, PC-12, Citation II or similar, or knows somebody with a Caravan (C208) that could use another PIC on the list of people to call in a pinch....I'm looking for some side work. 1,700 hours. Commercial. Airplane Single and Multi Land; Instrument. 100 hrs turbine. Current in the Caravan.
  I clean up fairly well and will laugh at your jokes, even if I don't get them. Resume and letters of recommendation upon request. (contact)
  Next, if you are RVating in the N.Texas area this weekend, there is a TFR for the Alliance Airport airshow.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

  (Need a DFW-based part time contract pilot?)

Right Place Right Time

My buddy James Walsh took his RV-4 over to Alliance Airport Wednesday morning to visit a friend in the tower (James was an air traffic controller in the Navy).  While he was in the tower Blue Angel #7 landed (in advance of the weekend's show).  Taxied up to the tower....and parked next to James' plane.

Turns out James took his parking space.  It happens...

James Walsh photo.


My RV Weekend ...jpowell13

Partied with Aunt Willodean
Aunt Willodean just turned 95. Was able to hop in the RV and fly from Baton Rouge to Laurel, Ms in 1.2 hrs. Made her cry when she heard I was coming. So glad I went and that the RV made it easy. She loves to brag about her nephew that built his own plane and all the trips we made together in it. John


RV-3B Build Update ...David Paul

David Howe, my mentor, sent me some test coupons to glue and rivet to see if my glue process works on top of the white Stewart Ekopoxy primer. Note that I'm not bonding to the primer at this time and haven't bonded to primer on anything on the plane. This was just for interest, that and to compare to both rattle can SEM and Azko Nobel. Azko Nobel will carry a bonded joint, but SEM won't.

One test sample broke at 1,510 pounds, and the other two broke at about 1,400 pounds. Those two failed at a point away from the bonded/riveted joint. The three rivets alone are only good for 651 pounds per MIL-HDBK-5H, so this process adds substantial strength to the joint.

In this photo, the test coupon itself, not the joint, failed at over twice the load that the rivets alone, sans glue, is rated for. Looking at the rivet heads, it appears as if the rivets are virtually unaffected. The side clamp is there just as a support to hold the assembly in position for the photo.

The test samples were designed to resemble typical RV-3 riveted joints with the inclusion of glue, and this time, the white Ekopoxy primer. Before shooting the primer, the samples were abraded in the bond area, and then etched using Stewart EkoEtch before priming. After the primer was completely dry, it was glued using West System's thickened G/flex.

This testing was done to assess whether this primer could be used overall, with post-priming glueing. While it could, it would require pre-abrading the parts before the etching and priming.

A later series of tests essentially compared 3M's 2216 to G/flex. The 2216 is a stronger epoxy but that's all I can say at this time.  ...


Panel concept review (very rough draft) try 2 ...rmartingt

Although I'm probably a year to a year and a half from really needing to have it set in stone, I figured I probably need to start at least playing with panel concepts now so that I have the time to refine the layout, translate it into Catia, and lay out cut templates and break the panel into parts as necessary for manufacturing and maintenance. It'll also help me better visualize wire routing needs as I'm starting to lay in conduit and figure out where to mount the fuse panels (as those will be going in a little sooner).

With that said, I recently spent a particularly slow morning futzing about in Powerpoint (yes, Powerpoint... it's quick and easy for simple concept creation) and tried to figure out how to pack 12 pounds of stuff into a 10 pound bag. I wound up with about four different layouts and a few minor variations thereof; I screenshotted my two favorites of the bunch so far and theyre posted below. I was hoping to get some early feedback before I've gone down the road of detailed CAD drawings with cutouts and split panel sections, only to be overwhelmed with suggestions to change everything...

Please bear in mind--these are Very Rough Drafts, maybe one step beyond a napkin sketch. Again, I did them in Powerpoint one afternoon. Think about your first time with MS Paint or colored pencils and the outline drawings, planning your paint scheme... please ignore slightly uneven spacing or misalignment of switches, this is a draft. I'll work on precise alignment once I move to laying things out in Catia for cutting.

A few notes on the concept:

I intend for the aircraft to eventually be IFR equipped and to get my rating in it.

I haven't actually yet decided on Classic vs HDX; I have experience with the former and like it (single screen VFR implementation), but the latter I only played with at Oshkosh a couple years ago and found the Classic habits hard to break. I don't like that the knobs don't work like sticks; I found the interface a bit harder to use. But HDX keeps getting new features...

This concept is for the eventual full panel--it's likely that I won't have everything all there initially ("fitted for but not with" as the saying goes). IFR GPS, Com 2, standby EFIS (GRT Mini), and/or RH screen may be just cutouts with blanking panels at first flight. But the RH screen will make it in first, as most of my likely right seaters will at least know what they're looking at and be useful with it.

Switches are assumed to be TL toggles unless noted in yellow. Dashed rectangle is width for dual-pole switch.

As regards placement, the hard part is trying to pack in the knob and AP boxes (must-haves; driving autopilot through the screen itself is pain) with everything else. The SDS programmer (3.25x3.25 for the new one right now, per one of Ross's posts) takes up a fair bit of room too.

In both concepts, I placed the autopilot controls top and center like heavy iron; both occupants can reach and use it there. I looked at placing it somewhat towards the LH screen, but I still wanted to keep it to the right of the screen somewhere. I don't want to have to take my flying hand off the stick to twist knobs. The right seater can use the EFIS if need be.

In the first concept, Com 2 is the radio all the way to the left, with the intercom. It won't be used much and (as currently planned anyway) the right seater won't be able to talk on it. PTT for Com 2 on the throttle; I'm envisioning it mainly being used for inter-flight com for formation work, or just monitoring/ATIS/etc. But my bias may be from the type of flying I've done in the past; I have a good bit of formation time for someone with relatively low hours but little cross-country time and no IFR training (yet).

Second concept moves the radios to the center and puts the SDS programmer to the left, where it's out of the way (it won't be used much after initial testing).

I grouped all of the engine switches in the center, by the quadrant, so all the engine stuff is together. I haven't yet decided how to break the panel down for maintenance (I like Carl F's master disconnect idea) but one possibility is having the quadrant and engine controls separate from the rest of the panel. They won't share a disconnect with anything else and they're powered off a separate fuse block. Rest of the commonly-used switches to the left; the rarely-used stuff to the right. Flaps may or may not move to the stick, I haven't decided that one yet.

USB 5V outlets are crammed where nothing else would fit, but I could easily move those elsewhere, perhaps even to the armrest area or something else.

I know which switches are dual vs single pole, 2 vs 3 position, momentary, etc. but I have not noted it in the picture. I know someone will ask; the main and aux master are off-bat-alt.

With all of that said... thoughts?


First Flights Added to the Mothership



Oct 17, 2019.  Issue #4,936.
  Heads up N. Texas.  VIP TFRs are hot Thursday (map).  Beginning Date and Time : October 17, 2019 at 1715 UTC.  Ending Date and Time: October 18, 2019 at 0345 UTC

My RV Weekend ...RV8Squaz

As before my RV weekend started early and continues into Monday!

I haven't been using my RV in competition due to canopy problems. My friend Shaun asked if I was going to the Rome contest next week (10/18-19). And I said I was going to volunteer but not fly. He made me an offer I couldn't refuse, "You wanna use my Extra?" "Well, sure!" The problem is that one doesn't just jump into a machine like that and expect to fly it safely in a contest, much less with any kind of precision. He must of seen the look on my face. Then came, "We'll get you a few training flights. You'll be good." Fortunately, IAC rules allow safety pilots to ride with contestants when the contestants aren't qualified in a particular aircraft. Per the FAA - I'm qualified, the insurance company - no, and me - big fat HECK NO!

Shaun's airplane is an Extra 330LX previously owned by Patty Wagstaff. So, Thursday, I flew my RV-8 up to Habersham Co. (AJR), 85 nm. We flew two 40 minute flights with a couple of very short 1-3 minute breaks during each flight. I was beat. Forget the wet noodle, I felt like a noodle that had been boiled for two hours and beginning to fall apart!

Thank you Shaun!  ...


PJ Pics ...scrollF4 post


Two weddings and half a country ...Planecrazy232

A Texas wedding, a Massachusetts wedding, and lots of friends in between. 4300 miles, 11 stops and 29.5hrs in our time machine. I love this thing.  ...


Night flying Chicago ...jjbardell

The wife and I flew to BBQ at Lancing Regional. Took the city lakeshore route on both legs and the picture taking with my new iPhone 11 Pro were great. Also added from a sunset flight earlier in the week.  ...


Great Excuse for Missing Petit Jean ...and wonderful life milestone!

Ms. Patti and I are sorry we missed PJ, but we had a good excuse. May I present Mrs. Katherine Horton Haynes...with umbrella. The crud at PJ on Friday arrived in Alabama on Saturday. Not a good day for a garden wedding, but wonderful otherwise.


RV Series - RV/IAC Aerobatic Competition Standings

Sorry to be so late in posting this. I was honored to serve as the Contest Director for the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships in Salina, Kansas during the last week of September. This was the premier Nationals in Salina and due to the tremendous support of a very capable staff of volunteers and the support of a very welcoming airport and community the event was a great success! I had hoped that more RV pilots would compete but Oliver Spatscheck made the trip and finished with a score of 76.29% and a 17th place in a field of 24 in the Sportsman category. Oliver, I hope you had a great time and that you will share your impressions of the experience at Nationals with us. It's always a pleasure to spend some time at contests with Oliver. His enthusiasm for aerobatics is evident and his skills keep getting better with each competition.

Kathy and I drove our motor home to Salina from North Carolina and continued to Colorado after the contest in order to attend the 50th reunion of my Air Force Academy class of 1969. I tell people that and rather than asking me if it was a great reunion they immediately say "wow, you're old!"
Yes, I am and it was a great reunion. You youngsters fly safe... and inverted.


Odd leak from valve cap....moosepileit

I cross threaded a tube stem 30 hours ago. The valve cap on the left, with less rubber seal in it, caused a leak. It would thread on 4 turns. The replacement cap, on the right, from a spare tube, threads on 2.5 turns.

The cap on the left held air for 30 hours and more than 50 taxi, takeoff and landings.

Checked tire, tube, wheel, no issues.

Inflated to 40#, removed cap several times and heard a faint sizzle of air.

The cap on the left held air, until it didn't.

So, if you've ever cross threaded and fixed tube stem threads, check that your cap looks like the one on the right and doesn't thread on too many turns.


A few gorgeous RV-4 panel pics from a thread


Strange combination of issues

Our RV-10 has been working great for 2 years.

The system is EarthX PC680, Recently replaced main contactor (from ACS), Plane power 60a alternator, VP-X Pro, Garmin GTN650, GTR20 Remote Radio, Dual GDU460 (G3X).

The issue was first reported as BOTH COM radios getting X'd out. When I fired the plane up (engine off), COM2 was faulted with a "short circuit" but I reset it and it was fine. I could not replicate any issues. The last person who flew the plane had the radios get X'd out around the time of being handed off to departure.

After starting the plane, everything seemed okay until I tried to taxi. Advancing the throttles causes the amp reading on the VP-X screen to increase dramatically and then it cuts them both out with "short circuit".

Here's a video. https://youtu.be/q11zGFy63vU

One thing I notice right away, is that the system voltage finally gets up to 13.8 only as the engine finally hits over 1700rpm. In the past it would hit 14.1 at nearly idle RPM. NOTE: The data here is at 1 second intervals, before anything has time to go wonky. It's just an example of the lower than previous voltages.

At first this seems like belt slippage, voltage regulator, or alternator failure. But the Coms shorting out has me completely thrown for a loop. Thoughts?


DID YOU KNOW insurance is forever changing? ...LRingeisen

(VAF Advertiser)
Insurance changes constantly. We know 2019 has been a tough year for all of us adjusting to the higher premiums and tighter insurance guidelines, but we want to continue to keep you informed of some of the changes we have been made aware of. A couple of things we have noticed lately is that deductibles are starting to reappear. This isn't to lower rates, but instead to make the insurance companies more comfortable insuring low time pilots, specifically on tailwheel aircraft. We haven't seen much of this yet, but it has happened. Another thing we've noticed is that the RV-8/RV-8A have been getting more difficult to insure. Companies typically want to see pilots with at least 25 hours in the make and model. We're not saying that you can't get a quote if you have less hours than that, but we want you to know that it is easier if you do.

We're not the only one's trying to help you. Some of our insurance companies want to give you some tips and tricks of how to keep insurance costs down and how to make it easier to get the best policy available. Below is a link form Global Aerospace. With their permission, we wanted to pass this article along to anyone who may not have seen it. There is some good information in it.

Just remember, quotes are only valid for 60-90 days depending on the insurance company, because insurance is forever changing



Oct 16, 2019.  Issue #4,935.

First Flight ...Steven Hild RV-7

Well, the math don't lie, it's been 18 years since we began this journey.

During all of it I've leaned heavily on this web site for ideas, procedures, traps, etc. A couple of names stand out; Doug Reeves for hosting, Sharpie, Kahuna (still owe him a root beer), Bruce Hill, Richard Leonardo for suggesting I look into the product, the list goes on and on.

Of course my wife who has been in there at every step in every aspect getting down and dirty. And my Lord who said I'll supply everything you need to make this happen (1 Timothy 6:17).

A little adjustment for a heavy right aileron and let the adventure begin.

Watch that second one to the end for some bonus material.  see videos / continue


RV-8 and the Richland Run ...Steve Rush

Friday 10/11/19 was a really nice day in the Northwest. We were between rain systems, the air was smooth, calm, and clear. The winds aloft were forecast to be light making it a perfect day to head over the mountains. It was very smooth the whole trip, even right up against the mountains.

We did hit a few bumps right over the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, probably no big deal. I just can't figure out what that glow around the wings was.

On the way home we flew over Grant County Airport in Moses Lake, one of several places that Boeing is parking the 737 Max's that they can't deliver. You hear on the news and read about all of the airplanes parked, but until you see them it doesn't really sink in. That is a lot of airplanes. I counted at least 130, maybe as many as 150.


Vettermans trombone exhaust has arrived!! ...dwranda

Any tips would be helpful!
Yesterday my Vettermans trombone exhaust arrived. If anyone has any tips or gotchas they would like to share on the install I would be all ears!!


Garmin G3X (GDU 37X) V12.00, Oct. 15, 2019


We released new G3X V12.00 software for GDU 370/375 based systems today. While most of the changes are improvements that the user will not notice, there are a couple of new/improved features to mention.

Earlier this year we announced 3 new IFR navigators. The GPS 175 GPS, GNC 355 GPS with COM radio, and GNX 375 GPS with ADS-B Out Transponder.

While both G3X and G3X Touch systems supported the GPS navigation interface to these new navigators from the start, the G3X system has not had a configuration option to allow the GNX 375 to be selected as the aircraft transponder on the transponder configuration page. This is now available.

Another new feature of V12.00 is increased G5 flight display support. While the G5 has for some time displayed the lateral/vertical navigation data for external navigators like GNS and GTN, in a G3X system the G5 did not show navigation data when the G3X internal GPS navigation was being used, but does now. Additionally, when serial interfaced NAV radios like the SL 30 and GNC 255 are being used, this data is also shown on the G5 flight display.

To obtain the free download for G3X V12.00, visit the G3X software download page.


Changes made from version 11.80 to 12.00:
  • Add support for GNX 375 transponder interface
  • Add ability to share internal GPS navigation data with G5
  • Add support for Kavlico P4055-5020 pressure sensors
  • Add support for UMA 1EU50A manifold pressure sensor
  • Add Autopilot PFT (pre-flight testing) status display
  • Improve traffic data processing
  • Improve static pressure calibration procedure for GSU 25C/D
  • Improve CO detector CAS messages
  • Change flight director VOR, LOC, and GS modes to operate without navigation database
  • Update magnetic table
  • General improvements to system operation
  • Includes update to G5 software version 6.30
  • Includes update to GAD13 software version 2.00
  • Includes update to GAD29 software version 3.20
  • Includes update to GEA24 software version 3.60
  • Includes update to GSA28 software version 4.40
  • Includes update to GSU25 software version 3.90
  • Includes update to GSU25C/D software version 2.10


My RV Weekend ...goatflieg

I got some painting done.... horizontal stabilizer is finished.



Oct 15, 2019.  Issue #4,934.

Italian Milano special Airshow 2019

...lucaperazzolli pics in Italy


My RV Weekend ...various

(Rod Woodard)
I installed new brake linings because I discovered one was wearing unevenly. I think the slider pins were hanging up on that side. Didn't want to replace one without doing all of them. At $35 for an entire set, it wasn't worth saving $22.50 to have the overall wear out of sync with the rest of them.

Also installed a new Flyboy's pneumatic tailwheel. Haven't had a chance to fly it, but it sure looks pretty.

(Eddie P)
I had to work this weekend.  So, I flew to work in my RV-8.  1 hour and 5 minutes of bliss and I watched the cars crawling along the road en route I'll fly home from work in a couple days. 

Like a lot of people say, an RV is a time machine.

(Jon Farley)
Chile Flight
Video 1 / Video 2

Albuquerque's Chile Flight had a busy International Balloon Fiesta week, flying both Saturday opening ceremonies. During the week, FFI evaluations and check rides were administered to some of the members by Craig "2B" Wilcox (RV8) and Phillip "Ripper" Lamb (RV4)of KC Flight, both of whom joined us for the 12 Oct AIBF flyover. Chile members taking part in both Saturdays were "Vyking" Nystrom (RV3), "Zap" Rehburg (4); "Goat" Olsen (4), "Longbow" Jones (3), "Boo" Booher (8A), "Spanky" Farley (8), "Stogie" Otero (7) and "Goliath" Taylor (8).


200KT GS Club Entry ...sbalmos

What I thought was going to be highly improbable to achieve and left to the more-powerful RVs happened this past Saturday. Took advantage of a crisp, cold fall day, grabbed my oxygen, and went searching for my 9A's service ceiling. I didn't quite make it there - an air gap between my canopy skirt and the fuse was making for quite a chilly cockpit, even with heat. 21F made for some frosty hands!

But I made it in the 200kt club! That was one heck of an incredible tailwind I got when I turned to take advantage of it. Probably would've been even faster if I kept climbing. WOT here at 15k and the climb rate was still at least 400fpm at 90 KIAS when I leveled out. And this is on a typical 3-blade Catto FP, not repitched or anything, and 150 HP engine. Now I'm getting impressed at where the -9 likes to live, going multi-state cross country.


Electrical Project ...RV7ForMe

Sometimes at bed time when it would be to late to start anything else I tinker with some electrical projects.

I have read a bunch about the standard Flap motor not being "perfect"
During the rebuild of the other RV7A with G3X system the flap position was missing. So I added with a ray allen position sensor. It also had the "Flap Positioning System" by show planes.

Sensor mounted to the motor
Potentiometer mounted to the motor

This kicked of this idea. There is got the be a simpler way.
What I came up with is a motor that has it's own potentiometer inside.
Then I got a arduino board to play with and after about 3 months I got the first beta version that does everything I want it to do.


Status Report ...jcarne 7A

200KT GS Club Entry ...sbalmos
What I thought was going to be highly improbable to achieve and left to the more-powerful RVs happened this past Saturday. Took advantage of a crisp, cold fall day, grabbed my oxygen, and went searching for my 9A's service ceiling. I didn't quite make it there - an air gap between my canopy skirt and the fuse was making for quite a chilly cockpit, even with heat. 21F made for some frosty hands!

But I made it in the 200kt club! That was one heck of an incredible tailwind I got when I turned to take advantage of it. Probably would've been even faster if I kept climbing. WOT here at 15k and the climb rate was still at least 400fpm at 90 KIAS when I leveled out. And this is on a typical 3-blade Catto FP, not repitched or anything, and 150 HP engine. Now I'm getting impressed at where the -9 likes to live, going multi-state cross country.


Hangar Cleaning: Items for Sale ...Bob Collins

I've got to mate the wings to the RV-12iS fuse AND somehow fit the camper I bought (and couldn't use) at Oshkosh this year.

So in the process of throwing a bunch of stuff out (engine crate, C-frame table, soundproofing that I had for the old plane), I figured a few of these might be of interest to somebody. Or not.



Oct 14, 2019.  Issue #4,933.
  Really looking forward to some of the Petit Jean pictures showing up online - HERE's the thread for them if you're so inclined.  If you didn't go to PJ and got some quality RV time, chime in HERE if'n you wanna.  Hope you had a great weekend.

Milestone: Airworthiness Cert! ...bwestfall

Got my Airworthiness Certificate today! It's been a 13 year journey that at times I've wondered if it would ever end, build phase that is.

I guess its time to update my signature


PJ PIREP ...scard


RV3 Bottom Skins ...RV3Kev

Finally started on the bottom skins today. I found the problem with the inboard skins being too short. I was kind of expecting this based on reading a number of build sites.

Sketch 9 shows the overall length of the skin to be 48". When I add up all the other dimensions on this drawing, the over length should be 48 1/8". When I do the same calculation based on the rib stations, I get 48 1/8".


I'm On My Way: Video #2 ...SuperCubDriver


Milan Linate Air Show.

In occasion of a major overhaul of the Milan Linate Airport, the runway has been closed to traffic for the last few months.
Today and tomorrow a big airshow is scheduled and among many performers, including the italian Air Force Aerobatic Team Frecce Tricolori, there is also a VAN RV8 Aerobatic team performing a nice display.

Here the link to the italian newspaper....i will post some of my pictures in the next couple of day.

A big thank you to Luca Perazzoli and Dante Francesco for the beautiful display (pictures 18 and 19)


3D Parts To Make Your Build Easier ...Rteem

During the building process, I found it useful to have some things custom made. I am making them available on Shapeways without a markup just as a courtesy to other builders. This is my way of giving back to this forum which has been an amazingly helpful group of people. This isn't all of my parts, but it takes time to prepare these and upload - more coming in the future if people like these.

You can order directly from the following link - I'm not making any money here, so if something goes wrong or the part isn't to your satisfaction, sorry. Order at your own risk. I used them with success but am not giving any express or implied warranty. Constructive feedback is welcome.


What'd You Do With Your RV This Weekend? ...dr

Spent the weekend at Petit Jean! Flew formation, popped balloons with my prop, ate great food, had a blast!

Took advantage of beautiful conditions on Friday and went up and got my night currency back. Don't have much night time in my plane and nothing since January. What a great time to fly. I'm going to have to fix up my panel lighting, the dimable led strip I have is useless, it flickers widely and the only thing it lights up well is the photocell on my Dynon HDX which makes the dimming change on that.

Did my very first trip to Petit Jean.

Friday I waited for the wind and ceilings to go away and then hopped up to KSWI for cheap gas.

KSWI-KMPJ was awesome!!! Made 260mph GS on the way with the awesome winds! Arrival into MPJ was late, the airport was deserted! Not a soul in site when I arrived (they were all at the reception..) But it seemed like a disaster type movie... fires still going... stuff left behind.. not a person to be seen. Kind of cool.

Saturday I woke up early from the campsite and hopped over for some gas then joined Scroll flight for a 4 ship (my FIRST ONE) back to MPJ.. which was awesome... if anyone has any pictures of us coming in to the break, PLEASE share them with me.... I got 2 streamers during the balloon pop, I vow to kill those little buggers next year! [ed. James' formation skills are improving exponentially - he's got a few learner flights off my wing and he's solid. vr,dr]

Sunday, a solemn flight back to 52F by way of SWI... somewhere between MPJ and SWI I decided I needed to do some aileron rolls. So I did about... 5.

Was an INCREDIBLE time and exactly the reason I bought my RV-4. My only regret was not getting to really know anyone.  Next time I will be going up on Thursday to give me more time to check out planes and meet folks!


Interesting Morning Shot ...TomVal


RV Weekend ...N402RH [ed. You gotta see these mountain shots.  Wow! v/r,dr]

Jennifer spent the week working at Dynon in Seattle and had a reservation to fly home on the 6:30 Alaska Airlines flight. The plan was for me to pick her up at the Portland airport at 7:30 and then make the 3 1/2 hour drive to Sunriver in Bend OR for the weekend. I was dreading the Friday afternoon traffic in Portland when it dawned on me, I can actually fly to Seattle in the RV-10 faster than I can drive to the Portland Airport. We could then fly from Seattle direct to Sunriver and avoid the 3 1/2 hour drive and late night arrival.

I installed some new beta software in the EFIS screens that we needed to test and packed the RV-10 for the weekend. It was one of those spectacular fall afternoons in the northwest when Truman and I took off headed for Seattle to pick Jennifer up.


Words of Motivation ...dreed

It's been a long time since I was on the emp, but as I recall I screwed up more than a few things and made several trips down to Vans. Fast forward to the side skirts on the slider and maybe 2-3 sets later it's good. Everyone on here has different battles, challenges, etc. but we all have them.

I am not even flying yet but am finally getting close-ish and I say soldier on- stop, have a beer, organize your tools or take your wife out to dinner. You'll miss it and then head back in.


Milestone: It Begins ...jdog0411

Look what the FedEx guy delivered to me today. Empennage kit for the RV-14A. Now comes the inventory. So excited!


Basically Finished (his words) ...rv8ch

I'm happy to show you some pictures taken today of my basically finished RV-8. Not all the inspection panels are installed, since I need a final inspection before I can start putting fuel in, and starting the engine. Quite happy with the result!


Status Report ...kentlik



Oct 11, 2019.  Issue #4,932.
  The Petit Jean fly-in is this weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures when they start getting uploaded (placeholder created).  Pic #1 below from a decade ago - as always Jay Pratt center stage laughing. ;^)  RVs in the background of course.  Great venue and friends.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.


2019: Planes already there (Thursday evening).


When you Need Motivation (from the 'About to throw in the towel' Thread ...Jim Ivey

The RV-14 is awesome and very worth the effort. Putting your heart and soul into something and then conquering it is the point. Sometimes it's sand castles, ice sculptures or sidewalk chalk art. Things appreciated for the process rather than a lasting usable result. The process and learning is one of the best parts, even if sometimes only recognizable later. Yes, it sux right now. No candy coating about it. But this is precisely the thing you will look back on one day and appreciate your aircraft even more. It is the hard, complicated problems we step up to fix that makes us more whole. More complete. More satisfied in the end.

My very good friend Dennis built an RV-8 with his father. It was a 11 year slow build by two fellows who started from zero knowledge. At the beginning of the project one of Dennis' mantras was that he wanted to, "Savor the experience". A few years down the road found Dennis in the tail cone in 120 degree weather holding a bucking bar while his dad stood outside with a rivet gun hollering, "Are you savoring the experience?". It was a quote that got thrown around alot during the stressful parts of the build. Good guys. And the end result was one of my favorite airplanes of all time.

So, as for me. Did you know if you are building an Avid Flyer or Kitfox it is very easy to build two right or left wings instead of one of each? So much so the Avid factory had a wing hotline where builders who did that could swap one wing with another builder who built two of the opposite side. Please don't ask me how I know. That was a bad day in Flat Rock. What's more I was an aerospace design engineer in Seattle at the time. So you are doing just fine. And the RV-14 is super nice and worth it.

I am putting a newly redone engine on my RV-8 right now and when it's tested I would be happy to come up and visit you in Edgewood and let you have a go. I have a friend up there I need to see anyway. We airplane people types are good. We can count on each other.

Thanks for starting a great thread. In frustration for sure. But you hit a nest of people who know exactly how you feel.


Update on This Weekend's Memorial Fly-in in Calhoun, GA

Just wanted to bring this back to the forefront. I know the weather will be cool and we are hoping that it's VFR enough to draw a crowd. If you are within an hour or Calhoun, Ga. , please consider joining us. We want this to be a big hit. As mentioned, ALL PILOTS WILL BE SERVED FREE LUNCH. Mark brother is making a very large amount of BBQ to feed the crowd. Also, the spot landing and flower drops competition will have very nice prize giveaways.

Hope to see you there.


Wings ON Wings OFF ...Brendon Johnson's take

They have to come off at least once anyway
The wings need to be fit and the rear spar aligned and drilled. Then the bottom flange of fuselage marked and drilled. Then they have to come back off to install nutplates @ the bottom inboard part of the wing and counter sink the flange on the fuselage. If you remember everything the first time you can get by with only removing them once. I only did the rear spar hole the first time so i had to refit them to mark and drill the fuselage flange holes. I would also do the front tank to fuselage bracket as well.


Brian Lester's Mobile Tool Stand

Basically it started as storage for my table saw but turned into a pretty nice tool stand. I basically have 4 tools mounted to the top. Band Saw, Drill Press, bench grinder, and belt sander. It's not perfect as I sometimes have to shift the drill press slightly, but overall it works great and it's easy to move between tools when making parts (band saw -> belt sander -> Bench Grinder w/ Scotchbright wheel).

Below is what it looked like before the drill press and bench grinder. DRDT-2 doesn't work on the cart that well.


EngineBridge Firmware v.1.4 is Out ...VAF advertiser

Download the firmware file along with the Update procedure PDF here:
PMag Controller HW V1.4

If the PMags & Controller connected to the same power switch (such as Master Switch) and are normally powered at the same time then no need to update to this version.

A note from a customer that his dual PMags are not normally powered with the Master Switch, while the controller is. This is so he can work on the airplane or avionics without the need to have power on the Mags.

The current version of the Controller searches for one min for one or two PMags then it enables Wi-Fi pages. If dual PMags are available, this takes a few seconds after power up. If one PMag found, or none are found, it tires for one min before enabling Wi-Fi. This means for this customer, he needs to restart the Controller when he powers the PMags to start the engine.

This update lets the Controller keep searching for PMags after the initial one minute timeout. It is recommended to power the PMags & Controller at the same time, but for those who have their PMags on a separate switch and usually power the Controller first then this update solves the need to Restart the Controller after powering up the PMag.


Regarding his RV-8 Oil Cooler ...DanH

"It does not extend all the way to the freestream, but rather to the top of a converging exit bell exhausting all the cowl air. Oil cooler mass flow meets the majority mass flow at a right angle, more or less, so I didn't want significant velocity. So, if the duct exit is smaller than the cooler face area, it is not by much. The area was set by the available space between engine mount tubes. I do not know the exact area."


Garmin GDL 82 V2.01 Software, Oct. 10, 2019 ...g3xpert

Hello GDL 82 Users,

As some of you are aware, the initial GDL 82 software could transmit a couple of "uncloaked" ADS-B Out messages with real aircraft ICAO address and Flight ID on power-up, even with the transponder code set to 1200 and the Anonymous switch active.

Many of you requested this be improved, and we are happy to report that this work is complete. The new V2.01 software includes improvements to make sure that a system starting up with the Anonymous mode switch active and a transponder code of 1200 will enter Anonymous before transmitting any messages thus safeguarding the true ICAO address and Flight ID of the aircraft.

We also created a special non-certified aircraft service bulletin with instructions on using the same PC installation tool and USB interface you originally used to install/configure the system to install the new software.

The service bulletin and V2.01 software can be downloaded from the GDL 82 Software Download page. There is one download for the software plus service bulletin, and a second for the PC tool if you need it. The PC tool is unchanged.

Let us know if you have questions.



Small Business Comedy

ZipRecruiter mailed me this envelope yesterday.  Apparently they think there is more than one employee (me).  Now if you'll excuse me, the CEO has to go fix the toilet. ;^) 



Oct 10, 2019.  Issue #4,931.

An amazing story: Clifford Arthur Princehorn's RV-8A

Maitland, New South Wales, Australia.  RV-8A #82295

[ed. You're going to want to read every word of this.  The dedication and focus of Mr. Princeton is absolutely jaw dropping.  Well done, Sir!  v/r,]


First Flight Update

The mothership has added a bunch of recent first flights to their site.


Milestone: Phase 1 Complete ...WingsOnWheels

Completed phase 1 yesterday. I have the nose wheel fairings off right now for paint, but otherwise the plane is ready to explore. Currently will do 170kTAS at 8000ft DA wide open. I'm hoping to gain a few knots with the nose fairing.


Happy Birthday Tater!

Today is our son Tate's 19th birthday.  I just wanted to take a second to wish the best son a dad could ever want a happy 19th.  Mom and I are so very proud of you, the young man you've become, your work ethic, your kindness and your compassion.  We thank God every single day since you came into our lives.

Happy Birthday son!  Love, Dad.   

PS: Nice skateboard.  I'm guessing the previous owner had it going on back in the day ;^).


Milestone: Finally finished interior

Started building in 2009, first flight 2016, interior side panels 2019! After it was flying, my interior completion slowed to a crawl. My leather seats were done 5 years ago by me and a seamstress friend. Sides were bare aluminum till this week. I heard about Lemke upholsterers in Germany that started making RV interiors this year and with some trepidation decided to try them. I sent them a leather hide so it would match what we did and they turned out great. Their price was good, communication very prompt, and fit and finish excellent! Only downside was it took several months to complete. I'm so excited, I had to show off some pictures!
Ned Richer


Canopy skirt interior ...Sam_B

Hello all, just got the final shape of the canopy skirt done tonight. To get there, I had to make a few cuts then hot glue the skirt to the packing tape that was on the rear top skin. It turned out nice on the outside, but the inside looks rough. What did those that have gone before do to give the inside of the canopy skirt a more finished look? I was thinking of something like this.

It would be a good place for flashlights, pens, maps, etc though I'm not sure I need all that storage.

Also wouldn't work toward the back either, so I was just wondering what others had done.

Best regards,


Project: Design RV-6 Tire Jack ...mbauer

Working on a creating a portable RV Jac.

Came up with a simple screw jack setup. Now working on getting it manufactured by a local fabrication shop.

Gone through several design changes, have a final edition that isn't shown, it is over at the metal fab shop for a price quote. As you can see from the photos, I'm not the best welder...   continue



Oct 9, 2019.  Issue #4,930.

Got My Instrument Airplane Today in My 10 - Good Story ...Larry Anderson


I've had Commercial Instrument Helicopter rating for decades (courtesy of the U S Army), but to be legal for IFR in my 10, I had to get the Instrument Airplane add on.

When I called the Examiner, he initially said that he "doesn't do homebuilts". I was bummed out. He asked, "Is it a tail dragger"?. No, I said. I described a tricycle gear, 4 place, very nice machine. I also explained that is was an all Garmin glass cockpit, with the Garmin GTN 650 as the IFR navigator. He asked me to send a picture. I sent him a picture of the outside of the plane, and one with the panel all lit up. He immediately responded back, "OK I'll do it" :-).

Today when I was there for the ride, he actually brought a friend (an RV-8 owner) over to show him the plane, which made me proud, to show it off:-).

Anyway, the ride went well. I hand flew the 2 precision approaches (ILS and LPV), and the autopilot flew the VOR. I'm glad it's done. Now there's less pressure on staying legal VFR for my trips now:-). I really love this 10.


Petit Jean 2019 - WEATHER OPTIONS

"It looks like Thursday is great and Saturday Sunday will be great but chance of rain on Friday. Rain usually scattered this time of year but for those that want to come in a day early on Thursday for the pre-party party! No worries...... WE HAVE A PLAN to cover you!

We are expecting 20 - 30 airplanes in on Thursday, which guarantees us a good time on the ramp. Most of those booked the available rooms on the Mountain so no problem if you are already confirmed."  more


RV-7 For sale...Subwaybob

Man, I hate to do this because I love it, but I'm building a 10 and they are not giving away the engine and instruments these days...

RV Model: RV-7
Quick Build (QB) or Standard Build (SB): Quick Build
Slider or Tip Up: Slider
Location: KHQZ (Mesquite Airport Mesquite, TX)
Price: $108,250


Step for Taildragger Discussion ...Veetail88

Anyone installed the boarding step on an 8 tail dragger! Thinking about it as that first big step is kind of a pain. Pics please!


Thinking about a non-stop Atlantic crossing

. . .catmandu comedy

Just need a proper hard point (got a call into the mothership), plumbing should be easy.


My RV Weekend ...Jonathan Alvord

Thursday: Took the RV 7 for a short, warm up the oil ride, and then performed oil change.

Friday: Flew from Eastern Washington to Elko NV, Page AZ, and Santa Fe NM with my wife. Flying over Bryce Canyon with the fall folliage, over Lake Powell, and through Monument Valley along the way.

Saturday: Flew up to Grants New Mexico and read about Arrows Across America where arrow were placed on the ground for pilots to navigate across America delivering Mail. Drove up to the top of Mount Taylor NM (one of the Sacred Navajo Mountains) with my wife and Daughter. We left NM at 5pm and were able to over fly Canyonlands as the Sun was setting which was quite spectacular. The remaining 5 hour flight to Eastern Washington was at night, smooth and a bit chilly (1 degree Celsius). Arrived home and went Skydiving Sunday!
Total flight time 16hrs.



Oct 8, 2019.  Issue #4,929
  It was a glorious 60*F Monday morning in DFW and there was a LOT of RV activity at our field.  Hundred mile viz for the first time in long while really brought out the pilots.  Hello fall...we've missed you.

Headed to the Mountain ...Capt Sandy starts the 'Headed to Petit Jean' thread ;^)

Starting our journey to Petit Jean! All this has to fit in the RV - no problem, right? (Can you tell I love packing cubes??) Can hardly wait to see our friends on the mountain


Squeezer Smilies ...Greg

Hi all,

I clearly can't hold a squeezer straight to save myself and get quite lot of these smilies around round head rivets...hope the link works...

I'm not sure whether they are only in the primer or affect the aluminium as well (primer is way too thick so they possibly didn't get all the way through). I can't see any shiny metal at the bottom of any of them but I guess the only way to be sure is to sand it back to see if the aluminium is damaged and go from there. Any thoughts anyone, should I bother?



My RV Weekend ...RV8Squaz

My weekend started earlier this week.

After finishing the firewall forward portion of my condition inspection I took a buddy of mine with me to Columbus GA (54 nm) to deliver some Whelen LED beacons to be installed on our Bonanza. The airplane is there for an annual inspection. This happened to coincide with the shop's annual open house/bbq. Awesome people and food. The technicians at Columbus Aero Services are quite good. They're all very honest, hard working, and reasonable mechanics. Three of them are IA's.

Flew four legs. 1. Took my chute to Thomaston for repacking. 2. Left there to practice some aerobatics and went to Berry Hill to have lunch with a high school friend of mine that is also employed by the major airline based in Atlanta. He lives only a few minutes from the airport. He has a Bellanca Viking that he normally keeps there. We went to a relatively new mom & pop bbq joint in town that was very very good. Like I said, he and I went to HS together. He ended up taking lessons from the instructor I was using and also got his PPL. Later we went our separate ways, he to U of Florida and me to Embry-Riddle. He had a 21 year career in the Navy and me a 20 year career in the AF. And then we end up at the same air line living only 22 nm from each other. How cool is that! 3. He dropped me off back at the airport and I flew back to Thomaston to pick up my chute. 4. Flew back to Falcon Field and mixed it up in the pattern with various airplanes.

Gave a ride to another scout's dad that I have become friends with over the years. My son Max became an Eagle Scout last month and his son is on his way to becoming an Eagle scout very soon. The boys hung out in the hangar while the dads flew

Sunday (today)
Flew my son up to Chilhowee TN (92A), 112 nm north of FFC for his glider lessons. Filed IFR and took off in a 900' ceiling. Fortunately the gliderport was VFR. In addition to becoming an Eagle Scout last month, he also got to solo a glider for the first time last month. It was a big month for him. He turns 16 in February and the goal is for him to complete his Private Pilot-Glider check ride on his birthday and solo a powered aircraft the next day.

Tomorrow (Monday)
I plan on doing the tires and brakes. I've got all new tires, tubes, and brake linings to install. If the weather allows in the afternoon, a friend of mine is going to give me a ride in his Extra 300L in preparation for the next contest. A very very generous offer one of which I am very excited and appreciative of!

Its been a great few days with fantastic utilization of my RV! Sure is fun!


Status Report ...kentlik

Cut a section of the skin off to get access to the spar rivets, very clean and corrosion-free. I am rebuilding an entire leading edge for this wing.



Oct 7, 2019.  Issue #4,928
  A little .2hr hop Friday morning to realign the mental gyros was it for me, but a lot of folks got their RV on over the weekend (proof).  I spent the weekend hanging out with the Tater (home Fri/Sat), doing yardwork and studying airplane stuff (never stop).  While here he put new bearings and truck bushings in the 1979 Powell Peralta 'Skull & Sword' skateboard I used in high school and at Baylor, and took it with him back to SMU.  He promised a pic in front of Dallas Hall.  Original 'Bones' wheels from when they first appeared on the market - my Dad drove me down to the UPS facility in Waco to pick them up (I couldn't drive yet).  Bought them over the phone with a neighbor's credit card (handed them cash - we didn't have a CC).  Tate used his grandfather's vise (who he never met) to tune up the trucks on his dad's skateboard so he could be old school wicked.  Guess it's easier than him walking around campus with a bucking bar in his pocket. ;^)  
   I spent an hour down the Youtube wormhole looking at old 80's skateboard stuff, and I kept thinking..... "I had hair".  Fair warning if you go searching too...
  Lower temps finally arrived Sunday and M-W might make for some nice temps for an RV hop.  SMU is 6-0 for the first time since '82.  The three OTs for the win gave both Suz and me headaches <g>.
  I've talked too much.....on to the RV news.  Hope you had a great weekend! 


Status Report ...goatflieg


Weekend ...SPX

After a bit of ignition system troubleshooting during the week, it was time to enjoy the now fixed airplane. I flew over to Ramona, Ca (RNM) where they were having an 'Air Fair.'

Pretty nice showing of RV's in for the get together .. seven varying RV models flying in formation over the airport, Bruce Hill giving Young Eagle rides in his RV-9A, a few RV-6's in the main display area, along with my and one other RV-9A, plus Plummit's RV-10 in transient parking, along with a RV-6A, and perhaps others. RV's were well represented.

Several antique airplanes were being shown, a T-6 was giving rides, several light sport aircraft were parked in the show area, along with a glider, a few T-34's, and lots more that I'm missing.

In the back area were several exhibitors, ranging from the Boy Scouts to CalFire, the local EAA chapter, and many others.

Lastly, there was a bit of a car show area as well, with mostly classic cars.

The highlight of my day was running into the aviation insurance broker for my day job, who was there with her 13 year old son who had never been in a small plane. I fixed that. We went for a short ride around the local area, which he loved. Now he wants to learn to fly.


Status: 243 Hours In..... ...Earl Findlay

Hal and I have been hard at work on our RV-14. We ordered the fuselage kit some time back, and as of today, according to our build log we have 243 man hours into the build.

Everything is going smoothly, I am learning a ton, and based on our current pace, if we can get the kits, engine, avionics, and interior when needed, I think we have a good shot at getting the kit done in about 14 months, start to finish. This will put us nearly a year ahead of schedule. Keep in mind we are doing between 60 and 80 man hours per week. This may slow a bit, but we are scooting right along.

Starting this project, I was extremely apprehensive. It was all for nothing. If you're debating doing a build, JUST DO IT.


Status ...Foghorn 8

The big cut fastback style.


Weekend ...Scott Chastain

Rock Hopping
After 5 weekends of being stuck at home behind a computer, I took the Dove for a quick spin over Yosemite and zipped through Tioga Pass where we landed for some brunch at Lee Vining, California (O24). The weather was perfect with just a nip of autumn tinging the air.


N61LD Regestered ...LD Blake milestone

Calling in the DAR for this Friday if he can make it. 6 hous on Hobbs and 3.3 On the tach. My 1st piston engine overhaul and she started ran and broke in great.
I'm scheduled Thursday eve. For my hour of dual in an RV6 to satisfy insurance requirements.
I'm looking for test flight plans as required by FAA if anyone has one to share or a link to one it would be much appreciated. I'm currently using th AC to wright one up but could use some help.
The engine runs and taxi test have been unbelievably exciting. Hope to take flight this month my dads birthday month.


I think I need to order a new HS skin ...rv1988golf

I let the bucking bar bang against the skin on the forward rivet on the HS skin. Planning on ordering a new one . What do you think ?


Status Report on Panel Hinge ...jcarne

The hinges are not stock but a lot of people add little drop down trays for electronics. You can see the little "tray" in this pic (I should probably call it a panel). On the left side I'm going to put 2 fuse blocks and my e-bus diode. The right side will get the Dynon EMS and battery bus with e-bus relay. Stay tuned for pics on that.


Status Report ...kentlik

Tip for drilling rivets when they have paint over them: Don't remove the paint from them. Sounds crazy but after drilling literally hundreds if not a thousand rivets out, the drill bit wanders less and they snap off really nicely.

Saves a bunch of time.


Weekend ...Plummit

1st Sunday at Santa Paula
This morning we flew to Santa Paula for their 1st Sunday (of the month) event.
We transitioned the LAX Special flight rules corridor at 4500 feet:


Weekend ...bruceh

I gave 3 Young Eagles rides at the Ramona Air Fair for EAA Chapter 14. After they wound down the YE flights, I gave my friend Jim, a rusty pilot, a ride down and around San Diego. Gorgeous day to go fly! He was very impressed by the RV-9A and how it handles.

It was also good meeting Josh for the first time and seeing Al, Marc and Rita there, too.



Oct 4, 2019.  Issue #4,927
  (From the mothership) "We have a job opening for a RV Builder Tech Support Representative at Van's. This job is located at our Oregon office location. If you're interested, check out the listing and apply at jobs@vansaircraft.com"
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 


Fly-in coffee st Sunrise Skypark

Anyone else flying in to Sunrise Skypark (ID40) near Marsing, ID tomorrow for the every-Friday-at-1000 coffee in a hangar? I'll be there with my RV-8A


Weekend Fun ...SPX 9A

On Friday, I had a big RPM drop when I did a mag check. Opened up the cowling on Saturday, and discovered the #3 cylinder top plug wire was disconnected. Reconnected it, cleaned all of the plugs, and put the cowl back on. Did a runup, and all good.

Flew it on Monday and on the way back home, it didn't feel like the engine was running as well as usual. Did a mag check after landing, and cylinders #3 and 4 were dropping offline when the ignition selector was on R.

Opened up the cowl again, and on first look, everything seemed OK. Re-seated the plug wires, and that didn't help. Dug deeper and found an electrical connector for the lightspeed was loose. Secured it, did another runup and finally, all good again.

Need to find something to do with my RV this weekend, now that it's running well again!


Part 32: Resurrection ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


Weldon 16 is cracking my canopy. Why??? ...dwranda

I had a crack in my canopy and decided to fix it as well as I could using the weldon products. I drilled a hole using a plexi bit to stop the crack. I filled in the crack with the thinner weldon #3 and sanded it down so its smooth. I then filled the stop drill hole with #16. I checked it about an hour later and there were little spiderweb cracks emanating from the hole. I had no idea how they showed up. I drilled those out and just filled those holes with the 16 again. 10 minutes later more cracks showed up. I drilled a bunch of practice holes in some scrap and can't get any cracks to show up in the scrap pieces. Why is my canopy cracking when I put the weldon in the hole?


Sedona Airport Day, Sat. Oct 5, 2019

This Saturday, October 5, 2019 at Sedona Airport (KSEZ) from 9 am to 3 pm.



Oct 3, 2019.  Issue #4,926  

VAFcast#6 ...Sid Mayeux RV-7A

The VAF podcast.


First flight ...DeltaVee47 RV-14

Good morning
We flew N557GB for the first time yesterday-twice actually.
The plane flies perfect straight and level hands off. A real testament to the Vans folks that a rank amateur can assemble a plane that flies great right off.
Two questions
1)The manifold pressure was reading about 30 inches on takeoff where I was expecting maybe 28.5 at sea level. I do not see that there is a calibration ability for this in my G3X touch system. I have dual p mags with a tee junction for the MAP tubing. Could a slight restriction somewhere cause this reading or should I look elsewhere?
2)I love the sensitive control inputs but pitch seems almost too sensitive and when I put the nose down and speed built up the control forces became very heavy. I reduced power to avoid pulling too hard. Normal for this bird? I actually hope so and I will learn to use the touch of a surgeon.
Otherwise perfect flight. We found nothing amiss under the cowl after so we buttoned up and flew again because why not?
Thanks everyone for this and all the support over the years
Greg Beckner


POH and G3X Checklists ...Justin RV-10

Wanted to share the 'POH' I put together for the plane. I basically copied the format of some production aircraft and put it in a smaller 'mini binder' format. The idea is that one, it tracks info for me to reference but I can also let another pilot (or passenger) read it and it will inform them of some of the different aspects of what I put together. I took it to Kinkos and got it color printed and spiraled for $16.

I also really like the checklist feature of the G3X. I not only use it for checklists but as a reference source for performance data and maneuvers. The tool to create it is a bit clunky but wanted to share what I had anyhow. Just open it with the Garmin tool.


Traffic from multiple sources - conflicting ...jeffsvan


My first install (before all the ADS-B equipment) was a GTN650 with GTX330 transponder. This could show a terminal area traffic on the display.
I believe that traffic is called TIS-A ?

Later I had the GTX330 transponder upgraded to a GTX330-ES.
This satisfied my ADS-B Out requirement.

I added a portable GDL39 antenna so I could see ADS-B IN on my I-pad.
I am assuming that equipment sees the new TIS-B traffic.

My avionics shop said I could keep the TIS-A active on my GTN650.
It would do no harm. Eventually TIS-A would be obsolete.

Everything was working fine for many months, however, the last few weeks I am getting continuous false alerts on the GTN650 (TIS-A) showing a target 0 miles and 100 ft lower in altitude. I believe this is my own aircraft.
Nothing shows up on the I-pad and I see no other traffic near me.
I assume now I will need to shut off the TIS-A on my GTN650?
I searched the GTN650 menus and could not figure out where/how to do that.

My airport is located under a class B .

Q: thoughts?

A: (g3xpert)
Hello Jeff,

You can disable TIS-A traffic in the GTX 330ES setup. Doing this should make the problem go away, but of course you lose all traffic on your GTN since it doesn't sound like it is connected to an ADS-B receiver. You may eventually need to also disable the RS-232 traffic interface between the GTX 330ES and the GTN.

Some of the newer 1090ES transponders like the GTX 345/345R/45R and GNX 375 don't even receive TIS-A traffic anymore.

Do you have more than one pressure altitude source supplying your GTX 330ES and/or GTN 650? It sounds like the ownship traffic identification is failing since it is seeing a traffic target 100 ft below the aircraft.

If this only happens when you are climbing or maneuvering, it could just be the normal delays which are present in TIS-A traffic. By the time your aircraft receives an update of "you" on the ground uplink, there is sufficient altitude and/or position split that the system treats it as another aircraft and alarms.

Your GDL 39 does not receive TIS-A traffic, so that is why this has not been an issue except on the GTN.



31. Salt of the Earth ...Scott Chastain 'Resurrection America'


Am I missing anything on this Garmin GNS-430W pinout? ...jcarne

Hello everyone, I am trying to finalize the pinout on my Garmin 430W tray and would really appreciate it if someone with more experience could review the items I crossed out in green to see if there are in fact some that shouldn't be corssed out. I think I have it down but I don't know what I don't know. I also am thinking to myself "dang, there is a lot of open spots in them connectors". I would really appreciate it, even if you could direct me with where to go for more info!

P.S. I read the manual, it doesn't give detailed descriptions for most of this stuff. Or descriptions that a noob like myself can understand sometimes Most of it was based off of looking at the drawings.

Also attached is my panel. All Dynon through an ARINC-429. Com is a GTR-200 and audio panel is a GMA-245.

Mega thanks in advance!


Classic Aero RV-14 Side Panels ...bkervaski

RV-14 Side Panels are here! The usual Classic Aero quality .. A new latch system, vent cover trim, and they even included tools and thick plastic drilling templates .. nice!


52F Runway FOD Check 10/2

...Rob Reece hand model.



Oct 2, 2019.  Issue #4,925  
  A reminder that there are criminals in this world and they are darn sneaky.  If, for example, a piece of expensive avionics comes up for sale and you're interested in possibly buying it, please read this first (#4, 5, 8 and 11 are pretty important).  A link to this document lives on the front page a little bit above the Off Topic picture.  Buyer beware.
  Unrelated, I guess you saw this from O'Hare.  "That's how you do it."  

Amazing Day First 2 flights! ...ty1295

Today was the day so many of us look forward to.

RV9A, Originally builder was Carl Peters who posted on here several years back. He got the kit just past quick build status, I was lucky enough to do all the personal item selection like Dynon, Titan IO-340, Catto Prop, etc.

I purposely did not install any Aileron trim yet as I wanted to see how the plane flew first. I am happy to saw we were able to fly completely hands off first flight.

I can also attest to how valuable I found the "ADDITIONAL PILOT PROGRAM". I am very fortunate to have a 700+ hr RV Time and builder on the field, CFII and co-pilot of the 747 that flew into Oshkosh this year just a few hangars away. He has been super valuable in his insight on building, and today the flying. I did the takeoff with minor verbal suggestions. During the flight one of us could fly, while the other watch engine status, radios, etc. Being a low time pilot I knew I wasn't ready to solo a new airplane, but surely wanted that first flight of an airplane after years of work and an empty piggy bank.

As I have read on here before, keep pounding those rivets and dedicate time on a regular basis and you will make it.


What He's Using for Panel Pics ...Draker

Garmin supplies downloadable 3D models on their web site for all of their G3X equipment. Go to their manuals page, and click G3X 3D Models - .STEP

For the switches, buttons, lamps and knobs, many of the components have 3D models available on DigiKey for download.

For the items without downloadable models, I just mocked up something simple based on the hole cutouts and (if available) drawings. I ended up doing my own models for the ELT remote, pull cables, vents, USB charger, hobbs, circuit breaker, parking brake handle, and round steam gauges. If anyone needs any of these I could figure out how to export the models.


Miramar Airshow Write-up ...bruceh


Hudson SFRA ...Saville

The weather worked out and there were no TFR's so I took the opportunity last weekend to fly the Hudson SFRA corridor.

The pictures below are stills from the GoPro video I took. They don't do the view justice at all - not sure why the photos seem a trifle washed out - it was a nice clear day.  ...


Updated version of RV-12iS Maintenance Manual has been published ...mothership

Van's has published a new revision of the RV-12iS Maintenance Manual. The list of updated items is below, and the PDF document may be downloaded from the Service Information section of the Vans web site.


RV-12iS Maintenance Manual v3.1 - Change List
1-21,22: INSTALLED EQUIPMENT LIST, updated the Skyview Weight and Arm values
3-8: FIREWALL FORWARD, removed cotter pins as inspection item
3-9: FWALL FWD, added "Check exhaust sys. ball joints for proper anti-seize lube"
4-2: Moved "Cherry Max CR series rivet ..." note to Page 17-3
14-2: "EX-00030" in the Components table was "Muffler Assembly"
16-3: Added QR code link to how to video to access ROTAX 912iS fault info in EFIS
17-3: Revised "rivets" section
18-3: Added ELT Self-Test, Insp. bat. Life for RC Panel & Audio Alert Ind.
18-15: In the INSPECTION CHECKLIST add the "Self-Test"


RV-14a in Single Car Garage - build size? ...Poindexter

Planning on building an RV-14a in my single car garage (hey, it's what I have!).
The inner garage dimensions are 10'2" wide and 20'4" long. The good news is that doors open on both ends.


OT:  The Sound of Marsquakes

"...Out of more than 100 events detected to date, about 21 are strongly considered to be quakes."



Oct 1, 2019.  Issue #4,924  

My RV Weekend ...bruceh

Miramar Airshow!
I got the chance to fly into MCAS Miramar and have my RV-9A on static display for the 3 days of the airshow. I'll write up more on the experience when I get a chance.


New RV Stories Vid ...mothership

Brandon is from Denton, Texas and is building a RV-12iS. He's also had some experience on a RV-10 project.


The RV Weekend ...RV6_flyer

Short local flight. 0.3 Hobbs / 2.0 gallons on Sunday 29 September 2019

My GAD13 arrived from Steinair. The GAD13, CAN Bus termination, and connector weight 3.8 Oz. Started looking where I am going to mount it. GMU11 is in under the vertical stabilizer and I wanted to mount it there BUT Garmin has a recommended two-foot or more separation from the GMU11. That would put the GAD13 in the tailcone and I really do not want to work in that location.

There is room behind the panel in front of the G5s on the "sub-panel" or bulkhead in front of the panel. GAD13 mounted and should get wiring done tomorrow. Will find out if my 'homemade' OAT works after setting the G5s for the GAD13. IF my 'homemade' OAT does not work, then I will need to purchase one of the recommended $100 OAT probes. Two contacts, a little wire, some time, and $5 for brass tubing using parts I already had on hand is not a lot of wasted money or time if it does not work.


Mothership News

New ADAHRS/Magnetometer brackets for RV-7/9/10 builders
Van's has released and is now shipping a new mounting tray option for RV-7/9/10 builders who need a place to install common ADAHRS/magnetometer units from Dynon/AFS and Garmin.

These mounts provide the RV-7/9 or RV-10 builder a convenient, pre-fabricated option for installation of common AHARS/ADAHRS components from Dynon and Advanced Flight Systems (SV-ADAHRS-200/201) as well as the Garmin's GMU-11 magnetometer. When a builder is not using one of these common components, holes may be drilled in the flat support face of the bracket to accommodate other devices, if/where necessary. Determination of suitability for use with other components is the responsibility of the builder. When installed, these brackets are attached in the upper tail cone. Stacking of two Dynon/AFS ADAHRS units is supported.

Detailed information can be found in the OP-60 optional plans drawings, located on the Van's web site at HERE

The Van's part numbers for the kits are:
RV-7/9 ADAHRS bracket kit
RV-10 ADAHRS bracket kit


October Wallpaper Calendar ...courtesy Mr. Ed Hicks


Special ...VAF advertiser



Sep 30, 2019.  Issue #4,923
  Friday I got in a little formation training hop with 52F new guy James Walsh in his RV-4.  His brother John rode in my pax seat and got some pics.  Gary Platner rode in the back of James' plane with helpful tips.  Saturday Susie and I turned this into this, and Sunday was spent nursing sore muscles.  The back still hurts but we saved money....;^).  In the Tater department, he got back the grade on his 2nd Chemistry exam at SMU (25% of his grade).  89.6.  And the grade on his 2nd Spanish exam?  88.25.   The kiddo is adapting well to college and finding his stride.  He's back in the chemistry lab now also as a PAID student - $10/hr.  No more of this intern stuff <g>.  Chest swelling with pride for the Tate Man!!!
  Hope you had a great weekend and got to do some RV stuff.  There is a thread if you want to let us know!  

John Walsh photo


I'm On My Way (the video)  ...SuperCubDriver

Here is one first video as promised. More to come.


Initial Contact ...Brett

New to Forum - Considering buying an RV-8/RV-7
I'm considering purchasing a used RV 7/8 as I really like the RV aircraft performance, community and quality product but have never flown in one. Wife and I were thinking about flying out to the RV factory for a tour and get a demo flight next week but their RV 7 will be gone to airshows and they no longer have an RV8 to demo. They suggested reaching out to the VAF forum.

I live in CHS SC, if anyone in the area or SC / GA would be willing to offer a ride or let me sit in your aircraft and discuss your experience it would be appreciated.

I have a friend who's building an RV-8 but he doesn't have it here in SC yet and likely a couple years before it's completed.

Thank you,



Weekend RV Fun ...rightrudder

Flew to Mojave Spaceport for breakfast. Always fun to peek inside the Scaled Composites hangar...I saw both ARES and Proteus.

So nice to have a smooth air flight. I got pummeled by turbulence last week flying up to Lake Powell, but the sunset flight over the lake was calm and serene.


If you use Garmin Pilot ...9.7.2 is out


Weekend RV Fun ...Flandy10

College Football anyone?  Three out of last four weekends, it's been college football trips. Have plane, will travel. First two were back to back trips to West Lafayette, IN.


Weekend RV Fun ...Jerry Esquenazi

I flew back home to Falcon Field (FFC), Peachtree City GA from the US National Aerobatic Championships In Salina (SLN), KS, 714 nm each way.

I had flown there earlier in the week to support the contest by volunteering in the various necessary positions and see some friends. I was able to deliver some parts I picked up at Spruce that a competitor needed. I did not fly in the competition. I've come to realize that I'm going to need to get the right tool for the job. I'm never giving up my RV-8, but I'm currently looking for both an Extra and a partner in the S. Atlanta metro area.

By the way, Ron Schreck was the CD (Contest Director) for the event and he did a masterful job of organizing and running the championships. The event is similar in scale to a small air show. We had nearly 100 contestants that flew 300+ flights and dozens of volunteers worked to pull off the class act event. Everything from site prep, to hangar space, fuel, the FAA, the city, banquet facilities, rental cars, hotels, etc all needed to be planned and coordinated. Ron's been working on this for many months and his efforts paid off as it was one of the most successful national championships in recent years.

However, we only had one RV compete this year. Oliver Spatscheck came all the way from NJ in his RV-8. I'm sure Ron will update the leader board when he recovers, but Oliver had a very respectable finish with a 76.29%, beating out a Pitts and an Extra. Way to go Oliver! Great to see you again.

On the way back, I filed IFR and climbed to 17,000' to get through a line of thunderstorms near Springfield MO. I had a nice smooth ride and a fantastic view of the storms. I love my UAvionix ADSB! At 17K, I was burning 7.4 gph and getting about 170 kts TAS. I am sure going to miss my IFR and night capability getting to and from contests if I ever do get the Extra. Most of the Extra's are restricted from Night and IFR use even if properly equipped. The flight manual on the certified craft requires Day, VFR use only. Many of the older ones are Experimental.

In any case, it was a super fun week! I hope every one else had a fun-filled and safe weekend.


Your RV Weekend ...Mark Dickens entry

Flew the -8 to see an old friend in Shreveport and help him get the gear on his RANS S-19 kit...


Alt Inop Light and G3X ...bjdecker UPDATE

Just to update this thread --

I removed the alternator put it with the "spare parts" and installed a brand new one, problem solved -- but not really.

A few weeks later, a buddy of mine was trouble-shooting his alternator and wanted to "borrow" the diode/regulator pack from my spare stock; I carefully removed the screws connecting and holding the diode/regulator pack in place and discovered that one of the 3 wires was broken and was just making a point-contact that was very susceptible to vibration...

So, key takeaways --
1. The ALT Light is probably a good thing to have wired into the G3X touch CAS.
2. It doesn't need a pull up resistor to make it work.
3. If it goes off (#assert) it means something is wrong - for real.


This Weekend ...Vlad

I am far away from my RV but my good Dagestan buddy just did first taxi runs. I am glad to be part of it


Engine stumble help ...Simon Hitchen

Hi guys, I've recently completed another annual inspection. FWF I checked everything, removed and cleaned the fuel injection nozzles, cleaned the spark plugs, checked the mag timing..all the usual things. Compression in all cylinders above 77.

I've flown 5 times in two days since the annual and on two occasions while turning crosswind at 500' after take off the engine has stumbled momentarily. Normal operation followed for the duration of both flights. Certainly took the enjoyment out of them tho...

I downloaded the data file and for the more pronounced of the two incidents there is a marked drop in number 1 EGT with an associated drop in Prop RPM (fixed pitch).

Any thoughts, maybe unseen debris in the injector?



Sep 27, 2019.  Issue #4,922
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  

Sky, Scorch and Grump years ago from the vault.


Status Report ...jcarne 7A

Well it's been a couple weeks but not due to a lack of work. I have been hard at it with wiring and panel work while I still wait for my engine mount. I would have REALLY liked to save this panel work for the winter as it would be perfect inside stuff. It just didn't pan out that way though.


I decided to use some coated aluminum called Durablack to make all of my panel labels. This worked spectacularly! The Durablack meets a milspec and has some impressive environment testing on it. I bought some Durablack in 0.020" and 0.005". The 0.020" for a sheet of 12" x 20" was about 35 bucks from johnsonplastics, it also has a very nice adhesive backing (although you can get it without if you want). This size sheet was more than enough. The 0.005" was a little harder to work with, didn't shear as well and honestly really, really thin. The thin stuff would be great if you wanted to curve a label; however, everything on the panel is flat so 0.020" it was. This was also a great opportunity to teach my new classes this year how to use our laser engraver. Those of you that use a laser engraver know what a reaaaal treat it is getting the power and speed settings just right for a new material is. It took us quite some time but in the end we got something that worked awesome.

The Durablack material is quite unique in the sense that it is not anodized aluminum in the traditional sense. When you laser engrave anodized aluminum you are left with bare aluminum underneath that doesn't contrast as good as some other colors. The Durablack once engraved actually turns a rather bright white that contrasts nicely. Here is a closeup of a couple labels. There was also the added bonus of engraving center marks for the center punch so you could drill em out!  continue


Survival Bag/Kit/First Aid Thoughts ...Paul Dye

"Google "Caving Supplies" - cave explorers use bags that need to keep things dry when completely submerged in muddy water, and they need to be able to find them in muddy caves, so they are often quite bright.

However, I subscribe to the maxim that :if you aren't wearing it, you don't have it" in a crash. Your first instinct in a crash is to get out of the airplane. If it then catches fire, your survival gear is gone. Of course, you can only wear so much, so a separate "supplemental bag" isn't a bad idea...just think about having the essentials (like a PLB and other signaling equipment) on your person when flying over wild country."

dr's survival vest.  more pics
Search 'SRU-21/P' and you can find
many options online...


Survival Situational Awareness Thoughts ...pvalovich

I have been doing solo 2+ week backpacking trips in the Sierra Wilderness for over 30 years. I've also attended survival training courses in Cold Lake Canada and Death Valley, CA.

Survival priorities are situationally dependent.

In extreme cold your first priority is warmth - first build a fire. You must keep your hands from freezing. After your fire is raging, relax and sort things out. If you have snow/water, you aren't going to die anytime soon.

In the summer desert, first find shelter from the sun (even elemental shelter) and collect a survivable water supply. If you don't have water, you have to decide on whether to set off in search of water, or stay put and bank on a timely rescue.

In most situations where you are uninjured, you can survive for weeks with no/limited food if you have water. Shelter can be built from just about anything (check out the shelters used by the desert Indians).

The ultimate long-term survival tool is your brain and your attitude - you have to want to survive and deal with the hardships of living in the wilderness until rescued.


Part 29...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


How the heck to pull this rivet? ...Terry Shortt RV-7

Hey guys,

I bought a used, mostly assembled wing and emp kit and have been slowly but surely inspecting it one piece at a time for build quality and conformity. Came across something today that I'm gonna have to ponder a little bit. I'm hoping somebody might have a technique that would help.

On one of the ailerons, the previous owner forgot to install the pop rivets on the back side of the counterbalance pipe common to the nose ribs. They match drilled the holes, but space is too tight to get a pop rivet tool in there, even if I remove the aileron hinge brackets. Likewise, I think that the angle is too great to pull it sideways with any confidence of getting it to set straight, especially on the inboard side.

Does anyone have a technique for pulling a pop rivet without a gun? I'm thinking about maybe experimenting with some sort of threaded mandrel, but haven't started experimenting yet and don't want to reinvent the wheel if somebody's already been there.


Baffle Seal Photos ...Walt's entry

My CHT's rarely reach 350 even with the new HC IO370 in Texas.  more



Sep 26, 2019.  Issue #4,921
  Note: Friday edition might show up online later than usual - schedule conflict.  

HS remote work surface - RV style <g>.
Chair slides right under.


Reader Milestone:  Retirement ...mike newall (England)

Well, after 27 years of Inter European, Airtours, MyTravel and Thomas Cook, the robbers in the high tower finally drove us into the ground. However, only the UK arm of the airline was affected - miraculously, both the German and Nordic airlines received support from their governments and are still flying. Our fleet of 40 were grounded on Sunday, the CAA and UK Government rented in 40 foreign airplanes to recover our passengers at a cost of 600 mil.

Anyhow, I am 61, was going at Christmas in any case but that doesn't cushion the blow for thousands of other employees.

But, on Saturday, I had to ferry an empty A330 from Manchester to Glasgow - 36 minutes and bless them, the Engineers asked for a full power take off.

I briefed the FO about the event, but it still blew his socks off !

Here are the stats.

Normal empty position sector from MAN to GLA. The Engineers had asked for a full power takeoff, which is required from time to time to trap parameters. Once at Glasgow, it then goes to Cancun and back. As they fuel with bowsers at GLA, we take 30 tonnes of gas up to speed the turn, so my take off mass was 151 tonnes.

V1 - 115kts
Vr - 115kts
V2 - 122kts

The anti stall/surge system on the Trent is MEASTO and it controls the rate of acceleration of the engines, hence it takes a while to spool up, but at full power, that is around 31,000kg of thrust from each engine, each consuming around 11,000kg per hour at take off.

Sorry fellas - times by 2.2 to make it imperial ;-)

So, we are on our way !

At rotate, we wait until the main bogies have dropped, that ensures tail clearance and then it is a smooth pull to full back stick which gives about 28* nose up with full envelope protection in normal law. We are now at about 150kts and the speed starts to decay slowly as the rate of climb peaks at around 8500 fpm. Then you notice a slight pitch down as the speed comes back to around V2 plus 10 and we continue the climb to thrust reduction and acceleration at 1300' doing around 6000fpm. At no time during the process are you anywhere near limiting speeds or protections kicking in, it is just what an empty A330 does when you give it the beans !

Then it is normal - albeit it with a slight grin.

We landed, got home, the airline went bust that night

I have done several talks to aviation enthusiasts over the years so I reached out to see if by fluke, anyone had captured the take-off. There are a lot of them every day at the airport - great folks, full of enthusiasm for aviation, just sometimes not able to take part.

Can you imagine my complete surprise when this appeared on YouTube3 hours later.

A massive, massive thanks to AirBorn Media, John Rawson - look at his stuff, great work.

That's it folks, full time RV building and flying, no more sneaky meet ups down route, I need a new Barber, mine was on OBT in Orlando - Rays Styling, Best Hair Cut In Town, Advice Given......

It's been a blast, but it is time to move on, my Doris (Andrea) turned 70 this year, we got a new puppy, Woody - lots of life and adventures.

To steal a good man's line.....

Back to Work

RV Hotel open for business in Harrogate England.


Pretty Cool Bead Break Tip

...seen on kitplanes.com (VAF advertiser)


RV4 alternator

Q: I have a 4 finished in 1992, I did not build. I'd like to replace the alternator.
The one on the plane has no markings and the builder's log makes no mention of it.
Did Van's supply them back then? Anyone have a suggestion for replacement?

Aka YellaDawg

A: It may be the 35a externally regulated alternator that Vans sold for many years. It is from a 1978 Honda CVCC (no air conditioning). A common rebuild part number for this alternator is 14184. But unless your RV has relatively low hours the original alternator has probably been replaced.

A: I have the 14184, works fine.
Take a photo of the profile and harness jack with whatever plug it has removed and it'll get sluethed out. The 14184 is harder to find now- O'Reilly stopped carrying them. Still on available from other online searches, if that is what you have- but likely not true OEM New Densos.

A: I have two 14129 (they interchange with the 14184) alternators, one is a new rebuild in the box, one was removed from my Rv4 for an engine replacement. I also have the original case mounting brackets and a couple of regulators. would like to get ride of everything - cheap. PM me if you have an interest.

A: I also use 14184, but concur that 14129 is the same--except the fan is vaned to spin the opposite direction--and it is easier to source. Alternators don't care which way they spin and Van's originally supplied the alternators without fans to begin with making the direction of spin irrelevant. I took mine off to give better cowl clearance. A blast tube in their place is a good preventative measure though.


Part 28: The Wind ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


Initial Contact ...Jeremy

Introduction: New RV-14 Builder
Hello everyone,

Wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jeremy, and I am a relatively new forum member, but have been dreaming of building an RV since the mid 90's. I am a private pilot, and got my license in 1995, although for a multitude of reasons I haven't flown much in the last 10-15 years. I'm now getting back into active flying, and am revisiting the dream of owning my own aircraft.

While I was in college in the mid 90's I poured over issues of Kitplanes and Sport Aviation magazines, and wanted to build an RV-6A. I even ordered a set of the preview plans and thought I could figure out a way to build an aircraft from an apartment, even though I was dreaming. I had no money, no tools, no skills, and no place to build. That dream would have to take a backseat until I was further along in life. Of course, life has it's own ways of getting in the way, so I really wasn't able to think about building seriously again until now, more than 20 years later.

I have now made the decision to finally make the dream a reality, and am in a place now where I think I can do this. I'm getting current with my piloting skills again, and have decided that I want to build an RV-14A. I just ordered the RV-14 tool kit from Cleaveland tool, along with a few other items (wow that was a lot of money for tools!), and also ordered two of the Van's practice kits. Can't wait for all of that to arrive. Once I have done the practice kits and gotten familiar with the tools, I will place the order for the RV-14A empennage kit...most likely in a few weeks.

I've studied builder logs and countless threads on this forum, and think I have a good handle on what needs to be done and how to do it, although I have no experience working with aluminum. I have a lot of existing tools, an air compressor, and have a lot of skill working on cars, and large household projects. I also have a three car garage to begin work in, along with a ton of general tools and a large work bench to work off of. I will spend the next few weeks plumbing air to different areas of the garage, and preparing the space for airplane building. Also have a drill press, bench grinder, band saw and bench sander on the way.

I will be starting a build thread, as well as an online kit build log with lots of pictures and commentary as I get started. I'm in the Denver area (Parker, CO) and would love to connect with other builders or enthusiasts in the area. I can't wait to get going on this project, I've been waiting decades to do this!



Mothership First Flights Added



Sep 25, 2019.  Issue #4,920  

Weekend RV Fun ...flybill7

Seven RVs flew this weekend at the annual Easton Airport Day in Maryland, featuring a mass formation flight of 10 T-34s, 6 T-6, 1 CJ, 7 RVs and 4 Epsilons, followed by the famous Rubber Chicken Dropping Contest. The weather was perfect, the flying was great, and the catered food for the pilots was the best you'll ever have at an airport event and most restaurants! (I'm not kidding)

Here are the seven happy RV drivers: Top left to right: Mugsy, Zack, Pablo, Jolly, Big Al. Bottom left to right: Claw, Magellan.  ...


FFI Donaueschingen ...pgroell (France)

The FFI formation clinic had begun a week earlier in Donaueschingen (Black Forrest south west of Germany).  I could only make it to that part of the clinic and it was a great experience flying with Christo and Shifty.


How long for rusty old pilot to transition in RV-9A? ...PaulvS

I've started transition training in a RV-9A and have completed 4.5 hours dual and I'm finding it quite challenging... actually it's much harder than I expected.

I last flew regularly 19 years ago and have about 110 hours total time in low wing Pipers (Tomahawk, Turbo Arrow), Grumman Tiger and Cessna 172. I never had any trouble with my initial training, or adapting to different aircraft, though I was a bit younger then!

I'm wondering how long it is going to take to get comfortable with the -9A and how long other people have taken to transition, in similar situations? According to other posts on VAF it should be easy to fly. I've also picked up some useful tips on:
- Nose wheel handling (similar to Grumman Tiger) takes getting used to.
- LOTS of right rudder for take off. This keeps catching me.
- Lifting nose wheel early and also to not over-rotate.
- Relatively flat climb out at 110 Knots. My instinct is to climb steeper.
- Sensitive controls e.g. elevator - easy to accidentally gain 200 ft turning downwind in pattern.
- Slowing down takes a LONG while with FP prop, even with throttle closed.
- Floats FOREVER when landing, so be patient and hold off, but cross-winds have me worried.
- Holding nose wheel off as long as possible - however it just drops down at the end when the elevator stops working.
- Adapting to Dynon D100. I am still referring to the steam gauges.

So I think my brain muscle still needs some more exercise but I don't know how much or how to get there more easily. If you can share your experience and how long it took you, that would be appreciated!



RV-12 with a GREAT paint job for sale ...$53K

2011 VANS RV-12 LSA-EAB, $53,000, FOR SALE, 207 TTAF, 39 TTSN engine & prop. Jabiru 80hp generation 4 engine. GRT dual EFIS Sport SX displays w/SV, 4000 EIS, 2 axis AP, SafeFly 2020 GPS. Garmin 327 xpndr, SL30 nav/com. PS Engineering PAR 100EX com/intercom. Uavionix echoUAT ADS B In/Out, Kannad 406 ELT, landing, strobes & nav lights. Both control sticks configured for PTT, com flip/flop, AP engage/disengage, aileron & elevator trim. All SBs including upgraded nose fork. Sun-n-Fun 2012 LSA Champion. Contact Tom Valenzia, Owner, Charleston, SC, Telephone 760-443-8747  more


(19) New 'Mr. X' Pics

...start at the link.  Hover over the picture for the description (lower left).  All over the country and some Cuba...


Help needed diagnosing high fuel pressure readings

Hi gang, I need a little help diagnosing a problem. The fuel pressure readings on my Dynon D-180 started fluctuating all over the place and I'm constantly getting a "high fuel pressure" alert. The engine is an IO-360 180/HP. equipped with both a mechanical and electric fuel pump along with a red-cube. The engine is running fine and all connections appear to be secure. There's no rhyme or reason as to when the high pressure alarm goes off. It does it LOP in a low power cruise configuration just as often as it does on takeoff with the electric fuel pump running with high power settings. When I'm looking at the fuel pressure gauge on the EMS page I'm getting constant fluctuations ranging from about 10 psi. all the way to about 40 psi. and it never settles down to any particular steady reading. Like I said above, all connections appear to be good, so where do I start? Fuel filters? Sender? Air trapped in the line? Thanks in advance.
Mark H.


Part 27: Scars ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


This Past Weekend's RV Usage ...SPX

Today, my wife and I finished up our "weekend" flight from the SF Bay Area, back home to San Diego.

We took off from Concord, CA (CCR) and headed south to Harris Ranch (3O8). After a nice lunch, we took off for Carlsbad, CA (CRQ). We climbed to 11,500' and enjoyed a nice 20-30 knot tailwind, giving us a groundspeed of 180-190 knots. Around LAX, we were passed by a Blue Angel support C130, with one of the Blue Angel Hornets flying formation with it 500' below us.

My wife commented about how FUN flying in the RV is, and how comfortable it is, and asked when we can go again?! All to say, it was a great weekend.


Hilltop Lakes Annual Fly-In ...Tim Kirk (RV-7)

September 28, 2019

FREE ADMISSION & PARKING -- Come out and see classic, vintage and experimental aircraft!!

-Come eat BBQ lunch with us, $10/plate - food serving starts @ 11am
-One free BBQ plate per aircraft
-Drawings for door prizes
-$1 raffle tickets available for a Radio Shack scanner
-Drawing at 1pm (need not be present to win)

Airport Info: 0TE4 (private, but all welcome), Leona VOR 251/13, lat. 31.08N, long. 96.21W, Rwy-17/35, 3000' x 40' paved, elev. 501', CTAF 122.9, right traffic Rwy 17

Let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!


Over the Weekend: First Engine Run ...bwestfall RV-10


RV Interiors, Center Consoles and more ...VAF advertiser

Please check out our NEW Center Console for the RV-14. We now have two models of the E-Z out center console now. One model will fit the RV-6, 7, 9, and the other fits the RV-14. Also, please take a look at our latest stick grip covers, RV side panels and interior products.

Don't forget to purchase our "must have's", . . . No Weld Handles, Relay Boards, and Tire Valve Extensions for new or old aircraft projects!

For details on more of our GREAT PRODUCTS, please visit www.aircraftextras.com.



Sep 24, 2019.  Issue #4,919
  Susie and I (with Monk and his wife Kate) saw Peter Frampton perform Sunday night.  I've never seen him play live before, and spent the evening in jaw-dropped fascination in the presence of a proper gun slinger in his preferred element.  This is, if you don't know, his farewell tour due to a medical condition.  Getting to see the famous '54 black Les Paul Custom with my MK1 eyeballs, arguably one of the five most famous guitars in all of rock and roll, is a special moment in my life.  Paul McCartney's original Hofner bass?  Jimi Hendrix's Woodstock Strat?  I can only think of a handful of what I would call 'Pillars of Rock and Roll' guitars.  Peter Frampton's '54 Les Paul has to be one.  It just has to.  'Frampton Comes Alive' went platinum 8X.
  If you don't know the story of this famous guitar, PLEASE take a moment to watch both THIS and THIS.  I think you'll be glad you did.
  'Do You Feel Like We Do' played 44 years after it was recorded live....on the same guitar.  One of life's special moments.  Here's another vid (16min) of 'Do you Feel' live from earlier this year.  Same lineup as we saw.  If you have the time.
  Thanks for letting me ramble on about music for a bit.  Now back to RVs.... 


FFI clinic in Italy ...lucaperazzolli

Together with Tobias Treichel I organized a FFI meeting in our local airport in northern Italy (Trento, LIDT).

We had the great opportunity to put together six RVs (3 RV-8, 1 RV-7, 2 RV-7A) with builders form Italy (me and Franz), Germany and Swiss (Tobias, Hermann, Dominik, Bernard).

We were under the guidance of Stephen Christoper and Steve Payne instructors and check pilot of FFI organization.

During the week the group flew around north-east of Italy to Asiago, Venice, Garda Lake and our mountains doing a lot of exercises lerning formation flight FFI standard techniques.

I flew with Stephen and Steve and I've really learned a lot (knowledge and learning is never enough). Thank you guys !!!


Initial Contact

Zee's RV7
New guy here! Just ordered my 7 empennage kit! Very excited to finally start the build. Will be a slow start but glad to have a place to document and ask for help! The next few weeks I'll be getting my garage ready and building my tool collection.

Thanks I'm advanced for any and all help!
Steve - Long Island, NY


Aileron and Wing tip alignment ...Zazoos

All my rigging is done and everything is within specs. YEAH!!!

My right wing tip is a bit high compared to the aileron.

I was thinking of two approaches to fix it.
First is to remove the rib at the tail end and then take my heat gun to it. If it moves enough to align then rivet the rib back in.

Second option is remove the rib at the tail end, cut along the dotted line in the picture below, shape it, and then glass it back together.

Which way would you go or have an alternate approach in mind?


Trip to Ashland, Oregon and more testing of FlightView ...ssokol

Amy and I took N101PR from San Jose (KRHV) up to Ashland, Oregon (S03) for a brief weekend get-away. The trip gave me a chance to test out some updates and fixes to FlightView.


RV-10 Paint Update ...lr172

No paint booth. I almost made one, but was concerned about the fan pulling in the plastic, as well as the static issues related to plastic, not to mention building a door. I just put tarps over the floor and tools in the 2 car section of my garage. Left the door open 2' with a fan Having other garage door open helps some.

I had very little dust issues. I learned some time ago that most of the dust comes from the painter and not the booth. I wear a tyvek suit and it works. I would sweat several gallons, but its the cost of DIY. A nice side benefit is not having crunchy hair for 2 days from the clear coat. Some parts needed a wet sand and some were passable without it. I have learned that cut and buff is just a cost of painting something in your garage. Unless you're good enough to lay slick clear consistently, you're probably going to do it anyways. Grounding any aluminum parts also helps, as the high pressure spray creates static electricity, which attracts dust. I also spray water on the ground before spraying, though in the summer temps it doesn't stay there long.

a 10 x 20 booth will be very limiting, especially if the plastic is getting sucked in by a fan. Don't forget that you will also need a ladder to spray the top of the cabin top, plus a creeper for underneath. I would not have enjoyed spraying the fuse while constrained within a 10' booth. That leaves only 3' per side (before accounting for the plastic being sucked inward) and nothing at the front or back. You also need a door and if that isn't sealed, what's the point. Without a constraining booth, I was able to shoot the entire lot of empennage parts in one session.

PM me if you want to discuss details.


This weekend's effort [ed. above]. Top sides are wet sanded and don't care about a bit of orange peel or a few dust nibs on the bottom side Don't know how you would do this with a 10' wide booth. I have decided to do the buffing once in Phase I. Will give me something to do on days I can't fly.


Part 26: Trails of Dust ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


This Weekend ...Planecrazy232

Flew 3 more Young Eagles on Saturday. I love it when you get them before they were ever on a plane at all.



Sep 23, 2019.  Issue #4,918
  So what did you do with your RV this past weekend?  There's a thread for that.  The plan is for me to try to remember to start one each Sunday.  Hope you had a great weekend and your Monday goes swell. 


Build Status PIREP  ...lr172 RV-10

It has been a while since I posted something about my 10 build. Here is a pic of the project in it's current state. Sprayed the wings today and have only one more painting session for wingtips and cowl. Thank goodness the painting is almost done. A LOT of work for a project this size.

Just need to re-hang engine and finish off baffling and some misc FF work. Should be flying by November.


In this pic, the plane has been wet sanded, but not buffed yet. Also, need to re-spray the doors at some point. Had a problem with color matching.


Building for maintenance and modernization ...Carl Froehlich

I key design element common on the three RVs I built is ease of maintenance and ability to upgrade as opportunity presents, without too much pain. Toward that end I make sure I never violate my rule of "never be on my back with my head under the panel". This translates to a panel that is fully removable for work/modification on the bench.

The RV-8 has been the most challenging for this as the towers tend to be a real PITA for wire runs. Even so, a full IFR, dual EFIS screen panel is achievable inside this design requirement.

In simple terms, wiring is divided into two elements:
- Wiring between components that stay on the panel, as example for the RV-8 this is the GTN-650 and the audio panel. Breakers for these components are also on the panel, power connected via a large pin Molex connector.
- Wiring (and all other breakers) are mounted off the removable panel. On the RV-8 the panel wings provide this space. On the RV-10 it is the lower panel skirt. The SkyView displays are all connected via D connectors, so all that wiring stays in the plane when the panel is removed.
- Connecting between the panel elements and the rest of the plane is done via two 25 pin D connectors - of which only half of the pins are used. The rest are available for future options. ...


Charity Flight  ...tcard 9A

There is a STAR program that arranges for US and European detectives to spend some time in each others' operations. While their weekdays are spent gaining knowledge that can be utilized to improve outcomes in their respective countries, the weekends are for some entertainment.

One of the detectives involved with the program in Austin is a pilot, and a few years ago he got a couple friends together and they flew a few of the participants to Fredericksburg (T82) for breakfast. Over the past few years, that has grown to take all of the participants along with their local hosts. I was invited to participate this year, and was able meet Stefan, and we had a great day.

I needed to get from my home airport, 40XS, to Georgetown (KGTU) just 10 miles away to meet the group. That part of the flight profile took me 20 minutes! When I left home for the hangar, KGTU was 1100 broken. As I picked up ATIS, it had fallen to 900 broken. Fortunately, visibility was great as I could see the airport but just couldn't get there. So, I called up Austin approach and asked for a special VFR clearance. It took them a while because there was other traffic on the IFR approach. I just maneuvered in my happy VFR neighborhood and waited patiently, OK, well, as patiently as I can wait.  ...



Horrible brake noise with new brakes/lines! ...WingnutWick


So following my girlfriend's brake fire on her 6A I replaced the tire, tube, pads, and put on a braided nylon line from TS Flightlines instead of the previous rigid line. I cleaned the brake assembly as well and replaced the O-ring. The rotor was new just prior to the fire so I kept it. It had darkened from the fire which I though would clean off after a few uses of the brakes. I also used the opportunity to swap the bleeder valve from the top to the bottom.

After the repair all seemed normal vice a small pulsing in the right brake which I attributed to warping of the disk from the fire. Then after a couple flights a groaning sound began occurring during brake application which got progressively and rapidly worse.

I decided to replace the rotor altogether. I did this and initial taxi test seemed to solve the problem. The next time we went to fly, the noise was there with brake application and again, again getting progressively worse. I looked at the pads and there was some darkening that I figured was residue from the old, burned rotor. So then I replaced the pads today with new ones thinking that they had been contaminated by the old rotor.

Figuring I had the problem licked, my initial first brake attempts had no sound, then to my dismay, about 5 minuted into taxi test it came back again!
Now I am lost. I've re-done brakes a bunch of times on RV's with never an issue. I'm guessing the reason the sound doesn't start right off the bat after replacing thee items is due to the fact the pads were still new and not really gripping yet. But I still can't figure out what the heck is causing this horrible sound. The left has the old rigid brake line, the right brake (the repaired one making the sound) has the new flexible braided one.

My suspicions at the moment:
1. Due to event small amount of potential residue which remains from the original rotor? - Seems unlikely.
2. Due to swapping out the valve to the bottom?
3. Due to the new braided line somehow?
4. Some warping or compromise of the entire brake assembly due to the fire?

Here is a video so you can hear the sound which reverberates through the entire plane is quite unbearable. And photos of both brakes. As always, your help and insight is priceless!

video with brake noise


My New RV-4 Panel ...Camillo (Rome)

I just finished my panel(still have to mark breakers) on my new RV4 I-BILT. First flight is in short final. I am awaiting for the permit to fly. Panel is very simple. It hides a Dynon T22 transponder. ASI, altimeter, G-meter and magnetic compass are redundant (already in the EFIS).


Shop Porn  ...scard

"...When you think you have just about too much, double it.

At least one of your many grinders setup on an open stand with all covers removed and a schotchbrite wheel on both sides. One side stays meticulously dressed flat with square corners. The other side gets beat to death with grooves from sheet material so that you can pull a part through it at just the right angle and get the end and both edges all deburred in one pass...."  ...


2019 Mark Fullerton Memorial Fly In - 10/12/19 ...Amir

We would like to invite friends and fellow aviators to our annual Fly In to celebrate Mark's Life at the Calhoun Airport (KCZL) in Calhoun Ga. We lost Mark last year just after Oshkosh after he suffered a stroke. Mark was many things to many people. He was a brother to me, a mentor to many of his teammates in the US Advanced Aerobatic team, a teacher and loved by everyone that he met. Mark had an infectious love for aviation and always figured out a way to either share this passion with someone new to aviation or just give us a push in finding a new reason to love aviation. His relentless drive to be a better pilot drove those who were close to him to better themselves.

We've decided to honor and celebrate Mark's life by doing what he would want us to do . . . find an excuse to fly and share it with everyone. So, grab a family member, a friend or even someone that may be remotely interested in aviation and come join us on October 12th for a fun time.

We will be serving Pancake Breakfast in the morning for $6, but we want you to stick around to either take part in the competition or simply sit back and enjoy. We want to encourage Pilots to fly in so we're providing Free lunch to all Pilots. All you need to do is RSVP with your tail number. For all others, Lunch will be $6.

All Proceeds will go Children's Toy Drive Fund for the upcoming Holidays in Mark's name.

Look forward to seeing you @ KCZL on Oct 12th


New builders safety tip ...Foghorn

Aluminum parts and some tools can cause damage. Get a tetanus shot before starting your build. I had to get one today. Be careful out there!



Sep 20, 2019.  Issue #4,917  
  Cracking the hangar door just a tad let in some interesting light this morning, and the reflections off the floor and how those interacted with the RV caught my eye.  What you can't see is how bad that belly needs cleaning.  Contrast is your friend....
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!


Houston area monthly lunch (September 2019)

Hello, friends and neighbors! The third weekend draweth nigh, which means it's time again to gather, eat some B-52 burgers, and talk about our fine aircraft (or pending aircraft, as the case may be).

Let's meet at the Aviator's Grill at DWH, this Saturday at 11:30, for the usual.

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it this month - got some contractors coming out on Saturday and I need to be home to deal with them. So I'll catch up in October, for what will probably be our last fly-in lunch at Weiser.
-8 fuselage


Critique my panel design! ...Draker

After months of agonizing and tweaking, I'm starting to get serious on a panel layout. So exciting! I figured before I get the chainsaw out, why not let hundreds of years of combined VAF experience loose to roast/critique it... likely there's something I didn't think of, or a better way.  ...



I finally found some free time at home to install my ADS-B (thanks Tim for the deal on the GDL 82 and 50R).

I made a shelf across the longerons just aft of the baggage area to mount the equipment. Mounted the L-Band antenna on the bottom skin adjacent to the next bulkhead aft, and the GPS antenna on the top of the fuselage just aft of the pax seat.

Everything powered up as expected and once the GDL 82 was configured everything was in the green. I recently removed the PSS AOA system that had an indicator mounted in the left side panel, so I made a little Switch/LED panel to put in place of the indicator. The LED is for GDL 82 faults, and the switch is a mini DPDT momentary down to test the LED, center off, and up on for anonymous mode. Worked out pretty good considering I'm working with existing holes. The next step in the upgrade process includes a GDU 460 and a new panel will be cut so I can finally clean everything up and make it all look pretty.

The GDL 50R is really nice. Hard wired to the Aera 600 for weather and traffic, and via Bluetooth to the iPad. The iPad is running ForeFlight and has BT connections to both the 660 for sending/receiving flight plans, and to the GDL50R for AHRS, weather and traffic. Works perfectly! I now have 3 PFDs, 2 with synthetic vision.

Now I have to go back to work and make money to pay for it


TruTrak + BendixKing Webinar ...TruTrakAndrew


Please join me and Steven Pearce of BendixKing for a webinar to discuss the following topics:

TruTrak product updates
TruTrak STC AML updates
TruTrak website and social media
Support for existing TruTrak products
How to purchase TruTrak products
What the future integration of TruTrak will look like

This webinar will be September 24th @ 5pm MDT.

Use the link to register!


Part 25: Like a Thief ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'



Sep 19, 2019.  Issue #4,916  
  The Tater picked up a cold, so I used that excuse Wednesday to bring him a care package and buy his lunch near SMU.  Cough drops, tea and honey, Keebler E.L. Fudge cookies... After we ate some Bubba's chicken I watched him skate away on his board to his chemistry lab, with what society would deem fashionably dressed young students scattered about my FOV.  As the boy rolled away I saw the back of his shirt - the P-47 'Tarheel Hal', a shirt from the Lone Star Flight Museum bought many years ago.
  That boy's head is screwed on right, me thinks.  How many of the 12,000 students know about Tarheel Hal?  My guess would be exactly one.  Two if you count my daughter, but she has already graduated. ;^).
  Next item:  If you are in the DFW area and are looking at adding on a multi-engine rating, I got this text from my MEI today:

"Doug, I had a student just cancel and a training slot open up starting next week for a test on October 10. Do you know anyone that could use that slot?" 

  If you're interested in knocking out your multi in a few days, Lora's contact info is: Lora.S.Lewis 'at' gmail.com  (910) 583-Three Two Eight Zero.  Lora has a Diamond Twin Star with a G-1000 and a control stick (just like an RV).  You can read about my multi rating add on HERE if interested.  I'm glad I did this and would do it again - and don't kid yourself....it's not that easy to find multi-instruction in today's flight school environment.  Most schools want a 'Zero to ATP' student now, and show add-on folks like me the door.  It took some time to find Lora.
   Did I mention the plane has air conditioning?


Vid of RV-4 Takeoff

52F's James in his RV-4 taking off Wednesday morning.  Surprised how well the little mic in the iPhone picks up that awesome engine sound.


New RV-4 Owner ...Jake

So my wife and I decided to sell our ultimate tool (Piper Comanche 260) and buy the ultimate toy (RV-4). We ended up buying N213WT an RV-4 with 180 hp O360 and FP metal prop. you can tell she was definitely built right, but is showing some wear and outdated from when it was finished in 1993. I plan to fly it into winter and then take it offline for a major refurb and complete paint. since the original cowl has numerous cracks I decided this is definitely the time to replace it with a sleek Sam James cowl and plenum. I am on their waiting list but unfortunately they are saying it could be up to 6 months, obviously you guys really like their products. That'll push the paint back to spring but with what we have in mind it should really be worth it. This makes atleast 7 RV's in our local EAA chapter, several built and several bought, but the number is growing. Looking forward to meeting more of you in person


Back Seat Storage Pouch or something ...fl-mike

I call this the "Purse Box", but the wife is going to have to downsize... Sized to clear the rear stick and mount to the back of the standard front seatback.  ...



Flew local sending a message to my bride via Flight Aware:

RV-7 Status Report ...rmartingt

Small update... plans to acquire the rest of the engine parts are on temporary hold as my employer has announced layoffs... I think I'm going to be okay but just be sure, I'm holding off on making purchases.  In the meantime, I've decided it's a good time to fabricate my center fuel pump/fuel line/wiring cover:  ...


RV-8 Status Report ...Foghorn



Sep 18, 2019.  Issue #4,915  
  Four of us flew over to the Whistle Stop Cafe in Decatur, TX (KLUD) for breakfast Tuesday morning 0715 local.  Short notice...I didn't decide to go until an hour earlier.  Eight minutes each way.  They make homemade pies daily, which explains the picture below of my breakfast.
 Oh baby...these are the things RVs are made for.

Sid(7A), Rick(8) and Ross(6) flew over as a 3-ship, smoke ON, overhead break.  I was minimal(ish) fuel so I opted out of the formation rejoins and 3-mile initial, instead going direct solo and buying gas there.  Spent an hour on the treadmill afterwards going through emails, but the damage was already done.

00000KT, 82*F and CAVU.  It was worth it, but yeah I need to get on the treadmill again....probably today. ;^)


Canopy Crack Update  ...TomVal

Today I stop drilled and applied two applications of Weld-On #3 to the crack.

For filling the ⅛" holes, I purchased a 4 oz tube of Weld-On #16. I don't particularly like the applicator tip that came with the adhesive. I practiced with a scrap piece of lexan. The tip can easily slip off the nozzle of the tube and make a mess.

The applicator needle that came with #3 was too thin of a needle for use with #16. What size applicator needle or syringe should be used with this grade of adhesive? Also, what technique did you use fill the drilled holes without using tape on the underside?


Another Round of Pictures.

Scott promised more pictures last night, but I needed to get some headsets ready for shipping, so here is another round before work today. I will have some more time this evening.


Uh Oh!? ...Strappe RV-12

I was working alone and frustrated that I couldn't find someone to help me readjust out RV-12 on the saw horses in order to get an inch or two more ground clearance on one side in order to re-install the wheel. So I had this brilliant idea that I could get closer to the aft sawhorse, raise it with my back against the bulkhead in that area, and shove another rug under the aircraft on top of the sawhorse.

It worked, but just as I began to lower it, I hear a loud pop followed by the tinkling sound that a small piece of metal makes against an aluminum panel. The link I have shared (I am not permitted to upload images as attachments) shows the rivet head. It also shows an area on the bulkhead closest to the sawhorse location where four rivets are missing. I have not yet found any portions of any rivets on the floor around that area or anywhere else.

I am very worried that my utter stupidity has led to a big problem, but I also wonder if during prior inspections, I just didn't notice the missing rivets.

The bulkhead is easily accessible for inserting new rivets, and it appears the holes are nearly all lined up (the upper one looks a bit out of line). I have contacted our local EAA RV-12 guru to come take a look and advise me. I also would value the thoughts of y'all on this forum.


Titan basic engines for Vans Aircraft ...advertiser press release

Titan has now made available equivalent parallel valve engine models to those that are offered by Vans. They are priced very competitively. Here is the link to the Continental Aerospace web site section where they can be found HERE


Fish Fry Fly-in KFRH ...Darren Kerns

I just wanted to post again that our annual Fish Fry Fly-in is this coming Saturday. It will be from 10:00-1:00.

We will be serving some of the best fried fish you can eat along with cole slaw, baked beans, chips, and a drink.

Please come and see beautiful Southern Indiana and enjoy some great food.

Darren & Traci Kerns
RV7 N599DT


24: Crossings ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


Is this an Exhaust Leak?


What say ye concerning the rust color on the head near the exhaust flange and around the plug well?

It looks to me like a exhaust leak but isn't the typical white color. The other thing I notice is the flange studs...doesn't look like those nuts have come off in awhile which means the exhaust hasn't been removed for inspection.


Status Update  ...David Paule 3B


Need opinions - insulation wrap in engine bay

I'd like to get thoughts on the pictures below. This is 2,000 degree insulation wrapped around exhaust and an oil cooler tube. My concern is that this will be a fire hazard as the insulation gets coated in oil over time.


Mothership Hangar Sign Project (looking for input)



Sep 17, 2019.  Issue #4,914  
  Happy birthday to our family's RV-6 'Flash'.  She took to the air (17) years ago today in the very capable hands of RV Godfather Jay Pratt of RV Central.  What a wonderful airplane and friend.  Related, looks like the mothership added (5) new first flight reports on the 16th (see 'em).  Congratulations to the newest RVators!!!


FOD Walk: 9/16/19

...my home field.  Nosewheel/pant or tailwheel related is the running theory.  That bolt is darn near pinky sized.  FOD checks work!!!

Hand model Rob Reece (RV-8) dr


"It's My Party" Update ...tcard 9A

Sunday finds us back home in Austin. We were thankful the stratux kept working as we ended up with a couple hundred miles of sketchy weather. The IFR ticket came in useful, although it was a surprising place this time over the high desert of New Mexico. After a couple hours in some light rain and lots of clouds, 22C had to de-water herself after we landed at E11. At first I thought we had a huge fuel leak, but I calmed down quickly when I realized it was just Mother Nature and physics playing a trick on me.

Once again, a machine that was designed by Vans Aircraft and painstakingly built in a garage by two people with no airplane construction knowledge, but who did possess the right amount of tenacity, took us half way across the country in a day in order to enjoy some of what our country has to offer and celebrate an important day with a great friend.

If you're still building, keep at it. Every rivet, bolt, wire, and frustration will yield a plane that doesn't just bring you places but builds a whole new family.


Ready for its Close-up ...photo album.

RV-10 N4KJ just out of GLO Custom at 52F.  iPhone pics because that's all I had (sorry).  Beautiful plane!!!!!


What did you do with your RV this weekend? (9/14/19)

Man did this thread ever take off. I'm guessing somebody will start one each week? Hope so <grin>. 


Remote Avionics Mounting  ...Kevin Lippert

Although I have Dynon and the Advance ECB, this will give you and idea of where I mounted the items:


Solution! Kind of? ...transit issue

Thanks for all the help! After testing on the ground and in the air, I determined that it definitely was not a directional issue. Bought a cheap SWR meter and a Multimeter and took the avionics panel off. The coax from the radio is connected via BNC to some kind of relay which is mounted to the instrument panel. Then a separate BNC connector takes the cable to the antenna. Hooked up the SWR meter and everything looked great. Ranged from 1.2 to 1.4 with 5 W of power.

Then I broke the multimeter out and started testing coax. Lo and behold, it appears the coax from the radio to the relay is shorted somewhere. Just bought some BNC connectors and crimping tools and will attempt to fix tomorrow.

Had another question though -

I know the short could be anywhere along the wire and not necessarily at the BNC connector I tested. The connection to the KY197 is a right angle one. Is there any weirdness to taking that one off and repairing a solder? Or should i go ahead and buy a new 90 deg connector? Going in game plan is to chop off the BNC connector I have easy access to and test the wire. If it turns out the wire is bad along it's length, then I'll splice. I'm just worried that I'll find out the 90 deg connector is bad and I honestly have no idea how to go about repairing it.

Thanks again for all the help!


23. Clouds and Thick Darkness ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'



Sep 16, 2019.  Issue #4,913  

from the vault


Lycoming oil cooler line connection

I found an image on the forum that showed the accessory case of a Lycoming engine with specific locations for connecting the oil cooler lines. My engine is an IO-360-A1A and I'm having trouble removing the plug that is located at one of the locations so that I can install the appropriate AN fitting. My question is (referring to the file linked to below) if it would be acceptable to use the #2 opening (located behind the tach drive--there's a plug sitting on top of the opening) rather than the #1 opening (which was identified in the other diagram)? It appears to me that both openings are in the same oil passageway in the back of the accessory case. Thank you!


Golden Ray Flyover ...pilotkms

Needed a place to fly. The cargo ship had turned on its side over near St Simon's island so gotta go see it. Met up with my fly buddy, Butch RV6A, over Dublin KDBN at 5500' and We headed East.  ...


Starter oil leak

Q: I have a TCM 655551 starter, it's a geared lightweight starter on a continental O-200 A82 It's leaking oil out of a weep hole on the bottom.  There are no parts diagrams, and TCM doesn't support it.  It looks like a knockoff of a B&C I'm pretty sure it's an oil seal at the front gear that needs to be replaced.  Any one have any experience with these starters and can suggest a place to obtain a seal?  I've called starter rebuilders, TCM, and B&C, no luck.  I know I can buy a new starter for $600, but it seems like a bad solution to a $10.00 seal. Any suggestions appreciated.

A: Carefully pull the seal to avoid damaging the number on the seal. Take it to your local bearing shop and they can find a replacement for you.


Part 22: Wisdom ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


AOPA Tullahoma Fly-In ...N402RH

Pictures of the AOPA Sweepstakes RV-10 front and center at the AOPA Tullahoma Fly-In. It is pretty awesome to see all the traditional certified aircraft pilots get so excited about a Van's RV-10 and our AdvancedPanel. I got the opportunity to fly it from Frederick, MD to Tullahoma, TN on Wednesday afternoon and somebody is going to win a really nice RV-10 late next year.  ...


Instrument panel bracket ...Av8torTom

Hello everyone, I've had to move my instrument panel support bracket to make room for my Garmin GDU-460. It now falls right in front of the canopy jettison reinforcement bracket. To rivet the relocated bracket in place I'd have to remove the reinforcement bracket, rivet the panel support bracket in place then replace the reinforcement bracket... Anyone see a reason why I can't use pull rivets here? There will be 6 of them. Thanks.


Reposition to Vegas...tcard 9A birthday trip

Thursday started with a run to a 24-hour Walmart store to pick up Stratux supplies. Investigation last night showed the micro USB connector to be less than stable. Just a little jiggling, and off went the device. Even holding the connector in wasn't a sure-fire way to keep it running. Wallyworld yielded a new cable, soldering iron, and some solder. We will try the easy solution first. Back to the hotel for breakfast, pack up the overnight bag, and off to the airport.

We said bye to Tony and loaded up, pointing the nose to Sedona per the several suggestions here. We wondered aloud just how much the altitude would kick our behinds on the hike at 5000 feet. We live around 900 msl. 


Status Report: RV-10 ...LCampbell

For what seems like simple objects the elevators sure do have plenty of steps to them. All done now and it went pretty well. The biggest speed bump was joining the club of the twisted elevator trim tab. I remade the left one when the first try produced a trim tab with a quarter inch of twist to it. I guess I got lucky, because the right one came out just fine. When remaking the left one, I did just about every step, with the tab weighted, clamped or taped to the glass table top trying to keep it straight. When it was done, it came out close enough to be happy with.  ...


Lean of Peak ... I smell fuel? ...bkervaski RV-14A

So getting my head around Lean of Peak, I got the basics.

I've gone LoP twice, once on the way to Airventure very briefly, thought I smelled fuel so I went back RoP. My passenger didn't smell anything.

Today, went LoP (7500 feet) and smelled fuel again, this time the same passenger did smell it.

I never smell fuel any other time.

I'm assuming that it's just the overflow from the engine driven pump making its way back into the airplane from suddenly going rich to lean?

My fuel pressure usually stabilizes around 28psi (without the boost pump).

At any rate, scared me off trying again until I figure it out.



Plane built by Sutter County students has successful inaugural flight

Seven Sutter County students built an airplane through a program called LSA Teen Airplane Build created by the Northern California Aerospace Initiative. On Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019, they had their inaugural flight. BY MACK ERVIN III



Sep 13, 2019.  Issue #4,912
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!

Eagle's Nest Projects - Central HS (WI)

Valarie Meyer - 1st Solo Flight (RV-12)

My solo was the most exhilarating experience I've ever had. Being up in the air and doing it all on my own was so empowering. I'm so thankful that I've gotten the opportunity to join this program and to have the privilege to work with Mr. Ferguson. He is a wonderful instructor and mentor, who prepared me well for this moment. - Valarie

- Mickey Ferguson, Valarie's Flight Instructor
It is amazing to watch this impressive young lady growing in leaps and bounds in skill, knowledge, confidence, and character. The Eagle's Nest Program is an amazing opportunity for these aspiring engineers and aviators and both Valarie and I are learning so much through our association with this outstanding organization.

- Jim Senft, ENP Project Director
Valarie is a strong, soft-spoken, intelligent young person. She never lets anyone or anything get in her way of success. She faces every challenge with compassion, determination, drive, and thoughtful thinking. She is a beautiful flower that will grow in the crack of the sidewalk. Valarie is an outstanding young person that has a future in aviation.


Dealing with an RV-12 Heavy Wing ...John G

Before getting draconian with the aft edge of the flaperons first take a look at the cantilevered portion of the wing skins that extend aft of the wing's rear spar.

Use a straight edge and make sure the wing skin aft of the rear spar is on the same plane as the wing skin forward of the rear spar. Do this on both wings. I was shocked that evening out the skin in that area (seemingly small amounts) completely corrected my heavy left wing. Below is a link to my site with photos.


Birthday Flight PIREP ...tcard

.7 Miles
The trip is off to a great start. Scott and I worked half a day, and we were airborne by 2. Our normal MO would have been to start bright and early tomorrow morning, but we thought we'd try a different approach for this 1000nm trip and break it into two days. It only cost us half a day extra of vacation by leaving in the afternoon. Yes, a bit risky with summertime storms popping up over West Texas, but they are usually 'fly-around-able'.

As expected, we did run into some good sets of thunderstorms, but it was far from a solid line. ATC was constantly providing updates for other flyers out that direction of 50nm ahead, severe precipitation about 30nm in diameter, deviations left or right of course approved. ...


Initial Contact ...Bruce in Houston

Houston area RV-12? ...
To All,
Hello! This is my first post so I'll do a bit of introduction before I get down to it. I'm currently living in Houston working as an engineer in oil & gas and ever since I was a child my father and I have discussed building an airplane together; now we're finally at the point where it's something we CAN do. He currently flies a Cherokee 180 and I'm a student pilot with about 10 hours in my logbook. I had been thinking of a Kitfox but he wants to build an RV-12. Obviously airplanes for slightly different missions but with a lot of overlap in the "general fun" category... One of my big concerns is comfort since I'm about 6'1". I've never had the opportunity to get close to an RV-12 so I was wondering if there's anyone in the Houston area who'd be interested in at least letting me sit in their airplane to see how I fit? And, if you're up for it I'd happily split gas and buy the burgers if you're willing to take me for a ride :-)



Part 21: On High ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


Glass Panel Thoughts  ...Martin

I got myself a run of the mill glass panel just to get flying. Bought myself a G3X legacy unit and GTX-327 second hand on Van's Airforce. The rest I bought new with full engine monitoring. The entire thing cost me $6250. I then installed an Ipad mini with Garmin pilot next to the GDU-370 for navigation. Works like a charm. Will try and load a pic here.
GDU-370 - $1300
GTX-327 - $450
GTR-200 - $1200
LRU kit - $3300


New to Me Kit ...Terry Shortt

After what seems like lifetime of flying other peoples airplanes, a couple of years ago I started getting serious about an RV.

I won't bore you with the details of all the analysis paralysis I went through, but I had pretty much finally settled on a 7 and even though I was hoping to find a deal on a used kit, I'd given up on ever finding one that was both a decent quality and close enough to go through the hassle of bringing it home.

I was planning to buy a new emp kit on Sept 5th because it's my birthday, but on the 4th a guy here in town reached out to me to see if I was still interested in buying his 7 wing and emp.

Timing was right, price was right, and the location couldn't be beaten. 2 days later I had it in the garage. How cool is that?

It needs some rework, but I couldn't have asked for an easier transaction and I'm really excited to dig in.

After the dust settled, I started a kit log with the new EAA program. Here's a link if anybody is interested. Feel free to comment, as I'm sure I'll have tons of questions and mistakes made along the way.



Sep 12, 2019.  Issue #4,911


Another significant milestone today, Airworthiness!

So, upset training/aerobatic refresher in the Decathlon the end of this month followed by transition training with Mike Seager mid October then some appreciation for many years of effort.

I guess the certs aren't pink anymore, white will do.

Steven Hild
Rio Communities, NM USA
RV-7, N590SC


RV-10 Baggage Compt to Tail Cone Door ...Carl Froehlich

Here is a simple access door that allows visual inspection of the batteries, battery relays and tail cone. It comes in handy, but for any real work the lower bulkhead panel needs to come out.


Low Fuel Pressure II

I have also been experiencing low fuel pressure, somewhat similar to Larry DeCamp's post.

Hopefully, this can shed some light on his issues as well.

I experience low fuel pressures during climb out with the mechanical fuel pump when I shut off the boost pump. By low pressure, I mean my Dynon D10 EMS indicates "0" psig. The engine never misses a beat but it is very concerning. When I reach top of climb and push over, lean, accelerate, and throttle back, the fuel pressure comes back to normal (4-5 psig). If I engage the boost pump during climb out, pressure again comes back to normal. I replaced the fuel pressure sending unit but that didn't resolve the issue. I also bled the air out of the fuel pressure manifold that the pressure sending unit is plumbed to.

It all seemed to have started after I replaced the fuel pump because of the mandatory fuel pump service bulletin. I replaced the LW 15472 with a Tempest AF 15472. All documentation that I have found says that they are equivalent.

I have a Mattituck TMX 0-360 carbureted engine with fixed pitch prop on a RV-7, a Vans stock Facet pump, and Dynon D-10 EMS.
Bud K
N682TT RV-7


Loring AFB Maine Anniversary FlyIn - 2019

Join me flying up to Maine over two days in August to visit Loring AFB which was closed 25 years ago as part of a special flying event. I flew over 1000 miles over two days and came home with some new friends.


Triple Tree photos

Dolly and I spent the week at TTA. Photos are on our blog: bambas.com.  Select "flying" from the menu strip below the photo.
Karl Bambas
RV-7 "Dream Weaver" N50KB


Bahamas relief flights ...mattwood

The Valiant Air Command based near my old home town of Melbourne Florida is using their WWII C-47 Skytrain to deliver thousands of pounds of supplies to locations hardest hit. Their logistics team in Melbourne has put together a warehouse full of items and they've been making contacts with companies that can provide for the next phases of the relief and restoration efforts. The flight crews, mechanics, logistics folks are all 100% volunteer. The Valiant Air Command is a non profit, educational organization. The C-47 is a fully functional flying museum that flew two missions on D-Day and served extensively in the European theater during WWII, including the Berlin Airlift. It's capable of delivering 4000 to 5000 pounds of goods into smaller, unimproved airports at remote locations but each round trip sortie costs about $5000. They need gas money! All donations will go directly to the operation of the aircraft for supply runs. No overhead, in fact the VAC has already gone deep into their own reserves to make the relief flights happen because they believe this is a core mission of their aircraft. Any little bit will help. If you'd like to contribute to the Bahamas relief and make sure that it all goes directly to support and service for the victims please visit


Fuel Leak and Cracked Flare

...Vic Syracuse in Kitplanes

A major fuel leak was discovered on this airplane not long after the first flight. The majority of the fuel in the tank leaked out overnight. The culprit was a cracked flare at the tank pickup, as well as the use of an improper flaring tool. Standard AN fittings require a 37-degree flare, not the typical 45-degree flare used in the automotive industry.  ...


RATSU Intersection ...Paddy

The famous RATSU intersection on the North East corner of the Shanwick FIR. If you cross the atlantic in a little airplane (or even a big one), you'll be putting this one in your flightplan!


Mothership at Tullahoma Fly-In ...Sept 13-14



Sep 11, 2019.  Issue #4,910

Never Forget.


Hurricane Dorian Relief - RV-10 Style! ...AV8ER

Was able to load 480 pounds of donated water, food, hygiene, and bedding in the RV-10 and fly it for Angel Flights to North Eluethera where it will be distributed by boat. A few keys to loading the plane to the gills with gear are as such:

Put rolled paper product in the baggage compartment as it is extremely light for the volume it occupies to keep CG in spec.

Leave the rear seats in place and only remove the padding on the bottom to allow the uprights to ensure nothing heavy moves backward.

Fill the largest backpacking backpack you can find (I used a 60 liter Dueter backpack) with water bottles and strap in the co-pilot seat. The rest fits wherever it fits, starting with the largest boxes/parcels first then infilling. Was able to load then entire 480 pound pallet in the plane this way and keep it within CG. The water in the co-pilot seat helps.

The mission as per Mercy Flight Southeast:

"Bahamas Methodist Habitat has requested our help flying supplies to North Eleuthera (MYEH, White Crown Aviation FBO) where they have customs services and goods can be brought to Abaco and Grand Bahama by boat. Domestically, we now have supplies available to us in Ocala, and Ft Lauderdale Executive at Banyan."


RV-10 to Ireland and Back Update  ...Paddy RV-10

N415JS arrived home to LL10 near Chicago on Saturday afternoon after a round trip of over 7,000nm. The airplane didn't have a single squawk the entire trip - what a wonderful machine. Thanks Vans!

The last couple of days were long ones, Reykjavic to Iqaluit on Friday and Iqaluit all the way home on Saturday. I learned to make the most of the weather while you have it on a trip like this.

Many thanks to those who have done this before me and been so generous in sharing their wisdom. In particular, I'd like to give a shout out to Herman Schiele who not only talked me through the details of his own crossing, but kept watch over me from the left seat of his 747 when our paths crossed.

Here are some pictures of a most excellent adventure... continue


Update on Crack in Windshield ...Capt

15 months now since I stop drilled my small crack, the very tiny one that started beyond the filled hole has not progressed any further, am glad it's not in my view!

Welcome to the club TomVal, it's something you accept and live with, hurts though at first! :^(


Question on Bellcrank/Autopilot ...RV-14

When installing my roll servo, I discovered a discrepancy between Van's instructions and Garmin's instructions. Drawings are below:

Van's has you put a nut plate in the bellcrank for the bolt that holds the autopilot pushrod. This means that the head of the bolt is on the bottom of the assembly and therefore has gravity as an enemy. In addition, I'm not sure about using a nutplate and threads to hold a bolt that is responsible for holding a moving/rotating part. However, I've found that Van's usually has a pretty good reason for nearly everything they design. Drawing below:


Part 20: A Blinding Flash ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


Seen at 52F

Buddy Scott's RV-8A on a nice polished hangar floor.  Beautiful!!!!



Sep 10, 2019.  Issue #4,909

It's My Party and I Can ... (tcard)

...fly if I want to! OK, well maybe it is really, "It's my birthday and I can..."

I started a new job a couple months ago [huge blessing], and there was supposed to be a week off between gigs for Scott and I to head out on an adventure. Due to circumstances, that week of entertainment disappeared faster than a snowball in Texas in July.

So what is one to do when the birthday rolls around? We head west to join the bigger RV family birthday, of course! I'm sure it will be epic, as any adventure should be. It starts Wednesday around lunchtime as we make a couple of afternoon legs for an overnight in Deming, NM.

We are used to Tex-Mex in central Texas and are looking forward to starting the adventure with a New Mexico flavor. Any local dining insights out there from our VAF family? We could also use some suggestions for a brunch stop in Phoenix.


Maybe a new idea on Jacking points? ...DennisRhodes

Take a look at the URL and see what you think of the idea for a round tube split block jack point for the main gear. This tool would be handy for removing a wheel / tire or wheel bearing work. It is only a jack point and does require a floor or other style jack. This one is the Homebuilders "model" and it could be CNC router cut and still I believe, affordable.

Some of the issues are that MOST RVs have a different axle bend angle and as result the block would be unique to the Model. I think 6 s and 7 ( not A) have the same angle. the 9 as shown has a 48 deg angle and the 9A is ?? different. Don't know about 4 8 or 10s


Elevator Skin - Bad Day ...RV701775

I had a bad day today while priming my right elevator. After prep, I hung the right elevator up to dry and it fell off the hook about a foot onto the grass. It landed long side down and flexed a bit, but luckily I was working over my lawn. I did not see any bends or damage, but it did flex quite a bit. Any thoughts as to whether there could be hidden damage?

Also, after priming I noticed a dent in the skin. I think I may have tipped my cordless drill over and didn't notice. Any thoughts about how to fix this or if it could lead to a crack down the road?

I am going to take a break and get back to it in a day or two.



Status Report ...jcarne 7A

Panel work is still going strong. Had to cut an opening in the sub panel. I used 0.063 angle to reinforce it, maybe a little overkill but hey it works and the weight increase is small.  ...


Part 19 ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'



Sep 9, 2019.  Issue #4,908
  Howdy.  I've updated the donation page as of 9/6.  Hopefully without sounding too panicked, only 961 people have sent in an honor system donation this year to date for a total of roughly $18,000 after taxes.  There are 27,459 registered forum users (and another 50,000 unregistered lurkers) using VAF on a pretty regular basis.  The year is now 2/3rds over and the fam is kinda hurting on the cash flow front.  If you are one of those chaps who waits until the end of the year to send in their honor system donation, I would ask that you consider sending it in earlier this year.  Ads plus donations usually make this 1-family business venture work, but this year we're way behind and college expenses have really taken a toll on our savings.
  Please donate yearly if you use this site, and if you think the RV community benefits having a product like this online.  I think it does, and that is why our family bet the whole farm on it.
  Thank you for helping us keep VAF online,
Doug (and Susie, Audrey and Tate) Reeves. 
  Your VAF hosts.


First sunset ...bwestfall RV-10

I'm at the 98% done 98% to go stage. Moved my kit, #40579, to the airport a week and a half ago after 13+ years. I was working a long afternoon into the night at the hangar final assembling the tail and I looked up and this caught my eye. Can't wait to do this shot again soon accompanied with the smell of burnt avgas, heat waves rising off the cowl and the subtle ticking sound of the engine cooling after shutdown!


BREAKFAST ENCORE ...chrispratt RV-8

My wife and I enjoyed the smooth air and breakfast so much last Friday that we decided to test our luck again today. This time at Sulphur Springs, TX (KSLR). (As a photography buff I wish my airport had this ID: SLR, perfect.)

The nice sunrise over the bridge on Lake Dallas made me think of all the professional pilots who have to literally face this almost daily in their jobs. Bright sun in the eyes - you may as well be IFR. And I'm sure it's worse heading West in the afternoon with the added heat.

We saw a lone hot air balloon hovering over Plano, TX which means virtually no wind, smooth air. We enjoyed this smooth air both out and back which is why we left early. By 10:00 a.m. around here the turbulence down low can get pretty uncomfortable for the passengers. As it was, we had smooth air even at 2,500 ft. for the entire trip.

Breakfast at the Red Barn Cafe - a short walk across from the terminal at the south end of KSLR. Always a good, reasonably priced meal - your basic American fare. Plus a friendly and often curious crowd when you walk in with your airplane hat and shirt on.

Received a nice compliment on my airplane by a worker at the airport as we were walking back to plane. That always makes me feel good. (Keep pounding those rivets - it's worth it.)

Have a great RV weekend.



Part 18: Freedom  ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


Status Update ...David Paule RV-3B

Been working on small stuff for now. I added a couple Adel clamp tabs to some stringers, things like that. Here's one of the things, the shoulder harness attachments. I'd seen one RV-3B that had the turtledeck locally flattened at these attachment fittings due to the rivets forcing the skin to conform to the thicker bars. I glued these fittings in place before riveting and the external contour is fine. The photo shows it glued but not yet riveted.  ...


Wheel pants and landing gear fairings ...rongawer RV-12

I've read many different posts on the value, or non-value, of wheel pants and gear fairings. So, I've been experimenting and collecting some data and finally have a full report now that I finally have my wheel pants on, and the also made and installed main gear fairings with RV Bits intersection fairings. Noting that Van's says about 4KT for the pants; I can confirm that.

What I've found is that without any fairings on, I cruised at about 111 KTAS at 7500 feet at economy cruise power, averaged over about 100 hours of flying.

Then I installed the wheel pants and flew to KOSH and back this summer. I found I cruised about 115 KTAS for the same power averaged over the whole trip between 7500 and 9500 MSL.

And then I installed the main gear fairings and just returned from a trip to Nashville, down to Pensacola and then back home (C83). Over that trip I found I cruised at about 118 for the same power settings.

And at FT, well, she really gets after it.

And for the pundits, no, that's not calibrated data, it's just averaged flight time over about 250 hours. But a real set of data points no less.  ...


RV-10 Window Blow Out Update ...Keith

Well, I got my window installed and ended up using the Weldon from Vans. It is just as bad to work with as described. Was going to use Lord,but Aerosport was out of stock and could not give me a definite date when they would have it. I wanted to get flying sooner that that. Used Vans window vs Cee Baileys b/c Vans is .150 and Cee Bailey says their side glass is .125 But the trimming is time consuming for sure! Now I am putting on my flame suit,but I have decided to put c/s #6 screws in the corners of All my windows with nylock nuts on the inside so that I will only lightly snug them. I have a full Flightline interior and the "rope" trim will cover the nuts. Experimented with the remaining parts of the old window as well as the cutoff parts of the new window and it works quite well. Gonna glass over it anyway so I like the belt,suspenders & elastic waistband! Flame if you choose but if you haven't lost a window in flight,turn down the heat just a bit. This is why they call it experimental, right? Just thought I would relay "the rest of the story"

ps;Vans tech support didn't see anything wrong with my plan, thought it sounded feasible.


Panel Status Shot ...Roo747

Set up for IFR.  [ed. I really like that flap switch and Boost Pump switch on the left where you can get to it with your throttle hand easy.  v/r,dr]


RV-7A Status Report ...jcarne

The three day weekend and after work has been kind to me this week. Got lots accomplished while I still wait for the new motor mount.

First I installed the backup ADAHRS unit. It sits a little higher than the one on the right so that is why the aluminum tubing support is off a bit. It also just occurred to me that the adel clamps and screw I used are ferrous, I may need to change this (although there is some ferrous metal in the backshells and connector as they come from Dynon). I also need to add a little RTV on the OAT wires where they come off the rib as a little bit of anti chafe.  ...


Skirt Status ...kentlik 7A

Have left skirt bonded and it fits well. Took more rivets than I would have liked. I need to clean up the Sika a bit here and there. Now on to the right skirt.



Sep 6, 2019.  Issue #4,907
  James W. is the new guy on our field.  Bought an already-flying and unpainted RV-4 and is looking forward to learning formation with some of the local B.C. Squadron and attending Whataburger Wednesday outtings ;^).  The skies of  N. Texas are very well defended by Van's Air Force!
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

click either to enlarge


Over 1000 hours on the air frame ...BMW_X6M

I purchased a RV-9A finished in 2004 in July of 2012 with 193 hours on it. The first two owners barely flew it in 8 years, but the second owner upgraded the panel. After taking my PPL checkride in it at night, and many other adventures including installing a brand new Lycoming engine in 2017 I now have 1100 hours on the airframe. It now also has dual HDX Dynon screens as an upgrade to the original SkyView screens it came with as well as a Garmin 650.

I feel the airplane has allowed me to learn, and has taken care of me during some difficult landings in gusty crosswinds. I have been coast to coast twice and to Canada and Mexico as well as 150 airports with it. It could use a better paint job but I hate to think about the down time to get that done. One thing is that the airplane lands so well, that tire life has been excellent. I'm only on my second set of mains, and have only replaced the nose wheel tire once!


So, It's Burger Nite.........petehowell RV-9A

Andi and I both had kinda tough days at the office.....BUT.....It's 75, sunny and no wind. I get the text at work. Burger Nite. That means a burger and a nice 25 min flight up To Voyager Village in Wisco for me. For Andi, it means something entirely different......

Tall, ice cold, Spotted Cow!  ...


On the way home ...Paddy RV-10 Ireland Trip

N415JS left Dublin this morning and landed in Reykjavik this afternoon. This was a long one. Tomorrow is Greenland and a second leg to Iqaluit if the weather works out. I'll post pictures when I get home, lotsa pictures.


Part 17: Love ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


7A take off technique question

Q: I have been holding mild back pressure right from the start of the take off roll so as to unload the nose wheel before speed builds up.

I've been flying with a very knowledgeable CFI who keeps asking me why I'm using soft field technique for every take off. We are only using paved runways.

What are other 7A and 9A pilots using? I'm not asking about other A models because the nose wheel/leg problems have been mostly in these two models. But everyone is invited to advise me.


A: You are doing it right, treat every field as a soft field. Get the nose light asap, and hold it off on landing.

A: In my NSHO ALL take-offs with tricycle geared aircraft should use the "short-field" technique of minimizing weight on the nosewheel. The nose wheel is for taxiing, not take-offs and landings!


Assembly Helpers  ...ryanflys


Sep/Oct Issue of FAA Safety Briefing is Online

...free 36 page PDF document


Nov 2 Noon (KEET) ...1st Annual Chili Cookoff & Fly-In

...added to the VAF calendar



Sep 5, 2019.  Issue #4,906

14.5 yrs ago...Scorch and Monk on my wing at sunrise.  dr


Blown Starter Fuse

What would cause a starter fuse to blow? It is 7.5 amps in the Advanced Control Module used with a Quick Build panel. It is the older model before they went to logical breakers. I flew yesterday, no problem. But today it wouldn't turn over. Turns out the starter fuse was blown. But why? I examined it and it looks kind of cheap and flimsy. I put in a new one and everything is working fine. Would excessive cranking to start a hot fuel injected engine blow the fuse? Does 7.5 amps sound right for the starter motor? I was thinking it would be a 10 or 20 amp fuse. What else might cause the fuse to blow. I have only 38 hours on the airplane, RV-7A. Thanks
Steve Lynn


RIP Robert Faubion ...Ben Poff post

I don't know if anyone on here knew Robert Faubion from Las Cruses, NM. He passed on 16 AUG 2019. He left his wife Kathy with a beautiful RV-4 which I purchased from her only a couple of weeks ago. Robert must have really loved this plane; it's in great shape and well maintained. Robert, wherever you are now know this: 311SV is in good hands. I'll carry on the torch of love for this wonderful little machine.



Baffle kit questions ...RV-10

Is the VA-187 4" oil cooler duct flange suppose to be in this kit? I cannot locate it among the pieces they shipped, nor on the packing list (possible I overlooked it on the list but not in the box). I've ordered one form Van's today but it's bugging me that maybe it should've been included.

When the plans say to dimple a certain rivet hole "inboard" or "outboard," is that referring to inside vs outside the box formed by the baffles, or to the orientation of the dimple relative to the aircraft centerline? There are places where a hole could be dimpled "outboard" of the enclosure but facing the center of the ship. The case I've already encountered (FF2-4, step 7) seemed to make no difference in regards to the fit of the CB 1005B oil cooler brace, but there are other similar callouts around cylinder 5.
Bill Boyd

A: (Kyle Boatright)
Bill, I have a narrow deck engine so I had to alter how the cylinder 5 baffle mounts to the case, so everything you see isn't stock. Also, I made a cutout/bypass for the aft fins on #5 - that's not stock either. Otherwise, I will tell you that all of the flush rivets near the cylinders are installed flush on the "inside" of the baffles so they have a smooth surface against the cylinder. Here's a picture if it helps:


Charity Cap Sighting ...scrollF4

"Off Orcas Island WA on SV Tranquility w/Capt. Sandy and Roy Thoma (Kelli Mayeux photo)

About the caps


Where to Install F-870E-1 ...RV-8

I am working on the RV8 forward fuselage section, DWG 63. There is this one part F-870E-1 that I can't seem to locate where it is used. Can someone point me to a drawing of instruction step that shows where this part is installed?

I am including the screen shot of the part in question.

Thanks in advance.

A: (Sam)
I think that is the skin stiffener that goes in the fwd fuselage down in the lower baggage area.
Dwg 67 at C7
In the construction manual it is on page 8-20


Many First Flights Reported on the Mothership

...go there



Sep 4, 2019.  Issue #4,905
  Matt Ziemann stopped by the hangar Tuesday on his way back to Alabama.  Matt's RV-4, any RV-4 for that matter, just makes me stop and smile.  Absolute best of the breed IMHO, and this coming from an RV-6 builder!  Matt purchased the plane already flying, and its panel has that classic 90s-era mix of patina and round and proof-of-enjoyment wear that I find more and more appealing in our busy world.  If the mothership offered a modern-day CNC punched RV-4 with plans like the RV-14 has on the very same day they came out with an RV-Super Cub, I'd be hard pressed to decide.  Seventeen years in so far flying the RV-6 and it turns out the spousal unit has flown much less than I had hoped.  Should have built a -4.  5'10" and 168 lb - I fit.  Fun stuff to daydream about on the treadmill.  How simple and light could you make the panel and airplane in 2019?  A single G5 that weighs nothing and a composite prop.  How exquisitely balanced in all axis that could be!
  Back to the hypothetical thought experiment, I'd order both tail kits of course, and sell the RV-6 when the first one flew.  ;^)

Some more pics of Matt's RV-4, and video


Electrical stuff I don't understand ...Robert D. 6A

My airplane electrical system is based closely on Bob Nuckoll's Z-11 plan. I have a GRT EIS 4000 that gives me voltage. This voltage reading has always been lower than I think it should be but I've never had a problem starting the plane (odyssey PC-625 battery) or running the full set of avionics and lights. My alternator is Van's 60 amp internally regulated.

The other day during a 2+ hour flight the EIS gave me a low voltage warning a couple of times, just briefly. So I decided to finally find out what's going on. The first thing I did was measure the resting battery voltage - 12.6, pretty good.

I then decided to test the 15+ year old alternator. Took it to O'Reilly and they said everything is fine.

Then I started measuring voltage at various points with the engine running. The battery was 14+ volts and so was the reading at the main buss, right at the terminal feeding the fuse block. With no load other than strobes, the EIS voltage matched the buss voltage within .1 or .2 volts.

When I started adding load the EIS voltage went steadily down to around 13.2 volts but the buss voltage remained steady at 14+ volts.

I then measured the voltage at the EIS panel switch. It matched the reading at the buss but also went down when I started adding load.

So what I don't understand is why the voltage drops so much for a relatively short run. couldn't be more than 18-20 inches. Is it something to do with the fuse block? How can the buss voltage remain steady but what the EIS is seeing drop so much?

I'm really not sure where to measure next but am sure open to suggestions. I guess I could measure out to other switches. Or maybe just to where the wire leaves the fuse block - just thought of that. That would tell me if the drop was across the block.

Sorry to make this so long but I'm just trying to anticipate questions.

2200 Hour Report and Pics ...petehowell RV-9A

Just back from Big Sky, Teddy Roosevelt NP, and Iowa Trips. Hobbs flipped over 2,200, so I dropped the oil.

Filter and screen had some carbon chunks, and the filter had just a tiny amount of fuzz attracted to a neodymium magnet.

Compressions were 77-78-77-77. Valves looked pretty good!

We are going to continue to run and watch her carefully. Local A&P says many O-320s will go 2,600 hrs+ if they get flown.

O-320/Carb/EI/Mogas/Lots of LOP  ...


CHT questions again ...JDA_BTR RV-14A

So 50 hours into flights now. Cyl 3 and 4 seem good at 330 while 1 will run at 355 and 2 at 385. I have cylinder 2 baffling as clean and sealed as I know how to do and had it looked over by an rv10 builder.

I got the advice here to just wait it gets better. But at 50 hours it seems it should be better already.

The area I'm not real sure about is where the uppper canopy seals around the air inlets. Also not sure about the foam at the prop governor but it seems good with a dimple on half the width from the big nut on top of the governor.

I suppose I will leave the top on and remove the bottom cowling and investigate.


RV Series - RV/IAC Aerobatic Competition Standings ...ronschreck

We have a new competitor in the Sportsman category and this is her first contest. Welcome Hannelie Rosdal to the game. It looks like the contest was cut short for weather as Hannelie only got one flight in. I hope she had a good time and will come back again. This sort of thing is habit forming!


Call for 2020 Van's Calendar Photo Submissions! ...Mothership

It's that time of year, once again! Please submit your very best photos of RVs to be considered for inclusion in the 2020 Van's Aircraft calendar. If you already have great shots to send, cool. If you need to do some (very safely executed) photo sessions, well then start planning!

We typically look for extra-special photos of flying aircraft, but send us what you think is awesome and all will be considered. We get a lot of submissions and we're fairly picky about the quality of the photos we choose, no doubt! And don't send us any "faked" photos, please. Those won't get used. (And yes, that's happened before. Seriously.)

And, we can't publish photos we don't receive. Believe it or not, in some years we've received very few of some models. So send yours in!

Please be sure to tell us where the photo was taken, who took the photo, and about the plane(s)/pilot(s) in each photo. If your airplane (the one in the submitted photo) has been in one of our calendars before, please let us know that as well. Also, don't wait too long! We need to gather photos, design a calendar and get it printed all before the holidays, and that's a lot to get accomplished!

Submit your high-resolution images to media@vansaircraft.com We need your submissions as soon as you can, and let's set a deadline of Sunday, October 5th.

A panel of crack experts with strong opinions will choose which photos get published in the calendar. We also leverage some of the photo submissions on our web site, so there are multiple ways for your photos to show up. By submitting your photos, you ensure us you are the photographer and that it's okay For Van's Aircraft to use your photo for calendar and web purposes. If you are not the copyright owner, please tell us who is and ask the owner for permission. We can't publish photos without permission to do so. The photographer will receive credit when published, of course.

Recommendations for submissions:
In focus
Photos of one or more RVs (and not other brands of airplane)
Depicts safe and legal operation, where applicable
Exciting, flashy and cool-looking are all great
Needs to be of a printable resolution - No matter how cool the moment is, if the image quality won't meet the printing spec, we just can't use it
Please attach your photos to the emails, rather than embedding them in the body of the email, if at all possible.

So, get 'em submitted, and let's make a calendar!




Garmin Avionics for Experimental Aircraft Webinar - Thursday, September 5th

Greetings VAF!

We will be hosting a Garmin Avionics for Experimental Aircraft webinar this Thursday, September 5th, 2019. This will be a high-level overview of G3X Touch system for those in the decision phase of your avionics planning. We will touch base on many of the units and interfaces that give the system it's amazing capabilities.

Garmin Avionics for Experimental Aircraft
Thursday, September 5th, 2019
10:00am Central Time

To register, please follow the link



Sep 3, 2019.  Issue #4,904.
  Thoughts and prayers for all our family and friends affected by Dorian.

sent by user Goretzki


Lord Adhesive Tacky After 24hrs ...RV-10

I finally installed the rear windows on the 10 yesterday. Within a few hours everything seemed to be setting up as you would expect, but I have about a 2" section of squeze out that is still gooey/tacky. This is on the second window, so I would have assumed by then the mix through the gun would be pretty consistant. Is Lord adehsive like proseal where even if it's not mixed well it will eventually cure? Also, all the tubes are fresh, stored properly and no where near experation. Anyone else experiance this?



Connector Wrap? ...nippaero

What is the orange tape that Aircraft Spruce uses to protect the wire bundle as it exits the connector? I would like to get some.


Smoke in Cockpit - Can It Be From the Oil Breather?

I scared the c rap out of my girlfriend yesterday. We were getting ready to taxi to the runway, and the cockpit suddenly had an amount of smoke that was pretty noticeable. I thought it might be electrical, but wasn't sure. This was the first time this has happened since I bought the plane several weeks ago. I probably have about 10 hours of flying time in it. I shut down and put the airplane away pending investigation.

Today, I removed the cowl, and checked the engine compartment for any sign of fire. I also thoroughly checked under the panel for any evidence of fire. Nothing appeared burnt or charred. I got under the airplane, and I noticed that the exhaust pipe directly beneath the breather was coated with a significant amount of oil. The oil was not dripping onto the hangar floor, but the whole pipe was wet. I thought that the smoke probably came from oil burning off the exhaust pipe when the pipes started to heat up and finding it's way into the cockpit somehow, maybe through the cabin heat or the open canopy.

Should the oil breather be depositing oil after the engine stops running? This is the only way I can imagine it is got there. Any other ideas or thoughts?

Thanks in advance,



Part 15 ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


2nd of the 12's Flew Today ...mike newall (England)

So, with a change of direction 3 years ago, the RV8 project was sold, 2 12 kits were bought to satisfy my fly buddy's desire to build an aeroplane. He can't get a medical but is a good Engineer and bike racer etc.

The two were built side by side until late '18 when we had to progress one to completion. That one flew last fall, which left us plenty of time to finish #2.

As always, things get in the way and time goes on, but we got it together today and under mostly cloudy skies, the second one flew.

Straight out of the blocks, only snag was a dodgy connector on the oil pressure sender, quickly re connected after flight 1.

About 2 hours done today, 3 left to do, with a 2 hour endurance flight and flight test flight to do. We do 5 hours and 15 landings in the UK with a final test flight.

Once again, just blown away by how well it flew, all the services worked, most of the second hour were on the autopilot as we sipped champagne and shucked oysters.......kidding

Only snag left is a high egt on the right side which I will take onto the specific forum.

I visited the Mothership last month and caught up with the wonderful ladies we all deal with. A great trip with extra benefits and trips out to the Evergreen Museum and the wonderful WAAAM Museum at Hood River.

We are fortunate to be involved with such great aeroplanes and people. Now cracking on with a 14 and a 10........

Retirement at Christmas will help move things on


Dreed's SP Oil Cooler Install

"...take a look at the showplanes mount. It mounts off the engine mount on the right hand side, but you'll need to make different lines I think.

I have one for my 7A with a 390 that I'll be installing as soon as I get the new engine mount from Vans. I mocked it up on my original mount and it fits quite well (hope it fits the new mount) and supports a large cooler easily."


Petit Jean Update: Wait Rooms ...BillSchlatterer

"...Now we are switching to wait listing for rooms at the RCC. Usually, we have several cancellations in the last week or two and fill 8-10 of those but that is no guarantee. From this point on, all deposits taken using the RESERVE MY ROOM PayPal process will be applied to the wait list group in order received...."


It Begins ...ryanflys in Portland

Some Labor Day work today. Ran out of clecos and had to pause to place an order.


Rudder Trailing Edge Mistake ...RV-10

"...Well, by now you probably know where this going. After rolling it on one of my rudder skins, I was none too pleased with the results-- sure enough it made the trailing edge wavy as all get out. Looks much worse than before I started. You can see it in the pics below with the two skins laying on top of each other. The top one was rolled, and the bottom one has had nothing done to it.

Lesson learned, but not sure what I should do now. Should I be concerned about this or will it straighten itself out after riveting? Any way to fix it at this point? I thought about clecoing the two skins together or maybe to a solid piece of angle or something and let it sit for a while, but not sure if that would help or not....."


Charity Cap Sighting ...Anthony RV-6A at a Stones concert.



Sep 2, 2019.  Issue #4,903.  Labor Day.
  Hope you had a nice Sat/Sun and that you have Labor Day off.  Our son Tate came home this weekend for a visit, and of course Suz and I were ecstatic.  Love that boy.  We went out for BBQ, took a picture of it and texted that picture to his sister on the west coast, because that's how we roll in this family.  We rub it in.
  Recovery continues from the Com Multi Add-On checkride last Wednesday.  All that foggle, 1-engine flying in the summer heat coupled with the normal work load of the job - the body and brain got torqued up more than I anticipated.  Thursday and Friday I felt like a hammered turd.  Slowly feeling more normal now - better each day.  This week I just have VAF on the calendar.  Normal flow.  Good stuff.
  The mothership is closed today, but they did post a RV-12 360 formation video on the 30th.  Amazing imaging technology!  You'll be glad you watched it.
  A lot of RV news to cover today, so let's get at it.  Have a nice Monday.


Waypoint Arrived: Greenland Coast ...Paddy RV-10


An RV Returns to its Builder ...hydroguy2

I haven't flown much in several years and all of that was very local in Montana. But tomorrow I'm hopefully going to be crossing the country in my new old RV.

Yes We are buying back Aurora. I will be leaving Simpsonville SC (KLUX) to 97MT with stops at various places in between(1680nm). Won't get an early start so won't make it in 1 day. low tome VFR pilot.

Not sure of my timing or exact path yet. Weather and wind will play a factor so I am looking for easy in/out quick stops between Bowling Green, KY, St Louis and Rapid city.

Hope about some input:
1. multiple runways(cross winds are not a rusty pilots friend)
2. courtesy car if I get stuck or need overnight place...maybe hangar even
3. easy morning departure on saturday (no fog)

Thanks everybody

(in a reply)
It's been an emotional experience to come full circle. Never thought we'd sell.  Kris's health was first choice. She is doing fantastic, but never really thought we'd ever have Aurora again. Tada...Rob mentioned it for sale and still thought no way. Now here I am going to saddle up again. Pinch me.

(update Sunday)
Made it home last evening. Over 1100nm just yesterday with lots of headwind and weather detours. Scud running, squeezed between layers, climb through holes to get on top and plenty of heat and chop the whole day.

But Aurora performed great. It felt like I never stopped flying her all this time.

Life is good.

[ed. Now read the next item below.  Rob made hydro's day, so if you can help out Rob, please do!  v/r,dr]


Last Hoorah! Wanted - RV-8

Well, Brian left yesterday with Aurora (RV-7) and what a great airplane it is. In the end, the airplane ended up back where it belonged and we made a couple of great friends in Brian and Kris.

Now, on my 68th birthday, my son and I are looking for what may well be my last airplane. Everyone says you should put down your wish list so here goes:

*IO-360 or O-360 (either one will work but IO gets extra points)
*Glass or round gages but I really like at least a graphic engine monitor
*Great construction quality (I recently went to two years of school and got my A&P just so I could better understand and maintain RVs.
*Prefer painted but would consider non-painted if the seller recognizes there's going to be a price difference between the two.
*Constant speed prop - yes, it must have a constant speed prop
*We probably can't afford a dolled up, maxed out 8 but if the bones are great, we could probably make yours better. (Ask Brian about Aurora).
*Canadian airplanes can work - we've done it before

In short, I'm getting older and after many, many years of my son and I flying all kinds of airplanes including the A-10 Warthog (son) and the P-51 (me) the RVs are our favorite fun machine. We have both spent a lifetime in aviation, love to fly and whichever RV-8 we eventually acquire, we will take incredible care of it. We are reasonable buyers that like to make friends and develop friendships thru airplanes and aviation.

So, if you have an 8 that is, or may be in the near future, for sale, please contact me. We've got an empty hangar that needs to be filled.

Thanks everyone
Rob Traynham



You have to get up early in Texas if you want to find smooth air during the summer. So we did.

My wife and I launched into a wonderfully calm bit of air around 7:30 this morning. Even at 2,000 ft. it was a nice ride as we headed West away from DFW. Nothing special today other than enjoying the freedom of RV flight, some nice scenery, and a quiet breakfast at T67 (Hicks).

Met a young man at Hicks that I hadn't seen in years since my days based at Addison - he's grown into a fine young man, working at one of the airframe OEM service centers in Dallas, and enjoying an RV-6 handed down from another friend. Here's a few pics and a video I hope you'll enjoy. Perhaps it will serve as some inspiration for builders.  ...


RV-14 Annapolis, MD ...ringlasergyrosandwich initial contact

Hello, I am recent addition to the Vans Air Force community. I earned my PPL in March 2019, and have been working on my instruments rating based out of Lee Airport (KANP), Annapolis. For years I've been researching options for home building and finally settled on the RV-14A. My work space will be my detached garage, which has room for two cars and an attached room in the back for most of the work (double door connects rooms for easy of transport). I'm in the process of putting together some wood workbenches and figuring out how to lay everything out.

I recently took an EAA 2-day course on "RV Assembly" so I finally understand the basics of riveting and the tools that are needed to build an RV. I have almost none of the required tools at this point. For first time builders, is it recommended to get a comprehensive RV tool kit from one of the manufacturers on Van's website? Also, why are there so many tools/supplies that are "RV-14 only"? It seems a bit strange that RV-14 has such special needs compared to the other models.

I plan to use this thread to document my progress, share some photos, etc. My local EAA Chapter (571) has several home builders so I plan to discuss my progress with them as well. Other than tools, I think my first challenge will be figuring out how to be home to accept delivery of the tailcone (not ordered yet). I'll hold off on ordering the empennage kit for a little while longer while I finish the woodworking.


Airborne Photo Shoot...Krea Ellis

A couple of pictures that were taken yesterday of our RV-7A.

My son and I were flying together and the formation work was some of the most fun I've ever had in a small plane. My son has never flown on the wing before, so it was great practice for him.

Hope you enjoy.


Part 14: The Rock ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


Battery box and cabin heat hole size uh-oh ...Draker

Used the wrong knock-out punch and instead of 2", ended up with 2-3/8" lightening holes on the front of the battery box and a 2-3/8" cabin heat hole in the firewall before I realized my error. Rear holes in the battery box are 2". Battery box may just have to be scrapped but I want to save the firewall.


AEROLEDs Press Release


RV8 Smoke System Helper install -- thanks Marvin ...mill2978

I finally had time to finish the install of my smoke system from Smoke System Helper.

I had run the lines and plumbing in the fuselage during the build, but nothing FWF. Once we moved to OR and the project was still in CO I pushed off any work that wasn't related to getting it out of phase 1 and to OR. I have so much fun flying I didn't want to take the plane down for any longer than necessary. Recently I was able to find some smoke oil locally and I took advantage of pulling the cowl for some other work to install the injectors.


Can I sit in your rv9 / is rv9 right for us?

...TazzyTazzy Sacramento, CA initial contact

I'm a low time pilot, about 150 hours. I'm tired of the club rentals not being available / down.
I went on a test flight a couple years ago in an rv12. It's nice, but I don't think it's right for us.

Is there any one with an rv9a in Sacramento/bay area that I can sit in? I'm 6'4, and concerned that I'll fit in it.

Our most common mission: 3 day weekend trips and 1 day hamburger runs. There's just 2 of us, no kids/pets. We do enjoy camping at various airports on occasion. Eventually, would like to fly across the country on a 2 month sabbatical.

We would like to bring our foldable electric scooters to get around. They weight about 30 pounds each, but give us about 25 miles of range.

I'm concerned that the rv9 won't be able to hold our scooters or camping gear. Thoughts?

I really would like to build an rv-10 since it can carry anything we could need, but $$$$.


Ground Pic Motivation ...bkervaski


Wallpaper Calendar for September

...Ed Hicks photo.


Motivation Pic ...Colin P. RV-6A

I like to launch extra early, but I am an uber morning person.


You Know It's Hot Out When.... ...Draker

... your Boelube turns into blueberry syrup!


RV-10 wings for sale

...past the QB stage.  Need some love.

So here's how I(we) came up with the price of $6,900.  123 votes were cast in the poll.  If the vote was in the range of 5000-6000 I used 5,500 as the value for the spreadsheet.  I put in the number 5,500 (51) times, then inserted 6,500 (12) times underneath, 7,500 (27) times, etc.  When I had all the data entered I averaged the numbers - $6,971.55.  I rounded down to $6,900.

Comes with a wing stand.  (25) pictures.

Is $6,900 a fair price?  Well, the mothership offers the standard, unbuilt kit for $11,450.  You can order a QB RV-10 wing for an additional $6,325.  There is a 10 week wait on RV-10 wing kits.  So, if you wanted this new we're talking somewhere in the area of $17K.  It's a fair price, even with a little bend in one of the ailerons, a 1" tear in one rib and some rusty hardware on the end that might need replacing. 

60% off new QB.

Email me at vansairforce 'at' gmail 'dot' com if you're interested.  I will forward those email in the order they were received to the friend who owns them.  He'll be in touch.  The wings are at 52F (DFW).  And thanks to all the folks who voted in on the poll.  It helped.




Aug 30, 2019.  Issue #4,902
  I worked up an online photo album with my 'how I got from the RV-6 to the Caravan to the Twin Star' story in as few keystrokes as possible.  Journal format chosen with some captions seemed like the least amount of work - my brain is still a little mushy from the multi checkride Wed <g>.  It'll look better on a computer than your smartphone.  Link below and in my forums autosignature.  Now that the multi bullet point is scratched through, I can look forward to an RV flight in the near future.  I need gas, so it's probably a Bridgeport, TX run.  Good RV stuff.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.


The RV-6 to Caravan to Commercial Multi Add-on

...if the Caravan and the RV-6 had a kid, the cockpit would look like a Diamond Twin Star.  dr


Arrived in Ireland ...Paddy RV-10

Well, after a year of planning, N415JS finally arrived in Dublin. This was a very emotional experience for me. My Dad worked for Aer Lingus as an engineer in the flight simulator department at Dublin airport, so by the time I was a teenager, I had a fair amount of unlogged sim time in the 707 and 737. I just took it for granted that I'd be an airline pilot when I grew up. When the time came, I aced the aptitude tests and failed the medical for less than 20/20 vision. Correction wasn't allowed in those days. I moved to America when I was 25 and learned to fly about 10 years later. I passed my checkride a month after my Dad passed away. Fast forward to yesterday morning and I can't believe I'm talking to Dublin approach and being cleared for an instrument approach over the City I grew up in. And this after flying over the Atlantic. In a plane I built myself. This one's for you, Dad.


RV-6 rebuild project in Palm Springs CA ...jamlip

Hi all. First project thread here.

35 years old, British, living in beautiful Palm Springs California. Learned to fly about 10 years ago at White Waltham airfield in the UK.

I have owned an Avid Speedwing, Europa and a Cri-Cri.  ...


Part XIII: Waiting ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


RV-9A Canopy Problem ...Flyer2017

I bought our plane about 3.5 years ago. Since then we have been to OSH 3 times and put several hundred hours on her. After some time, I noticed a slight light gap showing between the canopy and the part it rests on on the left side near the panel when flying. Over the last year, the gap seems to be getting a little bigger. I don't think the canopy is suddenly going to depart the plane but wanted advice on how to close the gap, if possible. I've read many threads about how tedious and frustrating it is to adjust the canopy position while building and thought some of you might have a solution. The pictures show the canopy from each side both open slightly and closed and locked. Also a picture of light showing through the gap.



Aug 29, 2019.  Issue #4,901
  COMMERCIAL MULTI ADD-ON RATING.  Plugged away at this rating for the past couple of months when I could get a moment and the schedule allowed.  Yesterday was the oral and checkride.  Pics and words to come, but today is a recovery day for the brain and right leg (and for looking at the email pile) ;^).   Our family's RV-6 background helped immensely, as this Twin Star has a stick and G-1000.  The guy on the ground is putting air in the tire - I didn't run him over.  At least I don't think I did.
  Skill set added to the tool bag that I can hopefully use to supplement the family income now and then down the road.
  So that was why today's edition is both late and small.  I'll make it up to you.



Aug 28, 2019.  Issue #4,900
  Note:  The Thursday edition might be earlier than usual, later than usual, or not there all together.  Doing some stuff Wednesday and I'm not sure of the timeline.  It's possible the Thursday edition might go live Thursday morning (I know, right?!?!).  ;^),

Fitting the Spinner ...Joewebb RV-6

"....this one of how I installed my spinner without mounting it on the engine..."


2 Rooms Left Petit Jean ...BillSchlatterer

...as of 8pm Monday night.


Master stuck ON ...PandaCub

Had a very enjoyable flight from Colorado to Hood River, Oregon in my RV-14A (photo 1), but upon landing couldn't get the Master to shut off (photo 2, note ALT FIELD light still on with Master switch down - I promptly disconnected negative battery terminal to prevent drainage). .....  I wonder if anyone else has had this experience and am all ears for any tips/tricks about solving the problem and preventing future occurrences.


Made it to Iceland  ...Paddy RV-10

Hermann, I now know what you meant about Kulusuk after flying over it today. I will try to visit there on my way back. Nowhere like it on Earth!


Part XII: Open Doors  ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


Photos of the RV-10 Window That Left  ...Kyle Boatright

Looks like Lord adhesive and a bond failure between the adhesive and the fiberglass. The question is what caused the bond failure? Poor preparation, unsuitable adhesive, cyclic fatigue due to thermal expansion, bigfoot...? 
more pics


High Indicated Temps & Instrument Error ...MMiller

These comments are specific to the RV-12 Rotax/D180 configuration.

There are two main components in the system, a sensor to generate the signal and a detector to measure that signal. A Thermistor is used for the sensor; this is a special type of resistor whose resistance is temperature dependent. A voltage signal is generated by placing a resistor in series with the Thermistor and connecting the assembly across a fixed 5 volt supply, we then measure the voltage drop across the sensor. This generates a sensor voltage from about 1 V at 120*F down to about 0.080V at 300*F. These voltages are measured by the Analog/Digital Converter (A/DC) inside the D180. These voltages are extremely low so even small losses will result in large errors and because the sensor is non-linear, these errors increase dramatically with temperature.

Design issues can prevent the D180's A/DC from seeing all the voltage from temperature sensor. When this happens the displayed temperature indicates higher then actual temperature. With a signal loss of 100mV, the display may indicate 234*F, well into the yellow arc, while the actual temperature is only 204*F. To understand what's going on we need to calculate the wiring voltage drops and load them into a big picture. In the drawing below (Vsensor) is the voltage provided by the sensor and (Vinput) in the voltage as seen at the input of the D180.  ...



Aug 27, 2019.  Issue #4,899

It's all here! (Except...) ...Subwaybob

....Still need engine and Instruments. (Seats, console etc too)


2000.0 hour milestone ...guccidude1

Last Thursday, 22 Aug, after 12 years and 4 months, I clocked 2000.0 hours on my Rv-9A, N65XX. 3000 hours next. Dan from Reno


9A Status Report  ...Av8torTom

Finally getting around to cutting the panel. Going quite well with a jig saw and circle cutter


In flight window loss

A bit of excitement yesterday as my wife & I were returning from visiting family in Houston. We were cruising at 6500,75%,170kts,when my wife said "my window looks funny" no sooner than she finished speaking her door window blew out completely! Throttled back to about 110 kts and started assessing the situation. Very controllable with little yaw,I was on flight following so told them what occurred. ATC advised nearest airport but I told them I was considering continuing to my home base. Amazingly there was very little wind coming in,virtually none in front and not blowing on my hand very hard in back. Couldn't see any damage to horizontal stabilizer and as I said,handling normally. We continued the remaining way home (about an hour) and landed uneventfully.
I am not the builder but he had built a 7a before and I believe was the first customer completed 14a to fly (or nearly so) I have been trying to contact him with no luck to verify if he used Weld-on or Lord or whatever. I have the usual cracks in the paint around the windows that you see on a lot of the earlier builds
('07 first flight on mine) but it was not raised from the original flush fit to the cabin top. It came cleanly out of the joggle on all but the top and about half the aft towards the top. But I was able to cleanly pull some more out of the joggle after we landed. Makes me think I should replace all the side windows! The residue of the adhesive is sort of tan in color if that is a clue to what type it was.
I had always heard the cracking was cosmetic only so I had never been concerned but this changes everything! This window's cracking was at the forward lower edge going up a 3rd of the way and probably back a 3rd of the way. Obviously it pulled off in that area first (what my wife saw for a split second) and then when the slipstream got under it a bit it was game over.
Bummed about the thought of replacing all side windows but very thankful nothing was struck on the tail and that it handled so well through it all.
Crazy prop blast thumping while taxiing though. Just a heads up for anyone with cracks of more than an inch or two.
329DR RV10


Status Report ...jcarne 7A

Man it's been awhile since I posted an update. Probably due to the back to school grind. Gotta educate the people of tomorrow!

I have spent quite a lot of time over the last month working on getting my SolidWorks model situated as best I can and finishing up electrical planning. I recently also started some wiring. I just ordered my radio center stack so it should be getting fun real soon!

After finalizing my design with the helpful input of many on VAF I decided to go ahead and start cutting the panel. It's going great so far, only a few holes left. I am mainly doing this when I get burnt out on something else, no rush.


Milestone: Emp Delivered ...Rick Meyer

Though I have never even flown in an RV of any kind, my 14A empennage was delivered this week! I am very excited, and yet there is a part of me that wonders if this was a foolish decision. I suppose it is somewhat of a leap of faith, but life has taught me that I rarely regret taking the leap, and almost always regret not taking the leap. I believe that life should be an adventure, so here we go!!!



Aug 26, 2019.  Issue #4,898

10 RVs visit Loring AFB - 25 year of closing the base ...Dvalcik

We got permission from Loring Development Authority to land at ME16 formerly Loring Air Force Base (which is closed except with permission on special occasions.) The Loring Military Heritage Center hosted the 25-year celebration and most of the visitors were stationed there or had family that was. A few hundred visitors joined in to remember this large base in Northern Maine.

We had a flight of 10 trek up from Belfast Maine, mostly local, but Vlad, Brent, and Jim from NJ joined us.


Tate Says Hey ...and thanks.

He's there somewhere in the picture below.  Sunday afternoon they walked through the Rotunda past the school crest to symbolize the start of their college education, that's him on the left in the tan pants and white shirt walking down the left side at the 41 second mark (video).  He'll be totally embarrassed that I posted this clip, but many of you helped make this happen, so he'll be OK.

He starts his first college class Monday at 10am DFW time (Calculus).

I received about a dozen texts and emails from VAF friends congratulating Tate and us on this milestone over the weekend.  Those were very much appreciated, and we are Blessed to have such wonderful friends.

We'll keep you in the loop!  v/r,


RV-10 to Ireland Update ...Paddy RV-10

The -10 is an unbelievable machine. Completed the leg from CYEY to CYFB, 967nm in 5 1/2 hrs on 58 gal of fuel. Good weather almost all the way and a visual to rwy 16 to round it out. A good day...


Stranded:  Problem Solved  ...Richard Bibb RV-4

Problem resolved. John was very helpful with hangar, tools, actual and moral support.

Stuck valve unstuck via rope trick. Will be teaming the guides at a later point. For now no low power and/ or rapid descents. CHT temps are my friend.

Kudos to the brotherhood (and sisterhood) that is VANs little corner of the universe. Nice to know one little post and the Calvary is on the March.


Part X: A Mansion  ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


FF 1201 cracked/Pitot tube lose

This is just a heads up guys to check for this.

My FF 1201 (plastic block holding pitot tube in place mounted on the back of the gearbox)) was full of cracks that look to be simple deterioration from 10 years and 1000 hours of use.

It would not hold the pitot tube in place any more. I just machined a new one from aluminum instead of plastic . I used the old one for a pattern and made it exactly the same.

I think this would only apply to the older higher time RV 12s

Brad Stiefvater
Salem SD
124bj first costumer built RV 12 to be airworthied and fly
maiden flight 9-20-2009


Portland Indiana - Antique Engine and Tractor Show ...Steve Melton

Portland Indiana - Antique Engine and Tractor Show. The largest show of it's type in the US. Maybe the link will work.

A couple of 9's in the grass. Gunther Zion had the red one.

The little girl had caught a small toad and had to show me.


EngineBridge Integrated into G3X

I bought the latest EngineBridge to monitor my two PMAGs. Wired it up (power/ground, one channel for each PMAG). In this config it was pretty easy to use the WIFI network broadcast by the EngineBridge to monitor and change PMAG settings.

Learned while troubleshooting intermittent right PMAG indications to the EngineBridge that my right PMAG has a slight tendency to fail the mag sensor check on startup and flash yellow on its LED. Turns out if it starts in this condition it will run just fine, but it won't send data on its serial line until it is powered down and restarted without the mag sensor check failure. At least I think that's true. If I spin the prop a little the flash yellow LED on the PMAG doesn't come up on power-up; so I work around it a bit. I never knew I had this going on until I installed the EngineBridge.

Subsequently brought two analog outputs from the EngineBridge to the GEA24. Each output is a 0-5V signal corresponding to 18-48 degrees of PMAG advance. I used the Pos6/7 ports on the GEA24 J243, making sure to ground the ground pins for each port in the process. I did this by solder shrinking a shield ground onto the GEA24 side of the wire, and then solder shrinking to that ground two leads for pins at the GEA24; so I had two signal and two ground wires to connect, with a shield ground I screwed to the back shell. At the EngineBridge side I only connected the two outputs to the two conductors of the shielded cable, leaving the shield to float on that end. I could probably have added two wires into the shield ground solder shrink to make the ground pins but I had already made up a cable with the shield ground done prior to realizing about the ground pins. The way I did it worked better for the fittings I had on hand too.

In G3X config mode, I selected Pos6 and Pos7 as "custom" analog inputs, and in the calibration put 0 for 18 deg and 5 for 48 deg. I have my advance limited to less than 29.4, so I made the gage range 18-29.4 and that is the band displayed in the gage. I used the slider in the EngineBridge app to calibrate 0 and 5, since a 0 on the EngineBridge was really 0.005 at the GEA24, and a 5 on the EngineBridge was approx 4.985 at the GEA 24. But these actual numbers for the 18 and 48 deg advance analog voltages will vary on ground quality, length of wire, wire quality, etc.

What I got for my work is a left and right gage that shows the R/L PMAG Advance from 18-29.4, and it seems to read pretty accurately. It will swing in practice because the PMAG seems to not stay fixed on one thing and moves between two settings a lot even when everything in the plane and engine is very stable.

One thing I noticed in flight with this is that when I'm cruising at low altitude the advance might be 21 or so. Then when I pull back power to slow for landing the advance goes up to 25 because it is sensing the lower MP. I don't think this is avoidable given the way it works. Not sure it is a desirable feature or if it doesn't matter; but it is definitely there and no way around it.
Ser 104142, RV-14A


Rocket Return to Flight

Just completed a proper test flight on the Rocket one week shy of 3 years since last flight. No major issues. Was most worried about keeping new cylinders cool enough for break in (August, So Cal desert), but it appears my cooling mods are effective. Highest CHT I saw was a relatively benign 377. This is after full throttle, 2600 RPM for an hour. Oil temps slowly kept creeping on me and I was going to "knock it off" at 235, but it topped at 229.

Still have a raw, unfinished induction scoop inlet, but even still I was able to match my (super clean, Reno race Rocket) chase airplanes MP (24.3). This is already better than I saw in the pre mod configuration, and I expect a noticable improvement when the inlet lip is finished.

The SDS EFI was flawless. I was running the manual mixture knob a bit richer than the base program wanted but other than that the system was essentially invisible to me. Throttle response on short final was crisp and instantaneous, and idle quality on taxi out and back was perfect. It's a cliche, but it "runs like a new car".

Landed without incident and pulled the cowl. A few drops of oil from a couple easy to fix spots but overall looks clean and dry.

Good test. Hope to add a few more hours this weekend on top of today's 1.0
WARNING! Incorrect design and/or fabrication of aircraft and/or components may result in injury or death. Information presented in this post is based on my own experience - Reader has sole responsibility for determining accuracy or suitability for use.

Michael Robinson
Harmon Rocket II


Status Report ...David Paule -3B

With the roll bar in place, I trimmed the turtledeck so they fit together. Haven't made the fill-in pieces at the front of the roll bar yet, though.

The clearance recesses weren't all that hard to make, but they were tedious.


Nosewheel Breakout Force

I was having to progressively tighten the nose wheel fork nut because the breakout force kept getting lost. The inflight symptom was a lot of left ball as the prop would push the nose fairing over causing unwanted yaw trim.

So I removed the nut and checked the two belleville washers; installed correctly but well greased. I guess when I greased the nose fork zirc I put in too much, so it ran down in the heat into the belleville washers. Cleaned, dried, reinstalled and on test flights since then have had no nosewheel-induced yaw..... Will see if it stays adjusted.
Ser 104142, RV-14A


Test of clamping system ...kentlik

I had a major failure of drilling the left skirt...sad. I won't get into it but suffice it to say built another left skirt.
Here is a test of light clamping to get good adhesion of the Sika.


Call for 2020 Van's Calendar Photo Submissions! ...Mothership

It's that time of year, once again! Please submit your very best photos of RVs to be considered for inclusion in the 2020 Van's Aircraft calendar. If you already have great shots to send, cool. If you need to do some (very safely executed) photo sessions, well then start planning!

We typically look for extra-special photos of flying aircraft, but send us what you think is awesome and all will be considered. We get a lot of submissions and we're fairly picky about the quality of the photos we choose, no doubt! And don't send us any "faked" photos, please. Those won't get used. (And yes, that's happened before. Seriously.)

And, we can't publish photos we don't receive. Believe it or not, in some years we've received very few of some models. So send yours in!

Please be sure to tell us where the photo was taken, who took the photo, and about the plane(s)/pilot(s) in each photo. If your airplane (the one in the submitted photo) has been in one of our calendars before, please let us know that as well. Also, don't wait too long! We need to gather photos, design a calendar and get it printed all before the holidays, and that's a lot to get accomplished!

Submit your high-resolution images to media@vansaircraft.com We need your submissions as soon as you can, and let's set a deadline of Sunday, October 5th.

A panel of crack experts with strong opinions will choose which photos get published in the calendar. We also leverage some of the photo submissions on our web site, so there are multiple ways for your photos to show up. By submitting your photos, you ensure us you are the photographer and that it's okay For Van's Aircraft to use your photo for calendar and web purposes. If you are not the copyright owner, please tell us who is and ask the owner for permission. We can't publish photos without permission to do so. The photographer will receive credit when published, of course.

Recommendations for submissions:
In focus
Photos of one or more RVs (and not other brands of airplane)
Depicts safe and legal operation, where applicable
Exciting, flashy and cool-looking are all great
Needs to be of a printable resolution - No matter how cool the moment is, if the image quality won't meet the printing spec, we just can't use it
Please attach your photos to the emails, rather than embedding them in the body of the email, if at all possible.

So, get 'em submitted, and let's make a calendar!




Peninsula Daily News



Aug 23, 2019.  Issue #4,897
  We dropped Tate off at SMU, and we're emotionally spent and raw.  Man that is one long, taxing drive back to a quiet home.  He starts classes Monday.  Audrey flew out from the west coast to be with us, and it helped some.  What a base level volcano in your gut.  I'm thankful I don't have to go through that on a regular basis.  It really, really sucks.
  On Sunday at 4:30pm (DFW time) the Rotunda Passage and Convocation ceremony will be streamed online at
smu.edu if you're bored.  The students walk through the rotunda to symbolize the start of their SMU education - they do it again in four years.
  There is a sliver of sunlight on the horizon and I'm pretty confident that joyous times will return, but right now it's somewhat cloudy.  Tate knows how much we love him, how proud we are of him, and how profoundly grateful we are to be in a position to champion our children's futures.  We are Blessed.
  Go Mustangs!  Go Tate!


As a non-builder...

I wanted to tell all who have contributed to this thread how much I have enjoyed reading your responses and that the encouragement given by folks is so great...VAF truly is a brother/sister-hood in situations like this!

It has given me a just an itty-bitty taste of the highs and lows of building and greatly increased my respect for those who take that path and persevere to completion.

The builder of my RV persisted (I'm sure) through some of these same problems (or maybe invented a few of his own!) but stuck with it and ended up with a flying aircraft....only to permanently lose his medical shortly after getting it out of Phase 1.


I took over with ~70 hours on the airframe and as a small form of respect to his efforts, I've kept the same N-number (numbers/letters meaningful to him) and approached ownership as more of a "steward" effort than as "owner", with the realization that time passes and sooner than I want, it will be time to pass this machine I love on to another...and I want to be judged a good caretaker for my efforts.

To the moderator(s):

I would like to strongly suggest this thread be made a sticky [ed. Done. v/r,dr]  and perhaps duplicated/moved over to the RV Tips/Techniques Forum or something else appropriate. There's a lot of good stuff in here that I would bet someone would find encouraging in a dark, painful time in the build process. No sense in letting this disappear into the dustbin of the forum archives?

Again...thanks to all who have contributed and to the OP, I wish you the very best and hope you keep building!!

Rob S.
Rob Schroer


Oshkosh'19 and the Cosmosphere trip report ...joe_rainbolt

Whether it be the smell of 'Jet A' hanging in the air, the rumbling sound of big radial engines thundering overhead, or simply the sweet chirp that signals an aircraft has just returned to earth, to me, these are the sounds of summer and that means it's airshow season. It's the time when pilots yearn to point their aircraft toward Wisconsin and make their annual pilgrimage to Oshkosh.  ...


And While We Are Sharing Screw Ups.... ...Joe Rainbolt

My right elevator fell to the concrete floor while I was painting. Here is part of what I wrote in my blog at the time. Some of the feelings you may find familiar:

"Did that just happen? I just stood there in stunned disbelief while my brain worked feverishly to assemble the appropriate profane response. Fortunately, I had the forethought to stockpile a great reserve of emergency profanity for just such an occasion. Logistically though, it's not such an easy thing to do. That is, to launch in an instant, the mother of all swear storms that common sense demands. In a second or two my paralysis fades and I spring into verbal action. At least that is what I thought would happen. But I find that I am unable to form intelligible words as I attempt to unload my entire arsenal at the same time. That ever so small portion of the profane artistry which finally makes it past my vocal cords intact is just one tiny, weeny, almost imperceptible, "@$%#." All the while, in in my mind, I keep seeing the Hindenburg going up. Over and over. Oh, the humanity!"

Anyway, I cut off and rebuilt just the dented tip and I haven't thought about it again in over 400 hours of flying.


Part IX: Trees to the East ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


Placement 10 inch screens and radio/ap/audio panels RV 7 ...ConnyJ35 in Sweden

Hi! I am trying to sort out placement for the different instruments/panels for my RV-7. The idea is two Garmin 10.6 inch EFIS, one G5, radio, a/p and audio panels. All Garmin. Transponder will be a remote. No steam gauges. I am leaning on having one EFIS in front of each seat, the G5 and radio/audio/autopilot panels in between. One option might be to mount the G5 left of left EFIS, if there is rom for that.
But I read in a post somewhere that it is better to have the G3X's together if the airplane mostly is flown from the left seat. This is most likely to be the case, so this might be an option. But then the radio/audio panels will be rather far away. And where can I put the a/p panel?
The radio and a/p can as I understand it be set from the EFIS, so this might not be an issue for the radio op. But it seems easier to use the panel for inputs to the a/p. I have tried to search the forum for advise, but not with success. I will also try to fit a quadrant between the seats, are there any manufactures for those?


Image Test ...Plummit (one gorgeous airplane)


Petit Jean 2019 ... The Gathering on the Mountain is ON!



Aug 22, 2019.  Issue #4,896
  We drop off the Tater today at SMU.  He and I talked again on Wednesday about how so many people have had a hand in shaping him into the young man that he is becoming.  How he stands on the shoulders of thousands of supportive people hoping and praying for him to find purpose and happiness in a strained world.  How thousands of people he will never meet send their best wishes because of this wonderful hobby.  He knows it.


  Tate, you are our only son, and I struggle to find the words of pride and love and hope and gratitude and thankfulness.  I've told you every day of your life that I love you.  I'm pretty certain it stuck.  You are Tate Reeves from the Lone Star State, and the world better brace itself.
  Go get 'em son!  We got your back with fists pumping in the air and shouts of encouragement.  You got this.


RV-14 Pic in Flight ...infltc2s


Engine fire on start procedure

I developed the normal and emergency checklists for my -7A (with carbureted O-360) from others I found online and what made sense for my airplane. However, I'm questioning the procedure for an engine fire on start, where checklists say to keep cranking in an attempt to get a start and suck the flames into the engine. All of my fuel lines are on the firewall, with exception of one leading from a red cube flow sensor to the carb. The carb intake is far forward and coupled to the cowl intake with rubber skirt, per the plans. So I'm wondering if trying to get a start is a waste of time and I should go directly to shutting off fuel. Unless the procedure is for an over-priming situation where fuel runs down inside the carb? My priming procedure is to briefly open a solenoid valve with a momentary-on rocker switch after turning on the fuel pump before start. Thoughts? How likely is it for a solenoid to stick open?


Part VIII  ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


RV Build Lifestyle PIREP ...Bill Cloughley RV-7

After spending five years building my RV-7, I have been flying it over 10 years now, and can say without hesitation building the RV changed my life. It has opened up new worlds to me, in so many ways. Building the RV is on the short list of best things I've ever done. Don't give up! Just take it one day at a time. Try to do something on the project every day, no matter how trivial. Make the time. It's just a matter of priorities. There are days when the last thing you want to do is work on the plane, but tell yourself I'll just edge-smooth a little piece. You'll get into it and five minutes will turn into two hours. You get momentum going and then you WANT to work on the plane every day. As you put in the hours, you'll make less and less mistakes until it will be rare that you make a mistake. The second set of flaps will take a third of the time the first set did. Don't give up!


RV-14 Panel v0.2 ...kiljoy

I replaced everything on the 'panel' and this time I have my G5, GSU 25 and a couple other can bus goodies hooked up. The only thing I didn't replace was the, 'Master' switch


Washing your RV & "water" afterwards ...donaziza

I'm neither a mechanic, nor a builder, thus why I ask this. I flew to Oshkosh this year. When I got home, I had some kind of Oshkosh silt all over my plane that didn't really wanna come off. You could write your name in it. So I finally got around to washing it with soap & water. Used one of those water wong thingies with a brush on the end, and attached to a hose. After I got done, now you start to think about places where maybe the water went, but you don't want it to stay there. SO------I fired it up, and taxied around a bit, dragging the brakes a bit to get water off them, and the prop doing as much as "it" could do. Short of flying it, what else can a guy do? Or am I worried pretty much for nothing??

Oh---and even tho my forward baggage compartment seemed perfectly dry, apparently water got in there, because my log books were all wet. And the were even in a zipped up bag.


Any reason not to do it this way? (Pitot connections)...Reflex

I've noticed that most builders are flaring the ends of the pitot/AOS assembly. I'm wondering if a push to connect is acceptable? I'm using a Garmin GAP-26 heated pitot. According to the installation manual, section 5.3, revision AJ, the minimum length for the tubes on the heated pitot is 8" to protect the non-metallic tubing from excessive heat.

If the tubing is greater than 8", do you see any reason not to use the fittings depicted below?


Milestone: Duel P-mag Install  ...bkervaski

Okay, good to go on the install! Ready to fire it up.

Everything passed the "prop pull-through" test outlined in the instructions.

Question: When I un-ground the p-lead (turn my key switch to the 1, 2, or both) the led lights on the P-Mags turn off. Doesn't seem to affect the spark. Is this normal?

Got a bit hot today, test run in the morning!



Aug 21, 2019.  Issue #4,895
  We drop off our son Tate at college (SMU) on Thursday, so today is our last day having a child live at home.  We become empty nesters starting Thursday afternoon, and I'm all over the place emotionally.  Life goes on I guess.  Mostly I just want the dropoff to be over.  Thank God he's only 40 minutes away - he knows he can call us for a lunch or dinner any time, just like his older sister did.  If that call comes an hour before the next day's VAF edition is scheduled to be pushed out, you'll understand VAF will just have to wait.
  This went way too fast, and it really sucks.  I'm excited for our son, but it feels like I've lost an arm.  And he knows how much we love him.  If I keep typing I'm gonna cry, so I'll stop...  


Grass Strip Discovery  ...Vlad RV-9A

Geneseo NY D52
Discovered this gem yesterday. 4,500' of manicured to Triple Tree standards grass.


PIREP Phase 1: John Keen RV-7 (Australia)

...She's powered by an 0-360 A1AD, has fixed pitch Sensenich prop, basic classic steam gauge panel (I love vintage aircraft!) with a GTR200 comm and GTX330ES transponder. A couple of minor mods in the form of a centre console with the engine controls plus fuel selector and gauges; and I've omitted the fibreglass lip that usually goes over the windscreen to overlap the edge of the canopy. Instead there's a bulb seal to keep the drafts out.

Nigel reports that she flies straight and true, temps & pressures where they should be. Baffles are stock Van's with all the gaps carefully sealed and the washer trick employed on #3 - CHTs maxed at 400 in the climb settling to 350 in cruise, and that's on overhauled cylinders and pistons, so very pleased with that result. Possibly a bit under-propped with the standard pitch so may look at a cruise prop at some stage once I have more data.


Part VII: Works of Fire  ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


DID YOU KNOW having a builder policy doesn't guarantee full flight coverage later on?

...VAF advertiser (Gallagher)

You've spent the past several years building your aircraft and now you're finally done. Congratulations!! Now, don't let a surprise insurance requirement get in the path of you flying. One thing to keep in mind as you are building your RV or any other type of experimental aircraft, is that there are a limited number of companies that will quote an aircraft during the flyoff period. Of those companies, they all want you to have some time under your belt. Policies are rated off of the pilots total time and hours in the specific make and model. Having a low time pilot on a brand new aircraft is going to make for a difficult quoting process. We're not saying it can't be done, but it does limit our options. If you can't get some time in the same model you are building, getting time in a similar model may help. Keep in mind, insurance companies do not see tailwheel time and tricycle gear time the same. This means if you have a tricycle gear Vans model, build up some hours in another tricycle gear model. The same goes for tailwheel models. We hear people tell us a lot that tailwheel aircraft are more difficult to manage so their hours should count towards their tricycle gear time; however, the insurance companies don't see it the same way. If you're not sure what to do, your broker can always get a quote for flying coverage so you have an idea of what the insurance companies are going to require for transition training. Always remember that is just an estimate because insurance changes all the time and quotes are only valid for about 60 to 90 days.
Leah Ringeisen, Shanna Linton, Katie Escalante & Kim Schuler


Garmin RV Demonstrator's Updated Panel

...requested by Michael Burbidge

Here is a link to a photo of the RV-7A panel with a GMC 507, GPS 175, and GMA 245 in the center stack.



Interference between prop governor oil line and PlanePower AL12 alternator

...'BillL' PIREP answering a post

I found the same issue.
I bent the line a little closer to the case (block of wood and a hammer YMMV) and the result was a small gap (1mm) between the alternator-line-case. 40 hrs with regular inspections indicate that it is working. Thankfully, the parts don't move that much.

The 15358 belt is a good idea too.
Edit 8-15-18 - I looked at mine again. Note (below) the adjustment slot has the bolt near the end. I used the standard belt, as the adjustment range might not accommodate much extra length.

Let us know how yours works out.


G3X Academy: CAN Bus Fundamentals Webinar - Friday, August 23rd

Greetings VAF!

The Aviation Training Team at Garmin has developed a series of modules dedicated to better understanding the installation fundamentals of the G3X Touch system in our aircraft. These have been popular presentations at EAA Airventure and we'd like to extend the training opportunity to those interested in learning more about the system architecture.

The CAN Bus data network (what it is and how it works), also known as the 'backbone' of the system, is one of the most frequent support questions we receive. We would like to invite those interested to the below webinar this Friday, August 23rd:

G3X Academy: CAN Bus Fundamentals Webinar
Date: Friday, August 23rd
Time: 3:00 PM CST
Registration Link: HERE

The webinar will be recorded and a link sent to those unable to attend the live presentation (registration still required).

Best Regards,

Brad + Katie


7A 'Rebirthing' Status Report  ...kentlik 7A

Starting on the right side. Partway there, forgot how long it takes to get it right. I set up a "block" of sorts out of tape to butt the skirts up to help keep them uniform.


Earl and Hal's RV-14

I ordered an RV-14 kit in Oshkosh, and I while nervously await the arrival, I began asking myself just how the heck I was going to build this thing, given my fairly limited experience building anything. I am a retired engineer, so bookwork wise, I get it, but putting it into practice, I doubted myself.

By a stroke of luck, I was introduced to a retired corporate jet director of maintenance who just purchased a home in my community. Well, Hal has always wanted to build an airplane, but couldn't outlay the money. Me? I can outlay the money but I am not sure I can build it. Haha. So we have formed a strategic partnership, in exchange for 25% equity in the kit, Hal will guide me through the build, using his 40+ years of airplane maintenance experience.

Our first kit should be shipping any day now, and we hope to have the airplane flying by Sept 1 2021. We each can devote at least 40 hours per week into this, so if we can stay on track and I don't louse up the project too badly, with a bit of luck in two years, I'll be posting our first flight info!

Stay tuned to follow along a hopeless builders adventure towards having something that flies within about two years! Oh, and wish us luck.


Should I Drill The Reference Engine Bracket Holes? ...PhatRV -8

Each of the engine mount brackets has a large #12 hole that corresponds to the hole on the stainless steel firewall. Should I drill these out while assemble the firewall or leave them alone until I install the engine mount. Van's manual doesn't mention anything about these holes in the instructions at this stage of the build.

Here is a picture of the hole


So who else has seen broken sniffle line bracket ...mturnerb -14

I did some FWF inspection today at 46 hours or so, cowling off. Found that the sniffle line bracket was broken, so I replaced it by fabricating a similar piece from stainless steel. I've seen a builders blog where the theory was the exhaust heat weakens the aluminum bracket.



Aug 20, 2019.  Issue #4,894
Monday early it worked out that I got off the surface for .3hr in the RV (first RV flight in 8 days).   Flew over to do an practice landing at a friend's grass strip (and rock the wings to say good morning), then Propwash for a TnG to see if another friend was home, and finally Alliance for the ILS 16L practice on the way back.  Next flight needs to be a gas run to Bridgeport or Sherman.
  Takeoff 0800 and nibbling at 90F by the time I got back down.  Didn't see another airplane.  It did feel good to fly the RV - always does.  


RV-12iS IFR Avionics Package Available for Orders ...mothership

Van's has published the RV-12iS IFR avionics package order form and we are now accepting orders. This package is available for the RV-12iS only when equipped with the Rotax 912 iS engine, due to electrical capacity requirements.

The package includes:

- Two Garmin G3X Touch EFIS screens
- GTN 650 IFR GPS/Nav/Com radio
- ADS-B Out
- Autopilot servos for pitch/roll
- GMC 307 autopilot control module
- All of the parts/hardware/wiring required to install the system

Options include:

- ADS-B In and Sirius XM receivers
- Finished, powder coated panels with silk-screened placards
- Subtraction of the second EFIS screen.  more


About to Throw in the Towel ...asw20c -14

[ed. Motivation Alert!!!!  Chime in and help!!!!   dr]

I have been working on my slow-build wings for almost 2 1/2 years. About 8 months of that time I was making little to no progress because of two back to back problems I encountered (with my pitot system and bottom skins), but eventually I overcame both and had been very happy with the quality of my build. Today I finished building my flaps after about 2 months of effort (they're beautiful, by the way) only to realize that they are both junk. I misinterpreted the plans and ended up getting the rod-end subassemblies mirrored and installed backwards. In other words, the left subassembly was assembled in the right flap, and the right in the left flap. They fit fine. And it is completely irrecoverable. It kept nagging at me that the location of the nutplate didn't seem right, but I was sure I had followed the plans correctly.
There is no way to fix this problem except to buy all new parts and hardware and start over. I'm so frustrated and angry about losing this much time on the project after having just gotten past the difficulty of the bottom skins that I'm tempted to walk away from the project. It seems I'm doomed to keep working on these **** wings in perpetuity. It's that or admit defeat and lose all the time and expense of this project so far.
Empennage Complete Except for Tips
Wings Underway


Drip-less RV-10 IO-540 oil change - Best thing since sliced bread!

Alright so (5) oil changes down the road I finally found a way to change the oil without spilling it everywhere and spending an hour cleaning it off the engine, hoses, cowl, nosegear fairing, wheel pant, etc. You will need some safety wire, gallon ziploc, tape, and a diaper.

Full instructions and pictures on my build log.


Milestone ...FloMo14Builder

Delivery is scheduled
My Tuesday night plan is now an unboxing...


Part VI: Under the Sun  ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


The mystery of #4...


I have a bit of a mystery and would like to appeal to the brain-trust for assistance.

The configuration: RV-7, Lycoming YIO-360-A1B6, Hartzell F7497 CS Prop, Dual Lightspeed Plasma III - timed to 20*, Denso IK27 plugs, Avstar AVX-5VA1 fuel injection servo, Standard pistons (8.7:1 CR), Custom Plenum, SW 8406R oil cooler mounted on firewall fed by 3" SCEET duct from above #4 cylinder, Temperature risers are installed in front of #1 and #2 cylinders - #1 is 1/4" lower than "stock", #2 is 3/4" lower than "stock", #2 cylinder is the hottest - followed by #3, #1 and ultimately #4.

The symptom: during climb out, and in all subsequent phases of operation at or above 80 Kias, the #4 cylinder will run ~30* colder than the other 3 cylinders (#4 max is 336*F, others max ~365*F).

Additional data: all 4 cylinders "peak" within .1GPH (e.g. 9.3GPH at 6500msl), and all EGTs are within 75*F of each other for all phases of flight. Probes have been swapped, tested, and appear correct.

My objective is to get #4 up to the same temps as the rest. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Looking More Like an Airplane ...dbaflyer 9A

Lots of things getting done since the plane was moved to the airport last March, including those dreaded spar bolts which are surprisingly easy to get in, but much harder to torque down (the bottom ones). Pulled the plane out today to test the nav antenna that is in the right wing. The Eastern Iowa Airport has VOR/DME 3 miles west of the airport and I was able to tune in and hear the morse code. Many more things to do but still hoping to fly in a couple months.


Lower Cowl Louvers ...Steve's

Don't have any finished images with me right now. I you have already painted there are much better after market options. The kit from fans is only $8. Just the two aluminum vents and some rivets.


RV-8 N1986 Status Report  ...Roarks in Arizona

So I haven't done much since Phoenix went 100F+.  BUT! This was my RV8 mini project for this weekend. AC in the garage.



Aug 19, 2019.  Issue #4,893
Van's Homecoming coupled with the EAA292 Fly-in and STOL expo contest was this past weekend.  If I find some pics/vids online I'll let you know.  Next, I picked a price for those RV-10 wings I'm selling for a friend (below).
  Hope you had a nice RV-filled weekend.  

VH-BBU first flight ...goose (video)

Hi everyone, my RV-7 VH-BBU had her maiden flight from Canungra International Airport, Queensland, Australia yesterday in the capable hands of the legendary Nigel Arnot.

This has project has come to completion with the help of many generous people in many different ways including of course all of you who contribute your knowledge so generously to these forums; and I thank all of them for this wonderful little plane Now I'm looking forward to putting many enjoyable hours on her!


CHT Update ...scottmillhouse 7A

The VAF brain trust did it again. Left mag about 29 degrees with right at 25. Changed to 24. Hopefully that is the issue. I don't know if Lycoming set it wrong or if it drifted in last 10 hours. Next flight will see if it is fixed.


Part V ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


Charts / Maps

I have been a pilot for more than 37-years. Commercial / Instrument rated with more than 3,000 hours in RVs and have actual RV IFR solo flight time. Have learned to fly before EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) using paper. Have been using an EFB for 9-years.

Those that have Glass Panels, how important are the Charts / Maps that that are part of the system? Do you use your Tablet (ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, Wing-X, FlyQ, etc.) to plan a flight then use the EFIS MFD to show your charts, plates, and maps in the cockpit or do you use your Tablet?

I know Seattle Avionics has a $99/year service that provides georeferenced charts for Dynon. Garmin G3X also has FliteCharts for an unknown fee.

I am interested in how the MFD is actually used in your RV. Is the optional Map/Charts/Plates actually used in flight instead of your Tablet EFB?

My RV has a non-precision approach certified GPS navigator with an old 6-pack arrangement that has been updated with two G5s. I use the EFB to plan my flight, I program the panel mounted navigator for my direct to navigation waypoint and follow along on my Tablet EFB.

When I get a "Glass Panel", what will be the function of my Tablet EFB?

Will my Tablet EFB be a backup and the MFD be used as my map/chart/plate to follow flight progress?

Looking to get an education on Glass Panels. I have flown an RV with a glass panel and I only used it as I would a standard mechanical 6-pack. I know more features are in the different glass panels but trying to figure out if I will use them or if I should learn to use them.
Gary A. Sobek
NC25 RV-6 Flying
3,400+ hours


Arlington Fly In 2019 Highlights ...video

In case anyone was wondering, the Arlington Fly In does continue, but it does seem to get smaller every year. They changed things up this year by moving it from July, just before Oshkosh, to the middle of August.

There was pretty light airplane attendance, though there were easily more RVs than any other single type. Part of that may have been due to the cloudy weather which probably prevented visitors from too far away. Today the ceiling was mostly about 3,100 overcast to broken until mid afternoon, with about a 1,000 feet lower on Friday. At least it wasn't hot, about 68 degrees on Friday and 75 on Saturday. It is at least a slight exaggeration to say that there were more campers than airplanes.

Noticeably absent this year was the guy with a New Standard bi-plane selling rides and an R-44 helicopter selling rides. New this year was a model airplane flying event featuring really big models an jets. They must have been really big because we could see them from my hangar probably close to a mile away.

There weren't many highlights, but here are my favorites.

Watch Video
Steve Rush
Arlington, WA


RV-4 Cowl Cracks

I have owned RV-4 N9547H (serial # 1654) for about 3 years. I did not build it but I love it. It has a carbureted O-320 engine. The upper engine cowl is repeatedly cracking (down to white fiber glass showing) at the front edge in the corner where the intake cheek turns up around the spinner hump. I have had it repaired 3 times over the past 3 years but each time the cracks come back quicker and worse than before. I am loathe to just keep spending money and down-time just repeating the previous repairs without getting to the root cause, (which might be as simple as: cowl old!) . The engine runs nice and smooth and I had a new Lonnie Prince fixed pitch prop installed (and dynamically balanced) 2 years ago. So I cant detect any unusual vibrations.

Would anyone say that the upper cowl is just plain worn out and needs replacing? The plane was completed in 2007. If so, do I have to replace the upper and lower cowls at the same time to ensure that they go together well? The bottom is in great shape. The existing upper cowl seems to fit very well at the moment: not too tight or too loose when you put it in place. I have shown the problem to Vic Syracuse at Falcon Field outside Atlanta and he could not see any reason to cause these cracks.

Any other theories on why this might be happening would be welcome. Also, how much fitting skill and time would be needed to install the upper cowl for a complete novice? Is this doable?

That's a lot of questions but as you can tell, I am a little worried about continuing to fly with this deteriorating cowl.




Aug 16, 2019.  Issue #4,892
  Some mothership news to report: 1) the 2019 Van's Homecoming and EAA 292 Fly-in Weekend is this weekend in Independence, Oregon (more info) and 2) they are looking to hire a builder tech support person (more info).  Get paid to talk about RVs all day!
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 


RV-8 Status Report  ...goatflieg

The latest Blogspot blog entry is up; see link below. It seems long, but it's mostly pictures. Many many pictures. Speaking of which, here's the teaser photo:


RV7A IO360, detonation? ...witek

Hi All,
Have you had similar case?
This happened while tried to start a hot engine on the ground (after the first flight).


Come join Lightning Formation Airshows this weekend at the Camarillo, CA Airshow


we will be performing at the Camarillo, CA airshow this weekend. Please come by and say hello. Bring the kids, bring your significant other if you want us to convince them they NEED an RV or just stop by. See you there.


Hangar With A View  - Neck Knobil

All depends on what you like lookin at I guess...


Hat Sighting  ...Paddy

Anyone guess where this is?


What Are These RV-10 QB Wings Worth?

...help me decide what to ask for them (a poll)

This is a little different for the site.  A friend from dry New Mexico delivered his ten year old (I think) standard kit built RV-10 wings that are a little past the QB stage with these instructions, "Get what you can get for them."  I bought a car from the guy years ago (he gave me a good deal), so I'm returning the favor.

See the pictures

There is a dent in one of the ailerons.  There is some rust on some of the steel parts.  One of the end ribs has a tear in it and will need to be patched.  I don't know if the tanks leak or not.  They were stored in New Mexico and there is some sand in the nooks and crannies.  Comes with the wing stand.

So, the mothership offers the standard kit for $11,450.  You can order a QB RV-10 wing for an additional $6,325.  There is a 10 week wait on RV-10 wing kits.  So, if you wanted this new we're talking somewhere in the area of $17K.  What's it worth?  I dunno.  Please vote what you think in the poll and what I'll probably do is look at the bell curve distribution in a week or so, then offer them for a price slightly left (cheaper) of the average.

Yours in thrift and helping friends,



Aug 15, 2019.  Issue #4,891  1237Z 

RV-7 Initial Steps ...ryanflys

Priming is all done. Started following the step by step instructions today!


Milestone: 1st flight today in my RV3B ...redhawk

Having owned a -8 and a -4, there's one word to describe how the -3 flies: SNAPPY !
It's a blast to fly !


RV Series - RV/IAC Aerobatic Competition Standings

We have yet another RV pilot trying on IAC competition for size. Luke Schuitema took his RV-4 to a second place finish in Primary at the Spencer, Iowa contest recently. Nice work Luke! We hope you come back for more.

The competition season is far from over with 13 more contests on the 2019 calendar. Remember, you must compete in two contests to qualify for placement in the competition standings. I see lots of pilots who need to get back into the game!

(My apologies for the delay in posting this. I took the long way back to NC after AirVenture, visiting Canada to escape the heat for awhile.)


Volume of rain an O-320 RV can fly through?

On one of my flights back from OSH I flew through a brief light shower.

What is the volume of rain when you would get concerned?
Should I close the carb heat flapper valve?
I assume at some point water will go through the engine?

Overall I remain hesitant to fly through anything but a light shower when absolutely necessary and with ADSB showing the local severity on the screen.


RV-6A Brake Fire - What is salvageable?


The girlfriend's RV-6A continues to give me headaches as I slowly learn more about this plane. I recently just finished doing her annual following a new paint job. New brake rotors, pads, and O-rings. I also had to remove the piston from the pedal do get the valve open to allow the fluid to come up through the bottom. I finally finished this (along with a lot of other things) so her plane would be all good to go before I left for a couple months. Did a few flights uneventfully. Then on the last flight before I left, naturally, as we were pulling off the runway she said the right brake felt weird. Sure enough it seemed locked up. I tried pumping the pedal to see if I could free it, which it did but then subsequently seemed to start dragging again. Shortly after that smoke was coming up and we jumped out.

Sure enough the right brake had caught fire. Fire was going inside the wheel pant for about a minute before we could get an extinguisher on it. Newly painted pant - toast. Smoke had traveled up the leg fairing which blackened the leg and wing root with soot but I believe (hope) that it's limited to just that vice any real heat damage to the leg itself or wing root.

Brake line at the brake assembly burned through, and it looks like some burning of the fiberglass/carbon fiber around the wheel leg. See pics.

I am looking to get some guidance and opinions on what is salvageable from this fire and what to look for to make that determination. Also any ideas what caused the locking? When I put the pistons back on, I tightened them....can this cause binding?

What kind of temps can these wheel and brake parts withstand? Also, I am unfamiliar with the construction of the leg. Is this carbon fiber surrounding the metal leg? What is that for? Is the burn damage at the base ok? Also, unrelated, it looks like there is a crack at the top (red arrow in pic) that we noticed in the carbon fiber material. Is this an issue?

Finally, wheel pants, what's the process to make new ones after you order them from Vans? A royal pain or pretty easy? more pics


7A Skirt Status Report ...kentlik

Here is a skirt that fits and has a minimal flare at the lower rear area, <.125. Now comes the hard part...gluing


Miss Montana DC-3, RV Related ...Bryan Douglass RV-10

This topic is not obviously RV related, but more than you might think. Some of you know that I've been involved with the Miss Montana to Normandy project for the last year or more. We successfully returned a 1944 DC-3/C-47 to airworthiness - it had been sitting for 18 years - and flew her to England, Normandy and Germany for the 75th anniversary of DDay and the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift. And back again over some pretty remote, inhospitable country in the north Atlantic. We've been in AOPA (see latest edition) and EAA magazines, on CBS Sunday Morning, the NY Times, Washington Post and every newspaper in Montana and many beyond. We flew the plane across the channel on June 5 and dropped paratroopers in original WWII garb and round chutes over Normandy, then flew in a presidential fly by at Omaha Beach Cemetery on June 6.

At first glance a DC-3 is nothing like an RV, but au contraire, look deeper. The DC-3 is all aluminum riveted monocoque construction and the power-to-weight ratio is almost precisely that of my RV-10. What struck me as I worked on the plane for much of a year was how many of my skills, tools, and resources were useful on the project. I was able to do a fair bit of metal work to patch holes, install antennas with doublers, and so forth. I was able to wire the largely reinvented instrument panel and associated antennae, headsets, ADAHRS, etc. The radial engines were a new beast but they still suck, squeeze, bang and blow like my Lycoming. In short, because I built an RV I was actually fairly useful on an incredible renovation (and operation) of an historic airplane, and got to fly right seat on a good portion of the entire trip.

I was even able to convince the chief mechanic (with no experimental experience) to install two Dynon D3s as backup attitude indicators instead of reinstalling the entire vacuum system just for two attitude indicators. Dynon graciously donated two of them to our project! SHAMELESS PLUG 1

In addition, I contacted Aeroleds and they gave us a 50% discount on the huge 8 inch LED landing lights that dramatically decrease load and increase life (as well as visibility).SHAMELESS PLUG #2

Because of the trip I was motivated to add commercial and multi-engine ratings, a tailwheel endorsement, and a DC3 SIC type rating in less than a year. Not much else would have prompted me to work so hard.

It keeps occurring to me that, when I started flying 11 years ago and then finished my RV-10 8 years ago I wouldn't have in my wildest dreams ever imagined that I would be able to participate in something like this. It never ceases to amaze me how this community as enriched our lives.

Keep driving those rivets.


Seen From the Air in the RV (Quirky) ...Vlad



Condition Inspection and Maintenance by Randy Richmond ...TJ RV-10

I just got my RV-10 back from Randy 'Monk' Richmond (located at my home field 52F) after an in-depth Condition Inspection/Maintenance. My RV-10 was built in 2006 and I purchased it in August 2011 so it was time to look at engine mounts, fuel lines, oil lines, etc.

The list of things done over and above the annual Condition Inspection included:
- Install new main tires and tubes. The Michelin Condor tires lasted 8 years and over 600 landings. I replaced them with Wilkerson retreads with Dresser Classic tubes (Wow! Tubes and tires have gone up a lot!!). Hope they last as long.
- The engine mounts were replaced with Barry Engine Mounts (Wow again! Almost $600 now!)
- The engine oil return lines were braded stainless flex hose and had become very hard from the heat and age and we were not sure if the rubber inside had swollen and reduced the diameter. All return lines were replaced with superior return lines.
- All the FWF fuel and oil hoses were replaced with custom made ones. The original hoses had some strange routings and fittings. Randy did a great job cleaning that up and simplifying the routing. It looks a lot better!
- The carb was sent out to be rebuilt by Aircraft Carburetor and Injection Services of Texas. They found a number of things wrong with the carb and did a fantastic job rebuilding it.
- The intake hoses and gaskets were also changed out.
- The original flap motor had stuck a couple of times so was replaced with the Usher Precision replacement. The original lasted over 631 hours - much longer than what most people got out of the Vans motor.
- And finally the trim switch on my Tosten stick failed so I sent it back to be rebuilt.
- Randy also found some other minor issues and fixed them including some nuisance oil seepage/leaks.

Thanks again to Randy for doing a great job on replacing the lines, motor mounts, etc. There is a reason he has such a good reputation!

So how does it all work? In a word - Great! The engine is much smoother and the Carb is soooo much better than before. It is much smoother at idle and seems to be more precise leaning. It seems it is doing a much better job atomizing the fuel and the spread in CHT and EGT has been reduced. I have only flown locally at lower altitudes with it but a data point is at 2,000 ft, 79F OAT, 2160 rpm and 21 in, 140 KIAS burning 9gph. In the past I would normally see 10+gph in the same conditions. I also love how much smoother the engine is due to the new motor mounts!

Also the new tires have eliminated a minor shimmy when passing through 20-25 knots ground speed when rolling out after landing.

It is almost like having a new airplane again. Thanks again Randy!



Part 4: Talitha Koum! ...Scott Chastain's 'Resurrection America'


Aug 14, 2019.  Issue #4,890 
  I'm working a side job Wednesday to help with fam cashflow, so there might not be a Thursday edition here.  If that's the case I'll push out a double-dose Friday serving to make it up to ya.  Apologies in advance (maybe).


Jon Thocker Tribute ...Scott Hersha

A group of us at KHAO purchased a memorial brick for Jon to go under the Brown Arch at Oshkosh. Last month at Airventure, we dedicated that brick and gave Jon a Gone West toast. A large group of Jon's close friends, fellow airshow pilots, and RV and Redline colleagues participated in the toast. Ken made the toast in Jon's memory.  ...


It's the Journey ...KleensRV6

As I had tried to explain previously our trip to OSH this year had taken us not in the most direct route from KGIF to KSMB. We stayed in Plymouth because, it's the journey. ...


Houston area monthly lunch (August 2019)

The third weekend is upon us again, and Weiser is still open, so it's time to pay another visit to Carl's. 11:30 this Saturday (17th), Carl's BBQ at EYQ. See you all there!

As a bonus, anyone who shows up this weekend can have the rare joy of hearing me talk about building tasks in the present tense...


Ireland Trip ...Paddy RV-10

After a year's delay due to work/life commitments, my planned RV-10 trip to Ireland is back on. Planned departure from home base (LL10) is Sat Aug 24th.


Hidden hinge oil door ...Bill Boyd

Time for a project update. Here's my oil door going together, using ideas shamelessly gleaned right here in VAF.  ...


Part III: Michael (Resurrection America)  ...Scott Chastain


Mr. X ...NYC

scaled to your device / full size



Aug 13, 2019.  Issue #4,889 
  Well, I clicked SUBMIT on the eCheck for the Tater's first semester at SMU Monday afternoon, and it was more than a new Lycoming IO-390.  And, I get to buy the equivalent of (7) more of these over the next four years, so super yikes.  I'll go ahead and get the answer out on that 'are you going to OSH' question for the next four years.  Not a snowball's chance.
  Tate is currently interning in the same lab his sister worked in during her time there (you'll see her name under 'Members' in the alumni section and in the 2016 pics).  We drop him off on the 22nd with our hopes, dreams and prayers, just like we did with his sister.  He's a good egg and I'm sure he'll try his hardest.  Tate, we got your back!  Go get 'em!
  Please excuse me if I come off as a little screwy - I think I might need a drink ;^).


Finally...first flight ...Tom023 (FIVE YT videos)

After 5.5 years of slow build kits serial #140083 flew today. I have to thank John B., another RV owner for assuming the PIC duties but after six years of building and not flying it seemed the prudent approach...thanks John. Only issue was a self induced slightly high idle, other than that, the plane, Lycoming Thunderbolt and G3X all performed flawlessly for the first flight.


The Final Panel Layout (he thinks) ...jcarne

Thanks for the comments so far guys. Many good ideas represented in this thread. I hope someone in the future also finds it as useful as I did.

Well here is where I am at now. I think I will go with one screen and an iPad and see how I like it. If I feel the need to add the second screen I have it planned so that the space is still there. I will probably go ahead and install any wiring needed ahead of time too so when I eventually sell the plane the buyer has the option to easily add it if they want.

I also caught the fact that the panel Van's has in their CAD model is NOT the same dimension as in real life; it doesn't have the bottom bend in it which takes about an inch off. Good thing I caught that because it definitely moved some things around.

Some Notes:
-I'm going to go with the Garmin COM as I simply couldn't get a layout I liked with the Dynon while ALSO not getting interference with the ribs.
-I decided on an Avidyne IFD-440 after reviewing their website and a few different comparisons to the Garmin 650. The more I read, it became easy to make that decision
-Many people might say move the HDX or the Avidyne up but I have the ribs in the CAD model as well and they are both as high as they can go without interfering with the ribs. Unfortunately, this is ultimately why I couldn't go with the IFD-540 but that's okay, I'll save 3k instead.
-I redid the switch labeling to something I'm more happy with.
-I swapped the a/p and knob module as it makes more sense to have the knob module closer to you since you use it more
-The audio panel is now down low

Anyways let me know what you all think but I'm pretty happy with it now.


Resurrection America: Part 2 (The Sending) ...Scott Chastain

....."And the America trip," said the son. "You know I am flying through the country again this year?" It took the mother a little by surprise.

"But where will you go?" she asked with disappointment. She did not expect it. The question was tinged with the same worry she expressed twice before in 2016 and 2017 when the son was sent airborne across America for month-long stretches.

"Wherever I am sent," he said. "I have no plan, but I am being called again to go." ....


Reversing stiffener orientation on tanks ...Girraf -7

I've looked at a lot of build logs and everyone seems to have installed the stiffeners according the drawings (with the vertical member toward the aft side). I match drilled mine to the skins in the reverse orientation after seeing this note and thinking it would be easier to backrivet them this way. Anyone else actually do this?


Recommended book - Engine Out Survival Tactics ...Eddie_P

I just finished a book by Nate Jaros titled, "Engine Out Survival Tactics". I'd recommend it to any RV aviator who is looking to sharpen up. It's somewhat of an easy read (I finished in a few days while taking notes and looking up relevant information that applies to my RV-8 during the read) It's a good primer for learning or potentially improving on multiple tactics required to effectively manage energy and make decisions to position our aircraft for a successful engine out landing. His approach uses informed decision making, judgment and some simple pilot math. We've all learned the basics and some have gone beyond that basic level. This book helps bridge that gap in a practical way (straight to a field engine outs, overhead arrivals, engine out in IMC arrivals, and more). This information is not a re-hash of the basics from GA instructional flight publications, nor is it exhaustive; but it is a bridge to the kind of information that is harnessed from multiple specialties within aviation and some practical post-event analysis.

One thing to note is while the book is written from the perspective of a V35 Bonanza used as a base line aircraft, he mentions and suggests RV8 and RV-7 glide ratios and these are generic and not necessarily completely accurate (They are good, but can be fine tuned to your configuration and he gives great advice on how to accurately and safety test while practicing engine out glides). There are also, of course, a few good threads here on VAF on "Glide Ratios" for our aircraft. Keep in mind a lot depends on the specific propeller system used and aircraft layout (ie: cowl used, aerodynamic improvements, or how effective the basic speed fairings are on each aircraft). Our VAF member Kevin Horton maintains a great web page resource based on his RV-8 with a lot of actual test data from his flight test program. Since he's a professional test pilot, there are accurate and well presented data points to reference and consider, while reading this book. I humbly suggest taking notes along the way and getting to know the numbers behind the numbers as you read. It will be interesting at the very least and powerful at the best when that knowledge is used properly *if* the need ever arises.
Glide Ratio 2015 test
Glide Ratio 2009 test
Background on tests and considerations

Some background on my perspective on the book. In 2008 I was flying 747's for a living and began to feel disconnected to the art of being a pilot. Flying 747's was a bit more like running cruise ships than flying. So I decided to jump into the art of flying sailplanes. It was an outstanding activity and made me a better pilot (and actually gave me some real stick time for a few years while I guided ocean liners across the globe). Flying many hours without the aid of an engine is actually great for the head work and gives a lot of visceral exposure to what is really going on when flying. A powerplant can mask these important and subtle details. Still, even being a sailplane guy, I have to say this book was a good read as it brought in a few "low glide-performance piston aircraft" concepts into light.

While I love my synthetic vision and fancy avionics devices to give essential SA on where to turn to survive when the engine goes silent, the real truth of the matter is it's not going to assist as much as assumed, unless the aircraft is flown specifically, correctly and efficiently - immediately after the engine goes silent. This book helps bring those essential aviator items into organization again. This book may not be a "game changer" for everyone but it was a good bang for the buck and worth the time as a primer to activate those visceral processes again.



Aug 12, 2019.  Issue #4,888 
  Mass, yard work, VAF work, Live P.D. on the idiot box, more VAF work, a little time off the surface Saturday morning (not much)...and the weekend was over just like that.  Sure hope it went slower for you.  106*F heat index here in DFW 5pm Sunday - 112* where my sister lives in Houston (same in Tulsa, OK). 
  Crazy scary hot.  Sheets over the south windows and the house a/c struggling - centered in the dog days of summer now. Ughhhhhhh. ;^)


To Plattsburgh NY to see a CTA cover-band concert ...Lycosaurus Trip Writeup

I got hooked on a Chicago Transit Authority cover-band called Leonid and Friends a few months ago (check them out on YouTube). Found out they were going to perform in northern USA so I booked us some tickets for the Plattsburgh concert on August 1st. Got us 2nd row tickets, right down the middle. Shirley played along :-)
[... actually she really did enjoy the concert and the two day mini-vacation] 


Very impressed with Van's tonight ...iamtheari (RV-14)

I was going to wait for my friend, an experienced A&P, to come over and help mount my engine, but tonight after moving the oil temperature sensor to the correct location (see other thread--and note that this post is to brag about Van's, not about my own ongoing comedy of errors) I decided just to see how well my engine crane would line things up with the engine mount.

My plane is an RV-14 taildragger and it's sitting up very high on its landing gear. I've read a lot of stories about mounting engines on airplanes. I've never mounted an airplane engine before and have only even watched someone do it once, on a Mooney. I've pulled and reinstalled a Porsche 911 engine, twice because, again my ongoing comedy of errors led to having a clutch part in backwards the first time. I also helped my grandpa pull and reinstall a Honda Trail 70 engine when I was about 7 years old.

Most airplane engine mounting stories involve 3 or 4 people including an A&P, some special tools including a load leveler to match the engine angle to the airplane, the better part of a Saturday afternoon of work, and a few cases of good beer. I decided to take a stab at mounting it solo...

It took just over an hour from the time I rolled the engine crane with the engine hanging from it over to the airplane until the time I rolled it away, sans engine.

All credit to Van's for making that possible. If anyone asks for a recommendation for an airplane kit for a first-time builder, the answer is an RV-14 or nothing.

Caveat: If the RV-12 is anywhere near this well put together of a kit (and, as a 2018 One Week Wonder volunteer, my observation is that it is), then I would recommend it for its target audience: light sport pilots, people with a garage or shop instead of a hangar to store it in, people less brave about customizing their airplane, and people whose budget comes up short of a well-equipped RV-14.


Resurrection America ...Scott Chastain and his father.


Workshop screw-up ...Tom RV-8

I had a local service shop replace my left magneto early this week (Slick 4371 IC mag). On my first post-work flight I noticed the cyl # 1 EGT climb to possibly over 1450F with Cyl #1 CHT of 425F...other three cylinders were lower and comparable to each other...only the Cyl #1 temperatures spiked. During the left mag drop test the rpm dropped by about 120 rpm. The planes climb rate was definitely sluggish compared to normal climbout. I normally take off full rich as the plane has bags of power and it helps keep my CHT's below 400F.

Today the workshop checked the magneto timing which he found to be 30 deg BTC versus the Lycoming spec of 25 deg BTC. The discrepancy appears to have been caused by an internal mag timing error which the shop set while installing the mag, compounded by their not electronically confirming the advance....timing appears to have been set solely off the flywheel timing mark..which is wrong if the mag internal timing was wrong to begin with.

Static manifold pressure at my home airport is about 24.5"Hg. Takeoff RPM is 2650 rpm....this puts the takeoff power at somewhat over 75% (24/24).

My question for VAF is this: Could this 5 deg advance timing error have resulted in detonation during takeoff which may have caused the higher than expected EGT/CHT?

I'm hesitant to fly the plane until I better understand the potential for detonation damage...may have another shop borescope the cylinders Friday morning before flying it anywhere.

I would be grateful for any suggestions as to my next course of action. I'd rather be safe than sorry.


Panel Review Request, IFR ...jcarne


Fuse Status Report ...PilotjohnS 9A

After a very fun summer, finally got back into it. Managed to get the main gear on. I am getting started on the plumbing installation. Got the parking brake valve installed using a custom bracket in the same place as the stock bracket.


Leok RV-10 ...build update

This is the first post of my project here. A little late since I am on the downhill side of the project.
I passed two milestones this week that prompted this post. The interior is finished, and I found the last issues in my avionics and got them corrected.

So here is the interior. I used a friend that has been doing custom cars for 30 years. He tells me Airplanes are a lot more work than cars!


About 30 days out

[ed. David sent me one of these shirts last year, and I'm wearing it as I type this.  Lovin me this shirt.  Something about that lobster in the RV-12 cockpit makes me laugh.  v/r,dr]


Skirt Status Report ...kentlik

Fitting is going well and I know I can get it tight. Had to order another tube of Sika to do it the way I want.



Aug 9, 2019.  Issue #4,887 
  I got in a .2hr this a.m. early before it climbed into the 90's...then the 100's.  I'm based in the '0' in the '106' top-centered in the map below.  Tuned NAV1 to the TTT VOR 130* radial that runs across our home field at a 45*.  Tracked that on the way back, ended up at the right field and called it a VOR check in the logbook <g>.  A productive flight, albeit short.  Too hot really for anything else.
  Hope it's cooler where you are, and wishing you a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.


Eagle's Nest Projects - Central HS (WI) ...R.E. Butcher

Magnus Schoreder - 1st SOLO FLIGHT
When Mr.Lund jumped out of the plane and I was going through the checklist to get started on my own, I felt pretty nervous. When I took off, the worry disappeared and I felt excited and confident with flying. I never thought I would be doing this by the time I was 16 so I want to thank Mr.Senft, Mr.Lund, Mr.Ferguson, and anyone else who gave us this opportunity.


40 Years of the RV-4 at AirVenture 2019! ...Nived17

Oshkosh 2019 was the third Oshkosh for me and my RV-4 and hands down the most enjoyable. 2019 celebrated the 40th anniversary of the RV-4. I was fortunate enough to lead in organizing some meet up festivities along with assistance from Greg Hughes at Vans and Charlie Becker from the EAA. Hats off to both of these gentlemen for their help in making the event happen.  continue


Initial Contact ...Tom Betka

Hello all,

Newbie to the forum. I'm an A&P and an ex-CFII who'll soon be doing a CFII-reinstatement ride. Just got back into aviation after being more or less out of it for 10 years or so. I used to have an Aztec that I maintained myself, and occasionally I even got to fly it...between squawks.

I love the looks of the RV-10 and am strongly considering building one...or possibly the RV-14. My aerobatic-loving days may well be behind me at this point, but I still might like to do an occasional roll or two--hence the thought about the RV-14. However I really enjoy IFR flying, and I would like to take some trips with the wife in the aircraft. I've considered just buying a certificated aircraft but when you really dig into what's out there (and the typical hours on airframes), it's frightening! ADs, Service Bulletins, eddy current inspections. Ugh! That right there is reason enough to just build your own aircraft, I'd say.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself on the forum. I would love to find someone in Wisconsin with an RV-10 or RV-14 that I could at least look at. I wasn't able to get to the Van's booth at Oshkosh this year, so it may take a trip to Oregon state to make the final decision...

Tom Betka
Green Bay, WI


Airline pilot flies dad's remains home from Vietnam 52 years after seeing him off at same Dallas airport (article)

...not RV, but I'm glad I read it.  dr

From the obit:
"There will be a Visitation from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on August 9, 2019 at White's Funeral Home, 130 Houston Ave., Weatherford, TX 76086. Services and full military honors will begin at 10:00 a.m., August 10, 2019 at Holder's Chapel United Methodist Church, 501 Holders Chapel Road, Cool (Weatherford) TX 76088."

(Photo: Ashlee D. Smith, Southwest Airlines)


NTSB Probably Cause List Updated

...(712) RV listings spanning 40 years.  Below are the probable causes release in 2019 (at the top of the list). 



Aug 8, 2019.  Issue #4,886 

Interesting hot air diffraction flow photo detail ...EdH

Looking through some shots I took of my buddy Steve flying our -8, and spotted an interesting visual display of the hot-air exit flow from the bottom of the cowl (and the exhausts).

Just something you don't usually see, and is down to light diffracted differently through the varying temperature bits of air. I think the background helps make it obvious in this shot.

A crop from the image.  ...


KGLE 18/36 closed for repair ...Rich Rudolph RV-6A

Gainesville (TX) RWY 18/36 will close tomorrow aug 8 for repair work. See NOTAM.  13/31 will be open so you can still get gas. Closure will be intermittent for the month.
Rich Rudolph


Avionics Advice ...Pilotjim77

Below is a pic of my current panel. I would like to install a used 430W where the 295 is. Then, I want to replace the DG with an electric EFIS such as a G5 or similar. I figure this will give me dual radios, IFR gps capability including an indicator through the G5, as well as VOR/LOC. Does this seem a sensible plan? Can I use the same indicator (G5) for both the GPS output and the VOR/LOC output from the 430?


Rough Idle after Shutdown ...Drippy


I have a little over 200hrs on my IO540 and for the first time on shut down yesterday it continued to idle (very roughly) after I pulled the mixture to idle cut off. I let it go for a 10-20 seconds verifying the mixture was full back and ended up killing it with the ignition switch.

I have a light speed II ignition with back-up mech mag.

The only thing different from every other day was it was warm 85F+ but I have flown on other days like that with no issue.

I was thinking my mixture setting on the throttle may need a little adjusting but figured I should ask.



More 'Views From the Hangar'

Alex Peterson RV-6A



Garmin TeamX Job Openings, Aug. 2019 ...g3xpert

Are you looking to turn your passion for aviation into more than a hobby? Garmin's TeamX is looking to hire aviation enthusiasts who want to shape the future of aviation. Consider joining our team in one of the following roles!

Project Manager
TeamX is looking for a pilot with a passion for aviation. At its core, TeamX is dedicated to providing world-class avionics that improve the safety and joy of our customers' flights. This role has the opportunity to perform varied functions in support of TeamX's strategic mission ranging from formal project management to systems engineering to customer support liaison. Recent opportunities with certification into the low-end of Part 23 aviation have opened doors with numerous OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), yet the team remains committed to its primary market - serving E/AB (Experimental/Amateur Built) and LSA (Light-Sport Aircraft) - which means that the team is creating new processes that enable growth in both markets. This position will require a strong attention to detail as the team works intimately with customers, whether through G3Xpert, OEMs, or interfacing with internal Garmin teams. In the coming years, TeamX will continue to push the limits of avionics technology focusing on safety and advanced user features.

Software Engineer
TeamX is looking for a mid/high-level developer seeking a fast-paced, aviation centric position. At its core, TeamX is dedicated to providing world-class avionics that improve the safety and joy of our customers' flights. Recent opportunities with certification into the low-end of Part 23 aviation have opened doors with numerous OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), yet the team remains committed to its primary market - serving E/AB (Experimental/Amateur Built) and LSA (Light-Sport Aircraft) - which means that the team will need to build a sustainable foundation that provides robust software while allowing for dynamic, cutting-edge feature creation. This role will contribute to TeamX's endeavors to offer a flexible ecosystem with unparalleled customer interaction and safety.  more



Aug 7, 2019.  Issue #4,885 
  One of our local RV friends made a precautionary landing Tuesday at McKinney while on a trip to the NE.  The engine began running rough at 7,500' and he was loosing RPM, so he landed at the nearest long runway.  An RV-8 guy on our field went and got him, and his RV-4 spent most of the day away.  Some of the 52F usuals worked the problem, and they got it back after lunch.  Could be the mag.  He runs one mag and one EI.  Developing...
  Good head work, grace under pressure and we're glad our friend and his bird are scratch-free.  A good day all around.

Hangar with a view ...lucaperazzolli

Sometimes looking outside the hangar door makes you feel good.


I feel you, Luca! ...Bill Boyd

Here's an Alleghany mountain moonrise from the hangar door. "The RV-6A in repose." Impossible not to feel blessed to have such beauty close at hand.


And so it begins......

I have skin in the game now. Bought a second hand -9 empennage kit. It is a complete kit and came with a lot of tools, clecos, clamps etc. I have spent the weekend building tables, a work bench and storage. So far the only concern is one side rudder skin has some corrosion. I don't know enough to know if I can salvage it or if I'll have to get a new one. Also, any thoughts on taking the building fundamentals class? There is one next weekend at PDK.
Mike Smith
RV-9 Empennage (Beginning)
N542TM (Reserved)


It's an Angry, High Stress World...

...so here's a video of a girl and her donkey to cleanse the mental palette for a bit.  I know it's not RV, but it's my site and it made me smile. ;^)  I watched it twice, and I think you'll be glad you did too.

After watching this, watch Steve's 13min RV video below.  You're day will now be off to a good start and you'll be ready for RV construction, flying, dreaming and/or MX. 


RV-8 and the Mt. Olympus Turn ...Steve Rush RV-8

Saturday 8/3/19 was much clearer than the past several weekends. While we went back to Forks again, the trip was different this time. There were very few clouds over the Olympics and everything was visible. There also was almost no wind at altitude and relatively light winds on the ground. The air was mostly smooth, with only a few bumps below the small clouds that marked the top of the thermal activity.

On the trip out I headed inland at Port Angeles and passed through the canyons around Lake Crescent. There were almost no bumps over the lake, even as I dropped below the tops of the hills. Once I got west of the lake over the land the bumps picked up, but remained pretty gentle.

It was a really busy day in the northwestern most corner of the continental US. As we approached Forks there was an airplane there already and as we approached there was another (besides us) approaching all at the same time, which is a lot for a place that is not even in the middle of nowhere, it is on the outskirts. You have to drive at least an hour to get to nowhere.

I managed to land and get out of the airplane in time to video Carl's landing, it seemed only right as he's recorded mine a number of times.

As we came out of the restaurant I saw a black SUV with Texas plates. I wondered why in the world anyone would drive from Texas to Forks Washington. Apparently, due to the Twilight movies, that I know nothing about, Forks has become a pretty big tourist attraction since those stories supposedly took place in Forks, though the filming was done in Oregon.

As we came back from lunch there was yet another airplane on the ramp. As I looked from the ramp to the Logging Museum across the street I saw a van that said "Twilight Tours" on the side. I never knew about any of this.

Just after we took off from Forks I heard someone taking off from Quillayute. Shortly after there was an amphib that took off from Quillayute as well. Also at the same time there was someone going into Sekiu.

On the way home I took a turn around Mt. Olympus and Hurricane Ridge. The clouds that did form were very inconsiderate and insisted on being at the very altitude I wanted to be at. I managed to make a few passes at 7,500' dodging the occasional cloud.

After that I headed directly for home. Before we left that morning Carl commented on how few airplanes there were around at Arlington. I told him that he just jinxed it. That came to pass when I got back. There were several airplanes approaching all at the same time. I had to slow down early and do a number of turns, a couple of 360s and one S turn (a 180 to the right followed by a 180 to left) in order to sequence myself into the conga line.

At least from all that I managed to pull off a good crosswind landing.



G3X GDU460 MFD - inflight reboots and freeze ...maus92 -8A

Today I was out testing a complex flight plan with ~60 waypoints for a project. The flight took place at 1,000' over a local river, and I had flown a similar pattern the day before. About midway through, I noticed that the GDL-39R traffic page on the PFD said "Traffic Coasting," then the MFD rebooted. The MFD ran for another minute or so, then I got a message that the VP-X had lost comm with the PFD. Then my radio X'ed out. Then some other EIS instruments X'ed out. Then the transponder X'ed out. However, the radio was still receiving the nearby tower comms, and the autopilot was following the flight plan perfectly. The radio freq box came back. Then the MFD rebooted again. I decided to call it quits for the day and head back home, and called the tower. Thankfully they heard, and confirmed the transponder was working. On the way back, the MFD rebooted again, then froze. I entered the pattern, and on final, the MFD rebooted again and seemed to be working for the short time between landing and getting back to the shed.

I called Garmin after I pushed back into the hangar, and spoke to one of the reps - not sure if he was an G3X guy, or a general support person even though I was calling the EXP line. Basically I explained the problem, then he asked if I had the latest software - which I thought I did - 8.3. Nope, new version 8.4 just came out to fix some issue they were having. He also suggested not having SD cards in the slots because that has been causing some rebooting apparently (I use SD cards to record flight data and screenshots, and load fpls.) If these steps don't fix the problem, I was told to send in the unit for an exchange for $350.

1. Obviously I will update the software.

2. I will only keep an SD card in the PFD (not both as I had today.)

3. I don't want to send in the MFD until more troubleshooting is performed.

I had a similar problem with this MFD two summers ago (although not particularly hot over the mountains at the time,) but it came back after rebooting. I'm wondering if this might be a temperature issue. It was pretty hot in the cockpit at 1000 ft and a bubble canopy, and the G3X screens get pretty hot all on their own. On the last go around, Garmin asked me to download a file from the unit and send it to them - no such request this time. Anybody have other suggestions?



Attaching a pic for your amusement

(reply from g3xpert) 
Please contact us via the email shown below. We are happy to work through this issue with you. We would definitely like to collect the diagnostic information.

There is no problem with using a SD card for flight data logging in both GDU units, but it is always best to only use those cards for flight data logging (no software or databases).

We have never seen a heat related issue in a GDU 4XX. The single cooling fan is almost not needed and hardly ever runs.



Aug 6, 2019.  Issue #4,884 

Mr. X Pic ...anvil over Durango. 

I suggest we go to the right ;^).

scaled to your device   (FULL SIZE - 3,840 pixels)


Total Electrical Failure on First Leg to Oshkosh - self induced ...Brice -9A

I was at altitude settled into cruise for the 4 hr leg from Auburn WA to Logan UT to pick up my son from school, and talking to Chinook Approach for flight following. About an hour into the flight, I take a drink of water, and put the bottle back into the gear leg weldment, and poof - all electrical power goes off. The Dynon alarm says "aircraft power lost". The radio and transponder are off. No power from the plane power alternator, and no voltage from the battery. I thought for sure I had lost the alternator, or the alternator belt, but the battery was offline too. I started a slow descent to Hermiston Oregon since I was 9500 ft above them and there are builders on the airport that could help.

Trouble shooting began. I switched on the ebus and power came back to the transponder. I looked at the Cessna type split master and that seemed correct. But a second glance conformed that both battery and alternator were both off. Being careful to turn on the battery first (thanks Vansairforce for that previous discussion!), and then the alternator, everything came back on center was calling my N number since I had disappeared from the the radar.

It turns out, the the location for my master alternator/battery switches are in the perfect alignment with the arc of the water bottle path when I finish drinking and go to place it in the the gear weldment. The glancing blow was perfect enough to flip both switches, but not enough to feel any impact through the bottle. I was able to continue and it make to Oshkosh the next day in time for the deluge.

A couple of takeways:

- my switches are on the left corner of the panel can readily be accidentally turned off by a water bottle or anything else I may be placing down to my lower left.

- I need to install a switch guard or relocate the switches (any one know of a good switch guard for this?)

- I have the switches labeled "battery" and "alternator", but not on or off. I am surprised how easily I mistook the position of the switches at the first glance. Labeling On/Off positions might have helped not missing this the first time.

- It was reassuring to know that when using VFR flight following, they are there to help if an actual emergency comes up.


RV-10 Aileron Trim Springs Rubbing....Dustyone PIREP

I have now found 3 x RV-10's that have had the Aileron Trim springs rubbing on the Aileron pushrod tubes. The plans were changed to require the builder to inspect and confirm that there is no contact in 2016, however prior to that I guess builders just kept building.

The fix is simply to bend the Aileron Trim Motor arm ,forward, away from the Aileron pushrod approx 3/16".

If you have any noise, please inspect, as the springs will eventually wear through the pushrod with possible dire control issues !!

Photos from a 1000hr + RV-10,


Oshkosh -- Lessons learned! ...bkervaski

This was our first Airventure and although we got off to a rough start it was a blast and we can't wait for next year!

1. Follow your gut -- not your neighbor

More than a few folks gave me the very sound advice to put boards under the wheels so if the ground was soft the plane wouldn't sink. We brought some boards with us and then noticed that nobody followed that advice. Sure enough, the plane sank and we had to rock it out a bit. Nice crack on the front wheel pant to show for not following my gut.

2. Tall standing tents won't survive a storm

We lost our tent the first night due to that first crazy squall line Friday. Somehow found a hotel until our new (and better suited to weather) tent arrived on Tuesday. The hotel was in full rape mode, $366/night for what amounts to a $89/night hotel. Ouch.

3. Rudder locks can break

Yea .. nice ding on my beautiful rudder that I get to fix and have repainted. The 2nd squall line on Saturday broke the gust lock. It's totally my fault too. I had no idea you had to "prime" pvc pipe before cementing. The rudder somehow bent past the rudder lock but somehow didn't have any other damage. I'm going to re-evaluate my rudder locking system.

4. Flight In -- Flight Out

We were fortunate to not have any issues getting in, went like clockwork, although I didn't impress anybody with my landing, glad the controller said "at or beyond the yellow dot" Same when we left, beautiful and uneventful flights both directions. This was our first long cross country, it was really confidence inspiring. (Thanks, Dan!) The Chicago shoreline was the highlight of my trip.

5. Overwhelming

The actual event was overwhelming, we stayed an extra day. On the very last day we realized we missed the entire vintage section and the seaplane base. So much to see. The museum was really well done, I was blown away.

2020 Oshkosh or bust!


7A Rebirthing Status Report ...kentlik

I spent way too much time on this left skirt but it is spot on.


First year fun and adventure ...PIREP

So, tomorrow is the first anniversary of my first flight. I surprised myself when I looked at the numbers, 137 hours hobbs, 112 hours air time, 95 flights with 170 landings at 36 airports. Apart from a bit of pilot and/or builder initiated misadventure, my 9A has been a great way to spend the last year. Sure, it could use a few extra knots of drag cleanup, my wheel pants will never be perfect and I won't be winning awards -- but I'm flying all over North America in something I built in my garage! That doesn't get old!

Year one visits (# airports landed at) -
Canada - Alberta(11), Saskatchewan(3), Manitoba(1), Ontario(2), New Brunswick(1), Prince Edward Island(1)
US - Montana(2), Wyoming, Colorado(1), Nebraska, South Dakota(1), North Dakota(3), Wisconsin(1), Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota(1), Illinois, Indiana(1), Ohio(2), Pennsylvania, New York(1), Vermont(1), New Hampshire, Maine(3)

What amazing machines these are.
Claude Pitre
RV-9A #91081, C-GCPT


From Dynon...



Aug 5, 2019.  Issue #4,883 

Long Cross-Country Coast to Coast ...Bill Cloughley RV-7

Just posted the web log of my long cross-country flight out west. Baltimore to Niagara Falls, along the Canadian border to Seattle, down to San Ciego, then Tucson, Dallas and home. 67 hours in the RV-7. Lots of good pics. Spent entirely too much time putting it together. Check it out!


Built a courtesy light for the baggage area ...Draker

As a fun little side-project while I wait for my finishing kit to arrive, I went and implemented a courtesy light for my RV-7A. The point of this is to briefly provide some light after you turn the master switch off so you can see as you're getting out. Like how your car's internal lights work when you remove your key. I chose to put the light over the baggage area. Here are the steps I followed. This was a pretty easy project but I thought I'd post a write-up because I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. The usual "this is just what I did, your airplane is your airplane" disclaimer obviously applies!

Cut a cover plate to go over F-732A out of 0.025 sheet. Do a search here, many builders seem to be covering this channel up for cosmetic reasons.  ...


RV High Wing Super Cub STOL Feedback

Post-OSH folks are turning their attention to the next RV...

Groveling on my hands and knees petitioning the mothership continues for them to kindly consider offering us loyal fans in the hot zones a high wing RV for shade, with windows/doors that open in flight.  Something STOL to expand the RV brand envelope, that opens up real RV backcountry.  I received distilled feedback this weekend from D. Wilson regarding my question in the sales pitch, whittled down to one sentence as, "Would you order one right now?"  David's email below in its entirety:

My kind of email, and added to the petition. That's 77 people ready to go (feedback is listed on pages 13-33).  I hope to get 100 by the end of the year.  Fingers crossed.  (email me)

A video you might enjoy...


RV-14A #140665 C-FZYQ ...it begins

So, long story: In the late 1980s I was a subscriber to Kitplanes magazine, and saw ads and articles about the RV-3 and -4. That was the plane I wanted to build. I was living at the time near the original location of ACS in Fullerton, so I went there and bought several books by Tony Bingelis, which I still have to this day.

But life and family, as they often do, took precedence. The thought of building took a seat in the "way back" as we used to call it, but I still held onto the books.

In late 2016 I got the itch to look back into building (a RV-7 this time) and set to work locating a partially completed kit. I bought an emp kit from the classifieds here on this site, brought it home and completed the horizontal stab. The vertical and the rudder were done by the previous owner.

December of 2017 my wife and I went to Portland for a long weekend, and my ulterior motive was to get a tour of the Vans mothership. During the tour, I sat with her in their -14 factory plane, and was impressed with the amount of room that it had compared to the -7. I tried at the time to convince my wife that we needed the larger version. But she said we should just continue on with what we already had.

Fast forward to last week at OSH, at the Vans display, I sat with her in the same -14 and in the silver and gray -14A. Without much prompting from me, she agreed that she liked the roomy cabin, and suggested that if I wanted to, we could put a deposit down on the emp kit

I didn't waste a minute going back inside and getting in line with my Visa card.

Got the email yesterday with the agreement to sign, and this evening I got my order acknowledgement and wire transfer instructions. I called Anne to give her my shipping information, and she said they have something like 39 tail kits on order from OSH, and that the crating guys are slammed right now. So in 3 to 6 weeks I should be picking it up in Michigan and bringing it through customs home.

I just keep reminding myself "one bite at a time"
Kingsville, Ontario
RV-14A #140665 ordered


RV-10 Empennage - Remove Vert and Horz ...ADub

I am driving out to purchase a completed empennage for RV-10. After inspecting I plan to load it up. The picture from the seller is from the bottom as it is hanging up so I cannot see if the Vertical Stabilizer is attached but the Horizontal Stabilizer is attached. I do not yet have a set of plans. Can anyone tell me tools needed to remove the Vertical and Horizontal Stabilizers from the tail for transport? thanks in advance!

[ed. Posted this pic because I thought it was a pretty dang creative way to store an -10 empcone.  v/r,dr]


Food for thought....know your emergency check!

I thought I would share this experience so that others may take something away from it.

Last evening I went for a quick flight in my 8 from my local airport to a BBQ about a 25 minute flight away. Nice enjoyable flight with no issues.

I have noticed that my right fuel tank drain has had a slight drip coming from it and my plan was to replace it this week with a new one.

So, I decided I would run my tank as low as I safely could instead of draining a large amount.

I have a D180 with capacitive plates that were calibrated about 74 hours ago. I have noticed that my left tank was far more accurate than my right tank and it was also time to do another recalibration.

On the way back home last evening, I was about 4.5 miles from the airport and decided to do some steep turns. I was showing about 5 gallons in my right tank and I had 16 gal in my left tank. I'm into about 270 degrees of a steep left turn and then it happened. My engine started to quit.

I was a 1000 ft AGL, and immediately rolled the wings level and picked a field and went to 90 kts. After realizing what happened, I immediately went into my FMS checks (fuel, mixture, switches) switched the fuel to the left tank, boost pump on, mixture rich, and checked mags on both. The engine sputtered and the came roaring back.

I immediately climbed and turned toward the airport came in and landed.

Number of lessons learned here...

I check my fuel levels before flight visually and do not rely on my EFIS, but I did push my luck with the level being at 5 gallons showing on the EFIS when I knew it wasn't as accurate as my left tank.

I should have flown back on the left tank instead of trying to maximize my fuel burn from the right tank and physically drain it instead of burning it.

I realized how important it is to know your emergency checks and to act quickly and calmly. I'm fortunate that I have the opportunity to practice emergencies during our checkouts every year with the flying outfit I'm with. I also do checkouts on our staff, which I think had prepared me a little more for what happened.

Over 30 years of flying, I have only ever lost a mag...this was the first time I ever had the "oh ****" moment.

If you ever get yourself in an unnecessary bind like I did, which can totally be prevented, always go FMS..Fuel, mixture, switches...and fly the plane.

I'm not sharing my stumble to get flamed. I just want others to hopefully learn from what mistake I made.

I changed the fuel drain...some fuel lube got into the o ring and trapped some debris. And after draining the tank, I had about 5 oz left.....not 5 gallons....




Many First Flights

...reported on mothership in the last few weeks.


First Engine Start Attempt

Looking for some wisdom from the forum.
Attempted first run of my IO-320-B1A in my RV6a
Following the lycoming start sequence ,fuel pump on ,full throttle and full mixture , I got 35psi fuel presss but no indicated fuel flow .
Pump off , mixture idle cut off and throttle 1/4 .
After various attempts managed the odd cylinder to fire but could not get it to run , checked plugs a bit damp but ok . Replaced upper with new plugs .
Still occasional cylinder would fire .
Started investigating the fuel system and with fuel pump on we have good flow right up to the Bendix injector body but regardless of mixture or throttle position no fuel flow / out put.
Pulled the inlet screen filter and it clean so looks as if the injector body is not working .
The engine was stripped and rebuilt about 10 years ago but nothing was done to the injector .

Any advice or suggestions before I pull the injector for a service/ bench test




Melted Firesleeve near Exhaust ...mike3715

I recently had to remove the exhaust from my RV-7 to pull cyllinders, and noticed some melted firesleeve around one of the control cables:

I removed the firesleeve and noted some charring on the metal sheath, but it appears OK otherwise.

Any recommendations as to how to proceed?


Nose Gear Issue (Long Gospel)

Late last year we developed what we thought was a nose gear shimmy on our RV-7A. The aircraft has 1000 flight hours. It started as a light amplitude shaking noticed on roll out when we were going slow prior to exiting the runway. We had a friend watch us land and roll out. He noted that the motion of the nose wheel was vertical (nose strut bending along the longitudinal axis) and not horizontal (shimmy). We then jacked the aircraft and inspected and found the nose landing gear attach bolt near the firewall had lost torque. We replaced the bolt and retorqued. The joint seemed tight.

We were planning a panel upgrade so we went down then for the next five months. While we were down we removed and repacked the nose wheel bearings and conducted the pull test. All was well.

Fast forward post panel up - Things got worse. If we did not consciously hold the nose off on landing roll out, we would get a violent motion that shook the entire plane on landing deceleration at slow speed. We then conducted taxi tests and determined that at 24 knots ground speed while decelerating we would get the vertical motion/shake. This vibration never happens on take-off most likely due to off-loading of the nose gear during acceleration.

Last night we tied the tail down (nose off the ground) and banged the nose strut both vertically and horizontally. Horizontally it is extremely well damped. Vertically it looks like a tuning fork that eventually damps but rings noticeably for a period of time. Obviously, we have looked for a cracked engine mount and cracked gear leg with no findings. Additionally, we have the AntiSplat nose job installed however, we operate from hard surface runways and only have about 10 grass field landings in 1000 hours.

Things we had done in an attempt to remedy the situation;

Replaced nose tire with new one - No change
Reduced nose tire pressure to 30 psi - No change
Rechecked the pull test on the fork - No change
Replaced main tires, rebuilt right brake caliper (it appeared to be sticking a little, repacked main wheel bearings, replaced brake pads - Have not flown this configuration yet.

Has anyone experienced this and more importantly what is the corrective action? The new nose gear damper appears promising but is a big job.

Kevin Phelps


Fairing Interference with Grove foil gear ...cdeerinck

These are Grove airfoiled gear on an RV-8. Due to the bend, there is some interference between them and the U-807 fairing bracket.

Can I get any advice on how others have dealt with this?

Do I bend the bracket, or cut it back? Any tips on how to not dislocate the end?


Soft start failure - RV-12

Our RV-12 (engine SN 6775234) has an interesting failure.

The engine has the original ignition modules, with an added soft-start module that I'm 99% sure is the Bully Hawk soft-start module. There is no label on it, other than a QA/date code sticker. Per the original builder's instructions, we normally start on the A ignition only and switch on the B side as soon as the engine is running.

When cold, the first start of the day, it will not start on the A ignition. Crank all you want, it won't start. As soon as you turn on the B ignition, it starts right up. Run-up is normal, with both ignitions working fine. After the engine is warmed up, it will start on the A ignition only just fine. A couple weeks ago when it first happened, I started it 8 times in one day normally, after the first balky start.

We found the ground wire to the soft-start box broken off. Great!! That was an easy fix. Unfortunately, fixing it did not change anything at all. I made a test flight last night. The first time I had to turn on the B ignition to get it to start. I let the engine warm up, did a totally normal run-up, and flew a lap around the pattern. Shut down, and it would start on just the A side with no problem.

So, I think we have a bad soft-start module. It looks like this one is no longer made. The Rotax soft-start for this engine is around $1K, and would require a new flywheel and other parts -- I believe that means pulling the engine. Not really on our list of things we'd like to do, frankly.

Anyone have experience with this and/or have any suggestions? Or a Bully Hawk module for sale cheap?



Aug 2, 2019.  Issue #4,882
  When I pulled into the airport Thursday morning, usual suspect Kay was taxiing out to the run up area for his morning flight before it got too hot.  I just had time to get the Jeep about a third of the way down the taxiway with the sun to my back.  Below are the best two of the litter.  Not the best focus, but hey, these RV-8s accelerate fast ;^).  By 0830 it was too hot to fly and the airport went pretty much silent - time for air conditioned shops and mechanical things needing attention.
  Wishing you and yours a safe, well-hydrated, happy and RV-filled weekend!




Milestone: Canopy 'Done'! ...jcarne -7A

Well I got the skirts all attached with rivets and Sika. It came out pretty good and I even got the latch handle pretty much done.

I'm calling the canopy done at this point.


OSH'19 Trip Report Pictures ...Bobby Hester


This Just Happened to a Friend ...Bill Boyd reply in 'brake fire' discussion

Conditioning his kit-standard brakes prior to airworthiness inspection. Said he was doing extended 30-40mph taxi with brakes applied. Wheel pants on. At end of second run the length of the taxiway he saw smoke rolling out both sides. RV-10, Conventional non-Royco brake fluid, standard nitrile O-rings. Extinguished the flaming side with a fire extinguisher. The other side was smoldering, both tires ruined. Both brake rotors said to be deeply scored - no idea how. He's understandably pretty bummed to come this close to first flight and almost lose the plane. I'd give him my Matco's and wheel pants off my one-year-to-go build and get back in line for more parts if I could.

This raises several questions/ issues. What is the recommended procedure for breaking in the brake linings?

Should there be a ground crewman with radio present for this procedure to watch for smoke?

Should the pants ever be on while this is done? His take about 2 hours to remove/reinstall for reasons unclear to me - mine come off and on in a jiffy. This inconvenience clearly played a role in his decision not to go pant-less for brake conditioning runs.

Do we need more airflow in the pants, especially if not upgrading to bigger brakes, more temp-tolerant fluids and parts? This seems to be a relatively rare event, but such a potential tragedy. A brake fire could cost one of us an airplane, or leave us stranded in the bush. Having happened to a fellow builder who has been such an encouragement to me, it hits really close to home.

Sad day.



Aug 1, 2019.  Issue #4,881
  Bob Reece, father of my hangar-mate Rob Reece, was recognized at OSH'19 for his 50th year as a volunteer.  Let that sink in.  50.  Bob runs the homebuilt judging program and Rob helps his Dad out with the details (computers, hand devices the judges record their data on, etc).  Every OSH I've attended always includes a visit with Bob.
  How can this not be the top story?  Congratulations Mr. Reece!



What Are These RV-10 QB Wings Worth?

...help me decide what to ask for them (a poll)

This is a little different for the site.  A friend delivered his ten year old (I think) standard kit built RV-10 wings that are a little past the QB stage with these instructions, "Get what you can get for them."  I bought a car from the guy years ago (he gave me a good deal), so I'm returning the favor.

See the pictures

There is a dent in one of the ailerons.  There is some rust on some of the steel parts.  One of the end ribs has a tear in it and will need to be patched.  I don't know if the tanks leak or not.  They were stored in New Mexico and there is some sand in the nooks and crannies.  Comes with the wing stand.

So, the mothership offers the standard kit for $11,450.  You can order a QB RV-10 wing for an additional $6,325.  There is a 10 week wait on RV-10 wing kits.  So, if you wanted this new we're talking somewhere in the area of $17K.  What's it worth?  I dunno.  Please vote what you think in the poll and what I'll probably do is look at the bell curve distribution in a week or so, then offer them for a price slightly left (cheaper) of the average.

Yours in thrift,


August Calendar Wallpaper ...Scorch upwind.


RV-3B Status Report ...David Paule

After thinking about it some more, I decided to make a free-standing roll bar rather than tying it to the seat bulkhead like the RV-3B plans show. The new approach will emulate an RV-4 roll bar except adjusted to fit my RV-3B, and without the horizontal shoulder-harness attachment piece. Hereís what the RV-4 roll bar looks like.  ...


Nice Filtered Inlet ...DanH post

One of the best RV ideas I saw at OSH was this intake for an airbox with a large area K&N filter. The concept could probably be used with a modified Vans airbox for the vertical intake engines also.

The problem is how to put the lower cowl on the airplane while dealing with the connecting seals or ducts. Here the builder has fabricated an aluminum sleeve. It is inserted after the cowl is in place, slipping inside the orange duct leading to the airbox. It is then fixed into place in the cowl with two screws.

Am am deeply ashamed to say I can't remember whose airplane this was, despite talking with the builder for a few minutes. Claim it please, and kick me next time you see me

Great idea, and beautifully done.


7A Rebirthing Status Report ...kentlik

Finally worked out the math on the new flap actuator. Or at least it works on the bench but we will see how she performs in the plane...

Had to make a new rod tip to thread in the Heim joint


What am I missing? ...ShortSnorter -14

It's been a long day pounding rivets, so that's my excuse if this is obvious. What is the difference between:

Step 3 page 26-14 &
Step 3 page 26-21

It seems that all of the seat ribs have been riveted on page 26-14 with the exceptions of the "Do Not Rivet" which applies to the remainder of the section.


Tire Damage ...Dennis Enns RV-8

Pulled my wheel pants to check brakes and tire pressures before an extended cross country and found this gouge and crack in the right main. The tire is a Vans supplied Air Hawk 5.00x5 that came with the kit about 17 years ago. Its got 140 hours and approximately 360 landings on it. All on paved runways. I run them at 36 psi.

1. I'm inclined to replace it before the next flight. What say you?
2. Is it best to replace both tires at the same time?
3. I've had zero problems with leakage so would it work to reuse the tubes?



Jul 31, 2019.  Issue #4,880.
  The 'ol heat index was 106*F in DFW Tuesday.  Flew .2 in the morning at 0730 to carry a book over to a friend at nearby Propwash (my excuse to fly).  Six minutes each way, and it was HOT when I got back on the ground.  No wind and sticky.  I kinda miss fall... ;^).  Brutal RVating here - just saps your strength.
  Sure was easy to pic the top story today <g>.

Heat index 7/30 5pm local (Dallas)


"I'm On My Way" PIREP ...SuperCubDriver

So here is the story from Iqualit / Baffin Island / Northern Canada:
The next morning there was really bad weather with low stratus, drizzle, looked like fog also. So I delayed my departure for several hours until the sh...t slowly disappeared and was only able to fly one leg that day to Kangerlussuaq in western Greenland. Kangerlussuaq has reliable forcasts and is well equipped. I got the last hotel room at the airport and could see my airplane out of the window across the runway. Only expensive wifi so no posts from there. The next morning I got up very early and went to the met office just 50 meters away from the hotel and got a very thorough weather briefing, it is seldom nowadays to actually be in the office and talk to a briefer. Several times before I was talking to her and she already kind of knew me. There were some clouds forecasted over the Ice Cap, too high to overfly and too low to make a safe emergency landing. Flying in the clouds would mean possible icing with no options. Later in the day the clouds were supposed to disappear but we could see from the satellite images that diverting a little to the north should do it. Kulusuk reported perfect weather. I decided to launch, divert to the north and may be turn back. It was again a perfect flight with no problems at all and when approaching Kulusuk on the east coast I was rewarded with the same breathtaking views like six weeks ago. I talked to Nuuk Information that I will be offline for ten minutes for sightseeing and will report back. I flew down a calving glacier, then over the broken ice which separated over the next few miles and later over the larger pieces - icebergs. It was so calm, beautiful and so pieceful that it was easy to forget about the dangers of cold water.  ...


Pitch servo installation ...Casey -8

I'm installing my pitch servo and noticed that the AN470 rivets shown here interfere with the servo brackets:

I've done a lot of searching and haven't seen this mentioned elsewhere, so am I missing something? A simple solution could be to drill out the AN470s, countersink, and install AN426s. What have others done here?


OSH'19 Pics  ...FloMo14Builder


Creeping bottom cowling hinge pins ...Patrick RV-12iS

Q: Hi all,

On my newly completed RV-12iS with a Rotax 912iS engine, the bottom cowling hinge pins (the lower, longer ones) creep up out of their hinges after several hours of operation. I've tried cleaning off the lube on the pins twice, bending the pins, straightening the pins, tucking the top of the pin under the shop head of the rivet just aft of the hinge, but after a couple hours of fight, the pins will be 2 to 5 inches up out of their hinges.

A friend suggested safety wiring the pins through the cowling wall but I'd prefer not to do anything that can be seen from the outside.

Is anyone else having this problem and how have you dealt with it?


A: (Scott) My suggestion is confirm prop blades are at exactly the same pitch angle (within .1 degree) and then have a dynamic prop balance done.

A: (Joe)  Cut a piece of hinge and cut away part of a hing barrel to make a hook for the hinge pin. See picture. This works best if the 90 degree "handle" of the hing pin is longer.


RV-10 Pics  ...togaflyer

4.5 years of building, three moves, and one hurricane passing through during the build. Jonathan at Evoke aviation worked with Lori on the design and the paint job. His crew did an awesome job with sooo much attention to detail. I did the windows the same way they are installed in the Glasair Sportsman 2+2 and very pleased with the results. Special thanks to Vic Babyak, who was always there to get me back on track, and of course everyone on this site who all had great advice


Downloadables Update on DIY Panel Project  ...Ebbe

I have started to add details on the EFIS, how the board and enclosures all are put together....I will populate the other sections when I have more time.


Aileron Rigging Help ...mulde35d -14

So I installed the Flaps, Ailerons, and all associated push pull tubes & bellcranks before rigging the Ailerons IAW the manual and Jigs. The left aileron rigged precisely with both the outer edge W-00026 Jig seen here, ...


(4) New Mr. X Pics

...Mt. Ranier, Boeing Field and two of Seattle.  Start HERE.



Jul 30, 2019.  Issue #4,879.
  It had been (16) days since my last RV flight, but I finally got off the surface for a few minutes Monday morning.  Ahhhhhhhhhh!  Light rain in the area kept the temps out of the high nineties for a bit - actually dipped a wing into the wet for a few minutes just because.  Looking over my right shoulder, I was presented with shafts of sunlight in that beautiful red-shifted morning light that makes anyone who sees it smile and appreciate another of the many gifts these wonderful airplanes give us.  Wide perspective.
  It is good to have an RV.  Even better to fly it in these conditions.  We are a lucky bunch, we RVators.



Pics and Videos Starting to Show Up

OSH'19 Videos ...Brantel

EAA pics of OSH'19 Link Courtesy ...Kyle Boatright

OSH'19 Pics ...Bruce Hill

OSH'19 Blog Writeup ...Bruce Hill


"I'm On My Way" is apparently home safe ...Mark Albery post

Maybe this should be in the "Arrived safe from Oshkosh" thread, but I see from the tracking that you are safely back home.
It was great to meet you in California and sorry that I missed you at Oshkosh.
The tracking just shows what you have achieved with your self-built RV-8 in only a short few weeks.
You'll have some great memories.


Status Report ...rmartingt RV-7

Guess it's time for another update...

Wings are back off. Empennage fitted and removed, flaps and ailerons rigged, rudder and elevators fitted and removed. With luck the wings won't need to go back on till I'm at the airport and a few weeks from flying.

Fuel line routing to the selector is complete. Somehow I managed it with pretty much no preload but those lines right at the selector can't come out unless I cut them out.

This setup does fit under the stock selector enclosure (though the lines out to the pump don't) and more importantly it avoids hard 90s on the suction side.  ...


New Build Log Video ...Karetaker -7

Hello Group. I finally have some RV material now on my You Tube channel and have posted a new Build Log Video. The video shows the the wrap up of my fuel tank build. I am building an RV7, but the material may be useful for others. I try to post a new video every weekend.


Mr. X Pic

...Grand Canyon



'RV Social' Pics ...bruceh

A great time as always. Met up with several builders who liked my web log. My daughter was impressed that her Dad was "internet-famous", whatever that means! <g>


Panel Status ...Latintan

9 months worth of work but it's finally looking like an airplane!


Grass Strip PIREP ...Vlad

1NY3 Richland Airpark. My good buddy Wade was vacationing on Lake Ontario shoreline and I came to visit him. The closest airstrip to his retreat was Richland Airpark 1NY3. Decent runway but trees on approach to the north were overgrown. I landed 18 and took off 36 worked good with winds 320/6kts. We went for a ride over the shoreline



Jul 29, 2019.  Issue #4,878.

Home Safe PIREP ...Simon Hitchen

We made it home to Toronto in 3.5 hours, lots of build ups to dodge at 7500'. Tailwind both to and from Oshkosh this year. Gotta love that.

Great show, made some new friends. Happy days.


OSH'19 Award Winners ...Bruce


Annual arrived home safe from Osh thread ...Brantel starts it

Shantel and I arrived back at our home drone today at 16:30 Eastern.

The winds were not beneficial to or from Osh this year so no amazing times to post this year.

Good weather on the flight home.

I need a real shower!


Milestone ...Jeff Parker RV-8

Tail feathers are mounted!


Initial Contact  ...Brian C.

After a couple years of planning and research, we ordered our Empennage kit Monday at Oshkosh. This forum has been a key tool during that process and will be throughout our build. Thanks to everyone who made VAF what is has become. Workspace is ready and tools are purchased/fabricated. Our saga now begins.


Bacon Saved - Airplane Mechanics Rock! ...Chris Pratt RV-8

I'll admit right up front that the problem was my fault. But the reason for my posting is to thank Orin Baudette for saving my bacon and helping me get back in the air when I was away from home base.  ...


Left OSH PIREP and Data on DIY Panel ...Ebbe

As I left Oshkosh this morning, I had the following NEXRAD image on the MFD. I never saw rain -- in the air or hitting the ground. 

As per the recommendations, I don't paint level 0 and 1 (no precip), level 2=dark green, level 3=light green, level 4=yellow. It was definitely darker at my 2-o-clock, where the yellow cell was, but I could not see any rain due to the haze. I remember one airport reported virga though (ORD or possibly MSN).

What's your experience from your "real screens" and Foreflight showing NEXRAD data and flying through the lightest level of echos?


Left OSH PIREP Numbers ...DanH

Left OSH late morning Wednesday. Dropped into NW Chicago (Lake In The Woods) for some deep dish pizza (see the recent Pete Howell thread), then non-stop back to Alabama.

Good opportunity to better quantify cruise speed loss. Turns out it's not bad, perhaps 3 knots max. Here it's slightly LOP, where it would typically clock about 183 true. The 16 lb package does make that wing heavy, but not enough to bother the autopilot. Ball is in the center without changing the normal bungee trim.

Cowl door shut, about 30 sq inches exit area.


"I'm On the Way..." Update ...SuperCubDriver

I actually left Thursday morning and took off at 7 am. The two Sault Ste Maries were my custom airports and on the Canadian side I picked up my stored emergency equipment. Thanks again Terry. Two student pilots were awaiting me to help with the hangar and upcoming issues. A short talk in the airport coffee and I was on my way again, La Grande Riviere CYGL. Enroute I thought why stay there overnight when Iqualit is reporting fog the next morning. So I just refueled and flew to Iqualit - another 4 hours. Man - this was a long day, three landings with customs, refueling, flightplan filing and long flights of course. Tomorrow I will be at the airport early and as soon as the weather looks good I will head towards Greenland.


RV-4 Celebrates 40th as 'Grandfather of Fleet'
By Barbara A. Schmitz

July 23, 2019 - The RV-4 is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and Van's Aircraft Founder Dick VanGrunsven said the anniversary has made him realize just how important the plane was in his life and in the life of his company.

"It really established our company...and a lot of what it demonstrated is included on everything we've done since," Dick said at a Monday forum at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019. "The RV-4 is really the grandfather of the whole fleet and a very significant airplane."  ...



Jul 26, 2019.  Issue #4,877.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

RV-8 Oshkosh Formation ...jjbardell

A view from 7th Heaven on the SE side of the field. Amazing job guys! It looked incredible and the routine was so smooth.


Designing and Testing the RV-12iS: Seminar

...Randy Lervold PIREP

I attended, it was a very worthwhile presentation. Lot's of info on how the 912iS is improved over the 912ULS, how they made significant improvements in the entire installation package as well as the fuselage portion of the airframe, and how it effected the performance of the aircraft. I was aware of most of it in less detail so it served to reinforce my decision to build the iS.

Though they've tried to communicate most of this via their web site it is difficult to capture the level of detail that you can in a presentation such as this. Should they produce a video version of this presentation with all the of the detail for those interested? Yes, but that is a large undertaking. 

One things that Rian also touched on that wasn't in the presentation is that they are making continual improvements, and he cited examples, many of which are never announced. That's one of the things that continues to impress me about Van's Aircraft, continuous improvement is the sign of a healthy and functional organization!


Mr. X Pic

...Corpus Christi from 17K.  Flying north.



Status Report ...kentlik 7A Rebirthing

Followed Bullock on the co-pilot stick idea. I hope I can get wires by it safely.  I had this ball hone left over from another life and it came in handy.


RV Social PIREP ...DanH

Well, that was fun.

Given the weather Friday night and Saturday (and the subsequent lack of Sunday arrivals), for a while I was thinking there would be a lot of beer to split between the 50 or so Friday arrival crews. However, the sky cleared, the sun came out, and free beer is a reliable magnet. In the end we used more than 500 name tags, and a lot of the crowd doesn't bother with them, as they are already wearing ID. I'd guess we had 600 guests through the evening, more or less. The evening weather was perfect for the ninth year in a row. Sure hope that statement isn't a jinx.

Next year we'll re-arrange the trailers and open more taps, just to ease the crush during peak time. First tap got pulled about 4:30. We ran out of beer (eleven kegs), soft drinks (six cases), and water (three cases), all about 9:30, which is perfect. Thanks to Scott and Tanya for helping with clean-up.

Many of you refer to the Social as "Dan's party", but it is not. I just arrange a few things and change out the taps when the kegs run dry. The Social happens because a group of loyal sponsors make it so. Some have been sponsoring for decades, Stein being a good example. Most of the current sponsors have been in since the first at the Waukau location; 2019 makes seven times. Thank 'em when you can.

Ok, so who has pictures? My phone was dead, but I can host a few of yours.


Milestone: Pulled the Trigger!!!  ...FloMo14Builder

After decades of planning and deliberations. I finally pulled the trigger yesterday in the Vans tent. I have ordered my tail kit...

I am tremendously excited to get started. I have met many wonderful RV people the last couple of days. It has been great getting to meet many of you in person. I am looking forward to being even more involved in this great community!


New Mothership Motor Mount Pics at Show ...johnbright

...John Bright pics



Jul 25, 2019.  Issue #4,876.

Van's Banquet Pics from Tues ...Gary Sobek photos



OSH Stuff


Status Report: 7A ...jcarne

Ok I'm a little behind on posting more on the rear skirt. She is pretty much done this time and it came out beautiful on the second try!  Putting the micro on. This one didn't require much filling at all. ...


HBC Corn Roast in Progress Wednesday! ...Scott Card photos




At OSH: PIREP ...airguy

I had a last-minute window open up to make the trip, and we saddled up and were airborne out of 73XS just before 6am. A biological stop at KHIG and on to Monroe WI KEFT to top off the main tanks and arrive at KOSH with full tanks and empty bladder, plan worked well. We got to Ripon about 1 pm and only got spun out of the conga line twice, both times for a cub that couldn't do more than about 75 knots in front of us. Landed 27 and taxied to HBC, and spent the next couple hours sweating in 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity setting up camp. ...


Honeywell To Acquire TruTrak Flight Systems

-- Enables Honeywell access to experimental, light-sport market, which has grown by double digits over the past five years

-- Expands Honeywell's autopilot software offerings through its BendixKing business, providing affordable and reliable flight control systems

OSHKOSH, Wis., July 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Honeywell (NYSE: HON) has acquired privately held TruTrak Flight Systems, a leader in autopilots for experimental, light-sport and certified aircraft. The acquisition will become part of Honeywell's BendixKing business, helping to deliver affordable technologies to the experimental and general aviation markets. This market has grown by double digits over the past five years.

"TruTrak is a natural fit with BendixKing, and this acquisition opens up an exciting new market to us," said Carl Esposito, president, Electronic Systems at Honeywell Aerospace. "It provides great technology at affordable prices, which is central to BendixKing's business. Furthermore, adding TruTrak to the BendixKing family will attract new talent, foster collaboration and help us identify new ways to bring value to our customers."


"I'm On My Way" PIREP ...SuperCubDriver

Now the weather cleared up and the temperatures came down for the show. I met many friends and made new ones. But I didn't have much time to walk around. Yesterday evening Tobias from Germany showed up and said we will fly a formation in the morning for breakfast to some place nearby. I was hesitant because I'm not proficient in formation flying and was afraid loosing my parking spot. Anyhow we met at 6 am in the morning and briefed the flight and I got an expert in the back seat and was good with it. The flight was great, the breakfast in Madison was good and I learned something again. But believe me, during the flight I only saw this plane beside me and two runways just prior landing - Madison and Oshkosh. I need more training and will then probably see a little more around me.
In the evening I was invited to the Vans banquet and met many builders and the Vans crew I already met three weeks ago. We all agreed that we are building and flying the greatest kitplanes!
And now unfortunately I have to think about my return flight and just checked the weather forecast for Canada and Greenland and believe that leaving on Thursday morning is best, will make a final decision tomorrow and keep you updated.


Oil Filler / Cowl Flap Update ...crabandy

I did some flying today and got some intial numbers. I used stabilized cruise with realitively smooth air and utilizing the autopilot, I recorded 5 minute averages for speed, temps and pressures twice open and twice closed. Lower cowling pressures were obtained with a single picollo tube place vertically at the bottom of the lower cowling attached to the lower engine mount with the manometer plumber to the static system and CHT's and TAS from the EFIS.

Opening the oil door drops the lower cowling pressure approximately 60%, .65 in H2O @110 KIAS and .85 in H2O at 146 KIAS.
LOP cruise was 161 KTAS with the door open and 164 KTAS with it closed.
Very little change in CHT's, avgerage was 3-5 degrees cooler with the door open. Oil temp was about 1-2 degrees cooler.

I'll need a lot more flights to try and filter any cooler climb out data. I need to check the pressure directly underneath the cylinders to see if it changes as much as the rest of the lower cowling does.
I did do 2 hot quick turns giving rides today without a single hiccup during ground ops, it was only 88* though.


Want a Free VansAirForce.net Sticker for your Vehicle?

The cool kids are doing it.  Mail a SASE to the address below. 

Delta Romeo, LLC
PO Box 270321
Flower Mound, TX 75027-0321


"Influential' RVs ...sjhurlbut starts the convo

I'm starting a project that I'd like to keep under wraps for a bit.

But my question to the group is which RV was influential in your decision to build an RV?

For me it was:
Sam Buchanan RV6 really one of the first websites
Vans original RV3
Doug Reeves RV6

And many more 

But I'm curious for you old timers who was there before you and motivated you? I'm not really looking for resent builds but more the originals and that paved the way for us.

Post pics maybe and I'll try compile a list.


Status Report: 7A Rebirthing ...kentlik

Working on hinges today.  ...



Jul 24, 2019.  Issue #4,875.

Red and Iron...

I spent 0515 - 1230 yesterday working an extra paper route for college and life expenses, and while in cruise had some time to reflect on the life and accomplishments of NASA's first Flight Director, Christopher Kraft.  Mr. Kraft passed away on the 22nd at the age of 95.  The picture below found online was taken during Gemini V.  I took my first breath while Gemini V was in orbit.  The early Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions are of great interest to me, and I've always looked up to the men and women who pulled these missions off.

Chris Kraft on console pictured during Gemini V (August 1965)

Late last night after I heard that Mr. Kraft has passed I went over to Kitplanes to see if our RV friend Paul Dye, who sat in the same Flight Director chair for a couple of decades as Iron Flight, had written anything.  He had.  Paul, that was a touching piece.  I enjoyed every word and am thankful to call you friend.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Kraft.  This citizen thanks you for your NASA service, focus, leadership and character.  A Navy friend of mine has said in the past, "The Skipper sets the tone."



Meanwhile at the HBC pavilion on Sunday night: ...Paul from Flyleds

We thought we'd do some product testing. That's one Seven Stars light held at arms length above my head.  Our apologies to anyone down near the trees that we might have woken up!   We did assist a few campers returning from the loos by turning night into day for them ...and then ungraciously plunging them back into darkness!


Six Cylinder pMag in hand ...Carl Froehlich

Brad handed over a six cylinder pMag and install kit at Oshkosh today. This is a trail unit for what will be the main production run.

It looks like the long road to a six cylinder pMag is finally behind us.


Osh Laundry Pirep ...Brantel

FYI, the laundromat behind the Super 8 at the North gate is awesome as far as laundromats go! Very easy to get to.

Might help those that endured the storms and mud!


Dealing with Top Wing Sking Nutplates ...common mistakes solved

On my wing kit (circa 2007) the #8 holes are countersunk not dimpled. Unless that has changed you have the wrong nutplate in hand. There is probably enough room to drill the correct hole to #19 and rivet the nutplate on with only one rivet. After drilling and countersinking the correct hole I think the holes will be close but you will be fine. The single rivet only has to hold it in place long enough to start tightening the countersunk screw for the wing root fairing. The wing root fairing is pre punched so you need the #19 hole to line up correctly. In the picture below I'm holding a #19 bit next to the hole you accidentally drilled.

(flion) Common error. I would go with a backup strip. Make sure it goes under the entire nutplate and maybe to the next rivet hole (I seem to recall you can only do that in one direction because ot the spar). Drill the rivet locations and the correct screw locations. Then clamp it in place and fill the incorrectly drilled hole with structural epoxy. Smooth the epoxy and re-drill the rivet hole when it is cured. The epoxy will be more than strong enough, with the backup strip and a rivet, to hold the nutplate in place (the main job of that rivet) and the repair will be invisible once painted (or when the wing root fairing is in place).

(YankeeBravo) Thanks a lot Ben and Patrick for the solution, I drilled the correct hole to #19, countersunk and tried with the correct nutplate this time ! It works fine as per your picture. I will think about the doubler now...


RV-8A in the News



Jul 23, 2019.  Issue #4,874.
  I was eating TexMex with Ross and Chris Monday and we were going around the table on the things keeping us from OSH'19.  Usual reasons anyone could relate to:  budgetary, calendar conflicts with family commitments, and in Chris' case hail damage on his wife's car requiring $$$.  We made up a term for people like us, who would normally go but for various reasons couldn't escape the gravitational influence of their local area:
  I hope all you non-oshdodgers at the show are having a great time!  Looking forward to the PIREPs and pictures down the road.  

The RV Social (Monday 5pm)

Tanya Card photo.(enlarge)
One more pic from the social

OSH Stuff


CREWRV8 2019 Video ...lucaperazzolli

Hi !

First of all let me say that it's very hard not to be in Oshkosh this year, I'm seeing all you guys having fun but VAF threads and other social stuff give me the opportunity to live the days...with the feet dry

My buddy and wingman Franz is riding around Wittman Field and he'll be very happy to meet as much friends as possible, you'll find him at all the VAF events.

I put together a mix of our recent videos with different camera positions and I (we) hope you'll enjoy it.

If you are at the show say HI to all the family in my name !


Cleanup of 83282 hydraulic fluid?

Q: This stuff seems impervious to petroleum based solvents - what to use to clean from firewall and floors?

A: Non-chlorinated brake cleaner. Used to use Trichlorethelyne as a solvent for hydraulic analysis testing. But, that stuff is muy mal!

Non-chlorinated brake cleaner is about the closest off the shelf product that is the least harmful to humans, pets and aircraft. Just be careful with it on your paint job, it can dull the paint.


Panel Porn ...kentlik

A big thank you to Bruce Swayze for supplying me with an 819 AN-6D sleeve!  I was stuck and gave him a call and he had one! Looked to be from his test parts, all perfect and in a safe place. I will have to get him a replacement when Van's opens in a half hour.

His plane is almost done and it looks fantastic!


HBC Sunday Beer Tasting PIREP ...scard

It happened, and was epic as usual! There were more than enough of us to have a quorum. I didnít notice that anything was amiss . Yeah, there are a lot of us here

Beer has been consumed from about 4 full tubs and last I looked it had not all been drunk.

Raise your hand if you tarnished perfectly good ice with coors light! The local DOT has some roadway repair materials for you to roll in. . Good times


Mistake top wing skins nutplates holes 16-2 ...YankeeBravo -10

I managed to drill #19 the wrong hole (center one) for the only special nutplate at the wing root just behind the stiffener... What could be the best fix ? I thought of using a standard nutplate but the rivet holes do not match exactly up...

Thanks in advance !


RV-8 and the WAAAM ...Steve Rush vid

Saturday 7/20/19 was one of the first cloudless days we have had in weeks. It was nice to have the clouds gone, but we paid the price via higher temperatures (though nothing like what the eastern 2/3 of the country are enduring).

We decided to head down to Hood River Oregon to visit the Western Antique Airplane and Automobile Museum (WAAAM). It is a large collection of old cars, airplanes, motorcycles and other stuff. There are dozens of airplanes and just as many cars. Most all of the airplanes are flyable and they do fly them from time to time. Many of the items on display do not actually belong to the museum and are just on loan for display.  ...


Garmin Aviation Job Fair at Oshkosh 2019 ...g3xpert


We are always looking for talented people to join Garmin and the Aviation division is particularly interested in those with a passion for aviation.

What better place to look for those people than EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2019!

We will be attending the Aviation Job Fair on Wednesday, July 24th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m at the EAA Forums Pavilion #8 building.

Below is a list of positions for which we are seeking applicants.

We look forward to seeing you there.


-Embedded Software Engineers
-Web Developer
-Mobile Developer
-Mechanical Engineers
-Design/Electrical Engineers
-Electrical Engineering Technicians
-EMC Engineers/Technicians
-Systems/Systems Test Engineers
-Program Managers
-Certification Engineers
-Avionics Installation Technicians
-Aviation Sales
-Aviation Marketing
-Aviation Product Support
-Aviation Technical Writers
-Contracts Managers
-Flight Test Engineer



Jul 22, 2019.  Issue #4,873.
  Spent the weekend trying to stay cool, like a lot of folks.  Saturday house stuff and Sunday Mass, work and watching airplanes fly NE up to OSH on my iPad.  The grab below from around 1130am Sunday.  I *think* this is an accurate depiction of what some would call 'market penetration' <g>.
  It's great to see so many RVs headed to the show, and I hope everyone going has a wonderful, safe and enjoyable time.  I've been reading the difficulties folks have been having getting in with the wet conditions and all.  Careful in that furball!
  RV-specific happenings listed below (will stay there all week).  v/r,


OSH Stuff

Annual arrived at Osh safe thread

OSH'19 Picture Links and PIREPs ...for when you get 'um. 

OSH Webcams

Brantel's Wife is Vlogging from the show


Initial Contact ...Tony

I am planning on a quick build RV-8A. I want to build in my basement. The basement is large but trying to figure out if I can get the large quick build sections into and out of the basement. Does anyone know the dimensions of the fuselage and wings so that I can experiment on manoeuvring in and out.

I do have a double garage but the climate is better in the basement.

Any advice to help me get started is appreciated


Ebbe's DIY One Of A Kind DIY Panel Project ...update

[ed. You're going to want to get a napkin for the drool before you click on this.  v/r,dr]


"I'm On My Way" Update ...SuperCubDriver

  From Kalamazoo I flew to Michigan City KMGC for some patterns. So easy here, no landing fees and not showing up to show the documents, just leave and head for the next destination, Naper LL10. Here I was invited by Paddy (see post #6). Jim let me use his hangar and tools for a 100h inspection. I did not expect to fly that much but now I'm ready for my final destination Oshkosh - and home! He also invited me to stay in his house and he and his wife provided everything for me to keep going these days - thanks Jim. He is planning a trip over the Atlantic very soon so I could tell some of my experience I made so far. Thursday evening we flew together around Chicago city in his RV-10 and I was very impressed how this thing flies. Very quiet and of course a little heavier on the controls than my RV-8, but so also a better IFR plattform.
  Then on Friday morning I made "My Flight to Oshkosh". What a great feeling to come this long way and land the plane I built in Oshkosh. I was immediately greeted by my neighbors and felt just right.
  Late in the evening storms were active northwest of Oshkosh and moving in. Fortunately they throw most of the bad things out before reaching the field so nothing bad happened.


No.4 Cylinder Shuts Down at Idle

Hi all. I have an IO 360 (350 hrs) that started backfiring at idle when warm. I went through those threads. i saw a little fuel/oil on the inlet manifold of number 2 cylinder so took it for an engine run to see if i could see anything about that cylinder.

Once warm at idle it began back firing again. But after about 30 seconds the backfiring stopped and the EGT and CHT of number 4 cylinder dropped away and the backfire stopped. So at least i think i can isolate the backfiring to number 4 cylinder because it stopped when the cylinder stopped.

Any thoughts on the most likely problem? Blocked injector? Stuck valves?

Help appreciated.


7A Rebirthing PIREP ...kentlik

I am done with the darn fuel lines...almost. Missing one 819-6D fuel line sleeve! Can't believe it...all the same I am moving on to repair of large cut-outs in the first bulkhead behind the avionics panel then adding the hinges to the lower portions of the firewall etc...


No OSH This Year: Found Metal in the Filter ...lr172 (6A)

Did an oil change yesterday and after cutting open the filter, found a good bit of metal. All thin, long slivers. When held on the side of the jar by the magnet, the slivers form a circle the size of a quarter.

Pretty sure it's the cam, but can't be certain. Stuck a borescope in the mag hole and idler gear and crank gear look good. Because I can't rule out the oil pump gears, I have decided not to do the Osh flight tomorrow. Looks like I will be pulling the engine and tearing down instead.


Charity Cap Sighting ...Anthony

All the cool sharks are doing it...


It Can Be Done (Building In Your Basement)

...many new pics



Jul 19, 2019.  Issue #4,872.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  For those of you traveling to OSH, fly safe and we can't wait to read your travel PIREPs and see your photos when you get back!!!  I have a couple of extra paper routes sched'd over the next week for some extra family $$$, so I'm looking forward to hearing about the show and seeing those pics!  Speaking of extra paper routes, Thursday morning I repositioned an aircraft from one side of DFW to the other, and while getting some gas saw a B-24 taxi by me (pic).  Those four engines sounded sweet.
  Hope everyone going has a wonderful time.


New Garmin GNC 355 GPS/COM, July 2019...g3xpert

and also...

Garmin TeamX brings new features to
the G5 electronic flight instrument
and the G3X Touch flight display


Advanced Flight Systems News ...Rob

The RV-10 is loaded and ready to depart to Oshkosh. There will be a number of booths at AirVenture where you can see an AF-5000 EFIS and our Advanced Control Module with Electron Circuit Breakers this year:

AOPA Booth - Sweepstakes RV-10 with an Aerosport Carbon Fiber panel with three EFIS screens.


MGL releases MX1 EFIS at Oshkosh


Proof of RV Enjoyment

...Vlad installment.  "That's what happens to the shiny rod ends after 7 years of being under the elements."


OSH Webcams are HOT


Quirky Stuff Seen From The Air ...Bayou Bert

...LIGO (trust me.....it's cool).


Rebirthing Update ...kentlik -7A

I just got back on it after an extended run of film jobs. I need to get a few fuel lines sorted and I can get back to stuff that I want to do.


Milestones ...Chris Pratt -8

Maybe I'm just sentimental, but as I just passed 800 hours on the airplane I built, it gave me pause to think about some of the great memories this airplane has helped create. Of course my first thought was, "why has it taken so long to put 800 hours on this machine?" But I know why, life gets in the way. Yet when I think of all the places I've visited, people I've given first rides, new friends I've made, and just plain fun I've had (no pun intended), it makes me realize how lucky I've been and what a unique experience it is to build and fly your own airplane. God bless all the builders out there, you're a very special group.



Jul 18, 2019.  Issue #4,871.
  If there are any model-specific gatherings forming up, can those folks planning them get the date/time/location to me so I can add it to the list I'm compiling below?

N435MD Has Its New Paint Job

...pics taken 7/17 at GLO Aircraft Painting (52F) by me - happened to have the 'good' camera with me.   Plane will be featured at the Lycoming tent at OSH.

See all the pics


Eagle's Nest Projects - Mallory Rhodes landing at OSH2019

Eagle's Nest Projects - Montgomery HS (TX)
July 17, 2019

Mallory Rhodes, Eagle's Nest RV-12iS builder and EAA Ray Scholarship Winner (Conroe Chapter 302) will be flying into Oshkosh 2019 in the airplane that she and her classmates recently built at Montgomery High School (RV-12iS). Mallory will be arriving Sunday morning in a Montgomery 2-ship RV-12 flight. Joe Waltz, President of EAA 302 and ENP Project Director, will be in her right seat providing all the nuances she'll need for a first time arrival into OSH. Listen for N924EN.

You're Invited - Over the week of OSH, Eagle's Nest projects will have 6-7 aircraft on display in the area adjacent to the Homebuilder's Hangar. Build-Students will be on hand to answer questions about their personal experience, their build, and likely a bit of mixed-in entertainment to make your day. Look forward to seeing ya OSH.


Motivation 101 ...ackselle

Great sun in the evening for some A2A pics...


RV-6A brake rotors part number and normal thickness. ...WingnutWick


Was told that these were worn too thin by a local mechanic. Anyone know the part number for these rotors and the normal thickness of them? I don't know if it matters but attached is the brake assembly part number.

Thank you!


Status Report: FLIGHT!!!! ...RV7ForMe

Well, I did say "a lot has happened" 

After my excitement with the Cessna we were actually getting ready for first flight of my buddies RV-7A that I spend almost a year working on. New tail feathers, Canopy, complete FWF with new engine, new paint and a lot of cable replacement to get those shiny G3X touch displays to work properly. I had a lot of fun. I know it will help me when I get to that stage with my own RV. Second time is always easier!

As you can image the past event only added to the pressure that come with first flight of a home build airplane. We actually cancelled the first flight 3 times before it finally happened on 9th of June. Flight was uneventful with only minor squawks. We have about 18h and counting by now. Oil consumption is much lower than anticipated. She only used 1qt in the first 15 hours. We will change to regular oil after 25h.

This is a mostly stock RV7-A with VAN's IO360 with CS with a full Garmin G3X panel.  ...


Status Update

...jcarne -7A


SE-XTO RV-14 First Flight ...control (Sweden)

After a little more than five years of building it was finally time

will report to Vans tomorrow


Mothership News


As is the case each year at this time, our technical support crew is traveling to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for AirVenture 2019. They'll be on-hand with other Van's staff members to talk with attendees in person at our tent, Booth 604 in the North Aircraft Display area.

As a result, Van's builder technical support service will be closed starting Friday, July 19th and will remain closed until we reopen on Tuesday, July 30th, after we return from Oshkosh.

Please come see us at the booth, and keep on building!


Initial Contact ...Karl in Switzerland

...RV-12iS builder


"I'm On My Way" Update ...SuperCubDriver

On Saturday I flew around New York and my first landing was at Brookhaven HWV on Long Island where I visited the airport cafe. Then did some more flying without a real destination. Looked up the accomodations in Foreflight at several airports and decided to fly to Reading KDRG for the next layover. The FBO there provided the hotel transfer and a good discount at a suggested hotel. I spent myself one day off there as I run out of destinations, Oshkosh being very close. I remembered Miles here on VAF offered a place to stay and so I gave him a call. He was good with me flying over the next day and when I arrived at his hangar home he had organized a barbeque at his hangar and around 20 or 30 people, most of them pilots, came together to greet me and for some airplane talk. Miles has a beautifully restored C-170 and is building a RV-7 (see pic). And Goatflieg, if you have some more pictures I would like to see them here.
When I taxied in a guy in a neighbor hangar realized my German registration, came over and invited me to see his shop. They are restoring a B-25 there, didn't expect this there.
This morning Miles suggested to fly to Kalamazoo KAZO which I did. Another museum with some nice warbirds and restoration work going on. I parked right in front of the museum and was greeted by the museum staff.



Jul 17, 2019.  Issue #4,870.
  Item: If there are any model-specific gatherings forming up, can those folks planning them get the date/time/location to me so I can add it to the list below?

N748PK first flight ...Kurt Haller 9A

Yup, it finally happened:


Van's Aircraft Annual AirVenture Banquet

Nature Center Pavilion
Tuesday July 23rd at 6:00 PM
SPEAKERS: Air Show Announcer and RV pilot Rob Reider, and Redline's Ken Reider
GIVEAWAYS: We will draw names from all the attendees to give away some great gifts from Garmin, Dynon and others
Tickets: www.vansaircraft.com/oshkoshbanquet


Camping Checklist ...suggested things to throw in your RV

...Paul Gray entry.

quart size ziplock bag of ant poison granules
I too have a checklist of items made up over time. When preparing to head out, I go over the list and take the things I'll need/use on that trip. One thing that hasen't been mentioned is a quart bag of ant poison granules. I set up my tent once and was apparently over an ant super hwy. They were everywhere and I had to shakedown everything and move the tent. REAL PITA! Now I take the poison and spread it around where I'll be pitching the tent. So far no more ants.


FOD Walk

...Mashy at 52F.  Found on the runway 7/16.  Good stuff.


FS: Scott Hersha's RV8

Quick Build (QB) or Standard Build (SB): QB
Slider or Tip Up: Slider
S/N: 83095
Location: KHAO
Asking Price: $125,000.00


Corrosion or CORROSION?

I am in the process of purchasing a 2008 RV10 QB kit that has been stored in an unheated hangar. Here in the Midwest, unheated buildings can generate a fair amount of condensation during our annual freeze/thaw cycles.

As a newbie, I have no criteria for normal weathering versus corrosion. So I'm looking for some educated opinions from those of you with some practical experience.

Some of the skins have areas of very slight pitting. Most are roughly the diameter of grains of salt. A few are small rashes, the diameter of dimes or quarters, that don't feel like they have any depth. Is this normal for unpainted aluminum? Will this get removed with the typical prep before paint?

Similarly, some of the white powder-coated metal fittings have slight rust stains on them. Again, is that normal, or will I end up replacing anything that shows any sign of rust?

Here is a link to photos of some of the areas.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


RV Social Update ...DanH

Less than a week to go! The long term weather report for Monday evening is marvelous...70's, 50% humidity, low rain chance. Hopefully I won't jinx it with that report, but just in case, the old lady asked me to remind everyone the RV Social is a rain-or-shine event. So, worst case, pull on your wet weather gear and come on over. We'll cozy up under the big Gallagher tent, maybe even drag a beer trailer in with us.

Quick note; there are eleven kegs to enjoy. With four taps on two trailers, it means I need to change each tap to a fresh keg at least once, and most twice. Last year someone started the rumor we were out of beer after a tap or two failed to deliver. Darned shame, as there were (I think) two kegs remaining, and drinking them would have been a whole lot cheaper than going to SOS. So, when a tap runs dry, find me! Or recruit a few buddies, chant "Beer, beer, BEER!" and I'll find you.

Get a name tag when you arrive. Look for the picnic table. It's about putting names with faces.

Speaking of which, most of our sponsors will be right there in the crowd. Don't miss the opportunity to meet the folks who support your passion (and your party). Obtaining help and ordering products is always better when you know the person on the other end of the line.

Gallagher Insurance (Jenny and the Agents of Vroom )
Barrett Precision Engines (Rhonda and Monty Barrett)
Continental/Titan (James Ball, aka JB)
Delta Pop Aviation (Don Pansier)
Flightlines (Tom Swearengen)
Flyboy/Team Rocket (Vince and Blake Frazier)
JD Air (Darwin Barrie)
Kitplanes Magazine (Paul Dye and Marc Cook)
Lycoming/Thunderbolt (Jeff Schans)
SteinAir (Stein and the Gang)
TruTrak (Andrew Barker)


Panel Progress PIREP




Jul 16, 2019.  Issue #4,869.
  Howdy howdy!  Here in the next few days I'll compile a final list of RV events happening at OSH'19 and will feature it here on the front page for easy reference through the end of the show.  Gigantic capital 'H' is parking itself over Texas all week, so we're expecting 100*F shortly.  Hello heat! 

Scorch Positive Rate 7/15 52F


I Think my RV-6 Build Log Cost Maybe a Dollar

A stroll down memory lane.  A grid I worked up in MS Word.  Made some photocopies at my old job.  Printed some pictures.  Three ring notebook I found in the trash at same old job.  If memory serves Mel looked at the whole thing for about three potatoes and went back to checking flight controls during my inspection.  Recently I took my phone out and took pics of each page so I could upload it to this cloud folder (in SmugMug and in Google photos).  Redundancy. ;^)  I don't think I spent more than ten seconds recording each work session.

My favorite pic from the log is below.  Wings, fuse, engine, fuse jig, lawnmower and a little shelf hanging from the garage ceiling (made from the fuse crate) with the motor mount and canopy.  Susie's '89 Volvo 240DL still fit.  Final fit/finish at Jay's RV Central.  I miss that car.  Our first new one - the payments were $309.77.

Correction....my favorite pics are those with Audrey and Tate in them. ;^)

12/19/2000 entry:  "Audrey bucks first rivet (fuselage skins)."

My .02 regarding the whole build log thing (using Stein's words) is to not sweat the build log too much.  Quick and dirty with the least amount of effort satisfies the DAR. 

I leave the notebook in the baggage area.  I look at it about once every three years <g>.


Mr. X New Pics ...Philly and NYC from FL41




AOPA 2020 Sweeps Airplane Is An RV-10


RV/IAC Aerobatic Competition Standings

Galen Killam took a fourth place at the Michigan Open this past weekend. That has secured him a second place in the overall standings. Well done Galen!


Quirky Things Seen From The Air in Your RV

Lost Lake Montana
So there we were, cruising across the plains of Montana just south of the Missouri Breaks, admiring the jaw dropping beauty of a landscape spattered with both rain and sun, when we came upon this:

My jaw dropped even further. I know just enough geology to know a waterfall when I see it, and this is a big one......250 feet tall and a half mile wide. The obvious problem....where is the river? The Missouri River is more than 20 miles away. It turns out that this is yet another of the glacial artifacts that fill our northern landscape, as the Missouri was once dammed by ice and cut through these plains, carving these magnificent but dry falls.



Jul 15, 2019.  Issue #4,868.
  Hope you had a nice weekend.   The Wx here cooperated in our area Saturday, so many of us got to RVate a bit.  Sunday the clouds from 'Barry' kept big areas of TX in the shade, and the temps a little lower.  Hope our RV friends around New Orleans didn't get any lasting damage.  If you did, please let know how we can help! 

Milestone: Paint Finished Osh Bound ...RepmikeBrown


Stuck Exhaust Valve Lycoming IO-360 ...mjanduda

Hey Builders,

I just wanted to share some pictures of an IO-360 cylinder with a stuck exhaust valve.  The cylinder was flown on a charter Cessna 172S (AVGAS only). The valve has failed well before TBO.

What do you think?  I'm not super knowledgeable about engines but for me it looks like it was flown with a very rich mixture!?


Joined "RV-12 500 Club" earlier today! ...PilotBrent

5 years and six months. She is flying better today than on her maiden flight. Returning to OSH next week to visit her friends. Hopefully will see many of you there too.


Garmin G3X Wiring Fundamentals Series...Garmin videos

This was linked in a separate thread, but I wanted to post the link to the entire Garmin G3X Wiring Fundamentals playlist available from our Aviation Training team on YouTube.

This series provides some great how-to videos on basic wiring fundamentals that are sure to be helpful in your avionics wiring harness build process.


Going for the worst builder award ...Flying Canuck

This 2 week adventure that I'm on with son has been one problem after another. My current roster of problems contains:
Lost all brake fluid right side - broken flare
Lost right brake - leaking o-ring
Flat right tire - under inflated
Lost both brakes - misassembly right and leaking o-ring left
Flaky Skyview network - cause unknown
Stranded at no service airport- can't start, melted/ broken starter cable

The last one happened late this afternoon at International Peace Garden airport after we cleared back into Canada. Up in Brandon now will source a new cable tomorrow with the assistance of the local flying club. This was only a 55 minute flight from our planned stop and the day had gone so well.

I know these are not all my fault but enough of them are that I'm feeling like I am a shoe in for worst builder of the year.

Oh well, it's only time, money and pride, don't have much left of any of them. The hair isn't far behind. I put the amateur in amateur built.

The rest of the big trip experience has been awesome. It's a great way to travel.
Claude Pitre


Build Status Report ...N804RV

I figured its time to update this thread. Family medical and career issues got in the way of my building. But, I've been back at it for awhile now. Q/B wings were acquired from an abandoned kit. and some progress has been made.

I got my slow build fuselage in November. And, have been trying to do something on it every day, at least the 4 days a week that I'm not shlepping back and forth to Seattle to do 12 hour shifts.

The Q/B wings still don't have bottom outboard skins riveted on, or the wing tip fiberglass work complete. But, I took delivery of the slow-build fuselage in November. And, I'm focusing all my build time in making progress on that. Wings and fiberglass work I'll finish later.

Since I bought SmokeyRay's "Ultimate 1835 Sonerai IIL" I've also been getting more flight time. Which is a great morale booster for those days when the rivet-gun is kicking my arse, or the RV plans and drawings have ignited an uncontrolled helmet fire.

Joining the forward and center sections of the cockpit for the first time was a big thrill. Can't wait to see that aluminum canoe take shape!


OSH'19 Demo Panel ssokol (VAF advertiser)


Alaska:; The Rest of the Story and Costs ...texdog

After two nights in Grande Prairie at Judies favorite FBO, Happy Gas, we had a window to depart at 2 PM. Grande Praire was good VFR but a lot of showers around Calgary. We couldn't get past the rain and had to return to Edson, 50 extra miles, refuel and try again. The weather lifted west of Calgary and we made it to Lethbridge. We got one of the last motel rooms because of a soccer tournament. The motel owner said, "don't expect much and you won't be disappointed". He was right but it was a bed not a hangar floor.

Early departure the next morning for Cutbank, Mt., good old USA. Customs had been very easy and accomadating. I filed an e-APIS three days before and never had to file again because of weather delays. I did call every day. 1.5 hrs. to clear customs because they were training someone. We helped a couple that were ferrying a C-172 to Alaska and told them the weather was good enough to get to Lethbridge, 700 overcast and 10 miles. Departed Cutbank with hopes of Billings, Mt. or Buffalo, Wy. didn't happen, snow and 2 miles visibility on June 7. We did make it to Miles City, Mt. for fuel and off again, couldn't go direct anywhere low ceilings with rain. I had a FBO in Wyoming for 10 years and knew the country well so we headed for Crazy Woman VOR, my favorite place. We made it around Pumpkin Buttes and headed for Torrington, Wy. good fuel stop and a dog named Fred, who I've know for 10 years. Holiday Inn has a shuttle and it's next to a truck stop with a restaurant and a bar. Left Trrington early Sunday stopped in Denver to visit a sick friend over night. Front Range is the place in Denver, $5.00 overnight and rent car right away and I never talked to approach.

Left early Monday to get home. Stopped in Borger, Tx. for fuel and lunch. Free crew car and a great hamburger. Taxi out and start runup and Judie says smoke in the cockpit, she was right there was smoke in the cockpit. Taxi back, take the cowling off, 90 degrees outside, can't see anything. I do a test flight and can't replicate the problem, so I land pickup Judie and we are on our last 2 hour leg home to Fredericksburg, Tx. I make a great landing, but the airplane won't roll, flat tire on right main. I see a friends hangar open and call him, they bring a dolly and tow bar and 15 minutes later we are in the hangar. No damage and the smoke probably came from me checking the oil and dribbling a little oil on the exhaust stack.

The bottom line how much did it cost? We stayed with friends in Anchorage, no hotel cost, however we ate out a lot so the food cost were higher. We didn't camp at all. The hotel at Kennicott was expense, $300.00 a night, but worth it for two nights. Here is the breakdown, Judie kept very good receipts and records. All numbers have been calculated for good ole American dollars.

Fuel $1,762,00
Oil 8.00
Fees Nav Canada 17.64
Hangar and tie downs 267.00
Lodging 1,276.00
Rent cars and taxi 749.00
Food 1,773.00

Grand total $5,852.64

We didn't include our survival vest or contents, they can be reused. Would we do it again, absolutely !


Quirky Things Seen From The Air Entry ...Vlad

Zuni Salt Lake.


"I'm On My Way" ...PIREP

Finally Bill and I made it to Whitted KSPG on Wednesday morning for breakfast, wheather at this time is not really perfect and Florida seems to be influenced by the depression over the Gulf of Mexico. I got a nice shot in the air over the Skyway Bridge just south of Whitted.
Then today in the morning I left Brooksville, flew south around Orlando and did a low approach over Rwy 33 at the Nasa Shuttle Landing Facility, then headed towards Barnwell KBNL in South Carolina, refueled and flew on to Dare Co Rgnl KMQI for an overnight stop.
Bill - if you read this, thanks again for taking care and your hangar.
Tomorrow I intend to hop over to First Flight and be on this memorable place where the Wright brothers did their very first flights. From there I will head north and probably will set down in the New York area for another night stop.


"I'm On My Way" ...and another!

Another Highlights
As planned, I hopped over to First Flight KFFA. During the night it was raining but it cleared up in the morning and so walking this memorable place was possible. It was only 116 years ago and now we are building our own airplanes again!
As I am not 100 percent fit on Foreflight and the Stadium TFR on the Hudson River showed red I was unsure what to do. I called Flight Service but they only said the TFR will be active from one hour before the event and this might change. So I flew towards New York with flight following and when descending towards the Hudson SFRA I made sure the corridor is open. It was so great that I flew the corridor three times and circled the Statue of Liberty - very impressive. No way in Europe to fly in such a congested airspace without a clearance!
Finally landed in Danbury KDXR where I met a classmate of my wife and was invited for dinner, my first meal of the day!


RV-5 Restoration Project - Final Stretch

The RV-5 was an engineering design exercise, one with specific purposes in mind. The RV-5 was never intended to be a commercially available model, and several things Van learned from this design influenced subsequent model designs. A team of volunteers has been restoring the RV-5, which has not flown in many years, to airworthy status. It's a unique and true piece of RV history.



Jul 12, 2019.  Issue #4,867.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

8A owner and usual 52F suspect Kay enjoying Texas skies.


PIREP Roll Bar and Canopy Placement Options ...David Paule -3B

It finally sank in that this is the time to install the roll bar. Well, build and install the roll bar. But until the canopy is on, I didn't know just how high to make it. And the canopy can't go on until the tailcone top is on. A chicken and egg problem.

Then I realized that one excellent option was to make it per the SK-54A drawing, and take whatever I get for installed height. Okay, plan A. Obviously I needed a Plan B or else Plan A is just a Plan. I brought the canopy home and laid it on the fuselage and started measuring things. ...


Oil Temp reading low

I am not sure this is a normal failure mode but my oil temp in the middle of a flight went from reading 190 to 145 and then stayed there.

I found the nut holding the sender wire ring terminal loose. I tightened it up thinking problem solved. Well next flight oil temperature still reading abnormally low basically 50 degrees lower than what is actual.

At this point I am guessing an new sender is in order, it has never given me any issues.

Has anyone seen this failure mode before, what did you find was the problem. I also have a CHT that has started to act funny, checked that it was seated in the mount but at this point it is very intermittent.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Mike "Nemo" Elliott


Fiberglass Skirt Update ...jcarne -7A

Fiberglass work continues on the rear skirt. First I popped it off and trimmed the edges. Don't do anything with that tape just yet though, more to do.

Tip: I'm not sure how you guys and gals are doing it but I have found that skipping any wax and PVA and laying up right on top of clear packing tape has always resulted in the EASIEST way to pop the fiberglass off (easier than when I used to use wax). Seriously the part releases so well it's satisfying to watch. However, disregard that comment if you are doing fiberglass in molds, different ballgame as I understand. ...


Are RV's indoor-only planes? ...a conversation

I just put up the following comment at the tail-end of an existing thread about the Pro's and Con's of RV ownership, but I hope the moderators won't mind if I start this as a new thread, because I'd really like to hear if there are people out there who agree or disagree with the idea that RV's are pretty much indoor-only planes - i.e., planes really made to be kept in hangars rather than outside. Here's my comment:

"IMO, the biggest "con" of RV ownership has not been mentioned yet, which is that if you get an RV you are most likely going to want to keep it in a hangar. This is a very significant expense, which cuts into all the other savings you achieve by acquiring an RV. There is a well-known poster on this forum who keeps his non-painted, polished aluminum RV outside, with a cover over the cabin area only I believe, apparently without a huge amount of obvious deterioration, so I suppose it can be done. But I think most owners of nicely painted and cared-for RVs keep them inside because they recognize keeping them outside will significantly degrade their aircraft's appearance and condition over time. In contrast, if you buy a production aircraft that, in many cases, has already been living outside for years, you are not going to suffer much incremental deterioration by continuing to leave it outside, and it costs a heck of a lot less than paying for a hangar. I'm happy with the RV I've owned for 20 years, but think prospective owners should be aware of and carefully consider this expense. I would be interested to hear the comments of people who have experience keeping them outside. Maybe there are some who disagree that RV's are generally made to live inside?"


Sky Designs Aluminum RV-8 Legs at OSH ...VAF advertiser

For those of you who might be interested in airfoil aluminum main gear legs for your RV-8, Sky Designs will be bringing a couple kits to AirVenture.


This is not only an opportunity for you to save the cost of crating and shipping, but an opportunity to see 'em, touch 'em, taste 'em before you buy.
Ken Krueger - Aircraft Designer


Gas Gun and Other Under-wing Things ...DanH

The first of two related under-wing projects is a gas gun, aka a "machine gun simulator" in the military reenactor and movie prop worlds. The basic operating principle is simple enough. A timer board controls two solenoid valves and an ignition coil. Oxygen and propane are vented into a chamber, the solenoids close, the coil fires, and the result is a shock wave at the tip of the barrel. There is no projectile, just noise and muzzle flash.

Propane supply is typically one of the standard 1 lb, 4" dia bottles from the camping department. Overall, they are low pressure canisters full of liquid, with actual pressure linked to temperature. High pressure oxygen is a bit more involved. The bottle is charged to 2000 psi, just like breathing oxygen. In this case, I selected a new M6 size bottle, 3.2" dia and 11" long, plus valve.

The regulators are new Victor G150's, modified by changing some of the fittings, plus removing the high pressure gauge and plugging the port. The gas regulator requires an adapter between the propane bottle and the regulator inlet. The propane bottle must be upright so only vapor reaches the outlet; liquid propane shuts down the gun, as the mixture is too rich. I found a 45 degree bottle angle was practical, then assembled fittings and a 1/4 turn valve so as to put the regulator alongside the bottle, inside the taper of the aeroshell's tail.

The O2 bottle can be ordered with a CGA-540 outlet valve so it will couple directly to the Victor regulator. The required transfill hose has male CGA-540 fittings at both ends fill the bottle from a shop oxygen tank. ...


FAA Safety Briefing...July/August 2019

The July/August 2019 issue of FAA Safety Briefing focuses on aviation safety culture. Feature articles focus on what a sound safety culture is and explore ways you can integrate those principles into your everyday flying and airman duties. We'll also look at the many FAA and industry tools available to help you build your own personal safety culture.


Garmin OSH Seminar Sched



RV-10 Wing For Sale PIREP

...got the wings on the wing stand Thursday.  Cleaning has begun so I can do the 'photo shoot'.  Developing....



DID YOU KNOW insurance guidelines are tightening ...VAF advertiser

In one of our previous posts, we explained how insurance premiums are like a roller coaster. We also touched on some of differences between a hard market and a soft market. Now that we are in a hard market, we've started to notice the underwriter guidelines getting more strict. For example, one of our companies have lowered their age requirements for a new pilot down to 69. (No worries, we still have some great companies that we work with for older pilots and we don't see this as a trend with all of our companies.) New builds are also seeing tighter restrictions. We're having a harder time getting low time pilots approved and the insurance companies are getting more strict on training requirements.

The major change that we've seen lately is that our two companies who have offered $1,000,000 Combined Single Limits, aka $1,000,000 smooth, have decided to no longer offer this coverage for Vans aircraft. (If you are a Gallagher client and already have this coverage, you're not at risk of losing it, but feel free to contact your broker to be sure.) This is very concerning to us because we want to make sure you are properly covered in the event of a claim. As of right now, the best liability coverage offered for a Vans aircraft is $1,000,000 per occurrence/$200,000 per passenger with the exception of one company that offers $250,000 per passenger. If you do not already have this coverage, it may be something to reconsider. We have not had any companies stop offering the higher liability, but we also can't promise that they will continue to offer it in the future.
Leah Ringeisen, Shanna Linton, Katie Escalante & Kim Schuler
Gallagher Aviation



Jul 11, 2019.  Issue #4,866

RV = Rescue Vehicle ...Dustyone RV-10

The Mission,

My neighbour at the airfield had departed on a family holiday around Australia some 7 days earlier only to become stranded in the remote Australian town of Coober Pedy in his Mooney M20J.

A plan was hatched to fly the owner,engineer and support crew with required parts the 1000 Nm from YRED ,Redcliffe to YBCP Coober Pedy . We would leave the owner with his repaired aircraft and return the next day another 1000 Nm.  ...


"I'm On My Way" PIREP ...SuperCubDriver

While Bob and I were at breakfast he called a friend in Florida to ask for a hangar for me and gave me the contact details. In the evening I planned for Gainsville/FL and in the morning got in touch with Bill in Brooksville/FL. He said I can share his hangar for my stay and so I replanned to his place, not much difference, just a little .....ville. I made it in one hop at 04:40h. After landing I was guided to Bill's hangar and I was happy to have a roof for my plane, thunderstorms all around these days here! The sleeping quality is much higher this way! Not knowing me he invited me to stay at his home and drove me to the airport next morning. We intended to fly for breakfast together and waited for the weather to improve. It was too late for breakfast, so later in the day I flew to Key West around some weather and more so on the return flight.  ...


iPad EFIS Update ...ssokol (VAF advertiser

So back at the beginning of the year I posted a tentative panel design and got quite a bit of useful feedback from the VAF community. The design was (is) intended as a showcase of the iPad EFIS that I've been working on for the past three years. Here's what happened next...

Last month I finally got the EFIS hardware and software to the point that it was ready to move to the next stage of testing. For the past year I've been flying with the display for my EIFS (an iPad) on a RAM mount. It was my primary source of flight and nav data, but I still had the Dynon and steam gauges for backup. In almost 80 hours of flying, the numbers had matched up - airspeed sensor is working. Altimeter is working. GPS is working. The time had come to take it to the next level. ...


Status Report ...jcarne '7A

Well it's finallly time to do the canopy skirt dance. The plan all along was just to take the time to do a skirt for the whole shebang but I held up the aluminum side skirts and said "daaaaang those fit too good to throw away!" 

Therefore, I started by putting the aluminum skirts on and painting the inside of them except where Sika will go just for a little extra. Then it was time to start taping things off for the rear skirt layup.  ...


Initial Contact ...stonewallhayes

I'm trying to figure out why the builder's poh for my Lycoming O-320 has you start on the slick mag rather then the lightspeed II. It seems like it would be better to start on the electronic ignition unless I'm missing something.


Don E RV-14

First flight October 22, 2018
Kit #140329


Oshkosh Arrival Enforcement ...DanH

Quite a few folks have suggested no arrival plan will work until conformance with the NOTAM is enforced.

Well, after many meetings and much debate, all parties are in agreement. We are please to announce the EAF's black ops division will supply certain enforcement services. Beginning Friday 22 July, the EAF* will deploy its new COIN fighter to patrol the area in and around Ripon, Fisk, Green Lake, and Fond du Lac.





Jul 10, 2019.  Issue #4,865

RV-3 PIREP  ...dacronwall

I purchased N66GB back in 2014 and have been working on it off and on since. She is one of the early "Bakersfield RV-3's" with racing history. She needed a new motor mount and gear legs to get flying, then came instruments, radio, ADS-b, spar upgrade (CN-1. CN-2) new windshield panel, 2 different cowl modifications, new prop and the list goes on. She is out of paint now, the IO-320 gets me just up to 200 kts on the right day and she is finally back to regular flying and violating sensible operational limits whenever possible!


RV-5 PIREP ...Iron @ KP


RV-12 Canopy Latch

...discussion of old/current designs.  Updates in 3yr old thread.

"All I can say is that you all have been very generous with your advice and the pictures tell a lot. It's true, mine doesn't have the catch feature. And from what Tony says, even with the adjustments done on the old, it may not be enough, I'll see. Evidently the new system really is the ultimate answer and I may end up doing that after trying the simple things first. Right now, I'm out of town, but will get on this at the end of the week. Thanks again."


What killed this PC680?  ...Brantel update

An update to this thread.....

Early in my RV's life I was having issues with premature failure of the PC-680 batteries.

I just replaced my now 6 year old PC-680 not because it failed but just because I want to be proactive before it lets me down somewhere away from the home drome. It will now go on the ATV or mower.

Back in 2013 I changed how I maintained the charge on my battery which I am convinced help it live a normal life.
Fly more, let the alternator do the charging!
Don't use the Odyssey Ultimizer Charger!
Don't use a trickle charger continuously (can be done with the correct charger but the details are specific, too much trouble, just don't do it)
Don't use a smart charger without the proper charge profile!
Don't use a smart charger on a battery that does not allow the charger to go thru its full charge profile. (not discharged enough)
Use a ground power supply when running the panel in the hangar to prevent discharging the main battery to a point where it needs charging.
Don't leave the airplane sitting with less than full charge on the battery, doing so will lead to rapid sulfation.

Bottom line is that sulfation will kill these batteries in short order and improper charging/storage can lead to rapid sulfation. Don't store the batteries at less than full charge and don't charge the batteries with less than the recommended voltage/current level. Following the recommended charge profile is key!


Final update ...AOG in KHBG

After considering all my options, the best one was for me to rent a car and drive to SkyTec in Montgomery, AL. It was 3.5 hours each way, but it got me home to my own bed last night after being away for 9 days.

Found in the lower cowling after the kickback...

Pulled lower scoop to get this pic

Thanks to everybody who tried to help!


Initial Contact....RV-14A #140592

Hello, allow me to introduce myself! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I'd like to start by thanking Doug and all the members of this forum. I've learned so much just from the resources available here.

My dad got me into aviation as a kid when he bought a Piper Cherokee, but not an autopilot. Thus began a long tradition of following VOR needles before I could see over the panel. After graduating college, I started thinking about ownership, and building. I worked my way through most of the options, namely Zenith and Vans. After defining my mission, and with the recognition that I'll probably only build one, I decided on the RV-14A.

I've already made some progress; shop set up, mostly finished the vertical stabilizer, and begun work on the rudder.

I'm pretty happy with my shop setup, though I'm going to need some more storage sooner than later to hold finished parts.

The vertical stabilizer is mostly done, short of riveting on the skin.


Zero Oil Press ...mahlon_r chimes in

no oil flow out of the pump from that fitting will not produce metal in the filter or at the relief valve. There was no flow. that fitting goes directly into the oil pump output port. No flow there no flow anywhere. Either the oil pump failed or the suction screen is blocked. Nothing down stream from the pump could cause no flow out the center oil cooler fitting. BTW Mark the plug missing from the rear on the crank shaft nose section will not cause zero oil pressure. The prop won't work so good but you would still have pressure. Also, even with the relief valve ball out of the engine, you will still have about 50 psi oil pressure at power. Really low at idle but you would still have pressure.
Why was the cooler hot? Can't say. Hot air from the cylinders blowing on it? In a normal situation, there is just a very little flow through the cooler if you have a vernatherm installed until you get the oil to temperature (150- 165F plus). If you did a couple of quick runs to power from cold status, the oil cooler wouldn't normally get any flow, until you got the oil pretty hot. So the cooler wouldn't start to get hot from oil flow until you had at least above 150f oil in the sump.
Hope there was enough residual oil on the bearings and at the front thrust surface to have prevented any serious damage but the only way to tell for sure is to look. Especially at that front thrust area of the case and shaft, really susceptible with no oil flow there.
Good Luck,


Plenum Porn  ...Toobuilder

Finally have the engine "flight ready", and since it's never going to be this clean again I figured I'd post pictures. This shows the hinge installation well. Takes about 10 seconds to get the lid off and 5 minutes to get it back on.


Mothership OSH'19 Info ...click for more info



Jul 9, 2019.  Issue #4,864.
  I'm going to need some help in a week or so determining the price of the RV-10 wing below (built from a standard kit to the QB stage I think).  The mothership lists the standard kit at $11.4K, and for $6.3K more you can have a new one show up mostly built.  Total $17.7K, $19.2K w/tax (source)  This wing, owned by a friend from NM no longer in the RV hobby was delivered to my hangar with these instructions:  "Whatever you can get for it is fine."  So I'm helping my friend out...

full size

  So over the next week I'll borrow Gary's wing stand, clean these up with the air compressor and some rags, then create a poll on the site with this question: 'What do you think, based on these 20+ pictures, these wings are worth?'  I'll then most likely set the price on the cheaper side of the top of the bell curve distribution.  Somewhere between $0 and $17,775 ;^).
  They need some love as they have been in dry storage for years, and the pictures won't hide anything.  One of the ailerons has a ding in the trailing edge, there is some rust on the steel parts, some light corrosion (I think) on a flap.  One of the end ribs has a 1" tear in it.  My friend forgot one of the flaps and two skins I think - apparently in another storage unit (in New Mexico).  I'll get pics of those also.
  The poll should be interesting.  The mothership says the wait for -10 wings is ~10 weeks.
  I'll let you know when I have more info - just wanted to get the ball rolling.  From what I've seen falling on my hangar floor, there is a lot of sand in New Mexico. 


AOG - Stranded in KHBG - need starter

Landed in Hattiesburg, MS for fuel on my way home from the Bahamas. Starter is shot. It's too late to overnight anything for Monday, so I'm guessing Tuesday will be the earliest i can get one here, and that'll cost me $$$$. I'll talk to the mechanic on the field in the morning, so there's a chance he might have something to get me home. But i thought I'd also ask here to see if anybody in the area had one sitting around. Sky-tec 149NL currently installed.
Dave B


Status Report ...jcarne -7A

Canopy work continues. The main focus the past few days has been to get the canopy ready for layup of the fiberglass skirt. I think I may be able to start that tomorrow. 

After putting a finish coat of Sika on it was time to put it on the plane and see how it all lines up. Overall I am very pleased with it. The only squawk is that the front is a little narrow by about 1/8" of an inch. No big deal, it still slides nicely, I may shave off a 1/16th from the rollers eventually but right now I'm happy. When I put the canopy on the plane I also put the windscreen on with the proper spacers so I could measure how much of the forward roller tubes needed trimmed. I needed to trim a 1/4" to get the canopy down enough to perfectly line up with the windscreen. After that I installed the roll bar bolts and the support. I also installed the track after positioning it such that the aft side of the canopy lines up nicely with the turtle deck. 


Life Update  ...RV7ForMe

Been a while since I made any progress on "MY" RV.

But, a lot has happened:

Remember why we do those "simulated" engine out trainings on our BFR's? Well, I do one every year either for club currency or for the rating and while it is all well it doesn't compare to the real thing! At 250h total time I am a just starting and I know it is a risk but never really thought it would actually happen...

A few weeks ago I was PIC in a friends good old 152. He had to give up his medical for a bit (already has it back) but still wanted to fly so he asked me to fly him around in his plane. He is over twice my age but we have fun sharing one of the best hobbies out there.

It was a hot day, we were close to MTOW and climb was pretty slow. A few minutes later just shy of 2000ft still at WOT the engine sound changed. A quick glance at the gauge: 1500RPM with everything full forward. "OH SH**"

I tried to trouble shoot while getting that adrenaline rush you would expect. Everything happened so quick. I lost about 600ft when I realized I will have to put her down NOW. I was maybe 1000ft-1200ft AGL. Looked left, picked a place and called a mayday and set up for landing. I still had partial power until I shut her down before touch down. I never thought it would happen but it did. I am pretty thankful it was a C152.

So I was just really lucky that nobody got hurt. Happy to be here!


N196 1st Condition Inspection ...bkervaski

Well, that was uneventful.

Did the first condition inspection, only 1 loose bolt (aileron autopilot servo bracket). No other squawks. Nice.

Vic: All my jam nuts were still tight
#140376 RV-14A


Section 29 - fuselage side skin bending

Hi everyone.

I'm trying to get my fuselage side skins bent with the wood jig per instructions on 29-4.
I was happy that I got it to the 60-degree angle they ask for, but when I cleco it on, it's clearly not flush around the holes, and the edge is lifted away from the other skin:

Any suggestions on this? Should I bend it beyond the 60 degrees? Crease near the edge? I've looked through some blogs where everyone says theirs just sit perfectly after bending.

Rodrigo Damazio Bovendorp
San Jose, CA
RV-10 builder #41623


Bucket List: Johnson Creek Bathtub ...Amit -7

Finally crossed it off my bucket list on the 4th of July weekend.

The place was not crowded at all, unlike what I expected. WX was perfect, could not ask for better conditions. 

Also hiked up to the hot tub, which was kind of sulphury and slimy, but no complaints.



Jul 8, 2019.  Issue #4,863.
  Allow me to introduce you to Geoffrey, we're pretty sure one of planet Earth's newest student pilots.  His dad works at SMU and is friends with our daughter and son.  Audrey got word to me that Geoffrey was interested in getting his pilot license, and at 16 he will be shortly driving...and that's the kind of thing that can get you to an airport and back!

Tate and Geoffrey all smiles after Geoffrey's flight.

  This past Saturday Geoffrey and his dad drove out to said airport, and we got to aviate!  All the normal just-starting-out building blocks.....straight and level, standard rate turns keeping the ball centered, climbs, descents, positive transfer of controls and more.  It always amazes me how fast a 16 year old adapts to the sensitivity of an RV.  After only a couple of minutes he had that VVI nailed to the horizon in turns.  "Just try to remember 10% each flight."  I can still hear my instructor saying that.
  We found him a C172 and instructor on our field.  He downloaded the free my-tax-dollars-at-work 348 page Airplane Flying Handbook off the FAA site, will be shortly ordering the ASA Test Prep book, and is eager to jump in studying for the written.  It is one of the great perks of this hobby to get to witness that aviation spark come alive in a young person's mind every so often.
  Look out world!  Geoffrey is inbound! 


"I'm On My Way"...trip update

It is a while now that I didn't update on my trip.

So on July 2nd I flew to Corona to shop at Aircraft Spruce, I have been there many times but never with my own plane. Then I went on to Boulder City where I passed these mirror fields. Can anyone explain what is going on there?? At Boulder I had a hangar, Bruce from Seattle arranged this. I was greeted and guided to the hangar. It is so exciting to meet friendly and helpful people everywhere, this makes my trip even more of a pleasure.
The next day I prepared the plane when it was still dark and departed at sunrise. Hoover dam is only minutes away and I was wondering how much traffic there is so early. Next was the Grand Canyon only a short distance from Boulder. I flew into the SFRA avoiding the no fly zones and passed three of the published corridors. This itself and the view out of "my" plane will be unforgettable. Not enough, I flew on northeast-bound to Monument Valley and arrived there still early in the morning when the sun was not that high above the horizon. And man, the view with the low sun behind is spectacular, the colors and contrast in the early morning are so strong, simply breathtaking. I landed at Gouldings UT25 for a short break, then headed back once more over the Grand Canyon to my "Home Base" at Boulder with a short stop at Grand Canyon International KGCN and Grand Canyon West 1G4 - what a day!!

Next morning I was invited by the local pilots to fly with them over the Parade at Boulder City for the Independence day, what a gesture and what a great feeling to be invited for this event. Of course I flew behind the real formation because I don't have formal formation training and we never before flew together. The lead pilot got it right and I learned a lot from his briefing and debriefing.
This is a long post - not finished, so first a few pics:


Misfire "A" Ignition...RV-12

I asked this question over in the Rotax 912/914 Technical Forum and didn't get a response... I have an early S/N RV-12 with 912ULS now with 450TT. Carbs are synched beautifully with electronic CarbMate. Synch is good at idle and just off-idle. L&R EGTs are very closely matched from idle to WOT.

Problem... Most of the time the engine runs smooth 1800 - 3000 RPM. Sometimes the engine has a miss at this low speed. When "B" ignition is turned off the miss continues. When "A" ignition is turned off the engine runs smooth. So, problem is definitely with "A" ignition. I have changed sparkplug caps to NGK Spark Plug Resistor Cover - 90 Elbow Type (LB05F) and installed new NGK DCPR8E Spark Plugs gapped to 0.025". The new spark plug caps improved COM radio noise but didn't fix misfire. I thought maybe problem is temperature or moisture related but that doesn't seem to be the case. The misfire almost seems like induction/cross-talk between the high-tension wires. Engine always runs smooth at 4000 + RPM and extremely smooth at 5500 RPM cruise. Either ignition can be shut off at cruise RPM and engine continues to run smooth.

Possible next steps:
Replace high-tension ignition wires (7mm copper)
Maybe there is problem with magnetic timing sensor?
Maybe timing sensor gap is incorrect?
Maybe one of the new spark plugs is bad?
I have an oil change coming up in 20 hours so I'm trying to get ducks lined up for when I pull the cowling.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance...


A Nice Day on the Beach...DeeCee 57

Just returned from our vacations in scenic and friendly Scotland with my wife Tina and the -6. The first week was spent in the Hebrides and the second in the Shetland islands.

Whilst there are many unlicensed strips on all the islands and the mainland, the fascination of legally landing on an open beach still rated high on my aviation bucket list...checking for the tide times before setting off is kinda exciting.  ...


Progress on Closing The Wings ...PhatRV

I just completed closing the bottom skin panels of my RV8 wings last weekend. The job was not as difficult as I had feared after reading various comments about how challenging or impossible it was.


More brake woes

I'm on a big cross county trip, visiting family in Summerside, PEI, 2400 NM from home. It's been a good trip,, RVs are a great way to travel. I had 3 weather related diversions, but never got into much trouble. My first day last Saturday had me lose all of my brake fluid on the right side after landing. This was resolved after we found a broken flare in the top of leg fitting. Brakes worked great until yesterday. After a couple of short flights here I noticed my right brake was gone on rollout. After a half dozen left hand pirouettes for my right exit I had to shut down to stop turning. Got a tow back to the hangar and got a look today. I set out to bleed the brake and quickly discovered when my son pressed on the brake that fluid was coming out around the piston. No standing leak, but I had lost some fluid earlier at the end of the runway.

We removed the calliper and I got the piston out. There were no signs of any problems, not in the calliper, nor the piston or o-ring. Everything was nice and smooth. We'll reinstall it tomorrow and check agin, just in case there was something contaminating the seal. I am not optimistic, I have always had problems with this brake leaking occasionally. I suspect there may be a non-visible defect in the assembly. Anyone else see this?

I've got Marco callipers, and less than 100 hours on them.
Claude Pitre


RV-10 in the backcountry ...more stuff (aturner)

Ryan is a very special place, and thanks to the generosity of Ben and Butchie Ryan, and the stewardship of the Recreational Aviation Foundation, it is open to all of us. You need to get a safety briefing beforehand. Visit the RAF website https://theraf.org/, click on Pilot Information, and Ryan Field. ...


Zero Oil Pressure

Oil pressure (as measured on my Dynon Skyview) went to zero last evening on the ground while testing the installation of my new CS prop. I had done a couple of run ups, exercised the prop, etc and then got a warning from Skyview. I taxied the 200 yards back to the hangar while watching the oil temps and CHTs. By the time I got there, the indicated pressure was zero and I shut down quickly. Oil temps and CHTs were all about what they were before the warning (121F for oil, mid 300s for CHT), so in looking for corroborating information that I really had an oil pressure problem, I wasn't able to find it.

No oil loss, no oil leaks, dry as a bone FWF. I did do an oil change very recently and had 7 qts in the engine. I send oil samples to Blackstone at every change and I had a great report from them on this change. The engine has about 200 hours on it, a Titan IOX-370.

So, need a plan to figure out what's happening. One obvious possibility is a bad oil pressure sensor (it's the Kavlico sold by Dynon). So, plumbing in a mechanical gauge makes sense and then I'd remove the top plugs and run the starter with ignition off to see if I get a pressure indication. Another idea is to remove the oil pressure line and fitting to check for obstruction. If none of these point to the answer, what's next (other than a teardown)? Ideas?
RV-8 #81077


What am I missing? ...RV-14

It's been a long day pounding rivets, so that's my excuse if this is obvious. What is the difference between:

Step 3 page 26-14 &
Step 3 page 26-21

It seems that all of the seat ribs have been riveted on page 26-14 with the exceptions of the "Do Not Rivet" which applies to the remainder of the section.



Jul 5, 2019.  Issue #4,862.
  I spent the 4th doing very American things.  I gave a nice lady an airplane ride, then mowed the yard, and finally sat down at work to build the Friday edition.  Fun with friends, exercise and work.  America 101.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

TDI Trip Report ...Flandy10 RV-10

It was looking like another scorching weekend in HOTlanta until I get this text from my brother. "If you don't have anything going on and want to fly up for the weekend- we have the room and beverages at Lake James" Hold on a second---quick check of the forecasts--- "Honey, pack a bag, we heading to the lake in the morning. Have plane, will travel....

Left early Saturday morning for a smooth, cool flight to Angola, IN. Very short ride from the airport to Lake James. ...


Van's July and OSH Show Specials ...mothership

We got a little head-start on AirVenture show specials, and posted our July/OSH special deal for emp/tail kits today.

We review our prices annually and make adjustments as needed, based on the changing cost of materials. While we've already made a set of small price adjustments for the year, until the end of AirVenture we're offering these empennage/tail kits at the "old" kit prices. Anyone can take advantage of this offer and submit your order at any time by July 28th.

In addition, when you order your tail kit in-person at the Van's booth at AirVenture in Oshkosh, you'll receive an additional $100 off. So, be sure to tell your spouse that you have an opportunity to "stack coupons" at the show (trust us, they'll be impressed!), and order that tail kit you've been dreaming about starting! You'll need to be at the show and ask for the stacked discount at the time you place your order, so don't be shy. And when the show ends, this special will end as well!

The PDF document linked here has the details.

See you at OSH 2019 in our new booth location - North Aircraft Display Area, Booth 604

Note: Van's is closed on Thursday and Friday, July 4-5, for the Independence Day holiday. We'll be back at it Monday morning!


Eagle's Nest Projects - Travis Senft - 1st Solo on his 16th Birthday

Eagle's Nest Projects - Central High School (WI)
July 4th, 2019.  Travis Senft completes 1st Solo Flight on his 16th Birthday.  "He can't drive... but he sure can fly" -Mickey Ferguson, CFI


Status Report ...jcarne

The canopy work is going strong in this garage. After making another big cut on the aft end and a couple on the sides the canopy was almost ready to be glued on. I sanded the edge of the plexi all the way up to 600 grit which took me most of a day but you want it smooth! After the sanding was done I clamped it to the frame, took some measurements to make sure I didn't need anymore pre-bend, and masked off the canopy. 

Here is the canopy ready for masking. 


JD Air Oshkosh Discounts!!!

Oshkosh AirVenture 2019 special offer. Use discount code AV2019 and receive 10% off on all orders from now through August 4th, 2019.

Please note, I am leaving for vacation and Oshkosh on July 11 and will not return until August 4th. Any orders received during this time will be processed and shipped in order when I return from vacation.

I will be at Oshkosh from Saturday July 17th through Sunday July 25th. I will have the full product line but limited quantities with me and can deliver orders there. If you'd like to purchase products there I can only accept cash and there will be no shipping charges. If you'd like to pre-order and pay cash send me an email on the contact page of the web site.

Thanks so much for the continued support!!!


Flyleds Seven Stars landing light ...Flyleds

We know there's a bunch of you out there who subscribe to the theory that having too much light is barely enough...

Please say Hi to the Flyleds Seven Stars landing light. 8400 lumens of lighting goodness.


Hanging IO-390

Mounted the engine today. Bill Recuppi happened to be in town to see is family and he dropped over to help hang the engine. Bill had no idea before hand that he would be helping me hang the engine. I sent him a picture with the engine and said "goes what I am doing today". He was at the house in less than 20 minutes.

We used the instruction article on the main Vans A