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Wed Feb 25, 2015.  1042Z
First Flight With New Firewall Forward Package ...Randy in Sedona

Well I took her up today for three flights totaling a little under 2 hrs flight time. To recap, this is a first flight with this new IO-375 engine but the airframe has about 400 hrs of Subaru time on it, RV7A. So firewall forward is all new in addition to a major rewiring job, new panel etc. Running dual Pmags and EICommander. For initial flights I modified one of the extra timing curves for a max advance of 26 degrees, pretty much making them into good magnetos.. In flight I was seeing 28 degrees advance for some reason but this did not seem to cause any problems at all.

On first attempt to start I flooded it bad and learned that the old PC680 is not up to the task of turning the engine over with the spark plugs in.  I put in my back up battery and it seems to be in better shape, at least I got it started. I will have to get a fresh battery coming. Both of the batteries I had laying around have seen lots of duty on the Sube installs.

I did an offset departure as planned, climbing right up into the down wind to make it much easier to get back to the runway if needed, wasn't needed.

The only squaks were an Inop. Angle of attack indicator that was cured once I found that the soldered connection at the switch had broken off from a little too much abuse and re positioning. (I love my AOA and don't like being without it) it is the Advance Avionics Sport model. I am happy to hear Betty saying" angle angle push push" as I take off and land.

The other one was a too low idle speed. Gave the throttle stop a half turn in between flights, problem solved.

I am very happy with how well everything is working. I instrumented to measure differential pressure between the top of the engine and behind the engine. I use aquarium stones on the ends of cheap tubing and a 0" -15" water column Magnehelic pressure gauge. High side centered at the engine lift thingy, the low side behind the engine in what I assume is a fairly dead air zone.

At around 160 knots, 4,500', OAT around 50F I always see more then 10" differential. If I open my EZ cool cowl flaps it goes up above 13". Very happy with those results. I put extra effort into sealing up the leaks. I would love to hear what others have measured!

It has been my experience that radiators, intercoolers, and oil coolers work well at around 6 or 7 inches differential, so seeing over 10" and low CHTs during break in has me smiling.

CHTs are not an issue at all. Cyl 1 293, 2 301, 3 316, 4 310, all in F.
They pretty much kept that spread and did not very much as long as I kept the mixture full rich. The air dams are still at full height. Maybe I need to add some aluminum tape also to even things out. Glad I did not cut them down ahead of time like I was tempted to do.

The engine was sucking up over 16 GPH at 25 square. Just following the break in instructions that came with the engine, which basically amounts to fly it like you stole it! As I accelerate out on the runway and go to full rich I can hear the engine note go down a notch and I suspect I will see even better performance once I can start leaning it a bit. I am taking off from 4500'. The instructions from Aerosport and other reading says to leave it full rich as long as the engine is running clean. It is not missing or anything but I know I am way rich of best power mixture.

My oil cooler, the legendary 8432R, is really working great. It is on the firewall with a modified RV10 mount and 4" scat feeding it, also have cable operated 4" valve. I could close the valve and watch the oil temps climb up to 220F or so, then just crack the valve open and pretty much put the oil temp anywhere I want it. I kept it close to 200F so far.

On the last flight of the day I began to notice some vibration that I suspected was the pilots side muffler making contact with the cowl. Clint at Vetterman already made a change to my Trombone system, but I obviously need a little more clearance. For now, I ground away the honeycomb where the contact marks were and laid some reinforcement glass layers there, giving it a bit more clearance. Hopefully that will allow more flying and getting the engine broken in, but I may have to send the header back to Clint for another modification. Have to check to see if the engine is settling in the mounts any but it appears that the spinner is nicely fitting to the cowl like I set it up.

Overall I am a happy camper and certainly look forward to more flights tomorrow, maybe even get past my 5 hour phase 1 period after a truly major alteration..

Thanks again for all the ideas of things to look for on first flights. I probably should have checked my idle speed more carefully on the ground before first flight but it did not create any problems.

Does this look right? ......Ryan Wuerz -14

While working on step 2 on page 09-08 I question how the tip rib assembly fits together the with bottom skin, front/rear spar assembly. More specifically how the E-904 flange, counter balance skin and E-00902-1 spar sandwich. The only way that I can get the parts to fit together easily is with the E-904 flange between the spar flange and the counter balance skin (which leaves a small gap). Am I over-thinking this one or is this how its supposed to go together? ...


Welcome John from Pueblo West

Hi RV friends,

Quick introduction here. My name is John and after many tube and fabric plane's, I have decided to try something new. I am in the final stretch of selling my incredible acro sport II, which was a very tough decision, but I did it. I have always had a love for the rv's and look forward to a new adventure.

On my radar is an rv4. I look forward to all the great information and people here. Until next time keep all your landings intentional!!! John

First Flights :What Went Wrong Thread Continues ...Tony Phillips


Sleet has its advantages...blueflyer

The sleet that has hit our area has closed everything down. We just cant handle the white stuff down here. But, it did give me some time to work on my flaps. Here are a couple of pics. When I finish these, Im gonna be on a break while I save up for that fuselage.


RV-6A fuel line solution needed ...Jerald in Battle Ground, WA

I'm in the process of getting back to my RV-6A project after 10 years or so of having it mothballed. There are a few items on the plane that I look at now and would like to improve how I originally installed them. For example, the fuel line connection from the firewall to the filter was originally configured as an aluminum tube. ...


Primer report- Stewart Systems EkoPoxy ...N546RV

Background: I'm currently in the final stages of major wing work; basically all I have left are the ailerons and flaps. Up to this point, I've been using rattle can primer; I started with Dupli-Color on the empennage and later switched to Napa 7220 with the wings.

With the fuselage kit on order, I got to thinking about some long-term decisions, most notably what I wanted to do for the interior of the plane. I also figured that at some point I should get comfortable using a spray gun, since it seems like a skill that may be needed once I get around to doing fiberglass work. Finally, I'd been intermittently reading about the products offered by Stewart Systems, and I was intrigued by the not-so-toxic stuff.  ...




Tue Feb 24, 2015.  1255Z
Tail POV ...Brent Owens vid.


Q: What went wrong with your 1st flight?

A:  B-Nuts on the fuel lines.

A:  ...radio squelch

A:  Verify the plug on top of the gascolator is tightened

A:  I only set oil pressure to alarm on a first flight

A:  Check your idle speed

This wraps up the feeling nicely...


Very stiff brakes - First time bleeding

I just bled my Matco brake system from the bottom up with the commonly used HF oiler and some tubing. Worked very well and was easy to do. Pumped until fluid was coming out of the reservoir and then repeated on the other side.

I thought I had a problem because it seemed my brake pedals were not moving much at all. I called Matco and talked to tech support. He thought maybe my reservoir wasn't vented so I removed the inverted check valve I had installed. Same issue...very stiff brake pedals. I also double checked to make sure the calipers were not compressed...they were not. I could spin the tire. Lastly, I verified the shafts were completely extended on each master cylinder.

Following Matco's suggestion I found someone to sit in the plane and depress the brake pedals. Sure enough the calipers compressed as they should. The crazy thing is, the toe of the brake pedals don't move more than 1/4" for the brakes to fully apply...is this right??? Seems like a couple inches of travel would be nominal. Anyone else had this issue on a brand new set of master cylinders and calipers? Maybe things loosen up over time or after following the brake "brake-in" procedure?

The art and science of chasing oil leaks ...Bob Collins


RV Team Chile ...new videos


Panel Status ...Don Patrick


RV-4 to Tatoosh ...ArlingtonRV vid


Crabandy Status Report



Mon Feb 23, 2015.  1256Z
Panel Shot ...FlyinTiger


More Remote Mounted Avionics ...bobmarkert


Progress ...rv8gibbo


Recent Probable Causes Published


Rivets & Hardware Storage Ideas


Fiberglass Repair


Nosewheel Yaw In Flight ...vid




Fri Feb 20, 2015.  1256Z
  Three new advertisers coming onboard today to help keep air under the VAF virtual wing.  Please consider giving them your business (announcements below).  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!


Locating Remote Avionics ...Pat Hatch

On the RV-8 that I'm helping build we had to find a place for the GTX23ES remote transponder and the ACK 406 ELT.  ...


Pizza oven CHT temps

Had to hold at Tucson RWY 11L for too long the other day. Lots of F16's learning to land at high AoA...

Just as I was cleared to go, I scanned the engine temps and CHT's had spiked at 430. I rolled a bit down the runway, then aborted and headed for the taxi way. Stayed with the nose into the wind and it cooled quickly.

Lessons learned: On a stiff crosswind day, do not hold perpendicular to airflow.

Watch the gauges, not the scenic fighter jets. Always have a plan for where an aborted takeoff can be made, considering runway length. (Tucson not an issue) Be ready to learn a quick lesson on any flight, any day.


Flyboy Press Release

Flyboy Accessories is now in full production of a license-built Doug Bell tailwheel fork. This design is a drop-in, retrofit replacement for the stock Van’s tailwheel fork. The Bell fork maximizes obstacle clearance and improves ground handling.

Interested in upgrading your Van's tailwheel fork? The Screaming Eagle fork is available now. The Bell fork is in production, but has a short waiting list. Sign up here (http://www.flyboyaccessories.com/product-p/1120.htm). We expect the waiting time for Bell forks to be very brief, just a few weeks until the next big batch is ready.

We also have a number of other new tailwheel designs, as well as our original Screaming Eagle tailwheel fork, which is functionally identical to the Bell fork but with slightly differing construction.

For smaller aircraft, such as the Sonex, and/or speed freak, weight-reduction junkies, we have our Screaming Eaglet fork, a smaller and lighter version of our Screaming Eagle fork that is designed to pair with a four-inch tailwheel tire such as the four-inch lightweight tailwheel Tire from DJM Manufacturing.

If a pneumatic tire is your thing, you can retrofit your Van's, Bell, or Screaming Eagle fork with a Matco 6" pneumatic hub, or go with our brand new, slightly larger Condor fork, which will accommodate up to a 7.5" diameter pneumatic tire. The larger 7.5" tire gives a great ride and isn't as prone to flats (leakage) as the small 6" pneumatic tire. The 7.5" tire is also available through Matco at this time.

We are currently Beta-testing the 7.5" pneumatic tire Condor fork to make sure it is ready for the big time. If you are interested in testing for us, contact us at our website and let us know.
The Screaming Eaglet (not shown) forks are currently made to order.

For more on these tailwheel items and our other great Van's RV products, visit our website at www.flyboyaccessories.com


Vince and Blake Frazier
Flyboy Accessories


GPS Antenna Failure  ...KTOA

Earlier this week I flew into Hailey, ID (KSUN) late one night. It's essentially tucked into a valley with high mountainous terrain on three sides surrounding it.

While on the visual approach 10 miles out, all three of my GPSs lost their signal. This includes the 530W, 430W, and the 696 which is mounted on the panel with velcro. Surprised...yes. Fortunately we were VFR and landed without issues.  ...


Welcome www.BrightworkPolish.com

Front page advertiser!


Welcome Aircraft Wiring Guide

Previous Day's News advertiser.


Welcome Wilsonville Diamond

Previous Day's News advertiser.




Thu Feb 19, 2015.  1224Z
Yesterday I took the RV-6 up for a short flight.  Twenty four deer spotted.   Came in on initial and broke to downwind after .3hr.  While there, a traffic target appeared on the EFIS right on top of me.  This has happed before when I do a quick 180* turn, and I expected it go away in a second or two.  It didn’t, so I extended my downwind.

Northeast of the field about a mile I dipped the wing to pick up my shadow, verifying I was the only one there, so I turned base.  The traffic re-appeared on the screen right in front of me.  ‘00’ on the traffic altitude difference really gets your attention.  I see nothing outside, and the hair on my neck starts to rise.  I can see my shadow as a single shape, but the EFIS screens are seriously pissed off and yelling at me.

A quick glance at my 10 o’clock showed blue sky, so I firewall it that direction without climbing or descending until I was 500’ or so away from my go-around decision point.  Re-establish on downwind.  Nothing on the runway….nothing in the pattern but me.  I come around and land.  EFIS never stopped showing traffic.

Best I can figure is someone was working on their transponder on the north end of the field, or a plane had it on.

I hadn’t gone around in a while anyway.  Good practice.  Safety first.


RV Aerobatics Magazine Article ...Patric Coggin (the author)


Aft three or four holes for the rivets that attach the E-912 tip should be dimpled

...WVM -9

In the section about the right elevator: "Dimple skins and stiffeners. The aft three or four holes for the rivets that attach the E-912 tip should be dimpled now as well. Once the elevator is joined at the trailing edge, these holes will be nearly impossible to dimple the skins because the elevator is so narrow at that location."

Do they mean the holes on the most outer row (that will attach the fiberglass tip) in between the E-902 spar in the direction of the counterweight or the other direction where the E-903 rib gets very narrow?

And I don't find anything about it in the section on the left elevator. I suppose this need to be done there as well?


From the Factory...

Interesting countersink

Worked on countersinking all the required spots on all the HS and VS spots earlier this week. After a lot of studying and practicing the process, I was able to get the micro stop set up to be the right depth and went to work.

All of the countersinks came out great... Except one. I can't tell you what I did, nor can I tell from looking at it as the impression of the cage didn't move. But, it appears that I got the countersink to walk somehow, leaving a perfectly oval hole in an HS-902 spar.

The location of the errant hole is right in the middle of the spar, in what will be the lower edge.



Wed Feb 18, 2015.  1224Z

RV-10 Status Report ...Tim Huneycutt

"UPS finally found the train car which had my fuselage on it! This is me pushing it in the garage with the wings temporarily parked outside in the nice weather. Just finished installing the left aileron tonight. Man this is fun!"


Dynon Avionics and ForeFlight bring wireless mobile device connectivity to SkyView

"Recently, mobile flight planning and in-cockpit tablet connectivity have been two of the most-requested SkyView features. Today, we’re excited to announce that SkyView can now connect to ForeFlight Mobile via Wi-Fi. This connectivity makes flight planning and preparation easier and more efficient for those of you who fly with ForeFlight, and also allows your ForeFlight device to benefit from SkyView’s GPS position and attitude indication."


Finally Complete ...MarkChristopher

"Picked up the RV this past weekend from Jonathan McCormick (Plane Schemer) in Gadsden Alabama. I could not be happier from the work that Jonathan did and his attention to detail is unlike anything I've ever experienced. Thanks also to Mo and the team at International Jets for turning Jonathan's plans into reality!"


Panel Pic/Text ...TCONROY

"Last week I took delivery of our Advanced Flight Systems AF-5600T EFIS displays and installed them in the panel. I cannot believe how crisp and clear the terrain and mapping is on these displays! The touch screen features work great, making it really easy to setup the EFIS, Engine, and Mapping screens the way I want. Configuring all the inputs and outputs was also pretty straightforward and took no time at all."


Press Release: www.AircraftExtras.com

"We just received another batch of our Low Oil Level Sensors. This has been a popular choice for RVs and other aircraft. It will fit right in most O-360 engines and lots of others too. We also have a shorter model we can offer now for shallower oil pans. If you want a custom sensor designed for your aircraft, let us know. See our Low Oil Level Sensor and more at www.aircraftextras.com."



Tue Feb 17, 2015.  1258Z

N10GT First Flight ...Aaron Sims RV-10


First Flight ...jay.perlman

Finally arrived. After 15 years of building the RV6A N3FP with an IO3060M1B and plenty of toys in the panel, the big day arrived. Everything worked and the event rated a big smile. As usual, many friends, suppliers and advisors helped including much advice from the forum. Couldn't have done without all of you.

First flight ...Bob Collins(AA) RV-7A

Today was a great day. My first flight after 3 years of build my RV-7A. Uneventful flight flew as advertised. Did one clean stall and aircraft stalled at 50kts indicated at 4500ft which is well below van's advertised clean stall sped. I suspect my IAS is 7kts too slow. I have Dynon sky view and was wondering if there is a airspeed calibration procedure.

Winter Ferry Flights...Gotta Love 'Em ...RKellogg


N66GB Returns Home ...dacronwall

After 6 months of work, a new engine mount/gear legs, cowl modification, transponder, prop overhaul, various electrical and instrument problems/fixes, and completely re-done wheel pants....N66GB is flying regularly and 2 weeks ago I flew down to Bakersfield to the Rocket Shop Café and had lunch with the builder, Gary. She was built in a hangar right there on the field in 1984/85 and it was really fun bringing her back and seeing all the RV history chronicled in the photos hanging in the café. It was a pleasure to meet John Harmon, he remembers the plane well.

Next up is a possible prop upgrade and when the funds become available I will get the paint patched up. But she is looking good, and flying fast!

Mooselookmeguntic.  Season 4. ...Vlad and friends


Hospital visit got caught on Fox Sport News ...tc1234c

One of our flight members was hospitalized. We wanted to cheer him and his family up by paying them a visit at the hospital. Our flight lead contacted ATC and got a clearance to do a fly-by. The hospital is close to the Daytona International Speedway. The news crew covering the Sprint Unlimited Practice saw us and broadcast it on live TV. You don't see 13 different airplanes in a formation everyday, especial not on a Friday, the 13th (the 13 airplanes were just that many showed up and not planned). The rest of the video is what we do every Friday evening before sunset.

News broadcast begins at 1:40. Click the picture to start the video.

From the Factory FB Page...


First Engine Run, All Good.  ...Pittsartist


Piece of cotter pin found in oilscreen?


Winds Aloft Modeling Tool ...Joe Blank found this

[ed. Link added to VAF Wx page.  dr]


Donation list updated and current

Thank you from Susie, Audrey, Tate and myself! 



Mon Feb 16, 2015.  1300Z
Hi!  I'm t
aking Presidents' Day 'off' to hopefully catch up on some paperwork and accounting - and answer some emails.  The factory is also closed today.  See you tomorrow, and hope you got to sleep in.


Fri Feb 13, 2015.  1306Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Tasmania Australia South Coast ...Finley Atherton trip write up.

I live near the East coast of Australia and have flown the 9A to the North coast the West coast and now the South coast of Australia.

A friend and I decided to walk the 9 day, somewhat challenging (for two 60 year olds) Tasmania South Coast Track. Naturally our transport there would be the 9A.  continue


From the factory...


Missed dimples ...and solutions.


Scheduled Site Maintenance 2/14 10pm CT - 2/15 6am CT

Our regularly scheduled maintenance window will be used to install critical patches to servers on the network, in order to keep the data safe and improve the reliability or your hosting services. Readers will experience intermittent service accessibility during this window.


February Issue Onlline


VAF Courtesy Car Addition

Sonoma Jet Center in Sonoma, CA (2 courtesy cars)



Thu Feb 12, 2015.  1306Z

First Flight w/my Youngest Daughter ...jpharrell -7A picture


From the Factory FB Site


Mr. Stack Gets to Enjoy Flying an Old Friend

Bob Stack flies an RV-4 on my field.  His dad (in the front cockpit below) flew P-47s in WWII, and is currently enjoying life at age 92.  The last time he was in a Stearman was a short 72 years ago.  Gary Platner (RV-8 co-owner and Stearman owner) gave him a ride yesterday at our field - that's Gary standing on the wing.  Clayton (RV-8) is helping pull the prop through before trying to start it.  We all enjoyed seeing Mr. Stack's smiles today, as well as from the the back of his son's RV-4 weekly.  BTW, his son painted his -4 to look like his dad's WWII P-47.

(click to enlarge)


RV628PV Squawk..... Never had that before! ...Rosie

Coming home from Lake Havasu on Sunday, I called Los Angeles Center for flight following home to Rosamond Skypark. I ALWAYS use flight following when flying long distances.

I'm squawking 1200 as I call.
"LA Center, RV628PV, VFR Request".
"RV628PV, squawk 7701, ident and say request".

So I start turning knobs (as I've done for 36 years) and start with the first knob...I spin it to 7...I grab the second knob and start spinning it...to 3, 4...then I SEE 7400, pause...I then grab the last knob, spin it to 1, then go back to the second knob and spin it to 7.....that could have caused some momentary excitement at LA Center!!!!!

NEVER CAN I RECALL having been given a 77XX code, let alone 7701

Sitting on the ramp in the plane, I posed this question to Victoria (knowing the answer already) and she didn't even blink; She started on the last knob (since that knob is closer to her), and using her left hand, she put in 1077 from right to left...good girl!

Has anyone else ever been given a 77XX code?    Rosie.




FS- $50 discount code for VAF - Switchbox Remote Control

"Use code on checkout: vaf

Last month we gave $50 discount coupons to all that entered our free giveaway. A lot of the pilots asked to keep it going and we are happy to extend the discount for the VAF forum"



Wed Feb 11, 2015.  1102Z

Recalibrating mental gyro yesterday in 'Flash'.  VIRB grab.


Bahamas 2015 ...Don Schwartz 9A

We took our second trip down to Treasure Cay Bahamas, had a absolute wonderful time. We did add the 12 inch N numbers this year due to being questioned last year. We enjoy the slow pace in the islands around Treasure Cay.

On the way home we stopped in Americus Georgia, went to the civil war museum and the Andersonville POW museum, absolutely fascinating.

Another trip over too soon back to the winter wonderland.


Reading VAF Makes a Condition Inspection More "Fun" ...Bob Mills

[ed. Bob, I'm floored with the quality of this post of yours.  Thank you!!!!  dr]

Two RV Pilots in the hangar, one muses to the other, "15 minutes or less can save you up to 15% at Geico"

"Everybody knows that".

"Oh yeah, well did you know that reading VAF can make your condition inspection take longer, cost more money, include lots of mission creep...and be a LOT more fun and educational?"

So let's see if I can tell the story in 10 "pictures" or less...

It started out like most condition inspections do...pull panels, take the airplane apart to the degree necessary to fully inspect. Get your kids out to help a bit, and learn about stuff like changing the oil, inspecting mechanical stuff, and torquing plugs, injectors, etc.  continue


VAF Courtesy Car List Additions

Ardmore, OK
Wellington, KS
Friendship, WI
St. Ignace, MI



Tue Feb 10, 2015.  1258Z

David Lamb ...15,000' over Saskatchewan

...with a good tailwind.


What to do with used fleece ...Bob polishes


Crabandy update shots


Carbon Fiber Overlay on Panel Glareshield ...John Mc


Advanced-Avidyne IFR Bundle Special


GLO 200th RV Paint Job



Mon Feb 9, 2015.  1230Z

"Hey fixed wing what airplane are you?" ...Vlad pictures

[ed. Vlad, the orientation of the pic you took here is just perfect!
A guy from Russia comes to the USA.  Builds a plane.  And, while
using it, takes a picture of Lady Liberty facing the bay entrance
where multitudes entered the country.  You made my day, Sir!  dr]


First flight after surgery ...Ed Wishchmeyer

Flew the Cessna today for the first time since multi-level spinal fusion surgery nearly four months ago. No noticeable degradation of skills, but significant loss of G tolerance in one 2 G pull-up. I'm still not strong enough to fly solo (endurance wise), and I've got lots of PT ahead, but I'm no longer completely earthbound. As we were parking the plane, visiting F-22s and F-16s were landing.

Not planning to get back into the RV-8 till I'm comfortable in the Cessna.

PS. Five level spinal fusion surgery makes the short list of most invasive surgeries with longest recovery times.


Notable Bridges ...ColoRv


Richard van Grunsven article in February 2015 EAA Sport Aviation

direct link: http://sportaviation.epubxp.com/i/448916


FREE Online Schematic tool


7th annual ice cream social, Inyokern CA (IYK)


The G3X Touch upgrade for Mikey


Winter blues. Might as well start on the annual ...Paul Tuttle


Status: Egine built/mounted ...Robert M


HS Flange Crack ...ShortSnorter -14



Fri Feb 6, 2015.  1257Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

First Flight Tom Albano RV-8 ...Vlad post


Status Report ...Mark P.

I just thought I would post an update. I'm at an interesting spot on the project for me. The reason is because when I would look at other's builder's logs and see the same pics that I just posted, I would think to myself, "Wow! I can't imagine being at that point on my RV!" It seemed like an insurmountable task to get to this point. And I'm really not THAT far along, it's just that I can now see the fuselage taking shape.

As everyone else has already realized, the fuselage really is the most fun part to build. My next 'goal' is to get the fuse on the gear. That's where the real fun starts as I can start adding systems!

Anyway, here's a most recent pic. A lot of you probably barely remember the day your RV looked like this. Others, you're probably thinking how awesome it would be to be at this point! HAHA  <g>


Advanced Avidyne IFR Quick Panel ...AFS's Rob Hickman

We are introducing a new RV-7/9 and RV-10 Advanced Quick Panel with the Avidyne IFD-540 GPS Navigator. The panel includes: Two AF-5600T EFIS, D6 Backup EFIS, Dual ADAHRS, GPS, AF-Com Radio, PS Engineering Remote Audio Panel, Autopilot Control module, 406 ELT with GPS input, 2 Axis Auto Trim, Mode S ADSB Transponder, ADS-B Weather & Traffic, Backup battery, Flap Positioning and lighting controller.  more


I need a Valium ...bobmarkert canopy skirt

"Cut it off" I heard him say.....   "Let’s just cut it off and build our own"  ...


Garmin G3X Touch v3.00 Software Available ...user defined gauges

"We are very pleased to announce new G3X Touch software v3.00 is now available. As usual, the software can be downloaded for free from our website here.   A complete list of changes is included on our website and at the bottom of this posting. But here are some additional details for the key new features of this release."  continue


Well balanced injectors ...C-FAH Q

"Pic of what well balanced set of injectors will do for you. was not up very high, but 146 true on 6gph is sweet. All cylinders peaked within .1gph"


The simple life ...Chad

It's been a while since I had flown the EAA RV-6A. I've been spending most of my flying time and money in the Cub (which is a simple life story of it's own) in the last year or so, but I recently pulled out the RV-6A, and I was reminded, again, just how good these airplanes really are.  ...


TruTrak Planned Power Outage

"Trutrak will be closed starting at 10am on Friday, February 6 for electrical service upgrade. We expect to have our power back on sometime over the weekend so business hours will resume normally at 8am on Monday, February 9. Thank you very much for your patience!"
Lucas Massengale
General Manager
Trutrak Flight Systems, Inc.



Thu Feb 5, 2015.  1305Z

His/Hers RV License Plates ...Rob K



Today's the Day!

Today is the first step of my dream build (an -8) journey. Ordering my emp kit today along with the plans on disk and both practice kits. Now the excitement is really growing to get started with my build. I still have a lot to do in the shop to prep, hopefully it will get done before delivery so I can get to it.
I want to say thanks to everyone here for keeping my dream alive. It's been 5 yrs. since I began thinking I wanted to build an RV-8. Now the time has come. My wife and kids are just as excited, I believe. Could not ask for a better family for support for my dream. Thank you Family!!

God Bless,
Scott Allison
Broken Arrow, OK
PPL, Instrument Rating
RV-8 Preview Plans Received 12-10-2014


RV-9A #92229

Been a busy week with work, but have finally jumped into our build. Having the extra hands of a couple kids definitely helps move it along.

Started Saturday and up to match drilling HS skins. Hope to have the parts primed this weekend and assembled by the next.

Special thanks to Zuldarin for taking time out of finishing up his project to answer all my questions!


Redline's Night Antics


Helicopter Takeoff / Cirrus ground impact

- NTSB Prelim.
- Video.
- Advisory Circular on Aircraft Wake Turbulence

[ed. When the probable cause report is issued I'll post it here and in the forums in its entirety - until then it's speculation (#7 here).  The video did get me to revisit the AC link above and training doc below.  If the final report sites wake turbulence as the primary cause, this video will be the best PSA you could ever use to educate people about it.  ]


FAA training doc on wake turb.


Feb Sport Aviation Online ...some RV stuff pg 102.




Wed Feb 4, 2015.  1257Z

Status Report ...crabandy

Hours of wiring, about 35 connections closer to being done......everything I've ever heard about working underneath the panel is true!


When life gets in the Way ...JoeB

I started my RV-10 build in 2011 with some ......misguided ideas of the actual amount of work building an airplane is. The first few months I found myself working almost 5-6 hours a day with many nights ending past midnight. I tore through the -10 Tail kit in no time thought I was going to knock out this airplane in 2-3 years flat......kinda fully looking back at it.

In the mean time my day job is flying for the Good ol USAF. Unfortunately where they usually want me to fly generally is about an 18 hours away or more from where my project sits idle in my garage. I have been gone 640-ish days since I started my project, on various deployments and work related trips. What I have found as the hardest things to is getting started again when I get home. Trying to get caught up on the normal grind, helping the wife with the projects and all the other things that normal people do every day that pilled up inevitably takes priority. As soon as I am caught up on normal "life"I start working on the RV and before I know it I am again overseas.

I completed the tail kit in about 7 months start to finish, and I have been working on the wings now for about 2 years............  I am still enjoying the build but can be overwhelming thinking how much is left and how little progress I have made lately.

I have seriously contemplated the quick build Fuse, but eh 7K seems like a lot of money to pay someone to do what I am sure I can accomplish, albeit a little faster.

Anyways I am sure there are plenty of you out there who have similar Life gets in the way experiences.

The bottom line is I am addicted to building, and flying and I just don't have the time for either right now. Have some serious "RV envy" of everyone posting those amazing trip pictures. Maybe the APP store has a good flight simulator I can use at my desk...

Well that is enough of a rant for the day, hope yall didn't waste too much time reading it.

No real point to this post just a Rant to fellow minded people who understand the trials of this enormous project.


Panel Status Report ...Larry New

I think I'm done with the panel except for a pesky PWM switch that keeps breaking. All hand cut, painted,   labeled and wired myself. Moving the fuselage to the hanger this week to meet the rest of the parts for final assembly.  <g>


Case of the missing washer ...Dale B. -12

I just started working on the Rotax motor installation. Page 46-03 Step 5, "Remove the retaining nut from the bottom of the rubber insulator several inches aft and below the mounting bolt location."

Well, not watching what I was doing, I started unscrewing the nut with an open end wrench. When it came loose the nut fell and I didn't see it fall. I found the nut wedged down in a crevasse of the motor casing. I can't find a washer. I can't say for sure that there was even a washer there. I searched everywhere .... except behind the fly wheel. Lord help me if it is hiding there. Does anyone know if I am looking for something that was not even there?


I think I need a new EGT probe



Tue Feb 3, 2015.  1242Z

The passing of Bob Archer ...Stein

I received the very sad news that Bob Archer has passed away this past weekend...I think we all owe him a "thanks" for what he contributed to Sport Aviation over the many decades.

Below is a short biography that I understand Bob wrote when he was feeling better.  It's in 2 posts due to length.  My condolences to the family, it's been a pleasure dealing with Bob over the decades.  He was quite a character and a veritable wealth of knowledge.

Best Regards,

Bob has been a member of EAA Chapter 96 since 1990 and an EAA member since 1968. In that time he has served on the chapter’s BOD and has been a resource to anyone looking for information regarding aircraft antennas.

But let’s get back to a start point. Born in Milwaukee in 1931, Bob lived there until, at the age of 13, his parents moved to California. He graduated from Redondo Beach Union High school in 1949. The “Draft” was a pretty sure thing back then, so these were rough times for young guys. The Korean War started in 1950 and Bob tried to join the Air Force. But the Air Force had quotas at the time so he had to wait. In the mean time he got drafted, took the physical and was told to wait. The rule was that after a 90-day period if he was not called he could do as he pleased or wait to be recalled. He was not called in the 90-day period after the physical and then immediately enlisted in the Air Force.

In the Air Force, Bob was sent to technician school where he studied ground-based search radars; then was trained on new type radar and sent immediately to Korea. Bob got there, but the radar systems did not. Instead, he was assigned to an auto-tracking ground based radar north of the 38th parallel. Here he tracked our inbound bombers and, on dark nights and in bad weather, vectored them to their targets and told them when to drop their bombs. Reassigned to the U.S. (in the winter of 54-55), he was sent to Nevada where, with the auto-tracking radar, they tracked incoming fighter-bombers that were practicing toss bombing [“loft” bombing] on the live A-bomb tests. He witnessed about a dozen tests. 


Everglades City Seafood Festival ...Carlrai

Took my niece Sam with me and met Mark there.

My opinion and worth what you're paying for it:  If you fly down there, don't do it during the Seafood Festival. Previous posts explained that and the proprietor of Triad unintentionally talked us out of it when he told us about the crowds.

DO go down there any other time and try the REAL grouper at Triad Seafood and bring home a pound or two of Stone Crab claws. Makes for a great day!


VLictures ...Vlad pictures


9 Month Status Report ...Guilhermepilot


Engine Mount hole misalignment question

I started to install my engine mount today. The top two holes lined up well on the QB fuselage. The two bottom corners are a little off but I can pull on them and things should work out OK. The two center bottom holes however, do not line up well at all. One of these holes hole in the fuse is between 1/3 to 1/2 outside the diameter of the bolt pass through on the engine mount.  ...


Turn around a point ...Vlad pictures




Mon Feb 2, 2015.  1252Z

RVs on the TV Whenever I Want It.

Random thoughts and ramblings.  I read the reviews of the currently available streaming TV options, and decided to finally buy a $99 Roku 3 last Thursday.  Here's a picture below of me using it to play YouTube videos of RVs on the living room TV.  You can search for them using the phone or tablet, then tap the 'show on TV' button. Yes, the blanket is purple and yes it has Disney princesses on it.  It's my daughter's.  Her friend made it for her years ago.  You got a problem with that?

Besides watching YouTube clips on the TV, which is shockingly addictive, the ability to watch thousands of movies/shows/documentaries for free is jaw-dropping.  An added bonus is we now get NASA TV and ESPN3.  We've been watching movies and shows on NetFlix for years using our phones ($8/mo) and can now watch it on the big TV.  Sweet.

Of course, I spent huge chunks of Saturday (while it was raining here) watching music pieces dissected in minutia, like the drum part of 'YYZ' off Rush's Moving Pictures album with the drum levels pushed way up in the mix.  Jump to the 10min mark if you want the live performance part.  Then how to play 100 guitar riffs in 12 minutes.  Oh, and here's 100 bass riffs.  This is sooooo much more entertaining on the big TV.

I can envision not too far off in the future cutting the cord on cable entirely and going with free over-the-air local stuff and streaming internet TV.

Lastly, it floors me how much historical aerospace content there is on YouTube.  For example, this 30 minute long documentary on the X-15 here.  I watched it Sunday morning on the TV with the headphone jack plugged into the Roku remote (I wake up a couple hours before the rest of the family).  So much more satisfying than another soul crushing, I.Q. lowering episode of East Coast Ice Pawn Swamp Outlaw Boo Boo Choppers.

Then on to about two hours of clips on NASA's lifting body program  (search results).  I'm loving this YouTube on the TV thing.

Tangent.  As Super Bowl halftime shows go ...I don't see anyone topping Prince's 2007 rendition of Purple Rain, in the rain, with Florida A&M's marching band (video).  "Can I play this guitar!!!!!!"   In my humble opinion, THAT performance is how you entertain ~100 million people simultaneously.  One person on a stage, playing live...mistakes and all.  So good that you can throw the mic down to the stage and let the crowd sing instead (2min 58sec mark).  Showmanship.

Then the weekend was over....just like that.  Did I even get out of the chair?!?!

Congrats to the Patriots.  Basketball playoff finish with a hockey fight thrown in.  Great game.   OK, on to the RV stuff now....


N424JD RV-7 First Flight ...Jeremy


Long weekend trip to Tasmania, lots of photos ...Eddie Seve (Sydney, Australia)


First Airborne Pics w/Pants'n Fairings ..ao.frog


Winter Soldiers

Status Pics ...AX-O


Status Report ...Carl in Sweden


Selfie ...John Kimmel


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