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Tue Nov 25, 2014.  1202Z

Snoqualmie Pass to Desert Aire


Rudder pedal sanity check


Status Update ...longranger


Big news at the IAV/RV Working Group




Panel Upgrade Status ...drmax before and after


From ACS....



Mon Nov 24, 2014.  1157Z

South Coast beaches of Australia ...Eddie Seve pics (RV-7)


Endangered Sea Turtles Need Pilots, Planes

There is an immediate need to fly sea turtles that have stranded themselves on the east coast. They need to be flown to rescue facilities in the southeast. The endangered turtles are experiencing a "state of emergency" due to recent cold temperatures and strong onshore winds in the northeast. More than 150 endangered sea turtles were stranded on Cape Cod alone, and many are suffering from hypothermia.  continue

(3) G3X Touch Screens at Night ...VAF advertiser shots


Teen Flight III Nearing Completion


Draft v2.1 Posted Transition Training Syllabus ...Vac


From TruTrak...

fmi: http://trutrakap.com/

FltPlan.com's New Passenger Briefing Look



Fri Nov 21, 2014.  1159Z

IFR XC: Complete

Well, check that one off.  My brain is pretty melted from yesterday.  RNAV (GPS) RWY 17 at KBVO, VOR/DME-A at KSWI and ILS or LOC RWY 16L at KAFW.  620 statute miles. 3hrs 55min engine run time.  Some the best chicken fried steak I've ever had.  That and I got to eat lunch with Gary Platner's 92.9 year old mom.  What a great lady...went up the stairs at the restaurant faster than me!

Flying my CFII to lunch with his mother, and paying for the meal, wasn't the worst of plans.

My first IFR lesson was 6,383 days ago on 5/30/1997 (17.48 years).  Two kids, three jobs and sticking to the budget kept it to a now and then luxury.  I apparently have the 'pacing myself thing' down. :^)

One item left on the list......the checkride. 

(click to enlarge)

Screengrab of GoogleEarth screen with groundtrack
grabbed off the Garmin D2 wristwatch.


Winter Soldiers ...Vlad post

I fly my RV9A all year around. Winter flying has its limitations it's challenging but very interesting. Engine likes thick, cold and tasty winter air. Dress warm, preheat and go flying!  continue


RV-4 Status Report ...Jim Soutar

Progress, trying to get something done each night even if it is small. I hope to finish drilling the LH horizontal stab skin tonight.


Garmin G3X v9.00  ADS-B Settings

G3X V9.00 is now available and contains some changes in support of improving TIS-B performance.

The GDL 39/39R is a dual frequency (978 Mhz, 1090 Mhz) ADS-B receiver that receives ADS-B traffic air-to-air whether the traffic has a UAT and is transmitting on 978 Mhz, or has a mode S 1090ES transponder transmitting on 1090 Mhz. The GDL 39/39R also receives free FIS-B weather on 978 Mhz from ADS-B ground stations.

Additionally, the GDL 39/39R receives notification from ground stations of nearby Mode C aircraft using the TIS-B datalink.  continue



Thu Nov 20, 2014.  1153Z

Seen at the Van Cave yesterday.  Rob got the top skin drilled on his
fastback RV-8 this past weekend.  John's -8 in the background.


RV-10 Overhead Console Pics ...9GT


RV-4 tribute video


Van's Calendars Have Arrived


Overhead Break & Other Landing Procedures Question

Link to (250) page Navy training doc in the thread.


Pitot Cover Ideas: RV-12


From the mothership FB page... ...a good read.


Smooth liability coverage now available for some Van’s Aircraft



Wed Nov 19, 2014.  1152Z

Finally got to fly an RV ...great time lapse video from Nick Akimoff

I had a chance to fly an RV4 this past weekend, I'm still smiling. I have been set on building an RV7, but after flying the 4 I may have to reconsider. What an absolute pleasure these planes are to fly.


DIY Locking Tailwheel ...Michael Robinson

While fully functional, I've never been a fan of steerable tailwheels with the external chains, springs, etc. So in the spirit of "why not?", I decided to try a locking tailwheel for the Rocket. And of course, I didn't like what was commercially available, so I decided to whip up a prototype and see how it worked. Admittedly, the design goals, even if fully realized, are hardly a clear cut advantage over the Vans or similar designs. The design goals in no particular order are as follows:  continue


Fatigue Cracks In The Making

If you were thinking your RV didn't move much during its travels through turbulence and landings, take a peek at this video from the inside of a container ship in rough seas. My point being that wings get flexed on a nearly continuous basis, however minutely, and landing gear, and motor mounts, and propellors, and rudder skins, and the throttle bracket, and seat belt attach points, etc.

Enjoy the snot out of it, but inspect on a regular basis.

Recorded during passage from Suez Canal to Singaporre.  The ship is over 1,100 feet long.  Enjoy: http://youtu.be/PmlTk_3NN_g


What's in YOUR squeezer-!


Damaged skin

I purchased a tail mostly done but am finishing trim tab, leading edges, etc. I noticed this small ding on the leading edge of the left elevator. It is to be rolled and riveted. what is the proper procedure to repair and prevent future cracks?


Tina's VAF Flash Sale ...three units left.  Mention this site.


From Garmin...


From www.AircraftExtras.com

PLEASE take a fresh look at out Tip-Up/Slider Canopy Modification for the RV-6, 7 & 9. This year marks our 14th year anniversary for this product. We now offer two canopy modifications, our original kit and another gentleman’s laser cut kit. Both kits have their own advantages. We let the builder choose which is best for their needs.

This year also marks our 14th year of doing business! We now offer many new products for the experimental aircraft market. Please check out ALL of our great products at www.aircraftextras.com.




Tue Nov 18, 2014.  1202Z

Vlad 2014 Strips In Review


2014 Donation Status

90% done....50% there.

Quick update: We're about 90% done with 2014, and donations (LINK) are currently at 50% the 2013 total.  I sort of remember it going like this last year, with around half the yearly donations coming in December during the year end pledge drive.  I do not enjoy one bit the whole asking-for-money thing, but I need to try my best to keep the lights on and family fed, while not driving the audience crazy in the process.  At right is a screen grab from a person's inbox I saw online (at right).  The caption under it was "I ordered fresh direct one time - thanks a lot."  God as my witness, I'll never do that.  You can have my RV if I do.

Pledge drive starts Dec 1, and I'll hassle you a tiny bit more in a few weeks, but until then THANK YOU to the readers and advertisers who have already chipped in during '14.

Kindest regards,
The Reeves Family


Downtown Chicago - sun rising ...Steve Melton

Once in awhile you get a decent photo, 11/15, Sat morning. 2200 ft and airliners passing over for Midway 22L. I received one good downwash thump.


Enthusiastic RVer interview with video


UK 24 ...Rob Hatwell sent me this link.  You're going to want to watch this full screen.


Status Update ...Guilhermepilot


Tip Tank/Winglet Mod RV-9A ...Experimental Category at work


First Titan Going To Hong Kong for RV8


From the mothership...



Mon Nov 17, 2014.  1159Z

2nd Grade

Going through things at Mom's house this past weekend with my brother and sister.  Below is my 2nd grade report card.  'P' = 'participates'.  'S' = 'satisfactory'.  'S--' means I was a little bit of a shat at times (sorry Mrs. Burnett).  Too busy to read the comments...or even finish this sentence...

Related: Any RV builders/pilots in Waco need a winter's worth of free firewood?  I've got a lot of live oaks to trim on their land.  A lot.

(click to enlarge)

Ice, Ice, Baby

Linga Longa Western Australia

DIY Jack Stands

From the mothership FB page....

Drill bits gone wild

I think my floats flunked

Vans front desk time occupier- Which RV chooser

DIY Tail Lifter


From the mothership...



Fri Nov 14, 2014.  1158Z

Eagle's Nest Projects - News2 Student of the Week


Nose Gear Bolt Failure. Argh! ...Kahuna reporting.

This past weekend one of our teammates, our only nose dragger left on the team, had a nose gear bolt failure resulting in a prop strike. I had seen this before on VAF, but had never seen one myself.   Fortunately he was not moving, or barely moving at the time, pulling out from a run-up, holding a brake to turn to square up on the taxiway. As soon as the plane started to rotate, the bolt failed, the gear leg rotated, and she nosed down and caught a few inches of the prop. We are very thankful for composite props, a little luck, and some heads up wingman that were around him at the time. A couple of weeks earlier, he had the tail down, nose gear up, greasing the nose wheel bearing, and had no play in the gear. Its also checked at condition. This hidden bolt, probably doesn't give much warning before failure. Had it failed in another phase of flight other than barely moving, it could have been much much worse for him and the plane. I think he has ~1500 hours or more on the plane. Probably worth considering a periodic change of this important bolt. Or stick it in your tool bag of reasons to own a tail dragger Thought I'd share a couple of pictures.


Garmin G3X RV-10 Autopilot Yaw Damper Option ...Garmin

We are pleased to announce that we are now shipping the RV-10 yaw damper option for RV-10 aircraft equipped with either G3X or G3X Touch systems.

The RV-10 yaw damper is a ground up, new design created specifically for the RV-10. The yaw damper servo bracket ties in nicely to the aft end of the pitch servo bracket for an extremely rigid, yet relatively light weight installation.  continue


Welcome WhirlWind Propellers ...  whirlwindpropellers.com

[ed. Their ad appears in the forums and front page.  They are starting their advertising with a one month special (below).  ]

VAF WhirlWind Special Thru 12/15.

WhirlWind Propellers has a special offer for Van’s Air Force readers on our complete RV propeller package. This offer is good through 12-15-14 only. The RV propeller package includes the GA200L 72” diameter ground adjustable propeller, 13” RV style spinner, 2.25” standard spacer for only $2,763 (Regular package price is $3453 - SAVE $690) *Must mention you saw this on Van’s Air Force site.

Propeller Description:
The GA200L-72 propeller was designed for the RV type aircraft. Special attention was given to the RV’s top-end speed and cruise performance. Design features include an optimized blade area, twist distribution and highly taped planform for minimum induced drag. Even the cowling and fuselage shape of the RV aircraft has been taken into account in the design of the GA200L-72’s blade shape, twist and airfoils.

Reasons to Choose the WhirlWind GA200L-72 Propeller:
- You only need to buy one propeller for multiple pitch setting options
- Performance flexibility: Pitch the propeller to your performance preference, such as top-end speed or super-efficient cruise
- Not all aircraft and engines are equal. Adjust the pitch to maximize your engine/airframe combination

With a conventional fixed-pitch propeller, you are stuck with what you have. Small airframe clean-up modifications and engine performance changes can necessitate a complete propeller change or re-pitch of your fixed-pitch propeller. With the GA200L-72 propeller you can immediately take advantage of airframe/engine performance improvements simply by making a small pitch adjustment without buying a new propeller or waiting to get re-pitched.

The GA200L-72 propeller is a well-tested and proven propeller system. The blades are designed using characteristics of our very successful constant speed propeller, the 200RV, but now in a lower cost ground adjustable option. The composite blades are extremely durable, and are equipped with an electro-formed Nickel leading edge for maximum protection from rain and other abrasion.

For more details check out THIS LINK on our website.

Technical Director, WhirlWind Propellers
"Leaders in Propeller Performance Technology"
jim 'at' whirlwindpropellers 'dot' com
1800-C Joe Crosson Drive
El Cajon, CA 92020

Roll Canoe Question ...Av8torTom

OK, my "canoe" is all match drilled and all the necessary fabrication of parts completed. I'm starting to rivet it all together now and I realize that it would be a heck of a lot easier to rivet if it was right side up. Would it be OK to roll it over now and rivet?  continue


Indirect Method of Riveting ...Iluke photo




Thu Nov 13, 2014.  1133Z
   You think some of your RV landings are bouncy?  Philae, the washing machine sized lander that weighs in at 0.04 oz. on the surface of comet 67P (the gravity is 1/100,000ths that of earth's), landed yesterday at 15:33Z, then again at 17:26Z, then finally 17:33Z.  The first bounce was believed to be over 1km high, and nearly two hours in duration.  When it came to a stop it was 2.5km away from the initial landing location.  Could be on its side (link).  Streaming web media briefing today 13:00 GMT / 14:00 CET (this link).  Collecting concrete data that will impact how the next mission is executed.  Exciting times!
   I'm never going to say one of my landings 'was pretty hairy' again.  Now, back to building and flying RVs....and good morning.


Beware of Old Air Compressors ...HIIFLY

A few days ago I was going to fill up the air in my tires on my RV-8 , so I plugged in my 30 yr. old trusted Sears 2 hp 30 gal horizontal aircompressor .While I was 1 ft. from the end of this compressor filling up my portable air bottle , without any warning , it BLEW !!!!!! .At only 100 PSI of pressure in the 30 gal. compressor tank air gage . I am uninjured by the grace of GOD, and my RV-8 was not damaged . But to say it SCARED the livin **** out om me is an under statment ! If you have an OLD COMPRESSOR BEWARE of What CAN HAPPEN !


F1 Rocket 40th hour flight video ...Mark Olson

Haven't flown my Rocket for 3 weeks, mostly weather related but also have the seats out for re-upholstery. Well, today was clear and cool (32* F) so I put some cushions on the floor to sit on, used my parachute for the seat back and went flying. My son lent me his Go Pro so I attached that to the tailwheel spring to see how it worked.

N.B. In Canada we get released from the regulators at 25 hours so this 40th hour flight does not have the same significance it would in the US.


In the pipeline at TruTrak

"This video shows a simulated automatic cabin depressurization recovery system. There are three components to this system. Central to the system is an iLevil AHRS. The AHRS also serves as a communications hub for the other two components. Another part of the system is an iPhone 6, which is running the Xavion app. The final component is a TruTrak Vizion autopilot.

For the test the altitude threshold has been lowered to a safe altitude (8000 ft cabin alt).  Notice the pilot is "asleep" and never touches the aircraft or any of the avionics.

The autopilot has been set to continue a 500 fpm climb until Xavion senses the cabin altitude at an unsafe level, at which time the system takes over control and sets an automatic descent to a safe altitude. Worth noting, but not shown is that the system will avoid oceans and mountains" 
Watch the clip


7" G3X Touch ...Stein



Wed Nov 12, 2014.  1150Z
 We turned on the heater last night for the first time this season in North Texas.  Looking at the temps up in the northern USA right now, I'm going to be the last to complain!  Stein, Bob and the rest of the MN RV gang....you guys hang in there.
  Speaking of cold, Philae attempts a landing on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko today (more on this).  The images should be amazing.  Back in 1986 while I was a computation center work study slug (delivering computers on campus) at Baylor, one of the guys who oversaw the operation was doing some of the math for scientists working to design the surface penetrator-lander of the later-cancelled CRAF mission.  It was to be the first scientific instruments placed on a comet nucleus.  Listening to Bill talk about it was a real treat.  Today we finally land on a comet, nearly three decades later than I'd initially hoped.  Fingers crossed!!!  Touchdown scheduled for 1602Z today.  Go Philae!!! 

related: Streaming webcast of the landing

Meet Casper ...Vlad


Flying with ADS-B, A Wife's Tale ...Paul M.

I have been flying my RV-7A for the past 4 years and my wife has accompanied me on a half dozen cross country flights. She is a fearful flier and is a bit stressed (doesn’t show it) when we fly and has about 50 hours in the plane. Going to new places is what helps her overcome her fears.

I have had a few close calls with airplanes over the past few years. Didn’t have to make any evasive maneuvers but would have liked to have known they were coming close well in advance. Some of these encounters occurred under radar or tower coverage.

About 6 months ago I decided to upgrade my Dynon D180 system to SkyView/Mode S ES Transponder/ADS-B Receiver so that I could have ADS-B traffic/Weather and an improved moving map. I did this so that I could see the traffic in advance.

This past weekend my wife and I went on our first long cross country from Tucson, AZ to Corona, CA. To fly safe in the western deserts and mountains I always try to fly with a road beneath me if I can. This means flying between airports and on airways most of the time. We were using flight following and handed off to a half dozen centers. I expected (as in the past) that the centers would be calling out traffic to keep us out of harm’s way. Well this was not the case. About 50% of the time they never called out the traffic.

When I decided to upgrade the system I explained to my wife why and what the ADS-B system provided. This cross country flight was her first exposure to our investment. She became an expert at looking at the SkyView screen and seeing the ADS-B traffic depicted and understanding the distance from and if it was above and below our airplane. She then would be looking in the right direction and was better at spotting the traffic them me. I actually believe it made her feel safer and kept her mind active and made her part of the flight crew rather than a passenger. There were a few times where the center never called traffic and we had to descend or change course to keep a safe distance from a head on aircraft.

The whole point of building my RV was to enjoy flying, travel to new places and have great adventures with my wife. Adding a Mode S/ES transponder and an ADS-B receiver is expensive, but for me and my wife it was money well spent.


What would you do with this?


Cloudy wingtip lens ...alcladrv

Q: After nearly 10 years the wingtips on my RV7 have started to get cloudy on the outside. What do you use to keep the lens clear?

A: I have used the Mothers powerball for headlights with my electric drill - works great! The diameter is small enough to fit inside the lends. I just pull the lens off and polish using the powerball. I think I paid $24 at Wal Mart for it

A: I've used the 3M brand with good success on my car, about $15-20. Just leave the lens on the plane and tape around it for protection. Since planes aren't subject to thrown gravel like cars are, your lenses shouldn't be pitted.

FWIW, I've also seen youtube videos recommending toothpaste with apparently good results

A: When I was at true value in page Arizona purchasing lemon pledge for my canopy the clerk said that people buy off bug spray to get rid of the yellow in their lenses on the cars and said that it works extremely well better than any of those headlight polishing kit and that she would never buy headlight polishing kit again.





Veterans Day, 2014.  1135Z


A quick run for some NC BBQ ...kjowen

Last Sunday, while having to fly off some time solo for the insurance company in the new -10, I needed to come up with somewhere to go. After a quick stop in western NC, then over the hills to N. Wilkesboro, and then a BBQ pick up in Lexington and a photo op with my bro and spouse. (Maybe one day they will even get off the ground). After packing the cooler, turned towards home to make dinner with the crew. Really loving the room and the ride in the -10. <g>


Hangar surprise ...Bret

While the 7A is under construction, we have 172 to keep current with at KMEV Minden. This last weekend I was taking my daughter for a ride on the bike and we stopped by the hanger to put the heater on the cawl, (getting cold here) and noticed folks talking in the hanger on the back side of mine, we rode around the other side and what cha know? Three gents chit chatting around a 7A! All this time and never knew who my neighbor was. We had a nice visit and got to look around his plane and talked about his project. What a friendly community these Vans folks are!

Garmin G3X Touch Dual Screen...Wow! ...Jim Ellis


Probable Cause Published 10/27/14 ...RV-12 Landing Accident


Welcome Byron Evans


Flying with the Feature-Rich GTR 200 COM


Update ...Dvalcik


Fire extinguisher maintenance ...1st reply from an ex-firefighter.


Nov 13th Auction: RV-9 tail, RV-6 wing & tail, pies (Hillsboro, OR)



Mon Nov 10, 2014  1153Z

I had the distinct pleasure of giving one of my wife's yoga students a 1.1hr ride around the area on Friday in our RV-6.  Kathy is both a fighter and inspiration.  She had never flown an airplane before our flight, but checked that one off the list with gusto.  Of the 1.1hrs logged, she flew 1.0. 

related: www.yogabridge.org

RV's are more infectious than a disease ;-) ...Christoph in Hamburg

I'm flying around with my RV8 for almost 11 month now and enjoy it every time . No matter what I do, flying alone around the block doing some aerobatics, dogfighting with the neighbors Pitts S1 or showing some friends the world from the top; it is always fun with the RV8. This year I met two guys from an airfield close to mine, they were building a RV9A. (Sunit and Vinod)

I flew over and I helped them couple of times.  This summer they asked me if I could do some hours of flight training with the father Vinod and check him out on their RV9A.  I said of course and we put the 9A in my hangar for 2 Weeks so we had it easier to start of if the time and weather permits... continue

Tighten Your Tie-Wraps!


DIY Project Move- Lessons Learned ...Clay Cook

Yesterday a friend and I drove 10 hours to pick up an RV-8 project. It took 4 hours to pack things up and another 10 hours to make the drive home. I thought I was all done with all-nighters after college, but I guess not!

Some lessons learned:

1. Don't even think about doing it yourself. There's enough stress already, don't try to do the driving and packing and lifting and strapping down solo. Another set of eyes watching can make all the difference!
2. You will never have too much padding and protection; bring more. Strip the blankets from all the beds in your house, sleeping bag pads, carpet remnants, carpet pads. Those pool/beach "noodles" are great padding and dirt cheap. You also will never have too many ratchet straps. Nothing good ever happens without Duct tape.  continue

Shop Size Doesn't Matter...


Redlands Beer Run (KREI) ...$100 beer run

Ok, so I gave up eating meat. That means no more $100 hamburgers. It's just not the same flying in for a veggie patty. (B.T.W. - I lost 40 pounds eating a plant based diet)

So what's a person to do.... Turns out the Hangar 24 Brewery is just across the street from the Redlands airport in Southern California. I have purchased two 'growlers', which are refillable beer containers. I have a cooler, fly over to Redlands, get my growlers refilled (Sealed Container), and fly home. Once the plane is put to bed and there is no more flying for the day... it's time to enjoy a nice beer.

Made that trip today. Flew out over the desert and did a few stalls and steep 360 turns. Landed in Big Bear and checked up on my cabin. Took off and basically glided right down to Redlands. Well I was over getting my growlers filled, Alan from AntiSplat Aero must have strolled past my plane, as he left a card behind.

Now that was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Oh, now it's Sunday night, and that Pale Ale is mighty fine...

RV-4 Landing Chicago-Midway ...Whitman vid


The Middle ...Brad Benson

The second year of flying my RV-6A is drawing to a close, and as I look back, I'm amazed at how much I've learned along the way. It's an amazing aircraft, one that has taught me more about flying than anything else I've flown. While it does straight-and-level as good as any brand-C or brand-P aircraft, it excels at formation, aerobatics, and mock aerial combat. My favorite part was capturing the "pilot's halo" while descending through an undercast while on an IFR plan. Seeing the halo around the airplane was fitting, I thought.  continue


One word...





Fri Nov 7, 2014  1202Z

Eagle's Nest Projects - Wings over Houston


Build Day One ...KJBSouth

Two days short of six months from deciding to build the -7. Months devoted to arranging two shops (Michigan and Florida), buying and building tools, and practicing with Van's airfoil kit. A lot of practice was needed to produce decent set rivets. Found 30psi on AD3 rivets worked best for me.

Today blue plastic was stripped from HS parts. The fit of reinforcing bars to the HS rear spar is perfect - no edge rounding required.


Update on the Two Dead Cylinders on Left Side  ...Dave

Well, winner winner, chicken dinner!

It was a primer pump issue. Had a failure in the primer pump solenoid that was allowing max fuel to be pumped into the L side cylinders, thereby "drowning" them out/over rich. Totally makes sense now.

Sure appreciate everybody's input, definitely helped me sort through things. Start simple and work from there..... learned a lot!

Thanx again!

New from TostenMFG.com ...grip builder


Advanced Flight Quick Panels ...Rob Hickman

"...An hour later Jeffrey, (our chief SolidWorks panel engineer) and I were headed to Eugene in the RV-10 with a new RV-8 panel and all the modules..."  continue


Rivet factory head failure - can anyone tell me how this happens?

While I was riveting ribs to rear spar on my RV8 wings and 5 AN470AD4-8 factory heads failed in the same way.

I was hand bucking these with a double offset cup and a tungsten bucking bar. I was using ~45PSI and the shop head was well formed. I had an assistant who was holding the rivet gun perpendicular to the work so I could focus on squeezing the trigger and forming the shop head. When we lifted the rivet gun the factory head just fell out of the cup. leaving the rest of the rivet in place.

Any ideas how this happens? Was this technique or could I have other rivets that are ready to fail in a similar way? I inspected (including some light prying on the rest with no failures) and don't see any indication of problems.


RV-9A Experience in SW Florida

I need some help. I live on Marco Island. I am 70. I have PP, INST, COMM, MULTI! but have not flown in 15 years. Have built FFR Cobra and Glen-L wooden boat in retirement, but now I have been bitten by the flying bug again hard out of the blue and want to build a plane. I ordered all of the info packs from Sonex, Zenith and Vans. I studied them intensely as well as lots of internet study and phone calls to builders. I attended Sonex build school three weeks ago. Flew the plane. Wonderful, professional people, but plane will not meet my mission requirements. Then concentrated on Zodiac CH-650, frankly, because the very desirable Vans products seemed too expensive and perhaps too difficult for me to build. The 650 seemed to be a great compromise for me, but further intense research brought me back to the Vans RV-9A. I am simply going to bite the bullet and build the correct aircraft for my well considered mission.

THE ISSUE: I really need to see and touch a real RV-9A before pulling the trigger. I need to talk to that builder one to one about his same dream and fulfillment. (The builders that I have talked to AND the Vans factory all tell me this.) if I can mooch a demo flight, wow!, all the better....and I can trade you for a drive of my Cobra around town if you like. Can anyone who has built a flying RV-9A in SW Florida (or anywhere within a day's drive) help me out? I would be extremely appreciative, I assure you. THANKS!


RV-4 wings, RV-6 fuse, helicopter engine.  Simple panel.  In the air for $30K.  Rob Ray's ride.

(click to enlarge)

Rob's Pax Yesterday:
Riley selfie during the flight...



Thu Nov 6, 2014  1149Z

So you say you don't ever want an A&P to look at your plane, huh? 

Check out the three photos my A&P, and good friend, Randy 'Monkey' Richmond sent me yesterday.  Taken in an RV-3 that was brought to his shop for a fatigue crack in the lower weldment at the firewall (and condition inspection).  Randy's first time to inspect it.  It was purchased used and has been flying for 3-4 years.  Hundreds of hours.  Beautiful airplane.

See it yet?

The right side push/pull tube was NOT riveted to the end cone that connects to the control stick.  Primary flight controls, folks!  Holding the right aileron and having a helper move the stick to the right resulted in the end cone falling out.  The left push/pull tube had the proper rivets.

But wait, there's more!  Apply more right aileron, then go back left with the control stick, and it hangs!  Locked up at just under full right aileron input!

Gorgeous airplane, but it's a miracle someone wasn't killed.  How many eyeballs looked at this that weren't in an A&P's skull over these last few years?

This isn't the Colleyville Women's Book Club meeting for snacks and spirited discussion.  Give it the respect it deserves.  Please.

Here's Randy's card if your thinking is remotely in line with mine and you can't find an A&P on your field.  He's done the last (12) condition inspections on my RV-6.  I take it apart and inspect it the best I can.  Then I hand it over to Randy.  I have the repairman's cert, having built it.  I choose to let my A&P have the final word, though, and it's his signature in the logbook.  I sleep better at night...and so does my wife.

Monk, you're a Rock Star.  Saved a life today and everything...


Deer and laser in one night ...Don Patrick


Today RV-12 120691 flew its first flight. ...John Mc

Registered as an E-LSA N112J, it took off from KIWA the early morning of Nov 5, 2014 only to encounter unforecast winds of 03015G25 (rwy 12) upon return that resulted in a go around and diversion to nearby KCHD where we sat out out the winds, waited for a ride home and encountered several EAA types who gave it the twice over!

It has a left banking tendency at max throttle, but flys perfectly hands off during base and final in calm conditions. I have a slightly worrisome high (yet green) right EGT that needs a little investigating.

The video link below is the second flight taken by former RV-8 builder Charlie Wambolt at KCHD as I was beating sunset to make the 5 mile flight home to the hangar.


Thanks to Vans for making an airplane that I can build and fly.



Wed Nov 5, 2014  1149Z

Wave hello to the nice man on the 110th floor! ...AAflyer

"And just across the harbor from the 'Freedom Tower', a Russian is flying free over the Statue of Liberty…"


Roger Chastain: 2nd Place at Casa Grande ...Jane Chastain

(from Roger)



Tue Nov 4, 2014  1142Z

Congrats to WillyEyeball

Congratulations to Bill who took 1st place in the Sportsman category today at IAC 19's Blue Ridge Hammerfest in Morganton, NC (MRN) flying his RV-4.  more


iPad Air 2 Sunny Day Flight ...Mike C.

"...Introduction of the iPad Air 2 came with reports of 50% better sunlight readability due to changes in the screen. This sounded promising enough, so I bought one, and finally had the chance to take it up this morning on our flight to Peoria. Side by side with my Mini, I would say a 50% improvement is a reasonable statement. But an even better comparison was when I held it up next to the GRT Sport. The sun was over my shoulder, shining directly on both displays."


Nov/Dec '14 Online ...36 pages

bottom photo H. Dean Chamberlain

Counter/Non-counter weighted engines?

(Bill's reply)  This is somewhat of a semantics issue so I will try to give more info for your understanding.

Engines have multiple vibration orders (meaning combined sets of frequency and amplitude) that are not all simply the same frequency as the crank RPM. For instance, since a 4 stroke fires every other rotation, there is a 1/2 order vibration (1/2 RPM) and it is followed by basic balance of the crank or prop that would be 1st order (same as RPM).

The whole vibration formula has multiple order terms starting with the primary order vibrations (above) and then the secondary order etc etc and the influence gets smaller and smaller as the terms go off to the right side of the equation as they describe smaller and smaller physical influences.

All aircraft engines are counterweighted for the first few modes (sorry I don't remember how many). The term "counterweighted" as generally applied to Lycomings is in reference to a specific crankshaft design that includes extra weights that actually move in relation to the crank. They are in a kind of pendulum arrangement on the crank webs that allows slight movement of the weight. The movement is needed to address higher order (further to the right in the equation) and more complex vibration modes. A quick google search says 6th and 8th order.

My understanding of history is that the "counterweighted" crank was introduced with the angle valve Lycomings and it was signified by a "6" in the engine suffix. With the advent of so many EXP Lycoming clones, both angle and parallel valve, I don't think one can tell what is counterweighted and what is not without knowing the engine details from the builder.

Since I am shooting from memory, I welcome any corrections or clarifications to the above from other members here.

(Scott adds)  To add to Bill's (excellent) description, a possibly more direct / simple explanation.

An engine is not built with a counter weighted crankshaft to make it better, it is generally done to make it work.

The vibration modes induced into a crankshaft are a function of the crankshafts size, stiffness, the compression ratio of the engine, stroke of the pistons, ignition timing, what propeller is installed.... and on and on....

Most of these influences are fixed by design. But some of them we as builders can influence, such as installing a previously untested propeller, or an ignition system that is able to advance the ignition timing beyond what is typical with magnetos. When that is done, it is possible to take any engine (counter weighted or not) outside of the safe zone of propeller/crankshaft vibration interaction.

Browsing Through The Published Probable Causes

Save this bookmark: http://www.ntsb.gov/aviationquery/index.aspx.  Go to the link and fill out the form like below:

You'll get a result set something like what is below.  Click on the 'Probable Cause' links.



Mon Nov 3, 2014  1255Z

River Ride- Susquehanna ...RVDan


Russian First Flight ...Vlad reports


Status: 2nd Engine Start ...Tom Powers


Notification 14-10-24 ...factory site

Clarification of O-320/360 Exhaust System installation.
Before further flight


VIRB Vid ...Greg W.


Pants ON ...Michael Burbidge


IFR Training Fun

Friday .5 off the surface to practice buttonology and systems management on the RNAV 35 at KLUD in CAVU.  Stiff north wind and others with the same idea.  Graph line upper right shows the VNAV track to missed, also overlaid on the plate profile below that.  I enjoy fiddling with the data on the computer afterwards (makes the flight seem longer).  Saturday band stuff with the son and college ball on the WOPR*.  Sunday NASCAR race three miles from our field, so stayed away (and watched the recorded F1 race on TV).  Cool temps finally.  Hope your weekend nice also. 

(click to enlarge)

*Our family calls the DVR the 'WOPR'.  If you've seen the movie War Games you'll get it.  And for fans of the movie 'War Games', you should go to this link to read about how they built the 'W.O.P.R.'  The part about adjusting the crystal with a lead pencil floored me.



Fri Oct 31, 2014  1148Z

Well...Done...Sorta ...John Mc -12

"Well I'm legal. Thanks to everyone on this board for your advice and comments - couldn't have done it without you. Special shout-outs to locals Rich S and Denny M for flight time and tech support, and to Dave (yes that Schmetterling's Aviation blog guy) - lunch and/or beers on me if we ever meet some day - you saved me from myself a few times!

Also Barb B at Van's deserves a lot of credit for helping keep this thing on track over 2 years!

First flight tent Nov 4. Then test phase, wheel pants/paint/throttle redo...does it ever end?  LOL."

November Wallpaper Calendar ...Ed Hicks photo


From the factory FB page....


Aerobatics Training with a Former SR-71 Blackbird and F-4 Phantom Fighter Pilot ...chutes and all.


Interpreting the Skew-T ...how thick are the clouds and where are they (and more)

Bryan Douglas told me about this during a recent visit.  I've been digging into this chart for a few days, and the more I look, the more I like it.  The wind barb/direction/depth on the right hand side reminds me of something Edward Tufte (web) would approve of.

Nutshell:  blue line is dewpoint curve, red line air temp.  Read altitude off right scale.  Where they touch or get close is where the clouds are, and how thick.

Here's a link to KAFW Skew-T, my nearest 'big' airport that reports.  Note in the link that the last four characters make up the airport identifier.

In one image you get:

  • Air temps at all flyable altitudes
  • Cloud elevations (i.e., "cloudbase")
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • If it will be cloudy or sunny
  • Types of clouds in the sky (i.e., stratus, cumulus, cirrus, cumulonimbus, or none)
  • Top of lift
  • Thermal strength

I added a link in the middle of the weather page for the form where you can enter the nearest big airport to you.  And here's a Google search for 'interpreting Skew-T' links. 

Yoga Bridge ....free yoga for cancer survivors

A local TV station did a piece on what my wife and a friend started a few years back.  That's Susie teaching the class in the pic below.  They interview her at the 1min 57sec mark. 

My wifey teaching the class.

I've been lucky enough to give a few of these wonderful gals rides in the plane.  'What does your husband do?' questions before and after class kind of thing.  What a privilege it is for me to be able to put a smile on a face that could use one.  I'm Blessed. 

fmi: www.YogaBridge.org



Thu Oct 30, 2014  1142Z

Mike Kelly photo of Bob Kurrle (-7) and Gene Ledda (-7A) around Spruce Creek.

Unexpected Awesome
  I went out to the airport yesterday with the plan of loading in the RNAV 17 at nearby Decatur and practicing button flow and systems monitoring in CAVU for about fifteen minutes.  Hey, that’s Ross’ plane over at the restaurant.  Must be cleaning the hangar out.  Monk’s taking off – good for him!  Geez, Danny’s truck too.  They all came out of the woodwork today I’m guessing.  I preflighted, climbed in and launched.  Activate approach.  Saw Monk roll out – short flight I guess.  Kick @ss day to fly.
  From a handheld on the ground I hear a faint, “Krash, you up?”  Pushed in the squelch button to hear better and turned my belly antennae up towards the airport, now three miles behind me.  “Yep.”  “Come back and fly formation with us.”  “OK.  On ground four minutes.”   New plan.  One minute late to the briefing.  Five ship with the locals I know well.  Forty minutes logged.  Join ups, root, turns in parade and echelon, pitch outs / rejoins, lead changes, all the juice.  Detailed brief and debrief.  Always learning.  Trying to improve.  Never perfect.
  The unexpected, initially unplanned awesome.  Shaking the rust off the skill set.  Made the day that much better.  Lovin' that RV...and the community.


My RV 8A has a heavy wing (Yes another one, But with Pictures!)


Q: Carrier only, no voice suddenly

A: (Stein) At the moment with what we know based on your report, Walt is likely spot on here (that being if it works with the avionics switch off). Most intercoms are made to fail over directly to the radio when power is removed...therefore if you shut it off, your jacks effectively are wired directly to the radio - which typically explains why they will work when the intercom is off, but not when it's on.

If it were a jack wiring it would either work all the time or not work all the time...that's the nice thing about that.

You definitely need to figure out whether it IS or is NOT working without power and with power before worrying about any other troubleshooting. Once that step has been completed, then you can look at headsets, jack wiring, etc.

New Glass Install Layout Advice

Please take a look at the attached layout and see if you guys have any advice for me. I am going from the steam gauge to the GRT Mini EFIS and replacing a few items. Any suggestions would be helpful.


Left side throttle?


ASA Vacuum System Concerns

"...We strongly advised everyone to inspect the tube into the exhaust at every oil change to be certain it is open and free of any serious clogging..." more

Rivets are deforming bulkheads!


October Online



Wed Oct 29, 2014  1142Z

(Brian Eisner) "My stepdaughter went flying yesterday in my friend Paul Tuttle's RV-8. She went up with another friend of mine who has 20000 flying hours under his belt.

As you can see she had a blast indicated by that famous RV grin."


SARL league standings


From Brandi


Update on the move ...Dvalcik


What does the inside of your oil separator look like?



Tue Oct 28, 2014  1152Z


Vertical cowl split - A models ...RKellogg


Helping the bucking bar


Garmin Press Release: GDL 84 ADS-B Datalink


Status Report: rockwoodrv9a


Petit Jean pics ...Mark Burns



Mon Oct 27, 2014  1151Z

RV6 N66AU ...Bad Sheila


Flying Over AT&T Park Prior to Game 5 of 2014 World Series ...Kelly Johnson


Crankshaft Seal Blowout In Flight and Emergency Landing ...Gash


Petit Jean Pics


Force Landing Write-up ...good read


OZARK air race results


2VA3 Merlin Aerodrome ...Vlad


Copperstate Pics ...Bruce Hill


Press Release from Flight Data Systems



A simple text file of some of the recent threads deleted.  Might be updated periodically for awhile just for my own curiosity.  Link added to the rules page. 



Fri Oct 24, 2014  1156Z

dr photo

Engine riddle for you..... Two dead cyl on left side?

I have a Lycoming O-320 on my RV 4 that has decided to run on only two cylinders. I would have thought that virtually impossible to happen. Especially both being cold/dead on the (same) left side. It’s a carbureted/aspirated, mid-time engine. Shut off with mags a couple weeks ago to check ground. Exhaust is two pipes w/crossover. No recent maint done/changes before last flight. Fuel sumped.

Flew it in just fine, never skipped a beat, left it outside in average weather for a few days, went to start it up one morning and shook like **** after normal easy start. Knew I was in uncharted territory by the sound it was making. Tried running it up to 1000-1200 RPM thinking a fowled plug, leaned it, cycled mags with 30-40 drop each side. Shut it down after 1-2 min thinking WTF? She never gives me any trouble.  continue

Sunrise over the Bay ...Scott

"Sunrise over Easton MD. RedStar Formation Clinic."


Renegades over the Rockies

Take six RVs and then add a Giles 202 (to teach us tolerance and diversity) and you have the Rocky Mountain Renegade Formation Flight Team. We just completed our third airshow season and will now take a few weeks off before starting work on a new and better show for next year. Here is our 2014 video...... Enjoy


Rugs n Roos ...act of charity


Oil leak finally found but what can I do?


Petit Jean Schedule...this weekend.

Fri schedule     Sat schedule



Thu Oct 23, 2014  1204Z

Status Report: Greg Hughes -8A ...Hillsboro, OR

Have been spending quite a bit of time getting things ready to do some real work. Honestly, there was more time involved in the "get ready" part of the process than I realized there would be.

I'm a member of EAA 105 here in Hillsboro, OR. Aurora and Van's Aircraft are right around the corner in the valley here. The chapter has a couple of hangars that it improved and set up specifically to allow people to build/work on airplanes, and I decided a few weeks ago to split the rent (and space) in one of them. They hangar is heated and insulated (nice in the Oregon rainy winter, which it seems has just started), well-lit, has electrical outlets everywhere, and a big air compressor plumbed into the building. The chapter even has a decent tool chest with many of the tools needed for this kind of project. Quite a bit nicer for building than the basic T-hangar where my Cherokee lives. It's also conveniently located a less than a quarter mile from my front door. I don't have a garage at my house, but this will work.


SteinAir trip ...GREAT crabandy trip write-up

[ed. Note credit card in shaking hand <g>]


Update on Our Friend Seth ...Bob Mills

Here's an update. Spoke to Seth late last week, and he is doing well and on the mend. He has done some physical therapy, and has begun working at the job he was hired for just before the mishap. He has also been up flying in his RV too. Good progress, though he's still dealing with pain. He's pleased with strength and mobility improvements. We laughed a bit when he he told me he had a lot of trouble early on, just trying to pour a glass of wine out of a big jug that was given to him as a get well present...and I said, ya know, tequila bottles are smaller and lighter! He's improved quite a bit since then!

I also told him about the Sport Class donation collection effort, and told him SARL and VAF members had really been rallying to his support. In addition to the large checks sent to Seth by both SCARA and SARL, the site was able to raise over $6,500 for Seth's medical expenses...pretty awesome, eh!! Turns out he had kind of unplugged a bit as he started the new job, so it was quite a surprise to him. He was pretty much speechless!  continue


RV-12 S-LSA Tour to Copperstate...continued - Joe Blank


Safety at non towered airport

I want to share this event that occurred today while I was taking off from KMWL.
I rent a hanger at this airport Mineral Wells Tx. And I am very familiar with the Area. Well today my wife and I loaded up the Rv to head to Monroe KMLU. It was like all the other departures we have done in the past, the WX called for calm winds. So I taxied out and decided to depart on runway 13 . I announced my intentions on the frequency and held short for departure, I looked both directions and listened for any other traffic. All was clear and proceeded to depart on runway 13. Now let me explain the runway environment. Runway 13 runs uphill and at the top it goes down about 500' now I'm full power and just as my rv lifts off I see another plane and my Dynon tell me traffic !!!! Another plane was running down the runway heading toward me. I pulled up turned to the right and seen this Grumman fly past me. The other plane made a comment on the radio that he made his radio call that he was departing. I did not hear any radio transmissions and I advised him that I also made the appropriate radio calls . He said he did not hear anything but what sounded like someone broke squelch . About that time the FBO operator made a radio call stating that he hear both of our transmissions. The only thing I can think of is that he was on the other side of the hill and we could not hear each other.. The good thing about this event is that we had a good outcome from a bad situation.
I will from this time forward from any airport were you cannot see the other end will take every percaution before departing. Anyway I hope everyone that reads this and finds themselves is this situation will be very carfull.

Dan Peeler


Mike Hoover Mod

I had trouble making Vans little clip under the oil cooler brace fit so I came up with this...time will tell:


More Pics of Joe Zuffoletto's -8



Wed Oct 22, 2014  1155Z

Finally... a -REAL- RV Grin! ...Joe Zuffoletto RV-8

Some of you may recall that this newbie tailwheel pilot had a heck of a time landing my new (to me) RV-8 when I bought it last summer. Scared myself so bad in three attempts that I was afraid to fly it and almost sold it.  more


First Flight ...Keith Rhea RV-7

After 26 months of building, my RV7 slow build flew October 16th at the hands of David Austin. We only had to hand finess one aileron.  I would like to thank Doyle Reed and The Air Capital Aviators for their support.  Rv7 slider equipped with O-320-D2a, Catto 2 blade prop, Enigma EFIS with autopilot, Trig Transponder, V-10 Radio, 14 hours flying in 5 days and about 75 landings, i guess i am gonna get them down yet. Ps thanks to Upnorth aviation for the great panel job, Abby at Flightline interiors for some very nice seats and the VAF Forum for all the information. Based at 55K.


Shakedown flight post-annual

Flew .7 yesterday, first flight in my RV in a month (ouch).  Out to Bridgeport for the LOC RWY 18 practice approach (screen grab below), called regional approach after going missed so I could run the ILS RWY 16L at Alliance on my way back, then back to 52F to get on the computer.  Trying to keep in practice with all the buttonology and flow.  I let the A/P fly the procedure turn at Bridgeport, which is why it's so pretty in that grab (blue line) - wobbly line after the PT is all meat servo.  Felt good to get Flash off the surface again.  That plane is absolutely amazing in what it can do...even with me flying it. 

(click to enlarge)


40.0 it's a wrap ...akarmy

...and many more pics.


Back to the Stone Ages - Almost

Sunday, on a VFR flight to Las Cruces, I lost the GPS signal to my Trutrak ADI about 80 miles east of El Paso. Then lost the GPS signal to the 796 about 10 miles east, which also took out the ADS-B traffic. Suddenly I was faced with navigating through the interesting mix of Class C airspace, restricted areas, mountains and rain showers armed only with a finger on the (electronic) sectional and landmarks on the ground. I pulled out the iPad for the larger SkyViewPro sectional and was surprised that the iPad still had a good GPS signal. A close call - I almost had to do it the old-fashioned way.

In retrospect, I'm surprised at how comfortable I've become with the little airplane symbol on the magenta line. It took a few minutes to mentally switch over to old-fashioned pilotage and I was relieved to see the iPad working.

[ed. Question:]  Don't know what caused the GPS signal loss. The 796 reacquired about 10 miles out from Las Cruces. I think I'll practice my pilotage more in the future.

[ed. Answer:]  GPS Interference Testing


Hand Propping Rotax 912-UL: Accident Report



Tue Oct 21, 2014  1145Z

All back together....annual done.  Databases updated.
Planning my IFR XC now.  John's -8 in the background.


Ode to our RV friends ...Bob Collins post

Oh, you don't have an RV pal who'll come over to your hangar on a Sunday morning when he could be out flying, look at that electrical wiring problem you've had for a week, and then crawl inside your Mercury 7-like space (even though he's over 6 feet tall) and fix your problem for you?

I do.

It's Brad Benson, (aka: "Chief Pilot" on VAF)

Who's your best RV pal and why?



From the factory...


Status Update ...Sam -8


Fuel system Schematics review ...asking for input


Proposed IFR XC...the rating journey continues.

259nm, Victor airways, radials, (2) RNAV, (1) VOR/DME and (1) ILS.  1+43 at 155kts, so probably just at two hours total.  Thoughts?  Possible catfish lunch in Gainesville and/or Air Tractor tour in Olney.  Garmin Pilot screengrabs below - click to enlarge.  Developing... 

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Relevant approach plates:



Mon Oct 20, 2014  1159Z

Some people just make your day better ...Paul Tuttle

We got this picture of my friend Jordan by my plane today. He's been coming to Stanley Airport since he was a baby. Both his Dad and Grandpa own and fly a plane here. He's had his share of challenges and is one of the most courageous people I know. He has a knack for making your day better whenever he's around. Thought I'd share the photo.


My Fight With A Heavy Wing ...Tom RV-12



Status Update: TK's -8 ...Vlad post


Stuck at P08 (Coolidge AZ) Help trouble shoot alternator ...Scott Schmidt


VansAirForce.net Charity Hat Sighting w/Jay Leno ...D. Allan Stern

"Meeting Jay at KHTS FBO."

(about the hat)



Fri Oct 17, 2014  1154Z

Dam, Canyons and Balloons ...Bill Pendergrass 7A

Looks like this is the season for posting pictures of trips out to the canyons so this is our record plus some storyline.  continue


Recovery Update ...Ed Wishchmeyer


Fall Status Update II ...riseric RV-8 (many pics)


Dynon Factory Video and some flying shots


Eagle's Nest Projects - Circle Christian School...R.E. Butcher
"Abbey Carlson - 7th ranked girls junior golfer in the US, and she's building an airplane!"



Thu Oct 16, 2014  1202Z

Peepin', Gopher (and Badger) Style ...Pete Howell
October reminds us of why we choose to live in the upper midwest, warm days, cool nights, and an absolute explosion of color. We are pretty close to peak color, so Andi and I used date night to do some aerial leaf peepin' and grab dinner at the diner at KEAU. The golden hour yielded some nice light for imagery..........

I'll let the pics tell the story somewhere over Minnesconsin:


Custom Snorkel Pics ...Paul K
I created a new picasa page of all the photos I took building the custom snorkel. Made lots of mistakes and would do it differently if I did it over again but here they are:


Aussie RV-6 Status ...Mat Wreford
Here's a few pics of the progress so far, tail is done ,one wing finished and the other getting close


How to reach the top of the hangar ...wondering how the RV community does it.


Mom's Desk
  My siblings and I are spending weekends going through Mom's house.  I thought I would share a picture of the spot she spent most of her days at for the past 15 years.  To my online friend who I've never met in person, Jeremy Constant, there is your beautiful RV-7A on the wall next to Mom's computer desk.  Her vision was getting pretty bad at the end of last year, but she left her 2013 Van's calendar on the wall nonetheless.
  Jeremy, years ago you were kind enough to send me this picture.  She talked about it on more than one occasion.  I think it was a nice cosmic roll of the tumblers that yours was the RV she looked at the last nine months of her life.  She picked well.
  My RV pic was on the fridge, just so you know ;^). 

click to enlarge



Wed Oct 15, 2014  1154Z
Condition inspection #12 nearing completion - reassembly almost done.  I seem to take longer doing this each year, replacing a lot of screws with new and enjoying the work flow of a job that isn't rushed (cheaper than flying also!).  I bought this little double box ratcheting wrench a year ago at Lowe's with a phillips insert that is VERY useful for those six screws in the cowl inlets.  Here's a link to a set online that includes this, although the set I found had some sockets and was only $5 more.  You can see it on top of the taco cart below (click to enlarge).  I use this thing more and more - gives me better tactile feel when doing something like tightening spinner screws.

click to enlarge


The Trip Home: Update ...Bob Collins


2 Week Flight Out West - Green River ...flybill7


Jeff Richichi's Panel PIREP
"...it won’t be too much longer and I’ll be installing my avionics in the plane.  I’ve attached a pic of the CAD model I did of the panel.  I did this to find any interferences in the installation.  There were a ton I found.  Hopefully I found them all on the computer so I won’t have to find them out in metal!!"

click to enlarge

Coupla more pics from Jeff...click to enlarge


First Flight: John Sannizzaro
"It took 10 years but N357JS kit number 70312 is finally a completed aircraft!"


Installation of new AF Perf fuel pump ...Craig Taylor
After nearly 1800 hours of operation of our RV8, the original Airflow Performance boost pump has become increasingly noisy. It has finally gotten loud enough to cause concern, so rather than waiting for failure I decided to change the pump. The new pump is the Air Flow Performance #2090255, sold by Van's as "EF Airflow Fuel Pump-1." The new pump has vastly simplified the installation, as the bypass is internal to the assembly, eliminating the return line to a "T" at the fuel selector valve. The installation eliminated seven fittings and about 18" of fuel line. A very nice assembly! The photos show how neat it is:


Flying the GRT HXr IFR Videos Are Up ...KatieB
"A huge THANK YOU to Widget for all his hard work on this! I finally got the slides converted to something usable for YouTube.  This is an hour and 40 minutes of pure knowledge from a guy who uses the HXr alot for IFR. It's split up into 5 parts on our YouTube channel. Here's the link to the playlist. Take notes!


S-LSA -12 and -14A at Copperstate ...


Paul's Snorkel
[ed. cool snorkel pics to complement Scroll's excellent build piece. dr]
Scroll, I feel your pain!  I used an IO360 with ECI cold air induction and the fit wasn't even close! I,m talking off by more than 1 inch on the inside and 3 inches on the outside plus it made contact with the starter flange and the alternator. I started out doing what you did to make it fit but was so totally turned off by the results that I tossed it in the junk and built one from scratch. Not that hard to do and ended up looking better than I dreamed it could! Give it some thought and feel free to call me with questions. It can be done


Jesse Bentley Video
Here's the vid clip for anyone that wants to see. I know I've lived vicariously through stuff like this for the past 6 years.  I assume, like the pile of VHS tapes of my first child and not nearly as many of my second, I'll stop capturing video of every flight soon, but I'm not nearly there yet! Still very new to me


From the factory...time critical!



Tue Oct 14, 2014  1153Z

First Flight RV-7 N87EM ...Merrill Evans


First Flight, N247RV ...Roger Kellogg


A Day of Local Fun ...Vlad


Peter Fruehling and daughter...


West Coast Ravens - Watsonville 2014


Jesse Bentley pic...


The Terrifying Tale of FrankenSnorkel !


Rudder Bottom Rubs Tailspring....update


Hat Sighting: On Carnival legend arriving Sydney Australia, 09/22/14
...D Allan Stern

related: About the charity cap

Welcome Saint Aviation, Inc  (central Florida)
We are a full-service shop specializing in RV maintenance, inspections, completions, panel upgrades, prop balancing, injector tuning and prebuy inspections. Please contact us if you have any needs to see how we can help.
Jesse Saint.  Saint Aviation, Inc.  jesse@saintaviation.com
C: 352-427-0285 F: 815-377-3694
[ed. Ad lives on the front page. dr]

Surplus Avionics (Garmin, PSE, TruTrak) ...Stein




Mon Oct 13, 2014  1200Z

First Flight of RV8 VH-JSX


A great flight pre-surgery ...Ed Wischmeyer


Quick Look Report (Camping) ...Paul

Mark Albery's Pics


World War Italian ACE, two birthdays and an Airport Open Day
...Luke in Italy


Bob Avery's BD Present to Jay Pratt  ...bit holder
"It has little pads on the bottom so the bench can be blown clean."


News Story...


Taken out at theVanCave this weekend.
When all the screws are gone, I'm done putting
my RV-6 back together (after its annual).


From Dynon...

Tail Spring Mounted Vid ...Marc Hudson -7


Gentle Reminder...

related: Advertising info at www.DeltaRomeo.com



Fri Oct 10, 2014  1204Z
Happy Birthday to my son Tate!  The world's best son (IMHO) turns 14 today.

Brad Bensen 6A...


First flight of kit 120573 Rego 19-8510



Baffle cracks - odd location


LOE'14 photos


New GRT software- Enroute HITS, ADS-B TFRs, and more!


Rain Date Activated...


Petit Jean Registration Status...


Aircraft Build Log for Android ...Stan Smith

After an empty search for a 'build log' app I decided to take the homebuilder approach and create something. It has basic log functionality like time/date tracking, photos w/captions, notes, helpers and the ability to flag items requiring additional attention... all from your phone or tablet. Data backup and print support are in the works.

Hopefully others in the VAF community may find it useful.

It's free on Google play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.designerx.aircraftbuildlog

Feedback and questions are always welcome!
stan 'at' designerx 'dot' com




Thu Oct 9, 2014  1146Z

Gary Rosier photo (click to enlarge).
(Mike Kelly) Here is a nice photo of Whiskey flight returning
from a breakfast flight this morning to the Spruce Creek Fly-In.
I. Mike Kelly 2. Bob Kurrle 3. Bill Merkin 4. Medford Bragg 5. Gene Ledda.

First Flight C-FTLL RV-9A


Vid: Page, AZ to San Diego, CA


LOE'14 Note


Garmin G3X Touch V2.70 Software ...ready for download


Get the Vans CD plans !


Tall Man Panel Mod




Nose job...


G3X two panel system Vs. three panel


OT: An An-124-100 flew over my house Tuesday.
6:32pm.  Looking outside my upstairs bedroom window
I saw this.  Crummy iphone pic, but Wow!.    

related: a better pic from the web

Welcome www.VALavionics.com ...made in the USA
(ad on the front page)



Wed Oct 8, 2014  1122Z
  I enjoyed posting the note about Rob needing a car for his wife in yesterday's edition (reposted below).  It made me revisit the idea that this site (to me) is more about people than airplanes.  The normal journey through life with a Van's RV thrown in the mix.  Anyway, I wanted to encourage others to occasionally throw the non-RV request my way for the front page.  If your request will help a person in need, even better.  You never know...it might be the top story the next day. 

VAF Off Topic 'Getting Through Life' Request
WTB: Cool car for cool wife who gave her previous car to a friend in need.
Desires: Less than 5 yrs old, less than 30K miles
Contact:  smokyray 'at' rocketmail 'dot' com

Petit Jean Update


Seen in regards to the AOPA Debonair giveaway ...made me laugh. dr


Another "riveting bottom skins" suggestion


RV-8/8A F-805F-1 Floor Spacer Question


Air vents higher on the panel?


TIP- Sika bonding for less $$


Welcome www.avionics-installations.com
(ad on the front page)


OT:  An article my wife was interviewed for




Tue Oct 7, 2014  1202Z
Note from Rob Ray to me yesterday - hoping somebody might be able to help.

WTB: Cool car for cool wife who gave her previous car to a friend in need.
Desires: Less than 5 yrs old, less than 30K miles
Contact:  smokyray 'at' rocketmail 'dot' com


First Flight RV6A N763RV ...CopterJohn


The $131 Hamburger...Jeff Bloomquist 7A


What I Did Last Wednesday...


In flight photo


A great layout tool


First LOE


DIY Home Drip System



Mon Oct 6, 2014  1143Z

(Russ Daves)  "Great turnout. 50 Airplanes flew in, mostly RV's.  I understood that one of the supervisors told the controllers, "There are a bunch of pilots coming that are not real familiar with Class C airspace and I don't want any told to call the tower when they land". And it didn't happen!!! Probably because everybody was perfect!!!

We had 104 pilots, passengers, and drive ins come to LOE 2014 and the banquet / big screen TV air-condition room that EAA Chapter 471 built just for LOE - it was almost at capacity for the banquet. Betty Rose's BBQ was so good and tender you did not need a knife and people were invited to go back for more. It has to be one of the all time great LOE catered meals we've ever had, at least sine 2001 when I started attending.

I cannot thank enough the multitude of EAA Chapter 471 members who went all out to make this event such a great weekend event.

Stu McGrudy and his crew also entertained us with some great formation flying. Please come again next year as you were a big hit.

Tha ONLY complaints I heard all weekend was "Where in the heck is all the RV'ers from the DFW area?" Hey guys, you were way under-represented. Maybe next year we will offer a door prize to the airport that has the greatest number fly in!!!!

Thanks also go out to all the raffle prize donors who made a bunch of people happy with what they took home."




RV-7 Builder Wins AOPA Sweepstakes Debonair.
Bob Collins co-conspirator.

related: the video

Philly to San Francisco

KVBT Bentonville, Ar






Tracking your investment...Tate's 8th grade grades as of 10/3.
A's and B's.  Got 'em over the weekend.



Fri Oct 3, 2014  1137Z

LOE'14 This Fri-Sat-Sun

Fri-Sat-Sun Forecast for LOE'14

More at: http://www.loeflyin.org/index.html

LOE'14 Saturday Breakfast

Pilots N Paws Flights Through Abilene During LOE

Panel ...FasGlas

Just finished my panel (For now anyway).. MGL iEFIS G3 touch screens, ADS-B, Android computer, Bluetooth audio, Electronic Monoxide sensor, EI Commander, Garmin 430W, SL-30, 340, 327, Vertical Power VPX-Pro, more


RV-10 Status Report ...rvdave

Copperstate RV10 Nest 2014 ...woxofswa

I am in the early throws for planning the eighth (and last) RV-10 Nest at Copperstate (AZ) 2014. Hopefully the ninth and last will be next year.

My land based RV will be there for the duration and serve as a crashpad for nesters with lots of shade, seating, cold drinks, etc. Tent campers are welcome to use my facilities as needed.  more



Thu  Oct 2, 2014  1141Z

Oregon International Airshow video


A new Advanced RV-8 Quick Panel just before powder coating


Fall Leaves in Quebec...Kevin Horton


Flat Top colors ...flyinmonque


Wing Panel Wrinkle ...seattleworm


Weather Change of Plans ...crabandy


KC Flight "Over" Royals game


Status Update ...RV7AJeremy


Lucy Has Wings ...wirejock


RV-14A Status Report ...AlinNS


Stop dribbling smoke... add a solenoid valve ;)  ...schristo




Wed Oct 1, 2014  0144Z

Wallpaper Calendar for October ...courtesy the talented Ed Hicks.


15hr report ...Andy Karmy RV-8

[ed. About as motivating a post as you could ever want to read!  dr]

I know I really enjoyed reading the early reports of phase I when a number of the rest of you were going through it, so here's my short update.

9 days, 15.2hrs of flying... WOW it's been awhile since I've flown this much.

As of now I think the engine is mostly broke in, the temps have stabilized and are generally below 400 when not climbing under full power. My hottest Cyl is #2 and it's always the hottest in most any situation. Have to start looking at some cutting down of the fin blockers in front of 1&2 since the rear Cyls are the coolest. In 15 hours I have added 1 quart of oil thus far, so it's using a bit, but not too much. The dual P-mags have been flawless thus far and start and run easily. The Catto prop seems pitched right, but it's hard to tell completely since I don't yet have the wheel pants installed.  continue


A trip to the islands - video...Dgamble

The early fall weather has been great in Central Ohio. I took the opportunity to make one last trip up to the islands. I took a co-worker with me - it was her first time in a small plane. She says she enjoyed it. You be the judge. ...


Transiting an "R" ...Vlad


Status Report ...John Gross

Slowly but surely it's starting to look like something.


LOE'14 Begins Friday!

Register at: http://www.loeflyin.org/index.html


Press Release

EVERYONE should have a LOW OIL LEVEL SENSOR in their aircraft!  If you don’t, why not? Are you able to detect a low oil level while you are in flight? Many of us can’t without a low oil level sensor. We just received a new batch of our Low Oil Level Sensors. This has been a popular choice for RVs and other aircraft. It will fit right in most O-360 engines and lots of others too. We also have a shorter model we can offer now for shallower oil pans. If you want a custom sensor designed for your aircraft, let us know. See our Low Oil Level Sensor and more at www.aircraftextras.com



Tue Sep 30, 2014  1149Z

Seth Baker (RV-7 Builder) Recovery Fund (Post-Mishap Medical Expenses)

(from Bob Mills)

"Team VAF,

This is posted with the permission of DR. Posted in General for max exposure, but I can repost in the Charity section or wherever appropriate, after a little run time, if desired (thanks!).

This post is to announce an opportunity to assist an RV-7 builder and brother with medical expenses, following a mishap in an RV-6A that occurred while he was checking out a prospective buyer in Las Cruces, NM (previously discussed on VAF). Seth fractured his spine, and underwent surgery to fuse T12 and L1. He is recovering physically, but is without medical insurance, as he had just changed jobs to gain access to medical insurance for he and his daughter, but was not yet covered.

The Sport Class Air Racing Association (the class RV's race in at Reno) has gone all out in support of Seth, as many of our racers have asked how they could help. We have posted Seth's Story on our home page www.sportclass.com, and we have set up a PayPal account and placed a Donate button there to collect donations for Seth. 100% of the funds (less what PayPal charges) will go directly to Seth for medical expenses…guar-own-teed!

Seth is one of those great RV people, and a true gentleman. One of those guys that'll travel to help a friend get un-stuck (he's a heckuva mechanic) and one who'll give ya the shirt off his back. He was a tireless crew chief for Jason Rovey and his RV-8 last year, and helped many other racers out all week long. He completed PRS this year, and was to compete in his Rookie season this month. He'll be back, but has an uphill climb right now financially.

Seth would never ask for a thing, so our Sports Class Race Family has stepped up, and the SARL Family is right behind. I just wanted the VAF Family to know about our friend in need, and present the opportunity to pitch in for a buddy.

Thanks DR for the space and permission to post this. I appreciate it even more when realizing that this is a competing donation with your family's income…that is a very special gift, and I'll keep this request short term. Thank you!  [ed. You are most welcome!  dr]

Thanks to all for checking this out! Here is a picture of Seth, sporting his new body armor and glare shield head-butt mark, and a couple from happier times…which he'll get back to as soon as he can!"  (more)

Last Minute LOE'14 News

Register at: http://www.loeflyin.org/index.html


Wrap Complete: Multiple Photos ...Gash

Mark Allison: 200kt GS Photo

Kevin Horton says, "Yeah, I'll raise ya."


Lean Range Test Results ...Steve M.

I'd appreciate comments on a lean range test I did today. I have done it previously, but had not been able to do it WOT (as it should properly be done) until I had my prop repitched. It has been repitched and here are my results:

Test conditions:
8000' MSL
~9500' DA
-Made 4 runs, starting at full rich and taking about 6-8 minutes to slowly lean until all 4 cylinders peaked. Then went to full rich, allowed temps to stabilize, repeated the process 4 times.

Average EGT delta between full rich EGT and peak EGT:
Cylinder #1: 173.3F
Cylinder #2: 107.8F
Cylinder #3: 251.0F
Cylinder #4: 229.8F

RV-12 Flying in the Northeast Today ...Brent Connelly


Tennessee Race Results ...Bruce


Boscobel, WI Fly-in today ...John Bender


Grand Canyon Adventure ...woxofswa


DIY "Remove Before Flight" flags - 4 for a dollar



Mon Sep 29, 2014  1153Z   
  We are approaching the milestone of being three quarters of the way through 2014. I wanted to take a quick moment today to thank the amazing advertisers who support this small business, as well as the kind readers who have sent in a donation during 2014.  I spent some time this weekend catching up with paperwork and the donation lists, and interspersed with a few of the donation checks were wonderfully kind cards from people wishing our family well after the passing of my dear mother. All contained words of encouragement, and were received with a much needed, grateful smile.  It means a lot.  Thank you.

RV White Pages Updated  

3,269 listings in 26 countries, and you can download it to your phone, tablet or phablet.


LOE'14 10-day forecast...

fmi: http://www.loeflyin.org/index.html


"My" first flight! ...Jesse Bentley


The Best Day of Her Life -- saved from Death Row


Rudder Pedal Redo ...Danny King

It's been fifteen years since I installed the rudder pedals in the Doll. Over the years they have become increasingly difficult to reposition forward and aft. I knew that I needed to remove them for some R&R, but in my mind I was dreading the required process! Like most maintenance, thinking about the task was much worse than actually doing the work. I was surprised that I had them removed, disassembled, and in the parts washer in about an hour! ...

Flight to Heber UT, through Provo Pass


By car 41 min by RV 1h 35 min


Panel Upgrade ...73 photos from GalinHdz


Distorted Tire From Leaking Avgas


My hometown paper featured RVs on the front page Friday.

Looks like the guys in Falcon Flight.  I got a screen grab. 


10 ship in England


Additional Pilot Program for Phase I Flight Test

An actual text exchange between Audrey and her Dad

The sophomore at SMU keeping you in the loop on your investment.  You'll figure out what I was saying <g>. 

Hint: Sierra Hotel.
(how to set up emoji)



Fri Sep 26, 2014  1153Z   (click the pic to go to the story)

Hanging Around the Airport Fence ...turbo

"Met some grandparents this summer with this little one in hand at Keene,NH. After talking for quite awhile we headed to the plane. Should of tried to get her out for a taxi ride. What fun!"


Status Report ...David Paul RV-3B

Quick update on the tanks.

I've got the left tank riveted but haven't yet dotted the rivet heads with tank sealant. Also the inboard rib is still out pending the vent line installation.

The right tank is assembled and glued and clecoed, all but the inboard rib, and is curing.

I borrowed a #8 nutplate tool to drill the nutplate attachment holes on the spar flanges but haven't actually drilled the #40 holes yet. The screw holes have been drilled but not countersunk.



Damon Amiotes Video Featuring the RV-12


Surface Pro 3 for Pilots


Panel Update ...Keith Williams


The Renegades flew at Wendover,UT this year ...Christopher Murphy



Thu Sep 25, 2014  1157Z   (click the pic to go to the story)

Conditional Inspection #12 Begins.

Floorboards out, cowling and wheelpants off, tail fairings stored.  Wing root fairings and baggage area back wall coming off tomorrow. 


Oregon to NY and back ...Joe

Recently returned from an RV-8A cross-country from western Oregon to upstate New York to attend a high school reunion. This is the "big picture" taken from the APRS track of my aircraft.  ...


Some Colorado fall color ...Stump

taken during a scouting trip looking for some fall color. solo run since the ladies didn't relish the idea of an 0700 takeoff. longs peak, outside ward, co and south of idaho springs.


Seen at the Van Cave Yesterday

Danny King helping Rob Reece perform SB 14-02-05.  Interesting trivia....Rob has a shockingly large number of disco albums on his iPad. 

related: www.theVanCave.com

From the factory...



Wed Sep 24, 2014  1158Z   (click the pic to go to the story)

Gave a ride today! ...bhester

I saw a young boy a few weeks ago and went to the fence to talk to him. His name is Charlie and he loves aviation. He was very excited to talk to me and asked me questions that only another pilot might ask. He asked about my plane, what type of equipment was in it and what kind of headsets I used. Last week he stopped by and ask more about it. I invited him to come sit in it. He told me what most of the things did in it. I told him that maybe another day I might be able to give him a ride. Well today I got to do that! I explained how everything worked and showed him how to fly it. I gave him the controls and he did a very good job flying it. He keep it level and did very nice turns. He had a great time and so did I!


While you were all snug in your bed ...N941WR

This past weekend I hooked up with Southeast Region Recreational Aviation Foundation.

Being an avid hiker, I always thought it would be great fun to use my airplane to extend my reach. However, that first airplane, a 1941 Taylorcraft, was a bit limited on the people and gear hauling department. The T-Craft was replaced by an RV-9 that was built in my basement with such adventures in mind. I chose the RV-9 for its low stall speed and tailwheel configuration so I could visit some out of the way grass strips. While not a “bush plane”, it should work on some of the rougher strips I dreamed of, or so I thought.

Unfortunately, other than flying to Oshkosh and Lakeland and pitching my tent in the homebuilt camping area, my flying camping experience was very limited. Part of the problem is that I live in the Carolinas and there just aren’t back country fields like what I read about out West.  ...

(Eric Davis photo)


From Garmin...


The last step is coming closer ...Dominik in Switzerland

A long project coming closer to its last step ... but it will contain most of the fun and change a childhood-dream into reality.

Have a look here. Turn the music on!

My buddy at work, spent some hours putting a trailer together, a big thank you to Jurgen!

Have fun! <g>



Tue Sep 23, 2014  1208Z   (click the pic to go to the story)

Video: the misty morning air in the RV-6 Magic Carpet


Pagosa Springs 150 Race Results

Race#.......... Name Aircraft Class Elapsed Time Speed MPH Speed KTS
Race 21 Alan Crawford Sport Lancair Legacy 0:34:14 276.45 240.39
Race 91 Bruce Hammer FX Blue Glasair I TD 0:36:02 262.64 228.38
Race 25 Steve Alderman RG Blue Lancair 360 0:37:17 253.83 220.73
Race 73 Steve Hammer FX Blue Glasair I TD 0:38:18 247.10 214.87
Race 36 Bob Hutter Sport Glasair III 0:39:05 242.14 210.56
Race 41 Chad Rundell FX Blue Glasair II FT 0:43:16 218.73 190.20
Race 411 Jeff Barnes RV Blue RV-6 0:43:58 215.25 187.17
Race Black 1 Bob McNeese FX Red Midget Mustang I 0:44:02 214.92 186.89
Race 6 Craig Taylor RV Blue RV-8 0:44:16 213.79 185.91
Race 38 Andy Beasley RV Red RV-3B 0:44:55 210.70 183.22
Race 26 Mike Thompson RV Blue RV-6 0:46:04 205.44 178.64
Race 11 Jim Lane FAC1RG-T A36TC Bonanza 0:47:27 199.45 173.43
Race 4 Tim Gallager RV Red RV-4 0:48:10 196.48 170.85
Race 111 Skip Thomas RV Red RV-4 0:48:29 195.20 169.74
Race 14 Ric Lee FAC 6 Diamond DA 20 0:59:28 159.14 138.39
Race 300 Doug Humble Sport Glasair III DNF

Results By Class

Class Finish Race#.......... Name Aircraft Elapsed Time Speed MPH Speed KTS
Sport 1st Race 21 Alan Crawford Lancair Legacy 0:34:14 276.45 240.39
Sport 2nd Race 36 Bob Hutter Glasair III 0:39:05 242.14 210.56
Sport DNF Race 300 Doug Humble Glasair III DNF

RG Blue 1st Race 25 Steve Alderman Lancair 360 0:37:17 253.83 220.73

FX Blue 1st Race 91 Bruce Hammer Glasair I TD 0:36:02 262.64 228.38
FX Blue 2nd Race 73 Steve Hammer Glasair I TD 0:38:18 247.10 214.87
FX Blue 3rd Race 41 Chad Rundell Glasair II FT 0:43:16 218.73 190.20

FX Red 1st Race Black 1 Bob McNeese Midget Mustang I 0:44:02 214.92 186.89

RV Blue 1st Race 411 Jeff Barnes RV-6 0:43:58 215.25 187.17
RV Blue 2nd Race 6 Craig Taylor RV-8 0:44:16 213.79 185.91
RV Blue 3rd Race 26 Mike Thompson RV-6 0:46:04 205.44 178.64

RV Red 1st Race 38 Andy Beasley RV-3B 0:44:55 210.70 183.22
RV Red 2nd Race 4 Tim Gallager RV-4 0:48:10 196.48 170.85
RV Red 3rd Race 111 Skip Thomas RV-4 0:48:29 195.20 169.74

FAC1RG-T 1st Race 11 Jim Lane A36TC Bonanza 0:47:27 199.45 173.43

FAC 6 1st Race 14 Ric Lee Diamond DA 20 0:59:28 159.14 138.39


Status Report: Guilhermepilot


Turbo out and about...


RV-4 and the Brown Side of the Mountains


Partial Panel Question- IFR checkride with multiple EFIS screens and tablet

Can I use this during the partial panel portion of the checkride if all my EFIS screens are tied into one power bus, and they all share one AHRS

A discussion...



Mon Sep 22, 2014  1204Z   (click the pic to go to the story)
















Fri Sep 19, 2014  1153Z   (click the pic to go to the story)

CrewRV8: A new formation team is born ...Luke in Italy


First flight 9/18/14 ...Mike Coady

It finally happened, my first flight in N771MK. It was absolutely fantastic! Almost five years of building intermixed with a normal and sometimes crazy life. I can't tell you in words how good it was. Keep building. You will get there too. And thank you to the Airforce here. I can't tell you how valuable you are all as well. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

Caption Contest


Electrical Gremlins Showing their Ugly Faces ...Randy's 12

I have 100 hrs on my RV-12 and up to this point, they have been relatively bug free hours. In the past three weeks, I've started to see a couple of electrical gremlins surface. I find this very frustrating because there is nothing I dislike more than tracking down wiring problems.

My first problem is that the right EGT reading jumps all over the place and then quits altogether. I have messed with this one a little and I first suspected the connector clips in the engine compartment. I've adjusted them, reinserted them, etc but no joy so far. This problem comes and goes so it is hard to pin down.

Second problem is that Skyview is giving me "Standby Network Error" that comes and goes as well. This sprung up as I was returning home from The Badlands Fly In. According to the debug page, it says it is in the SV-EMS-220 harness pins 1/6. In looking at the Van's wiring diagram, it is saying that it is the oil pressure line yet the oil pressure is displaying fine.

Third problem is that my fuel flow meter is showing zero flow. I first noticed this on a test flight to check on the other two problems. Haven't dove into this one yet.

I dread tearing open the cabin and the boot cowl but have no choice at this point. Just as the Fall weather is getting good too.

Catching up with Tommy and Gang


Reminder from the factory...


Greetings! ...Victor Cotham

New to that VAF, but hoping to become real familiar in the near future!

Retiring from the Navy after being stationed at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma for the past 12 years. Will be moving up to Seattle, WA in about two weeks to start a new career with Boeing.

Once settled, I hope to begin the rewarding process of building an RV. I have quite a bit of experience in repair of large aircraft. Hopefully, some of it should translate to help out with the small. Also, my step-son is planning on attending a two year degree/A&P course in the area, sounding like the perfect assistant.

Hoping to get in touch with a few people that I might be able to meet soon and get a feel for a RV, as well as some good contacts to prevent me from messing it up too bad.

Piston Side Load Throught Two Revolutions


SB Complied With ...RV-10 N331JH

Inspected my -10 last Friday and found no cracks. Got the part frm Vans Tuesday and went to the airport after work on Wed to verify the fit and paint it. Did some minor cleaning up with a dremmel tool and have a good fit.

Installed it after work last night in about an hour including putting the cowl on etc. Needed only one spacer to preload it so the elastomers have not compressed much. Shaft looks good too with no noticable wear.

Total of 500 hours with 99% on paved surfaces. Kit number 40142, built in 2005 (think it was the 13th RV-10 flying). I had replaced the nose gear bushings at around 350 hours but verified they were all ok while I had it apart.

As others have said, easy fairly quick job if you have no cracks. Hardest part was getting the collar off. <g>



Thu Sep 18, 2014  1158Z   (click the pic to go to the story)

(click to enlarge)

The little mod Danny King made on his RV-8 'Beautiful Doll' that allows his GIB to have a PFD/MFD.  Extended it is at the proper slant for viewing.  Stowed it rests nicely up against the back of the front seat.  Secured with Velcro.


New RV 12 flew today ...yakdriver
Had the honor of doing the first flight of my friend's RV12 N792RV today. Flew great just like an RV should. First time I have flown a 12 and I really like how light and responsive it is. Couple of small adjustments and try it again tomorrow. Don
RV 7 N212MD Flying as of 12/22/2007
Backcountry/TCOW Super Cub flying 03/12/2011


There is hope!
When I arrived at our Chapter Fly-in Saturday there were a bunch of kids gathered around before I even got out of the airplane.

Their parents were there and were doing a good job at keeping the kids under control.

One young boy asked if he could look inside. I said "It'll be hard for you to see inside without sitting in the plane, you want to do that?" His eyes widened as he said "Yes Sir"!
(This is Louisiana).  ...


Strong storm causes damage around county
SAN DIEGO - A stubborn monsoonal heat wave kept the San Diego area roasting again Tuesday and added to the misery by generating lightning, heavy rain, hail and stiff winds that sent trees and power lines crashing down onto roads and buildings around San Diego County.  ...


Analyzing an EGT clue
I was reading a preliminary NTSB report on an incident in MN a week or so ago in which a Cirrus lost power, landed on a road and sustained substantial damage when trying to avoid a car (hitting a utility pole guy wire).

(By the way, does anyone think -- while driving down a highway -- "where would I go AFTER I land here?"?)

Anyway, the pilot reported that he noticed the EGT numbers were dropping and then the engine quit a minute or so later.

My question: What would this tell us about what might be going on under the cowling?



Wed Sep 17, 2014  1202Z   (click the pic to go to the story)

Remembering Tony: Sunday 9/21

(from Amy)  I am having a reception at my house Sunday 9/21 from 4 to 7. Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres will be served. Please come raise a glass and celebrate Tony's life. Stay as little or as long as you'd like. Please share with others. Just have them email me or text me they are coming so I can have an accurate head count.  (Cross Keys Airport 17N nearest).


AOG --Stuck with a flat at KHKY (Hickory NC)

I am up at KHKY (Hickory NC) with a main wheel flat. Anyone have some advise on who locally could provide some much needed help? Tried the local FBO but no one is home. Standard 5x5 main tires.



Small World


Cylinder #1 spark plugs Rotax 912ULS

Since my first engine start I've noticed the plugs in Cylinder #1 are black (sooty) compared to the other 3. I was hoping it was just something that was happening because the first hour or so was mostly idle to 2500RPM. I had the 25 hour inspection done by a Rotax certified mechanic. He said he's never seen it before on only one cylinder. The Rotax response has been not to worry about it as all engine parameters are good and it runs fine.
It may not be connected but I also noticed the exhaust is very sooty. I had a 912 in my Pulsar and never had the issue.

Carbs are balanced
Only run 93 auto fuel (normally 5% ethanol)
Cleaned and re-gapped the plugs
Compression was perfect (25 hour check)
The other plugs are a nice light brown

The plugs are not oily at all, the soot (maybe carbon) wipes off.

Has anyone else seen this issue, if so any suggestions on what else to check.



Well, I pulled the cylinder - here are some pics


VFR Through Tampa Class B

We have a bunch of time off for the Christmas holiday and we're thinking of taking the Rocket out for a little spin down to Key West. Since I'm coming from California, I'm planning on running the coast along the panhandle, then jumping across the Gulf, going feet dry somewhere north of Tampa. I'd LIKE to run the entire west coast down to Key West, but Tampa is really in the way. I have no problem with Bravo airspace in general, but I know some is more "VFR friendly" than others. PHX for example only rarely lets me pass through. If Tampa is sketchy, I'd rather just plan to go around from the get go.

Any practical guidance/experience would be appreciated.




Tue Sep 16, 2014  1159Z   (click the pic to go to the story)

More Montana


Status Report

Just posting a quick update. Things are fairly quiet at the moment with work winding down. I've been ready for inspection for the last week, waiting on paperwork to clear the FAA and have the DAR come out.

Did a second engine run. Wow this is going to be fun. Starts easily, leaps forward on the taxi way, tracks straight with very positive control. Full power run-up shows 2250rpm as expected. I think it's ready to go!

Fingers crossed that we can get everything lined up this week and be in the air!
Andy Karmy


Photos of Mark’s very nice RV-9 over PA heading to breakfast


More Center Section Bulkhead questions...


Probable Cause Published: Adopted 8/14/2014


OP requests you critiquie



Pics of area beneath wing gap fairing


Sept/Oct Issue Online...  36 pages.


Chris M's UpNorthAviation Panel



Mon Sep 15, 2014  1205Z   
  Sitting at a table for fourteen on Saturday. Family and friends for lunch at the Longhorn Steakhouse, four of them RV owners/builders, immediately after my mother’s funeral service. Laughing, and it felt good. Near the end of the meal, my sister leaned over and quietly said, ‘Mom is picking up this meal.’  Sis has power of attorney. She told me after most everyone had left, that fourteen years ago after my Dad’s service most of these same people came over to the house, staying for hours around the kitchen table. I had forgotten. In Sis’s words, “Mom laughed so hard she almost wet her pants." They gave her hope, and much needed laughter on the worst of days.
  The power of friendship showed itself again this weekend in the form of the many friends that came to pay their respects.  Many from out of town, some I haven't seen in decades.  Thank you.
  It wasn't lost on me just how much friends can make an impact.  Or how grateful our family is to know such people.


(click the pic to go to the story)










Rest in Peace: Virginia Reeves
(my biggest fan)

Words fail me how thankful our family is for the many emails, voicemails, texts, private messages and replies in Sid's post regarding the passing of my dear mother, Virginia.  The funeral is scheduled for Saturday the 13th at Oakcrest Funeral Home (web) in Waco, TX.  Visitation 10:30.  Service 11:00.  Closed casket and no graveside service - exactly what she wanted.  Obituary.

She got so much joy out of reading this website, out of vicariously experiencing the excitement, satisfaction and community these airplanes brought other people.  She was my biggest supporter, role model and friend.  If this site brings you joy in any way, if it makes the world happier even a little, it is because Virginia Reeves walked this earth and that I was lucky enough to be given life by her.  You are looking through the prism her parentage provided.  We should all be so lucky.

Let me tell you one quick story.  On Mother's Day last year, a few weeks after getting lens replacement surgery in one eye, and finally being able to see more than about three feet, she may have asked to go for a ride in a sports car after finishing the corny dog and onion rings she requested for lunch.  I'll neither confirm nor deny that this actually happened, but her youngest son possibly found a long, straight road in the farmland countryside outside Waco, fed 300hp to spinning tires until the smell of melting rubber filled the car, letting off the gas at 104mph.  She might have asked to do it a second time, only faster.  A good son honors his mother's wishes (allegedly).

Between the tears I occasionally smile, because I keep having this vision of her floating above the hood of Dale Earnhardt Jr's car each weekend, yelling for him to go faster.  I hope he listens - her advice always served me well.

Mom, you did it right.  Thank you for everything.  I love you.

I'll be in and out for awhile.  God Bless you all.



Fri Sep 12, 2014  1208Z
          (click the pic to go to the story)











Thu Sep 11, 2014  1206Z
          (click the pic to go to the story)












Wed Sep 10, 2014  1200Z
          (click the pic to go to the story)











Tue Sep 9, 2014  1200Z
          (click the pic to go to the story)








Mon Sep 8, 2014  1205Z

Words fail me how thankful our family is for the many emails, voicemails, texts, private messages and replies in Sid's post regarding the passing of my dear mother, Virginia.  The funeral is scheduled for Saturday the 13th at Oakcrest Funeral Home (web) in Waco, TX.  Visitation 10:30.  Service 11:00.  Closed casket and no graveside service - exactly what she wanted.  Obituary.

She got so much joy out of reading this website, out of vicariously experiencing the excitement, satisfaction and community these airplanes brought other people.  She was my biggest supporter, role model and friend.  If this site brings you joy in any way, if it makes the world happier even a little, it is because Virginia Reeves walked this earth and that I was lucky enough to be given life by her.  You are looking through the prism her parentage provided.  We should all be so lucky.

Let me tell you one quick story.  On Mother's Day last year, a few weeks after getting lens replacement surgery in one eye, and finally being able to see more than about three feet, she may have asked to go for a ride in a sports car after finishing the corny dog and onion rings she requested for lunch.  I'll neither confirm nor deny that this actually happened, but her youngest son possibly found a long, straight road in the farmland countryside outside Waco, fed 300hp to spinning tires until the smell of melting rubber filled the car, letting off the gas at 104mph.  She might have asked to do it a second time, only faster.  A good son honors his mother's wishes (allegedly).

Between the tears I occasionally smile, because I keep having this vision of her floating above the hood of Dale Earnhardt Jr's car each weekend, yelling for him to go faster.  I hope he listens - her advice always served me well.

Mom, you did it right.  Thank you for everything.  I love you.

I'll be in and out for awhile.  God Bless you all.



Thu Sep 4, 2014  1148Z

Mom trip #8

Went down to Houston and back yesterday to see Mom for a few hours - the airplane has justified its existence many times over these past two months.  It's hard to believe all this cancer/tumor/stroke ugliness reared its awful head only nine weeks ago.  She is in a hospice facility now near where my older sister works in Cypress (NW Houston).  I don't have the words to express the love I have for my sister.

Our family would truly appreciate any prayers you can offer up on Virginia Reeves' behalf.   She has always been this site's, and my, #1 fan...and we're hurting.


First Passenger Video ...Bruce Hill

Van's RV Technical Workshop ...Luca in Italy

As Italian DAR, I put together six new friends (builders and Chapter members) to explain the base skills for the metal building (absolutely Van's RV kit oriented). A free course, beverage included!  ...


HELP!...I need a title ...Chuck Hagerty

“You know it’s a bad landing when you’re upside down” is the title I used on this forum last November, and the thread was read over 13,500 times. Now I need some help. After the nose-over and the ensuing injuries, I had a lot of time on my hands, so I wrote a book about the whole experience. We are in the final stages of editing, and I hope to have it published before Christmas. My challenge at this stage is to come up with an appropriate title.

The book is divided into thirds: the first third tells about building, flying, and the crash; the second third tells about hospitals, surgeries, and recovery; and the last third tells about the lessons learned through all of this.

I’ve thought about using “You know it’s a bad landing when you’re upside down” and I’ve also thought of “Bad Landing – Broken Neck – Borrowed Insights.” I have several others, but I didn’t want to put them all out here. We have so many sharp people on the site and quite a few wordsmiths…someone recently proposed a title for the future book that Vlad needs to write, and I thought it was well done.

So if you come up with a good idea, please pass it on. You will have my undying gratitude, and the privilege of seeing your creative efforts on the front of a book. Thanks for thinking about this, and I don’t want to tie up the site, so if you want to respond off-line, that would be great.

Thanks also for your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes.  ...


Tommy and Gang ...trip update

On Sunday morning, we loaded up 3 RVs and took off about 9:30 am. The weather was clear at Port Angeles but the Seattle area had a number of IFR and marginal vfr reporting points. So the plan was to climb on top to see if it was doable. This was the view on takeoff of the Olympic Mountains.  ...




Wed Sep 3, 2014  1142Z

Airshow in Lovere, Iseo Lake, Brescia, Italy ...Team RV Italy

Just three pics from yesterday, during Memorial Stoppani Airshow in Lovere, Iseo Lake, Brescia, Italy, where we performed as QBR Team (Quei Bravi Ragazzi Team); Memorial Stoppani is an airshow dedicated to Mario Stoppani, a I world war ace pilot who was born in Lovere.
Mario Stoppani also performed a record flight in 1938 from Cadice, Spain to Caravelas, Brasil with an hydroplane (that's why the airshow also includes some hydroplanes who actually land on Iseo Lake). ...


100 hours in N824E (RV-10) ...Bill Thomasson

First 100 hours report. Here is what I like, would do different, and things I have found in my first 100 hrs.

Squawks and Problems:
1. Had leak at break peddle on low pressure fitting of left break (pressurized when co-pilot uses breaks) did not notice it until after had a co-pilot.
2. When fixing above, found left break fitting on break (90 deg) was only hand tight and had been leaking a lot. Had noticed softer breaking with that side, but had just suspected an air bubble.
3. Found the ignition wire pass-through of the baffle had only been hand tightened. Found at hour 40 after many inspections and 2 oil changes. I found it while trying to tighten the baffling up more and filling every small hole with RTV.
4. Needed to removed 2/3-3/4 of front air deflectors on the cyl 1,2 baffles to get them cooler. I would leave them off to start with as this seems common to most RV-10s
5. Open door sensor wire got pinched in an adel clamp, causing it to be grounded after the pilot door. (EFIS-PilotDoor-(unintentional ground)-CopilotDoor-Ground ) This caused the open door sensor on copilot to never indicate open.
6. First flight out of airport environment (4 flight) had a short that caused primary electrical buss to go down. EFIS stayed up on backup battery, but had no radios or transponder (or flaps). Had to land at a different field (non-towered). If I had had a handheld radio it would have been much easier to go back to my towered airport then have to cart tools out to the airport I did land at.

Things I would do different:
1. Not use carbon-fiber panel. Love the look of it, that is why I put it in, but I have already thought of re-doing my panel for some new EFIS's that did not exist 18 months ago. Any of the carbon fiber designs limit how much you can move things in the future without pulling the entire panel out. Still love it now, but will not do it on my next build.
2. Put rudder peddles in rearward (closer to pilot) position, not forward. I'm 6'1 and with my seat up as far as I can get it and not have my crotch interfering with the stick and my knees pressing buttons on the dash, the peddles are a little further than I would like. Unless you are taller than 6'2 I would not use the front peddle position.
3. iPad mount on co-pilot side instead of 3rd EFIS. I always flew my cessna with my ipad and never had any problems seeing it, so I mounted it on a swivel mount. Quickly found it was not visible enough there, and started using it on my lap again. Now adding a 3rd EFIS.
4. Tack sensor. I had only wired my Lightspeed tack to my G3X and did not install a tack sensor. Did not fully think about no tack sensing when doing a mag check. Still have that on my todo list to get to at some time.
5. Make sure EVERTHING is done before first flight. Still have 10 minor items (not of airworthyness concern) that I planed on getting done while in phase I... they are still not done. Hard to work on it instead of flying.
6. Archer comm antenna. Had my comm 2 on an archer antenna in the wingtip. At least my install is useless over 10 miles. luckly because of mixed reports I had installed a doubler for a second wip antenna already.

Notes on Performance etc: (In Georgia in the Summer)
1. I have had no problems with oil temperatures. Usually in the 170's. I do have a butterfly valve in the oil cooler air, and will usually close it just a little to raise the temp a little to make sure all water gets boiled out. This is in Georgia in the summer.
2. CHT's climb quickly to 400 if I keep takeoff power past pattern altitude. If I drop down to 24 squared and 110-120 knots then temps stay 380-390. I still get a nice rate of climb 700-800 fpm with this.
3. In cruise 40-50 deg LOP at 9000 ft WOT & 2350 rpm seeing 163 knots at 9.7 gph with CHTs in the 350-360. 50 deg rich of peak 12-13 gph at 168-170.
4. Climbed to 22,000 ft with O2 just after completing phase 1. Was still getting about 200 fpm, but was temp limited or would have been higher. Was only getting 139 knots on 6.8 gph
5. GPS box vs TAS seems to show an error in my TAS of between 0 and 1.5 knots depending on airspeed from 70 knots to 170 knots.
6. Running through all the datapoints in my test plan took 34 hr. (first 5 hr were just breaking in the engine). I did not record anything while flying, but used EFIS log to pull the data from. This worked well. Use the EFIS to Mark (G3X) the start of a test and it puts a flag in the data file.
7. Tested to 2800 lbs (my gross weight) and max rearward CG (after burning off 3 gal I was out of CG to the rear). Stall break and recovery were still mild and easy. (moved a sandbag forward before landing) Loading 650 lbs of sandbags might break you, but not the stall.
8. Tested to 210 knots TAS while wearing a parachute just in case. Only problem noticed at that speed is the rear side vents open themselves.

Things I love:
1. The plane.
2. The Aerosport overhead console & stien vents. Expensive vents, but they seal tight, lots of air provided, great place to run wires and antenna, and looks great.
3. Planearound center latch.
4. EFIS/AP. Wow is all I can say. I have the G3X, and I'm sure other modern ones I would also be happy with, I never had an AP in a plane before and with the combination EFIS/AP it is amazing how much easier IFR flight is.
5. VP-X. Maybe it is just the computer geek in me but installing it was really easy, directions great, and love how much it tells me and the ability to re-configure easily.
4. Building. I am already thinking about building again. Won't happen for a few years, but already thinking about it.


Tommy and Gang ...Olympic National Park (RV-10, 7A, and more)

We spent last week exploring Olympic National Park. This was the view while hiking Hurricane Ridge.  ...

From my friend Luca in Italy...

(click to enlarge)



Tue Sep 2, 2014  1152Z

Seen a few hangars down - doing an annual.... 

Another RV-8 Flies ...Vic Syracuse

In January of this year I picked up a partially-completed RV-8 from a local builder, Paul Ledoux. Paul decided to build an RV-12 instead, and that is coming along very nicely. I always wanted an 8, and didn't think anyone was going to let me fly theirs. Well, I finally finished it and made 3 test flights today.  ...

Thanks! another 8 flying ...NLPete

I’ve been a lurker here for a long time and thought I’d step out to say thank you ...

First Flight of the Eagle ...John Harrell 7A

After four years and seven months of building, my RV-7A S/N 73678 (aka the Eagle) took to the air. It was just me, my wife, and Dave Stevenson at the hangar this morning as we checked the airplane out for the last time before the first flight. I wanted this event to be low key. Spectators would just make me nervous and add pressure that could cloud my judgment. The airplane was ready as far as I could tell, and the conditions were right so I decided it was the day to fly. I started the engine with 18 gallons of fuel on board; more than enough for this flight. After a smooth taxi to the east end of the runway at KAJO I did a standard run-up and mag check. All systems go! I checked for traffic and called out my intention to take-off on runway 25 for the first flight. The next guy in sequence to take-off radio'd back "good luck".  ...

Monkey Island Grand Lake Ok ...crabandy trip write-up

Impromptu RV trip because the Wx was simply too nice not to go flying, we just needed a place to go to. Ray was nice enough to haul 2 of my girls in his 10 and the Pie went with me to give "Monkey Island" a try.  ...

My 50th ...David Paule

Yes, it's been 50 years today since I soloed.

I was 17 years old. I worked at an FBO washing and waxing planes in exchange for flying lessons. The minimum wage then was $1.25 an hour and that went directly towards the flying. The Cessna 150, the original fastback version, cost $12 an hour wet. The instructor cost $6. Fuel was expensive at 42 cents a gallon, but the airport was Santa Monica and the City was the fuel vendor. I didn't get any flying support from my folks. They talked about whether they'd sign off on me soloing and were slightly dismayed when I explained that they didn't need to.

At that time I didn't have a driver's license. I had to walk or bike to the field. Since I wasn't earning any actual cash and didn't have a bike, I walked. It wasn't exactly around the corner.

When I wasn't working or flying, I'd roam around the field, getting to know many of the regulars. I got to fly a lot of cool airplanes and eventually checked out in taildraggers with a Cessna 120. No flaps and it sure was noisy - no ANR back then.


It was a pretty day today, so I went flying. I went solo. It seemed appropriate.


Beautiful Steamboat ...vid post by Christopher Murphy

The Renegades are at the Wild West Air Fest this weekend. This is our favorite event and this video hints at the reason.  ...

My new Ride (RV-6A) ...Manny Oro

Just bought this beauty. 0-320 8.5 gph. Did 185 mph with 1600+ fpm the other day in sunny (HOT) Florida! Panel can use an upgrade but that is coming.

Texans invade Nevada! Come and welcome them ...this Wednesday

Three RV/VAF couples (Tom and Bonnie Lewis, Claudia and Martin Sutter, and Ron and Kelly Walker) plan to arrive at Dayton Valley Airpark mid-day on Wednesday (9/3). Paul and I will be hosting a BYOB gathering at our hangar starting at 6:30 pm that evening. We'd love to have some other VAF folks show up. Please note if you fly in that the runway is unlit and the moon will not be any help at this time, so you probably should head home before it gets dark.

In addition, we plan a fly-out on Thursday (9/4) morning for breakfast at Bridgeport. Meeting on the ramp at O57 at 8:30 am then walking across the bridge into town to the Hays Street Cafe (about a 5 miinute walk from the ramp). Join us!

Status Report ...Bill Greenley

Milestone: So Long Phase I ...Bruce Hill 9A

Panel Upgrade ...Jesse

This is a recent upgrade to N345RD from dual AFS 3500's to a 3500 and a 5600 Touch. It's almost done. It's going to be great flying behind the 5600.

Status Update: Many Pics ...Andy Karmy

N66GB Nearly Ready to Fly Again ...dacronwal post

August Experimenter



Sun Aug 31, 2014  1536Z SPECIAL

Some good news
For those wonderful folks and advertisers who choose to support this site financially, I thought I would give you a bit of good news regarding what some of that money has helped accomplish.

Yesterday we got a text from our daughter Audrey, a sophomore at SMU majoring in Biochemistry, saying she starts training for a lab job this coming Wednesday.  The Lippert Research Group (web link) is working with chemiluminescence in the body.  She will start out helping to analyze chemicals found in saliva to look for trends between stress and depression.  Some of the other research involves using widely available smart phone technology, for example an iPhone's camera, to test for lung cancer.

I thought you might enjoy this wonderful news.  Susie and I are so very proud of Audrey and the adult she is becoming. 


Fri Aug 29, 2014  1758Z SPECIAL



Fri Aug 29, 2014  1159Z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled Labor Day weekend.  No Monday edition - trying to visit Mom sometime over the long weekend Wx permitting (factory closed Monday also).

A More Interesting Flight to Jackson Hole ...RV10Rob


Great flight today ...Scott Schmidt RV-12

I took the RV-12 for a 1.5 hr flight north of Salt Lake, over Bear Lake and had a fun time. I wanted to share a few things about the flight.  ...


From the factory FB page....

For about half an hour this Thursday, the phones at Van's went unanswered....but we had a good reason: after more than eleven years of making sure that RV builders all over the world got the right hardware in the right bag in the right kit, Candy Dove decided it was time for something new. Van's President Scott Risan, along with the complete staff of Van's, gathered for a cake/applause/laughter send-off.

Candy and her husband have purchased piece of land on the North Umpqua River, about 120 miles south of Van's. It's a beautiful part of the world to wake up to every morning, and no doubt there'll be a shop where Candy can indulge her love of working on older American muscle cars.


Eagle's Nest Projects - Welcomes Central High School, Salem, WI


Problem Found: Rough Engine and Low EGT ...ao.frog


From Abby at Flightline...

SportAir Workshop Courses Return to Dallas Sept. 6-7

(from EAA SportAir) "You've thought about it, dreamed about it — and now you can get the skills and experience you need to build or restore your own aircraft with EAA’s SportAir Workshops in Dallas, Texas, on September 6-7. There are still a few spots left in Sheet Metal Basics and Electrical Systems, so register today! Proudly sponsored by Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co."

Charity Hat Sighting ...Brian



Thu Aug 28, 2014  1142Z

VanCave view from the treadmill: Four RVs...(above)

Rob 'Smokey' Ray was in town for a day, and decided to do an oil change while here.  I thought it was sorta neat having four RVs in one shot in one hangar.  From left to right:  Rob Reece's RV-8 under construction, Rob Ray's 'RV-X', John Goodloe's RV-8 (back corner) and my RV-6.  John and Rob in the background shuffling about.

Later that afternoon.....Rob landed back in Florida and sent....


Got the iPad Mini Ram Mount Installed

Ordered the mount a few weeks back from Sporty's and just now getting around to drilling the two holes to mount it.  I powered up the panel (no GPS lock yet on the 430W), but you can get an idea of how it will look.  Garmin Pilot running on the iPad Mini with the GLO antennae.  ILS or LOC RWY 16 approach plate for KAFW pulled up, complete with 'you are here' blue dot.  Annotate chart feature used to highlight the minimums line I would use.  Note stopwatch at top of screen iPad - useful for holding practice.  I'll flight test it on the next trip to see Mom.

Next on the list is to tie the iPad Mini and GLO antennae into ship's power.

(click for 1,900 pixel wide version)


And the hits keep coming ...scrollF4

...OK, you know those steel plates we bolt to the side of the fuselage? They're flat, stick straight out, and we bolt the other end to the wing/fuel tank? Dude, they're sharp! .  I guess I need a helmet.


15% OFF Entire Oregon Aero Amazon Inventory ...until Aug 31st.

(from OA) "From now until August 31st Oregon Aero is offering 15% OFF our Entire Amazon.com Inventory. Just use Promo Code PEHRU9IH at checkout to redeem your savings."

GRT and Android App ...Dvalcik

I downloaded the Android app from the GRT site and installed it on an old Android phone. Added the needed bluetooth to the GRT and paired them. It was very easy

The photo below is with the android app running on a Galaxy S4 via Bluetooth to the EFIS.  ...



Wed Aug 27, 2014  1136Z

Aircraft Camping at Alvord Deser, OR ...Scott Stewart post.

I flew out to the Alvord Desert finally! Seven aircraft, including four RVs met up on the desert. This is definitely a place to share with friends!

Welcome Sig600 with award winning RV8 ...Vlad

Attention Flash Mob Squadron and PA Uniformed Gang! We got new member here in the Northeast and he needs proper introduction. Welcome Sig600 and his RV-8, a potential award winner at Sky Manor 2014.

Flight to Andover and back. Don't tell his wife why he came home wet <g>

Waterfalls, Cascades, Flumes, Gorges ...turbo

just south of hartford is this wonderful falls. it looked like only 4 foot or so. it was only visible for a short time while circling it. more to come...

Tommy and Gang Travel Update

Sometimes you're the windshield ...Brad Benson

...and sometimes you're the bug.  Today I was the bug.  more

Mark Cooper's RV-10 ..Oregon Aero shots

"This RV-10 is owned by Mark Cooper. His seats are Oregon Aero and he dropped by to get matching carpet. While it was in the hangar I snapped a few shots."

related: The RV-10 Forum

Week Left in the PCU5000 Group Buy

...flat rate of $1,200 (MSRP $1,550)



Tue Aug 26, 2014  1140Z

"Last night I gave a friends father a surprise ride for his
60th birthday on a perfect evening in Ohio."  --  John Furey RV-7

Ramp Party ...Rosie

Here's how my ramp looked last Saturday... GREAT to have RV FRIENDS! Rosie


Garmin Pilot app with bluetooth Garmin GLO antennae

...some screengrabs on the iPad Mini from this weekend's trip down to see Mom.  VFR direct to the FAF, then coupled to the a/p for the final few miles.  All this just to prove to myself the GLO/Pilot setup works (it does).

The out-the-window view.  Some clouds in central TX, but clear in both DFW and Houston.


Reminder from the factory...



Mon Aug 25, 2014  1153Z
   The RV-6 took me down to Houston Saturday to visit Mom.  Visit #7.  She had two small strokes last week and is sadly back in the hospital - and can't talk very well.  Any prayers you can send my wonderful, loving mother's way would be greatly appreciated by both me and my family.

What's in your hangar? ...Mark Henderson (Napa, CA)

At 3:30 this morning, Napa, where I live and have my RV-12, was hit with a magnitude 6.0 earthquake. In my 60 + years in California it was by far the hardest quake I have ever encountered. In my neighborhood, Nothing is left on any shelf. Bookcases ,dressers , and even refridgerators are flat on the floor. We are ok, sadly the same can't be said for the china, and several antiques.

As I was picking up, I suddenly realized that there were several large, heavy cabinets in the hanger. They were within falling distance of my 12. The drive to the airport was the longest ever. I kept thinking what a 200 lb storage cabinet could do to an airplane. By hapenstance, the shock was not very severe at the airport, and nothing was damaged. If my hangerhad taken the same hit as my house, or even worse, downtown Napa, My plane would be trashed. There is no excuse for me to have things that could fall on the plane unsecured. Oh yeah, it won't happen to me.

For those of us along the west coast in particular, what is in your hanger that you don't want to see embedded in your plane?

Ultimate homebuilt project ...a really cute birth announcement.

After last year's Oshkosh, my wife and I decided it was time to start working on a homebuilt. We had seen lots of different models and options and decided we would shoot for a single place but if things got away from us a two place would work out just fine as well. My wife comes from a homebuilding family where her brother has already completed 3 projects so she had a good idea what we were getting into.  ...

VIRB Elite Wing Mount ...N411TW

I tried three different OTC wing mounts and didn't like any of them. In the end I simply drilled and countersunk two holes into one of the bases that comes with the VIRB and mounted it out on the wing tip. It works great and has been through quite a few adventures without any sign of fatigue.

Dimple Halo's

I hope everyone can put me at ease. I am working on the left rudder skin, dimpled using a DRDT. When I flipped it over, I noticed that the holes had somewhat of a white halo. Should I be worried or press on?

Check my numbers ...prkay

I took a snapshot of my EFIS today during a flight, leaned-out in cruise condition. I was at around 4500 ft. Could you guys have a look at my numbers, particularly temps, and see if they all look reasonable? It's an RV-9A, Carb O-320 (160hp) with a FP (catto) prop.
(note: my fuel flow is reported in LPH and 30.5LPH is 8.05GPH.)
I wonder whether to be concerned about the temps on Cyl #2 - coldest CHT but hottest EGT (EGT spread over 100 degrees).

Charity Hat Sighting ...Tom and Pam Schad

While Pam and I were visiting Canada last week, our friends took us to the Canadian Warbird Heritage Museum near Toronto.  Tom Schad  Gainesville RV-8 N558TX RV-6 N986TX



Fri Aug 22, 2014  1149Z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Panel ...MarkChristopher.
Only about 30 hours on it but it flies great!"

N880AT is now a free bird! ...T. Albert

This morning test pilot Jeff Nielsen took my RV-8a QB up to compete the FAA required Phase 1 testing. While I completed much of the test flying in terms of hours flown and test items completed, Jeff flew the really demanding parts of the required testing. He completed the aerobatic maneuvers (loops and rolls), spin entries and maximum speed (230 MPH True Air Speed) testing this morning.

All went well.

N880AT total time 40.8 hours on the tach. Build time to date approximately 2,300 hours.

I am now free to fly about the country - with a passenger! <g>

It's a Trap! ...Vladski

Here I am returning from my Alaskan journey enjoying good weather and different scenery. The plan of the day was to fly over some highly industrialized country in the Dakotas and by several well known monuments in Wyoming. In the plan was also included a brief visit with my good buddy Glen Sterling who lives a very interesting life in Hulett, WY. I planned to end my long flying day somewhere in ND with a prearranged pilot lounge ...

The science of parking outside

I could use some advice here. Now I am parked literally minutes from the place I live 6 minutes to be exact. There is no hangar space at that airport. There is fair amount of traffic of different kind and there are birds and there are some funny insects too. ...

From the factory: It's Calendar Time Again! ...Ken



Thu Aug 21, 2014  1145Z

Midland, TX arrival.  Rob Ray iPhone photo.

Joe Zuffoletto's Panel

Update from Tommy and gang ...various RVs used in the adventure.

Baffle crack repair

Q: Who passed the IFR Knowledge Test yesterday? 
         screen grab...

 ...lunch ended up at the Hard Eight BBQ w/some of the usual suspects.  Left to right Gary Platner (RV-8), Sid Mayeux (7A), John Goodloe (8), Randy Richmond (6) , Rob 'Smokey' Ray (X), Jerry Lawlor (8) and Tony.

Pecan Plantation Fly-In Sept 20th (N. TX)...Doug Crumrine

From NationAir Insurance...




Wed Aug 20, 2014  1145Z

Puppy Needs a Ride ...catmandu update


How I Am Studying for the IFR Written

(A sample question/answer/explanation/annotated figure in my study doc).


N898TT Panel Shot ...akarmy

Most everything is done panel wise and lighted up now. Just a few side panel covers to install after inspection.


GRT Mini Software Release ...KatieB

"We've just released a new software update for the Mini display unit (X and B). Enroute Highway-In-The-Sky has been added to the Mini-X! ..."  ...



Tue Aug 19, 2014  1206Z

A day in Oregon- 6 airports, 4 meals, homecoming, 3 T shirts, 2 prizes

I played Hookie from work Saturday with a little encouragement from fellow EAArs.

09:00. Aurora: Add 16 gals 100LL, hanger neighbor "8 ball" says "don't take my parking spot!"

10:00. Diets Airpark: Taxied past 10 or so chapter 105 RVs and parked right on Host Rion's new hanger slab, left some room for "8 Ball". Signed up, received first poker card, T-Shirt number one, ate quiche and cinnamon buns with coffee. Wonderful!   ...

Homecoming Pics ...CharlieWaffles

I thought I'd share a few photos from the homecoming this past weekend. The flightline was quite full by the time I arrived Saturday morning and it was great to see so many RVs. Yes there were some non-RVs in attendance, but hey, we can't blame them for envying our RVs can we? And yes, my photos are a bit focused on my plane, but hey, they're my photos! There were at least 5 RV-10s in force as well.

AFS had a great booth showing their new touchscreens, quick panel wiring and providing updates and troubleshooting to a slew of existing owners. Thanks AFS!

Obstacle ALERT ...seen during Chicago media ride

Interesting screen shot from my GRT HXr I had a second to SNAP turning inbound toward the city of Chicago on a media ride for the Chicago Air and Water Show last weekend.

It looked a lot scarier on the screen than out the windscreen. It was an amazing weekend.  ...

Titan Aircraft Engines Hiring ...Kevin

"I need engine builders, painter, and dyno operator, if you have built an RV and like working with your hands we will train you. 38k-52k

Engineer - We need engineers that can run certification programs and possibly run engineering dept. Salary tbd

Engine Sales - base plus commission must be willing to learn how to build engines and back up marketing functions for at least two months so you know what the heck you are talking about. 40k base, 100% potential bonus

All positions are based in San Antonio..."

Garmin Open House, Seminars and BBQ ...upper NW.

Sept 25th 4p-7p  | Garmin AT Facility (map)
2345 Turner RD SE, Salem, Oregon (KSLE)

click to enlarge



Mon Aug 18, 2014  1206Z
 Ordered a card reader (link) for my 430W updates this weekend, and an iPad mini mount for the plane (from Sporty's).  Those and the Garmin 'GLO' GPS receiver w/bluetooth (link) for the iPad.  Some IFR studying, yardwork and thunderstorms rounded out the weekend.  No flight down to visit Mom, as the weather was iffy.  She got to watch the NASCAR race Sunday, which always lifts her up.
  I'm looking forward to some Homecoming pics popping up, hope the weather yesterday was better where you are, and that your week gets off to a nice start. 

A few pics from my OSH trip ...DougJ trip report

Another RV6 First Flight ...russcoburn

After 2yrs of fairly regular building, my RV6 Slider Kit#22874 got its maiden flight on August 12th 2014 at 4:30 p.m. at KOGD. I spent the prior week training with Mike Seager for 15 hours in the RV7 for transition and tail wheel endorsement giving me the confidence for the first flight.

I had one small squawk with my electric rim tab motor setting backwards (up trim was down, down was up) that took a minute or so to realize this and adjust for it and then no other issues at all in the 30 min flight. (Easy setting on Vp-50 unit to reverse direction of trim).

N846RJ is an RV-6 Slider with a Superior fuel injected 0-360, fixed pitch Catto 3-blade prop, GRT Sport EFIS with AFS 2500 engine monitor and SL30 Nav/Com and Vertical Power VP-50 unit for electrical management.

Now it is off to the rest of my Phase I flight testing and enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Airworthiness Certificate ...Michael Burbidge

My airworthiness certificate was issued this morning. What a feeling. This has been such a long, fulfilling journey. I thought I was going to start crying when the FAA inspector shook my hand.

Thanks for all those who have replied to the many questions I've asked. And thanks to Doug for hosting this site.

Sorry no pictures. There was no one else around to take them.

From the factory...

The Great Bear Rescue ...factory FB story

Virb Video Try-out ...Paul

Oil Change ...crabandy

GI 260 Installed ...Brantel

RV9A - Slow Down, or Drop Altitude, Not both ...pmccoy

I had an interesting flight this week. Flew one of my normal routes between Chino, CA and Big Bear Lake, CA. On the way home I was direct to Chino on flight following to go through the maze of Southern California airspace. After take off from Big Bear, it's normally a 22 minute flight with a nice 300 to 400 ft per minute decent the entire way. This particular flight seemed to have lots of traffic call outs from ATC. I was on an altitude hold at 6,500, then another at 4,500. ...

OSH vid ...slick

Status Report ...Blain

RV-14 Seats by Oregon Aero available now!



Fri Aug 15, 2014  1150Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  Looking forward to pics from Homecoming this weekend! 

Sweet Home Alabama

"Thought I’d share this photo with you.  It was a beautiful sunset here in Alabama.  It was even sweeter because I finally retook possession of my RV-4 after 416 days.  My brother had my plane while I was overseas, and I flew it from St. Louis down to our new home in Montgomery, Alabama…coincidentally the same place where I bought the plane 9 years ago.  Flying it again after that long felt almost as good as the day I flew it OUT of Montgomery 9 years ago." 
        -- Matt Ziemann

Vid: Flying my ocean, beach, and sunrise ....at 500 feet

This morning was one of those times when I just needed to escape from the Earth for a few minutes. I love the RV-6.  Loafing along in smooth air as the sun comes up, listening to CCR, looking at the calm waters...  -- Arlen

Pics: Baton Rouge to Kellogg, Idaho ...jpowell13

Great Trip. The Idaho panhandle is a really nice destination. The people are terrific.

Eagle's Nest Projects... +1

Roger was the PLTW (Project Lead the Way) Aerospace instructor at Clear Springs High School during the build of two Eagle’s Nest Projects, EN-03 & EN-06. He retired this year from his teaching position and has accepted a Director position with Eagle’s Nest Projects, bringing with him a passion for the program and a lifetime of education and curriculum development experience. In two weeks, Clear Springs will begin building their 3rd RV-12 and Roger will be on-board every step of the way – inspiring and empowering students, schools, and communities to achievements they never dreamed possible. If you hear "experimental niner zero three echo november" on your radio, say hello to Roger. If the call sounds like it's coming from a 'kid', it probably is and would be one of the Clear Springs build-students taking a lesson... say hello to them too!

2014 2/3rds Done: Honor System Donation Numbers Updated

A little over 1000 people so far - approximately $20K after taxes.  Thank you!!!! to those who support this small business with their hard earned dollars. 

related:  How to donate.



Thu Aug 14, 2014  1147Z

First Flight- Canadian RV-6 C-FSPB

""...I recall walking the grass at Oshkosh in 1979 as a much younger man, and seeing Van's arrival in the first RV-4..."

Support on the "Home Front" ...Rob Erdos

I'm basically just bragging here, but I needed to give a shout-out for my wife, Debbie. Our RV-6 did its first flight last week, and I have a lot of people to thank, but I know who's on the top of the list...

Lt. Colonel John Brick...Rest in Peace

I wanted to Post a note about John. A number of us attended his service yesterday at Tahoma National Cemetery as we said our good byes. John was a natural teacher as he helped all of us build better airplanes, and fly safely. John taught me both RV construction when I was starting my 9A, then later taught me formation flying so I could do it safely. So many good memories that we can share. ...

Summer flying in the northeast ...Turbo vid

Relentless Gets EFii upgrade

Comm/VIRB Test Went Well

.8hrs under the hood yesterday with 7A builder Sid Mayeux in the right seat (thank you Sid!!!).  Tested the VIRB headset cable.  Sid was kind enough to hold the camera about chest level pointing roughly in the direction of his PFD during the KAFW ILS 34R approach.  Uploaded at 1080 dpi - you can read the numbers if played full screen at 1080.  I'm going to mount the camera better now and use to debrief myself.  Tracking radials via GPS and VLOC, RNAV 18 into Decatur, then ILS 34R into Alliance.  17kt crosswind at 2,000'.  Schlotzky's for lunch. 

Video at: http://youtu.be/mnrS8JfxhvY



Wed Aug 13, 2014  1053Z

Flash's front office.  VIRB pic.
Click to enlarge.

Stretching the ~49yr old Brain

I was going to keep this under wraps and just let you know when I got it, but I've been thinking lately I should instead share some of the experience in word/video.  The spreadsheet says I'm now 90% done with the time required for the IFR rating.  Well, 90% if you count the 30 minutes I'm logging under the hood this morning with Sidney Mayeux in my right seat as a safety pilot.  88.8% if you don't count it.  I need 2.6 hrs more with the CFII and 1.9 with a safety pilot.  Sid's a good safety pilot, his day job is in the B777 sim.  He's building a 7A also.  The CFIIs on the field are top shelf.  I might drag one on a trip to see Mom for my IFR cross country.

I wasn't planning on finishing the rating to tell you the truth, but two months ago I didn't know my Mom's health would turn south, and to be honest all this studying keeps my mind occupied.  I was 70% done two months ago.  My logic now is to go ahead and knock this thing out, because I'm flying down to Houston weekly to see Mom (412 n.m. round trip).  Often Houston has a 1,000' agl OVC layer in the morning - 100' thick.  Or a layer of broken coming in off the gulf - ceilings nice a high, but there nonetheless.  Most of my databases are even current, if you can believe that.  It shocks me too.

The ultimate goal of all this, and my idea of winning the cosmic lottery, is a few dozen more trips down to Houston to visit with Mom.

Some positive news...Mom was released from the skilled nursing facility yesterday after hip surgery 21 days ago and is back in my sister's house in Katy, TX.  Medical helper there with her during the day while sis works.  She has really appreciated the kind words from so many of you.

Some more VIRBage (vids) ...Greg W.

More on the 'Additional Pilot in Phase 1' ...MeGiron clarifies

There was a lot of effort put into making sure there is no 'gray' area as you describe. Here's how:

Each "additional pilot" who decides to assist in Phase I is REQUIRED to:

1. document via the provided worksheets
2. attest via signature
3. attach that worksheet into the test aircraft's airframe logbook PRIOR to flight.

This also holds true for the owner. In the early phases of flight test, the Qualified Pilot's completed scorecard is on the worksheet, attached and signed in the airframe logbook prior to flight attesting and showing that they meet the qualifications.

The hook here is 14 CFR § 91.9, which says in pertinant part that no person may operate a civil aircraft without complying with the operating limitations specified or as otherwise prescribed by the certificating authority of the country of registry. (those being your operating limitations issued with your airworthiness certificate)

The argument for or against the program has been hashed out in fine detail for over a year and a half with many, many organizations, individuals and aviation professionals providing input, and ultimately encouraged by the end result. The program is NOT for everybody, and thus, why it is optional. However, I urge you all to keep in mind that the RV community is large and widespread. Training is available, though not as widespread as many would like. For the remainder of the amateur-built fleet, this is not the case. I believe we can all agree that Phase I flight test is serious business, and not to be taken lightly. With the majority of the accidents during all phases of flight being loss of control related, the pilots are not doing as well as they could. Lack of experience in aircraft with similar performance and handling is often to blame. This program provides the ability to construct a flight test plan with a trusted qualified individual to establish experience in the aircraft. Ideally it would begin with transition training in another aircraft prior to flight test. The key is to understand that these aircraft are not always being flown by professional test pilots, nor are they being flown by high time, high experience individuals. Those who meet the last statement will never see the need for this program. Keep in mind, even if the aircraft was flown by a hired pro test pilot for all of phase I, when the owner sits in the aircraft for the first time, they are still confronted with mitigating loss of control. The program requires that the maneuvers done on a typical private pilot checkride are those that must be conducted by the owner during phase I using the program. The idea being achieving a two-pronged outcome: good airplane, good pilot. The overarching idea is this: you should never have to solo any aircraft until you are confident and prepared to do so. The original phase I limitation never provided a means to achieve this.

Lastly, I really do appreciate every response. I want to make sure that we've considered all sides of the debate. To date, I can say that we have. I also hope, though brief, the responses help provide understanding.

Copalis State Airport (beach runway) ...Spindrift vid

And from Joe...



Tue Aug 12, 2014  1147Z

Almost Finished ...Steve

This is a pic of mine, just finished painting, (never do that again ) Catto prop, Stroker 340. I painted similar to my fathers "B" model Mustang in WW2. Green on top, gray bottom. I haven't completely finished it because I can't find the original photo of dad's ship.

Cessna passes slower RV at Osh! ...mcattell

[ed. Proving anything can happen!  And some talk about the VIRB camera rig.  dr]

Flash Mob Squadron Weekend ...Vlad

[ed. When I see a trip write-up post by Vlad, I stop what I'm doing and dig in.  Vlad, THANK YOU for all you do to promote the hobby!!!  dr]

Tommy and Gang ...keepin' on keepin' on.

On Sunday we loaded up the RV10 and flew west to Orcas Island. With all the fires in Washington we had some TFRs and smoke to deal with.  ...

A Puppy Needs A Ride (I should say several rides) ...JakeLewis22

"....A family in Haymarket, Virginia have voiced an interest in adopting Dakota which made me think about Pilots N Paws. I am willing to fly Dakota on the first 2-3 hour leg of her journey which will get her as far as the Phoenix area...."

SkyView 11 Software Released ...dynonsupport

more info

My first Air Race ...N411TW

Smokey's Charity Hats

Here are my 2 favorite charities...MAF and VAF!  After numerous deployments and washings, it was time. Out with the old, in with the new, hats that is...

Need an Airport Scooter?

 ...posting this for my buddy DanH (who helped me find a truck a few years back).  Dan wrote the funny text below.


We just received a new batch of Valve Extensions. The flexibility of these extensions allows you to get easy access to your "hard to get to" tire valves. For more details on this and more GREAT PRODUCTS, please visit our web site, www.aircraftextras.com .



Mon Aug 11, 2014  1155Z

It takes a village to build a plane ...chrishalfman First Flight

A different kind of Oshkosh ...ColoRv

Cross Country ...rph142

Lunch at 10.5k' ...tcard

Elevators Painted ...KHeidorn

Tommy and Gang Still on the Go

RV-4 Rebirth ...Sid Lambert

Great Bday so far! ...crabandy

Panel Design Feedback ...YellowJacket RV9

Status Report ...akarmy

Panel Pic ...n38139

RV-8 House Wall Down

Tip Up Sealing Pics in the IMS Thread ...Fred.Stucklen

Lithium Battery Explosion

VAF Charity Hat ...welcome (and thank you!) Steve Satava



Fri Aug 8, 2014  1157Z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

OSH'14 Recap: Factory FB Page Write-up ...Ken

When the RV-7A, with Rian Johnson and Sterling Langrell aboard, touched down at Aurora Monday afternoon all our airplanes and people were safely home, and we called AirVenture 2014 complete.

As AirVentures go, this was an easy one. We’ve had great weather for the show two years in a row now – we’ve no idea how long our luck will hold, but we’re grateful for what we’ve received.  continue

IMC experience: RV-7 vs RV-9

Many chiming in...many opinions. dr

"IMC in an RV-9A with a Dynon Skyview and auto pilot is very stable. Add in a TSO'ed GPS / VOR (Garmin 430W) and ADSB and you would well equipped for IMC flight"

"RV7 is quite easy to hand fly to minimums following the needles."

"I fly a lot of IFR in my RV-7A, many time to mins. Yes, the autopilot allows you to do other things more easily as you really need to be on the panel all the time"

"I did all my IFR training in my 9A in the middle of an Australian summer! It was a steep learning curve but hand flying even in very turbulent conditions was doable. The main issue initially was holding a constant altitude"

July/August Issue ...if you haven't seen it yet.

RV-10 Nose Gear problem ...Vic Syracuse

Well, my earlier post today requesting help for parts turned out to be a very serious problem. Carol is working on adding the pictures when she gets to her hotel room, but here is the synopsis.

First, thanks for all who replied or called. I ended up flying over to FFC and borrowing Scott Flandermeyer's weldment, as he had not yet installed his nose gear. So I was very excited to have what I thought was the part I needed.  continue

RV-6A Elevator Skin Crack Repair ...plehrke

A few weeks ago I discovered very small cracks in the skin of the LH elevator around 4 of the rivet heads.  ...




Thu Aug 7, 2014  1131Z

The "Pie" and I wet sanding ...crabandy

The "Pie" (my youngest 11months) joined me on the deck this morning to wet sand the main gear fairings. While my older two are quite happy leaving dad to his aircraft musings, the Pie is more than happy to join in. I don't always get done everything I want to, but often accomplish many things I never dreamed of! I'm trying to take advantage of it while I can.  ...

More Info on the Badlands Fly-in

A Little More on the Alaska Trip ...Vlad

There will be more as soon as I find some free time by the desktop. It was a pretty journey darting back to the East Coast. Some flashes from a three day trip ...

Press Release: Advanced Flight Systems

Advanced Flight Systems Announces new internal Logbook software for the AF-5000 EFIS with support for Logbook Pro from NC Software Inc.

thread: AF-5000 EFIS Logbook Software

Status Report ...Guilherme Plassmann

Doug Rohrer Checks In ...[ed. And I know I speak for everyone here when we wish you a speedy and complete recovery! dr]

I am the owner and was the pilot of the RV-9A that crashed on landing at 51WI north of KOSH last Wednesday. I am not going into any details at this time, as the NTSB and FAA folks have not contacted me yet for my comments. In the interests of making all of us better and safer pilots, I will be more forthcoming a little later.

I will say that I feel lucky that my brother and I did not suffer a worse outcome. The plane did not flip and did not burn, despite the loss of the left wing in the crash. The EMS folks were there pronto, and we were taken to Theda Clark Trauma Center in Neenah. This is a first class trauma center and we were well taken care of. I was driven home to Kentucky on Sunday and my brother returned to MO the next day. I have crushed ankles and heels that will need reconstruction after the swelling goes down. My brother has two cracked vertebrae and needs to wear a brace while standing. We are both in for a 12-16 week recovery cycle, and I will be off my feet the whole time. I will be getting care from Vanderbilt in Nashville who are experts in foot trauma. The structural integrity of the RV fuselage/seat/restraint system was a major reason I am still here.

I will be working from home and on the computer a lot. I appreciate the concern from the VAF community about my plight.

Clay, I took the liberty of copying your paint scheme when I had my plane painted. I probably should have discussed it with you first, but thought "what are the chances he will ever see my plane?" Bad karma! Anyway, I am not aware of anymore copies out there, so you are unique again.

Doug Rohrer



Wed Aug 6, 2014  1135Z

N874MJ - What do those numbers mean?

...factory FB page (Maurice John Lehmann III)

My wife, Conni, and I recently purchased a Van’s RV-12 S-LSA light sport aircraft.  We flew our RV-12 from Aurora, Oregon back to its current home at Pearland Regional airport (KLVJ) in the Houston, Texas area.  We’re really enjoying this airplane.  Flying the RV-12 is great fun!  Before placing the order for our RV-12 I had a desire to request a special N-number.  The list of specialized FAA N-numbers is available on line and can be quite daunting if you don’t have an idea for what you want to convey.  The question was how could I make some seemingly random alpha numeric sequence of characters have meaning?  continue

How Mike Vaccaro's RV Training Syllabus Came To Be ...in Mike's words

Short answer: The purpose of the project is to collaboratively develop syllabi and training resources to support RV-type specific transition, advanced handling, recurrent and instructor training using the expertise and experience available within the RV community that will be available by web for the benefit of the community. The project started with the publication of AC 90-109 “Airmen Transition to Experimental or Unfamiliar Airplanes” and the programs are designed to meet the intent of the AC. The basic transition track is designed around the typical 5-hour insurance requirement. The goal is to show what's in the "art of the doable" to increase the quality of training resources available to the RV community in an effort to reduce mishaps.  continue

Status Report: RV-4 ...Chris Mitchell

Stranded By My 912ULS ...Peterk

I was recently stranded out of town for three days because my RV12 engine would not develop enough RPM to fly. Stranded is a good word to use when you find yourself troubleshooting an engine issue with only the basic tools you carry in the plane. The RV12 will be 5 years old in November and has flown close to 600 hours.  continue

Armored seats! digidocs RV-10

A visit to Van's ...Bruce Hill

A Mockup of the LOE'14 Shirt ...sent to me by Russ Daves

fmi: http://www.loeflyin.org/index.html

register: here



Tue Aug 5, 2014  1157Z

OSH and Yellowstone trip, 2014 ...Mike S

I flew to Oshkosh ...Bob Collins

Oshkosh Trip & Ripon Arrival Video ...and more (pmccoy)

Dick Van Grunsven is now VP of AKIA

Status: Tanks Done ...mill2978

I have two good tanks!

I installed the back baffle on my tanks a week ago and left them on the spars to cure while I was at Air Venture. This weekend I removed them from the spars, placed a balloon on the fuel out port and used a hand pump to pressurize the tanks. I then sprayed them down with soapy water and looked for bubbles. I didn't see any leaks and the balloons stayed inflated overnight.

Look at the guy hanging on the airport fence ...turbo

Status Report ...Mevans

2014 Badlands Fly In Sep 5-7

Just picked up our RV-7A ...Charles C

7:40PM Last Night ...Dallas time

422 people in the forums.....catching up after OSH I suspect <g>.  I got a screen grab, as that is more people than usual. dr

1st Pilots N Paws mission ...Spindrift



Mon Aug 4, 2014  1150Z

Mom Trip #5.

  Down and back Dallas to Houston to see Mom this past Saturday.  2.8hrs total flight time - 2.75 on autopilot. Out the door 0515 and wheels up 0610.  65*F and smooth on the way down.  Nice sunrise en route (above).  Read NASCAR articles to her off my iPad for 3.5hrs and then scooted back home after lunch.  The world's best airplane does its stuff again.
  Sunday Dale Earnhardt, Jr. won at Pocono (her guy).  She got to watch the race, saying it was her best day in a month.  She needed it.  In the evening I read race recap articles to her over the phone.  Mom had a great weekend as you might suspect, and I hope you did too. 

First Flight - RV-9A - #92103 ...many pics

Operation on one mag - effect on temps
  I inadvertently did a 20min flight on only the right ignition today (I have Elect ign on right, and a mag on the left). I didn't notice until I landed. However, I did notice my CHTS through the whole flight were significantly lower (about 30 degrees cooler). Othert temps were about typical. Is this to be expected running on only one ignition, or could it signify a timing issue with my left mag that makes the CHTs run so much hotter when I'm on both ignitions?

LOE 2014 ...Russ Daves
  GREAT NEWS RE: LOE 2014 KABI October 3-5, 2014
  Gray Bridwell has agreed to co-chair LOE with me this year. In addition, Gray has worked out arrangements for EAA 471 to host the event. Wonderful facilities and lots of activities. Move info coming soon. Mark your calanders now and plan on attending

Second night flight observations

16 and 15-ships RV Formations ...OSH

How not to return from Oshkosh ...confessions of an RV rookie.
  My son and I were returning from Oshkosh today finishing up a day and a half trip to the Seattle area in our recently finished RV-9A. Everything was going fine. The engine was leaned out, fuel burn was good, ground speed was good and weather was clear, except on the west side of the Cascades. There was convective activity with embedded T-storms cooking off. I was watching the ADSB on the Dynon as I approached the pass, and it showed a nice clear path through the pass. Using flight following and calling flight watch, the plan seemed to be working out. We headed into the pass when lightning struck about 3 miles ahead directly down the center of the valley. ...

Eagle's Nest Projects - Oshkosh 2014 ...Earnie
  We first acknowledge and offer our sincere thanks to Van and EAA's 'A' Team, Jerry Graff, for their efforts in obtaining EAA sponsorship of a designated area at the Homebuilders' Hangar for Teen Build Programs. This is the second year EAA has sponsored free space to teen build programs, and if you missed it you missed an opportunity to visit with many of the youth involved in build programs across the country.  ...

Hat Sighting ...Yellowstone (Jason Hess)

2014 Oshkosh RVAward Winners

Status Report ...tweiss


Instead of OSH? ...Dennis M.

Tailwheel wear after 1,000 hours ...schristo

Moving on ...Bob Kelly
  You have read of my pride in the accomplishments of young builders engaged in RV-12 Eagle's Nest Projects now for almost exactly four years. Many of you have commented, and a good number have supported our efforts. I am eternally grateful for the support and interest.  ...

The Speech that Wasn't (Part 1) ...Dgamble
  I had been contacted by the coordinator of one of the high school RV-12 build projects asking me if I would say a few words to some of his students that would be at Oshkosh. Because it was only eight students, I didn't feel like I needed to prepare anything.
   When he wrote back and said that the national director of these programs would be there, and that there would be a lot more kids than the original eight, I thought that I had better write something down. Some of this will be familiar - it's from the article I wrote a couple of years ago.  ...

The Speech that Wasn't (Part 2)

Hat Sighting...Smokey Ray
  Three of my RV/F16 brothers in arms at an "undisclosed location. "  "Mikey" is sporting a subdued "Combat" version VAF head cover. The boys have been busy supporting our troops and I am thankful for their service!


New Camera Mount

Notable Bridge Entry ...Vlad

The Britts had their own GIB ...humptybump

Oshkosh Mega Trip ...douglassmt

Luca Visit Jul 13 ...Brian Eisner

My parents decided last year to take my sister, brother, myself and our spouses to Europe. We left Canada on July 06 from Halifax to Toronto and then flew all night and landed in Paris via Air France 747-400 at 8 am Paris time. We then picked up our 9 pack VolksWagen Van and headed off on our trip through Europe. My father was stationed in France from 1957 to 1962 working on CF-100 fighter jets and at that time I was born on the base called 2 Fighter Wing Grostenquin in October 12th 1960.

One stop we made on our trip was to visit Luca in Trento Italy to meet and see his beautiful RV-8. I talked to him on Facebook and we decided to meet at the airport for noon time in front of the 104 Starfighter jet at the Airport Museum. We arrived there on time and I jumped out of the van while it was still moving to shack hands with whom I thought was Luca. After finding out it was not Luca and totally embarassing myself he showed up in his vehicle. We had a Canadian Flag attached to the front passenger's window so we were easy to spot.

After shacking hands and introducing him to my family we went in to one of the hangers to meet all of his flying friends. I could not keep up with all the information that was being thrown at me and looking at all the beautiful aircraft that was there. The knowledge that they all had and the passion for aviation was extremely evident during my visit. We then proceeded to the hanger where Luca keeps his RV-8 and we noticed that you could eat off of the hanger floors. He showed my brother, father and myself some of the little safety features he did with his RV-8 and we want to implement them to our RV-4.

We were totally impressed with the building of his RV-8 and all I can say it is one beautiful airplane. At around 1 pm Luca took us down to the end of the runway to the airport restaurant where we all sat and enjoyed a beautiful meal and a little bit of wine. We didn't know this at the time but Luca had this all planned for our visit and he even went as far as having all the women sit at one end of the table and the guys at the other end which I thought was a brilliant idea, (the women don't get bored).

After great discussion we noticed that we had been there for 3 hours and still had to drive to Venice which was 2.5 hours away. My father went up to pay for the meal but Luca said that it was on him. We all went outside and had a photo taken with everyone and we were on our way to Venice.

In closing I just want to say thanks again Luca for the hospitality and meeting your family and your friends. The Vans family just keeps getting larger and they're a special group of people. Hope to see you again and we'll keep in touch.



Fri Aug 1, 2014  1155Z
   Watching the low level prog charts, hoping the VFR Wx gods smile on the line connecting Dallas and Houston this weekend so I can go see Mom for a bit, but we'll see what we get.  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Aug Wallpaper Calendar Online ...courtesy Mr. Ed Hicks (and Joe flying the -14)

Putting the "adventure" in AirVenture ...Brent Owens

I had great time at Oshkosh! The RV Social was a blast, the RV Banquet was great, I met a lot of excellent people, and saw some cool machines!

I packed up to leave Wednesday mid-morning. All was fine with the world until I pushed out of my spot at Homebuilt Camping (HBC), hopped in my bird and went to start it. It fired off and then died. Then I managed to run the battery almost dead trying to get it to start. I've never had starting issues, but I've been tinkering with my idle mixture (Bendix FI) and think I have it too rich.

Long story short, we managed to get it started, but it definitely added some unwanted "adventure" to AirVenture.

I wanted to thank the other RV'ers who helped me, of course I can't anyone's name:

1) Push it in-and-out of the aisle several times for start various attempts

2) One RV-8 builder who helped me uncowl and inspect it, and

3) the EAA Volunteer who did yeoman's work helping jump start it and get me out of there! He had to pull the cables and reload my rear bag (battery in the back) after it started (luckily I have an access door, so no removal of the baggage liner was necessary).

I stopped in MKE to pick up a buddy who needed to drop a rental car. The trip home to Ohio was uneventful on top at 12,500 getting in just before the weather.

Gotta love it! Can't wait til next year!  (more / pic link)

More unsensored pics from the RV Social ...DanH

From the factory FB page...

Show us your engine

I am interested in seeing what color schemes people have used on their engines besides the traditional grey. So, show us what your engine looks like.




Older News






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