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5/28  0034Z

(click to enlarge...note aircraft shadow crossing practice range)
.3hr hop Wednesday in the RV-6 looking at flooding in N.TX.
(33.070086, -97.000933)
dr photo.


Hawk ...Larry Pardue (RV-6)

I don't think I can impart any new wisdom but the experience made an impression on me.

In my area we have many turkey vultures and I am on alert for them. I find they are almost always at around 500 ft AGL which makes it easier. I have made evasive maneuvers even as recently as two weeks ago while in the landing pattern. They are huge and slow flying and that tends to help make it easy to spot them.

Yesterday I was flying at about 155 knots at 1,500 MSL over the Delaware River of West Texas. I had my attention out the front of the airplane in a relaxed way. Suddenly, right now, there was a hawk and I reacted by pulling and the hawk dived at the same time. This was all within half a second or so. I got a real good close up look at that bird and missed it by 10 feet or so. I apologized to my passenger as I felt I maneuvered pretty abruptly. As it turned out I only pulled a bit over 2 Gs and he didn't see the bird. I felt that even if I had hit the bird I would have had time to duck down.

This is all with my attention outside the cockpit. I guess the lesson is to look out as much as possible and I have seen hawks at quite high altitudes so that doesn't only apply when low.

Boy I have a vivid picture in my mind of the exact feather patterns on that bird.


Not much flying recently ...Vlad pics

"...just quick hops around the corner here and there."  continue


Non ferrous flake in oil screen

I was hoping someone could help point me in the right direction.

During annual I pulled the oil screen and found one 0.315 x 0.157 very thin shard of non magnetic piece of material. it almost looked like a thin sliver of aluminum. Interestingly I cant find anything in the filter although the oil that was left in the oil screen seemed grayish like there is aluminum "dust" mixed in the oil, maybe it is other contaminant (lead deposit?)

Have not send the oil in for analysis yet. The hartzell C/S prop was recently overhauled (5hrs ago) and the engine is running great and is 144hrs old.

Engine is an mattituck M1b IO-360.

Anyone seen this before? what can cause one lone sliver of silver non magnetic material in the oil screen? Can it come from the prop? What is the next best step? teardown?

Thank you so much for your time, any advice is appreciated.


Cedar Mills Marina Update ...KeithB

I flew up to Lake Texoma to view the flooding. Unfortunately, the lake has risen even more, rising to the main spillway (I believe that's about 30 feet above conservation level). Here is the marina at Cedar Mills with Pelican's Landing in the center, flooded to the eaves.



5/27  0009Z

My buddy Jim Pappas w/Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top on the
jumbotron at the Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte.  Nice shirt! :^)  dr


Loss of records

...Among the casualties of the fire that leveled my home on May 13 were my pilot logs and aircraft maintenance logs for airframe, engine and prop. Thankfully my medical, pilot cert and airworthiness docs were in the plane and therefore unscathed.

What does an owner do when all his original and backup photocopies of maintenance logs are lost like this? Besides start over today with new ones...

I am at a loss. In more ways than one, I guess.


Do I have enough screens?


Status ...Blain

Here is my AFS4500 on center with A210 and GTX327 on left. Barely enough space to put lock nuts on the rack mounting and still get inside the panel header in the cabin. The Skyview is about 2" wider so unlikely you could keep Skyview centered.


APRS Art ...Vlad

...in remembrance of Memorial Day


Skin to longeron to F-711 rivet (7A)

New question. Drilling skin to longeron holes and found one virtually impossible to set.  How did you all set that one rivet on each side? It's going to be right up against the F-711D angle.


Status ...KHeidorn

Laying out the stripes so I can paint this weekend.



5/26  0010Z

First flight ...PeteP 9A


Harold flew west but his tail remained with me ...Saber25 post

This summer marks a thirty year anniversary of my RV4 and the memory of the remarkable man that introduced me to an equally remarkable plane.
In 1985 while returning from a training mission in south western Idaho for the National Guard, I flew over a small dirt strip adjacent to a work shop and spotted a shiny aluminum airplane. At 500agl I identified it as an RV4 having seen pictures of the airplane in Sport Aviation. I determined the position of this location on my map and the following day my wife and I rode the motorcycle to Murphy Idaho for a closer look.

Out in the desert country near the Snake River, we met Harold and his wife who helped build what was then the first RV4 in Idaho. After a brief introduction and explaining my interest in his plane, we walked down to the shop to get a closer look. Well, for me it was love at first sight. Years earlier in the 70’s I had planned on building the T-18 which was then considered the hot rod model for homebuilts, but with intervening time the RV4 had outpaced the T-18 in every performance category and also looked far sleeker. The seed was planted.

Harold had an interesting background. He could build anything and that included homesteading and building a ranch out of raw land in Idaho to include building the rig to drill his water well. He logged a plot of forest land he owned in the mountains and ended his career working as a lineman for a telephone company. Not one to sit around he decided at age 64 to build an airplane. He ran a tractor up and down his land to build a strip of sorts with a fence at each end of this hockey stick shaped runway measuring 1800ft. Adjacent to the runway he built a workshop and proceeded shortly thereafter with the RV4. In those days, basic hand tools for building were acquired and those that were not available on the market would be hand fabricated.  continue

Flying with my Son on Memorial Day - Bar Harbor ...Dvalcik


"Done....Part II" ...cactuspilot

Well, here she is....post paint shake-out flight...

During the paint down period I:

1) Installed the new vernier throttle and springs
2) R/R new dimpled carb floats
3) Re-did panel with carbon fiber overlay and installed new autopilot panel and sky view touch on right side
4) Did 1st oil change (figured might as well)
5) Re-checked a lot of things (angle and torque on prop, etc)
6) Ended up painting my own wheel pants as my painter got evicted and subsequently disappeared....(long story)...which went pretty good till the second coat of clear over the acryglo metallics....got a lot of orange peel....

colors are SW jetglo matterhorn white, black velvet metallic and copper gold metallic acryglo (with clear on top)

7) Updated everything to 12.2 (Van's...)


'Therapy' session ...Bob Collins

Have I mentioned how beautiful polished aluminum can be lately?


Stage IV Colon Cancer & Building an RV-8 ...CSJohnson

After many years of dreaming, turning a garage into an airplane factory, I started my RV-8 build on March 31, 2015. Within two weeks I started experiencing abdominal cramps, being unconcerned until one day they were stronger than previous and persistent throughout the day.

X-rays at an urgent care center suggested a bowel blockage and trip to the ER. More x-rays and a CT scan but the ER doctors couldn't pinpoint the issue. I was admitted for further evaluation. Three days later a GI doctor called my room from his home at 11:30PM saying, "Something is definitely wrong." A colonoscopy was performed and a cancerous tumor discovered.

Surgery to remove the tumor, a section of the colon, an appendectomy, remove lymph nodes, and liver biopsy was performed. Several infections developed and I remained in the hospital for four weeks with chest tubes and another fluid drain (OUCH!), followed by three weeks of home infusion with three self-administered antibiotic IVs each day (via a PICC line; I'm hooked up as I type.) Pathology results confirmed colon cancer having spread to all nearby lymph nodes and a small liver lesion. Having metastasized to distant organs I was diagnosed as Stage IV.  continue

Errant Dimple


RV-7 Mods Added ...mantry


Cross Country Relocation...Radar Required! ...drdestructo


FOR SALE: FLYING RV-9A .....$79.9K


Donations (link) updated

...and THANK YOU!!! to those who help keep this American, 1-family small business online.

  • 741 donations this year so far
    (out of 20,692 registered forum accounts - 3.5%).
  • Year is 40% over.


5/24  2351Z
No Memorial Day edition today.  Done out of solemn respect for those American Warriors who sacrificed everything for my family's way of life. 



5/22  0030Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  Note: Forums might get slow for an hour around lunch Central time zone Friday.  Troubleshooting and apologies. 

Click to enlarge.

Flooded Denton Creek vs full Lake Grapevine.
.2hr RV-6 hop 5/21.
(33.038037, -97.208257
dr photo.


iPad 'Micro' ...Larry Pardue thoughts

I am one of those guys that tends to like the Apple stuff but it has never worked out that well for me in the cockpit. The iPad is way too big as is the iPad Mini and the iPhone is way too small. I have used the iPad Mini some in the cockpit, mostly on a kneeboard, and had screen visibility problems and didn't like the fact of always having to remember to bring it and then there is worrying about the state of charge.

The other day I installed a mount in my RV-6 for the iPhone 6 that I own. It showed promise. Still too small but the more vertical angle seemed to make the screen much more visible.  ...



We have over 100 new tungsten bucking bars on sale – 18% to 20% off the regular tungsten bar prices. If you ever wanted a tungsten bar, or are ready to add another to your tool box now is the time to buy. Also special discount prices on clecos and most other items on our website. Visit www.averytools.com to see what is on sale. The Avery family wishes all our friends and customers a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.
Bob & Judy Avery


Skin scratches and imperfections

So I'm working on the elevators on my -10 and noticed that one of the skins is fairly scratched up just due to man handling on my part, placing it on surfaces it shouldn't have been.. back rivet plate with rough edges..etc.. all the things.  ...


Medical issue ...Smilin' Jack

In an effort to help other RV owners and in my case keep my Corporate flying job I have decided to share the last 6 month issue with you.

I developed an issue of a tachycardia about 180 BPM when I would eat anything cold, Ice cream but it finally got to the point I could not even eat anything out of the refrigerator with out my heart taking off. The cardiologist had me wear a Holter monitor and they detected AFIB in the last part of a a tachycardia episode. The episodes of this happening were just days apart.

There were two options medicine to control the Tachycardia or an cardiac ablation

In November 2014 I chose the ablation. I was now grounded until I waited 6 months with no problems and pass th FAA Holter monitor and EKG test.

It was during this time I upgraded my panel and installed the LED Landing lights with the prospect of selling my RV. I went through all the test A nuclear stress test, Echocardiograms and a host of other test and could not get me in a fib but the condition continued.  They tried on the operating table to give my heart to go into a fib and could not do it even at 240 beats a minute for an hour so they ablated the normal spots in the heart.

Three days later I was back in the emergency room with atrial Flutter my heart rate was one 190 BPM and this time they got my heart rate down with the caritizan mediation.

This repeated itself every 5 to 7 days over the next month I was shocked back into rhythm or three times and was medicated back into rhythm a few more times finally a decision was made to do another ablation on December 4 since this was really taking a toll on me.

Now I am really concerned that I will not be flying again and have told my close friends I guess it is over flying and offered the plane to one of my friends who said lets just wait and see. My Corporate flying job of 25 years is also on the table.

The company stood with me, prayers were answered and on May 4,2015 I was cleared by the FAA for my second class for a year.

I know others have been here before me. But you do not realize how fragile
Life is and how we take things for granted. There are several on this board that know the fears and prayers I went through just hoping I would survive the two operations and the other 8 times I was in ER in November.

There are procedures that can be done now and the FAA has guidelines if those are successful that can get you back to flying.

I am grateful to be back to my corporate flying job! Playing my Sax in Church and enjoying my RV with my wife who loves it as much as I do.

All is great now.. And yes my God still has a purpose for me!

Smilin' Jack
Corporate Pilot CFI-AI


Job Opening - Avionics Technician ...Advanced Flight Systems


Vans will Be Closed on Memorial Day May 25th 2015


Family Updates:

[ed. Those who support this site financially are helping raise these two wonderful kids in a literal way, so I like to give the readers the occasional 'status report'.  Here you go...and thank you for the help!!!!  ]

Audrey's Grades at SMU

3.804 cumulative.   3.681 this term.  She starts her junior year in the fall, is working in the Lippert Research Group lab all summer, and is third from left in the pic at this link.  Their research here.

Tate's Trumpet

Our son played his 8th grade final performance last night (he's opting out of band for the 9th).  My parents bought the trumpet for me back in '76.  He'll pickle it for down the road....you never know!

They rocked.




5/21  0237Z

Crystal Cooper photo of Rosie/Tuppergal (Andrew Brandt photo ship)
(click to enlarge)


N302RM First Flight! ...Mike Hillger RV-7

I finally made my first flight in my RV-7 Friday.  I have logged 9 hours since. The flight went well other than me being really nervous! I realized later, I had not flown a plane solo in 2.5 years. Two squawks, CHT on #1 cylinder hit 400* before I got 800' in the air. I am working on getting CHT's more manageable now. The second thing rattled me the most, I added 20 deg of flaps and the plane yaw'd hard to the left and my left rudder pedal came up against my left foot! Needless to say I had to make the first landing with no flaps. I later found out the left rudder cable was caught under the nut on the flap control rod.  continue


Back in the Saddle ...Ed Wischmeyer

It was seven months and seven days ago that I had spinal fusion surgery, L1 - L5, a >>highly<< invasive surgery with a long recovery time -- "full" recovery is maybe another six months away. But I did fly the RV-8 today for the first time since the surgery.

At the six month point post-surgery, I flew my trusty old Cessna with an instructor buddy, and had no problems except feeling strange during an unusual attitude recovery. A week later, we flew 90 minutes of instrument practice.

A week after that, I flew the Cessna five days in a row from the right seat (I'm an out of practice CFII), preparing to check out the new owner of the Cessna. That all went quite well, and a week later, the RV-9A showed up.

Being much more comfortable with right hand on the stick, I flew the -9A from the right seat with the seller in the left, and the two landings were just fine. I subsequently flew the -9A four or five times, and those flights were safe but definitely not pretty -- but that's another story. It was surprising how much harder the -9A is to keep on centerline than the Cessna, which had a steerable nosewheel.

Then a few days ago, I started up the -8 and taxied it a little, just for a reacquaintance. This morning was the first flight, light winds but tower accommodated my desires to go directly into the wind. I was feeling good, looking forward to the flight, and had an energetic, positive, can-do attitude, not all of which have been present since I started flying a month ago.

It felt great, and I'm glad I didn't sell the -8 before the surgery. Thanks to all who suggested that I keep it. While the flight wasn't up to my standards (i.e., **** near perfect), the one takeoff and one landing (short flight, just to keep things under control) were quite acceptable.

Now to finish the -9A panel upgrade and to get really, really proficient in both planes.


Hangar Leak Fixed! ...Alex Peterson


Rear Throttle ...Chuck Deerinck

Am I missing something obvious? I searched Google and VAF to no avail. I'm looking for any information people might have on this...

I got my DJM quadrants today. They look awesome!  continue


May Issue Online ...PDF download (free)



5/20  0139Z

Crystal Cooper photo (Andrew Brandt photo ship)


Round and round she goes ...bobmarkert

This is not a picture of a NASCAR race. It’s what breaking an engine in looks like! Using a very tortured logic, subtracting a year for a military deployment and two years for a Masters Program, we finally completed RV-8 N747BM after 7 ½ years…. OK, OK…. 10 ½ years!!!!! My wife can rivet and proseal and I have an amazing group of guys that pitched in to keep me going.   continue

Keeping it...

First Real IFR in the RV! ...crabandy

I flew my RV with a handheld for a year and did a radio install/first condition inspection a few months ago. I had other issues like remaking fuel lines and installing new cylinders over the next couple months but the radio install seemed pretty solid in the 20 flight hours since installation. I had a trip planned for today and wouldn't you know my destination was IFR, closest weather was 1/2-1 mile vis and 300-900 ceilings with good VFR within a 20 minute flight.

I waited an extra 45 minutes to find the Wx was improving slightly, loaded some extra gas and took off. The start of the BKN/OVC layer shortly after takeoff, we stayed about 3000 ft above the layer in cruise.

Skyking Bob's Initial Glider Ride

Lycoming Piston Pin Plug Failure ...N208ET

RV-3B Status Report ...David Paule

Panel Status Report ...maus92



5/19  0002Z

Somewhere over Texas.  dr photo.


Cleaveland Aircraft Tool Webinar


Cedar Mills - Flooding

Hate to see Cedar Mills getting hit like this again. Took these late yesterday so it was starting to get dark but it looks like at least 1/3 if not 1/2 of the runway is in the lake. I think that is boat floating on the porch of the restaurant.


Diagnosing radio noise

I was particularly proud of my installation of the ICOM A210 and the PS 1000II intercom because there wasn't a shred of noise.

Then I flew to the Berkshires on Thursday, encountering rain behind a front that took my about 10 minutes or so to punch through.

It sat on the ramp for a day -- covered -- and when I gave rides yesterday, I noticed heavy static mirroring the engine RPM. It sort of got quieter (or perhaps the rest of the world got louder) the more I flew but never really went away.

It was in both my and the passenger headphones (I flew right seat to give a ride to a former fighter jock, American pilot and current T-6 operator)

My head tells me that maybe there's a relationship between the rain and the noise, but, before I go off diagnosing, I have to consider that maybe there isn't.

When I flew over last year, I had trouble with my transponder and just rewired the antenna and it worked perfectly. And I recall looking at the com antenna connection at the time and thinking, "I should replace that connector with a 90 degree connector under the seat to take the strain off that coax.

The transmissions I made sounded fine, my wife told me on the ground. If that makes any difference.

But before I get home, I want to have a step by step plan for diagnosing this. And I'm thinking the antenna connection is the place to start.

In what order would you check things?


Removing right baggage floor on a 9A - aft rivets to bulkhead?

This is a question about whether we need to figure out a way to remove some rivets... We bought our 9A already flying, and the passenger step cracked a while back. We've just started the replacement process. The part numbers that follow are from drawing 29.  ...


Vans Forum, we want your input!!!

(EarthX Lithium)......VAF Advertiser

"First off, thank you all who have been supporting us over the years and adding your valuable input. We are now officially working with 11 OEM aircraft manufacturers and are endorsed and trusted by their own independent R & D testing departments! Thank you!

As this market is relatively new, there is some gray areas that we want your input with.

We would like to ask all of your for your input about the specs for a lithium iron phosphate battery. It can replace a lead acid battery, but it is not the same. To date, we have tried to write up the spec's in a comparison type language but maybe it's time to revolutionize this area.

A lead acid battery open circuit voltage (OCV) is technically 12.6V. (definition of an OCV is: Open circuit voltage (or potential) is voltage which is not connected to any load in a circuit) but we call it a 12V.

A lithium iron phosphate battery OCV is technically a 13.2V but the industry calls it a 12V so that people know they can use it as a replacement.

We are considering changing how the industry labels the batteries, or at least our batteries, and want to call the voltage 13.2V but we are afraid consuemrs will think they can not use it as a replacement for a 12v battery. Any thoughts?

Second question, any input on how to label the amp hours? This is an area that is all over the charts from battery manufacturer to battery manufacturer. (and marketing material as well) We want to state exactly how much amperage you have in the event you are using the battery as a deep cycle application such as when your alternator fails. We list both now, what type of equivalent amperage a lead acid battery would have for the amount of cranking power and the usable amp hour. We want to go to listing only the usable amperage but the numbers of what a lead acid might say will look much more in comparison even though it might be less as very few will list the true usable amperage. As an example, if we list the ETX680 as 12.4ah, and the PC680 list theirs as 18, (but only have 12.8 usable) it is confusing. And if you compared another lead acid manufacturer, their listed 18 amp hour might only be 10 usable by design.

Look forward to hearing your input and thank you in advance!"



5/18  0014Z

Airplane Wash for Hire!

Where do they think it up?

I find myself working in the hangar yesterday. Was doing some electrical work so I needed the master on for some long periods of time. I hooked the battery charger up and did my thing.

My 5 year old daughter walked in......

Hey daddy,

Yes dear.

What is that thing right there?

A battery charger, honey

Can that thing make little fire sparkles? ..........<g>


Once upon a time, an RV was built from raw sheet by forming over hammerforms. Obviously we don't do much of that anymore, although there are some remaining plans-builders who do.  ...

RV-8 Radial Engine First Run

Engine Start ...Andy Hill -3

An induction leak is suspected (which I know cause of) hence the "not quite smooth running". Apart from that, all seems to work <g>.

Front tire after 4 landings

So I've done my normal search thing but this time no luck. I think it's just a defective tire (this is the nose wheel tire on my 9A). I've only landed 4 times and I'm fairly sure they've been good landings. Thoughts on what caused this would be helpful.

Glaucoma and flying the RV (or any airplane)

This message may be of interest to older pilots and pilots not far from being "older".

My medical certificate is to expire soon so I had an eye exam to make sure I could pass the vision test. I have moderate cataracts but correctible with glasses. The exam revealed a different problem I was not aware of - high pressure in the left eye. Specifically 33, a number determined by the test. FAA limit is 23.

The indication is a precursor to glaucoma which can lead to optic nerve damage and blindness if not treated. The optic nerve has over 1 million transmitters, incredible.

Back to FAA certification - I was concerned that this might be the end. Glaucoma affects peripheral vision as it shuts down eye function.

First thing to happen was the ophthalmologist prescribed Lumigan drops for 30 days to reduce the pressure. The 33 number had to come down to protect the eye and meet FAA minimum standards.

During the 30 day period I checked out the certification requirements for this condition. It turns out the AME has authority to issue the certificate if certain conditions are met. If these basic conditions are not met, the matter is referred to the FAA for review. The test results are reported on FAA form 8500 completed by the ophthalmologist. This information is presented to the AME with a check list as to whether he can certify.

I did not understand much of the information on form 8500 so the outcome was somewhat in doubt until I saw my AME last week. I gave him the report the week before so he could review it before the appointment.

The 30 days of Lumigan worked, left eye pressure dropped to 22. Next came the peripheral test, it was complicated looking at a white dot and indicating when other white dots appeared around the edges of a circle. I thought I flunked it as I had to do part of it over. As it turns out I did not. My AME issued the certificate, he had reviewed the data and that was that. Whew!

If this situation evolves it probsably will be ok with FAA if detected early. Class 1 and 2 certificates are reviewed every 6 months, Class 3 can go 2 years. The down side is Lumigan drops are forever. Eye pressure should be checked every 6 months to verify the medication is working, it comes in variable strength..

How bad is this elevator tab bend?



5/15  0020Z

RVs and Exercise Equipment

Twenty years spent collecting unwanted exercise equipment from pilots and friends who never wanted to see them again.  The equipment lives between the RV-6 and the hangar wall and is used regularly.  Yes, that is a 'Chuck Norris' Total Gym as seen on TV between the wing and horizontal stab.  It's actually pretty dang useful.

For the last year or so, I've been on the lookout for somebody tired of their elliptical machine in the DFW area.  So, if that's you please give me a call and make me an offer!

Trying to hold off Father Time for as long as I can while making the budget happy ;^).  Slowly getting there!  As always, any Van's RV fan is welcome to use the workout equipment in theVanCave if the door is up.  Bring your own towel, though <g>.

Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 


Proper use of the Parker Rolo Flare tool

Mike Lauritsen from Cleaveland Aircraft Tool covers the proper use of the Parker Rolo Flare tool and fields questions from homebuilders during this 30 minute online session.


Followup on Walt's 'What's wrong with this' thread

I think the main point I'd like to see folks take away from this is that every time you do an inspection, especially if you're looking at your own aircraft, is that you really need to take a step back and try to look at things with a "fresh set of eyeballs".

This aircraft was built in 1992 and I have no idea when this part was actually installed, but I can assure you it wasn't recently so it has been overlooked for quite some time.

This is an excellent example of how having someone else do your condition inspections every now and then can be a good thing, owners/inspectors will get complacent if they see the same aircraft every year, it's just human nature, they stop looking like it was a first time inspection which always has a higher level of scrutiny than a repeat aircraft. Builders are especially vulnerable to this type finding, they "know" they built it correctly so why would they need to scrutinize it?

Your life and those of your passengers depends on sound maintenance practices, make sure you give it the time and attention it deserves!


VAF Courtesy Car List Updated


Rudder cable conduit

Has anyone run their rudder cable through the cabin in conduit?
I had a piece of 1/2" pex and it fits the grommet holes perfectly and the cable end fits through it just fine. I have flightline interior panels, but the rudder cable just floating around has always bothered me. I know it works fine, Im just not comfortable with it.

I am not worried about the few ounces weight. I know it isn't necessary. Is there a safety reason to not run the rudder cable through the cabin in conduit?


For Sale


Making progress on why the forums lock up Fridays at 11:30 CST for an hour

(from my ISP) "I monitored the server on Friday at 11:30am CST and verified there were no processes executing during the time the website becomes unavailable. The errors are all related to IIS 6.0 and PHP and the issue appears to be development related. I engaged XXXX  XXXX while the site was down on Friday and he had me look at possible fixes with IIS, but none of them were relevant to the issue. Here is the error that occurs when the site is unavailable:

Source: W3SVC-WP   Event ID: 2216

The script started from the URL '/community/showthread.php' with parameters 't=125423&page=2' has not responded within the configured timeout period. The HTTP server is terminating the script."

[ed. We're still working the problem, but for now you'll have to live with 167 hours a week uptime instead of 168 until then <g>.  Fridays from 11:30am to around 1pm Dallas time might not be the best time to check the forums.  If you're an IIS guru, or if you work at Microsoft and know smarter-than-me people (which isn't saying much), I'd love to hear from you if this error message/mode makes a light bulb go off above your head.  BTW, I'm migrating to a new server (running an upgraded version of Windows Server and SQL in the next 2-3 months).  ]




5/14  0001Z

100 Hours ...andyrv

I have about 100 hours on the new panel but haven't taken the time to get the new EFIS frames powder coated yet.

Garmin GDU 460, GDU 450, GTN-650, SL-30, GTX-330ES. Dual AHRS, Engine monitor, Auto pilot, GDL-39. Trutrak Gemini PFD for backup. The Garmin and the TT both have independent backup batteries.


Those that went to RV-12 from 6,7,8,9?

Curious to see feedback for those that went to a 12 and flew or owned another version prior. What are the benefits and downsides.

Debating back and forth on 12 vs another model for awhile now. The speed of others is attractive, but operating cost of others surely adds into that factor. Is it worth it.

Being the 12 is so light do you notice more bumps.

Anything else be helpful to know.


Quiz - What's wrong with this Gascolator installation?

I stumbled across this during a condition inspection, can you spot the problem with this install? (Ignore the wires, thats not the issue here).


LOE 2015

LOE Date: October 16-18, 2015

Website: http://loeflyin.org/index.html


F82 - Lubbock Executive Airpark
Runway 17/35 – 3500 x 70 Hard Surface
Runway 07/24 – 1500x150 Grass
Limited number of motor home hookups; On site airport tent camping
area; Limited number of hard surface tie downs - Lots of grass tie
downs; Some hanger space rental at $25.00 per night (Not yet firm).

Motel with shuttle service - Block Fly In Rate to follow:

Clarion Hotel & Conference Center
3201 Loop 289 South, Lubbock, TX, 79423, US
Phone: (806) 797-3241 Fax: (806) 793-1203

Saturday afternoon Fly Out Museum Tour: F-82 TO: KLBB (Silent Wings Museum) AND F49 Slaton Texas Air Museum (Free Admissions)

More info to follow.

Russ Daves & Gray Bridwell
Co-Chairs LOE 2015.


May/June Issue Online ...40 pg PDF document (free)


Quote of the Day ...JonJay

Don't confuse "performance" with flying qualities. Lighter airplanes fly nicer. FP equipped machines are usually, inherently, lighter.

That said, you can pry my CS prop out of my cold dead hands......

[ed. Having flown FP on my -6 for a few years before converting to C/S, I had to chuckle.  dr]



5/13  0032Z

Swollen Denton Creek looking SE today.  North of Justin, TX.  dr photo.

Grapevine Lake beach on the west end (looking NW).  Where'd the sand go?.

How much Micro is too much Micro?

In order to get vents level and a consistent gap on nose ring, I had to move the bottom cowl about 1/8" forward. This created an "underbite" on the outboard cowl inlets at the horizontal seam. I'm totally new to fiberglass but I have been reading a lot in these forums. Is it acceptable to build up the top cowl inlet with micro and sand to match the bottom cowl or would I need to use something more structural here? Also, how do I need to prepare the surface, etc?

8.33 Spacing in Europe

Channel spacing 8.33 is coming rapidly in Europe. In 2017 all radio's should be 8.33 capable. Even worse, in The Netherlands the authorities like to be one step ahead.... which means the number of 8.33 frequencies is increasing. CTR's equipped with 8.33 spacing are prohibited for aircraft using "old radio's".   more

Windscreen Fairing Alternative

I have noticed on several finished and flying RV's that the glassed fairing at the base of the windscreens is cracking. My Cessna has a strip of aluminum to fair the base of the windscreen. I was just wondering if anyone out there has tried any alternatives to "glassing" the windscreen fairing to the windscreen? If so, any pics? Likewise, are there any known ways to prevent the cracks from occurring?

The last RV I saw had a beautiful paint job and now cracks are forming at the base of the windscreen. I just want to put some thought into this as I am just about to start cutting the canopy.

'hydroguy2' Build Update

Spent a productive Mothers Day at Cabin Creek. Kris and I acid stained and applied J-35 sealer costing to the hangar floor. Whew, a little work but kind of cool looking.

Grass Strip Entry ...Veetail88

From Rich at www.Aircraftextras.com

VALVE EXTENSIONS.  We just received a new batch of Valve Extensions. The flexibility of these extensions allows you to get easy access to your hard to get to tire valves. For more details on this and more GREAT PRODUCTS.



5/12  0054Z

Request panel layout review ...dbaflyer

I'm getting ready to move forward getting my panel built and would like to get some feedback on what I have. I am a VFR pilot who would like to pursue an IFR rating once my plane is complete.

This is a G3X Touch panel with GMA240, GTN650 (plumb now and add later as $$ come available), GMC305 Autopilot controller, Dynon D6 with backup battery. IBBS Backup battery for GDU 460/GAD 29/GEA 24/GSU 25 , heated pitot, GDL39R, Dual access auto-pilot, GTX-23 ES Transponder, GTR20.


Enter the Next Kitplanes “Best Of…” Photo Contest!

"...For this coming month, we'd like to see what homebuilders use to keep dirt - and critters - out of their intakes and pitot tubes when they are not flying. While many of us use boring red flags and pieces of foam, it is not uncommon to see something a bit more "playful" when perusing the ramp at a local or regional fly-in. Send in your pictures - we'll pick our top favorites and throw them back out for a community vote! Come on folks - Intake plugs - let's see the Best!"


First Engine Start ...AX-O

Well I tried to get a video of the first engine start done but my devices don't want to play.

That being said. Today I started the engine. Had all the systems working.

A few thing went wrong:
-A couple of fuel fittings were not as tight as they needed to be so they leaked during fuel checks. Got it corrected.

-Operator error. I followed the check-list but when it said "BAT ON" I used the wrong battery switch. I have a way to drop the battery/start contactor. after a few seconds of frustration. I told myself to think and I figure it out. It was a habit that I developed from doing all my ground tests. Instead of wasting battery life, I kept by-passing the contactors.

-The RPM indicated was twice the actual. I chose 1 on the EFIS. I will set it up to 0.5 pulses.

That was it. Now to schedule the DAR.


Split in tire tube

Had a flat tire on the Rocket the other day. Took the wheel off this is what I found:


RV-12 Needing to be Ferried ...Tucson to Forest City, IA

[ed. This was in my inbox today.  Posting here to see if someone can help him out.  dr]


Follow Up RE: 'Alternator Fooled Me': ...DanH

Tweaking the connector didn't work long term. Actually, it didn't work very long at all...maybe 10 hours.

Cut the plug off the harness and dissected it. Here's what the connectors look like when out of plastic housing. You're looking at top and bottom. 



5/11  0001Z
  Lots of rain here in the DFW area this weekend.  Hope less wet where you are...and that you had a good weekend.


Go West Young Man…again ...Gary Palinkas

So there I was, in the desert of New Mexico, minding my own business and dreaming RV’s when I get a text from SkyKing Bob. Says he’s going to come to KABQ to put a dent in my boredom.

He did. We did. Then we did our best to interrupt the day of a lot of very friendly people at Moriarty Airport, NM. In a sea of brown, the airport is a hidden jewel. Lots of things and people we never expected to see.

Visited with (proud to call him my friend), F-111 pilot Extraordinaire, Tom Bender. Tom is also an RV-6 builder/Flyer and I did an VAF article a few years ago on my adventures with Tom.  more


New Home for N642EM ...Loren Jackson

After several weeks of intensively searching for an RV-6A I finally found N642EM in Corona CA that I plan to ferry home on Monday. I plan to fly it home to my home airport KAWO north of Seattle. I just completed 2 days of RV transition training with Mike Seager in Vernonia OR flying the Van’s RV-6A production prototype. I’ve studied the airspace around Corona and I plan to head out of the LA basin via Cajon Pass.

Questions about my recent transition training, offers of contingency help as I head up through CA or any other comments appreciated! I look forward to flying this 180hp CS prop RV-6A over the next several years as I continue building my RV-7A.


Q: Retrofitting a landing light into a flying airplane

A: There's a kit for that...


Where did 5 kts of airspeed go?...Christer Stenstrom

Here is a puzzling question? I have a new 0-360 engine with a MA4-5 carb. I have a Garmin G3X system that records every imaginable parameter once per second.

On my initial phase 1 test flights, I had the following performance indications:
TAS 170 kts, MAP- 23.5, RPM 2410, density alt 3047, OAT 12 deg C.

I had an issue with the carburetor and it was exchanged for a new one of the same exact P/N (5-4164-1). After installation here are my performance numbers:

TAS 165 kts, MAP-23.6, RPM 2390, density alt 2914, OAT 10 deg C

Somewhere I lost 5 kts. Fuel load was very close to the same so aircraft weight was the same. Both flights were at full rich due to new engine still. The engine seems to be producing less power only by the numbers, it runs and feels the same.

There is one foot note to add. During the carb change I noticed that the hole in the Van's throttle cable bracket that sits between the carb and the sump was slightly smaller in diameter than the sump opening by about 1/8 in. I opened it up to match the sump which should have improved performance if anything.

Any good thoughts on where the 5 kts of airspeed went?


Bad USB Port Workaround

My Skyview doesn't seem to recognize USB drives inserted into the port below the panel. I've tried with two different USB sticks, both of which work fine in multiple PCs.

One the drives has an LED indicator on it which lights up when it gets power. With this stick, the LED flickers as I insert it into the plane and if I move the drive around in the port, but it doesn't stay on long enough for the Skyview system to recognize the drive. I assume I have a bad USB port in my plane. I haven't yet opened up the panel to see if the other USB ports in the Skyview are working.

Has anyone else ever seen this happen?

Does anyone know the best place to start looking for a replacement USB port part? Van's? Dynon? Stein?.


RV-10 Seat Mod Update ...Mike S.

Just to "close the loop" on this----------the seats have been in and out 3 or 4 times in the last month, and the nutplate mod has been everything I had hoped/expected it to be.

Very glad I did it, really sorry I waited 4 1/2 years to do so.


Mothership First Flight Totals

 As of May 07, 2015 9,028 RV aircraft have been completed and flown!.



5/8  0055Z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  Could be a weekend edition depending on news volume.  We'll see.  On a technical note, the previous two Fridays for about an hour starting around 11:30 Dallas, TX time, the forums seem to get constipated, and they throw database errors and run slow.  Some folks will be watching today around that time to see if we can get a better handle on what is occurring (if it does).   v/r,


N82SE Flies! ...Sam Evans

It's been almost a week now, so I guess I better make a post on the forum.  N82SE left the ground for the first time on Thursday, April 30. To say the least, it was an exhilarating experience; none like I've ever had. Although I had a couple of squawks, the plane flew very well. I made three laps around the pattern and landed. One of the squawks was that I had no airspeed indication (I've already been admonished for continuing the flight).  The engine was making good power & I continued on using GPS groundspeed. Although I did make a good landing, I came in a little 'hot' just to be on the safe side.

After eleven years, it was a great day. <g>


Testing The Waters- Mojave to Bimini ...Michael Robinson

With a nod to Rosie's epic journey, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to all the virgins out there. If you think you want to fly the Bahamas, just do it!

With plenty of research and building confidence in our recently acquired Rocket We loaded up our stuff and set out solo for our first foray out of the country.


Troy Branch Videos of Calgary to Florida Keys Trip


It's an airplane now ...PeteP 9a


Critters Lodge Fly-In Video


Talk of Recessed Cameras

Welcome Aliant Ultralight Batteries  ...ad on the front page

"Aliant Ultralight Batteries offer a tremendous amount of power in a very small and lightweight package! Using state-of-the-art technology and the best components available Aliant has created a battery that is safe, versatile, long lasting, and dependable. Aliant is the #1 choice of many aircraft manufacturers and pilots!"



5/7  0001Z

Sunset over Dietz Airpark at 10,000ft.

...open cockpit RV-3


EFII - the jury is coming in

Well, I think it's about time that I post a few of my experiences with the EFII system (dual ignition and injection) in the RV-10. I do believe N930M is the first RV-10, and possibly the first 6-cylinder engine, to be flying with the full EFII system. I now have 20 hours in it and feel like I should share my experiences and thoughts on it. I have talked to several people who have shown interest or who are planning to install it in their -10's, so this is mainly for those people, or those who may be on the fence.

First of all, it is a system that required, IMHO, a fair bit more planning than a standard engine with mags and mechanical fuel injection. Even with electronic ignition on one or both sides. I have had a few misgivings of flying -10's with dual lightspeeds, but that didn't last very long. I am actually very much looking forward to flying with the P-mag if/when they ever actually start delivering them. With dual electronic ignition and electronic injection, though, it mecomes much more serious. You really should have dual batteries, at at least dual contactors, if not full dual busses. You really should have dual alternators, or at least it's a very good idea. You need dual fuel pumps because there is no engine-driven pump. if any of these systems aren't redundant and the only one fails, you either are immediately a glider or shortly will be. I know that the battery can keep you going for a while if the alternator fails, but I'm not about to test how long that is. I also think it's very important to have dual ECU's, one controlling each ignition and each can separately control the injection system. I know this becomes a fairly expensive system, but just think, at least it's only 30-year-old technology instead of 80-year-old technology.

To be perfectly honest, it took several weeks after first engine run for me to get up the nerve to climb in and go flying. I was very careful to stay within gliding distance of the runway for the first several hours. I just didn't fully understand all that was going on (still don't) and was nervous about being the test pilot for a new system. I have done first flights before, but never with a system that had never flown in this configuration before (at least that I am aware of).   continue

Voices of Valor: Bobby Brashaer

[ed. Bob is a rock star in the RV world.  My hometown newspaper did a piece on him, and went into detail on some things you probably didn't know.  What an honor to say I know this man!  ]

From the mothership FB page....


Q: ALT field switch... why, really?

A: voltage spike during start

A: voltage regulator fails and the voltage increases above acceptable levels

A: alternator belt breaks

A: If there is ever smoke in the cockpit, it might be desired to shut off all electrical power including the battery and alternator, thus a need for an alternator switch.

A: when de-energized, contactors and solenoids can produce a high voltage spike



5/6  0026Z

Hat Sighting ...Turbo's Annual SnF Flight Review


From the Mothership FB Page

Order form HERE


Day 25: Dallas to Rosamond Skypark ...Rosie


Status Report ...Z-EDD


Panel Status ...Mark Dickens


Engine Fairy Visited ...walter


Paint Time! ...Guilhermepilot


Upcoming EAA Webinars


Weight/Balance This Weekend...AX-O


TeenFlight Puyallup celebrates first engine start ...video



5/5  0012Z
I'm going to try something a little different here for a bit. Going to push out the home page news at times other than 0630 local my time.  Maybe afternoon...maybe evening.  Some days maybe twice!  I don't know if it will work, or what the ups and downs of it are, or how I will feel having done it for a few days.  The times might ebb and flow with news volumes.  The main goal is to end the practice of waking up before 5 AM each morning and hitting the keyboard in a flurry starting 2 min. after my eyes open. The idea of waking up to the birds and sun seems to me to be a healthier lifestyle choice :-).
  Side note: Audrey made a 100 on her calculus final (sophomore chem. major at SMU).  What a brain on that kid! 


Rosie and Tuppergal Are Home

ECI Sold to Continental

Crankcase Pressure Data

"...When I first flew with my new engine, an IO-375 in an RV7A, I had the Antisplat Aero oil separator with the vacuum system installed. After about 10 hours time on the engine it developed a small leak that I traced to the front seal, (oil on the ID of the flywheel).  ...

Peach Slip In Hand

How to compromise a good fuel tank

I submit this boo-boo message and perhaps it won't happen to you.  ...

Radio Noise

I have a question for someone who knows more about magnetos than me, which is just about everybody I guess. My RV7 was ready for its first flight last Tuesday but unfortunately the weather was crappy that day and I had to go back to work for a two week hitch on Wednesday! I have a little time to think about solving my a little Magneto problem I have....I have two Bendix S4LN mags on my pre owned IO-360 B1E. I thought they were rebuilt 75 hrs ago but after re examining my engine documents, it says "Repaired as Needed". I installed new harnesses on each mag (harnesses came assembled with new caps) along with 8 new tempest fine wire plugs. I have one Dynon Comm Radio and Intercom....On run up mag check, I get a 60 RPM drop on each mag. I have never gotten a bad check from either mag unless I had a fouled plug. I have run my engine more than a several times and managed to foul the old plugs before I got my idle mixture right. I have a ticking noise coming from the right mag that follows my engine RPM.  ...

Tail Art

Mission Control, I have a problem

This is a very painful post for me. I think I have gone through a few trapdoors that I might not be able to come back through, and I am really hoping someone here can give me some advice.

In an effort to make my floors "removable", I elected to put Rivnuts in under the floors. I thought it all went well. When I had finished up all of the wiring under the floors, I figured I could put in the floors, because I could take them out later. During the process of doing that, I "spun" two of the Rivnuts. Meaning that they were spinning in their holes, so I got not get the floor screws to go in further, nor take them out.  ...

Sun n Fun 2015 ...Jaybird

A few stats if you want them.
ECI O-360 9.5 to 1 Pistons taper head jugs.
2420NM flown
139. Gal of 100LL used
$680 for the gas
16.4 hours flown
$1280 For room, wrist bands, camping fee, ramp fees, etc

Bruce Hill Status Update

Does anyone experience junk like this? Long story/need advice

I thought I simplify and remove the prop oil return line on my engine since I am going with a Catto fixed pitch prop. The word of the day is "Simplify". It just rolls off the tongue. Sim-pli-fy.........ahhhhh.

I have an IO-360-A1A. The front plug on the crank is removed already because it was driving a constant speed prop in its former life.

With Service Instruction 1435 between my formerly Cheetos stained fingers, I gave it a good read to understand what needed to happen next. It said to either pierce or remove the rear plug, located about 7-8" down the crank shaft. Oh yeah, there is also an oil return tube running across this cavity a couple of inches in front of the rear plug. Fortunately, this tube is notched to give access to the rear plug. Easy, right? Sorry, forgot that we're talking about an airplane engine or anything airplane for that matter. Now its time to figure out where the catch is.  ...

Blain's Panel Cut



Mon May 4, 2015.  0015Z
Excuse me pushing out the edition so early today.  I'm sick as a Doug dog and thought I would type while I had energy.  Going back to bed....and good Monday morning.

N728TT First Flight ...Todd Stovall

I'm officially the owner of a flying RV-10 now! The flight was short, (3 circuits around the field -- first at pattern altitude, 2nd a low approach, 3rd the first landing). Thanks to David Maib, my transition instructor, the flight was a non-event and the plane flew as advertised. I do have an oil leak which appears to be at the filter, but I'll get that sorted shortly.

Everybody loves Turbo

Grass Season 2015 ...Vlad

Day 23: St. Kitts to Great Exuma ...Rosie

Day 24: Great Exuma to Dallas ...Rosie

[ed. PS: Rosie is now home resting and playing w/the dogs.  dr]

Happy Birthday Jim Thill! ...Vlad

Another RV IAC Contest Win - Ron Schreck

Congrats to Ron Schreck who outscored Pitts and Giles to win Sportsman at the Carolina Boogie in Wilson, NC this weekend in his RV-8. Ron also had the second highest percentage scoring flights of anyone in any category with his last two flights just under 87% each. It doesn't get better than that.

So right now RV IAC participation remains extremely small, but at least the few involved really show what an RV can do in the hands of skilled pilots.

So as tradition requires me to say, Ron - move up! <g>

Amazon Ranch ...Larry Pardue

How would you like to own hundreds of square miles of West Texas ranch land and have the money to do pretty much whatever you like on that land? Some of Jeff Bezos' projects do seem fun.  ...

Welcome AV8R Designs ...ad in Previous Day's News

website: www.av8rdesigns.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AV8RDESIGNS

The jist of the company is, like many others, seeing the need for something.

I didn’t like the exterior handle for the RV-10, and I wanted something that maintained the stock functionality so as to not interfere with the third latch from Plane Around. So, I designed a new handle. After selling off the excess form the first batch, I had ALOT of requests for more, so, here you go.

Here's a picture of the handle. It’s simple 3 piece design that drops right on with very little modification and can easily be installed onto painted and flying planes in 10 minutes. The kit comes with a nylon spacer, 1 extra button and fully detailed instructions. Pics of the handle left and right.

Besides the handle, I’m working on some carbon fiber cable fairings, a new interior handle for the 10 (again, that doesn’t require modifying the door), as well as wing root fairing for the 10 that are smaller and more affordable than what’s out there.



Mon May 4, 2015.  0015Z
Excuse me pushing out the edition so early today.  I'm sick as a dog and thought I would type while I had energy.  Going back to bed....and good Monday morning.

N728TT First Flight ...Todd Stovall

I'm officially the owner of a flying RV-10 now! The flight was short, (3 circuits around the field -- first at pattern altitude, 2nd a low approach, 3rd the first landing). Thanks to David Maib, my transition instructor, the flight was a non-event and the plane flew as advertised. I do have an oil leak which appears to be at the filter, but I'll get that sorted shortly.

Everybody loves Turbo

Grass Season 2015 ...Vlad

Day 23: St. Kitts to Great Exuma ...Rosie

Day 24: Great Exuma to Dallas ...Rosie

[ed. PS: Rosie is now home resting and playing w/the dogs.  dr]

Happy Birthday Jim Thill! ...Vlad

Another RV IAC Contest Win - Ron Schreck

Congrats to Ron Schreck who outscored Pitts and Giles to win Sportsman at the Carolina Boogie in Wilson, NC this weekend in his RV-8. Ron also had the second highest percentage scoring flights of anyone in any category with his last two flights just under 87% each. It doesn't get better than that.

So right now RV IAC participation remains extremely small, but at least the few involved really show what an RV can do in the hands of skilled pilots.

So as tradition requires me to say, Ron - move up! <g>

Amazon Ranch ...Larry Pardue

How would you like to own hundreds of square miles of West Texas ranch land and have the money to do pretty much whatever you like on that land? Some of Jeff Bezos' projects do seem fun.  ...

Welcome AV8R Designs ...ad in Previous Day's News

website: www.av8rdesigns.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AV8RDESIGNS

The jist of the company is, like many others, seeing the need for something.

I didn’t like the exterior handle for the RV-10, and I wanted something that maintained the stock functionality so as to not interfere with the third latch from Plane Around. So, I designed a new handle. After selling off the excess form the first batch, I had ALOT of requests for more, so, here you go.

Here's a picture of the handle. It’s simple 3 piece design that drops right on with very little modification and can easily be installed onto painted and flying planes in 10 minutes. The kit comes with a nylon spacer, 1 extra button and fully detailed instructions. Pics of the handle left and right.

Besides the handle, I’m working on some carbon fiber cable fairings, a new interior handle for the 10 (again, that doesn’t require modifying the door), as well as wing root fairing for the 10 that are smaller and more affordable than what’s out there.



Fri May 1, 2015.  1137Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

May Wallpaper Calendar Online

Airborne!!! ...Dan Weyant 9A

At about 6:00 CDT this afternoon N96KD took to the sky for the first time.

Everything worked great, and she just jumped off of the field. I've got a few issues I need to work out before second flight, but overall I'm thrilled with how everything went!

Day 22: St. Kitts ...Rosie

Today was our last day of vacation, and starting on Friday, 1 May, it all TRAVEL back to the States and eventually home…this is the part of the trip I do not look forward to because it’s ‘back to the real world…’

N728TT is Now an Airplane! ... Todd Stovall

Well, it took a while to get here, and my experience with the Washington FSDO was a mirror of that journey, but I'm proud to report that N728TT is no longer a project and is now the latest RV-10 to join the fleet!

What is this material blowing by?

This is a new engine (IO-360 parallel valve, standard compression, vetterman exhaust) put together by Aero Sport Power (65 hours so far). I have noticed some seepage on the number 2 cylinder through 1) the hole where EGT probe is installed and 2) The exhaust joint downstream that exhaust pipe assembly.  ...

Embarrassing photo ...Jwputnam

I am learning about riveting the hard way I am afraid. I have made more than a few ham handed riveting errors that show up as dents and bruises, but I have corrected almost all of them. The painter is going to have to do the rest I suppose.

One of them does concern me, so I am posting this photo for comment, as much as it pains me to display it!  ...

NationAir is now Gallagher Aviation ...jestes

Attention all Vans owners and enthusiasts -

As some of you may know NationAir and Arthur J. Gallagher recently merged and from this merger NationAir will now be known as Gallagher Aviation. Remember this name Our office in Chesterfield MO is still devoted to all light aircraft and our Vans specialist remain the same.

We are still the same great team we have always been we just have a new name. You will still receive the quality service you have come to expect and trust from us. Please remember this new name and pass it along to your friends! See you at Oshkosh!  ...

Eagle's Nest Projects - SnF Youth Achievement Award

Why is my ventilation air hotter than ambient?

Can someone tell me why the air coming in the standard cabin vents is hotter than ambient?

Before you speculate....take a temperature probe with you and stick it in the vent while flying and compare it against a known outside air temperature.

Is it heat of compression alone? boundary layer ingested air from the cowling? heat leaking from around the cowling hinge (mine is fairly tight but i guess it could still leak some)?

Alternator Fooled Me ...DanH

There I was, flying along, minding my own business, and I get an "EIS VOLTS" warning. Uh oh, losing an alternator.  ...

Status Report ...N546RV

Well, the wings are as done as they're going to be for the foreseeable future. For the time being, I'm not going to bother riveting the bottom skins. Keep these things open until I've got all my plumbing and such finalized.


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