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10/6/2015:  #3,961. 

My oldest daughter's first lesson ...crabandy write-up.

"It's not her first time at the controls of an airplane, she's flown "under the panel" several times before."  continue

[ed. If this story doesn't make you smile I don't know what will!!!!  dr]


Here's at least ten minutes of your day!!!! ...you'll like this!


Airborne Dual VOR Check Done and Logged

IFR prep continues...

My home field is on the 312° radial off Maverick (TTT).  Monday I loaded TTT into both VOR receivers and set the OBS on both to 312° (and on the HSI).  Launched to the north and orbited the airport for four minutes around a thousand feet above pattern altitude.  Flew up the runway centerline and held the camera phone up to my neck and clicked the button a few times as I flew over the airport.  Later at home, I looked at the take.  VOR #1 radial line displayed on the MFD.  Clicking between 312° and 311° made the line hop back and forth from the north end of the runway to the south end.  My interpretation is the north end of the runway is the 312° radial.

0° bearing error on both VORs at that spot over the ground.  Entry in the logbook made per suggestions here"...date, place, and bearing error of the check, and the person making the check..."  

Good to go for 30 days. 

Garmin Pilot screen grab off my phone.

Blue dot is me standing on the ramp at 52F before
the flight.  And can I get somebody to change
the 'CEKHI' intersection to 'VAFDR' please <badump>?

The pic that was most in focus below, annotated.  VOR #1 drives the HSI.
312° set in both VORs and HSI.  Radial line on MFD crosses airport.
Direct To set in iPad running Garmin PIlot.
(click to enlarge)


One World Theater near Austin, TX ...Larry Buller 7A Trip Write Up

Linda and I are avid followers of the Voice on NBC. A couple years back a duo named Dawn & Hawks appeared. They did not win but we enjoyed their music style, harmonies and acoustic.

They recently got married and set up a concert at the One World theater. See OneWorldTheater.org. It is an intimate venue that seats about 300 people. They offer dinner with the concert tickets and in this case the tickets including a world class dinner were $68. The dinner was excellent. Miranda Dawn & Chris Hawks visited at length with all of the tables, then treated us to an excellent concert, and reception afterward.

If you like music and are looking for a place to go, I highly recommend One World theater. Some of the groups coming up are The Guess Who, AJ Croce (son of Jim Croce), Michael Martin Murphy, Blood Sweat & Tears and many others.

We landed at the Lakeway Airpark (3R9). They have tie downs and 100LL, but no other services. A beautiful area and a great destination for the RV7.

Since there is no FBO, Hertz does not work, but Enterprise was open Friday and Saturday so we got a car from them. An entertaining (for us) event took place when the Enterprise assistant branch manager brought us the car at the airport. He was telling us how this was a brand new car, had never been rented and had only 26 miles on it when he backed into a pole scraping up the bumper and left rear quarter panel. We were amused thinking better him than us. He of course was highly embarrassed and not looking forward to explaining it to his manager.


Miss Sue for Sale - The day that would never come ...Marshall Jacobson RV-8


2nd Annual(-) Primitive Camping Fly-in at Alpine County October 24-25, 2015 ...L.Hose

A couple of us "bear assault" veterans decided that another fly-in campout was warranted at the Alpine County on October 24th and 25th. So, we've got the trip on the calendar. Just like last year, no organization beyond this announcement and those who want just show up self-sufficient. The camping is completely primitive, so bring all your own water, food, toilet paper, and, most importantly, bear canister(s) or appropriate system to suspend food high between trees. Please, under no circumstances, plan to keep food in your plane, tent, or ice chest! Like last year, I'll bring a shovel and dig a trench for a toilet, so you don't need to bring your own shovel.  more



10/5/2015  0005Z.  #3,960. 

N.TX practice formation last Friday.  Usual suspects.

First Flight RV12 ...Pat Stewart

I took RV number 4 (RV12) to the sky this morning for its first flight, my good friend Jay Pratt did all the previous first flights. Performed well with no issues. Thanks to Sam and Kevin for their help and a big thank you to Ernie Patey who started the build on this kit.

RV 8, RV8A, RV 10
Flying the RV12
Pecan Plantation


Classic Aero & my 6 ...acroflyrgirl

Ahh, worth the wait. The tonneau cover is my own design. I didn't like the zipper style so I used a piece of the same material and had some velcro sewn on the edges.


14 Gusting to 20

...40 to 60 degree left cross wind.

I should not have been flying yesterday but had a commitment with some guys at a Young Eagles event 40 miles from here and decided to keep it. My job was not all that important, cooking the hot dogs, but it was a reason to fly so off I went.

The wind has been out of the northeast here for a week with that huge high over NE Canada. Its been cool, cloudy and gusty every day by noon. It is a part of the mess on the east coast that won't go away, its still raining this morning in South Carolina.

The wind picked up by noon and I considered parking the 8 and begging a ride home with one to the guys in his pick up but what the heck, Columbus took a chance and look what happened. The plan was to use 20 flaps, 10 knots more speed than normal and ask for the wide runway (100') at Spirit.

Much to my relief, it all worked out. Wheel landed left wing low at 70 knots, let is slowly slow down staying reasonably straight with rudder, lowered the tail and got on tail wheel steering. The wind may have calmed a bit just as all this happened but still was somewhat of a challenge with the constantly changing velocity and direction.

It is risky, landing and taking off a tail dragger. I never thought about it with the 7A or any other trike but the tail wheel operation is a full time job. On the first take off the nose really took off to the left because I was not paying close attention outside checking the engine parameters, the A/F ratio gage in particular for Dan Horton.

The operation requires full attention especially when the wind is misbehaving. I am thinking of removing that gage so as to not have to look at its unreliable data.

David Domeier
RV-7A...Sold #70374
The RV-8...#83261 flying as of 6/16/2014


The Art of Pushbutton Flying - Getting the Most out of your Dynon Skyview


Status Report ...Dave Ford

Finally got the cabin top filled, sanded, filled, sanded enough to shoot some primer on.


Flight Testing Homebuilt Aircraft...2nd edition by Vaughan Askue

How to begin
Systems Tests
Final Preparations
Taxi Tests
First Flight
Envelope Expansion
Handling Qualities - stability
Handling Qualities - control
Pitot Static system
Stall-Spin test
Engine cooling
eBook $22.92


Mothership Stats


Sign Up for the RV-6/6A 30th Year Celebration at AirVenture '16 ...Rosie

To my RV Family of Friends!

Charlie Becker (of EAA) and I have been working on a sign-up sheet for AirVenture 2016, and it's ready for 'beta' testing exclusively here on VAF

If you are planning on attending next year's 30th Anniversary Celebration of the RV-6/6A by flying in with any model RV, please sign-up here on the registration form.

If you have suggestions to improve the registration form, by all means, pass them on. We can then update/finalize the form and release it to the General Public via EAA SPORT Magazine and such at a later date.

I look forward to seeing AirVenture 2016 SHATTER any previous records for RVs flying into OSH!!!! Let the registrations begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep poundin' them rivets because it's ALL worth it!!!




10/2/2015  0002Z.  #3,959. 
   Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Sign Up for the RV-6/6A 30th Year Celebration at AirVenture '16 ...Rosie

To my RV Family of Friends!

Charlie Becker (of EAA) and I have been working on a sign-up sheet for AirVenture 2016, and it's ready for 'beta' testing exclusively here on VAF

If you are planning on attending next year's 30th Anniversary Celebration of the RV-6/6A by flying in with any model RV, please sign-up here on the registration form.

If you have suggestions to improve the registration form, by all means, pass them on. We can then update/finalize the form and release it to the General Public via EAA SPORT Magazine and such at a later date.

I look forward to seeing AirVenture 2016 SHATTER any previous records for RVs flying into OSH!!!! Let the registrations begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep poundin' them rivets because it's ALL worth it!!!



Eagle's Nest Projects - Young Eagles Yearbook features Austin Malcomb


N507RV "Sweet Escape" Engine Out ...[ed. Our online friend Bryon Graves off field landing.  Both OK.  dr]

I have not been on here a lot lately so have lost contact with a lot of great people I have met and spoke with along my journey of building N507RV. I am sad to say "Sweet Escape" suffered a loss of engine Sunday 9/20 while I was flying a local flight. I am very thankful to report me and my girlfriend walked away from the incident with minor scratches. I feel the 5 point Crow harnesses and the fact that I had a sliding canopy contributed a lot to our outcome.  Here is the preliminary NTSB report that explains what I experienced.

The NTSB is still in the process of investigating the reason for what I believe was ignition failure based on what happened. My LASAR magnetos were just recently rebuilt 6 months ago due to experiencing a gradual little rougher than normal engine run ups. The mags have appeared to be running strong for the last 20 hours or so of flight the last 6 months. I am not sure what the outcome is going to be with my insurance company as there is quite a bit of damage to the vertical stabilizer, left wing, fuselage, and canopy. I may end up having to rebuild another aircraft or find a project that someone has ready for an engine, panel, and paint to finish up since my time is very limited to involve anther 2,400 hours plus of build time. Again, I am very happy to walk away from the incident and happy the RV air frame is as strong as it was. I will always have many memories in this aircraft and will always treasure the many photos I have on my walls being sponsored and supported by GoPro.

(in later reply)
Dan, I was able to slow the plan down to about 25-30 mph while on the rear gear only holding off the front gear until it finally came down. The field was very muddy and was doing all I could to keep the airplane straight using rudder control to prevent cartwheeling as we were fish tailing back and forth in the mud. It ended up being an alfalfa field they sock every night, however from the air looked like short crops such as strawberries. My front nose wheel was updated per the SB 07-11-09 nose gear service bulletin from Van's. The field was so muddy, unfortunately a tip over was pretty much inevitable. The canopy cracked on the top where it hit during the front tip over. I am grateful I had a sliding canopy as the frame of the slider served as a roll bar to protect me and my girlfriend. The tip up may have been a different story since there is no support around the plexiglass canopy. We were trapped under the airplane, however once I determined we still being supported by the tail, I was able to kick out the sides of the canopy and escape.


Switchbox Remote New Product

$199 VAF PILOTS - Switchbox Remote Pre-Heat - New Product
Switchbox Control is entering year 5 for the popular Switchbox Remote Pre-Heat starter. We spent time this summer photographing RVs (attached) and updating the free Iphone, Ipad and Android Apps for Switchbox, so they all offer the same useful features for remote-starting your aircraft pre-heater or cabin heater. Download for free here.

iPhone or iPad here - Free
Android here - Free

Also, If there is any interest here, we have a new product for the VAF forum.

Switchbox "Strip" model, only $199. We have not officially launched it yet, but its ready for sale if we get enough interest. 

Email below if you would like more info

SwitchBox Strip $199
- 2 individual outlets controlled via SMS or Phone Call/Free
- 6' Power cord
- 1000W total power handling capacity
- Works with free Iphone, Ipad, Android and Web Apps
- External removable Antenna

Accessories available on our website
- SIM Card 
- Wired Antenna

* Below are the features different from our original SwitchBox unit
- Not weather sealed
- No SIM card included with credit and online account access
- No Wired Antenna included
- 1000W Strip vs 1800W Original Unit
- Can not run Engine Heater + Cabin Heater (1000W max limit)

Details below for Original Unit
The SwitchBox
The easiest, cheapest and safest way to remote control any electrical device. 

For Pilots: No more driving to the airport hours before a flight. Turn on your Engine Heater from your cellphone, and simplify your cold flying routine! TIP: Activate a 2nd device like a Cabin Heater for your sensitive avionics, or a Coffee Maker before you arrive!

For General Use: Your new 'Smart Home' with the easy automation from SwitchBox. Remote control your heating, lighting and air conditioning, from anywhere in the world. TIP: Turn On the A/C before you get home, or check to see if you left the lights On and turn them Off.

- Electrical: 120V/60hz. Max Power Handling 1800W
- Network: T-Mobile Preactivated, $3.00 credit on account included, Cost to run for the entire year ~$30
- Features: Custom Timer up to 18 hours, Security List for blocking unknown callers, Includes 10' extended Antenna
- Warranty: 1 year Mfr parts & labor, 30day money back guarantee, FCC and CE certified
- Operating Manual found at http://switchboxcontrol.com/s/switchboxmanual.pdf
- Shipping: In Stock



10/1/2015  0001Z.  #3,958. 

There are Heroes Among Us ...jdwky

I am constantly in awe of the brotherhood of the Vans/Experimental flying world. Since joining your ranks, I have met, and continue to meet, the most outstanding men/women who are involved with these aircraft. Let me tell you about just one such encounter...

He may or may not prefer to be named, so I will just call him Friend. My wife and I were flying home one evening recently from a wedding when I noticed the alternator had seemingly failed. Being overcast for hundreds of miles and still 2.5 hours from home, I decided best to land while I still have juice (I'm all electric). Pulling up to the ramp at 5:30PM, the lineman said, "Well the maintenance shop just left for the day but I might know one fella who could help you". Then I met my new Friend.

He was hanging out in his hangar, which held some beautiful RV's, and was probably getting ready to go home and eat dinner. This generous, caring, friendly man proceeded to spend the next 6 hours of his life helping my wife and I get our plane repaired and back home. We drove to no less than 4 auto parts stores until we found one that had the alternator we needed. Not only did he replace my alternator, he also demonstrated many other tips and tricks that will be very useful to me.

By the time I took back off for home, I felt like we were old buddies, and I hope to see him again in the future. This is Pay It Forward at it's best. I look forward to Paying It Forward to one of you out there someday too. I'm based at Bowman Field KLOU if y'all need anything. I could have just as easily been stranded at a random airport, spending the night, waiting for a maintenance shop to open up, but I sure got lucky that night and am forever grateful to my new friend and the entire RV/exp./aviation community. Thank you sir and fly safe, you are our hero!


Using the Rating Carefully ...jpowell13

Left Baton Rouge for Chattanooga by way of Jackson,TN last Thursday. We had good VFR weather for the first leg and spent a couple of nights with family in Jackson. ATC could not see my transponder. I had had problems before, but only occasionally and intermittent. This issue was not going away, so I borrowed a few tools from my brother in law and extracted the unit. Thought it might be dirty contacts and while trying to clean those at the back of the tray found the real problem; a crimped on wire connector used to extend a shield wire for my Garmin 400W had gotten snagged and trapped at the upper left corner of my transponder tray. This was enough to prevent the unit from seating properly and caused the intermittent lose of connection. Builder error! Works perfectly now.  ...


I think I have uneven airflow

I now have about 90 hours on my RV7. Now that I have worked out the major kinks, I am trying to refine it a little. I have noticed that on all my flights, 1/3 CHT's and EGT's run hotter than 2/4 while ROP, however once LOP, 1/3 are my coolest cylinders. When I say hotter, the CHT's are about 20 deg hotter and the EGT's almost 100 deg hotter. When LOP, the CHT's are 60 deg cooler and EGT's 100 deg cooler.

This tells me that 1/3 are getting better airflow, thus run leaner than 2/4.

Furthermore, my GAMI spread is about 1.5 with 1/3 peaking first.

So, what can I do? Right now I have the standard ECI updraft sump that came with my Titan engine. I have heard that the Superior sump is better balanced than the stock Lycoming or ECI. Does anyone have any real world experience with this?

Another option is to heat wrap my 1/3 induction tubes, but I think this would just be a patch for the real problem.

If a new sump is the best choice, has anyone swapped out their superior updraft for cold air induction and would be willing to sell me their old sump?


Can someone tell me what this port is for?


LOE'15 Update ...Russ Daves

Good news - Banquet tickets are guaranteed for all registrations even on Saturday afternoon. T-Shirts are not Guaranteed unless minimum number of paid registrations are received by 10/06/15, otherwise paid registrations will have choice of $35.00 registration or a free $20.00raffle ticket.

ALSO we are over $5,000.00 in raffle prizes.


Again with the fingerprints!


Coming to an airport near you ...BigD

Recently released reconnaissance photo snapped at the fabled Monkworks facility hidden deep in rural south Georgia:


First Engine Start ...airguy


Fast Back RV-3 ...mmcdonald

Picture of my fuselage after riveting bottom and sides. Was wondering about fabricating a fast back mod, and doing a Spitfire paint scheme? Know RV-4 do this mod, what about an RV-3?



9/30/2015  0004Z.  #3,957.

2,421 Pages of IFR Reference Material For Free

I've been using the native iBooks app on my iPad mini (and iPhone) for the last several weeks to help prepare for the oral part of the IFR checkride.  I'm guessing many of you know this, but on the chance that you haven't heard of it yet, you can download for free over 2,000 pages of IFR reference material from the FAA website to your tablet/phone.

The game changer in doing this is that the reader on the tablet has a search feature that will allow you to quickly find what you are looking for.

How to read all those weather charts.  All the cloud clearance requirements in all the airspaces.  The 72 types of approaches (seems like 72 sometimes).  That little symbol on the airport diagram that indicates if they have arresting gear (and which direction).  And more....all that stuff you learn and immediately forget.  In your pocket.

I downloaded the ones marked below with a red arrow.  The documents are here.

Screen grab below annotated with number of pages in each document in red of my iPad Mini's iBooks app.  Not too long ago this was a pile of books you could barely lift in your backpack.

(click to enlarge)

As an example of the search feature, below is a screen grab of the Instrument Flying Handbook where I told it to search for the term "VDP". It quickly found five references in the 371 pages, and tapping on one of them will take me to that location in the document.  I assumed iBooks would let me search across multiple documents, but that currently isn't the case...one doc at a time for now.

(click to enlarge)

Anywho, if you didn't know about the free PDF reference docs at FAA.gov, now you do.  I also have PDF workshop manuals for our cars on the iPad, but that's another story.... 


What a couple weeks of IFR training looks like.....

(click to enlarge)


And in the "That's my RV-6 on the Drudge Report!" department....

I checked the Drudge Report a minute ago (9/29/15 6:53pm CDT) and saw my airplane in one of the rotating ads!  Saddlebackleather.com is a VAF advertiser, and I let them photograph the plane a few months back.  I know it's probably a cookie thing, but still, pretty cool.  Screen grab before it changed....  dr

(click to enlarge)

From the photoshoot...and no that's not me.



9/29/2015  0001Z.  #3,956.

Seen at 'The Van Cave'

Rob 'Mashy' Reece, my friend of 20 years, coworker for 10 years and hangar renter for two years is getting ready to paint the interior of his RV-8 project. Picture taken today.  Progress! 

(6) Rebuilt Squeezers FS ...Bob Avery

Panel Status ...Lucio in Italy

New Home/Hangar Update ...hydroguy2

September update...still not much progress. I broke my hand working on the hangar. Finally started flying last week a little. Cast and all. But construction work is slow.  ...

Out and About Sighting ...Craig23

My neighbor was heading to the airport behind me a few weeks ago and snapped this photo as I taxied out for an evening flight in early August.

Grass Strip Entry ...Vlad

What If? ...DaveG

It wasn't too very long ago that I said, and I quote, "The interesting dichotomy of the autopilot is that it makes be both a better pilot (tons of information at my finger tips and time to read it) and a worse pilot (I don't hand fly nearly as much as I used to)."  ...



9/28/2015  0003Z.  #3,955.
   The weekend flew by for our family. My 92-year-old mother-in-law spent the weekend, and between Mass, a football game, accounting/email work and a Formula 1 race on the distraction box I didn't get much done airplane-wise.  My sister-in-law attended Mass lead by Pope Francis in Philly on Sunday.  Better than watching the Cowgirls lose...which is how I wasted *my* time.  Audrey drove out for dinner Friday night between study sessions for her Chemistry midterm, which was a wonderful treat. "Would you like to spend the night?" "No, I need to wake up Saturday morning at 7 AM so I can meet with the study group."  Contemplate the significance of that last sentence one more time…  She's her mother's daughter.
   The weather was really nice around North Texas this weekend, and I hope it was where you live, too. Hoping also you got to get off the surface or at least work on your project some.
   Good morning and have a nice Monday,


September 2015 Ottawa-Colorado RV9A vacation

...Alfio and Shirly trip write-up

For us, September is a great time to travel especially with regards to weather. This year we aimed for travelling towards Colorado and visit some sites along the way.  ...


DIY Dog ear muffs

Our airplanes are noisy and we all need the best ear protection...My dog (min-pin) goes on most trips with us and needs here own ear protection. So I set out to make her a more comfortable muff.

Using an Oregon Aero foam upgrade set I had from an old DC headset I cut and glued to form a cup shape, also glueing on the low density foam after. I used shoe goo. ...


AOG ---Emergency landing at South Bend, IN - need local advice

As I was flying over South Bend Airport at 9000, the IO540 in my RV-10 started to shake real bad and that in when I noticed the #3 cylinder temps dropped right to nothing. I I mediated declare an emergency and landed fine. Looking for advice on service people in or on the field. ......

Ray Doerr. N519RV

Update later:
I managed to taxi the airplane over to the maintenance hangar, the mechanics there were trying to help but we're busy with other things. I pulled the top and bottom fowl, both spark plugs (fine wire), injector and every they that checked out OK. Next I ran the boost pump while mixture was full rich and throttle crack about 1/4". This showed fuel leaking near the sump at the joint where the rubber tubes and clamps are located, but #3 was leaking less then #1. I wiped this area up real good and tried to boost pump again, this clearly showed it was leaking. We tightened up all the clamps and that corrected the issue for now.

I did a full engine run up on the ramp with the cowl off and had the mechanic watch for any signed of leaks and it was all good. I then managed to get out of there and head to Port Huron, not my final destination, but one step closer to Canada. I will fly the last couple of legs today with an added stop at Aircraft Spruce Canada at CYFD for new intake gaskets and tubes and some clamps for good measure. I buy some extra to add to my tool kit I fly with.

All I can say is it is very important to have tools and some supplies when presented with this kind of issue when away from home. If I had not had the tools and the know how, I would have still been stuck there waiting.

Thanks everyone for the help!


(From Mike)

I had a similar event occur to my RV about a month ago - engine shaking, complete loss of EGT, and rapidly decreasing CHT's due to the cylinder not firing. All of the sudden, the issue resolved itself in the air for the remainder of the flight. After on the ground, I discovered I had a sticking exhaust valve. To me, your issue sounds like more than just an induction leak.

Do yourself a favor and perform a "wobble test" on the intake and exhaust valves of your suspect cylinders. This test should be performed every 400 hours per Lycoming.

Check out my thread on how to dig into this issue here


Some airshow clips ...Christopher Murphy RV-4

I ran the go pro on a couple flights at Rocky Mountain Airshow 2015 in August. Put it together without music and added a few comments. Some might enjoy it...



(comedy)  "We all love to have the finest components; Now I have just the item for you to complete your dream panel.

No need for wiring, this one will shine and sparkle with just a little ambient light.  Hand crafted of 14kt yellow gold, weighing in at .6 ounce, 13/16 x 2 ½ “, 76 full cut, G color, SI1 clarity diamonds, 2.28 carat total weight. (Different N#s will vary)"  ...



9/25/2015  0004Z.  #3,954.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV–filled weekend! 

Sault St Marie, Michigan ...RKellogg trip write-up

Last month we flew up to Sault St Marie, MI, from our base near Chicago, had a great time! We like to find destinations that are walkable. We landed at Sanderson Airport, walked to hotel, walked to riverfront and locks, walked to boat tour (great fun!), walked to restaurant overlooking the locks, walked to hotel, walked to airport. The boat tour went through the locks, up and back, and did a side tour through a steel mill slip, very interesting for technical guys, co-pilot didn't appreciate it as much. Felt good to sit down for a while. Scenic lakeshores, simple airspace, no rental car needed. Mission accomplished!


RV-4 Dust Award Update ...Jstov (Australia)

Well it has been a long time sine I have updated this thread but work has continued. I have replaced both rear spars on the wings due to a misdrilled hole in the wing spar/carry through attach point. Lower firewall has been replaced and I installed the angle reinforcements like the rv-8 to beef it up even more. I have rebuilt the left and right elevators because the OB had bad warps in them and they did not line up. I also found that the ailerons had been misdrilled on the hinges so I still need to rebuild those. The engine has been torn apart and overall does not look bad internally so hopefully I will win on that one once I start sending the parts out. All the parts have been stripped and only have the right wing and a few small pieces to prime. I ended up using a two part epoxy zinc chromate that I am very happy with. That stuff is tough as nails. Right wing need to be stripped and primed and ailerons built and I might be putting parts back together soon. Basically there will not be a part on this airplane that has not been inspected for plans conformity and correct construction. I am rapidly approaching the 90% done 90% left to go stage!


Acro & a sighting device ...acroflyrgirl

Anyone had any success finding a workable sighting device? Specifically for a 6 in my case.  I'm going to try this......but not sure if it will work.


Attacking Hot #2 ...Steve M.

With some help from Michael Robinson (Toobuilder) and Pete Howell, I finally got around to attacking my hot #2 cylinder. It was always the hottest in climb at full throttle, and also a bit hotter than the rest in cruise. I had already tried the washer trick on both #2 and #3, but neither seemed to help that much. Given that lack of success, I pretty much followed Michael's approach this time around...  ...


Glass Panel Status Report ...Guto

I'm very anxious for inaugural flying next month!!  I'm using a G3x Touch, 3 display system with TCAS GTS800 and a WX500 Stormscope (very useful here in Brazil). I'm also using TSO Backup Flight Instruments.  In the picture, it is missing the GTN-650, it will go above VHF Radio GTR-225.


Cylinder Head Baffle Wrap Gap



9/24/2015  0001Z.  #3,953.  

Nearly an RV-4 ...David Taylor status report

Hi all.  Engine run complete.3 minor adjustments made,and first taxi test successful.  W+B then paper work left.


Reno RV PIREP ...Bob Mills

Jason and the RV gang did a really superb job at the races this year. We talked about Jason's speed compared to John Huft's (the host of my first SARL race…where the addiction set in for many of us). To be compared to John is a true compliment, and one Jason has earned! Dave Anders is probably next on his targeting computer…and is still the king of 4-banger RV speed, AFAIK. But Jason's hard work on his plane has, and will, pay off…expect more great things from him! Along with Jason, Stan Sutterfield, Skylor Piper (who has already posted here), Jim Wilson, Stephen Christopher, Tim Cone, Dan West, George Ford, Ben Fouts, Matt Beaubien, Charlie Greer, Seth Baker and Scott Prewitt all provided a ton of racing excitement to the record crowds! Rocketeers Bill Beaton, Shane Margraves and Chris Schaich did more of the same. Bill has done amazing things with his HRII; "The Alien" ('cause Rockets can't do what his does) and "Rattle-Can Rovey" have definitely set the bar! Expect the rest of us to give good chase next year!!

Something that should make the VAF family very proud: On Saturday of race week, the AirBoss, the Contest Committee, the Pylon Judges, and RARA leadership all said that the morning start of the Medallion Heat was the finest start of any race that any of them had EVER seen at Reno! Huge compliment…and they were all RVs…just sayin'!



Tam Airlines Air Museum ...Guilhermepilot


Photos, Data and Lab Report of Probable Cause Doc #WPR14LA046 ...Jason Rovey post


TFR N.TX Red Bull Air Races

The red bull air races are going on this weekend near my home field (52F in N.TX), and there is a TFR in effect that encompasses the field. As noted in the screen grab below with a red arrow, you can contact this individual for instructions on how to get out and get back in. I called and it's no biggie, they just want to run a few guidelines over the phone to you before you launch.  Call the # if you're flying out/in to 52F the next three days.  


Advice for Newbies Thread ...ron sterba entry

Ok newbies, this is essential if you have a engine in storage in your hangar and you lack a De-humidifier in the hangar you'll need to keep your engine cyclinders close to moisture free. Buy a set of four tempory fake spark plugs. These plugs have a glass tube filled with moisture absorbing compound. This compound when TOTALLY DRY is one color,as the moisture starts to absorb into the compound,the compound changes color. In my case my compound is BRIGHT BLUE when dry but as it absorbs moisture from the cylinder it changes to a lite Pink Color.meaning moisture is in the compound and it needs to be dried out.I take the compound out of the vial and put it on a plate and place a shielded small work (60 watt) light you over the plate but not in direct contact with the compound, maybe 5" awaycan also place the compound on a tray and place it in your oven on lowest heat and this will also be a effective way to dry the compound. As my compound dries out it turns back to a color of dark blue. Meaning the moisture is gone out of the compound.simaliar compound you'll see those little bags in shipping boxes to keep the contents from being damaged by moisture,like rust or corrosion. These are a must have. Now I'll have to ask the van members where these plugs can be bought. I have a set installed but can't remember where I bought them from?



9/23/2015  0058Z.  #3,952.  

In the fake soup w/Plaster

Continuing to work on IFR buttonology in the computer age - a.k.a. "is it doing what I think it's doing".  With beta testing wristwatch (link) tracking the flight, and gpsvisualizer.com later turning the data set into something Google Earth likes, here are the grabs...warts freckles and all.  

(click to enlarge)

An overview of the flight (above) with approach plates superimposed on the ground track at 40% opacity (photoshop). Take off on runway 17 52F followed by a left climbing turnout, hood on, ATIS at Alliance Airport, contact the tower, join the localizer north of WIGZU and down to missed at 200' AGL on the ILS 16L approach. Climbing left turn out at missed back to 52F, and just outside of Alliance's airspace set up for the Decatur RNAV 17 GPS approach with the initial approach fix at ZUMKI.

(click to enlarge)

This screen grab above shows the hand flown ILS 16 into Alliance Airport. Not too horrible…

(click to enlarge)

The arrival back at 52F (south is up). Crossed midfield West to East at 1,640 feet entering a left downwind for runway 17. I like two things from the screen grab, the first being the nice circular nature of the ground track. The second being that I didn't go too far over FM1171, the road at the bottom of the screen. The student pilots on our field often go miles beyond this point it seems. I bounced the landing a little bit, much to the chagrin of Gary. Cutting me no slack…

Photo of the watch I am testing after the flight. Shows the ground track of a large portion of the flight. The little flattened part in the bottom left corner is the autopilot taking me into the teardrop entry of the hold after going missed at Decatur (HIRGO). Halfway through the teardrop I entered direct back to my home field.

I've posted stuff like this before, but I just can't seem to get over how neat it really is to be able to track a flight so precisely, and then relive it from multiple angles later on your computer. Still figuring out what the watch, and panel, will do...and am wondering if I will ever really get a grasp of all that is possible.  It makes tracking a flight, and then looking at it later overlaid on GoogleMaps fairly painless. That's what I use it most for, well, and for telling me the time.

I have a love/hate relationship with technology.  It's amazing....and it sucks.

Thanks Gary for the CFII time, and for not beating me up too much.

And have a good Wednesday,


Last of the High Speed Runs ...radial RV-8 vid


How to trim the Ego!!

Well it was a fine Saturday morning, tail kit inventoried, time to start the first job. Simple enough read and reread, match drilled the doubler plate to the forward vertical spar .... looking good.... reread to make sure I had it on the right side. reread then promptly countersunk the holes on the plate the wrong way.... congratulations I said to myself !!! Anyway easy enough plate to remanufacture.
By lunchtime Sunday had the vert stab ready for riveting .... the rivets on the rear spar started to look so much better when you wind the air pressure down from 100 psi to 40 I notice!!...... great kit.


Panel Powered Up ...Richard Boyer


Panel Critique Please


Pitot Cover ...plan 'B' for Vlad



9/22/2015  0001Z.  #3,951.  
  Apologies for the smaller issue today - root canal in spousal unit.  Me nurse.  This getting old thing kinda blows at times...not to mention pricey.  Ugh.

Reno Air Races trip

Corrosion under plastic

I didn't want to hijack the thread about countersinking that this came from. I've seen this topic come up from time to time and I wanted to comment. 23 years building on two projects and I've never seen corrosion under the plastic. Not to say it doesn't happen but... the plastic is over aluminum cladding, so why would it corrode? Something like dissimilar metals or a reaction to the adhesive? I'm guessing what people are seeing as surface corrosion is actually the adhesive getting old but, again, I could be wrong.

However, to answer why you'd want to drill and countersink with the plastic on (or dimple, etc.) is to preserve the cladding. The plastic helps prevent the ribs from scoring inside the leading edges of the skins, for instance, during assembly. If you are going to prime, no big deal, but even then I didn't see any reason to risk gouging the cladding if I can avoid it.  ...

My lastest Youtube Video

(1) Year RV-4 Operating Costs ...Rick RV-4

Quick napkin math for me:

Yearly costs:

Hangar: $1,800
Insurance: $290 (liability only)
Maintenance: $400 (I do the Cond Insp since I'm the builder)
Garmin Pilot subscription: $75
Fuel/Oil: $34 per hour x 50 hours: $1,700

Total per hour for 50 hours per yr: $85 per hour

Would be $60 per hour if I flew 100 hours per year which I hope to do when I retire next month.

Found another mission for the RV4

Trutrak Eco manual!

RV NFL flyover-USAA commercial

Eagle's Nest Projects - Brent Crabe (Conroe, TX) Donates RV-12 Emp/Tailcone Kit

New Garmin G3X Touch Videos



9/21/2015  0001Z.  #3,950.  

1st Belfast Fly-in Pics ...Vlad


Some passengers just steal your heart ...Ron Schreck RV-8

I have to tell you what happened at the aerobatic contest last weekend...

Tony Zorn is a pilot that I have known for some time. He flies a great routine with his single-seat DR-107, One Design in the advanced category. Tony was at the East Coast Aerobatic Contest in Warrenton, Virginia last weekend and his son, Cody was there to compete in his first contest and was flying his dad's airplane. Cody brought his whole family, wife and four little kids to the contest and they camped on the airport in their motor home. Cody's oldest daughter, Esther is nine years old and a great fan of anything that flies. She had been looking forward to the contest for weeks because maybe there would be an opportunity for her to fly. You see, Tony's airplane is a single-seater and although Esther enjoyed watching her dad and grandfather fly she really wanted to be IN the airplane. There were a couple of two-seat airplanes at the contest but Tony felt that I was the only pilot he trusted to fly his precious granddaughter so he asked me to take her up. Tony told Esther that she would be flying with a very experienced pilot who had flown jet fighters, had flown in the war, flew passenger jets and even flew in air shows!  Esther showed up at the airplane, bursting with excitement and told me I had the prettiest airplane she had ever seen. (She was going to get a great ride!) I strapped her in the back seat and off we went. Esther is a small child and I didn't have a booster cushion so in order for her to see all the sights on the ground I kept turning back and forth so she could see over the canopy rail. Esther marveled at the sights and giggled every time we twisted and turned. She was one of the best passengers I have ever flown with. She gave me a big hug when we got back on the ground and politely thanked me over and over.

I guess aerobatic competition is mostly a younger man's sport but a few women and even fewer old farts like me can be found at contests. I don't dwell on the fact that I'm often the oldest pilot at the contest, but Tony brought it home when he told me what Esther told her mom about her flight with me: "Mister Ron" she said "flew jets in the Civil War!"

RV-12 Pink Slip ...Pat Stewart 


Status Report ...Closterman

5 years since I do this post ! My first in VAF, but not the last !   5 years of work on my RV-7 and i'm near the end of the project. I have learn a lot of things in this 5 years, I had a lot of fun, some discouraging moment but I always found a way to come back ! I hope to be ready to fly next summer, and finaly post my successfull test flight report ! Keep pounding those rivets guys, it's so fun to build an aircraft ...


Great Day! ...Pete Howell


Status ...pazmanyflyer

I started the canopy of my RV-7 in late June. The temps here in AZ can be unbearable at times. For instance I took a month off from the project. Not because I wanted to, because no matter how many fans blowing air I had they could not ease the uncomfortable working conditions of relentless 115+ degree days in July. I was able to sneak in an hour here and an hour there to feel I was not completely at a halt.  ...


I can see light thru the wing tip


Another failed Alternator Experience (N.D.) - Any idea where the pulley comes from?


Status Report ...KatieB

My first attempt at a trim tab fits!   And it's not ugly!


Here's a nice video of Ron Schreck's recent Freestyle flight, which was a close 2nd place 

related thread

Charity Hat Sighting ...Paul K

( About the charity cap )

And David's Sighting ...Dvalcik

( About the charity cap )

Team Aerodynamix Lights ...Richard Boyer install pics


Panel Update ...Richard Boyer



9/18/2015  0001Z.  #3,949.  
 Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

"Pink" Slip Issued today ...Dave Paradis

Where do I begin? From the start, Nov 2005 empennage kit purchased and wing kit ordered, Dec 2006 Used Lyc O-360 purchased, Dec 2007 Fuselage kit ordered, June 2008, youngest son Robert (my master bucker) graduates HS and Oldest son Ryan graduates college, July 2009 Oldest son gets married, Jan 2010 Finish kit ordered, Sept 2010 Bucketload of avionics purchased, Dec 2010 Classic Aero Leather Heated Seats and interior, keep going there is a finish line. Feb 2011 Granddaughter born, Just installed used engine discovered with a cracked crankcase, remove disassemble and basically overhaul, Sept 2011 father passes away intending to be my first passenger. Keep going, cut canopy, fiberglass, epoxy, priming, painting. March 2012 wife has open heart surgery, keep going, move project to airport hangar, install wings, GASP drill rear spar attach bolt hole, Whew! more parts added, electrical wires terminated, systems tested, prelube engine, calibrate fuel tanks, Oh my gosh it starts and runs smoothly! Today a DAR accompanied by the FAA reviewed, prodded, poked, questioned and finally handed it over. 2,456 man hours, $66,899, 3,584 days (9years, 9 months, 24 days) Empty Weight 1053 or $63.53 a pound what a deal! 

My wife says it looks like a pink slip, I said its because I have been laid off as a builder and must now be an operator.


Flightline Interiors now has products for the RV-14, RV-14A

(from Abby)  "Seats, interior pieces and Crow Harnesses. With more to be added.  Visit www.flightlineinteriors.com."


From www.AveryTools.com


RV-4 With Automobile engine ground run up ...video


Welcome www.saddlebackleather.com

This San Antonio company covers things in and makes things out of leather, and their ad is now on the front page.  Check out the iPad Mini case I picked up (below) awhile back.  Slides out of the top quickly for snapping in the holder in the plane.

Protecting my 'mobile office' and flight planning device.


Two Hangar Spots For Rent On My Field 

North Texas (52F).  Hangar owner Gary Platner.  $300/mo.  Spots notated w/red arrow.  All utilities and more.  Bottom spot has an apartment, if you're interested in that.  Gary's contact info is:  gplatner737 'at' verizon 'dot' net and (817)800-1060.  Please don't let the fact that you're 100 ft from me scare you. <g>

(location on GoogleMaps)

(location on GoogleMaps)


Obligatory RV Grin Picture ...Saville

Well it took a few months but I have my obligatory RV grin picture. Took my sister flying this afternoon and she had a ball. So she could take the picture. One look at the picture will tell you why I hate to have my picture taken.

So I've included a shot of the airplane - much more photogenic...


Pecan Plantation Fly-In This Weekend


For Sale: RV-12 Flying


Probable Cause Database Updated

...(17) new probable cause documents added to the list since the last update.  There are now (555) probable cause docs with 'RV' in the model column going back to 1/1/1990 for you to learn from.

PLEASE discuss and learn! 



9/17/2015  0015Z.  #3,948.  

The other day I received an e-mail from my RV flying buddy Bill Goeken asking if I would like to do a little formation practice in a few days. A handful of the local usual suspects were included on that e-mail. Getting the kid off to school and the normal morning routine in our household kept me from doing it, but I figured I would show up sometime while it was going on.

As I was driving through the airport I could see various vehicles sprinkled around - folks that I figured were in the flight. Continuing on down to where I keep my stuff, I turned on my handheld radio and flipped over to 122.75. I was just lowering the tailgate and about to bite into my breakfast when I heard Bill's voice say something about monitoring 22.9. So I switched over there and waited. After 10 seconds or so they switched over and finished checking in, so I figured they were somewhere pretty close. About another minute went by and I hear Bill's voice, "Lurch Flight, go cluster".

I reached in my pocket for my phone and got the picture above as they passed over my hangar door. How is that for a companion to your McMuffin?  I need to paint that door...

After the pass they broke into two flights of three and spread out for an extended initial, overhead, and landing sequence. They had changed lead by this time, and the first group of three led by Grumpy was on about a 4 mile initial. There was a high wing just turning on downwind which I hoped was going to land and stay down.  I thought I'd keep an eye on that guy for the gang just in case. I heard Grump key his mic and ask if there was anybody in the pattern.  About that time the high wing turned off the runway and announced that the runway was clear (but not the pattern).  Sometimes on our field you can't hear planes on the ground.  My chance arrives...

I know what Stan and the others were thinking.  Is there a no-radio, no transponder Cub in the pattern?  Someone about to take off with the radio set wrong?  Anything that screws up a 6-ship arrival.  I depressed the push to talk button and said, "Grumpy, Krash, the pattern is empty as far as I can tell."  My thinking is this helped out Grump in more than one way. First, it told him some information that he wanted, but didn't already have. That is the obvious. But second, it told him that there was a guy on the ground with eyeballs out who understands the mechanics of a multi-ship arrival, and what can go wrong when an unforeseen airplane gets thrown in the blender.  Maybe it lowered the stress just a tiny bit.  I know it would have if I were lead.

While I didn't get to fly, at least I got to contribute a tiny bit, and in my own mind think that maybe I helped. At least I got a picture, and that made the drive out to the airport a business expense :-).

It was a nice breakfast.

Have a nice Thursday and good morning, 


RV Article in IAC Mag ...Balls Coggin

This month's Sport Aerobatics features an excellent no-nonsense article by VAFer Patric "Balls" Coggin where he nails some of the issues surrounding the cautious apprehension many RV pilots carry on the subject of getting involved with competition acro. One correction - RVs have the same G rating as most Pitts' (+6/-3). Hopefully this piece will be a positive nudge for some folks.  ...


RV-8 Status Report ...Dennis Enns

C-FDTQ saw the light of day today. All taken apart and getting ready for paint.



9/16/2015  0014Z.  #3,947.  

New Zealand story link


Front wheel valve stem cap hitting fork

I have fitted the tube supplied in the kit to the front wheel. After installation of the wheel into the front fork I found that the tire would not rotate without the valve stem cap hitting the front fork. Van's replied the solution is to remove the cap. I'm not happy with this solution. Goodyear aviation tire manual states, "Make certain that every valve has a cap to retain inflation and prevent dirt, oil, and moisture from damaging the core."
Does anyone know of a tube that has a shorter valve stem that would allow the tire to be fitted with its cap and thus remain airworthy?


Gap too big between f-702 and f-771

Working on my tip-up RV7A. When i was working on the f-702 skin and f-771, i had an acceptable 0.032 gap as suggested in instructions. However, after i continued working on the canopy frame, and am getting ready to start work on canopy itself, i find the gap has increased to 3/32 on the top portion. No idead how. On the sides it is less than 1/32. I tried to close the gap but it is not working. A lot has been drilled and clecoed/riveted to allow any movement in skin. Should i just leave it alone? if for aesthetic reasons i can live with that but what i do not know if this will affect canopy install or not. Any suggestions?


v2.7 of Vac's Transition Training Manual Online

"Version 2.7 Summary of Changes

Overall, this version primarily continues to tweak Vne discussion. If you’ve looked at the previous couple of editions, you can see how this has evolved over the past couple of months. I hope there is now zero.zero ambiguity regarding this very small end of the airspeed band as it applies to RV-types for the purpose of familiarization and training: only exceed Vno with caution, treat Vne as TAS at all altitudes, and do not exceed Vne under any circumstances. There are some other minor changes for readability and a few hyperlinks have been added or corrected.

Special shout-out to Kevin Horton and my buddy Dave Evans for (patiently) helping properly edit the discussion and keeping me coloring inside the lines."  ...


Mothership News....


Reamer bit vs Drill bit & Deburring questions

I'm working slowly but surely on my RV-10 kit. First part being the Vertical stabilizer it introduces me to a lot of tools I've not used. My question is specifically around match drilling and deburring.

If I understand correctly then when there are prepunched holes, say the skin (VS-1001) against the flanges of the front spar (VS-1002), then I can use the reamer to drill and 'right size' both holes. Do I still need to deburr each hole inside and out or with the reamer does it become more of a spot check thing to where if I see bits and pieces of metal then clear it out.

In the case of match drilling, for example the Read Spar (VS-1003) and the Rear Spar Caps (VS-1014-L & R), where an actual hole needs to be drilled through an actual piece then I use a drill bit to accomplish that. These I assume will always need to be deburred because so far my experience is a lot of material gets thrown around.

Another general deburring question is the plans seem to mention deburring alot. Often it seem like it requests me to deburr the same parts several times even if I hadn't drilled through them. Is the general rule that if you have drilled through a part then you deburr it. For example page 6-3 Step 9 tells you to disassemble the rear spar and deburr all the holes... wouldn't assume that means the web holes that you hadn't touched.

One last question on deburring with regards to the skin sides. On the substructure pieces I use a deburring tool then run them across a 6" Scotch Brite disk at 3 different angles (45 down, straight and up). Do I need to do this on the skin edges as well?

Thanks for any help! Hope it makes sense.


Jay Pratt has a hole in his schedule...

... if you want help getting your RV in the air in just a few months.  Call him.


Tailwheel technique preference in gusty crosswinds?

So with a bunch of practice, I'm now consistently wheel-landing the RV-8 with no bounce, and this morning I did two nice three-pointers with flaps up. So what do y'all prefer in a gusty crosswind to make rollout easier -- wheel landing or three-point, flaps up or down?

And what do folks prefer in the other RV taildraggers?



Back Home ...tommylewis

We flew back to TX last Tuesday. Bonnie flew the RV7a and I flew the RV10. We had some weather to deal with with a line of thunderstorms was across our route. Thank god for in plane weather. We ended the summer with 29 hours on the RV10 and 37 hours on the RV7a. It was a great summer in spite of our maintenance issue. Keep pounding those rivers as these RVs are great traveling machines.



9/15/2015  0015Z.  #3,946.  

IAC Contest Report ...ronschreck

"...I was in third after the first round but did well enough with my free program in the second round and ended up in second place. My 84.8% score for the free program got me a Grass Roots Achievement medal for highest score in a plane with 180 or less horsepower. I was surprised that my free program got such nice scores as I designed the program to be challenging, not to score well. I put an avalanche (loop with a snap roll at the apex) in the program just to prove to myself and the skeptics that the RV can indeed do snap rolls. I got scores of 7.5, 8.5 and 8.5 from the three judges for the avalanche...."


Badlands 2015 Photos ...Curtis

Here are a few photos from my trip to this years fly in. After getting home I noticed that I did not have any pictures of the people that came to the fly in, only the aircraft on the ramp and some scenery just to the east of the HSR airport.


Sweating bullets on this one ...cdeerinck

"...My RV-8 Canopy frame sits a good 3" above the rail. The plans call for it to be only a 3/4" to 5/8" gap. That is a lot of bending, and I am having a hard time believing that the rail won't bend in a single location, and possibly crack.

Is that a normal amount to have to remove? I'm trying to figure out why they make them so far off in this case. The other adjustments were very minor compared to this. Is their any special technique to minimize the risk of destroying the frame...."


Catto Fire Update


Trailing edge fun ...WVM

"I am doing one of the last steps of my empennage... riveting the trailing edges of the elevators and rudders. So far the good news...

Following VANS instructions I glued the wedges in with Pro seal. They cured for more than two weeks during my vacation on a flat surface. Yesterday I cleaned the dimples to finally rivet the edge and close the chapter. But... When I turned around the piece I noticed that it didn't lay flat on the table top on once side. This is both true for the rudder and the elevator. The trailing edge itself looks straight to me. Not sure that this is normal and that it is a good idea to continue like that...."  ...


Tripple Tree Pics ...DanH

Where was all this bad weather I kept hearing about? Had a lovely ride from south Alabama Friday. This was dinnertime, on the lawn by the big hangar. Note the huge lack of airplanes:   ...


Bird strike ...tommylewis

On Sat, while returning home after a breakfast fly out, we had an unfortunate encounter with a big large black bird while approaching our home airport in our RV7A.  This is the leading edge outer panel in the right wing on an RV7a.  The insurance adjuster is coming out Tuesday afternoon to start the claims process. Anyone in North Texas interested in the repair, contact me via PM or email.



9/14/2015  0001Z.  #3,945.  
  Attending a funeral today - mom of a childhood friend (obit).  I'll be unreachable most of Monday.  Let me tell you one quick story my parents were fond of telling regarding Bobbie McKethan.  Bobbie (Bobbie Jean Hunt before marriage) and my Dad (Bobby Gene Reeves) attended the same high school, and our families lived three houses apart in Waco from the 60's to the 90's.  One Saturday morning around 7am Bobbie called our house (I was 4 yrs old if I remember the story right) and asked my father if he knew where Douglas was.  "In his room asleep", Dad said.  "No, he's in our driveway riding his Big Wheel....in his underwear.  You want me to feed him breakfast or just send him on home?"
  What can I say....it was 1969.  Rest in Peace, Mrs. McKethan.  Such a sweet person, and always so kind to me. 

Big Wheel commercial from 1970 ....and as you would suspect, there is a new one that I wouldn't mind owning <g>. (jump to the 1min mark)


Recent Photo: RV-grin Soon ...Saville


New Aerosport Products RV310 panel & quad armrest  ...Geoff Combs


RV-4 Status ...Gregg Brightwell pic and comments

"...Hadn't posted status in a while, so here is a good one for me. The .040, F422 belly skin comes as a large rectangular piece. (For you QB guys, this means that you gotta fabricate it) Sorry.. had to...

It is fabricated, and being drilled in place. It's drilled as far back as the spar.  Hope to finish drilling skins this week"


Help Craig Catto and Family...

from Mike S.


First Fully Cowled Full Power Test ...flyboykelly radial RV-8




9/11/2015  0001Z.  #3,944.  
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Never Forget.


"Hey, you at the dang airport?"

So around 10 o'clock in the morning yesterday I am sitting at my 'tailgate office' when the phone rings. I was just about to step onto the exercise equipment when RV buddy Ross Burgess gave me a call. "Are you at the dang airport?"  "Yes, where are you?" "I'm in Sherman with a dead battery. Can you come get me?"  "Yep. I'll be in the air in 9 min.  On ground in twenty."

Rolling VAF office...

I got about 90% of the way there and switched over to 122.8. About that time Ross comes up on the frequency. "Dougie, you up?"  "Yep." "The mechanic hand propped my airplane, it's running and I'm about to take off. Don't land. I won't be here."  "Okey-doke. Launch, join my wing, and I'll drag you back."  Around a week ago we did some practice approaches in my airplane for his IFR currency. He put a few gallons in my plane - I think I was still burning 'his' gas, actually.  I was getting to enjoy some pretty clouds, and some formation...all unexpected.

We were about three quarters of the way back to our home field when Ross keyed the mic, "You're working on the article in your head right now aren't you?"  "Yep."

Combat spread enroute.

Joined the extended centerline about 2 miles north of the airport for initial, overhead break, and back on the ground in time to get in a 30 min. workout. Ross got in his Jeep in search of the new battery.  Logged .6, .2 of it formation.  Good times.

Back home after lunch at the normal time on the computer going through normal flow.  Our son Tate was home early from school with a migraine, asleep, so I was looking after him so Susie could have a break. Tate and I later talked about formation flying for about 30 min., quietly so as not to make his head hurt more. After talking with him for a few minutes, and reflecting on the conversation, I gave some thought to what my 'normal' day is as an RV owner. I mean, I got into an amazing airplane with hardly any notice, flew 50 miles away, joined up with another airplane in the air, enjoying absolutely gorgeous puffy clouds, and was back on the ground in time for a workout and lunch.

Having an RV in the mix really improves your 'normal'.  We are so lucky to be involved with this amazing hobby!  'RV normal' is pretty sweet. 

(click to enlarge)



RV-8 first flight ...Luke in Italy

Together with Francesco 'Franz' Dante I spent a couple of days in Sassuolo airfield near Bologna - Italy to assist and perform the first flight of 83341. The airfield is really close to Ferrari Company (yes that Ferrari).

Franz was at the controls for the first flight that occurred on August 28, 2015.

The airplane sports a brand new Lycoming IO-360-M1B, Propeller Hartzell Two Blade HC-C2YR-1N/N7605-2 with Hartzell 15" Spinner , ShowPlanes cowl and canopy with fastback conversion kit, EFIS Garmin G3X touch GDU 460, 2 axis AP and XPDR Garmin GTX-23ES, Skyrich Battery Lithium Ion Battery, COM Radio Icom IC-A210, two E-MAG P.Model Magneto with Ei Commander monitor, PS Engeneering PM1000II Intercom, GPS Garmin 795, ACK-04 ELT, Seats from Aero Classic Design with 5 points Hooker Harness safety belts.  continue/pics


Triple Tree Starts


New Homebuilt Aircraft Council Appointments ...for your S.A.

Two of the three new members are RV folks you know.



9/10/2015  0004Z.  #3,943.
  Niece on my wife's side is the co-producer of the American Experience coming up on Sept 14-15 entitled 'Walt Disney'.  Her name is Helen Ryan Dobrowski and I've known her since she was about three.  She has four sisters BTW (one of the older sisters, about 11 at the time, showed me how to change a diaper when Audrey came home from the hospital).
  Also, I have it on good authority that RV-8 pilot Jerry Lawlor's Samsung flip phone finally gave up the ghost yesterday.  Pic texted to me last night at right. Jerry is about the last person I know who still used a flip phone, and he held out a lot longer than I thought he would - I think it was a source of pride to be honest.  He now owns a smart phone.  Wolf, welcome to 1999!


Dad Flying the RV-4 ...Brian Eisner

"Was at the 44th Annual Stanley Fly-in this past Labor Day Weekend. Got a chance to take my 83 year old Dad up flying for 1.2hrs on Saturday Sep 05. It was the first time he went flying with me in 3 years and 3 months. I let him fly the airplane for 10 minutes. He did really well, just a couple of throttle adjustments by me; he should've been a pilot."

video: https://youtu.be/uSeoGXhS8k4


How clean is clean?

I am going to take a stab at polishing my RV. I have some of the equipment and have done some research on the subject via perfectpolish, but I have a couple specific questions:

How clean does it need to be? In particular, how do you get the belly as clean as it needs to be. I spent some time with mineral spirits on a creeper and got it pretty good, but still not pristine. Let me know what else I need to do.

How do you polish items like the wing root fairings, do you just leave them on, or take them off and polish separately? I would assume polish builds up under them if you aren't careful if you leave them on?

Thanks, I am a newbie on this subject, but looking to learn!


Avionics For Sale

[ed. What a GREAT example of an RVator posting his older avionics for sale in the classifieds.  RV folks helping other RV folks!  Exactly what the classifieds are for!  dr]



9/9/2015  0001Z.  #3,942. 

Aid and comfort ...Bob Collins RV-7A

My RV can do many cool things and take me to many enjoyable places. Last evening I learned it can help do something more: provide aid and comfort to people.

This is Sue and Gary. A few years ago, pretty much on this same spot on the Alexandria, MN apron, Sue said goodbye to her brother, her mother, and her sister in law, when they got in a Bonanza for a trip to Colorado. She'd asked her mother not to go; she just had a feeling.  continue


3-5 Bullet Points for a 30 Min. Familiarization Flight ...

Here's a hypothetical…

Let's say you are going to give an 18-year-old kid a familiarization flight in your RV in a few days. He is interested in possibly pursuing his pilot license. I plan on making the flight 30 min.

I am not a CFI, so have never really given this any thought. If you had to pick between three and five things to show this young man during your 30 min. flight, what would it be?

-Holding straight and level flight?
-Turns around a point?
-Entering an airport in the GPS and flying towards it - following the magenta line?
-Turning on the autopilot and letting him steer the airplane around with the heading bug?
-Having him climb to an altitude and level off?
-Lightly follow along on the controls during a TnG at a neighboring airport?
-Talk on the radio?
-Shoot the practice ILS to DH at nearby KAFW?

I have a few days to plan this, and since he is actually quite interested in getting his pilots license I would like to make it as good a first impression as I can possibly make it. I absolutely do not want to yank 'n bank until he turns green in the gills, or have him fiddle with so many buttons that he becomes task saturated and only remembers the frustration.

I welcome any and all input on helping me create a small 3 to 5 bullet point list.  and thanks


Vlad Moose Island PIREP ...many pics


So close I can smell it ...Greg Niehues 9A

My build project hit a snag yesterday, and for the first time in years I had to walk away from the hangar with time left on the clock, but nothing else I could do, and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I've got the FWF complete except for the neoprene joints to connect the plenum and FAB to inlet rings in my James Cowl, and my neoprene cement had gone bad so I'll have to get more before finishing that.

On the plus side - that means all I've got left FWF is that task - and that puts me VERY close to first engine start. This is starting to get real now!

I still need to install the (finished) right wing and flush the fuel system, I'll have extra hands this weekend to stab the wing and get it bolted in, then I'm back to work.


Vlad 'Notable Bridges' Update ...many pics


Carbon Chunks in First Oil Change ...Larry

My freshly rebuilt now has 15 hours in service and I changed the oil and filter. The good news is that the amount of small aluminum flakes is dramatically reduced from the filter pulled at two hours. It seems that the problem is not persisting and was related to the initial break in.

The concern was the chunks of carbon that I found in the drain oil. There were several moderate size chunks of carbon that were found at the bottom of the drain pan. The bigger ones were maybe a 1/16" in diameter. I assume this is from blowby gasses generating heat and coking the oil, presumably in the oil ring cavities. I hadn't been paying much attention to oil temp (no alarms went off and the times that I looked it was 190-200). Today, at 75% cruise, the gauge went yellow and the temps were 218 (90* ambient, but typical of most of my flights).

Is this normal for a new or overhauled engine while breaking in? I have heard that it can take over 20 hours for rings to fully seat and the oil temps will run high untill that happens. Is that typical? My CHT's have been consistently below 400.

The oil is dark and bordering on black.



9/8/2015  0009Z.  #3,941. 

First Flight! ...Bevan

After 14 years of part time building as funds and time allowed, and a significant effort during the last six months, 70231 is finally an airplane proven so by it's first flight today which was largely uneventful. Just like we like them.  continue


Kid Looking Through The Airport Fence....my version.

Alex is interested in possibly getting his license.  His mom Stacy and I got to talking yesterday while they ate their lunch at my home airport (I've known Stacy's husband for about 40 years).  You already know how this is going to pan out....

We're planning on an RV intro flight this coming Saturday for Alex.  I'll keep you posted.  He's already grinning, BTW.  ;^) 


One Critical Bolt Missing ...Steve Barnes

Went to move my RV6 in the hangar and one wheel had a point of very bad resistance while rolling. It would catch and let go while rolling it around. It felt like a disc was badly bent. Further inspection revealed that one of the three #4 bolts that hold the rim halves together was totally missing and the halves pulled away a little. (I know what you are thinking. NO I didn't forget to put it in). Somehow it must have broken and both parts of the bolt/nut were missing (probably at the bottom of someones swimming pool).

Here's my thoughts; I probably have under torqued the bolts thinking that the tire pressure would do that. If there was a little working room for the bolt/nut to move because of under torqueing it may have caused the nut to break at the threads.

Anybody else have this happen or any ideas?


Salmon River- Block Island - Old Rhinebeck ...Alfio Trip Write Up and pics


Sim Eng Failure after T/O

All -

After witnessing the fatal crash of a turbocharged Cessna Stationair immediately after departure from my home field (CDW) a couple weeks ago, I decided to stop being spooked and explore how my -8 does with simulated engine failures at different altitudes following simulated departure. The crash I saw has no official NTSB analysis available yet, but it was clear to me and others that there was a significant engine problem on the climb out, followed by the crash 1/2 mile from the field while the pilot tried to turn back.

So, I took it out over a fielded area with good linear landmarks and set up at 3500' (simulated hard deck) atop a straight road. I found two roads that intersected the main road that seemed to be about 4-6000' apart, so I used the intervening segment of main road as the simulated 'runway'. I flew in an upwind direction, then idled the power while maintaining 3500' and at 60kts (rotation speed) gave it full throttle to simulate takeoff. I allowed it to climb as I would on departure to various altitudes before idling it again to simulate engine failure. I immediately pitched for best glide (in mine its 77kts, although I have an AOA indicator in my dynon and that was more reliable if kept in the yellow). Then tried to make the 180 degree turn, usually at about 30-40 degrees of bank.

I found that in my plane (and I suspect most RV's), the MINIMUM altitude that a 180 degree turn could conceivable be performed to return to the airport is around 700'. That allows for the turn, trees, and some lateral movement to re-align with the runway.

Have others found this to be the case?

Some other observations;

First, idling the power in a climb attitude necessitates a very aggressive nose-down push to get it to best glide. It was more than I would have thought.

Second, with turns greater than 40 degrees of bank, it really wants to stall and drop a wing. It was pretty pronounced actually. And once that wing goes down, the VSI is pegged down and it takes a good 2-300 feet of nose down to get good aileron control to level it out.

Is this consistent with what others have observed?

Jon Weiswasser
N898JW RV-8



9.7.15  0045Z.  Issue #3,940

Why Gary Started That 'Oil Drip' Poll ...Gary Sobek


Flight medicine when things go bump in the night

I wanted to offer up an alternative to working through an AME when a medical condition arises that necessitates a waiver or some sort of blessing from the FAA. I have crohns disease, and I work for the FAA as a planner, and wanted to offer an alternative that involves the "airman certification analysts" that work for the medical arm of the FAA, in the Regional Offices.

I always thought that the AME was the only pathway to communicate with the FAA for illness. And for some conditions, that will be the case. For others, there is a process where a pilot grounds themselves, and works out a plan with the FAA to get themselves back in the air, while keeping their AME in the loop. The key individual in this process is the analyst. I'll tell a story that illustrates this process.  ...


My Carb has the Blues


Lots Of Experimentals Update ...Russ Daves


Get thee to a distillery! ...humptybump trip write-up


RV-8 and Spinal Fusion Surgery ...Ed Wischmeyer Update

This morning, I made five no-bounce landings in the RV-8, something much harder to do in the -8 than in almost any other plane. On the last one, in a slight crosswind, I rolled each main wheel on, one at a time. But I also did a steep turn at 2.75 Gs, and my back gave a slight warning, in line with what my surgeon said. (I had spinal fusion, L1 – L5, eleven months ago, and that surgery is highly invasive with a prolonged recovery time). Since the cause is skeletal, not physiological, there’s little hope for G tolerance improvement.

What this means is that my effective G tolerance for flying is about two Gs, plus safety margin. I still get a kick out of landing the -8 well, and there’s still room for improvement in my tailwheel skills on rollout.

I ponder what age (66) and surgery have done, inevitably and predictably, while celebrating the numerous and spectacular opportunities I’ve had in my flying career to date. The RV-9A will have amazing IFR avionics once we get the pre-existing wiring cleaned up and cleaned out, and the -9A will do things that the RV-8 won’t, but the -9A doesn’t give you the visceral satisfaction of the RV-8.

The time will come to sell the gorgeous RV-8, and it’s not here yet. But it is on the horizon.


Hat Sighting ...my buddy Sid 'ScrollF4' Mayeaux

Flew his newly-out-of-phase-1 RV-7A from Dallas to Lubbock for the Texas Tech/Sam Houston St. game.  Wifey took the picture.  Air Force blue with white lettering (info).


Mystery hole

There is a #19 hole punched in F-1006E that the plans say not to match drill into the part below. Does this hole ever get filled?

It's still mysteriously empty here.


If you could tell a newbie builder,what would it be!


Vertical stabilizer spar bend



9.4.15  0001Z.  Issue #3,939
Mom, you left this world one year ago today for a better place.  I miss you more than I will ever be able to put down in words.  Thank you for giving me the confidence and encouragement to take on challenges with love in my heart.  You set a high bar - especially in today's world filled with such anger and ill will.
  Rest in Peace.  You most certainly earned it.  Your family loves and misses you....especially your baby boy. 


Tom Lewis Travel Update

Last Sunday morning we flew out of Yakima, WA for Jackpot, NV. Since we were going to Rapid City on Monday, this was not the most direct route but the smoke and fire TFRs across the northern route were not pretty. A quick check of our tracking link below will show how far south we went. So here is a picture of Jackpot.  ...


Oil on ground under your aircraft ...poll.

"You’re out flying meeting your buddies for lunch. After lunch on your way home, there is a rainstorm at your home airport. You divert to a nearby airport to visit friends so that there is time for the storm to pass. When you get out of your aircraft, you find a puddle about 3” X 5” of oil under the airplane and it is coming from cowl exit. Oil is noticed by the air inlet in front of the #2 cylinder. Pulling the dipstick, the oil is down ¾ of a quart from what it was when you took off 1.1 hours earlier. What do you do?

Puddle was under the airplane when you got out. After engine shutdown, you wrote down hobbs and tach time and got out to find the puddle."


Homemade Paint Booths ...things to copy


Garmin G3X Touch Webinar, 9/10/15, 10:00 AM Central Time


Glen Womac's Gunslinger ...out of Grady's yesterday at 52F


Status: Rob Reece RV-8 Interior About Ready For Paint



9.3.15  0006 UTC  

One Year Later....

A year ago Chuck created the thread below (click to enlarge).  He was banged up but recovering, and was writing a book documenting the last several months.  I was out of the loop mostly on this, as my Mom was in the last stages of her fight.  I never saw the post.  Maybe I did, but those months were a fog.

Chuck mailed me a book, which I read some time later.  I re-read it a week ago, then did a search on his username.  My wife had surgery between C6 and C7 a few years ago, and your accounting brought back a lot of memories.  I saw the post pictured below, and stopped in my tracks.  The thread is about titling his book.  It's dated exactly one year ago.  The first word of the first reply was 'Inverted', and here in front of me was the book.

I took a picture...

Chuck, I'm grateful you're in my online world.  Thank you for the book, your emails, your ability to STICK. TO. IT!!!! with your recovery, and your relationship with your wife.

You, Sir, are a shining example of what is so special about this hobby.

I'll say it again....it's not about the airplane, it's the people you meet while building and enjoying it. 

related: HERE is the 'One Year After The Accident' post

You can buy the book HERE.


September/October 2015 ....32 page PDF.


Adventures in Tank Leaks


Mothership Totals...



9.2.15  0001 UTC  
   I have passed my instrument written (one year ago on 8/20/14), so I have roughly one year left to take the check ride.  I have enough hours finally.
   The hiccup for me is that the local designated check airman on my field wants $500.  I can't justify spending that right now.  Our family is experiencing a higher frequency of life expenses that I won't bore you with (you've got 'em too), so hobbies are being scaled back for a few years most likely. I fully realize that if I did take the check ride, and passed, I most likely would not fly enough to remain current.  Having said that, I paid $200 to take that written exam a year ago and I would hate to lose that investment being so close to the finish line.  So my hope is to find a cheaper way to take the check ride this fall.
   My first IFR lesson was 18.25 years ago, just so you won't think I've rushed into anything.  ;^)
   I could stay current if I practiced on the two ILS and VOR approaches nearby on little .3 flights under the hood with a pax (filing /A works - no Jepp subscription needed).  A local .3 ILS approach only costs about $12 in avgas.  I could justify that once a week or so on sanity and proficiency grounds.
   My cheapskate quest:  Is there a semi-nearby designated IFR check airman (or someone who knows one) that is interested in some horse trading?  I have a Panda Super 70 mini bike (Honda C70 clone) that would make a good airport transport.  It looks like THIS.
   Open to all cheap ideas.
Yours in thrift,


Scott Thompson's Finished RV-8

"Began build in January 2009; airworthiness inspection by FAA inspector Richard 'Dilly' Dilbeck (SAC FSDO) on August 26, 2015. First flight on Sunday, August 30, 2015, from Lincoln, CA (KLHM) where the airplane is based.


Engine: YIO-360-M1B
Propeller: Hartzell C2YR-1BFP/F74972
Avionics: Dynon Skyview 1000T with the other Dynon black boxes; Garmin GTN-650 navigator; Garmin SL40 Comm; ACK 406 ELT

By the way, the tail number was last used by a B-17 air tanker; I have resurrected the number for my RV-8 as a nod to B-17s past and present. ..."


Panel Photo ...Scott Thompson RV-8


Introduction, Intentions, and Inquiries ...Rick Woods says hey

Alliteration aside, I am excited to announce I have a tail kit on order!

Let me back up... HELLO, I'm Rick. After a significant dream period, followed by another significant planning period (during which time I have consumed most of this site) I am joining the ranks of a real builder. I have been a good student and have taken many notes. Here are my thoughts as currently envisioned. There are still a few questions which will resolve themselves in due time. Anyway, glad to meet you all, if any of the following raises an eyebrow, give me a shout out.

Aircraft Choices:

99.99% per plans
RV-7 with Slider Canopy
Pax side brakes (I intend to do aero from right, x-country from left)
Lightweight tailwheel
Electric elev trim

Lycomming or equiv IO-360 (Titan ECi, Superior, used from Wentworth?)
Constant-speed prop
Half-Raven oil system, one flop tube, and a brake check valve

2" Crow 5 point harness
Stein Air Vents
Upgraded fuel caps

Avionics will wait until the last minute to take advantage of rapid improvements.

Andair fuel valve?
Cap fuel sender?
Cleaveland tie down blocks (pn rvtdk Djm)?


Isham kit (on order) with DRDT2, tungsten bucking bar, 3", 4" no hole, & longeron yoke, pneumatic squeezer with adjustable set holder...
Rick Woods
N5427W == Jack, Hank, Barbara, and Rick Woods.
RV-7 (tail feathers on order!)


Upcoming EAA Webinars...


Closed Runway? ...DanH

Had an interesting experience this AM.

Needed to work an auto auction in Pensacola. Usually I go into KPNS, but a bit of looking found 83J, Coastal Airport, to be only 7 miles away. Hey, I like grass strips, so why not?

Did the usual preflght planning, which for me is a review of a sectional on Skyvector, the airport information on Airnav, and morning brief on Weathermeister.

As is my habit, I checked destination NOTAMs using the https://pilotweb.nas.faa.gov link on Airnav, and later, on Weathermeister.

Landed at 9AM, and was met by a person who insisted the airport had been closed for a month. He just shrugged off the the concept of no published NOTAM. He did want to know if I had seen "the X's". I had not, and told him so. He demanded I leave immediately. Having seen no safety issue, I did so.

There were in fact X's made of some thin strips, located in the tall grass in the overrun areas prior to the displaced thresholds. They were visible from overhead, but were invisible from anywhere in a normal pattern, probably because of the grass length.

Yes, I've filed a NASA ASRS form. I'm not sure I violated anything, give the lack of a closure NOTAM, and the improper marking, but hey, it can't hurt, and it strikes me as a good note to put in the system.


POSTSCRIPT: Just checked the pilotweb.nas.ffa.gov site again. Airport closure NOTAM appears to have been posted at 1747 zulu... "!GNV 09/010 83J AD AIRPORT CLSD 1509011747-PERM"


First Condition Inspection Questions

I took my plane (and just picked it back up) to its 1st inspection. I enjoyed the experience in spite of the fact that it was a lot of work! I was also very impressed with my mechanics (2). Very professional and organized. What you would hope for in someone that is working on your plane! If anyone is in the NJ area and looking for a mechanic, shoot me a PM.

Anyway, I have 2 questions. One, is there a reason the floor panels are held in place by 2 diferent size screws? I believe they are all size 8 round head screws but there were 2 different length screws in my plane. There was no apparent rhyme or reason at least in some cases as to why a particular length would be chosen. I mapped every screw when I took them out because I didn't want to mix them when I put them back. This was a very tedious process.

Two, I had what I thought was a missing or backfiring under low power as I would approach the pattern. It was a random cadence and not terribly loud. After the inspection, the situation is worse. I now have a pronounced drumming coming from my belly skin under my feet I think. I tried to research this but couldn't find more than a single similar thread. The suggestions were that the skin (or firewall in this pilot's case) was flexing and causing the noise. Can anyone shed more light on this phenomenon? The was no resolution in the other thread so I would be interested to know if that is a consensus answer or if there are other things that might cause this problem. Also, is there a fix or if not, some way to fly around the problem. It is unsettling to say the least.

Thanks! Andy


$37 and access to a welder

...photo taken yesterday a Monkey's hangar - I think Tony and Steve built these.  $30 for one of the fans (had the other) and $7 worth of square tube for the bottoms.  The rest was scrap/junk parts.  Well, not the tools of course. 

(click to enlarge)



9.1.15  0008 UTC  

Indiana to Maine in a RV-12 ...Randy Pflanzer trip report

My son and I just completed our last long cross country trip of the season. I wanted to go to Maine so I could check off another dozen or so states from my list of visits. We'd been watching the weather for several weeks and the weather in New England just refused to break. Finally on Thursday of last week, it looked like we might be able to make it out and back within the weather window.  ...


The Mini Mississippi ...Pete Howell trip report


Tip- Flap Down Limit Switch ...Paul Merems

I installed a down flap down limit switch on my RV-7A and have been flying it for almost 5 years now without any issues with the limit switch setup.  ...


Vlad's at it again...


Calendar Wallpaper for September


Backup ...jswareiv

I put in the GRT Mini as a backup for the G3X, totally different system, has a good battery backup. It uses it's own GPS, small antenna that I plan to mount under the cowling. Uses the same pitot and static tubes off a T of the Garmin. Has it's own magnetometer, which I mounted on a shelf towards the back with the Garmin and it's own OAT, which is mounted on the other wing in the same spot as the Garmin OAT by the inboard access panel. Everything not totally connected yet, but no smoke!


Sanding and flying in the rain ...Steve Melton

Sanding dust streamlines, light rain, 120 kts, 3K altitude. shows the air bending downwards at a significant height above the wing along the fuselage.


From the factory...



8.31.15  0001 UTC  

Donations list updated over the weekend....and thank you to those who donate!!!

There have been 1,039 donations so far this year totaling ~$23,000 after taxes.  With 21,110 forum accounts, let's call it 4.9% of the registered readers - 2% if you include 'lurkers'.    We're 65% done with 2015, so THANK YOU!!! to those who help our family keep the lights on here, and God bless those VAF advertisers!  Please consider giving them your business!!!  We'd have folded long ago without them!!!

We try to run a tight ship, and we think that is rare in today's online world.

Thanks again for helping,
(and family)

Pilgrimages to Kitty Hawk ...PilotBrent video [ed. Wonderful video!!!! dr]


RV White Pages Updated and Current ...39 edits/additions done.

Courtesy the lovely and talented Susie Reeves.


VAF Courtesy Car List Updated and Current

Works on anything you got that runs a browser and sees the web.


N964JB 1st Pilots N Paws Mission ...Jason Tremble


Just another RV-8 cruising' along...David-aviator


40 hours flown off! ...CopterJohn

It took nearly a year to get 40 hours flown off my RV6A, thanks to a weird disease called Sarcoidosis striking me in April of this year. My building partner, Mindy class got the first flight at 40.6 hours. She was a big part of the 5 year construction process. Thanks to WC Aircraft of Boone for technical support through the build, Rob Hickman for solving my AFS install issues, and Aeroflow Performance for troubleshooting some fuel injection squawks. She trues out at 173 kts and sounds great with the WW74RV prop.


More Console Pics ...NovaBandit


1,000 RV-12 Emp Kits Shipped ....factory FB announcement


Land of Enchantment Pics (KAEG) ...MANY pics by Bob Hassel

"...As soon as I walked in the gate, I saw a line of 4 RV looking aircraft that were setting apart from everyone else. It turns out it was 'Chile Flight' the NM RV performance team. There was an RV-3, RV-4, RV-8 and a Harmon II Rocket."  ...



8.28.15  0001 UTC  
   Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Finally posting that it's flying


New Engine Break-in- flakes in oil filter


Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

I was diagnosed with Stage IV Grade 2 Follicular Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma last May. I have been undergoing chemo and am responding well. After my 3rd treatment, a follow-up PET scan shows no cancer. I just had my 4th treatment and have 2 more to go.

I am expecting to start my special issuance medical process around the first of November. If anyone here has gone through this process before, especially with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, would you mind telling me the process?

I fly helicopters for a living and usually get a 1st class medical.

Thank you.
Joey Wheeler - Justin, TX (16X)
RV7 in progress

Full Swivel!


Probable Cause Database

A list of 530+ probable cause RV accident documents that you can discuss online here to your hearts content with my wholehearted, screaming-from-the-rooftops encouragement!   PLEASE discuss these probable cause documents so we can use the best-as-we-know-them facts to learn!  It's been a few months since I updated the database, and I'm planning on doing that in the next couple of weeks. 


Jerry Wants to Build Your Tanks FOR FREE


Panel Pics ...NovaBandit


NASA Langley Research Center Video from the Other Day



8.27.15  0001 UTC  

A Case of the Monday's ...Bruce Eicher

Really not a bad day for a flight up to Arlington Monday. Mt Rainier, notice the white smoke blanket East. Further North over the range we could see a cloud resembling an atomic bomb mushroom. I suspect it was the Okanogan or Chelan fire.  ...


The all important pre-buy inspection

I recently sold my RV-10 aircraft. As we all know an important aspect of any aircraft ownership change is the pre-buy inspection.

In my case the pre-buy inspection was done on behalf of the buyer by Vic Syracuse of Base Leg Aviation. Vic, as most of us know, is a multiple repeat offending builder of several RVs and other experimental aircraft. He is also a DAR, AI, CFII, and probably one of the Van’s families’ most respected experts. He gave the keynote address at this year’s Van’s Banquet at Air Venture.

Vic’s inspection of my aircraft was through, and efficiently completed. The result of his work was instrumental in the sale being completed smoothly.
I believe the buyer is confident he is getting a good airplane and I am confident he is in good hands as he becomes safely acclimated to his new airplane.

So, if you are an RV shopper or seller I would certainly recommend Base Leg Aviation for the pre-buy inspection or any of their other many services.

Dick Sipp
RV-4 sold
RV-10 sold
RV-12 60 hours


August is....canopy cutting time!


Brake Check? ...Bill R.

One of my neighbors who happens to be an IA lost his left brake on his 310 during rollout and went off the runway. The result was that he ripped the left wing off, just outboard of the left engine, when he used a tree for a parking brake.

The plane had just come out of annual and he said the brakes were fine and that he had put new linings in them.

My questions to this group are:

1. How can you inspect the caliper?
2. Should the calipers be rebuilt at a set interval?

(No one was hurt in his incident, only tree was harmed in the making of this story.)


Pecan Plantation Fly In ...Pat Stewart

It's that time again. This years fly in will be on Saturday September 19th. Lots of airplanes, food and fun. All types of aircraft and always well represented by the RV gang.
RV 8, RV8A, RV 10
Building RV12
Pecan Plantation


v2.6 of VAC's Transition Training Syllabus Published  ...Mike Vaccaro

"...Summary of Changes

1. Revised Vne discussion in RV-type Aerodynamics briefing in Part 2. Replaced “Effective” Ceiling with “Maximum Operating Altitude” throughout entire document. Additions to briefing guide for clarity in several bullets. Briefing mirrors expanded Vne discussion in Part 3…Bottom line here is that Vne should be treated as a TAS unless analysis and testing of a specific aircraft has been performed to validate a different limit. Vno should only be exceeded with deliberate caution under appropriate conditions.

2. Corrected headings in Table 2-1 “Example RV-4/6 210 MPH TAS to CAS Look-up Table” in RV-type Aerodynamics Briefing in Part 2.

3. Corrected Holding discussion in “All Weather Operations” chapter of Part 3.

4. Revised Maximum Structural Cruising Speed section in “Maneuvering Flight” chapter of Part 3.

5. Revised Never Exceed Speed section in “Maneuvering Flight” chapter of Part 3.

6. Minor Corrections to Handling Briefing Guide in Appendix B."


From Rich Meske...

VALVE EXTENSIONS.  We just received a new batch of Valve Extensions. The flexibility of these extensions allows you to get easy access to your hard to get to tire valves. For more details on this and more GREAT PRODUCTS, please visit our web site, www.aircraftextras.com


Dual mag failure SIMULTANEOUSLY!

My son has helped build several RV's during his A@P apprenticeship.

Last Tuesday, a Cirrus 22 dead sticked to my airport from 19,000' on a cross country. He tried switching tanks, fuel pump on, to no avail. Fortunately, my stepson is a Cirrus trained A@P. He came home from work and diagnosed it as DUAL mag failure!

The plastic gears had stripped on both mags. The driving gears in the accessory section operated smoothly.

He had two mags overnighted and installed them the next day. The engine fired up on the second blade, ran fine and they test flew it and the gent went home to Tampa.

The airplane has a 4 bladed composite MT prop and the thinking is that there is not much vibration damping and could be a causative factor.

The engine parameters were downloaded to a memory stick and forwarded to Cirrus for examination to try and get to the root of this, since they only had 200 hours on them and the factory rebuilt IO-550.



8.26.15  0030 UTC  

RV-12 Custom Trailer


Travel Update ...Tom Lewis and friends

On Sunday morning, we loaded up the RVs and flew out through the smoke. This was the view at 9.5k of Mt Baker.


Now what?

So I have been plugging away on my elevators since last winter and I was dimpling the RH elevator skin rivet holes having fit and drilled the skin to the frame. Well I goofed and clipped the opposing skin with the hammer while using the c-frame. Hindsight being what it is, I suppose I should have waited to get the 3" yoke and squeezed them but... As things sometimes do, they go from bad to worse trying to fix the first mistake. I tried flattening the slight crease out with a few small hits of the flat set against the backplate. All that ended up doing was adding some slight deformations and marring the surface. Oh did I mention this is on the top? Darn Murphy's law! After steaming about it most of the night, I had another look at it this morning and I think it's only a matter of a little filler then primer but I wanted to get a second opinion (or 10) on it. The slight crease is right at the end of the stiffener where it (almost) meets the spar. It seems to be a point of higher stress but I don't know if it might be a problem down the road. Replacing the skin basically means rebuilding the entire RH elevator from scratch because it's match drilled already to the frame. Thoughts?


An Unforeseen Journey ...Bill Boyd

That's been my life the past few years. The tightest twists in the road might lie behind me for now, but the loss of our home to fire this May was a bit of a lurching turn. It's been emotionally hard to live all summer near the gaping hole in the hilltop where our house stood the last 18 years, and irksome to reach for tools that are no longer there to do the myriad odd jobs on the farm, including airplane maintenance. Lots of possessions will have to be replaced, slowly, methodically, waiting on the claims to settle and the checks to come in.

Today, all that begins to change visibly. The precast basement was erected this morning, and it's so gratifying to see the place where our next RV will be built rising up from the clay. Beauty for ashes. Joy for mourning. Check it out!


5 Years and 500 Hours ...Tony Phillips RV-9


Thunderstorm Microburst Video...better than the drawing in the textbooks.


EarthX, Inc. has 3 new aircraft specific models (ETX680, ETX900, ETX1200). Features include:

- a fully REDUNDANT integrated battery management system (BMS)
- over discharge protection
- over charge protection
- cell balancing built in
- short circuit protection
- excessive cranking protection
- LED battery fault light indicator that can be programmed into your EFIS system or a simple LED light on your control panel.

In addition, EarthX has 13 OEM manufactures,( as of 8-25-15 and rising) that have approved, endorsed and are using the ETX series in their factory built planes, helicopters or kit planes. The EarthX brand meets the requirements of use with a Rotax engine set forth in the May 29th Mandatory Service Bulletin and is the only lithium battery that meets these requirements. All three batteries meet or exceed the specifications of the lead acid battery they are replacing and remove 10+ pounds instantly off your aircraft! Lighter weight = better performance.

fmi: Earthxmotorsports.com


Giving away an RV-7A Kit ...Nanji Chandra

Fellow RV'ers:

It's been years since I made any meaningful progress on my RV-7A. While I've done a day here or there of build work, I'm at a stage in life where I doubt I will have enough free time to focus on the build. So I've decided to give my kit away.

Here is where things stand:
I have purchased the tail and wing kits.
The tail kit is done except for the fiberglass work.
The left wing is done.
Both tanks are done professionally - by Evan's Aviation in CA.
I've made progress on the right wing but there is a lot more to go.
I haven't ordered/purchased the fuselage or other kits yet.
I have a heated Dynon pitot kit.

Here is what I want to do
I want to give the parts away to someone that can complete the airplane. Give me a one page write-up on why you want my kit and how you will use it to get the next generation interested in Aviation specifically and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) topics in general. If I like what I get, we have a quick phone conversation and the kit is yours.

Needless to say, there are no warranties on any of the parts and while most of it is crated, it would be your sole responsibility if selected to figure out how to get it to your shop from the Tampa Bay area. Once it's yours, it's yours so expect the usual legalese around me not being responsible as to how you put the rest of the airplane together, whether all the workmanship meets AC 43.13 standards etc.

Hoping to hear some good responses!



8.25.15  0001 UTC  

Whiskey Flight PIREP

This is a photo of Whiskey flight on Saturday morning. The mission was the 3.99 breakfast at Umatilla Florida. Mike Kelly 1,Scott Roth 2, Paul Van Sickle and Bob Kurrle 3, Gene Ledda 4, photo by Gary Rosier.


My RV10 has a pink slip! (And a bonus video) ...Ed Kranz

Sunday afternoon, the DAR stopped out for the final airworthiness inspection. He only spent about 20 minutes looking at the plane, but he was very happy with what he saw. Operating limitations looked in order, logbook entry was done, and airworthiness cert issued!

I'm still planning on having a tech counselor (or two) do a very thorough inspection before it flies, but provided they don't find any major issues, first flight should be in the next week or so!

Since it was just the two of us, I didn't get that photo of him handing me the pink slip, so I'll post a video I did the day before of startup and taxi testing behind the G3X Touch / Aerosport panel! I'm really happy with how everything is working!  video


First GoPro Attempt ...Chad Droney

I finally got to try out the GoPro my wife got for my birthday. Here is a time lapse flight from Monterey, CA to Rosamond, CA, which is just outside of Edwards AFB (Thanks again Rosie for the help finding a hangar) at 11,000ft. The 1.5hr flight is distilled down to about 3min w/ some tunes by Beck added.

On a side note, I love how great the RV community is. I ran into a VAF'er (is that even a word?) at the Monterey Jet Center. When I was going in to pay my fuel bill I heard him asking about the RV-8 parked on the ramp (mine), which lead to a great conversation, a free shirt, and a tour of his "other" plane (Challenger).


RV-14A Bellcrank Rib Dent ...Tilford

While riveting the left bellcrank rib to the aft fuselage forward bottom skin, my bucking bar slipped and did some damage to the rib. I'm planning on replacing the rib, however, I thought I'd check here to see if there were any other thoughts on how I might proceed on this one?



[ed. Not RV, but some interesting aviation clips in there that might keep you from working at the office.  dr]



8.24.15  0054 UTC  

My RV a-la Disney

My cousins decided to paint a picture of my RV. Incredible how good this is. Love it!! To my hangar it goes.


First Flight

First flight for 412DR ,kit #120797 occurred today at 15:00 Zulu from KGVL (Gainesville, GA). Flew for an hour and completed flight test card #1. The right wing is a little heavy and it needs a little right rudder but she's a joy to fly! It's been almost exactly 6 months since I received the A/C, work has been in the way (check my signature). Thanks to John Albury's tutelage and training I was well prepared and the actual flight was simple. Thanks also to my wife, Susan. She was my ground crew today and throughout the build. She didn't pull a single rivet, but she wrote every check when the time came. No pictures,cause I don't know the process but Jetguy has some and will post. The journey now begins............
Kit #120797
Airworthiness certificate 2/22/15
743.6# EW 81.14'' CG
Wheel fairings, AP, lighting kit, ADSB, full interior prime, no paint
Approx. 650 build hours


This is Gonna Get Deep! ...Pete Howell

Andi and I found ourselves with a suddenly free Friday afternoon, so we decided to head north to check something off of our trip list, the Soudan Mine near Tower, Minnesota.  ...


N64LR Took to the Sky Today

I did my first flight today. It was mostly uneventful. We picked the perfect rudder trim size to start and got neutral yaw at cruise. I also have a heavy left wing, but it became neutral after we burned about 8 gallons of fuel from the left tank. I also have some gremlins to chase in the engine, as one or two cylinders were way out of of range (EGT/CHT) from the others at different times. I am confident that I will be able to chase it down eventually. It also seems that my prop is over-pitched (I bought a Catto designed for a 9 with the same HP engine as mine) as we could only get about 2550 at 3000'

Until today, I had never flown an RV. It was so exciting to feel exactly how responsive they really are and how effortlessly they bank. A very exciting experience. I am really looking forward to my training and completing my Phase I Testing.

I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you that provided guidance through my build and for being generous with your experience. Searching in VAF always provides good insight.



Low-pass over NASA Space Shuttle Landing Facility ...Manny Oro vid


Welcome Andrew Darrow ...new RV-10 builder

I'd say this journey really started back last Christmas, when my good neighbor offered to take my wife and I up in an RV-10 to see Christmas lights. We had a great time at night, and he even let me take the stick a little while and keep it level. We flew around our house and other known close areas and had a great time.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. My neighbor invites us again to a quick dinner jaunt to a city not too close. At the time, I didn't realize he intended us to fly there, but the hour plus automotive distance quickly passed up up in the sky in a mere fifteen minutes. We had a great adventure, and the late afternoon flight was just a part of it. But this was definitely the trigger to opening the little doors within me that I've kept closed ever since I was younger. It's too much and at this point, it just won't happen the voice inside my head had always. Why dream about it when it just won't happen? Much easier to just close those thoughts off and not think about them. But, our little jaunt had opened those doors WIDE open.... Why, I COULD make this happen. That could be ME!  ...


They are sharing same hangar now ...Guilherme


The Sticking Valve Syndrome

I thought I would post this in the RV10 list since it applies to the IO540 D4A5 typically installed in the RV10, although feel free to move it.

About a week ago I noticed a slight miss/stumble during climb out. This occurred twice, but not on every climb out. It would only occur for a split second during the climb out, but did not occur during the cruise portion of the flight. Along with this symptom, during normal cruise I noticed a slight vibration that felt similar to a prop just slightly out of balance. You could see it in the glare shield. I downloaded the EFIS data from both occurrences and examined it looking for signs of something amiss. I knew the exact time of the anomaly, but it did not show in the data either because the sample rate was to coarse (1Hz) or it was not enough of an event to show up in the EGT, CHT, FF, FP etc.  ...


Andy Hill

Today I have terrible news to report. Andy Hill, who has built an RV-8 and RV-3 and posts under the username 'Andy Hill' here, crashed while flying a Hawker Hunter jet in England at an air show over the weekend.  Official reports are that seven people on the ground were killed. Unofficial reports say that the total could go as high as eleven. Andy is in the hospital in critical condition.

I ask that everyone who reads this site to please keep all the people effected by this in their thoughts and prayers.  If I get any news on Andy I'll relay it. 



8.21.15  0023 UTC  

Signs of Abuse

(click to enlarge)

  My A-model lightspeeds have been 'sprinkling pepper' on both mine and my paxs' heads for the last coupla years.  Glue, foam and stitching getting a little long in the tooth - around a decade of abuse.  The control slides that contain the batteries are all sticky and funkified.  After each flight there are 15 seconds or so in front of the mirror 'getting the specks off' the sides of your head (you know).  Never get 'em all.  Headset salad photo above taken yesterday on a bed of well broken-in Nomex flying gloves.  Dumped on the floor while cleaning the cockpit area.  The photog trainee in me saw a shot that told a story, maybe.
  Lately, I've been cleaning more than flying, with the start of the new college semester, etc. gnawing away at the reserves.  Writing that check seems to always put me in 'don't spend a penny mode' (DSAPM) - I'm betting more than a few who have been there will nod in agreement.  The whole pile above is a hot mess, and for some reason it really doesn't bother me one bit.  Beautifully flawed are the words that come to mind - a visual reminder of past RV fun.  I saw the Grand Canyon for the first (and only) time in those.  Learned formation flying.  My Mom wore them.  My son.  There is probably a mouse-click solution for replacement pads, but I haven't even looked to be honest.  DSAPM.  I think I can get another decade out of 'em before turning them into bookends or something for the spare bedroom home office.  Something to remind me of friends met and adventures had.  Good stuff...
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.


Rick Aronow RV-12 First Flight

Video in slo mo Thu: https://youtu.be/HfeCKW4klxQ.  Some idiot (me) was standing in the right place at the right time.  I'm pretty sure Rick will chime in the forums sometime soon.  Congrats Rick!!!!  dr


Got my pink slip today ...Larry Ruth 6A

Final sign off by the FSDO today. Woo Hoo. A surprisingly simple process. I bet the guy looked at the plane for all of 6 minutes. It was all about the paperwork for them.

Hope to do the first flight on Saturday with a Test pilot (using the new second pilot program). I have LIVED at the airport the last week getting it together. Very exciting.

Rainbow in Alaska ...Berchmans


Service Bulletin Lycoming Fuel Injection Diaphragm Fuel Pump


Hat Sighting ...Gary Platner (Hubbard Glacier)

(more on the cap)

Posted as Courtesy for an ex-Vet / ex-LEO Reader

[ed. Put here because non-RV trades aren't for the forums.  ]
Looking to trade for RV-14/14A kit....



8.20.15  0003 UTC  

National Aviation Day with my Cousin and my RV6A ...Latintan


First Flight - Bob Lund's RV-8 ...Pat Hatch post

Bob Lund, retired AA triple7 driver, did the honors this morning early in Vero Beach, FL. Photo ship was Pat Hatch's RV-6. Only squawk was an elevator trim calibration adjustment, everything else was perfect. CHTs were in the mid 300's, oil temp with an Aero Classic HE Mod #1001599 oil cooler mounted behind cylinder #4 peaked out at 203° in the climb to 6,500' and settled in the mid 190's after level off. Bob was running the engine hard so we expect these temps to come down, especially the oil temp. Plus, in case you didn't know, it's warm in FL right now!   more pics


Season 5 Episode 8. Tonopah NV ...Vlad trip update


Weird issue ...Dan Weyant

So I went out flying tonight to shoot a couple practice approaches for currency and get familiar with my net GTN650.

I had two COM issues that are a bit confusing.

1- com two (headless Garmin com) was very staticky, and hard to understand. Tried it on a couple frequencies with the same result.

2 - com one (the 650) would occasionally have the transmit icon flash when I wasn't pushing the transmit button. Also, on some frequencies (122.9 and 122.25) when I transmit on com1 it receives on com 2 (different frequency).

It was 100 degrees on the ground when I took off so that might have had something to do with it?

Antenna's are about 3 feet apart (under wing on left and right side of fuselage).

I'm using the Garmin audio panel (everything in the plane is Garmin)

The scratchyness with the COM2 is intermittent. When I tried it on the ground about 30 minutes after I landed it was clear. Had the wife talk to me on a handheld.

Just did a quick test this morning (no engine run) and everything seems to work fine, including not seeing the transmit/receive issue on different frequencies.

I'll try the tests again this evening with the engine running.

And I did double check that I'm running the latest (3.70) software from Garmin.

Any other ideas between now and then would be appreciated.


Travel Update ...Tom Lewis

We had a great sunset last evening here on Orcas Island.


Status Report ...Sam Bovington RV-8

Before I start final assembly of my fuselage I cleaned up my tailwheel fork, bracket and spring. Built a simple paint hood and put on some primer (Dupont Variprime) and some white topcoat (single stage polyurethane Imron left over from my last project).



8.19.15  0001 UTC  

Hey, that's not a boat!
Seen the other day on Lake Lewisville, TX.  dr photo.

Classic Aero Website issue resolved

Hey everyone, we realized yesterday that part of our website (products section) didn't work. Turns out our host changed something that broke it. After waiting almost a day for them to fix it, we just re-wrote a few lines of code to make it work a different way. Anyway, those pages are now available again.
Luke Doughton
Classic Aero Designs
866.219.1087  541.926.7757  541.926.1373 fax

Chicago Skyline ...Jerry Morris

I pulled this SNAP from my GRT HXr. I had just a moment to hit the SNAP function as we were turning back in to the box during the Chicago Air and Water show this past weekend.

It looks busy on the screen, but might impressive out the window.

And before anyone hollers that we were too close to anything, my altimeter is set to zero on the ground, and we were in a waiver inside a TFR for an airshow.


Interesting Runway - Wolf Ridge ...DanH

Saturday morning I was cruising up the NC-TN border north of Asheville, when I looked down to see this:


Leak Check.....Monkey Style

Randy 'Monkey' Richmond sent me this pic of a creative way to do a leak check on a high wing tank in his shop.  It's not a baby pool, but an inlet cover for a DC-9 engine.  All that air exerts around 200 lbs of force when you try to submerge it, so Randy rigged up a brace that extended up to his folded hangar door.

Don't press that 'down' button.... 


Kitplanes "Best Of..." Vote For the Best Camping Photo


Third Mid-Atlantic Gathering of RV's - September 19th


From Larry Vetterman (re: Badlands event)


N199MJ Status Report ....less than two months work.



8.18.15  0001 UTC  

The rest of the story ...boom3

Sticking Exhaust Valve - Diagnosis and Fix! ...Mike Bullock -7

First Ride for Margie ...David Domeier

USS Cod and SS William G. Mather tours, Cleveland, OH ...Dgamble

Status Report ...riseric

Trip to Boulder, CO redux ...bruceh

From the factory....



8.17.15  0001 UTC  
  Looking forward to seeing some Homecoming pics over the next few days!  Hope you had a good weekend. 

What a great weekend! ...boom3


Bay of Fundy ...Jay 'Jaybird' Pratt

"...We returned home yesterday August 14, 2015 a month of travel. We stayed with friends and camped. One night in a Hotel.
We flew 3540 NM.  Used 218 gallons of gas, costing $968.  And logged 24 hours flying.  What a machine! That old 'Borrowed Horse' <g>..."

Another First Real Passenger ...tailcreek_flyer


Loss of Power Experiences - Due to vapor lock?

Below is an explanation of the power losses we experienced and our thought process in solving it. I’m posting it here to accomplish the following objectives:

1. If the problem we’ve experienced is truly “vapor lock”, then RV-12 owners and pilots need to be made aware of what conditions might trigger vapor lock and to consider operating the RV-12 as it was designed: Run the electric fuel pump at all times.
2. Solicit thoughts on how confident we can be that the problem we experienced is “vapor lock” and if not, what might be the root cause of the loss of fuel pressure as the apparent cause of power loss.

Lost power and fuel pressure on (4) occasions with conditions noted:  ...

Travel Update ...Tom Lewis

And more...

And more...


LOE'15 Update ...Russ Daves


Panel Status Report ...Lucio


From the factory...


Cavanaugh Bay, ID video...Nickb145


Reno Air Race R³ Party


RV-12 800 hour milestone ...JBPILOT




8.14.15  0005 UTC  
   Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. dr

Rear-facing Car Seat Update ...Rob Kochman RV-10

"...Now he's forward facing again and still loves it!..."


Van's Homecoming This Weekend

Will be held on August 14-16, 2015.  It is hosted by EAA Chapter 292 and Van's Aircraft at the Independence State Airport (7S5)


Scheduled Network Maintenance 11pm CT 8/15/15 - 8/16/15 6am CT

My ISP will be performing network maintenance on Saturday, August, 15th, 2015 beginning at 11pm CT; lasting until Sunday, August, 16th, 2015 at 6am CT. This maintenance is to upgrade ISP circuit connections to help improve performance. Customers may see intermittent connection loss during this window. 


Travel Update ...Tom Lewis and friends

On Sunday morning, we continued NW to the San Juan Islands. As we approached the Columbia River we found conditions getting a little smokey.  ...


SkyView Software Version 13.0.3 Now Available

"Flight plans that contain waypoints - particularly at the beginning of the flight plan - with blank names can cause SkyView to restart when that flight plan is drawn on the map. This issue has not been observed with SkyView's own internal flight planning. This issue is most likely to be observed when using an ARINC navigator such as a GTN series. Note that you can only experience this issue when the external navigator's fight plan is being displayed on SkyView's map."


Eagle's Nest Projects is coming to North Texas (KTKI)

McKinney HS students - Young Eagles Day at Aero Country Airport (T31)

August - 2015
Eagle's Nest Projects has partnered with the McKinney Aviation Academy (McKinney ISD) to bring an Eagle's Nest Project to their airport-campus located at McKinney National (Collin County) Airport (KTKI). McKinney ISD is committed to providing the finest and most comprehensive high school aviation program in the country; in the past 3-years McKinney ISD has implemented a variety of aviation curriculums at each of their high schools, purchased a Redbird FD flight sim, and partnered with the City of McKinney, McKinney National Airport, Monarch Air, and many others to provide third and fourth year students airport-based (KTKI) classroom and shop facilities.

While the McKinney Aviation Academy is receiving 110% support from their School District, local businesses, the City of McKinney, and surrounding communities, we need YOU, the experienced RV builder, to make this Eagle's Nest Project a 'home-run'. The typical shop/build class (air conditioned) will be 4-hours long, two or three days per week, and during school hours. If you fly to the airport you can park right next to the classroom, and space permitting (almost always) inside the Monarch Air hangar.

Please consider volunteering your time and talent to the aviation inspired youth of North Texas... we need YOU! Short notice I know, but you're invited to a 'advisory meeting' being held this Monday 1:00-2:30 at the KTKI Monarch Air facility. If you want to volunteer or just want to learn more, please contact me by email or phone... or just show up at the meeting.
Email: reb@rv-1.org
Phone: 713-823-9509

Edit: Mr. Brent Crabe, RV-8 driver and current RV-14A builder from Conroe, TX, donated his 'still in the crate' RV-12 Empennage/Tail Kit to get the project started. Thank You Brent!!!

Have a great day!
R. E. "Ernie" Butcher


Mothership Hobbs Meter



8.13.15  0012 UTC  

First REAL passenger! ...Mike Hillger

My co-investor got her first ride this morning! She loved it and even took the stick for a while! Planning our first trip this weekend!


Alvord Desert Pictures ...apkp777

Just got back from Alvord Desert. Wow, what a spectacular place. Certainly one of the best trips so far in my RV.


Changing a 7A to a 7 - the paperwork




Status Report ...Chattin35


Panel Upgrade ...multiple photos from Skid


Step Repair Update ...RVG8tor


From the mothership...



8.12.15  0004 UTC  

Travel Update ...Tom Lewis

No flying through Arches for us. We did see a video for sale of a guy flying through the arches before it was illegal.

On Sat, we loaded up our RV7a and flew north out of Moab. We had a lot of clouds and some mountain obscurations so we were staying close to valleys and IFR, following roads for the first portion. ...


Tear in Dimple hole - what to do?

While dimpling the rear spar on the right elevator for my RV10 with my pneumatic squeezer, I justtt missed one of the holes and tore a little flap of material out of the side of the dimple.  ...


Options for a higher breakout force on tail wheel?

"......On Saturday when doing a cross wind landing with a lot of gusts to 25 knots with an average of 45 to 60 degs off the run way heading I could keep it straight until I slowed down and let my tail down. As soon as the tail touched the plane immediately weather vaned into the wind and off the run way and into the Alf alpha on the side of the runway. (no damage) I know my cross wind component was around 20 knots or maybe even more with the gusts. But the little wheel felt to me as well as my girl friend riding shot gun in the back that it had unlocked as soon as it started taking a load. I had full rudder and then got some brake on it as well but there was no changing its course. The skids marks are still there from the braking and the tire locking and letting go on the pavement, through the gravel and into the alp alpha....."


Status Report ...Dave Grimmer RV-8


Bad Lands!!!!


Status Report ...Dave Leonard RV-10

Waiting for longer throttle cable and looking for a trailer to make the big move. Wings need bottom skins and tips, then we'll put it all together.


It's Calendar Time ...Ken Scott at Van's wants your picture!

(from the factory FB page)
Ok…Oshkosh is over. Hundreds of RV builders have polished up their airplanes and no doubt thousands of photos were taken.
And you know that as night follows day, Oshkosh is followed by…


Fifteen lucky RV builders/pilots will receive immortality, lasting fame, lifetime bragging rights and even a few complimentary calendars.

It could be you… so let’s see those photos.

We need shots of all kinds of RVs, from RV-3 through RV-14. Flying shots are preferable, but we will consider ground shots if they “tell a story.”

Focus and clarity are essential. Really sharp focus. Shutter speeds should be slow enough that props are at least blurred in motion (full prop discs look best). Fully stopped props, or curved props (often the result of frozen video frames) don’t look right.

File size must be big enough to reproduce at calendar size – two megs at least. Most digital cameras set to “best resolution” will produce a useable image. We can always reduce files if they are too big, but we can’t easily make them bigger.

Aircraft should be fully framed, with enough space around them to allow cropping to fit the page size and aspect ratio of the calendar page. Photos with some part of the airplane crowded against the edge of the frame are difficult to use. A half wingspan all around is a rough guide. Conversely, the airplane has to be close enough to avoid the “little airplane way off in the big sky” syndrome. Vertically framed photos are hard to come by and increase your chances of being chosen for the coveted cover spot.

As large files may be difficult to e-mail, we will accept reduced file “teasers” via email to. Please indicate the maximum file size available.

We will need basic data: aircraft builder’s name, pilot’s name, photographer’s name, place and approximate date the photo was taken and any other interesting tidbit that might contribute to the caption.

We need photos by September 21, 2015. Send them via email to kens 'at' vansaircraft 'dot' com

We know there are some excellent photographers out there and we’re looking forward to submissions!


Panel Powered Up! ...Blain

Encouraging to see the panel lit up. Now if I could just get them to communicate with each other. Actually just the AFS encoder and the GTX aren't on speaking terms.



8.11.15  0012 UTC  

Fresh off Stein's Bench

(click to enlarge)

"Here's an RV-10 panel we shipped the week of OSH. It's for a VAF member (John W.) and is full IFR with the Garmin G3X Touchscreen system in it along with the GRT mini EFIS for backup and PS Engineering audio panel and TruTrak autopilot.  Also of note is the full EFII system."


RV-10 Bucket List Trip July/August 2015 ...dmaib

Mary (aka Rosie the Riveter) and I have wanted to take this trip since retiring back in 2008. However, various family and life issues have intervened until this year. We thought July and August would be a great time to leave the Florida summertime steam bath and head for drier climes. We departed New Smyrna Beach early on the morning of July 12.

Touched down again in New Smyrna Beach on August 5th, 5554 nautical miles and 39.8 flight hours later. Our plan was to be away for a month, but we were forced to cut the trip a week short when we got word that Mary's mother had fallen and broken her hip. We planned to visit friends and family, and visit places we had never been on this trip.  ...


Prop went around about 1,500,000 times yesterday! ...Scott Schmidt

Yesterday was my biggest flying day ever. I put over 10 hours on the -10.

It started with a 5am wake up, filled the tanks, to take my parents from Salt Lake to Kellogg, ID to pick up their new truck. It was just over 3 hours on the Hobb up there, filled the tanks, and a little shorter back as I went around a storm that took me over McCall, ID with a slight tailwind. (6.1)

On the way up I spotted some smoke on the side of the mountain in Idaho and went to take a look. There was one tree that was completely burned up and smoldering from a lightning strike. I hit the GPS button to get the coordinates and called up Boise FSS and reported. When I landed about an hour later in Kellogg there were a few people with their helicopter just waiting to be deployed to the next fire. I told the pilot about the smoke and he thanked me for calling it in. He thought someone would definitely go check it out. We saw many valleys filled with smoke.  ...


8A Rudder Jam


Defeated by ribbed conduit installation


Badlands Fly-In Update ...Larry Vetterman


RV departures from OSH '15



8/10  0012 UTC  

OshKosh Daddy Daughter Date


Panel Lit up for the 1st time


RV-7 Will 369KW


August Update


Restart after 9 months


VAF Logo and New Arrival Sighting


More Moab


Bad looking driven rivet - maybe press on


From the Factory FB Page



8/7  0046 UTC
  One of the unintended consequences of having a hangar big enough to have a couple of renters is the chance that they might have a more twisted sense of comedy than yourself.  Rob Reece (RV-8 fuse) hung this on the wall at the Van Cave awhile back in his corner.  A 'white elephant' prize perfectly placed in its element.  An airbrush painting, with LEDs, crooked, of Marilyn and Elvis taking a joy ride.  Hung with a coat hanger (on the front of the picture no less).  VAF cap hung on the side with pride.  My kind of art.  And it even blinks...  Stop by 'The Cave' sometime for a private viewing.  Lines are shorter than you might think.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe, RV-filled and air conditioned weekend. 


RV7 #74466 ...welcome


Status Report:  Canopy Riveted ...ackselle pics

As echoed by many in this forum, the slider canopy on a 7 or 9 is one of the toughest sections of the build. Many methods, lots of "fixes", a plethora of great ideas!.

Well,, thanks to the help of my good friend Bill Funk, some ideas from Matt Burch's builder blog, and some encouragement when I saw David Boeshaar's entry in the RV-9/9A section (Canopy Skirts)..... my canopy is ready to store until final installation.  ...


Need Help w/Your Avionics?


Petit Jean Registration Open


RV Travel Update ...Tom Lewis


AFS Quick Panel PIREP ...ackselle


Flew the RV-14! ...Iron teaser


Long Distance Moves



8/6  0006 UTC

Outside my Hangar ...Jeff Bertsch RV-4

The other day I was working in my hangar and noticed the strong smell of Jet fuel. I went outside and this is what was parked just outside my hangar.  And note the plane in the background too.  Both owned by the Collings Foundation and based here at EFD in Houston.


Favor - RV-7A near Edison, NJ

I have been planning to keep lurking here till the day I am ready to order the RV-7A kit from Vans. However, as suggested by many, it would be great to 'feel' the aircraft before making the final decision.

This, I reckon, would be easier in the US compared to Germany where I am based. I would be on a week holiday in Edison, NJ during mid-September. If someone nearby could offer to showoff their craft and aircraft , I would be very thankful.

Of course, I would like to visit the facilities in Aurora, but that won't happen on this trip.

From the factory FB page ...[ed. Ken, I enjoyed what you wrote about Mr. Heino. dr]



RV-10 Ready for its Closeup ...Andy Turner

As is often said, they are never done, but with one year and 115 hours, I'll post a photo here. Fresh out of the paint shop. ...


Stainless steel flap tape ...schristo

It's all been done before   Stainless steel flap tape!  Paint wear had begun to become aluminum wear from the flap wing gap seal.  Although I have a strip of UHMW tape under the gap seal it has not kept scuffs from developing. This setup worked fine for the first 500 hours or so but has not prevented wear since then.  Here are a few shots of the wear along with finished fix using 3" tape from McMaster Carr.  ...


Status Update ...David Paule -3B

Finished the new left aileron. I tracked the hours spent on this one. It took about 42.6 hours of my time and perhaps another 1.4 of a friend's who helped me buck the spar top flange rivets. I'd previously done that myself, using an L-shaped bucking bar, a shop light dropped inside the aileron and an inspection mirror. But that's how I damaged it, so this time I got help.

Working on the flaps now. The stiffeners are riveted on. I had a moment of considerable dismay when the retaining spring on the rivet gun unscrewed, the back-rivet set dropped on the floor and the spring propelled the plastic pusher to some mysterious place where it has not been found. You can read about it in this thread, which discusses the effect and its ramifications.

I found that a 7/16" box end wrench, pressed down around the rivet, makes a satisfactory substitute if you should find yourself in that position one day. Just put the end of the back-rivet set in the center of the box end and press the box end down on the parts, holding them and the set securely. It takes both hands but works okay.

I spent the evening figuring out where to put the doubler on the spars. If you do a search for flaps you'll eventually come across a recommendation that the inboard rib be moved inboard 7/8", and that the top flange of the spar be 49.5" long. The 49.5" comes from:

48" from the plans + 7/8" extra + 5/8" = 49.5".

The 5/8" is the flange width of the FL-303 rib and please be careful about where you're measuring, because the plans show 48" to the outboard side of the FL-303 rib, and doesn't actually mention the dimension to the inboard side of the rib.

I meant to follow the 7/8" advice and in fact confirmed it with David Howe, but somehow on my flaps I made it an even 1" instead, since that's where I put the inboard set of stiffeners. So on my plane, unless I can shave a bit from the FL-303 flange (unlikely) I'll use the 1" dimension instead.

The bottom flange of the flap spar is limited by the spar's length as received, 51". The plans say that it should be 51 3/8", I think, but the part itself is only 51".


Travel Update ...Tom Lewis


Enter Kitplanes "Best Of....." Photo Contest! ...Kitplanes mag

Here's your next chance at a $25 gift certificate from Aircraft Spruce:

Next Best of... "Camping with your homebuilt"

People do a lot of things with their homebuilts - and one of them is to load them up and head for the hills - or the forests, or the beach! Let's see your best picture of your homebuilt on a camping trip - we know you've all been to some exotic locations to meet with friends, fish, or just hang out in the great outdoors with a favorite book.

Sanded, filled, epoxy wiped---now need some advice

"...The problem is that there are now small ridges/waves in the epoxy surface. Perhaps I'm a bad squeegee-er or maybe this is to be expected. The ridges are hard to photograph, but they look like linear streaks in the surface---a fatter version of the lines left by a paint brush..."



8/5  0035 UTC
If you need me to help you mow your yard or move or anything like that in the next week, good luck with that. Here is the forecast for the next seven days in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 108°F next Monday if you believe the weather dudes. I plan on laying underneath an air-conditioning vent in my birthday suit covered in wet rags. Now THERE'S a calendar shot!

'Flash' gets a modeling gig...(click to enlarge)

A few weeks ago I was asked by a hangar neighbor if one of their business contacts could use my airplane in a photo shoot.  Why not?  My neighbor deals in classic cars (myrod.com) and they were going to use one of theirs, then the thought came to include an airplane in there somewhere.

Enter the idiot next door...and I was happy to help.

Anywho, they sent me the test picture above, which I thought I would share (with permission).  I'm always hunting for splash images to use up here on top, and this one seemed like a winner. Their website is www.saddlebackleather.com if you're looking to wrap pretty much anything in leather (smartphone, laptop, rifle, backpack, etc).  I used to have a little leather sleeve my smartphone would slide into that Susie bought off Etsy, but the newer 6plus phone is too big.  Turns out they have one...   


RV-8 w/B-17 ...Ron Townson


Time to get off the fence ...Ian Adams

I have been on the fence about buying an RV for a couple of years, and the time has finally come. After three trips to OSH, countless hours of lurking upon this forum, and numerous build log observations; I have realized that I am not endowed with time or space or motivation to build. I am left with the decision of what to buy. I have decided on these necessities: O(or IO)-360 and a constant speed prop. I would like a -7 or a -7a, due to child and spousal maintenance being best served by non-tandem seating. That being said, the real question is -7 or -7A?

I fly out of Laramie, WY at 7200 feet. We frequently (by which I mean pretty much any time past 6am) have high density altitudes and a high probability of strong, gusty winds. I have a fair number of flight hours (3500 ish), but not a lot of tailwheel time (I just got my endorsement from Greg Koontz- in conjunction with basic aerobatic training). Part of me thinks the location and my experience favor a -7A, and part of me thinks "just get a taildragger and commence to learning."

So, my questions to the good and qualified folks here on the VAF forums: What are your experiences with flying your tailwheel RV's? Have you ever felt limited? Have you ever wished for the crosswind capabilities of a tricycle gear?


Sucker for a Sunset ...Pete Howell pictures


2016 OSH Update ...Rosie


Tip- torque tool for control surface jam nuts


SkyView Software 13.0 Released


Status Report ...Bluelabel (many pictures)

Donations Updated

Year is about 60% over, and 946 donations have been sent in as of today.  Currently there are 20,969 forum accounts - one way to look at it (4.5%).  Another is from the ~10,000 daily visitors (9.4%).  Either way, thank you to those who help keep this site online. 



8/4  0011 UTC

RV-12 BullSession at Bremerton National ...Tony T.

On Saturday, August 22, there will be an annual RV-12 BullSession held at Bremerton National Airport (KPWT).  ...


424JD RV-7 Build Photos ...Jeremy

When I was building my plane, I found build photos extremely useful. I recently put them all in a dropbox folder to share with a buddy building an RV-8 so I figured why not make them available to everyone else. There are lots of them and they are not organized (sorry) but hopefully someone will find them useful.


Time Lapse Construction Videos ...gfb

And here is July. Firewall, bulkheads that never end, and finally starting on the rear fuse assembly.  Two camera views this time!


Postcard sent home from the factory ...L.Hose

Feeling an urge it does not fully understand, the Mountain Banshee returns to the ancestral home of its species and hides among them for the night. The flock appears to be somewhat disturbed at the strange wild creature in their midst....


Polishing Thoughts: Bob Collins 7A

If I were to do it again, I would have taken Jed Gregerson's advice and painted the underside of the plane.


At Oshkosh this year, a gentleman saw me land on 36L, and noticed how the underside lit up purple first and then lit up yellow as I passed over the dots. He finally made his way to homebuilt camping at which time he said, "I've been looking all over Oshkosh for this plane."

So, bottom line: If you want to spend hours polishing for a few minutes of delight at Oshkosh, polish away.

To answer your question: I've used both. I wouldn't use the purple polish anywhere without using the green stuff first. I don't know why, exactly, but it comes out better.

The underside, especially the wings, take a real licking where polish is concerned. Overflow from the fuel tanks runs down there. Occasionally a dribble from spraying leading edges when removing bugs gets down in there. Even smush from the wheels gets kicked up in there. so you get water spots and some corrosion.

So, once a year, you're going to want to compound it with NuVite.


Mystery- What is it?

Was cleaning out the plane over the weekend when I found this on the floor on the pilot side.


New RV-8A owner ...Wade

After looking for sometime for an RV, I decided on the RV8A and found what I was looking for in Jackson, CA. Left home Thursday and flew commercial to Sacramento where the owner/builder picked me up. He had the airplane opened up and together we finished the inspection and got her put back together on Friday evening. He flew me to a neighboring airport on Saturday to meet a instructor and get some transition training. I was amazed at the performance and how nimble and responsive the plane was and needless to say I had the RV grin all day. I left in N9818D after lunch for my journey home stopping in Page AZ for fuel after dodging rain and some storms along my first leg, sometimes having to slow down due to turbulence. Then left Page and made it to Elkhart, KS. The trip was a little over 1000 miles with a fuel burn that turned out to be almost 23 MPG (amazing) at an altitude of 11,500 to 13,500.

This forum has been a big help to me as I have been trying to decide what I wanted. Now I understand when folks on here talk about performance and economy. After feeding a Twin Comanche, I almost feel guilty.

My thanks to Mark, the owner/builder, and Stan for being brave enough to give me some training. Flying is fun again..


Donations Updated....thank you for helping keep this site online. 

Year is about 60% over, and 946 donations have been sent in as of today.  Currently there are 20,969 forum accounts - one way to look at it (4.5%).



8/3  0050 UTC

RV-4 Status Shot ...Saber25

Filed NASA report ...C. Taylor -8

We departed OSH IFR from Runway 27 on Wednesday 22 July. We were cleared to 3000' and directed to contact Milwaukee Departure. Just as we were passed to Milwaukee departure and passing 1800' guess what! Two aircraft at the same altitude, one a piper dead ahead, and a second slightly to our right on the FISK arrival. A brisk turn to the left maintained our separation at about 300 from the second aircraft, a single engine Piper. Neither aircraft appeared to see or take note of us. (Note: no flames please - I understand that IFR aircraft in VMC are responsible for visual separation, which we accomplished.) The purpose of this post is to point out the possible conflict between VFR aircraft under positive control of the FISK arrival controllers with IFR aircraft under positive control of OSH Tower/Milwaukee Departure. The FISK and Milwaukee Departure controllers are not talking to each other. A NASA report has been filed recommending that IFR aircraft maintain 1300' until clear of the FISK arrival.

Oshkosh Ripon Arrival Video (15 minutes) ...and other pics.

New to the forum ...Jim Audette

Hey Guy's... I've been lurking for a while and finally decided to post. I'm a relatively new RV owner... About a year ago I sold my Maule and bought a 1977 V35B. Then my father in law decided he wanted to get back into flying. So we bought the a RV-7A and have enjoyed it immensely! I mostly fly my V35B but am gradually starting to fly the RV more and my father in law is flying it less... I've put about 20 hours on it and LOVE the performance!  ...

RV-10 Blake Gambsky N-----

Well I guess it's my turn to begin posting on the forum. My name is Blake Gambsky, I'm an Embry-Riddle student down in Daytona Beach, FL. Since I was young I had a passion for flight, and of course I wanted my own plane. Well my friend Mary let me ride in her RV-10 after I got my Private Pilot license at 17. After that flight, and learning that her and her husband built the aircraft, my heart was set on it.

Now I'm 20 years old, a junior in the Aeronautical Science degree program at ERAU studying to become a professional pilot. And on top of all of this, I'm working on my own airplane!  ...

This weekends flyin @ KOWK Central Maine ...Dvalcik pics and vid

Kansas to Texas and Back in One Day ...Kurt and Gregg

...[ed. Sorry I missed you Kurt!  Sounds like you had a fun day!  dr]

RV-6 Ground Shots ...Frank

Different Landscape in August ...Vlad


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