A small, honor system webezine trying its best to be a laid back virtual watering hole for builders/pilots of Van's RV kitplanes - more and more important in today's increasingly high stress world.  Brought to you by the Reeves family

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Jan Wallpaper


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January 24, 2020.  Issue #5,005.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

From the photo vault:
4 RVs left downwind Big Creek, ID.


RE: Formation Clinics and Cards? ...Check6

I have had a couple of conversations around Falcon Flight's Formation Clinic coming up in April. I wanted to write a universal response:

Stu "Falcon" McCurdy started Falcon Flight in 1993 as a way to demonstrate the precision and safety of flying in formation. Falcon Flight was the first FFI team. He would soon thereafter start FFI (Formation Flying Inc.) to set a "standard" and get more pilots flying formation safely. I believe the history and legacy of Falcon Flight continues because of his dream to teach, demonstrate, and provide a resource for those motivated to fly formation.

The questions have ranged from "What if I don't want to be a "Carded pilot"?" to "If I don't have a "Card" I can't be in the "club". The goal of FFI is Not for everyone to get a card and we are not a club. I think I can speak for most FFI formation clinics with the exception of the advanced clinics which are designed to get pilots carded for Airshows/routines. So you do NOT have to be a carded pilot to fly formation! The goal of FFI is spread the precision and standard of flying formation to those interested in learning a new skill, training to the same standard and holding those they fly with to the standard. This allows the pilot to show up with others that have been trained to the standard to get together and go formation flying safely - That truly was "Falcon's" goal! There are lots of reasons to fly formation, which I will not go into here - that is for a clinic.

There are those who want to get a card as it demonstrates a lot of energy, effort and training to get "carded" as it is not an easy process in that it takes time and lots of practice. But here again the only reason you MUST have a card is to perform in TFR's and/or Airshows. So if you have 4 RV buddies in this case that have been trained to the FFI standard and you wanted to go do a local missing man for a veteran etc. none of you would need a "Card".

Hopefully, this answers some of the questions/perceptions around RV Formation Clinics and will serve to encourage more aviators to learn this skill. Please feel free to take a look at the upcoming Falcon Flight Clinic in the above posts or any others that are held around the country. I think you will have lots of fun, be challenged and learn/polish up a great skill.


Build Update ...vernh59


A Little Progress

The swap out of first gen G3X screens with touch models and other panel love continues in Flash.  You drill out the old rivets and clamp on a steel jig that shows you where to drill the new holes (and how much of the corners you need to nibble out).  Where's the punch?  I need a 30 and 40 drill bit.  I need a sheet so I don't get aluminum filings all over the place.  Dang my knees hurt.  And it's lunch time...

At least I got something done. ;^)


RV-8 Status Report ...Foghorn

Still working on the FB canopy frame. Applying dry micro for sanding. Should I do the micro all the way up the insides or just smooth it out and skim the sides with epoxy?


RV-6 Rebuild in Palm Springs PIREP ...jamlip


Recent Mothership First Flight Announcements


VAFcast #7 ...James Walsh RV-4


Mothership Job Openings


----->>>>> How to Minimize the Chance You <<<<<-----
----->>>>> Could be Dealing with a Scammer <<<<<-----
...when using the classifieds.


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photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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01-15-2020: Wednesday Breakfast Fly In VI
01-25-2020: Breakfast at N. Little Rock Airport KORK

Would You Build an RV "Super Cub"?

If you would, let me know and I'll add your name/comments to my sales pitch.  You never know....    
83 ready to order

1/21/2020 NEW
"I'd love to build a RV-15 Super Cub and fly it here in the UK.  When do you want the deposit?"
-- Stephen Beard

"You can add me to the list of potential RV-cub purchasers. As you may know, I've modified my 9 to have bigger axles and tires, which helps, but I've been looking at backcountry planes for a while. The S21 looks pretty good (I sat in it about 3 years ago before it was flying) but I'm not sure it has the fit and finish that an RV has. Anyway, add me to the list and hope something happens before I have to make a decision for brand X."
Dr. Greg B. Arehart
Emeritus Professor of Geology and Geochemistry
University of Nevada, Reno

Off Topic


I'm interested.  Are you looking for a PC-12 or Caravan PIC or (due to insurance or company policy) a right-seater in your King Air / Citation / Phenom / HondaJet, etc?   I'm looking for part-time flying opportunities in the DFW area that might lead to a) the left seat and b) me supplementing my VAF income a little.  Willing to start on the farm team.
1,700+ hrs PIC.  I am PIC insurance-current in the Cessna Grand Caravan EX (recurrent training completed 5/8/19).   Flying resume and letters of recommendation upon request Age 54.  46 bpm resting heart rate.  169.5 lbs.  BP 117/72.  Lifelong non-smoker. EKG 10/22/19 (Apple watch)
Doug Reeves.
(more info, flying experience)


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