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Sep Wallpaper

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September 18, 2018.   Issue #4,656.

Milestone: Moving to the Airport ...Colin P. RV-6A

This past Friday I started my move to the airport. I am taking parts as I finish the paint (need to get them out of the way to make room). I started with the fuselage since it was residing in the paint booth (no other place for it to go).

Since it came off the assembly fixture, the fuselage has been living on a rolling cart I built. It carries the weight at the firewall and the main-spar. I put a padded support under the tail when working just in case I shift the CG aft...don't want it to fall on the tail.

For the move I kept it on the cart. I used a wood blank bolted in place of the main spar as a tie-down point, along with the engine mount.

I made a very slow drive from east Plano to Aerocountry. I'm sure the other traffic appreciated me going 25-30 in a 45. That is why went during light traffic.

My wife was able to help me load it, but had to stay to get the kids from school. Offloading by myself was exciting to say the least, but the plane and I both survived.


Flat tire...Ivan Kristensen

Yes I had an issue with a flat tire while I was there. It just went flat overnight, the reason was that the inner tube developed a leak where the valve stem intersects with the tube. I am sure glad that it happen there and not at the Monument Valley airport the next day.


RV-3B Status Report ...David Paule

The Fry jig is sold and gone. It will be used by a repeat RV-4 builder in the area.

The concept of installing the main landing gear legs is still on the table, since I could do it with the canoe upside down on the sawhorses. I asked some of the local builders and Eric Lanning volunteered to spray them with Azko Nobel primer for me. I included the tail spring too. Azko Nobel is one of the better primers and frankly, Id have been better off to have used it myself throughout. Its very tough, resistant to aircraft chemicals, and epoxy sticks to it. It was ideal for the landing gear legs.

Heres Eric spraying the legs in his priming booth.


RV-8 #82497 Status Report ...j-red

N Number Reserved 9/17/18

Lots of work has been happening resulting in the baffles, vertical air intake housing (snorkel), and windscreen attachment/fairing all being very near completion. Will post pictures when they are finished which should be toward the end of this week.

Update today is that I've officially reserved the number N801DR, and begun getting paperwork together to be sent off to the FAA for registration. EAA says to do this 3-6 months out in case of any delays. I'm really hoping to have the airworthiness inspection sometime in January/February, which means that this is just about the time to start all that.

Goal by the end of October is to have the fuselage ready to take to the Hangar. This will mean:

  • Prop hung and spinner fitted
  • Cowl joints and "gaps" filled and sanded including oil door recess
  • Horizontal cowl pin securement (is that a word?) figured out and completed
  • Fuel and oil hose fabrication/installation
  • CPI ignition system installation
  • Slick harness modification for auto plugs (ala G3i instructions)
  • Engine monitoring sensors/wiring completed including starter, alternator, and engine grounding cables.
Pretty aggressive schedule, but I've been getting 2-3 hours work done 6 mornings a week, so I believe it is do-able.


Wire Size Chart

I need to run a wire 15' carrying 3 amps. If I am using the Continuous Circuit Chart from AC 43 1B correctly then 20 gauge would suffice. However, when I check it using the Wire Barn Calculator I get a different answer. I figure I am doing something wrong. Your help is appreciated.


Roll Servo Install ...RV-14

I have been trying to wrap my head around what capabilities come with the generic wiring harness that Vans supplies as part of the wing kit, what harnesses I need to make myself, and what comes with a panel built by Stein. The otherwise excellent build-plans that Vans supplies are silent when it comes to this type of information. It would be so helpful if the plans simply included a note saying something like: "The left wing harness includes wiring and connectors for a landing light, magnetometer, ADAHRS, stall switch, and heated pitot for manufactures Dynon, Garmin, etc.. The right wing wiring harness includes blah blah blah". That would make it perfectly clear for what systems a builder wants to include that he will have to do himself.
Anyway, I know the roll servo for the autopilot goes in the right wing. I bought a VOR/localizer/glideslope antenna that goes in the right wingtip, and I know that I have to run the coax for that myself. I see there is a small molex plug that is in the bay just outboard of the wing walk ribs and I'm pretty sure that is for the aileron trim servo. What I'm not sure about is where the roll servo goes because according to Stein, when they build you a panel they include a wiring harness long enough to reach the servo. In this case, all I need to do is make sure I have a way to pull the harness to that location. The problem is that I don't know where it goes. Because the aileron bellcrank bracket has a large molex plug mounted in it, I'm assuming the roll servo goes there? Or somewhere close to that bay? Can anyone confirm this? Or better yet, send a photo?


Paint Update ...WingsOnWheels


Oh ---- moment need advice

So I got a lot of work in today on my tank. I should have stopped 20 min before I did. I think I was tired and made an error in reading the plans and orienting my inboard tank rib. The image below is of my T-703. As you can see I did not have the part oriented correctly when I drilled the first hole for the fuel vent line. I realized my problem and drill the correct hole. So now I have to decide what to do with the bad hole.

The way I see it I have three options.

1: order new parts and build the a new rib. (my least favorite and I don't think necessary)

2: Use the bad hole for a fuel return line. I was going to install one anyway but I was planning on putting it up higher on the rib and having it return fuel to the third bay. Anyone see an issue with putting it lower on the rib and working the fuel return line to the top of the tank in the first bay then straight over into the third bay?

3: creating a patch. Cutting a piece of AL to fit over the hole and using tank sealant to close the hole. If I did this would it be necessary to sandwich the rib between two pieces of AL or could I just put a patch on the outside?

Any advice is appreciated

Also while I am at it. I have read about people using HEX head screws to secure the fuel tank access panel. Are those ordered from vans? Anyone have a part number or link if they are from an outside source.



From the Desk of the Mothership

"Please let the RV community know that I will be out of the office October 9-November 1st-ish. My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to Scotland. J

If anyone needs ownership transfers, or FAA bill of sales typed up, please contact me on before October 1st at 503-678-6545 x 322 or cynthia 'at' vansaircraft 'dot' com"

Cynthia A. Schrantz
Administrative Assistant
Van's Aircraft, Inc.
14401 Keil Road N.E.
Aurora, Oregon 97002
503-678-6545 ext. 322


How to Minimize the Chance You Could be Dealing with a Scammer

...when using the classifieds.


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photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

VAF Calendar ...upcoming Events for the Next 60 Day(s)

09-16-2018: Ist Annual Wings and Wheels Event at KFLY
09-22-2018: EAA 983 Flyin at 0TX1 Pecan Plantation, Texas, Annual Morristown, TN (KMOR) EAA Flyin, Ironflight's birthday breakfast-brunch-flyin
09-29-2018: KFRH Fish Fry Fly-in 9/29/2018, Long Island Airpark Fly-In (NC26) 9am-4pm
10-05-2018: 2018 Pine Bluff Formation Clinic
10-06-2018: 2018 Pine Bluff Formation Clinic, Ramona Air Fair & Fly-In
10-07-2018: 2018 Pine Bluff Formation Clinic
10-13-2018: Abilene,TX~EAA 471~Breakfast, EAA 471 Breakfast~Abilene TX
10-19-2018: Petit Jean 2018 ... The RV Gathering on the Mountain
10-20-2018: Petit Jean 2018 ... The RV Gathering on the Mountain, Hidden Valley Airpark Fly In, Denton, Texas
10-21-2018: Petit Jean 2018 ... The RV Gathering on the Mountain
11-10-2018: Abilene,TX~EAA 471~Breakfast, EAA 471 Breakfast~Abilene TX

Building a Case for the RV-Super Cub ...updated 9/9 14Z
...a document in progress (feedback last several pages).  If you feel the same let me know - I'll add it.

Spotlighted Feedback:

"... if Van's offered a (preferably) tandem, 2 seat, bush geared, Super Cub replacement, I would almost certainly order one sight unseen!​ Not to replace the RV-8, but to fulfill the low and slow sightseeing/back country exploring that are so appealing." --Jon Farley   RV-8 N518RT

"...I love this type of flying. I would want to own, promote, fly a Van's product like this if it was available." -- Jay Pratt RV-8/6

"I will always be a Vans loyalist and I will agree that they should try their hand at a more utilitarian model.​" --Dave Farmer

"...I stand in line with you on the RV cub! I built Crazy Woman (now at 52F!) and now building another-8... If Vans comes out with a -15 Cub, Ill order the kit yesterday!
-- Thomas Henderson RV-8

"...I would still consider a high wing RV and put my S-21 on hold." --Vern Little RV-9A

"...I've been flying an RV-9A for nearly 10 years now......If I knew Van's was heading that direction, I may be in front of you in line for the tail kit."
-- Carl Raichle

"...My vote goes for 'RV Super Cub'." -- Vlad RV-9A

"If Vans offered a product in that genre, it would be a no-brainer for me. That would be my next build.​" --mwardle7 (RV-12 flying)

..I've been ready to build another aluminum riveted high wing for some time, I'd really like it to be from the RV family. -- Bud Smith RV-8 (dbuds2 on VAF)

NEW  "Ready to start a backcountry ship. Release that Vans unit or Ill be forced to build one from brand X!"  -- Blain Stumpf RV-8 N82ST

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