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Jan Wallpaper

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January 17, 2019.  Issue #4,740

Gas Run Pic a Coupla Days Back

...$3.35 at KSWI.  Pretty amazing the quality you can get these days with a smartphone.  Usual suspects on the wing (they weren't as close as the cropped pic suggests).  Freakishly smooth air...



RE: IAC Known Sequences for '19 ...Brian RV-4

Thanks Ron! It looks like a fun sequence. Can't wait to try it out this weekend! I kinda like the reverse wedge better (more fun), but I understand that it's more difficult without inverted systems - although I don't have any problems with mine. I just want to keep the negative stuff to 3 seconds or less in duration b/c I'm worried about oil starvation for the engine. Fuel-wise, no problem.

I totally agree with Bill on the snaps. I've recently got some dual time in a Pitts S2B and done about half a dozen of them, but cannot seem to do a decent one in my -4. I just can't get it to break cleanly no matter how hard/ briskly I pull on the stick. I'm sure it's technique, and I haven't figure it out yet. Maybe I can get some input from you guys. I know snaps are not in the Sportsman sequence, but I like to learn new stuff and just have fun (besides flying competition sequences).

Well, look at you! One contest in Primary and you are already practicing Intermediate figures. I'm going to keep my eye on you!

Your -4 is a different beast than my -8 so what works for me may be different in subtle ways. Generally speaking, a snap roll works when one wing is stalled just when the yaw motion is introduced. The sweet spot for my -8 is 100-110 knots upon entry. I suspect it might be lower for the -4 and maybe Bill McLean can chime in here. Snaps work best at a high power setting with plenty of prop wash over the tail so it would be best to slow slightly below your ideal entry speed, add full power and initiate the snap as you get to entry speed. Apply rapid aft elevator to pitch up about 10 to 15 degrees. You should feel about 3.5 Gs in this pitch up. (Full aft stick is NOT required.) Add rudder just as you add back stick. Full rudder position should be reached at the same time the Gs peak at 3.5. This is the point where one wing stalls and the other at high alpha induces a rapid roll into the stalled wing. As soon as this happens you should release the back stick pressure as you don't want both wings to stall. It's OK to add just a bit of aileron into the snap as well. To recover, lead the stop point and apply full opposite rudder as you jab the control stick slightly forward of neutral. The point where you lead the stop point will vary with aircraft so that will come with practice.
More than any other maneuver, the snap procedure is very dependent upon aircraft type, trim, speed and pilot inputs. You made do a hundred before you find the right combination. You will know when you find it. There is no doubt when the inside wing stalls and rapid rotation occurs. You will feel it and hear it and the RV grin is evidence that it really happened!


Panel Porn ...N402RH

I just updated to the new Aerosport switches with graphics in my RV-10. Photo taken last night about 50 miles east of Van's during a software test flight.


New (Jan 2019) Garmin GTR 200B COM Radio with Bluetooth ...g3xpert

Garmin is pleased to announce the GTR 200B panel mount COM radio for experimental and light sport aircraft that offers all the powerful features of the GTR 200 including advanced auto-squelch, 3D audio, stereo intercom, stereo music input, alert inputs, standby frequency monitoring, on-screen frequency identification, 10W of power, 25 kHz tuning, and remote tuning integration with G3X Touch, Garmin portables, and other EFIS systems.

Additionally, the new GTR 200B provides a Bluetooth interface with convenient front panel control that supports telephone/tablet connectivity for communications and music for those using the GTR 200B as their 2 place stereo intercom.

The GTR 200B uses the same rack/wiring as the popular GTR 200, and is a slide-in replacement for those wanting to upgrade.  continue

•All-in-1 radio and stereo intercom solution with standby monitoring and stereo input
•Powerful 10 W Comm with a slim 1.35” tall design and large sunlight-readable display
•Displays facility name and type when tuned to user-defined presets or supplied by compatible portables/G3X™
•Advanced audio panel features including 3D Audio and auto-squelch
•Optional Bluetooth® connectivity enables easy access to phone calls and audio entertainment


Mini iPad Thoughts ...RV-3 Mycool

I'm in the process of rebuilding a Rv3 to Rv3a, Im mounting ipad under the Dynon D-180 with a ram mount, also integrating a Dc connection for charging.


3D Model of RV-10 Panel ...supik

Not real work, just planning for near future ;^)


Counterfeit NGK spark plugs ...Bill R.

While doing some research, I ran across this. You can bet I'll be checking my next batch of spark plugs.


Mothership Job Openings

  • Aircraft Systems and Structures Assembler
  • Facility/Industrial Equipment Maintenance


How to Minimize the Chance You Could be Dealing with a Scammer

...when using the classifieds.


Model-specific subforums

photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

VAF Calendar ...upcoming Events for the Next 60 Day(s)

02-09-2019: EAA 471 Breakfast~Abilene TX

03-09-2019: EAA 471 Breakfast~Abilene TX

RV-Super Cub Bush Plane?
(PA-18 RV-18)
Please and thank you.  I would like S/N 1 and I'm standing by with my credit card right now!  Let me know if you would like to build one, also.  I'll add your comments to my sales pitch for the mothership.  Enough people with 'I'm ready to order right now' next to their name might raise the eyebrows of those who would decide down the road. 

(62) people as of 1/3/19 listed in the doc interested in building it now.

"Hi Doug, I built the plane in this video last year.  [ed. C-152 wings on Super Cub fuse. dr]  The new owner is from Decatur, TX and helped make a cool video about it. I’m currently building another one with an 0-360 and C-172 wings. It’s not exactly an RV-Super Cub, but it’s along some of the same lines."
Clint Busenitz/Vetterman Exhaust

17 min video

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