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July Wallpaper

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July 16, 2018.   Issue #4,610.
  Our daughter flew in for the weekend, so please excuse me making her the top story <grin>.  I have a zero turn mower and our neighbor doesn't like mowing, so we trade.  I keep their yard mowed and they give Audrey the occasional round trip ticket (sometimes it's Susie going out there).   Our neighbors travel a LOT for work, so they have extra miles.  The barter system alive and well <g>.  Wonderful seeing Miss Audrey!!!  More than I could possibly put into words...
  Lotsa RV news in today's edition - should keep you occupied for a bit.  Hope you had a nice weekend.

click to enlarge


KAVL to KDYB ...26min vid

Sharing my son’s flight back to work. Nice view of a big TS. He is a C-17 instructor pilot, Air Force major. Very proud of him. We share the 6A and he is an absolute top notch pilot. Based at KCHS. Hangared at KDYB.


RV-8 N657AR Update: Goatflieg

After getting the rigging of all control surfaces squared away it was time for the final major disassembly. I removed the empennage components, flaps and ailerons and got the wings ready for removal. With assistance supplied by Joe Kirik, Bruce Breisch, Dave Buck and Joe Fredericks I was able to get the wings removed, placed in the wing stand and stowed in the garage. Then we flipped the fuselage onto work stands so that I can install the landing gear permanently. I'm very tempted to paint the fuselage bottom while it's in this position... we'll see. Thanks to my crew for making quick work of some tricky tasks.


Tom Swearengen: TS Flightlines Update

All----As some of you are now aware, I've been absent from posting alot on VAF. Not that I'm mad at anyone, or have been MIA. Yes, I've been working, but I do want to explain briefly.

In January, Suzanne was diagnosed with breast cancer. One of those out of the blue, laser GPS guided missiles that you never see coming. All of her previous mammograms have been negative, so the shock and awe of the reality was alot to take.

She had successful surgery in early February to remove the lumps, 11 lymph nodes, and biopsy the tissue. It came back malignant, stage 2. Ok, treat it, an lets move forward. Just before she was to start chemo, we asked the DRs if there was anything else we needed to be concerned with. We asked, because she was having some difficulty walking, and CERTAINLY these were 2 unrelated circumstances. But we wanted to know, so we had them do a CT scan, and a bone scan.

2nd missile---The CT scan was negative--more on that in a second, the bone scan showed excessive cancer 'spots' in several ribs, her right pelvis, lower lumbar, and upper arms on both sides. Boom.

After digesting this--and seeing the stunned, pale, drained look on several DR's faces, we asked for a bone biopsy to see if the 2 cancers were related, or if we were dealing with a HUGE issue, not that MBC breast cancer isnt huge enough. The Biopsy showed it was the same cell makeup, so at least we had identified the enemy, and now had a plan. The CT scan was very puzzling. We insisted on a PET scan to see exactly what and where we were dealing with. It showed the cancer had spread to areas not shown on the CT scans.

Radiation was started to zap the spots to at least slow them down. 8 treatments. WE got another CT scan to see if the radiation had done any good, and the results were-cautiously optimistic. So a chemo regiment was started---12 weeks worth. Grueling. Some nausea, but not bad, but the pain of moving around--even sleeping and trying to roll over, well I'll just say that no one slept.

By chance, a couple of trips to the ER because of fear of either a broken rib, or a blood clot allowed us to get some additional CT scans. Imagine that. AND by a stroke of luck, we were able to get the same Radiologist to read the scans. Things improving.

Friday, Suzanne has a CT scan and a MRI. So much for bad luck on Friday the 13th. MRI of the head shows NO cancer. CT Scan shows no NEW activity, and healing of the bone areas. So---we think that she may have turned the corner on this enemy.

So--how is all of this RV related? HUM---even though my online presence on VAF has been limited, we have continued to talk to clients and support them in their build projects. In addition, we've done some 'interesting' projects for some custom installations. A HUGE help has been from Steve Tschurwald, my partner at Aircraft Specialty, with who we've developed quite a few packages for RV's and others. Steve has be gracious enough to handle quite a few orders for us, when we had orders to do and no physical means of doing them. Same components, same quality, shipped from a different location.

Some of you that we've talked to on the phone or by email were aware of the situation. Out of respect for Suzanne, I didnt post anything, but she did give her permission to post this. So, I'm explaining whats going on, and assure all of you that we are stronger because of the challenge.
Its also given us some time to evaluate things and how to make them better to help all of you. You'll see some of those changes being implemented.

For those of you that knew what was happening, your thoughts and prayers were greatly appreciated and certainly helped. To our DR friends that listened and gave sound advise---it means alot to us to know we can call and ask questions! Yes VAF is an unbelievable resource!

Suzanne will not be at OSH this year---way to soon for her to travel and she is on the downside of her chemo treatments. But I'll be there and hope to see alot of our friends and clients enjoying the great event.



Cracks in Trim Tab


Pilots n Paws Mission ...Josh 9A

Completed my first successful PnP mission this past week. Had a great time using the RV9a to transport a 20lb American Eskimo.


RV-8 and the Concrete Fly-In ...Steve Rush video

Concrete 2018 was a good time as usual. A laid back affair with no real set structure, but a lot of airplanes. A bit too warm for my taste, but otherwise quite pleasant. This was the first year without the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum participating (unfortunately they have had to close down), but that didn't keep anyone from stopping by anyway.


Status Report: PilotjohnS 9A


The Hammer of God

(from Terry Kohler, who asked me to share it here as I'm hosting the photo for him)
This screen shot from Flightaware was taken on our recent trip from PTK to CMX on Michigan’s UP. You can see the outline of the Keweenaw Peninsula in front of N323TP as we make our way northwest. We were tracking the weather visually as well as on ADSB. We landed and hangared in VFR about 30 minutes before it hit. Our “out” was a 180 back to Marquette in clear skies.
As we were flying in, Peggy asked if I considered this a big storm. I told her it was “the hammer of God”. Later, sitting safely in a café in Laurium, the winds, rain, and hail confirmed my description.
Fly safe (and ALWAYS leave yourself an out).


Symptoms of a cracked head on take off

Engine miss and maybe dropped couple hundred RPM and Intermittent as well on 2 trips back to back a few hundred feet off the runway on takeoff. I had time to kick the boost pump back in, apply carb heat and play with the mags. Maybe 10 to 15 secs and then it would go away. The first time I thought maybe carb ice, maybe fuel pump getting weak or **** in my fine wire plugs. Then the trip home it happened again but not as strong but the harmonics in level flight were off slightly. No one else would notice it but with it being my only ride I could certainly feel something not quite right. I had a suspect cyl (#3) in mind as 15 hrs ago it tested 72/80, as I could hear it bypassing, it was not through the exhaust nor the intake. Sounded like the crank case so I was thinking rings and even used my stethoscope to confirm it so not overly concerned.  ...


Customer Spotlight: Luke D at Classic Aero


Rough running engine at 100’

Happened a week back and I am out of town so I don’t have all the details...

Rv7a. O-360 engine, bendex mags, 800 hours ttl time. Never an issue.

Jumped in to fly and for the first time ever the engine was very hard to start. It would crank and back fire every once in a while but never really fire. Went through flooding the engine and all those techniques. Finally got it going. On the run up the left mag was very rough. Leaned it out and it cleared up. Good to go. At about 100’ the engine started backfiring and sputtering. Pulled it to idle and landed no problem. Taxied off and did the run up again. Left mag number one cylinder was significantly cooler get than the rest. Pull the plugs and the bottom plug was completely loaded with lead. Cleaned it out and put it back together.  ...


Summit flyby video, almost

Here's a short video of our Mt Rainier flyby at 11,500ft, 3000 ft lower than the summit, but tucked in close to see the glaciers. It was another beautiful day in the PNW.


RV-8 Status Report Pics ...Don Patrick

I was hoping to be done to make it to Oshkosh this year, unfortunately I have to wait till next year...

Paint is coming along. Gettng ready for final assembly!


RV-10 Status Report ...Joe in TX

Another early Christmas. Received a complete interior package plus air conditioning from South Florida Sport Aviation. The quality of the components is top notch. Luiz and Eliana are very nice to deal with. I was sold on their products when I visited their business and saw the products firsthand. Can't wait to get them installed in the -10.


2018 OSH RV-10 Dinner & Social 7/22

RV-10 flyers, builders and wannabes Save the Date. We will again be hosting an RV-10 OSH gathering on 7/22 (Sunday before the show) starting at 5:30 and running until ??? According to our records, this will be the 11th annual OSH RV-10 dinner extravaganza... Location is in Camp Scholler, south of Lindbergh between 51st and Deischer. Several sites south of Lindbergh, about 3 sites north of Elm. Setup & cleanup help welcome but both should be “minimal”.

If you are planning to attend, please let me know so make sure there’s enough food. We will be bringing in food from a local establishment so no need to bring anything.


Mr. X Pic

Huge Kentucky T-Storm. Top well above us cruising @40K nearly 50 miles across.

click to enlarge


Osh Van's Banquet Tickets ...now online.

Limit 350 attendees.


10,000th RV at Oshkosh ...mothership

"This year we celebrate the 10,000th RV completed and flown. Van’s Aircraft will have this RV-7 built by David Porter on display at the homebuilt area close to Boeing Plaza. There will be room for ten RVs to join David’s RV-7. We would like to have one of each model from the Van’s lineup on display for most of, if not all week. If you would like to have your RV on display contact Sterling at Van’s at Sterling (sterling ‘at’ vansaircraft ‘dot’ com)"


From Cynthia at the Mothership

Just an FYI for our RV community: I will be out of the office from July 19th through July 27th, so if FAA 8050-2 Aircraft Bill of Sales are needed, or an ownership transfer needs to happen, those things will need to be done before or after those dates.

Best regards,

Cynthia A. Schrantz
Administrative Assistant
Van's Aircraft, Inc.
14401 Keil Road N.E.
Aurora, Oregon 97002
503-678-6545 ext. 322


Mothership Employment Opportunities


How to Minimize the Chance You Could be Dealing with a Scammer

...when using the classifieds.

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photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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