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Flash's New 180 HP ECi TITAN(tm) KitEngine

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Flash now has a new engine (and 20 more ponies).  It's called the ECi TITAN(tm) KitEngine and it's being marketed by the folks at Engine Components, Inc. (www.ECi2FLY.com). 

The engine was assembled at Danny King's house and hung at Jay Pratt's 'RV Central'.

Boxes arrive via FedEx. 

Took a cylinder out of the box to see what was in it.  A cylinder!

My Accessory Case Assembly, which was on backorder, arrived at the front door today.

Breaking stuff out of boxes and getting ready to start priming/painting the crankcase to match the cylinders.  The machining on these parts is outstanding.

Masking and prepping for primer/paint

Primed and painted. (painted by Danny King). 

...a little break in assembly here due to lots of other things (graduations, oil changes, vacation, goofing off, ...)

Valves lapped, springs, keepers and retainers installed.  Danny King walked Ross Burgess and me through the process of lapping valves and using a compression tool got them in with little effort.  First cylinder took fifteen minutes...fourth one took 45 seconds. 

Fun had by all.  Following parts used:

...a little time off working to do other Summer things (trip to Idaho, family vacation, landscaping, etc.....)  Engine now at Danny Kings air conditioned shop where assembly should proceed a little faster.

Crankcase halves bolted together....
All parts assembled with 'engine assembly grease'.  Two lines of silk used between case halves.  Cam held in place during assembly with safety wire (removed after assembly).

Rings & Pistons Installed / Cylinders hung (pics of me taken by Danny King (danny at vansairforce.net)
Items of note:  Ring compression tool (borrowed from Randy).  Danny's secret mix of STP and oil.  Episode of 'Friends' on the TV.  My 'Vail Valley Jet Center' baseball cap that I got free in Hailey, ID after buying $3.60/gallon avgas (it came with the fillup).  Chris Reeve Large Sebenza folding knife in right pocket - don't leave home without it.  Memo pad in back pocket where I write my 'don't forget' notes for the site.

Case torqued / Cylinders torqued / Pushrod tubes installed / Accessory Case torqued / Sump attached
Lot's of safety wire, gaskets and torquing.  The gorgeous red Ford Mustang is Danny King's.

Delivered to RV Central.  Time to hang on Flash.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1,2,3 on the test stand (vertical) for the last time.
4 about to be loaded into the truck (two man job if done right).
5 ready for transport
6 transport
7 our 4yr old son shows how to properly lift an aircraft engine (note engineless Flash in the background)
8 ain't she purdy?  More info on ECi's TITAN KitEngine at http://www.eci2fly.com/Products/TITANKitEngine/titankitengine.htm

Engine Hung / Prop Hung

*The fourth picture from the left was taken by Jay Pratt.

Air Box and  Baffling

First two pictures taken by Jay Pratt.

More Air Box (bypass door) and  Baffling
  First picture in this series taken by Jay Pratt.

Oil Cooler Installation

Cowling Changes, Scat tubing, Oil Petcock
There was some burning on the cowl in the previous engine setup so those areas were repaired and are now prepared for some stainless.  The scat tubing is in for the heat and the cowl's new scoop is on (butt joint).

Engine has run for one minute at idle and we're waiting for ideal Wx conditions for first flight.
(carb heat muff was added after these pictures were taken)

'Cover My @ss' Disclaimer:
This page shows how *I* assembled *my* particular engine.
Don't use it as your instructions.  Get QUALIFIED help (duh).