Update: 2125Z 3/8/2012
               Kits are sold.



For Sale:  RV-3B QB Wing Kit and RV-3B standard fuse kit.

Dallas, TX area (Distance from your location).
Can't afford (2) full strength RVs.  College for daughter 1.5 yrs away.
Iím keeping the RV-3 tail kit, as thatís partially completed and hanging on the wall (you never know). 

Email:  vansairforce Ďatí gmail Ďdotí com if interested. 

From Van's, here are the costs:  http://www.vansaircraft.com/pdf/order_forms/rv-3_order_form.pdf

Wing:        $5,905
QB Extra:     4,610 (you usually wait a few months for this)
Fuse:         3,095

Fuse Jig:       Free
Crating:        Free

Everything for $12,899.00       (Save $711)

Thank you,

Doug Reeves

The RV-3B QB Wing

The Fuse Kit
(is still in the box, in its wrapping paper).



Cropped from the Van's order form...